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HD security system with high definition 1080p security cameras


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HD security camera system with 4 HD security cameras

View your world like never before with the first full HD 1080p surveillance system in the consumer market. This easy to install Do-It-Yourself LHD100 security bundle boasts full 1080p HD viewing and recording capabilities, producing outstanding high definition images that can be digitally zoomed during live viewing and playback mode capturing every important detail. The dual streaming feature of the HD-SDI DVR allows for efficient bandwidth usage for remote viewing to your mobile device or computer while still recording HD video on to the 2TB surveillance grade hard drive. Optimize your playback with Smart search and the advanced Panorama & Multi-time search options, providing for fast review of motion events, sequenced clips before and after an incident, and viewing the same camera channel at different times.

The High Definition Security Came a System features 4 1080p cameras that have dual outputs using high-grade RG59 coaxial cable so you can connect to a HD-SDI DVR and to a TV or monitor for simultaneous High Definition viewing. With an Infrared Cut Filter ensuring true and accurate color reproduction and Digital Noise Reduction providing clear night vision and improving recording efficiency, you can truly see the HD difference. Ideal for small businesses and home monitoring.

LHD100 series compatibility chart

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud is a cloud-enabled software platform to connect to all FLIR NVRs and MPX DVRs. The FLIR Cloud apps give you access to FLIR systems from any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® device.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Simple installation process for user convenience.



HD-SDI Digital Video Recorder:

  • HD-SDI supporting 1080p & 720p recording 1
  • Digital Zoom in live view & playback
  • Advanced search & playback: Panorama and Multi-time
  • Smart Search for fast review of motion events in sequence
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Backup & Remotely control the system simultaneously
  • 24x7 100% duty cycle HDD preinstalled. Supports 2 HDD (expandable up to 4TB)
  • Variable frame rate for higher recording speed during events
  • HDMI Outputs for convenient connection to HD TVs or monitors
  • eSATA output for faster large capacity backup
  • Remote Viewing on PC, Mac, smartphone & tablet †
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard 2
  • Dual streaming to conserve bandwidth while streaming HD video locally 3
  • Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for reliable connectivity
  • Instant e-mail alerts with snap shot attachments and web link

High Definition Security Camera Features:

  • 1080p (1920 x 1080) 2 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor
  • Megapixel 4mm lens for superior detail and wide angle viewing (79° FOV)
  • Automatic Infrared Filter ensures true & accurate color in all lighting conditions
  • Smart IR technology with auto light compensation prevents washout effect
  • Lorex ClearNight imaging ensures clear night vision and improves recording efficiency using Digital Noise Reduction technology
  • Split glass design minimizes IR reflection
  • Anti-glare feature ensures clear images under strong lighting conditions
  • Night Vision up to 80ft away in total darkness and up to 140ft away in typical night time ambient lighting 4
  • Dual BNC (HD-SDI & Composite) video outputs for simultaneous HD and standard resolution video streaming
  • Vandal-resistant design: Cable pass-through wall-mount bracket protects connection cables 5
  • 100 FT RG59 high-grade Siamese (video & power) coaxial cable for flexible installation *

System Includes:

  • 4 Ch HD-SDI DVR with Pre-Installed HDD
  • Remote Control, Power Adapter (for DVR)
  • Mouse
  • HDMI Cable
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Documentation CD
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Instruction Manual
  • 4 x 1080p HD-SDI Cameras with cable pass through brackets
  • 4 x 100ft RG59 Siamese (video & power) extension cable for flexible camera installation*
  • 1 x 4-in-1 Power Adapter (for cameras).


1. High-Definition Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI) uncompressed high definition broadcast-grade video over standard coax cable. Recording speed: 5fps @ 1080p (1920x1080 pixels)/ 10fps @ 720p (1280x720 pixels). Recording time may vary based on recording resolution, quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
2. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included).
3. HD video streaming locally to the DVR. Optimized lower resolution steaming for mobile devices. Mobile connectivity is dependent on bandwidth and resolution of the mobile device.
4. IR illumination range under ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.
5. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.
* Use the included extension cables, or visit for compatible RG59 extension cables. Regular BNC extension cables are not compatible with this camera. In order to maintain high definition video quality, extending the existing 100ft RG59 Coaxial cable is NOT acceptable. For longer cables runs, use a single cable up to 300ft.

† Smart Phone & Tablet Compatibility: iPad, iPhone™, Android (version 2.3 & above). Data plan is required not included). Router port forwarding required. For the latest smart phone compatibility list check as new smart phones and tablets become available in the market.










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1 out of 125



April 6, 2016

Location: Scarborough, Toronto

I purchased a Lorex(model- LHD818F) last year and so far this has been the best decision for my store. The night vision enabled us to capture clear images of the perpetrator when our store was broken into. The images as well as resolution has been of excellent quality, however as it has 8 cameras this uses up space which needs clearance on regular basis. Has also many other useful features(motion, alerts, etc). Overall excellent product!

2 out of 125

HOA President Don


January 7, 2016

Location: Denver, CO

Our old Lorex camera system finally gave up the ghost and we only considered another Lorex system as its successor. This surveillance system has great quality and gives us the ability to make sure that people in our swimming pool and club house areas stay well-behaved! This system is in use 24/7/365, so quality and dependability are vital to our operation. Thanks Lorex!

3 out of 125



January 6, 2016

Location: Texas

Clear night vision quality! Easy to set up and has a sleek design!!!

4 out of 125



December 27, 2015

Location: Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico

it's great to see your property wherever you find with this system. It works fine with with Megacable Internet in Mexico but there is a problem that is not solved even with the modem TP-LINK tl-mr3240 v2 model using a modem Telcel because it can see the port 35000. A few days of use the hard disk shows problems. The application to resolve the port forwarding don't work ok with this modem.

5 out of 125



December 13, 2015

Location: Winnipeg

The 8 cameras provide coverage for the home. It's great to see what happens when you are away. I just wish that the mobile phone setup was as simple as the instructions on the box.

6 out of 125



December 13, 2015

Location: Winnipeg

The 8 cameras provide coverage for the home. It's great to see what happens when you are away. I just wish that the mobile phone setup was as simple as the instructions on the box.

