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4-camera surveillance system with HD 1080p wired and VGA wireless cameras



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A flexbile 4 camera home surveillance system with HD 1080p wired and VGA wireless security cameras

LW422W security camera system

Protect what matters with this dependable home surveillance system from Lorex. For the LW422W, flexibility is the name of the game. This exclusive bundle features our cutting edge DV700 digital video recorder (DVR) paired with two 720p wireless security cameras, and two 1080p HD wired security cameras. The combination of wired and wireless security cameras makes this an ideal system for homes with detached buildings or garages.





1080P DVR can support up to 4 cameras



2 wired and 2 wireless security cameras



Maximum night vision



Maximum capacity 1 x 4TB hard drive

wireless HD security camera from Lorex

Smooth 720p HD security recording

Your LW3211 wireless security cameras are capable of recording HD 720p resolution for cleaner, more accurate video footage that captures the details you need. Their 25 frames-per-second (FPS) frame rate also ensures smooth on-screen movement so you don't miss a moment.

Lorex SignalGuard Technology stable and reliable wireless security video

Stable wireless security video with SignalGuard technology

SignalGuard technology ensures that the smooth video continues virtually uninterrupted if signal strength ever drops (or the camera loses connection). SignalGuard automatically resets and reconnects the cameras to their receivers, ensuring that you never miss a moment. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology works to keep competing wireless signals from interfering with your security camera’s video signal.

Home and business security monitoring in 1080p HD resolution

Rely on crisp HD 1080p security footage

The two LBV2711B analog HD security cameras in this bundle produce industry leading 1080p (1920x1080) live viewing and recording. HD quality can be the difference in identifying important details such as faces or license plate numbers. Smooth on-screen movement thanks to the 30 frames-per-second frame rate (in 720p mode) makes sure you never miss a moment. Wide 90° angle lenses from each of the LBV2711B HD bullet security cameras delivers broad video coverage for monitoring large areas.

Extend security coverage up to 800ft for long distance security monitoring

Analog connection for flexible installation

RG59 siamese BNC cabling provides both video and power for a simple connection between your security cameras, power and DVR. If needed, analog HD cameras like the LBV2711B HD security camera can be installed up to 800 feet away from the DVR (see documentation for complete details). This makes them perfect for securing large properties.

Access your security system from anywhere in the world with FLIR Cloud connectivity

View your security cameras remotely with FLIR Cloud™

The LW422W is designed for use with our solution for securely viewing your surveillance system via the internet. FLIR Cloud™ features a simple 3-step setup and no recurring fees. Our free FLIR Cloud™ apps enable you to manage your surveillance system from mobile devices, or computers. This innovative features makes it possible to view all of your security cameras from virtually anywhere in the world. Stay connected to your property no matter where you are. Receive push notifications and instant email alerts, featuring snapshots of motion-triggered events occuring on your property.

Works With

HD night vision bullet security cameras

Around-the-clock security monitoring with night vision

The four security cameras included with the LW422W have been engineered to have high quality night vision capabilities. The LBV2711B bullet security camera allows you to clearly see up to 150ft / 46m in ambient lighting conditions while the LW3211 wireless security camera has a night vision range up to 135ft / 41m. Rest assured that your trusty security cameras are constantly keeping watch, even when you can’t be there yourself.

Night Vision Range
LBV2711B Night Vision Range
IP66 weatherproof and vandalproof cameras

Security cameras for all seasons

Both the LW3211 wireless security cameras and LBV2711B analog HD security cameras are manufactured with an IP66 weatherproof rating. Be it heavy wind, rain, or snow, these security cameras can withstand the most unforgiving of climates. Your cameras also feature vandal resistant exteriors to provide extra protection, ensuring year-round security that never stops working.



Heat Rating

122°F | 50°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

14°F | -10°C

Cold Rating



Heat Rating

140°F | 60°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

-22°F | -30°C

Cold Rating

1TB security certified hard drive for high workloads

24/7 security monitoring hard drive

The 1TB security certified hard drive within the DV700 HD DVR from Lorex is extremely reliable and efficient. Manufactured specifically to manage high workloads and to be in constant operation, it will store weeks or even months of reliable footage. Extend your record time by tailoring the DVR to record only at scheduled times or by motion triggered events.

1080 MPX Comparison Chart
  HD 1080 Digital IP HD 720 Digital IP HD 1080 Analog BNC HD 720 Analog BNC
Recording Full 1080p HD (1920x1080) 720p HD (1280x720) Analog 1080p HD (1920x1080) 720p HD (1280x720)
Platform 1080p HD NVR systems 720p HD NVR systems 1080p HD DVR systems 720p HD DVR systems
Video Digital IP / RJ45 connection Digital IP / RJ45 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection
Power PoE (Power over Ethernet) PoE (Power over Ethernet) Standard DC power Standard DC power
Installation Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Cameras require wired connection to DVR Cameras require wired connection to DVR

DVR Digital Video Recorder

Security DVRs connect to BNC cameras using RG59 coaxial cables and they compress and store video footage captured from security cameras.

HD 1080P Resolution 1920 x 1800 pixels

Record and capture all the details, don't miss out anything. Full HD resolution with accurate color reproduction brings your recorded video to life.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Cameras with Listen-in audio

Listen-in to your home or business, the built-in microphone allows you to hear and record the sounds of events around your property.

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud will help simplify and organize your life by keeping track of all your security cameras from anywhere in the world on any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® devices.




4 channel, analog HD 1080p security DVR:

  • True high definition 1080p recording on all cameras1
  • 24/7 security-grade hard drive
  • Continuous, scheduled and motion recording
  • PTZ cameras supported, remote control through App1
  • H.264 video compression2
  • HDMI cable included for simple connection to HD TVs3
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & daylight savings time
  • Click and drag digital zoom in live view and playback
  • 2 video outputs (HDMI & VGA) to connect multiple monitors
  • Instant USB backup of live video from selected camera
  • Automatic firmware upgrade
  • 3-Step remote view with FLIR Cloud4
  • PC and Mac compatible 5
  • Instant mobile viewing on smartphones and tablets5
  • Advanced apps with live viewing, playback, video recording, and snap shot
  • Mobile push notifications of motion events and email alerts
  • Dual streaming to conserve bandwidth

Each DV7041 Includes:

1 × DVR
1 × HDMI Cable
1 × Remote Control
1 × Power adapter
1 × Mouse
1 × Ethernet Cable
Quick Start Guides

1. Compatible with Lorex 1080p and 720p wired HD cameras only. For a list of compatible cameras, please visit
2. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
3. HDMI output (1920x1080) HD for high definition multi-channel live viewing only. 1080p recording resolution is limited to a maximum of 1920x1080 per channel. Image quality and resolution is dependent on the type of camera connected to the DVR.
4. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). A minimum upload speed of 1Mbps is required for the best video performance. Up to 2 devices may connect to the system at the same time.
5. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, please visit


Wireless HD Security Camera Features:

  • Wireless 720p HD video
  • Advanced video compression delivers smooth, high frame rate video1
  • SignalGuard Technology continuously monitors the wireless signal and automatically reconnects upon detecting low signal strength2
  • Compatible with Lorex MPX recorders3
  • Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology greatly reduces conflicts with competing signals
  • Simple installation. No video cables required
  • Auto-mechanical infrared camera filter achieves accurate color reproduction in varying lighting conditions
  • Long range night vision up to 135ft (41m) / 90ft (27m)4
  • Vandal-resistant Polycarbonate housing with cable pass-through mounting bracket
  • Weatherproof camera and receiver for superior performance and extended range outdoors5
  • High gain antennas provide up to 165ft (50m) indoor / 500ft (152m) outdoor wireless range6

Each LW3211W Includes:

1 × Wireless camera
1 × Wireless receiver
2 × Antennas
2 × Power adapters
2 × Mounting kit

1. At full signal strength. Limit number of obstructions to ensure best performance.
2. Wireless cameras automatically reconnect with the receiver upon detecting low signal strength to ensure a constant wireless connection.
3. Compatible with Lorex HD DVR DV700 / LHV0000 / LHV1000 / LHV2000 Series only. Visit for the most up-to-date list of compatible recorders.
4. Stated IR illumination ranges are based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object.
5. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered area recommended.
6. Maximum wireless transmission range. Actual range dependent upon building materials and other obstructions in the path of the wireless signal.


1080p HD Bullet Security Camera Features:

  • True HD 1080p Image Sensor1
  • Infrared cut filter ensures accurate color representation
  • Night vision range up to 130ft (40m) in ambient lighting & 90ft (28m) in total darkness2
  • Close up recognition in the dark with SmartIR
  • Anti-glare feature ensures clear images under strong lighting conditions
  • ClearNight imaging for superior low light performance, improving recording efficiency
  • Split glass design minimizes IR reflection
  • Weatherproof for outdoor & indoor installation (IP66 Rated)3
  • Extreme temperature performance (-22° ~ 140°F / -30° ~ 60°C)
  • 90° field of view
  • Vandal resistant design with cable pass-through bracket
  • Lightweight and durable polycarbonate housing
  • Versatile ceiling or wall mounting options
  • Residential and business friendly compact design

Each LBV2711B Includes:

1 × HD Bullet Camera
1 × 60ft Extension Cable
1 × Mounting Kit
1 × 4-in-1 Power Adapter

1. Compatible with Lorex MPX Series DVRs only.
2. Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and in total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection / absorption level of object.
3. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Corporation. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 218


Location: alberta

works great

2 out of 218


Location: Oakland, CA

Cameras have been capturing footage reliably for some time now. I can't get the motion detection to work, but probably user error on my part. It helped me provide evidence to the police as captured a car break in. Overall, a reasonably good product.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team would be happy to help you with this and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.
If you haven?t already done so, please review section 11 of the manual for more information about the recording settings:

3 out of 218


Location: MN

System works great. easy to setup. Provides great protection, email alerts on motion detection a Plus

4 out of 218


Location: Manchester ct

Dvr has worked great. Have had issue with the cameras however. 3 have failed but all were replaced without problem. Wireless has good reception with clear view day and night. Excellent system.

5 out of 218


Location: Florence, Oregon

Just purchased a four camera (two wired, two wireless) system for my church. It is certainly a great product for the price. This is the sixth camera system that I have purchased from Lorex and I am constantly amazed at the quality of the pictures and the flexibility built into the Lorex products. The only problem that I have had with any of the systems was when someone used something to stand on and steal one of the cameras. Two of these systems have been in use for about five years and are still working beautifully. I would never consider any other maker of surveillance cameras.

6 out of 218


Location: Florida

After several thefts, I was looking for a way to increase my security that didn't cost an arm and a leg. After researching extensively I decided on Lorex Technology. This was my first experience with video security. My wireless cameras were easy to install. Setup was a little more complicated but Lorex technical support was very helpful and walked me through it. I was a little concerned about signal quality going through brick, but everything is crystal clear. I am very pleased so far and have ordered more cameras. The only thing I would like to see is a manual included, I might not have needed to call tech support, but otherwise I would highly recommend them.

7 out of 218


Location: texas

This product was very easy to set up. I like the clarity of the cameras, excellent system for my business.

8 out of 218


Location: Las Vegas

Purchased a 2 camera wireless system with DVR after nasty neighbor vandalized my car. Package LW482W.
I got a 1T. DVR with 2 wireless cameras .. LW227B. Thank you Lorex for sending me an upgraded DVR!!
My original purchase was for a 1/2 terabytes Hard drive... And only 4 camera max capacity. You sent me a larger capacity DVR capable of running 12 cameras.
Well, I'm 4 months into ownership and have just ordered 4 more cameras!
My wireless cameras were mounted on the front of my house, way up high so no one could easily tamper with them. The mounting hardware and camera housing were the trickiest part of setting up the whole system. I did hire a young man to assist.
Other than this, I had the system up and running within minutes.

