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1080p HD Home Security System with 4 Cameras and DVR



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1080p HD Home Security System with 4 Cameras and DVR

MPX822VW home security system

Protect the things that matter most with this easy-to-install HD surveillance system. Containing the state-of-the-art Lorex DV700 8-channel DVR, two LBV2711B and two LBV2723B HD bullet security cameras, this 1080p HD security monitoring system will provide you with detailed security footage and night vision that is second to none. There is room to expand your system with space for four additional security cameras, making it an ideal security system for a growing business.





1080P DVR can support upto 8 cameras



4 HD 1080p (including 2 varifocal) cameras



Maximum night vision



Maximum capacity 1 x 4TB hard drive

Motorized varifocal lens for easy FOV customization

The two LBV2723B 1080p bullet security cameras featured in this bundle contain a motorized varifocal lens. This lens features a 3x optical zoom and allows you to customize your viewing area and focus. Zoom all the way in to a 33° horizontal field of view (FOV) to view a small area in close-up detail or all the way out to a 90° to maximize your coverage. Make these adjustments using your Lorex DVR, or a connected mobile device.

Home and Business security monitoring in 1080p HD resolution

1080p HD security monitoring with smooth on-screen motion

This security system is at the forefront of HD analog technology. It produces industry leading 1080p (1920x1080) live viewing and recording on every channel. The 2mp image sensor within each of your bullet security cameras will provide you with a sharp HD image with smooth on-screen movement so you don’t miss a thing.


Choosing the right security system

differences between Lorex MPX analog HD security systems and Lorex NVR security systems
MPX or IP? What security systems to choose? analog or digital?
analog HD security monitoring for large properties

Long range analog security installations

The range of analog HD security cameras like the LBV2711B and LBV2723B can be extended up to 800 feet away from the DVR. This makes them an ideal solution for monitoring large properties (see documentation for complete details). The 8-channel DVR is also backwards-compatible, which means older compatible BNC cameras can still be used to expand your security coverage without purchasing additional cameras.

Long range night vision security cameras

Excellent night vision range

Cutting-edge infrared (IR) LEDs in all of the cameras in this bundle provide you with excellent night vision. The LBV2724B features a top-of-the-line night vision range of up to 170ft / 52m in ambient lighting and up to 115ft / 35m in total darkness. Likewise, the LBV2711B allows you to clearly see up to 130ft / 40m away in ambient lighting, and up to 90ft / 28m away in total darkness. Don’t be left in the dark with close-up recognition provided by SmartIR technology and ClearNight imaging for superior low light performance.

LBV2711B Night Vision Range
LBV2723B Night Vision Range
IP66 weatherproof cameras built to survive all kinds of weather

All-weather security cameras

The MPX844V security system is perfect to protect your home or business. Featuring friendly compact designs and versatile ceiling or wall mounting options, the HD bullet security cameras in this system are extremely rugged and flexible. IP66 rated, your security cameras can persevere through the worst types of weather - they will even continue to operate in extreme temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C) to ensure year-round security that never stops working.



Heat Rating

140°F | 60°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

-22°F | -30°C

Cold Rating



Heat Rating

140°F | 60°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

-22°F | -30°C

Cold Rating

Access your security system from anywhere in the world with FLIR Cloud connectivity

Remotely keep in touch with your property thanks to FLIR Cloud™

The free FLIR Cloud™ app enables you to manage your entire security system from your mobile device or computer. Stay connected to your property at all times without recurring fees and a simple 3-step set-up. View the live feed (or playback recordings) of all of your HD security cameras from wherever you are in the world. Remain vigilant thanks to push notifications and instant email alerts with snapshot attachments for motion events.

Works With

record and playback footage at the same time with Lorex security hard drive

High performance hard drive for security monitoring

The 2TB security certified hard drive within the DV700 HD DVR is extremely reliable and efficient. Tuned precisely to manage the high workload demands of security monitoring, this hard drive can be in constant operation and can record and playback footage simultaneously. Delivering top quality performance, it can store weeks (if not months) of security footage. Record at a lower resolution or configure the scheduled and motion-triggered recording features to maximize storage space.

1080 MPX Comparison Chart
  HD 1080 Digital IP HD 720 Digital IP HD 1080 Analog BNC HD 720 Analog BNC
Recording Full 1080p HD (1920x1080) 720p HD (1280x720) Analog 1080p HD (1920x1080) 720p HD (1280x720)
Platform 1080p HD NVR systems 720p HD NVR systems 1080p HD DVR systems 720p HD DVR systems
Video Digital IP / RJ45 connection Digital IP / RJ45 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection
Power PoE (Power over Ethernet) PoE (Power over Ethernet) Standard DC power Standard DC power
Installation Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Cameras require wired connection to DVR Cameras require wired connection to DVR

DVR Digital Video Recorder

Security DVRs connect to BNC cameras using RG59 coaxial cables and they compress and store video footage captured from security cameras.

