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8 Channel Series Security DVR system with 1080p HD Cameras


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View your World in HD

Experience the gold standard in analog surveillance video that is second only to being there yourself. This HD DVR records video in real-time at 1080p HD on all 8 channels. Including 4 or 8 fully-loaded megapixel security cameras, this system uses standard BNC cabling to transmit stunning HD images for a surveillance experience like no other. Maintain vigilance with best-in-class image quality and view your world with new eyes.

FLIR Cloud connectivity solution

Introducing FLIR Cloud™, our innovative hassle-free cloud connection service. Say goodbye to IP & router port forwarding issues - you can quickly and easily connect to your security system using a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. FLIR Cloud™ will have you viewing your system remotely within minutes on your iOS® or Android™ device. Simply download the free App, scan the QR code and start viewing your world securely online! Stay abreast of important developments with push notifications for motion events, and instant email alerts with snapshot attachments.

Works With

The HD DVR is bundled with 1080p wired HD bullet cameras that provide superb surveillance footage both day and night. The cameras are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, with a fully weatherproof, polycarbonate housing that stands up against intruders and the elements. See it all, day and night, with best-in-class low light clarity, close up recognition in the dark with Smart IR, and an impressive night vision range of up to 130ft (40m).

Security certified hard drive

Record to the security grade 100% duty-cycle hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at 1080p HD (1920x1080) for the highest resolution, or change the settings to a lower resolution for extended recording time.

For those who already own a wired security system, upgrading to HD surveillance has never been easier - simply swap out your old BNC cameras for new 1080p wired HD cameras that use the same cabling. Extend the video signal up to 800ft (242m) with a single run of RG59 coaxial cable for flexible installation.

Extend video up to 800ft with RG59 coaxial cable

Connect the HD DVR to a TV or LCD monitor with industry standard HDMI and VGA inputs. The intuitive interface with simple menus and icons allow for easy & efficient security DVR programming. Other advanced features of the HD DVR include click-and-drag digital zoom in live view and playback, dynamic drag & drop camera assignment, and PTZ control through coaxial cabling.

1080 MPX Comparison Chart
  HD 1080 Digital IP HD 720 Digital IP HD 1080 Analog BNC HD 720 Analog BNC
Recording Full 1080p HD (1920x1080) 720p HD (1280x720) Analog 1080p HD (1920x1080) 720p HD (1280x720)
Platform 1080p HD NVR systems 720p HD NVR systems 1080p HD DVR systems 720p HD DVR systems
Video Digital IP / RJ45 connection Digital IP / RJ45 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection
Power PoE (Power over Ethernet) PoE (Power over Ethernet) Standard DC power Standard DC power
Installation Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Cameras require wired connection to DVR Cameras require wired connection to DVR

HDTV Ready

High definition interface with HDMI output for easy connection to a TV

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Flexible installation

Variety of installation options are available.



Digital Video Recorder features:

  • True 1080p recording on all cameras 1
  • 24/7 security-grade hard drive
  • Continuous, scheduled and motion recording
  • H.264 video compression 2
  • HDMI cable included for simple connection to HD TVs
  • PTZ cameras supported, remote control through App 1
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & daylight savings time
  • Click and drag digital zoom in live view and playback
  • 2 video outputs (HDMI & VGA) to connect multiple monitors
  • Instant USB backup of live video from selected camera
  • Automatic firmware upgrade
  • 3-Step remote view with FLIR Cloud™ 3
  • PC and Mac compatible 4
  • Free iOS and Android compatible apps
  • Advanced apps with live viewing, playback, video recording, and snap shot
  • Push notifications of motion events
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Dual streaming to conserve bandwidth

Camera Features:

  • High definition 1080p 2.1 megapixel image sensor 5
  • Crystal clear video with outstanding detail, day or night
  • Infrared cut filter ensures accurate color representation
  • Night vision range up to 130ft (40m) in ambient lighting& 90ft (28m) in total darkness 6
  • Close up recognition in the dark with SmartIR
  • Anti-glare feature ensures clear images under strong lighting conditions
  • ClearNight imaging for superior low light performance, improving recording efficiency
  • Split glass design minimizes IR reflection
  • Weatherproof for outdoor & indoor installation (IP66 Rated) 7
  • Extreme temperature performance (-22°F ~ 122°F)
  • Wide angle 70° field of view
  • Vandal resistant design with cable pass-through bracket
  • Lightweight and durable polycarbonate housing
  • Removable camera base and integrated cable for flexible installation
  • Versatile ceiling or wall mounting options
  • Residential and business friendly compact design
  • 60ft BNC/Power extension cable included per camera
  • Energy-efficient CEC (California Energy Commission) compliant power adapter included
  • Extend the video signal up to 800ft (242m) with a singlerun RG59 coaxial cable for flexible installations 8


1. Compatible with Lorex 1080p and 720p wired HD cameras only. For a list of compatible cameras, please visit
2. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
3. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). A minimum upload speed of 1Mbps is required for the best video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time.
4. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, please visit
All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Technology Inc. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.
5. Compatible with Lorex HD DVR LHV2000 series only.
6. Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and in total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area, and light reflection / absorption level of object. In low light, the camera will switch to black and white.
7. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.
8. The extension cable must be a single stretch of cable between the DVR and camera. You cannot connect multiple extension cables to each other. For cable runs above 300ft(92m), you must connect the power adapter directly to the camera, rather than at the end of the extension cable.








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1 out of 203


Location: Amarillo, Texas

This system is the HD-1080p. I get great full color video in the daylight, and the night vision is very clear as well. I have two wide angle cameras on my shop, so I ran rg59 cable to them, 150' each, the video is very good, I can view all the way down the driveway 250' in front and 200' in the back plus I can see the neighbors drive as well. I am still working on the smart phone part, as I do not have a router to connect to the dvr.

2 out of 203


Location: Lake Tahoe

LHV2000 DVR with 8 cameras, good price at costco, enough cameras to get coverage of your property

3 out of 203


Location: Northern Calif

I was originally very happy with this unit, especially when I caught a potential car burglar on disc at night. Then, 10 months after purchase, the motherboard cooling fan quit working. The indication for anyone else this may happen to is the DVR keeps restarting. I go to the Lorex website to the Chat Now box but it tells me no one is available to Chat Now. I fill out some boxes so we can Chat Later. A day goes by but no one calls me to chat. I go to the section that lets you fill out a trouble ticket. Once completed, it says someone will contact me later. 2 days go by and I decide no one is going to contact me later. So I call the customer service number and get a recording telling me the wait time is 15 minutes or more. 60 minutes later by the call timer on my phone, I get to talk to a live person that confirms my DVR is still under warranty. She tells me to hold while she connects me to Tech Support. ANOTHER 45 minutes and I finally get connected to Tech Support. The Tech tells me that the DVR will need to be replaced and that if I want the replacement sent out immediately, I’ll need to provide a credit card number for a $150 deposit, refundable when they receive the bad unit. He also has me email a jpeg of my original receipt even though customer service has already confirmed my warranty. I try to give him my card number but he says I have to give it to customer service and to hold while he connects me. 10 minutes later (I had the Tech stay on hold with me) I’m back with customer service, who tells me they cannot take my card info, I have to call another number. Total call time, 2 HOURS 15 MINUTES!!! I call the other number and within 5 minutes it’s done. Amazing how fast the take your money part goes! The replacement DVR showed up 4 days later. Unfortunately, there was no return shipping label or instructions on how to get the bad DVR back to them. I emailed Tech Services 3 days ago but still no reply. Bottom line, good product but absolutely the worst for customer service. P.S. - If anyone from Lorex responds to this, please don't tell me to call customer support so I can wait on the phone for another hour. Life is too short!

Our apologies for any difficulty you experienced. We have sent you the return instructions.

4 out of 203


Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

I am surprised how far this kind of technology has come. I bought my 8 channel (6 cameras included) 1080p Lorex System from Costco in summer 2016. Its as easy to install as mounting cameras, running wire and pluging in. There's a combined power/image cable to each camera, which plugs into the video recorder at the other end. Then there's just one hdmi cable to your computer monitor or tv, turn on the video recorder and you're watching multiple camera images at VERY high def. color in the daytime or very sharp images in the pitch black at night.

I'd buy this again and I'll recommend it to anyone. Costco has a good deal too.

5 out of 203


Location: Arkansas

great product, there is a lot of information on how to setup the system. the only suggestion is that will be good to have a video step by step instructions,
for someone that is not technical, the picture is real good quality.

6 out of 203


Location: Leominster

I am planning on buying a LVH2000 system, and wanted to see how it differed from the MPX system that is now on the Lorex website. Called Lorex within 2 mins of their opening time and spoke with Sales (option 1). I was surprised by the wait time (30 minutes). The sales person was friendly and helpful. I am still planning to buy the product as it seems a good deal for a good product, but be aware of the phone time waits.

7 out of 203


Location: California

We purchased the 8 camera system from Costco in October 2015 and installed it ourselves. The unit has worked well ever since and I feel it was a good value for the money. the picture quality was very good and the FLIR program on my phone worked well too.

Within the last couple of days 3 of the 8 channels no longer work and the remaining 5 are blurry with horizontal line. I have placed a warrant request, and I am waiting for a response.

Thank you for your feedback. We were happy to assist you with your warranty claim.

8 out of 203


Location: Sacramento

I liked the system very much but some details that can't been noticed by website as camera box that is made by plastic and the space to connect the video cable that are to close one to the other, hopefully we don't need to be connecting and desconnecting the cameras so often, well at least it is what I hope. The functionalities are great and general quality very good, I do recommend the system.

9 out of 203


Location: Ruskin, FL

This is an outstanding value and system from Lorex. Paid $399 from Costco. HD camera's are excellent, night vision is great but is not as good as the QSee cameras I had before (wider night vision). The remote viewer is excellent (Same as QSee). Be very careful with other systems remote viewers (mobile and PC/Mac). I had purchased a Swann system from Sam's and was not able to use the system remote as the lag was so slow, had to take it back. The Lorex remote viewer and Mac desktop viewer has great performance. The cameras are plastic and the system would have gotten 5 stars had they been aluminum. They do seem very well made though and more sturdy/stable than the QSee. Software configuration same as the QSee system. I was able to use existing BNC cables from previous QSee install (960x480) cameras. For Systems out there $500 and below not going to get much better.

10 out of 203


Location: Seattle

I've spent several hours now trying to get the LHV828 system that I bought from Costco working. The system comes packed very nicely, all cameras, DVR, cables...but does not come with power cables for the cameras. Seems they are not included so basically the system is a book end until I buy the power cables for the cameras. I would not recommend this based on that issue.

Thank you for your feedback. We are happy you have since informed us you found the cables. If you require any assistance with the set-up, our technical support team would be happy to help you and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

11 out of 203


Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Bought second set from Costco at an unbeatable on sale price. 1080p with fish eye view is great. Love it. Programming isn't easy but works out ok at the end.

12 out of 203


Location: Louisiana

The cameras and DVR were installed without a glitch, even though my attic was very hot!! this time of year (mid June). I did need to purchase a coupler for two of the BNC cables in order to extend the included 60' ones as I had two runs over 60'. This is not recommended by LOREX, but seems to work just fine. Since I did not use all 8 cameras I had the extra cables. The cameras were instantly recognized by the DVR and have worked well. The cameras are very lightly constructed and seem that they could be easily damaged. I recommend they be installed in a protected location.

I purchased an inexpensive HD TV (720P) for my monitor and it suits my needs for now. I will consider upgrading to a 1080P TV/monitor in the future in order to view full HD.

The software is fairly well documented in a downloadable manual (not included in the box), but I am still struggling to fully utilize all the features of the system. It has been a challenge to get the correct settings for the motion alarms. I finally figured out the zone feature, but the sensitivity is still not as desired. It is very much trial and error. The search feature is not intuitive at all and it is very complicated to find and view specific events. Also, I still can't find where snapshots are recorded. I will admit that I am still new with the system and over time I hope to be able to efficiently use the software. LOREX's support site could use more FAQ.

I downloaded the Android App and it seems to work OK, however I downloaded the IPad version and have yet to get it to recognized my system. I have seen a lot of negative posts about the Apps, but the Android has worked to my satisfaction so far.

I've given the system a solid 4 stars. I could go to 4-1/2 except for the software. I'd go 5 stars if I knew that the system holds up over time. This system, purchased at COSTCO, is an exceptional value for the price.

13 out of 203


Location: Pleasant hill, ca

Do I need a 1080p monitor to view the image??? having a problem after installing it.

We will be happy to assist you with this. Please call us at 1-877-755-6739. Thank you.

