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HD WiFi Outdoor Camera with night vision and audio



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Wireless HD Indoor/Outdoor Network Camera with 720p Resolution

LNC100 wifi monitoring camera for your home

Experience the simplicity of plug-and-play setup in a fully weatherproof indoor/outdoor (IP66 rated) metal housing security camera. View and record stunning HD video with no recurring fees. Connect to the camera on a wireless WiFi connection or by wiring the camera with Ethernet cable - the choice is yours! With the Lorex Stratus 3-step setup, it is quick and easy to view to your camera on a smartphone or tablet. Simply activate your camera by downloading the free Lorex Ping app and scanning the QR code on the camera to get started. View your world in different lighting conditions with Dual Lens technology - one sensor for daytime viewing providing pristine and colorful video, and the other sensor offering you authentic footage all through the night.





Wireless Network Camera



High-Defnition Video Recording



Maximum night vision


/ -20°C

Operates in Cold Climate

Lorex ping2


Live Video and Audio

Live Video and Audio

Keep track of your world from anywhere in the world. Access any of your IP security cameras using a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac to view a stunning, real time surveillance footage. The LNC26x features a high definition image sensor as well as the built-in microphone for audio monitoring.

High Definition Video Recording Resolution

High Definition, 720P Recording Resolution

LNC26x allows several video recording options. Live video recording can be done when connected to the camera using a supported smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Continuous, scheduled or alert-activated recording is performed by 16 channel PC / Mac software that is included with the unit. The wireless IP camera also supports NAS and recording on a built-in Micro SD card (Not included)

Motion Activated Alerts

Motion and Sound Activated Alerts

Stay aware of every sight and sound at your household or business with smart video motion detection and a built-in microphone. In the event of an intrusion, the camera can send an email with a picture attachment, or an instant notification to a smartphone.

Dual Lens Technology

Dual Lens Technology

The LNC26X is ideal for homeowners who want to stay aware of their property 24/7. It comes with a dual lens; one is devoted to daytime viewing, providing pristine and colorful video. The other lens is specially designed for low-light conditions, offering you authentic footage around the clock. The cameras boast a powerful infrared LED that allows for viewing of up to 50ft away in total darkness.

Weather Resistance

Water Resistant Housing

Built to withstand even the harshest conditions, the LNC26x is protected from the rain, snow, dust and low temperatures. Designed to work in the Northern American climate, the camera can operate in the temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C), protecting your property all year round.

Notifications for Motion

Simple Installation

The LNC26x can be connected to the router using either the Wi-Fi connection, or an Ethernet cable. When used as a in a wireless mode, the camera can be installed in locations that are difficult to reach or where it is hard to run the cable back to the router. The wired connection is useful for areas that have no Wi-Fi signal, or when installing multiple cameras causes interference. Bear in mind, the camera requires access to an electrical outlet.

Lorex Ping2 App

Easy connection with Ping2

The LNC26x is designed for use with our Lorex Ping2 app for mobile phones. This app makes remote viewing a breeze with an easy set-up and straightforward interface. Once connected, configure the app to send you push notifications straight to your phone for motion and sound activated alerts. With this remote viewing app you can also save a snapshot or record video straight to your phone, and activate the two-way intercom.

Works With

Lorex Ping2 is designed for iOS and Android phones, but will still work with tablets. Windows and Mac software is available in the documentation section below.

Micro SD Compatible

Record and store video on the Micro SD supported system.

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

Expandable System

System is expandable, allowing for additional camera channels.



IP Camera Features:

  • View, record & playback in real-time HD
  • Weatherproof indoor/outdoor camera (IP66 rated) 1
  • Cold climate capability (operates to -4F/ -20C)
  • Simultaneous microSD card, PC, Mac, NAS and mobile recording 2
  • Wi-Fi & wired Internet connectivity. Easy connection to Wi-Fi networks with WPS 3
  • Night vision up to 50ft (15m) / 75ft (23m) 4
  • microSD recording & playback 5
  • Extend connection to network and/or power up to 164ft (50m) using standard Ethernet cabling (6ft cable included)
  • 5 second pre-recording of motion events
  • Built-in microphone for listen-in audio. Sound activated alerts
  • Push notification of events & email alerts with snapshot attachments
  • H.264 video compression
  • Supports up to 20 simultaneous users 6
  • Expandable up to 16 cameras 7


  • Indoor/Outdoor IP Camera
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power adapter,
  • Quick Setup Guide
  • CD (user manual included on CD)

1. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.
2. Requires a high speed Internet connection and a wired connection to a router (not included). An upload speed of 1Mbps is recommended for optimal video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time. For the latest compatibility list check support as new models become available in the market.
3. Compatible with WPS enabled routers (not included).
4. Stated IR illumination ranges are based on ideal conditions in total darkness and typical outdoor night time ambient lighting. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection / absorption.
5. microSD card not included (supports up to 32GB).
6. Connection speed may vary depending Internet bandwidth.
7. Additional cameras sold separately.