I connected the DVR inside my house to my existing modem and old computer monitor/screen. Easy. You do need a router as well if you are going the wireless camera route.

I truly can't say enough good things about this system! I've already caught the thief who stole my neighbor's mail package left by her front door, in broad daylight, directly across the street from my house. (Same thieves who vandalize cars. . Lousy low-income tenants residing in my neighborhood receiving government subsidized rent. You know the caliber...)
My cameras have done more for my peace-of-mind AND for my neighbor's as well.

I have just ordered 4 more wired cameras... And, based on my recommendations my next door neighbor just ordered a 4 camera wireless system.
My cameras are doing more good things for the neighborhood than our Home Owners Associations drive-by security car. ( useless)
Can't say enough good thing about tech support at Lorex. They can remotely access your system via ones computer and set up all the proper parameters if you need help doing so.
I love that I can sit in my house and just glance up at my security monitor to see what's happening outside.
I can see who is ringing my doorbell or who is walking or driving by. Also, I can access all this from my smart phone or my IPad when away.
I was sitting in my doctors office one time, logged into Live View on my cell phone and could hear a huge commotion. Arguing, cursing... Turns out it was the same troublesome renters having a huge domestic dispute in their front yard! The audio on this system is amazing. They are 5 houses away! I "saved" this audio for future prosecution purposes.
I did learn that in my state for any audio or surveillance footage to be admissible in court, one must have a sign/decal posted visibly for others to see. So don't forget to order your Lorex decal when ordering your system.
Demographically I am a senior citizen with basic understanding of technology.
Thank you Lorex... I love not having a recurring additional home security bill. My local cable company wanted over $50 per month with a years contract for just one camera!

9 out of 218


Location: Sterling Heights

This is my first home security package from Lorex with a dvr and 2 wireless cameras. The setup was very straight forward. The hardest part for me is to decide where to place the security cameras. Other than that, the set up was a breeze. The Internet app though is quite marginal for me. But this product is definitely worth it as an entry level unit.

10 out of 218


Location: Nebraska

I purchased my first home security package from Lorex, a DVR and two wireless cameras. This was an entry level purchase but I am quite pleased with it.
A customer service rep helped me select it after listening to my needs and wants.
I called customer service two times while installing my system and both times my call was answered quickly and I was helped efficiently.
I am pleased with Lorex and its products and will look to Lorex first when I decide to do any add-ons or upgrades.

11 out of 218


Location: PA

Very easy to install and setup, plug and play awesome.
Camera resolution is very good, night vision very good as well.
The smart phone app works well is easy to setup and connect to the DVR for mobile viewing. Will add additional cameras.

12 out of 218


Location: Nebraska

I purchased my first home security package from Lorex, a DVR and two wireless cameras. This was an entry level purchase but I am quite pleased with it.
A customer service rep helped me select it after listening to my needs and wants.
I called customer service two times while installing my system and both times my call was answered quickly and I was helped efficiently.
I am pleased with Lorex and its products and will look to Lorex first when I decide to do any add-ons or upgrades.

13 out of 218


Location: Ft. Worth Tx.

Very easy installation, everything works as expected. Plan on adding 2 more cameras soon !!!

14 out of 218


Location: Edmonton

Very impressed by the ease o setting up. I just plugged the cameras in. Great value.

15 out of 218


Location: Boston, MA

I purchased this system based on a personal recommendation and also influenced by the high review ratings.

This product performs better than expected and the setup was extremely easy.

The quality was also better than I expected and there were no issues during or after the installation.

The customer service was friendly and very patient to answer the questions I had and walked me through the complete system, which saved me over an hour of reading, Thank you customer service!

16 out of 218


Location: Vermont

Great product, easy to setup, came exactly as advertised.
Had a couple small issues (questions) called tech support,
was amazed how good they were, helped me finish my setup
and all works great...

17 out of 218


Location: Circleville, Ohio

This was a system for my elderly neighbor who needed it for peace of mind and security.

The Lorex company may sell the worst product I've ever purchased and then they back it up by incompetent customer service who barely speak English.

It took ten (10) days to receive the first system when it was promised in 3 to 5 days - Strike #1.

We installed the system and immediately the unit wouldn't record or playback the video. Customer service had me take the unit apart (Who has a customer take apart an electronic item to trouble shoot it? LOREX!!!!) tried a couple of things and it didn't fix it. They determined it was a bad hard drive. I had to fax and email an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) which it took them eight (8) days to respond to and then had no idea when they would ship the new one. It took twelve (12) phone calls to finally get an ETA of the new unit which then arrived four (4) weeks later. That was a total forty-one (41) days when it was a defective product. Strike #2!!!! Once the new unit arrived. The ticket number 1235448 was assigned to this incident.

We installed the second system that took forever to get and none knows anything when you call in. It's always the same BS that is was turned over to the warranty department. And neither the customer service rep nor you can contact them!!! So, we installed the new unit immediately the exact same thing happened that the unit wouldn't record or playback the video. Customer service again had me take the unit apart (And I ask again - who has a customer take apart an electronic item to trouble shoot it? The same answer is - LOREX!!!!) tried a couple of things and it didn't fix it. And they again determined it was a bad hard drive. How in the hell can we get two (2) POS back to back. They both had the same manufactures date of June/2015 but it took forty-one (41) days to get a replacement. That tells me the POS was sitting in their warehouse. To confirm what I'm saying this was assigned ticket number 1330414. Strike #3 !!!!

Whomever is giving these glowing reviews of this product must be fabricating the truth!!!

I will do everything I can to expose this inept company for their sub-par products in order to save themselves some frustration.

Just this week I blocked a sale of one of the Lorex products to a sales rep that calls on me here at my business. He knew I was getting a security surveillance system for my neighbor and he inquired how that went. I told him the entire story just like I did above. Much to my joy he went to a local electronics store and purchased another brand and as of yesterday it was up and working perfectly.

I will do everything to cost Lorex as many as sales as I possibly can because their poor quality products, poor customer service and lack of prompt response deserves to be exposed!!!!!

We will see if they leave this post up.

We regret that the system has caused you trouble, and we anticipate receiving the equipment back at your convenience in order to process your refund. Thank you.

18 out of 218


Location: New York

Excellent product easy installation and the customer service helpline was great!!

19 out of 218


Location: Phoenix AZ

System was fairly easy to set up. I had no issues with following the instructions. The iphone app isn't that great and really needs some work but it works ok to some extent. It took a few days to figure out the bells and whistles of the DVR but not too complicated. The cameras provide excellent view and coverage, although I had to move my router/DVR closer to the cameras to get a decent signal even in my small house. The DDNS doesn't work at all, which appears to be a common problem based on other reviews. Good value for the money.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team was happy to assist you with the DDNS set-up. Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-877-755-6739.

20 out of 218


Location: PA

System was easy to set up and the wireless connected to the dvr easily. Setting up the ddns remote viewing is harder but that is due to a Verizon issue, not Lorex. iPad app works well

21 out of 218


Location: Saratoga CA

Product delivers exactly what was promised, excellent technical support, would recommend for anyone looking for a low cost solution.

22 out of 218


Location: Charelston SC

Have only had the system for 3 weeks now. Software has many options. So Far happy with the system. Set up was easy but the directions for advanced use could be better.

23 out of 218


Location: canada

So far so good, I don'tn see no problem, tested it but not yet installed, seems ok

24 out of 218


Location: Maryland

So far the product I purchased is working great. The setup was easy. I'd recommend Lorex product.

25 out of 218


Location: HHI

So far great product. Easy setup. I recommend a dual channel router. The wireless cameras operate on my 2.4ghz router channel, and all my home devices on the 5ghz channel. Clear picture, works on cell phone from anywhere. Am planning on purchasing another wireless camera, then two wired cameras.

26 out of 218


Location: Connecticut, United States

I really like this camera system. The cameras were very easy to set up and install, and the picture is great. I don't really have any complaints with the system.

27 out of 218


Location: Canada

Out of the box & set up easily to a monitor ..Works as expected w/minor tweaking for environment settings. When it came time to set up for PC I just asked for help from Lorex Tech & they came through w/shining stars(5). Very satisfied & would definitely recommend!!!!!

28 out of 218


Location: Virginia

I recently purchased the Lw482 system & am very pleased so far. Picture quality is good & night vision is excellent. Comprehensive programming options allow maximum flexibility. The wireless feature makes installation a snap.

29 out of 218


Location: FL.

The DVR works great had trouble with set up but after reading the directions twice I got it right had to connect my laptop to router to get the local network to work the first time but worked with wifi after that have not used the wireless cameras yet.

30 out of 218


Location: galax va

Everything works as advertised. I think the system has a good quality to cost ratio. Customer support has been responsive concerning technical questions and one small problem concerning pairing. I would buy from Lorex in the future.

31 out of 218


Location: Alabama

So far, so good. I still have to run permanent wiring for the remote cameras, but all is going to plan.

32 out of 218


Location: Ohio

This is a wonderful system. The quality and resolution of the cameras is exactly what I was looking for. It is very user-friendly abr the help that technical support provides to you is in valuable. I would recommend the system to anyone.

33 out of 218


Location: Toronto Ont Canada

very nice system .

34 out of 218


Location: florida

nice system needs better instructions for setup.

35 out of 218


Location: Leola, PA

We purchased this product 3 weeks ago. So far, it is working well. It was not difficult to set up.

36 out of 218


Location: Quebec

Very good product, good documentation

37 out of 218


Location: Riverside, Ca

I purchased the LW482W system as a test to see if it would assist me as a property manager, to keep our front entrance under surveillance. The HD picture quality is excellent. I would have given this 5 stars but the set up wizard is not user friendly and no real clear instructions on how to set up through the internet.

38 out of 218


Location: Cary, IL

I purchased the LW482 security system per the recommendation of my son. Shipping was immediate and my son set up the system for me. My ongoing issue is that the phone app keeps getting disconnected. I removed the application from my cell phone and reinstalled. The system on my computer is just great, however the cell phone is a necessity for me. Wish it was more reliable.

39 out of 218


Location: augusta

Just as describe disconnects from cell app but always stay with the box

40 out of 218


Location: Oakhurst, CA

We ordered this set to augment our other cameras at our storage facility. We needed it for our boat & RV pad which is over 500 ft. from our office. With the extending antennas it works fantastic. The price was very reasonable & customer service was helpful with the peace of mind that the whole thing could be returned if it did not work out for us But we're totally happy with it, so no need for that.

41 out of 218


Location: Arizona

I have used this unit for a week. The order was easy to place and received as expected. Had some trouble setting up the email but the support staff was very helpful and resolved all issues. I would recommend this product. Since it is a wireless camera the HDD quality is not a sharp as a wired camera but adequate.

42 out of 218


Location: Canyon Lake TX`

My unit was not shipped when it should have, I called and it was still in the warehouse. I think they were out of DVR for the package. They upgraded my DVR (thanks). Had some problems getting it up and running. But the problem was on my end did not change the input on my TV to HDMI (that was smart No:1) I only did the basic to start with so I could get this running before I go in to hospital for a heart procedure. Well smart no:2, was when I grabbed my router and hit a button or so. Dumb no:1 was should screwed with it at 73 years old. Well all and all it works just fine, great pictures and i'm catching what ares that I want to. After I get home I will finish the rest.

