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Wireless home security system featuring 4 outdoor security cameras



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Home security system featuring HD 720p wireless security cameras

LW84W security camera system

Experience wireless convenience without compromise. Designed to meet your needs, the LW84W from Lorex is a flexible wireless home security system dedicated to providing you with excellent HD footage, day and night. The LW84 includes four LW3211 wireless security cameras that connect easily to our exclusive DV700 digital video recorder (DVR) so that you can have your home security system up and running in no time.





1080P DVR can support up to 8 cameras



4 720p HD wireless security cameras



Maximum night vision



Maximum capacity 1 x 4TB hard drive

1080p HD security system with two 720p HD wireless cameras

Top-of-the-line HD wireless cameras

The LW3211 is a powerful wireless security camera. It transmits impressive 720p HD resolution security footage up to 500ft / 152m (outdoors) without the need of video cable. A high video frame rate also ensures smooth on-screen movement so that you don't miss a moment.


Choosing the right security system

differences between Lorex MPX analog HD security systems and Lorex NVR security systems
MPX or IP? What security systems to choose? analog or digital?
Lorex SignalGuard Technology stable and reliable wireless security camera video

Wireless stability and reliability with SignalGuard technology

A constant and reliable connection between your wireless security cameras and DVR is achieved with Lorex’s SignalGuard technology. If signal strength ever drops (or a camera loses its connection) SignalGuard will automatically reset the connection and maintain the surveillance feed. Impact from competing wireless signals is minimized by using next generation adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS - a technology designed to reduce interference).

Access your home security system remotely from your mobile device with FLIR Cloud connectivity

View security cameras remotely with FLIR Cloud™

Connect to your home security system over the internet by activating our innovative hassle-free FLIR Cloud™ connection service on your DVR. Simply download the free app for your smartphone, tablet or computer, scan the QR code on the DVR and start viewing your cameras from virtually anywhere in the world. Connecting your DVR to FLIR Cloud™ makes it possible to set up push notifications, and even motion-activated alerts that include snapshot images sent right to your inbox.

Works With

LW2297B wireless night vision bullet security cameras

Around-the-clock security monitoring with night vision

Rest assured that your trusty security cameras are constantly keeping watch through the night. The four wireless security cameras included in the LW84W contain high-powered LEDs that can clearly see up to 135ft / 41m away under ambient lighting and up to 90ft / 27m away in total darkness.

LW2297B Night Vision Range
LW2297B wireless IP66 weatherproof & vandalproof security cameras

Security cameras that stand up to Mother Nature

The extended range and durability of your four LW3211 wireless security cameras allow them to be placed wherever you need them most. With an IP66 weatherproof rating, your security cameras can be safely placed outdoors up to 500ft (152m) away from their receivers. The vandal-resistant exterior of your wireless security cameras adds an extra level of protection for outdoor use.



Heat Rating

122°F | 50°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

14°F | -10°C

Cold Rating

2 terabyte security grade hard drive for high workloads

High quality hard drive performance, efficiency, and reliability

Lorex uses security certified hard drives that are designed to manage high workloads. Extremely reliable and efficient, the 2TB hard drive within the DV700 HD DVR can store weeks or even months of recorded footage. Adjust the settings to a lower resolution or customize scheduled and motion-triggered recordings to save space.

1080 MPX Comparison Chart
  HD 1080 Digital IP HD 720 Digital IP HD 1080 Analog BNC HD 720 Analog BNC
Recording Full 1080p HD (1920x1080) 720p HD (1280x720) Analog 1080p HD (1920x1080) 720p HD (1280x720)
Platform 1080p HD NVR systems 720p HD NVR systems 1080p HD DVR systems 720p HD DVR systems
Video Digital IP / RJ45 connection Digital IP / RJ45 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection
Power PoE (Power over Ethernet) PoE (Power over Ethernet) Standard DC power Standard DC power
Installation Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Cameras require wired connection to DVR Cameras require wired connection to DVR

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud is a cloud-enabled software platform to connect to all FLIR NVRs and MPX DVRs. The FLIR Cloud apps give you access to FLIR systems from any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® device.

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Simple installation process for user convenience.




8 channel, analog HD 1080p security DVR:

  • True high definition 1080p recording on all cameras1
  • 24/7 security-grade hard drive
  • Continuous, scheduled and motion recording
  • PTZ cameras supported, remote control through App1
  • H.264 video compression2
  • HDMI cable included for simple connection to HD TVs3
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & daylight savings time
  • Click and drag digital zoom in live view and playback
  • 2 video outputs (HDMI & VGA) to connect multiple monitors
  • Instant USB backup of live video from selected camera
  • Automatic firmware upgrade
  • 3-Step remote view with FLIR Cloud4
  • PC and Mac compatible 5
  • Instant mobile viewing on smartphones and tablets5
  • Advanced apps with live viewing, playback, video recording, and snap shot
  • Mobile push notifications of motion events and email alerts
  • Dual streaming to conserve bandwidth

Each DV7082 Includes:

1 × DVR
1 × HDMI Cable
1 × Remote Control
1 × Power adapter
1 × Mouse
1 × Ethernet Cable
Quick Start Guides

1. Compatible with Lorex 1080p and 720p wired HD cameras only. For a list of compatible cameras, please visit
2. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
3. HDMI output (1920x1080) HD for high definition multi-channel live viewing only. 1080p recording resolution is limited to a maximum of 1920x1080 per channel. Image quality and resolution is dependent on the type of camera connected to the DVR.
4. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). A minimum upload speed of 1Mbps is required for the best video performance. Up to 2 devices may connect to the system at the same time.
5. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, please visit


Wireless HD Security Camera Features:

  • Wireless 720p HD video
  • Advanced video compression delivers smooth, high frame rate video1
  • SignalGuard Technology continuously monitors the wireless signal and automatically reconnects upon detecting low signal strength2
  • Compatible with Lorex MPX recorders3
  • Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology greatly reduces conflicts with competing signals
  • Simple installation. No video cables required
  • Auto-mechanical infrared camera filter achieves accurate color reproduction in varying lighting conditions
  • Long range night vision up to 135ft (41m) / 90ft (27m)4
  • Vandal-resistant Polycarbonate housing with cable pass-through mounting bracket
  • Weatherproof camera and receiver for superior performance and extended range outdoors5
  • High gain antennas provide up to 165ft (50m) indoor / 500ft (152m) outdoor wireless range6

Each LW3211W Includes:

1 × Wireless camera
1 × Wireless receiver
2 × Antennas
2 × Power adapters
2 × Mounting kit

1. At full signal strength. Limit number of obstructions to ensure best performance.
2. Wireless cameras automatically reconnect with the receiver upon detecting low signal strength to ensure a constant wireless connection.
3. Compatible with Lorex HD DVR DV700 / LHV0000 / LHV1000 / LHV2000 Series only. Visit for the most up-to-date list of compatible recorders.
4. Stated IR illumination ranges are based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object.
5. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered area recommended.
6. Maximum wireless transmission range. Actual range dependent upon building materials and other obstructions in the path of the wireless signal.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Corporation. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 278


Location: CA

worst customer service ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our apologies for the experience you had. We are working to improve this.

2 out of 278


Location: Voorheesville NY

I purchased a complete system for my small business and found installation to be quick and easy, delivery was fast, cost was reasonable and quality good. Attempted to call customer service with a question and was unable to reach a human for HOURS but they were responsive via email.

3 out of 278


Location: langley, canada

Have had this installed for a couple of weeks now and so far seems to be working fine.. may need to purchase antenna extender - will see how it goes - as sometime the camera signal cuts out but only for short times periodically.

4 out of 278




5 out of 278


Location: Brighton, Mi

I bought the LW84W system and really like it, it works great during the day but the night vision doesn't work like it should. I've been working with tech support but so far the problem has not been resolved. If I can't get it to work I'll probably returned the system

6 out of 278


Location: Tulsa, OK

We purchased two of these to use at our company. So far so good. They work perfectly.

7 out of 278


Location: Las Cruces, NM

I spent $3000 on an 8 port DVR and cameras and Lorex has refused to support their product. 4 of my cameras will not go from black and white to color when the sun comes up and this company has done nothing but provide false promises. I have been working on this for 2 months and have yet to receive a call back from this group. They are unconcerned about customer support once they cash your check.

I have made numerous phone calls, no one even documents the previous conversations, I spend my time bringing them back up to speed only to be told someone will call me back and they never do.

I have $5,000 all in for installation and Lorex doesn't care.

Our apologies for any difficulty you experienced. We are happy to have resolved this for you and everything is working well now.

8 out of 278


Location: Poway, Ca

I purchased my new system on 3/13/16 and the LW84W system arrived on time. I’ve setup and installed the system by myself, LOREX WIRELESS security system is the best easy to set up. So far it is doing great and I am pleased with the quality of video, picture and the night vision. As is the Wireless Range picture quality is very good. FLIR Cloud set-up for an Android and PC went smoothly and works great. So far, so good, this System is highly recommended.

9 out of 278


Location: Los Angeles

NOT TRUE HD QUALITY SYSTEM. The DVR is HD, but the wireless cameras supplied in this package deal ARE NOT HD. Beware. Read the fine print when buying this product. My girlfriend bought this for me for Christmas to put this on our home because we've had trouble with gang violence on our street. Although the system is misleadingly advertised as HD 1080 quality, the actual wireless cameras are VGA low resolution cameras at 640 x 480. The images captured by the camera are grainy and not as clear as the videos that were displayed with the product page showing the guy who stole the yogurt cup. It's disappointing and frustrating because we did not figure this out until after the cameras were purchased and then installed. We had to scour through the fine print of Lorex's product pages. As a novice buyer, like I assume many shopping on this site are, my girlfriend did not realize this when she bought the system package because the advertising repeatedly stated this is an HD system.

In addition to this, although wireless seemed like a good idea in theory, each one of these cameras MUST BE plugged into an electrical outlet AND the wireless receivers MUST BE plugged into an electrical outlet, plus the DVR needs an electrical outlet. That means you need 9 electrical outlets - as in one electrical outlet next to each camera and an electrical outlet for the receiver. I don't know about your house, but my house doesn't have 9 extra electrical outlets. We had an electrician install all the extra outlets and it ended up costing more than if we had gotten a wired system. Instead of the trouble of snaking cables around the house and in the attic for a wired system, we had to hire an electrician to crawl around the attic to install 4 electrical outlets! He installed another 5 electrical outlets near the DVR for the all the receivers.

For various reasons (like needing to install 9 electrical outlets), we could not install the product until yesterday and we're way beyond the 60 day return policy. We're stuck with our system and trying to make the best of it, but if you're shopping around and want true HD quality, don't buy this particular package. Make sure BOTH the DVR and the supplied cameras are HD quality. If you plan to use your system primarily on your home, it might make more sense to get a wired system for cameras placed on your home and use wireless cameras to place in other locations on your property that are far from the DVR.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any misunderstanding and we will be updating the page based on your concerns.

10 out of 278


Location: ohio

model no lw 2297b dont buy cannot get a good set of bars (1 bar from 3 out of 4 cameras) ordering wireless range extenders to see if that will help. if not going to send the whole order back.(only good camera is inside with all bars. out side cameras not 40 feet from lorex dvr sad.but that is the price you pay.) should have stayed with my old system.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you are having trouble with your cameras. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

11 out of 278


Location: IL

I set it up the LW84W system myself and have been using it for close to one week, and so far it is doing great and I am pleased with the quality of video and the night vision. I really like the system and glad I got it. Setup was a breeze and the quality of the camera's and the DVR seem to be built to last. The DVR is a bit louder than I like, like a small fan running, but not annoying or overbearing. I think I made the right purchase after trying another brand prior to this one.

12 out of 278


Location: Winchester, MA

BEWARE. don't be fooled. Product does not have audio. I connected all the cameras and video is working as intended but no audio at all from any of the cameras. You just get a picture. Tried to call customer support several times, they are virtually unreachable. No solution!

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience. Our technical support team was happy to assist you. If you require further assistance, please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

13 out of 278


Location: Alabama

I received the system within less than a week. After reading and connecting everything together, I was ready for a test run. As soon as I cut the DVR on, the high pitch squeal made my nerves cringe. It would never stop. After 4 days of trying to see what I had done wrong, I call tech support. They went through everything with me. When I cut the DVR on, again, the same squeal that would not cut off. After about an hour of checking everything out, they determined that the DVR had hardware failure. The staff I spoke with was very helpful and professional. Took about 2 weeks to get a second DVR back. Hooked it up, works great. Very clear picture. Wireless cameras has good reception and picks up further than I had anticipated. Just have to figure out the audio. Tech support was very helpful and knowledgeable with the problem.

14 out of 278


Location: Colorado

The LW84W system arrived quickly and was easy to set up, the FLIR Cloud set-up for an iphone and ipad went smoothly and works great. The camera type included with this system is not capable of very good resolution. I questioned that it was even sending at the advertised VGA resolution level. My calls for technical support was returned within 30 minutes and I found all of the Lorex representatives I worked with to be very knowledgeable and helpful. In the end, Lorex agreed to exchange the cameras for an HD model and I paid the cost difference only. I found their approach to my camera resolution issue to be handled in an expedient and professional manner.

15 out of 278


Location: Calabasas

The DVR failed after 3 weeks. After multiple calls to customer service, each with hold times of more than 90 minutes, they agreed to send a replacement. Two weeks later I am still waiting for it. While it worked, the product was ok. The wireless cameras are way less clear than the wired cameras.

Customer service at Lorex is about as bad as it gets. Returning all that was was ordered.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any difficulty you experienced. There was a higher than usual volume of calls after the holidays. We hope the replacement is working well for you. Should you require further assistance, please call us at 1-888-425-6739

16 out of 278


Location: vernon

good product

17 out of 278


Location: rita

LOREX WIRELESS security system is the best easy to set up and a very clear pic

18 out of 278


Location: Murrieta

I purchased my new system on 11/28/15. It was running fine and all of a sudden the DVR started turning ON and OFF by itself. As of 12/19/15, the DVR wouldn't turn on at all. I was very frustrated. I was very excited to get this system fully installed & functional while I was currently on vacation. I completely understand that technology is not perfect & things happen. All I wanted was for Lorex to resolve the situation like a professional business in an expeditious manner. I called Tech Support on 12/19/15 and tech support insisted it was the electrical adapter but I found this very difficult to believe. Tech support said they would send this problem to customer service requesting them to mail me just a new adapter. I decided to make contact with Lorex Customer service myself. On 12/21/15, I called customer service 2 times & requested a call back via their automated system but nobody called me back on that specific day. Their own automated system promises a return call within 30 minutes but nobody called. I also left an email request on the Lorex website on the same day and nobody returned my email or called. I then called again on 12/22/15, at 10:30 AM and left another message for a return call in 30 minutes. Finally, a customer service rep from the Phillipines called me at 2:15 PM. I informed him of my issue and he stated they will mail me a new DVR in FIVE days. Well, my DVR went out on me in 21 days and the Customer Service process Lorex has seems below standard. I am sorry but I can not give a good rating. I understand it is the busy holiday season but the customer service process just seems mismanaged. I hope my new DVR works well. When I was test running the system, I was fairly happy with the wireless cameras. If a customer service manager wants to call me I would be more than happy to speak to them. I am hoping this is the only bad experience I have with Lorex.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any difficulty you experienced and we are happy to have resolved this for you.

19 out of 278


Location: Potomac, MD

I am delighted with my cameras. During a storm, the hard drive was damaged and you replaced it not questions asked. thank you so much.
I will most definitely recommend your company to my friends

20 out of 278


Location: Nevada

I'm a previous customer of Lorex and was satisfied with my purchase in 2013. I thought this upgrade was going to be better but I'm very disappointed in the signal strength and complexity of the system. Two days ago I requested online to be contacted regarding a return and as of yet no one has reached out. The call center consistently is 30+ minutes on wait times. Like many reviews....customer service is NOT good. Customer service is big for me and Lorex has lost my business given that there are many more options now than in 2013 when I made my original purchase. This negative review could have been avoided with prompt attention to my needs.

