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IP cameras for netHD security NVR (2-pack)



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Full HD 1080p outdoor IP security camera

LNB2153B-2PK security camera

View your world like never before with the LNB2153's smooth FULL HD 1080p video and take advantage of the outstanding night vision. These top-of-the-line Full HD 1080p bullet network cameras bring a heightened level of detail and clarity to your home or business surveillance needs. The end result of stunning high definition video of your home or business provides you with that crucial peace-of-mind you need



HD IP cameras

Indoor / outdoor HD IP security cameras



High definition 1080p resolution



Maximum night vision



Ideal for monitoring a wide range of areas

IP camera with night vision

Advanced night vision

The outdoor IP camera features advanced Digital Noise Reduction combined with Spatial Noise Reduction, delivering a cleaner, more accurate image, with better clarity, sharpness, greater disc space for storage, and improved motion detection. High-powered Infrared LED’s deliver outstanding night vision range up to 150ft away in ambient lighting and up to 100ft away in total darkness, ensuring extremely clear HD viewing in all low-light conditions. Digital-Wide Dynamic Range backlight compensation provides clear detailed images where very bright and very dark areas are in the same field of view and frame of the camera.

Night Vision Range

This IP camera works with NVRs

Easily connect this IP camera to Lorex 2K IP NVRs, the camera is also compatible with NVRs that support ONVIF protocols.

Vandal Resistant

Built and designed to withstand vandalism.

Indoor Outdoor

Camera is suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Night Vision

View video during the day and with night vision at night.



Full HD 1080p Bullet Security Cameras:

  • H.264 video compression technology
  • Full HD1080p video with real-time recording (30fps)
  • True Day/Night mode: Picture automatically switches to B&W delivering better clarity in low light conditions
  • 3D DNR - Frame-to-frame Digital Noise Reduction combined with Spatial Noise Reduction, delivering a cleaner, more accurate image, with better clarity, sharpness, greater disc space for storage, and improved motion detection
  • Digital-Wide Dynamic Range backlight compensation provides clear detailed images where very bright and very dark areas are in the same field of view and frame of the camera
  • Outstanding Night Vision up to 120ft away in typical night time ambient lighting and up to 75ft away total darkness 1
  • Automatic Infrared Filter ensures true & accurate color in all lighting conditions
  • 3 Megapixel 4mm lens for superior detail and wide angle viewing (75° diagonal FOV)
  • Easy IP management for hassle free remote mobile surveillance
  • Dual stream allows you to record & view live video simultaneously while also conserving bandwidth
  • Weatherproof (IP66) rated aluminum housing for indoor/outdoor installations 2
  • Vandal-resistant design: Cable pass-through wall-mount bracket protects connection cables
  • 100ft Cat5 Power over Ethernet cable (PoE) for flexible installation
  • Close-up recognition at night with auto light compensation prevents wash-out effect
  • Anti-glare feature ensures clear images under strong lighting conditions
  • Set It and Forget It -Auto-Detect pre-configured cameras 3

System Includes:

  • 2 x IP Bullet Cameras
  • 2 x Mounting Kits
  • 2 x 100ft Cat5e Ethernet Cables


1. Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions in total darkness and in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection / absorption level of object.
2. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.
3. 1 minute discovery time when connecting a new camera to NVR.










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1 out of 60


Location: Chino Hills, California

Overall the system works decent. I purchased it from my local Costco. Occasionally it goes off-line on its own, but not very often. However I would say that it is difficult to also get connected to web server to view on your phone. Not sure if it’s the Lorex App issue, or the actual server. It could be annoying when you want to view your property from your Mobil and it doesn’t work. Defeats the purpose of a cloud base App. But the major complaint I have is that after 10 months one of my 6 camera displays the live steam recording in a purple hue. The video I see looks like a washed out Oldschool VHS. Sometimes I can’t even see figure out the images depending on the time of day. Last year a second camera did the same, so now I’ve got 2 malfunction camera lens. So overall, I feel this product is good if it last a little longer than 3yrs. Wish there was a way to replace them but seem that the price on the camera heads are still up there😳😓

Morning Dave,

This definitely sounds like an issue on the Apps end; thankfully we will be rolling out a restructured and redesign update in the near future- this will resolve the issue (if a rollout hasn't resolved it already in the past week). As for your cameras, I would double check the connectors. If the issue persists, we would be happy to RMA the two cameras. Please, reach out to us and our Feedback team at ''. This way it will ensure that your concern is brought to the correct people and that a solution can be put into place.

