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8 Channel Series Security DVR system with 720p HD Cameras


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View your World in HD

Experience the gold standard in analog surveillance video that is second only to being there yourself. This HD DVR records video in real-time at 720p HD, double the resolution of 960H, on all 8 channels. Including 4 or 8 fully-loaded megapixel security cameras, this system uses standard BNC cabling to transmit stunning HD images for a surveillance experience like no other. Maintain vigilance with best-in-class image quality and view your world with new eyes.

FLIR Cloud connectivity solution

FLIR Cloud remote connectivity

Introducing FLIR Cloud™, our innovative hassle-free cloud connection service. Say goodbye to IP & router port forwarding issues - you can quickly and easily connect to your security system using a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. FLIR Cloud™ will have you viewing your system remotely within minutes on your iOS® or Android™ device. Simply download the free App, scan the QR code and start viewing your world securely online! Stay abreast of important developments with push notifications for motion events, and instant email alerts with snapshot attachments.

The HD DVR is bundled with 720p wired HD bullet cameras that provide superb surveillance footage both day and night. The cameras are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, with a fully weatherproof, polycarbonate housing that stands up against intruders and the elements. See it all, day and night, with best-in-class low light clarity, close up recognition in the dark with Smart IR, and an impressive night vision range of up to 130ft (40m).

Security certified hard drive

Security hard drive

Record in real-time 30 frames per second to the security grade 100% duty-cycle hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at 720p HD (1280x720) for the highest resolution, or change the settings to a lower resolution for extended recording time.

For those who already own a wired security system, upgrading to HD surveillance has never been easier - simply swap out your old BNC cameras for new 720p wired HD cameras that use the same cabling. Extend the video signal up to 800ft (242m) with a single run of RG59 coaxial cable for flexible installation.

Extend video up to 800ft with RG59 coaxial cable

Connect the HD DVR to a TV or LCD monitor with industry standard HDMI and VGA inputs. The intuitive interface with simple menus and icons allow for easy & efficient security DVR programming. Other advanced features of the HD DVR include click-and-drag digital zoom in live view and playback, dynamic drag & drop camera assignment, and PTZ control through coaxial cabling.

LHD818 compatibility chart

HDTV Ready

High definition interface with HDMI output for easy connection to a TV

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Flexible installation

Variety of installation options are available.



Digital Video Recorder features:

  • High definition 720p recording. Double the resolution of 960H 1
  • Real-time recording at 30fps per channel
  • 24/7 security-grade hard drive
  • Continuous, scheduled and motion recording
  • H.264 video compression 2
  • HDMI cable included for simple connection to HD TVs
  • PTZ cameras supported, remote control through App 1
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & daylight savings time
  • Click and drag digital zoom in live view and playback
  • 2 video outputs (HDMI & VGA) to connect multiple monitors
  • Instant USB backup of live video from selected camera
  • Automatic firmware upgrade
  • 3-Step remote view with FLIR Cloud? 3
  • PC and Mac compatible 4
  • Free iOS and Android compatible apps 5
  • Advanced apps with live viewing, playback, video recording, and snap shot
  • Push notifications of motion events
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Dual streaming to conserve bandwidth

Camera Features:

  • High definition 720p 1 megapixel image sensor delivers double the resolution of 960H 1
  • Crystal clear video with outstanding detail, day or night
  • Infrared cut filter ensures accurate color representation
  • Night vision range up to 130ft (40m) in ambient lighting& 90ft (28m) in total darkness 2
  • Close up recognition in the dark with SmartIR
  • Anti-glare feature ensures clear images under strong lighting conditions
  • ClearNight imaging for superior low light performance, improving recording efficiency
  • Split glass design minimizes IR reflection
  • Weatherproof for outdoor & indoor installation (IP66 Rated) 3
  • Extreme temperature performance (-22°F ~ 122°F)
  • Wide angle 90° field of view
  • Vandal resistant design with cable pass-through bracket
  • Lightweight and durable polycarbonate housing
  • Removable camera base and integrated cable for flexible installation
  • Versatile ceiling or wall mounting options
  • Residential and business friendly compact design
  • 60ft BNC/Power extension cable included per camera
  • Energy-efficient CEC (California Energy Commission) compliant power adapter included
  • Extend the video signal up to 800ft (242m) with a singlerun RG59 coaxial cable for flexible installations 4

DVR Disclaimers

1. Compatible with Lorex 720p wired HD cameras only. For a list of compatible cameras, please visit
2. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
3. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). A minimum upload speed of 1Mbps is required for the best video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time.
4. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, please visit
All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Technology Inc. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.

Camera Disclaimers

1. Compatible with Lorex HD DVR LHV1000 series only.
2. Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and in total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area, and light reflection / absorption level of object. In low light, the camera will switch to black and white.
3. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.
4. The extension cable must be a single stretch of cable between the DVR and camera. You cannot connect multiple extension cables to each other. For cable runs above 300ft(92m), you must connect the power adapter directly to the camera, rather than at the end of the extension cable.










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1 out of 315


Location: Los Gatos, Ca

I have the LHV2000 series with 8 cameras. I paired it with a Supersonic tv screen. The hd is awesome. It took me a month to put all the cameras up, but I am assuming the wiring process is a one time thing. I completed the set up at the end of August. Overall I am happy. However one of the cameras failed the end of September, and I am still trying to figure out how to get the warranty replacement. Website is very hard to use.

2 out of 315


Location: Modesto CA

I have never had such a difficult time with an RMA.
The CPU fan went out in our unit over a month ago. It was a BIG hassle to get a replacement.
I would never buy another Lorex product or recommend it.

Our apologies for any difficulty you experienced. We hope the replacement is working well.

3 out of 315


Location: Texas

Replaced older system. Works well, easy to connect to iPhone, dvr is loud.

4 out of 315


Location: Fruitland

This product is replacing a old system , it is amazing . The clarity of the cameras is awesome. I still have yet to find how to zoom and pan but am planning on a call to customer service today.

5 out of 315


Location: Baton Rouge, La.

I purchased Lorex's 8 channel, 8 HD 1080p night vision cameras, and installed everything myself. Overall, the installation wasn't that bad. However, running the wires can be time consuming depending on where you're installing the cameras at. The quality of the images from the cameras are wonderful. The night vision images are really clear and I was just as impressed with the day images too. Accessing the cameras from the mobile app is a great concept when ever it works. This is the only area that I believe needs to be updated a little. The iOS mobile app displays my live camera feed around 65% of the time on the first try. When it times out, I normally just close the app out & restart it a couple times. Eventually, the camera feed will pull up. Now trying to view any saved history from the mobile app is fairly slow too. The camera system as a whole is great. The mobile app can be updated over time, so that's a minimal gripe. The instructions to set up viewing to the DVR is simple and easy to read. I would recommend these cameras to anyone else looking to secure their home or business.

6 out of 315


Location: arkansas

great product easy to fallow instructions. this is the first time I have buy a security system no regret

7 out of 315


Location: Orange County, CA

I am very satisfied with this system.

Living in a one story house it was very easy for me to run all of my security camera wiring through my attic. I am glad that I did it this way and am not dealing with the hassle of wireless technology and all of it's pitfalls.

The support at Lorex is fantastic. My DVR failed at some point and they sent me a new one right away. The software has also gotten a lot better and more user friendly lately.

Overall I like the system and would recommend it to others.

8 out of 315


Location: Canada

This system is amazing. The system is easy to use. Remote access is great and the picture is very clear. Night vision is also pretty good.

9 out of 315


Location: Cypress TX

I purchased this unit online at Costco and replaced my existing Samsung unit. The video resolution is amazing and the remote access is far better.

10 out of 315


Location: Vancouver

Good clarity and full feature. Once this is set up, it is very good. However, I wish the instructions are more thorough. Still trying to figure out some functionalities as I don't fully know whether I set it up correctly. For example, I put in motion detect for recording. However when I go to view the camera info, it still says continuous for recording. So not sure what's going on there.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739. You can also see section 11 of the manual

11 out of 315


Location: Auburn, WA

Easy to set up and the picture is very good. Cameras are extremely light so easy to mount. I did not need all three screws on most mounts. The only negative is that the kit only comes with 60' cables. 60' is not long enough to run from many locations back to the main box and I had to buy 4 100' cables to compete my installation. I connected a 100' and a 60' at one point and the picture is just as clear as the 60' runs. I would recommend this product.

12 out of 315


Location: Rancho Cordova California

The system was very easy to set-up and the FLIR access from anywhere is a great option. Costco concierge service made tech and customer service support very easy.

13 out of 315


Location: Bellingham, WA

We bought the LHV828 at Costco to install at our home based business. Installation was easy, picture quality is great, and everything worked great including remote viewing of the cameras until about a year when I had diffieculty logging in. Customer support was wonderfully helpful! A technician logged into my computer remotely and was able to reset the password without any loss of stored pictures. I am so impressed. Thank you!

The only thing that I would like it even better resolution so that when a car drives by I could actually read the licence plate number to report to the police in case I have reason to belive that the car was involved in a crime. But I can still report the information about type of car which could be useful.

14 out of 315


Location: Simi Valley, CA

I had 4 channel systems we used in the Theater so music director could be downstairs and see the action on stage. It worked great. So when I need a systems for my home I purchased this one from It was easy to install and adapted well to non Lorex camera's. I need 1 special camera for an outside area. Everything worked fine and was very easy to program. The phone apps were even easier to install on Android and iPhone.

15 out of 315


Location: Blainville

Great security system the quality Is great and it Is very user friendly

16 out of 315


Location: Waterloo, ON

I bought this system at Costco for our church. It was easy to install - the system replaced the older system with lower resolution cameras, but we could use all existing cables! Excellent picture quality and reliable weatherproof high resolution cameras 720p. But DVR failed after 1.5 years, similarly to James's issue below - first 4 channels went dead, with the difference that in addition the DVR started to reboot itself every 3 minutes with the Reboot with Code 0x04 in the logs. Called tech support and unfortunately they had no clue about reboot codes and simply said the unit is broken and needs to be replaced. And since the warranty is only 1 year (unlike other vendors like QSee, who offer 2 years on their products), the only option for me was to purchase a new DVR. Good thing I bought this system at Costco - they agreed to a return of this system for a full refund. I still like the product (when it works), and with that refund I bought an upgraded system LHV2000 series with better cameras 1080p for exactly the same price. Now I am trying to purchase 2 extra years of extended warranty. Opened a ticket with support a couple of days ago but have not heard back yet. In the comments below I've read that Lorex does not allow to purchase additional warranty if not at the time of the system purchase. Is it true? That makes me worry and wonder if I should keep the system...
Oh, yes, I was also wondering why it switches back and forth between 720p and 1080p. Thanks James for your suggestion in your review - I will try it.
Bottom line - a few things that I would suggest to Lorex. These definitely have a room for improvement:
1. Match the warranty to your competitors. Provide at least 2 years. That will show that you also have a confidence in reliability of your products. And make it easy to purchase extended warranty while registering the product online.
2. Improve documentation. I should not need to gather bits and pieces of useful information about Lorex products from other user comments and google. Like the limitation of 60 FPS per 4 channels. I was puzzled why the max FPS on my second channel switches 7 when I select 30 for my first channel.
3. Improve technical knowledge of your tech support personnel. They should know what log entries mean and a few typical error messages that could be seen in the logs by customers. Google says there are only 5 reboot codes on such systems and all have different meaning and reasons.
Thank you.

Thank you for your feedback. Warranties are available on our website at the time of purchasing your system. If you purchased your system through another retailer you can call in to order a 2 or 3 year extended warranty. Please call our sales team at 1-888-425-6739, option 1 for assistance with this. For the LHV828 system you recently purchased, you can find a link to the full system manual under the Downloads section of the product page.

17 out of 315


Location: Georgia

This is a great value. Purchased from Costco with 100.00. I like the picture quality and it's real easy to set up and get started. If you want to customize the settings however, your in for LOT of trial and error. 1st I had to go online to download the manual and finding the right one took some digging. I wanted to only record when motion was detected so I could store more relevant data. It takes forever to get the setting right. It still is a great system

18 out of 315


Location: Belleville, IL

I a recommendation to Lorex,, how about WHITE cables also? I've had to purchase extras because of my white siding!

19 out of 315


Location: Belleville, IL

Not only is the camera system and picture capability unexpectedly good, but what really impressed me was the technical service. They answered questions by the dozens and never ran out of patience with me. Their assistance in making monitors of ALL my devices was invaluable and appreciated!

20 out of 315


Location: Sacramento CA.

I purchased LHV1008 720P two years ago. Worked flawlessly for two years. It paid for itself by catching two intruders who were identified due to the clear HD video recording and arrested. Just after the second year of ownership 4 of the 8 channels went dead. Tech Support Call into Lorex confirmed DVR had 4 dead channels, but 1 year warranty was expired. I know of several other people who purchased a Lorex system before I did and they did not experience my issue, so I consider my issue isolated to my one DVR. So I then purchased a LHV2008 1080P system to replace the old LHV1008. Much clearer, and I am very happy with the product. I highly recommend this LHV2008 1080P system. However, Product Manual is lacking, as not all the settings are covered and they are not explained in detail with tips on best practice. A DVD with video video install tips and instructions and a PDF file with detailed and concise setup and configuration instructions would be make the product much easier to use. For example, when setting up recording resolution, a helpful tip is to be sure to set both "Continuous" and "MD" recording resolution to 1080 so playback does not jump between 1080P and 720P during playback. It does this because when a motion detection event occurs and the MD is set to the default 720P, the recording is done at 720P, hence playback resolution will fall to 720P, then after playback passes the motion detection event resolution jumps back to 1080. I called Lorex Tech support and they were NOT aware of this resolution setting requirement. They elected in stead to replace my DVR. Fortunately I figured it out before they shipped the new DVR. Another helpful tip would be to advise that when configuring recording resolution to 1080P, the maximum FPS per camera can only be 15. That's because each bank of 4 channels share the FPS total of 60FPS. If you set Camera 1 to 30 FPS, cameras 2,3 & 4 will only be able to set to a maximum of 7 FPS. Same for channels 5,6,7 & 8. My suggestions to Lorex, Product documentation needs improvement and skilled and knowledgeable tech support reps are needed.

21 out of 315


Location: Mexico

Es un producto facil de instalar, no requiere herramientas especializadas, en un par de horas se puede instalar,
Recomendaciones, antes de instalar definitivamente posicionar las camaras para obtener la mayor cobertura, evitar los charolazos por sol o reflejos de luz, en la noche no funcionan las camaras si se protegen con cristal al frente del lente,
Puntos negativos. Es ruidoso el DVD . Balance mas puntos a favor que en contra.
La transmisin Wi Fi debe ser modificada en sus parametros ya que no se puede utilizar la mejor definicion, izzi en Mexico no ofrece la mejor calidad de subida de datos por lo que el equipo no puede ser usado mas alla del 80 por ciento de su capacidad

22 out of 315


Location: San Diego

Opened the box, hooked up all cameras to ensure they worked and set up properly, Once I had them where I wanted, and downloaded the app, I used the iphone app to see the best location/angle for viewing and then installed. 60ft of wire great for most of the runs, if you have a long run to the backyard may need additional set of longer cables, accessories on the lorex website for easy purchase. Plug and play. Tested the live viewing from both ipad/iphone app as well as the website live viewing from any computer. All had easy to follow instructions. I installed 4 cameras in 1 day, 2 the next and have 2 left over to decide where I want them to go.

23 out of 315


Location: Vancouver, BC

Straight out of the box set-up with this wired security system was easy. Two teenagers set it up in no time. Clear images and relatively easy to navigate menu. Our problem was in setting up the remote viewing. I downloaded the "Lorex" App for my iPhone and inputted what I figured was the correct info only to have no connecting.

Had I known the tech support was so helpful I would have called sooner. I needed to download the "Flir" app (of course, right?!?) and change the settings. Not the most intuitive procedure.

Generally happy with the unit and would score even higher if they had tech support available later in the evening (close at 10pm EST) for us west coast users. I tend to do most of my troubleshooting after our shop closes.

24 out of 315


Location: halifax ns

I upgraded and older 4 camera system with this one and was blown away by the quality, everything was very easy to set up and get running including the app.
had a few small issues setting up email notifications because the instructions were outdated, but a quick call to tech line got me sorted out in a few minutes. other than that I'm really loving this system.

25 out of 315


Location: northidge, los angeles

great camera system, great app, but web base setting up instruction needed some digging up

26 out of 315


Location: Home

Great system, easy to install, and great quality product. Easy to view from phone app and excellent quality picture. Bought this system with 8 1080p cameras at a reasonable cost.

27 out of 315


Location: Florida

I bought this system with 4 1080p cameras, Great system, I bought these to upgrade another system, cant believe the picture quality, it feels like i am watching tv. I recommend installing the new wires if replacing an old system they made a huge difference in quality after i permanently installed this system, and be sure to buy either an eight octopus or another 4 wire octopus power supply when u get the other 4 cameras because it only comes with a 4. Overall awesome system amazing picture quality and digital zoom, and price is great as well. Cant beat this system in this price range

28 out of 315


Location: Toronto, Ontario

Overall, very satisfied with the system. My wife purchased the system from Costco after seeing a colleague showing the neighbour taking something off their property.

