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Home Monitoring System with 7 inch Monitor and 2 Wireless Cameras



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Lorex Wireless Video Surveillance System Series with 7" LCD Monitor

Premium security doesn’t have to be complicated. The Lorex LW1740 Series wireless video surveillance system is a hassle-free solution that helps keep your home or shop secure at all times. This ideal home monitoring system comes with weather-resistant wireless cameras for simplified installation. No need to run cables – save time and money with our wireless security cameras that are ready to use right out of the package. Security-grade night vision allows you to see objects in the dark up to 65ft (20m) away in normal nighttime conditions, and 45ft (14m) away in total darkness. Protect what matters most with the wireless way to stay aware.

7 inch portable LCD monitor

7” portable LCD monitor

Get all the power and capability of a full home surveillance system to go. Monitor your home or shop as you move from room to room on the 7” LCD monitor and recorder – view live and recorded video from up to 4 cameras at once in crisp detail from anywhere on your property. Feather touch controls on the monitor give you complete control of your security system. Change viewing modes, record video and configure system settings all with the tap of a button.

Home security manual, motion and schedule recording options

Manual, motion & schedule recording

This simplified surveillance monitor has flexible, security-grade recording options to fit your needs exactly. All video is properly timestamped and recorded to the included microSD card, making it easy to backup important footage. Choose from manual recording for unexpected events, schedule recording to record within set time periods, or motion-triggered recording. Experience true peace of mind with simplified wireless security that performs like a fully-loaded surveillance system.

Motion detection and listen-in audio with built-in microphone on cameras

Motion detection & listen-in audio

A home surveillance system provides you with a few extra sets of eyes – how about some ears as well. The wireless cameras feature built-in microphones for capturing audio from around the cameras. Listen to make sure the kids are playing nicely, or that the dog isn’t whining. Take advantage of the full range of features this system has to offer by combining motion detection with video and audio monitoring. Set the system to alert you whenever movement is detected by one of your cameras, or trigger the system to immediately start recording to the microSD card. Stay connected to the sights and sounds around your home or business.

Weather resistant home wireless cameras for home security systems

Weather resistant wireless cameras

We’ve combined wireless convenience with rugged durability to create one of our most versatile wireless cameras to date. These robust, weather-resistant (IP65-rated) cameras are tough enough to stand up against the elements. Fortified design makes these cameras perfect for outdoor surveillance, while the compact housing is suitable for indoor applications as well. Wireless operation means installation is a breeze – no video cables required. Whatever your surveillance project requires, you can be sure that these cameras will rise to the challenge.



Heat Rating

122°F | 50°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

14°F | -10°C

Cold Rating

Night/Day Video

View video during the day and with night vision at night.

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.




Wireless Video Surveillance System Features:

  • All-in-One monitor and recorder
  • Dual motion detection technology
  • Digital Zoom
  • Secure wireless signal
  • Listen-in audio monitoring7
  • Simple installation. No video cables required1
  • Integrated digital video recorder (up to 32GB SD™ card supported)
  • Multiple recording options: manual, motion or schedule2
  • Time and date stamped recordings for easy retrieval
  • Front panel feather touch controls
  • Digital picture frame with the ability to upload your own pictures for discreet monitoring3
  • Review recordings and watch live video at the same time with Picture-In-Picture feature
  • Built-in camera light filter provides accurate color reproduction in all lighting conditions
  • 2-Way Audio for Intercom usage
  • Night viewing up to 40ft (12m) away4
  • Install cameras indoors or outdoors5
  • View up to 4 cameras at the same time or in sequence
  • Up to 180ft (55m) indoor/650ft (200m) outdoor wireless range6
  • Tabletop, wall or under-counter mountable monitor
  • PIR heat sensors and video motion detection for improved motion recording and audio alerts.
  • Take a closer look into your world with the 2x digital zoom feature, and record up to 4 channels in quad screen to catch all the action.
  • Digital picture frame mode for discreet monitoring, and a secure long-range digital signal make it ideal for home monitoring.
  • No video cables, no expensive installation, no recurring fees. Place the cameras indoors or outdoors, power up, and start monitoring!