Take care,

2 out of 60


Location: Michigan

I have purchased several of these cameras over the years. Most have not given me any trouble, until one recently developed moisture on the inside of the lens.

3 out of 60


Location: Ca

Easy to install. Good quality.

4 out of 60


Location: Vancouver, WA

These cameras died. The customer service is awful. You are better to go direct to the real manufactures of many of these cameras such as Dahua or HIKvision to purchase cameras as the customer support you get by buying rebranded OEM units is not good.

Our apologies for any difficulty you experienced. We were happy to assist you with your warranty to get this resolved.

5 out of 60


Location: Honolulu

The cameras are good, very clear. Sometimes the IP address gets lost of not recognized by the system. Technical support is outsourced to other countries like PHillipines/Inida. Very annoying most times and takes a lot of patience. The money saved outsourcing is not worth it Lorex.

6 out of 60


Location: California

Replacement camera failed within a week. After receiving authorization to return have not received replacement for over a month now. Calls require a wait time exceeding 30 minutes while emails are not answered.
When the two systems I currently own are due for upgrades I will not be considering Lorex/FLIR products. Unfortunate as the products are reasonable but the customer service and monitoring app are substandard.

Our apologies for any difficulty you experienced. We hope the new replacement is working well.

7 out of 60


Location: Tennessee

These are great, high quality, solid built (metal) security cameras. I have been using several for months with no issues. The detail is fantastic during the daylight hours and the IR range at night is the longest I have seen with any 1080p resolution camera. Highly recommended!

8 out of 60


Location: Seminole, Florida

The cameras are small but big features. the mounting allows for easy alignment to any position. The original cameras of the same type are holing up very well in the weather. Has night IR.

9 out of 60


Location: Cleveland, OH

I have had 6 of these cameras operating for several years outdoors with no issues. Easy to set up and clear video.

10 out of 60


Location: Lincoln, CA

I bought these cameras to create my own security system. They plugged into my internet switch which has POE ports and fired up. I used the router management program to locate the IP address and accessed the cameras locally (using the default username and password). I'm using BlueIris software on my computer to access the cameras. They work great. I'm still testing but I put them in a closet and turned out the lights. It took a few second but the cameras automatically shifted gears and I was looking at the clothes in my closet (in black and white). Daylight resolution is also very good. So far I'm very pleased but will do more testing since these will be mounted about 20 feet up on the front of my house which is a real pain to get to. I'm now looking at other Lorex cameras for the rear and entry way.

11 out of 60


Location: Seminole, Florida

I already have 12 cameras in operation and they produce really good quality video. So when the price dropped for a special, I ordered some more to enhance coverage and to have as spare.

12 out of 60


Location: Texas

Great cameras! I have six mounted outside my home that have been running flawlessly 24/7 for two years now.

13 out of 60


Location: Canyon Lake, Texas

Purchased the LNB2153B cameras as spares for my LNR300 surveillance system. The system has been in continuous use since about November 2013.
The Lorex system was easy to install and has been working great.

14 out of 60


Location: massachussetts

my nvr setup is getting close to 2 years old this march and
am very satisfied with it. I am fairly tech savvy and have been
able to get 90% of the desired functionality out of my system.
basic setup is easy enough and the quality of all cameras and
components is excellent. there are some features like client app playback time sync and remote login that continue to elude me
but I believe that is because I haven't spent the required time
to determine how to port forward via a bridged network, unique
to my setup.
Overall I am happy with features and quality of the entire product and only gave a 4 star rating because of the mentioned
difficulties and support was unable to help me initially.

15 out of 60


Location: San Diego

The Lorex LNB2153B Full HD 1080p PoE Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision 2 Pack Bullet Cameras complete my LNR280 security system with a total of 8 HD cameras. First, I tested these cameras to make sure they worked with the panel. Connected these two cameras to ports 7 & 8 of the LNR280 panel and they worked perfectly, on my main panel monitor, my network PC and my iPhone6.

I have not permanently installed them yet, they have blue LED lights instead of Red LED lights as my existing cameras, interested to see if these lights attract insects.

Overall very pleased with the system, gives on peace of mind to monitor your home away from home, only wish I could add PIR to the system.

16 out of 60


Location: Washington, DC

The cameras work as expected. Have had the full LNR300 for a year with minimal issues.

One note - if you have a 6 camera NVR system and want to add two more cameras, you will likely need to adjust the bandwidth to 4096 Kbps per channel otherwise you'll get a "not enough bandwidth" error when connecting the additional two cameras. There's minimal guidance and FAQ's out there about this issue.

Otherwise all set!