7 out of 125



December 5, 2015

Location: Yarmouth, N.S. Canada

I bought this system a few months ago and tried to set things up myself, since I'm not a Technician I had a few things that did not work well. I phoned and spoke to a technician and waited 10 minutes which I think is pretty good to speak to someone. The lady went above what I expected and was more than helpful, she answered all my questions and more. I am extremely satisfied with This 8-camera Lorex system and the help I received. I highly recommend this product.

8 out of 125



December 4, 2015

Location: Vancouver, BC

I researched various models before making my Lorex purchase. When the LHD81F was on sale at Costco last December, it was an easy decision. This system had everything I was looking for (720P resolution and 8 cameras was a minimum requirement) without costing a fortune. Having recently bought and setup a smaller system (different brand) for my parents, I knew this system would be just as easy and better. Hardest part of setup was mounting the cameras outside. (The cameras can't be mounted behind a window; otherwise, the infrared night vision leds bounce the light back making the cameras useless when dark.) After drilling through external walls to mount the cameras, I now have a great view of everything around the house. Record settings for each camera are fully customizable. Playback of recordings is very straightforward.

Everything was working great until last month when the cameras went black on the screen. I think the single power supply (to the cameras) malfunctioned. Went to Lorex's website and created a support ticket. Got a reply very quickly with a phone number to call. Called, Lorex techs were very responsive and friendly to chat with. They updated my ticket and emailed me further instructions to return the malfunctioning parts. (I also took the opportunity to send a "flaky" 60' video/power cable that came with the system. - I was only using 7 cameras.) I ended up spending $15 to send back the power supply and video cable. Took about a week to ship back to Lorex and then another week to receive the replacement parts from Lorex via UPS. Hooked up the new power supply - everything is now working great again. (Also have a new 60' video cable.)

Overall, I've been happy with the system. (The only complaint I have is that the fan in the DVR is quite loud.)

Very happy with the support and service received - very straightforward. (Would be excellent if they covered the cost of return shipping, but perhaps that's just expecting too much.)

I'd have no hesitation recommending Lorex products and would definitely considering buying again.

9 out of 125



December 3, 2015

Location: California

So far its been great. Image quality is pretty good. System is not fully set up yet but so far so good. I had a tech issue and it was responded to and resolved really quickly, so in that aspect as well, it's great.

10 out of 125



November 2, 2015

Location: Southern Oregon

I have been very happy with my Lorex security camera system, purchased at Costco last December and so far no problems whats-so-ever.

11 out of 125



October 29, 2015

Location: queens new york

lorex is a good system. I have it running for about 3 months. The picture quality is clear. I have never had a problem with it. Super easy to set up. I installed all of the cameras myself. For the internet hook up and to set up viewing from home I called the lorex number, they took over my computer and set everything up. Very easy.

12 out of 125



October 29, 2015

Location: Spokane, Washington

This is my second review of Lorex products, my first review of my LVH10081T system was a positive review of the system, but that was before I asked Lorex to recommend a 3 TB hard drive to replace my systems 1 TB drive. Lorex responded by stating that the WD Purple hard drive that I was considering was a good drive and was compatible with my system, this is the same drive that is pictured in the systems owners manual. Once I installed the new 3TB drive my system would start beeping after a few minutes of being booted up, and show a drive error, after many calls and emails to Lorex support Lorex replaced my DVR at a cost of $19.20 postage to me. The new DVR was delivered two days ago, and it showed the same errors as the original DVR, and now one of my outdoor cameras will not transition from day to night, and back without unplugging the power to that camera. The owners manual states that this system can operate on a hard drive size from 1TB to 4TB's, all I needed to know is what brand and model number of a 3TB drive will work in this system, that shouldn't be this hard to find out! All this can be verified by ticket #'s 1417843 & 1475035.

This is also the second review that I have written for Lorex under the promise of their email that I would receive a 1 year extension on my warranty, I have yet to see it.

13 out of 125



October 22, 2015

Location: Lathrop, California

I am a Do It Yourselfer and have installed two Lorex systems. This system I installed at home turned out very nice. I was very happy with all of the features and the quality of the HD video. I am very excited. The instructions were simple to read, and found instruction videos on the Lorex site were simple in their explanation. It was not only simple to install the system but found it easy to set up viewing on the Lorex app. Besides the 'Orbs or dust particles' during the night vision stage everything is awesome. I purchase this system from Costco which made it a very valuable purchase for a great quality system. I am impressed.

14 out of 125



October 9, 2015

Location: Puebla, Mexico

Great Product with excelent image quality. I'm in very satisfied with my purchase.

15 out of 125



September 11, 2015

Location: Quebec

I called for help for installation and to go on line and every time courtesy was there from lorex personnel and they fixed my big problems to me but so small to them

16 out of 125



September 8, 2015

Location: Hamilton, ON

Great product. Installed it myself and liked the quality of the product. FlirCloud software really easy to learn and picture quality decent. A little bit of work installing cameras and would have been helpful to know that dvr needed Ethernet cable to be hooked to router.

17 out of 125



August 31, 2015

Location: Marietta, Ga.

I am very pleased with my system and the support from Lorex.

18 out of 125



August 4, 2015

Location: post falls, Idaho

Very disappointed in this system and your customer service department. Upon purchase from Costco, we had 6 of the 8 cameras installed by a professional installer. One of the cameras kept cutting out. Recently we decided to install the remaining 2 cameras. Again we had a professional installer (different from the previous installer however) put in the remaining 2 cameras. We also wanted the new installer to troubleshoot the problem with the intermittent camera. They tried many things, yet they could not solve that problem. They made several calls to your tech department for help but they could not offer any workable solutions to our professional. One of the issues was the distance from the cameras to the DVR. Our installer was very patient and articulate with your people and still no help. They even asked that you consult someone in your engineering department for advice, yet no response has been received. This installer works with many high level systems being used by large commercial businesses in our area. The bottom line is unless this problem is resolved to our satisfaction very soon we will not hesitate to trash this piece of junk and replace it with a decent system. Very very very disappointed with your company and products overall.

We are sorry that this system wasn?t suitable for your security monitoring needs. Lorex likely has other systems available that would be a better fit for you, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced sales team is available at (888)425-6739 Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

19 out of 125



July 16, 2015

Location: MEXICO

Excelent product

20 out of 125



June 24, 2015

Location: Holbrook New Yorl

I am very pleased with this system. The picture clarity and ease of installation made it one I'd suggest for the do it yourself type. Technical support is outstanding.I feel very secure knowing I can view my cameras on my iPhone in seconds. I purchased mine at Costco and find it a great value.

