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Wireless home camera system with 2 outdoor cameras



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Wireless home monitoring system with 2 outdoor cameras

Experience the perfect union of wireless convenience and security-grade performance – the SD82 makes a brilliant home monitoring or security system with simplified installation, secure wireless video, and remote viewing with no recurring fees.

All-in-one security monitor

7" LCD monitor for viewing & recording

Get all the capabilities of a full surveillance system to go. View live and recorded video from your cameras on a stylish all-in-one LCD monitor and recorder. Choose from manual, motion or schedule recording to create a truly custom surveillance experience. Conserve storage by only recording during hours of interest, or by only recording motion in the scene. The system gives you complete flexibility to capture every detail or only the ones that matter to you. Protect what matters most by recording video and audio to the included memory card.

Weather resistant wireless cameras

Weather resistant wireless cameras

The robust, weather-resistant wireless cameras are also compact in design, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The cameras use a secure signal and anti-interference technology ensures smooth, reliable wireless video at all times. No need to run cables - these wireless cameras are among the most convenient on the market and can be installed in mere minutes. The cable pass-through design of the cameras conceals the power cable for added protection against vandals.



Heat Rating

122°F | 50°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

14°F | -10°C

Cold Rating

Dual motion detection technology security cameras from Lorex

Dual motion detection technology

The system uses a combination of 2 motion detection technologies to deliver the most accurate alerts. Video Motion Detection (VMD) detects changes in the camera image, while Passive InfraRed (PIR) uses a sensor on the camera to pick up heat signatures from persons and animals. The SD82 uses both technologies at once to reduce false triggers, providing you with only the most useful motion events.

Two-way audio intercom for enhanced security coverage

2-way audio intercom

The wireless cameras feature a built-in microphone and speakers. This means you can hear sounds from around the camera, as well as communicate with persons near the camera using the monitor. Whether you're greeting a family member or instructing a postal worker, the 2-way audio intercom is a great way to stay connected.

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

Wi-Fi Friendly

System won't interfere with WiFi signals.

SD Recording

Record and store video on the SD supported system.




Wireless home camera system features:

  • All-in-One monitor and recorder
  • View remotely via Skype™
  • Dual motion detection technology
  • Secure wireless signal
  • 2-Way talk
  • Simple installation. No video cables required1
  • Integrated digital video recorder (up to 32GB SD™ card supported)
  • Multiple recording options: manual, motion or schedule2
  • Time and date stamped recordings for easy retrieval
  • Front panel feather touch controls
  • Digital picture frame with the ability to upload your own pictures for discreet monitoring3
  • Review recordings and watch live video at the same time with Picture-In-Picture feature
  • Built-in camera light filter provides accurate color reproduction in all lighting conditions
  • 2-Way Audio for Intercom usage
  • Night viewing up to 40ft (12m) away4
  • Install cameras indoors or outdoors5
  • View up to 4 cameras at the same time or in sequence
  • Up to 180ft (55m) indoor/650ft (200m) outdoor wireless range 6
  • AV output for viewing on a larger screen (e.g. TV)
  • Tabletop, wall or under-counter mountable monitor
  • ULTIMATE PEACE OF MIND - View while you are away from home via Skype™ from anywhere in the world!*.
  • NEVER MISS A THING - with dual motion detection.
  • PIR heat sensors and video motion detection for improved motion recording and audio alerts.
  • PRE-EVENT RECORDING - Capture the seconds leading up to the event and record up to 4 channels in quad screen to catch all the action.
  • DISCREET, PRIVATE & SECURE - Digital picture frame mode for discreet monitoring, and a secure long-range digital signal make it ideal for home monitoring.
  • EASY PLUG & PLAY - video cables, no expensive installation, no recurring fees. Place the cameras indoors or outdoors, power up, and start monitoring!

Each SD82 Includes:

2 × Wireless cameras
1 × LCD Monitor
1 × SD memory card

1. Cameras require a local power outlet.
2. Local viewing up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Local recording and playback of one camera at a time or all 4 cameras simultaneously on one screen (Quad view).
3. Ability to upload your own pictures supported using a PC only. Default covert function (blank screen) available as an alternative option.
4. Stated IR Illumination range is based on ideal conditions. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object.
5. Weather-resistant. Not intended for direct exposure to rain or snow. For outdoor applications install under shelter protected from the elements.
6. Based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.

