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8 channel HD DVR with 1080p high definition security cameras


(72 reviews)
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HD security camera system with 4 HD security Cameras

View your world like never before with the first full HD 1080p surveillance system in the consumer market. This easy to install Do-It-Yourself LHD100 security bundle boasts full 1080p HD viewing and recording capabilities, producing outstanding high definition images that can be digitally zoomed during live viewing and playback mode capturing every important detail. The dual streaming feature of the HD-SDI DVR allows for efficient bandwidth usage for remote viewing to your mobile device or computer while still recording HD video on to the 2TB surveillance grade hard drive. Optimize your playback with Smart search and the advanced Panorama & Multi-time search options, providing for fast review of motion events, sequenced clips before and after an incident, and viewing the same camera channel at different times.

The High Definition Security Came a System features 4 1080p cameras that have dual outputs using high-grade RG59 coaxial cable so you can connect to a HD-SDI DVR and to a TV or monitor for simultaneous High Definition viewing. With an Infrared Cut Filter ensuring true and accurate color reproduction and Digital Noise Reduction providing clear night vision and improving recording efficiency, you can truly see the HD difference. Ideal for small businesses and home monitoring.

LHD100 series compatibility chart Remote series compatibility chart

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Simple installation process for user convenience.

Flexible installation

Variety of installation options are available.



HD-SDI Digital Video Recorder:

  • HD-SDI supporting 1080p & 720p recording 1
  • Digital Zoom in live view & playback
  • Advanced search & playback: Panorama and Multi-time
  • Smart Search for fast review of motion events in sequence
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Backup & Remotely control the system simultaneously
  • 24x7 100% duty cycle HDD preinstalled. Supports 2 HDD (expandable up to 4TB)
  • Variable frame rate for higher recording speed during events
  • HDMI Outputs for convenient connection to HD TVs or monitors
  • eSATA output for faster large capacity backup
  • Remote Viewing on PC, Mac, smartphone & tablet †
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard 2
  • Dual streaming to conserve bandwidth while streaming HD video locally 3
  • Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for reliable connectivity
  • Instant e-mail alerts with snap shot attachments and web link

High Definition Security Camera Features:

  • 1080p (1920 x 1080) 2 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor
  • Megapixel 4mm lens for superior detail and wide angle viewing (92° FOV)
  • Automatic Infrared Filter ensures true & accurate color in all lighting conditions
  • Smart IR technology with auto light compensation prevents washout effect
  • Lorex ClearNight imaging ensures clear night vision and improves recording efficiency using Digital Noise Reduction technology
  • Split glass design minimizes IR reflection
  • Anti-glare feature ensures clear images under strong lighting conditions
  • Night Vision up to 80ft away in total darkness and up to 140ft away in typical night time ambient lighting 4
  • Dual BNC (HD-SDI & Composite) video outputs for simultaneous HD and standard resolution video streaming
  • Vandal-resistant design: Cable pass-through wall-mount bracket protects connection cables 5
  • 100 FT RG59 high-grade Siamese (video & power) coaxial cable for flexible installation *

System Includes:

  • HD-SDI DVR with Pre-Installed HDD
  • Remote Control, Power Adapter (for DVR)
  • Mouse
  • HDMI Cable
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Documentation CD
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1080p HD-SDI Cameras with cable pass through brackets
  • 100ft RG59 Siamese (video & power) extension cable for flexible camera installation*
  • 4-in-1 Power Adapter (for cameras).


1. High-Definition Serial Digital Interface (HD-SDI) uncompressed high definition broadcast-grade video over standard coax cable.Recording speed: 5fps @ 1080p (1920x1080 pixels)/ 10fps @ 720p (1280x720 pixels). Recording time may vary based on recording resolution, quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
2. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included).
3. HD video streaming locally to the DVR. Optimized lower resolution steaming for mobile devices. Mobile connectivity is dependent on bandwidth and resolution of the mobile device.
4. IR illumination range under ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.
5. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.
* Use the included extension cables, or visit for compatible RG59 extension cables. Regular BNC extension cables are not compatible with this camera. In order to maintain high definition video quality, extending the existing 100ft RG59 Coaxial cable is NOT acceptable. For longer cables runs, use a single cable up to 300ft.