43 out of 218


Location: ma

The product is easy to set up. I used this product just about a week and noticed slow down my internet quite bit. I uses FIOS. The speed is 50M. After I installed this product, time to time, I am not able to connect to the internet. I wonder if I need to do some extra steps/settings to avoid this problem. I am curious why there is no other people complaining about this problem. Help needed!

44 out of 218


Location: USA

This is a nice system. 2 wireless cameras and DVR plenty of hard disk space. The camera resolution is VGA, which is quite decent. The setup instructions were clear. I was able to set it up relatively quickly. The web access works great. The viewer app can be improved a bit. For example, it would be nice to be able to save my custom view and it would be nice if the app just goes to the live view by default etc.
Overall a good buy

45 out of 218


Location: Kearney,NE

The product was easy to setup. The cameras connected right away. I had my 2 wireless cams outside with the DVR in the basement and connection was pretty good. I decided to move DVR upstairs for a better signal. The motion detection is super sensitive, had to turn down the sensitive scale down quite a bit. Very simple interface. I had a question, time for support to get back to me was about a day and half, which is fine. It seems that I have to use the recommend client on my PC instead of IE for some reason which is fine for me. I have the app also running on my phone and that works pretty good. Night vision isn't bad but you can buy their better cams if you want much better night vision

46 out of 218


Location: TX

I ordered it online and received it within a week. There was 1 part missing from my camera. I am waiting for Lorex to send me the missing part. Contacted the tech support to set up port forwarding. Everything looks good so far.

47 out of 218


Location: Olathe, Ks.

I bought a system like this one a year ago to protect our RV camp and has worked great. So I purchased this second system four weeks ago and installed it two weeks ago. Very easy to install and set up. This two camera system is up graded to handle sixteen cameras. We have two other friends that are now going to order this system. Very great item and great quality, with a good service back up if you need help.
Les Hatfield

48 out of 218


Location: NYC

This product was bought one month ago. Called technical support once for password changing. So far so good.

49 out of 218


Location: South Lake Tahoe

Very impressive system, well worth the money, the iphone app is pretty good, you have to double tap on the channel picture once a day to reset, other than that theres no problem. I ran fifty foot power cords that I made from power wire and ends from the hardware store, a little time consuming but the alternative was to use extension cords, making small diameter cords yourself is the way to go, it eliminates excess cord and you can go with a very small diameter wire making concealment easier. The night vision is excellent, after looking at the monitor you forget it's completely dark outside till you walk out the door, it's amazing how well the cameras see in the dark. The Lorex system is not the cheapest out there but, you get what you pay for, this is absolutely a quality system...

50 out of 218


Location: Hilton Head, South Carolina

I have been a customer of Lorex for around three years. I have a four camera wireless system. I and now upgrading to an eight camera system with two separate systems in different parts of my house. The systems are easy to set up to my computers in the house, and to my tablets and cell phones when I am on the road. I have the LH114 DVR with the LW2281 camera's, and adding the LH161 DVR and the LW2278 camera's. Good systems, good price, good quality, just wish the phone support for customer service and tech support was better.

51 out of 218


Location: Washington State

Easy setup and it works well for my needs. Video quality is adequate and I'm thinking about adding a couple more cameras. I wish the smartphone app was a little better, but it works most of the time.

52 out of 218


Location: Cary, NC

I purchased the LW482W model with 4 cameras and added two cameras since the initial purchase. The quality of the picture is pretty good. The night vision is better than other cameras I've used. I have had an issue with one of the cameras not switching back and forth between night and day vision, but other than that no issues. The app is a little balky, but I found that clicking on the device link and refreshing brings up the cameras. I do have to reboot the DVR periodically to get access from my phone. The video isn't as clear as I hoped it would be - writing on trucks going by the house can't be read, but overall pretty good. I like being able to check on the house when I'm out or at work. Would recommend the product.

53 out of 218


Location: cordele GA.

i purchased this product and set it up within a few hrs. it has been working great so far. 2 weeks in now, I'm still experimenting with the features. i will have a better review after i have use the product for a while.

54 out of 218


Location: NY

Good product. We are very happy with the purchase of our Lorex surveillance system!

55 out of 218


Location: Kansas

This is the second set I purchased. The previous set was very good and this one is even better. We use this at our second home which is in a rural area and feel more secure with it in place. It was easy to set up. We are very satisfied with this system.

56 out of 218


Location: Victoria BC

Very happy with the quick and easy install. Too bad the remote control for the dvr only has numbers on it ,would be nice if it had letters as well instead of having to buy a usb keyboard to enter your password to get into your system. Over all great quality for the price we paid.

57 out of 218


Location: richmond, va

I purchased this system for a 2nd home for security when I wasn'there. I have installed the two cameras, one at the front door and one at the rear door.The back door was not sheltered so I used Lorex's suggestion of a plastic bucket to creat a sheltered cover for the camera. Installation was fairly easy, but to get the views on my Ipad and TV, I did get help from Lorex tech support. The were very helpful and easy to work with. The next step is to get the DVR to record when motion is detected and then to be able to review activity on my computer and Ipad. Good product at a reasonble price.

58 out of 218


Location: Louisiana

I am very happy with the purchase of my lorex surveillance system. I had no problem setting up the wireless camera system. I did need customer service to help with configuring my program parameters. Customer service was extremely helpful and friendly. If you want a basic surveillance system that shows you who is coming and going from your premises, this is an extremely economical and functional option. I will and have recommended the system to friends and family.

59 out of 218


Location: New york

This system was very easy to install. Quality is great. Remote connecting through iPhone anD iPad was simple and looks great! Having problems with one camera connections...still working through tech support on solving the problem. Tech support is extremely helpful and pleasant! Otherwise very satisfied with these cameras.

60 out of 218


Location: Johnstown,Pa

We have this system at home because someone had broken into our home and vandalized our cars too. I want to be able to catch the next person If and when they come around again. (Which I hope never) Good system, however the camera quality isn't so great . You can not really make out whos who if you tried unless you know who the person is on the video. All you really see is a blur of a image of a person. However, later i saw Lorex has the LW2231 Wireless Camera that has a much better quality and Real-Time video. I would recommend to buy a DVR alone and the cameras (LW2231) separately. I am going to purchase another LW2231 camera to replace the ones I got and put those in the most crucial places in my home and the others in other place around the home.

61 out of 218


Location: Las Vegas, NV

i found the system easy to set up with very good picture quality and range. I did need to use the manual from the website to do the fine tuning of the system but it was no problem to get done. The only difficulty was after down loading the app on my mobile device was to get the system to send email alerts. I called technical support and they were very helpful and were able to get the system functioning properly.

62 out of 218


Location: St Marys, PA

This system was very easy to setup from start to finish. I am amazed at the detailed information on the instructions. There was no questions. It has a detailed picture and was very clear. The system itself was worth the amount we paid to have the feeling of security.

63 out of 218


Location: Texas

I have now owned this product for about a week and I have to say it has great quality. Within this one week we have had 70 degree weather, rain, ice, and snow. Week of 2-16-15 through 2-23-15 DFW, TX area. It has held up to my expectations thus far. It is a easy quick set up as well. The only thing I can say about this product that could use an improvement is that it would be easier to have one antenna for the back of the receiver instead of each individual cam. I can only allow 4 stars because it has only been a week, but there are two of my neighbors I have already recommend this product to. Both have placed orders.

64 out of 218


Location: Melrose, MA

Just received the system so far everything has gone well with the purchase. Received a great discounted price and free shipping. Due to the weather will not be able to install for at least a month.
Hopefully install goes well...

65 out of 218


Location: Washington DC

The system was easy to install and learn how to use. Remote interface is very bulky so plan to connect it to a computer, makes life much easier. I experienced a premature failure of one of the cameras, working through the warranty process now. For the price, a great system.

66 out of 218


Location: CA

System working fine now however it has been months since my initial purchase. Tech people were always polite and willing to spend time trying to address the issue. I have had to return two units, after a month or two they began turning off and then rebooted every 5 minutes. We also had issues connecting from an outside computer. It took many hours with their techs to figure out that the Ports being closed were the issue. I have just finished setting up the replacement unit after getting the ports opened and all appears to be working fine at this time . . . hopefully the replacement unit will not have the issue of turning off and on like the previous two units . . . Time will tell but you better save your purchase receipt. Picture is good and there are a lot of bells and whistles.

67 out of 218


Location: Chesapeake, Va

I purchased the LH030 ECO black box system with two cameras and two additional wireless LW2232PK2B cameras. The system was easy to setup and get operational. Still working on the camera settings to get the best overall coverage/video. The motion sensors will pick up rain drops so I'm reducing camera sensitivity. Video is decent for the price. I'll get the remote connectivity/smart phone operational in a couple of days. Overall nice system for the cost.

68 out of 218


Location: Glendale, AZ

I purchased my system about 7 months ago. Very easy to set up to say the least plus easy access with the iPhone app which allows me to view my home remotely. One of my cameras did short out, but Lorex was very helpful in issuing a new replacement camera free of charge and shipped free to my house. I will continue to use and recommend Lorex in my future.

69 out of 218


Location: Washington State

This system is nice. It meets my needs of security for viewing my outside areas. It is easy to setup and monitor with my home computer. Mac... and room to expand. I have spoken with the support team and they are right on it. And at a price that beats most anyone. Hats off to Lorex.

70 out of 218


Location: PA

This is an excellent system for the price I paid. I got it on sale for 349.99, plus an extra 10% off and free shipping. Shipping was pretty fast, I ordered it on a Monday and received it that Friday. It was well packaged. I received an upgraded DVR that has a 1 TB hard drive instead of the 500 GB that was listed on the website. The system was easy to initially setup with the included quick setup guide. It doesn’t come with a printed user manual, you need to download it from the Lorex website. You will need this manual when you get into the more detail setup of this system. The manual explains things pretty good so the detail setup was not bad at all. The feature to copy settings from one camera to the rest of the cameras is very nice. The image quality of the cameras is very good. The night vision is excellent. The range of these wireless cameras is great. I have one camera about 20 feet away that goes through one interior wall and one exterior stucco wall with the reception always at 3 to 4 bars. The second camera is about 50 feet away but goes through one interior wall, 2 exterior stucco walls and an insulated steel garage door with the reception at 2 to 4 bars. It has never loss reception and usually stays at 3 bars. I am very happy with this because with my previous system from a different company the camera in the same location would be 1 to 2 bars and would totally lose reception over 50% of the time. I think the cameras probably have the stated 165 feet of unobstructed range. Connecting to the internet was very easy. I connected the included LAN cable to the DVR and my router, and it automatically connected to the internet. I downloaded and installed the free APP for the IPhone and after logging in with my password, I was able to view the cameras remotely with no additional setting up. I do have one very minor issue. The cameras use a very very small Allen head set screw that you need to loosen and tighten when you adjust the position of the cameras. This made it a little more difficult and time consuming to adjust the positioning of the cameras. On my previous system and on some other Lorex cameras they have wing nuts which makes it a lot easier. I consider this a minor issue because I hope that once the cameras are positioned, I will not have to re-adjust them. I am very happy with this system for the price I paid. Even with this minor issue, I give this system 5 stars!!

71 out of 218


Location: MI

My dad asked me to find him a wireless security system & this one seemed great for him. We wanted something that could hook up to his television instead of a little screen. We installed them and immediately liked the picture & sound quality! The only issue we had was that there is not a manual to the DVR. Lorex said it's available online but dad doesn't have computer or internet. They did tell me that they would request one be sent to him, hopefully he does get one. Highly recommend this system.

