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Wireless home monitoring system with 720p cameras



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Wireless Video Surveillance System with 4 Cameras & Remote Monitoring

Enjoy the performance of a premium surveillance system with simplified installation, secure wireless video, and no recurring fees. Record video in 720p HD with audio to the included 8GB memory card. View live and recorded video anywhere you go with free apps to help you stay connected. Control your system from the wireless LCD monitor for truly portable use. Simplified remote viewing with Lorex Stratus Connectivity is ready to use in mere minutes, allowing you to check in on your home or business from anywhere with no recurring fees!

7” LCD monitor / recorder

7” LCD monitor and recorder in one

This stylish all-in-one 7” LCD monitor and recorder gives you the flexibility to completely control your security system with a user-friendly interface and touch-screen controls. Switch viewing modes, update recording settings and configure system options all with the touch of a button.

Record in 720p HD

Record in 720p HD

Experience surveillance video that leaves nothing to the imagination. Record 720p video with audio for incredible picture quality that captures every detail. Video is recorded to the included SD card, making it easy to backup important footage. Choose from manual, motion or schedule recording per camera to create a truly custom surveillance solution. Experience true peace of mind with the gold standard in wireless security.

Weather resistant wireless cameras

Weather resistant wireless cameras

The robust, weather-resistant wireless cameras are also compact in design, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The cameras' secure signal and anti-interference technology ensures smooth, reliable wireless video at all times. No need to run cables - these premium HD wireless cameras are among the most convenient on the market and can be installed in mere minutes. The cable pass-through design of the cameras conceals power cables for added protection against vandals.



Heat Rating

122°F | 50°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

14°F | -10°C

Cold Rating

2-way audio intercom

2-way audio intercom

The wireless cameras feature a built-in microphone and speakers. This means you can hear sounds from around the camera, as well as communicate with persons near the camera using the monitor or a connected smartphone / tablet. Whether you're instructing a postal worker or greeting a family member, the 2-way audio intercom is a great way to stay connected.

Remote Connectivity

View video on your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere in the world

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

SD recording

microSD recording & playback supported.




SD Pro Wireless Video Surveillance System features:

  • 7 inch wireless touchscreen LCD monitor1
  • Weather resistant wireless cameras2
  • Record video in 720p HD with audio3
  • Free apps for smartphone/tablet4
  • Manual, motion, and schedule recording
  • 2-way audio Intercom
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras
  • 8GB SD card included; 64GB supported
  • Simple installation. No video cables required
  • Up to 45 days of recording5
  • Push notifications sent to your smartphone/tablet when motion is detected
  • Triplex operation: view live video, record, and playback simultaneously
  • Pre-event motion detection recording
  • Dual motion detection technology for more accurate alerts
  • Time and date stamped recordings for easy retrieval
  • Front panel feather touch controls
  • Motorized camera filter provides accurate color reproduction in all lighting conditions
  • Night time viewing up to 65ft (20m) away in ambient night time lighting conditions and up to 45ft (14m) away in total darkness6
  • Secure wireless signal
  • Up to 165ft (50m) indoor / 660ft (200m) outdoor wireless range7

Each LW491HD Includes:

4 × Wireless Camera
1 × 7” Monitor
5 × Power Adapter
1 × SD memory card
4 × Mounting kits
Quick Setup Guides

1. Up to 2.5 hours of portable wireless monitoring. For extended monitoring or remote viewing, ensure the wireless monitor is connected to a local power outlet.
2. Wireless cameras require a wired connection to power outlet. Not intended for direct exposure to rain or snow. For outdoor applications, install under shelter protected from the elements.
3. 720p HD (1280x720) up to 20 fps with 2 cameras, or VGA (640x480) in real-time (30fps). 720p resolution recordings and live view can only be viewed in HD using smartphones / tablets that support 720p (1280x720) or higher resolutions or view recordings on a computer (SD card reader not included). Included monitor resolution is 800x480.
4. Requires a high speed Internet connection and a wired connection to a router (not included). An upload speed of 1Mbps is recommended for optimal video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time. For the latest compatibility list check as new models become available in the market.
5. Motion recording for a single camera based on VGA (640x480) recording resolution with 40 motion events per day and 30 second recording duration per event. Maximum recording time may vary based on the number of cameras that are recording, the amount of motion in the scene, and the size of the memory card used (8GB SD card included; 64GB supported).
6. Stated IR illumination ranges are based on ideal conditions in total darkness and typical outdoor night time ambient lighting. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection / absorption.
7. Based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Technology Inc. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 185


Location: USA

Ordered the LW4919HD, whch a 4 cam system. System worked as advertised, very simple to install and setup. Would be nice if it had a video output for display on a larger monitor.
camera coverage ange is not very wide unless the cam is mounted above 10 to 15 feet.

2 out of 185


Location: Florida

They sent me the wrong system. They sent me an LW2692H which I did not want. They made me take a picture of the system they sent me because they did not believe me it was not what I ordered. The packing slip with my order even showed they sent me a LW2962H NOT a LW491HD. That was listed on the packing slip. They have REFUSED to send me the system I ordered. Nothing but trouble with them.

3 out of 185


Location: Colorado

Ordered the system 7 Sep 16. System was supposedly in stock. Delivery date was 16 Sep 16. Delivery date was pushed back to 27 Sep. System was still listed as in stock.

I placed two calls to customer service. The first call was never returned. The second call was returned over 24 hours later. The customer service representative was unable to expedite shipment or give me a firm delivery date. I was forced to cancel my order.

I still do not understand why if the system is listed as in stock can not be shipped and delivered.

Our apologies for any inconvenience. Your order was delivered.

4 out of 185


Location: LaFayette,Ga. 30728

Great system and great range very happy with this system. I give this system a 5

5 out of 185


Location: South TX

Great security system - have 2 systems - able to monitor farm and ranch from home. give the LW491HD a 10, customer service barely receives a 2.

6 out of 185


Location: California

Easy set up works good. Only set back is receiver tablet must be plugged in to view online with app.

7 out of 185


Location: Florida

Components were easy to connect and wireless connection to monitor was simple and worked with first try.System is a good Value

8 out of 185


Location: Phx Az

This my second Lorex wireless unit. I had my first cameras for bout 5 years, it works great. It was time to upgrade, I order 491HD. Its basically the same cameras. The upgrades is so much better. Better picture, mobile App, and better features. Just plug in the cameras, and its working great. I some problems scheduling the cameras, but finally work it out. I'm happy with cameras, just wish they made remote for the screen!

9 out of 185


Location: Azusa, Calif

Like one other review that I read, I purchased this item to replace a 7 year old standard definition set. The new system is as advertised. One needs to keep in mind that I am by no means a "Techy" when it comes to this sort of product, I can only speak of my experience since I installed this system. The cameras are as advertised, very clear and with a wider field of vision than my old set. Motion sensing is as advertised, prompt and very adequate in distance sensed. I searched the web for days trying to find a better set but could not, I kept returning to Lorex until I finally decided to go with this one. One of the reasons I went with this item (and it's a big one) is the fact that my old set after 7 years is still working perfectly, considering 2 of the cameras have been exposed to the elements all that time. So, I have not really replaced my old set, I have placed the old cameras in less sensitive locations and am using both the old and new systems.

10 out of 185


Location: Allen, Texas

I had other model with the 7 " inch monitor before for several years and until it not capture and record like it used to . I like the wireless cameras, so i bought this model. I bought this system since Nov. 2015 and i really like it . Lately i noticed one of the camera picture has displaced a light "pink hue color " on the monitor if compare to other cameras. Beside that the camera system working good.

11 out of 185


Location: Atlanta Ga.

I bought this system to keep a eye on my dad {84 years old}, he has fallen several times and by luck I went to check on him and he was laying on the floor needing help. This system was so easy to install and set up, other then mounting the cameras and pushing a button on the back of the camera was all I had to do for the set up. The system works great, I can keep an eye on my dad and I can talk to him and he can talk back from where ever I'm at. If this system was supported through windows, I could pull up the cameras on my work computer and it would the perfect system. But that not a complaint just a suggestion to make it better. it works great like it is.

12 out of 185


Location: Camden, NC

This wireless camera security system greatly exceeds my expectations! It allows me to monitor activity around my house when I'm at home or away. I was skeptical about the reliability of the motion detection, but nothing sneaks past these cameras without getting recorded. I set the cameras on VGA because the 720P picture quality isn't noticeably better and the VGA picture has a larger vertical field of view.

13 out of 185


Location: Maryland

Everything was straight forward in installation and works great. But the battery on the LCD monitor when charging it does not last 2.5 hours (stated on the package box)... it last about 1.5 hours. Unless the battery I receive is no good.

14 out of 185


Location: NY

Just installed this system @ my vacation home in Florida over the weekend. Picture is crystal clear and set up was pretty easy. Did need some help setting up the ddns so I can monitor the cameras when i'm home in NY. Back In NY today and it's very comforting to be able to see what's going on when I'm not there.

15 out of 185


Location: Okla

Excellent product, ease of installation if power source is available. Cameras span a large area! We installed system after a recent break in at our being able to sync system with my phone and get alerts when away from home.

16 out of 185


Location: Ohio

Excellent, quality made, easy to set up. Just requires ready outlets that will be weather proof (if outside) and pair the cameras- your all set! The 2-way voice is guaranteed to impress anybody approaching your front door or anywhere your monitoring.

17 out of 185


Location: Ann Arbor, MI

After many contacts with customer service and technical support I still do not have the required monitor and SD card in order to use my security system. So much for priority replacement. It's been 7 days and nothing has been shipped yet.

I would not recommend purchasing this product or anything from Lorex.

I would give Lorex and this product ZERO stars if I could.

Thank you for your feedback. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. We were happy to resolve this for you and appreciate you sending us an update that everything is working well now.

18 out of 185


Location: Shakopee MN

Very good wireless camera.. After 5 mos the monitor stop working, called the support and immediately Lorex send me a replacement. Very satisfied with the service.
The camera is bright and easy to install. In less than 30 min the sec. cameras are working.

19 out of 185


Location: Ohio

This system has worked great for us. The only thing that doesn't work sometimes is the microphone through my iphone app. My boyfriend's android app works most of the time. Set up was really easy, quality is good. We've had no problems since setting it up.