As a former cable installer, getting the cables run, with the BNC connectors terminated, was a bit tricky (as they require a 5/8' hold drilled to get the cable through walls and hidden.

Once the lines were installed, the DVR setup can be challenging depending on how far you want to go.

The default setup already allows for everything to work (ie. Liveview, recording, motion detection, etc.). things like setting up email alerts, DDNS registration, network configuration, and any fine tuning, will require a page-by-page read-through of the instruction manual found online.

Setup on iPhone, Mac and Windows needs to be done step-by-step with the instruction manual but once you install in a desktop and mobile device once, the rest is pretty straight forward. I noticed that i tend to have to reload the app on my iPhone as there are times when i can't seem to connect to the DVR. but once i close the app and relaunch, it's fine.

As i said in the beginning, overall, very satisfied considering that this was a self install, self managed system, and lots of bell's and whistles for what you pay for.

29 out of 315


Location: Richland, WA

Purchased this unit through Costco. What a pleasure. Easy setup, minimal configuration issues and it was ready to go. Excellent picture quality with a number of very usable features. The Iphone app FLIR is simple to use and offers plenty of features.

30 out of 315


Location: Salt Lake City, UT

I purchased the system at Costco and installed my self. Install was easy except for crawling around in the attic. The HD weatherproof night-vision cameras are amazing - really great picture. This system has made us feel much more secure in our home.
The DVR suddenly quit displaying video after about 10 months - waiting for tech support to see if I can get it fixed or replaced. As long as the customer support is as good as the product, I will recommend this system to anyone.

31 out of 315


Location: Newport Beach, Ca

I had the system install by a professional during remodeling of the building. I'm very pleased with the result. I can see clearly the activity during the day and night, The video is of excellent quality. It was a little complicated to connect the remote viewing from the iPhone and the Ibook, called the customer service and they were more than helpful! they guided me during the whole process.

32 out of 315


Location: Boyle Heights, CA

As a first time user with Lorex technologies and have been pleased with how easy it was to use and get it running. I was able to install the unit in under a few minutes and stream over my phone once all other camera wires were properly installed first. Overall, 2 thumbs up for this system. Will be considering to obtain another system in the future.

33 out of 315


Location: Orlando, Fl

This is a nice system for a very reasonable reasonable price. The remote viewing from an IPhone will require some knowledge on port forwarding. Customer service was more than helpful when I had trouble connecting from an outside WAN connection.

Installation was exactly what I was expecting from a wired system. It took me about an hour so per camera to run the cables thru my attic space. In the end, I feel more comfortable knowing that the cameras have a hardwired connection rather than a wireless connection. The included cables were more than long enough for a 2500 SQ. FT. house.
The clarity of the video during the day is exceptional to say the least. I have no issues identify people at a distance of 30 meters or so. The clarity of the video at night is good. I can identify people at a distance of 10 meters or so with no problem. I do wish that the cameras had a little more night vision capability, possibly by adding some additional wide infrared LEDs.
The documentation that was included in the box could have been better but I personally did not have any issues going on the web to find additional information. Living in the digital age, I expect that from any product that I buy, exceptionally electronics. The only regret that I have is that I did not buy the 16-channel HD system. I have continually suggested this product to friends and family.

34 out of 315


Location: Small retail store

Good for our small store. Easy to install and use. Good quality of videos. Connected by my tablet and see the store from everywhere!
At first we had for one month, but then changed to 4 or 5 days keeping the videos for 8 camera 24hrs with 1 TB Hard.
It took 40 minutes waiting on the phone to talk with customer service, but at the end the help was great!

35 out of 315


Location: Denver, CO

The quality of the HD cameras is terrific. No connection issues and audio works well with the system. Ideal camera system for a smaller retail store. The DVR needs very high internet speed to work efficiently on the mainstream quality on the DVR software otherwise it will have to be sub streamed on analog quality to watch live. Flir Software has been pretty user friendly but issues exist when exporting video over five minutes long. Having six cameras hooked up currently to the 2TB hard drive is only giving the store five days of video retention.

36 out of 315


Location: Whitecourt, Alberta

This unit has been exactly what I had hoped for...purchased at Costco for a reasonable price. It worked for 3 months perfectly, and then I had a hard drive re-booting issue. Loren tech support was good, fast and efficient. I now have a new unit on the way to replace the old (new!) one. I am happy with both the unit and the tech support :-)

37 out of 315


Location: Fl

Great product! Image quality is great. App works well. Haven't figured out all the settings thus far. Only issue I have is the 60 ft cables, wish it came with a few 100ft cables. One common complaint is the loud fan, it is loud, about the same as your cable box, however, mine is in a separate area in a closet so it doesn't bother me. Easy to set up. Overall satisfied. One thing I did learn was to be patient, there are a bunch of wires to keep straight and organize.

38 out of 315


Location: Fremont

I bought this from costco recently . The price was reasonable. I need it for my office for security. Install was easy and DVR seems to be working fine. I had a issue with seeing cameras on my iphone6. I called tech support and they are professional and willing to help you. I noticed that i had to turn off my iPhone and restart overtime to view cameras. I think it was the flir cloud mobile app flaw. But after talking to tech support for about the 4th time we managed to resolve the issue. At times the wait time to talk to a tech may be 20 mins or longer I have experienced. The solution to my problem was this you have to press the open button twice and remove the apps that are running in background (by flickering them up with your finger to remove them) that will automatically reset the flir cloud app and save your batter life. I do this step everytime i need to view my cameras and it seems to be working fine. The camera pic quality is clean 1080p HD. I decided to go with this rather than the wireless version due to more stability and constant clear pic as opposed to the wireless which slows down your network and there are glitches. So far everything seems to be working in order. I am happy with the product. There tech support is good.

39 out of 315


Location: Portland

The set up was relatively easy the only trouble we had was the installation was on our part. difficulties with the house and hiding the cables .. your set up may be different. The cameras are good they have a nice definition, and the IR led have a decent range.. you can augment them by placing Ir LED into a strand of solar power Xmass lights and placing them where ever you need more IR light. All in all we are happy with the purchase

40 out of 315


Location: New Iberia, La.

Recently purchased a Lorex security system for my home. System works fine on main DVR. Downloaded Flir Cloud app and signed in. System worked for a week. Unable to view at present, but feel certain that tech support will be able to assist me with resolving this issue. Planning on adding two additional cameras to my current system. Wish speaking to a tech support individual were quicker, but I have the time to be placed on hold. Only have had system 10 days, but clarity on camera is great. Would recommend this system.

41 out of 315


Location: boston mass

I have had this system about two months now and two problems that where quickly taking care of a cable and a power supply customer service is outstanding so is tech support this unit runs 24 /7

42 out of 315


Location: Northern California

Great value. Good clear video even at night. Easy to install cameras and cable. One thing would be helpful. I have several pointing down a long wall and the picture would be much better if I could have the camera further off the mounting flange. An extension, 1" to 2" would be perfect.
Highly recommend this system.

43 out of 315


Location: CA

Easy set up, video is clear. Wish the software was a little easier to navigate for finding recording/image captures, however the amount of flexibility is impressive. Would recommend highly.

44 out of 315


Location: Stockport

I bought this system from Costco UK and was impressed by the quality of the build and the packaging.

The DVR seems very robust and very responsive to commands and navigation. Initially I was not getting a picture on the HD monitor I was using so had to connect a small VGA monitor to check. It turned out the default resolution was incompatible with the HD monitor. After trying a different resolution it all worked.

Setting up the phone app was very easy indeed. So was setting up the PC client. I had some issues with getting the email service to work. It just kept failing to send an email when triggered. Then I found out that the DDNS has to be set up first. Once done the emails started coming through. I don't think the manual made this clear.

Tested the cameras in total darkness and the quality is excellent. I am not sure the cameras are suitable for an outdoor installation. I'm using it indoors so doesn't matter to me.

All in all, a quality system.

45 out of 315


Location: Alaska

I bought a lorex 1080p 8 camera system from Costco August 14, 2015. The Hard drive 1 terra byte died within the first 3 months. Costco replaced the DVR. Now the second DVR is going bad after 3 months. The Hard drive keeps restarting and won't stay on. I would not recommend buying any Lorex products unless you don't mind having issues with your recording device. I am an it network administrator. Besides they have no technical support on Sunday's. My system of course is struggling on a Sunday. Buyer beware.....!!!!!!!

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you were having trouble with your system. Our customer service team was happy to assist you with this. Technical support is available Monday - Saturday 9am - 10pm EST at 1-877-755-6739.

46 out of 315


Location: Powell, Tennessee

So far this system has worked flawlessly, very easy install setup was also easy with 24 hr. customer service. Very pleased with this selection.

47 out of 315


Location: Anaheim

The product worked great when we installed. Less than one year after installation the DVR stopped working and will no longer record or do I have access to any previously recorded video. I called Lorex tech support to resolve the issues and they informed me that my unit was defective and I needed to contact customer service.
I contacted customer service to get the DVR replaced, I had to talk to several people to get no resolution. They told me that since it was out of warranty I would have to purchase a new DVR for $400.00 which is more than I payed for the whole unit. I wanted to see about repairing it or replacing it with a refurbished model they could not help me. I am not happy with customer service or the quality of their products.

48 out of 315


Location: Nashville

Product has worked great. We got this system after a break in at our office. Some one decided to try again and he is on every camera we have. Once he saw the camera he left rather quickly. That the upside!
Downside since then our system has been dropping in and out. Called and a new DVR is being sent, only thing is it takes 1-2 weeks to receive the new unit.

Easy to install
Easy to operate
Great customer service
Slow turn around time

49 out of 315


Location: Burnaby

Product is excellent. Installation and basic setup is easy. FLIRCloud for your handheld devices is essential so download it. Plus by setting up a DDNS account you can have remote access from anywhere in the world.

In our house we have Iphones, Ipads and androids. The setup for "playback" on handheld devices was a bit of a challenge and working with tech support we finally figured it out. The tech support team was talented and very helpful. That said is did take a lot of work with them to figure it out. Here is the deal: The default positions on your handhelds for both "live view" and "playback" are "sub". The android phone and Iphone require "live view" to be on "sub" and "playback" be to on "main". The Ipad requires "live view" to be on "main" and "playback" be to on "sub". My final comment here is you would think a) product design would be consistent and b) the tech team would have been onto this from the start. In the end a minor setup challenge only. :-)

50 out of 315


Location: Seattle

Purchased at Costco
Great price for product.
Install very straight forward.
I-phone set pretty intuitive - I can see real time on any camera.

51 out of 315


Location: California

This products is great. Ease of use, many options and features. High quality image. reasonable price.

52 out of 315


Location: New York

Excellen Product

53 out of 315


Location: holladay ut

purchased at Costco.
the installation was simple.
the only issue i had was connecting to the internet.
it was my network that was the issue but once resolved I can now view remotely with smart phone and at home on my computers.
still working on installing all the cameras.

54 out of 315


Location: Santa Cruz

Installed at my office and will now get the same unit to install for my home Very easy system to install Top quality wires and easy to connect fittings

55 out of 315


Location: New York City

Great device but even more amazing customer service. 5 stars for sure.

56 out of 315


Location: Hamilton

I got the system at Costco when it was on a $100 rebate during boxing day week. Opened box looked like quality built cameras and dvrs. Installed pretty easily but the problem is when you want to setup FLIR CLOUD and the numerous nightmare tech support calls you will be making. I have made 6 so far and spent at least 12 hours on the phone and my FLIR CLOUD still does not work. VERY VERY frustrating ready to bring back the entire system.

57 out of 315


Location: kuna, idaho

We installed this system trying to make or home safer for the family. So far it's been fun playing around with it. We do wish there was a better owners manual for the system, it was a little tricky setting up the cameras. Overall it was easy hooking it up, the camera set-up not so much. Still seems like a good system to us.

58 out of 315


Location: Westerville, Oh

We purchased our Lorex camera system at Costco when it was on sale. I needed to replace our wireless 3 camera system to improve the quality and recording capacity. We are very satisfied with the wired Lorex system. There are 6 cameras outside and 2 cameras inside. I have become a Lorex system promoter to our neighbors, relatives and other friends.

59 out of 315


Location: Atlanta, Ga

The quality 0f the video is excellent and the system was very easy to install. The technical support was very helpful in helping me set up my smart phone and iPad. I was very surprise to receive a call back from the tech team in less than seven minutes. This is a great system and I would highly recommend this product.

60 out of 315


Location: Houston

Very easy to get up and running. Simple, easy steps to follow to get everything wired and connected. App with alerts is great. So far the quality is great. The only time consuming parts were getting the wires run through my house exactly as I wanted, and adjusting the sensitivity for each camera for detecting motion. Overall I am very pleased.

61 out of 315


Location: Burlington, On

The installation was easy and the picture is truly HD, just amazing. Night mode was above my expectation thanks to the LED on the cameras. Mobile app is simple to use and comforting to check on your home in live stream 24/7.

62 out of 315


Location: Houston, TX

I bought this system to install in my home. Installation was quick and straight forward. The camera quality is awesome. Customer service responds fairly quickly. Great system....

63 out of 315


Location: Laredo Texas

I've owned other security cameras but never one like this one. The LHV-1000-8 is by far way better. Great night vision, clear at night and day. Easy to set up to your mobile device. Sends notifications to your device (just have to setup this option). The cameras are all weather proof. I am very satisfied with this product. To top it off they have great technical support.

64 out of 315


Location: Vancouver Island

We bought this system a year ago and had it operational for less than 6 months and the hard disk has already failed. But the system is/was great for our purpose. I am only giving it a low rating due to its longevity or lack there of.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear your system failed and have offered to replace it under warranty for you.

65 out of 315


Location: Palm Beac

This is by far one of the best systems we have purchased. Great nightvision too.

66 out of 315


Location: Livermore, CA

Years ago I had installed the Lorex Eco-2 camera and DVR system. I was happy with it but the image quality was relative low. I upgraded to Lorex LHV-2008 from Costco at a great price.
It was very easy to upgrade as the same BNC wires were used- I did not have to rerun replacement wires.
The quality of the images is great- very clear day or night.
The FLIR Cloud PC software and the mobile apps installed easily and are pretty simple to operate.
We are extremely happy with this product.

67 out of 315


Location: Frankford, On

Bought this product from Costco. Good tech support and good product. Satisfied with purchase this product.

68 out of 315


Location: Denver

I bought this set at Costco when it was on sale. The price was right and I think you get what you pay for. Here are some of the issues I have

The mounts that come with this unit are ceiling mounts only. If you mount them on the wall your picture will be sideways and they don't sell a mount that will fix that issue. So I had to improvise. (Not Happy about that)

The cables are not rated to be outdoors. The will break down in the sunlight over time.

They only come with 60' cables. I had to buy 3 100' cables to reach the areas I needed to monitor.

DDNS the remote login website is qwerky. I had a hard time setting it up. Not very user friendly.

The downloadable instruction manual on the site is out of date and the set only comes with a quick connect manual.

The interface with the DVR is not user friendly. Lots of weird options and mazes of menus to navigate with multiple ways to get to the same place.

Overall the picture quality is good and I can work with the little they give you.

69 out of 315


Location: San Bernardino, CA

Had the cameras and system installed by a Lorex recommended installer. Did a fantastic job, neat and clean installation. Their recommendation of camera placement was a lot better than where we thought they should be. Cameras have great clarity day and night. Great price. The system gives us a great sense of security!

70 out of 315


Location: Atlanta, GA

Great product. Easy to setup. I use it for my business. I couldn't be happier with the price.

71 out of 315


Location: Fresno, CA

Great picture, easy install, flir cloud is a very user-friendly app. So far have had a great experience with our cameras. Price was very reasonable

72 out of 315


Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Clear picture,night vision works good even in pitch black conditions.easy to install, love the flir cloud app, no 3rd party app required or monthly fees. Camera are good for the extreme Canadian weather -30c -50c . Customer/ technical support fast,friendly and easy to call. The only down fall I would say was the 60ft bcn/power cable, 100ft cables would have been ideal. I would recommend this product. Price is reasonable.

73 out of 315


Location: Seattle

I purchased the Lorex LHV828 and installed it within two days-time.
I was able to get excellent customer service twice and did not have to wait long. They even allowed me to have them call me back when they were swamped with calls. Additionally, they never dropped the call or tried to race through my questions. Each was answered and moved onto...after I had full understanding of the answer and felt confident in moving on.
I also got my IBM PC setup, as well as my LG3 Android smart phone. I plan to set up my wife's cell today. Great system for the price and the clarity of the camera recordings!

74 out of 315


Location: Phoenix

Great experience with this unit. Worked as advertised. Very happy with it.