* No recurring charges. Internet connection required on connected PC. Remote connection requires driver installation on home PC (CD included), a wired USB connection between the monitor and PC (USB cable included) and a high speed internet connection. PC must be turned ON and Skype™ application must be running. Remote viewing is limited to a single camera and is not selectable remotely.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Technology Inc. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 89


Location: KS, USA

I ordered the SD82 and received a different model...which I am assuming was an upgrade. I wish they would have told me that I was getting a different model instead of the one I ordered. I have also tried to call customer service several times with no luck. I want to order another Camera for the model that came LW2962H and not sure what one is compatible with it. Overall system works ok. night vision is not the greatest but day time is fine. Customer service needs to be better!

2 out of 89


Location: Indiana

I recommended this system to a friend; but you sent him the LW2986H! This system does not have AV output for viewing on a larger screen!

3 out of 89


Location: Minnesota

I bought my LW2752 system (which replaces the SD82) on Aug 17th. I went to install the battery into the monitor, and there's no way that the connector from the battery can go into the connector in the monitor. I've opened a ticket, sent tech support pictures of the connectors, and am still waiting for a respose. I wanted to have this system up & running by Labor Day weekend, but can't even install the battery. It's a simple this the correct battery? It looks nothing like the connector in the literature (user guide & quick set up). If I ever get a proper response to this issue, I will review again, but so far Tech Support is very slow.

Our apologies for any difficulty you experienced. We were happy to resolve this for you.

4 out of 89


Location: Richmond, VA

I bought the system and one of the a/c adapters did not work right out of the box. My trouble ticket was closed within a day of being submitted. I still have not received the replacement adapter 3 weeks later. I keep getting requests for more proof of purchase, etc when I purchased it from the website so all information is already in the system. so far the 1 working unit performs great. please send my replacement adapter so I can watch the other half of my estate ! I have called customer service twice and both times was on extended wait for over 30 minutes so I opted for callback as soon as my turn arrives in the order it was taken. callback was the next day :( when I was driving. customer service poor and no results so far.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the wait for your replacement and hope it is working well for you.

5 out of 89


Location: Toronto

Bought SD72 but found SD82 has better feature so decided to cancel the SD72. Received the LW2752 and was informed it is newer model. Unfortunately, no connection to tv in the new model LW2752 although it is good and impressed with the remote viewing feature.

Returning the SD72 was so hard to do it online so I decided to return it personally to their Markham On warehouse. Hoping my return will not take that long.

I would recommend this LW2752 to my friends but would like to request Customer service to improve and speed up their action. I tried to cancel SD72 but they can't do it that time coz they said they had system problem. I solved the problem of returning it back coz I can't wait forever for return label. Hoping I can get my money soon. It's a week tomorrow btw.

6 out of 89


Location: Texas

This is the second time in a row that Lorex has shipped the wrong item. If the item is no longer available then take it off the website! Why do you substitute a product that is not the same product nor does it have the same features as the product I ordered. I needed a wall-mount unit to replace a burned out unit. I have two such units. I don't want substitutes, especially without letting me know. Sales and customer service is atrocious.

Your order was upgraded. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

7 out of 89


Location: EDMONTON

This company is TERRIBLE! Would NEVER recommend this system or any system from Lorex. Received a defective system.. Have been dealing with Lorex for over 1 month now (5 weeks) and problem still not resolved. Wait times on average are over 1 hour. I have waited as little as 45 minutes and as long as 2 hrs (which is ridiculous), only to be met with misinformed and essentially useless reps on the other end. Do NOT use the call back feature unless you want to get a call 5 hrs later (literally.. I called in at 11AM, they called back at 4:30PM). I get a different story every time I call in. Such a frustrating process! Note to Lorex: don't offer warranty or extended warranty if you're unwilling to fulfill it when necessary. You also need to hire WAY more reps to deal with customers.

Our sincere apologies for the longer than usual wait time. We are happy to have resolved this for you.

8 out of 89


Location: Richmond

Bought this product on sale. Received 9inch LCD instead which I was happy about. This system was pretty easy to install. About 7 months after installing, one of the cameras stopped working so I had to call for support. Getting a replacement was a breeze.

9 out of 89


Location: Near Seattle, Washington

Our new Lorex 4-Channel 960H Surveillance System with 1 TB HDD 2 Wireless Cameras Model:LH03041TC2w, is the best Surveillance System we have ever used and we have tried many.
First it is too easy to set up and install, and it works great.
The cameras go from day to night view wonderful.
The DVR is a Linux based system so it takes a little getting used too, but once you get a handle on how it works, it works great and is easy to find what you are looking for.
All and all well worth the money and will give you a piece or mine in this crazy world we live in.
You will be very happy with this Security System.

