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Security DVR 8 channel with 500GB hard drive



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8CH Security DVR with 500GB Hard Drive

Ideal for home and commercial applications, the LH200 Series DVRs are remarkably innovative and affordable. The digital video recorder is one of the most connected and compatible H.264 DVRs on the market today. Mobile viewing is supported on BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, iPad and Android Tablets, in addition to full Mac compatibility.

Works With

HD support

This monitor can display full 1080p HD resolution

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Free Lorex DDNS

DDNS allows you to set up a web site address that points back to your Local Network. Lorex provides a free service for use with your DVR.



Security DVR features:

  • H.264 compression, supports D1 @ 120fps resolution video recording
  • Security Certified Hard Disk with up to 500GB of data storage
  • Back-up through USB port to Flash and optical drives*
  • Excellent quality live and recorded video and audio
  • Real-time viewing, 120fps recording (4 channel)
  • 3G Smart phone view, supports iPhone and Android*
  • Dual Streaming
  • PIP in Live mode: monitor two cameras at once, using picture-in-picture mode
  • D1 Real-time recording (4ch)
  • Touch screen Windows 7 compatible
  • NTP/Time Zone (DST): Synchronize your DVR time with internet time server.
  • Setup Time Zone for day light saving time
  • High Speed Backup: 75sec for backup 220MB of footage via USB flash memory.
  • Support backup to external devices while recording
  • Fully compatible with both PC and Mac


  • Video IN: 4 channel input, BNC
  • Video Display: 1,4 Split
  • Monitor Out: 1 ch composite, 1ch VGA
  • Spot Out: N/A
  • Audio In/Out: : 1 In/1 Out
  • Video Compression: H.264 hardware codec
  • PIP Display: YES
  • Live Display Resolution: NTSC: 704 X 480, PAL: 704 X 576
  • Dual Stream Resolution:
    • Main (Recording): NTSC: 704X480, 704X240, 352X240 PAL: 704X576, 704X288, 352x28
    • Sub (Network): NTSC: 350 x 240 PAL: 352 x 288
  • Recording Speed: NTSC: - 4ch: 120fps at 704x480; 120fps at 704x240; 120fps at 360x240
  • Pre-Alarm: 10 SEC
  • OS Support: Supports PC & Mac OS
  • Mobile Support: Symbian, Win Mobile, iPhone, Android
  • Network: 10/100 Base T
  • USB: USB 2.0 (Front - Backup) + USB 1.1 (Rear - Mouse)
  • SATA HDD: Max 1EA
  • PTZ: RS485 Alarm Function: 4 In / 1 Out (NO/NC)
  • Remote Control: IR Input
  • Front LED: Power, REC, NET
  • Power Adaptor: Adaptor 12V, 3A
  • Power Source: 36W


  • Digital Video Recorder, HDD Pre-Installed,
  • Remote Control,
  • Power Supply,
  • Software application CD








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1 out of 13


Location: California

I ordered a DVR DH108501 and 3 Wireless cameras during the Thanksgiving Sale in 2015. I received a DVR which has a manufacturing label stating it was manufactured in November 2013 - 2 year old model. When you call customer service you are on hold for at least an hour. I left an email asking someone to contact me about replacing the DVR - instead of calling me back, the ticket was closed stating that they had sent me an updated and upgraded version of the DVR. I guess no one bothered to check the request for a call back or check if the stock reply works since the DVR I received is 2 years old.

I created another ticket - no luck as it was closed without a response. Finally, I called again and left a request for call back. I got a call back in a few hours. Same story - they want me to keep an older DVR saying its an upgraded version. The rep didn't have a clue how I got cameras with a model number that does not exist in the system. In any case, she created a new case closing old cases and said they will ship the correct order. I called back (same story - leave a message and get a call back in a few hours) a week later only to find out that the ticket for sending the correct DVR and cameras were not added to my record. Luckily, I had the ticket #. The customer service refused to take the wrong equipment back saying it is handled by Sales. Go wait on the phone for someone else - only Sales can send you the correct order to take your order back. At this point, I am waiting from Sales to fix the issue. I told the customer service rep, that I will call my credit card company and dispute the sale if this is not resolved. I have been charged for incorrect products 3 weeks back and no one wants to figure out how to resolve the issue.

Now, I am being told by customer service that the DVR they sold me is out of stock. All of a sudden, the customer service is rep is willing to do a return and refund which previously could only be done by sales.

I have a couple of questions for the management of this company:
If the product is out of stock, why are you still selling it on your website? Why didn't you call/email to ask me if I want a different model?

My experience is too shady for me to do business with this company. Good luck to everyone who wants to work with them.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any difficulty you experienced. We are happy to have resolved this for you as per your request.

2 out of 13


Location: Il

For some reason they sent me a 16 channel. It is an up grade but the thing is its working fine. I had to call for support they were great to hook up and my friend helped me also. Its working great never shuts down like my computer did. My friend decided to get one also. I also ordered a extender because one camera has to go thru a lot of building. Hope this works as good as the reviews said will let you know.