21 out of 125



June 18, 2015

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Connecting and setting up the system was easy and effortless. Resolution is great and program is user friendly. So far, so good. However, I have waisted sooo much trying to speak to a salesperson. Extremely frustrating to the point I was very close in returning the product. Technical support on the other hand is fantastic. Time will tell.

22 out of 125



June 4, 2015

Location: Fort Lauderdale FL

Bought this at Costco, took me a while to get to install in but after 2 months of actual work the DVR Stop recording or having the WIFI Ability.
Lorex after an hour and 40 min waiting on the phone !!!!!!! asked for us to pay for the shipping back to them in order to get a replacement even that device is stil under warrenty and this in my book is bad business....

23 out of 125



June 1, 2015

Location: piscataway new jersey

I purchased lorex system LHD818 and was able to install and operate with no problems. This is my first camera security system and I am impressed with the clarity of the night vision and day picture. I recommended Lorex systems to all my friends and they to were impressed with the clarity.

24 out of 125



May 13, 2015

Location: Forida

WOW is all I can say!

This was the easiest and simplest setup and install I could imagine..

Out of the box this worked as expected and does the job day an night...

Got it from Costco and it took some time to arrive but I guess that was a problem with Costco shipping or low stock because everyone was buying this system.

I did call support for one question and they answered in just a few minutes and quickly provided me with the answers and I was very happy...

25 out of 125



May 12, 2015

Location: dallas tx

big diferrence from my old system that was not HD. although night vision is not too bright, it will suffice.

26 out of 125



May 3, 2015

Location: DFW area

This system is outstanding. Clear video stream, fast response and good visibility at night.

27 out of 125



May 3, 2015

Location: Peoria,AZ

replaced an older system with Lorex. I love the picture quality both during the day and at night. Lorex produced an outstanding product when they made this line of security system. I had a minor issue setting up the system. Called customer support and the lady helping me was patient and made sure she didn't hang up until my issue was fixed and all of my questions were addressed. Happy to see that Lorex puts as much quality in their customer service as they do in the product.

28 out of 125



May 1, 2015

Location: Maui,HI

Love this system, bought it from Costco and got rid of my Uniden wireless cameras. Huge difference, now I can go back and review who came over such as the Terminex guy and see's if he did his job. And you never know who is snooping around your home. Also good to have it on my smartphone.

29 out of 125



April 26, 2015

Location: California

Purchased the LHD818 from Costco. Replaced an older system. Was easy to set up and program. Has a lot of nice features. Customer service was very quick to respond with a solution to why the PC CLIENT software would not load.

30 out of 125

Bob M.


April 20, 2015

Location: Arnold, MD

I purchased a Lorex Model LHD818 from Costco in October 2014 but did not begin using it until March 2015 since I waited for some professional assistance (an electrician) in installing the cameras. When attempting it myself, I ran into a problem running the cable past a board in my soffit. In any event, once the cables were run and I obtained a basic understanding as to how to use the system, I was very pleased. I have initially only installed 4 of the 8 cameras, reserving the others for expansion or replacement, if necessary, and am currently using an older SD monitor. But, based on the picture quality in an SD mode, I plan on purchasing an HD monitor, which should make the images even more clear. And, I have had two experiences with Tech Support, with regard to allowing access to the system via my PC monitor and both experiences were very positive. The support personnel were very pleasant, accommodating and helpful and successfully accomplished my goal. I am now experimenting with the system in becoming more familiar with all of the various features, which are numerous.

As an aside, I use a lawn service and recently played back the period during which the tech was here applying lime. I thought that he had finished very quickly and, sure enough, in his haste, he had done a poor job and had missed much of the lawn surface. I called the service, explained what I had seen via this video security system, and quickly received a return call from the service manager, who told me that he had contacted the tech and was sending him back to re-do the application. He arrived a short time later and carefully/thoroughly re-applied the lime to the entire lawn surface. So, although not a primary reason for installing such a system, I found this side benefit very useful.

31 out of 125



April 16, 2015

Location: wa

I love this product. I researched all the available technology and it wasno doubt that Lorex was the brand for me. The documentation and support is great. Very satisfied with this system. Awesome so far.

32 out of 125



April 9, 2015

Location: Orlando FL

I purchased this thru Costco .com. The cameras provide an excellent picture for a non IP camera connection. the night vision is also great. The features of the review software make it easy to review recorded video from any of the cameras. I would give the system 5 stars however just this week one of the cameras just stopped working after only two months of operation. After some troubleshooting and talking on the phone to Costco and Lorex tech support they determined that the camera was bad. Kind of disappointing since the camera is mounted inside my garage out of the weather. But they are sending me another camera soon I hope. Other than the one bad camera I really like the system. I would recommend this system for home of office use.

33 out of 125


March 18, 2015

Location: Texas

I have to say that I had my doubts about how easy it was going to be to install and set up this system. The installation was SUPER EASY! I'm not a professional, but I was able to set up all 4 cameras, run the cables, and hook everything up in one afternoon. I did run into a snag when I was setting up my DDNS. However a wonderful account representative (Liz) helped figure out why I couldn't get it to work, and then she helped me get my router setup too!!! I can't say enough about how impressed I was by the level of customer service that I received. I know that when we are ready to expand our security system to include our outbuildings, we will be purchasing another Lorex system!!!

34 out of 125


March 18, 2015

Location: Palmdale

Great system, easy to install and program. Great technical support.
inexpensive with good video qualities.
Works great with my iPad and our new 4K Samsung Smart TV
Thank you,

35 out of 125


February 16, 2015

Location: Maryland

I liked the product. Easy to install. Menus pretty simple. Good quality video. Easy to add to my Microsoft Surface

36 out of 125



January 23, 2015

Location: Québec

Great product very easy to install and use. I only had trouble finding the right software downloader for my PC .

37 out of 125



January 15, 2015

Location: Vancouver, Canada

I bought the 8 camera set to replace a competors system that only lasted for a few months. First impression on the products is amazing. Tried one camera before installing and the picture is great. Nighttime is also very clear.