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1 out of 41


Location: North Carolina

Bought 2 of these at once. Installed 1 to be sure we were happy with it. Easy install, and works great. Using it for a vacation home since we cannot be there all the time and want to keep tabs on the outside entrances. Just installed second one a few days ago and all seems to be ok. Best part is the remote viewing by my family members to see the weather conditions and for security. I would recommend this camera.

2 out of 41


Location: New Jersey

Camera was easy to setup and configure. Picture quality is great.

3 out of 41


Location: Myrtle Beach, SC

Camera was very easy to pair and install in software program. Mounting was very easy. Whole process took under 30 minutes. Have other indoor cameras that are of this type, but were harder to set up and pair, this was very easy. Picture is cceptable as long as you change the streaming setting and kps about 500, otherwise the picture is blurry. So make sure your Wifi system is capable of high speed streaming. I have 802.11ac Apple router and it works fine.

4 out of 41


Location: NY METRO

Purchased two wifi Lorex cameras for indoors. Wanted them to add to the outdoor system. These cameras are not 1080p but they do offer a qualitity picture in day and night light. They have solid features including anywhere viewing. More or at least as important to features and picture quality is the outstanding customer service of Lorex. Again they pulled me out of setup issues with courtesy patience and skill.

5 out of 41


Location: Las Vegas

Purchased 4 cameras on Black Friday, what a smoking Deal! I have one Camera up and testing, and it works great both in day and night mode, although night mode the clarity is less then I expected. There are a number of things that could be better with this suite...they have a great set of cameras but the software and configuration is complex, and not for average user.

On the app side the android app crashes, and will not run on the latest build on my Nexus 7 tablet, the IOS app work fine on the Phone 6+. The Lview software leaves something to be desired on the MAC and PC and needs improvment, the good thing is all this can be fixed by the Lorex/Flir Team in time, will report more once I get all the Cameras setup.

6 out of 41


Location: Calgary

Order two of these cameras on for my front door the other for my garage. I love these cameras, The look is great the function is awesome, Had no problem setting them up, I think I set the sensitivity to motion high cause I am getting notifications ever 5 mins. I will have to play around with that, Its o fault of the camera its all me on that one. The connection is great I would highly recommend.

7 out of 41


Location: BC Canada

The product arrived within 10 days of ordering and the quality is excellent! 1st camera took me a few hours to install, the 2nd about an hour and one half.. The wireless was a bit weak as it would not always be able to be seen through the aluminium siding but once I ran the ethernet cable it was absolutely 100% I will give this system a full 5 stars, worth every $ spent on it. No need for a dvr as the accompanying software works flawlessly on my windows 10 pc.Completely satisfied and will post again after some months go by to comment on longevity.

8 out of 41


Location: Kansas City, MO

I have several of these cameras, inside and out, and overall they work pretty good, not perfect, but good. For a novice like me, I had a few problems figuring out how to get everything working properly, but eventually it all came together. One quirk that I have and I intend to email Lorex support on this one is that the little colored lights blink on and off, even thought the cameras work just fine. This is happening on one inside camera and on the two outside cameras that I just purchased. Inside is not so much of a problem but I would prefer the outside ones to be as invisible as possible. I have both an iPad and an IPhone and both connect really well, but getting them coordinated after adding a new camera is a work still in progress. Having remote access to your home is definitely worth the effort here, just make sure that a good deal of patience is included in the process. One other comment; be advised that there are several different user names and passwords involved and they are not clearly defined in the instructions.

9 out of 41


Location: Owasso, OK

Great Little System!!! I got the system to watch the front and back of my house, and my mailbox! Records video well. Records sound very well. Has great night vision. The price of this little package, plus the affect it has when people know it's watching over my home is worth 100 times the cost!!! Plus, you can watch live or prerecorded video from your smart phone!!!

10 out of 41


Location: Pittsburgh

We bought the 4 camera wireless security system for the business and very happy with this product. First we where amazed how far the transmitters works 2 of our cameras sitting over 150 yards from the transmitter and it is very convenient to be able to watch the place 24/7 on any device (computer, phone or tablet).