14 out of 203


Location: Orlando, Fl.

I upgraded to my current model # LH2108lTC4B of which I truly love & enjoy seeing it. What a difference a color camera makes & what you can see at night is terrific too. Love how you can switch from any one or four in just seconds. And the recording time is amazing, very long to say the least. I have mine going now for almost a month now & still going on 1080p recording. The features alone are worth the price. Not to mention that I was able to see it all on my Android phone by Tracfone, (no fancy phone either) while I am out of the house. You know what is going on around your house without being there. I am sorry I did not get this system sooner. Well worth the money & a very good system with a lot of good features to boot. I give it two thumbs up.

15 out of 203


Location: upstate new york

please read about this product 100% before you buy such . I purchase one of such product from Costco it work for one week , call the customer service the technician recommend i have two 4 power adopter instead of the 8 power adopter . they company replace with another 8 power adopter with the same problem. when i call and inquire i was told the ticket close and the system keep power off every 5 minutes and the warranties is still enforce

Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to have resolved this for you. If you require further assistance, please call us at 1-888-425-6739.

16 out of 203


Location: Florida

Great system, I bought these to upgrade another system, cant believe the picture quality, it feels like i am watching tv. I recommend installing the new wires if replacing an old system they made a huge difference in quality after i permanently installed this system, and be sure to buy either an eight octopus or another 4 wire octopus power supply when u get the other 4 cameras because it only comes with a 4. Overall awesome system amazing picture quality and digital zoom, and price is great as well. Cant beat this system in this price range

17 out of 203


Location: South Dartmouth, Mass.

I bought this Lorex 960h system with 8 cameras. It did say"easy installation", however, the average person would need some basic working knowledge of running wires through your home or business. Once i got the system up and running, i was in heaven. The picture quality, the phone App., the never ending features...UNBELIEVABLE. I had the lorex HD Series wireless system prior to this one. No comparison. I love the fact that i can be anywhere and see whats going on at home. I did forget my password and called Lorex Support. I was only on hold for about 5 minutes and the Support Tech was just great and very patient while i ran from room to room to my recording box. I couldnt thank him enough for his patience. If this system lasts as long as my other one,(which still works, i gave it to my daughter), i will be a happy camper. I'm so glad i upgraded. Thank you Lorex.

18 out of 203


Location: Brooklyn NY

Picture quality of the cameras is amazing, set up was easy, site to view is a breeze, flir cloud app is decent a little buggy, crashes sometimes. Had a problem with one of the cameras lorex sent me a new one no questions asked. it was a pleasurable experience dealing with their customer service. overall I am very pleased with the camera system and customer service. just purchased two of their PTZ cameras as well, to add to my system, will review when received

19 out of 203


Location: Ontario

Good product but difficult to change settings

20 out of 203


Location: Canada

Purchased this product from Costco at what I think is a very reasonable price for a DVR, 6 cameras and all the required cabling. I will be using this system at a vacation property.

- High quality video during the day and great night coverage with infrared
- Easy to configure - Lorex FAQ and associated help documentation is very good.
- Integrated DDNS service if configured
- Integrated email notification via Lorex provided mail server (requires DDNS registration)
- motion sensing can be hard to configure to stop false notifications

Setting up for remote access outside the Flir/Cloud requires configuration of IP port forwarding on router if Upnp is turned off. Default upnp ports are not all required and could interfere with other services on your network. (Make sure the first thing you do is change the default password for the admin account).

21 out of 203


Location: NorCal

After a string of vehicle vandalism problems near my neighborhood I was spurred into installing the system I have procured a few months ago from Costco. I wish I would have installed them sooner! The image quality is superb and the night vision very capable. Camera view (angle) is excellent. I was not able to reach all of my desired camera locations with the 60' of cable I was able to adapt my installation to get very good coverage. When planning your installation at a residence, be sure to get 360 degree coverage if you can. The beeping upon start up is a bit annoying however it is by design to alert you that the network is disconnected. Since my installation was not anywhere near my internet router and running cable to that location not feasible, I picked up an IOGEAR Universal Ethernet to Wi-Fi N Adapter for Home or Office GWU627 for about $35 to essentially add wireless networking capability to this otherwise robust unit. This has proven to work well for my application. I have not had success setting up FLIR to work from networks outside of my home and this is a bit frustrating. It works great from my phone and laptop while at home but getting thing configured to work from anywhere, well that's another story. I will go back and re-read the instructions and give it another go. If the unit offered wireless network connectivity (I know it's not a feature that is being advertised but it would certainly make choosing the installation location more flexible) and the FLIR setup to work from outside the network the DVR is installed in was easier I would rate this product 5 star.

22 out of 203


Location: Bunker Hill, WV

Got the 8 camera system a few weeks ago and set everything up in my basement just to test all of the cameras, etc. Everything is working fine and I have the FLIR cloud running on 2 different computers at this time with no problems. We have not yet set it up on our phones. We have run into problems being able to run wires through our attic which has caused delays in getting the system fully operational but that is no problem of Lorex. Setup was very easy once I deciphered how to navigate the web site. In fact, that is the only complaint I have at this time. The web site is very hard to navigate and install instructions tell you to expect one when you enter the web site and it is totally different. I had the same problem with the email asking us to write a review. When I clicked on the click to write a review from the email, it just threw me into the web site and once again I had to figure out where to go to write the review!
We are very happy with the product at this point in time. If we experience any problems down the line, we will update our review.

23 out of 203


Location: Seattle

Good unit for security. Image quality is very sharp. The mobile app uses a lot of data and battery power when not on a wifi network. As a suggestion, there should be a setting to only use streaming over wifi. If I leave a wifi zone a window should pop up asking if I want to use data. There should also be another setting to set a time limit on how long streaming will run outside of wifi. That way I don't burn up my data plan too quickly.

24 out of 203


Location: Plano,TX

So far so good. All cameras working as expected, wish the software was more easy to configure.

25 out of 203


Location: ca.

just purchased the 12 ch. and have been trying to set it up. seems easy enough but all I get is a beep every minute! and the only picture that I see on the screen is the lorex symbol!!! tried calling the tech support....was on hold for over 45 minutes for them to tell me that its probly the wrong plug in. REALLY....well its not but they are no help in even trying to help me out. SO does anyone one here have any suggestions before I take this thing back?

We're sorry to hear you are having trouble. We have tried emailing you to offer assistance. Please reply to our email or you can phone technical support at 1-877-755-6739. They are available Monday to Saturday, 9am - 10pm EST. Thank you.

26 out of 203


Location: Southern California

Purchased at Costco. Very intuitive to install and very good image clarity. Scanning the QR code really speeds up the process. IPhone app works very well...overall impressed with system, especially from a quality/value standpoint.

27 out of 203


Location: Bohol, Philippines

We have the old Lorex LH161600 and its worked great and its work in other network. And now we buy 2 Lorex LHV828, we installed it. In local network it working great but in other network provider we cannot view the DVR. Any help? You can send me @ my email :

28 out of 203


Location: McKinney, TX

I just installed my system. We are excited to see the perimeter of our home. I had no issues what so ever with this package of products.
I checked all cables and cameras before running the cables. All okay! The cable runs through the attic took the most time and effort.
All cameras worked perfectly. I'm learning how to search the videos and use the system. We bought an inexpensive TV for the surveillance system, but use our smartphones mostly.
This stuff works great!

29 out of 203


Location: Colorado

Purchased at Costco. Installation was very easy. Equipment is working great. Resolution is very good. PC/phone app is nice, too. I definitely would recommend this system.

30 out of 203


Location: Victoria, BC

-Bought this as an upgrade to a 2 year old ECO system that had a 360x240 resolution.
-What a difference !
-Fortunately we had an unused HD PC monitor, to connect via HDMI, giving us a better picture.
-Easy swap out of ECO cameras, as the older cabling can stay in place.
-Only one problem !
The camera "tails" are 2 feet shorter than the older cameras, so I needed to remove stapling
to pull extra cable from within the house, to get the cameras to the same perfect position.
-Easy setup to get the App to work on our phones.
-Still trying to learn how to search my motion recordings effectively though...
-We love these guys....just wish they had the same tail lengths

31 out of 203


Location: california

I bought this 8 channel series security dvr system with 1080p HD camaras model LHV828 at my local costco two month ago. I finally install it around the house . The cameras work pretty good. It basically plug and play . The only thing have problem with is the email notification program . I have to call costco I.T to help me out with the email notification alerts setting. I set up the ddns and after that everything work good . The picture quality day and night vision are pretty good .

32 out of 203


Location: San Luis Potosi, Mexico

I need help, i can set up my ddns. The flir cloud doesnt work and when i call, te machine wants an order number. What i must to do?

Please contact our technical support team at 1-877-755-6739. Thank you.

33 out of 203


Location: Great Bend, KS

Great video! Easy to set up system to record motion. Email notifications only work when using a 3rd party smtp server. The push notifications in the app do not work at all. The app sometimes work for viewing live video but playback is difficult. Playback would be easier if the push notifications worked so you could have a video of the motion available instead of searching. The system itself works great but since the notifications within the app was the primary reason we selected this system over others I am very disappointed.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience with your push notifications. Our servers for push notifications are currently going through update.

34 out of 203


Location: Brampton, ON

Bought this set recently from Costco and had it installed from a professional. The quality looks good on my 70" TV and the FLIR Cloud app also looks good. I haven't been able to get the DDNS going and have asked Support to help as the documented settings for DDNS are not working. But the FLIR Cloud app does the job for now. The quality of the pic looks crip ini the morning and the night vision is also not that bad. one of the cameras is not working and I am having the installer look at it again. Other than that I am happy with the product.

35 out of 203


Location: California

Purchased product from Costco. Brought it back opened it up all the pieces looked like decent quality, a couple weeks later decided to run the cables and mount the cameras. Was glad to see that they give you plenty of wire length to give you more options for mounting. I should of read a little closer since there is a specific end you need to have for the cameras to plug in and the other end for the dvr.

After connecting every thing up plugged it in and was pleasantly surprised to see how clear the pictures were. The following weekend after connecting to the router I was able to get the images on my phone and tablet after downloading the app. which was quite nice. The overall experience was very good from the ease of install to setting up the dvr, Most of the time was spent running the wires and mounting the cameras.

Would definitely recommend the system.

36 out of 203


Location: Surrey, BC

I purchased this product from Costco nearly one week ago and am extremely pleased with the features, quality and price of this product. Originally, I was going to purchase a Swann NVR system that included only 2 cameras with the potential to add another 2 for a total of four. But when I went down to the store to see what they had in stock, I talked to one of their staff members who recommended this system to me. They had it set up there so that I could be the quality of the output. This system included 6 cameras and is capable of operating a total of 8, so there is double the potential of the Swann NVR system. At first I was a bit hesitant, because this Lorex system is based on old analog technology, while the Swann system is based on the newer digital technology of using IP cameras. But I believe that this system gives a lot more bang for the buck though and will do the job quite adequately.

So far I have just installed one of the cameras, and have been spending quite a bit of time getting it configured just the way I want. I did have to call the technical support department at Lorex because I was having some problems with configuring email notifications and alerts using the FLIR Cloud app for my iPhone. The email configuration part is now solved, and apparently the FLIR Cloud app needs to be fixed because there is a "bug" in it, so I am still wailing for that part to be rectified.


There are six coils of BNC connecting cable included - one for each camera. I wish they would have included at least one or two coils of 100 foot cable as I will need at least one of these to wire a camera to the other side of my house. For some undisclosed reason, the instructions say that I cannot join two of the 60 foot rolls together using adapters. So I have already gone ahead and ordered a 100 foot roll of cable that is going to cost me an additional $50+ dollars.

The included remote control is almost useless. I'm not sure why they even bothered including it.

But overall, I am very please with this purchase and would highly recommend it.

37 out of 203


Location: North Bergen, NJ

I purchased this product from Costco. The price was very good. I had done some research on security camera and found Costco's pricing to be more than reasonable for this product. After calling Lorex to clarify that the cameras and wiring provided were indoor/outdoor rated, the installation went well. The only glitch was after the cameras were installed, one camera was fuzzy and unclear. I changed cameras, but got the same distortion. Make a long story short, I ran the wire for this one camera wedged between the aluminum soffit and the aluminum J-molding. IT WAS THE ALUMINUM INTERFERING WITH THE WIRING THAT CAUSED THE DISTORTION. I read the read the literature, but found no mention of possible distortion with aluminum siding. I re-ran the wire on the surface of the siding and there was no issue. Just cost me two hours of troubleshooting.