Highly suggests this system to anybody who wants an affordable security system for their home

38 out of 125



January 6, 2015

Location: ontario Canada

Very easy install. Its quite sencitive.Very clear images during the day.Black and white at night but still looks good.Overall good product for the price. I paid $399 for the system with eight cameras.Would recomend

39 out of 125



December 24, 2014

Location: arizona

System was easy to install and setup. Tech support was very helpful with setting up remote viewing. The quality of the picture is great during the day

40 out of 125



December 22, 2014

Location: Plano, TX

The quality of the images are excellent during the day and we are happy with the quality during the night as well. Got these installed last week. The iPhone App fails to connect consistently. I am not sure if this is due to the Flir server related problems.

41 out of 125



December 19, 2014

Location: California

Bought the lhv818 system from Costco a few weeks ago for my home. First surveillance system. Very easy to setup for both the cameras and Flir Cloud app on iPhone and iPad. Had the app running with live view mode using the device ID in minutes. But there's a problem running the app on iPad Air 2, it's not stable. I can only run live view mode once and then the app stops working. I have to power off the iPad and power on to access the app again. iPhone 4, IOS 7 works fine. The picture quality is 720p, which I found to be very good.

42 out of 125



December 15, 2014

Location: Ottawa , Canada

Model LHD 2082001 got online at $950.00 in march 2014.
But in September this year I had a software problem with setting motion detection was not working properly so I called lorex Flir and without no problem they replace my DVR for a new one.

This system is exactly what I wanted . The installation is fairly straight forward, that said, the thech support was friendly and efficient and as a result I now have a system that allows me to check on our cottage where ever we are.
I really like the system because the cameras are really clear at night and day time, system is easy to set up. Great video quality. Easy interface. 1080P is the best quality you can get. It is very nice to be able to adjust each camera separately.

43 out of 125



December 12, 2014

Location: Memphis TN

Lorex has hit a home run with the LHD818, easy to set up and to use. My system is set up in an upstairs closet, without an attached monitor. I needed a monitor for the initial set up, but once completed, there has not been a need for one and the adjustments can be made remotely. The operating system is not high tech, but easy to navigate with the included mouse. After reading a lot of reviews claiming trouble connecting remotely, I think most of these problems are due to a slow internet upload speed. My internet was really slow and I had to lower the resolution (does not affect recording) to view remotely, but since I upgraded my internet, no problems. Lorex offers a DNNS service that really improves remote viewing, but you need to make some changes to your router. Not hard if you download a program, it will make the changes for you, and the Costco help desk walked me through each step. Packs a lot of punch for the money. Pleasantly surprised with this system.

44 out of 125

R. B.


December 10, 2014

Location: california

Set up was fairly easy , but complex for me because i have a lot of long runs. I used Cat 5 cable instead of the supplied cable. Once the hardware was in place i had great views of the areas i selected. Next for me was setting the time. I did not recognize what "GMT" (Greenwich ? mean time) meant and it took me a while to figure that out. An explanation in the start up card would have been helpful. I purchased it at Costco Ca.and I had to call their concierge service to get the system up on my laptop PC, they were a great help and that is a great feature to be able to see your system where ever you are in your location. I haven't set it up on the I Phone yet and hope that is easy

45 out of 125



December 5, 2014

Location: Hawaii

Had a hard time deciding which security camera system to buy for the longest time. A friend mentioned he just bought the LHD818 and was very happy with it. Taking his word I decided to buy the same one and to my surprise it was easy to install and use. No buyers remorse on this one. Very satisfied with the system.

46 out of 125



December 5, 2014

Location: New Hampshire

Bought the LHD818 system "after" attempted Burglary, Cops did catch the guy w/ the help of Good Neighbors!

With a little help, set-up was pretty easy, running camera wires thru the attic was the hard part.

System operating GREAT! Took a few days to figure out all the options, but all-in-all, very satisfied.

47 out of 125



November 30, 2014

Location: BC canada

Bought the LHD818 from Costco for $499 plus tax.

Unit was easy to install and setting up the cameras were a snap. The tough part is getting the DDNS and network viewing to work. The camera pictures are excellent. The zone alarms are very smart.

Costco's help desk spent hours getting me and running on my Mac, but I still don't have my WIn7.0 machine viewing the camera.

The network and remote viewing instructions are very very difficult.

Fix the instructions and you've got a great system.

48 out of 125



November 30, 2014

Location: montreal


I bought 2 models of Lorex Eco 4 and the latest HD

Really appreciate, because I am able to see when traveling what is happening in my business.

I bought this in Costco
I really recommend any of those system, for peace of mind

49 out of 125



November 21, 2014

Location: Texas

I bought LHD818 from Costco for $399. The price was great. The quality of the system is superb at this price range. The video and snapshot images (you get from emails) are much better than the older VTL900 cameras. You could recognize a person 20 feet away during the day.

The installation was simple. No issues. The installation of FLIR Cloud on my Galaxy s4 was easy too. And it works well.

I do have an issue with the remote which doesn't work with the DVR. I also haven't been able to setup a WORKING DDNS. I have submitted a ticket to Lorex online and hopefully the two issues will be resolved soon.

And I agree with the other reviewer on the noise of the DVR. Too loud. I have to keep it in the cabinet with doors tightly closed but I could still hear the noise at quiet night.

Overall, I highly recommend this system.

50 out of 125



November 17, 2014

Location: Su boca

Love this set. Awesome price and easy to use.

51 out of 125

Dan L.


November 15, 2014

Location: Everett, Wa

I bought the LHD818 system from Costco.

This is my 2nd set. The first one I bought quit recording after only 3 days so I returned it to Costco and bought another one.

I had the Foscam wireless security camera before buying this Lorex set and had nothing but frustrations with the Foscam. Video quality on the Foscam is poor, very choppy and signal keeps dropping off the line. So time for wired connection and HD quality.

Saw this Lorex kit from Costco, bought it and extremely happy with it.

Installation is very easy and picture quality is top notch for each and every one of the eight cameras. They all worked the first time. Easy set up also for my Samsung S3 android phone for remote viewing. Just follow the instructions.

My only complaint is the noisy fan. I have all quiet computers at home and the fan noise on the Lorex DVR is horrible....

Lorex, please spend an additional $10.00 and install a super quiet CPU fan on your DVR's.

Overall, this is the best security camera set I have owned so I will still give it a 5 star.