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your Lorex system. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you with any possible settings to improve the system performance and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739. We have responded to your ticket inquiry as well.

21 out of 278


Location: Florida

This security system was delivered complete and on time, and although I have only had it for a few weeks it is performing exactly as described. Installation was straightforward, helped by the fact that this is the second Lorex system that I have purchased in the last year (the other one, in a different location, continues to work fine). The picture quality is very good, as is the wireless range.

22 out of 278


Location: Pennsylvania

One failed hard drive (after 7 1/2 months) under warranty, seven phone calls to Lorex totaling six hours and 32 minutes (to date), two ticket numbers, the promise of expedited shipping and emails/phone call notifications that never happened. The topper is they sent the replacement (7 days later) without ever notifying me it was shipped. It was left at the side door according to the UPS but was nowhere to be found when I looked for it the following day. I would never have known it was shipped had I not called to inquire about its status. Now I am left hanging with no surveillance system 17 days and counting. The product is good when it works. The techs and customer support are all very pleasant and professional but follow-up communication between departments or with customers obviously leaves much to be desired.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any difficulty you have experienced. We were happy to get this resolved for you and glad everything is working well now.

23 out of 278


Location: socal

Fast shipping. Easy setup. I have been monitoring my yard for two weeks now with no problems. Linked easily to my phone, ipad, and tv. So far, so good.

24 out of 278


Location: Florida

Company did not send what was ordered, I ordered a white colored camera 8 zone wireless system to match the trim on my home, and they sent me a black colored 12 zone wireless system system, the wireless cameras will only work on the lowest setting. After set up was completed the system works well. If they can get your order correct and the system works as advertised I would purchase from this company. I would have sent it back but had issues which required a functioning system ASAP.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you decide you need to exchange the cameras please call us at 1-888-425-6739. If you need assistance setting them up, our technical support team would be happy to assist you 1-877-755-6739.

25 out of 278


Location: Plymouth, Ma

Excellent product, easy installation, lorex was available to trouble shoot any issues in connecting to my phone. Very satisfied. I have 3 total lorex units 2 for my business locations and one for my home. The pictures are very clear.

26 out of 278


Location: IL

HORRIBLE customer service so glad I returned this. Also you cannot even make a face out or car if something were to happen. Garbage. 1 Star.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize if you have not had a satisfactory experience. Our sales team would be happy to assist you with finding a system to suit your needs 1-888-425-6739.

27 out of 278


Location: brooklyn

I have installed countless number of these wireless systems and have received only praise on these installs. Primarily for their lack of wires all over with great quality picture and cost. Lorex keep them coming.

28 out of 278


Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Product does as advertised. I was somewhat nervous about the outdoor cameras picking up the WIFI signal from inside, but so far does a good job as long as the modem is in a central location. Cameras were a bit difficult to install with the tiny screws provided. I ended up using a size bigger screw for a better/tighter fit. I am impressed with the cameras themselves--I like the night vision and motion detector and the resolution is pretty decent. I wish the DVR could streamline the amount of electric cords that must be plugged into an outlet. Would be better if power for the wireless transmitters were supplied by the machine rather than seperate outlets. The interface with the DVR could be better. I don't like the inconvenience of having to enter my username and password every 5 minutes if I leave the menus and the process of navigating the menus is very clunky and not very user friendly--for instance when a username is entered one must "back out" of the menu to then go to the next password screen. Once this is done one must back out again to access other parts of the menu. Could be more user friendly. I was able to get my system to send me e-mails when motion is detected which is cool, but would prefer an alam be sent via text or within the app itself. Phone app works fairly well in terms of getting a remote live view of the cameras but remote control of the DVR is a bit sluggish and takes a while to pull up a particular frame. Unable to fast forward video as the app would seem to indicate is possible. Customer service was helpful in getting my e-mail notifications to work. I have been given several offers to extend my warranty beyond the 1 year, including "liking" Lorex on Facebook (which I've done); Registering the product (which I've also done); and a full extra year was offered for writing a review. I have yet to receive any confirmation from the company that in fact, my warranty HAS been extended to 2 years. Overall I'm satisfied with the product.

Thank you for your feedback. Your review gets saved into your account with us so we will know the warranty is extended.

29 out of 278


Location: West Islip, NY

This is my first experiencing dealing with Lorex so I am trying to be fair but frankly, I am very dissatisfied with the customer service. I purchased a wireless camera system (LWLH314-3PK) and one of the wireless receivers wasn't working properly. No matter how strong the camera signal was, it would still drop out and say "out of range" even though the cameras are less than 100 feet from the receiver. The cameras would drop out and I would lose half of coverage. I called support and opened a ticket then called customer service twice to follow up and no one was able to help me. Long wait times and customer service rep's who don't speak English well only add to the frustration. I worked in retail for almost fourteen years and you do not win or keep customers like this. I find Lorex's customer service to be unresponsive and I get the impression that once they have your money, they don't care. Whether that's true or not, I don't know but it sadly seems that way. It's been over a week and no one has gotten back to me even after a couple of emails. At this point I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT OR COMPANY TO ANYONE.IF YOU HAVEN"T PURCHASED ANYTHING FROM LOREX, DON'T. GO ELSEWHERE AND KEEP SHOPPING.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the difficulty you experienced. We're glad this is now resolved and everything is working well.

30 out of 278


Location: Seattle, WA

Bought the wireless ECO6 system a month ago, was very impressed on how easy it was to set up. Went through some learning curves on camera placement but coverage is great. The user interface on DVR system and apps are ok, could really use some improvement on ease of customizing system. But the system is solid, did exactly what I wanted and that was replace my drop cams and the yearly cost of monitoring.

31 out of 278


Location: st george sc

Once I recieved the 4 camera wireless system, I had it completely running the same day I attempted to setup it up. I am not an electronic savvy guy, but I followed the instructions and was am to view my homesite on my cell phone. The daytime color is great and night viewing is fairly clear. The only confusing area was all the many options you have to pick from. The good thing is the phone support was very helpful. I highly recommend the Lorex Brand.

32 out of 278


Location: Tell City, In

great product!!!! easy to set up and provides good coverage. my system seems hard to adjust with the in line buttons but overall good system

33 out of 278


Location: North Carolina

I have had the system running about 3 days now and it is working well. I had to call tech support to get my domain name correct and the ddns set up properly. Tech support was very helpful and got me up and running quickly. The ddns was the only problem I had since the instructions wasn't to clear on that to me. The daytime picture is great but the night vision could be better but overall I like the system and would definitely recommend it. I have had cameras before at my business and had to have a static IP address which cost extra. This Lorex stratus system is great and works very good and I didn't have to get the static IP address.

34 out of 278


Location: colorado

We've had the system up and running for about 2 weeks now. The cameras work well when items are close by and anything in the distance is just a blur. I do wish the night vision was a little clearer. The interface is not that intuitive and I find myself having to look things up often. Other than those things, the actual system works very well and was just as advertised. I would recommend this product!

35 out of 278


Location: British Columbia, Canada

Relatively easy set up, good picture that can see even without glasses on. Love that it is linked to my phone and I can check on things whenever I want. Have already convinced a few other people to check the system out.

36 out of 278


Location: Foresthill

I have only had the system for a couple of weeks, it was easy to hookup, really good picture during the day, the night vision is not as good as I had hoped, but for the price, good deal. Software is not the easiest to deal with, I'm hoping it's me and over time I'll figure it all out. I overall like it and would still buy it now seeing it in action.

37 out of 278


Location: New York

Have only had system up and running for 4 days. The set up was easy once I called tech support. I don't think the quickstart materials are thorough enough to get you through the initial set up. Some important information is missing. I spoke to Carmen and she was fantastic. She walked me through everything and even gave me a quick demo of capabilities that "wowed" me. I ended up printing off the entire manual to have easier access. (Some things are just better in hard copy form) I have to get the cameras individually configured for recording. I have noticed a big slow down in our internet speed with other devices and will address that today. Like anything, this will take some time to get it all working the way I want it but so far so good and I would highly recommend the system so far. If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to call support as my experience was excellent and that was on a Saturday!

38 out of 278


Location: Canada

I've had the security system in place now for two weeks and it is working flawlessly. Very happy with the performance. Easy to install the cameras and pair them with the receivers. Fast and easy to download the app to my IPhone. The entire system was up and running very quickly. Highly recommended.

39 out of 278


Location: Colorado

Hard to set up!

Please contact our technical support team at 1-877-755-6739 and they will be happy to assist you.

40 out of 278


Location: Rockport, Texas

I work out of town and being able to see in real time what is going on at my home is priceless. I watch the pool cleaning guy, the yard guy etc. to verify that they showed up etc. The wifi system works very well. I am completely satisfied. I had the system up and running about an hour. I can view all cameras on my phone, computer on ipad. Good color, good clarity. I have been reading reviews on all brands. No system I found works better for the price. The system has been online now for over a month no problems ,no issues. Service from Lorex is great, the shipping etc. I have had no reason to call for technical issues. Very pleased with the system (LWLH314-3PK). I will be ordering more cameras soon. I tell everybody about the system, how easy it is to install and view.

41 out of 278


Location: Ohio

Easy to set up since pairing was completed by MFG.
Pictures are clear.
Easy to link & watch on my Android.
Range of wireless connection is just so-so. My 2 closest cameras are within 25ft of receiver & they don't have full strength. My opinion is they should. The exterior of my house is basic vinyl siding, insulated & wood.
Lack of instructions for the receiver is frustrating. You need to play around and figure it out yourself. Examples: recording schedules, sensistivity rankings for motion, pretty much anything to do with the functionality of the system.
It's been two days & I'm still trying to figure out the playback mode. Hopefully I will before I actually need to!

Please contact our technical support team and they will be happy to assist you. They can be reached from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. EST at 1-877-755-6739.

42 out of 278


Location: Magalia Ca

So far so good!

43 out of 278


Location: PA

I have had the LWLH314-3PK hooked up for about 4 weeks.
Set up was easy, and the wireless cameras work great at long distances. The Picture is very clear. Setting up the App on phone and PC was easy and connected to DVR on first try.
Cons: Could not get Motion Alarm to send email to me. Called Tech Support and after a hour they did get it sending email. Did not like how we had to do it, but it does work. They could not get it to send to my current email provider, so had to set up g mail account and then forward the emails to my original email. Lorex should work on fixing this issue. I didn't want another email account. Now having problems with wireless cameras sending out lots of false alarms and emails. I have set the sensitivity down to 1 and still getting them.
I will try to black out more of the sensing area on the camera image to see if that helps. Hopefully it will. With that being said overall I like this system a lot. With so many options on 1 DVR their are bound to be a few bugs to work out. I would recommend this to a friend. This seems to be very high quality for the price.

44 out of 278


Location: Fort Lauderdale

Well packaged and installation was a snap. Mounted the cameras, plugged everything in and the camera videos appeared. I chose wireless for ease of installation. The picture quality is decent but not good enough to discern the characters on a car tag twelve feet away from the camera. If you want that type of resolution you need to go with a wired installation and better equipment. It would be nice if there was software that could adjust the cameras focus from wide angle to narrow. Bottom line, this package works for me.

45 out of 278


Location: Magalia Ca

Received the system promptly, well packed and undamaged. Looks like a nice and easy set up. Haven't had time to set it up yet but will review again when I do.

46 out of 278


Location: Pennsylvania

This is my second system and if its anything like the first I highly recommend Lorex. The first system is installed outside and working great. The new Lorex system is on test indoors with a permanent outdoor installation in September if all goes well with the test. I highly recommend Lorex's wireless system.

47 out of 278


Location: Surrey, BC

The product has excellent range and picture quality. Our warehouse is of concrete block construction, with firewalls and other interfering materials, and it was still able to register cameras a few hundred feet away. Very good price, considering the installation of a different security camera system would have cost us upwards to $5k.

48 out of 278


Location: Northern New York

Great price, And very easy to set up. Able to view cameras on monitor connected to DVR, on my laptop computer, on my android phone and on my wifes android phone. Very easy to watch recorded video anywhere I am even when I am away from home. Can even take and save a snapshot of any of the cameras any time anywhere. Records all four cameras at the same time with sound. with night vision can see quite well.

49 out of 278


Location: Cincinnati, Ohio

Great security system. The only real issue is after a brown out the cameras have to be resynced to the DVR with the pairing button. This is a hassle because I have to climb up a ladder for each one. Called tech support and they said they are aware of the issue and will work on it for the next firmware update. Overall I still give it 5 stars!

50 out of 278


Location: ky

Was impressed at first. Got three cameras up & running. The fourth camera had a stripped out screw in the rotation housing and I am supposedly waiting for Lorex customer service to contact me to tell me where to send the camera so that they can send a new one when they receive the defective one. Don't know why they couldn't have told me where to send it when I reported the problem six days ago.
Still trying to learn about everything. It is a lot of information & it takes a lot of time to figure it all out.
Cameras have a decent pic but I wish we could get HD with wireless. Android app works ok.
I will be more impressed if I can ever get the fourth camera in operation. Hopefully it isn't going to be a month before I get it.
I'm giving 3 stars because no one has gotten back to me to give me an address to send the camera to.

51 out of 278


Location: AK

I bought this system back in April and as of now I have had to replace two of the four camera's! My first experience with Customer Service was very positive, but since then it has fallen downhill very fast. Since my second camera has failed they have yet to provide me with a return order and I have been unable to get ahold of Tech Support even after waiting on the phone for over 10 minutes! They have several call centers and one is in the Philippines!

While I was impressed with the DVR, the camera's that come with system are extremely cheap and not worth the money that this system costs.

52 out of 278


Location: Nashville, TN

The Positives:
The setup of the reviewed system (DVR with cameras) was fairly straightforward. I could view the images on the connected monitor. However, after a day or two the image moved to the right somewhat, so part of the image can no longer be seen. It does record upon detecting motion, although it seems that every little motion triggers recording (I will try to reduce the sensitivity of the motion detector). The setup itself of the iPhone app was a breeze (the fact that it almost never works is another issue - just see the reviews). The night vision is impressive, you can see thing very well even in total darkness.
The Negatives:
1. Customer service is a joke. Every time I asked a technical question, they gave me totally irrelevant pre-written general answers. I do not think they ever read the questions.
2. Lorex Ecostratus app is also a joke, the worst app I have ever seen. I worked in 10% of the cases when I was at home, standing next to the system. When I was away for 2 weeks on vacation and wanted to check on the house, only on day 14 it started to work and show me some images. Most weirdly, now it seems to connect, even when I use data and not wifi, even though I have not changed anything in the settings. I still have to start the app, click on "device", then if it shows no connection, click on the "+" on the right top corner, then it connects. Then I still have to click on each and every window and then put a check mark next to "camera 1", "camera 2", etc.
3. It does NOT send any email notification, even though it is set up per instruction manual.

Overall: The system is OK WHEN it works. I was going to return it, but now it seems to be working, so I will wait a few more weeks.

53 out of 278


Location: Chicago

The setup wasn't too difficult. The instructions leave a little to be desired. For more detailed instructions you must go to the website provided because the attached written instructions do not tell you how to use the DVR.

54 out of 278


Location: Iowa

Installation and setup was easy. Everything is functioning as we had hoped.

55 out of 278


Location: Burnaby

Installation was very easy.
Had a couple issues with setup of DDNS but is was more related to the ISP then the device. The Support has been very good as well.

The Cameras work wonderfully and able to download clips very easily for storage.