38 out of 203


Location: Alberta

It is super easy to set up the remote viewing with the "Flir Cloud", just follow the 1, 2, 3 steps and done, no more port forward.
But set up the Email alert still a challenge for some people,it will be perfect if set up just like using the "Flir Cloud".

39 out of 203


Location: Wi

Bought this system from Costco after a theft at home. They were easy to install around the perimeter. The quality of the video is fine I expected more resolution being that it's 1080p. The night quality is fine also. The drawback is that you can't see things like a license plate on either night or day. The Dvr interface took some getting used too. The mobile app is a great bonus and pretty straightforward. They can definitely work on better instructions on how to setup the Dvr recording for layman.

40 out of 203


Location: MX

Excellent product, I switch from a 4 camera system to this one and ii couldn`t be happier,excellent quality

41 out of 203


Location: Ontario

This system is pretty decent and easy enough to set up. I've had problems with a port since the unit was new but support later helped me with a Factory Reset which helped resolve that problem - just too bad that I had to redo my settings now.
Also got a bad camera but it's going to be replaced under warranty.

42 out of 203


Location: houston

Nice camaras. Day and Night

43 out of 203


Location: Lodi CA

I got this camera for our business and I'm happy with it. This is my second Lorex system and I'm glad I got this system. The location I'm at has really poor internet connectivity. Using the Flir cloud, I am able to view the cameras from anywhere. Without the Flir application or using anything besides Lorex, I wouldn't be able to get the remote viewing to work with the internet situation that I had faced, but thanks to Lorex and Flir, it was a painless experience.

44 out of 203


Location: Sherwood Park, Alberta

Bought this unit from Costco. Very easy and simple to install, and pictures were awesome.Highly recommanded for this unit for the pricwe at $499.99. Only problem is that the wires are only 60 feet, you might have to buy longer wires. What they should do is some 60 feet and some 100 feet

45 out of 203


Location: moreno valley,calif

Purchased the system in September,had to wait for attic to cool to install.Just got them up and online.The instuctions provided
were not the user friendly to me. I placed several call to lorex
support and left call back number to hold place in line,noone
returned my calls.I finally called Costco concierge services and they were very helpful in getting the system running and solving the problems.The cameras have a clear daytime view and are adequate at night.Overall the system functions well.

46 out of 203


Location: Elk Grove, California

Since this product was installed at my residence, I did have a piece of mind and can sleep soundly.
The cameras have very clear picture on all sides of my house and was so impressive day and night.I would definitely recommend it to anybody looking for a security camera that's superb at a very affordable price.

47 out of 203


Location: Oahu

Very nice system thus far. My last DVR lasted exactly 12.5 months as the fan quit and overheated the circuit board. I hope I don't have to buy a new DVR every year. Would be really nice if Lorex gave me an extended warranty for the new DVR for doing this review as advertised on 20 Jan 16. New system LHV2008 is looking real good, was easy to set up and get working. Cameras are 1080p and look real good. Tech support was really good.

48 out of 203


Location: Portland, Oregon

The cameras show unsurpassed views both day and night. The only reason I give it a 4 instead of a 5 was because when I first installed it it would not accept the default password. After getting tech help 2 days later I was given a different password that worked. I changed the password to what I wanted and sign back in with no problem. 8 hours later I got "password invalid. The next day I called tech help again and this time problem solved by resetting everything back to default settings.

49 out of 203


Location: NY

This system worked great for a month then it started rebooting every 5 minutes. I received a second dvr and hooked it up in a new location with dedicated outlets and the new one lasted 20 minutes before it started rebooting.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Our technical support team will be happy to help you but will need you to call in 1-877-755-6739.

50 out of 203


Location: louisiana

my lhv828 security cameras have shows good details. night vision is good at close range as stated in camera details. I can view cameras on cell phone. This feature offers greater viewing flexibility. I have recommend the camera to my friends.

51 out of 203


Location: Las Vegas NV

I am truly impressed with this camera set. The picture is very clear, during the light and in the dark. This was purchased for a small business we just bought, and it gives us such peace of mind, being able to see what we need to, when we're not there.

I must add that their Customer Support is superb!!! I've needed to call 3 different times, trying to set up the viewing on several different computers. They were absolute top notch, polite, courteous, and very willing to help with anything I needed.

As the budget permits, I hope we buy another camera system for our home!

52 out of 203


Location: Bay Area

I tried to setup the gmail email notification,but it always show me email test error.

Thank you for your comment, we're sorry to hear you are having difficulty and have sent you an email. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

53 out of 203


Location: New Orleans

I was looking to buy my first home surveillance system, so I did a lot of research and finally decided on the LOREX LHV828. I bought this system at Costco and installed it myself. Everything was fairly easy, instructions were clear. Once it was all set up, I connected it to my handheld devices and everything worked as expected. I was really impressed by the image quality! It ran smoothly and images were still sharp even through my phone. I highly recommend this product.

54 out of 203


Location: Decatur, AL

Purchased 12/02/15. COSTCO price, $469, is very reasonable for this top of the line Complete Package. The components (DVR, Cameras, cables, etc.) were of sturdy, high quality. Full 1080p picture quality of the cameras, both day and night vision, is very clear. 130’ day and 90’ night vision is a long ways. Camera motion detection is very sensitive, even picking up a car ˝-block away coming down the street. 2TB HD recordings of all 8 cameras recorded for over a month before recording over. Cameras may be viewed anywhere in the house you have another TV/monitor connected to the DVR via HDMI cable. FLIR Cloud viewing of all cameras is excellent, with many options, including zooming in with any camera – especially handy if you want to see if a package has been delivered to your front door. Setup, as far as connecting the components, is easy. However, some may prefer to hire someone to run the cables through the attic, between each camera’s exterior house location and the DVR. Technical Support was very helpful with a couple questions I had & helped me customize system to my desired settings. There are many more customizable features/settings I have yet to read & learn about. For example, you can be e-mailed, with camera footage, when an alert you setup is triggered. I would have gave 5 Stars, except that I received one camera misassembled causing the picture to be upside down & one power cable not receiving power to the DVR for one camera. Purchased through COSTCO, a call to COSTCO’s Concierge Service contacted Lorex & a replacement camera & power cable were overnighted to me. I have not had any other problems. I feel safer knowing that my home & property is being monitored 24/7 by high-resolution cameras. I like being able to switch over to the cameras on my TV.

55 out of 203


Location: Québec

The image is super clear. A little bit hard to set up.

56 out of 203


Location: Texas

I had the Lorex LHV2000 installed 2 weeks ago, and so far I've been very happy with my new security cameras. The picture quality is just great. I see everything so clear both in color in IR. I highly recommend this product to anyone wanting security cameras in their home. You'll have peace of mind knowing you are seeing your home in real time, either on your desk top or hand held device.

57 out of 203


Location: PO

So far so good.

58 out of 203


Location: Georgia

Great picture and function for the price. Very impressed with the ease of installation on the hardware and the mobile connection setup was very easy. Not many 1080p systems out there for this price.

59 out of 203


Location: Us

Don't buy this. Their customer service is bad and rude and has an accent which is hard to understand. The camera worked great after one day the picture started to turn pink purpleish color. After doing all the trouble shooting that they sent to my email, they wanted me to go up where the camera is.. before they would replace it. One Costco rep, said they do get lots of technical call for Lorex. But not the Swann system. So I am taking this back to Costco and would switch to SWANN simply because I do not want a rude customer service representative.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize if you had a negative experience and are investigating this. We would have been happy to replace it under warranty for you.

60 out of 203


Location: Chicago. IL

Great picture even at night and easy to install. Flir Cloud was easy to set up and works great on my iPhone, Android tablet and PC.

61 out of 203


Location: Brampton Ontario

Purchased the LHV2008 camera system at Costco. Installed it through the Christmas Holidays and I was very impressed with the picture quality, and the simplicity of the installation. The customer support was Great!, they walked me through my questions and helped me along with the final setup. Now I'm able to see my camera system on my android phone, along with my iPad when not at home. I would defiantly recommend this to a friend.

62 out of 203


Location: Mississauga, Ontario

I bought the camera via Costco Boxing day sale. This purchase replaced a 5 year old Q-SEE system. I swapped out the cameras and the DVR and I was amazed on how easy everything went.
The camera replacement was very simple swap out as the DVR went online via network in a matter of seconds and I could access the DVR via web (which helped me position the cameras).
Everything runs seamlessly and the picture quality is excellent, much better than my last system. The pictures are clear and the night vision is excellent.
Remote access via cell phone took me about 5 minutes to setup.
The web access via wan took me about 15 minutes and LOREX provides the DDNS which is great extra ...
Play back for the unit is very easy and not complicated at all.
The DVR is very quite and overall I would recommend it to anyone looking for a QUALITY and affordable unit.

63 out of 203


Location: Canada

Great system, install went easy, images from cameras are very sharp and clear.
Only problem I had (I should have read the manual better) was that I entered a password when setting up Flir Cloud, that had special characters and was over six characters long. the app did not tell me the limitaions and accepted my password, when programming the system, it would tell me that I had an invalid password, although the password would work off and on?
Finally contacted Tech support, who were great, reset the system with a new password and everything has been good since.

64 out of 203


Location: Florida

Camera video is amazing, and install was extremely easy, this is a great system for any home.

65 out of 203


Location: Delaware

DVR stopped working after 2 mos, called customer service and they gave me the run around then kept me on hold over 2 hours then hung up. Called several times and filled out tickets and never received call backs....TERRIBLE customer service!!!!!! Returned product to Costco and got a new DVR since FLIR Lorex dropped the ball. Hopefully the CEO will read all the negative remarks and clean up his customer service team.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the difficulty you experienced and for any inconvenience this may have caused.

66 out of 203


Location: SAN DIEGO

I want to say this is a great product. I purchased from at a decent price and installed in myself. I needed to contact customer support to make sure the video feed was running smoothly on all devices. The tech rep was polite, fast, and knowledgable.

I recommend this product to everyone.

67 out of 203


Location: San Bernardino

Product is great! Purchased from Costco at a reasonable price. Picture quality is superb. Many great alert features that can beep at you during motion detection. You can also set push notifications on your phone or tablet if need be. Wire length is a bit short for a 2000 sq ft. home. I heard in the past they provided longer wires but cut costs and shortened them as their product evolved. Anyway, overall I still give this oroduct 5 stars and would recommend to anyone. You'll also love the quality and clarity of the night vision. In the past this camera setup may have been considered a bit paranoid but this day in age it's necessary. Times have changed and we as our own first line of defense need protection. This security camera gives you peace of mind, alerts you, potential liability protection, and gives you ample time to prepare vs. being surprised.

68 out of 203


Location: San Jose, CA

I bought these camera's at Costco. Like other viewers, I was hesitant to purchase these, due to bad reviews, but after installing them and with the help of Costco customer service, I was up and running in one hour. Costco Customer service was able to install the app on my apple lap top. The app on my Iphone is a little slow, but works great once it's up and running. These are better than my old Swan cameras and the night vision is very good. I would recommend these cameras.

69 out of 203


Location: Whidbey Island, Washington

I recently purchased the LHV2008 surveillance system from Cosco. I had it up and running within hours of taking it out of the box. Everything runs seamlessly and the picture quality is excellent, much better than my last system. The pictures are clear, and the night vision is excellent. It works perfectly on my iPhone, my iPad, and my Mac computers and I can view the cameras from anywhere with the Flir Cloud software. (I was especially impressed that port forwarding was optional). I had a small problem with the remote connectivity and was a little worried about calling customer service after reading some negative reviews. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. I was not outsourced, I was not put on hold, and Justin who answered the phone was patient, knowledgable and resolved my problem on the spot. The only drawback, which they don't tell you, is that the Lorex DDNS Service is not available on Mac computers without using the client app. I highly recommend this product and the Lorex customer service! This is the perfect system for residential surveillance!

70 out of 203


Location: Texas

I purchased this camera from Costco knowing that Costco would promote only a good quality product thru their warehouse. I had this installed by professional guys and I am extremely happy with the performance and quality of the camera. I will have no hesitation to recommend this to anyone. The FLIR cloud works well on mobile phone and PC. The product turned out to be really impressive for the price paid and overall It was a great buy.

71 out of 203


Location: Tucson, AZ

This is the 3rd system (2 other mfgrs) that I have installed and it is the best so far.
And the tech support (I am a techno-idiot)was quickly answered and easily understood.I am still trying to connect it to the internet.
A piece of advice would be to allow enough time to wire/install cameras and allow enough wire to change location to optimize location.

