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900TVL Security Camera System with 16 Cameras



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900TVL Security Camera System with 16 Cameras

Look no further than this powerful home security camera system. The L1616 comes with sixteen bullet security cameras and a security digital video recorder (DVR) capable of accommodating up to 16 security cameras. The CVC7731 bullet security cameras feature a 900TVL resolution, giving you greater detail in every image they capture. Improved recording efficiency allows you to conserve space while capturing undistorted images that leave nothing to the imagination. Along with excellent clarity and detail, these cameras also provide extensive coverage thanks to their wide 3.6mm wide-angle lenses. Weatherproof and vandal resistant, with excellent night vision capabilities, these cameras have what it takes to protect the things that matter most.

View security cameras online with DigiSummit app From FLIR

Access your security system from anywhere with DigiSummit

Connect your FLIR D3000 Series DVR to the free DigiSummit app to enable remote monitoring of your security system. View live camera feeds and playback recorded video - no matter where you are in the world. With iOS®, Android™, and PC options, your security system will always be at your fingertips.

Black Firday security camera sale with Lorex night vision 900tvl secuirty cameras

Reliable night vision security footage

Trust in Lorex’s superior night vision to keep you and your property safe through the night. The 16 professional-grade night vision security cameras in this system automatically switch to black and white in low light conditions to provide you with enhanced clarity at night. With a night vision range of up to 130ft / 40m in ambient lighting (90ft / 28m in total darkness), you can be confident that your cameras will keep your property secure around-the-clock.

Weatherproof security cameras for year-round security coverage for your home

Weatherproof and vandal resistant security cameras

The CVC7731 security cameras are completely weatherproof. Rated IP66 (weatherproof), they are well-suited for either indoor or outdoor installation. Whether it’s a torrential downpour or a full fledged snowstorm, your cameras can persevere to ensure year-round security that never stops working. The durable polycarbonate housing is lightweight yet extremely strong and impact resistant. This housing, along with the vandal resistant cable pass-through design, adds further vandal resistance for safe outdoor use.

Professional security grade hard drive for security environments

Store footage on a security grade hard drive

Safely store weeks (if not months) of recorded footage to the high-capacity 1TB security certified hard drive within the D3000 Series DVR. This HDD is not your ordinary hard drive. It is engineered to be in the constant operation and can even continue to record while you watch recorded footage.

DVR Digital Video Recorder

Security DVRs connect to BNC cameras using RG59 coaxial cables and they compress and store video footage captured from security cameras.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud will help simplify and organize your life by keeping track of all your security cameras from anywhere in the world on any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® devices.



D32161T Digital Video Recorder Features:

  • 960H Super-Res (960x480) with Real-Time recording
  • 34% greater resolution than standard D1
  • True aspect ratio wide screen format, sharper, non-stretched image
  • Looping, HDMI, VGA, Spot outputs
  • CMS-D3 remote access SW, multi-site
  • Mobile Apps: iPhone, Android, iPad
  • Fully PC/Mac compatible
  • Pentaplex operation
  • Supports 2x HDD (SATA, 2TB) up to 4TB capacity
  • FLIR DDNS service included
  • Supports USB 2.0 or eSata back-up
  • Auto Port Forwarding wizard for easy remote connection
  • Supports RS485 (PTZ), Audio I/O, Alarm I/O

CVC7731 Security Camera Features:

  • 1.3 Megapixel image sensor (900 TVL resolution)
  • Lightweight yet extremely durable Polycarbonate housing
  • Integrated automatic Infrared Cut Filter (ICR) ensures accurate color representation in all lighting conditions
  • Day/Night mode: Picture automatically switches to B&W delivering better clarity in low light conditions
  • BrightNight viewing with enhanced low light image sensor
  • Close-up recognition at night with auto light compensation prevents wash-out effect
  • Night vision range up to 100ft (30m) in ambient lighting & up to 75ft (23m) away in total darkness1
  • Modern two-tone design - residential and business friendly
  • Split glass design minimizes IR reflection
  • Anti-glare feature ensures clear images under strong lighting conditions
  • 3.6mm wide-angle lens captures a wide field of view
  • Vandal resistant design with cable pass-through bracket
  • Ideal for outdoor & indoor applications (IP66 Rated)2
  • Removable camera base and integrated 3ft camera cable for hassle-free and flexible installation
  • Versatile mounting options: ceiling, counter or wall mountable
  • 60ft BNC/Power extension cable included per camera
  • Energy-efficient CEC (California Energy Commission) compliant power adapter included

System Includes:

  • 1 x DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
  • 1 x 12V DC power Supply
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x USB Mouse
  • Quick Start Guides

Each Camera Includes

  • 1 x Security camera with mounting acessories
  • 1 x 60ft BNC extension cable
  • Power Adapter

Camera Disclaimers:

1. Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and in total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection / absorption level of object.
2. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.