Good value for the price

56 out of 278


Location: Honokaa Hawaii

So far so good...installation was simple. Everything came up when the power was turned on. The only probem so far is that cam#1 seems to be stuck in night vision mode. I am going back to job site and checking it out soon. Also, cams #1 and 2 seem to be "connecting" frequently...possibly need a range extender due to density of house materials. Overall satisfied with product.

57 out of 278


Location: Michigan

Nice quality system. Setup was easy enough for first time user. Range for wireless cameras is good and night vision is impressive. One of my cameras is mounted on outside of steel pole building with large trees in between camera and receiver, about 300 feet apart, getting 2 bars of signal which is good enough. Lots of settings that I don't know anything about within the DVR system itself, which is a bit overwhelming with no dummy guide provided, but I was able to figure out the basics needed to navigate the system. Happy with system overall.

58 out of 278


Location: Baltimore, md

I purchased the outdoor camera security system with the monitor that was suggested. Set up was simple. The quality of the of the picture on the monitor is excellent (almost as good as my HD TV). I am very pleased with this system. I would recommend this system.

59 out of 278


Location: Rockport, Texas

I was impressed how easy this system was to set up, the quality of what I can see thru the cameras. Excellent.

60 out of 278


Location: firebaugh


61 out of 278


Location: Hot Springs, AR

Great easy to use system even for a dinosaur like me. Works great with my Iphone. I m able to watch my dock day and night although night vision is too fuzzy to ID someone. I d recommend this wireless system. Beats the hell out of running cable. Tech support is also very helpful.

62 out of 278


Location: KY

Easy set up and installation. Wireless works well. Audio not great.

63 out of 278


Location: Harrisburg, PA

The system arrived quickly and was simple to set up. Excellent quality picture in daylight and more than adequate night imaging for my needs. The reception is very good considering the signals have to traverse 18" stone walls. I'm extremely happy with this system!

64 out of 278


Location: California

Still learning the ins and outs of my system. I have been very happy with tech support. They are very knowledgeable and patient. They are English speakers and easy to understand. They respond to ?s and do not read scripted response from a manual like many other te3ch support systems do. I wish the cameras had a wider field of vision but realize this is one of the limitations of wireless cameras. So far we are very happy with our purchase. The 4 stars is only because we are still in process of connecting the rest of the cameras etc.

65 out of 278


Location: Philadelphia

This unit is "top quality" and has operated flawlessly after initial set-up. It has a large number of functions that can be effectively used for a number of surveillance objectives. While it is designed rigorously enough for outdoor use, I have found that it works equally well in doors. In addition to the system itself, I am very pleased with the outstanding technical department. I would recommend Lorex, and this system in particular, to anyone looking for a high-quality wireless security camera system with a wide range of capabilities.

66 out of 278


Location: GA

System ok. Had two failures since buying 1/7/15. Camera failure after a month and now a receiver has failed. Customer Service five days responding after ticket was opened. I'm now concerned about how long they will last after warranty is up if they last a year? Not looking good as of now!

First camera failed and CS paid for returned shipping. The latest failed receiver and CS wants me to pay for returned shipping...$10 more dollars!

67 out of 278


Location: Tampa FL

We ordered cameras for our business and they were extremely easy to install and have excellent quality with video and audio! We can view the cameras from our cell phones, our laptops and our iPads and were even able to see what was going on at our business in the USA all the way from Costa Rica! Excellent quality and excellent customer service -- highly recommended!

68 out of 278


Location: North Dakota

I purchased this unit with the assistance of Lorex Customer Service Department. I was attempting to select the correct system for my needs via their web site and was not sure which unit to purchase. I took advantage of the Customer Service call in number and talked with one of their very knowledgeable agents and through various questions and answers made a choice on a system. I installed the system myself and followed the instructions for the wireless cameras and DVR. I did not have any problems at all with the install or setup of the unit. I did have a few questions with the remote access via a smart phone and PC which was quickly and efficiently resolved for me by a call to the Customer Support Number given on the web site. The Support for this product is Great! I would defiantly recommend this product and company to anyone looking for a system with little or no knowledge of the needed components.

69 out of 278


Location: Rochester, NY

After doing a lot of research, and calling on friends with surveillance equipment, this was the top recommended system. It have had it in place for about 2 months and love it. Is is security system no, but I was more interested in seeing what was going on around and outside my home. This system is perfect. Just a heads up, if you get the 12 input systems, you can only hook up a total of 6 wireless cameras. The other 6 will need to be hard wired. I did not know this when I bought the system. All is all, great buy!

70 out of 278


Location: Ohio

I purchased this same system under the model number LW2231 in Spring 2015. There were no instructions with the DVR Unit though each camera had set-up instructions. Since the DVR has no buttons (apparently all operated by remote but who knows, no instructions!) it took me awhile to get it working because the remote did not work initially. I plugged in the mouse which worked and then post the remote worked...go figure. I had to go find instructions online (not as easy as it sounds) but still have not been able to get the cloud working. Overall the cameras have decent resolution a wide field of view and easily connected to the wireless transmitter (very good). You are able to view all 4 cameras at once or individually, real nice. Unfortunately one of the transmitters failed just a week after I got it up and running. Now here is where you have a problem with Lorex. When you have a warranty claim they give you an infinite runaround. You open a ticket stating the problem clearly and the replacement part needed but somehow you never can seem to provide enough information even with the model, number, receipt, S/N of failed part, more, to ever get them to send you the replacement part (which probably cost $15 out of the $700 system cost) . Been trying for a week. We'll see how it goes. If there customer service was better I'd have given them 4 or perhaps 5 stars. If I'm never able to get the transmitter or have to pay for it when it's only two weeks old I'd give them a 1 star.

71 out of 278


Location: San Rafael, CA

I had an older system that I just replaced with a Lorex system using wireless cameras. Initially had a problem with a defective DVR which Lorex replaced immediately. Also had some problems setting up remote access. In both these cases, the Lorex technical support was fantastic. They worked with me patiently and thoroughly to resolve the problems and get me up and running. I love the wireless cameras, so easy to set up and place where I want them. The user interface is very flexible and easy to modify to make the system operate to meet my specific needs. I am totally please with the result. I can now review my DVR recordings and see the live feed no matter where I am when traveling. I highly recommend Lorex.

72 out of 278


Location: oklahoma

I LOVE THIS SYSTEM easy to set up works great!

73 out of 278


Location: Roseville, CA

Called Lorex on 2/25/2015 for recommendation on which system to buy, I need audio. Paulina in sales had to ask someone else to help answers some questions, but that's okay. I bought Lwlh314, comes with 4 cameras and audio. Paulina said it came with a 4" monitor. When I received it and started to set up the Quick Start was only for connecting to PC or Mac. The 163 page manual was not user friendly. Suggest a QUICK SET UP GUIDE!!! No, it didn't have a monitor so I got one from a friend. I needed help figuring out what to hook up where. Turns out the monitor was bad, so I got another. Finally got it hooked up and realized they only sent 2 cameras. I had to reschedule electrician (still waiting for him to find time). I did receive the 2 additional speakers quickly. Then I realized also needed a speaker. 1 month later (today is 3/24/2015) and after 4 calls to Lorex support it all works, hopefully electrician will find time this week to put in power and mount cameras. Pluses: easy to set up (I could have done it myself if you had provided a SET UP QUICK START GUIDE). Also I swapped the little HD for a larger SATA drive and that was seamless. Picture and sound quality seem good (will know more after cameras get mounted). Minuses: Please let customer know this is not a complete system, you will need to add your own monitor and speaker!

74 out of 278


Location: San Antonio

I have used these product for over 8 years. Never had a problem. Excellent customers service and very prompt. Product are all very user friendly to setup and operate.

75 out of 278


Location: Anchorage, Alaska

After a good bit of research I settled on the Lorex 4 camera wireless outdoor camera system with DVD. First of all, if you have an old wireless router like I did then you will want to upgrade to at least a dual band wireless router, (I purchased a Linksys tri-band wireless router), if you don't then this system will hog all of your wireless bandwidth and anything wireless will crawl at 56K speeds. So make sure you upgrade your wireless router.
All in all, I am quite satisfied with this system. My internet account is only 10 mbs download but with the new wireless router I do not notice any slowdown.
I am using Windows 7 and have to say that the Lorex software could be a bit better as it is a bit on the clunky side and freezes more than I would like it to. The only issue I am having is with one of the cameras in almost constant "connecting" mode. I swapped that camera with one that is not having any issues and the problem camera has the same problem no matter its location. I have opened a ticket and I suspect I will have to send that camera back for a replacement camera. So far, support has been great and I expect it will continue as such.

76 out of 278


Location: Louisville

I did quite a bit of investigation of systems before purchasing this one, our first, and it is used as part of our home security system. The system performs as advertised. The four cameras cover each outside wall of our home and I had an electrician buddy run power to their locations and he attached and aimed the cameras under the soffits while up on his ladder. While he was doing that, I unboxed and setup the DVR, receivers and monitor. Immediately upon powering-up, we had pictures. My electrician buddy was impressed with how quickly the system performed and the quality of the picture. If you have a basic knowledge of MS Windows and the programs associated with it, you can do this. I figured out most without using the manual. When it came time to setting-up the remote location reception, I contacted Lorex and had a young man named Nathan on the phone almost immediately and he stayed with me through the process of using my Android phone and our home computers, tablets, etc., to view the cameras and how to do things like set the system for motion detection recording, searching, etc. He was patient and a BIG assist. The camera's distance in daylight for us is well in excess of 300 feet and at night is not a lot less than that, color in daylight, monochrome in darkness. One of the cameras at night does have a streetlight in its line of sight and it tends to somewhat diminish that camera's sharpness, but I may be able to rectify that by slightly adjusting the angle of that camera.

I have had to use power strips (I did get surge protected ones) to accommodate all the plugs at the receiver/DVR end and the male plugs on the receivers are made in such a way that the four of them will not fit on one power strip, so I had to "daisy chain" two power strips.

We have a "two speed" router (2.4 and 5), 20 mg cable Internet speed, and we have experienced none of the issues some other reviewers have had and none of our neighbors have had any issues with conflicts with their WIFI.

This is one of those systems you purchase and hope you never have a need for, but so far it has all been a positive experience.

77 out of 278


Location: Houston, TX

I've had this system for approx. 1 month and so far is working wonderfully. All my cameras are outdoors and unprotected as my home does not an overlay from the roof line. I was told by LOREX that they would resist any weather elements. So far so good but I need more time to be certain of that. The image is very good, the wifi antennas work great with the reception and the phone app is awesome! The infrared could use some improvement as the screen is somewhat dark if there is no light close to one of the cameras. Battery run cameras would also make the package even better since you could get rid of all the wires. Zoom in/out function would be nice as well. Great product so far! Worth the money

78 out of 278


Location: BC canada

I have only had mine setup for just under a week now but overall I am happy with it. Easy set up, as long as you have electrical outlets already located in area you want camera.
The motion sensor is very sensitive. Picture is clear and night vision works well. i have a fairly large home and one of the cameras is a great distance from dvr and it still gets good wifi signal.

Overall, so far I am happy with the product.

79 out of 278


Location: Florida

I purchased the system in December 2014 and set it up right away which was way easier than I thought, I planned on installing the cameras where I had electric outlets so it was quick and easy.
So far 2 months later no problems works great and looks great.

80 out of 278


Location: Grant Park, Illinois

Couldn't be more pleased with our wireless system . Easy to install. Great picture quality. Great night vision quality. Can look at the views through my computer and smart phone with no problems. Customer service is second to none. Recently had to change my wireless router and modem and lost remote connectivity. Customer service tech got me back on line in less than 5 minutes. (thanks Louis) . Great product. Great company.

81 out of 278


Location: Miami Beach

This cameras doesn't. After one month, i am still waiting the replacement.

82 out of 278


Location: NE

It was easy to set up. It took me a minute to get everything situation because it came in quite a few boxes and it would be nice if they offered a smaller portable option for viewing the cameras. The reason I chose this option was for remote viewing through my smart phone. It was easy to set up and simple to access at home and at work, so I guess that helps that there is not a portable monitor. Our last system had one and it was nice to be able to keep an eye out on the house and check the monitor on the kitchen counter, but overall this system is much better than my last for the simple ease of viewing the cameras from my phone and tablet.

83 out of 278


Location: Woodbridge, VA

My wife had been on me for over a year about getting an outside security camera system. Of course I was prolonging the purchase and installation because of the price and labor for installation. While searching the internet I found Lorex Technology and a number of other sites. Lorex I thought had the best wireless system of them all. After careful consideration, in the end I came back to Lorex and I am happy I did. I selected the Outdoor wireless camera system Model no.: LWLH314-3PK. Upon delivery the system was unpacked, quickly tested and installed in less than 2 hours. Set up was easy since cameras where factory paired with each receiver and everything works great. Cameras work well, and you can see images clearly day and night. Registration easy and DDNS information was sent by Lorex the following day and is working well. I have installed all android and iPad apps and they working as described. Again, I am very happy with purchase. We are very pleased and would recommend this system to others.

84 out of 278


Location: Detroit, mi

We purchased the 4 wireless cameras/dvr just before Christmas. I was somewhat concerned about slowing of our wifi connection after reading reviews. I set everything up today and so far, I haven't noticed an issue with Internet speeds. I do have 2 routers - my uverse gateway and an apple time capsule. It is likely that that has helped me to avoid problems.

The system is ridiculously easy to set up. I was prepared to be troubleshooting for awhile, but the instructions were easy to follow and everything worked perfectly. I have downloaded the Eco stratus app to my iPhone and it's working fine so far. I doubt I will bother loading it up to my iPad or macbook as we also bought a standalone monitor.

So far, I am a very happy customer!

85 out of 278


Location: Wellington FL

This is an updated review. I've had this product for a year. It has 6 cameras. I have had to send 4 back in for an exchange. For one reason or another some of them are faulty. The ability to set up wireless is great and much easier to install. Their replacement/warranty department is great and very prompt. Unfortunately, needing a replacement is very annoying. Especially if you depend on the product and it's not working. I am worried about what will happen once my warranty is up. Will I need to buy a new system or will these actually work a year or two from now?

86 out of 278


Location: California

They system is ok. Setup was simple. However, the customer service department is horrible. its based on a ticket #. I created a ticket 10 days ago, no one has replied. Everytime I called the customer service phone number, I am on hold for more than 30mins and no one answers the phone. I have been trying to call them for the past week! It is very upsetting when you need their support and no one will help.

87 out of 278


Location: Puyallup, WA

Set up was very simple and system works great. Cameras work well, even one about 50 feet from system. Images are clear, day and night.
1 - We checked out the entire system before installing, so all cameras were synced with system prior to install, new router had been set up as well.
2 - Plan for electricity for each camera location, this expedited our install
3 - Each camera requires an antenna at the DVR, as mention in another review, this does take a number of outlets
4 - We used the phone app when installing to get the desired angle/view
Very happy with purchase. The phone app makes it easy to monitor the system from anywhere. Emails work great with photos as indicated. We are very pleased and would recommend this system to others.

88 out of 278


Location: Katy, TX

This is my first home security system. Our home is a 2 story/4500 sq foot/3 story/brick. This system covers the outside areas well.

-As described in numerous reviews
-Easy to "hook up" once you have electric to camera locations.
-Reception is good to DVR
-DVR easy to set up

-Remote set up not so easy. Installed new router, scanned DVR, downloaded app, and not connecting.
-Customer service takes A LONG TIME to get to...but are helpful once you do get there
-The DVR area takes a ton of outlets. One for DVR, monitor, router and each camera antenna.

I think, once I wait long enough on customer service and get my connection issue figured out with the DVR and have remote viewing that I will be very happy. My recommendations are to not plan on adding cameras on because I don't know how you will power them at the DVR end. For the 4 cameras that come with it, get a surge protector where the sockets are vertical versus horizontal so they all fit on one and make sure it has a long cord.