72 out of 203


Location: Montreal Canada

LHV2008 dvr +6 camera kit from Costco Canada, 500$can+tx,excellent packaging,resolution is 1080 but quality reamin like a good 720x480= still excellent quality to recognize people up to 20 feet setup require little kwnowledge like every other DVR,i recommend the higner bitrate=6000kbps recording...remote view with Android was really EASY!,for PC or web view you need to know how to open your house network ports,DVR is a little noisy: you need separation(clauset) are really small & esasy to install,backup to USB memory is easy with ASF file that most video player can read without conversion...i'm reall statisfy ! if you want to see your house from internet use this link with your USER+PASEWORD: http://YouripORddns/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?channel=0 (channel 0 to 7)

73 out of 203


Location: Silver Spring,MD

Very easy to set up. The high HD cameras are very sharp. The FLIR cloud works very well on the PC and mobile phone, although I would prefer the phone app to request a password. Other than that I am very pleased with the system.

74 out of 203


Location: California

The product is good if it works proper. The DVR is a bit noisy but the location where I have it doesn't bother me. The camera would be fine it it works right, 2 of 8 night vision doesn't work right. During the day it's fine them at night where I mostly need the cover, it flickers. So at night I disconnect the power cause I have no use for those two cameras.

What bothers me is thesupport service. The so called support techs might not be techs. They are probably reading a scrip, if this happens go here, if this happens do this, if customer unhappy give them a hard time and not do the warranty.

I'm glad this product was purchase at Costco and can be return. My recommendation is make sure the products works and buy bit from Costco. So if it doesn't return it. Or spend a little more for better customer support. It's worth the headache and time.

I will be returning the product back to costco cause I'm having a difficult time having my two cameras replaces.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the difficulty you experienced. Our technical support team was trying to troubleshoot with you so they could determine what the problem was and assist you as needed. I would like to assure you they are well trained and not reading from a script.

75 out of 203


Location: Canada

I have operated this system for only about 2 months so far but am very pleased with the operation of this system.

The DVR fan is a little bit noisy but I have it in a closet so not a problem. I am pleased with the construction of the cameras; they appear to be a big improvement over my last ones which were Lorex MC7662, and in which the IR diodes failed in every camera after 2 years.
The Flir Cloud PC program and the iPhone/iPad apps work well.
Tech support from Lorex is outstanding!

76 out of 203


Location: California

Easy to set and the cameras are amazing. During set up I reset the resolution to 1920x1080 (which my monitor did not support) thus I just got a blank screen. Contacted Technical Support and the next day they helped me reset the default settings. The Flir Cloud was easy to set up and works nicely on my Android phone and tablet. Like others, I would like a couple of longer cables (I was not able to install two of the cameras where I wanted them). Also--The remote worked for about 20 minutes. I replaced the batteries and no luck. All-in-all a good system for the price.

77 out of 203


Location: McAllen, TX

LHV828-bought it from Costco for $399 to replace a 960H security system by NightOwl.
Pros: inexpensive-when compared with its competitors; non-complex hardware installation; good image quality for all 8 cameras for live daytime viewing and better than I expected nighttime image for live viewing; mobile application seamless installation and use.
Cons: the rear panel of the DVR has unrealistically narrow spacing in between the connecting posts for the video and power cables for the cameras; DVR refusing to accept my chosen settings of 1080p/30fps for ALL cameras (DVR only allows 1 camera at 1080p/30fps then all other 7 cameras would only record at 720p/7fps, which is unacceptably SLOOOOOOW); I called Lorex Tech Support 5 times in 3 days at different times(9 am-5 pm)and each time I called the automated answering system informed me of 30+min wait time before a tech would be available (not necessarily meaning they are "busy" but more of an indication Lorex Tech Support is severely short staffed); the 3rd day I opened a "Tech Support" ticket via Lorex website, requesting assistance; no answer for 2 days so I called Costco Concierge Tech(s)-John and Rico-who concluded the DVR is faulty so Lorex Tech Support should provide assistance then connected me immediately to Lorex Tech named Dennis;he was very courteous but-after 3 hrs of countless troubleshooting-concluded the DVR is faulty and should be returned to Lorex, who will replace it with another new one at no cost to me. I am now waiting for the new DVR from Lorex...I will try to update this post as the situation develops (hopefully...)

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We were happy to resolve this for you and hope all is working well now.

78 out of 203


Location: Tampa, FL

I just purchase a security camera, LHV2000 to replace another brand. The new LHV2000 is terrific. it was very easy to set up and the technical support was outstanding. The 2000 has great picture quality and gives a panoramic view of the area. So far, I am totally satisfied.

79 out of 203


Location: CA

The picture quality and color excellent and the FLIR Cloud is perfect with free DDNS address. I had a problem with one 1080p camera and the people at LOREX took care of me, they are sending a replacement to me with no problems. only problem is with understanding the system settings a bit hare to figure out some of the settings and where to find them and what values are proper for the correct settings. Also you need to use a mouse and if the unit is at you TV not desk use a USB wireless as the cord will not reach far, the remote controller is very difficult to use, a mouse is the easier method. I would definitely recommend LOREX security to all my friends.

80 out of 203


Location: Alberta, Canada

Purchased from Costco & installed 2 weeks ago. Works great hooked to HD TV & picture is very clear.
Only drawback is the cables provided to hook to the router & TV are extremely short. And with only 60ft of camera cable the DVR has to be located near center of the house. A couple of 100ft would be nice. DVR fan is loud!

81 out of 203


Location: Sacramento, CA

Replaced a Samsung Home Security System with this Lorex unit and I'm really impressed at how easy it was to set up, connect to mobile devices and MAC laptop for live viewing and search of recorded video. But most of all, I am completely impressed at the tech support I've received since purchasing my system. I called three times within the first two days of my purchase and received friendly and patient support for understanding the operation of this system. I upgraded from a 720p system to this 1080p and love the resolution and color.

82 out of 203


Location: California, USA

Picture (resolution) is beautiful. System works pretty good. I'm really impressed with the overall system for the price. Software for the PC is little complicate and not very user friendly (compare to Apple). We did have some intermittent issues with one of the channel (might be a cable) Video feed corrupted, then system keep re-booting every few minutes (Still trouble shooting).

83 out of 203


Location: Virginia, USA

I picked up this camera kit from Costco and it was economical and of good quality. It was straightforward to install although the documentation could be more intuitive. Pay attention. The quality of the video feed is good and setting up a live stream on my phone only took about 1 minute. Overall it is a good price for good quality.

84 out of 203


Location: winnipeg

Bought this to upgrade from the 720p system and the clarity and night vision are just awesome would recommend this system and for the price just can't be beat

85 out of 203


Location: CA

I picked up this camera kit from Costco and it was cheap and great quality. It was very easy to install. The best part of all is the quality of the video feed plus setting up live stream on my phone which took only like 1 minute which is fast compared to other companies. Overall it is a good price for good quality.

86 out of 203


Location: Mass

This is a great product. It's perfect for protecting my home and family. I would highly recommend this product.

87 out of 203


Location: Kentucky

I actually ordered the 8 channel DVR and the included 4 1080p cameras. I also ordered 4 of the 1080p Lorex PTZ Speed dome cameras to integrate with this DVR.

Installation was a breeze. I already had cameras in place that were old and cheap. So running the cables and mounting the new cameras was not to difficult.

Setting up the DVR was quite easy using the manual. I am quite impressed with the entire system. Remote monitoring via iPad or iPhone is quick and clear. No issues with connecting.

The only issues I have at the moment with the software is the following :

1) The Flir Cloud client app for the iPhone is much better than the one for the iPad. I really wish I could get the same interface on the iPad. I do not really know why they are not the same. The buttons on the iPad app are not very intuitive and getting around in the app is cumbersome. The iPhone app is quite the opposite. Its icons make sense and getting around is a breeze.

2) The motion detect settings need some additional settings added. The one setting that I would love to see is a time delay before a motion event is triggered. I am not talking about the dither time. Right now any lighting change causes an event to be generated. I think with a delay time setting I could filter these out better.

3) The fan in the DVR is quite loud. Maybe a larger fan that runs at a lower rpm would be a better option.

I really like the product. Please update the iPad app.

88 out of 203


Location: Ottawa Canada

Just purchased this system from Costco, the setup was so easy just plug and go, the quality seem very nice and picture is very clear.
I connected to my I pad less then 5 minutes and was good to go.
How this product will hold in time remain to be seen.

89 out of 203


Location: Texas

This product offers a lot of bang for the buck. My installers did a great job. I would recommend customized cables especially if you have a 2 story house. My Dvr died on my and Lorex replaced it as it wa under warranty. The user interface on both the Dvr and the iOS app could use some improvement. They are not user friendly.

Even with these small issues, I would recommend this unit. You can't beat the price.

90 out of 203


Location: Miami

I bought the LHV210800 system at Costco to replace an old Q-See. What a difference!Picture quality is excellent and the remote setup for our phones could not be easier!I am very satisfied.I have only one suggestion for the next models: make more space between the bnc conectors in the back!

91 out of 203


Location: Houston

Good Camera System. Easy to set up. Picture quality is excellent.
Had trouble with DVD, but Lorex provided a free replacement DVD and no trouble after that. Satisfied with quality of product and after sale warranty service.

92 out of 203


Location: Calgary

Bought the LHV2000 system last week, and found it very easy to set up, and configure through the free DDNS through Lorex. Hardest part was running the cables through a completed house (including basement). Highly recommended, and the quality of the 1080P cameras is exceptional.

93 out of 203


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Good product, great video quality on the iPhone

But if you have a problem with DVR, takes a long time to get replacement

94 out of 203


Location: fremont

1) system is easy to install with simple instructions comes with the box
2) software is also easy to install using the download apps Flir Cloud from apple store for iphone/ipad
3) clear view either from day/night time
4) the cables length 60ft is adequate but if it comes with 2 of 100ft cable would be perfect

1) in the back of the system, the location where the cameras to be connected to is too tight and hard to plug in especially the lower connectors
2) install the software for the window desktop/labtop is a nightmare and most of the time did not get connected...the cameras always showed offline
3) all of the icons from the apps get no names and hard to use
4) the audio is not supported...

95 out of 203


Location: Kingston, TN

The setup on my cell phone worked without any problem and has worked flawlessly when viewing my lake house remotely. The picture quality is excellent. Understanding the setup for recording required reading the downloaded instruction file, but everything works. Running the cables to outside locations was the main difficulty and this depends on you house or building. I am completely satisfied with the product and internet functionality. I recommend this to anyone looking for a security system.

96 out of 203


Location: Vacaville Ca

This little system is perfect for my needs. I have it set up at my home. The picture quality is great. Easy installation, Easy set up. Learning to use all its features is a little tough but you get it fairly quick. Love the mobile app for it. I definitely recommend this system for a great basic home system.

97 out of 203


Location: Texas

Our lawnmower was stolen when I left it in the driveway to get a drink inside. I was gone for a maximum of three minutes. My neighbor had a security camera that caught the three white male thiefs. He gave a copy of the video to our police department.

This theft prompted my purchase. We bought this from Costco.

The hardest part was running cables through our insulated attic. Hint always pull cables ONE at a time FROM CAMERA TO DVR. I had one run that just barely made it to the DVR. One or two longer cables could be better than the eight 60 foot cables included.

I also had a hard time attaching the eight BNC connectors to the DVR as they are so close. You might want to purchase a BNC attach/removal tool to help.

The mobil app was very intuitive. We had it up and running in no time. I had to call customer support to log in to the DVR as the default password would not take. Customer service was awesome and had me logged in in a few minutes.

Overall I am very happy with this purchase. The cameras are very clear. This is my first security camera system.

98 out of 203


Location: Northern California

Setup was a breeze......

Do yourself a favor and purchase this system.... Many negative reviews on the internet however as I read through many of them I found that most of the frustration was related to people not doing their homework or reading the manual (available as PDF on this website). Instead of people looking through the manual to find answers they would call customer support and tie up the lines and create long wait times. Read the manual and you will be pleasantly surprised with your success. The FAQ page I also found to be extremely helpful.

Over all the system works great. The fan is not very noisy (mentioned as noisy in some reviews) it is a computer it needs a good cooling system. Don't expect it to silent.

Picture quality is outstanding compared to some of my past systems. At this price point I dare say you will not find a better package or bang for your buck.

The flir app works great just scan code on dvr. The app is also an outstanding tool for creating viewable clips without needing a dav converter.

Thus far the my only request would be for the Flir app to have more options I.E. More settings and parameter adjustments. It would be a great help to be able to make some additional changes/adjustments on the fly vs having to log into the dvr or pc/Mac especially when your only immediate access is your mobile device.

Pleasantly surprised with the quality, setup and price.

Great job Lorex!