75 out of 315


Location: Murrieta, CA

We have been using our Lorex security camera system for over two weeks. So far, so good. The quality of the images are very clear. I was expecting not that great of quality based on other reviews I had read after our purchase....but our cameras with monitor combo seem to be very clear! The best part of this system, is that we can view these cameras from our cell phone with the Flir Cloud mobile app! I just wish the cameras would rotate, but that was not within out budget.

76 out of 315


Location: Islip Terrace, NY

This is the first security camera system that I owned. It was pretty easy to install and the quality of the video is superb. The only challenge I have is that I have a few camera locations that are too far away to be used with the wires that came in the box.

77 out of 315


Location: Canada

Purchased this system to upgrade my old Samsung security system and all I can say is WOW!
Picture quality is amazing! Cannot believe how easy it is to setup remote viewing, all you have to do is scan the QR Code.

78 out of 315


Location: Ohio

Well its been a year since this system was purchased. DVR is easy to use and reliable, picture quality excellent, remote viewing good - could use some different setup functions, some are worthless. The BAD - cameras, went through all 8 plus 5 more of the new eight, 11 out of 13 were bad/dim LEDs (one was even missing 2 LEDs. Unfortunately I only got the one year warranty (they won't let you purchase any, only at time of purchase). Push notifications may or may not work depending on how it feels that day. I feel this system is adequate for most residential needs.

Thank you for your feedback. Our customer service team was happy to assist you with your warranty. Should you require further assistance, please call us at 1-888-425-6739.

79 out of 315


Location: San Jose, Ca.

I like the clear pic;s, but I'm having trouble with playback. It says I can't playback more than 24 hours??? Can someone help me...I've contacted the company with a "ticket" but no response.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you were having difficulty and glad our technical support team was able to assist you with this. Should you require further assistance, please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

80 out of 315


Location: Zachary, LA

I was in the market for a security camera system to replace cameras I purchased from Harbor Freight years ago. I did not install a DVR with those cameras. Naturally, this set-up gave me little piece of mind and no history of events. I kept putting off buying an adequate system until I saw The Lorex 8 channel system on sale at Costco. After researching this system I felt that it would fit my needs. I am very happy that I made this purchase. Besides the somewhat noisy DVR fan motor and the much too short 60ft cables, the system is awesome for the price. Although this system is not digital, the picture quality is very good. I strongly recommend that Lorex include a microphone with this system for a few more dollars. I feel this system is adequate for most residential needs.

81 out of 315


Location: Philadelphia

I purchased this system at Costco for a great price. I have previous camera installation experience so this one was quite a breeze. The interface software on both DVR and ios is pretty straight forward. I like how Lorex has its own DDNS service where you don't have to purchase your own 3rd party account. The quality on the hd cameras are impressive. The only negative thing I have to say is the wire length. You cant really do much 50ft of wires.

82 out of 315


Location: Alabama

I purchased this system after having someone try and kick in our front door awhile back. We already had an alarm in place and our own hand held security system, but by the time I got to the door the person had left. Guess from lights turning on while me and my wife armed ourselves. Did I mention the frontdoor is near our 16month olds bedroom? It drove us crazy not knowing who was there so I quickly solved that problem by ordering this system from Costco. Luckily it was on sale and it had solid reviews. System was easy to install. Cameras extremely light for mounting under eves of home, having to plug power for the cameras separately makes for a slightly messy end connection if you are tight on space but not a deal breaker. (Cable is basically one cable until end where you plug into dvr...splits maybe 1ft away and comes with adapter for all 8 cameras to plug in 1 Ac outlet) Put all 8 cameras up around home and in garage, wife gave me hell at first for putting all up but cameras are small and overtime blend into eves of home.(cameras white, our eves are tan/grayish color and placed under sections where downspouts of gutters to help blend but are still visible to potential criminals) App is easy to use as well, but like others said dvr is noisy but again not a deal breaker by any means talked to one computer person and was told you can easily replace fan with a quiet one BC the one included is meant to be in a safe or other hot location. As for picture quality, it is amazing. A week ago, police came around 3 am claiming a 911 call was placed from here but it wasn't. But before going out I was able to turn TV on to look out and see them outside clear as day with front porch light off, even took snapshots from video play back on phone. Night vision works great. Could read small print on police vehicle around 60ft from camera to road. Needless to say wife has been pleased with knowing who's at the door when she's home with the baby(or stalking the mail truck for her packages). If I wasn't broke with a kid another on the way and back in college I would get a NVR with POE for less connections at the end. But if you are on a budget or don't care about the clutter at the end this system is great and well worth it.

83 out of 315


Location: oregon

Do not buy any product from Lorex..their customer service is by far the worst I have ever experienced in my 62 years on the planet...take the IRS and multiply the hassles by 10,000% and then triple it and maybe you come close. They lie to you, they make you stay on hold or leave your number for a call back that never comes. The calls come from India. I was ready to throw out my system because the DVR didn't work and tried for a month to get it taken care of and no luck..just stress and lies.. thank god for Costco stepping up and taking care of it. Lorex are a bunch of lying crooks

We apologize for the difficulty you experienced. We were experiencing a higher than usual volume of calls at the time due to a recent promotion.

84 out of 315


Location: Apache Junction, AZ

I got this system as a replacement for one I had but another brand. This system was very easy to set up and allows for internet viewing with absolutely no problems. I give this 5 stars due to the ease of set up compared to the other system I had. Granted the hard part is running wires but mine were already in place the this new system hooked right up.

85 out of 315


Location: richmond, va

I have wanted a camera system for some time, So far a positive experience, be ready to work running wires, it took me about 6 hours, fishing down from the attic was the hardest part.. Over all very pleased with the quality of the system, 4 stars because one of the cameras seems to have lost night vision. working on resolving this now..

86 out of 315


Location: California

My first system. Easy to install. Excellent picture quality. A bit of difficulty with the settings menus. The DVR unit runs hot and noisy, isn't well suited for a bedroom. Over all a good product.

87 out of 315


Location: Nampa, ID

First time user, easy-to-use and install, but the DVD keeps rebooting one a day for the 1st week. One cable is no working and one of the camera's infrared does work well. Everytime the system turn off it goes back the original admin password. This hard when try to get visual online when you not near the device. I am thinking about returning the item.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

88 out of 315


Location: So. Texas

My first security camera system. Installed as instructions stated and everything worked first time the DVR was turned on. Installation was delayed by learning information that came with the system. Notably that two cables can not be put together to make longer cables. Had to order some cables longer than 60'. DDNS rerouting did not work with my router, but FLIR works just fine. Logging in to the DVR IP address works fine too. Overall, I'm very pleased with the product.

89 out of 315


Location: Valley Center, CA

Just installed this 8-channel 8 camera in my house and so far it's working like it is suppose to. It's easy to install and set up but the only challenge is putting it up on the fascia of the house which is about 26 ft up. if you're afraid of height, I recommend someone to help! The cable it came with were not long enough(needed 4 150ftcables) but easily overcame.) My question noe is how do I add a mic to the main door camera? I welcome any recommendation.

90 out of 315


Location: Valley Center, CA

Just installed this 8-channel 8 camera in my house and so far it's working like it is suppose to. It's easy to install and set up but the only challenge is putting it up on the fascia of the house which is about 26 ft up. if you're afraid of height, I recommend someone to help! The cable it came with were not long enough(needed 4 150ftcables) but easily overcame.) My question noe is how do I add a mic to the main door camera? I welcome any recommendation.

91 out of 315


Location: California

I installed the HD cameras and DVR as I replaced an older Lorex System. The Flir Cloud is super easy to set up and view the cameras through the I pad or cell phone. The only draw back is this DVR is noisy from the fan but my other DVR from Lorex was silent. The improvement in the HD cameras is worth the noise from the dVR. I would definately recommend the system with the HD cameras.

92 out of 315


Location: Arizona

Great cameras good dvr and great customer service

93 out of 315


Location: Florida

Great resolution day and night! The system setup was easy.

94 out of 315


Location: Ohio

Great product for the price, and easy install and setup. Only improvement I could recommend would be to the documentation, MAC application and android application. Documentation does not describe some of the settings such as some of the motion detection features well enough. Applications could be more intuitive and offer easier single page setups without having to go to multiple pages. Overall not a negative to the product but could reduce setup time and false alerts.

95 out of 315


Location: Calgary

This is a fantastic system! It was straight forward and simple to install, resolution is excellent both days and nights. I love that you can see real time on your smartphone- peace of mind! Highly recommend it, and at a very reasonable and comparative price!!

96 out of 315


Location: Houston

DVR stopped recording after about 2 months of continuous recording. Called tech support and after a few checks, they determined I needed a replacement under warranty. Submitted my ticket for an advance exchange and didn't hear back until 2 days later. Then I received a phone call that it would be about 5 days before I would know when I should be receiving the replacement. In the mean time, I've been without recording for one week now. It looks like it's going to be two weeks of no recording waiting for this issue to be resolved. I was happy how simple and easy it is to set up and use. The pictures and recordings are clear. I'm not happy that after only two months, the DVR has gone bad.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the wait and hope the replacement is working well.

97 out of 315


Location: Oregon

We were averaging approx. $200 a month in theft in our store. As we knew we had to invest in security cameras. After looking around for a couple weeks at all the options we finally pulled the trigger on this system. Installation was a breeze really easy to setup and configure. It only took us two days to catch our first shoplifter. Over a year now and our monthly theft is down to less than $40. The system has more than paid for itself. We only have one issue and that was we came into the store one morning and the DVR box was dead. Filed a warranty with Lorex and shipped back the dead box and they shipped a replacement within a couple days. Back up and running. We would recommend this system for any small business.

98 out of 315


Location: Vancouver Island

We purchased the Lorex LHV 828 and just started to finally use the entire 8, HD camera system today. Since we have a smaller size home, we were able to "fish" all of the wires successfully without too much difficulty. The quality is amazing! We also just ordered the microphone that works with only camera one but look forward to seeing how that works. The only complaints we have are that the manual, which you have to download online, is rather complicated. And the actual set up is difficult and not really user friendly. And we don't care for the limited use remote control. But we have called the technical help line, which is located in Asia someplace, and they seem to be very helpful. I'm sure we will have several more conversations before we know how to fully operate this system. We hope that Lorex comes out with a "plug and play" system someday. But at a price tag of $500, we won't be upgrading for a long time!

99 out of 315


Location: NC

I looked at camera systems for a while. I finally decided on this system as Costco. It was listed at a great price and I also had a $200 gift card. So I got the camera system at a steal.

So far I've put up 6 of the 8 cameras. Running the wires in the attic was the hardest part. It took me about 4 hours. After that everything was easy. Everything plugged right in. It was a little difficult to connect the BNC connectors to the back of the DVR. They aren't spaced very far apart. Using the DVR is easy. Once you go through and familiarize yourself with it, you'll get the hang of it in no time.

I'm still setting up the motion detection. I'm trying to aleaviate some of the false positive emails I've been getting. But that's just trial and error.

The FILR app works great for me. It works at home and while I'm away from home.

I also set up the DDNS from Lorex so I can have the cameras up on one of my computer monitors at work. You do have to be somewhat tech savy to set that up. You need to know how to go into your router and forward/open the correct ports. I had all that done in about 5 minutes.

Once I get some extra tools (pulling sticks) I will be mounting my other two cameras.

All in all this is a great little system that did exactly what I needed. The images look great and I'm able to keep an eye out on my house when I'm away.

If you are looking for a good system that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, I highly recommend this system.

100 out of 315


Location: NM

OH andthe LHV828 was the product I purchased......FYI

101 out of 315


Location: NM

11/17/15, So far, So Good. Better set up than Q see. Q see DVR broke soon after purchase and then again a few weeks into the new DVR. Returned and purchased LOREX. My Son has Lorex and is also HAPPY w/ it!!!

102 out of 315


Location: Texas

The video quality is awesome. Installation of the equipment is easy. After that things go down hill. I submitted a support ticket for a short in a camera cable and have not received a response. The user interface is not intuitive. The web site is less than helpful. I will get it running and it will work well as advertised. It is just taking too long to learn how to operate the system.

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear you are having difficulty with your system. We were happy to assist you with replacing the cable. Should you require any technical assistance, please phone us at 1-877-755-6739.

103 out of 315


Location: Seattle

I had been experiencing problems with my mail box. Since installing my system I've found the problem to be much greater than I realized. Being able to keep a record of the offenders is easy and the resolution is fantastic. I wish I had installed the system sooner. Thank You Lorex

104 out of 315


Location: California

I had been thinking of purchasing a security camera for a while and finally, when the sale at Costco was offered I purchased the LHD 818, 8 channel 8 cameras with 2 TB DVR. I'm very pleased with the quality of the video and had been showing it to my friends and they were amazed of the quality, 720p. Easy to install. It took me a while to run the wires at the attic but it was worth it. With the FLIR apps I can watched it anywhere, on my smartphone. I can watch the monitor at night in complete darkness.

105 out of 315


Location: Crystal Lake

Very pleased with the system. Purchased at Costco for a good price. Easy to install and setup, turned it on and everything worked. Love the remote access from phone or computer. Had to climb through the attic to install the wire for some of the cameras. If that is a problem for some you may want to look at wireless units. HD quality is great and we hope to have many years of service out of the equipment.

106 out of 315


Location: Miami,FL

I bought the LHV210800 camera system at Costco. It worked perfectly for 2 months until the DVR started to overheat and rebooting by itself. Hopefully I will get it fix under warranty and start using it again soon.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and we hope the replacement is working well for you.

107 out of 315


Location: Netherlands Antilles-Curacao

I bought a Lorex HD DVR LVH1000 with 8 720HD camera at Brandsmart with a great price. The setup instruction are easy to follow, both hardware and software are very simple to use. I like a remote access from my smartphone and clear pictures.The HD quality on these cameras is exceptional.

We did a lot of research and are very pleased with this Lorex Security Camera System.

It's nice to see any company produce a high quality product for a reasonable price in today's world. Thank You !

108 out of 315


Location: Anderson, SC

Purchased the LHV210800 at Costco at a very good price. The videos are outstanding both day and night. Very easy installation and setup. I have been using this system several months and have had no problems.

109 out of 315


Location: Castle Rock, Colorado

We purchased the Lorex LVH210800 system with 8 cameras at Costco. Saved $100 over the same Lorex System with 4 cameras at Home Depot.

Installation was very easy and system works perfectly after set-up. The HD quality on these cameras is exceptional. Integrating my home computer and cell phone to see what the cameras see was simple to do. The Costco sales person said the system came with eight 100' cables, however the cables are actually only 50'long which limited installation on the far side of our home. We did a lot of research and are very pleased with this Lorex Security Camera System.

It's nice to see any company produce a high quality product for a reasonable price in today's world. Thank You !

110 out of 315


Location: Milpitas, CA

I bought a Lorex HD DVR LVH1000 with 8 720HD camera at Costco with a great price. The setup instruction are easy to follow. I set up the system by myself. both hardware and software. I like a remote access from my smartphone and clear pictures.

111 out of 315


Location: Canada

Good product for the price, 720p is very good picture and easy to connect at my smartphone...

112 out of 315


Location: Stettler, AB

Purchased the Lorex LVH110800 720p HD at Costco. The picture quality is awesome even the night vision. Very easy to install and the hook up was a snap. The HD is really awesome and the camera was a great price. Search option was easy to use and hook up to the home computer and cell phone to view was easy and clear. Would like to see a few longer cables as my business shop length exceeds the supplied cables. Thanks again

113 out of 315


Location: Bahamas

I had a system before this system and it went bad. So I started my research into a new system and this company came upon my screen LOREX. I never heard of LOREX before, so I checked it out and the clarity of the video was so clear. I played a video clip of the night vision with the fireworks and from that video I was sold. I bought this system in April of this year and have been loving it ever since. Thank you LOREX for making a great product.

114 out of 315


Location: Mexico

I bought these cameras and DVR for my first business, I hired a profesional installer because of the height of the ceiling and his first impression was that this system was of great quality (That made me happy with my choice).

But when I started using the system I realized it was much better. I love the quality of the image, the search option, that you can choose to record only when motion is detected, the flir App to check on my store, the night vision, the push alarms.

The only thing that I haven't been able to get right is the DDNS connection to be able to view my cameras from any internet browser.

I would definitely buy another Lorex system for my Home or other future store.

Our technical support team would be happy to assist you with your DDNS set-up. They can be reached at 1-877-755-6739. Thank you for your feedback.

115 out of 315


Location: Spring, Texas

I noticed that the cable that was included on the package was 60 feet only so i have to buy 8 cables of additional 50 ft from Frys for us to install the cameras but other than that I highly recommend the unit. It was easy to install and very clear camera on day and also ok for night vision. I highly recommended the product. I install the Flir cloud apps on our cellphone and ipad and it was also easy to connect. You need to play with the settings to get the benefit of the motion detect or use the continous recording. I have tried to activate the insurance so i can get the DDNS last saturday and i have not received my confirmation email from Lorex yet. I am wondering how many days will i wait to get this confirmation email from them.