20 out of 185


Location: Geoegia

Customer support is absolutely the worst!!! I've had a ticket and request in for a defective power cord adapter for over three weeks to yet have it shipped or anyone reply to me. A camera will not work without power and the power source is defective. If anyone so lorex is listening I need this or my plan is to ship all four cameras and system back for credit!!!

Our apologies for the wait. The adapter is on its way to you.

21 out of 185


Location: Toronto

I too was pleased with the cameras. Shipping was quick. Set up easy. The android app feature took a bit of time to figure out but no big deal, once you figure it out then everything goes smoothly. Overall it performs betters than I originally expected. I am very happy and would recommend this.

22 out of 185


Location: Ridgewood Queens

it's a great home wirelrss camera system i also tested it out and had no problems at all and the price is right you can't beat that and it's worth it

23 out of 185


Location: Alabama

Not a bad product for the money, but could use some upgrades like:
1) Product needs to be designed for wall mounting
2) Night vision is poor. Needs more IR lamps.
3) Product needs a screen off mode so that it does not light up for the burglars. Nice bright screen means they will take your recording device.4)

24 out of 185


Location: San Antonio TX

I like the system, however it is to easy to touch the record icon while handling the monitor and thus turn off your motion recording. On/Off for motion should be in a menu so you it cant be turned off by mistake, or little toddler fingers.....

25 out of 185


Location: Stony Plain, Alberta

I am pleased with the LW492HD security system. The cameras provide clear pictures it provides under most light conditions. It compliments our interior alarm system. I would recommend it.

26 out of 185


Location: Toledo

I have a Uniden G955 and thought this system would be an upgrade.
Wrong... Daytime image quality is less than half as good as the Uniden.
Nightime video image is very bad.
Even trying to return the Lorex is a hassle.

We're sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your system. Our sales team would be happy to assist you with something that better suits your needs and can be reached at 1-888-425-6739. Please find return instructions here

27 out of 185


Location: ILLINOIS

Easy installation. Worked good out of the box. Night vision is not as far as advertised.

Thank you for your feedback. Please contact our technical support team for assistance with your settings to make sure you are getting the most out of your cameras 1-877-755-6739.

28 out of 185


Location: Warner Robins, Ga

The system was shipped and received very quick. It was easy to set up. It is best to download and print the user manual prior to installing. It will be nice if manual was included with order. Day vision is grest but night vision isn't as clear as expected but I will adjust the camera brightness as a reviewer said to see if this will help with the night vision. I will rate the system an overall 5.

29 out of 185


Location: Valencia

Great system for the price. It's easy to use and the quality is great! I'm very happy with my purchase. Definitely reccomending to someone who is looking to buy.

30 out of 185


Location: lakeland florida

The best security surveillance system, easy set up great cameras great monitor.I really hope it remains working this well for a long time I am really impressed with the performance of this system if it holds up I am thinking about purchasing another complete four camera system the same model for future use in a bigger home I really love this system. THANK YOU!

31 out of 185


Location: Canada

excellent product, very fast to set it up, nice motion and recording events, best deal
9inch LCD amazing

32 out of 185


Location: Marystown, NL, Canada

This is my first security camera system. The model Lw2960 was not difficult to setup, however, the complete manual would have made it even more simple. Actually, downloaded the full manual, but was not the same in color as in b & w. The icons were difficult to distinguish in b&w. The sdpro app for android indicates it's for Single-channel live viewing, playback setup. There do not appear to be a user manual for this apps and I cannot seem to setup playback. I will be contacting support and requesting assistance. In the meantime this will be the second time. During the first contact the support was excellent.

33 out of 185


Location: Dublin, CA

This is my second lorex camera system - model LW491HD. I have also used older model which didn't had the remote monitoring. And so far I'm very satisfied and a happy customer. I like few things about this model. First if you are home, the beep tells you if someone approaching the door which is very convenient. Now you can get the alerts right on yr phone if you are remote. And ofcourse it records everytime the camera triggers. and you can also watch live from all the 4 cameras remotely

34 out of 185


Location: Pennsylvania

I give this item 5 stars. I tried 2 other bands before discovering Lorex. One kept breaking and the other one never worked. Then i received the Lorex camera's. They are great! i have been using them for 3 month's now and not 1 single problem. Great video and good night vision. The mobile app for my smart phone works good. I actually have it playing all day at work.(nice hearing the birds chirping all day). The intercom works greats.

I would recommend this item!!!!

35 out of 185


Location: Washington

I will give this security camera a five star, it is really easy to set up, very easy to operate. worth the money, goo quality video.

36 out of 185


Location: Shreveport, La

I give this security system five stars. It was a gift for the Love of my Life. The set up was not difficult and the picture quality is phenomenal. The sound is great. This system has truly exceed both our expectations. Oh by the way, he's in his late 70's and install everything himself. He is awesome. Ahaon, Great system.

37 out of 185


Location: Washington D.C,

Horrible customer service. Paid for 3 day shipping and it took a week just for it to leave the warehouse. Called customer support 3 times and was on hold for 45 minutes each time. Was told by a customer assistance representative that the order delayed was not their problem and when I asked to speak to a supervisor I was hung up on. Left 3 tickets requesting a supervisor to call me and never got a call. Item arrived 11 days after I ordered it and so far it works fantastic. Good night vision and motion sensing. I just wish customer service was as good as the product.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the delay and any difficulty you experienced. We have refunded your shipping charge.

38 out of 185


Location: Georgia

Camera system works excellent. Setup and installation were very simple. Cameras provide good quality video. Night vision and intercom features work well.

39 out of 185


Location: colorado

I bought LW2960 series Video Surveillance System,easy to install. No manual comes with the system,it took me a little time to figure out how operate the monitor. That's the only trouble I had. Needs a manuel with this system. Works Great

Thank you for your feedback. The manual can be found under the Downloads tab of this page. Our technical support team is also available for assistance if you need it in the future 1-877-755-6739.

40 out of 185


Location: Texas

I am completely pleased w/this product. I am amazed how the images look at night. My opinion the best feature is the 2 way intercom.

41 out of 185


Location: Alabama

So far easy operations good quality pictures, but sound and volume buttons not working properly so only been able to troubleshoot via the website since no one answered or called me back from technical support. Incomplete data to give proper feedback.

42 out of 185


Location: California

I just got my 3rd set. Now, I have total 12 cameras inside my house. Maybe because I have too many cameras, they interfere with one another; I have problem of getting signals for 1 camera that I placed in the the garage. I am still trying to figure out how to solve the problem. However, I still like this product very much!

43 out of 185


Location: Louisville Ky

I had purchased a set of cameras was very dissatisfied. I found these and we love them. Excellent HD viewing very clear picture quality. Night viewing is excellent it looks day light. These have all the bells and whistles. I highly recommend these cameras. I don't think you could find any better. Love them!!!

44 out of 185


Location: Muskoka Ontario

So far we have been really happy with the system. It took us a bit to get the events worked out and an I P address, but it's really nice to be so far away at times and check for snow and people wondering around your place. Cap1953

45 out of 185


Location: Connecticut

I purchased this system in 12/2015 and I am very pleased. The intercom audio and sound between the camera's and the monitor is very crisp and clear and range is good. The HD video and color is way above my expectation in HD and VGA mode. Night vision is good, and the way to lower some of the B/W grainess by adjusting the camera brightness to get an acceptable compromise.

Setting the system up was a breeze and the system has alot of flexibility. Insructions were easy to follow and the set-up functions on the monitor user friendly.

Nice using the SD-Pro app on your smartphone to help locate and adjust cameras and works good remotely to check when your away from home.
The one thing that I would suggest to aid when you are mounting or servicing the camera. The total power cable is 13ft long between the camera and power adapter w/M/F connector midway. Relocate the m/f connector 2ft from the camera and lengthen the power adapter wire to 12ft. When installing this w/o a helper, the camera would not be swinging in the breeze when fishing the wire to the attic and this would eliminate refishing when camera may need servicing. Hopefully not!!!
The question now is reliability, and the temp range of 14deg???only time will prove that.
At this time I would highly recommend this product, so I'll rate it 4.5 stars, and come back at a later time for update.

46 out of 185


Location: Upstate NY

I've had this system for one year. I started out originally with two camera and purchase two more cameras after evaluation. I the 64 GB Card. The system is a very good system. Only wish I can add two more cameras and be able to access through my Windows based computer.

I am diffidently looking forward to the upgrade to this system. I know LOREX is moving in the direction to create another outstanding product with added features, at a affordable price that any hard working individual can afford. For that reason I give LOREX five stars.

Thank you for making a tool to assist in protecting our properties, homes and family. (looking for bigger monitor and ability to add more cameras.

47 out of 185


Location: NonnaSue

wonderful product... We put a cover over the only camera that is out on a post... and is not under cover and even in the worst of weather it is working perfectly... wonderful security!!!!

48 out of 185


Location: Canada

I bought this system after returning a competitors system that was so hard to set up and very little customer support that I gave up. I took a chance with this one and I am happy to say it worked right out of the box, no issues with set up and adding extra cameras. The image quality is acceptable for a 720p system. My only complaint is the view angle is small (70degrees) compared to some that are 100 degree view angle. It just means you need for cameras. Night vision is good, not great, the competitor had better night vision distance with lower lux but this is still acceptable. All in all I'm happy with the system. You do need a 64Gb micro SD card which should be included with the system but is not. I think for the price, its a good home surveillance system.

49 out of 185


Location: Tacoma,WA

Got the system at the end of November, easy setup and functionality. The only issue is the 8 gig MICROSD chip, it would not format. Put a trouble ticket in and it was closed without resolution.

50 out of 185


Location: Phoenix AZ

Very disappointed. Clarity and resolution for the LW491HD NOT as advertised. Customer Service is difficult to reach. All calls go to the Philippines.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your purchase and apologize for the wait time. Our customer service team was happy to assist you as requested.

51 out of 185


Location: Florida

We have had this system for two months now and it is worth every penny and more. Love the speaker option. It was very easy to set up and get alerts on your smart device. I have had to reboot the system once when our phones could not see the live feed but did receive motion alerts. Called customer service and they helped right away with having us reboot.

My device is plugged into my router via ethernet so not sure what another reviewer was referring to but we have not had issues.