17 out of 60


Location: Brentwood, TN

These units have been installed outside and have provided excellent service. I have most of them in protected (under eaves of the roofline) and others that are in the open. They have operated well in all types of weather.

The resolution of these cameras is more than adequate - it is great. I highly recommend these cameras and the base system (LNR380 system). In fact, I just bought some more cameras.

18 out of 60


Location: Los Angeles, CA

I purchased the system 2 years ago from Costco. It came with a DVR and six cameras. So far the performance and reliability is great. My system has been up for two years. The quality of the video is great and it is easy to use. I decided to add two more cameras so I can see the storage shed I just installed in my back yard and to give me more coverage in the front of my house.

19 out of 60


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

My system was fine until the Android Lollipop upgrade. Then, I lost all ability to view my cameras from my mobile device. Lorex posted they were working on an upgrade to their APP in January. It is now July. Nothing. Everyone online and on the forums is pretty upset - myself included. Swannview Plus and iVMAS-4500 are the EXACT same program and they work fine. Lorex Tech Support suggested I download and install the APK file and directed me to a hacker site where the file was bundled with a downloader APK. The other APK files want access to storage, contact, location, camera, flashlight, etc. I think not. Lorex needs to fix this immediately. Then, they can have their 5 stars back.

20 out of 60


Location: Dallas, USA

Have 8 of these installed at one of our hotel with LNR 280, Best in quality and reliability.

21 out of 60


Location: Jacksonville FL

I purchased these two camera to expand my existing Lorex system. These cameras are extremely simple to install. All you have to do is run the one cable to this camera and plug it into master unit. and camera. Without this simple installation procedure I would never have tried to install a camera system. The other camera systems required that not only did you have to have a cable feed wire but also had to get power to each camera. Cameras provide high quality pictures both in the day and at night. I have a total of 13 cameras on my system.

22 out of 60


Location: Jacksonville FL

I purchased these two camera to expand my existing Lorex system. These cameras are extremely simple to install. All you have to do is run the one cable to this camera and plug it into master unit. and camera. Without this simple installation procedure I would never have tried to install a camera system. The other camera systems required that not only did you have to have a cable feed wire but also had to get power to each camera. Cameras provide high quality pictures both in the day and at night. I have a total of 13 cameras on my system.

23 out of 60


Location: Hamilton,NJ

We liked our recently purchased HD system so much that we purchased two more HD cameras. See our system review posted in February.

24 out of 60


Location: Gilbert. AZ.

Just ordered this 2 Pk of the IP HD cameras to add to the 6 I already have. These are great units and provide a super great image, easy to setup with the DVR also. My only wish is that they would have sound capability. I don't always need to record sound, but sometimes it's nice to hear certain things. Other than that, I'm really sold on the cameras and the Lorex product line in general, I really think they are the best for home use and even if I had an office or other commercial location I wanted to monitor.

25 out of 60


Location: Alabama

Very pleased with the high quality cameras that I purchased from Lorex, I now have 14 cameras and will soon be buying two more to complete my system. Excellent value for the money.

26 out of 60


Location: Seminole, Florida

Ordered two, 2 packs of the HD, 180P, IP bullet cameras and took advantage of the 15% off at the time. I was so impressed with the clarity, definition and lack of picture noise with the cameras that came with my NVR package.

I wish I could attach a nighttime IR picture from my backyard because you just would not believe the night time clarity!

1080P IP for awesome detail. The cameras are also small and unobtrusive, but visible.

27 out of 60


Location: Alabama

Lorex NVR easy to set up. Uses POE which makes wiring/powering cameras nice...very reliable operation with iPhone/Ipad apps. Pleased with system.

28 out of 60


Location: Arizona

Nice cameras with HD picture. Motion detection when used with NVR produces false alerts from shadows and any plants wavering in the wind. Nice that they run off only an ethernet cable.

29 out of 60


Location: Central Florda

Just installed 5 LNB2153B cams. Excellent picture Day and awesome Night time distance. Crystal clear video. Software is straight forward. Slight learning curve with the Record on Motion setting. Large leaves/branches activate recording. As do night time flying bugs. All in all, the highest quality video of any DVR I seen. Everything works well. Haven't had to call Tech support yet. Thanks.