99 out of 203


Location: North Carolina

I purchased this LHV2000 camera system at Costco. I had never installed a camera system before. But after calling a local security company and they wanted $3000 for a 4 camera system installed, I decided that I can do this myself.
It was pretty simple. I was able to install the camera system with relative ease. The DVR was very easy, (you just have to look on the sheet for the passwords and yes change this password as soon as you log in). The wireless process was very easy. I installed on my home desktop and android phone. I can now see real time what is going on around my house.

100 out of 203


Location: stockton

I love my new system it works better then the other one I had it is clean and clear. I can't live without my camera system thank you for all you help in setting it up

101 out of 203


Location: Texas

I bought this to replace a non-hd from another company. I was able to re-use the same wires and the picture quality if fantastic. It's night and day versus my old non-hd system. Setting up for remote viewing on phones and ipads is super simple. The one thing I had a problem doing was setting up my own email account for event alerts but I was eventually able to figure out how to use the lorex email alert instead. Note that the system is pretty loud so make sure you have it in a closet or somewhere that doesn't disturb you. Also the phone and mac apps are lightyears better than my old system. Very happy with the purchase so far!

102 out of 203


Location: Asheville, NC area

We had another brand and 4 of the cameras were showing distorted pictures. After checking the price for 4 new cameras of the brand we had we could get the Lorex system for not that much more. I had read that the picture quality was really good and we decided to go with the Lorex. We have not had it long, but so far we are pleased. All around we find the Lorex to be superior to our former system. My only fault so far is the fan is louder, but that is no great problem. I would recommend this product.

103 out of 203


Location: California

Very easy set up. We were able to view our cameras from our mobile devices minutes after installation. Great technical support! I needed help on the remote viewing using DDNS account. Lorex or Flix support set up the port forwarding and open the ports. DVR features are impressive....

104 out of 203


Location: Tucson, AZ

Great product for the price. Easy to set up, great picture. Have had set up for one week and no complaints yet..

105 out of 203


Location: Las Vegas

This was a great deal at Costco. Installation was easy and the performance is solid. Features of the DVR are impressive.

106 out of 203


Location: Dallas, TX

I have been researching security cameras for a long time now. With recent break-ins in our neighborhood, I decided now was the time before it's too late. I have seen this system at Costco for a while and after my research with pricing, camera resolution, DVR size, this was a no brainer.

The packaging was awesome as well as the cabling. Hooking up the system was easy once we ran the cables through the attic. The DVR is 2TB which is 2000GB and is more than enough to run with no interruptions. The resolution is so clear, I can see particles in the air on the camera I have set up inside my home. Even when the cameras switch to night mode, everything is just as clear!

The only thing I would change is 1. Make one of the cables longer (100 ft at least) and 2. Set the inputs on the back of the DVR with a little more spacing in between. Hooking up the video input to the DVR is somewhat hard if you have larger hands because the inputs are so close together and the video cable end is a little bulky. Otherwise, this is a perfect system for your video needs and there a more then enough cameras to watch everything! My house is over 4000 sq ft and I have enough cameras to have 2-3 left for replacements if needed down the road. That is why we put some inside the house.

The FLIR cloud is an awesome free app that allows you to watch your property in real time with no lag time. I have the app on my phone and tablet and watch at my leisure. Just scan the code on the DVR and you got it! Easy Peazy!

I love the overall system as a whole! Great job LOREX!

107 out of 203


Location: Arizona USA

There are many quality systems out there but for me it was important to be able to view my system while away from home and be able to control the system from my home office: Mac,PC, iPad, and a DDNS (Website URL login access). The PC internet explorer DIERCT EMBEDDED WEBSERVER is how I control the unit without having to use the DVR mouse. The only way I have been able to use a Mac computer is through their Flir Cloud app. This system has been designed more for the PC user but stil very capable with a Mac. If you are Mac only you will have to use the provided mouse to set up some things on the DVR.
The only lame thing is for such a complex system they don't include a full manual, you have to download a PDF. I love this system. I painted my white cameras to match the house with the latex house paint. I paid $400 from Costco for the 1080p 8ch.

108 out of 203


Location: florida

Pleasantly surprised at the quality of the product for the price. Only difficult part was running the wires. I have recommended this product to everyone I can.

109 out of 203


Location: Ventura, California

I'm relatively new in the surveillance camera world; Although I owned Swan Systems 720P and H systems I have not much experience beyond that I can say I'm pretty happy the way this 8 Channel Series Security DVR system with 1080p HD Cameras
LHV2000-8ch-Series channel performs.

* Image is sharp and clear compared to Swann 8 Channel Analog DVR with 1TB HDD, 4 720TVL Cameras with 82' Night Vision that I used before.
* Installation is fairly relatively easy to do, cables has ends with male/female connection so easy to tell which end goes where.
* The system includes and has everything needed and have ready to work out of the box- up to 60 feet length-wise. So measure the distance for your place and verify that you will be ok with the 60FT run.
* The plastic bullet cameras are made of is white and looks nice inside/outside location.
* Night view is excellent- but I have not seen been capable to reach beyond 70Feet, nevertheless I think is good reach.
* Day view is great I can see birds as far away 120 feet.
* The screws used to attach to wall are cross type(Phillips-not flat) and I was pleased with the quality; you have to be careful not to used too much force otherwise they may over screw(overrun) and ruin them, but if that happens, those screws are easy to buy and cheap to replace them. Swann has very small screws and are soft metal that get striped easy, but NOT these.
* I received customer service on 10-27-2015 by a lady named Janet, and she was helpful and very knowledgeable about my issue. I waited on line for 7 minutes and the representative walked me step by step that it took 45 minutes to set up. Very helpful rep. So 5 stars right there alone.

I could continue listing all the goods that I love about this system but I need room for the negatives too. So here they are:

1- system is noisy- I solved this by putting my in a dedicated room- so consider that too for you cable length(60ft included)
2-App, Pc software and DVR system has different setup, very confusing. You need to spend time learning these.
3- Manual send me to download PC client software to a place COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT to that software. I called 877-755-6739 and got help and directed to the correct link, I wanted to avoid asking for help but in a way Lorex forced me to ask for help here.
4-cables are too short, I wish to have more slack to be flexible enough to choose a better location for the system DVR.
5- screws to adjust camera angles are very delicate and over strips with a little bit of force by hand(necessary at times due to over tighten at manufactory)
6- Angle position is limited when installed on a flat-horizontal surface- I had to shim up base to get it to work. Swann angle-position is way better.
7- I don't like when you buy something that right out of the box requires "UPDATES", this was the case with LOREX.

IF DIY: Make-sure you have the right tools (not necessarily expensive tools), don't underestimate screw drivers, use the right size drivers and bits, pre-drill with smaller (3/62") diameter than screw size BEFORE drilling into surface.
Don't be afraid of the attic, get inside there if you need to. Wear mask and knee pad to crawl in attic spaces, etc.
Wear an overall to protect from insulation itch. :-)
Once cameras installed cover the camera-cable connection with electrician's tape (black) not included in the system.

IF YOU HIRE A PRO: *Verify that the installer uses right size bits and adjust camera angles with hand tools not battery or power tools since this will risk breaking or over screwing adjustment parts that will be hard for you to adjust after installer is long gone. *ask installer to hide system in attic if possible or to run conduits to protect cables. *Make-sure power (electrical outlet) is no more than 3 feet away, closer by is better. * avoid installing on a flat-horizontal surface because to point downward is very limited view.

110 out of 203


Location: Orinda, CA

I have a Q-See system on one house and purchased this Lorex system for another. The Lorex was easy to install and configure - easier than the Q-See. The Flir Cloud application simplifies this considerably - just scan the QR Code and much is taken care of. Setting up email notifications for alarms was a multi-step process that could be better explained in the manual.

I saw multiple reviews about the cables being too short so I strategically placed the base unit in a central location so I was okay - barely.

Still a great system for the price. Like others who have commented - I got mine at Costco.

111 out of 203


Location: Seattle

This system is to replace 1 of our previous older system.
The resolution of the image is much better as expected now.
But the shorter camera cables makes the switching of cameras quite challenge.
Setting up is not too complicated but not very simple either.
Remote mobile viewing is very fluent but trying to play back is a kind of confusing.

112 out of 203


Location: Texas

I purchased this at Costco and this is the best surveillance system for the price on the market.

113 out of 203


Location: Home

I purchased this at Costco it is the best surveillance system for the price on the market.

114 out of 203


Location: Renton, WA

I have been using multiple Lorex systems for years and have been fairly happy with them. However, I have had some difficulty with remote access. I decided to upgrade to an HD system, so I purchased the 8-camera HD system at Costco. Since I had an existing Lorex system I checked with the Lorex help line and was told that I could use my existing cable. Unfortunately, I discovered that the cable on the cameras were shorter than my existing system and it has caused me quite a bit of grief. Because my cables were originally installed during construction they were fixed to the studs inside the walls. This has cause my to have to relocate the HD cameras and re-route my cables to get the views that I want. It is turning out to be quite a bit harder than originally planned. Also, the quick install manual indicated that the HD cameras would not work correctly using multiple segments, so I couldn't just add short extensions.

I do like the quality of the HD video over my existing system. It was fairly easy to install and configure the app on my iPhone using the bar code on the top of the DVR. It has proved to be helpful to align the camera view in real-time using my iPhone in "Live Mode," while standing on a ladder.

I will likely purchase and install an additional Lorex HD system for our winter home.

115 out of 203


Location: Denver

I recently purchased this camera after months of ho humming about it and making every excuse why I should not buy it, but finally stepped up and just did it. This system is one of the easiest to install and is pretty straight forward for the average guy/girl. It took me 1/2 of a day to install the cameras and run the cables to and from the DVR. If I could say one thing I wish I had done is to buy a Lorex system that uses CAT 5 cables, because it makes it so much easier to do this than running the dual power/video cables provided and I also wish that the DVR connected wirelessly which would have saved me lots of hassles for sure. Once I got it installed and fired up, I had some connection issues and had to reach out to Lorex to assist me. They did a great job of dialing into my network and fixing the issue in minutes. Now I am up and running and can view my house and all 8 cameras from my office and I Phone. I highly recommend this system to anyone who wants a surveillance at their home. This one cost me $400 from Costco and my brother bought one from ADT which cost him about $3800 and this one is so much better in clarity etc. 5 Stars ***** from me,

116 out of 203


Location: Califonira

Everything is good but an included microphone would be nice and more information on their manual.

117 out of 203


Location: Alpine

I purchased this at my local Costco as I was told it was the better surveillance system on the marketable it had finally gone on sale. It was fairly easy to install and hook up. My only hitch is getting it synced to my phone for mobile surveillance.

118 out of 203


Location: Texas

we got this installed last week. Love the clarity. I was worried, that I might not have good clarity at night. I was wrong :-) . Love the App too.. A great purchase.

119 out of 203


Location: Long Island, NY

About 2 months ago, I bought the 16 channel version of this system that came with 12 1080P cameras, and I am very satisfied with it, but needed 4 more cameras, same type. They are expensive to buy as accessories. The other day, I was at Costco again and saw the LHV828 system that comes with 8 of these same cameras. WOW! at Costco, I could buy an entire new 8 channel DVR system with 8 more cameras and another same quality DVR with 8 cables and the power supply for them. It was a no brainer to by this system on sale at Costco for $399. I bought it, and set it up, it works fantastic and the FLIR PC software as well as the Android App for FLIR Cloud are so easy to set up and access either or both of my new 1080P DVRs and cameras. The high def video images do use a lot of bandwidth and you had better have a large data plan with your cell phone provider if you do much remote viewing with your phone. Using public Wi-Fi when available works well if the place you are at is not overloaded with users of the Wi-Fi, but I don't feel very secure using it. Anyway, (to me),it is worth using and paying for LTE cellular data to get such good video of my property. I am very, very pleased with these new systems, particularly over my older Lorex LHO16 720P system because of the tremendous improvement over resolution and clarity.

120 out of 203


Location: GA

Replaced an older camera system using the same cables and everything worked as expected. Easy to install and very nice picture! Also love the easy network setup.

121 out of 203


Location: California

Very good value system. Noticeable upgrade over the 720p LHV1000 series... 2 vs 1TB hard drive and visibly better image resolution/contrast/color. Otherwise the two systems (cameras & DVR) externally look the same.

Unlike a previous LOREX system I purchased, the 8 cameras in this system were all of consistent quality with sharp focus corner to corner. Image quality is generally pretty good. All hardware worked out-of-the-box. System software is comprehensive allowing (as well as requiring) detailed adjustments and control.