116 out of 315


Location: Canada

It is very timely that Lorex send me an e-mail offering to extend my warranty by a year.
Here's why: in July my hard drive failed and after paying to ship it back for repairs or exchange, not sure what happened I received the unit back. The unit now does not even boot up properly and does not see the hard drive at all.
I have once again sent in a ticket looking for a replacement unit to be shipped to me overnight or faster so after several months I can have a system in place.
I'm not impressed.
p.s I'm an electronic technician if that adds anything to my credibility

Thank you for your feedback. We apologized for any inconvenience this has caused and we're happy to have assisted you with resolving any issues.

117 out of 315


Location: Pennsylvania

This is a good system, and the cameras are good quality. There are a lot of options to customize if you choose to do so. I would have liked a DVR that had a HDD mirroring capability and I have found it hard to dial in the motion detection settings, it seems to detect a change in sunlight as motion. Other than that the system is worth getting.

118 out of 315


Location: Mascouche Québec

Purchased the Lorex LVH210800 1080 at Costco store. The picture quality is awesome. 
Very easy to install and the hook was a snap. The HD is really awesome and the camera was a great price thank you lorex for my my life so smiple and my home 
much safer

119 out of 315


Location: va

good system, had a q-see before, like this better.
please make the lines at the bottom of the replay screen wider, they are hard to select.

120 out of 315


Location: Sacramento, Ca

My 8 camera system was easy to connect and the instructions were clear. I turned everything on and it worked immediately. I was amazed that I did not have to do any confusing internet entering of numbers. The system found my network and I was able to view all cameras on my phone.

121 out of 315


Location: home

Purchased the Lorex LVH828 1080 the picture quality is awesome
very easy to install and the hook was a snap. called lorex for
view on my ipad they walk me through everything a that was quick and easy the HD is really awesome and the camera was a great price thank you lorex for my my life so smiple and my home
much safer

122 out of 315


Location: California

Purchased the Lorex LVH828
About a month ago and love it... Instalation was not difficult. Picture quality is very nice. Infrared quality is very nice as well. I would definitely recommend

123 out of 315


Location: Tacoma,WA

Purchased the Lorex 8 cam set up through Costco and couldn't be happier! I was able to upgrade to HD quality while retaining my already run BNC/Power cables that frankly would of been a pain to re-run ethernet cables for a NVR system.
Great app for remote viewing also!!!

124 out of 315


Location: Philadelphia

Love our new security camera system! Tech support is great too!

125 out of 315


Location: tn

just bought the lhv 828 , model with 8 hd cameras , for a new house i am going to build , hooked it up temp in house we are in now to see how easy to hook up and i have to say it is a piece of cake to hook up. the hd is great and i can view them on my 3 computors , tblet and cell phone. had to call support and lady helped me with question i asked in mater of min. very pleased and would recomend

126 out of 315


Location: Montréal, Québec, Canada

Great product overall specialy the quality of the video. Easy to install and to manage. Even the application on the cell phone was a low level of difficulty to install. Only problem : one of the camera is loosing signal and a have to "play" (I try to tape it) with the connector near the camera to restore the video. But it's recurrent... Maybe I need another cable! The DVD is noisy

127 out of 315


Location: Show Low , AZ

After installing several CCTV systems, for the money, the Lorex / FLIR Cloud product is exceptional. The FLIR Cloud Client is also one of the cleanest viewing platforms I have experienced.

Job well done.

128 out of 315


Location: NJ

WE bought the 8 Camera DVR LHV828 (1000B) system on sale from Costco. I took the time to set it up on a workbench, connected all 8 cameras (leaving the cables coiled), connected the Ethernet cable, monitor and mouse.

The system was unexpectedly quiet (after reading previous reviews). I configured the basics. Then went online registered the unit and warranty, and set up the DDNS account. Next I entered all of the DDNS information into the system and configured the router. With the unit still on the bench I checked out both the PC FLIR and Android APP.

After about an hour tweaking on the system settings (Camera names, motion areas, etc.). There is a parameter for motion sensitivity, I would suggest for outside cameras set to the highest value. I had video on the PC, Phone and tablet. Everything is working as expected. After the full bench testing and configuration, I used the APP to backup the system settings.

One major NOTE - not all of the cables are rolled up the same way, 3 of the 8 had the camera end on the out side - so be sure to check the cables before un rolling them.

I numbered both ends put all 8 DVR ends together and laid out about 20 feet on the floor, put a wrap of black tape about every 2 feet to make a nice bundle that I could drop down from the attic to the basement. Mounted and connected the cameras, and done.

The system is performing perfectly, no issues. If you take the time to plan your installation and set the system up on a table and configure it you should have no problems. This is the 4th Lorex system I have purchased, I installed 3 others for friends.

129 out of 315


Location: Winnetka

Purchased the LHV1000 DVR and 4 720p HD Cameras. Turned out DVR does not work, need a replacement. Day 5 and still no response from Lorex on a replacement. Horrible customer service. Thinking about returning equipment for a credit.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced. Our customer service team was happy to resolve this for you.

130 out of 315


Location: Tulua

Excellent price for 8 cameras spectacular view both day and night. Easy installation. Setting on my iPhone was also very easy.

131 out of 315


Location: East Texas

Reasonable Price, Good Picture Quality on HD TV as monitor. Mobile Phone App was easier to set-up than set-up on PC. (Install TIP: Use Smart Phone App when installing Remote/Outside Cam's.....Don't have go back inside to view settings !)
Negative:...Motion Detection seems to be really Sensitive...ex:..Falling Leaves, Small Limb Movement.
Overal: Seem's to be a Good Product depending Future Full-Time Usage Dependability.

132 out of 315


Location: Houston

Good camera system. Great price and good video quality. Interface is easy to use and the mobile app is very easy to set up.

133 out of 315


Location: Rockaway NJ

It's a very good camera system overall. The picture quality is excellent and it is easy to use. The only issues I've had are sometimes cameras lose signal (this might be due to a defective cable) and my hard drive died within 1 year. They are sending me a replacement. The process was a little annoying. I had to deal with Costco concierge who was rude and then Lorex who was also kind of rude. I had to provide a receipt which could have easily been vouched for by the Costco concierge.

134 out of 315


Location: santa ana ,ca

So far so good. Purchased at Costco (good price) Costco tech support was OK. When there was a problem they transferred me Lorex tech support. they were much more efficient. walk me through set up mo problem ( and fast). Recommend calling Lorex first instead of Costco's tech. It was much fast once dealing with Lorex. Cameras look good . I have also purchased a second set for a second home we have. Hard to give 5 stars at this stage. Just got them going a couple of days ago. So far so good.

135 out of 315


Location: Orlando

So far the system has been great. Only have 3 cameras up yet but am very impressed with the night vision and over all quality of the videos.

136 out of 315


Location: Ontario

Remote connectivity, documentation, support need improvement. Camera picture quality is good, DVR is noisy.

137 out of 315


Location: GA

Replaced an older camera system using the same cables and everything worked as expected. Easy to install and very nice picture! Also love the easy network setup.

138 out of 315


Location: Houston, TX

Very easy to installed and really nice cameras, we can record every movement for make a safe our business. We recommend this products is not expensive and high quality.

139 out of 315


Location: Wichita, KS

We installed these cameras in our barn so we could monitor our horses when we are not there. They have exceeded our expectations. They were easy to install and we have been able to see where the horses are in the pasture both day and night. We highly recommend this product.

140 out of 315


Location: Leamington, ON

The unit was very easy to install and with the manual I was able to do most of the functions needed to activate online access. Called the support line and they were able to guide me through the remaining steps to finish the install. So far, my wife and I are happy with the product, has been in use for 5 months now.

141 out of 315


Location: SD

This camera works great daytime and even during the night. The system also has motion sensors in the cameras which has worked on several occasions alerting me by email while someone is on my property during the night, and it also works while I'm away. I recommend the system because I think for the money and the support and warranty, the system is worth purchasing.

142 out of 315


Location: Billings MT

This is the first summer with this system. So far it works great. I want to see how well it will last the winter.
The user interface it great. I really like the Internet Explorer interface.
I would recommend this system to anyone.

143 out of 315


Location: Hawaii

The system is ok for the price but when I try to get a replacement for a new DOA camera for get it. Over two months of phone calls they still have not contacted me about a replacement. I have installed four Lorex systems over the past few years. Never again. Buy something else.
Lorex does continue to send me Spam to buy their junk.

Hopefully costco will do something or stop selling this Junk.

Thank you for your feedback. Our apologies for the difficulty you experienced. We hope the replacement is working well for you now.

144 out of 315


Location: Brooklyn, NY

Easy to setup, IE and mobile app available and Very satisfied with the quality .

145 out of 315


Location: New York City

Great product! Installation is easy. Software setup is simple. The mobile app is so good, I can view the image in anywhere.

146 out of 315


Location: Newtown, CT

Great quality and ease of installation. The 1080p resolution is great. Low price made think of low quality but after seeing the cameras in action and the playback quality, I will continue buying and recommending Lorex to my friends and family. The FlirCloud mobile app is so easy to use.

147 out of 315


Location: Texas

Very satisfied with the quality and durability of this product. The 720p resolution amazes everyone that sees the cameras through the monitor. What most influenced was the price but after seeing the cameras in action and the playback quality, I will continue buying and recommending Lorex to my customers, friends and family. The FlirCloud mobile app is so easy to use.

148 out of 315


Location: ottawa

I bought my lorex lhv100081t last july 4 2015 & it's working great.

149 out of 315


Location: Germantown, WI

I purchased this system from Costco in October of 2014 and have been very happy with it. Installation was easy and I haven't had any problems with the system. Cameras work very well and night vision is very good, better than I expected it would be. Last winter we has some temps below zero and cameras functioned fine.

DVR unit user interface is a little difficult at first but once you start using it and understand the menus it becomes easy. The FlirCloud client software is almost identical on both a PC and Mac. I use this to view live video and playback video that has been recorded. I record 24 hours a day, not just motion so I get about 5 days of continuous video before the oldest video is over written. I can live with that.

Initially the FlirCloud software for iPhone and Android devices had some issues but there have been several updates since l installed my system and I have to say the most recent Android update works very well and the appearance of the UI has been improved greatly. I haven't tried the iPhone app recently so cannot comment on that.

Overall I think this is a great system and a great value for the money. I noticed that Costco now has this system available with 1080P which will make the video quality better.

If your looking for a great security DVR at a good price I highly recommend this unit.

150 out of 315


Location: Ny

Quality is amazing. On 1080p monitor or tv it is perfect image can even see the leaves blowing in the breeze as if outside. Ddns setup alittle tricky but when setup correctly works perfectly. Love that you can scan quadrants of the camera for movement in last 24 hrs.

151 out of 315


Location: Orlando, FL

Love this device. Installed in my business, does exactly what we need. Only drawback is that the hard drive is used up quickly when recording non-stop. Bigger hard drive needed.

152 out of 315


Location: Covina, CA

I've been researching many different brands for a while and finally made this purchase. The picture looks great, the camera is easy to install and setup. Flir Cloud was easy to setup, I didn't even have to configure my router. On the other hand, Lorex DDNS still hasn't worked for me but thats not a problem because Flir Cloud works. The only thing is, I wished I had purchased a unit with more channels and went with PoE system.

153 out of 315


Location: Naples, FL

Excellent system. Easy to install. Very good picture quality.

154 out of 315


Location: Cypress Texas

I bought the LHV2000 series. 2 TB hard drive with 8 1080P HD cameras. This is my second system purchased from Lorex. I upgraded from my 8 camera 960H system. I love the new HD cameras. Big improvement in picture. My installation was super easy because I was able to use my old wiring that went to my old SD cameras. I did have to upgrade the software for my iPhone and PC to the new FLIR software. That was simple enough but I did need help from Customer Service to get the PC part to work correctly. Customer Service was great with no issues to report. I have had my new HD system up and running for a couple of weeks now. I love it. I would recommend this HD system to everyone. I bought this from Costco and the price just can not be beat for the quality of this product.

155 out of 315


Location: New Brunswick Canada

A friend recommended this product. I tried to purchase it directly from Lorex, but the line was always busy. I would recommend they have more sales reps available to take order. The unit was easy to install, and very intuitive to set up. Camera picture quality is great. For the money it is a great unit.

156 out of 315


Location: canada

the picture looks good, but saturated on bright day on shade area, i wish the angle can be wider, not enough for 3 cars drive way. the camera is easy to install and setup.

157 out of 315


Location: ILLINOIS


158 out of 315


Location: South Carolina

I purchased an eight-camera system from COSTCO. I installed it myself. However I was quite disappointed that all the cables are sixty feet long each. Why couldn't LOREX include at least 2 cables with 80 feet. I had to purchase a 100-ft cable. I received signals on all the cameras installed (7 out of 8). The quality of the pictures were very good. I am now having problem with remote viewing setup. Also, I have problem identifying what Model number I purchased from COSTCO. The box indicates LHV828. The DVR indicates LHV210800. I am not sure if this matters or not. But the Box label and the DVR should have matched.
Also, the power connector to the Camera comes off to easy. I wish it was lockable as the signal connector. Might I also add that it is not very easy to contact Tech Support. LOREX needs to do better here. Is it worth the money, I believe so. Next, I will like to upgrade to tiltable cameras. Any Trade?

159 out of 315


Location: Monroe Washington

I purchased this security system approximately 6 months ago which was a recommendation from a friend. I was having trouble with my neighbors harassing me and my family. The day after I installed it the harassment stopped. They were easy to install. The picture is clear and the night vision is fantastic. It is easy to use. I would buy another one if I ever needed it. They are a great value for the money.

160 out of 315


Location: Canada

We purchased this system and had it up and running on the same day. Very easy to use and great customer support for the one issue that we had!

161 out of 315


Location: TORONTO, ON

I got a Lorex LHV100 - 720 p 8 channel from Costco last year.
System works great. Only the software FLIR Cloud did not worked .

I would recommend a system like this to any business owner or home owner

162 out of 315


Location: Charlotte

This system is pretty awesome. We acquired it on sale and it has been worth every penny. Basically, everything about this system is "plug and play" ready.

SETUP: 5 out of 5

It was really easy to get all the cameras functioning and connected to the DVR. Honestly, we just set them up, wired them, and plugged them in. Then we were ready to go.

FIELD OF VISION: 5 out of 5

We have a 30,000 square foot warehouse and these 8 cameras are able to cover as much of it as we want. One camera covers an area the size of a house, so long as it's at the right height.

DETAIL: 5 out of 5

The 720p quality is good enough for facial recognition, even if the cameras are 15 feet off the ground. We can easily tell the make/model of cars passing on the street and read truck logos if we need it.

PLAYBACK: 5 out of 5

It's really easy to go back through and playback what you're looking for.

USER INTERFACE: 3 out of 5

The UI works, but it definitely isn't 100% user friendly. My grandma would have a hard time understanding it, but any person who is remotely competent with computers can make it work. Part of the problem is that there's no keyboard (or mouse) that comes with the device, so if you have your DVR in a secure location, separate from your monitor (which you should) you need a long range mouse to reach the DVR. Another part of the problem is that the UI isn't customizable so you can put the options you use close together. It would also be nice to customize the 1-4, 5-8, 4 camera views.

REMOTE CONNECTION: 4 out of 5 EDIT: 5 out of 5

The only reason this isn't 5 out of 5 is because when I was setting the remote WAN (wide area network) connection up, I didn't immediately find out that this DVR system used the FLIR Cloud app. The LHV1000 system uses the FLIR Cloud App to allow devices to connect to the DVR over WAN. Even a simple Google search...

Okay, I did a quick Google search to see if I'm a dummy and I am. The FAQ for the LHV1000 HD DVR system mentions FLIR Cloud.

So this is a 5 out of 5 because FLIR Cloud works very well and is really easy to set up.


There are some more features that I'm still exploring and as of this review, I don't know enough about them to rate them in any way.

So far, though, this product was a great value and does everything we want it to do.

We appreciate your detailed feedback. Great to hear you are satisfied with the system!

163 out of 315


Location: Beaconsfield

Is it possible to have an extended warranty on this product which we have purchased this month (August 2015). This product is a great one as we already have placed in our home. Good camera which was so easy to install. We highly recommend this product.

Thank you for your feedback, we are happy to hear you are satisfied with the system. By writing a review on our website you receive an extra 6 months of warranty. To activate the warranty, register the product in your My Lorex account.

164 out of 315


Location: Orem, UT

Cameras are very clear and low profile. After installing the cameras all around my home, they are barely noticeable and provide great coverage. Installation was also easy as the camera shape allows for direct installation or running a cable down a soffit or ledge for discrete installation.

The DVR setup was a little difficult, but the motion sensing capabilities and customizations are really nice.

Lorex has extended cables available for purchase if you need to install the cameras at a greater distance than the stock cables, but with a 6000 square foot house, all of mine fit with the normal cables.

Good cameras and features with easy install, and not too difficult setup. Overall good product, would recommend.

165 out of 315


Location: Fort Worth

Bought this system in February and already the cameras are bad. Lorex can only replace if the cameras are taken down, ship to them before them can send replacement. Technical Support customer service is horrible.

