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16 channel IP security system featuring twelve 2K resolution security cameras with Color Night Vision



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A powerful 16 channel, 12 camera IP security system with 2K resolution security cameras featuring Color Night Vision™


Experience the next generation of IP camera systems with this web exclusive bundle from Lorex. The HDIP1666DW features our 2K, 16-channel NR800 network video recorder (NVR). It also comes with twelve 2K IP security cameras that use Color Night Vision™ technology. Space for four additional IP cameras is there for when your monitoring needs evolve.





2K NVR can support up to 16 cameras



12 x 2K IP cameras



Maximum night vision Color Night Vision™



Maximum Capacity 4 x 6TB hard drives

2K (4 megapixel) network security monitoring

2K (4 megapixel) surveillance monitoring

Security monitoring in 2K quality leaves nothing to the imagination. It can be the difference in identifying vital details such as license plate numbers or faces. Both types of IP cameras in this bundle capture footage at 20 frames-per-second (FPS). This ensures smooth on-screen movement so your system doesn’t skip a beat. They also contain wide 90° angle lenses to provide extensive video coverage. 3D digital noise reduction (DNR) technology filters noise from your image (day and night) for a cleaner, more accurate image.

2K (4 megapixel) network security monitoring

2K security cameras - a new level of detail and clarity

2K security cameras give you a better chance to capture the details you need thanks to their 2688 x 1520 pixel rate. This additional resolution (compared to 1920 x 1080) is especially useful if you need to zoom in on distant objects. Don't miss out on those important pieces of evidence should an intrusion or incident ever occur.


Choosing the right security system

differences between Lorex MPX analog HD security systems and Lorex NVR security systems
MPX or IP? What security systems to choose? analog or digital?

Stay protected even while you sleep

Remain vigilant even when night falls with Lorex’s color night vision (CNV) technology. The LNB4321B and LNE4322B IP cameras will deliver full color video (even in low-light conditions) to provide an extra level of visual detail that may help identify people or objects through the night. Rest assured knowing that your security cameras will be there for you during the darkest hours of the night with excellent night vision ranges up to 130ft (LNB4321B) and 125ft (LNE4322B). (Click for video)(Click for video)

LNE4322 Night Vision Range
LNB4321B Night Vision Range
Plug-and-play simplicity with Power over Ethernet technology

Plug-and-play installation with PoE technology

Lorex is proud to offer do-it-yourself IP camera systems. The HDIP1666D web exclusive bundle is no exception. A simple plug-and-play setup will have your security system up and running in minutes. This is accomplished with power-over-ethernet (PoE) technology. Each IP camera needs only a single cable run to connect to your NVR camera. This cable provides both power and video transmission. Extend your coverage up to 300ft / 91m with this all-in-one cable (click here to purchase extension cables). A digital IP system such as this can incorporate a PoE switch, which allows you to extend and minimize the amount of cabling required for larger properties.

Access your security system from anywhere in the world with FLIR Cloud connectivity

Remote mobile viewing with FLIR Cloud™

Always have your security system at your fingertips with the FLIR Cloud™ app for your mobile device or personal computer. Connect your DVR to FLIR Cloud™ and securely access your system no matter where you are in the world. See what your cameras see or watch recorded playback all from the palm of your hand. Customizable features such as push notifications and instant email alerts for motion-triggered events will keep you up-to-date to any movement on your property.

Works With

LNE4322B weatherproof & vandal resistant IP cameras

Weatherproof and vandal resistant IP security cameras

The LNB4321B and LNB3322B IP cameras are extremely rugged and can fend for themselves all year long. Versatile ceiling or wall mounting options make it possible to place cameras where you need them most - indoors and outdoors. With an IP66 weatherproof rating, your cameras can endure heavy rainfalls and temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C). Heavy-duty (yet durable) metal housing makes these cameras a safe choice for indoor and outdoor surveillance monitoring.



Heat Rating

140°F | 60°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

-22°F | -30°C

Cold Rating



Heat Rating

140°F | 60°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

-22°F | -30°C

Cold Rating

Security grade hard drive for high workloads

Save footage to the heavy-duty 24/7 security certified hard drive

The HDIP1666D security system features a 3TB security certified hard drive engineered to manage the constant demands of surveillance monitoring. Rely on this professional grade HDD to safely store weeks (or even months) of security footage. Program scheduled recording times or record at a lower resolution to extend recording space. The motion-triggered recording option can also save additional storage space by recording only when movement is detected.