This is my 2nd set. The first set I bought stop

52 out of 125



November 13, 2014

Location: Las Vegas

Not very happy right now. I have three cameras that are having problems. One will not go into black and white. One cuts out after several hours. One flickers... three out of eight. It also seems that one of the inputs on the back of the DVR unit is sensitive to how you hook it up. If you wiggle it, it cuts out that camera. Hopefully they will warrantee the defective cameras. Time will tell...

53 out of 125



November 11, 2014

Location: Salem, OR

I just purchase the LHD818 system from Costco last week and installed it at my shop this last weekend.
I am very happy with the easy installation and picture quality of each and every one of the eight cameras. They all worked the first time. The easy set up for the remote viewing from my Droid phone was simple to get up and running and that worked the first time as well. ( I guess its time to read the instruction now...).

I'm am a very happy customer.
Thank you


54 out of 125



November 6, 2014

Location: Lehigh Acres Fl

These cameras have excellent picture quality. Mobile app worked very first time. This is the first system I have purchased and installed. I did a lot of research before deciding on the Lorex system and do not regret my purchase.

55 out of 125



November 5, 2014

Location: Prince Frederick, Maryland

Replaced my Swann system. Night and day difference. Swann had a command line user interface circa 1980 and phone app NEVER worked. Lorex user friendly GUI was far superior and HD over analog picture quality put the Swann system to shame.

56 out of 125



November 3, 2014

Location: San Antonio,Texas

I really like the system because the cameras are really clear, system is easy to set up. I had a Qsee system that was ok, but it did compare to this one and customer support was really sad. I am happy with the cost, it cost the same as the Qsee system but offered a lot more for the buck.

57 out of 125



November 1, 2014

Location: Houston, TX

Great video quality. Easy interface. 1080P is the best quality you can get.

58 out of 125

Cantina Mike


October 30, 2014

Location: Prescott, AZ

This system is exactly what I wanted. It allows me the ability to check on the inside as well as the outside of our home when we are traveling.The installation is fairly straight forward, if you have some construction skills.(I was a general contractor for 40 years) The loading of the software for my PC and phone was another matter. That said, the support was friendly and efficient and as a result I now have a system that allows me to check on our home from where ever we are.

59 out of 125

Dan L.


October 26, 2014

Location: Everett, WA

I had the Foscam wireless system that I bought from Amazon 8 months ago now and experienced nothing but problems and frustration with it.

Video quality is terrible. Being wireless - signal keeps dropping off the line.
Motion detect is also terrible.
That one time someone took my package from my front door the system did not record so that was the last straw. No more Foscam security camera system for me. I removed them all.

Saw the LHD818 eight HD Camera system from Costco and it had a $100.00 off special. For $399.00, being HD and with Costco's outstanding customer service I figured I'd give it a try.

Here is my review:

Being wired, hook up was very simple.
FlirCloud set up was also a breeze.

Video quality is outstanding and so far I am very satisfied with the system. Just follow the instructions and installation and set-up was a breeze.

Build quality of the camera and DVR is also great and the software works fine.
Remote access set-up on my Windows PC and Droid phone was also straightforward following the included instructions.

Note: Before scanning the QR, enter your system Name, enter any name. Otherwise the FlirCloud Droid app will hang during initial start.

I would have given this 5 stars but two items I feel they need to address:

1) DVR fan is very noisy. All my computers at home have quiet fans as I hate buzzing sound. The DVR internal fan is very noisy. I am an engineer by trade and I can replace the internal fan with a super quiet cooling fan but opening the box will void the I will have to live with it.

2) The playback software needs to have the ability to "scrub" the recorded video. Basically click the recorded file and drag forward or backwards while viewing the video to locate a particular section. Lorex please add this feature.

Other than that - I give the Lorex LHD818 System a 4.5 stars. But since there is no 4.5 star I will go ahead and give it a 5 star. Excellent system.

Thanks for making such a great product Lorex. Keep up the great work and please keep improving the software. Thanks!

Dan L.

60 out of 125



October 24, 2014

Location: Hillsborough, NC

I purchased the LHD818 system from Costco a month ago. So far I am very satisfied with the system. If you follow the instructions, installation and set-up was a breeze. System works as advertised and per the specs. Camera quality is great and the software works without a hitch. Remote access set-up on my Windows PC and Droid phone was also straightforward following the instructions. One of the 8 cameras failed after a couple of weeks, but Lorex tech support quickly replaced the camera with no problem. The only thing keeping me from going with a 5-star rating is the lack of documentation for fine tuning the camera/software motion alarm Sensitivity and Threshold settings. We are experiencing many motion false alarms during the day caused by moving shadows due to trees blowing in the wind and at night caused by bugs flying in front of the cameras. These are common problems with these types of cameras and the false alarms should be reduced, if not eliminated, via the Sensitivity and Threshold settings. However, the lack of documentation on these settings is making this a challenge.

61 out of 125

Rural NV


October 14, 2014

Location: Nevada

Love the quality of the cameras. QR code on top receiver did not work. Ease of installation was great. Would recommend it to someone else. My father and sister are both getting one.

62 out of 125



October 10, 2014

Location: Alabama

we had a 6 year old bnc connection system go out, so we opted to replace with the new LHD818 8 camera 720p system so that we would not have to run new wires but would also benefit from the better camera images. So far so good, after a quick pluh/unplug and screw down the new cameras. Most features were similar but the wide camera view and 720p images are the best part. Ordered from on Sunday and received/installed on Wednesday.

63 out of 125



September 20, 2014

Location: Cleveland OH

I purchased LHD818 directly from Costco USA. However, before purchasing this product, I have already placed the order for another system of a different brand ?Night Owl? and the package was on its way.
The DVR 960H and four cameras. I am familiar with Night Owl product because I have it working now for three years in my little restaurant with the name ?BEAR? in New York City. I cannot say nothing bad about Night Owl and their customer service is helpful when needed.
When I saw LorexLHD818 in Costco, it attracted my attention by the quality of the pictures on the screen of the monitor. I went home and made some research. The specifications of the product and the price appeared compelling. I decided to give it a chance. The SET UP was easy, remote connection was easy. I called my son and asked him to install Flir Cloud on its computer in NYC. In a few moments, he was watching me and the picture was amazingly good.
I am happy with the system for now and I would recommend it to a friend.
I wish there were an Install Card in the box that would allow me to invite professionals to install cameras outside the house.