† Smart Phone & Tablet Compatibility: iPad, iPhone™, Android (version 2.3 & above). Data plan is required not included). Router port forwarding required. For the latest smart phone compatibility list check as new smart phones and tablets become available in the market.










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1 out of 72


Location: Lima, Peru

I bought my 1080p HD system with eight cameras at Costco and brought it back with me to Peru. Installation was a breeze, although the DVR seems to run quite hot. Dunno if the fact that we're on 220V - 240V here in Peru has anything to do with that. I am putting in an extra fan system to try to cool the unit down.

So far, so good. The video quality is quite excellent.

2 out of 72


Location: East TN

The cost from COSTCO was great. The set-up is straight forward but it takes time to get the cameras all installed and the wires run. The storage device needs a direct ethernet connection to your router so consider running a ethernet line as well if you do not want your storage device located near the router for additional security. The cameras are low profile and do not stick out. You have to really look to see them in my eves and around the house. I was able to completely cover all areas in front and around the pool. You can reduce the sensitivity and only record motion or do continuous recording and let the 2TB system over-write as needed or attach an external storage for additional options. Remote view software allows you to also save on your PC. I would suggest you assign a static IP ASAP since you will run through the set-up of viewing everytime you get a new IP on a DHCP system. Their site has the additional instructions and software you need. The first time installing it is useful to have a TV or monitor attached since you do a firmware upgrade. I had to buy some longer cables for cameras on the other end of the house. Buy a system with the most cameras you can afford and a 1080 resolution at least.

3 out of 72


Location: United Kingdom

Bought from Costco picture quality is fantastic for size of cameras. Very fragile cable however so cannot be pulled through without breaking. Unable to rate support yet as am waiting for query regarding email attachments not working. Quality of item shows you get what you pay for though.

4 out of 72


Location: Kcmo

Nice system. Packaging was really nice. Pretty easy to install and worked right off the bat. Be careful when you pull your wires. They aren't marked for camera side and recorder side. Kind of cumbersome navigating the menus. Hover mouse over an icon but no text shows what the icon represents. Guess you have to memorize them. I don't understand why no manual is included. Went to website and still couldn't find it. Finally called support and found out you have to do a search for the model number but leave off the last 3 numbers. Really? That's not cool. How about including the manual in PDF format on a CD? Even the cheap Samsung I had previously had a manual included. I only gave 4 stars because of the manual not being included.

5 out of 72


Location: canada,quebec

The system is now installed and running perfectly;I love it !

6 out of 72


Location: Brazil

It was easy to install, easy to configure and the quality is great. The only issue is that I live by the sea, so the unit got little damaged on the metal parts, although I know it isn't unit's fault. Great product, I'd buy again.

7 out of 72


Location: Brampton

Product is great for the price.. Only downside is that it is hard to set up the DNS as there are no instructions nor any support on the website.. Will have to figure out myself.. Remote viewing is hard to set..

8 out of 72


Location: Texas

Easy to install great picture lot of video to check out for help.

9 out of 72






10 out of 72


Location: Kingston, Ontario

The setup was fairly easy. I finally received the DDNS confirmation and will be setting it up soon. So far tech support has been helpful if you have time to be on hold for a while. Once you get on the phone with them they will help you.

11 out of 72


Location: Kingston, Ontario

Purchased for my business from Costco Kingston. Easy and quick install however I had a bit of trouble with viewing with the FLIR app but Costco Concierge service was helpful in resolving some of the issue. The software had a fix available. Also the DDNS service is still not working. I have tried numerous time to create an account but always get an error. I was informed that Lorex is upgrading the system so keep on trying. I am hoping that I will be able to open an DDNS account since my phone is blackberry and it is not supported by Lorex. I need a DDNS for remote viewing. Picture is clear. Playback feature is very helpful.

12 out of 72


Location: Portland, OR

Purchased the system at Costco after seeing on TV the benefits of having a home security camera system. Very impressed with the clarity of the cameras and the numerous settings on the DVR. Have the DVR configured to record when motion is detected. Still trying to adjust motion detection to only pickup "real" motion. Technical support has been real patient with me. Currently working on configuring the new Flir Cloud iphone app.