Each SD72 Includes:

2 × Wireless cameras
1 × LCD Monitor
3 × Power adapters
1 × microSD memory card*
Quick setup guide

1. Cameras require a local power outlet.
2. Local viewing up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Local recording and playback of one camera at a time or all 4 cameras simultaneously on one screen (Quad view).
3. Ability to upload your own pictures supported using a PC only. Default covert function (blank screen) available as an alternative option.
4. Stated IR Illumination range is based on ideal conditions. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object.
5. Weather-resistant. Not intended for direct exposure to rain or snow. For outdoor applications install under shelter protected from the elements.
6. Based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.
7. Audio recording without consent is illegal in certain jurisdictions. Lorex Corporation assumes no liability for use of its products that does not conform with local laws

* Optional memory card. Consult your package for content details.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Technology Inc. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 71


Location: NorCal

I ordered the SD72 and received Lw1740. I was skeptical about ordering from Lorax because of the reviews people received the wrong product that they ordered and of course it happens to me too

The model you received has the same specifications, just a different label. Our apologies for any confusion.

2 out of 71


Location: Norcal

Purchased this product on Sunday and the order is still processing. I called and they said we don't know why but we will email you later on and still nothing. Beginning to be very disappointed at this point.

Our apologies for the delay, we needed to reach you to verify the order. It is on the way to you now.

3 out of 71


Location: AZ

Very easy to set up! initially purchased this package at a fantastic price; a friend bought 1 camera, no pad or SD card at a local store and paid double what I paid. The cameras really capture exactly the area promised and work great. The pad to manage the system could use a little improvement in that the software doesn't allow you to stay in one feature for long enough to think about what you want to do; it's too fast to revert to the camera views. I haven't figured out the voice feature(s) yet... a work in progress. I do recommend this system based on what you can see and capture. Makes me feel more secure. I purchased a 3rd camera this month and had no issues pairing it to the monitoring pad.

4 out of 71


Location: florida

I ordered this for my husband and he could hardly wait to get it all set up. He was like a kid at his birthday with a new gadget which he was. This will work out great for us.......

5 out of 71


Location: Alberta Canada

This is my second camera as like the first very easy to set up and use.

6 out of 71


Location: USA

Monitor quality for daytime playback and active viewing is excellent! Dusk to dawn low light situations result if a more grainy view, but still provide the ability to recognize people, etc. Installation is easy based on your particular home structure -- i.e., are there studs in the way of attic installation and the like. The quality of the cameras is excellent -- good quality materials.

The instruction booklet needs additional information. I have spent several days trying to figure out how the various setup and operations function individually as well as in unison with each other and have simply had to guess in many cases. More detail would be appreciated.

7 out of 71


Location: Colorado Springs

Was easy to install and works great. We recorded car break ins in neighbor hood and caught the thief's.

8 out of 71


Location: Visalia

I was robbed a couple of months ago which scared me and so I bought this system. I absolutely love it. My son installed them over the front and back doors and my monitor sits beside my computer. The picture is great, the monitor is just the right size. Not too big or too small. One of the best purchases I have ever made.

9 out of 71


Location: N.E. Ohio

Great performance. Nice resolution and very clear night viewing. Good value. Good price.

10 out of 71


Location: Georgia

Product is okay, however the customer service is the worst of any company I've EVER dealt with. Extremely hard to get a hold of and when you do they still do not do what promised. Have been waiting 6 weeks for a broken piece to be replaced. Called a week ago to see why it was taking so long and was told it would ship within 24 to 48 hours but still have not received a shipping confirmation. So for $300 I've got three working cameras and one broken one. Stay away, find another company that cares about their customers. I am going to return everything I've bought, they do not deserve my money.

