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ECO HD 8 Channel Series Security DVR with 1080p HD Cameras


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High Definition Peace of Mind

Experience the HD difference and keep an eye on what matters. The LHD200 boasts high definition 1080p video and real-time recording (30 frames per second) on all channels, producing crystal clear images that are true to life. Use the impressive digital zoom both in live view and in playback to never miss out on important details. This one-of-a-kind surveillance DVR features Lorex's innovative Stratus Solution, a groundbreaking service that uses cloud technology to connect your cameras to your smartphone, tablet and/or computer. Best of all, setup can be completed in just three incredibly easy steps.

The HD-SDI DVR offers dual streaming to conserve bandwidth, and Pentaplex operation for added flexibility. It allows you to view, record, playback, back up and remotely control the system - all at once.

The DVR comes with an HDMI output for convenient connection to your HDTV. Connect to your TV or PC screen for exceptional video and audio quality. Record with confidence on the pre-installed, 100% duty-cycle surveillance grade hard drive designed for 24/7 operation. Stay informed thanks to instant email alerts with snap shot attachments.

View your world like never before with the detail and clarity of high definition 1080p security cameras. The vandal-resistant design uses a cable pass-through bracket, which protects connection cables from being tampered with by intruders. True colour HD video is ensured with Lorex's automatic light filtering infrared technology, providing the high quality recordings you expect from a security solution. The camera's unique split glass design minimizes IR reflection and the anti-glare feature ensures clear images even under strong lighting conditions. Cameras are weatherproof (IP66 rated) and can be mounted either indoors or outdoors. This security system includes two cable kits each featuring a 4-in-1 power adapter, along with eight 60ft mini-RG59 / power extension cables. This means you can install your cameras as soon as you open the box!

This unique system comes with everything you need to start monitoring your world. The 8-channel ECO HD-SDI DVR features full 1080p HD viewing and real-time recording, offering impeccable high definition footage day or night. The system includes eight HD 1080p cameras, allowing you to cover your entire property. And best of all, Stratus Connectivity allows you to set up remote connectivity in just a few minutes without any recurring fees. See the HD difference when you watch over what matters.

LHD200 Series compatibility chart

HDTV Ready

High definition interface with HDMI output for easy connection to a TV

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Flexible installation

Variety of installation options are available.



HD-SDI Digital Video Recorder Features:

  • HD-SDI full HD 1080p (1920x1080)1
  • Real-time recording (30 fps per channel)
  • Digital Zoom in live view & playback
  • Dual streaming to conserve bandwidth2
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Backup & Remotely control the system simultaneously
  • 24x7 100% duty cycle HDD preinstalled. Supports 2 HDD (expandable up to 8TB)
  • HDMI Output for convenient connection to HD TVs or monitors
  • Remote Viewing on PC, Mac, smartphone & tablet †
  • LOREX Stratus Solution - Quick & simple internet cloud connectivity3
  • Instant e-mail alerts with snap shot attachments


Camera Features:

  • 1080p (1920 x 1080) 2 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor
  • Megapixel 4mm lens for superior detail and wide angle viewing (79° FOV)
  • Automatic Infrared Filter ensures true & accurate color in all lighting conditions
  • Lorex ClearNight imaging ensures clear night vision and improves recording efficiency using Digital Noise Reduction technology
  • Split glass design minimizes IR reflection
  • Anti-glare feature ensures clear images under strong lighting conditions
  • Night Vision up to 155ft away in typical night time ambient lighting and 100ft away in total darkness4
  • Vandal-resistant design: Cable pass-through wall-mount bracket protects connection cables
  • Weatherproof (IP66) rated housing for indoor/outdoor installations5
  • 60ft RG59 high-grade Siamese (video & power) coaxial cable for flexible installation6



1. High-Definition Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI) uncompressed high definition broadcast-grade video over standard coax cable. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution, quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
2. HD video streaming locally to the DVR. Optimized lower resolution steaming for mobile devices. Mobile connectivity is dependent on bandwidth and resolution of the mobile device.
3. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). An upload speed of 1Mbps is recommended for the best video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time.
4. IR Illumination range under ideal conditions. Actual range and clarity may vary depending on scene/object reflection and camera application. Measurements are calculated using total darkness and ambient lighting conditions. Picture automatically switches to B&W delivering better clarity in low light conditions.
5. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.
6. Use the included extension cables, or visit for compatible RG59 extension cables. Regular BNC extension cables are not compatible with this camera. In order to maintain high definition video quality, extending the existing 100ft RG59 Coaxial cable is NOT acceptable. For longer cables runs, use a single cable up to 300ft.
† Smart Phone & Tablet Compatibility: iPad®, iPhone®, Android (version 2.2 & above). Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). For the latest compatibility list check as new models become available in the market.