30 out of 60


Location: Laurelville, OH

Several years ago, we purchased the Lorex Wireless Camera System and installed it in our home. It worked great, but the wireless would not work in our garage or barn because of the metal. Last winter someone broke into our barn and stole all our saddles. So we purchased the 8 camera HD 1080 Ethernet System and installed it in our barn. Works fantastic! Excellent color and view on cameras. We can now watch all activity in are barn from our house monitor or on the computer. The only thing we wish Lorex offered was off-site recorded backup. If someone breaks into our home, they could steal the DVR. The Ethernet wire run was longer than 100 ft, so we had to buy cat 5 wire and install the connectors. Fortunately, my husband is an electrical engineer, so he knew how to match up all the wires correctly in the connector. If you were just a regular handyman, it could be challenging to install the connector's on the wire. Lorex needs a video on how to install connectors on cat5 wire.

31 out of 60


Location: DC Metro Area

After months of research, this is the best camera that meets our needs. There are better cameras, which come with a higher price, but within the price range:

Price ? Reasonable (cost is at the high end of our research)
Video Quality ? Good (better than others in price range)
Color Quality ? Good (natural colors)
Ease of Installation ? OK (must run a cat 5 or better cable to each camera)
Indoor ? OK (lens is designed for wide angle, distance, but is acceptable)
Outdoor ? OK (camera must be covered from the elements (snow, rain, sun))
Power over Ethernet ? OK (must purchase adapter for each camera or the LNR300 NVR)

Overall ? Good (for the price, this is the best camera that meets our requirements)

32 out of 60


Location: Richmond

It is good quality but you need a very good PC and router in order to stream 1080p on your network.

33 out of 60


Location: Richmond

The picture quality are pretty good but you need a pretty good PC and very strong router to stream 6 camera in 1080P. If you dont have those equippment, you wont get 1080p video smoothly.

34 out of 60


Location: Herndon, VA

I have been using the LNR 200 series recorder with 6 HD cameras for 9 months with no problems in either the cameras or the recorder. Last month I decided to get 2 additional cameras for the HD system. After installing them a two days ago, both cameras seemed to work great until I tested them in the playback mode. Although one of the cameras worked great in real time mode, it would not work in playback mode. Called Lorex support and got a technician without any wait time. She found the problem, sent me an RMA number to return the product and shipped another unit out. Great service and great equipment.

35 out of 60


Location: Lethbridge, Alberta

Added 2 more cameras to our security system. Both work great. For the price you can't beat the quality of these HD cameras. Will buy more.

36 out of 60


Location: Kingwood, TX

I already had the 6 cam NVR system (works great.....see previous review), and added these two cameras. What can I say.....I just plugged them in and they work perfect. Plug and play. Now my system has 8 cameras covering my home. We have as much coverage as Fort Knox.

37 out of 60


Location: Surprise, AZ

I did a lot of homework before I purchased the Lorex system. When I got the system, I was so impressed by the image quality and ease of installation, I had to pick up 2 additional camera's. The POE is the best, no external power or other lines to install and hence falter. Lorex IP system is a great overall value.

38 out of 60


Location: New Mexico

The LNB2153B Lorex bullet style camera is the best home surveillance camera I've ever purchased. I have used and installed a competitor's cameras and these are far superior. The build quality, imagery and mounting options make them pretty much unbeatable. I was very satisfied with the HD 1080P picture image and the night vision video was more than I expected. I would highly recommend these cameras to anyone in the market to purchase a high quality home surveillance camera.

39 out of 60


Location: San Francisco

Excellent addition to existing system!!
As with the cameras that came with my original system, these additional cameras were easy to "self" install, as well as setup. Lorex netHD systems are the way to go for DIYer's - Highly Recommended!

40 out of 60


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

I originally got 6 of the LNB2153B cameras with my NVR. I must say, I was very impressed with the quality and features. So much so, I bought an additional 2 pack for my extra 2 channels. Looking forward to finishing my install once they arrive.

41 out of 60


Location: NW Washington

I purchased 8 of these cameras along with a LNR200 system. The cameras have great resolution compared to the old analog Hi Res cameras. I use the system around the outside of my business. The cameras give great photos and videos that I can identify people's faces and clothing and vehicles. I still have a hard time with license plates unless the vehicle is close, but much, much better than the old cameras. I do wish I had an outdoor PTL camera to go with it. IR can be a problem with fog. At times it looks like a major snow storm. The cameras with plenty of ambient light seem to work fine in fog. Spiders seem to like the IR light from the cameras too. Overall, they are great cameras.

42 out of 60


Location: Oregon

Along with the purchase of a new Lorex NVR eight channel system with 6 cameras, we later ordered two more of the same LNB2153 bullet cameras. This is to compliment a new camera system in the Homeowners' Association Indoor/Outdoor Tennis facility. I have purchased and installed LNB2153 cameras in the past and extremely pleased with the ease of installation and clarity of the 1080p HD images.