Thank you for your feedback. We hope your replacement cameras work well for you. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-888-425-6739 or 1-877-755-6739 for technical support.

166 out of 315


Location: Arizona

Overall a great value for the money. Easy to assemble, cameras lightweight & easy to mount. Lorex FLIR system makes overcomming the router firewall much easier than experienced with other camera systems. The defition is great. the system provides dual recording/streaming to allow remote access. The motion sensing capability is very sensitive & takes some work to adjust, but allows up to 4 segmented areas within a display, eacy with their own senistivity & threshold adjustments.

The documentation is good for this class of device. It does take some studying to understand on some topics, but, the website has additional informaiton. Biggest challenge with this kind of system is running the wires as you are trying to keep them invisible & end up running through attic & crawlspace. The DVR user interface is relatively intuitive, but, takes some practice before mastering, paticularly if you aren't reading the documentation enough.

overalll would recommend.

167 out of 315


Location: San Jose , CA

The cameras worked o.k . Only the software FLIR Cloud did not worked .When I downloaded to my PC. And the cameras did not heard sound when recording.

168 out of 315


Location: Orange County, CA

I bought this set up a few months back for the great deal. The cameras are sharp and capture what I need.

The menu setup was a bit difficult and the email forwarding did not work. I have yet to call customer support for this and the DDNS forwarding.

Outside of the DVR settings, the cameras are great and I look forward to many years of quality video for my home

169 out of 315


Location: middltown ct

I had an other camera system this is the best cameras I have ever used. I have had numerous camera systems this is by far the best ever.

170 out of 315


Location: brantford

This is my second purchase, First one got hit by lightning. I haven't compleatly installed the system yet due to shift work and weather permitting. I will keep you posted when i finish the installation, cant quite rate it yet until the job is done.

171 out of 315


Location: wenatchee

Brought this in costco ,easy to set up out of the box. Great pictures and great playback. Would be nice to have two of the cables longer. 10 months later had some issues with dvr call to tech support very quick to answer the phone ,sorted out, new DVR to replace faulty unit . Phoned customer service after 25 minutes left call back number , 2 hours later still waiting. So 10/10 to tech support 0/10 at this time for Customer service.

172 out of 315


Location: Mishawaka, IN

This is probably the easiest to configure security system I have worked with. This is not to say that it is insecure by any means. The folks at Lorex have done an EXCELLENT job making this system a quality Camera/DVR system. The quality of the camera images is beyond words. Generous amount of connecting cable is provided as well.
I think the best part of this system is EVERYTHING is included in the box. No questions asked!! The user manual is available online for downloading in PDF format. GET THE MANUAL!! If you have any questions about this unit, it is probably answered in the manual which is 180+ pages. Very nicely written and organized.
One thing to remember.... WRITE DOWN YOUR PASSWORDS!! The security of this unit is fantastic, but failure to remember your password will lead you to make a call to the company. I 'almost' had to, but I remembered at the last moment what I had changed it to. Whew!!

Thank You to the folks at Lorex for a job well done!!!

173 out of 315


Location: Dallas

Bought the system at Costco June 2014. It is overwhelming when you first open the box with all the cables, cameras, etc., but installation was fairly easy and mostly plug and play. There is a lot to learn about the capabilities of the system in terms of settings, recording, etc. Also, if something is beeping or alarming it's usually a setting that needs to be adjusted. It just may take a bit to figure out what it is. Customer service is extremely helpful so would definitely call when assistance is needed. You may need some patience in the beginning but once it is all set up you will be pleasantly surprised with the picture clarity both day and night and the system as a whole.

174 out of 315


Location: Ontario

good quality image. setup was reasonably easy. documentation is ok, online resources are good where documentation is lacking. customer/technical support were knowledgeable and quick to respond.

175 out of 315


Location: TX

Excellent product. 2 teenagers got up in attic and ran wires.
Picture quality is very good. The best thing about these cameras is the customer support. The are knowledgeable and efficient.
I do not give it 5 stars because I cannot see cameras from phone without a wi-fi connection.

176 out of 315


Location: Twentynine Palms, California

Bought the system at Costco.
I took some time to figure out the configuration for my home. The cables would be better if just a bit longer. The installation went very quickly and the setup is a snap. Once you see the camera system on and working, you know you bought the correct system.
Am surprised by the clarity of picture and have slept much better at night knowing that my home is much more secure.
I would definitely recommend the Lorex system for other home owners.
Thanks, Lorex

177 out of 315


Location: Quebec, Canada

Purchased it at Costco.
The fishing of the cables was a big pain, but nothing to do with Lorex.
Had to call support to find out how to silence the buzzer since I did not connect the Network for a few days, but excellent service (in french).
The physical installation is completed and I see all the cameras on my main monitor but I tried lots of things but still cannot access the system through the Flir Cloud Client.
Will have to call back ...
Very clear images and the system seems to work as stated.

178 out of 315


Location: ny

i purchase this from pc richards and son 0n 5-3-15 installed it the same day and it was easy to setup and going with the flir. the cameras are the most best picture that ive seen in the night and day great view coming from a previous nightowl system this is 100% better and crystal clear image. i would recommend this product to anyone who wants piece of mind at home knowing with this probuct the quality is great even from my android it is awesome....thanks lorex for such a great piece

179 out of 315


Location: Spokane

This is a great system, and very easy to use. The system was recommend to use by our installer, but if I was younger it would have made a fun weekend project. Everything you need but a monitor is included, and come in one neat box. My neighbor has the same LHD818 system and loves it.

180 out of 315


Location: California

I had an installer install this about a week ago. It replaced a Swann system I had and this was an upgrade. I am very pleased with the overall quality and amazing clarity from the cameras, day and night. My old system was a 600TVL. This one blows the Swann system away, hands down. The set-up for the app was amazingly simple compared to Swann's. I eventually removed the Swann app from my phone as it had nothing but problems and ate up the data from my plan.

I did have two cameras stop working. I have been trying to contact customer support but they never answer the phone you're just placed into terminal hold. It gives you the option of being called back if you provide a number, I did. I've been waiting two days now and they have yet to call me back. As much as I like the new system I will say that the customer support was much better with Swann. I was always able to talk to a live person within a short time of waiting. With Lorex you have to call Tech Support first and then you have to call Customer Service with a ticket number. Very tedious process to have a brand new product (2 cameras) replaced.

Overall, I do like the quality of the product. I'm hoping that this is just a bump in the road and that all will be better once the new cameras are installed.

181 out of 315


Location: Saint Cloud Florida

HD picture quality is Excellent day and night.You set them to your liking, two different settings, great idea. I moved up from Lorex's Edge. The HD difference is worth the money. Could use a small manual. I printed the manual from on line and it was 187 pages!!! Has great features. Lot less spiders and webs with these cameras, no place for the buggers to hide. No wait, to speak with customer service and they were GREAT very helpful. Have system about 1 week now and learn something new every day. Highly recommend this one.

182 out of 315


Location: Pennsylvania

Bought this from Costco for our home. The entire system was very easy to set up. Cameras are very clear during the day and the night scenes are much better than I expected. Remote viewing was a must for me and this system handles it flawlessly. We easily connected four PC's, two android phones, and one android tablet. I've read where people have been frustrated over the motion settings but after I set up my motion regions the system ignores those areas. Video playback was perfect for about 2 weeks then the hard drive failed, which is the reason for only 3 stars. I have a ticket in with Lorex and will update the review and rating once it is resolved.

183 out of 315


Location: Sudbury

Awesome system easy to setup
Perfect length of wires
Port Forwarding is excellent and easy (great choice of routers)
Camera's are descent quality
Great remote viewing access
No Blackberry App
The unit itself is very loud. Have in my entertainment unit and fan is loud! Would tuck it away if I could

184 out of 315


Location: Canada

We found fishing wire a major pain, connections and setup very simple.
The product is made so anyone can complete the job.
It's a shame more cameras can't be mixed in, these cameras seem to be proprietary, although they are composite out, standard composite cameras cannot function on this system and vice versa.
We need to add more systems for other locations and have been told that we need to stick to the type of system we already purchased for camera compatibility between locations, this too limits the abilities of all the products available.

185 out of 315


Location: Tulsa, OK

I am very pleased with the quality of the video, particularly during the day. The night vision when it changes to black and white is not that great. The customer service and tech support have been very helpful and supportive. I have owned my system for less than a year. I had to upgrade the firmware to 0035 or something like that. The Flir Cloud requires a good internet connection to have mobile access to your cameras. I would recommend Lorex.

186 out of 315


Location: Dallas TX

This is a neat system that has a decent price tag and 720p HD camera's.
We use this for a commercial application and we require several camera's to be watched on multiple screens via a Chrome Web Browser windows in full screen mode.

We have had a couple of issues recently where we have one or two of the screens start to flicker between different cameras, however we are hoping that there is a firmware upgrade that may take care of this small but annoying issue.

The other issue we have encountered is the FLIR scan and connect.. if only it was that easy.. We have yet to be able to get it on our phones or tablet.. But again I am hoping this is an out of date firmware issue as it was plugged in and setup out of the box..

It would be nice if the Firmware could be downloaded directly instead of putting it on to a USB drive and having to update it manually.

187 out of 315


Location: California

The system was kinda hard to setup for remote viewing but once it was connected it was better. The camera resolution is pretty good. The customer service was hard to reach and long wait times. Overall the product is nice. One camera is a little shakey and sometimes goes in and out.

188 out of 315


Location: colorado

I have been using this system for approximately seven months and like it a lot. It was easy to setup and even easier to use. The menus are simple to navigate compared to several others I have used and the image quality is superb. My only concern is reliability. Two cameras have given me trouble. One is blurry and the other does not record for several hours a day. Thanks to customer support they are sending replacement cameras, but time will tell.

189 out of 315


Location: Brampton, Ont.

Good quality. Easy to set up. Installed only for 4 days and so far works well. Just one of the camera cables isn't work at all and another camera cable as intermittent bad connection. Contact Lorex 3 days ago and so far no reply! That's the bad part - customer service!

190 out of 315


Location: Calgary

Easy set up and view clearly. Also can monitor over PC and mobile phone.

191 out of 315


Location: minnesota

works well, I like the remote access on phone. easy to setup.

192 out of 315


Location: Clovis,Ca

Not only are the cameras great for viewing, but the team at Lorex technical support are amazing with any help questions. I have 8 cameras set up and they all view very clearly. Even at night, the quality couldn't get any better. I believe Lorex has me as a current and future fan of theirs.

193 out of 315


Location: Washington

I purchased the system from Costco. Getting the system to work only on the dvr and monitor was a piece of cake. I am fairly competent with technology, but this system was extremely difficult to get work over the network. I probably have 10 hours and 3 phone calls into tech support to get the system to work on my network and on my ipad. I am still having issues with viewing recorded data on my ipad and getting the dvr to send emails. Much of this could have been solved with better instructions and help guides.

194 out of 315


Location: Chelsea, MA

Great quality of hardware and features, except for remote access DDNS (not talking about having access while at home using your wi-fi). Instructions on how to set it up are not for regular people. You have to have some computer/network knowledge to get it to work. Lorex Auto Port Forwarding is of great help. Download it! Once set-up, FlirCloud will offer you a lot of features that will take some time to experiment with. Overall not for novice people without patience and/or time.

195 out of 315


Location: Arizona

Not sure if I'm that tech savvy or if this was that easy to setup, I had it up & running in no time. I'm amazed with the number of features and settings I am able to control! Lots of great options I didn't expect and makes me glad I chose Lorex. I'm impressed with the 4 motion detection zones per camera to minimize false detection. However I never dreamed I would be seeing so many bugs setting off motion detection! The IR night lighting makes them glow bright white, I have not found out how to ignore them yet. If I did not mount in out of the way corners, I wouldn't have been in the bugs playground! Overall image quality is incredible, way beyond what I expected! Mount to a ceiling if possible, the cameras I mounted to walls are impossible to position so walls are out of view. At night the IR lights up the nearby walls bright enough to dim objects in the distance at night. All of my ceiling mounted cameras have excellent distance at night since there's nothing close that is brightly lit. My suggestion to Lorex is to allow each MD zone to have it's own time period since sunrise causes moving shadows in one zone and sunset causes moving shadows in another zone with outdoor mountings. There is a period just after sunrise and just before sunset when cameras switch on or off night vision that sets off motion detection, a bit of hassle with push notifications to a smartphone. Since sunrise/sunset changes, it's hard to set a minimal time period to ignore the change-over. With good mounting locations, these camera systems are way better than old security systems!

196 out of 315


Location: Kansas City

First time with security camera system.

The hardware and cameras seem great for the price. The finicky part is the software and remote setup/access via FLIR cloud. The Flir cloud client is somewhat finicky, though we finally got it to work. It is really nice to be able to access the cameras remotely without having to open ports on the firewall.

I have yet to get motion detection to work correctly so that it only records on movement. I have read the documentation and configured it, but it seems to not respect the settings. It continues to detect movement, even though I have configured it to ignore the portion of the view where highway traffic passes by all day and night.

I admittedly have a lot to learn with this system. There are a LOT of options and settings to work through.

The documentation is decent, but with some discrepancies as often times it seems to be written for a different product.

Overall, happy with the product for the price.

Custom support is decently responsive, with replies coming in 2-4 days after entering a new ticket.

197 out of 315


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

This is my first time installing a security camera system and i had my apprehensions. Once I got past the fishing of wires this product installed in a breeze. Just hook it up, connect to a TV and it comes right up.

It comes with 60ft of cable per camera, but I was told by tech support that i could go 100ft (preferably one single cable). I am still playing around with it and shall post an update soon.

198 out of 315


Location: Calif.

This system works great been using for about 3 weeks now and no problems at all. Set up was easy with no problems. I would like to be able to have the system scroll just the screen I select full or split which may be possible but haven't found in the manual yet. Color and night vision are very good . Would like a larger hd. may up grade to one later.

199 out of 315


Location: Calif

Great Product, easy to install, tech support was the best, solved remote access issue over phone in 15min. Would recommend to my friends.

200 out of 315


Location: Phoenix

This is a pretty good system. The resolution and features are above average. I found the software and options for accessing the system a little confusing. There are multiple ways to perform same operations and the documentation does not help tying the together. I'm a retired computer engineer and did not find it very intuitive. That being said, once I got things setup properly, I'm satisfied with the system.

201 out of 315


Location: Langley, B.C

I did my research and for similar quality this Lorex mode was the best most affordable price out there. The set up was relatively easy, although if you have any problems just call their support tech team and you will get steps to steps guide. I also like that they have fast reachable support team that will help if you get locked out of the dvr due to password error. For the couple of times I called them the call was directed within a min or two. I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family!

202 out of 315


Location: Pasco, WA

It's decent for the price. Setup is a little tough, and had some issues after the first day. Called Costco and Lorex and was on the phone for an hour and a half. After they couldn't get it resolved, I played with it for a few more hours and changed some settings and got it to work again. The mobile app works great, but the desktop program has been problematic.

203 out of 315


Location: USA

So far this product has exceeded my expectations. Love all of the cool features, recording on motion is cool, not wasting disc space. Would definitely recommend this one.

204 out of 315


Location: Longueuil, QC Canada

Purchased the model LHV10081T from Costco for our small fast food store. Price is relative good compared to other similar models from other brands.

I used the existing coax cables from the previous system, as well as the existing 12 volts power supply & wiring. Before proceeding with the installation, I downloaded the complete manual from Lorex web site and glanced through the instructions, then the actually installation and system configuration / setup were relatively smooth without any issues. Did check the device firmware to ensure it was the latest version before proceeding with the setup.

Cameras produce relatively good image quality compared to the previous 5 yrs old system, great picture during daytime and well lid areas, but vision is limited in dark areas. There's no sound with this DVR / camera modem, but I knew this before the purchase.

Isntallation of FLIR cloud on our Iphone and home laptop & desktop for remote access was also easy and they worked fine on all these remote devices. Had problem to install FLIR cloud on our laptop / desktop at first because our screen text size was set to medium instead of system standard size, but when we called the Lorex help line, they answered within minutes and identified the problem quickly and helped me to resolve the problem at once.

Navigation and searching are not easy nor user friendly in play back mode. Did not have time to read this part yet in the on line user manual. Just got a DDNS id on line through my Lorex account, but did not set up yet the email notification ...

Overall, quite satisfy with the system price & performance so far.

205 out of 315


Location: Southern California

Camera resolution is great. But (and there's always a but) the DVR set up was not as easy. First my DVR would not accept the firmware update. Scheduling a confusing. The DVR fan is a bit loud. I am giving this product a 4-star because of the tech support assistance I received during the DVR set up.

206 out of 315


Location: New York, NY

Great System and easy to install. Purchased at Costco. Called Customer/Tech Service on a few occasions and each time they were very helpful and knowledgable. I did have to purchase a few 100ft cables to increase cable length to handle cam locations, wish they were included in the system package, but otherwise no other equipment complaints. Had to call tech service to help set up remote access through internet, which was mostly due to the type of router (belkin) I have, not with the DVR system, and also establish DDNS service for the unit. Its nice to find a company that stands behind their product and provides tech service that works. Very Happy with everything about LOREX. Price, quality, support is all there.