So far, we are thrilled with the purchase.

52 out of 185


Location: Washington DC

I have had my system for approximately 1 year now. (up and operationally)

The system was very easy to set up. Camera's synched right away, initial set up was a breeze, installation to / into network was easy, app installation and operation was simple. Camera range is excellent. No range issues, no reception issues.

Here is the real important info: Some of these are warnings or heads up, some of them are cons ?

1) The wireless tablet receiver will BLOW your internet WIFI out if installed too close to eachother. Lorex suggested installing the / placing the receiver as far away from your wireless internet router as possible. This issue also could be the upload / download drain on the hardwired cat5 to the router ? Lorex didnt seem to know.

2) The camera bases are cheap plastic. For indoor / outdoor, they should be metal. End of story. The screws are too thin and short for proper installation as well.

3) Tablet: Is kinda cheap. Functions are easy to use and set up. I wish you could set motion detection PER camera, not an all or nothing feature. Memory card is a joke. You will need a much larger memory card.

4) Mobile phone app: VERY glitchy. For me, the motion detection notices will stop after a few weeks, and i have to reboot the tablet and clear the memory. Not sure why this fixes it. Lorex was not helpful. App does work well for watching live video. Never really had any issues with watching. Remember, if you have your cameras are set to HD, the frame rate goes down. So video will be "choppy" in terms of frame rate.

53 out of 185


Location: CA

- Easy setup
- Reasonable video quality
- Good value

- Motion recording has a delay. If you walk quickly across the camera and exit its view within about a second, it starts recording about a second too late, so the recording doesn't actually capture the event!
- 9" monitor controls are a bit unintuitive (needed manual to figure out subtle features) and laggy (sometimes several seconds before responding)
- 9" monitor screen is too low resolution for showing 4 cameras clearly.
- Camera mounting a bit difficult as camera body can get in way of drill (needs an additional nut to allow camera rotation without removing it entirely)
- Would like an easy way to view system via Windows desktop/laptop
- SD Pro app on Android is a buggy in many ways
- Caused interference with my wireless router. I needed to buy a wireless repeater to boost my router's signal for a part of the home.

54 out of 185


Location: Wisconsin

I did a lot of research and think we made a good choice for camera system. We have had for a week so far and the only issue is that sometimes is says "out of range" and goes black for a second, we have highest internet speed so that isn't the problem. I am impressed overall and like the system. The customer service however, I am not pleased with.

55 out of 185


Location: arkansas

super easy to install. Love the intercom feature and the ability to record all four cameras at once. Being a business owner of a public facility it has helped me keep an eye on things even when i'm not looking. I would recommend this system to my friends and family.

56 out of 185


Location: michigan

hmmmm...great features, ez install...I would suggest making a template for the screw hole pattern BEFORE attempting to install under the house eaves...maybe Lorex could include the template in the future.

I held off on a review to give everything a chance to prove its function. While at home I had no trouble, but I went out of town recently and, despite a super strong wifi signal, learned the smartphone app is no longer worked for a couple weeks, then went from 4 to 2 cameras display, then no camera display...just a black screen. Prior to the total blackout the image would sometimes freeze. Not sure if it has to do with the tablet device back home, the SD card, or the cameras. Next month I will pursue the problem, but I sure wish it was working while I'm not at home.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team will be happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

57 out of 185


Location: Kent, WA

we were so impressed with this system... sound .... recording.... able to talk to people at your camera... all excellent.... downloaded instruction manual and made it so easy to breeze through the operation of this unit... well worth them money. We made a cover for the camera so no worries about long term damage due to weather...

58 out of 185


Location: Winnipeg Canada

Nice and easy to setup, I like it very much. If you plan to buy security cam don't wait a minute its worth it.
I am able to watch it from my iphone it is so cool.
Good quality cameras, what to say more.

59 out of 185


Location: Tampa, Fl

Super easy to setup. Have 4, other brand, IP cameras and it was a nightmare trying to setup to view remotely or record video. Gave up!

The Lorex DVR and cameras came right up. Powered DVR and one camera, scanned bar code on back of DVR, poof connected, had beautiful super clear picture. Powered on the other 3 cameras, DONE! Remote viewing, motion activated record, event reviewing......

Recording video is a pain. Dedicated DVR is the only way to go. Love this product!

60 out of 185


Location: Indianapolis

Camera system works good like it's supposed to I have noticed when you set the cameras to off they will still record but not as much as they would if they were actually on overall I give it a five star rating !!!!

61 out of 185


Location: Menomonee Falls, WI

Like a few other postings here, I too upgraded to a LW491HD four camera system and the it works great! It was easy to set up and pictures in the HD mode are crystal clear. Remote monitoring using a phone (versus computer) is an added plus and you can view all cameras and zoom in on scene. Nice unit.

62 out of 185


Location: Staten Island

This is my 2nd purchase of security cameras. I have 2 SD+ series in the backyard and this set of 4 cameras in the front of my house. Picture quality is excellent, and setup was a breeze. Hardest part was figuring out how to run the wires into the house or find them power outside. All-in-all, very high build quality of the cameras, excellent quality recorded footage, and easy to use tablet (with battery! so you can bring it outside while you are setting up).

63 out of 185


Location: California

So far I am happy with my system. Picture clarity is great! Set up was easy. Being able to view it from my phone is a plus!
Only thing is I wish it would support a bigger memory SD card. But other than that I think this product is great!

64 out of 185


Location: ND

I had the SD9 and upgraded to the LW491 and it has worked flawlessly. The HD is a huge improvement over the other cameras.

65 out of 185


Location: Dallas, TX

I was looking for a small, 4 camera, HD, Wireless surveillance system. The Lorex LD2932H was the perfect solution for my needs. It installed and configured with my WiFi with plug-n-play ease. The Lorex SD Pro App installed easily and works perfectly from wherever I am. The biggest decision was camera placement, which is also flexible and forgiving since the cameras are wireless. The LD2932H is the perfect solution for a small home, apartment, condo or town home. Thank you Lorex!

66 out of 185


Location: castro valley,ca

excellent camera.. 720p makes a big difference. very clear this is my second set of camera. I like the fact that you can keep an eye on your home from your smartphone without having your computer.

67 out of 185


Location: Gilbert. AZ

Product installed fairly easily but after hooking it to my internet it causes my service to be constantly interrupted and cuts out. I called customer tech support but all he suggested was getting a dual channel router. I already have one. So now I can't have the remote viewing feature. I'm going to have to try a dual router or modem system in order to get this right.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you further if you would like. They can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

68 out of 185




69 out of 185


Location: MA

I had an 8 camera DVR system first. After buying new home I decided to go with this system with the 4 camera's and tablet monitor. I am loving it! The picture quality is so much nicer and I love the intercom feature on the camera's. Highly recommend this system!

Only drawback is: yes, you have remote viewing, but only on a smart phone or an IPad, not via a PC.

70 out of 185


Location: Delano,Ca

I decided to buy a security camera after someone stole my beloved bike in the garage.I was looking online and reading reviews on what to buy and i found this Lorex LW2962H with good feddback.Im not that guy who's electrically inclined on installing wired security cameras so i decided to purchase this wireless ones and ohh boy they were easy to install,in about an hour i've installed all for cameras already and they are working very good compared to my cheap ones before. with 720p the videos are very clear in the morning.At nigh time or when its dark the videos are still ok but its better if you have extra lighting where its placed.Very user friendly and one more, prices on Lorex website plus the discounts made it affordable for me.Highly recommended!

71 out of 185


Location: Kitts Hill

Very pleased with this system. Fits my needs perfectly. Very user friendly and cameras are very good in night time conditions. I highly recommend this system to anyone looking for a security system.

72 out of 185


Location: Honduras

I think this is a good basic system and work perfectly if you follow the instructions, however, there are a few things that I don´t liked (expected):

To increase the signal range, they offer you antennas for each cam, would be better if they do it for the receiver!! Nice business.. for them.

The "outdoor" word.... little trickie, you have to locate the cameras under a shelter!!!! Big error for me..... I was searching the web for a housing and there's nothing at all!!!! for these cameras!!! There´s a terrible picture in this site, too bad for my look!!!! I think that have to do a better research expoloring other options for my next system... you better do the same..

Thank you for your feedback. These cameras are weather resistant and not intended for direct exposure to rain or snow. For outdoor applications, please be sure to install under shelter to protected from the elements. Lorex offers outdoor systems as well and if you ever have questions or concerns, about the different systems, our customer service and sales team would be happy to assist. They can be reached at 1-888-425-6739.

73 out of 185


Location: Dauphin,Mb,Canada

The LW2960 series unit has some great features; mainly very user friendly. Compared to other systems purchased from Lorex, found scheduling very easy. This system has great versatility possibilities; ie camera positions easily changed, monitor very portable for checking. Too many more to mention; recommend this to anyone needing a state of the art system. The Lorex people will look after you if there are problems!

74 out of 185


Location: Pittsburgh

Love the cameras. Love the picture on them too! They work way better than I expected them to.

75 out of 185


Location: California

The camera system works great especially when I'm away from home.I down loaded the lorex app on to my cell phone , it gives me a piece of mind .I installed one inside my garage which sometimes I can't remember if I closed the garage door all I have to do is use my cell phone to see if it is closed , no more go back to the house to see if it is closed.Security is one of my main reasons of buying it , it's great so far.

76 out of 185


Location: Roanoke, VA

Nice cameras. Work excellent during the day and mediocre at night. The quality of recording in 720p is excellent. Dont be fooled by the picture on the viewer, it is MUCH better when viewed on PC. My only issue with them is the night vision could be a little better, but still not terrible. Would buy again.

77 out of 185


Location: Delaware

After checking several other security systems, I decided on Lorex. I'm enjoying learning about how nice the Lorex system is. Great cameras. Great and easy to use monitor. The system works well and helps keep my home more secure. I'm so glad I chose it.

78 out of 185


Location: California

This is exactly what I wanted. And it works really well so far. I am really glad that I found this product. If the camera is with wide view angle, like 180 - 220 degree, then it will be perfect!

79 out of 185


Location: Bowie, Maryland

Lorex shipping is very fast. I placed the order on Monday and got the system on Thursday. Although, I have not completely set up the whole system but everything worked fine when I tested the first two cameras and the monitor. The picture is very clear. I am looking to explore all other features very soon. So far so good. Thanks Lorex.