Lorex, please work on a way to plug multiple receptors/antennas into each other with quick connects some how to only need one plug per 4 cameras or something. And make DVR bluetooth where it can work off secure home wireless network connection.

The system was easy to install out of the box and I knew what I was getting after reading the reviews. What I like is that I get good video, easy use of review of the video of the

89 out of 278


Location: indiana

awesome product!! it does all that it says. simple to use and operate. customer service is also very helpful.

90 out of 278


Location: Colorado

Unable to get lorex stratus client to work properly on a Mac desktop or laptop running OS X Yosemite. Tech support has been very helpful, but it has taken hours and they are still investigating a software fix. I also use iPhone and iPad app to connect to see cameras, but that software does not allow me to set motion control or recordings. I hope they can figure out the software connectivity, because the cameras can be viewed live remotely, but cannot be set up to record on the 1 Tb dvr. That was my purpose for purchasing this system. The wifi cameras were easy to install and sync and the initial setup was easy.

91 out of 278


Location: Bellingham MA

Overall I am happy with the product. It was easy to setup and the remote viewing is great via my laptop and Iphone.

The cameras work good when you have them close enough to the DVR. Don't expect them to work through multiple walls hundreds of feet away. Also the cameras are good for relatively short distance to be able to really see something. 20ft or so is good.
Biggest problem I have is with spiders making webs on the lens outdoors.

Satisfied overall but I will be adding hardwired, better cameras in the near future.

92 out of 278


Location: Tucson, Arizona

We've been using Lorex products for 4 years and have been very pleased with
their performance and technical support. When the time came to extend our
security system by installing wireless cameras around the property, there was
no question that Lorex would be the manufacturer we would go with again.
And the additions have been even better than the other already installed
products. The wireless cameras work flawlessly, the farthest about 80 feet
from the receiver, through at least one wall and an assortment of plants in
between. And so far, we have not experienced any interference with our
WiFi system, even though it operates at 2.4 GHz. To be clear, however, we
did make sure to install the dvr on a different floor from the WiFi router, given
the various other reviews we had seen concerning the possible intereference
if they are too close to each other.

93 out of 278


Location: kitchener ontario

great product

94 out of 278


Location: BrookPark Ohio

It seems like a good unit but still setting it up i am slow

95 out of 278


Location: Westborough MA

I bought this system for my house just as a security feature. I fell in love with it. We look into our property from work, or while we are on vacation and it's so easy to set up. I would highly recommend this system to other.

96 out of 278


Location: Idaho

Very easy to install. Most time was spent deciding where to place the cameras for maximum coverage. Internet accessibility was easy. Great system for the price.

97 out of 278


Location: Lake Tapps, WA

These cameras were much simpler to install than I thought. They wirelessly were already configured to the DVR and literally installed themselves. Very simple. The interface to operate and tailor the cameras takes a bit of time for this 55 year old, but with a little time, they are performing very well. I would recommend this system and plan on adding devices over the next year. Thanks.

98 out of 278


Location: b.c. canada

Cameras were easy to mount ,plugged into soffit plugs.picture quality is good .No manual came with the system so I had to print it off the website.Will be getting some wired cameras as well .Still setting up the motion sensing alarm as it is very sensitive .

99 out of 278


Location: Houston, Texas

Excellent product, simple install only took about an hour. Setting up my phone was simple and works great. No complaints.....

100 out of 278


Location: Windsor

This lorex camera's have met all of my aspects .They are great in dark locations.Had no problem with the installation the hook was very easy.The four. camera's took me about one hour to hook up.

101 out of 278


Location: Henderson, NY

The system is working quite well. I had a little problem with one of the wireless cameras because of the range. After cutting a few small branches off a couple of trees, the range was working fine. The biggest issue was not the equipment, but providing power to the cameras. I didn't realize how much trouble it was going to be, but with a little ingenuity I was able to connect all 4 wireless cameras. The pictures are not as good as a 1080P would provide but just fine for me. Still playing around with the settings and haven't yet set up my android phone to monitor the area while away. All in all, it is a good system for the money.

102 out of 278


Location: Newmarket, ONTARIO, Canada

So far this product is working very well. It was easy to set-up initially. I got my iPhone running quickly, I got the computer connected to it remotely fairly quickly. The only issue is finding and providing power to the cameras. I knew about this PRIOR to purchasing the system, however now that I am physically installing it (and I am a DIY'er with knowledge and experience in electrical) somewhat of a challenge because there is NO POWER near the camera locations and getting power up to the camera locations and through the eves and brick is a challenge..

I am fining the pictures NOT a clear as I hoped, but they are still very good.

I am happy with this system!!!!

103 out of 278


Location: Anniston Alabama October 4,2014

I have had this unit for about two months and it is working great. Setting up the cameras were simple as you only have to furnish power to the cameras. I had good reception on each camera to the base station. I did have a problem with the remote setup were you get on internet to check the cameras.I had to call support and get help and the tech. patched into my computer to get it setup, He was very friendly and went through the process in a short. The only problem I had to wait on the phone about an hour and twenty minutes. I would recommend this system to anyone. I would have given it five stars,if it was not for the long wait on the phone call.

104 out of 278


Location: Little Falls New Jersey

This system was everything and more than what I expected. It was simple easy to install and I find that the night vision clarity was much better than I expected.I would recommend this series to anyone. I set it up that all the outside perimeters of my house are covered. Great system for the price !!!!

105 out of 278


Location: Edmonton

I purchased this system to protect our business. I was very happy with the clarity and performance of the cameras. The DVR is easy to use and works well. Setting up the wireless cameras was very easy.
the online viewing on a tablet is easy but the PC viewing is a little more difficult
This was must first purchase from Lorex and I am happy with the service and the products and have placed a second order.

106 out of 278


Location: Michigan

This is a very good system love how it works

107 out of 278


Location: Oshkosh, WI

I purchased this system to protect our business. I was very happy with the clarity and performance of the cameras and the DVR is easy to use and works well. This was must first purchase from Lorex and I am happy with the service and the products and will order again.

108 out of 278


Location: Morrisville,nc

We loved the camera quality. Also remote login is excellent. Overall this is a good product for someone who is looking for video surveillance security.

109 out of 278


Location: maryland

I bought the LWLH314-3PK to monitor the outside of my house. this system comes with 4 wireless cameras. and I have them on four corners of my house. It also comes with a 1TB DVR, which can record about 7 days of data in continuous mode.

Video quality is good(night vision is good enough to tell if it is a person or something else, but not good enough for facial identifaction);

Camera has good range; Audio is good too;

Signal strength is on the average of 3 bars(4500+ sq ft house)

If getting the electrical power to the camera is not an issue, the rest of the of installation is very easy;

If you ever download and install Apps with smart phone/iphone/ipad, remote viewing could be setup and run within a minute.

Con: short power cable(and they don't have power cable extension). the camera comes with a power cable, which is rated indoor/outdoor, is about 3 ft long. and the power adapter cable is about 5 ft long, and it is not rated outdoor. So, your camera can't be too far away from an electrical outlet.

The location of the antenna is in the way when you try to adjust its vertical position.(When I adjust the angle of the camera, I have my smart phone with me, so i can see it live while i am 15 ft above ground. very often, i have to remove the antenna in order to get to the screw, and as soon as i did that, it lost its view)

Over all, this is a good system for its price. If getting to electrical power is not an issue for the camera, you can have a system that can monitor your house anywhere you go within an hour or 2.

110 out of 278


Location: New Hampshire

Well packaged, no missing parts, installation was easier than expected, one drawback is the position of the antenna limits the direction of the camera when mounted against the wall. DVR setup was a breeze, camera's have good quality - I have them position not in direct site of the receivers and still have 3/4 bars of signal and good reception. Love the interface on both the TV and viewing remotely. Night vision is very good and even better with the help from my landscape lighting. Time will tell but overall for the price, am very satisfied with the quality of the DVR/Cameras and Software.

111 out of 278


Location: San Diego, CA.


Out of the box, this system was up in running in about 4 hours of installation and set-up.

I would suggest dedicating a day to making sure you have placement, range, reception, FOV, and wires the way you want, and they should be.

Keep in mind that FOV is only 68 degrees, and the closer, the less coverage. Also, bare in mind the location of both receiving and transmitting antennas; along with the 2 feet of separation on the receiving side.

Also, this is not for the faint of heart when it comes to technology. Some of the information is perceived to being intuitive, and some is not, but a working knowledge is required.

Lastly, make sure to read the instructions, and do a little research on line prior to tacking the installation....this will only help in the in end. Set up, and modifying the specifics to the systems may take a while, and several iterations.

112 out of 278


Location: California

I bought this system hoping to cover a good sized home, however due to the limited range of cameras, I barely get a signal. Camera is approximately 40 feet from DVR. Also the base of the camera has a limited range of motion preventing some mounting locations. Even with full signal strength the picture is still choppy at best. Also the picture is pixilated with full signal. Do not plan on placing more than 4 wireless cameras. System only supports 4 cameras. Also each camera has a receiver that needs to be 2 feet apart from each other, otherwise they will cause interference. Cameras will interfere with your wifi signal also.

113 out of 278


Location: Toronto

Overall, this is a great system.

114 out of 278


Location: New York

Let me say I do love my new camera system. I can monitor my home in real time from my iphone, and ipad.

* I know this site talks about anyone can install these cameras. However, if you want a professional look, then you may need to hire a professional. Here's why. Each camera needs to plug into a power outlet (no power, no video). You'll need to install the cameras high enough and in strategic locations so an intruder doesn't knock them down. Most home owners have finished walls, and attic, or a crawl space where they need to run the hidden electrical wires and outlet. Given this, a DIYer will need to have serious skills.
* Finding locations for your cameras around your property is not as easy at it seems. Here's why: You will need to select the best place to mount, and then you'll have to figure out how to run power to it. So, take your time and make sure once you drill a hole in your house it's the one you want. Otherwise, you could be making repairs.
* Make sure to the connect the wireless antenna.

* I followed all the instructions for connecting the wireless receivers to the DVR. I followed this my connecting my DVR to my network. to the internet from the instruction. I'm an engineer so it was easy for me to understand. I can see some folks getting a little confused.
* I like that each camera came paired.
* Since I have a strong wireless signal, I did not have to buy an wireless extender. You may have to.
* I connected both my iPhone, and iPad. Picture came right up after some configuring.

* Good picture quality. Day and night.
* Easy setup (for me at least) once cameras have power

* Need good DIY skills to run power correctly. Otherwise, may need a professional. Additional cost possible. Lorex should be a little more upfront with this info.
* App software for viewing home is not intuitive.

Nothing is perfect. I still will give this product 5 out of 5 stars for my application.

115 out of 278


Location: California

I have been very disappointed with the fact that I have not been able to connect remotely. I have contacted customer support numerous times for which 'tickets' are issued. The tickets are then immediately closed when there is an email response but the problem remains. Why not leave the ticket open so there is a history of what has transpired until the problem is corrected. I seem to be getting the same suggestions each time with no resolution to the problem.

The picture quality is OK and the system connects with Eco Stratus when I am using the same WiFi connection. I have also been unable to connect using EcoStratus when not on the same WiFi which is supposed to be virtually automatic. As others have reported, the wireless cameras create a lot of interference for other WiFi connected items.

If I had it to do over I would not purchase this product.

116 out of 278


Location: Four Oaks, NC

Employees must have written these reviews, because there was nothing good about the system I received. Customer service is great when you're purchasing, but don't call with issues. You'll be put on hold for as long as you're willing to sit and wait. It's just as difficult to create a ticket for returns. The only peace of mind that I have is knowing I can cancel payment on my credit card.

117 out of 278


Location: Houston, Texas

Before deciding on the Lorex I researched all sorts of cameras from cheap made in China types to the enterprise versions. I set these cameras up with relative ease, and they've been great so far. It's been about a month running, and the user interface and image quality have been better than expected. I do think the bandwidth could be a bit better, but that's probably a result of my network setup and the number of cameras I have running. Even still the Lorex has been worth every penny I spent on it so far. Time will tell over the long run, but at this moment the camera has lived up to its reputation. Highly recommended.

118 out of 278


Location: N.E. PA.


119 out of 278


Location: Maine

Installed this system at our vacation home. Install went smooth, happy with the quality of the wireless cameras and the DVR. We chose this system with the additional room for expansion in future. I'm sure we'll add a few additional cameras shortly. I would recommend..

120 out of 278


Location: Va

It was pretty simple to install as long as you are a little tech savy. I did have one faulty camera that they are replacing but I am happy with the system. I will probably be adding more cameras in the near future.

121 out of 278


Location: US

Have had this a week. Had to reset and "pair" the device on one camera over a dozen times. Other cameras seem fine. The three are fantastic. Will keep trying with the one problem camera.

122 out of 278


Location: Milwaukee WI

Great product, easy to install and maintain.

123 out of 278


Location: Marietta, GA

I'm so pleased with my new security system. From shipment notification to delivery was two days. I was amazed at how quick the system delivered based on the shipment chart showing 5 to 7 days from delivery to Marietta, GA from Indianapolis, IN.

The system was easy to set up. I put the Lorex ECO Stratus app on my cell, tablet and laptop. I had issues with establishing connection on my tablet and laptop. After speaking with Customer Support, I realized I had entered the Device ID incorrectly several times. The agent was most professional and her willingness to help men was second to none.

I'm very pleased with the functionality of the system and the camera images are clear with great detail.

I would recommend this wireless system without hesitation. I'm a happy customer!!

124 out of 278


Location: Lake County, IL

I received my wireless system within 48 hours after placing my order. I had to find a power strip that would accommodate the large plugs for the camera receivers. Once that was done, I had the system up and running in a few hours. Most of the time was spent finding the best placement for the cameras. This was made pretty easy since I could view my system online. I simply brought my laptop with me to help aim the cameras.

I hope to learn all of the tricks of programming the recorder in the next day or so. The picture quality is excellent. I even wandered about the house at 4AM with my laptop in hand to check the night vision. Although the background was grey and dim, I couldn't miss myself moving from room to room. No problem identifying this suspect!

I haven't needed to call customer support for anything yet. It is that easy to set up. This is my first camera system and I'm very happy with my choice.


125 out of 278


Location: Mississauga

Arrived quickly, installed easily, working just fine. Haven't set up DDNS yet, but Ipad app, and DVR interaction is simple. We are happy with the product and may order another camera. Just what we were looking for.

126 out of 278


Location: New York

This is the first surveillance system that I have ever purchased and it appears to be a quality product. The cameras were easy to install and automatically configured to the DVR. Setting up the system to access the internet was extremely easy. The picture quality is very good as is the camera resolution at night. I do have a few concerns: #1 Since it is a wireless system, the camera antenna interferes with your ability to vertically adjust the camera. I had to cut the short leg of the allen key provided so that it could fit in between the hex key bolt and the camera antenna. The screws are an extremely soft metal, so it is easy to damage the head. The screw heads should be reversed so that you can easily perform an adjustment from a ladder. #2 My cameras are approximately 15' apart and the farthest one is approximately 20' from the receiver. My signal strength will show 3-4 bars (max) but occassionally drops off to no bars and the cameras freeze. When I spoke to technical support, they said that many things such as wireless routers, cordless phones, microwave ovens, etc. also run at 2.4 GHz and that may be the cause of my signal loss. Since each camera requires AC power that in many cases may have to be installed at each camera location, I would recommend a hardwired camera so that you will not receive any interference. #3 My final complaint is that my receivers/DVR are no where near my wireless router so I had to run an ethernet cable the entire length of my house in order to view my cameras via my smart phone. I need to research how I can install a wireless adapter on the DVR so that it can communicate with my existing wireless router. These complaints are minor inconveniences and would not affect my equipment purchase.