207 out of 315


Location: CA

Purchased from Costco. Great camera system for the price.

Did not use the cables that supplied with the system, since the house is pre-wired. Attached BNC male connectors to my Coax, connected Male&Female 2.1x5.5MM DC Power Jack Plug to my power wires, and plugged them into the system

The DVR puts out some heat and fan noise. The fan is running at all time. Would recommend installing it in a place where the noise does not bother you too much. Since the DVR is in a closet without a monitor, I use laptop PC to connect (type the internal IP on the web browser) for viewing and configuring the DVR. Also setup DDNS for remote viewing as well.

FLIR cloud was easy to install and configure. I use FLIR on the phone to connect via client port when out and about (it works with 3G/4G), and use internal IP address when at home.

Play back mode needs some improvement. Find that it lacks in functionality and not as easy to maneuver.

Cameras produce good picture during daytime and okay at ambient light when dark. In the no light area, the vision is limited.

208 out of 315


Location: AZ

Great System.. Bought at Costco. Customer/Tech Service is excellent. Install was easy. Had to increase cable length to handle a couple of cam locations. Had to call tech service to help in setting up android devices for access through internet. This required setting changes to router which tech service was able to resolve remotely and DDNS service for the unit. Its nice to find a company that can stand behind their product and provide tech service that works. Very Happy with everything about LOREX.. Price, quality, support is all there.
Thank You

209 out of 315


Location: AZ

Great system. Easy to install. The highlight of this purchase is the exceptional Customer Service. Help was needed to bring android devices online to view cams remotely. The tech services department was superior in going into my router to provide correct settings to allow android viewing. It is nice to find a company today that understands their product and wants to make sure the customer is completely satisfied. ...Thank You

210 out of 315


Location: AZ

Great system. Easy to install. The highlight of this purchase is the exceptional Customer Service. Help was needed to bring android devices online to view cams remotely. The tech services department was superior in going into my router to provide correct settings to allow android viewing. It is nice to find a company today that understands their product and wants to make sure the customer is completely satisfied. ...Thank You

211 out of 315


Location: Fort Worth, TX.

Bought this from Costco. Installation went well. Called for assistance DDNS was told ports is closed need to contact my ISP.
FLIR cloud software is not that great as can only view with WIFI and not 4G. Fan is loud. Not yet setup to receive emails when motion is detected. Still playing with system.
Overall very happy with my system.

212 out of 315


Location: Auburn, WA

Bought this from Costco to replace my standard definition 4 camera setup. The system was easy to install and get working. The white cameras are barely visible unless you are looking for them and the resolution is great, even at night.

Was having problems with remote viewing because my home IP address kept changing and finally setup the Lorex DDNS service for the unit. That solved my problem as it does not rely on my home IP address any longer.

Another great Lorex\Costco deal that I have recommended to a couple of friends already.

213 out of 315


Location: St-lin-Laurentides

J'aime beaucoup mon systeme de caméras de surveillance LHV1000 série
tres facile a installer et configuration avec l'application Flir cloud client est tres simple
et maintenant je peut surveiller a distance ma maison de n'importe quel endroit a partir d'un ordinateur.

Je recommande vivement les produits Lorex.

214 out of 315


Location: Alaska

Easy installation, easy setup, a little confusing password setup. It has already helped save wear and tare on our facility inside and out.

215 out of 315


Location: Rawdon, Quebec

Overall very happy with my system. Installation went well. I called in for assistance to get DDNS to work (the problem had to do with my router blocking certain ports).

Camera quality is good both in the day and at night. FLIR cloud software is very well done, and very powerful.

I am very happy with the system considering the price.

216 out of 315


Location: Rawdon, Quebec

Over all, I am very happy with the system. Installation was fairly straightforward. Called in for assistance with my ddns setup. Issue was with my router and was resolved easily.

Image quality is very good, both in the day and at night. FLIR cloud client is very well made, intuitive and very powerful.

217 out of 315


Location: Bakersfield, Ca

Install went well. I had to purchase longer cables to reach front of the house. I had no previous experience installing cameras. Once the cables were ran, the rest of the install went quickly. I followed the instructions on the guide and had the system up and running. Excellent product for the price paid. I would recommend this system to my friends.

218 out of 315


Location: Vancouver

Overall the install went fine. The cables already had the BNC connectors on them, which meant I had to drill bigger holes than I'd like.

The good:
- the price is decent for what comes with it
- I hung the cameras off the soffits, so the white cameras just blends in

The bad:
- the fan is loud
- one of the cameras came with a bad connector. I should have tested all the cameras, and cables before installing. I found the bad camera about half way through, and didn't want to take everything down to return to Costco. So I ended up just cutting the connector off the camera and the cable and reconnecting it directly.
- the cables already have the BNC connector on them. This meant I had to drill bigger holes (about 1/2 inch)
- sometimes the cameras can't decide between day or night mode, and will switch between them. This seems to happen at sun rise or sun set.

The okay:
- Image quality isn't as good as say a 720p movie on TV. But it's okay. Reading a license plate at about 15 to 20ft away is difficult.
- the software isn't terrible to use, but I wouldn't say it is the greatest. I was not able to get it to connect to the Internet as of yet. The software gives me no indication as to what may be wrong.
- the infrared LED only light up the middle area of the camera's view. So night mode looks like a spot light.

Given all the short comings, I would give this something a little higher than 3 stars, but probably not 4.

219 out of 315


Location: Thibodaux, LA

Great price on this system. I had no experience with setting up security camera systems prior to this system. The most important thing is knowing how to get the dvr settings correct for using the system remotely or on a phone. When I first set it up, I could not get playback or motion events to work on my phone through the flir cloud and only the live preview worked. It would just say “no record” every time I got a notification (for motion detection) or tried to use playback. I called Lorex/Flir tech support and even Costco tech support (bought from Costco). Both tried diligently to get it working but neither fixed the problem. However, a few hours after while digging through settings I noticed that the "substream" was not set to record to the dvr (located in setup/storage/record). And since the substream is what plays back on the phone for playback and motion detection events it wasn't on the dvr to be accessed. I don’t know how tech support didn’t catch this extremely simple setting being responsible for the problem. Other than that make sure port forwarding is set up correctly if you have a router – you probably won’t have any luck without it. The Flir Cloud app crashes a lot on my android phone, click OK and open it again and usually works fine then – not that big of a deal. Overall, it took me at least half a day of troubleshooting the dvr to get it working the way it is supposed to mainly because there was no support indicating that sub stream setting was incorrect. If I have to do it again, it will be a piece of cake now that I’ve figured everything out.

220 out of 315


Location: CA

Excellent system! Very satisfied!

221 out of 315


Location: Vancouver, Canada

Great camera kit. Purchased from Costco to replace a competitors product.

Easy set up and amazing picture quality.

Recommended for anybody who wants an affordable security system.

222 out of 315


Location: Rhode Island

The system was purchased through Lorex on their Web site. Description of product offering and explanation of product was well defined. Ordering of the product was easy. The
I purchased the 8 Channel Series Security DVR system with 720p HD cameras. The
instructions provided easily walked us through the installation process. Viewing app works great over multiple platforms Minor questions were handled in a professional quick manner through their Tech.

Package comes with 60 ft of BNC/Power cables however purchasers need to measure the distance to the cameras in advance because 60ft did not work for cameras further away. Needed to acquire longer cables. Customer Service was extremely difficult to reach, however this could have been due to the Christmas Holiday season.

System is up and running and works great.

223 out of 315


Location: Wilmington Ca

We purchased this system threw and once we got it we started to map out good places for the cameras to cover all points of entrance or interest around our property. So far so good with the cameras that are set up good quality picture on my 50 inch tv. We've got 6 of 8 up and running. 1 camera wasn't working when we got the system. I'm about to call tech support to replace it. Hopefully it's an easy smooth replacement and no hassle. The app works ok. I can seem to get sound on the app and i don't think i get sound when i check the cameras on my tv. I'm new to the surveillance game so i have some things to learn and figure out still.

224 out of 315


Location: SF Bay Area

About LHD 818

- Packaging = Fantastic
- Camera quality = good, Received TWO faulty cameras and no technical manual
- Customer Services = Worst
- Technical Support = Bad
- Product Information = Poor
- Technical Instructions = Poor
- Web Ticket Handling = Bad
- Ecommerce Web Site = good

Lorex consumes too much time from their customers. Final Product Cost goes up by 6 times.

225 out of 315


Location: british columbia

The cameras are good but some flickering and I wished that once the motion detect it will send a photo but wished it could send like 3 photos instead of one. Also instead of sending email only every 1 minute I think It should once motion is detected it sends asap. I know other brand of cameras have these functionality and I have used it before. Friend recommend me this brand and I think it is okay. App is really good. Setup was a breeze. Overall, it is good.

226 out of 315


Location: Woodland

I purchased 2 of the LHV100800 systems in December 2014, one for me and one for my girl friend. So far I've managed to install most of the cameras, which is by far the hardest part of the install. But I've been viewing them on my iphone and reading the manual about all the bazillions of features and options, it's crazy. The software is rediculously packed with features! I can't wait to play with all the features available. One minor complaint is that some of the features have buttons but aren't supported(don't do anything). Why show them if they aren't supported? Just highlights the frustration when you push the button. Other than that, I think this has been the best $500 dollars I've spent in a long time.

227 out of 315


Location: New Jersey

I got this LHD818 security camera from Costco and installed after 2 weeks.
Installation was easy and didn't have any issues however it took some time to run cables through to the desired locations.
Camera quality is very good and night vision infrared pictures are clear.

I am happy with my purchase and I will recommend it.
Its a good deal if someone doesn't want to spend too much.

228 out of 315


Location: quebec

I got the unit at costco fo 400$ +tx after a 100$ discount

The app features works well on android an iphone and are easy to install, just scan qr code.

Image quality is good

you can acces the unit and configure it with an other computer by entering its ip adress, so you dont need to have a monitor on the unit

the hard part is to get the wire where you need the camera

the fan in the unit is a bit loudy...

229 out of 315


Location: Queretaro, Mexico

System is working fine. Working with daylight I'm getting very nice and clear image; at night have very good image, better tan expected considering some reviews I read.
I think is a very affordable solution for home or small offices.
Had trouble when forgot password but support helped me very fast and everything became normal again.....
Only thing I would suggest is to have the DVR able to work with a wifi adapter for internet connection instead of current that cable connection is a must.

230 out of 315


Location: KW

I purchased a Lorex LHV1000- 720 p 8 channel from Costco. The system was on sale and I am pleased with the system.

I only hooked up 3 of the 8 cameras as this is all I need for now. The first cable that I strung through the drop ceiling must have had a break in the wire as the camera would not work until I restrung a new cable. Glad that I didn't need all 8 cables.

The picture resolution is satisfactory. In hindsight I think I would be happier with the 1080p vs the 720p, however, the system performs well and I really like the ability to view the system online and over my smart phone.

For the price conscious, I would recommend a system like this to any business or home owner.

231 out of 315


Location: West Florida

Very easy to install. I'm still trying to figure out the details but I downloaded the 172 page manual. Just need the time to read it. Camera picture quality during the day is fantastic. Night time viewing is still clear but the distance is greatly reduced. Nevertheless, I think I got a lot of security at a good price.

232 out of 315


Location: USA

The product had some problems. First DVR i wasn't able to change record only on Motion recording, the Second replacement, one of the channel keeps on flickering, now waiting for the 3 unit. Also I had to wait a long time on the phone to speak to a representative. The picture quality is very good. The phone app needs to be improved, there seem to have some bugs.

233 out of 315


Location: Boisbriand, QC

Easy installation
Very good security system

I Recommended for all user need a 24/7 security system.

234 out of 315


Location: Seattle

System was easy to install, their advertisement said it will store 35 days worth of video, but with all 8 cameras recording full time you only get three. I am looking to upgrade from the 1TB to a 3 TB drive (you can self replace with up to a 4TB). Although the system is nice, customer service/support is lacking. I submitted a question a week ago and am still awaiting an answer. Within several days of submitting the question I received an automated email that said my question had been updated, I logged in (you have to create an account to contact support) and found they had deleted the question. I re-submitted the question with no response so far.

235 out of 315


Location: Hampton, va

I have had two other Lorex systems and this is the best one yet. The camera's are HD and very clear pictures. I can see from one end my street to the other with a clear view of what is going on. I would recommend this system. I purchase it from Costco and at a great cost.

236 out of 315


Location: missisauga ontario

We purchased a Lorex LHV1000- 720 p 8 channel from Costco december 2014.Can beat the price for what you get.System works great.
I would recommend a system like this to any business owner or home owner

237 out of 315


Location: California

System was easy to wire up. Spent some time trying to figure out port forwarding and the DDNS account, but once it was set, the system works great. Easy to log in from any browser and receive video along with smart phone using the FLIR Cloud. Video quality is great.

238 out of 315


Location: Fremont, CA

Good security system.

239 out of 315


Location: Fermont, ca

Good security system.

240 out of 315


Location: P.R.

Great resolution day and night! The system setup was easy.

241 out of 315


Location: Edison, NJ

Couple of weeks ago I installed 8 cameras 720p with 2GB dvr (LHV10082TC8PM). The installation process was easy. I was able to install the cameras myself. I ran all the wires in attack and put the camera on the soffit. It was easy because soffit was easy reach from my bedroom windows. The app FLIR Cloud was easy to install. However my cable internet provider doesn’t allow some ports to go though. So the tech support had me setup DDSN. Once that was done the app works beautifully on my android and iPhones. I would recommend this product.

242 out of 315


Location: Florence, Alabama

This is my first security DVR system, installed December 19, 2014. Product was easy to setup and get running, still working on all the options. The still photos have great quality, video is a little fuzzy not sure why. This is for my home and have not been able to get DDNS setup. The Flir Cloud just stops live view not sure if this is something I'm doing wrong or some kind of time-out I have to adjust. Created ticket on DDNS and got a timely response suggesting I use the Flir Cloud or call tech support to get the DDNS setup. The DVR hard drive is loud compared to my computer. All-in-all it seems to be a good product with what limited experience I have with it. I will try out the phone support after holidays.

243 out of 315


Location: Nj

Product seems great picture is great along with nightvision. Setup was a breeze once I reviewed the directions. Very happy with purchase!!

244 out of 315


Location: Vancouver Canada

This product has been great so far. Easy to setup and install although there are many features that i need to read the manual to properly configure. One suggestion would be to have push notification on my iphone.

245 out of 315


Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

I bought this system from Costco for $399 during their $100 off special. Installation was pretty easy with the cameras and DVR working perfectly. Getting my MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad all connected to the FLIR Cloud was more challenging. I tried calling the Lorex customer support but the wait time was so long, I never was able to speak to a representative. Fortunately, because I had bought it from Costco, I called the Costco Conceirge service and was able to get knowledgeable support that guided me through the set-up process. Despite the challenge of setting up the online access, overall I rate the system highly. The live videos are very clear. I am continuing to learn how to use all the features of the system. I recommend it to others looking for a reasonably priced video security system.

246 out of 315


Location: Orlando, Florida

The video quality is great, easy to set up and is a plug and play system, everything needed to make it work in include. I had some issue with the remote viewing on my android so I called customer support and they help me setting up my router. I can say it is a really good product and good quality images.

247 out of 315


Location: south carolina

great product my second system android app. works great also remote app.

248 out of 315


Location: Miami

I honestly couldn't be happier with this product. Considering that I am definitely not computer savvy, all my difficulties were solved by the technical support team at Lorex. What a great team they have there. Right now I'm looking at crystal clear images of my house through the use of this system. The images can be viewed from any computer and they even helped me set it up on my phone. I have learned so much about this product, I have already helped a friend set up in his home after i suggested that he purchase it. This system has exceeded all of my expectations.

249 out of 315


Location: home

The setup was easy until trying to put it on computer and then problems started after 40 minute wait on the phone I received tech help but only to get the dvr working and the next day after 20 minute wait I got more tech help and finally got it on my computer but it still does not work on phone when I am away from the house, something about the signal on the phone.
I will try costco concierge service next to see if I can get this working the way I want.
Nice cameras hope they work this well from now on.

250 out of 315


Location: Manitoba

I am very impressed with the system. Installed very easily and this package has more than enough cameras to cover my entire home. After reading the reviews, I was a bit concerned about running the wires together in a bunch from the cameras to the receiver, but there was no problem whatsoever. The cables are insulated sufficiently so that there is no interference from them running together. It has been down to -30 degrees celcius already, and no concerns with camera performance in the cold. I am also very impressed with the quality of the image with little to no light. I would highly recommend this package for home security needs

251 out of 315


Location: Connecticut,USA

The set up was reasonably easy, the camera clarity, color rendition, field of view and mounting are excellent.