80 out of 185


Location: California

I love the product. It is just what I wanted. However, one of the cameras was defective. I created a ticket and I was supposed to receive a camera replacement. As of today, I still have not received it and it has been over a month. I have also called the customer service for many times. I even called the customer service department yesterday, the replacement has not been sent yet........very disappointed. I have created 2 tickets for this issue!

81 out of 185


Location: Orlando Fl

I am impressed with the ease of getting the system upand running and after finding one camera was not working correctly I found it easy to get a new camera on its way

82 out of 185


Location: arkport,ny

We love our lorex system. We currently are having a problem with the record part of it. It won't record. We called technical services, we did every thing they asked us to do to resolve situation and that didn't work. Every time you need help you can't talk to anyone they want you to go on line, we have to wait days weeks or months to get answered.what happen to good old customer service? We are still in limbo with the record system!!! Hopefully this is a one time thing. Other than that we love our system.

83 out of 185


Location: PA,USA

So far so good. I have not tried all the functions yet. The resolution is good but not like my samsung true HD(1080P)camera. Still good enough for me and my purpose. I gave it four star partly because the range is less than 50-75 feet for 2 cameras but not the other two? I will place those cameras closer to the base.

84 out of 185


Location: Wilkes Barre PA

This is my second WI-FI system I bought from them. I am still using the first system, with no problems. I chose the Wi-Fi system, because of the easy set up and it has it's own monitor. This way I don't have to use and tie up my other resources. I needed more coverage, so I added another system.

I use the cameras for indoor and outdoor use. I followed the instructions of where to place the cameras outdoor and I haven't had any problems with them over a year. Snow, rain or sunshine they work great outdoors. No problems with temperature as well. The cameras work great and reception is good. Playback and storage is easy access. Sound quality is good.

I would recommend buying one of their systems.

85 out of 185


Location: GA

This is a great product and it has solved my need of home security and its great and easy to use...I m loving it....

86 out of 185


Location: Tuscaloosa, AL

Received unit last week. Was easy to install if 120Volt recepticle is close by. Cameras were easy to install and DVR pictures look great.You need to download the user's guide for complete how to utilize this equipment.

87 out of 185


Location: Washington

Very easy to install and use. I would and have recommended this to family and friends. One thing I would like is to be able to connect to the Internet via WiFi instead of having to use the cable provided.

88 out of 185


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Super easy to install. Love the wireless HD cameras. Don't need a network with the wireless monitor. Setup was not very intuitive - you have to use the button on lower right of monitor like a video game up/down/left/right toggle to move from option to option. After I figured that out, I was a happy camper. Motion detection & playback vital & work great. Excellent investment for small businesses. ;0)

89 out of 185


Location: Michigan

This unit has worked well, really like the wireless cameras, portable LCD screen. The audio is great, and off site viewing is great on the phones.
Everything was easy to set up in a matter of minutes after the cameras were mounted.
Night vision is excellent.
Recording and motion detection works well. I use two 32gig storage cards and switch them out as needed.
Had an issue with the monitor but Lorex quickly took care of it by sending out a replacement.

90 out of 185


Location: NY

The focus is not so good for all 4 cameras. The main problem I have with interference with my Wi-Fi network. This security system will decrease your existing Wi-Fi range on about 80%. I replaced three Wi-Fi routers and it is still bad. Before installing the security cameras I had excellent Wi-Fi coverage for my huge house (three levels) and on my backyard. After installation of security cameras I have Wi-Fi on one level of my house only with weak signal. When I turn of the security system the Wi-Fi coverage is excellent. I tried to select different channels on my router but it was not helpful. I am not happy with purchase.

91 out of 185


Location: San Jose, CA

Works exactly as advertise. Easy to install and understand. Has lots of features. Extremely versatile system. Careful layout planning and high speed ISP (with at least 1Mbps upload data rate) are essential prerequisites. Absolutely no video cables required, (but still need AC power outlet near each camera within about 10').

Overall, I am very satisfied with my Lorex purchase!

92 out of 185


Location: woodville,Texas

This product was easy to install and the cameras work great. I was so impressed I ordered another camera for my system. Thanks Lorex!

93 out of 185


Location: Michigan

Model LW491HD with 4 cameras and a 9-inch LCD monitor. Overall, very satisfied with the purchase. Resolution of the images on the LCD screen looks much better than expected. Set up was easy. We did have an professional electrician mount the cameras after testing the system for a few days. Portability of the monitor and wireless capabilities are a plus.

94 out of 185


Location: Tennessee

The system I received was the LW491HD. I ordered the LW491 and was sent the upgraded model at no additional charge. Lorex has the choice to upgrade your system at their convenience as mentioned on their website. The LW491HD model allows for a 64GB Micro SD memory card at this time which is good for our family’s needs. I am glad I received the upgraded system because the other system has a 32GB memory card max. We use it in the standard definition mode to get over 400 hours of video on one card.

The HD vs. SD has a different aspect ratio so the camera captures a slightly different area in each mode. The cameras may need adjusted slightly if the resolution is changed and you want to capture more along the top or bottom edges of your cameras view.

The night vision looks good but the motion sensor catches less (21 feet detection) than the pixel recognition does during the day. To remedy this we programmed some of the cameras to run when it gets dark (dusk till dawn) and then have them switch back to motion detection during the day. The motion detection can be sensitive but can be turned down if necessary. We find the high or medium sensitivity works well for us.

The monitor has a battery that can run up to 2.5 hours which made it very easy to setup the camera angles since I could have the monitor with me during the process to see real time adjustments to the cameras.

The original 2 cameras that were paired with the monitor do not show the time and date stamp on the actual video file. I have put in a service ticket regarding this issue but it is still outstanding as I sent it today. The other few questions I had were responded to in under 24 hours by Lorex.

The system (monitor) can also receive firmware updates when connected to the internet which allows for Lorex to make additional improvements to the existing system.

Things I would like to see improved would be:
1. The potential for a larger SD card capacity.
2. Being able to add more than 4 cameras. i.e. View 4 cameras at a time but flashing between the first 4 and the second 4.
3. In scan mode when a camera senses motion it only shows the one that shows motion first. If 2 or more cameras sense motion it would be nice if the screen came on in a multi camera mode allowing us to see what other activity is going on automatically instead of having to turn the screen on and enter the multi-camera view.

We really like the system and it works great for us and we have already recommended it to some of our friends.

95 out of 185


Location: Mississauga

Before I placed order LW491HD, I did lots of research to compare the products and price and self needs. The description about this product on Lorex website is so interesting and I called customer service to ask for the product information, they mentioned this model is the newest model, actually I prefer to buy LW2962H, but is seems it is out of stock or the company doesn't want to sell LW2962H, the website doesn't show the price, then I have to order LW491HD by paying the high price, when I received the products, I found that I did get LW2962H and additional 2 cameras, called customer service, waited for long time and got anser the LW491HD is not really a product model, it combines with LW2962H and 2 extra cameras. I don't like this misleading way.

After I confirmed with customer service, make sure I received the right product, I started to install and pair cameras, the product is good enough, easy for installing and setting up, picture is
clear, function is not too hard to figure out, only the mobile connectivity need to find out, I can use the mobile to monitor when I am home with connecting home network, but can not use it when I am out of home by using mobile data, will check with the technical support.

Overall, Lorex produces good products but needs more clear information about model number and the customer service still has room to improve, I always wait for more than 30mins to connect with an angent.

Finally, I recommed this product, it is really usefull!

96 out of 185


Location: San Jose

I have been using this product for about a month, and the camera system and monitor are excellent and the system was fairly easy to setup. My family also likes the product. The only issue I had is with the online capability. It would be a lot better if a Wi-Fi capability was built into the monitor, eventually was able to get it to work with a wireless extender, but after a lot of time and effort. Also, it would be good to add a feature to snapshot and send the snapshot for online viewing when mobility is detected instead of trying to connect to the monitor over the internet and see a video.

97 out of 185


Location: Indiana

Easy set up, Bad side of it poor night vision quality , the monitor is portable i can be in back yard and have easy access of seeing Who's at the front door and use the 2way intercom to talk with out having to go answer the door overall Good enough for basic surveillance system only thing I found weird was getting a LW2962H instead of LW491HD guess By them Adding 2 extra cameras You have to pair with the system makes it a LW491HD Had it for 2weeks. Was debating With the 1080 Full HD But this one caught My attention The most .Guess You get What you pay For

98 out of 185


Location: Phoenix, Arizona

I would recommend this system to any homeowner. The cameras work well and the daytime pictures both real time and recorded are clear and crisp. The night vision results are not the same quality, but still acceptable. The portability, size, and easy operation of the monitor is a plus to me. I consider the LW491HD system a good value.

99 out of 185


Location: Orlando, FL

I temporarily mounted the four Lorex LW591HD cameras to review how well the system functioned. After a couple of weeks, I permanently mounted the cameras. I am very satisfied with the video quality, the range of the wireless signals, and the operation of the DVR/monitor.

I installed a 64Gb microSDXC card, but the DVR would not format the card. I'm guessing it does not recognize the SDXC card. Since I cannot locate a 64Gb microSDHC card, I will purchase a 32Gb microSDHC card for video storage.

I recommend the Lorex LW591HD system for monitoring activity around your home.

100 out of 185


Location: NY, NY

So far so good. Set up was easy. got all 4 cameras to work. motion sensor recording seems to work fine(only tested during the day) the camera range is ok too. i live in a small apartment with fairly thick walls. so far no issues with lost or cannot find camera. downloaded the web app for android. it was quick to set up and works as expected.

the video monitor also works as expected. fairly easy to navigate. i do not like the feel of the monitor though. the build quality feels a bit 'cheap'. seems like even a small drop or bump will cause the monitor to break apart so make sure you keep it in a safe place.

101 out of 185


Location: Coquitlam B.C.

This wireless security camera system is very easy to set up and look good with all functions
simple for the home or small business

102 out of 185


Location: Houston, TX

Product was very easy to install and set up. Works as described and great value. I would recommend this product to others.