127 out of 278


Location: Grant Park, Illinois

Set up my system today and the quality just blows me away. I never knew that our property was so beautiful on tv. Wireless cameras are great. The colors are vivid and sharp. I still have to connect to our router to get connected through computer and smart phone.

128 out of 278


Location: Virginia

Product ordered form Lorex Store. Received item well packaged within a few days. Setup was simple and everything worked right out of the box. Picture clarity during daylight hours is exceptional, evening and early morning are also very good. Night hours are viewable, but it would be pretty hard to identify a a person other than a general shape at a distance.

Overall i rate this product a solid 5 on setup and working right out of the box.
If there is a drawback (minor in my situation) its the night hours viewing.

129 out of 278


Location: Austin, TX

This system has been a really decent home system. The wireless cameras in our 2200 sq foot home have good reception and vary rarely have to re-connect. We have all four corners covered and the receivers are pretty central just so reception will be better. It was snap to set up, a snap to view online access from away from home. For the money I am completely satisfied. Sure there are better and more expensive cameras and DVR's but this work perfectly for my needs. The best part is the customer service if you have any question about anything. When first setting it up some of the setting weren't clearly explained but one phone call and all questions were easily explained in laments terms. It has been running almost a year with no issues at all. Very happy with my pruchase

130 out of 278


Location: Canada

Good delivery, product seems to be fine shape. Haven't hooked it up yet but the instructions seem pretty simple.

131 out of 278


Location: Mariposa, ca.

I went thru a couple camera system before purchasing this system, So far it seems to work pretty well, but there are a couple flaws such as a need to reset the cameras after they have been off for a while, in order to do this you must unplug the power supply to each camera and plug back in after a few seconds.
Some times you will loose signal and when you try and excess the camera you will get a message of re-connecting....
In order to have color there must be good lighting in each room or the camera will go to infrared.. unfortunately the infrared is over raided it is really only good for about 25 feet...
my advice go to a wired camera system if you don't want the hassles..
other then these problems when it works works well..when you try and get tech support, good luck, and plan to bring a lunch while waiting on the phone...

132 out of 278


Location: illinois

Great product. Easy to install. Love that I can check on my house 24/7 using my Phone. Definitely recommend this system.

133 out of 278


Location: Charleston, WV

I purchased the LWLN314-3pk Wireless system delivery was fast. After hooking up all the cameras I found 2 of the cameras defective, they would not wake up from night mode. I called tech support I was sent 2 new cameras to replace the ones that were bad. Very good service, They told me UPS would Email me the Prepaid Shipping Label, but at this time I have not received it.I then found a pixel had died on the monitor that I purchased with the camera system, I called tech support about this problem I am waiting on a reply about it.
The cameras and DVR are working very well. I am still learning how to use the software, I found the owners manual (Not included with the system) on the Lorex web site witch is helping a lot.
So far I am happy with the cameras and service, and I am getting ready to purchase 4 more Wired cameras to ad the what I have.

134 out of 278


Location: Rhode Island

I had to replace a camera and the DVR within 6 months. It works OK when it's working. Something so new shouldn't break so quickly though. I question the quality of the product. I find the reviewing software cumbersome to use on my MAC. I had a foreigner help me when my camera first broke down and she was pretty much useless but they replaced it quickly. More recently, when I had issues with the DVR, it seemed like I had an American based technician on the other line. He was helpful but couldn't fix the problem so I ended up with a new DVR. Lorex has been pretty good about sending new replacements quickly. But it's still a hassle to go through all that and have to re-install defective items multiple times. I'd probably spend extra money on a better quality item if I had to do it again.

135 out of 278


Location: Louisiana

So far I have been very pleased with the system. It has done everything that I hoped it was going to do. I feel much more secure knowing the system is operational.
I give it a superior rating and would recommend it to my closest friends.

136 out of 278


Location: San Jose

Customers service 5 stars
Ease to install 5 stars
Picture clarity day 4 stars
Picture clarity night 4 stars

Wish the cat 5 and HDMI cable that comes with is longer. Otherwise you have to place the dvr right next to the router and monitor.

137 out of 278


Location: Southeast Georgia

For a couple of years I've been wanting to install a security camera system, but more recently after having fruits stolen from my back yard, three times in less than two weeks. Today it is fruit, tomorrow it may be something of more value. I opted to purchase a 4 camera system by Lorex, with the possibility of expanding the system in the future to as many as 12 camera's. I chose the LWLH314 but with 12 video inputs in the DVR, 4 wireless camera's and the 19" monitor. Am now interested in purchasing four more camera's to be hard-wired into my system, in order to place the other 3 wireless camera's in remote locations, as 1 is on an outdoor building in my back yard. These wireless camera's are an easy hookup even for me, and I believe the hard-wired camera's will be as easily to connect. The day and night pictures are really impressive, as I now don't need to worry about intruders coming onto my property, knowing the DVR is recording when I am asleep, as well as while I'm away from my property. Now just hoping someone from Lorex will read this, to recommend what other 4 camera's will be a nice addition to my system. Thanks to my Lorex system, I now have peace of mind!

138 out of 278


Location: Los Angeles CA

Not sure if Im still going to keep it still. the motion sensing is not good at all. mobil app is awful..

139 out of 278


Location: Northeast Ohio

Fairly easy to install. Just remember, even though "wireless" you must have an electrical outlet near each camera. I called support a few times, they were very helpful. Happy with this purchase'

140 out of 278


Location: Palm Springs, CA

6/20/14 got the ECO6 Stratus dvr w/4 wireless cameras. Seems a stretch to call this "wireless" when it requires 9 plugs for the system to work. Have had to use tech support twice so far. First time the tech was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The 2nd time the tech was helpful to a point then put me on hold and I finally hung up after 15 min. My most annoying problem was with email alert notification. It would send notice every couple minutes and there was nothing but a black box or camera view of a normal shot. It didn't seem to make a difference where I set the sensitivity on the dvr setting. I ended up having to restrict the area I wanted to cover. Overall I would like to see an improvement in the quality of the cameras. They seem pretty cheaply made.

141 out of 278


Location: Illinois

I love this product. It is so easy to use. Can check on my cameras anytime using my smart phone. Picture quality is very good. Definitely recommend.

142 out of 278


Location: Canada

Easy to install
Image clarity day and night
View on all my electronic devices

143 out of 278


Location: Gheens, La

Nice system. Easy to hook up. Frames per second can be a little slow at times, but over all does a good job. I can see if anyone moves around my house. For the price and the simplicity of hook up it's worth it.

144 out of 278


Location: Canada

Fairly simple design DVR. Compact and quiet. Even in the event of a hard power down or power outage situation, DVR start back up & starts recording automatically when power restored. (If set up that way) Cameras area an easy set up as well, just a few seconds per camera aided by pairing buttons. Wireless camera range is also adequate for my situation... Apparently there is an available range extender if I need to go further distances. The best part of I this DVR is the stratus remote connectivity setup (it's easy) I've got the ability to view the cameras and control records all on my ipad and iPhone with an app... All through the internet while I'm away from my business. Comes with 2 year warranty offer. Over all, great and easy system to use. I'm happy. Plus tons of YouTube how-to videos direct from the Lorex team, which is how I ended up deciding to buy one.

145 out of 278


Location: El Centro California

Great viewing cameras. Ran into password problems and support provided great assistance in resolving the problem, Left home for vacation and cameras functioned great. I would recommend this camera system. Simple and easy hook up. Thanks

146 out of 278


Location: san antonio Texas

Product was very easy to install and provides great images. Only had one camera that did not function and warranty claim is being submitted. other wise we are happy with the system so far.

147 out of 278


Location: Alberta

Great product. Easy to install, plug and play cameras. Simple setup, ease of use is amazing. Great help videos on YouTube if required. iPad app with easy configuration (use camera to scan QR code) watch from anywhere.
I would recommend this system to anybody.

148 out of 278


Location: Conway,SC

The only issues that I encountered was the actual set up of the DVR.. Installation of the cameras...mounting etc. was fairly easy. Cameras are great, motion detection excellent, and once completely installed it is very easy to manage. Overall a great system .

149 out of 278


Location: Ohio

I am impressed with the DVR and functions. The iPhone App is clunky but very functional. It needs a better interface and ease of functions. The Cameras are OK- but not clear enough- but for the price it seems good. The Power extensions are too short and as far as I can see on the products website there are no extensions available yet. It is not truly wireless- there are power cords to each camera, but the wireless functions work well and seem to connect easily and stay connected. The Stratus is easy to set up via the phone apps. The output resolution is adequate to an HDMI TV. Recording functions are good and sound quality is good. The Client Software remote viewing works on SOME of the mac machines but strangely not all. I have the same operating systems but different age computers- and safari works with one but not the other with the Client Software. Asking about this issue with technical support basically replied with no help whatsoever and closed the ticket. Overall it is OK and adequate but if you seek clarity get HD cameras.

150 out of 278


Location: anderson sc

Install was very simple. Hook up to the Internet as well paring the camera. For the price and value you can't beat Lorex. Excellent clarity and sound on playback.Shipped in a timely manner..well worth issues.helpful support team

151 out of 278


Location: Long Beach, CA

I recently received my wireless cameras with the DVR unit, and I'm in the process of setting up the system. I've had a few questions but nothing major, and the Lorex Support Team has done a great job of answering everything and offering some great suggestions. The system is easy to set up and appears easy to use. I'm looking forward to soon having the camera security system up and running. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a great camera security system at a very reasonable cost. As I said, the support group has been great.

152 out of 278


Location: Tampa

Love this system, came with an installation to go card for free install! Thx Lorex

153 out of 278


Location: Cathedral City, CA

The system is pretty straight forward and easy to set up for someone who has worked with computer networks in the past. The only problem I have is that with my wireless network when the system is running my wireless network bandwidth is greatly reduced. I will be contacting their tech support to see what I can do about this issue. Other than that, I am please with the system.

154 out of 278


Location: Charlotte, NC

Lorex provided quality cameras, with relatively clear picture quality. Night vision looked good, and installation of the wireless cameras was not too difficult. Signal was clear to 4 different points outside the house. I did have to call into technical support a couple of times to get set up, but they were helpful and knowledgeable... I did have to upgrade my ISP, due to needing a higher level of bandwith and speed, but it was worth it to feel more secure as I watch my home. I would recommend this product happily...

155 out of 278


Location: Seffner, FL

Great product. Easy to install. Installation disc that came with the system made hooking it up to the internet a breeze. I can view my camera feeds on all of my computers and smart phones from anywhere in the world.

156 out of 278


Location: Queensbury NY

For the price and value you can't beat Lorex. great system easy to set up. Very satisfied, also quick shipping.

157 out of 278


Location: florida

Awesome product! Easy set up and the picture looks great from your phone access and TV!
great system, remote connection was so easy.

158 out of 278


Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

We purchased the Eco 4 H960 Stratus 8 channel DVR with 4 WiFi cameras. The system was easy to setup I made a couple simple mistakes. You need to setup free DDNS on the Lorex website for the email notifications to work.

Also you can only select one option for record option at a time, you should have a green bar for continuous motion and a yellow bar for recording motion only.

Not both.

You do not want direct rain fall on the camera or direct sunlight and place the camera as high as you can for wider angle view.

The Wireless Cameras have good range for our house and front drive way almost 4 bars at the farthest camera.

Tip : use the smart phone app to test the camera to view angle and signal strength before you mount the camera.

The technical support is awesome and if you don't know technology very well they can set the setting remotely for you, with multiple options.

Some people are posting bad reviews but are not reading the manual and taking advantage of support, how ever, more YouTube tutorial videos on each systems options would help greatly.

I recommend the Eco 4 H960 8 channel system with 4 wireless cameras and the 1 TB hard Drive

You can learn almost anything on YouTube.

I look forward to setting up several systems for my friends and associates.

159 out of 278


Location: Quebec, Anlgiers

Excellent system, i am truly impressed with the video quality and features wireless security camera system. The installation was simple. I can describe the customer support in one word AWESOME. I have recomended Lorex products to friends and coworkers.

160 out of 278


Location: Oswego, IL

Easy setup of the DVR and camera's out of the box. Tested the unit at my location before moving it to its permanent home. Only issue was getting the software installed on my laptop for remote viewing and needed help from support. Support group was very helpful and answered all my questions.

161 out of 278


Location: Tradition, Florida

I think it's FANTASTIC !!!! Now I can check on my second home in seconds giving me piece of mind. The hook up was as easy as they say and the web instructional videos were great. It did take a few hours to get everything in pristine running condition with the Lorex Stratus and DDNS.
Once working it is FANTASTIC!!! Now I can view my home on my iphone from anywhere in the world...and it really works!!! The customer support was FANTASTIC through the whole process and all my questions were thoroughly answered to my satisfaction...Society has changed and cameras are the way to go...Watch out!!! I'm watching you!!! Thank you LOREX!!!

162 out of 278


Location: 6622 fox hollow ct.


163 out of 278


Location: Wesley Chapel, Fl.

I was not happy to find out that in order to access my cameras from a PC that the PC required a download. I thought all that would be required is an internet connection. My employer does not allow downloads to company computers. I can not view my cameras from work which is the reason I purchased them. I had two very good technical support sessions and one extremely bad one.

164 out of 278


Location: St. Louis

System: LWLH314-3PK
Rating scale 1(very poor) - 5(great)

Ease of installation: 4.5. Getting power to the camera sites is likely going to be the hardest part of your install.
Ease of access to recorded images 4.5. Very easy to access and look at your recorded images.
Quality of images 2.5 or 3. Sadly, the image quality is much less than I expected. Daytime quality is maybe a 3.5, but nighttime images, although bright enough, are very poor quality.
If you are looking for sharp images I'm afraid you will be disappointed. For example, looking at cars passing my house in daylight, it is not possible to tell the make of the car, and at night, forget about it! You can tell it is a vehicle, and that is about it. The distance from the camera to the street is about 40 feet.

165 out of 278


Location: BC

I purchased the product and spent over an hour trying to hook it up. I wasn't able to figure it to my ipad or laptop. I finally called customer support. The support representative was very good and sounded like he knew his stuff but in the end he wasn't able to get the system working either. Apparently the latest software update left the DVR unable to function. I am now left waiting while a replacement DVR is shipped to me. Will update again when the replacement DVR arrives.

166 out of 278


Location: Linwood,Mi.

Good system so far. Easy to set up. field of view is only 61degrees. need to be able to get camera up high to get width of view.can see a long distance. moble view works great.

167 out of 278


Location: Leavenworth KS.

This is the first camera system I have installed. Once I ran electric to the cameras the rest of the installation was a snap. Mounting the cameras and connecting everything to the receiver couldn't have been any easier and I had read where some people were having trouble getting the remote viewing to work for them. I didn't find this a problem at all. We just followed Lorex instructions and it works great. We purchased the monitor to go with the rest of the system and the video is very clear, day and night. Very happy with this system.

168 out of 278


Location: saint alphonse rodriguez

Very satisfied, easily installed. Very good image quality.Will probably equip my company soon...

169 out of 278


Location: Portland, ME

It works as advertised, ready to go. The Stratus system works well. This is my first time trying something like this. The quality seams good. I suggest spending sometime reviewing the quick set up guide and downloads data before the purchasing, just to avoid any surprises. I purchased one additional wired camera to go with the 4 wireless. I also bought the 19 monitor.

170 out of 278


Location: Tucson

Product came quick and installation was a breeze. Activating the iPad/iphone app was also very simple. Its awesome being able to check in on your home from anywhere with your iPhone etc. very happy with this product.