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1 out of 49



July 31, 2016

Location: Ala

This 16 channel system is ideal for my economy minded customers. The extended warranty options and the ability to contact live support adds even more value to the deal. I have installed many and I look forward to having the needs to order and install more.

2 out of 49

F Romano


July 14, 2016

Location: NJ

I bought this system about 6 months or so ago and it was very very easy to setup. I would say it took me less then 1/2 day from hanging the cameras to seeing it on the phone. The only problem I came across was the software does not work well wit windows 10. I use the DNS settings when I am on a computer. I would purchase this same system again and again.

3 out of 49

J Machai


March 30, 2016

Location: California

The system is user friendly and the installation was simple. My kids enjoy watching the monitor to see when Grandma and Grandpa pull in the driveway. Very affordable security systems with mobile connectivity that even a 3 year old can use.

Cooling fan went out on the DVR and Lorex replaced the DVR with no hassles. Fantastic customer service.

4 out of 49

gerrard pope


February 24, 2016

Location: miami fl

great system 16 channels for the price, easy installation I can say lorex is one of the best product in the market about I have the system running a month looks perfect on my plasma I do recommend lorex and ready to star installing for the family member and friends thanks lorex love you costumer support.

5 out of 49



January 10, 2016

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Purchased the product Nov 2015. Easy installation, great clarity on app.

6 out of 49


November 19, 2015

Location: Guyana

Great Product I have my system running over 1year now and don't have any issue camera image quality is perfect

7 out of 49


November 11, 2015

Location: Boston

I received this unit. It is a good first security system in the sense of easy to maintain. It takes some getting used to and it is easier if you have some understanding of technology, ex. networking etc. I continue to make adjustments to my setup until I am 100% satisfied with it. I would recommend this if you’re up for a challenge.

8 out of 49


November 2, 2015

Location: Boston, MA

Just installed DVR only within the last week. Easy setup. Clear instructions. Quick results. Installed remote monitoring on Android, iPhone and iPad devices with fast, good results. Can now monitor cameras miles from home base. Did not buy complete system because I already have cameras and wiring. For best results you need an HD camera, HD monitor and an HD Dvr. I have some HD cameras and on them the increased quality of the image is obvious. I'll get more HD cameras in the future So far, so good.

9 out of 49


October 21, 2015

Location: Massachusetts

Nice product, Good Price.High quality cameras image. Easy to install and configure. Apps work perfect with Samsung Galaxy. I recommend this product.

10 out of 49


October 5, 2015

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Having installed numerous Lorex systems, I've this 16 channel and 16 camera system to be far superior than any other in the marketplace. I highly recommend Lorex to all of my clients.

11 out of 49


September 29, 2015

Location: Tennessee

Nice product. Perfect to keep an eye on your home and family when you are away. High quality and excellent customer service. Easy to install and configure. Apps work perfect with IPad, IPhone and Mac. Highly recommend this product.

12 out of 49


September 1, 2015

Location: Covina

Absolutely love this system. I have teenagers and with this remote feature, I am able to keep eyes on them while I'm at work. It also increased a sense of security. I recommend this product if you are looking for an inexpensive solution. I recommend to everyone.

13 out of 49


September 1, 2015

Location: Los Angeles

This is a great product! I travel a lot, so I'm in and out of my place. I love that I can watch my place when I'm on the road. I recommend this product 100 %. And it's super user friendly.

14 out of 49


August 30, 2015

Location: Bakersfield

This system was purchased due to the rash of home burglaries we have in our area. With the cost of this item and the trouble it would take and time to replace my rare vinyl collection as well as other irreplaceable items. This is well worth having. I found the installation easy as long as you do not mind a little attic time.