Our sincere apologies for the wait. We hope the replacement is working well.

11 out of 71


Location: Florida

Works very well for monitoring the entry doors to my home. Picture is clear.

12 out of 71


Location: TN.

I am very happy with my purchase. Great quality and great price for the SD72 so much that I upgraded and purchased the Model No. LW491..I purchased (2) SD72 and a friend saw the quality of the picture in these camera's that he purchased the 2nd set from me ...

13 out of 71


Location: Ohio

I am not a tech savvy person and it took longer than the 15 minutes they say to set up. But once I did get it set up and figured out I loved it. Still working on some of the features of this product and one of the monitors has just stopped working but it was nice while it lasted.

14 out of 71


Location: SC

I ordered SD72 but recived LW1740 to me. I have been in contact customer service, has been 2 hours No one answer.
Received product is too out of my expectation.
Two cameras above all have no wireless can antenna and be used to install the mouth or bad

Our apologies for the shipping error. Our sales team was happy to assist you with this. Thank you.

15 out of 71


Location: S.C.

If you order this item , CHECK YOUR BOX TO BE SURE YOU GETTING WHAT YOU PAID FOR !!! I received A " OPEN BOX " LW2742 which has a lot of bad reviews. ( which I can testify to !!! ), as to where to the SD72 I ordered has GOOD REVIEWS. .. not to mention when I went to hook it up to a bigger monitor , guess what ?? NO A/V OUTPUT! !! I would only recommend buying from the store where you can see what your getting , not someone's returned item on this website !! Monitor freezing then cutting off and problems from one of the cameras I.R. lights not working properly . ... GOOD LUCK !!

Our apologies for the shipping error. We have replied to your support ticket. Thank you.

16 out of 71


Location: TEXAS

I ordered the SD72 but received the LW2742. So, I can't say what the SD72 would have been. I was told I received the LW2742 as an upgrade because the SD72 was out of stock (your stie says it is available).

Anyway, the icon buttons are too sensitive. I have to be very careful when using the menus. The motion sensor is too sensitive and gives more false readings than valid ones. Adjusting sensitivity levels doesn't seem to help.

I was told when I ordered on line that the CBL6WRB would be the extensions to use for these cameras. But, then perhaps these would have been compatible with the SD72. The LW2742 cameras are 6 volt, the extensions received are for 9 volt cameras. I have requested refunds for these extensions. Lorex doesn't seem to have extension for 6 volt cameras.

I did have an issue with the monitor and Juan with the online chat support stepped me thru the problem and it was fixed. Very happy with that.

Great price for what I have received. I might recommend this product. I would not have paid the original retail price of $472!

17 out of 71


Location: Miami

The monitors break down right away ,the range is terrible 15 20 feet maximum ,the service department it's terrible ,takes forever to get a OK for return of warranty part and then after you get the OK it takes seven days to 14 days to travel by mule mail, if you buy this unit or any units like it by two so you got a spare to use while yours is being repaired or replaced

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. We were happy to get this resolved for you. Thank you.

18 out of 71


Location: St Charles Mo

The good - easy to set up and the camera started working immediately. Picture during the day is good.
The bad - the street light near the end of my driveway prevents the IR camera from turning on. You cannot view on your IPhone , tablets , PC . When viewing recordings you cannot view in full screen (only a 1.5" x 3" viewing area).

We're sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your Lorex system. Our products come with a 60 day money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied, we will provide you with a full refund. Our sales team would be happy to assist you with a system that better suits your needs. Please give us a call at 1-888-425-6739, option 1. Thank you.

19 out of 71


Location: Miramar, FL

I am very happy with my purchase. Great quality and great price.

20 out of 71


Location: Texas

This is a simplified system for and elderly person with "NO" high tech experience what-so-ever and has no wifi, cable, router or any device capable of using anything remotely with a wireless system. She has been able to plug this in and monitor her surroundings with a few simple instructions without going outside.