103 out of 185


Location: Pearland, Texas

I would definitely recommend this camera system to anyone. Although I have not had the chance to install the cameras in their desired locations, I have actually tested the cameras in various locations, testing the range, and they work flawlessly.

104 out of 185


Location: Arizona

I would recommend this camera system to my friends and family all day. The installation and set up was quick and simple. The quality of the cameras and the monitor are great. I llike the versatility this system provides for my family.

105 out of 185


Location: Burlington MA

Wireless home monitoring system with 720p cameras - LW491HD

GREAT camera, GREAT price, very happy, easy set up, clear picture


106 out of 185


Location: Bronx, NY

RE: Wireless home monitoring system with 720p cameras - LW491HD. Meh... it's ok, not great. Battery in the monitor doesn't last long (< 4 hours charge & definitely needs to be plugged in all day) & quality of construction of monitor and cams is fair (mostly cheap plastic). The main reason for this purchase was to monitor a NYC parking lot THROUGH GLASS, but the night vision 'lights' distort the image after sun-down making it necessary to keep a light on in the window - this sucks! Images recorded are jumpy and sound quality is fair, at best. I wouldn't recommend this system since it met none of my expectations. Unfortunately it's too late to return AND I invested too much time installing.

107 out of 185


Location: Toronto

I've now been using this system for 6 months. It was fairly simple to install and setup. You just need to find an available outlet to wire the camera to. That can be a bit tricky. I've only done that with two of my cameras. The other two are inside the house for monitoring the basement and another that helps monitor through the front window during the day. At night, if I move the camera far enough back I can see a bit without the reflection of the IR interfering. If it's right up against it, it's useless at night - but I knew that. The monitor is connected via a powerline ethernet which works fine. I've got one camera all the way at the end of the yard, and the signal is just fine.

At the end of the day, this a fairly inexpensive solution that met our needs. The alert function detects movement, but it would be nice if it could be set to beep only if it detects movement on only one camera. That's my only gripe. Otherwise it's great.

108 out of 185


Location: Shinnston, WV

We ordered the LW491HD and were very pleased with the short time it took to receive the system. The system was very easy to set up since we had proactively set up the power supply to the locations where we wanted to locate the cameras. Two cameras were paired already with the receiver and it took very little time to pair the remaining two. We were able to use the receiver at the location of each camera to confirm camera direction. The views are very clear in both daylight and night vision. The only negative for us was the size of the monitor.
We needed a larger monitor in order to get a better view of all cameras at the same time. All in all, however, this is a great system.

109 out of 185


Location: Brigham City, Utah

After personally researching and debating between several different brands for a year. One of the last things I did was call each tech department of each of the brands I was researching to see the availability of help that I knew I may need. The response was great with Lorex. They were helpful answering my questions. Also the reviews were very helpful. I purchased the LW491hd four camera system, like the others before me said, it was simple to set up as well as the app with a little help from tech support. I was up and going! It's a lot of fun to check-in on the dog and home while away at work. Now, time will be the judge of durability and quality of this product. What would be helpful to others, would be some actual video of the system set up and installation demonstrating various ideas to use and have been used. but so far 1 week in to the set up i am very happy. I would like to read reviews of other that have been up and going for a year or more.

110 out of 185


Location: Brigham City, Utah.

After personally researching and debating between several different brands for a year. One of the last things I did was call each tech department of each of the brands I was researching to see the availability of help that I knew I may need. The response was great with Lorex. They were helpful answering my questions. Also the reviews were very helpful. I purchased the LW491hd four camera system, like the others before me said, it was simple to set up as well as the app with a little help from tech support. I was up and going! It's a lot of fun to check-in on the dog and home while away at work. Now, time will be the judge of durability and quality of this product. What would be helpful to others, would be some actual video of the system set up and installation demonstrating various ideas to use and have been used. but so far 1 week in to the set up i am very happy. I would like to read reviews of other that have been up and going for a year or more.

111 out of 185


Location: Ashland, KY

I ordered this wireless home monitoring system (LW491HD) just after midnight on 02/12/15 from the Lorex store online, and received it on 02/13/15 (free shipping and handling). It comes with a 9" color monitor/receiver and 4 wireless cameras. Two cameras were already paired with the receiver, and the other two cameras took only a few minutes each to pair with the receiver. It was very easy to set up the cameras using the monitor to direct each camera to monitor the area we wanted watched. The pictures are very clear on all of the cameras, both in daylight and night views. We already have an alarm system, but didn't have any cameras with it. I have already set up my cellphone (andriod) and my husband's iphone so we can monitor the cameras if we are away from home. All in all, it fits our needs. We are not it people, but this system was easy to set up and use. We would recommend it.

112 out of 185


Location: British Columbia

We upgraded our Lorex system from the LW2201 Series to the Lorex LW2960 Series in January 2015. The system arrived quickly and was so easy to set up. We downloaded the iPad and iPhone apps ... they work like a charm. We couldn't be any happier with a system and are so glad that we did the upgrade. Highly recommend this system.

113 out of 185


Location: Springboro

We purchased the LW491HD set in January 2015. Extremely fast shipping in just several days. It was well packaged and included quick start instructions that were easy to follow. The cameras are both day time and night time and provide a good, clear picture. Pairing the cameras is simple. The monitor has to be hard wired to your home router in order to provide internet connectivity but is relatively easy to do. All in all, an excellent choice and easy set up.

114 out of 185


Location: Murrieta, CA.

After an initial issue ordering this it came in about 2 weeks. I had an electrician but in 4 boxes and that cost me about $250.00. Setup was easy... I got the 64gb card and it seems like it will hold a months worth easy... I have it on motion sensor and 3 cameras set to low sensitivity and 1 set to medium. I record on SD.. get WAY more that way...Images are crisp.. Electrician actually commented that it was the best system he's seen and has done a bunch of these. Only issue I'm having is that it boggs my wifi down as I only have a single band router. 2.4... Def rec getting a dual band. I'm sure once I get one of those I will be extr. happy. Quality seems good. only one camera somewhat in the elements and rain didn't seem to phase it at all. I got it on sale and feel like after doing some research I got the absolute best bang for my buck. Thanks

115 out of 185


Location: Wheeling,il

Easy setup, fast shipping
Had some prblems accessing from smart phone able to correct without tech support
Unable to stream video to phone

116 out of 185


Location: Western MD

After "experimenting" with a different brand of 4-camera wireless system and having monitor problems, I decided to try the Lorex LW491HD. While I do have a Lorex LNC116 inside and use the PING app, I wanted something as easy to use with good clear pictures.

The LW491HD was easy to install, since I already had mounting locations complete with electric outlets. The adjust-ability of the mounting brackets could be a little easier with this system. Trying to maintain a specific angle can be tricky. However, I had no problems with cameras staying connected to the monitor, even with aluminum siding and 3 walls separating the furthest camera. Great daytime pictures and the nighttime pics are "decent enough for government work".

Yes, the monitor needs to be connected to a router, but it doesn't have to be hard-wired directly to the monitor. I have a Netgear N300 extender close to the monitor, and the monitor is hard-wired to the port in the extender. No problems. Good, clear pictures with good signal strength on the SD Pro app.

While I appreciate the fact the monitor can record to an SD card, I also would like to record directly to my WD 3TB My Cloud. Presently I have to take the SD card out, insert in a reader and then download to the My Cloud. Haven't found a way around that yet.

117 out of 185


Location: Staunton, VA

I purchased this product needed additional range. I had the directional antenna connected to the camera but still needed a little more strength. You can not remove the antennas from this monitor and install the Omni-directional antenna. But you can install the Omni-directional antenna to the monitor on the LW491 which gives you a boost from both your camera and your monitor. Overall I was very pleased with the price and durability of these cameras. It just didn't work for what we needed.

118 out of 185


Location: Rancho Cordova, CA

We purchased the LW491HD set December 3, and the set arrived in less than 8 days. It was well packaged and the included quick start instructions were easy to follow. The camera in both daylight, low light and night time environments provides a good, clear picture. Pairing the cameras is simple. The monitor has to be hard wired to your home router in order to provide internet connectivity, Since I live in a two story house my router is in the ground floor and I wanted to have my monitor in our bedroom upstairs, my solution to this is I have to use a Powerline Access Point in order to get it connected to my router. You can download the app to another wireless device or view on a home computer, it is still possible to monitor your system from just about anywhere, in or outside your home. Overall I am very pleased with the price and performance of the system. It has very good color video resolution.

119 out of 185


Location: Va Beach Va.

Excellent system !

120 out of 185


Location: Atlanta

Received the system as a Christmas gift and it seems like a really good quality. The pictures in both bright light and night are much better than my older system. The motion detection options gives a small chime at the monitor when it detects motion. I also like that the memory is easily upgradable and the battery in the monitor can be changed. There has been no issues with range or battery life. Overall i would highly recommend.

121 out of 185


Location: CALGARY

Great product.

122 out of 185


Location: Nashville, TN

We purchased the LW491HD set prior to Christmas, and the set arrived in less than 10 days. It was well packaged and the included instructions were easy to follow. I have tested the camera in both daylight, lowlight and night time environments and it provides a good, clear picture. It is simple to pair the cameras and even reassign them if you like. As some of the other reviews have stated, the monitor has to be hard wired to your home router in order to provide internet connectivity, which is a minor inconvenience, however, since one can download the app to another wireless device or view on a home computer, it is still possible to monitor your system from just about anywhere, in or outside your home. Overall I am very pleased with the price and performance of the system.

123 out of 185


Location: Bayport, New York

Just recently purchased the LW491HD 720P four camera system over the Holiday season. The system was fairly easy to set up with the easy to follow instructions. The only initial problem was having to pair the two additional cameras. I called the customer service number and had someone on the phone immediately. She was very nice and responsive to my questions and we had the cameras paired within minutes. The system works exactly as stated and gives me the basic security coverage I was looking for. The only thing I'm not so happy about is the monitor has to stay hard wired to my router in order to view on my android phone or iOS iPad. I was under the impression this was a totally wireless system. Also wish this system was expandable to add additional cameras, more than four. Overall a great product at an affordable price.

124 out of 185


Location: Toronto

Excellent. 4 cameras system. Works flawlessly on Wifi. Feel more peace of mind. Installs easily. Very happy overall.