64 out of 125



September 17, 2014

Location: Western Ma

I purchased this system directly from the Lorex web site. (Best way to purchase)

I found this system very easy to install and connect to remote viewing. The video quality is excellent both day and night. This product has many excellent features and is very user friendly

I like this system so much I have installed one at my daughters home.

Lorex staff are VERY helpful both in Tech support and Customer Service.


65 out of 125

Terry D


September 16, 2014

Location: Portland OR

This system is really clear and sharp and easy to setup. Under high res the hard drive will hold about 8 days when I use four camers.

66 out of 125



September 3, 2014

Location: Hesperia ca

This has been a good home security system. The log on from my iPhone is great. The DVR has become noisy and one camera has issues. I sent in a request for warranty/replacement info but haven't been contacted yet. If the DVR.cohld be upgraded to a quieter system this would be perfect. The other seven camera have not had problems so I think the one bad camera is maybe jus bad luck. Hope to hear from Lorex soon about the replacement DVR and camera.

67 out of 125

RDR Indy


August 6, 2014

Location: Brownsburg

Great Product. Hard to set up the internet/smartphone part, but their support was excellent. I couldn't do it myself, so they logged into my computer and set it all up for me.

I feel safer knowing activity at my house is recorded....

68 out of 125



August 3, 2014

Location: AZ

Great product & very clear visuals. Just still working on some of tweeks from our Mobile devices .

would definitely recommend

69 out of 125



July 31, 2014

Location: Glendale, AZ

I think this is an excellent product as far as picture quality. I had a problem getting my iPhone to work with the system and it took over two hours of phone contact with Costco Concierge Services to correct the issue.. It seems to be resolved now and I can view my cameras remotely. I think it was a good value for the money as even after I paid someone to install the system it was about a third of the cost a national security firm wanted to install a lesser system.

70 out of 125



July 14, 2014

Location: AK

We recently purchased the Lorex camera security system from Costco. We were amazed at how good the clarity and distance was. This is also an easy system to maneuver around We are also very happy with the customer service. Thanks for a great system!

71 out of 125



July 4, 2014

Location: Bahama, NC

I bought this home security system from Costco at a very reasonable price. In comparing it with other systems I was very impressed with the picture quality. It was much sharper than the 960H cameras. The installation was fairly easy, however, when I tried to setup the FLIR Cloud to be able to see the cameras remotely I had a very difficult time finding it on Lorex's website. The manual, which you have to download from the website, said that all I had to do was to download the software from the support site. When I went to the site I searched and searched, but to no avail. I had to finally call Lorex's support. The technician, who was very helpful, had to search for a long time before finally finding it. She agreed that it was not easy to find as it was listed with a title that had no relationship to its' function. Bottom line is I think the product is well worth the price. The support staff is quite helpful, but their website and manuals leave much to be desired.

72 out of 125



July 3, 2014

Location: Jacksonville, FL.

HD video quality is top notch. Previous surveillance I purchased was First Alert and wasn't HD and had nothing but problems with the cameras going out. Also the night vision was null.
Love this Loxex, the night vision in complete darkness is outstanding as well as during the day.
My wife feels much more comfortable with this system. I would highly recommend this product.

73 out of 125



June 27, 2014

Location: Virginia

I am satisfied with the product. Customer service has been excellent and responsive to any product related issues.

74 out of 125



June 24, 2014

Location: San francisco

I love this surveillance camera system, it was so easy to setup the system the direction was clear. I was able to setup my IPhon, IPad and even their DDNS was easy to setup on my wireless router. I will definitely recommend this to family and friends.

75 out of 125



June 21, 2014

Location: hawthorne ca

I like this product for my home 8 camera is just enough picture is really clear the only thing that takes a while is running the wires I prefer the cables than the wireless I had a camera that was wireless and the picture was not very clear either have someone run the wires or do it yourself don't run the wire expose outside your house somebody going to cut it run it in metal pipe it harder to get to

76 out of 125



April 4, 2014

Location: Canada

Awesome Product , Good Quality , Easy to Use.

77 out of 125



April 4, 2014

Location: INDY


Honestly I was tired of terrible resolution on my cameras which would basically confirm that something happened at the house, while providing no real details...great recipe for piece of mind.

These thing are incredible! The field of view has almost doubled, greatly increasing what I can see and monitor, not to mention that the quality of the image off of the DVR is insane...I can see every blade of grass in my yard.

Furthermore, installation of the hardware was as breeze, and setting up the DVR as well as networking was very straightforward once I opened my eyes and read the simple instructions included in the kit. (I always think I can do it myself - rarely holds true LOL)

Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend that anyone considering upgrading their camera system choose Lorex...I waited way too long and if I had chosen to act sooner I would know who followed my wife home the other day. Had someone walking around on the property yesterday and thank God that I had Lorex on my property...EASILY identified the individual (as well as all of their facial defects due to the quality of the image LOL) and promptly called them out for trespassing.

Keep up the good work Lorex and thanks for the TRUE piece of mind that you have afforded my wife and I.


The P's.

78 out of 125

CA Texas


February 19, 2014

Location: Austin, Texas

Several of my neighbors have security systems, but the image quality is so bad all you can see is someone on their front porch with no possible way to identify who it is. I decided I wanted a HD system or none at all. When I saw the 8 HDef Camera, 2TB DVR system from Lorex, I knew it was the one for me. The installation could not have been easier and the DVR configuration took no time. I can now view my house in real time from anywhere in the world (I have already tried from several different countries). I can also remotely playback the recordings so I can see the entire scene that the emailed snapshot was taken from (cool feature). I have much more peace of mind when I travel. I also use the Windows Client to view my front door in real time when someone rings the bell. I have had an occasion to contact tech support and they were able to help with the issues in a timely manner. Great product and support. I am recommending this system to my low res neighbors.

79 out of 125



February 14, 2014

Location: Los Gatos, CA

I upgraded to the Lorex EcoHD because we needed a better quality picture at my business I was not disappointed!! The sharp picture is much better than our older system. Installation is vary straight forward and I love the iphone app. I would recommend this system to others.