72 out of 218


Location: Clovis, Ca

So far I have been quite impressed with my unit. It was packaged well when received. I did a lot of research before buying the two camera system. After receiving everything I set the complete system up and connected it to a monitor to verify all the components worked properly. This also helped in becoming familiar with the ECO3 DVR’s software. After verifying the system I then connected it to my router and downloaded the Lorex Stratus program to my PC. I also downloaded the application for my tablet which helped when locating the cameras. This can save you some time if you have to move a camera. The color and images are very clear in daylight. I have a camera monitoring the front of our house and at night we keep our porch lights on which helps with the night vision. We connected a high gain directional antenna to the receiver for this camera because of the distance and walls the signal has to go through. Works great. Have not placed the second camera yet. I would recommend this system to anyone looking for a two camera system that is expandable.

73 out of 218


Location: Bay Area, CA

I received a 16 channel with 1TB hard drive. I'm very please with the product. Great resolution with good night vision. Also has a good wireless range. Easy to set up. Software provides a lot of features.

74 out of 218


Location: Huntington, In

This is one of the best deals I have seen in a long time. It has surpassed my expectation. The cameras are very good. Good picture in daylight or night. sound is also great, I can hear the traffic on the highway 200ft away. Did get an upgrade on the DVR, instead of 8 channel, I received a 12 channel with a lot more recording space. This outfit is very easy to set up. The set up is done thru the Dvr. You can adjust about everything. Works great right out of the box.I have mine set to record due to motion. Connects to my TV or monitor. The wireless cameras save a lot of installation time and frustration. I will be buying another camera for my setup. I would buy this product again without any reservations. totally satisfied.

75 out of 218


Location: Toronto Canada

I purchased this system during the cyber Monday sale. What an amazing deal! The system has surpassed my expectations. It was easy to set up and install. It was shipped on time to my door step. The picture quality is exceptional. I was able to connect and view the cameras on my iphone within 5 minutes. Very easy to do and works great. I only had one issue, one of the cameras was not able to connect from the location I wanted to install it. It was farther from the receiver and the signal had to travel through the brick wall of my home (no clear line of sight through a window for example). I managed to find a location closer to the receiver to mount the camera. However, you can get the wireless range extender if you have this issue.

76 out of 218


Location: richmond va

I have not completed installation yet, but I have one camera installed and casn see fine on my ipad. Looking forward to installing 2nd camera and remote view so that I can monitor remotely.

77 out of 218


Location: Memphis TN

The system was very easy to install and setup!
Cameras also seem to have good range.

78 out of 218


Location: Rockford, IL

Very easy to setup and very good range! Sadly the quality is not impressive and pretty sure one of my cameras only show Black & White... I would call to get it fixed but Lorex phone systems are awful and honestly need to be looked at by the BBB! I too had issues with my order and I was forced to send personal utility bills to prove it was really me!

79 out of 218


Location: Colorado Springs CO

Needed a home security camera system due to recent vandalism. This unit really fit the bill. Mounted both outside on Patio and get great coverage. Good nite vision and easy to set up. Downloaded the remote monitoring software from Lorex and used it to monitor property away from home. Quality is good, nice features. Was a little fussy at first for the wireless set up, but re-positioning receiver antenna has done the trick. VGA connections were easy.

80 out of 218


Location: US

Hardware did its job for recording nicely.
Software really needs serious re-work. it is nice when they are actually working, don't expect too much.

81 out of 218


Location: Texas

I will never buy anything from Lorex again, period.
They never answer their phone. You can stay on line for hours and they never answer it, any time!
I ordered something and try to changed it. I can not because they did not answer their phone. I created a ticket and they said it is too late and the order had been shipped.
That is not the way to treat your customer.

82 out of 218


Location: Colorado

Easy to install! I really like this product! Wish Lorex would work on one that had zoom capability but other wise a very good product.

83 out of 218


Location: Alabama

Purchased this system for my home, and have been extremely pleased with the reliability and quality. The system is plug and play with no hassle. Also, there are tons of features and tweaks you can make to customize the setup if you wish.

Very pleased and would recommend to anyone.


84 out of 218


Location: Tennessee

I am very pleased with this unit, actually thrilled, it is exactly what I wanted. It gets a 5 star rating as it is, with quality, ease of installation, picture and sound. I would give it a 10 star rating if there was a wide angle option on cameras. I do have an issue with one of my camera's picture blacks off and on,because of where it is mounted under a metal frame of an awning, but it works perfectly at night for some reason, so I will live with the day vision going in and out. I am not very savvy with technical things, so I still have a lot to learn about the other features offered, but so far I am really happy with this unit.

85 out of 218


Location: Pa

got two camaras and a dvr without adjusting anything they work great

86 out of 218


Location: Arizona

Got this system a week ago and it seems to work well. I guess they where out of the 500 mb DVR that I ordered and they filled the order with a 1 tb unit instead. Its a lot nicer unit than the one I ordered. Still have some learning to do but what I have done was easy. The motion detection feature is cool and you can mask out the stuff you don't want. Wireless is nice to as you don't need video cables running all over the place, just an AC hookup. I don't give anyone a five star rating but with the DVR upgrade I guess you probably deserve it. Only have one camera hooked up right now but everything seems cool. THANKS

87 out of 218


Location: salisbury md

pretty happy with the cameras I cant get cell phone reception through my solid brick home but the wireless cameras get through although I had to order one antenna booster for my far away camera . will add review for that once it is installed. was disappointed that none of the wireless cameras from lorex have zoom capability

88 out of 218


Location: lackawanna, new york

I purchased 2 of them very easy to install picture is very good with unit in basement on a brick house still have to hook up the I phones

89 out of 218



We have installed many of these systems and the customers are always happy with the performance and the fact that there are no wires around the premise. The ease of programming and tech support teams are excellent.

90 out of 218


Location: Toronto

Great product for the price. Had a little issue with one of the wires due to one of the pin that took me little bit of time to fix. Once I removed the excess metal bit that was causing the interference with the camera pin, it was able to recognize the camera. The WIFI signal strength is great. Setting up my iPhone and android device was very simple. Interface is straight forward but little 1 page how to on the motion feature would simplify things even more. All in all its great product for the price. I liked it so much that I bought a second system for my sister.

91 out of 218


Location: New York

Overall good product. For the most part it was easy to set up following available on line support. Still have an issue setting DDNS-it works from computers on my LAN & doesn't work over the internet.
Looking for life support with tickets is a good idea, but it doesn't work at all. I created 2 tickets, both times received an answer in 3 days & both times answers giving made me think that person who answered my questions didn't even read them.

92 out of 218


Location: Itasca IL

easy to install. good picture

93 out of 218


Location: seattle

very good quality. I love this product.

94 out of 218


Location: Florida

Love how easy this product was to set up and view online.Remote cameras have good good night vision and great daytime picture.

95 out of 218


Location: Ohio

I love this product. The night vision is excellent and the ability to view via apps and web browser make security a breeze.

Thank you.

96 out of 218


Location: Canada

Very good quality, great price (including discounts), easy to set up and good compatibility with my existing cameras; however confusing whether using stratus connectivity or DDNS; so far can't get it to work on DDNS.
Overall phone communication is bad (30 minutes on hold twice before actually s). Ticket system also takes long to response. Will be good to match a great product with great customer attention!

97 out of 218


Location: USA

Very satisfied with this product. Easy to set up and easy to manage. Image quality is very good and when you tweek the system settings you can get a lot out of this system. I like the PC software well as the smartphone app (I am using the android app)

If you're looking for a decent wireless cam system you should give this one serious consideration.

98 out of 218


Location: Calgary

Easy plug and play setup. Easy connection to smart phone. Video quality is fair for the price.

99 out of 218


Location: Canada

Very good quality, great price (including discounts), easy to set up and good compatibility with my existing cameras; however confusing whether using stratus connectivity or DDNS; so far can't get it to work on DDNS.
Overall phone communication is bad (30 minutes on hold twice before actually s). Ticket system also takes long to response. Will be good to match a great product with great customer attention!

100 out of 218


Location: Miami

Easy to setup if you follow the enclosed "DVR Setup Guide". Convenience of EcoStratus connectivity from mobile devices is a real plus and simple to setup as was the Stratus Client1 software for the Windows 7 Pro laptop. No need to create DDNS connection, but can be done if user wants that type connection. Online DVR manual was easy to find & download and answered all my questions about configuring the system. Cameras are VGA quality as advertised.For a "Homeowner Lite" application, this was perfect. With discounts and free shipping the system cost $314.00 to my door step. May add additional cameras later, which this system makes easy to accomplish. Lorex seems to have thought of everything to make installation, configuration and use of their systems foolproof for an average non-tech senior citizen.

101 out of 218


Location: Ontario

This is my second camera system I have, i like the ease of setting this one up with my iphone, simple as scanning the bar code on top of the DVR. My other system is 3 years old and still works great. Minor glitches with cameras...losing night vision. Expensive to replace.
All in all I do recommend this system for the average home owner.

102 out of 218


Location: quebec ca

Very Good system must read instruction good picture

103 out of 218


Location: Houston

Good product. I wish the quality of the VGA image was a bit clearer. Also, the cameras switch to black and white at a relatively bright light level, which surprised me. Setting up an e-mail notification when motion is detected requires a gmail account, which is not documented in the manual. I think you may also need to have a Mac or PC (I do) to get the e-mail notification to work. Fortunately, the help desk for Lorex was very good.

104 out of 218


Location: rochester illinois

simple instructions, easy to setup, and good quality video feed.

105 out of 218


Location: Regina

Decent system, night vision is impressive. It's great that I can view on my smartphone from wherever.I would give it five stars but one camera came DOA.Lorex is sending me a new one.Technical help took forever on the phone.Didn't think I would ever get through.Good system for the price.

106 out of 218


Location: Massapequa Pk, NY

Very easy setup, I had the camera's setup and working in the room I have the control unit. Then moved them to final locations. Great pictures and great access on my phone. Also great access from my laptop.. Software was easly downloaded and installed.. Now I am looking to add 2 more cameras.

107 out of 218


Location: Maine

I now have 2 years of experience using a Lorex system to monitor a remote location both outdoors and indoors. I started with only wireless cameras due to their ease of installation but quickly went to high resolution, wired cameras. The reason for this is the much better picture quality of the 700TVL camera. Even with that higher quality picture and with 2 cameras mounted at distances of 60-80 feet the best way I can describe the ability to resolve an individual is "if you know who the person is, you could probably tell who it is". The ability to resolve license plates for example is just not there. Still, the wired cameras do a reasonable job for the price even though it's a bit of work to run the required cables. My recommendation is to spend the extra $$ and get the high resolution cameras.

Another reason for this last recommendation involves reliability. We have had no problem with the 960H cameras, but we have had 2 failures on the wirless cameras (both beyond the warranty period). These systems have been operating over a wide temperature range of maybe +90F to -30F .

There is a substantial learning period involved with the application of these cameras particularly in remote, outdoor, monitoring. These cameras have been mounted in "birdhouses" for protection. Strange things happen such as spiders building webs and when this happens in fromt of the lens, the night vision almost entriely disappears due to reflection of the IR beam off the web and.or spider. This is not a reflection good or bad on the Lorex system but just a statement of reality in the field.

If I have one overall complaint it would be about the manual and , in particular, the problems associated with port forwarding. I work with computers daily and am reasonably competent at setting them up. However, it probably took me 3-4 months to actually get my system working. This was compounded by the problems of trying to contact Lorex support and then overcoming the frequent "language barriers".