10 out of 89


Location: Watsonville, CA.

The Two camera WL2750 is as described. It was plug and play for me. If you have the power sources in place that you can attach your cameras to it is easy as 1, 2, 3. I opened the box, checked that all the equipment was there. I followed the instructions, installed the cameras first with power, powered up the base and I had instant clear picture of the areas I wanted to monitor.
This system is quite simple to use and the reception is excellent. Yes I would recommend it to my friends.

11 out of 89


Location: Near Seattle, Washington

First it is too easy to set up and install, and it works great.
The cameras go from day to night view wonderful.
The DVR is a Linux based system so it takes a little getting used too, but once you get a handle on how it works, it works great and is easy to find what you are looking for.
All and all well worth the money and will give you a piece or mine in this crazy world we live in.
You will be very happy with this Security System.

12 out of 89


Location: myrtle beach,sc

hey,people just got my system fast service but!! it's not a sd82 here's want i got model#lw2751??????

Our apologies for any confusion. Your order was upgraded to a newer model due to inventory.

13 out of 89


Location: Kansas City

The surveillance system works very good and produces a good 720 x 480 picture. However; I would recommend a higher resolution. Also, it wasn't the unit I thought I was getting. The one advertised states that you get a CD for internet support. I got nothing like that. On the other hand, for the price (I suppose) it does deliver and it does provide decent and relatively inexpensive security.

14 out of 89


Location: Canada

I bought the 2 pack wireless camera. It was easy to install and setup. The price was great and customer service was excellent. The draw back is that I am not able to register it to ddns so I can see it on a PC. I can see it anywhere I get Wifi. It only comes with a quick guide and would like to see a manual which will allow you to setup all the features. I will surely recommend it who like wireless and easy of setup.

15 out of 89


Location: Coconut Grove, FL

I ordered this system in March of 2015 and has been working great until 5/29/16. Unfortunately the 1 year warranty ended and I didn't purchase the extended warranty, and I should have when I had the opportunity. I recommend when you purchase any of these systems to purchase an extended warranty. It's in your best interest. Anyway the Technical Support, Customer Support & Sales Team are working with me to get my issue with the LW2930 - 8" Monitor resolved. Be sure to open tickets on their website on your account as that is the best way to communicate with them. Easy to put together at a good price.

All in all I highly recommend the SD82 as it is a great product and they also have a great support system. I hope to get my new Monitor real soon.

16 out of 89


Location: Old Lyme, CT

This quality little unit with two cameras gives a crisp one or two-picture view. Select one for a larger picture and sound; also, pick a point on the picture for an enlarged view. The best part was its reasonable price for a good brand product, under $200 at the online store. The only drawback was that there was no documentation other than the Quick Install sheet, but no User's Guide was available although the Quick Install refers to one. My husband and I were able to complete the installation and operation by just a bit of trial and error. I certainly recommend it.

17 out of 89


Location: Seattle

After doing some research decided to give it a try. First of all let me tell, you will get another unit than stated no 8" and no TV connection on the bright side you don't need Skype to connect to your system anymore.
Convenience of being wireless in reality limited to 10' power adapter cord, so plan accordingly.
Installation is easy and it can be done in 15-20 min as long as you decided on location and have power near by. Pairing unit never been a problem, I won't say 150' however in 100' range it hols connection very well (for sure it's all will depend on you placement of camera)
Options and setting are good enough for residential use although sensitivity range is worthless its all or nothing kind of thing. That is actually my biggest disappointment, TOO MANY FALSE ALARMS!
I understand it's better to have to many than few, nevertheless it's very distracting and in some parts defeats the purpose of having security system, if you have to look at the screen every 10 min. Ability to select particular area to monitor from the view will be helpful to resolve it.
I'm still on the fence if I made good decision or bad but again it's all depends on your needs. If you not so concern about high end features and need fast and simple solution you should be fine. Unit itself looks and feels well made and solid and in general will do the job of making unwanted guests to stay away.
At the end all we need not the technical wizardry but more the feeling that we did something to protect our place.

18 out of 89


Location: Upper Pottsgrove, PA

I love this system, very simple to install and I can keep a eye on my puppy in the backyard as well as anyone approaching the house. It's great!