80 out of 125

Mildred Hunting Club


February 10, 2014

Location: Buffalo Co. Wi

I pruchased this product to monitor the deer coming into our small food plot behind the cabin. It runs 24hrs a day. We have 3 monitors hooked up to the DVR to feed the video into the cabin. Great day time & night time video. I am not a tech guy, I had the system set up and ready to go within 2 hrs. As always with technology there was way to many options for what I was looking for. Overall a perfect fit for our hunting club

81 out of 125



January 29, 2014

Location: New Orleans, LA

I bought this surveillance system to replace the analog system that I had for 4 years. At first I was a little hesitated about the cost of this system compare to what I paid for the analog. After researching and reading the reviews I went ahead and purchased the system. So far, I been really impress with this system.

Pros: installation and setup straight forward, excellent video quality (during the day and night), a lot of support documents on the website

Cons: DVR a little noisy, easy connect wizard software is buggy, can't reuse existing cables unless it is coaxial.

82 out of 125



January 23, 2014

Location: Clarksville, TN

Also got a 1080 TV to match the 1080 camera system. Detail and motion is perfect, no jerking or frozen images as in my old system. Good night vision too.

83 out of 125

Bay Area


January 10, 2014

Location: VA

Very good system, Once we got it all setup and got help from customer support everything has worked very well just as expected, Picture quality is very good and the system is very versatile with many options -Great Product

84 out of 125



January 8, 2014

Location: home

Very good system,clear pictures,reasonable price.

85 out of 125



January 6, 2014

Location: san jose, ca

network set up instructions require additional detail for managing in subnetwork. disappointed that can not save files as other formats needed to provide to law enforcement.

86 out of 125



December 26, 2013

Location: wi

Night vision works great and setup is very easy.

87 out of 125



December 18, 2013

Location: Harbor City, California

System performs well with easy setup and crystal clear views. I previously purchased a standard system and this HD system blows it away. I placed it in a ventilated closet to muffle the fan noise and use an IR extender for remote control. It would be nice to add a PTZ camera to utilize the fantastic clarity.

88 out of 125



November 29, 2013

Location: Vancouver Canada

Very easy to install and setup. More than enough wire, in 1 case way too much cameras work fantastic, easy to go back and view events. Tip: add a second sata drive. Monitoring from a remote location or your phone is super simple to set up.

89 out of 125



November 22, 2013

Location: Arizona

the Lorex unit was easy to configure for remote viewing. It's worth the extra cost for 1080p.

90 out of 125



November 19, 2013

Location: Long Beach, CA

We upgraded to the Lorex EcoHD because we were told that the quality of the picture was much better than our older system. We were immediately impressed with the quality - everything is crystal clear including the night bugs that cross the path of our cameras. What is even more impressive is how quickly it was to load the program onto our computer and there is an App to view the cameras as well on my IPhone which I especially love. I have peace of mind every time I hear something weird outside of our home or our dog starts barking to be able to view all my cameras from my IPhone in the middle of the night instead of getting up out of bed to go to our computer. Absolutely love the Lorex brand and most definitely recommend it!

91 out of 125



November 18, 2013

Location: Hawaii

Bought this product online at a good price. Easy to set up the DVR and cameras. Hardest part was running the cables. Satisfied with the product so far.

92 out of 125

jeff branham


November 14, 2013

Location: fort worth texas

Had other system that failed - researched and found your system...A+ Incredible definition - wide angles - night vision top notch - being able to view from house and phone leaves us with a securer feeling without having to be at the shop 24/7. We highly recommend - thank you Lorex

93 out of 125



November 6, 2013

Location: brooklyn, ny

Very nice system. Picture is very clear. Easy installation. Recommend to everyone who wants to feel secured.

94 out of 125



November 5, 2013

Location: Orange County, CA

I was able to set up (as suggested-prior to installation) and have the system running within 30 minutes. The computer online upgrading that is required with start up is a little cumbersome but necessary.
Both daylight (color) and low-light (black and white) picture quality are quite good. The DVR fan is a little noisy but with the DVR placement away from the monitor (with an extension for the mouse), it can be tolerated. Two of my camera placements will exceed the 60 ft. length of siamese video cable that was included with the cameras necessitating the purchase of 100 ft. lengths. I will be replacing one of the 8 HD cameras with a vandal-proof camera for the front door area, but am happy with the quality of the cameras overall.
Price and quality seem to have come together with this camera system.

95 out of 125



November 3, 2013

Location: Mississauga

Wonderful product, amazing quality , no problem at all

96 out of 125



October 27, 2013

Location: NJ

Very impressed with ease of installation. Had 6 external cameras and 1 internal camera installed in 4 hours in a 6000 sf home by 1 electrician. Connected everything and it came right up without 1 issue. The HD quality is superior to any I have seen . I travel often and now can leave town with a sense of security that I never had with a typical Central Station alarm system.
Would definitely recommend this product!!

97 out of 125



May 30, 2013

Location: California

Unfortunately the jury is still out on this system. We installed it recently and 1 out of the 4 cameras had a bad piggy-tail cable. Fortunately, Lorex customer service was able to issue a RMA so we returned it for a functioning camera. After 2.5 weeks, the new camera arrived but the red LED lights would cycle on and off (when operating in darkness), so we are still debugging that problem.

After running the system for a month, another camera (#1) is now flaking out. It seems that at night, the images would get scrambled up where horizontal blocks of images would get shuffled randomly.

Lorex Technical Support said they would like to see this problem happening live so they can help debug the system, so we are waiting for it to fail during the day so we can get the problem resolved. Wait time for Tech Support is around 30+ minutes so far.

When the system works, the image quality is good.
Will see what happens. If the problems get resolved, we will post a follow-up review and adjust the rating accordingly.

98 out of 125



May 29, 2013

Location: New Orleans

Product was a breeze to setup.

My mac was tricky to get to operate with the dvr, but tech support answered all my questions and helped me get it going.

High quality image, good infrared.

System is hard to beat.

99 out of 125



April 28, 2013

Location: Albany, NY

100 out of 125



April 8, 2013

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Excellent purchase

I purchased this equipment after extensive research on various similar products. This is the best value you can get for advanced technology. All operating features are simple to use. I could have rated 5 this product if the App for remote access was more stable. Also, I was unable to set up remote access either on my MacBook at home or Windows at work. I may need to go through some more readings. Overall, I am quite satisfied from this purchase.

101 out of 125



April 6, 2013

Location: Baltimore,MD

Easy for first timers

This is the first time we have done a security camera system. It qas easy to install and I am impressed by the clear color of all of the images. I would highly recommend this product for easy do it yourselfers.