Overall, the Lorex system is not bad but for ,amy there may be a long learning process.

108 out of 218


Location: Sherwood, OR

I brought another Brand system from Costco a year ago. It was a nightmare. So I have been looking at reviews on different equipment for awhile. About a month ago I found the Lorex web page and the reviews seemed too good to be true. So I took a leap of faith and ordered a system.
WOW. It was everything I read. Set up was almost too simple and the cloud control is outstanding. Soon I will add two more cameras and I tell everyone how great this system came up and runs.

109 out of 218


Location: Peterborough

The hardest part was getting hydro to my outdoor location. The connection wireless was very easy. The connection to Stratus for on line servailance was easy as one two three. Now the programming for recording and email, I hope is just as easy. Great system.

110 out of 218


Location: Colorado

Purchased this system the first of this month. Easy to install. Had to have a little help from tech. department for set-up. They were very helpful and courteous. Cameras work great even with little or no light. They go to black and white in low or no light but picture is still good. Like motion sensor and remote capability as well. Look to have a long life out of this product. Thanks to Lorex for the security they give and would highly recommend you give this model a try.

111 out of 218


Location: Ga

Would not buy wireless again. Will no stay connect. Daytime picture washed out nighttime is washed out. Picture of a person is blurred. When view is shaded, it is just a dark image Set up is hard because you have to put a code in every time.
Don' but this type system........

112 out of 218


Location: Placerville, CA

I already submitted a review for the LW482 system, however - I neglected to mention that the DVR that I received was actually an upgraded model from what is shown in the product overview. So I am very pleased. Additionally, whenever I have had an issue that required me to open a ticket I have always received excellent customer service - something I know you will not receive from one of those auction website sellers. All in all I have been very pleased with Lorex and their products.

113 out of 218


Location: Midwest

Easy to set up. Connects well to laptop and iPhone.
I wish there was a more affordable ptz camera that would work with this dvr

114 out of 218


Location: usa

update to previous post. Two weeks into using this system, i have had two cameras go bad. the picture either goes all red or blue or green or yellow. trying my luck with customer service. seems like they out source to India. looks like Im in for a long haul. good luck trying to call Lorex, every option goes to a busy signal. Buyer Beware! Im into them for $600.

115 out of 218


Location: Placerville, CA

I presently have 2 other Lorex wireless systems, and with their ease of use and quality decided to purchase this system. My other systems are 4 channel and I wanted to upgrade to an 8 channel system. Purchasing this at a sale price, plus receiving an additional Lorex discount sealed the deal. Easy to install, no port forwarding issues, or really any IT knowledge required as the Stratus connection takes care of that. Easily connected to my android phone with the Lorex ECO app and can now remotely watch all my systems easily. I have had no issues with wireless connectivity. The furthest distance between the farthest camera and receiver is approximately 160 feet, and that signal travels through 2 exterior walls and 2 interior walls. I have not experienced any issues using 6 wireless cameras, although 4 is the recommended maximum.

116 out of 218


Location: Illinois

Nice product.
I ordered this camera system online and got it within 4 days. It was easy to setup, although I did have trouble getting it to email me motion alarms. After calling tech support it was determined that the issue was with my email provider. I switched to a different account and everything is working fine. Tech support was great.

117 out of 218


Location: North Carolina

This was the first security camera system I've ever purchased or set up. I was doing so for my company, so I found this particular system through searching the internet for good ratings vs value/price.

The setup was relatively painless, and I often didn't have to look at the single page set up manual included to figure out the next step. I did think I was ordering a completely "wireless" system, but when I got the cameras, I was somewhat surprised to see a power cable needed to be attached.
I called customer support to ask about this, but the representatives response was primarily to scoff at completely wireless (battery) cameras and reiterate how they're horrible (which didn't really address *my* concerns). I wasn't really impressed here, so I dropped a star.

Regardless, we drilled through our cement wall here in order to install these cameras--and so far they've been going strong a week after installation. The quality is okay. I was hoping we'd be able to grab license plate numbers, but they should still work for our purpose.

118 out of 218


Location: Boynton beach

Good system,easy installation!

119 out of 218


Location: Tennesse

Good system, easy installation, good tech support. I had to replace one of the cameras (DOA). I contacted Tech support and after brief troubleshooting they determined that the lamera was not functioning properly. I had to complete some basic information on purchase and send a copy of purchase information. With in about 10 days I received the replacement camera and all in working properly. I set the system up for remote viewing on my smartphone... nice system I am able to check my cameras from most anywhere.

120 out of 218


Location: Hawthorne NY

After much research I decided on the Lorex Wireless System mainly because of the reviews and price. It was better than expected! The ease of setup was the biggest surprise. I contacted customer support with a few simple questins that I could have found online. There were some reported issues with customer support on a few reviews. I did not find an issue at all, they were knowledgeable and pleasant.

The daylight picture quality is very good and the night vision is better than expected too. If someone is looking for a good wireless system for home security I highly recommend Lorex. Time will tell if it holds up.

121 out of 218


Location: usa

awesome system for the money. installation was very easy. remote app for android phones was a snap. still having trouble setting up remote viewing on computer,but i really dont need that feature as long as i can view in my smartphone. Ended up buying two more cameras to add to my system. should have purchased the four camera system from the start. overall a very nice system.

122 out of 218


Location: Studio City

Just installed it yesterday. Simple to install and remote access feature works perfectly. Great product.

123 out of 218


Location: Texas

Product was what I had been looking for, I like the wireless cameras ant the option to add 6 additional cameras as my need and plans change. So far everything seems simple and straight forward to setup.

124 out of 218


Location: Mississauga, Ontario

DVR is ok, but cameras don't have focus, the pictures are very fuzzy or blur.

125 out of 218


Location: Mississauga, Ontario

The system is easy to install, suitable for those without IT knowledge. The resolution is OK (640x480), with which it is hard to see details of objects, such as labels, text, etc. IR shots are good.

The bad thing is it interferes with your home WIFI network seriously and consistently. If you watch HD videos or play video games at home with WIFI, be aware the system will have an significant impact on your network. You cannot control and change the frequencies of the camera transmitters and receivers, neither you can change your home wifi channel to avoid the cameras frequency bands. SO consider wired camera system or IP cameras if you have home wifi network.

126 out of 218


Location: NC

Overall I am very pleased with the DVR and Cameras. I think it is a good value for the cost and was very easy to setup. The only issue I have had is focusing the cameras and the remote does not work.

127 out of 218


Location: Quesnel, B.C.

I added two cameras to the LW482 system I purchased, and I am amazed at the simplicity of setting this system up. I love the fact that I can remotely check my place online and I would recommend this system to anyone that has security concerns about their residence.

128 out of 218


Location: usa

The security system does a good job and the wireless camera is a nice feature. I have one about 200 feet away and it connects great. The downside to this system is the actual menu on the dvr. I am no novice when it comes to electronics, but navigating the menus can be very labor intensive. They are not intuitive and look like they were designed by a teen in the 1990's. Also, it is weird that the firmware will not update from the internet. It keeps asking for a usb key. If the dvr is connected to my internet router then there should be a push update to update the firmware. The web viewing is nice. Takes a few times to connect, but I'm connecting via 4G on my cell, so my carrier may be part of the problem as well. All in all though it is a great feature. I would, and already have recommended this system to family members. It's nice to pay so little for peace of mind. I have only had it installed a few days, so I will update if I run into any problems. I don't foresee any at this point though.

129 out of 218


Location: Longueuil, Québec, Canada

I bought a DVR ECO BlackBox2 LH020 Series with 2 wireless security cameras LW2277 on June 19, 2014 by internet.

The delivery was in three days the same week.

Even if my English is far from a high level, I will try to describe my experience.

The scope was to survey the outdoor of my house.

Read carefully the instructions and the manual; for example if you don't see the arrow of the mouse, you have to press three times 0 (zero); this advice is only in the manual.

The most difficult part is to install the camera on the right place, especially for outdoor use !!.

I began by placing the 2 cameras (outlets, cables, etc); after that I made all the connections for the cameras outside and all the connections for the DVR and receivers inside.

Be very careful to protect the outlets and the Power Adapters; do not let the rain affect them.
I had already a display. I started all the equipment.

I adjust the receivers of the 2 cameras, so the signal became very good;

Do not forget to change the default password !!!

Everything worked fine.

But now, you must protect the cameras; so :
- I made a wood shield for each cameras to protect them: rain , vandalism (if possible), direct sunlight ; the only part that is not protected is the front of the cameras; do not forget, the temperature must be between -10 Celsius (14 F) and + 50 Celsius (122 F); that's why, at the end of the autumn I will put both cameras inside, because we have -31 Celsius during the winter.
- I made tests during the day to verify if the view is what I want.
- I checked different hours during the night: 21:00, 22:00, 24:00, 02:00, 05:00. (Don't worry, I slept very well, I use the playback to check all this !)
- If the cameras is ''looking'' by a hole you need a largest hole in front of the cameras; If the hole is not large enough, you will see very well during the day but during the night you will see nothing, just a gray hallo because the infra red needs a largest angle.

It is a big difference between the day (color) and the night (gray).

I had an incident when I thought that everything is fine: one of the cameras (the most important for me), stopped connecting at 16:32; she worked fine all the week; I observed that, the next day. I play backed until I found the hour, but I did not found en explanation; what I did ? I unplugged the cable and plugged again; she start to work very well. It's happened sometimes with wireless connection.

This could be very embarrassing when you really need to see what's happened at home when you are in Europe for example !!!

I put a UV lamp between the camera and the ''target'', during the night; nothing bad happened; the camera don't seemed blinded by the UV lamp, or even by a white dell solar lamp.

During the day, at 15 m between the camera and a person, you cannot distinguish very well the person (his face for example) .

To check easier, I downloaded the application for iPhone and iPad; the iPad helped me a lot; I can see what's happening at home by iPhone or iPad when I am not in the town.

I tried a lot of options that the BlackBox2 offer (for example private zone, etc).

- the price is fair:
- The equipment work very well.
- I am satisfied !!

130 out of 218


Location: pa.

the cameras are fine but the instruction book is not very good and the support line really sucks you can call at the minute they open and you are still be on hold for an extended time. Also we did not have a password to set up the date and time on our camera,had to call the support line.

131 out of 218


Location: PA

I bought this security system for my home and I like the clarity of the video. Even though I only have one camera up so far, I wish it came with 4 cameras instead of 2. I will eventually buy 2 more for the rest of my property. I also really like that I can view my property from my phone or ipad....that was easy to set up. I would recommend to anyone wanting peace of mind at home.

132 out of 218


Location: Maryland

I just bought this security system online, I found one of two receivers didn't work at all when I opened the package, I had to ask the service department to replace it :(

133 out of 218


Location: USA

Installation and setup was really straight forward, wish you could plug a USB keyboard and work with it rather than using the mouse to click to login. Wireless reception is really good, one in the backyard door around 20' and still have strong 3 bars.

134 out of 218



Simply worth the money. System very easy to start , needed tech service with a little help with Client program which they where very good working with. Cameras are pretty good for the money. Want perfection, then spend a few thousand. Bottom line would buy again.

135 out of 218


Location: Eastern North Carolina

I have only one complaint with the system itself. According to the specs., Lorex claims this systems has a 140 ft. night vision capability. I'd say 20 feet at best, and even that is difficult to see anything.

Second. Not really a complaint, but a wish. Documentations talks of being able to use a keyboard with the system, yet I cannot get one to work and when connecting a kybd, the mouse goes dead. waaa.