13 out of 72


Location: Enterprise AL

After using this product since 7-19-2013 I can tell the world that my family and I are very happy and peaceful with our security system.There is no other product for us.We love it and rely on it daily even when we at home.Tech support is super.I have recommended it to my friends family and coworkers and they have visited my home and love it too.Don't know what I would do without it .The best product ever.I just want to extend it for another 2 years before my warranty expires. Lorex has surpassed all the other systems.It is affordable and very easy to set up.I highly recommend this to everyone.

14 out of 72


Location: London ON

Easy installation and set up. Extremely clear video. Used tech support for remote viewing and and it was quick and helpful. Highly recommend this product.

15 out of 72


Location: California

I am very happy with this product. It was easy to install. Great picture quality. The tech support was very patient and helpful. The best part of all is being able to view my house on my iPhone. I've already recommended this product to friends and family.

16 out of 72


Location: Newport News

Purchased for my business in 2015. Easy and quick install (in business and on the computer). Had a bit of trouble with viewing with the FLIR app but Lorex technical support was extremely helpful in resolving the issue. Picture is clear. Playback feature is very helpful. I would highly recommend this product.

17 out of 72


Location: Medford Or

Bought in November 2014 easy to install, added a couple 100foot cables for longer runs.Installed with complete hidden cables .works great, have connected to my iPhone and checked while away from home many times. Clear picture quality. Would gladly recommend. I am not a strong computer person but figured most of the steps myself to set up and get going.

18 out of 72


Location: Lexington,KY.

I have great picture quality both daytime and night time. I had an issue with the infrared on a camera and they replaced it immediately. I have been very happy with the smartphone access to my system also. A great piece of mind being able to view remotely via Wi-Fi or internet from anywhere.

19 out of 72


Location: Surrey, B.C.

Bought a Lorex 8 camera system from Costco. Great product for price range. Easy to install and operate. Picture quality better than Swan products offered at at same price point. Night and day vision is nice and clear with use of the Samsung 22" T.V./monitor.

20 out of 72


Location: Olympia

easy to install, working good

21 out of 72


Location: Suisun City California

installed the system 3 months ago and haven't had any problems. Install was easy and the adjustability of the camera views were great. i did have to buy 2 additional 100 ft cables through walmart though. Cameras have been through a few severe rain storms with high wind and have held up great. The only downfall to rain is the camera motion detection runs continuous and this is the same with foggy days or nights. Daytime picture is great and can clearly make out facial features up to 50 ft however the night vision quality is pretty poor after 20 ft. Overall I am satisfied with the product.

22 out of 72


Location: Carmel

I have Lorex 8 cam, system is OK.

23 out of 72


Location: montebello, CA

I installed this a an addition to my current 16 camera system. Picture is great, dvr is great, all the functionality is great. My only disappointment is the android app, FLIR, on KITKAT operating system. I can not connect through my LTE phone connection only through WIFI. This is not good considering i can not monitor cameras remotely this way. Please fix this.

24 out of 72


Location: Quebec

L'instalation fut assez aisé, cependant les chevilles fournient sont fiat soit pour le beton et le bois pas vraiement les cloisons séches. La connection est un jeu d'enfant du vrai plug & play. le logiciel est assez intuitif. La qualité de l'image est au rendez-vous. Une marque fiable un acaht plus que recommendable je mettrai des caméra partout car lorsqu'on y goute on comprend l'avantage sécuritaire.

25 out of 72


Location: Michigan

I just bought the 8 camera system and installed it in 1 night. I as a little disappointed by the plastic housing. I am not sure how these will hold up. Picture quality is great.