43 out of 60


Location: Santa Ana, Ca

Got two cameras to add to my system Dec 2013. Both cameras came up on my network and work great. I now have six cameras. My system is almost a year old - no problems.

Lorex tech support helped me set up my router port forwarding - they know what they are doing.
I use my local TV monitor, PC monitor and Samsung Android phone for live view with my cameras.

44 out of 60


Location: Washington, IL

I really can't say enough about these cameras, especially for the price. Originally I ordered the LNR182C6 package with 6 cameras. Mine ended up coming with 4 bullet and 2 domes for some reason. It was supposed to come with 6 bullets. Actually worked out great for me since I like to use the domes inside anyways. After installing the six, I let them run for about a month. We just got done having a crazy cold spell which worried me. Turns out my worries for nothing. We had temps down to -16 with -40 wind chills and they didn't even flinch. After that cold snap, I decided it was time to add two more so I did.

45 out of 60


Location: Nashville TN

Quick shipping, great service from Lorex. Cameras work wonderful and are compatible with the new LNR300 series. Thanks Lorex.

46 out of 60


Location: St-hilaire, Quebec

Très bonne caméra, qualité d'image très bonne. Vue de nuit excellente. Doit protéger nous même connections qui ne sont pas faites pour le mauvais temps. Comme ont dirait, plug and play.

47 out of 60


Location: Navarre, FL

Power of Ethernet is the way to go. Excellent video quality. Very easy to set up.

48 out of 60


Location: San Jose

These were part of a new installation of HD cameras connected via Cat5E cable. I was delighted that they all worked and the pictures are wonderfully clear.

49 out of 60


Location: Atlanta

Pros - The picture quality is very good with these cameras. Super easy install with the power over Ethernet cable. This camera 2-pack was a great price and completes my 8 camera system. Nighttime image is really good with these cameras; not so much with the dome cameras.

Cons - The mount is somewhat restrictive in terms of how one can aim the camera. The cover shield comes off too easily. No waterproof connectors for exposed connections. They're not truly "real time" images; there is a delay (unless my set-up is wrong).

Aside from the cameras themselves - Customer support is generally good, although if you call and get Stewart in second tier support; hang up and call back later he is horrible.

50 out of 60


Location: Wareham/Boston, MA

The cameras were first rate. I had one camera out of 13 that had an intermittent problem. - logged onto the web site for a RMA.

Installation made easy because of the PoE and the power for the camera being provided directly from the NVR.

Would have been a 5 however, I experienced a longer than I thought appropriate for technical support on a Monday morning.

51 out of 60


Location: Castro Valley, CA

I installed a 6 camera system with the NVR recorder. In the middel of the install, the client decided to add 2 additional cameras to the system. I chose this product because they're identicle to the 6 cameras that came with the system. They're easy to install. The wide, rectangle format of 16x9 allows fast coverage of the areas on my campus. The daylight pictures are fantastic, the night pictures with the IR range is very good. With the IR they "see in the dark."
There are several areas on the two campus that need to be upgraded from standard composit video cameras. I'm going to use these Lorex systems for all the upgrades.
The only improvement I wish for is a rubber (not foam) gasket under the base to keep water out of the mount.

52 out of 60


Location: Daveluyville, Canada

Great camera, good quality, great packaging, easy to configure

53 out of 60


Location: Maine

Very good quality. Happy with purchase. Functionality is great and has all the features I need.

54 out of 60


Location: Lake Tahoe Ca

Have five Lorex hd cameras surrounding my house to get some video of the bears and coyotes who traverse my yard like it's an interstate highway. The sixth camera is set up in my basement / storage area so I can finally determine how that mouse manages to eat the peanut butter off my mousetrap without triggering the trap. Who needs security cameras? These are my favorite toys!!!

55 out of 60


Location: Birmingham, AL

Good product with very easily installation. All cameras are in a carwash so time will tell if then last the harsh conditions.

56 out of 60


Location: Maine

Great quality camera and easy to set up. Plug and Play was nice.

57 out of 60


Location: Long Island NY

Previous to purchasing Lorex digital cameras we had analog security cameras and truthfully they were okay but if you really needed to identify anyone they were pretty bad....the new lorex digital cameras and NVR system we purchased is terrific. You couldn't ask for better picture quality, ease of use and great night vision but best ever is the easy installation.

58 out of 60


Location: US

Cameras were easy to install. Am very satisfied with their performance to date.

59 out of 60


Location: Miami

Quality cameras and great packaging .

60 out of 60


Location: Dallas, GA

Great camera. Ordered on Saturday and received it the following Friday with free shipping.



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