15 out of 49


July 19, 2015

Location: Wilmington

This ECO 6 system is a great system for the price. I am able to watch over my business from the palm of my hand. My office manager loves it now that she can have the video feeds running on a second monitor. Overall, a great product and super user friendly. Two thumbs up.

16 out of 49


July 19, 2015

Location: Santa Monica

I replaced a problematic DVR with this Lorex Eco 6 DVR. Absolutely fantastic. I am able to managed this business from my main office. The interface is user friendly and is aesthetically appealing. This is a great product. I highly recommend it.

17 out of 49


June 18, 2015

Location: Missouri

I am overall satisfied with this system for the money. Easy to install. Good daytime picture clarity. Night time could be better. I live in a rural area and my internet speed isn't great so I can't use the picture upload to my smartphone.I was disappointed about that.Still a decent deal.

18 out of 49


June 4, 2015

Location: Hollywood, Fl

recently purchased the Lorex LH160 24 channel DVR security camera system. This replaced my previously Lorex 8 channel security camera system, which I only had 1 year. I decided to upgrade my camera's for better quality and more channel capacity. I have been very happy with this purchase . I like the fact that I can have up to 24 camera's and be able to review everything on my cell phone, pc, nook and of course through my tv. The camera's are the same size as the previous system, just better image quality. Plus the system has more storage capacity. I am satisfied with this purchase and product. I also really like the technical support and customer service from Lorex. Thank you.

19 out of 49


June 1, 2015

Location: TN

Great system with easy setup

20 out of 49


May 15, 2015

Location: Winnetka

This system was exactly what I was looking for. I have eyes on my entire property while I'm in side or away. The mobile application is a plus. I have a large home, so the installation was a little more involved. If you want a clean professional look, I recommend going with an installer. Either way, I am happy with my new system. It makes me feel more at peace knowing that everything around my house is being recoded 24/7.

21 out of 49


May 9, 2015

Location: Long Beach

This is a great product. I love how I am able to watch my home when I am away. Either using my ipad or my mobile phone. And I love that I am able to access the DVR using my computer. I recommend this project to anyone who is interested in a low cost solution.

22 out of 49


May 8, 2015

Location: Cary, NC

Decent system for the price. Camera quality is great in daylight and within range; night time quality OK - not great. We have 6 wireless cameras positioned outside on our house. The system was very easy to setup & cameras were easy to pair. We received one camera that was DOA; called customer service & they shipped out a camera the same day (Thursday) & received on Tuesday. iPad & iPhone setup was a breeze, MAC install took a bit more time but I eventually got it to work. Suggested Improvements: Regarding the electrical cords for cameras: I like it that the cameras blend in with the trim on my house but in some places, those black electrical cords stick out like a sore thumb. Should make electrical cords the same color as the cameras or give an option of black or white. System Interface: iPad and/or iPhone interface should have more functionality. Using the mouse on the TV monitor to enter info and maneuver through the different menus is very tedious. Would like to be able to change setup info on the iPad and/or iPhone.

23 out of 49


May 2, 2015

Location: Alameda, CA

System worked well until a few month before the original warranty ran out. One of the cameras is now over heating and is unusable, I have submitted a ticket 3 times but it won't go through. I'll try again today, but I feel very disappointed with this situation.

24 out of 49


April 23, 2015

Location: Warsonville, CA

The LH160 Eco series I purchased for my home exceeeds my expectations. Love the connectivity to cell phone and computer. Installation is straightforward and start-up easier than antisipated. I did get a bit confused when connecting to my iPhone but the tech support quickly got me straighten out.

25 out of 49


April 21, 2015

Location: Pawleys Island, SC

My LH160 Eco series with 4 wireless cameras meets all my needs for a home surveillance system. It installed easily and was up and running quickly. I am able to review the recordings and save a particular time span for review by law enforcement or other reviewer. I especially like being able to access the live feed from anywhere via my smartphone. I recommend this system.