Daylight capabilities are excellent.

Ease of use: Excellent

Access via web or mobile: Excellent

136 out of 218


Location: Atlanta

Although I thought I was getting a brand new system, I think I was sent an open box one. The LW482 system I purchased is an 8-channel DVR, but the box my DVR came in indicated it was the 4-channel version. The box itself, had been all taped up with heavy packing tape, imprinted with "Factory Inspected" and was difficult to get open. There was an 8-channel DVR inside, but I was a really miffed that I may have ended up with a factory reconditioned unit rather than a brand new one like I thought I was getting.

The system is very easy to set-up and the Stratus cloud connection worked right off with no problems connecting remotely. I had everything set up on my TV, Laptop, Android phone, and iPad within no time, without having to make any adjustments to my home network. Everything connected without any issues.

I was really expecting the cameras to offer better resolution than they do. The picture I'm getting, both on my HDTV and remotely, is fuzzy and not very clear, nowhere near the High Definition examples on Lorex's website. The picture is either washed out if it's too bright or dark if there isn't enough light. When the light levels get low, the cameras switch to night vision, which I only thought they were supposed to do in complete darkness.

I got the Lorex system to supplement my Logitech Alert Security system, as I have the maximum number of cameras allowed for the Logitech system. The picture quality of of the large, somewhat obtrusive Lorex camera is nowhere near the crisp and clear view the miniature Logitech cameras offer. The inability to zoom or auto-focus make the Lorex cameras only rate average in my opinion, which is disappointing as I expected the Lorex camera's to be as good or better than Logitechs, given the price points of each are comparable.

The DVR offers an easy interface, with fast access to settings and preferences, locally or remotely. Be aware however that of the 8-channels, only 2 of the cameras can be hooked into the 2 audio ports this DVR offers. There are no audio inputs available for the other 6 cameras one might add to complete the 8-channel option. The DVR is only able to connect to 4 cameras wirelessly, with the other 4 hard-wired. I would have rather had the 4-channel DVR instead of the 8-channel this system is built off of. I wish that had been an option.

Comparing the Logitech to the Lorex, I'm underwhelmed by the LW482, and give it an average rating of 3-stars compared to the Logitech system which I rate at 5. I would have been throughly disappointed had I paid the Lorex's MSRP of $799, but given my cost was 60% of that, I can't complain. I just hope this system gives me the trouble free operation that my Logitech system has over the years.

137 out of 218


Location: Florida

This system was easy to install and to get up and running. Since I'm in a rental I went wireless to make installation easier. I was able to locate the DVR in the location of my choice by using powerline adapters. I didn't see a difference in quality with it on the powerline or connected directly to the router. The powerline didn't even affect getting tapped in with the Stratus Application for Apple. I would have preferred the NVR with POE, but that will come later after I'm out of the rental.

138 out of 218


Location: Dallas, OR

What warranty called in because of bad camera. Told to spend more money. Not happy and will not recommend . Picture quality very poor . some features of bad design can not be changed. Told to live with it.

139 out of 218


Location: Northern California

Purchased this system to upgrade older system, good instructions easy to read and good detail, customer service is a little disorganized but otherwise very helpful if need for tech support or product issues. I'm really hoping they add push notification for this system, email is ok but the emails aren't quite instant. Otherwise this system does everything you'd expect, great value vs price.

140 out of 218


Location: Thornburg Va.

Very fast shipping, packaged very nicely. Camera's are very clear in day and night vision. I have the lw482 model. Very easy to set up. Would definitely purchase this system again !!

141 out of 218


Location: Wisconsin

I didn't expect a $1000.00 system for $350.00. The software is functional but there is a learning curve as there are many useful functions. Am able to access cameras from my tablet (Nexus7) as well as my PC, with the client software. I have added a couple wired cameras from other sources that the system incorporated quite well. Have yet to use a PTZ and time will tell how well the wireless cameras hold up in the cold Wisconsin climate. I would however have liked the ability to adjust camera focus. That's the reason for the 4 star rating. Overall I would definitely recommend this system for the money, and I am known to be critical.

142 out of 218


Location: USA

Very dissapointed! Hooked everything up and had the camera 30 ft from the receiver in a open room with NO walls and had NO signal! Product does not operate as advertised. Not even close! Once I moved the camera closer, about 20 ft away, then I was able to get 4 bars of signal. Please do not waste your time with this product. Buyer beware and steer clear!

143 out of 218


Location: Philadelphia

Used similar cameras at my office so decided to get them for my home. Set up was easy and the package of DVR and 2 cameras was exactly what I needed to get started.

144 out of 218


Location: Mesa, AZ

This is our first outdoor security camera system. Good reception, love the QR code for easy set-up on Android. Purchased directly from the Lorex web site. Still trying to figure out how to view on my TV so only giving a 4 plus don't have anything else to compare it to.

145 out of 218


Location: Veneta Oregon

Excellent system... setup was easy as pie... shared via the internet to my iPad in a matter of minutes... i am really impressed with this system!

146 out of 218


Location: Monrovia

Set up my camera and could not believe how clear of a picture I got. I set it up at home so I could be more familiar with the system before I set up at our Nail Salon. I can't wait till I get it hooked up to keep an eye on things. My system came with 2 wireless cameras, but I am already shopping for more cameras to add on. Very easy to set up and operate. Well worth what I paid.

147 out of 218


Location: Vancouver, BC

I am quite happy with this security system. The wireless cameras are great as I can easily mount them with no need to drill holes in walls for cabling. I had no issue with Wifi disruptions and the cameras are around 20 ft from the receivers, still receiving full bars.

The picture quality is just OK. The cameras are 720 x 480 max resolution, which by today's standards aren't spectacular.

The night time IR is amazing. The IR bulbs absolutely can light up 100ft from the camera without issue.

The configuration and interface of the recorder is pretty bad unless you are ok with the default settings. Clunky and not intuitive. I'm in the IT industry and while I was able to figure everything out, but it takes a very long time to set up each camera. The remote doesn't seem to serve much of a purpose as everything can be accessed by the mouse. I found the interface using the client on a PC was far easier and quicker to use than directly on the recorder.

The ability to check on my cameras and receive e-mails on my phone are awesome. Especially when setting up the placement of the cameras. Rather than running in and out of the house, I could see it all on my phone while mounting the cameras.

One thing to note, while it's listed as full 30 frames per second, I was unable to actually get it to record 30 fps (in either 960H mode or D1 mode). It was doing around 25 fps which was still very acceptable.

For the price while on sale, you really can't go wrong with this system.

148 out of 218


Location: Raleigh, NC

I tried the wireless Uniden 2 camera and a monitor system I picked up at Costco for $269 first but the quality of the viewing was not so good though it was easy to setup and was supposed to be easy to connect to the Internet without a dedicated PC. I then tried the wireless Lorex 2 camera and a monitor package I picked up at Tiger Direct and the quality of the cameras was great compared to the Uniden but the Tiger Direct salesman erroneously assured me it could be connected to the Internet without a PC like the Uniden. Not true. A Time Warner promotion said they now offer an outdoor wireless camera system but when the tech showed up to install it the cameras they were dinky indoor cameras with no night vision and he could not mount them more than 10 feet of the ground. Next I contacted Lorex support and they recommended the LW482 package that had great outdoor wireless cameras and the DVR could be connected to the Internet without a PC. It works great and can be expanded. It was easy to install but not so easy to connect to the Internet. Mot to worry I called Lorex support and a super smart tech asked for permission to remote access my PC. In no time at all he had the system connected to the Internet with all the account names and passwords I needed to allow me to access the system and view the cameras anywhere. The PC was only needed for initial setup at the site of the system. Now I check from home and could view the cameras with a smart phone except that mine is the new Blackberry that is not supported yet. Android is good to go.

149 out of 218


Location: Quebec, Canada

We are ,very satisfied with this product. Set up was easy, image resolution is great. Remote playback speed is slow on iPad and iPhone but reasonable on Mac. Did have problems (related to permissions) installing lorex client software on Mac book air but was able to resolve them.

150 out of 218


Location: Quebec, Canada

We ar ,very satisfied with this product. Set up was easy, image resolution is great. Remote playback speed is slow on iPad and iPhone but reasonable on Mac. Did have problems (related to permissions) installing lorex client software on Mac book air but was able to resolve them.

151 out of 218


Location: calgary alberta

Excellent price point. Easy to setup and install. Technical help needed for online viewing - tech was very helpful. Had higher expectations on the picture quality, but after talking to the tech learned what is required for a higher quality pic - this is system is good for monitoring, but if you want surveillance - facial recognition and being able to read a licence plate, you will need a higher resolution camera/system.

152 out of 218


Location: Colorado

I purchased this product in advance of my vacation.
I farm and work in IT when I am gone the farm needs to be watched. I live in Colorado farming is changing here.
I have been getting this set up and found that I had one defective wireless camera out of the box.
Called tech support for trouble shooting they agreed that this camera was dead now I am working with customer support to get this replaced.
The biggest complaint is the wait time on the phone. Once I was able to get thru. the process was easy and painless.
The video quality is good with the camera that is working.The blackbox2 that came with this set up is a little slow to boot up.The refresh rate lags real time by about 5 seconds so this make viewing a little sketchy, however as I am only using this for security issues and not to make a movie the product performs as expected.
I would recommend this product to anyone that needs the remote capability that the wireless cameras offer.
I am using a 12v deep cycle battery hooked up to a 35 W solar panel ( ) to run the remote cameras and this works great all the way thru the night without any glitches. This allows the wireless camera to be truly isolated from the power grid.
The solar and battery are larger than the camera requires however I run string LED lighting around the chicken coop to keep out skunks as well as a heat lamp with the battery and solar power.
If you had any doubts about this system or company put them aside as the company and the products I purchased are all some of the best for the money spent.

153 out of 218


Location: Boca Raton, FL

I bought this wireless system cause the attic of my house is very difficult to access. I wasn't not so convinced but after installing the first camera, I was like WOW!!! the picture, sound and clarity are amaizing. No interference at all with any Wireless signal and the picture is steady all the time.
I really recommend this product.

154 out of 218


Location: USA

this product looked really good online... and after purchasing it was a bit worried.... but once it hit my front door (fast free shipping by the way) i was really pleased... not only was the box packaged nicely but after pulling out all the gear everything was there and the "QUICK START GUIDES" were very easy to read and decipher......

after about 45 minutes to install 3 wireless cameras... (drilling holes and mounting) it took me a total of 15 minutes to plug in everything and get it up and running.... this product was soooo easy to setup and work... the connection and getting setup with the iOS apps was a snap.... scan the QR code on the dvd and your done!

i am buying another one real soon and would recommend this to anyone... if your not a nerd, yet need a really functional and feature filled security system...this is throne for you!

155 out of 218


Location: Allen, Texas

I just installed the system and it was very easy to do. I did have to call FLIR tech support on a wireless camera question and both times the technical support personal were very helpful. I order more cameras to finish the installation. I would definitely recommend this system for your home security.

156 out of 218


Location: Michigan

Great quality easy set up. it was very difficult to pick a Camera DVR package but this one is Great would highly recommend. Support is fantastic.

157 out of 218


Location: Home Little Rock

I like the system. However, disk that came with system was severely damaged. Have to wait till Monday for customer service. Easy to install unit and have it working but not easy without cd.