19 out of 89


Location: Texas

So far the system works great. This is the second Lorex system I have purchased. I still have the first but wanted to upgrade. I like the cameras and the 9" video monitor that comes with the system. Some systems do not include the monitor which is goofy because you have to be able to see what is going on without worrying about finding a monitor for these specific cameras.

The clarity of this system is better than the older set I have so it is definitely an upgrade. The video is clear and crisp and I like what I see. The system included a mini smart card for recording, so when you get the set you have everything you need to do the installation.

I definitely recommend this set because it comes with everything you need to have cameras around your doors.

20 out of 89


Location: Corona, California

At first I was not so sure if this product will meet my requirements, but I was wrong, the Camera works perfect, and so does the monitor, the transmuted video is very clear especially in the VGA mode, installation of the camera on the assigned wall took longer than turning the equipment on, to cut a long story short, quality and performance is far beyond the expected.

The technical support is not the best, that may be because, when you first call the technical support you speak to a first tear support, in my opinion for such good quality product tech support ought to be of top notch quality as well, but that is not my concern, I leave it to Lorex's management.

21 out of 89


Location: Ohio

So far this system has met all of my expectations. Easy to set up and install. Great picture and sound. Cannot beat the affordability either. Only been using this system for a few weeks so cannot comment on how long this will last but so far no reason to think that it won't.

22 out of 89


Location: Lakeland, Tennessee

This is my second SD82, LW2962H Lorex Security System and it is working fine. I purchased my first system a week before the second one as I needed more areas covered. If the cameras and monitor hold up for at least three years or longer, then this is a good system and a good deal. I recommend Lorex!
Jim B.

23 out of 89


Location: Rockwall

I am pleased with the cameras and monitor to the degree I tried to purchase another set. Unfortunate that your model numbering system is quite confusing. My original purchase was what you called SD82. I returned to your site and placed an order for another SD82. Upon inspection the first SD82 is model WL-2930 and the second SD82 is model WL-2960H. Both units are quite different. I find this confusing to say the least.

24 out of 89


Location: Des Moines,IA.

Works as advertised. Simple setup.Contacted customer service for an extra decal, ( only 1 included )Was told they are $3.99! Thought maybe I could get it for Free!!

25 out of 89


Location: Indiana

Great system, easy to set up, very satisfied with my purchase!

26 out of 89


Location: Glenwood, In

Very please with this system. Picture is clear, sound is very good. Set up was simple. Does everything I need it to do.

27 out of 89


Location: Ky

We love this camera system! So far it has been everything we needed. The system includes 2way talk, motion recording and alert, night vision! It truly is a all in one! I recommend it for your basic needs!

28 out of 89


Location: Avon,IN

Good Security system

29 out of 89


Location: New Jersey

My 80 year old dad wanted a couple of easy to use security cameras. I thought this was going to yet another technology project where I would be providing loads of technical support... much to my surprise, he was able to review the documentation and set up everything without my help! Now that's an easy installation!

30 out of 89


Location: edmonton

Great product. Easy to hook up & works great. Great buy!

31 out of 89


Location: Canada

Good system. Only gripe I have is the motion sensor can be too sensitive even on low setting. When it's snowing / blowing snow the camera keeps on triggering.
Otherwise great system for the money.

32 out of 89


Location: LaSalle Montreal , Quebec, Canada

Fast shipping very good
very good system Cameras
I am very happy with it
the only think with it is the speakers make noise can't talk to other person.
Hope we can fix it
thank you

33 out of 89


Location: Arkansas

Very fast shipping. I think the night vision is great, wide angle, very clear. Still working on the best placement of cameras. User guide easy to understand. I hope to add 2 more cameras soon

34 out of 89


Location: SC

Exactly what I expected out of the box. High quality components and expect installation to be a breeze.

35 out of 89


Location: Little Egypt

SD82 meets all my pre order expectations.
Signal strength, night vision and clarity are good.
Easy to setup and use, worth the money.

36 out of 89


Location: Phoenix, AZ

Always wanted a basic system for exterior security and the SD82 is fitting the bill nicely. One camera covers the front door and the other covers the backyard. I keep recording the neighbor's cat. Friendly customerservice too.