3 out of 13


Location: seattle

Product didn't work out the box. Had to exchange DVR as power supply port not working. Read these reviews. Its very obvious 95% of these reviews are by Lorex employees. Too descriptive, lots of exaggeration about the product. Not much truth about issues.

Remote connections... Forget about enjoying it. Make sure you have more than 3G all the time. Enough hangups to frustrate you. Other products out there offer more.

Thank you for your feedback. Please contact our tech support team so we can ensure you are getting the most out of your system. 1-877-755-6739.

4 out of 13


Location: Wilmington, NC

Product was easy to set up and instructions very clear! Did have to call to get help with remote connectivity, but gentleman I spoke to was very helpful and we had it remotely connected in no time!

5 out of 13


Location: Mackenzie

Good product for the price, Works out of the box with no issues.

6 out of 13


Location: New Jersey

Great product for a great price. Setup was simple and easy. Had an issue with my system (which ended up being the fault of my ISP) and tech support was friendly and knowledgable. I currently have a DVR setup at multiple locations and only plan on purchasing Lorex systems grime here on.

7 out of 13


Location: US

You buy it and it all yours.
Remote access might work if you are a network Guru.
Not gonna get any help from Lorex

8 out of 13


Location: Gilbert AZ

Set recorder up to 4 wireless cameras and while I can view cameras, the recorder won't work. Kept getting a hard drive error message. Followed trouble shooting procedures in CD manual but didn't help. Called service and spoke with someone overseas who couldn't appreciate I had already gone through the steps he suggested. Told him I'd redo it one more time. Called again next day and on hold for 17 minutes. I swear it was the same "Steven" as prior day. I was told same thing as prior day. Irritated, I demanded replacement of hard drive. Was told I'd receive email. Subsequent email asked me for the same information I've provided twice already and which they have i.e. model number, serial number, what doesn't work, name, address, report number, etc.

9 out of 13


Location: Mazatlan

Our current receiver is the second one we have purchased.

The first receiver started showing problems with what we thought was the hard drive. We live in a small village near Mazatlan Mexico and the power often went out. When the power returned, 90% of the time the box would tell you that there was no hard drive installed. In the beginning, if you pulled the plug and reset the machine it would recognize the hard drive and work fine. Eventually, that stopped working and there was no getting the machine to recognize the hard drive. After figuring out how to eliminate the annoying error chirp we accepted the fact there was going to be no recording going on. That was ok because it was mostly used to see why the dogs were barking without having to physically go outside and look.

On a trip home to Canada I purchased a new hard drive and brought it back to Mexico. The new hard drive didn't fix the problem and I contacted Lorex to see if there was anything we could do. Seeing as the machine was well outside its warranty, there wasn't much we could do besides send it to them for repair. We left it as is because the cost to ship it to the US wasn't worth it. Then one day the machine flat out died. Seeing as we already had the cameras, we saw no reason in buying a whole new system.

There was a sale on the DVR which made it cheaper to buy a new one than have it shipped for repair. So we purchased it, had it shipped to a friend in the US and then brought down to us.

Within seconds of receiving the new DVR we were back up and running. The new machine had some improvements, like the infrared attachment so you don't have to point the remote control directly at the machine from a close distance. The remote itself is also easier to use with actual push buttons and not the flat pad.

Overall it's a decent machine which serves its purpose. We have not reviewed any footage from the new machine but if it's anything like the old receiver it's fine. I was most impressed with the plug and go installation because after everything I half suspected some sort of difficulty between the newer system and older cameras.

10 out of 13


Location: OH USA

Great product for the money

The unit is included 500gb hard drive, it is enough for most system.

The system supports network remote viewing on the local network or over internet. I do testing on Windows PC, Mac PC, iPhone , iPad and Android, to my surprised, it very easy setup and easy to operate.

This thing works great and is fairly easy to use i havent hooked it up so i can watch it on my phone yet but i realy like the on screen controls ,with mouse or remote, very cool. i was using a vcr and this is so much better

11 out of 13


Location: San Antonio

Good quality security dvr system for the price

I love the 4 channel display. Been using for over a month now. Was fairly easy install and setup. at normal video quality I get about 2 weeks recording for 4 cameras on the 500g drive. If you are looking for a good basic DVR I don't see how you could do better for the money, its very user-friendly as well as capable

12 out of 13


Location: Pittsburgh, PA)

Simple features work fine but lacks advance functions

The other reviews say it all. This is the best you can get in this price range and the next range up. So much better then the pc card type. The only thing that would make you pick a different unit would be if you needed more cameras.

The sensitivity on the motion detection need tuning. I masked off areas and it just wont pick anything up in certain boxes, which there were advance tools to tune the motion settings

13 out of 13


Location: Carnation, WA

AWESOME Security DVR for home Surveillance

Great DVR for a reasonable price. I would recomend this to anyone that is just looking for a DVR for a residentual security system. It has a lot of features that make it a great system. The different video outports makes it pratically universal for any monitor you may have. I love it.

I am not an expert at all in installing security DVR's but installing this DVR went amazingly smooth. I feel that I have saved a lot of money by purchasing this item and installing it myself.



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