158 out of 218


Location: Macungie, PA

installation and set up was easy and i'm glad that the factory paired the cameras to the DVR prior to shipping. I use the system to provide security to my pool, so the cameras are outside and the monitoring system is in the bedroom. Even going thru walls, the system keeps a good signal. I am going to give it a little time to see how this works but I may end up buying 2 more cameras to make it a 4 camera system. One complaint is that the viewing options don't have a 2 camera option, the minimum multi-camera view is 4, so half the viewing area i can't use.

159 out of 218


Location: WI

Purchased the LW482, delivery was quick as promised. This was my first system and was kind of hesitant. Installation of cameras and DVR was easy, everything needed is supplied. Had some trouble with the port forwarding for remote access, called support and Sean had it up and running in a few minutes. Probably the best customer support I have ever talked with. Cameras are very clear, color is great and the I.R. night vision is amazing. Would recommend Lorex to anyone looking for a home security system.

160 out of 218


Location: Midwest

Great product! My security was never able to get his wireless camera to work properly. So I removed it and installed this new system and within 1 hour it was completely installed and fully functional. It was very easy to set up using the step by step instructions. I plan on adding more cameras

161 out of 218


Location: Upstate NY

Set up was a breeze
I had a problem port forwarding tried everything, finally broke down and called Erin at support,
Worked with her for a few and, voila.....set up was back to being a breeze. Will add six more cameras soon. Plug and Say!!!

162 out of 218


Location: California

The DVR and Camera installation was very simple with the use of the pictorial instructions supplied with the equipment. During the setup with my computer access, I encountered some issue's. I contacted the Lorex support personnel, who were able to determine the issues were with my computer and not the Lorex equipment. They corrected the issues and the setup was completed in no time at all. The ease of viewing the live feed over my iPhone is great. The system is working as well as advertised and better. In my installation of the wireless cameras, I have a aluminum sided two story building between the camera and DVR and the video signal still makes it over the standard antennas.

I'm recommending Lorex to my friends, thats how satisfied I am.

163 out of 218


Location: Allen, TX

Great system, easy to set up, wireless sync's automatically, instructions a little unclear on remote monitoring but got it figured out and works well on iPad and iPhone.

164 out of 218


Location: Okotoks- Alberta

So far this is an amazing system, I called to ask a simple question and the customer service said well lets set it up right now, maybe 10 minutes top and I had everything wired and ready to go. Now that is service. Thank you Vivek for helping out.

Wireless cameras are the way to go, plug and go!

Highly recommend this system, the cameras work absolutely awesome at night time, which we got it for in the first place.

Lorex you should come out with a deal if a consumer wants to add another 1 or 2 cameras. Cause I would snap up one more

165 out of 218


Location: middletown, oh

I needed the system right away however I am unable to install outside for a few weeks until a friend can help me do it. I went away and got it working and am using it by projecting through a window for now. It works great with great video even while taping through glass.

166 out of 218


Location: Milwaukee

For the price that I have paid for 2 cameras and a DVR, it is an amazing quality product. Even though there are couple of challenges to set it up correctly as I have 2 routers at home, technical support team was very helpful in resolving the issues.

167 out of 218


Location: brampton ontario

it is very convenient easy to install and worth buying product

168 out of 218


Location: Rideau Ferry, Ontario , Canada

We really like our surveillance camera. Just going to take some time to get it all figured out.
Great help is available and no complaints.

169 out of 218


Location: NY

easy step by step instructions. Had a good signal reception even with the receiver in my basement. Camera housing is very visible making it a very good deterrent for would be burglars. Plus, setting up remote viewing was a breeze, if only I can control the DVR remotely, this system is perfect! If you want a system without the hassle of running cables through walls, this is it!

170 out of 218


Location: South Fork,PA.

Installation of system was easy, moved cameras to all round the house to see how they worked at different locations , only have had system for 4 days now, so far everything works great,when weather gets warmer will hook up cameras permanently, pleased with unit..

171 out of 218


Location: NJ

I went through many weeks of different specifications of companies & equipment & decided on Lorex. I have not been disappointed. I ordered with 2 additional cameras. I am using this DVR with 4 other wireless cameras that I already had. So far, all 8 wireless cameras & the DVR are working well.
Set up was a breeze, all cameras are working as I wanted & I can watch them with My Iphone anywhere. Didn't need customer service, so I can't comment on them.
Picture quality is good, even in nite vision.

172 out of 218


Location: Parkville, MD.

The system is great and very easy to set up. I've set up a number of different types of electronics but never a security system. I had it up and running in 15 to 20 minutes with the cameras just setting on my floor. It naturally took awhile to install the cameras under my homes overhangs but that is dependent on what you are trying to do. I would recommend the system to anyone looking at security cameras. I think the price was fair for two wireless cameras and the DVR. I have one and maybe two more areas I would like to see so I'm looking at adding more cameras. The range of the wireless cameras is very good, I've almost always have the full amount of bars showing. The only disappointment I have is when I purchased the system the web site had white cameras in the add but they came black. As most homes have white under the overhang they would blend better. Seeing how appearance is not a part of rating the product I still give the system five stars.

173 out of 218


Location: Tampa FL

I recently purchased this system. I am pleased with the system even though it requires the acquisition of a monitor. But at this reduced price, it is a great deal. I wanted a wireless system so there would not be a lot of installation work. However, each camera requires an external power source when located outdoors. I did find that the wireless system is greatly affected by structural obstacles such as concrete walls. The location of the DVR is more critical due to this. But after a little trial and error, I found a location that affords me great reception from each camera location. I would recommend this system to my friends.

174 out of 218


Location: Winchester va area

I purchased the two camera wireless system and have been very pleased of the simple installation that it was. I wanted a system that was both practical and innexpensive. I got wxactly what I wanted. I am now looking at getting a few more cameras since I already had a few from a prior vendor this would make my property protected and besides I love watching all the wild game

175 out of 218


Location: Queens county, NS

I found this product very easy to set up and very glad that I got the wireless system. The reception range is very adequate for our property and I love the easy access to monitoring our home from afar via the internet. This will give us the peace of mind while we are away in the winter. The only criticism that I have, and this is a very minor point, is that the resolution of the system is not quite as good as I was expecting, but again, a minor point.

176 out of 218


Location: Minot nd

I installed the system this week and it has already saved one calf. It was very easy to set up and get running. I give this system a BIG THUMBS UP!!!

177 out of 218


Location: Ontario

Simple installation, works straight out of the box.
Picture quality ok but would need to pay more if better picture is needed

178 out of 218


Location: Ohio

This product was easy to install (my hubby did it). The price was in our spending range which helped immensely with the great sale that was offered by Lorex. When watching live the screen is very clear especially during the daylight hours. Even in the evening these cameras have night vision. When the floodlights are turned on the picture is pretty decent. We feel pretty good about having a couple cameras around our house. We are looking forward to purchasing more to install inside as well.

179 out of 218


Location: Toronto

I just bought this Eco stratus LH150 series on Jan 23. It was an easy installation and the pictures are much clearer. The recording and viewing of the camera through my smart phone is great. I would definitely recommend this model.


180 out of 218


Location: Upstate New York

I bought this system to use as a barn camera, and was not optimistic it would work. My barn is about 450 feet from the house. I set the camera up, plugged the receiver into the tv, and had immediate coverage. The extended range antenna made it even better.

The best part of the system is the Lorex internet service.

All told, we are immensely pleased with this system. The image is clear and bright, the infrared system works in the barn in the darkest of nights, and it was truly plug-and-play.

Now - no more getting up every two hours during lambing season to go to the barn. We can just check the ewes on our iPad.

181 out of 218


Location: COLORADO

Great product

The cameras were very simple to install, DVR is user friendly with more options than I will ever use. I would highly recommend this system.

182 out of 218


Location: Montreal, Quebec

Installation is simple and easy to follow. The picture quality is excellent.
I can not view remotely not sure what the issue is but has nothing to do with the system itself
I will contact the support for this and will get it right

Thanks for a great product

183 out of 218


Location: British Columbia

I purchased the LW482 package to replace my older LW2700 system. I have been very satisfied with my existing system but wanted more storage capacity and a bigger viewing monitor. The new system requires a PC-type monitor, so it can be very large. I will be able to give my old system to a friend and that one was easy to install and use. The new cameras seem to have a clearer display than the previous ones and have a stronger base, which was a weak point with the older ones; I am very happy with the cameras. What surprised me was that the LH148 unit (the DVR in the LW482 package) is SO DIFFERENT to the old one. The manual can be downloaded but it is very large, so I just printed selected pages. My use is quite limited when I look at all of the features, but it can be difficult to understand the complete system because of the many options available. I would have liked a basic user guide to be included with some simple "how to get started" information. I have always used motion-detected recording (because of the limited memory on the old system), but it was difficult to establish on the new system. Overall, I am very impressed with the quality and performance of this system. For the price, I don't think many of the purchasers would want a very sophisticated system. I would have preferred it to be geared to more limited use and easier to use. Having said that, I might want to look at remote access in the future. If you have the time to understand this system, it will work great; just don't expect the controls to be like your older system.

184 out of 218


Location: Braintree Ma.

set up was easy but connecting by wifi was not had to call support (40 minutes wait) 1st tech took all my info but could not help me so he had to turn me over to a 2nd level tech ( 2 minute wait). he took over my computer and fixed it in about 3 it is working great and can se it on my smartphone but not all the time. sometime it says connect to server failed.Beside that it is fine.Only problems I have is that dvd beeps every once and a while don't know how to stop or turn off the beeping. One big problem with the system is no directions came with the dvrecorder. I don't know what some of the things mean when I go into the menu and don't want to change things because I don't want to mess up the system? Lorex has to send me some instructions so I can use the menu in the system!

185 out of 218


Location: FL

Easy to set up and install

186 out of 218


Location: Canada

Good price. Easy set up. Picture quality is acceptable. Little delay on time.

187 out of 218


Location: OBX

Super system. It is high quality!!! I have used Lorex systems for a couple of years now and this is the best I have used. Great cameras, long range IR and very good transmission range. Software is well designed and easy to use.

Can't go wrong with this unit.

188 out of 218


Location: Fairburn, GA

So far, I have been unable to view any cameras online. The video quality is fine as long as nothing in the scene is moving. If there is movement, such as someone walking towards the camera. It is impossible to identify that person.

189 out of 218


Location: miami fl

I only have it for a few weeks, I have been trying to get in touch with your support team but with a wait time of over an hour, it is not possible. I wanted to ask about your max fast forward speed on the dvr, it gives me one minute of recorded video in 3 to 4 seconds, I wanted to know if it can be increased, since my Q-SEE dvr gives me one minute for one second, another thing I wanted to ask is the jumpy video, instead of smooth motion, maybe the fact that it is wireless?. last it is the constant red blinking light in front of the the dvr, can it be stopped? if you can answer these questions I may be able to write a more positive review. jose

190 out of 218


Location: Airdrie, AB

Love it. Easy to setup and get going. All the bells and whistles you could ask for.

191 out of 218


Location: Denver

After struggling with and returning a Foscam wireless camera system, I purchased and installed the LW482. Set-up was simple including remote access. The cameras have worked flawlessly with good resolution since installation two weeks ago. One of my cameras is located approximately 120 feet (and around a corner) from the receiver - I consistently have 3-4 bars reception.
The only issue is with my Nokia 1520 Windows Phone - I'm unable to extract the Lorex Client 11 website .cab file to allow the browser to view my ddns. When I contacted Lorex online support, I was told Windows Phone support is not available. I hope I am able to use my Windows phone in the future. There are no issues with my wife's Android.
All in all, I highly recommend this system.