125 out of 185


Location: Minnesota

We have always wanted a security system as there have been many robberies reported around the area, but have been hesitant to hook up a security system on our own. We saw the wired monitors at Costco and we couldn't believe the clarity of the cameras and decided to look on line to see if wireless systems were also available. We ordered the LW 491 HD and hooked it all up within a couple of hours at the most! Very simple and fun to do! We downloaded the app on my Droid and were able to see what the cameras view was like when we mounted them outside the house and garages so it was in the exact spot we chose. All you need is an electric box where you want to mount each camera. The monitor is easy to use and we stored the Lorex User Guide in our Favorites File on our desk top for a fast and easy reference. The only draw back was I wish we would have upgraded a bit more and bought additional cameras. I can go to work or leave on the weekends sleeping much easier knowing I can watch what is going on at home on my smart phone. And the best thing is you are not needing to pay for a security company who only calls alerts in, when I can do the job myself and see the culprit. Your smartphone will show you movies and alerts if something looks suspicious! Great product for a affordable price!

126 out of 185


Location: Belle Chasse, LA

I did much research before purchasing the LW 491HD system. I have had this system for two weeks and so far, I am very pleased with the ease of installation and operation. The cameras are decent and I am confident that I will be happy in the long run for what I wanted in a security camera system for the home. Great product for the price, affordable for the average family. Love being able to check on the dog and to see who is at the front door before opening it. Looking forward to using the two way and audio feature. The only drawback is I wish I could add more cameras (4 included) but you can get a higher priced system with 6 or more cameras. Also , viewing live video on IPhone is great but looking at recorded video is not so good depending on your internet speed. Overall , great product for a good price!

127 out of 185


Location: Texas

After getting electric connection boxes installed in the attic for power to the cameras the rest was very easy and set up was user friendly. I printed the User Manual off the internet and it provided lots of information on the cameras and how to best set them up. I would recommend this system without hesitation. The Sales Rep I spoke to on the phone was very well informed and answered my many questions with great patience. I had no idea what system would be best for me but after our discussion, I was secure in ordering what he recommended. Thank You Lorex Sales Person!

128 out of 185


Location: Tacoma

I normally don't spend the time to write a review but this deserves my time I'm not employed lorex by which sometimes I I'm using a Motorola droid smartphoneI have had no problems with this at all was very easy to set up and started working right away it has adjustable motion sensors and also voice and on my phone. there's only a 10 second delay from the time motion is detected to the time I'm notified on my phone this is exactly what I needed thanks Lorex

129 out of 185


Location: California

The set up was pretty simple and the quality of the cameras/pictures are good. I have been using the system for about a week. So far so good. If you are looking for a basic system without breaking the bank I would recommend this one.

130 out of 185


Location: Tennessee

This is our 2nd Lorex Wireless System. While very pleased with our LW2710, we wanted to get away from Skype as it was very cumbersome to operate and only displayed one channel. Additionally, we wanted to expand to 4 cameras and view channels from a larger monitor. So far the LW491HD has fit the bill quite nicely. Easy to install, great resolution from the cameras both day and night, and so much easier to view remotely when we are out of town or just curious about what the dog is doing. For basic home surveillance, the Lorex system is hard to beat!

131 out of 185


Location: Massachusetts

I did a couple of month of research and it came down to the Lorex after all it beat out any other system we reviewed it has the most bang for your money there customer service is also a great help we purchased the 6 cam 720 hd system and the view is incredible we can see who is near our property at any given time and its also great to keep an eye out for our dog we lol but she comes up to the door lets out a small bark and we see her on the cam the weather doesn't upset the view at all and so far hae had rain snow and some real cold nights nothing so far has made any difference great product thanks from Massachusetts

132 out of 185


Location: Kars,NB

We purchased and installed the cameras and they not only were simple to hook up they work excellent. One camera is over 350' feet away and the signal had to go through walls and a metal roof so we installed a range extender and it is excellent as well. Thank you Lorax!!

133 out of 185


Location: MN

I purchased the LW491HD system a few weeks ago and so far it has worked great. I agree with most of the previous reviews except I have not had any issues with night time recording. I selected this system based on the advertised range. I have one camera mounted on an out building about 150’ from my house to monitor my driveway. The camera has not had connectivity issues and on the most sensitive setting it was picking up traffic on the main road 500’ away. On the medium setting it picks up cars about 200’ down the driveway which is more desirable for my use.
I do not have high speed internet available, so I did not think I could take advantage of the remote access. I do have an iPhone 4S that broadcasts a “hotspot” that I use for my laptop. After some research I purchased a CradlePoint MBR95 router. This router will connect to my iPhone and the Lorex system connects to the router via the supplied cable. With this setup the remote access works perfect. Even though I did not purchase this system based on this feature. Once you start using remote access you’ll love it.

134 out of 185


Location: Omaha, NE

My wife and I had been considering installing security cameras for years. Seems like we checked them out every time we made a trip to Costco, but I the idea of wiring up a system seemed daunting. The wireless connectivity feature of this system was a big plus and it made set up very simple and gives you a lot of flexibility for camera placement. Picture quality is very good and I was amazed that the infrared cameras work even it total darkness. Before I had them placed, my two extra cameras we running in my garage for a couple of days. There is no light in there at all, but you could see everything. Pretty cool. The controls on the screen are very intuitive and easy to operate.

135 out of 185


Location: St. Peters, MO

I purchased the LW491 HD system. Was very easy to setup , cameras work good day or night.
The only thing I was disappointed with the system is I can't view the cameras on my laptop. It would have been alot better if the manual would have come in the box. All in all I think this system is worth the price.

136 out of 185


Location: Long Island, NY

Easy to set up; pairing the cameras was quick & easy and system seems to function properly. It would be helpful if they included a way to position cameras on a bookshelf; somewhere that did not need to be permanently installed, though it's not that difficult to jury-rig a way to hold the camera. It would also have been helpful if they included a full manual in the box; not just the basics of getting the system up & running.

137 out of 185


Location: Los Gatos Ca

I have the LW491HD system. It was very easy to set up and my four cameras work good in daylight. When it gets dark the cameras do not work and that is a disappointment. It is like having a system that works half the time. Lorex Technical Support says they are working on a software up grade but they don`t know when it will be out. I am not sure what to do,wait or send the system back.

138 out of 185


Location: New Jersey

WOW! - The LW491HD is our second Lorex system, and it is quite superior to our original ECO4. The LW491HD is truly easy to set up, pairing the cameras was a snap, and the pictures are very clear. Because our cameras are external, we don't use the "motion" feature. Every time the wind blows there is motion from the trees, so we just let it record continuously. We also appreciate the fact that it doesn't require all the antennas and space of our earlier system. Keeps things a lot neater and much more accessible. We did buy extra SD cards so that we can just switch them out and then transfer to a storage server at our convenience. Hopefully, it will be able to tolerate what is expected to be a harsh winter.Thank you, Lorex, for improving your products. We definitely recommend this system.

139 out of 185




140 out of 185


Location: Silver Spring, MD

I brought the wireless home monitoring system 720p cameras directly from Lorex website. My good friend has recommended this same system. It came in quickly and I was quite happy about it. I got it setup and configure in no time without reading instructions; that alone was impressive. The picture resolutions were sharp and clear; even viewing on it on wifi.

Although, I am not sure how good this system is when I am getting ready to install cameras around the house; I am a bit concerned of a distance from cameras to the base unit. I'll post it later and let you all know.

One thing though, I can't tell which cameras send out a warning alert message. Perhaps I need to read into the manual and/or instructions. thank you very much.

I recommend this great product to everyone.

141 out of 185


Location: Derby, 06418

LOREX-Tech-Inc-Rev-14-o16 RATE: 4.8 of 5.

Wireless home monitoring system with 720p cameras. Model no.: LW491HD
Four (4) cameras with 9? monitor/base-unit with 8GB MicroSDXC card.
(I use a 64GB MicroSDXC card.)

The unit was delivered within the allotted days predicted. It was securely packed fortunately, as the shipper dropped/crushed one top corner. (No enclosed boxes were damaged at all.)

Due to personal obligations, it took about a week to install units after initial check out.

The cameras produce a clear image in sun, overcast or night. Daytime images display vivid colors. The night images are competent and useful. (Do not expect NCIS images ? not a TV studio.)
Individual camera shots are great. The quad display is more than useful ? day or night.

The MicroSDXC card (via included Adapter) allows file transfer to a Computer. The transfer is convenient. The images are excellent.

I am currently relaying on thermal detection only. This is good, as one camera catches the Flag; another has shrubs in view.

The rating penalty (0.2) is because this unit does NOT communicate with my PC win-7&8 (yet-?).
Last Dec., I purchased the Lorex ECO-LH140 with 8 cameras. That unit functions well with my GB home network. The network recognizes this unit as, but this unit does not reciprocate.
(Had I read the description more carefully, I would had realized my Dell Venue 8 Pro w/Win8.1 would not be compatible.)

My units are all exterior. I use a 3-Gal Roughneck - upside-down; trim out a narrow end ? use to reinforce opposite end; trim the cover to reinforce the top(bottom), also with 3/8?x3?x7? wood strip; mount camera through narrow end to ½? x3?x5? wood piece; Then Whole Assemble mounts to a wall.

CONS: (1) Thumb Screws are Brittle Plastic ? Do Not Try to Adjust With Flat Head Screwdriver. Use Blunt Headed Plyers, if necessary. I Used 10? Adjustable Plyers for the Adjustment Ring.
(2) The included Screws Are Thin and Designed to Mount in Sheetrock. I used a 3/16 drill bit in a 14.4V drill/driver (no power unit) to gently ream out the three mounting holes; a 1/8? drill bit to pre-start the screw hole; three 1 ¼ x8 deck screws - Hand Driven.

I highly recommend Lorex Technology and this unit- LW491HD (also, ECO-LH140).
ajD 10/16/14

142 out of 185


Location: Seattle, WA

Set up was easy but the nuts and bolts of performance are most important in my opinion.

The camera brackets are terrible compared to the old style. You cannot aim exactly where you want like before (ball system) but instead they use a detent system where the two sides match and lock. I had several instances where one position was too high, and the next detent position was too low. VERY annoying and made it hard (impossible?) to get just right in order to cover the area desired yet not have the road in the view (and thereby cause false alerts).