11 out of 41


Location: New Jersey

I ordered this camera through Home Depot. I've had it now for a week and have spent about eight hours over a period of three days trying to get it to work properly. The software needs to be more intuitive and user friendly. I want to monitor a door entry on the side of the house and have the camera record any activity to the SD Card. Unfortunately, the sensitivity for the motion detection is either too sensitive or non existent. If I use the IR detection, it will not record my presence even though I'm only standing 10 ft. from the camera. Today, I went to check on the camera and it had disconnected from all my devices. I've not been able to reconnect. These are the features that prompted me to buy this camera but if they don't work then I consider it useless and unreliable. That being said I'm only giving this product a one star rating. I don't know if it's a problem with the software or the camera, but it shouldn't be this difficult. I'm returning it for a full refund.

If anyone is experiencing similar difficulties, please contact our technical support team and they would be happy to assist you. They can be reached from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am - 10:00 pm. at 1-888-425-6739.

12 out of 41


Location: LA

Bought this for the specific task of being able to see if something was going on the previous night. I wasn't ready to drop money for a whole security system. The L-play software works fine for playback and viewing. Software leaves much more to be desired, but for my application it works. A few updates to L-Play would help such as being able to define recording areas (I don't really need every single possible car coming through). I can access the camera via IP, but downloading individual files from the SD card is a pain. Lorex needs to get some people to develop an easier way or move the camera to a more updated system. I'm docking points for the terrible updating on the mobile platforms, specifically Android (since that's what I use). A announcement saying that this doesn't work with the newest android came out months ago, and I have yet to see or hear back anything about it. One main advantage I was suppose to have was to review things (playback) on a mobile device, which doesn't work. The remote live viewing works though with some hiccups. Overall it works, but leaves a lot to desire. On the positive, the Ethernet cable (PoE possible) can be routed through the camera mount. This allows you to install it only having to route 1 wire since it comes with a PoE adapter. Adjusting the camera is easy with a screwdriver and app (to see where it's pointing), and hasn't shifted unless told otherwise so far. My camera is not directly in the sun, so I cannot comment on how it is in direct sunlight all day. Nightvision comes with some compromises, but I can make out details out. All the setting I have are a little above default (a little brighter, a little more motion sensitive) and once you find the settings that work, I'd stick with them. Giving it a 2 because it WORKS for me, but that's the most I can say about it.

13 out of 41


Location: Sao Paulo Brazil

I bought it for testing, but I prefer Samsung SmartCam

14 out of 41


Location: Boisbriand, Qc

For versatility, I would give it a 6 stars out of 5. You can connect at the same time with iphone, windows and mac. The recording is done on the sd card so no need to have a dedicated computer to record. Support wifi but signal drop quickly du to outside house material. Very easy to use network cable to extend the connection if needed. Image quality is awsome. Support night vision with 2 differents sensors. Free remote connexion over 3G or LTE. Excellent customer support. The only problem I found so far is the stability of the mac software. I used a old mac mini to show the front door camera during the day and the software crash after 2-3 hours. I need to contact technical support about that but I'm hoping that this problem will be fix in future software release.

15 out of 41


Location: NJ

The product seems to work as well as can be expected. Hookup was relatively easy. I expect to be very satisfied as time goes on. I was a bit disappointed that I was unable to track the status of my order. I never received an email that the product was shipped and was concerned that it would arrive late for my needs (I paid extra for quicker shipping) but ultimately it did arrive on time.

16 out of 41


Location: California

I bought these to watch for vandalism at my home. Day is very good but the night is a bit fuzzy. Set-up was not easy Lorex tech support was great and quite helpful.

17 out of 41


Location: WI

Camera works very well. It was easy to install and get connected to the wifi.

18 out of 41


Location: Seattle

Its very easy to install. i like the camera for the price I pad. I recommend buying this camera for wire free installation

19 out of 41


Location: Fremont, CA

I have a few professional suggestions - after installing more than 40 of this model I would strongly recommend 2 things; #1 is to add a 2-3 inch pig-tail WiFi antenna to the back surface area (I looked inside and it is do-able). #2 Add a right-click option to "copy" or "send to" when viewing the recorded SD files in the L-View SD playback window. OR for #2 any method for archiving a file without having to remove the card from the camera.

20 out of 41


Location: north dakota

I purchased one for my garage and im very satisified with it. Its really easy to set up. I put a wi fi extender and that stopped it from disconnecting and reconnecting. It nice when you're not home and you get automatic pings/emails when someone pulls into the yard. The product also works in the extreme cold havent had one problem in the cold weather. i'd recomend this product to anyone.

21 out of 41


Location: Florida

Camera works when close to wifi and needs a strong signal. I've had a difficult time getting responsive support to get this working. The responses were superficial and of no help. I would not recommend this company for the novice.