37 out of 89


Location: Tennessee


38 out of 89


Location: Vancouver, BC

Bought this after someone broke into my car at home. Easy setup and was recording in no time at all. So far, so good

39 out of 89


Location: Tennessee

I really like this LW2932. I ordered the SD82 system, and they sent me the 9" monitor instead. I have the cameras mounted outside my garage door. So, I can see when a car turns into my driveway, and it alerts me with beeps when they get close to the camera. Also, the intercom works well. I can push a button on the monitor and talk to the visitor before raising the garage door. It's a very good system with clear views, and I love that it's wireless!

40 out of 89


Location: 25431

So far so good. Installation is easy and the user guide is really good. Looking forward to some video of wildlife.

41 out of 89


Location: Florida

The positives for this camera system are that it's very very simple to install and have up and running in a short amount of time. The picture quality is pretty good the motion sensor works well and the night vision is pretty decent for the small area that I use for ,which will be my front door and the back of my house glasssliders.The negatives for this unit are that the DVR/monitor does not have an internal battery which means that this will only work when plugged in/an outlet nearby, the other main negative for me is that to use this on my smart phone to view on skype while away from home restricts the ability of this unit to record anything. This is an issue that the company should have improved upon and should make better known to customers prior to buying this unit. It would've given me pause before buying this unit. I live alone and want to be able to view the front and back of the house at times and will not be able to do that without restricting the ability to record on here. It would've been better if we could get motion sensor alerts sent to your phone where we could then open up an app and watch these phones from a remote area while still recording

42 out of 89


Location: Seattle Wa

I installed my 2 camera system, it was very easy to install and been the family is feeling much more aware of what's going on around our house. We can noww see and hear what's going on in the front yard allows us to rest much easier than before. I'm definitely going to buy 2 more cameras. This is my second camera setup from Lorex and we are very happy with both.Thank you for making this so easy.

43 out of 89


Location: Snohomish, WA

I purchased this product last month on the 28th, I got it on time, easy to install and easy to adjust zooming from the monitor, you can see everything clearly out side. this is the first time I have security cameras and it seems they are working fine and I feel very secured. The customer service though not reachable as I can think, because I wanted to ask them few questions at the beginning of installation and left a message but I never heard from them, may be they are busy helping other customers. However, this product seems working good so far I am very pleased with this product and I am planning to add two more cameras when they are on sale soon.

44 out of 89


Location: Texas

We are very pleased with our LW2932 system. Being a mechanically challenged person, I was unsure if I could install our system. However, I was able to do so with no problems using the guidance provided in the User's Guide, It certainly has enhanced our feelings of being more secure. We are already discussing purchasing an additional camera.

45 out of 89


Location: North Carolina

We have had this product LW2932 for about three weeks. Installation was pretty easy if you have electrical outlets ready for the cameras. The cameras have been up and working for the past two weeks. It took a few times to get the cameras adjusted to their full potential. First we had the cameras aimed to far and to high. After we got a feel of their limits, we learned how to get the full benefits of the system. Overall, I am very satisfied and am in the process of getting additional cameras added to the current system which can handle 4 cameras but comes with 2 cameras. I like being able to manage the cameras from the monitor.

46 out of 89


Location: cdga,n.y.

great product,easy to install,teck. support needs to call their number to fix it.

47 out of 89


Location: Texas

This is my second wireless product from Lorex. My first one is working perfectly well. Why then buy a second one? I intend to install my newly acquired LW 2932 in my vacation home and also be able to monitor it remotely while away. Very easy to install.

48 out of 89


Location: Texas

Recently purchased a LW2932. Set up was straightforward. Nice to get a fairly comprehensive manual with product. I think picture is good both day and night. I am pretty well satisfied with the system , with one exception. Every time I put system into SCAN mode it starts recording at least one recording cycle and most of the time two cycles. This leaves a lot of useless recordings on file to go through. I tried calling Lorex but haven't been able to connect. I'm very busy right now so I'll try them later. Otherwise, good product.

49 out of 89


Location: Nebraska

I will make this short; I have been a customer of Lorex for a few years now. Always like the products and the service. That is until recently, I purchased this set, it seems to work fine, however our new house is set up in a way that it makes it impossible to get a clear image/sound. I purchased the equipment through Best Buys website a few months back, and they will not accept the return. I wrote Lorex for help, and received a ?Your work order is now closed, hope this helps? E-mail from them. The message contained nothing, no offer of a return, nothing, just those words above. Sadly I am now left with a $330 paper weight. If you plan on moving in the year, do not buy it, wait until the move and then buy it. Very disappointed in Lorex right now with their terrible customer service in this case.