26 out of 49


April 15, 2015

Location: Utica, NY

Excellent System

27 out of 49


April 7, 2015

Location: Orlando FL

I just installed this LH160 Eco Series (16 Cams, 16 Channel DVR system). So far I like this system. I needed the help of my friend to install the cameras and run the lines up through the soffit into our attic and then down the extra bedroom closet ceiling where I'm housing the DVR and all the cables running through a 3" PVC pipe and then connecting the DVR with a HDMI cable to the HDTV in the room for extra monitoring. I used 12" drop ceiling or hanging wire to run up through the holes we drilled in the soffit to the attic and then made the necessary connections from the camera to the provided 60' cables. So far the iphone app and iPad app work well in viewing live and backed up footage. I needed help gettng the email notifications setup so I called Lorex Tech support at 1-877-755-6739 and they were quick to take control of my computer via Bombgard software and made the necessary changes to get it all set up. Now I need to work on adjusting the sensitivity level so I don't get bombarded with email notifications. This may take some time to fine tweak the system. Overall, I'm very happy with the added security this have provided to my life. Thanks Lorex! I love this system.

28 out of 49


March 27, 2015

Location: Hollywood, Fl

I recently purchased the Lorex LH160 24 channel DVR security camera system. This replaced my previously Lorex 8 channel security camera system, which I only had 1 year. I decided to upgrade my camera's for better quality and more channel capacity. I have been very happy with this purchase . I like the fact that I can have up to 24 camera's and be able to review everything on my cell phone, pc, nook and of course through my tv. The camera's are the same size as the previous system, just better image quality. Plus the system has more storage capacity. I am satisfied with this purchase and product. I also really like the technical support and customer service from Lorex. Thank you.

29 out of 49


March 25, 2015

Location: new jersey

Cameras are bigger than my old 8camera system. Great because the dvr brings vga, hdmi and bnc connections. Your main monitor is the vga. The hdmi and bnc will show all the cameras ad are unable to change configuration. I think it is a great quality for the price. This is the 3rd system with Lorex I have had, I upgraded to this system because I outgrew my 8system one, even though I think it was easier to playback then this 16 channel system. I just have to get use to it. Another with flir setup is really simple. I have delt with lorex tech support for years, but I have to say they have gotten so much better. I no longer wait for 1.5 hours they have answer my calls within less than 5 minutes. I guess they also got new teck people because they are fast and know exactly what they need to do.

30 out of 49


March 25, 2015

Location: Whitby, Ontario

We just finished building our retirement home and I had mentioned to my wife that we really should get the things we wanted with this new home. Certainly an alarm system and good locks were the things that we initially considered, but the thing that really gave us peace of mind is our Lorex Camera system. My wife was a bit concerned at first, as she thought she would not be able to work the system. Once we started playing with it however, we were surprised at how easy the system is to work and maintain. The quality of the picture is great and the recording options are fantastic. We just love the fact that we can view our system from our tablet or PC, from anywhere in the world. I wish had installed a system like this in our old home. Thanks Lorex, for the peace of mind and ability to be there, even when we are not. Recently retired and loving it.

31 out of 49


March 18, 2015

Location: Pine Bluff, AR

The cameras seem to give a good picture. After several break-ins in the neighborhood we are looking for a way to catch the guys. Wish us luck!

32 out of 49


March 14, 2015

Location: Glendora

Awesome surveillance system. I went with a bigger system (16 cameras and 2 TB and 1 PTZ) camera. I have no complaints. The PTZ is awesome. The only thing, the PTZ needs to be placed at a high point to take advantage of the zoom. I have a huge backyard, so it really comes in handy. I especially like the email alert feature. I now get alerts when our neighborhood bear starts going through our trash. I recommend this system to anyone.

33 out of 49


March 5, 2015

Location: Pasadena, MD

This is our first Lorex product. I was hesitant to buy after reading all the bad reviews in regard to the long customer service wait time. I called 3 or 4 times during set up and customer service was excellent. The wait time was always about the same, only 5 minutes and they were very polite and helpful. We have had the system for 2 months and so far we love it .

34 out of 49


March 3, 2015

Location: Los Angeles

This is a really great system. The images from the cameras are extremely crisp and clear and the night vision is improved with additional IR illuminators. The DVR is far superior to the older Edge series. Remote connectivity is very easy with the Stratus Connectivity, and even the more involved setup is fairly easy especially with the Lorex Port Forwarding Wizzard. I had my iphone connected in about 2 minutes. Great system, great value.

35 out of 49


March 1, 2015

Location: Aiken, SC

My husband and I just finished getting all our cameras up and running. The setup was very easy once all the outlets were installed to plug up the cameras. Our one camera is about 300 feet from our house. To make sure we could get a good picture on this camera we did purchase the booster antenna. The picture could not be better. The night vision on all the cameras are very good. I had some questions concerning the DVR and Tech Support was quick to give me an answer to my questions. We are very satisfied with our purchase. We have plans to add two more cameras. I would recommend this security system to anyone looking for a system.