The IR is pretty grainy. In HD or VGA mode. My 3 year old Lorex system (that this was being replaced by) had a MUCH BETTER night picture! Twice as good.

For me the most important thing is motion recording and triggering. I am using for security. Well, this either is full of false triggers (on high) or , on medium, will not trigger unless the motion is close up.

The motion detection recording triggers EVERY morning on EACH of the 4 cameras when they switch from IR to daylight view. Every time.

When set to motion record and scan (with screen off) - when a camera triggers the screen comes on for only about 5 seconds, not 15. So the it triggers and you look and the monitor turns off.

This system is not even close to the older system in terms of reliability and "bugs". If these bugs could be worked out it has potential. If not, I will be returning for a refund.

I tried talking to Lorex and they claim to have 'never heard of these problems' (LOL, maybe they should read the reviews on their own website?), then tried to talk me into a more expensive system and tell me I should be using 'wired cameras'. Which is silly because ALL I want the system to do it what they claim it will do.

143 out of 185


Location: Los Angeles

This is my second set of the Lorex 720p HD system, I love the plug and play capabilities Which save you lots of time. I often travel out of the country, with the ability to view over internet via my cell phone, this is a highlight of this amazing security camera system by Lorex. I would buy again in the short future. Thanks Lorex! You make my day!

144 out of 185


Location: Denver

Well, I've written Lorex about night detection and I've been told they are working on a firmware update to fix it. In the mean time, I've been forced to purchase 64 gig sad card (being forced to record continuously). Well, I've purchased THREE of them because I keep getting "SD card error, reformat SD Card" displayed on the screen. After purchasing addition cards (not cheap) as well as extension cord to power the cameras, many hours of setting up and testing, it's clear this system is not properly tested. I hope to have Lorex offer reimbursement for the product soon or a firmware update SOON or I'm returning this, hopefully at their cost. I've tried to like this, but it just simply does not work as advertised. Being forced to purchase bigger cards that the console can't handle it the tipping point. Lorex, you have my email address, plz contact me so can send a pre-postage paid box to return your product and please do not charge me for returning a system that was obviously installed and then taken down. I'll update here as well as a popular tech blog I work of any offered resolution. I'm sad this system just won't work. Not for me, but as advertised. Please refine this so that future buyers don't waste many hundreds of dollars.

145 out of 185


Location: MA

Hi i like your system but I think the wireless has a few bugs to workout the view was perfect easy connection to a cell phone that was great controls perfect i think they would work best with a dvr but keep up the great product i was a little disapointed it was not for me but it would be perfect for other home owners.

146 out of 185


Location: New Jersey

Great system for the do it urselfer. I'm a proand just installed for a friend with a low budget. Great deal fast shipping.

147 out of 185


Location: New York City

Overall this is a good system. The signal strength from the cameras is strong and has good range. The Android app for remote viewing works well. The 720 HD image quality is pretty good in daylight. But there are some big problems.

1. The motion detection pre-event recording feature does not work. It's supposed to automatically record the 5 seconds prior motion being detected. I've tested thoroughly and it seems to only start recording from the moment motion is detected, not 5 seconds prior. This is not a problem with slow moving subjects, but with fast moving subjects, sometimes the subject is almost out of the frame by the time the system starts recording.
2. The wireless signal from the cameras or the monitor (or both) interfere with my WiFi router signal. It doesn't completely knock out my WiFi like a microwave oven can sometimes. But it definitely slows down my WiFi noticeably. If I unplug the cameras and monitor, my WiFi network speeds back up again.
3. The night mode IR video is grainy and somewhat blurry compared with the nice sharp daytime video.

Other than these 3 negatives, this system is pretty good. Night mode motion detection does work for me, but it is definitely much less sensitive to motion at night. It takes a lot more motion to trigger the recording at night. The 5 second pre-event would have been useful to help make up for the night mode motion detection weakness.

148 out of 185


Location: Alabama

Quick service, had my package in very little time. The cameras and monitor are easy to set up and use.

149 out of 185


Location: Rancho Cucamonga

I wrote a review on the product, but it was edited by them and left out the part of poor customer service and my hours on the phone on hold. Likely they will not post this.

150 out of 185


Location: Ranch Cucamonga, ca

Update: finally got thru after another 15 minute hold and YES I did get an order for a new Monitor power supply. In regards to the problem of night vision detection and it not recording, well the person on the phone put in a request to Tech Support to call me back to discuss this.
I have some concerns that I will only hear that they are aware of the problem (Please read current reviews from others) that they are "optimistic that LOREX will have a solution".
I hope that they do resolve the problem quickly as this system is worthless if they don't.
If they do, then I can say that I love how it works and you will be very happy with the overall product. (as long as you don't have to call them for anything) LOL

151 out of 185


Location: Rancho Cucamonga, ca

(Good News) Product did what they said it would and connection setup was easy. Picture and range is good even for my very large house.
(BAD News) The night vision does not detect motion or IR in night vision mode, which appears to be a problem others are having also.

152 out of 185


Location: East Tennessee

Received the 720HD monitor and four cameras on 9-29-2014.
Out of the box the system was easy to set up and operate. One of the four cameras failed in Motion detect mode during initial setup. It continually recorded facing a near wall without any motion to detect. Two days later another camera did the same thing. Remaining two cameras work fine. Returning the two defective cameras for replacement. Disappointing first week of operation.

153 out of 185


Location: Denver

I was happy when I set this up but quickly learned (as apparently others have as well) that events are not detected in night vision mode. So, I am forced to record continuously just to capture any events (the reason we want cameras, to RECORD events) and that just fills up the SD card very rapidly.

I have submitted a ticket to LOREX in hope that there will be a firmware upgrade to fix this obvious problem and am awaiting a reply. I'll repost after support contacts me to offer a solution or just tell me to live with a not-as-advertised system. I like the product except for this so I'll average my rating for now but am optimistic that LOREX will have a solution.

154 out of 185


Location: Scarborough

Best service, and product. Accidentally short circuited the monitor and got a replacement without having to send it in. Beautiful product, and great service. Something I'm never regret paying for.

155 out of 185


Location: Georgetown On

Hello everyone,
I recently purchased the LW491HD unit and was very excited. Setting it up was very simple and straightforward and was impressed with the equipment. Unfortunately we found a glitch with the software and noticed that the motion record does not work at night with the night vision. After speaking with technical support we were informed that they are currently working on fixing this problem and we are looking forward to the resolution.

156 out of 185


Location: Massachusetts

Hi Everyone,

I have to start out by saying that I am not usually someone who rates products or purchases. I buy something and I expect it to work! In this case however, I need to tell you that this camera system is fantastic. I am a tough customer and I am naturally skeptical. Well, with this product you should not be! I received it in 4 days, set it up in a matter of minutes, and enjoy watching the video on my phone via the app. The app is amazing! Even over cellular you can see amazing sharp video, hear the sound in the room, and even talk through the camera. While I am on the train to work in the morning, I can see my kids and tell them to have a great day. I have only installed 2 cameras thus far and will set up the external cameras this weekend. But, do not waiver. Just buy this product as it does everything it is supposed to can compared to other systems the price is great! You will not be sorry!!

157 out of 185


Location: Kansas

I purchased the LW2962H. Thank you Lorex for finally making available a system with everything I need in a system at an affordable price! I have purchased 2 Uniden systems in the past and was not totally satisfied. The picture on my Lorex is very clear and the intercom works really well. The set-up is really easy as was the internet set-up on my Android! The only thing is though the app for my IPad was hard to find (had to Google Lorex to find the download for the Lorex SD Pro). I am highly satisfied with my system. I recommend it and if I ever need to purchase another it will be a Lorex!

158 out of 185


Location: Shasta lake CA

This is my 3rd lorex system. The last one I had functioned perfectly, the only problem I had was I wanted to add a fourth camera and it was no longer made. I bought this system with 4 cameras so I wouldn't get surprised later. Had problem with one camera constantly recording. Lorex sent out a new camera right away. This system with 720p is wonderful. The secondary detection capability besides the IR works great. Night vision is good but does have some ghosting. Signal strength to monitor is good and its nice to be able to carry your monitor with you while your positioning cameras. The online software to connect to your phone works great. Am very happy with my purchase of this and the 2 other systems.

159 out of 185


Location: Canada

So far I installed 2 of the 4 cameras and I'm impressed. The wireless signal from cameras is strong and the receiver works well; for the price, the system is very feature-rich and pretty user friendly. Couple of improvements I would like: wifi internet connectivity would be nice as well as remote access via a web browser and email alerts.

160 out of 185


Location: Pennsylvanian

This product is great so far. System was simple to install and setup. Viewing is great during the day and definitely better then I expected at night. Portable monitor is also a plus. Lorex is definitely the way to go for user friendly systems.

161 out of 185


Location: laval, quebec

High quality product. Easy to install and use.
Fast shipping

162 out of 185


Location: WASH

I bought the LOREX LW2962H LOVING IT

163 out of 185


Location: Colorado

Been reviewing security cameras, leaning more towards the high end units. Wanted to go wireless since routing wired cameras would create a problem. Bought this pair and what a breeze to install. Travel a lot, and just want to be able to monitor from afar. Used to have neighbor come in and check house weekly, but with these, I can make sure garage doors are closed, no leaks in Boiler room. Ordered several more for around the house

164 out of 185


Location: Jackson, Ca

As far as the system and its ease of set up and use, it is worthy of 4 - 5 stars. Distance from cameras to receiver/monitor range from 20 feet to 300 feet in our application all work well.

However, Subtract points for not being able to use an external monitor, i.e., bigger screen, and more points for having very slow customer service, long wait times , no call backs when you get tired of waiting, and you're now at an overall rating of 2 stars. Lorex makes a good product and can afford to have decent customer service. It means they would have to part with a little more of their profits.

165 out of 185


Location: Ypsilanti, MI

We are very happy with this product the Cams are bright and clear, the night shots are good.