171 out of 278


Location: Vancouver,BC


This is awesome wireless security camera system, easy to install ,operate and everything about this system is great. This is one of the best wireless security camera system. Thanks Lorex , keep up with great products.

172 out of 278


Location: Minnesota

I searched around for a affordable security camera system my home and this system fit the bill. Didn't break the bank and was for the most part very easy to get setup and running. Had to call Tech Support for the DDNS setup for remote viewing on the Web but they walked me through the setup and got it working quick. I have had it for about 2weeks and it has been working great. Very dependable so far and I love the HD cameras. This product is a great choice if you are looking for a affordable outdoor wireless security camera system.

173 out of 278


Location: keyser wv

very pleased thank you

174 out of 278


Location: Modesto Ca

Wasn't to sure what to expect.
To start shipping was fast, (standard). Everything was package well. I kept looking for a extensive directions packet. There was a fold-out. That's it! Well that was really all it took. Very simple to get up and running. It was laboring installing the cameras just because I wanted the wires hid and the cameras to be out of reach of those who may be on the prowl.
Once on line the on-screen menus we're just like any software; easy to understand ICONS. I love the wireless cameras, sense of freedom. I can relocate without the running of wires and holes in the walls. Quality of pictures I already understood upon purchase. My capture area is about 15' x 15' per camera. Was keeping pixels in mind. Night vision is nice. Clear. Better than I would have thought. Connecting to computer was a breeze. Connecting to my mobile was kids play thanks to all the work Lorex's IT have done. Nice job on the bar-code;)
I would recommend this product to anyone who doesn't want to spend the HIGH $$$ on having a third party do it. Had estimates from $3,000.00 to $5,000.00 for 5 cameras. Labor was the thing.
So, if your willing to do the few hours of labor you cannot go wrong. This system is very easy to get up and running. Just take you time. Plug and play.
Great job Lorex!!!

175 out of 278


Location: Los Angeles

System is very user friendly! One of the Cameras and/or Relays that we received was defective and not working. Only issue with getting the replacement was that it would take almost a week to receive, so I had to cover expedited shipping. Not the best scenario!

In all, product seems to be very effective and reliable. Customer service on the other hand is not the best.

176 out of 278


Location: Austin, Texas

The packaging was great and I received my equipment in good condition. I followed the quick guides and had little difficulty in setting up the VCR and cameras. I did spend some of time tweaking camera locations and positioning the antennas on the VCR and cameras.

I have used Lorex support once and was connected within 15 min. to a friendly and helpful attendant who solved my problem. The web site has been useful in trouble shooting various issues and is easy to use.

I have 4 wireless cameras within 80 feet of the VCR. My house is the only obstacle within the line of site and I'm getting 3/4 bars on 2 cameras and 2/3 bars on the other 2 cameras. I've moved the antennas around and can get another bar sometimes. I'm thinking about adding a signal amplifier, from Lorex site, to 1 of the cameras.

The pictures are pretty good for security cameras and I'm especially impressed by the night vision.

I'm off to set up remote connecting for mt cell phone.


177 out of 278


Location: Phoenix, AZ

Received my new Lorex camera system this week. Spent a couple days setting up the system parameters with the Stratus Client. This software is jam packed full of user control features, and fairly straight forward and intuitive. I ran into a couple setup issues that I called Tech Support about. Calls were answered quickly by incredibly pleasant and helpful staff. So uncommon in today's world.

Yesterday was install day. Took a couple hours to complete the install of 4 outdoor wireless cameras. Hookup was a snap and once everything was plugged in and powered up it worked...flawlessly.

Now my wife and I can monitor home activity while at work or traveling on our mobile devices and laptops. We also set the system to send us alerts when motion is detected in certain areas of surveillance.

I am totally impressed with this system and the service received from Tech Support. I NEVER take the time to write reviews for anything. However, in this case I have been so impressed that I had to take the time.


178 out of 278


Location: Greensburrg

good wireless system easy set works great I would recommend to anybody looking for wireless system

179 out of 278


Location: Ontario, Canada

Was relatively easy to install. However, never realized everything had to be plugged in. Battery operated would have been much nicer for hiding the cords. Which by the way, aren't quite long enough for our 9 1/2 foot ceilings. The remote access works great for least so far. I have read other comments that it didn't last but will wait to decide for myself with use. Am very glad for the large discount...would not have been worth the money if full price. shipping was quick and am hoping (if ever required) that the customer service is there also. Is still worth a 4 star rating since it was my own neglect in options that would have made the product better for our situation.

180 out of 278


Location: Roanoke, VA

Fast Shipping. Thanks. What an fast setup. Read instructions, mount wireless cameras, install indoor receiver camera wires to DVR, hookup monitor, hook cable to router, power-up system and bam I can see all around my house. Night vision is respectable. Setup account and download app to I-Pad and I can view my property from anywhere in live time. Great system

181 out of 278


Location: St. Catharines Ontario Canada

Night vision outdoor wireless security camera system with 4 wireless cameras.
Like most people I research products before purchasing them. I had gone to some local stores and had seen this brand. The systems they had were not wireless which is what I wanted, so I went directly to the Lorex site. I saw this system-LH150-ECO4 with 4 LW2277 wireless cameras. The outdoor capability is something I needed and the durability of the outdoor cameras was something not all cameras had. The cameras and the system itself were easy to set up. One thing is that the Allen wrench access (which allows you to adjust the camera) is right next to the antenna which is in the way as you try to raise and lower the camera.
I had difficulty in downloading the manual because it wouldn?t come up as a pdf file and I couldn?t read it.
I am quite at ease with my computer but I found the CD format was a bit difficult to understand. I didn?t understand a lot of terms and for me it wasn?t clear as what to actually do after I had the cameras hooked up.
The tutorial for installing the cameras was good and for me it would have been beneficial if they had similar videos for the rest of the installation. I was able to download the Stratus feature but after that I was lost. I was starting to feel frustrated and I even called a local electronics store to see if someone would come out to help me set everything up. I was told they didn?t do that and why didn?t I call Lorex support as he heard they were very good.
Can?t believe the Lorex support staff. Amazing!!!! They log on to your PC remotely and walk you through everything they do to get you up and running . They even helped with the manual. I am truly pleased with this company and the support they give to their customers, they go above and beyond other companies.
The video quality and features on this wireless security camera system
are very good. I was impressed with the night vision quality.
If you are looking for a good quality video system, fantastic customer support at a great price Lorex is your answer.
This company exceeded my expectations and we are very happy with this system.
I have no problem recommending this system to my friends and family.

182 out of 278


Location: IN

Very well packaged, very-very easy to set up, the wireless picture is amazing,took about an hour to set up, will be buying more cameras soon to add on, great system!

183 out of 278


Location: kentucky

received the system about a week ago and got it going pretty quickly. the wireless cameras do pretty well through walls. the picture quality is what i expected with the wireless cameras, plenty good enough for what i need. i got the mobile app working with a few minuets of work without calling support. i believe watching the recorded video could be set up a little easier but this is acceptable. over all i am very pleased with my purchase so far and hope to add a couple of wired cameras in soon. the cameras do have a power supply for every wireless camera on both ends, the camera and receiver, then the dvr unit has a plug so you have 9 total plugs with the 4 wireless camera system.,

184 out of 278


Location: Rochester

Ordered this system over a week ago and had a bad dvr. Still waiting for them to send a new one. So far the biggest problem I have seen is the terrible customer support. Tech support was great but the customer service is a joke. No shipping info sent both for original order and re sending dvr. Waited on the phone 3 different times between 35 and 75 min on hold. 2 out of the 3 times never was answered. The 1 time they did pick up the guy was very short and rude. This company needs some serious help in this department. Will post another actual product review if and when I finally get a new working dvr and actually get system working.

185 out of 278


Location: MS

just completed installation; excellent product performance for intial setup; Stratus app is easy to download and install on iPhone, but have found it to be a bit unstable; requires deletion and repeat download to maintain connectivity; probably needs re-look by software designer; once connected performs very well with picture resolution from cameras; will provide additional review at 6 month performance with more data; used help desk for intial setup of DVR; professional customer service and responsive.

186 out of 278


Location: South Carolina

What a great deal on this outdoor camera system!! I purchased it from the LOREX web site and received a very nice discount on this high end system. The system arrived very quickly and was a breeze to set up. I downloaded their app from the app store and view the house while away on my iPad. The cameras produces good quality video and it's remarkable how clear the night vision is. I would definitely recommend this system.

187 out of 278


Location: laurel, maryland

outstanding product. easy to install and hook up. The camera quality is outstanding. The shipping was faster than we expected. Thank you.

188 out of 278


Location: Montana

A great system. Easily installed, has excellent video quality. We enjoy the range of vision we get from the cameras, and the night vision works great.

189 out of 278


Location: Wisconsin

Easy set up, video quality a bit blurry but ok. Digital zoom DOES NOT WORK. Email notifications when movement is detected doesn't seem to work either. Called tech support on both of these issues and was told that is just the way it doesn't.
I returned and upgraded to the Lorex 8 Channel HD PoE NVR Security System 2TB + 6 x 1080p 3MP IP Camera system. Much better system. Good picture, digital zoom. Haven't tried email notifications yet.
Still waiting for my refund on original system..they received it 10 days ago??

190 out of 278


Location: Florida

I have found hookup very easy. The wireless signal goes a long way. Daytime pic is great.

191 out of 278


Location: Florida

I just bought this wireless 4 camera security system with 100 ft. night vision and have to say that I am very pleased with the value for the price and the service is great also.

192 out of 278


Location: Monrovia Ca.

Our cars have been broken into recently so I was looking for a wireless system to set up some surveillance cameras to view my driveway. This LH150 wireless system was perfect. I did not have to run any cable to the DVR in my house. Easy set up and great picture quality both day and night. The wireless receivers that connect to the DVR are light in weight so I had a piece of glass made 4in x 12in x 1/2in to mount the receivers on with some double back tape. Looks and works great. I recommend this system.

193 out of 278


Location: St. Louis

Ordering was sufficient but the extra $30 shipping charge for quick delivery seems too high. DVD did not include the software needed. When I called the Help number I got a person who I couldn't understand, and who couldn't understand me. I found that very aggravating. The software is on the web site but is in a location that is completely illogical. Web site always takes you to a page that is for sales, no matter what you need. That is irritating. The live support is not good and the online support is frustrating at best.

194 out of 278


Location: North East

The set-up was very easy, I was able to set up the Mobile remote access (for iPhone and iPad) as well very easily without calling the support line, the quality of video is very good including the night vision, the wireless camera reception is great through multiple walls, the only challenge is to connect the cameras to power outlets. I bought a monitor from best buy that had HDMI connection option, (the 19 inch monitor on Lorex website does not have that option), time will prove if the system still works after several years, but so far very happy with the product.

195 out of 278


Location: Texas

I am reviewing the 8 channel Eco 4 system I recently purchased online. Awesome right out of the box! It came with 4 wireless cameras. The camera's are easy to install and have good quality day and night vision. The recorder is easy to use and setup. I can watch all cameras from my iphone, ipad, or computer from anywhere! Live or recorded video anytime anywhere. I looked at many other systems and manufacturers but I am more than pleased with the quality of this equipment and ease of installation. The hardest part of this process was grinding through all the models/features available. I talked with a pre-sale advisor who answered all my questions quickly and helped me make my choice in equipment a snap.

196 out of 278


Location: Virginia

The set-up was very easy, I was able to set up the Mobile remote access (for iPhone and iPad) as well very easily without calling the support line, the quality of video is very good including the night vision, the wireless camera reception is great through multiple walls, the only challenge is to connect the cameras to power outlets. I bought a monitor from best buy that had HDMI connection option, (the 19 inch monitor on Lorex website does not have that option), time will prove if the system still works after several years, but so far very happy with the product.

197 out of 278


Location: foley al. usa

I have installed six systems from other manufactures,setting up this one was a breeze, the picture on the wireless cameras were a tad better than the wired cameras i have used .One thing important going into your wireless router and setting the channel hoping to disable makes the signal bar more stable on your furthest camera.Synopsis great quality supper easy to set up remote viewing night viewing phenomenal

198 out of 278


Location: Oak Harbor, Washington

Found the install to pretty easy and straight forward. Had the system configured and running within an hour. So far the wireless reception is exceptional and the day and night vision are very clear. Had a small problem with the email alerts, but after working with Tech support, that was resolved. Great product and I could see myself adding a couple of PTZ cameras in the future.

199 out of 278


Location: Murphy, TX

I bought this system after looking at lots of options out there. I like the system and features but set up was not as great on the wireless side as the sale group promoted. I wanted to have a outdoor set up to watch my back yard areas. We told them upfront that we had to place the DVR where we had a CAT 5 line which would be inside the house somewhere. they don't tell you that when you get the system the range thru walls drops so bad it is hard to really get the good picture you would want for the price. I haven't mounted the cameras yet because I am testing them inside to get use to them and the features and already I have one wireless adapter and camera that do not work. I have spent 3 calls on the tech support line to get to the point of finding out that it is the adapter and camera. It takes FOREVER to get tech support on the phone, around 25 mins and then when you get them, you may get sent to an upper level tech support which I was and then I even got hung up on and I had to call back not them calling me. I just got my system from their site two days ago. I am not sure at this point how this will work outside for wireless as I needed till i get the other camera that has already went bad. I will post later on that. I didn't like that I posted a ticket for support on the site as it says too and didn't hear back in a days time so I called in. To this date, I still haven't received a response to that ticket I sent for help. They seem to try hard on the phone when you do get them to help and very nice but the process isn't the best. I also hate I have a brand new system that has a bad camera after one day and a bad transmitter. REALLY NEED TO HAVE THE BEST LINE OF SITE FOR THIS PRODUCT TO WORK BEST NOT WIRELESS LIKE YOU WOULD THINK WHERE JUST PUT IN A CLOSET AND THEN IT WORK GREAT. Also the camera to give you color has to really have great light at it or it will stay in black and white. I have 3 being tested in the house and one in the living room with all our lights on in the room it still thinks its dark so it gives off black and white image. Picture is good when you have a strong bar signal from the wireless transmitters but as it gets more distance but well within what it says it can on the specs, it does drop quality. I hope this works out great for me once I get the forth camera back and then get the wireless extender to help. Overall this was the best one to pick from but experience so far is not the best. LAST, as I typed this, I was on the phone early in day to get the RMA for the bad camera and I am supposed to get an email to fill out so they can ship it, that was hour ago and no email yet so I have a chance of calling back and waiting for 20 mins again just to ask where this email is.

200 out of 278


Location: Chicago, IL

This is a top notch product for the price. I did not think it would stand the extreme cold in our Chicagoland weather, but it does. Does it great too. Easy install and setup. Able to see all cameras from phone, PC, or monitor. I am not an expert in technologies by no means. but I had all cameras setup and online in about one half of a Saturday !!!!!!!! The night vision is also a great feature. For the price, it doesn't get any better !!!!!!! I bought these cameras because our great neighbors are trying to kill off our dogs that did absolutely nothing to them. Thanks to Lorex, I can catch them in the act and let them rot in jail !!!!! Thanks Lorex

201 out of 278


Location: Minn.

I purchased these cameras before Christmas and was pleasantly surprised with their ease of installation. To date the cameras have been working up to my expectations.

202 out of 278


Location: KenCaryl Ranch

The Lorex system has been easy to physically install. The internet connectivity has been more complex and I have not completed that yet. The clarity is good during the day, the infrared is OK too, just not as good, but that is to be expected. I was surprised by the jerky images transmitted by the cameras, this may be a standard but people and things moving very quickly past a camera are not recorded clearly--if at all!

203 out of 278


Location: Lake Stevens, WA

I waited a few weeks before writing this review. I also spent lots of time trying to decide which system to buy. It was time well spent. Fully satisfied with the LOREX system. Easy to install, easy setup, worked right out of the box.