21 out of 71


Location: Montana

Very nice system for a great price. Works perfectly for our control area. Being wireless, we can move positions of cameras easily if need be. For the money, you get a functional, mobile system that is hard to equal.

22 out of 71


Location: Alabama

I bought the 2 camera system and the cameras came online as soon as they were plugged up. Install and add power. Easy setup. Good price.

23 out of 71


Location: Whitby Ontario canada

Product is easy to setup but the night time motion detection is so sensitive it is impossible for me to use it. Both cameras constantly detect motion and record when there is no motion once they go into IR MODE after dark(cameras view b/w) Tried lowest motion sensor setting without turning them off and both cameras still detect and record constantly when there's nothing there and no wind or motion of any kind. Tried tech support suggestion of doing factory reset with same results. Daytime motion detection works fine. Attempting to return unit now in exchange for dual motion technology unit lw2372

We're sorry to hear you were having difficulty with this product. Please feel free to contact our technical support team should you ever need to

24 out of 71


Location: Ohio

Very easy to set up. Ready to go right out of the box . Installed the cameras and turned it on it was that easy. Highly recommend this system

25 out of 71


Location: Missouri

Easy to set up and use. Good price

26 out of 71


Location: Chicago

This has been the worst experience i have dealt with lorex waiting on the phone for AN HOUR to finally speak with customer services. i had bought a home monitoring system
provided with all the right information to where I WANTED my product to be deliver. my package was deliver to a different address, different town. After i got an email conformation from lorex stating everything was confirm to where i wanted my packaged send. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

Our apologies for the shipping error.

27 out of 71


Location: upstate NY

Am pleased with the performance of the product. I am trying to obtain a backup power supply plug and a spare battery but so far haven't been able to do that from Lorex or on the internet.

28 out of 71


Location: Alabama

Great product for home applications. Easy to install and setup. Nighttime viewing is clear.

29 out of 71


Location: ?

For the price this is a great product. I usee it mainly for baby monitor and it is awesome.

30 out of 71


Location: Washington

Works well

31 out of 71


Location: Chapmanville,WV

Very easy to install. This was my first experience with security cameras. I am pleased with the picture quality on the monitor in daylight hours. Cameras are very sensitive at night and seem to record continuosly. I have not been able to correct even though all four cameras are set to activate on motion. This is not a problem because it is set to overwrite. You have to review more often to not miss anything. For the price and convenience I would highly recommend.

32 out of 71


Location: Pennsylvania

Live on one acre in the country and this product with 4 cameras was exactly what I was looking for. Installation was simple and I am very pleased with this unit.

33 out of 71


Location: georgia

Purchased the 2 camera system with the 7" battery powered monitor. Easy to install and set up. I have been using this about a month and am very pleased with the results. I originally purchased the "Ring" door bell which did not work for me. Sent it back and am glad that I did. I have one camera pointed down my driveway and one at my front door. Works great, daytime and night time. My wife likes listening to the outside wildlife, birds, frogs etc... she can carry the monitor around the house and see when someone drives up. Battery last about three hours before having to recharge. My wifi is in the back of the house but I have an extender towards the front of the house so my reception is good inside and outside. Have not tried the auto recording yet. spent a little time figuring out how to work the monitor to show two cameras. The monitor is divided into 4 quadrant's. With two cameras you get the top two quadrants showing both cameras simultaneously or the full monitor showing one camera at a time. So far so good.

34 out of 71


Location: Philadelphia

Had this system since January 2016. Installed it in March 2016, On Camera has lost it clarity, the viewing screen has frozen. Instruction on the operation I have found to be difficult. Because of these late developments with the system I would not purchase it again.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you are having some issues with your system. Our technical support team would be happy to resolve this for you and can be reached Monday to Saturday, 9am - 10pm EST at 1-877-755-6739.