The FLIR system was a problem for me. It would occasionally connect, but the majority of the time it would not connect. This was a problem with both an Iphone and Ipad. This leads to my biggest problem Lorex, support.

I tried calling the support line several times and the automated message told me I had a 40 minute wait time. Same response at different times of the day on different days.

I bought the unit at Costco and they have a concierge service to help customers, so I decided to try that. The Costco tech answered the phone within a couple of minutes, I told him what I had done and tried and we quickly went to problem resolution. We weren't able to get the FLIR to work smoothly, so we ended up creating a URL connection and also a ddns connection, both of which are working perfectly. This service from Costco was great and turned a bad customer support experience into a good one.

For me, the FLIR is a great idea that didn't work. Everything else about the product meets my expectation, but not being able to get to a person for support from Lorex leads me to rate this product a 3. If Lorex had the same quality of support as Costco, I would have rated it a 5.

252 out of 315


Location: CA

Bought at Costco for the best price. Camera system works great. Sad to see no zoom on standard cameras. Long wait to talk to customer service. You do have to go online to pull up the manual information. The entire camera system was easy to install.

253 out of 315


Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Only had the camera system for a couple of weeks, but so far so good. Nice clear picture, night and day. System is very easy to setup and operate. Next I think I'll get a longer cable for one of the cameras to move it further away. I'll re-post later if anything changes.

254 out of 315


Location: PA

I've been using an 8-camera standard definition Lorex system for about 18 months and it always worked very well. When I saw this HD system (LHV1000) on sale at Costco, I bought it to upgrade to HD quality. It was very easy to swap-out the cameras and the DVR (no additional wiring needed) and I had the system up and running in about an hour. Image quality (day and night) is excellent and the HD cameras are a lot smaller than the older cameras I replaced. The new system also has more functions and features than my older system. Unfortunately, the user manual (downloaded from the website) does not explain all the features very well, so it took some time to figure everything out. The FLIR Cloud app was simple to set up and it actually works pretty well on my phone and tablet. Overall, it's a great system. Only negative is the user manual.

255 out of 315


Location: Home

The camera images are clear, more so in the day than the night. So far the system seems to work fine. The DVR is a little loud but it isn't a big deal because it's in a cabinet so I don't hear it all the time. I'll update later.

256 out of 315


Location: Hawaii

For the bang for the buck the LHV1000 is a great system. Easy to install, easy to program and setting up the remote viewing was a snap. The alerts are fast and simple to use. With a little time on fine tuning it is a great tool to see who or what is at your place while you are away.

257 out of 315


Location: Howell MI

The cameras have great clarity and are easy to install and requires only one drill hole. This system replaced the Zmodo that I've had for months and was very difficult to figure out. I finally gave up and purchased this Lorex LHD818 system from Costco. The system came with a mouse and a remote. It's a great system and the software has pull down menus to help make selections easy. I was able to link into my cell phone and pc immediately. The system works nicely with a 24" monitor screen (purchased separately) for excellent views of all 8 cameras. I would highly recommend this system to anyone interested in a top rate security system.

258 out of 315


Location: Antelope, Ca

I purchased this system after looking for the most bang for the buck. I believe I found it. I purchased from Costco when It was on sale for $399. It came with 60 foot cables which I wired on the outside of the house. This was necessary because I have no attic space. I put the wires in conduit wherever the cables came down the wall. Some of the 60 foot cables weren't long enough so I purchased 100 footers from a vendor on Amazon. They worked great. The Flir software is ok. I did set up my DDNS account on the website and with a quick talk through with tech support I was up and running. The quality of the daytime image is excellent and the night vision is good but it depends on the amount of ambient light. If you have street lights that will serve you well if not, then the images are dark and hard to discern. The software works just fine on ios8. The only difference is, when setting up your iphone, instead of scanning the QR code you have to enter the numbers and letters from the code manually. I found Lorex tech support to be great and very helpful.

259 out of 315


Location: Portland, OR

Overall, I'm pleased with the product. There is one glitch that Support hasn't been able to fix yet, but perhaps I just had the wrong person on the line. The e-mail feature does not want to work at all. All the other functions are great. The cameras are a breeze to set up, the computer software to view remotely is easy to set up and the picture quality is excellent. The motion detect feature saves disk space and makes it easy to find where someone has approached the property (even the cat). I tried it on continuous recording too and the search functions are easy to use to find what you are looking for. All in all, a great product. I just hope I can get the e-mail working.

260 out of 315


Location: Washington

Bottom line is I believe I got what I paid for, but just barely (it was on sale at Costco; it's the cheapest 8 camera system I've seen). The unit has all the necessary functions including the ability to filter which parts of the image are used for motion detection which greatly reduces false alarms. The picture quality is good as long as the cameras are mounted properly.

On the negative side the worst thing are the RF connectors, a slight nudge one way or the other and you loose video - I strongly encourage taping over the connectors especially if they are put in a hard to reach location. I tried to hook up to a 720p TV with HDMI but the unit puts out 1080 by default so had to dig out a PC monitor with a D-sub connector in order to change the settings for my TV to work. My mouse needs to be "de-bounced", it often clicks twice when I only press it once; even with it set on the slowest speed. The menus are a bit of a nightmare to follow; they are not intuitive (for example one has to select "search" instead of "playback" to view recorded video). Setting up motion detect requires going to several different menus; complicated enough that Lorex had to write a FAQ on how to do it. The menus on the DVR, on an iPhone, on a Tablet, and on a PC/Mac are all different - takes just that much longer to get it all working. It's confusing enough that I don't yet know how to playback multiple cameras all synched with the same time; I probably just need to study the manual more. All of the cables are too short; the Ethernet and HDMI cables are unusable in my situation and the 80' camera cables were just long enough but only because I have the DVR in a central location with easy access to attic and crawl space. The camera adjustment screws are small and easy to strip so be sure and be careful with them. While unit will back up over USB it would be nice to also be able to backup over Ethernet. I hope the cameras last long as 4 replacement cameras cost more than the system I bought (a DVR with 8 cameras) - almost tempted to by an extra system just in case but I'm on a budget, that's why I got this system.

261 out of 315


Location: California

Overall pretty pleased. Purchased at Costco and quickly unboxed. Items are package extremely well. Setup pretty easy, though running wire was difficult due to my home's configuration (tight crawl spaces in the attic were difficult to reach). A couple of the wires could have been 100 ft vs. the standard 60 ft, but easily remedied by buying longer wire at your local electronics store. Be sure to download the 175 page manual from Lorex's website. Directions included in the box are very limited and overly simplified. Many people have complained about being unable able to get the Flir Cloud to work with their iPhone 6 or ios 8. While it did take me awhile, had a thoroughly read the directions from the downloaded manual or the directions on the Lorex's website it would have taken less than 30 secs, once the app was downloaded. The Key is SETUP YOUR DDNS ACCOUNT ON THE WEBSITE FIRST before attempting to load Flir Cloud on your iPhone.

262 out of 315


Location: California

We had this installed this past weekend and so far the system is great. The mobile app is working as it should and has a terrific push notification function. The system is sensitive enough to send me a notice even from flies flying past the camera. On windy days it may be a slight nuisance as tree movement also triggers the notices, but all in all this is a great system and really brings us piece of mind when away from home.

263 out of 315


Location: USA

I am completely satisfied with my LOREX Surveilance package. I am already. Discovering activity during the overnight intervals. I'm glad to see that much of the strange things happening are do to Racoons, Possum and Cats. Just having the cameras visible will deter any would be thief or michievious person. Thanks LOREX for a great product.

264 out of 315


Location: Rockaway NJ

The equipment was very easy to install and came with everything I needed. The picture quality is great and the features are quite robust. The software takes some getting used to. I had some connection issues with the ipad and iPhone clients. Overall I'm very happy with they system.

265 out of 315


Location: Toronto, Canada

QR code doesn't work during setup - have to do this manually, it just freezes up...

but that isn't the deal breaker, it's the nightvision...

After trying everything I called in to tech support. They had no clue why my night vision was so blizzery and was pulsing. Before calling in to support, I had switched out the camera to another twice, changed cables, tried another location - nothing. the night vision sucks so badly, very grainy with lines of interference running through the image and the brightness of the image pulses dark and bright... junk...

I can't imagine the cables being any cheaper - dollar store grade with power and video in one... no chance for a clear image - day time is ok, still lots of noise but it's acceptable, but any camera in perfect light will be ok... so that's not saying much.

The worst part was tech support, a young guy, no clue what it could be - had to put me on hold... (after holding 40 minutes) finally comes back and says it's the ambient light. If there is ambient light while the camera is in night vision, it will get like that... I told him, whaa, you mean everyone who installs this camera in an urban setting will get this... he didn't know what to say. I asked him, so there is no chance on fixing this before I have to return it, he said no.

it bothers me because almost any house in a residential neighborhood will have street lights, or neighbor's lights on... how can this camera not be able to adjust for that? but instead pulse and create static lines. If I install the camera indoors, even in the dark, it's ok... so if you need this setup for indoors, go for it... but to cover your front yard... junk. Day camera 7/10 Nightvision 3/10 (you can still make out the scene) - got a good deal at Costco but... you really do get what you pay for. If having a relatively sharp night vision is important to you. look elsewhere. My neighbor installed a swann system, he says there is no such thing on his but he paid a few hundred more... and it's 1080p with clear night time.. it's a shame, that any camera maker, would find this nightvision sensor acceptable for sale.

266 out of 315


Location: Los Angeles, CA

After a lot of research finally I bought this system at Costco and I'm very pleased with it. Easy installation, high definition cameras and the price is a bargain. I have to setup the DDNS settings to watch it over the phone or computer, because I had problems using only the QR code. With the DDNS setup works like a champ, over wi-fi or 4G or any computer with internet connection. I would recommended this system and I'm planning on buying another system.

267 out of 315


Location: Anchorage, AK

This is my third CCTV system and is the best so far. I from Costco at a great price and the quality of video is really good. I do like the extra features which make video playback an easy process and the controls are easy to understand. I have recommended this system to several people to capitalize on the value of this system. All inclusive systems at such a low price can make anyone happy with their purchase.

268 out of 315


Location: Indiana

I purchased the LHD818 system after doing considerable research. I looked at the Swann system, the Q-see system, Zmodo system, and several other systems prior to purchase. Camera placement was a breeze, running wires over 100' with female BNC connectors was easy and worked fine. Camera visibility and picture quality was great, even the ability of reading license plates from a car parked 20 feet away from the camera. All cameras worked when tested, all hardware included made for an easy installation, and the included instructions for the Flir Cloud went smoothly. The cost was very reasonable for the system I received. No complaints and the 8 camera system is up and running. This system compliments my motion sensor system I installed on all my doors and windows about a year ago. My only reason for not giving it a 5 star rating is there is no instruction manual included for the complete operation and functions of the entire system. I am a guy who likes to read instructions for things I can't easily figure out, especially when I try experimenting with the system after setup.

269 out of 315


Location: Mississauga Canada

As described worked effortlessly
Replaced my QSEE CIF system with 4 cameras - BNC wired
Just changed DVR + Cameras and all worked fine
Network / android view setup work fine
FLIR - too slow to load / does not keep the settings - each time need to select the cameras etc.
So far so good - only used for 2 days
for $500 C$ it is worth to go with this than any 960H systems

270 out of 315


Location: Alabama

this 2nd LHD818 system works great. It was a 2nd install, replacing the Q-see sytem and the bnc connections made the install speedy. We just replaced the cameras and the DVR. Picture quality is much easier to view details with the new 720P. Placed another order already.

271 out of 315


Location: Toronto, Canada

Purchased this system to replace a Q-See that died after less than 2 years. Extremely happy with the quality of the product and the software/remote access options are so much better than what Q-See offers it is unbelievable. Everything just works whether via web browser, smartphone app or the Windows 8 installed software client. Set up with flawless and since I was replacing a current system was able to reuse all the wiring in place. Camera/picture quality is a huge improvement vs. old system.

I will recommend this product to anyone who asks! Well done Lorex.

272 out of 315


Location: indiana

Camera system very good for the money. Running the wires thru house definitely the hardest part of setup. Only issue I had was connecting to wifi router. Had problems until I toggled enable plug & play in settings. Once I did that I had video on phone & iPad app as well as remotely on computer.

A little frustration but well worth it in the end.

273 out of 315


Location: Yonkers

I purchased this system from Costco. The results were amazing and the price was reasonable as compare to other brands. These Cameras are high definition camera's and results are awesome. I will setup the web view system soon. I will recommend this system to everyone.

274 out of 315


Location: West Covina

I purchased the LHV 1008 from Costco and I really like the clarity of each camera.
it was really easy to use and hook up.
the only problem I had was the DVR went out, but I was told that I would be
receiving a new one shortly. other than that I really like it.

275 out of 315


Location: south Carolina

After countless hours or research lorex seemed to have the best ratings, reviews,value for money and tech support but after purchasing the LHV1000 8camera system from Costco online,installing the system and setting up Flir cloud on my iphone WOW the research payed off.
The 720p camera quality day and night is awesome.
Make sure you register the product and set up a DDNS account before using the FLIR cloud then its a great setup and being able to access your whole system and each camera from your iPhone anywhere is great.

276 out of 315


Location: Edmonton

Purchased this for monitoring of a remote location. I like the IP connectivity, and ability to download surveillance clips to a local machine without having physical access to the machine.
A bit convoluted setting up the motion detect on the cameras, as terminology like sensitivity and threshold are not clearly defined but once we found the right balance they seem to work fairly well.
I love the flir cloud access on my iphone. very handy.

277 out of 315


Location: Toronto, Canada

After alot of research comparing different brands of dvr systems, I settled on this unit. I'm glad I did. Hands down this is an amazing system. The 720p resolution is amazing. Cameras easily see 100 feet in the dark. Love the free ddns you get through Lorex. Installation was a breeze and the Flir cloud takes all the guess work out of the networking side. The only issue, which is minor are the plastic camera bases compaired to my previous system that had all metal cameras. A little extra caution must be used during installation to avoid breaking them. I give this unit 5 stars. It really is a performer.

278 out of 315


Location: Maryland

I had a little trouble setting it up on my pc, once I did the firmware upgrade everything worked fine. It never told me to upgrade as mentioned in the paperwork, I had to go online and find the upgrade. I'm pleased with the picture quality, and the features this model has.

279 out of 315


Location: Kelowna

Purchased from Costco and was pleasantly surprised how effectively it works. The initial set up on PC was troublesome but quickly rectified from an on line tech who completed download of client software as well as Flir cloud setup on 2 PC's as well as a DDNS account and IPhone app via remote. He was amazingly knowledgeable and professional. The only complaint is the REALLY LONG wait time to connect on the customer support line.

280 out of 315


Location: Collingdale Pa

I have been very pleased with the system operation. I found it very simple to set up with almost all operations being intuitive. I had reason to deal with customer service and that worked out very well. I found picture quality outstanding and replay operation very simple. The remote access is a key feature and it has worked flawlessly since day one.

281 out of 315


Location: Edmonton

Bought this system from Costco to replace my older Lorex security system. HD picture is fantastic, although the cameras are solid plastic construction whereas the previous system I had the cameras were all metal. It will be interesting to see how they stand up to the harsh Edmonton winter. What prevents me from giving this a 5 star rating is that the DVR is very noisy and a bit distracting compared the previous model I had before.

282 out of 315


Location: Houston, TX

This is a great system for the price. The setup was very easy and everything worked the first time. The remote viewing system works well. I have set it up on a PC, Android and Ipad. Both the PC and Android apps are great. I blew me away how many things you can do with the apps, they're not just for viewing. The Ipad app works with the exception of exiting the app. If you leave the app, you have to shut it down completely, you can't just check email and come back to it. If you do, the app won't connect to the cameras again. Not bad once you figure it out, but still a bit of a pain.

The 720p resolution is so much better than the standard def solutions. It is certainly worth the extra money. The only warning is that you can't use regular cameras with this system. These cameras send a signal that is special to this DVR. I'm not thrilled with this idea, but for the price, I'm just going to buy an extra camera in case one breaks in the future. Overall this is a great system with several top features. I got mine at Costco for $499.

283 out of 315


Location: California

The system is a good deal at Costco. However, if you use a Mac it isn't the most user friendly experience. I had to spend 4 hours on the phone with tech support to get it working properly, and even then they say there are "bugs" they are working out. The user interface isn't very intuitive or easy to make sense of.

284 out of 315


Location: Florida

Purchased from Costco, great price and quality. Picture is amazing! So clear and HD perfect. Set-up was very easy. HD picture quality is outstanding, including night vision. The DVR software is very user friendly, and with a little playing around, is easy to navigate. I the IPhone app works great with it! Couldn't be more pleased. I had GeoVision cameras and spent a fortune until Lightning took them out! Very happy to have found Lorex cameras.

285 out of 315


Location: California, USA

Bought this from Costco over the Samsung system and I'm very happy! The video quality is great and the interface is pretty simple to use. Night vision is pretty solid too. Overall pretty happy!