36 out of 49


February 27, 2015

Location: office

I have had lorex cameras for several years and they are the best- this is the third purchase I have made.- They are the best in their superior technical quality and function, best in tech support, best in customer service. Lorex is a team of professionals that not only have superior security products but back their products, their warranties, and customer support 100%.I highly recommend buying a lorex security system because you get not only a superior product but the customer & technical support that backs their products.

37 out of 49


February 27, 2015

Location: office

I have had lorex cameras for several years and the are the best- the best in the camera technology, best in their technical support, best in their customer service and in their knowledge of their products. Lorex in a team and it not only has superior security products but backs their warranty and support 100%. A great product without the good customer support is nothing but aggravation for its customers. I highly recommend buying a lorex security system because I know it will be the highest quality backing in its warranty and support team.

38 out of 49


February 17, 2015

Location: Ca

Set up was easy, all is up and running well. The night vision is great!! I would recommend this system to everyone!!

39 out of 49


February 15, 2015

Location: Berryville, VA

Setup was a little frustrating. Called Tech Support for help. One guy was downright rude. After I called him out on his attitude, he successfully helped with the setup. We purchased the wireless cameras. I think I would recommend the wired cameras instead. I will recommend them to my family & friends.

40 out of 49


February 9, 2015

Location: Plano, Tx

Setup was a little difficult, but once it was up and running it worked like any other system. DDNS cannot be set up, but this is due to corporate firewall restriction, and Mobile App isn't the friendliest out of Security DVR app's I have used previously. Other wrench in the chain there wasn't a way to set 720p as an output for the HDMI, which was an issue we had to work around. The feed is broadcasted to 12 other displays in our facility, and only recognizes 1080-30P (this displays 60P) or all flavors of 720 and below.

41 out of 49


February 3, 2015

Location: Lauderdale Lakes

Set up was quick after navigating my very low attic. Only setback was we needed longer cables; luckily we were able to use some of the previous wiring and connectors from the Night Owl system! Picture is perfect with access to view on our phones, tablets or PCs at work! Awesome product..

42 out of 49


January 30, 2015

Location: Oklahoma

Very user friendly, the remote set up was a breeze. If your not techno savvy and need a good quality system this is the one to purchase. Absolutely no problems with the install and set up. Had a few minor issues with video output, but nothing that cant be resolved for the price. For the price this is a great deal!

43 out of 49


January 21, 2015

Location: florida

Love the system. Had to speak to customer service a few times to resolve some issues but they were able to give me the answers. Would recommend to friends and family

44 out of 49


January 20, 2015



45 out of 49


January 18, 2015

Location: nj

Location: Nj Date : January 14, 2015 System seems to be working great love the 3tb hard drive  Very user friendly and on screen controls  Wireless cameras are ok , not great wireless range at all,  probably would have bought the wired ones knowing what I know now to avoid "connection"problems.  Customer service is difficult to get a hold of through any means they offer  They never sent the monitor with the order and took forever to get finally got it and I think the monitor was suppose to be a touch monitor but don't feel like calling them and waiting forever for a representative to answer. 3 stars for customer service. Equipment seems good though 

46 out of 49


January 18, 2015

Location: Gilbertsville Pa

This is our second set of cameras. I first put them in my business. They worked so well we wanted to put them in & out of our home. They gave us security. We can easily go on our phones and check our home cameras & business cameras. Where ever we are. We can watch our dog. We always wandered what she did during the day. We can check to see if our daughter is home. Its great. We highly recommend them.

47 out of 49


January 16, 2015

Location: fort wayne, in

Everything works great. Very easy to set up.

48 out of 49


January 14, 2015

Location: USA

System seems to work very well. I had 2 out of 4 cameras that don't work. Have tried numerous times to contact Lorex with no success. I'm giving up on contacting them. I'm stuck with 2 failed cameras. I would not buy again.

49 out of 49


January 12, 2015

Location: Knoxville, TN

Could not be happier with this purchase! Was so easy to install and needed help on the remote viewing. I called Tech Support and they were very knowledgeable with the setup and took care of my issue very quickly. I will buy this product again.



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