102 out of 125



April 6, 2013

Location: Sainte-perpétue, qc

Best thing ever.

I love it, because I used to have trouble with people around my house. Now that they know that I have Lorex camera I had no problem since then.Thank you Lorex really good quality product easy and user friendly. Love to see my home from my phone.

103 out of 125



April 6, 2013

Location: Sainte-perpétue, qc

Best thing ever


"I love it, because I used to have trouble with people around my house. Now that they know that I have Lorex camera I had no problem since then.Thank you Lorex really good quality product easy and user friendly. Love to see my home from my phone."

104 out of 125



April 4, 2013

Location: Mckinney, Texas

"Definitely recommend this product. I like the zoom capability without the pixelation appearance you get from other cameras with a lower pixel count. I enjoy the remote viewing from my I-phone, the app works great. My house has cat5 network so I can view the cameras on all the TVs and computers on my the network with a interactive remote. One push of the remote source button and I can see clear images from the cameras in HD. Nice product."

105 out of 125



April 4, 2013

Location: Carrollton, TX

Great picture, east to install and view remotely


"The quality of the picture is considerably better than non-HD systems. Can check on the house from the office on my smart phone. If alarm goes off, can inform alarm company if there is a real threat."

106 out of 125



April 2, 2013

Location: Nevada

This is a very good product I never even thought that I would get the best features of this product at a very affordable price. I love it and would highly recommend it to my friends.

107 out of 125



March 30, 2013

Location: Spring, Tx

108 out of 125



March 29, 2013

Location: va

great cameras


The cameras were easy to install and setup. Great picture.

109 out of 125



March 28, 2013

Location: Albany, NY

Lorex HD 1080 Securtiy Cams

The setup was easy and straight forward. The quick setup guide was very helpful. The recorded video is very clear and the zoom and pan works well. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that the live video is not as clear as the recorded.

110 out of 125



March 28, 2013

Location: Atlanta, GA

Reliable/excellent Product

I purchased the security system in December 2012; the installation was easy and required a couple of hours to complete the process. The ability to view the cameras throughout the day has added a since of security. The cameras are clear in either in both modes. I have recommended this product to family and friends. They are also enjoying the benefits of having the cameras installed. Lorex design the DVR with clear directions for viewing the footage. Great product!!

111 out of 125



March 28, 2013

Location: Huntsville, AL

Great Purchase

The Lorex 4-channel HD camera system has allowed me to clearly monitor every transaction of my business via the internet. The clarity is amazing and the reliability is second to none.

112 out of 125



March 28, 2013

Location: Huntsville, AL

113 out of 125



March 28, 2013

Location: Atlanta, GA

Reliable/excellent Product

I purchased the security system in December 2012; the installation was easy and required a couple of hours to complete the process. The ability to view the cameras throughout the day has added a since of security. The cameras are clear in either in both modes. I have recommended this product to family and friends. They are also enjoying the benefits of having the cameras installed. Lorex design the DVR with clear directions for viewing the footage. Great product!!

114 out of 125



March 27, 2013

Location: Quebec

Super qualité, exellent produit, livraison rapide. Je recommande a tout le monde.

115 out of 125



March 26, 2013

Location: Michigan

This is the best surveillance system ever! The camera quality is top notch both day and night vision. I purchased a lesser (600 TVL) system and the night vision was useless. I've purchased my second system because I was so pleased with the original one.

116 out of 125



March 26, 2013

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Excellent Quality 

HD video quality is excellent. Night vision works great and setup is very easy.

117 out of 125



March 26, 2013

Location: New York, NY

Great Camera System!

Good visibility at night, daylight even better! Great Value!

118 out of 125



March 26, 2013

Location: Lawrence, MA


I recently purchased this camara system for my home and it works very well. The camaras are very clear even at night with the night vision. I can see the camaras thru my iPhone while I'm at work, I went on vacation to Puerto Rico and I could see them clearly as well. I would recommend this product 100% no questions asked. If u don't have this product then u don't care about protecting your home and your family.

119 out of 125



March 26, 2013

Location: Located in rural Kentucky

Nice Product

Set up was fairly easy and questions/issues were worked out with tech support staff. Calls were returned and emails were answered.

Most importantly, several months after the purchase and everything still works without any issues. Will probably purchase another system for my office.

120 out of 125



March 26, 2013

Since purchasing this surveillance system I have yet to experience anything negative about it. Viewing multiple angles of the exterior of my humble abode has left my family with a sense of security we never had before.

Greatly recommended.

121 out of 125



March 26, 2013

Location: Columbus, OH

Excellent Quality

HD video quality is excellent. Night vision works great and setup is very easy.

122 out of 125



March 26, 2013

Greatly recommended.

123 out of 125



March 13, 2013

Location: south

Great viewing from around the world

We use this product for home security. Hardware set up was uneventful. Port forwarding was quite a challenge. After a couple of calls to customer service, they were able to finish the set up remotely. The main reason for the 4 stars is the very high quality of the picture at night both on the local monitor and when I am viewing remotely. The main reason that it is not 5 stars is that there is limited security accessing one of these DVRs from an apple product. All that is needed is the url and the client port that was setup by the user and or installer. The best way to overcome this is to set up a wide range of client ports. You can then change your assigned one occasionally. Not as good as including a password also which is required when using a windows product, but better than just the default client port. Also, we have had a more stable connection when viewing remotely with a windows based computer.

124 out of 125



March 13, 2013

We use this product for home security. Hardware set up was uneventful. Port forwarding was quite a challenge. After a couple of calls to customer service, they were able to finish the set up remotely. The main reason for the 4 stars is the very high quality of the picture at night both on the local monitor and when I am viewing remotely. The main reason that it is not 5 stars is that there is limited security accessing one of these DVRs from an apple product. All that is needed is the url and the client port that was setup by the user and or installer. The best way to overcome this is to set up a wide range of client ports. You can then change your assigned one occasionally. Not as good as including a password also which is required when using a windows product, but better than just the default client port. Also, we have had a more stable connection when viewing remotely with a windows based computer.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

125 out of 125

no longer feels victimized


November 15, 2012

"This camera system was very easy to install and the picture quality is very good in the day time, night vision is good but a little blurry. I would recommend this system"



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