22 out of 41


Location: Kamloops

This system had all the features I wanted and acceptable snapshot and videos. However, after 6 service tickets and 3 remote logins for tech help for record and playback problems on cell phone, Mac and PC computers, the problems could not be resolved. 4 to 10 days for reply to tech help tickets was frustrating as I was running out of time to return the product. I returned this after a 60 day struggle with no resolution to the otherwise good system if it would work.

23 out of 41


Location: san jose, ca

works great right out of box

24 out of 41


Location: Idaho

I bought this to see what was wandering past outside (animals). I got this particular model for the power over ethernet capability - I don't want to run a circuit just for the camera if possible. It was really easy to set up. I'm using wired ethernet. I put the power module in my network box about 40 feet from the camera. I used the iPhone Lorex Ping app to set the camera up and it just worked great. I even moved it from one subnet to another and the Ping app picked the camera up again without my having to do anything. I will say the Ping apps are not really the same. The iPhone version seems pretty good but its missing a few things. I can't find a way to play back video from the microSD card in the camera. However the iPad version does do this. The iPad version is a bit flaky though. It locks up now and again. Also the iPad Ping seems to send me alerts but the iPhone Ping does not. The iPad also doesn't refresh the screen correctly so I see a distorted video. (I'm on iPad model 3 and iPhone 5s) The iPhone version and the Mac version don't have this issue. To set the admin password (very important in my book) I had to use the Mac L-view app and the camera's web interface. One note on the mac version of the software - for some reason the mac's security rejected the app's maker and I had to go into security and override the "don't let this app run" so I could use it. Overall I'm satisfied with it and I'll probably buy another one at some point. (point of view: my ethernet/tcp/wifi skill is pretty high)

25 out of 41


Location: Burien WA

Camera was fairly easy to connect to my 2nd generation ipad. So far it's working flawlessly. Had some trouble resetting the (mandatory) initial password but got it resolved.

26 out of 41


Location: Granbury, TX

The camera had a very nice picture and worked on both wired and wireless. I have had the camera 10 days. Sometime during the last week it stopped connecting to the network. It tries every 15 seconds but fails, neither wired nor wireless would work even after factory reset. The camera never left my office, I had not had an opportunity to install it outside where I plan to use it. Lorex is forwarding a replacement, no cost, I will update after I have seen how that one works for a while.

27 out of 41


Location: Ohio

Installed completely in two hours. Picture was clear and served my purpose very well.

28 out of 41


Location: Prospect Heights, IL

Got this camera last week and so far it has met all of my expectations. Extremely easy to set up. I had purchased two other cameras last year and have been very pleased with Lorex support so I am expanding my system. Easy to view over Wi-Fi.

29 out of 41


Location: Prospect Heights, IL

Got this camera last week and so far it has met all of my expectations. Extremely easy to set up. I had purchased two other cameras last year and have been very pleased with Lorex support so I am expanding my system. Easy to view over Wi-Fi.

30 out of 41


Location: Chicago Area

I bought two of these cameras. Both physically installed very easily. I drilled a hole in the exterior wall of my house for the Cat 5 cable, connected one wirelessly and one wired. Both installed flawlessly. Connectivity is easy IF you are patient and follow the instructions. The viewing areas is easy to adjust. The ability to record via micro sd card or a server is great. Playback is easy. There are lots of great features, including night vision and the ability to set recording to motion only as well as viewing them from anywhere. I bought these to compliment the interior IP cameras. I now have four and plan to increase my count. I have not noticed any lag in internet performance with four cameras on my network. In summary, the cameras work as advertised.

31 out of 41


Location: Wisconsin

Thus far solid camera with good day and night vision. Range has been ok but little suprised how fast it drops compared to other devices. Works as advertised with the remote view L View and iphone app. Had to drop one of the video quality settings even though I was on the same network since the picture would cut out. Seems to work fine. Wish there were a couple extra options which came with the camera like remote ddns and being able to schedule ftp upload or email based on a determined time period vs. just motion

32 out of 41


Location: West Virginia

This is my third LNC226 and I have been very pleased with the video quality and ease of set up. We are frequently away from home and my cameras provide a sense of security and comfort not available from a "blind" security system. Hope to add more cameras in the near future.

33 out of 41


Location: BC Canada

Good resolution - videos and stills, liked features like remote cell phone viewing and recording. Downside - Not compatible with Mac computers; l-Play software not available for Mac.