50 out of 89


Location: sc

Only been up and working for about a week. So far i have been happy with pic quality and how easy setup was.Purchased the 2 camera system but i will purchase 2 more to add on.

51 out of 89


Location: Toronto, Ontario

I am very pleased with the product so far, I got Model # 2960H, however I ordered LW491HD, So I have to work with customer service whats going with that. It was easy to install offcourse. Its almost a week unit is working flawlessly and speacially the Lorex SD Pro app. I know some people were complaining about the app that its crashing, If the change of wireless connection from home to office its failed, so what you have to do exit out of the application and relaunch it again. I really like the motion dection feature, its a bit slow but work fine. I would really recommend this product to my friend and family members.

52 out of 89


Location: Stockton, CA

I've had the 2 camera system installed and been feeling much more aware of what's going on around my house. My master bedroom is to the rear of my house and just being able to see and hear what's going on in the front yard and in front of the garage allows me to rest much easier than before. I haven't set it up to view via Skype but plan on in this weekend. I'll be sure to write another review once I have it set up. I'm definitely going to buy 2 more cameras.

53 out of 89


Location: Virginia

I purchased this item and received it within three days, as promised. It was very easy to setup and my husband and I are extremely pleased with it. This system works better than a previous system that we purchased for approximately $5K, and it was larger! It is just the right size for us. We were about to purchase a different camera system that uses a separate DVR until our research led us to this product. The night vision is quite clear, which is surprising, based on the size of the camera. We plan to purchase two additional cameras.

54 out of 89


Location: Georgia

I love this system. Was really easy to set-up and install and give me vivid external viewing around my home both day and night. I am a big fan of Lorex products. I own rental homes have have bought several home security systems over the last five years. Each model is better than the last and the durability and dependability is first rate. My first cameras which are four generations earlier than this model are still operational today. I have full confidence in Lorex products. Shipping is also extremely quick and the discounts are always a plus. Thanks Lorex Technologies.

55 out of 89


Location: ne

Very easy setup and install. Have only had it up and running for a few days but so far doing what we purchased it for. Thinking of purchasing a third camera.

56 out of 89


Location: brooklyn new york

have the system up for a feel days now working really nice, super ease to install and set up have one camera in the front of the house and one in by the garage nice clear picture. little concern about no been fully weather proof but we see how that go. would recommend to a friend

57 out of 89


Location: San Diego, CA

Just installed my Lorex wireless video monitoring system. I love how easy the set up was, and I'm busy getting educated on all of the features.

58 out of 89


Location: Nederland, Texas

I am very pleased with this product. Very easy to install. Especially like the intercom feature and night vision. The picture is very clear.

59 out of 89


Location: ne

great product I love it.!!!!!

60 out of 89


Location: No.Va.

Absolutely a fantastic system - this could be described as a "plug and play" security unit b/c user interface is minimal. I'm very impressed also with the number of features that it has, I really like the portability and the fact I can carry the monitor from room to room as it boots up in under 30 secs. From motion detection recording, camera zoom capabilities, audio, many nice features, that make this a really good value from some of the other units out there. I hope it remains reliable - time will tell.

61 out of 89


Location: USA, New Mexico

The camera's arrived in time as expected. So far I haven't had any issues, I have it setup for motion detection and seems to be capturing even the wind, but it's not a problem. At night they record black and white and if the light is turn on it will switch to color. I am satisfied and will recommend this surveillance system.

62 out of 89


Location: NEW YORK, NY

I just spend 5 minuites to install the cameres, now working find, will purchase 2 additional camere to connect the machine.

63 out of 89


Location: New York, NY

this product is wonderful, cool design and good function, easy and flexible to install, also I really like to use skype software, remote monitor my house. definatly will recomend to my friends.

64 out of 89


Location: toronto

one of best product,very easy to setup and great.i install outdoor and its workinhg great. if there is space for more storage (memory) and display with back up battery option i would give five star.

65 out of 89


Location: Delaware

I purchased this system after much research. I have a Night Guard system that I purchased and had installed about four years ago. I wanted to add a camera and I was not able to find one anywhere. I am very happy with the NG100, that's why I wanted to add to it. When I gave up the hunt, I decided on the Lorex. The order process was easy and I received the system in less than a week. I haven't had the cameras installed as yet, but I will in a week or so. It's a matter of getting someone out to do it as I don't do ladders. Once that's done, it looks like the set up is easy enough. I feel that I got a very good system that suites my needs and is not difficult to operate.