35 out of 71


Location: WA State

I received the system a few days ago so far its great I had it up & running
within 15 min

36 out of 71


Location: Washington

This little system is a terrific value. Easy installation and having the monitor is nice when you can't use a smartphone. My only complaint is that I can't figure out how to have the monitor only show 2-camera views without taking up screen space with 2-blank ones. I love that you can add more cameras though.

37 out of 71


Location: South Texas

I purchased this for my parents. It is easy to set up and use. It is wireless and simple for senior citizens to use. The monitor is large enough for them to see. So far so good camera reception.

38 out of 71


Location: Georgia

I've had this product for about a month now and it works great. Easy to install and setup. Yes I recommend this product. It's a very good product for the price.

39 out of 71


Location: Arab Al.

I had trouble with the monitor they had to replace the unit the tech was very helpful the new unit came without any trouble the only thing it took a long time for customer service to answer the phone

40 out of 71




41 out of 71


Location: Murrells Inlet, SC

Great Value. However, I did have a problem with the monitor freezing and turning off. I called Tech Support and we tried a factory reset and this did not work. When I called again they told me to take out the SD card and put it in again. So far, so good. The only problem is that I am not sure when the system is frozen if there is no activity. So right now I feel I have to keep on checking the system.
I do have another system (never had a problem with this one) that is better than this one, but for the price this new one serves me very well. I use this for watching the front of the house and keeping track of my outside cats.

I wish the motion detection wasn't so sensitive (I tried it at the lowest setting) since I wanted the system to record any activity.

42 out of 71


Location: toronto ontario canada

Great camera's can't beat price. Clear pictures and clear views at night.

Keeps my house and vehicles safe as well as my family.

43 out of 71


Location: Whitby Ontario

Purchased the 4 camera wireless model for my family's small business earlier this year and like it so much, purchased this 2 camera system for home.

Support was great from Lorex as well for the previous system!

44 out of 71


Location: grants pass, oregon

very easy system to install, a ;little reading, about 30 minutes of mounting the cameras, adjusting, setting up the monitor. good quality video even at night! I have the cameras located on my well house, and the monitor needs to be in the living room in order for both cameras to be in range,so I need to purchase a range extender, so I can get the signal in my kitchen! so far 5 stars!

45 out of 71


Location: Oshawa ON. Canada

The two new cameras paired easily to the system. The give a very clear picture of the areas.

46 out of 71


Location: california

The device is adequate, but the way videos are stored is absurd. Instead of one folder containing all of the videos, the devices stores videos in copious amounts of nested folders. Trying to review a days worth of videos is amazingly frustrating and reviewing a weeks worth of videos is an absolute nightmare. It is as if the developers of the firmware aren't actual users of the firmware.

47 out of 71


Location: California

I'm on a budget and needed a couple of cameras that are good enough to see who's at the door and walking up to my house. Being old DIYer, the LOREX cameras LW2932 pack some good technology into it, like two-way intercom, zoom camera and infrared. Do not need porch lights at night on to see who is/was standing at my door or passing by my house and when recording. The best part is my wife feels more secure now after ditching the x10 cam and does not have to open the door to talk strangers or solicitors, she can see the person clearly and use the two-way intercom if needed. The video gives very good VGA color and detail of person at the door. Pros: Price, well made camera, lot of features built into the display panel and very good instruction manual. Many features that you will have to read the manual to see, is impressive. Cons: So far no regrets.

48 out of 71


Location: orange county, ca

We have several Lorex systems and all work well but the latest monitor we ordered seems to have a malfunction. May need to return it as it is still under warranty.

49 out of 71


Location: Calgary AB

I am fully satisfied with the product and easy set up with Skype for remote access. The only issue was the model I received where I did not know if I got the correct item. I ordered model no. LW2932; however, when I flipped to the back of the monitor, it showed LW2930. Any how, to purchase online directly with Lorex is easy and fast. Shipment arrived quick. I am impressed.