This is an analog HD system, so image quality is not as crisp as IP cameras of similar resolution. 1080p analog is closer to 720p digital. Because of the extra throughput required by 1080p, video frame rate drops to only 15fps if recording at 1080p on all channels. 30fps is possible on all channels only if 720p or lower resolution is used. At best, only two cameras can be set to record 1080p at 30fps (one camera on channels 1-4 and one camera on channels 5-8) which then requires all others camera to run at lower resolutions and/or frame rates. Motion detection is extremely sensitive compared to lower resolution systems making it hard to fine tune for accurate detection. FLIR Cloud Client PC software interface is different from the web browser based interface and both are different from the direct DVR wired interface. The cloud client interface actually shows a grid (18x22) for setting motion detection zones that is different from the direct DVR and web browser interfaces (15x22). So using it may result in errors in positioning the zone as intended.

So while the list of negatives seems longer than the positives, the bottom line is it's a very capable low cost system. You'd pay much more for IP based cameras/NVR and 15fps @ 1080p is more than adequate. The software does have its quirks and requires some patience to customize the settings. I wouldn't recommend it (or any DVR/NVR system) to anyone without some computer/networking experience unless all you plan to do is an out-of-the-box hardwired monitor/mouse hookup and little customization.

122 out of 203


Location: Dallas, TX

Full review of the Lorex LHV828 8 camera security system HD 1080p with 2TB DVR and online viewing.

I already have a 2 year old Lorex 8 camera system that was working perfect, but the resolution was not good enough to see details.

one of the reason why i choose another Lorex system was because of the following statement from their website.

For those who already own a wired security system, upgrading to HD surveillance has never been easier - simply swap out your old BNC cameras for new 1080p wired HD cameras that use the same cabling.

Unfortunately they forgot to mention that the cable length on the cameras on the new system was 1 feet vs the old system with 3 feet. so all the wires that i had nicely tugged away, and in some places glued in, i now had to rip apart. this resulted in a 6 hour install time instead of 2. I was not a happy man!

Installing the system is fairly easy, its all plug and play, and dont require any special tools or skills. My previous system had metal mounts for the cameras with a finger size butterfly nut to adjust angle and tilt. Unfortunately Lorex had decided it was time for cheap flimsy plastic mounts, and very small screws that easily overturns. That was the only huge draw back, with the exception of the camera cable length.

Pulling the wires from the camera to the receiver (DVR) can be a hassle depending how your house is designed. I have 3 feet of blow in insulation on my attic, so it was not to much fun!

Connecting BNC cables to DVR, and power cables to power outlets is straight forward. system will automatically turn on once plugged in.
(note if you have not plugged in internet cable, machine will be beeping, this is also noted in your quick setup guide)

The picture quality is amazing, even though i dont get to enjoy it in full, as my monitor cant keep up with the high resolution. Colors are amazing, and the live view is up to date with a high frame rate! Night vision is also really great. they promise 130 feet, and live up to it. Night vision works with infra red LED on the camera and the camera automatically switch to Black and white, but the quality is very good, and you would be able to recognize peoples faces.

Online setup from your device is a breeze. Just install the app, scan the barcode on your the DVR and your done. you can do live view, and play back from your device.

Lorex is proud to be one of the only security companies there offer 24/7 live customer support. Being a Lorex customer for the past 2 years, i can share with you that their customer service is understaffed and worthless. expect to be on hold for 30-45 min before you get through. The staff, has very little knowledge of what the packages contain, dont appear to well trained, and if you are promised a call back, then it will never happen. true story!

All in all, i will give this system 4 out of 5 stars. If you are handy with a drill, and screws, you can easily install this system yourself! The price is really good. if you go to a security store in your area, you can expect to pay at least double for a similar system.

If you want a piece of mind, and the ability to see everything around, and in your house day and night, then i can strongly recommend this system.

123 out of 203


Location: Carrollton, GA

I purchased this system from Costco to upgrade from an older Lorex system. I am once again impressed with Lorex. The image quality is amazing! I love the new software and apps!

124 out of 203


Location: Oxnard CA

I bought the system and had it up and running in a few hours. The picture quality is outstanding and the system is very user friendly. Setting up the app to my IPad was simply and the picture on the IPad is excellent.

125 out of 203


Location: San Jose CA

I purchased the system from Costco, great price for the system with 1080P quality cameras and 2 TB memory. The install was pretty simple except the length of the wires needs to be about 75 feet or maybe just 4 of the 8 cables could be the 100 ft ones. Love the clarity of the pictures generated. I am just now trying to fine tune the grid sensitivity to not grab movement for each tree branch that moves. I am working my way though it and it would have been nice if the manual was easily accessible online but I keep getting taken to places that do not provide the needed manual for this model.
All an all I really like it and I will be contacting the support line to try to secure a manual so I can proceed further with the setup.
More to come...

126 out of 203


Location: Palmdale, CA

Purchase system from Costco, there was $100 instant off was a great deal for the price . Much better quality than my previous system find another company.
The only issue is trying to disconnect the cameras there is "no" clarence to rotate the connector(s).

127 out of 203


Location: San Jacinto, CA

This DVR and camera package replaced my dead one and I am very happy with it. I cannot believe how easy the network setup was; just download the app and it uses the device camera to read the QR barcode on the top of the DVR and the setup is done! No port forwarding! Works great, and the 1080 high def cameras are superb.

128 out of 203


Location: Rio Rancho,NM 87124

I have had the product set up for about a month and a half. It is easy to install and the hot line helped me with the internet set up. So far I like the system. I can check it with my phone or pad. I told a friend about it and he is going to get one. It is an inexpensive way to deter potential criminals or at least get a picture of them. Glad I bought it.

129 out of 203


Location: Manteca, CA

I purchased this system from Costco last weekend for outdoor coverage at my house, and I'm amazed at the quality. I bought it to replace my previous 720p DLink IP WiFi system, and not only was this Lorex system cheaper, but the hi-def picture was MUCH better, and the system is way more reliable (the DLink system always crashed and stopped the DVR software, plus the cameras would loose signal randomly even when 20 feet from the router). I installed the Lorex system in an afternoon by myself, with absolutely no problems other than 2 of the cameras needing a longer cable, which I will have in a couple days, and I was able to fully set up the DVR connected to the master bedroom TV, and set up the Android app (my phone) and iPhone app (wife's phone) within a few minutes without a manual. Then the following day, I was able to easily set up the Windows software on a cheap $250 Asus laptop from Walmart (previously used as the "DVR"/"Monitor" for the old DLink system), which I can take with me to different rooms of the house, or garage, or even by the pool or neighbors house to have view of the cameras. I also plan to buy an HDMI slitter and HDMI over Ethernet adapters so I can have all the TV's in the house be able to view the cameras using HDMI over Ethernet. Iv installed a few other wired DVR systems in the past, and this one definitely tops them all when it comes to ease of use, without breaking the bank. I like the system so much, I'm about to buy a second matching system for indoor coverage (that one would NOT be internet connected, and will only connect to the one TV in the master bedroom, as to insure 100% privacy from potential hackers, I would only playback footage locally if absolutely necessary in the case of a break in). If your looking for a good camera system with great clarity and features, then go with this system.

130 out of 203


Location: Newark, CA

I purchased this system to replace the old 720p Lorex system I had. The video quality from the new system is superior. Now it's easy to recognize people's faces and car license plates, something that was difficult to achieve, except at very close proximity with the old system. Here is as summary of my experience:

- Sharp video, even at night.
- Easy to operate.
- Small form factor cameras.

- Cable extension coming out of cameras (DC connector + BNC connector) is less than 2 feet, which can be a problem for some outdoor installations.

Overall, it's good value for the price.

131 out of 203


Location: Calitornia

We purchased this 1080p 8 camera system from Costco, we are very happy with it.
Installation was straight forward, pictures are great, we have no trouble with any of the components.
The only difficulty I had was setting up the email notifications but customer support was very good, I was able to get it using my provider's SMTP server. Setting the region sensitivity and threshold is a bit tedious, but there are ways to assign values to work around each region.
I would definitely recommend this system, and I'm glad we bought it. I would give it 5 stars if the email was easier to set up.

132 out of 203


Location: California

I purchased an eight-camera system from COSTCO sep 2015.
I installed it myself. However I was quite disappointed that dvr keeps rebooting and making noise. Costco return was easy but i needed to rewire again because i bought the same system again...
Finally things started working and internet based connectivity also went fine on mobile.

1.) no sound recording as part of camera.
Why couldn't LOREX include at least 2 cables with 80 feet. I had to purchase a 100-ft cable.
3.) app on iphone crashes but managable
4.) not able to use windows based pc for online viewing... Installed the download but nit working.

Works great.
Quite speedy
Easy viewing
Covers good area.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you. They can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

133 out of 203


Location: Reseda, Ca

I purchased this system because of a burglary. I absolutely love it! The picture quality is so amazing. I was not expecting it to be that good. I'm thrilled with every aspect so far. I can access live views from my phone any time. I did have a little trouble with the pc download. But the support folks were great and helped me get it up and running. This is a great system. I have already recommended it to a neighbor and when she saw mine, she said she is getting one too!

134 out of 203


Location: Rocklin, CA

I received my LVH2000 via UPS and found it well packed. I expected a laborious configuration of the DVR, but found it to be quite simple. It was up and running within minutes. I was then able to easily setup my phone to connect via FlirCloud. Once up and running, I began installing the cameras, using my phone to tweak the placement as I went. Overall, this system was a breeze to install. The video quality is awesome. I'm rating this system at 4 stars based on the DVR GUI. I found it frustrating to have to refer to the manual for every little tweak, rather than an integrated help system.

135 out of 203


Location: California

Just bought this unit from cosco. Hooked up and tried out:
1 - Videos are clear, even at nightin black and white.
2 - Price is reasonable
3 - Settings can be performed from PC Client and Web Access.
1 - Documentation should be in step by step for people who are not really technical. Read reviews from Cosco site. Technical support is hard to contact.
2 - Cable are too short. Should be at least 100'
3 - Remote control is too small (3.5" X 1.5"), looks cheap and simple broken. Tried to replace with fresh 2 AAA batteries. No dice.
4 - Reboot the unit after settings. Screen come up blurry and distorted. Had to turn off the unit so the firmware would re-initalize the system and would display correctly.
5 - Web access: two modes: LAN & WAN
Select WAN: Only 1st CAM is displayed. No option display all
Select LAN: option to display all CAMs is available.
6 - PC Client Inteface is terrible.
7 - Fan is loud.

136 out of 203


Location: Chatsworth, CA

Great picture quality, full featured 2T disk storage and usb ports for off loading content. Easy to understand instructions. No audio support. All mobile apps work great, PC, Android, and Ipad were tested and used. Be sure to turn everything on for a few days before installing, as the first DVR unit power "wall wart" supply died within a few hours. I bought from Costco, returned the original system and replaced with out any issues.

137 out of 203


Location: Mililani, Hawaii

I purchased the LVH2000 from my local Costco store for a good price. The setup was easy. It comes with eight 1080p cameras, eight 65 feet BNC and power wire bundles and a recorder that has 2TB of hard drive. The video quality is very good. I ran the wiring inside my attic and installed the cameras outside under my house eve. I do notice that the recorder runs a bit warmer than my other electronic video devices. The internal fan sound is noticeable. I have it on a table with a marble plate under it. Overall, it's a good security camera system with 1080p cameras. I gave this system 4 stars.

I will be calling tech support when I am completely done setting up and refining the system.

138 out of 203


Location: Chattanooga, TN

I installed my LHV 2000 8 channel security system myself with relative ease and in a reasonable period of time. I am 62 years old and am not a particularly technically savy guy. When I completed the installation, I nervously started the system expecting issues that would require tech support to resolve. I was delighted to discover that it worked without a hitch. The only issues I have had were with getting the PC compatible software to work on my laptop, and some adjustments on the motion sensors on the cameras, both of which were resolved with the help of tech support. The tech support is very good and the staff are one of the best I have ever had to work with. The Flir Cloud app on my smartphone worked the very first time without any problems and the video clarity is amazing. The only thing that has not worked well for me so far is the email alerts. I have not been able to set up the system to send me an alert when a person enters the field of sensitivity without also getting lots of alerts for other things like cars, wind blowing trees, moths flying in front of the cameras, etc. I have used all the available sensitivity adjustments and masking to no avail, so I just don't use the alerts feature. I hope they can make the alerts feature more user friendly in the near future. I consider this Lorex system a great contribution to my home security package.

139 out of 203


Location: Naples, FL

Easy set up. Great picture quality.