66 out of 89


Location: LA

Purchased system, easy to install, Manual well written and as they said, just plug and play. Glad i purchased this and would definately recommend to a friend

67 out of 89


Location: Studio City

I purchased the 4-camera LW2734B (7" screen) and the 2-camera LW2932 (9" screen) for my home. I paired four cameras to the 9" screen and 2 cameras to the 7" screen. I installed four cameras outside and two cameras inside to provide execellent coverage. The system works exactly as described. It was very easy to install, set up and operate (though you do need to read the manuals thoroughly). The only comment I would have is that the range of the wireless cameras is limited by the stucco outside walls and plaster inside walls of my 1952 house. However, the range was adequate since I bought two receivers/recorders. I purchased the systems as an additional deterrent to my standard ADT security system and would recommend them highly.

68 out of 89


I bought the system to catch a thief! I worked. However, i have problems hooking it up to the internet. The option to choose the length of recording is great, but, it takes another couple of seconds to start recording again, missing out on key movement. But the cameras are great otherwise. I love the fact tgat they also serve as a two way talking system as well.

I would recommend this to a friend!

69 out of 89


Works well and functions as intended. Easy to install if you follow the directions. View is not HD nor was it supposed to be. Cams installed well with in the range capability that is not an issue. Motion detection seems ok maybe a little too much delay from detection to start recording but it is what it is. Installing at such a point that you allow for that small 2 sec or so delay, will then give good ID on the subject as it approaches the area to be secured ie. detect movement as subject approaches front door......long before subject is at the door, frontal approach view rather than side or across view works best

70 out of 89


Location: southern California

I'm on my second monitor in two months. The first one died after about a month, Lorex replaced it under warranty. The second one died after about 7 hours. The problem is related to powering up and down. Both of them failed the same way, I turn it off at night and when turned on in the morning, the Lorex splash screen comes up then it goes to quad display with four blank/black displays. None of the touch screen buttons work, can't bring up the menu. I submitted a trouble ticket, 349109, on June 10th still no response from Tech support. Sooo, I'm not too happy. I'm surprised at this failure because it's the second Lorex wireless system I've had. I sold the first one to a friend and bought this one. I was very pleased with the first system and it's now 3 years old and working fine.

71 out of 89


Location: Québec

J'ai acheté sur le web. Livraison très rapide (5 jours ouvrables). Très facile d'installation. Jusqu'à présent, le fonctionnement est sans faille (acheté à la fin de mai).

72 out of 89


Location: NYC

This system was extremely easy to set up and serves its purpose very well. The cameras are great in the dark and even in bad weather. The antenna range is good for the size of our house but others may need to consider a range extender.

73 out of 89


Location: Flagstaff, AZ

What's great about it: Easy to work with.

What's not so great: Not real clear picture.

I was hoping for a clearer picture. But for now it fits my needs.

I would recommend this to a friend!

74 out of 89


Location: Williamsburg

What's great about it: built in speaker system

What's not so great: records only 4 hrs

I'm happy with the picture quality and the built in speaker systems pretty nice! Would like it to record more then 4 hours but it has a Skype feature we haven't used yet. I found it easier for installation although it needs power was better then drilling and running wires.

I would recommend this to a friend!

75 out of 89


Location: NW Ohio

So far I am very happy with this security system! It was super-easy to hook-up, truly "plug & play". I would even agree with the brochure's estimate of 20 minute installation IF you planned to mount the cameras indoors, into simple drywall. Unfortunately, my installation was into brick, not a simple task! But, after the holes were FINALLY drilled, reception through walls to where I wanted the receiver, in by bedroom, was no issue at all! It's great that the sensitivity can be adjusted, for example, I didn't want the movement of the water in the lake to be picked-up since I want it to record only when motion is detected and some other adjustments are really nice too. You can decide how long a duration you want the system to record, when it does as well as overwrite the memory card, if you want. I was especially amazed at how strong a system I got for less than $400! Before I research, I would have guessed about $1000 to get a system that provides what the Lorex does!

76 out of 89



What's great about it: EASE OF USE


I would recommend this to a friend!

77 out of 89


Location: East Falmouth, MA

What's great about it: Easy to use and a very clear picture and sound!

What's not so great: No complaints!

I would recommend this product to anyone, easy to use and lots of cool features!

I would recommend this to a friend!

78 out of 89


Location: St.Louis, Mo

What's great about it: price

What's not so great: Camera 2 lost color in about 2 weeks !!!