50 out of 71


Location: Toronto, Canada

I choose Lorex as I see that it is a good brand, and its products are value for money you spend. I purchased 9" Home wireless video security system (LW2932) and installed one camera on my front door. It is working very well for outdoor video quality and I also tested well for Two way voice communication. Its very easy to install, only time it took me to drill my front door wall. Overall it is a good product and I got what I was looking for. I purchased this directly from Lorex website as when I compared it with other offers, direct purchase from Lorex website was quite competitive.

51 out of 71


Location: South Carolina

I had my 7 inch montor for 15 months. It was operating 24 7. It got tired in the SCAN mode and stopped picking up motion detection. Strange as it still worked wel in Auto Sequence mode. So, I wanted to get a replacement but found that the 9 inch monitor was a better buy with two cameras for additional monitoring points. Now I have the 9 inch monitor with 4 cameras. The pairing of the cameras is quick. I made the mistake of holding in the pairing button. You just press it and release it. The 2 GB card is enough for my recorded monitoring. I record motion from 8 PM to 7 AM every day. The camera resolution is 640 x 480. Sound is adjustable both camera and alarm. Manual is well written.

52 out of 71


Location: Arizona

We purchased these cameras to replace our old one. It was working fine but the power supply line quit and the camera is no longer sold or manufactured so we began a search for what would suit our needs. We are very happy with the color, clear picture, the night time viewing is very good. The intercom will come in handy. All in all we really like this product and would recommend it to others.

53 out of 71


Location: Illinois

Easy setup and two way audio works great. Monitor was defective when new. Lorex replaced without a problem. Second monitor has just went out again. Has power but no picture. Now I'm stuck with cameras that don't work with any upgraded monitors or dvr system.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team was happy to resolve this issue for you. If anyone has a similar situation, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-877-755-6739.

54 out of 71


Location: Canada

I purchased this for my chicken coop and pen which is about 200 feet from my house, the system works great and once you figure out how to set the monitor it doesn't have to be split screen the monitor simply displays full screen camera one for a few seconds and then camera two for a few seconds. Night vision is super crisp and clear. I love this product but wish I could find two more cameras to add.

Please contact our sales team and they can assist you with finding additional cameras. 1-888-425-6739.

55 out of 71


Location: Columbus, OH

I have had the system in use for 22 months. Had some initial camera issues and a monitor problem the first 3 months and both were resolved by customer support as was a recent problem with a monitor. System does just what we want with a camera at the front door that alerts us to arrivals and provides two way voice without going to the door. I have not tried to use remote monitoring so can address the issues others reported. Happy with the system and the rapid response from customer support.

56 out of 71


Location: Colorado

Very easy to setup after getting power source to the cameras mounted outdoor. The wireless range is really good too. Receive good signal from cameras mounted on a detached structure on a 1-acre property. Give the product 4 stars because of its remote access through Skype. It is easy to setup too; but, one can't cycle through all cameras remotely. Can only view live image from 1 camera. Will definitely recommend/buy this system again.

57 out of 71


Location: Cleveland, tx

Everything worked as advertised. Instructions easy to follw and effective. Great product and support.

58 out of 71


Location: Livingston, Tx

Great product. Everything went together as advertised.

59 out of 71


Location: Michigan

This product works exactly as described. I was a little worried at first about the distance the wireless signal could carry. We had to span a warehouse that was 125' with two drywall walls between the monitor and the cameras. I also bought the signal boosters just to be safe. Good thing I did because I had no signal before they were attached and 3 bars after. The product came as described within a week of ordering. Everything worked fine, install was easy and so far so good. We are getting rain this week, so it will be the first test of the weatherproofing ability. Also I signed up for the 1 year warranty no charge which is nice. Then I come to find out I get an extra year warranty for writing this review. 2 years warranty, no hassle, works as described. I'm a happy customer.