HD 1080P Resolution 1920 x 1800 pixels

Record and capture all the details, don't miss out anything. Full HD resolution with accurate color reproduction brings your recorded video to life.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud will help simplify and organize your life by keeping track of all your security cameras from anywhere in the world on any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® devices.




8 channel, analog HD 1080p security DVR:

  • True high definition 1080p recording on all cameras1
  • 24/7 security-grade hard drive
  • Continuous, scheduled and motion recording
  • PTZ cameras supported, remote control through App1
  • H.264 video compression2
  • HDMI cable included for simple connection to HD TVs3
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & daylight savings time
  • Click and drag digital zoom in live view and playback
  • 2 video outputs (HDMI & VGA) to connect multiple monitors
  • Instant USB backup of live video from selected camera
  • Automatic firmware upgrade
  • 3-Step remote view with FLIR Cloud4
  • PC and Mac compatible 5
  • Instant mobile viewing on smartphones and tablets5
  • Advanced apps with live viewing, playback, video recording, and snap shot
  • Mobile push notifications of motion events and email alerts
  • Dual streaming to conserve bandwidth

Each DV7082 Includes:

1 x DVR
1 x HDMI Cable
1 x Remote Control
1 x Power adapter
1 x Mouse
1 x Ethernet Cable
Quick Start Guides

1. Compatible with Lorex 1080p and 720p wired HD cameras only. For a list of compatible cameras, please visit
2. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
3. HDMI output (1920x1080) HD for high definition multi-channel live viewing only. 1080p recording resolution is limited to a maximum of 1920x1080 per channel. Image quality and resolution is dependent on the type of camera connected to the DVR.
4. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). A minimum upload speed of 1Mbps is required for the best video performance. Up to 2 devices may connect to the system at the same time.
5. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, please visit


1080p HD Bullet Security Camera Features:

  • True HD 1080p Image Sensor1
  • Infrared cut filter ensures accurate color representation
  • Night vision range up to 130ft (40m) in ambient lighting & 90ft (28m) in total darkness2
  • Close up recognition in the dark with SmartIR
  • Anti-glare feature ensures clear images under strong lighting conditions
  • ClearNight imaging for superior low light performance, improving recording efficiency
  • Split glass design minimizes IR reflection
  • Weatherproof for outdoor & indoor installation (IP66 Rated) 3
  • Extreme temperature performance (-22° ~ 140°F / -30° ~ 60°C)
  • 90° field of view
  • Vandal resistant design with cable pass-through bracket
  • Lightweight and durable polycarbonate housing
  • Versatile ceiling or wall mounting options
  • Residential and business friendly compact design

Each LBV2711B Includes:

1 × 1080p HD Bullet Camera
1 × 60ft Extension Cable
1 × Mounting Kit
1 × 4-in-1 Power Adapter

1. Compatible with Lorex MPX Series DVRs only.
2. Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and in total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection / absorption level of object.
3. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.


High Definition Security Camera Features:

  • High definition 1080p Sony ExmorTM Image Sensor1
  • Motorized varifocal lens for quicker and easier viewing angle set up
  • Change the viewing angle from your DVR or mobile device1
  • 960H analog video output for convenient set up or connecting to legacy 960H DVRs
  • Night vision range up to 170ft (52m) in ambient lighting & 115ft (35m) in total darkness2
  • Close up recognition in the dark with SmartIR
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) for viewing in extremely challenging lighting scenarios
  • ClearNight imaging for superior low light performance, improving recording efficiency
  • Weatherproof for outdoor & indoor installation (IP66 Rated)3
  • Extreme temperature performance (-22°F ~ 122°F)
  • 34-90° remotely adjustable field of view (horizontal)
  • Vandal resistant design with cable pass-through bracket

Each LBV2723B Includes:

1 x HD bullet camera
1 x Mounting kit
1 x Allen key
1 x 60ft extension cable
1 x Power adapter

1. 1080p cameras are compatible with 1080p HD DVR recorders. 720p cameras are compatible with 720p & 1080p HD DVR recorders.
2. Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and in total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area, and light reflection / absorption level of object.
3. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Corporation. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 18


Location: Ottawa

Great product, very easy and efficient.

2 out of 18


Location: Texas

Initially we received camera's that was not compatible with the dvr. Lorex fixed the problem immediately. We can't seem to get this to work with our Westinghouse TV. It works okay with an old Dell monitor and VGA cable but will not work the Westinghouse which actually has vga capability and HDMI. This tv works well with all of our DVR's so it has to be specific to this dvr. So frustratrating.