140 out of 203


Location: New York

Received as a gift from my farther to upgrade my old system. Very Happy with the major picture quality upgrade. Extremely easy to set up. I used some of the existing wiring from the old system, saved some time running wires. Always connects on my Android app. and my home computers.

141 out of 203


Location: Magna

I had this system set up in about six hours time. That included getting in the attic, drilling holes, running cables and hooking it all up. Cameras look great and system is fairly easy to use. I got the Ipads streaming very easily and love that feature. I can't figure out how to stream it to my computers though and I hate that there is no app to stream to my windows 10 phone. Other than that I love the system and hope it lasts a long time. The 60' cables worked well for me since I placed the dvr in in a central location.

142 out of 203


Location: Phoenix, AZ

Good system. Got it at Costco. fairly easy to use web / TV interface. Ran extended HDMI and USB(for mouse) cables to the other side of a wall where the TV is. Noise from unit a low hum in the room it's in. Camera quality good. 60' cables mostly adequate for a 2300 sq foot house. Could have used a couple of 100' cables. If you can afford it get the 16 channel system. While 8 cameras seems like enough 12 or 14 would really give good coverage. Would like to see accessory wireless cameras available. Was able to do port forwarding on my DSL router so can access it via the FLIR app from an iPad, that seems to work well.
Be aware the unit needs two power sources, one for the DVR and one to feed the camera power cables. The USB extension I purchased was also powered but that power is at the far end so it plugs in near the TV. The USB extender is from Link Depot and is their USB Active Extension which uses cat5 you supply between two units with USB plugs. Google it, available multiple places. But the USB extension and HDMI extension were only because I wanted to put the DVR on a shelf in a closet on the other side of the wall from the TV and didn't want to put a monitor in the closet too. Putting the DVR up high in the closet also saved a few feet on the camera cables.
I'd use this unit again or, as mentioned, the 16 channel unit.

143 out of 203


Location: Lebanon, OR

Fantastic cameras. The 1080p is a major improvement over the 720. The packaging couldn't be better. No worries about anything getting damaged. This is the second system we installed for personal use. We also installed a 9 camera and a 16 camera system at 2 storage facilities with excellent results all the way around. We will not go anywhere else in the future if we need another system. Keep up the good work.

144 out of 203


Location: Lakeport, CA

I am not a tech savvy person and was relieved at how easily this unit plugs and plays. User friendly menus/mouse click & drag allow for ease of playback and optional views. I do not find the hd fan to be "loud."

I was also pleasantly surprised that the cameras have such wide viewing angles. Distance viewing is nice also as I can see a car coming through my gate 500' away.

I wish at least 2-3 of the cables were 100'; I used only three of the 60' cables and purchased five 100' cables.

145 out of 203


Location: South Jordan, Utah

We purchased our Lorex LHV2000 from our local Costco, after must searching the different system over the past few month. For the money you cannot beat this system. The 1080 cameras are very clear and the system has great night vision.

I had problems setting up my different remote systems. Called Lorex Technology and the Techs could not have been more hopeful. Had to call back the second days with a small problem with one of my remote, again great service. It would be nice to have a manual for operating the different remote systems. Another minor concern was having all the cables 60 ft. long, 60 ft was too long for some cameras, 60 ft too short for others, a couple 40 ft and a 100 ft would be better. Even with these 2 minor concerns I would give Lorex 5 STARS.

Picture is great FLIR Cloud is great, can not say enough, the system is great.

146 out of 203


Location: NC

I purchased this from Costco. Installation was simple, just had to make sure several time I had the cable ends correct before dropping through the wall from above the ceiling. As others has stated, different cable lengths included in the box. I would pay extra for that.

Picture is good on the cameras, night vision is not what was shown on the product info page, disappointed at that feature. I wind up leaving flood lights on to give the contrast necessary.

user interface is ok, once you get used to the nuances. I kept seeing references to PTZ, and it took several searched to find this is for point/tilt/zoom, which is not an included feature of the included cameras.

Noisy fan, account names and passwords limited to 6 characters is disappointing, although I did have to contact Tech support to reset the machine after I logged in and changed the password (which I thought I wrote down, but was unable to get back into the system on my own).

Trying to connect to the device IP using web browser prompts me to install web plugins, but I have never been able to connect with this mode.

147 out of 203


Location: Hampstead, NC

After much web searching I could not find a better deal, not even at twice the price for the quality and 8 1080p HD cams. Night vision is fair at best with no light but a small light added and really good NV. Would be nice to have actual instructions included, they too could use a bit more explaining of installing and functions for first timers like myself. All said very pleased I give 5 stars because of price.

148 out of 203


Location: Temple, TX

I just got one from Costco,

149 out of 203


Location: California

Easy setup.
Could use a REAL manual included for the software (only on website), or better have the help built into the interface.

Machine is hot to touch (have it in my garage).

Would have liked 2 100' cords and 1 shorter cord (15-30') included (replace the existing 60' cords).

Night vision is OK.
I only have it set to record on motion.

So for so good!

150 out of 203


Location: NM

We purchased this product at Costco. Let's say it has done an okay job, I do see a lot more of what happens outside my home. The only down fall is the length of the clarity in the night vision in daytime it works wonderful. The evening/morning not so good as a guy threw a rock through my headlight and I cannot get a good visual image of the guus face he was maybe 43 ft from the camera at the time of the incident. So My Review Is Half Due To The Faulty Night Vision That Costed ME $500 Deductible. . .I'll be choosing my next product based on the mere fact it'll do it's job.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team was happy to assist you in resolving the issues you were experiencing. If anyone is experiencing similar issues, please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

151 out of 203


Location: NV

Purchased from Costco. Great price. Easy to install. Time zone confusing. Picture is great.

152 out of 203


Location: REUBEN

Easy to install and the picture is great. The interface leaves a lot to be desired. Needs to have a manual in every kits box, trying to look it up in downloads is something else!

it would have a better (5) rating if documentation came with each kit.

Purchased from Costco. The fan is very noisy.

We are sorry for the inconvenience you experienced. Please see the Downloads tab on this page and click on the manual link:
Manual - LHV2000 Series HD Security DVR - English

153 out of 203


Location: San Jose, CA

This is a good value system but can be a challenge to get running on a PC. It currently won't run on my Windows 10 system. It appears to work well on my Windows 8.1 system and it was very easy to install on my Android Phone. It appears to be more difficult to use on my cell phone or I just don't have something set correctly. Not as easy as my Swann or Qsee systems to use but I do like the playback part of the system better than the others.

Have not been able to get my PTZ camera to work yet.

Very good clear pictures. System time is auto set.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team was happy to assist you. Should you require further assistance, please phone 1-877-755-6739.

154 out of 203


Location: CA

I purchased this product from Costco.
I thought, price is almost same. not much difference.

Overall rate is 4.5.
First of all, it's working very well.
Motion detect is working, I can set zone using application.
I can setup email, recording time, and e.t.c.

But, UI understand wasn't that easy. So, I need to spend time for couple of days to understand.
For ex, timesync is very confusing.
And current version auto time sync, give me wrong information regarding GMT time.

motion detection and alert email was really challenge for me.
But, it's only able to set the motion detect zone using Application. I couldn't find the option on console.

Anyway, I'm ok with this price and motion detection availability.
Camera quality is really good.

155 out of 203


Location: USA

The unit is clear but the support is terrible. They take too long to get back to you.

156 out of 203


Location: New Orleans

Camera resolution and software excellent. Instructions that came with them not so great. Had to download software for pc online did not come with a disk. However, once done worked great. Still looking for remote access from home computer.

157 out of 203


Location: Albuquerque, NM

For the money, this is a good system. There are systems with better picture quality- BUT you will pay 3-4X more!!!
The quality of the equipment is good and the installation is simple.
The clarity of the camera pictures is very good to about 15-20 ft. The night vision (black and White) is OK.
This system would be very adequate for in home, entryways and driveways.
This system would also be very adequate for a small business store.
The fan on the DVR is a little loud, so don't place it close by to space that you will occupy often.

158 out of 203


Location: Outdoor

I'll first start off with the positives which is that the picture on these cameras are amazing. They are crisp and clear so if something does happen you'll actually be able to see it. The downside, however was that unfortunately I may have gotten a bad kit. Right out of the box from Costco I determined that two of the cameras didn't work. This required me to call Lorex and have two replacements sent out. This is kind of a pain considering they are brand new cameras so I was surprise to see that two of them didn't work. The service however was very nice and the remote viewing is a breeze to set up.

159 out of 203


Location: Ca.

Pros: Resolution is very good. Cameras are nice looking once mounted. Set-up is good for someone with some knowledge. Easy Plug and Play system. Night vision is pretty good. So far
happy with the system. Overall this appears to be a nice system. I would recommend this system to friends and family.

Cons: The time zone is not standard to your area. Does not have PST, EST, CST, etc. Have to figure out the difference from GMT. The cables could be a mixture of lengths, possible (4) 50', couple of 60', and maybe couple of 100'. Every home is different. The Ethernet cable could be a standard 7'. It would be nice to have an instruction manual with more operation functions on it.

Thank you for your feedback. You can find the full user manual on the downloads section of this page.

160 out of 203


Location: MICHIGAN

Easy plug and play system. The cameras are good quality and the night vision is better than I expected. I would recommend this system.

161 out of 203


Location: San Diego

I bought this system at Costco. Great value. Installed easily. The internet was as simple as it could be.
Costco did its homework as usual in choosing this item to feature.

162 out of 203


Location: DFW

System is full fu ctin system. All the equipment is if high quality. Output is what you would expect form a commercial grade security system. Very please with overall system.

163 out of 203


Location: Los Angeles, CA

I have been in the security system market for more than one year. So far this is the best affordable 1080P camera system which fits my home application. In addition, Lorex's service is good.

164 out of 203


Location: Sacramento, California

This is the second security system I have purchased from Lorex for an apartment complex and I love how easy it was to install and set up! The cameras provide clear pictures both day and night. For the price, I think Lorex systems are the best deal around.

165 out of 203


Location: Orlando, FL

Best priced system I could find. No one else can provide internet capabilities with 1080P at this price.

166 out of 203


Location: Florida

Cons: It is very important take note is Password have to be no more than six (6) characters
-Some of support phone # on Lorex Web side are wrong
-Cameras angel not as wide as Zmodo cameras

-Clear picture for day and night
-Cable length are good
-Good customer support

167 out of 203


Location: Miami, Fl

I first purchased 1000 series and shortly invested in the 2000. The peace of mind, to know what's going on outside your home is great.

168 out of 203


Location: Cape coral Florida

Great system I love it so far thanks Lorex.

169 out of 203


Location: Cape coral Florida

Great system I love it so far thanks Lorex.

170 out of 203


Location: Staten Island NY

So far my new Lorex LHV 210 800 system is working beautifully. I tested all the cameras for day and night operation, and all work well. The DVR is in my opinion not noisy at all like some say. My only problem is that I can't get an internet connection into my garage. I'm trying to figure out how to get a WiFi connection to the dvr, possibly thru the USB. I'll have to check with Lorex for that. Otherwise I'm very happy with Lorex.

171 out of 203


Location: Utah

Great product. I bought it from Costco and came home and installed it myself. I am not a tech guy so for me to install it by myself shows how easy it is. Well, running cable in a 130 f attic wasn't too easy! I am glad that i purchased it. It beats having to pay for a security place to do it

172 out of 203


Location: Massachusetts

I purchased this system due to break ins in the area.
I have setup the DVR with a monitor, upgraded as directed and connected one camera. I am very happy the quality of the picture. I am also happy with the quality of the cameras, DVR and all items included. I will be installing the cameras soon.
To date very happy.

173 out of 203


Location: Antioch, CA

I had my system professionally installed from a local company who recommended this brand and model. So far it has been excellent. GREAT picture both day and night, easy user interface, and easy connectivity where I can remotely view from my Smart Phone or PC as well as over my big screen TV. I am very happy with the purchase and performance.

174 out of 203


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

My boy in another city got the this Lorex system 2 weeks ago and was amazed at the quality of the video. One neighbor joined Costco and ordered a system 1 day later by mail order ( 2 hour drive to Costco) and 2 others are interested. The boy wanted the recorded info only to ID prowlers and vandals so far.
The system worked so well he got another one for his second house.
We did not need the service dept. We did not use internet viewing yet.
We did change 2 lenses to 16mm and 12mm for zoom to better ID people at 100ft and 60 ft. Mail order lenses 1/3" sensor, IR tint, 12* .05 thread.

175 out of 203


Location: Sunnyvale, CA

Bought this system from Costco.
Very easy to configure and install.
Pictures are very clear. Very good value for the money. The camera cables are only 60' long. It would be great of they would include a few 100' cord.
Being using the system for over a month, so far so good. Iphone and Ipad apps working solidly.