26 out of 72


Location: NJ

I just got the LHV1000 with 4 cameras at a great deal for the black Friday sale I have been looking into a system for my construction shop for a long time. I spent many hours researching the systems and decided to go with this unit. I don't currently have a problem but this works a deterant for employees and any one who delivers to our location. It also works for my secretary's to see who is in the yard with out leaving their desks. I Installed two days ago and so far working great. Install was easy I split the image to two monitors in office using an HDMI cable and splitter and works well can view both monitors at same time. Loaded to m iPhone and had a little problem with loading to iPad but called customer service was on hold for about 15 min but he had me reset passwords on system and it all worked great. The night vision is not as great as I thought it would be 10 to 20 feet away not bad after that u can see but as far as faces not so good.

27 out of 72


Location: Burlington, On

So far excellent, easy to setup, and great picture quality. I am having some trouble forwarding ports to get video to work via the application which support is working on. The FlirCloud works well.

28 out of 72


Location: Arizona

we love the product. we were having problem with people stealing and messing with are stuff. you have proof cause of the systems..... Love the HD LHV1000 and the HD LHV1016 very clear you will love these system and great for the wallet too.

29 out of 72


Location: amarillo tx

I purchased this product from costco. I was disappointed with therr customer service. I finally received the product 2 weeks later. When I got it the cameras where wrapped very well and the packing of the contents was good. I have problems with when the wires move to to video on the camera my image will get blurry. I called and there supposed to be sending me replacement wires. Once I recieve them well see if I have anymore problems.
But the picture quality is very good

30 out of 72


Location: Florida

I installed this system this last weekend, and so far could not be happier. Everything is plug and play. The app works perfect on our iphones and ipads, i can access my cameras anywhere, as long as I have the LTE connection or wifi. The hardest thing about the install is running the cables. I think if i had to do it over, I would have hired someone to run all of the wires.

One thing you should be aware of is, make sure your tv or monitor is 1080p. The Samsung that I wanted to use was 720P and would not support the DVR, so I had to buy another set, something I did not expect. Also, if you have cable runs that are more than 60 feet, make sure you buy the video couplers, and some extra cables from Lorex. I was only able to hook up 4 of the 8 cameras because I ran out of cable.

Great system for the price, easy to use, Highly recommend.

31 out of 72


Location: Boston

So far system is working great. Very easy to run wire and to connect to DVR, Picture quality is awsome true HD. The app works great. Price was a good deal at BJ'

32 out of 72


Location: Mesquite tx

So far system is working great . Took about 5 hours to install system with 8 cameras. Picture is super clear control are easy to use after learning system . Remote access is difficult but I have an IT friend that got it working . App is just ok , I'm sure it will update one day to work better . Overall for the Cosco sale price $399. You can't be it :).

33 out of 72


Location: home

So far very happy with the system. Very sharp picture in daytime and the night picture is much better than the eco series system I had. I had help from tech support when setting up online connection originally and they were very helpful. I qould definitely recommend.

34 out of 72


Location: Montreal

This product is very clear in the day, but not as clear at night. I have other light sources when there is movement, so it is fine. Still trying to setup, so I can have access on my phone. It is not trivial, so will take some time to get it right. Hard drive in the unit is a bit noisy, but bearable now.
Installation was straight forward, but running wires is always a headache. There is a lot of configuration in order to get the cameras to do exactly what you want, but the system allows for this. Very please so far and hope it can handle our winter weather.

35 out of 72


Location: Apple valley ca.

0 stars
Have been unable to talk to customer service .
I have only been able to get a ticket number.
Stayed on hold for hours, until battery went dead.
Warranty ended 3days ago.
3of the 4 cameras do not work.
Wasted my time and money.
Lorex customer service could not suck more if it tried.

36 out of 72


Location: Florida

Great picture quality from the cameras. Easy to install and set up with a Lorex account on the computer. For yhe price the feeling of security is definitely worth it. I would recommend this product to anyone needing a system.

37 out of 72


Location: Ontario, Canada

The 1080 cameras are crystal clear, and I can't believe the night vision capabilities. This technology has come along way. I highly recommend this product.