60 out of 71


Location: Texas

Extremely disappointed! After receiving and installing this system the monitor developed a line across the top of the screen. I've contacted Lorex three time in an attempt to have the monitor replaced and all I receive are promises but no action. I'm reluctant to return the system for credit because I have serious doubts that Lorex would issue a refund. I would not recommend this, or any other product from this company due to the complete lack of customer service. This is definitely a case of Buyer Beware!

61 out of 71


Location: Kentucky

This product is easy to set up and install, easy to learn how to use. Just make sure you have power source for cameras. I had to run wire for new receptacles but that was not a problem. So far so good on this product, would definitely recommend! Thank you!

62 out of 71


Location: Spokane, WA

I received this set as a gift and it is a fantastic idea however their customer service is terrible. I was on the phone for over 16 minutes trying to get someone to help me and provide a user manual. The info that came with the set is not user friendly, the company needs to realize that not everyone that has this unit are hi-tech computer gurus. Would love to have a user's manual.

63 out of 71


Location: USA

I purchased this with 2 cameras. Had no problems getting it up and running except the monitor only shows half the screen because I don't have 4 camera's. I can't find any place it tells me how to fix this.....Directions are very skimpy and the touchscreen is enough to really get you po'd. I think if I could solve the problem I have I would be okay with it otherwise. I am rating it a 3 because of the touchscreen problems.

64 out of 71


Location: ontario

Simple to set up... easy to use. The link for Skype was very difficult as I was using internet explorer as the browser and it need Chrome.. A lot more complicated than I thought for remote viewing. also, can only view one camera. But the security camera is great

65 out of 71


Location: Highland ca

I have been using the Lorex wireless cameras for over 3 years and just upgraded to the newer version and really like the video of theses cameras never lets me down will buy again

66 out of 71


Location: Georgetown, Texas

We are very pleased with our Lorex LW2932 system. Installation was very easy and we find the video very good. Having received the Spring discount made it a definite bargain. We would recommend it to anyone who needs a small system for home security.

67 out of 71


Location: Georgetown

We are totally pleased with the Lorex LW2932 system that we bought. Installation was easy and the video presentation is excellent. Having received the spring discount on it when we ordered the system really made it a bargain. It would be a good choice for anyone who needs a small system for home security.

68 out of 71


Location: Missouri

This is exactly what we thought it would be and is perfect for what we wanted. The cameras connected immediately right out of the box, the controls on the monitor were easy to understand and navigate. We are very pleased with the system and highly recommend this for a home monitoring system. We will be purchasing additional cameras to add to the system.

69 out of 71


Location: Pahrump Nevada

I really like this system. It sets up in just a few minutes and the pictures are very clear. The best part is that the video screen can be put in use anywhere there is an ac outlet. Thus you can move it from room to room, or where you want to watch it .

70 out of 71


Location: Portland Oregon

First off after owning other systems in the past and finally finding Lorex a few years ago i had but one company that i could trust and that is Lorex. I have a total of three systems for different business's and now this one for my home. Just as the other two systems the set-up, installation and operating is so easy to use and the quality is Outstanding in may ways. The daytime views are incredible with the high resolution and supreme quality and when viewing in night mode you could see everything perfectly. Another quality system from Lorex and another satisfied customer. Thank you guys, keep up the good work, Johnny Vegas

71 out of 71


Location: Kansas

I am very pleased with my LW2932. I originally ordered the LW82 and what a nice surprise to be upgraded to the LW2932. I use this is the barn with I have a cow that is ready to calve. It saves time when I don't have to get all my heavy clothes on to go check her in the middle of the night when it's cold. The barn is approximately 180 feet from that house and now I can watch her all night long. The intercom is nice in that I can hear the cow and the calf. I wish I had found this product several years ago. The picture quality is wonderful and the night vision makes it look like the light is on.. I would recommend this to others and there wasn't anything difficult to install.



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