286 out of 315


Location: Brooklyn, New York

I was looking for a system for my Mom's house and came across this at a local Costco. I was truely impressed with the quality of the cameras. I had also checked out cheaper systems on e-bay with the exact specs,but decided to go with the Lorex from Costco because of the brand. Setup was breeze.Had a bit of trouble setting up the remote access, called Lorex and had in configured in no time!!! Customer support was excellent!!!!
I would recommend this system to anyone!

287 out of 315


Location: Hollywood FL

I was very excited to get a system with HD, that I did not have to change my BNC cables for. Not as easy as claimed to get it hooked up and working. Had to speak with Tech Dept quite a few times.....both onsite and remotely. Finally got the system to work.
Now, I can see the cameras on my phone perfectly :)) . However, I cannot on my puters. Tech Dept had to put me through DDNS for me to see the cameras remotely. I am not a happy camper. The "Flir Cloud" did not want to work for me. I have now been told that in order to use the "Flir Cloud", I will need to upgrade my internet. My upload speed is supposedly not good enough. According to their specs that I found online, I should need 1 mbps upload......I currently have up to 1.5 mbps. According to Tech Dept. I will need up to 3-3.5 mbps......quite a difference. I am going to upgrade my internet (an expense I did not expect), and hope that my remote access will be successful after that. On the plus side, everyone in the Tech Dept was very polite, and tried to help. I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!

288 out of 315


Location: DC

Purchased this product from Costco and I am happy with the resolution and good night vision. It was easy to set it up and access the system from a smart device like iPhone or Android. I would recommend this product to anyone.

289 out of 315


Location: washinton

I purchased the LHV1008 from the local Costco, this is a really nice system at this price point and exceeded my expectations. Setup was fast and the app was easy to setup on both Android and Apple. The notifications are excellent when away from home to see what is happening, you get an email on phone when motion is detected around the cameras view. I highly recommend this product.

290 out of 315


Location: SoCal

Got this system from Costco as the LHD818. Two words, Blown Away. I got this system because I got a great deal on a competitors system. that was only CIF resolution. While this system worked as it was supposed to, I quickly became addicted and wanted more. Since I have already wired fro an analog system, this seemed to be the best option available to upgrade in place. Not only am I happy with this purchase, I would gladly recommend this system to anyone looking for a great system with great picture at an affordable price.


291 out of 315


Location: Kirkland, WA

Purchased from Costco after I had an attempted break in to my car in front of my house. Setup and Installation was a breeze (except for having to purchase a roll of RG59 to hook up cameras that were farther than 60ft from the DVR).

Picture quality is excellent, even at night. Navigation of the software for playback took a few tries, but now it all makes sense. I love the fact that the "clips" are marked throughout the recordings so you can jump to any motion triggers that were recorded without having to scan through hours of video.Also, I had no issues connecting through my firewall on my LAN.

The Android app works flawless, and setup took all of 2 minutes. I can check all my cameras from anywhere with the touch of a button. And the app offers several viewing configurations and settings that are very user friendly.

Overall I'm pleased with my purchase and would recommend to my friends and family,

292 out of 315


Location: Washington dc

The system worked kinda smoothly for a week before totally going bad. I was never able to access the live view of my cameras from my home laptop and was only able to view them on my phone via the flir cloud app 1 in about every 5 logins. Flir cloud has some serious problems. I was on hold with lorex tech support for an hour until i briefly talked to a dude who sounded like a programmed robot who had no idea what he was doing. I was then transferred to Flir tech support only to be put on hold for an hour before i gave up and hung up. Fuck you lorex. fuck you Flir cloud. The only reason i took the time to write a review is because i have nothing else to do while i am once again on hold with Flir Cloud (40 mins so far). i had never written a review in my whole life before this.

293 out of 315


Location: CA

HD quality videos, very clear, good night vision quality
The flir cloud app is very easy to use
Two of the cameras background brightness are pulsating during night vision, sent email to Lorex support and currently being sent two replacement cameras under warranty

Model Number: LHD818

294 out of 315


Location: Ca

Easy to install. There are few more details that it could have came with in the quick guide but for the most part easy set up.

295 out of 315


Location: San Diego

Best bang for your buck security system. After researching several different brands, I picked up this Lorex system. Getting the whole system set up, outside of running the cables, was a breeze. I had the mobile and email setup in no time.

296 out of 315


Location: Atlanta, GA

Costco LHD818 = LHV1000 plus 8 cameras

Pros: Cameras are compact, with extremely clear images, recorder is well-engineered with clean circuit boards, average fan, and upgradeable hard disk. FLIR software is quite good, once you get over a bit of learning curve. It's a very powerful system at a very competitive price. iPad support is impressive.

Cons: System includes two "wall warts" and lots of cables and connectors. Strain relief is provided for video cables with locking BNC connectors, but not for camera power - which could separate within a wall (so tape those connectors!). Having two software interfaces (FLIR for client and Lorex for server) can be confusing - e.g., there are two "admin" accounts (with different default passwords). Software exposes a few features that are not fully implemented - e.g., direct web interface isn't documented or fully supported for this device. It doesn't provide a browser plugin to deliver video, but it is responds and it does allow configuration changes.

Overall: It is a powerful and affordable system that performs well, once you get things setup and learn your way around. Email support is responsive, but not always helpful. Phone support is average - well-intentioned, but scripted. Image quality is quite good.

297 out of 315


Location: New York NY

At firat when i got this product I thaught it was just going to be a complicated sysytem. This is the easiest most relaible camera system there is. It gave me piece of mind

298 out of 315


Location: California

Cameras are really clear. Set up was easy.

299 out of 315


Location: Orlando, FL

I purchased my system from Costco for a fantastic price. The 720p cameras provide the level of detail I am seeking. In installing the system I learned the hard way the bnc cable locks the video feed so that connection will not pull apart, however, the power feed is an inch or so shorter, so when there is tension on the line the power feed disconnects, unless you wrap that connection with electrical tape, or never allow tension on the cable. If the video feed were the shorter of the two feeds, this would not be a problem.

The system is great, I had a problem setting up FLIR, and customer service was very helpful and pleasant to work with. There was a 20 minute wait for a technician, but Samantha was fabulous.

300 out of 315


Location: Florida

Just bought this system last week in a bit of a rush before leaving town. I am very happy with the setup and performance and especially all of the features for motion detection, alerts, and mobile access. One challenge was getting all the remote accessibility working with a Motorola SBG6580 cable modem. After using a dmz setup everything works like a charm. Called support and got right through to Sara the first time and she was great and able to solve our connectivity problem right away. Very happy overall, just purchased some additional accessories to round out my system.

301 out of 315


Location: Belen New Mexico

I purchased the LHD818 system from Costco online and received very quickly from FedEx.
Two cameras were installed with 300 feet of RG59 at barn, and Six around My house with the supplied 60 foot cables. All 8 cameras have great video on my HD tv. The system is working very well, although I am having problems with the FLIR not able to connect and log on about half the time. The online manual could be improved a bit. I give 4 stars because of the problem with FLIR on Iphone and the manual.

302 out of 315


Location: Illinois

bought at the local costco to monitor our showroom/warehouse/ and parking lot. everything can be seems perfectly. the system comes pretty complete if you don't need cables longer than 60ft. cameras have great vision and can see pretty clearly at night with them aswell.

303 out of 315


Location: Hollywood, California

I just upgraded from and Edge 2 system to a 720P HD system LHD 818. I have worked in live television sports on both the engineering and production side for several decades, so I have very high standards when it comes to video equipment of any kind. My experience with the Lorex Edge system was simply outstanding....from the moment I took it out of the box I knew it was a wise choice...system was up and running in a matter of two hours...I set it and forgot it.
The LHD 818 system provides truly amazing pictures considering the size of the cameras and the cost. My only complaint with the LHD 818 system is the placement of the BNC input connectors on the back of the device...much to close together for normal people. The technical staff at Lorex should be praised for the exceptional image quality the 720p cameras deliver over coaxial cable...maximum bang for your buck !

304 out of 315


Location: California

Purchase this from Costco. Set it up and only used 5 cameras. Works great in day time, at night, in darkness, found the first bad unit as the illumination LED does not turn on.

Did the registration send in email to support, requesting RMA. Two days paseed. No reply.

Today another camera goes bad. When in darkness, the video will change brightness on a cycle of about once per second.

Software for MAC is a joke. Was not even packaged properly. Don't know how to install it so started using Windows 8.1 instead.

No context sensitive help, very difficult to use the software on PC. On Android it was quite simple. But it won't start to the same device ever time I activates the APP. Have to do it manually to set up device and get video.

Lack of Mac and Linux support makes it difficult to customize. If they can write for Android, there is no reason not to support Linux, which is what Android is based on.

In summary, good price, low quality (2 out of 7 camera turns bad within 3 days. One is still not used) poor software if you want to do anything. Setting up Motion Detection and emailing the alarm video to me is still not working, as it claims my email address is bad. (Not true, it is gmail and the same one I used with registration to lorex, so it is a good address)

Two stars because of poor Mac support and 2 bad units in three days and no support return my email. It is false advertisement to claim Mac support on the box.

305 out of 315


Location: Sacramento

I had a cheap unit prior to this that had extremely poor resolution. I recently had my car window broken and the video was too poor for police to use. After browsing I found this unit at Costco's website. Its amazing how clear it is. Its a pain to run the wires, but since I already had 4 ran, I only needed 2 more and the hdmi cable. The Flir was a breeze, I used a wireless ethernet box originally for my Xbox and it hooked up flawlessly. When accessing the app abroad, there is maybe a 3-4 second delay and if on your own wifi there is zero delay (less than one second). I highly recommend this unit for the sub $600 price; I could not be happier. Customer service is real, and nice.

306 out of 315


Location: winston-salem, NC, United States

The camera clarity is great. It is my first system so take that for what it is. The interface is easy to use. Flir cloud is easy to setup with my device. Lost a star because the connection is hit or miss. Sometimes I try to connect and it says timed out. Im sure its an app thing not a system issue though. Overall even if I cant check the app Reviewing old footage is great. The motion indicator on saved video makes it very easy.

307 out of 315


Location: San Diego, CA

I bought this product off the shelf at Costco after doing some research and liking what I was reading. I am pleased with the purchase and would rate this product with 5 stars, but I am having issues/problems with a single camera only 4 days after purchase. If the support team comes through, then I will be updating this review with more stars.

The initial install was easy and the setup was fairly straight forward. The box did not have the full manual in it, only the quick install pictures. However, the full manual in PDF is available in the download section on the website. I highly recommend getting this PDF and using it. The quick install papers got me up and running, but the manual made setting up the LAN and external monitoring easier as well as explaining some of the settings on the menu. The QR code setup worked for my android tablet, but not the Iphones. I ended up using the IP to identify the system and setup the Iphones. I am using almost all of the features available and have the system setup for viewing from multiple sources. The only thing that would have made this easier is if the system had WiFi capability. Can only be LAN setup with hardwire CAT5 to the hub. The LAN setup was actually very easy once I had the cable run.

The menu and user interface takes some getting used too. The usage of right and left clicks didn?t make sense at first, but once I started using it, became easier. The user interface menus look and navigation could use a little work and be more GUI friendly, but they are functional and once I realized where to look for things it became easier to locate items. The playback menu is based on time and could use a slider to move across the video, but the recordings are all there and can be transferred as needed using the USB.

Having used a 700TVL system, this camera image quality and record quality are incredible. The night vision is much better and doesn?t white out like other systems I have seen.

I am having a problem with one of the cameras not staying in night vision mode. I have submitted a ticket and will wait for a response. As long as the customer support helps with that issue, then I will have no complaints about this system.

At this point, I would recommend this system, even with the one camera issue. For the price, the quality of picture can?t be beat.

308 out of 315


Location: Myrlte Beach, SC

Pros: high resolution cameras night vision capable, 1 tb dvr records about 4 1/2 days x 8 hd cameras, footage remotely accessible, dvr is easy to use with motion designators

Cons: none identified as of yet

Model Number: LHD818

"Bought this product at Costco after one of my neighbors was burglarized. After I installed it, I realized that if I'd had it when it happened, I would have been able to read the license plate four houses down the alley. The picture is that sharp.

The package is pretty complete, if you don't have a long run between a camera and the DVR. I have a long, narrow home, so I had to order a 120 ft cable for the front street camera to reach the DVR, but the 60 ft cables were sufficient for the rest of the house, inside and out.

HD picture quality is outstanding, including night vision acuity. The DVR software is very user friendly, and with a little playing around, is easy to navigate.

With 8 HD cameras, the 1 TB DVR is good for about 4 1/2 days, and if there is an incident that needs to be reviewed, the motion sensor designator in the footage makes it easy to find and download (no sitting through hours of footage to find what you're looking for). The fast and slow motion features make it even quicker to find what you're looking for.

The system is remotely accessible though the internet, so you can monitor and/or download footage as necessary if you are away from home.

Wish I had had this installed when my neighbor was burlarized. It would have assisted the local law enforcement in determining vehicle traffic and identification, number and description of perpetrators (and quite possibly identities), and given them leads on resolving the case and recovering their possessions."

309 out of 315


Location: Hercules, CA

I just picked up the LHD818 a day ago. At first I was blown away by the size of the cameras and the weight of each one. The plastic feel did not seem as solid but I am sure its been tested to be sturdy. Hardware setup was a breeze and upon boot, I noticed the system came up right away. The first few cameras stood out and started to notice some imperfections on each camera. Some cameras were blurry and some sharp. I noticed one camera was completely out of focus and camera lens was probably no adjusted. I wrote an email to tech support and hopefully get an answer on the repair. The software seems to have limitations such as only being able to see 4 channels on playback at once. All 8 could not be pulled up at once. FFWD and RWD is not fast to process. Digital Zoom is a bit difficult to use. Not yet tested the mobile or remote access. It's terrible that no other camera can be connected to this DVR as well as the 720P camera cannot be connected to another DVR. So the system is completely proprietary. Scary if something were to fail especially with a 1yr MFG warranty. Today I received an email indicating if I write a review I can recieve a 2nd yr FREE warranty which is a plus. Still they need to correct the bugs mentioned including the limited hardware replacements. I looked up the 720P cameras and I see them sold in pairs but no price. I found them on ebay for $238 for 4 and $89 for 1. Overall with a day and 1/2 of playing with it I am impressed with the quality, playback, easy setup, small/lightweight cameras and its distance is fairly good. Night mode will be tested shortly. So far if there are any lights around it seems to make areas darker in non-illuminated areas. I will need to test placement.

310 out of 315


Location: Las Vegas

I purchased this system from our local Costco store after reading a lot about the new 720p over analog cameras and the bang for buck! I found the installation of the system (other than crawling around in my attic) to be extremely simple. Lorex has taken the guess work out of connecting to your system remotely and "even a caveman can do it". We have ours connected via our Android phones, our iPads and even from our home PC. We installed the system in a secure closet and rarely even login at the dvr, almost always remotely. If I was able to make one change it would be the option to add a second hdd. Not just for more recording time, but if one failed, it would be nice to have a backup hdd just incase.

311 out of 315


Location: Missouri (Misery)

Picked this up from Costco. Setup was easy. The BNC connections are difficult to connect due to not enough spacing between the plugs. Camera resolution is very good. I like the zoom capability. Haven't had it long but I think it is a keeper. The FLIR download for the Mac doesn't work and there is no documentation on the website. I called and was informed that I need to upgrade my OS to download and extract the program. Never had any issue downloading and extracting programs even if it won't execute. Website needs to provide Mac compatibility and instructions.

312 out of 315


Location: Piscataway, NJ

I purchased this system from local Costco store after I saw that system demo in the store . I am amazed with the product and camera resolution. It is very easy to set it up and view local LAN and over internet WAN. I have configured to access it over LAn/WAN/iPhone app and they all worked great. I strongly recommend this product to anyone, as a matter fact lots of my neighbor want to buy this system after I installed and show it to them. I had slight issue with WAN setup and called Lorex tech support which is very knowedgable and assisted me since my work had firewall blocking the port preventing WAN connectivity but I had alternate way to access from my work PC.

313 out of 315



buen producto calidad en video superior a mi equipo anterior.. deben corregir el problema del software para PC en Window Vista y Window 7 no deja hacer la instalacion y mejorar el servicio al cliente el numero telefonico siempre esta ocupado e incluir a puerto rico parte de estado unidos para reclamaciones de garantia y entre otras cosas

314 out of 315


Location: Littleton, CO

System works as advertised. Video images are very good and many more features than expected. Most important is the service which earns 5 stars for their 7 days coverage and a very patient staff to get me initially setup. Could not get my TV monitors connected but was flawless with a PC monitor. Internet access to iPad was easy to set up and will be a great tool for remote viewing. Relatively new product so there might be some hidden glitches but not to concerned because of the good support. My system is up and running.

315 out of 315


This is definitely the best bnc system out there! very clear, and FLIR cloud is great!

this product is unmatched for the price! It was a great upgreat to my old lorex 960h video

now i can actually see and read everything on my screen! even small texts!



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Security surveillance microphone


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