38 out of 72


Location: n charleston sc

I purchased lorex lhd1082001 about 4 month ago .After 4 month hdd gone bad .so i call tech support they told me to replace dvr
so they going to replace me with new one.The hd quality is amazing .but need some improvement on software
contact to customer service is painfully take about 1hr

39 out of 72


Location: warrington pa

Great system, trouble free & beautiful clear live video. Expert technicians one phone call away.Extremly happy, great investment

40 out of 72


Location: memphis, tn


41 out of 72


Location: Los Angeles

I am an IT expert with 20 years of extensive experience. First DVR box has a network connection issue. I am working in a Research Lab with serious amount of resources. Yet it took me a couple of days of chasing tech support escalation and 5 hours of phone calls to convince the Tech Support that there is a problem. Tech told me they will send a new "tested" box. And if that box does not work it is me. I received a second brand new box. Not tested completely sealed brand new. Same thing. Chasing and at last a guy from their Toronto headquarters heard what I am saying. I convinced them there is a firmware or chip bug, and box is not responding. And I wanted a tested box, even a refurb from Toronto that works. The third box came from Toronto. It was new but manufactured dated one year old than the previous two boxes. And that worked out of the box.

It did not end there. I wanted to change the DDNS username and password. Because it was seen during installation. I called them again. They tell it is coded and automatically given by software and cannot be changed. This is security business. How come you cannot change a username and password in security business.

The product may be good but with their tech support and this kind of "close my ears to reason" attitude I would not buy anythinfg even if it is the best product at a lowest price. camera accessory from this company. I would give "0" stars if it would be possible and return the product if I wouldnt have been installed the cameras to too delicate locations to take down.

42 out of 72


Location: MI

Good entry level for price. Camera's so so, video fair. Internet viewing a little temperamental but overall I have to give it 5 stars based on price point.

43 out of 72


Location: Atlanta, GA

This is a great system. I have set up 4 LNC100 cameras. They were easy to set up and getting the DDS and web service set uo was simple and quick. I would recommend this product.

44 out of 72


Location: Alabama

This product is remarkable.This is my third time with Lorex.I gave the first one to a friend.At first I thought it was hard to set up withthe monitor and the cameras.This was easier than I thought.All my friends and family who visited my home fell in love the the system.They loved it and I mentioned where to get it so they can get their own.This product is the best security sytem ever.I will continue to recommend it to everyone I know.Our family feel safe with it.We can leave and come back without any worries.I can rate this a five star product.I love it.Again.Just follow the instructions in the box.So easy to install and if you encounter any problem feel free to call Lorex or go on line.Don't hesitate to do so.You will be glad you did.Very good product.Buy it Now!!!

45 out of 72


Location: Alabama

I was concerned initially that my lack of technical skills may stand in the way of successfully installing and using this system. Much to my delight, it was very easy to install and I have been very pleased with my experience so far.

I believe the best feature of this system has been the technical support. Lorex has obviously spent a fair amount of time training their knowledgeable and friendly staff.

5 stars!

46 out of 72


Location: Vancouver,BC Canada

These cameras are really easy to install, and have a great high definition images. The fact that the videos could be watched from anywhere in the world, including on smart phones, just makes them absolutely helpful.

47 out of 72


Location: West Hills, CA

I love this product. Very clear image.

48 out of 72


Location: Virginia

The apps you can download arent the easiest to setup and in the process of trying to still connect as it is not working well with my D link router. However the HD cameras seem to be of excellent quality and the daytime picture is very clear. However after dark the picture is not as clear unless there is another source of light.

49 out of 72


Location: Houston TX

HD-SDI offers the best value/video quality for medium to upper range home systems. The Lorex LHD system offers great features and was easy to set up.

System arrived properly packaged with good quality 100ft cables. Was able to get all four cameras tested in less than an hour prior to installation. DVR software is very comprehensive and seems quite intuitive. Cooling fan noise may be higher than expected for some.

The remote access features are outstanding. In particular the DDNS account removes the need to have a static IP address. I configured the port forwarding manually without problems. We now have access through the home LAN, and on several laptops, iPad, and iPhones.

Cameras are neat. IR performance is adequate but, as with all systems, will benefit from from the use of IR illuminators for longer range since the cameras' image resolution is perfectly adequate.