I can honestly say after several weeks that the system fully met and/or exceeded all my expectations and at a great price. Extremely satisfied.

204 out of 278


Location: St, Augustine, FL

Great product, easy to install. Had all required installation hardware.
Worked right away after plugging in the system and turning it on.

Good picture quality. Very pleased and recommended to several other businesses and friends.
Excellent tech service on the phone as well.

205 out of 278


Location: Vegreville, Alberta

Very good system easy to install and able to see from all my devices. even in the minus 35 weather the camera still worked and provided a good picture. I would recommend this product to anyone looking at getting a surveillance system. Very good technical support when I wasn't able to do one thing.

206 out of 278


Location: Minnesota

I think the wireless cameras are great. I like them so much I bought another set up for my Florida home. I have piece of mind now.

207 out of 278


Location: Bradenton Fl

I bought my system online and in about 5 business days it arrived. In about 40minutes the system was set up with no problems it was so easy I ordered 2 more cameras. And the iphone app. works great . I would highly recommend Lorex products.

208 out of 278


Location: newfoundland, canada

Purchased this system for home security. Easy setup yesterday of two cameras, cold & snowy night last night, lost connection of one outside camera & had trouble syncing with DVR this AM
Swapped out camera & for another & worked fine. Didn't find the lighting to be very good after dark even from 35 feet.
The remote viewing setup was relatively easy. Scanning the code as suggested in the video for the ECO4 didn't work, so I used the tutorial CD for setup, took a little while to follow but with good results. Overall I'm thinking it is probably a good purchase but this is only the second day & weather forecast is not good with blowing snow &. very cold temperatures for the next two days. This will be the true test.

209 out of 278


Location: Dartmouth NS

Great system, took the Lorex tech on the phone about 10 min to have it working. The problem I had was the IP address ( the Lorex receiver has it's own).

210 out of 278


Location: Missouri

Relatively easy to set up and does the job in a business setting.

211 out of 278


Location: Levittown/PA

I bought a number of wireless security cameras., some i had to return because they were so difficult to set up. I bought this system it works perfect , great images . I am not too good with
computer but with some assistance from the tech people( who were very helpful) i was able to get my system .going very quickly.

Perfect system ,Easy setup

212 out of 278


Location: Keizer, Or.

I first bought a Lorex wired system and after installing one camera I saw how great the picture was, but realized it would be hard to to wire the other cameras where we wanted to place them. With this system, it made installation extremely easy and the clarity of the picture was still fantastic. I haven't been able to view the system from my iMac (the software is not compatible) , but was able to set it up for my iPhone. I would highly recommend this system, I didn't even need my husband's help!

213 out of 278


Location: Tampa, Florida

Customer service / tech support is what I am disappointed. Long wait and simple thing like my DVR remote does not work and for replacing it , it is taking forever. I ended up wasting my lots of valuable time for tech support/ customer service. Never experienced such a long wait , usually more than an hour! As far as product concern I have not fully tested as my remote of DVR does not work. The wireless camara resolution is fine but need to see how they work with some brick walls. The wired camara's resolution was not to the expectation. It is lower than wire less camaras. I was surprised.

214 out of 278


Location: Macks Creek, Missouri

Images inside are not very clear / sharp, outdoor images at night are average at best, day light images are good outdoors.

215 out of 278


Location: Alaska

Simply great! Straight forward set up and installation. Gets dark here a lot--night vision impressive. I have not set up the remote viewing aspect, but am confident that support will walk me through any difficulties--if there are any.
Lorex included 4 extra interior cameras in my order--imagine my surprize! Thanks Lorex.

216 out of 278


Location: Stroudsburg, PA

Received in excellent condition. I am changing computers so I was delayed in getting the system up and running. Everything proceeded as instructed, however the porting issue to get your router to "see" the DVR is as everyone else has mentioned, "difficult". It appears that this system is top-notch and will provide excellent service through the years ahead.

217 out of 278


Location: NE Tennessee

The ordering process was easy, and the sales person was helpful in putting together a system to meet my needs. The equipment was easy to set up and directions for setup were clear. I had a monitor and hooking up to it was straightforward, and I'm pleased with the picture quality.

A major requirement for me was viewing the images over the internet, and ease of use and support came unglued there. Some key instructions are sketchy and incomplete. It took many tries and much time to get the system to connect to the internet and be able to view it. The android smartphone ap is still unable to connect on the internet, though it is working on my LAN. Help is hard to come by; phone wait times are long and on-line responses take time and are curt with no way to request clarification.

My rating is based primarily on the manuals and support. The equipment seems to be good at this point, after having the system for just a couple weeks.

218 out of 278


Location: Michigan

I Ordered the above Lorex Edge LWLH314 Along with the 4 LW2275 Cameras. When I received my package I discovered that Lorex had upgraded My DVR to the Lorex Edge 3. which is the LH346 series. At first I thought they had made a mistake but after calling them they just gave me the upgrade with the 4 cameras that I had original ordered. I did not complain a bit. This Edge 3 has all the bells and whistles plus 16 channels. I don't know at this time whether I'll use all the channels but its nice to know that you have the extras in case. Thanks! to Lorex. My DVR is up and running, however I am still in the installation process of two of my cameras. My goal is to have all the functions of the DVR performing soon.

219 out of 278


Location: TN

The product came in a timely manner, and met all expectations.
The system is easy to use, although I do not have it connected to the internet yet (may be a different story there).

The hard drive fan is relatively loud, although I have it in my office where it is no louder than PC fans from a few years ago (new ones are much quieter these days).

The cameras work well... day vision is great. Night vision is less clear, but with no light you can still see everything including general features.

The system has been easy to use and meets all expectations. For the price, this is a great product.

220 out of 278


Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

After I received the DVR and Cameras I read over the instructions and found the installation to be easy. When I did have an issue I call the Customer Service line and talked to some one and they fixed the issue real quick. I am happy with the product for the most part. It would be nice to get a better video image with the wireless cameras. I would recommend this product for the people that cannot run wires to the cameras. I was so happy with the system that I bought two of them.

221 out of 278


Location: Anaheim, CA

In a word, this system is "OUTSTANDING" The picture quality is great. Installation is a snap.
However, there is one area that may or may not be a concern to you. If you are running a WiFi system to support your computers, iPads, etc you may find all the above fighting for bandwidth which SLOWS down everything.
Depending on your needs it may be as simple as turning off the cameras during computer times.

222 out of 278


Location: AZ

Equipment works fine except for remote access. When put into service, I got motion alerts every five or ten minutes from an empty house. The alerts finally stopped when the hard drive was full.
Very disappointed with the tech help. I have never been able to access the system remotely. I have called many times and have been assured that someone would contact me right away

223 out of 278


Location: Honolulu,Hi.

Very impressed with this security system. Never hooked one up before and it was really easy. The wireless cameras work perfect. We've hooked the camera's up in different house holds on the property about 100-300 feet away. (I really recommend the wireless setup- I would have had to run 200-300 feet of cable). The camera's come in very clear and I was surprised about the night vision being perfect!
The only problem I had was setting up the router (I was expecting this problem from reading other peoples comments). If you are running a home network with multiple routers you will have to call technical support. The tech support guys are very helpful and log onto your computer and basically do everything for you.
Once the router is configured you can easily view the cameras from your phone,tablet or any personal PC.
The only thing I can say needs improvement is the DVR software. It seems very primitive and is not the easiest thing to use. I now tend to use my PC to view and playback video clips...
I recommend this product to anyone who needs a security system without the long cables... I give it an A-

224 out of 278


Location: New York

Overall, very happy with the product. The user manual doesn't always match the system and software but eventually it gets you there. The setup time was quick for basic use, but spent most of my time trying to get internet/remote access to system. Works great with iPhone too.

You will need an uninterruptable power supply for your router if you will be using remote access. A loss of power to router will cause the DVR address to change making it impossible to view remotely until you access the system locally and set up again.

Customer support was used and they were very helpful.

225 out of 278


Location: Redding, CA

My system came with the ECO3 960H DVR. Getting it set up to view the cameras on my IPhone was amazingly simple and fast !!! Took under 3 minutes once the Stratus app loaded in my phone. Unfortunately my DVR wanted to up-date its firmware and I clicked OK. The DVR never recovered after that. Lorex customer service has arranged for me to get a new DVR and pick up the bad one at no expense to me. Products appear to be well built and looking forward to getting it back up and running.

226 out of 278


Location: FL

The great part about this product is no cable wiring. You plug it into a power source or get an electrician to install the camera. The rest you can take care of remotely.

227 out of 278


Location: New Jersey

Sucks, equipment & company. I purchased the 4 wireless outdoor/indoor camera package 14 months ago. I had them tied via the controller to my home computer monitor. I only monitored the cameras once in a while after I felt good about their performance. a couple months ago I had someone steal some articles from my driveway which 1 camera monitored. I couldn't wait to rewind and see who did it. When I took a look the camera lost its night vison along with the other 3. When I first tried them the night vision was great, black and white but nearly like day light. I contacted Lorex and the 1 year warenty had run out. I guess the cameras have a built in timer to fail after 12.1 months. So now I have a system that only works in the daytime. 1 camera had to be powered down/up (it did not work at all). So if you have their stuff keep an eye on it.

228 out of 278


Location: Minnesota

Overall I would rate this system at a 4.

I would rate the camera's at a 3.5.

The cameras and DVR are very easy to setup had no problems with the cameras connection to the receivers and the DVR started right up with no issues. The only downside to these cameras is that they are not that sensitive to light. I have one in the basement of my house and even with all of the lights on it still is in night mode. You can still see very well in night mode but it is nice to have the color when it is in day time mode. The anchors that you use to attach the camera bracket to the walls arent that great. I used anchors that I bought for a past camera system that work better. The audio works well with the system but cant connect more then one camera for audio with the DVR unless you have a separate speaker system.

The DVR is pretty user friendly and I havent had much time with it yet.

Overall this is a good system for the money

229 out of 278


Location: Orlando, FL

I do not recommend this system. They have cut a lot of corners to bring the price down. The software is very amateurish and hard to deal with. The cameras give a lousy picture, and the transmission is not very good. If I had to do it over, I would not buy this system. But I guess you get what you pay for.

230 out of 278


Location: Colorado Springs

I have never setup a security system before, but we just opened our RV Storage business and needed this on-site. I set it up at the house and ran through the instructions fairly quickly. Only one issue with the setup on the Motion scheduling. I called tech support and they were able to get me going on it. Time will tell if the system performs as we need it to on the lot. The camera's picture is sharp and the motion detection seems to be what we will need.
The search application and other applications are easy to follow.

231 out of 278


Location: Barnegat, NJ

We purchased a 4 camera system and were expecting the set up to be a simple affair since the directions said it should only take about 15 minutes and we consider ourselves to be reasonably intelligent. No rocket scientists, but acceptably able to function. Well ? it took HOURS ? what a disappointment.
The screen shots in the instructions were NOTHING like the real thing. First of all, we were led to believe that we could do everything from our PC once the DVR was attached to the router. Absolutely not so. You NEED a monitor or properly equipped tv to get the IP address of the DVR.
Things like ?working hours? and ?non-working hours? are nowhere to be found in any of the menus. Look at a drop-down and you see things such as NO and NC. Well, NO doesn?t mean NO ? it means ?normally on?. So what signifies ?normally off?? NC ? which translates to ?normally closed?. The documentation could certainly have been better.
The saving grace for Lorex is that it does work.

232 out of 278


Location: Seattle, WA

Installation was easy except that I one of my cameras had a faulty power adapter. I purchased this because it offered remote access and wireless. It was for our house in Seattle. I wanted to be able to view it from NY. I am so disappointed in this product. I have been unable to see what is going on in my Seattle house now that I am in NY. I called tech support multiple times and at first I was able to view the cameras from my laptop. But once I left my house... It doesn't work. I called tech support again and was tod that the way the technician connected it, I can only view from the same wifi network as the system. What is the point if having remote access if I CANNOT REMOTELY ACCESS IT!? This does not make any sense to me. I wasted a whole day setting it with Lorex tech support and it still does not work. Seeing that I am now in NY, there is no way for me to configure it. Waste of time. And money.

233 out of 278


Location: Kentucky

Everything arrived quickly and was easy to set up and test. One of my wireless receivers was faulty but was replaced quickly. I have been impressed with configuration options that are available. This system has exceeded my expectations.

234 out of 278




235 out of 278


Location: Houston,TX

Great system/ Picture Quality Excellent

I am very satisfied with the LH340 Edge3 system with 4 wireless cameras. I also bought 2 hard wired cameras. The hardware installation was pretty straight forward, The software installation was a little more difficult, had to go to the internet to understand how to get Android and Wed browser to see DVR. Contact the technical department, they could not get DVR Netview to work on my browser so solution was I had a problem with my PC. As I stated I had to find a solution on the internet for what it's worth. Overall features are great.

236 out of 278


Location: The Woodlands, Texas

The quality of the Lorex DVR & Wireless cameras are exceptional. The picture quality is outstanding, including night vision picture quality. This system is amazing. I would buy it again and highly recommend the system.

237 out of 278


Location: Kansas

Well one step closer, I have to log back in an comment on the customer service.
OUTSTANDING help. I had some real issues and the gentleman that worked it with me was great.
Thanks and good support.

238 out of 278


Location: Pennsylvania

Hardest part of installation was figuring out where to plug in the power. DVR Booted right up and recognized the cameras immediately.

Set it up and had it working in a couple of days. Got alert that someone was at the front door while on vacation, which is what we wanted the system for.

I would recommend this product.

239 out of 278


Location: Kansas

Still trying to figure it all out but the Daytime image is pretty good.
I am on a satellite dish and wireless network in the country so could have something to do with it.
Pros. Easy to set up basic system and the instructions are pretty good over all.
Day image good.

Cons and as I said not sure I am still playing with it.
I am not happy with the night time coverage.
Sensitivity is very iffy for motion control, one minute it records bugs and birds, or shadows and the next setting it won?t record a person walking by.
It does not get the 450 feet outdoor range, I have straight line of sight with only one wooden wall between and have trouble getting 150 outdoor range.

240 out of 278


Location: Madison, WI

In the last year that I've had this wireless home security system with DVR, I have had to replace all 4 cameras under warranty, which Lorex did promptly. Take my advice and use the online system for reporting any problems. Talking with Lorex tech support on the phone is like pulling teeth. The dvr is a sound product, but the cameras are cheap and degrade fast. When the system works, it is OK but nothing impressive at all. The resolution of the cameras is pretty low and night vision doesnt see the claimed distance. Lorex makes a cheap product that is engineered to a particular cost point. I would not expect any of Lorex's cameras to last beyond 2-3 years at best. Horrible cheap consumer grade items. My best advice is to spend a little more money if you are going to permanently modify your home for installation, and get something professional grade if you expect it to last any amount of time.

241 out of 278


Location: South Carolina

This is one awesome piece of equipment. Picture quality is very good, only problem I have is when zooming in on an object far away but this may be user error. It was easy to hook up and customer service was great with helping on port forwarding for remote use. Only negative was I waited for over 1 hr for on hold for a tech that could do this. This system is so good that we've
ordered another system for home. Great Value for the money spent. Still learning how to use everything availabe with this system but very happy so far.

242 out of 278


Location: The Woodlands, Texas

I am very pleased with the equipment quality and the ease of pairing up the DVR & wireless cameras. Initially, I thought I would need help and called They were of no help and their prices quoted seemed too high. Only to be told that they did not install wireless systems. So, I put the equipment together myself and it was very simple and the instructions provided by LOREX were very helpful. I got the system capable for remove viewing using computer, iPhone, & iPad, etc. I did need help to configure my internet router and to sort out the software for my iMac. The software provided by LOREX on the CD is compatible with MS only. Not to worry, it was an easy download away on the LOREX web site. Contacting the LOREX Technical Support required 2nd Level Support which took much longer than I expected and tried my patience. I must also say that their recovery when they called back exceeded my expectations at that point. Their Sr. Level Technicians are outstanding and I assume very busy on the remote access configuration. I am able to view my camera system from anywhere using either my iPhone, computer or iPad. That is a real plus to be able to check on your property while you are out.