34 out of 41


Location: Kennett Square, Pa

With the addition of another LNC226 I now have six cameras on my system, 3 LNC216 and 3 LNC226. Have the LNC226 now on Ethernet due to router distance and Aluminum siding causing a weak signal. With that there is no issue having 3 LNC216 on Wi-Fi and 3 LNC226 cameras on Ethernet using my iPad. Ping for my iOad only has room to display 6 cameras so if I needed more cameras I would have to cycle those into view by dropping other(s) from view. Six cameras are all I need.

35 out of 41


Location: Eugene, Oregon

very nice picture both in dan and night mode. We purchased for family members to view the property when no at home but are having a hard time getting it set up to view remotely using browsers for several family members who have chromebooks and one uses Linux. This product likes to use Windows, Macs or Android using there own program/app. We are continuing to fight the setup proccess with the help of Lorex Tech Support who have been responsive.

36 out of 41


Location: Virginia

Got this product in the mail and after following the instructions, the camera does not turn on, no lights, sounds, nothing from this thing. Won't connect over ethernet either. Called tech support and this non-english speaking lady said "yeah thats a problem." They made me call Customer Service with a ticket number and after being on hold for 17.5 minutes they finally answered and explained to me that because they sent me a bad product I have to pay to ship it back to them for replacement.

37 out of 41


Location: new Hampshire

Using the camera x 2 on wifi, very easy setup (needed a micro Philips screwdriver to remove the plate), great image during the day and total darkness, no issues whatsoever.

38 out of 41


Location: Tennessee

Awesome camera system! We were looking for a surveillance system because of recent neighborhood break-ins. We're on a budget, so we wanted something that would give us immediate coverage without having to wait on the purchase of future components and that is why we picked these IP cameras; they work as stand alone equipment. We ordered the cameras on September 2nd and they were delivered on the 5th. That was fast! We were expecting them to take a week or more with the free delivery and were pleasantly surprised when they came much sooner. Set up instructions seem a little daunting, but in hindsight they were spot on. Our particular set up started with connecting the cameras directly to the router with the ethernet cable and going through the "Web Configure". After that we disconnected the ethernet cable, installed a 32GB mini SD card in each camera, and set up WIFI connection with all of our different devices (PC, Ipad, Iphone, 2 Androids). All of them accessed both cameras with no problems at all. Next, we set up email alerts; an email message with a snapshot is sent to my phone every time either camera detects motion. From the time I went to bed last night (11 pm) until this morning at 6 am, I received 176 alerts. The cameras' sensitivity are set to 3 (medium high) and catches everything from the neighbor across the street getting in his car (180' away) to moths flying by. Some of the surprises we saw was two different neighborhood cats visiting our house, a mouse run across our front side-walk, and the sheriff deputy who came to investigate a 911 call hang-up (our 2 year old grand daughter accidentally called 911 on her mom's phone at 4 am this morning, but that's another story for another time, lol). Installation was pretty quick and easy; I actually installed a dedicated electrical outlet in our garage for one of the cameras, which took twice as long to do than installing the camera itself and the second camera required running an extension cord through the attic (will go back later and install a dedicated electrical outlet in the attic). Night vision is decent, but we have a yard light on telephone pole and motion activated door lights. I expected to see night vision "white out" when the motion lights came on but that didn't happen. When we install future cameras they will cover the unlighted areas of our yard, then I will be better able to judge the night vision capabilities. Overall, we're very happy with this product and will definitely be buying more components from Lorex. The only negative is the initial setup of the cameras, but I don't know how Lorex can make the instructions any clearer.

39 out of 41


Location: Redding, California

Purchased due to recent thefts and attempted burglary: The Good: Fairly easy to set up in about 15 minutes, quality day and night images, appears sturdy The Bad: Make sure unit is fairly easy to get to after installation as problems requiring you to reset unit/reconnecting to wi-fi may require you to open the unit and press the WPS or Reset switch. The Ugly: I had to unhook the 2nd unit as the wi-fi went bad and would only work with a wired internet connection. I had to uninstall the camera and spent considerable amount of time putting up/taking down the unit using ladder. I will need to return the 2nd unit.

40 out of 41


Location: Redding, California

Purchased due to recent thefts and attempted burglary: The Good: Fairly easy to set up in about 15 minutes, quality day and night images, appears sturdy The Bad: Make sure unit is fairly easy to get to after installation as problems requiring you to reset unit/reconnecting to wi-fi may require you to open the unit and press the WPS or Reset switch. The Ugly: I had to unhook the 2nd unit as the wi-fi went bad and would only work with a wired internet connection. I had to uninstall the camera and spent considerable amount of time putting up/taking down the unit using ladder. I will need to return the 2nd unit.

41 out of 41


Location: texas

Great picture easy installmand set up!!!!



English security decal


Spanish security decal










HD 720p Wireless IP Camera with Pan-Tilt




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