166 out of 185


Location: RI

Just got my LW491HD -- which is really a LW2962H system (2 camera 720p system) with 2 additional LW2960HAC1 cameras. I bought this for the PIR motion sensor (the video motion sensor on my old Lorex system was useless -- even on the lowest sensitivity setting, it triggered on the slightest change in ambient lighting!). Wish the housings and mounts were metal, not plastic -- which I think will be easy for someone to destroy. Easy set-up! Wish the power cords to the cameras were longer, as I am snaking one through a wall from my basement to where I want to mount the camera on the outside entryway of the house, and the power cord is not long enough to do that. Not overly impressed with the app, which I downloaded to my iPad. It may be me, but I don't see a way to download the video remotely -- so I could e-mail it to someone (like the police). My old Lorex system let me do that through DDNS on my laptop and on my iPad app. I wasn't successful trying to access my new system using DDNS on my laptop, so not sure that is supported on the LW491HD. Also didn't see any way to remotely delete the captured video events; all I could do is watch them on the iPad. Watching them remotely on the iPad was also crude -- play and pause only -- couldn't rewind or drag the video to a given point. Could only play it from the beginning. Let's hope the app gets a lot smarter!

167 out of 185


Location: Canada

This is quite possibly the worst security system I've ever had. I moved from a Logitech Wilife cam system to this because of the wireless. It worked fabulously for ~2 weeks. Then it started losing one or both of the camera feeds randomly and until I unplugged and replugged the affected camera. After thinking it might be a distance issue, I tried to relocate the receiver approximately 6 feet away from BOTH CAMERAS. I waited overnight thinking I'd just have to relocate the receiver. No. It had lost both streams again. Zero interference. Zero obstacles. Clear line of sight. Terrible.

It's marketing is questionable. The wording about being notified of motion is misleading. What you actually need to have to be notified is their own app installed on your phone. And even that isn't the best. There is absolutely no way a computer or mac can view the feed. Even though it would be technically very easy to allow for that. No option for delayed arming for motion alerts, so when you arm it, you'll almost always get yourself alerted of you leaving your own house, and the associated space that the clip will take up on your memory card.

Customer Service is simply atrocious. Calling them means you need to carve yourself out a good HOUR easily. And when speaking to them it's almost as though they know the system is flawed, but you are asked to perform ridiculous steps to 'troubleshoot'.

Do not waste your money on this system, and I'd say also to stay away from Lorex as a brand. Someone who doesn't stand behind their products doesn't deserve your money. They got me, don't let them get you.

168 out of 185


Location: Kentucky

This product went in with ease, and worked the first time it was powered up. The remote feature worked first time without a hitch. This is a tremendously improved version over the Lorax product I purchased a couple of years ago - which is also still in service and working.

I will continue to be a customer as needs arise.

169 out of 185


Location: Oregon

Purchased SD PRO, LCD receiver failed when setting up system. Called tech support, on weekend, other than waiting on hold for over an hour (much too long) support was helpful.
They sent out replacement LCD, received via UPS within a week. Set up system with 4 cameras, set up was fairly easy, using downloadable manual from there web site was a lot more helpful than instructions included with unit. Daytime picture very good, night time picture very poor.

Loaded APP to IPad, really like this feature, as Im away from site frequently and is great to be able to check things remotely. The event playback feature also good when checking on any past detections from cameras.

So far very satisfied with system, other than the night picture being so poor and the long hold time reaching tech support.

170 out of 185


Location: Ann Arbor, MI

So far we are very happy with the unit, Have the 4 cameras mounted and the monitor is clear and bright.
Also have the app loaded to the phones, also work well.
The WL2960H was very easy to set up.

171 out of 185


Location: California

I was contemplating between swann and lorex wireless. I end up purchasing lorex LW491HD. I must say lorex it is the way to go. Installation was extremely easy with great reception and pictures. Smartphone feature is excellent. So far so good.

172 out of 185


Location: ontario, canada

the camera image is quite good. the colour is good, the night vision is very good. the motion sensor is VERY sensitive. The zoom could be improved, as its not a real camera zoom - rather the monitor just zooms in on the picture (which pixelates it).

The apps for phone viewing are subpar and do not have an option to access prev recordings (so if you're on vacation you can't see what's happened if something has happened at your home.) and the apps suck battery life unbelievably. also, the ipad version is just an iphone version - which looks terrible on the ipad.

There is no web connection - this is a big missing item. worse when you register the website offers you a free ddns connection - walks you through setting it up - and implies you will be able to see your cameras on the web through a secure location - however after talking to tech support -- you find out this camera model / monitor model doesn't support it at all.

There is a rechargeable battery on the monitor - which implies you can use it as a viewing monitor cordless.. HOWEVER, it requires a permanent WIRED ETHERNET connection - have fun finding a good location in your home w/ 1) a wired ethernet location, 2) central to viewing AND 3) close to the 4 cameras so that you can be in view. you can buy a wireless extender - but based on its description - its mounted BY the camera and one PER camera is needed (rather than the opposite on phone systems were 1 per system is needed).

The power cords on the camera are not long enough for outdoor mounting -- under eaves etc you have to be able to mount 20 ft up and run the cord BACK down to the outlet - but the cords are way too short for that. there are no extensions sold on their website (which would seem like a simple solution) - the large adaptor makes it really difficult to hide the cords from outsiders unplugging your cameras - or just making it look nice.

Lastly - calling in for any assistance - make sure you have at least an hour free - you'll be on hold for 40 min JUST to talk to an agent, my basic question was then bumped to 2nd level - requiring me to go back in to a 30 min queue.

173 out of 185


Location: Las Vegas

This camera was everything I needed, it acts as an intercom, it hears everything outside, the video is clear and has great range of field. I searched for almost a year for this type of wireless camera that receives audio and can talk back. What I didn't expect was settings like motion sensor that turns the camera on when someone walks by it. It can sense someone far away like at least a 100" or more or set for close range only. The sound is also adjustable.

The only suggestion I would have is to improve the customer service. I assume that the Lorex company is so busy that it takes a while to get through to them on the phone. Make sure you follow the directions. Thanks for everything Lorex.


174 out of 185


Location: Vancouver, BC

This is an excellent product for a very good price . The set up was easy, and the quality of the video is good. The audio feature was a must for me, and I must say I'm impressed with how well it works.

175 out of 185


Location: WV

I love this system. It was easy to set up. The resolution of the camera is great during the day and at night. This is an excellent home security system.

176 out of 185


Location: Florida

I love this product. There are tangle differences that make it worth buying over the LW491. I would recommend this product to anyone. It is Easy to hook up and very user friendly. The only thing that could make the product better is if it were wi/fi compatible. It would also be nice if you could take pictures of recorded motion with the phone app. As of now you can only take a picture of current live video.

177 out of 185


Location: Los Angeles

The system is very easy to set up, just plug and play, I able to view all my four cameras via internet from another country. It does look cheaply made but it functional. I am happy with it.

178 out of 185


Location: NY

I bought this system to watch the house while on vacation and it paid for itself in peace of mind. I have 2 cameras watching the front of my house, 1 covering the pool and 1 inside watching the front door and stairway.

I love being able to check on noises and outside without getting out of bed. I also like knowing who's at my front door without having to answer it.

Great system but hope they expand the functionality of the SD Pro app to allow users to change system settings for the cameras as well as delete recorded events.

179 out of 185


Location: Canada

This is our second purchase of Lorex camera systems.

Pros of this system:
-four cameras record at same time; old system only one at a time
-easy to review video footage; old system easier on pc to review

Cons of this system:
-outdoor cameras base not as durable or adjustable as previous camera system (note this system states that cameras will need to be protected from rain/ snow while old cameras did fine for years and are metal not plastic)
-range of old camera was stated at 450 ft; range of new camera stated 650 ft but old system range seems same or better than new range.
-unable to buy 'boost' for new system range; old system did have 'boost' items to purchase available (but we chose to buy a new system rather than add to old)

Overall we are happy with system's new features but feel that the range and durability/adjustability of old cameras was superior.

180 out of 185


Location: Oregon

Ease of setup is very easy. Been running in a test mode before installing and things are running perfectly. The itunes app works great on iphone and ipad. The andriod app doesn't work in pc bluestack mode.. but, not a biggie. The really big plus is being able to drag the receiver screen around while setting up the cameras. No running back and forth to see if you have things adjusted.

Something that would be nice: The ability to selectively turn off the ir lights at night on cameras behind a window.

181 out of 185


Location: Butler, PA

Purchased (2) LW491H kits, one for me and one for my neighbor. Recently, we have had some "new" neighbors move in and I wish the "new" neighbors wouldn't have. Made this purchase in hopes of deterring thievery and trespassing. I review many different systems and companies and so far so good. Installation was a breeze. The monitor may be a little confusing at first but thankfully I have a great "better half" to help with the monitor features. Do so research and like me, you will come back to Lorex for a purchase. Just hoping that the system with last for a long time without any issues. So far, so good.

182 out of 185


The monitor/camera is great for monitoring our front door! It allows us to see who comes to the door in daylight and dark - very clear pictures and you can add the sound if you choose! Awesome item for the price. Easy to install. Easy to move the monitor from room to room. Perfect solution for us to be able to see when our feral cat comes to eat!!! If we are not monitoring the camera, there is a soft sound that alerts us to check the camera - couldn't be happier!

183 out of 185


Location: NY

What's great about it: Easy set up, clear picture. Records video.

What's not so great: Weather resistant not weather proof. No WIFI connection, must use Ethernet cable.

I bought this camera system to keep track of my mail and package deliveries and also to keep an eye on the front of my property. The wireless system made it easy to place the cameras but be mindful that you still need to connect it to a power source. I had one camera looking out a window but found out that the infrared light reflected off the glass at night and made night viewing impossible. There is no way to turn off the infrared lights so the only way to get outside night viewing is to mount the camera outside in a sheltered position i.e. under an awning and near an outlet. My "mailbox" camera is mounted outside under my awning and is working fine. I had to disable the "video" motion detection because a recording was triggered with every shadow, tree, or flag movement. The remote access to the camera is OK but only with a smartphone. You can not delete files that you have viewed remotely.

184 out of 185


Easy set up and installation. This unit was purchased to view and record activity at my front door. I love the monitor and its built-in options. I did a lot of research and this one was well worth it. No maintenance required! I would highly recommend for those who need a simple solution without spending lots of money.

185 out of 185


I bought the Lorex and I must say, " I am spoil." I love this system. Two way talking is wonderful. Picture is super clear. I am going to add the other two Lorex cameras. Loving the monitor and easy setup.



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