50 out of 72


Location: Livingston, NJ

The quality and clarity of the cameras is amazing. I have a security system in another location and the quality doesn't compare. The customer service was very helpful. They really know the product and are always willing to help. The install was very easy and for the price you can not be it. I would recommend Lorax to anyone I do business currently or in the future.

51 out of 72


Location: Toronto

Bought the system a year ago and it's been very reliable. Good pictures from the cameras. I find the remote mobile viewing a bit finicky. I had it working but it stopped when I changed routers. The router setup wizard is easy to use (for port forwarding) but for some reason it doesn't like my new router. The DVD seems to be ultra-reliable and still has recording space after a year's use.

52 out of 72


Location: vermont

fairly easy to setup. so far it works good, but have only had it a month. have yet to set it up for viewing on internet.

53 out of 72


Location: northridge

The 1080p high definition security cameras are clear images, great day and night vision, easily install and play. I would like to recommend my friends.

54 out of 72


Location: Texas

Purchased the eight channel DVR along with six cameras, overall the installation went quite well with the exception of one camera being defective. Lorex did ship me a replacement camera right away without waiting to receive the defective one first, which most companies will not do.

The cameras put out great images in both day and night mode and overall I?m very satisfied with the system. I would like to see the zoom function be a little clearer but for the money the quality is acceptable.

I was expecting some issue when configuring the router for remote viewing but once I installed the CD Lorex provided which included the set up wizard it worked perfectly.

One thing they need to improve on the DVR is the cooling fan its loud and distracting, so make sure you place it in an out of the way location or it will be very annoying.

55 out of 72




56 out of 72


Location: Calgary, AB

The picture quality from these cameras is really quite remarkable. I was skeptical, but once I hooked them up I was very impressed. System setup is pretty easy and straightforward. Even the picture quality at night is remarkable. I bought the 4 camera model, but frankly, I wished I'd sprung for the 8 camera model... Ultimately I may upgrade or just buy another 4 camera model if the need arises for more video coverage. The most difficult part of the installation/setup is figuring out how to run the wires from the recorder out to each camera.. but even that, if you're handy at all, isn't that difficult.

Playback of recorded footage is very straightforward, as is zooming in on a recorded image, etc. I don't use the motion sensor functionality.. rather, I just let the recording roll day and night.

I'd recommend this system, if asked, and I was pleasantly surprised with how the system works.

57 out of 72


Location: tracy,ca

Very good product! Good quality!

58 out of 72


Location: S.W. PA

This is a great system. The HD 4 camers are the best and they look great too. During the time I was installing the system, a neighbor came over to see what I was doiing to the house this time. I always have a few projects going on during the year. Well, during the conversation, the question cane up about the quality and just what it could do. So, I thought this would be a great time to ask for a hand stringing the wires and setting the cameras. He took the bate and the install went quite well. Then the real WOW! The neighbor, now helper, saw the HD on the TV and this guy and myself both said WOW WHAT A PICTURE! We had forgot to turn one of the cameras away from the other neighbors yard, and the pool area. Now if the girls were there it would have really been something to talk about.
I just have to figure out the Internet set-up next. Hello tech line, I NEED HELP!

59 out of 72


Location: Canada

Pretty much just plug them in and way you go. Crisp picture. Hooked up to the internet to view, etc. following the instructions. Works just like it is supposed to. Got stumped when it came to connection with my Android phone. Will call tech support tomorrow. Manually programming router ports is a bit out of my league.

Very pleased for the price. Only drawback is support services are only available weekdays. I would think this is a mostly "weekend warrior" market so when you have an issue you have to wait until a week day to call.

60 out of 72


Location: Cowan, MB

We've had security cameras (installed by professionals) in our business for the last 15 to 20 years (inside and out). Three years ago we started installing infrared replacements. Every couple of years we are replacing cameras (quite expensive).
We needed cameras on the exterior of our shop, attached fire hall and to cover the front of house. We shopped the internet and finally settled on Lorex 4 pack HD cameras and digital video recorder. After seeing what the quality of the images were and the digital zoom sold us, plus the reasonable price and self installation compared to professional install.
We've installed one 4 pack on the exterior of shop/ fire hall (excellent quality and ease of install). We think we have already sold about 3 business on purchasing their own from Lorex. We are also installing our second 4 pack inside our business to compliment our existing surveillance package.
Recommending your companies products to anyone that is interested. We are probably going to replace all our other cameras with Lorex.