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1 out of 22


Location: Melbourne, FL

The picture is great. Set up isn't bad if you have time. If you don't you may skip some steps like I did and have to go back but if you read carefully you can find the answer on the website and in the manual. Overall this is a good product and worth the money.

2 out of 22


Location: Olympia, WA

Everything is good and my wife loves being able to see the drive and front door on her phone. My only complaint is it times our in the summer if the main box gets warm. I have it upstairs in a bedroom and even with plenty of ventilation around it, It will reboot if I don't have the A/C going. I don't live in a hot climate either.

3 out of 22


Location: Oregon Coast

I purchased this system from Costco for a Great price. Setting up the cameras was easy. But when it came time to set up the internet side of it the system would and could not recognize my Router. Spent several hours trying to get the internet side of the system set up, so as to be able to view via other locations. The instructions are Lousy to say the least. Lorex needs to develop a better instruction book to assist people with their set up. Over all I am satisfied but still need to get Customer support to help with the internet side of it. And that will take some time as it is up to over an hour wait to speak with someone.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you and can be reached from Monday - Saturday, 9:00am - 10:00pm EST at 1-877-755-6739

4 out of 22


Location: NJ

I purchased this unit last year and its very noisy for some reason like it about to break down.. I shut it off to see If I was able to re-start it but the noise was worse. I also had (1) Camera go out
I dint know if I would buy another one at this time...Im shopping around for a new system thats quite because I cant take that noise anymore...

5 out of 22


Location: Concord, CA

I am amazed at how easy it was to set this system up! It works great, especially the remote viewing feature. I would be happy to recommend it to a friend.

6 out of 22


Location: Riverdale, GA

I purchased my 8 channel DVR and 4 Cameras July 2014.. I did not install the cable until some 3 months later due to 105 degree attic temperature..Once the cameras were in place I added 2 more cameras..Well pleased with the system overall. However, the DVR had to be replaced and I decided to buy another DVR from Lorex mainly because of the Stratus Design Program that is routed thru my computer. Hopefully, this second DVR will have more life than a one year Warranty.

7 out of 22


Location: Connecticut - whole bldg coverage

The system itself works beautifully and the image is extraordinary. Set up was a bit more difficult than I would've liked however I must say tech-support was better than I had expected they took all the time and explained a in detail and I am now up and running. Yes. I would recommend. In fact I believe I will be buying another system for another location

8 out of 22


Location: MI

I updated my old, lower resolution system with this system. Purchased in January, 2014 from Costco. Really appreciated the fact that I could utilize my existing cabling with the HD-SDI technology and pick up greater resolution. Set up was straightforward and appreciate the remote view capability which was difficult with my old system. Operation has been trouble free thus far. Would recommend this system for those looking to upgrade their coaxial wired systems.

9 out of 22


Location: NY

Instructions included were very thorough and easy to follow. Installation was a snap, although crawling around my attic at 66 yrs old did a number on my knees. System produces high quality picture on all 8 cameras. Playback & viewing is easily accomplished. Just like any program, the more you use it, the easier it becomes.

My neighbors saw the system and how well it worked and purchased a system also.

App on my Samsung tablet works just fine too...

Would definitely recommend it to a prospective buyer.

10 out of 22


Location: Oregon

Would not recommend. Picture quality is very good when the system works. I bought mine from Costco in 2013 and installed it at a remote location which I visit only a few times each year. After a short period, I had problems with the camera connections at the back of the DVR. Any movement of the cables would cause the cameras to disconnect. When I reported it to Lorex they agreed to replace the DVR. That in itself was a hassle. I had to either return the old one or pay for a new one before they would send a replacement. Because it was at the remote location, I chose to pay for a new one in order to minimize my down time. Once I returned the old one Lorex did refund my cost of the new one. Once I installed the new one, I started having problems immediately. The DVR connection problem continued. After approximately 6 months, I found I could not log in to the system remotely. When I was able to return to the remote location I found that the cameras were cycling on and off. They would stay on for maybe 30 seconds and then the screen would go blank. After a short period the cameras (at least some of them) would come back on but only for a few seconds. The system is now out of warranty so my only options are to pay the outrageous price for a replacement Lorex DVR or go with a similar system from another company. I don't know whether the Lorex cameras will work with a system from another company. If not, I would have to replace the four cameras all mounted in hard to reach locations. All in all, not a good experience with Lorex. I rate it at two rather than one only because the picture quality is good when it worked. But what good is picture quality if there is no picture.

11 out of 22


Location: Santa Fe, NM

We were very impressed with the quality of the product we received...The instructions were clear and easy to follow...The unit installed quickly and worked immediately. We would definitely buy this product again.