192 out of 218


Location: Edmonton, AB

Great and convenient with the wireless cameras, Just wish it included a BNC adaptor and RCA cable to hook up to a TV for the DVR.

193 out of 218


Location: WI

I didn't think these cameras were easy to setup. Took me several days to get them hooked up. We have them set up right now in the house pointing thought windows, and the picture is not the greatest do to reflection. So come spring the will have to go outside to get a good quality video. Also when installing the disk to my computer it installed a lot of programs that caused my computer to act up, was not happy about that all.

194 out of 218


Location: USA

Replaced a non video system with the LWL104 2 pk which came with the LH0 10 Blackbox. After considerable research I finally chose this system due to the need for wireless capability for our circle drive way and a 30' x 70' garage that is about 150' from our house/office. Ordering direct from Lorex was easy and with quick shipping the product was received promptly. Initial setup was relatively easy but I did spend some time reviewing the quick guides and even more time reading the Recorder instruction manual. As a couple of other reviewers have noted, you do need some fundamental working knowledge of the equipment and process. Following the guidelines/instructions, the cameras were quickly installed and the recorder located in our office where it was hooked up to an extra HP HDMI 22" monitor. The connection between the cameras and the recorder was made by the equipment as soon as they were turned on. The menus of the recorder leave a little to be desired for overall settings and reviewing of any activities recorded. One of the first pitfalls was the seeming lack of an audible alert beep for motion detection. After setting the volume control at the maximum you could hear a faint electronic tone (if you were not over 5' from the receiver). This is not a workable situation if you need to monitor or be alerted to any activities in the camera areas and be able to respond to the same. This prompted an email to Lorex for technical assistance to confirm the actual sound type of the recorder and if there were any capability of an external sound device or other method for alert purposes. Response was reasonably timely but the response from the second level of support did not tell us the real identity of the sound we are supposed to hear and at what level, but only that there were no capability for alert sound control for the system. We still don't know if the recorder is functioning correctly (by the manufacturer's design) or not. The cameras do provide excellent viewing both in day time and night time but keep in mind that the resolution 720x240 of the recorder - may not be what you are used to on monitors, phones, ipads, etc. While a little disappointing overall for the price, I did know going in the basic limitations and or qualities of the equipment. If you want high quality viewing and recording definitely go with a higher quality product and if you feel a little challenged with computer of phone setups, professional installation may be well worth it. I give the system 4 stars (barely) because it does for the most part as it is advertised.

195 out of 218


Location: Oregon

Like the system ok, the monitor not as much. I have to set the monitor on a desk and don't like that it does not tilt for better viewing when standing. We have a driveway alarm and I walk by to see who is in the driveway and the angle of the monitor is not good. Also, I wish there was a brightness control was handled on the monitor directly, instead of the program itself. I'd like to turn the brightness down at night, easily.

196 out of 218


Location: Georgia, USA

This product works as advertised and the sale price was a real bargain. Even though instructions are well written, it still requires technical skill and networking knowledge to setup. One thing about setting up DDNS and port forwarding: My setup has a Comcast modem connected to a NetGear high speed switch which connects the internal home network. Setting up port forwarding on only the NetGear switch was not enough. I had to first use port forwarding on the Comcast modem to the switch. This was because the IP subnet on the modem side of the switch was different than the IP subnet on the home network side of the switch. So when the DDNS traffic first comes into the house it goes through the Comcast modem which needs to be told to forward it to the switch which then forwards it to the Lorex DVR.

The wireless cameras work great for the most part. During testing I had one upstairs near the Lorex DVR and the other all the way down in the garage to test the range. The garage camera had some intermittent connectivity issues due to the distance including 2 levels of the house. But it will not be in the garage once testing is complete. The cameras are about 3 inches in diameter and with all the little red lights (presumably for night vision) on the face, they could not be well concealed - especially in the dark. So the hole in the plan is if an intruder notices the cameras, they could search the for DVR unit and take the evidence with them.

For remote viewing, I downloaded the Android app and it works great. Also works great using IE, but FireFox is not supported.

But I can finally see what my dog does all day. Which is why anyone would buy one these systems, right?

197 out of 218


Location: florida usa

I bought this product direct from Lorex. They helped me select asystem and it was just what I wanted. Setup was reasonably easy thought the directions for some things were not as smooth as I'd have liked. The Port forwarding wizzard had to run a few times to work with my supported router. In reality, it might have been easier for me to make hte changes manually, as they werent so hard.
The system works perfectly, including the ddns on computer and iPhone 4 with iOS7 and iPad 1.
Mark me happy!

198 out of 218


Location: USA

Nice system with a lot of functionality. Initial set up is quick and easy. You can spend more time and get a LOT more out of the system if you wish or need to....but don't have to. Added 2 other cameras that I had from a few years earlier and they connected right up.

199 out of 218


Location: Sewell, NJ

Very Good system; I didn't not want to spend too much money on a first time purchase basis. I'm very satisfied so far. Had a problem with the set up software and contacted Tech support who quickly resolved it then even went further explaining the bells and whistles. Now I plan on buying 2 more cameras; wish I had done so in the first place. I would definitely recommend this system for 1st time or anytime buyers.

200 out of 218


Location: mn

nice camera

201 out of 218


Location: Vt

Setup was so simple. Great, fast shipping as well!

202 out of 218


Location: British Columbia

An excellent and easy to install product...the user manual is pretty good too...still working on figuring out the on line access, picture quality not bad.

203 out of 218


Location: Bc Canada

Setup is a breeze, video quality is
good , but connecting remotely needs skills and patience. More work on user friendly remote viewing is badly needed

204 out of 218


Location: wisconsin

fantastic camera allow me to supervise a vacation property

205 out of 218


Location: Montreal, Canada

Setting up my entire system was a breeze ! Everything worked the first time.

I could even setup the remote viewing despite -not-so-friendly- home router using the LOREX instructions and wizard.

I was only concerned about the distance (about 100 ft) between my outdoor camera and the receiver in my basement. But as soon as I plugged the antennas, the signal worked no problem.

I'd recommend this system any day of the week!!

206 out of 218


Location: Canada

Although this package has plenty of capability, I found the user interface really lacking. Given the price, I would expect more thought to be put into how the user interacts with the device.

1. Although you can access and control the DVR remotely, there are some capabilities that must be done using a monitor attached directly to the DVR, like setting the time. This is frustrating as it means you need to have an attached monitor.

2. The receiver for the cameras offers two resolutions with an easy to use button on the front of the receiver to select. Too bad there's no indication what resolution you've selected.

3. The DVR interface has a steeper than required learning curve, requiring many references to the manual to figure it out. For instance, when configuring motion detection the software gives no indication whether a red tint to a selection indicates a selected area or de-selected area. To make it worse, the manual refers to a black area and not to a red tint area. It really came down to trial and error to figure this out.

4. I found the cameras to be a little narrow angle for a surveillance camera, but the night vision is rock solid. I'm amazed how well the night vision works. Also, the transmitter range is great.

If I had to do it again, I would seriously consider getting a higher resolution system than this. It's easy to forget how crappy 640x480 looks. :-)

207 out of 218


Location: home

The directions to set up remote viewing through IPAD or Iphone is crap

208 out of 218


Location: Colorado

Cameras were very easy to install. Quality at night is not that great but with flood lights the quality is just as good as the day viewing. The hardest part of the installation was finding power that was close. The DDNS is a problem and I am still waiting on a call back from customer service. Overall well worth the price.

209 out of 218


Location: Nashville, TN

Quality equipment. Excellent instruction manual. Easy set-up. Would highly recommend

210 out of 218


Location: Sudbury, ON

Easy to order; package came quickly and easy to set-up. Now let's see how well it picks up sounds.

211 out of 218


Location: Hawkesbury, Ontario

Very nice system. Good and professional appearance in any environment. Easy camera installation with very clear pictures. I especially love the fact that I can access my system, view live and receive movement alerts from anywhere once the system is setup. The free technical support staff is very helpfull and curtious to assist with the initial setup of he system. I would not hesitate to recommend this Lorex product to anyone. Our neighborhood has been seeing many breakins over the past couple of years and knowing I have this surveillance system installed, really helps us feel more secure and protected. The only improvement would be to add the zoom feature on the cameras but this option is available on other cameras from Lorex. I purchased the 4 channel system. My only regret is that I should have taken the 8 channel system for futur expantion needs.

212 out of 218


Location: Scarborough, Ontario

I just bought this camera almost two years ago. Installation is simple and easy to follow. The picture quality is excellent. I can view remotely. I have already recommended three to my friends.

213 out of 218


Location: Roseville ca

This is an awesome system it works great and it was so easy to setup. The cameras are amazing i would recomend this product to anyone out there.

214 out of 218


Location: USA

Very nice product. Easy to use and setup. The technical support is also very knowledgeable and helpful. I did hit a snag with remote viewing however it turned out my company security software was blocking access and not a problem with the product or setup. The picture quality is good including the night vision. I now have video evidence at the end of the day to show our dog! She can't deny it.

I would recommend this product.

215 out of 218


Location: USA

Good for the price.

First off I am replacing my older SVAT 4 channel system with this Lorex 4Cam System, and the first thing I noticed was the ease of Set-Up! Unlike the SVAT, you dont have to be a Networking and IP Specialist! The Lorex comes with a CD that basically does everything for you, from setting up your cameras to accessing your router and setting up your Port Forwarding for viewing on the Internet from anywhere in the world! Its a BREEZE! 

Secondly, of course you might guess that Lorex and Apple have an iPhone App for this system as well...with a push of a button on my iphone, I am looking at my home in vivid detail from ANYWHERE! just AMAZING! 

I am Well pleased with this system!

216 out of 218


Location: (USA)

Very good security system

Installation of camera was very easy and once set up it started running easy. Now I can watch my office from where I want. However, the price is high and amazon keep changing the price

217 out of 218


Location: USA

Very good home system but not elegant


I purchased this system to monitor a home entryway that has recently become a trouble spot. Installation and configuration of the DVR was easy. Configuration of remote access was not so simple but, once accomplished, effective and reliable. What was not clear, owing to simplified product illustration, is that each wireless camera requires a corresponding wireless receiver module connected to the DVR. The manufacturer recommends that each receiver be separated from its neighbors at the back of the DVR. So if you have two cameras, there will be two receivers connected with two cables each: one for a power supply module, the other to the video input at the back of the DVR -- so two cameras means four cables, four cameras means eight cables, etc. Hiding the DVR in a drawer (depicted by the mfg.) is a visual myth unless the cameras are directly-wired to the DVR and not wireless. The DVR end of the installation is not at all elegant. I still don't know what to do with all those power cords, video cables, and receivers! Each wireless camera has a short power pigtail with a fat connector attached. Passing that through a wall required a hole (about half-inch) drilled through. The camera's power connector mates with the end of the cord leading from a power supply module that plugs into an AC outlet. As to performance, the cameras deliver very good image quality --equivalent to very good Web cams-- that provide enough detail to see what is happening and identify individuals. Nighttime infrared (IR) imaging is automatic and good as well though, as might be expected, is monochrome. Remote access allows viewing of near-realtime video from each camera or easy viewing of recorded video from times the user sets, all through an Internet Explorer browser window. The system performs as advertised and seems reasonably priced, just don't expect a neat installation!

218 out of 218


Location: USA

Up and running in short order

Cameras work well. Mine are outside and connect nicely through the brick walls. Not super high definition and daylight is clearer than night. The unit installs effortlessly. The menus are not very initiative to navigate but I do get live and recorded views on my iPhone which is a very nice feature.



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