61 out of 72


Location: Lompoc, CA

It appears to be a very nice system. I'm still hitting a few snags on completing the setup but should have it figured out soon. If I had more computer knowledge it would have helped. The video quality seems to be pretty good although it seems to lose some color quality during the brightest part of the day. I think I'm going to be very happy with it once I learn everything it's capable of doing

62 out of 72


Location: Palos Verdes, CA

Very pleased with entire system. Camera resolution is great. Night IR viewing is better than expected. With the IR illumination alone I can recognize the neighbor leaving his home across the street, over 80 feet away. I have all cameras set up only for motion recording and even on medium sensitivity, the cameras seem very sensitive.

63 out of 72


Location: Morristown, NJ

LOVE LOVE LOVE the camera resolution on this system. I had an older system with the cabling from 2004. I was able to use my existing wiring but upgrade to this state of the art system.

My wife and I now can see HD and watch our kids out back or who is at the door and see the stubble on their face.


64 out of 72


Location: Mcdonough GA

cameras and DVR was easy to install, the remote set up was a challenge, love the system technical support was great only problem was they are not available on weekends

65 out of 72


Location: Los Angeles

We purchased this system for our warehouse. The quality is fantastic and it is very easy to use and install. We hired a company to install the cameras due to the height and size of our warehouse but I easily setup the DVR. Accessing the cameras is very easy from within the building. The apps you can download arent the easiest to setup and use but we got them to work. The iPad app needs some improvement but we can easily access the cameras from outside the buidling through a browser as well. Overall we are very pleased so far. I also bought a 4 channel system for our front door area that I will install soon.

66 out of 72


Location: Outside

8 channel DVR receiver with 4 day night color cameras. Very easy install and stunning g picture and range. Yard is 1.25 acre wide and four front cameras give me complete view from front doors out to street and everything in between from one side of yard to other. Went and bought two more cameras last night to install out back. Very pleasantly surprised.

67 out of 72


Location: Belmont, CA

Purchased the LorexHD 1080 from and received it last week and did not open til this past weekend. To my surprise, the box that contained two of the cameras and cables was severely damaged on one of the corners. I could not see any physical damage to the cable or camera, nevertheless, there seems to be some type of damage or defect since the camera only worked for several minutes and no longer could get a signal. The cable also did not work well with the other three functional cameras.

On the flip side, the other three cameras seem to work great and I love the picture quality of the cameras. I haven't set up the cameras permanently yet, but so far I like what I see. The port forwarding wizard software did not work well, so I had to manually configure it. I was able to to download the mobile app to my Android and connect to the cameras. Very cool! Please note, if your looking for the app, it is labeled "Lorex_Mobile_HD". Took me a little longer than expected to find the app on the Android.

All 'n all, I've had good experience with the unit so far except the defective/damaged camera and cable. By the way, called on the weekend and informed them of the situation and I received an email on Sunday letting me know they're trying to take care of the issue! Fantastic! Just hope the replacement camera and cable will be fine out of the box.

Because of the defective/damaged equipment, I'll give a rating of 3 stars.



68 out of 72


Location: North Carolina

Excellent System

The HD equipment seems to be of excellent quality and the daytime picture is very clear. After dark the picture is reasonably good if there is any additional light source or bright moon.

69 out of 72


Location: Nevada

Great peoduct

This is a very good product I never even thought that I would get the best features of this product at a very affordable price. I love it and would highly recommend it to my friends.

70 out of 72


Lorex DVR App

The HD video quality of the DVR is excellent. Wireless setup is extremely easy. Android app works good but the playback selection keyboard is too small to be able to select the event time.

71 out of 72


Location: Spring, TX

Best 1080P HD Cameras

These 1080P HD Cameras are awesome crystal clear image and recording. It is easy to setup and use. I will definitely recommend this to any one.

72 out of 72


Location: VA

great cameras

The cameras were easy to install and setup. Great picture.



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