12 out of 22


Location: california

The system is pretty good and the HD cameras produce a great picture and quality. There are lots of recording options including motion sensing with various sensitivities to reduce the total recording time. The lorex mobile app is great for remote viewing although at times it's buggy in terms of logging in. The playback options are pretty good and you can record and play back at the same time, however, during so on the app sometimes fails to work.
Tech support has been great with answering questions but getting someone on the line takes around 30-40 minutes. Also, the DDNS feature has been difficult to set up. Overall, the picture/recording quality is good.

13 out of 22


Location: trinidad

great product,best quality video,everything you want in a security camera system.set up over the internet straight forward,however still have to sought out a problem logging on to the ddns lorex site to view

14 out of 22


Location: Oregon

The system worked well initially and the video quality was much better than the non-HD models. I currently have a problem however. The BNC connectors on the back of the DVR do not connect well. When the cords are moved, the connections come and go. Channel 2 does not work at all.
I have contacted tech support both online by creating tickets and by phone. I have since received emails telling me that the tickets were closed but the problem has not been resolved.
The phone contact told me the DVR was defective, that I should email them proof of purchase and I would be contacted for a mailing address to which to send the new DVR. The system is still under warranty. I sent the proof of purchase but have not yet been contacted.
I found contacting tech support difficult. The first time I tried to open a ticket online, I would type in the information but could not send it. It would time-out and I would have to start all over again. I did this several times and finally gave up.
Phone support required long wait times (30 minutes). Maybe I just caught them at a busy time, don't know. When I did get to speak with a tech he seemed knowledgeable and was very helpful. It's been over 24 hours, however, and I still have not gotten the follow-up phone call.

15 out of 22


Location: Louisville

Excellent system! have had it installed for several months without a hitch. Excellent playback. I also have the 16 camera for business and it works great. I wish this unit had the right click playback k=like the 16 camera.

16 out of 22


Location: Washington state

This set up works great. The picture quality is great. This item is worth buying on sale.
If your looking for an easy set up system this is the one for you.

17 out of 22


Location: Hillsboro, Oregon

I love the clarity of this at 1080p on my monitor. It's like watching TV. The iPad app gives me really nice control, whether I'm at work or at home remotely viewing over the net. The night vision is simply amazing at 1080p. I can clearly see the back wall of the warehouse 60-70 feet away. These systems have come a long way. The support is pretty quick as well. In my experience, the support ticket was answered in just a few hours, not days.

18 out of 22


Location: Mississippi

I have not installed my system completely as yet but so for I am very impressed with it. I have connected and tested out some of the features and it is great.

19 out of 22


Location: Tamarac FL

Incredible video and product. Very pleased with everything. Dome and Bullet cameras are very small with HD output (1080P). Everything works as advertised.

Con: I did have an issue with a Dome camera Cat 5e cable being extended past 100 ft. Bought a 50 ft cable and adapter from Amazon and when connected to the dome, the infrared lights flashed briefly and then off. No Video. Connecting a bullet to the same 150' worked without out. I Figured out a way to rerun the 100' without having to use the extra 50 and the dome works fine.

20 out of 22


Location: Massachusetts

Overall I think this is a great product but it's not perfect. I know there's a period of time it takes to tweak a system and I've been doing that. Setting up the system to be able to watch on the internet or your smartphone was very easy and worked great. Setting up the system to send an email when it sensed motion in an area you set, not so easy. You can use Lorex's email server or set up your own. At first the Lorex server simply wouldn't work for me. I called several times and after a 2 hour phone call, it is now sending me emails with snapshot attachments. Some of them are perfect with a true motion detected. Others are of nothing. Other times it will send an email with photo attachment 12 hours after the fact. By then, the crime has long been done. Even with he sensitivity set to it's lowest setting, it's still sensing motion when nothing is in the area I picked (you can set the area in the frame where you want it to send an email with photo attachment if any motion is detected). On another note, even though the cameras are full HD and you can do a digital zoom, you'll be hard pressed to make out a license plate at 150 feet or more. Again, overall it's a good system and will show faces clearly from 20 to 30 feet but if you're looking to pick up a face of someone breaking into your car that's 40 feet or so away, it's not as clear as I'd hoped it would be.

21 out of 22


Location: Morel 6

Good good good no can't bet this 1080p camera & dvr.
I love this ECO HD 8 Channel Series Security DVR with 1080p HD Cameras

Thank you

22 out of 22


Location: Morel 6

Good good good no can't bet this 1080p camera & dvr.
I love this ECO HD 8 Channel Series Security DVR with 1080p HD Cameras

Thank you



BNC security coupler


Security surveillance microphone











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