New SD9+ cameras have great resolution....Remote viewing capability..

via Skype is great.....Easy setup ....The only down fall is I'm still waiting

for a replacement camera from Lorex !!!!

I would recommend this to a friend!

79 out of 89


Location: san diego, ca

What's great about it: system options, night vision, programable

What's not so great: picture frame function is difficult to activate

This system is a great overall beginner system. Would love to have a wireless tablet so I can take it with me into the back yard. This system has a great night system and easy to use controls. I wish we could get the picture frame function to work the way the book describes. Overall, very happy with this purchase.

I would recommend this to a friend!

80 out of 89


This camera really function

I can see all my yard and be sure that all is fine

Amzaing function with the movement sensor

81 out of 89


Location: Calif

I bought this LW2932 a little over a month ago....It continuously throws an error message every hour to 1 day...I then have to reset it....I never know how long the recording mode is going to last....It does this despite my using 5 different brand new SD cards of different makes.....Lorex has failed to respond to my e-mails for help....And have been on hold by phone too many times for too long....Great system as far as quality of picture and convenience but does me no good if I can't record....

82 out of 89


Location: Leon, IA

We use the cameras in our calving stalls and really like them. Our barn is a long way from our house, so we added wireless antennas to each camera and one on the house. The picture comes in great - also like the audio and night vision. Very good product and more affordable than some others we looked at.

83 out of 89


Location: Bomont, WV.

Very fast personal delivery by UPS. Very easy setup. The very minimal problems I had with using the proper location for my two wireless cameras of the LW2930 were readily solved by the extremely knowledgeable staff at Technical Support. I am now interested in the DDNS 1 Terrabyte recorder to access my recordings in the cloud from anywhere. A nice 9" receiver screen fed by two wireless cameras. I would recommend this unit to anybody that needs surveillance of their property.

84 out of 89


Location: Illinois, USA

This is nice to have in the house. I have a couple of cameras and if they ever go on sale will consider a couple more to max out at 4 for the one monitor. These are alleged to be outdoor friendly but you have to plug in each camera and well...why run that extension cord and tell the bad guys exactly where your cameras are? I'm not drilling through brick and siding to mount this outside of the house. Just my .02

85 out of 89


Location: Puerto Rico

Received from a company in the states since Lorex will not ship to Puerto Rico even though we use the same exact postal service, etc. Cameras and screen work very well. Not having a system before, I expected "wireless" to be just that but found out that both cameras (LW2932) needed a power source to be plugged into. The problem was that with homes here being all in concrete it was a problem hiding the wires from sight. It was not easy, but finally did it. The biggest problem is trying to get in touch with customer service, tech service, etc. I have tried for one whole week! Different hours, but to no avail. Either Lorex has lots of customer problems or they do not have enough people manning their phones. This is a problem. Sending a Ticket leaves a lot to be desired. No matter what you ask, the response seems to be very ambiguous.

86 out of 89


Location: Gadsden, AL

We just connected our fourth camera to the LW2932. We didn't have any problem pairing this camera and the reception is good. We have a minor problem with camera three, but hope the problem can be resolved. Otherwise, everything else works just great. We bought the system to monitor the yard area and street traffic and we are very pleased with the results. We recommend this model. You can't go wrong with the cameras and monitor.

87 out of 89


An awesome product! It cost more to have it installed than the unit itself which is a compliment. The system has motion sensor recording capability, audible alert when recording, if you desire and its scalable. I installed it after my teenager friends had "rolled" our front trees for the fifth time in five weeks and it was not funny anymore. The sixth time the system recorded the juveniles at 2:00AM and with enought clarity to identify each of them. The next morning after calling their parents guess who was over removing the TP. Great system well worth the money!

88 out of 89


The camera syncs up nicely to the display. The motion sensor and night vision work well but motion sensor is limited in range. I used the camera to keep an eye on my house because the neighbor kid was causing problems.

89 out of 89


Location: Canada

Pros: easy install, good connection: Cons: remote viewing over the internet. - Have to keep a computer running, USB connected to the monitor, and then keep SKYPE running; - I had to change the setting in SKYPE so that SKYPE will not in sleep mode, or you don't get to see SKYPE from cell phone; In my case, I don't see the AUTORUN program from the CD/SD card provided. Without AUTORUN, I can't display personal photos on the 9" monitor. Hope Tech support will help soon.



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