We're sorry to hear you were having difficulty. Our technical support team was happy to assist you with this. If you require further assistance, please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

3 out of 18


Location: Dallas

This is my second Lorex system. I swapped out a Samsung because the interface functionality of the Lorex was so much better than Samsung. I wanted to try out the motorized zoom cameras and they are very nice. They are much heavier duty and seem better quality than the standard 1080p HD camera.

4 out of 18


Location: Ca

Great products and seller. I will come back to get more.

5 out of 18


Location: Pennsylvania

This unit was an upgrade from an old GeoVision computer based system. I use it to monitor my business remotely.

The 1080p is such an improvement. I liked the idea that I was able to also use some of my old analog cameras.

The Varifocal cameras work better with an RG59 upgraded cable. I had a camera 200 feet away...and the RG59 was needed to work properly.

The FLIR Cloud made it easy to setup without having to mess with changing ports on the router etc. I was up and running in 10 minutes.

6 out of 18


Location: Aurora

I just purchased this system. It is all I hoped for and more. The clarity at night is unbelievable. The instructions suck though I am no sophisticate at electronics. I have a computer friend who read the necessary parts on line and walked me through what I couldn't figure out. I could not use my existing router due to the needs of my law office (I work out of my home). But I had another router and once it was plugged in everything has been amazing. I have no idea how well it will work in weather. I am bummed I paid $699 and with tax ending up at $749 by buying it at home depot when Lorex is selling it for $450.00. Wish I had seen that when I studied all the different brands before deciding on the Lorex 960 HD with 4 wireless cameras. I want to install at least 2 more. That difference would have covered the cost of the extra cameras I need. The clarity is excellent. I have a mean hostile ex who I have been apart from for 8 years-yah-you think? I want to make sure the cops can say yep that is her. With this system that is a given. The material that comes with it is lousy but I printed out the 172 page manual and am hoping with that I will understand how to set up the system better. I am happy with it all except it does slow down our tv and computers to a crawl so I have turned it off when not needed.

Overall I give this a 4 1/2. If Lorex gives me two addditional high def cameras which is the difference in what I paid vs their offer....hell...I will give it a 5.

Very impressed so far.

7 out of 18


Location: ny


8 out of 18


Location: Halifax, NS

So, i finally got all the cameras up and working after about 3 months. Unless you only use the factory made cables that come with the system, you are going to have a heck of a problem. THe problem is that they are only 60' and most of my cameras are placed well beyond 60' so I had to purchase RG59 siamese that has an 18-2 cable with it for the power...if you buy this stuff, ensure you do not cheap out, get single strand 18-2, not braided, too hard to attach ends when you get them and need to solder on. also, make sure you don't run it in cold weather, i did it in -12 degress and the cable snapped multiple times, wasted a lot of it. The last problem that I have and still have not figured out, is how to set up remote monitoring, the directions are very vague. Called customer support and they are only available 8-5 trying to hook this up at my cottage where I only go on the weekends is almost impossible. will have to take a day off work to be able to talk to them. it is also not clear about what you can push the signal out to...i bought a BNC connector for RG6 to push to my home cable distribution, wanted it to show on all the tvs in the house, however, you need an rf modulator added in order to get the right type of signal, this works fine now. The hardware for the cameras is junk, cheap plastic threads attached to cheap steel mounts which are already rusted all to hell, not sure how long before they're hanging off the side of the cottage. other than that, the picture quality is good and i'm hoping the alerts, etc will work okay, we'll see when i get the remote viewing working.

9 out of 18


Location: Florida

System works great! However we had a long wait time on the phone with tech support over several days to get the iPhone app to work. The wait times for each call are a minimum of an hour before somebody answers. Then another long wait when the first tech can't figure out the problem and hands you off to a more experienced tech. One tech even emailed us a copy of the users manual, put us on hold and then disconnected us. All while still in our computer. It took about 6 rounds of calls to get the app up and running. It was worth the wait though. The app for this system is far more user friendly than other Lorex camera apps. We have owned 2 other Lorex systems and the techs were never able to get them (the apps) to work properly. This is the first time I have been able to view our cameras remotely!
I agree with other reviewers that the cords weren't long enough on some of the cameras so we had to re-think camera placements.

10 out of 18


Location: Cameras

The dome cameras seem fine for mounting but the bullet cameras are junk...the mounting bracket is a cheap piece of steel that will no boubt rust all to heck and bleed down the side of my house eventually, the screws they come with are junk phillips head(use deck screws) and the camera does not screw into the mounting bracket easily...plastic threads, almost destroyed two of them and now scared to touch them for fear they will fall apart. The picture quality is however, very nice and it covers a good area and night time pics are clear. Just wish I didn't have to worry about them falling off the side of the buildings in the wind.