176 out of 203


Location: Sacramento, ca

Hooking up the system was very easy and connecting to the FLIR cloud on my samsung s4. Only had one problem with a camera two days after installed it started flickering. Customer service was very nice but slow on getting accurate information when camera will be replaced. After 3 weeks of waiting I hope to get the camera out soon. The DVR unit gets pretty warm. I added an external fan to keep it cool. Otherwise the DVR is very quiet. I'm very satisfied with the video quality even on my phone. Watching live video on my cell phone I found that you have to have a better than 3G connection or WiFi to see it or it will drop easy.

177 out of 203


Location: Seattle

Easy to get going. Had a hard time initially setting up port forwarding, but once that was working, I was able to monitor from my computer easily.

HDMI output did not work on my box, but I was able to use the VGA just fine (looks like a known problem).

I do wish that the instruction manual was included with the system instead of having to have a laptop nearby so that I could configure everything.

Android app: I was not able to input my Device ID and start using the app. I had to set it up via the IP/Domain method, which took a while longer as I had to set up the DDNS before I could access it. Works fine now though.

Overall this is a good system and I do think it will meet my security needs.

178 out of 203


Location: Arizona

The image quality so far is really good. The video recordings are truly 1080p and they look great blown up in video.

The setup is fairly strait forward. Plug everything in and you are more or less up and running. You do not have to be a professional installer to get this going. So long as you can follow where the cables plug in and the channels you should be able to do it.

My only complaint about this unit is the alerting. I really wish you could configure the email alerts a little bit more. Such as 6 bursts of motion photos rather than one. Same for FTP upload of images. Granted you can change the setting so you get them every second of movement, it would just be nice if they where grouped into one email. The schedules for recording are some what easy to setup, but the lay out is not very intuitive. It will take some tinkering to get it right.

The iOS app could also use some work. Its to complicated. I think it tries to hard to do everything when it doesn't need to. Viewing and playback is all it needs. You don't really need to be configuring anything via the app other than resolution.

The fan is also pretty noisy. Keep that in mind when placing the recording unit.

I would recommend this to friends and family.

179 out of 203


Location: Hoquiam Washington

System is awesome and clarity if excellent day and night. I would highly recommend this system. Some issues when I tried to hook up to the remote connection, also the directions were difficult to follow.

180 out of 203


Location: California

Love this system because it is the only one and we tried two other brands that we could actually play back recordings from our phones. The clarity of the cameras are great and the DVR software is pretty straight forward. There are a few issues with sensitivity but I will probably call customer service because it is probably something I'm not doing right. Great package deal at Costco 8 1080HD cameras and a 2 TB hardrive for a great price. Bought a different brand for the same price and only got 4 cameras and only 2 of them were 1080HD. Hope to have this system for long time. My family and I just went on a two week road trip and we were able to check up on the house everywhere we were.

181 out of 203


Location: Northern Virginia

This is the second Lorex System I have put in due to upgraded technology and it is super. I would recommend this to family and friends, and the one thing that would make this complete is if Lorex would put BACK printed manuals into the box instead of simply web based ones. I prefer hardcopies to read versus online or downloaded materials. You do get a quick start guide which gets it up and running. But having the full manual is much preferred. This system however, is top notch. My old one was still functioning when I switched it out but the advances were much improved and the cost of the system was great, so I upgraded.

182 out of 203


Location: Simi valley

The quality is awesome, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone without a doubt.

183 out of 203


Location: CA

Unit works great. Had some trouble with the remote connection, directions were not the best. Tech support was very helpful and solved the problems with our cable router.

184 out of 203


Location: Madras OR


Lorex has a very good Tech support, I have called them several times. Was unable to get email alerts on my phone and they helped me out. I wish there was a way to turn off the alerts when we are at home.... I am still figuring out the system, it is a little hard to figure out but they are very helpful if you call them.

185 out of 203


Location: Oxnard, ca

I am delighted with my lvh2000-8. I was able to set it up on my work bench within a half hour after receipt. It took several hours to select locations and run the cables. Both day and night pictures are excellent. I was able to connect my iPhone and iPad with no problems. I did have problems with my desk top PC. I called the Lorex technology number and received superb assistance from Chris. I have recommended your product to several of my friends and I am confident they will be just as satisfied as I am.

186 out of 203


Location: California

We bought the LHV828 model from Costco because of the price and the store's reputation with regards to the products they sell. Costco never disappoints. The Lorex cameras are great! We have had this security system for over a month now and has satisfied our needs i.e. the playback function and the quality of the picture. The installation was easy. We have yet to set up a DDNS but our relatives were able to view the cameras from across the pond with the app. We have yet to learn of its full potential (haven't fully read the manual), but we're sure we are going to like the system even more. The DVR is a bit noisy because of its fan; nevertheless, I would recommend it if you are in search for good security cameras and not break the bank.

187 out of 203


Location: So Cal

This review is on the LHV828 - 8 camera 1080p Lorex system purchased at Costco. First, I’d like to comment on the choice of systems available. I chose a 1080p, but with “DVR” analog recording. While this is a high definition system, it is not the same as a bunch of “IP” cameras. Those are bundled with “NVR” (Network Video Recorder) and the overall system is more expensive with those kinds of cameras and recorder. I seriously considered going with such a system because of the generally better reviews and the higher likelihood of success in remote viewing the cameras through my Android cell phone. However, it would have been double, or even triple, the price. I wanted to keep my equipment cost to around five hundred bucks if possible. I was successful at Costco and am very happy with the purchase.
Now, a couple of important details: There is an ID code in the upper flat surface of the DVR. This code starts with the letters “ivha4….” and has an additional 7 characters, (one letter and 6 numbers). This code is used to setup the remote viewing through the FLIR cloud that Lorex supports. Lorex supplies an Android application that they also call “FLIR cloud”. The important part here is the using the cell phone smart camera to attempt to scan the 2D bar code next to this ID number DOES NOT WORK. However, there is a simple manual method during the remote viewing setup that allows you to manually type in that previously mentioned number. After you have done this, the FLIR cloud will ask you to change your password. This is how you know you have been successful. You must enter the number manually during the remote viewing setup process.
Another small detail: I assumed all the cables were bi-directional. WRONG. The small 12 volt power cable has male connectors at one end and female connectors at the other end. I finished “fishing” all 8 cables through my attic and guess what, 3 of them were backwards. Rather than re-fish them (an additional 3 – 4 hour job), I went to Fry’s electronics and bought a single package of 8 male and 8 female pigtail connectors from their video department. I was able to make 3 male to male adapter cables and 3 female to female adapter cables. Job was finished with all this stuff installed. System works great, but I had a handy person that I paid twenty dollars an hour to and I had to buy various tools, drills, etc. All told the install ran me an additional 500 bucks including a few tools that I now have towards the future.
System is fantastic now.

188 out of 203


Location: Seattle WA

The system itself is great, but the enclosed instructions are not complete or accurate for this model. Even the correct PC remote viewing software for a LHV2000 series system was not available on the Lorex website (we used the LHV1000 instead).

Either Lorex needs to sort out their support manuals, or have video links available for the common set-up tasks. I like the second idea, having video links with short descriptions in the Support tab of each product.

189 out of 203


Location: Boothwyn, PA

I got this item at Costco, It was an awesome buy, great HD quality, big size HHD for a very affordable price. Given that Costco has if known for backing up their products that they sell, you can't go wrong. I recommend this to anyone who wants a high quality video security system at an affordable price.

190 out of 203


Location: 2348 Cobalt

So far I give it a 3. The FLIR Cloud system is very sporadic. At times I can log in and at other times it says my password is invalid. However, I can log onto my system with the same password. I'm trying to see if this will work in the next few days, or I will be returning the system.

191 out of 203


Location: 2348 Cobalt

So far I give it a 3. The FLIR Cloud system is very sporadic. At times I can log in and at other times it says my password is invalid. However, I can log onto my system with the same password. I'm trying to see if this will work in the next few days, or I will be returning the system.

192 out of 203


Location: home

The picture on the cameras that show up on the screen have good picture but we can not get all cameras to show up on the screen all the time. Three of them show up all the time and two of them come in and out. One screen flashes in and out with no camera hooked up to it. The machine beeps randomly. Costco support was great to help get set up but they couldn't help us figure out how to fix the viewing. The manual I finally found to download was 188 pages long and didn't address the problem we were having. Then we were told that we had to e-mail Lorex and wait for a response. We have not heard from them yet. I rated it one star because it is so complicated to get set up and you can't talk to a person at Lorex for help not for the picture quality.

193 out of 203


Location: Washington

Replaced old wired system, was able to use same wiring. Set up of the DVR was fairly easy, would appreciate a printed manual instead of having to download. Did need to make one call to tech support, very helpful and resolved my problem quickly. Good picture, easy to set up on my I Pad and computer. FLIR Cloud is great, easier than DDNS. Would highly recommend this product.

194 out of 203


Location: California

Having cobbled together previous systems with various cameras, dvrs, and power supplies, I was pleased at how easy this system installed and functioned correctly the first time. Network DDNS, and Flir cloud functioned correctly first time, also. Sharp pictures and very stable. I'm pleased.

195 out of 203


Location: California

Bought this at Costco. Since we purchased the hard wired model, LHV2000 series, it took a bit of effort and several days to get the wiring done and the units set up.
We had a hard time getting it all set up once the wiring was done and everything was hooked up. A call to the technician helped greatly. However, we are now trying to figure everything out and without a manual it isn't easy. Tried to download the users guide and that didn't work. Hopefully we will be able to do more with this as we play with it some more.
What we see on the television from the cameras is sharp and clear and for that we are pleased. I hope connecting to a tablet is not going to be difficult. If I knew how to work everything I might give it a 5 but since I don't, 4 is generous.

196 out of 203


Location: Meridian, Idaho

I replaced an older ECO System because the cameras were going bad. The filter switching was not allowing true colors to come thru even in night time. I have installed the LHV828 system in the same locations and everything has worked fine. The colors and night vision are so much better with the new camers and the MPX HD. Took a little time to figure out the new DVR but the system is up and running. I have not completed the DDNS yet still having trouble with settings. The cloud system works well though and I can see my system anywhere with i phone or laptop. If you try to install any system like this I hope you are very familiar with computors and software or enlist some help. There are better camers out there but they are very expensive. This system works very well for the money.

197 out of 203


Location: California

I bought this surveillance camera system at Costco with affordable price. It was easy to install and set up remote viewing. I wonder because the image quality. Video was sharp and clear. I am really happy with this product. Only disadvantage is the system only support one micro phone input.

198 out of 203


Location: Waco texas

I think the system was a good price and was happy with it after installation. The set up is easy and cameras have a nice picture.

199 out of 203


Location: Texas

Great value and performance. Works far better than the Swann system we were using.

200 out of 203


Location: Texas

I bought this system from Costco based on the display in the store. I had the right number of cameras for my needs and all the features I needed even though it is a lower end system.
I installed the system myself and immediately noticed the video was extremely noisy (lots of interference).
I had my doubts about the cheap cabling that came with the system and ordered better camera wiring from a third party. All of the noise was cured with the better wiring.
The camera wiring that comes with this system is totally inadequate for anything. Don't find out, like me and have to install it twice and at additional cost.
Once installed with proper wiring the system functions as I need.

201 out of 203


Location: Central Oregon

Bought system from Costco. Wanted well known name and paid a little more, but results where exactly what I needed. Most difficult for me was running the wires to the cameras. Didn't want wireless as I have read it can interfere with WiFi. As important as WiFi is to my customers didn't want to chance it.

Picture is great! I was surprised at how clear both the daytime and night vision pictures were ... and hook up was simple. (except that the bnc connections on the back of the DVR are extremely close together, making it difficult to lock in the connectors properly.) Even with this I give it 5 stars. Remote android access with the free FLIR Cloud app took only minutes to set up. Now I can view the cameras anytime I travel. So far I'm very happy with the purchase.

202 out of 203



Bought this system to upgrade and supplement a LOREX WIRELESS system, and I was shocked at the difference. The picture is GREAT and setting up remote internet access for my tablet and phone was EASY...This is a great product

203 out of 203


Location: Everett, WA

This system is great! We had a system that was 720p that was another brand and we upgraded to this by just switching out the cameras. No need to re-run cables saved time and was done in a few hours.

Signed on to the internet and that was super easy. The wizard did most of the work. The other system never worked as well plus they are in Australia so no Saturday calls. The set-up on this system required no help required.

I like the additional FLIR backup service so, if someone does break in and takes the DVR we still got them on tape.



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