Even with the extra time required for the 2nd Level Technical support I have to give them 5 stars overall. As I said, their performance once I got through was awesome. I definitely recommend the LOREX Wireless Systems

243 out of 278


Location: Boston,MA.,USA.

Excellent system on the hardware as well on the software, for the price.
Initially,I thought that,I would need help to set it up,but,to my surprise
I DID IT ALL BY MY SELF,thanks to the instructions included in the package.
The night viision cameras excellent during daylight not as good in the dark,but
It's price makes it acceptable.I LOVE IT. Thanks very much.

244 out of 278


Location: Boston,MA.,USA.

Excellent system on the hardware as well on the software, for the price.
Initially,I thought that,I would need help to set it up,but,to my surprise
I DID IT ALL BY MY SELF,thanks to the instructions included in the package.
The night viision cameras excellent during daylight not as good in the dark,but
It's price makes it acceptable.I LOVE IT. Thanks very much.

245 out of 278


Location: Las Vegas, New Mexico


246 out of 278



Nice product, the security system works perfectly...... however it has some problems with software connection and other devices (ipad, android).
The manual is not updated.... and the support in Mexico I think that it doesn't exist.... at least I have not receive help form customer support area.

247 out of 278


Location: New Jersy

This product did everything and much more, I love the motion sensor`s and alarm built in and the night vision is absolutely Amazing, I'm very satisfied, My yard looks like its lit by flood lights on a starless moonless night AMAZING, love you Lorex

248 out of 278


Location: Idaho

I am very dissappointed in these cameras that come with this system. I owned a cheaper 2 camera set, and monitor, and they have a night vision of 40', and the night vision on my old Lorex cameras was way better than this new system. My new system said it had a 100' night vision, but it's very blury on all 3 cameras that I have installed. I bought 4 cams, and a dvr, and monitor, and it cost way too much for what I have paid for. My old system cost around $300 and it was way better than these cams, and dvr, and monitor.

249 out of 278


Location: Miami Florida

I shop around for months trying to find a great camera that was wireless and affordable and very easy installation and I found it here at Lorex. Install was very simple. Hook up to the Internet as well paring the camera. For the price and value you can't beat Lorex. I'm glad I made the right choice. You can shop and find cheaper and more expensive cameras but why? Lorex hands down is the best value.,

250 out of 278


Location: MD

Very nice system...Easy to set up...Good video quality...only real complaint is that the wireless cameras have ruined my wireless LAN signal as I have it currently set up...I will try to reposition the camera receivers and router in an attempt to improve..

251 out of 278


Location: Montana

We just installed our system at our cattle ranch to cover our barns, corals and home. It is a great system, the video feed is great quality / clarity. The system is easy to install, we are currently installing heater blankets for each camera to ensure they continue working when the Temp drops below 14 degrees. The only thing we found is the 400 feet advertised for the wireless with direct line of siight, no obstructions is a stretch. The best we can get with direct line of sight with a window being the only obstruction is 250 feet. So we will be installing the added antena.
Great system
I highly recomend this system to others.

252 out of 278


Location: Montana

We just installed our system at our cattle ranch to cover our barns, corals and home. It is a great system, the video feed is great quality / clarity. The system is easy to install, we are currently installing heater blankets for each camera to ensure they continue working when the Temp drops below 14 degrees. The only thing we found is the 400 feet advertised for the wireless with direct line of siight, no obstructions is a stretch. The best we can get with direct line of sight with a window being the only obstruction is 250 feet. So we will be installing the added antena.
Great system
I highly recomend this system to others.

253 out of 278


Location: canada

I love this system.. Makes up feel so secured, the picture quality is amazing and technical support and customer service is amazing.

254 out of 278


Location: Western New York (Rochester)

Outstanding images. What can I say easy, smooth set up, great clear images and very basic easy to follow directions. HIGHLY Recommended!!!

255 out of 278


Location: Western New York (Rochester)

Outstanding images. What can I say easy, smooth set up, great clear images and very basic easy to follow directions. HIGHLY Recommended!!!

256 out of 278


Location: Chevy Chase, MD

The hardware was easy to set up and worked seamlessly. I use Apple computers and iPads etc. No Windows computers. Unfortunately, this means that you need to configure your router manually. Some people might find this difficult/impossible without some help. I had planned to use this to monitor my home while I'm away. Unfortunately, the motion sensing function generates way too many false alarms especially at night when every large insect flying in front of the camera triggers an alert. This means that you can't realistically have the system send you an email every time it detects motion (except maybe from indoor cameras.) To be fair, I suspect that this is also a problem for competetive systems. More realistically, you could remotely check the event log every day to see what happened but you can only do this if you have a Windows computer. Overall the system works best from a monitor connected to the dvr. Remote access might be ok from a windows computer. The Mac, iPad and iPhone remote applications are a little unstable and lacking some important features but are still usable.

257 out of 278


Location: Texas

I hadn't ever owned or installed a security system before, so I didn't really know what to expect with installing this. Installing the hardware was very easy with everything working after plugging it in. I was a bit surprised that both the wireless camera and its paired receiver both require their own power, so this 4 camera system requires 9 outlets.

On to the bad stuff! Being in the year 2013, you'd figure this technology would be a bit more advanced. The clients you can install, for some reason, are not accurate representations of the actual DVR console and there are a lot of things you can't do unless you are on the console. Apparently the PC Client is supposed to be the most advanced of these with the others lacking even more functionality. I used the PC Client and after a chat with the customer service group came to find out that the event list doesn't get populated on the client version even though there is a button there. Pretty much all you can do unless you are on the console is watch the cameras live or playback through every single second of recording to find what you are after (very lame).

As far as the cameras go, they seem to be capable of higher resolutions than some of the other products out there, with them able to run 720x480 but only 15 fps at that resolution. The picture is definitely choppy and the resolution is still not good enough to make out detail on what I would think is an object that is fairly close.

If this is representative of what other companies are doing it seems like a company could do really well in this space with simple features like better cameras (your phone camera is probably better), wireless network on the DVR to connect it to your router without a plug, and the ability to access the same console as is on the DVR when you are connected remotely.

258 out of 278


Location: Wisconsin

Quick Shipping, good product Quality. Very easy to set up and install all information is well documented. It helps to have a little technical background.
Has great online support , I configured mine for access over the internet which is a big plus for anyone who travels a lot.
I was surprised by the distance of the wireless cameras I have a 3000 Sq Ft. house and it works on all corners of the house.

259 out of 278


Location: USA

seems to be good quality for what I paid for them. Only time will tell about durability. Have not had the opportunity to set up via remote, but understand that Lorex offers exceptional post sale service.

260 out of 278


Location: Illinios

This is a first for me in this market but as the others have said so far, nice DVR but the cameras are a joke.... Talk about distortion and horribale clarity ? If that is what you want to call it ! Unless you are close up forget about getting faces and license plates and such.
Am having trouble figuring out how to delet footage and with the internet set up also... I only bought this system to catch the neighbors from Hell destroying my bushes, steeling from my garage and yard. Hopefully they will at least do that for me ! I disagree too that the fans are anything but quiet, maybe compared to a window fan .

261 out of 278


Location: Rogersville, TN

The LWLH314-3PK system turned out to be a good system for me to start with. All the components seem to be high quality with good performance and plenty of room to grow. The four wireless cameras give me the flexibility to learn and experiment with different locations and other options. I look forward to using the remaining four channels to grow and fine-tune the system.
There seems to be a poor connection with the receiver RCA to the BNC adapter for both receivers that I have connected-perhaps there is some way to tighten it up.
Tech support has been uneven (but exceptional at times) and seems to be structured in a way that is not very efficient for the user's time.
I am disappointed that there are no plans to support the Windows Phone operating system with remote access.

262 out of 278


Location: Tallmadge Ohio

I am truly impressed with the video quality and features on the LWLH314-3Pk wireless security camera system. The installation was simple, however I did need the help of customer support to get the remote viewing to work. I know a little about the internet and how it works - it was not enough. I can describe the customer support in one word AWESOME. They log on to your PC remotely and fix your problems in that way. I have recomended Lorex products to friends and coworkers. When I add on to my house in 2 years I will be expanding my system. I probably will add 4 wired cameras to better protect my house and property. If you are looking for a good quality video system, great customer support at a cheap price Lorex is your answer.

263 out of 278


Location: ocala,fl

Camera system quality is awesome.setting the cameras up was very easy,the only issue I had was port forwarding setup and it's all resolve by lorex support center.thank you.

264 out of 278


Location: Eastern Washington

System was quite easy to install, and the internet connectivity was easier than some of the reviews I read before my purchase stated. Using Compatibility Mode in IE seems to be key to this.

One camera failed to handle changes in ambient light right out of the box, but Lorex replaced it without question. Now I have a camera AC power supply that has died also, so I am luke-warm on reliability to date, but the system does work.

265 out of 278


Location: oregon

great system easy to set up and does what I need it to do thanx lorex...

266 out of 278


Location: Peoria, AZ

Good equipment. Easy to install. Cannot access system on internet. Techs are working with me. Everything else works just fine.

267 out of 278


Location: AZ

Good quality & easy to install. Need better Tech. help. Cannot access from internet.

268 out of 278


Location: 0404NORM

All equipment is good quality and easy to install. There should be a method to connect the wireless receivers directly to the DVR without the long cables. You have some products that have this feature. Maybe there could be an accessory that could be purchased. I was not able to acquire my system on the Internet. I called the tech support line for help and hooked up with someone who spoke very broken English. After a long question and answer period, I was told that someone will call me back. So far, this has not happened. Good service is one of the reasons I picked your product. This experience alone would cause me to look elsewhere in the future. My rating would be 4 stars if I did not have this event. It has caused me to downgrade the star rating to a 2.

269 out of 278


Location: Lithia, Florida

worth the time setting it up

"I was having extreme difficulty getting the system to work remote. I cannot say that the Tech Support call line was much help HOWEVER I will say the VP of Product Management takes full ownership of his product. He spent about 3 hours talk time trying to figure out the problem I was having. Turned out it was not Lorex but Verizon my internet carrier. They have Port 80 blocked for residual use and only available under business. He worked with me in getting my router port forwarded outside Port 80 to anthoer set of ports that made system work like a charm."


270 out of 278


Exceptional Support

"I had to work through several issues on my end associated with my wireless connection to the Lorex. Because of my somewhat unique setup Customer Support recognized and acknowledged they needed to escalate my issue. The Product Manager immediately got in touch with me and aggressively advocated until we got things right. This was one of those rare experiences where support is there throughout the organization. The system works great and I am very happy!"

271 out of 278


Location: San Jose, CA.

Great security DVR with 10 Star Customer Service

"Rated 1 to 5:

Ease of use: 5

Picture Clarity Day: 5

Picture Clarity Night::5

500 GB Hard Drive gives ample video storage

Easy backup, video recording and picture snapshots, make this the DVR to have iin home or office.

I presently have this at home and will be installing it in our company office and covering the grounds.

This company's customer service is above and beyond comparison.

Thank you Lorex Technology!

272 out of 278


Location: New York, New York"

Great Product / Easily installed.

"I never installed a camera system before but I consider myself to be very handy... I got all the camera's mounted, wires run and the DVR hooked up in under 8 hours. The hardest part of the install was porting my router to allow me to sign onto and view my system from anywhere in the world. I have FIOS and their router info was not included in the instructions. I did find out how to port it on the internet and got that part of the set-up done in about 90 minutes. The video quality is excellent during the day. Night vision is good, not great but for the price and can't imagine that you could find a better system out there. I love keeping an eye on my home from my office 40 miles away... Long story short - great system and simple to hook up.

Date:May 28, 2010

273 out of 278


Location: Dauphin, Mb.,Canada

Ease of installation and free support

"Found the instructions for installing the cameras excellent. Had abit of difficulty with understanding and adapting the system for my particular needs. Once I got all the bugs ironed out thanks to the excellent tech support you have.

Yes there are certain limitations, but one has to take these into account, such as interference from weather especi ally at nite. However, have learned to make allowances and feel this security is doing an excellent job!


274 out of 278


Location: South Florida


Love the system, the cameras are great, internet access is pretty reliable, but just can't seem to get the TV to monitor the DVR. I believe it not working because the output resolution of the DVR only supports the old 4:3 TV’s not the 16:9 aspect ratio.

Hopefully they will add that resolution to the next firmware update."

275 out of 278


Location: Torrance, CA

Good Value

"The Edge is a good small surveilance system. It's quiet (no noisy fan) and has the basic features for surveilance. The motion sensor is difficult to calibrate. When it's changing from color to nightvision and vice-versa, the motion sensor picks it up as motion. Also, a cloud shadow will cause the sensor to think it's changing modes. Maybe the hot tip is to use B/W nightvision mode at all times and skip the color mode on the cameras."

Pros: quite. small package.

Cons: motion sensor is hard to calibrate.


276 out of 278


decent product

"This is a great package for small home, because it has the latest compression technology H.264 and record at 640x480. The cameras adjust brightness based on outside light and can cause false motion alarm. I have find out setting recording at max 15 FPS for all settings may have helped some.

The cameras may be the bottleneck for the picture quality, don't expect to make out license plates etc. But I absolutely love the cameras changes to B/W mode at night and the visibility decent in small areas in low light levels.

I discarded the included cable as they are very thin and too long, degrading video quality. I ran my own RG59 siamese cables.

Overall the system is stable thanks to Linux OS, there are some glitches, it's not too bad. The internet server works too, it requires quicktime on the remote computer. One bug I noticed is remote "backup" of video does not give correct footage of the time I requested. Hopefully the manufacturer will fix this.

Be aware the writing to USB drive for backup is slow so don't expect to write large clips conveniently. It seems to encode footage on the fly into quicktime .MOV file. The writing process is slower than real time, It does produce a good quality movie file.

There is a relay click when motion is detected, it may be an external output and I am hoping this can be disabled in future firmware upgrades, otherwise it is an extremely quiet product and does not run hot.

This DVR has easy to understand menus and fully comprehendable and organized English manual, this is rare in this type of product!"


277 out of 278


Location: Riverside, CA USA

Degree of range of cameras

"The only problem is the product description doesn't say the degree of range each camera covers. Only when you open the package, then you see the degree of range on the Quick Start Guide. It would've been helpful to see this info under the product description before I made the purchase. The degree of range is 50 degrees which was not enough coverage. But the system was very easy to install. I didn't do the computer setup."


278 out of 278


Location: Phoenix AZ

Good DVR, sub-par cameras

"I was looking for a good DVR-based security camera system, and this seemed to fit the bill. When I set up the system, I was impressed by how well the DVR worked. It started up quickly and had easy-to-use software that seemed quite stable and polished. (The DVR is actually a small linux-based computer.) The problem I had was that the cameras that come with this kit were not very good. Even when set to use the maximum resolution (640x480), the images are a bit blurry and have severe distortion and chromatic aberration that make it difficult to see details clearly (like license plates or faces). Maybe with better cameras this would be something worth buying, but for now I would recommend buying the DVR separately from somewhere else and getting some good quality cameras.

An alternative is to use an old computer and some good-quality webcams (I recommend logitech pro 9000 webcams because they are auto-focus, have glass lenses, and send nearly-hd quality video (1280x960). And if you get some cheap security camera DVR software (I use blueiris) you can put together a far better system that is more flexible and costs less."




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