11 out of 18


Location: Halifax, NS

Just received the system, was left outside of my house in the middle of the day, not too impressed...kind of ironic, bought a $20 book online last week and i had to go to post office to sign for it...but a $1200 set of electronics is just left on in the weather. As far as the product, the cables the cameras come with a totally useless, 60ft is not long enough to do anything except set it up in your living room. They should at least send a parts listing for what you need to make your own cable and tell you the max length that you can run a camera based on it's energy use, etc. Having to find all this information out on my own by going to local security company...might as well of just bought it from them in the first place...the cables, ends, etc are going to cost as much as the system did. I'll repost once i've attempted to set it up, looks like it'll be another week or so before i get the correct cables. If you are putting the camera in a location where there is no power, you need RG59 Siamese cable, BNC connectors(male), and ends for the 18/2 wire...still figuring that out. If you are running to an area where there is power, you can just use RG59, BNC connectors (male), and use the 60ft cable that comes with the camera to plug into local power.

12 out of 18


Location: Sherman Oaks

bought an open box "special" which was a bad DVR with a bad HDD.
I am getting a new unit sent out. Not too happy, I will report back after receiving the new unit!

13 out of 18


Location: Temecula, California

Fantastic Product/customer service

Pros: simple to assemble, quality product

Cons: none

Model Number: LH 400 series

"I purchased the Lorex "Link" with some trepidation. I thought assembly would be difficult. It wasn't--It was almost as if it were "plug and play" The instructions were simple and clear,and for a few simple questions, the technical help solved them in under 6 minutes over the telephone. The equipment is top notch---

14 out of 18


Location: New York, NY

Very Very Happy

Pros: installation, remote viewing


While configuration is not a breeze if you are not reasonably tech savvy, this is an outstanding product and an outstanding value!

Just make sure to write down the user name from when you resgister. The device MAC address is unique and if you lose the user name it takes several days for the VERY Helpful tech support folks to unlock it.

Lorex's client is much better than YOICS (which is provided free as well) but either way, you should be very happy."

1 of 1 people found this review helpful.

15 out of 18


Location: Texas

Great Value for the Price

Pros: great value for the price

Cons: cables way too short

"The first thing I did after purchasing the System is to toss out the 500 GB Drive and replace it with a 2 TB Hard Drive.

You’ll have to format the Drive in the DVR’s Utility, which is very easy to do.

I also had to purchase 1000 Feet of RG-59U +2 Cable because the flimsy 60 ft. Cables they send you in the Box didn’t work for my House and Garage.

I ran almost 800 ft. of Cable for all 10 Cameras.

Setup was easy, port-forwarding and Internet viewing a breeze.(I am a IT Guy, after all.)

For the Price, I don’t think you can do any better. If you want a better Picture, buy a more expensive System.

I can now record a full 3 Weeks on ultra-high with 30 FPS. That is all I need.

You can print out Snapshots, download sections of Video, convert and burn on to a DVD-R, etc.

The only gripe I have is that the cables in the Box are pretty much useless (way too short) 100FT per camera, unless you want to record everything around the DVR within 100 Feet.

I will definitely recommend this System to Friends.

16 out of 18


Location: Fort Worth, TX

Very Nice - A Snap To Install

Pros: easy to set up

Cons: not really anything i can think of

"We've been wanting one of these for a long time, but the installation was intimidating. The Lorex system is not only easy to install, it's straight forward. Other than running cables through the attic on the house, you plug the camera in on one end and the DVR on the other. Plug everything into wall outlets and it's up and running.

I hooked it up to the router in the house and after instaling the software, it was quick to be able to see it on my laptop. The problem I'm having is how to see it outside of the house. When I hook up in say a hotel, I can't seem to see the cameras like I'm supposed to. My guess is that it's something I did incorrectly. Other than that, it's a great system.

It sure gives peace of mind to be able to look at the tv we purchased for this and see everything going on around the outside of the house."

0 of 1 people found this review helpful.

17 out of 18


Location: Baltimore, MD

Worth the Money

Pros: easy setup, easy to view recorded slots

Cons: voice is not great to hear

"I have purchased this product and installed this in my restaurant myself. As the professional has quoted me about $5000. I was able to setup by following and understanding step by step instructions. I was able to set it up with ease and now I'm able to view it from my home. I called the support from Lorex and they were able to help me with the troubleshooting. I can also view recorded slots from home. This is good for me and I have bought 2nd one and have installed it in my 2nd store. The voice is not that great for playback. I would recommend this product."

18 out of 18


Location: Detroit MI

"Easy setup right out of the box... set it up by myself without any issues (hardest part was crawling around in the attic). Havent tried the remote viewing yet (internet) but Im very happy with this systems functions. Cameras have good detail up close but are not so clear from a distance (none are). Motion function setup is easy and works great. The fan on the DVR isnt loud at all (dont believe other posts). I got one bad camera out of 8 but that will be replaced by Lorex - thats the only reason Im not giving it 5 stars.



BNC security coupler


Security surveillance microphone


HD 720p wireless security camera


English security decal











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