Image resolution comparison

2K 4mp Comparison Chart
  2K HDIP HD 1080 Digital IP HD 720 Digital IP HD 1080 Analog BNC HD 720 Analog BNC
Recording 4mp (2688×1520) Full 1080p HD (1920x1080) 720p HD (1280x720) Analog 1080p HD (1920x1080) 720p HD (1280x720)
Platform 2K NVR systems 1080p HD NVR systems 720p HD NVR systems 1080p HD DVR systems 720p HD DVR systems
Video Digital IP / RJ45 connection Digital IP / RJ45 connection Digital IP / RJ45 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection
Power PoE (Power over Ethernet) PoE (Power over Ethernet) PoE (Power over Ethernet) Standard DC power Standard DC power
Installation Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Cameras require wired connection to DVR Cameras require wired connection to DVR
Resolution 2K = 4 megapixels 1080p = 2 megapixels 720p = 1 megapixels 1080p = 2 megapixels 720p = 1 megapixels

NVR Network Video Recorder

Security NVRs will connect to IP cameras using CAT5 network cables and will store pre-compressed video footage from IP cameras.

2K Super HD Resolution (2×1080p Full HD)

2K resolution offers twice the resolution of 1080p with approximately 2000 horizontal pixels. This new level of details will vividly improve the video quality of your security footage.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud will help simplify and organize your life by keeping track of all your security cameras from anywhere in the world on any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® devices.

ONVIF Compliant

ONVIF is an open standard protocol for IP Network Cameras to communicate easily with Network Video Recorder (NVR) devices.




16 channel, digital HD 1080p security NVR:

  • Full high definition 1080p recording
  • Real-time recording at 30fps per channel
  • 16 built-in PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports providing video and power on a single Ethernet cable
  • Automatically detects compatible IP cameras in the network1
  • 24/7 security-grade pre-installed hard drive2
  • H.264 video compression2
  • Expandable high capacity storage
  • Mirror hard drive recording - secure your recordings by backing up footage to an internal hard drive at the same time as recording to the primary hard drive3
  • Pentaplex operation - view, record, playback, backup & remotely control the system simultaneously
  • Simultaneous playback and live view on the same screen4
  • Selectable area digital zoom in live view and playback
  • Dynamic click-and-drag camera channel assignment
  • Flip and mirror camera view settings
  • Convenient front panel button controls
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & daylight savings time
  • Instant USB backup of live video from selected camera
  • Dual video outputs (HDMI & VGA) to connect multiple monitors
  • HDMI output (HDMI cable included) for simple connection to HD TVs
  • Keep up to date with automatic firmware upgrades5
  • 3-step remote view with FLIR Cloud™6
  • PC and Mac compatible7
  • Free iOS and Android compatible apps with live viewing, playback, video recording, and snap shot7
  • Dedicated iPad app with multi-channel live viewing and playback7
  • Push notifications of motion events
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Dual streaming to conserve bandwidth
  • Continuous, scheduled and motion recording

Each NR8163 Includes:

1 × NVR
1 × AC power cable
1 × Remote control
1 × USB mouse
1 × Ethernet cable
1 × HDMI cable
Quick start guides

1. Compatible with Lorex 1080p 2MP / 3MP / 4MP PoE HD IP cameras only. For a list of compatible cameras, please visit
2. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
3. Mirror recording requires a second hard drive (not included) to be installed in the NVR. Mirrored hard drive must be as large or larger than the primary hard drive to backup all recordings. Backup begins from when the mirrored hard drive is installed and configured.
4. Instant playback feature available on one camera at a time during live view (when in quad or multiple live camera viewing mode).
5. Both firmware and software must be updated to latest version to ensure remote connectivity. Firmware updates are pushed to the NVR automatically over the Internet (available at Always update to the latest software after upgrading the NVR firmware.
6. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). A minimum upload speed of 2Mbps is required for the best video performance. Up to 2 devices may connect to the system at the same time.
7. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, please visit


Weatherproof 1080p HD Night Vision IP Security Camera Features:

  • High definition 4mp image sensor delivers double the detail of 1080p1
  • 4mp Super HD video recording provides superior quality for reviewing fine details in heightened resolution
  • Color Night Vision™ provides full color images at night, letting you identify objects and people more accurately than in black & white2
  • IR night vision range up to 130ft (40m) in ambient lighting and 90ft (27m) in total darkness3
  • ClearNight imaging for improved low light performance and improved recording efficiency
  • True High Dynamic Range (HDR) improves image clarity in high-contrast lighting, revealing details in extremely bright and dark areas of the image
  • Intelligent compression saves recording space by optimizing video performance based on available bandwidth
  • Wide angle 83° field of view (horizontal)
  • Ceiling / wall mountable
  • Simple camera installation using a single Cat5e cable with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • UL-compliant cable suitable for surface and in-wall installation
  • Extend the camera's video and power with a single Ethernet cable up to 300ft (91m) from the recorder
  • Single-screw bracket adjustment for faster installation
  • Cold climate capability (-22°F / -30°C)
  • Weatherproof for outdoor & indoor installation (IP66 Rated)4

Each LNB4321B Includes:

1 × IP Bullet Camera
1 × Mounting Kit
1 × 60ft Ethernet Cable

1. Compatible with all Lorex HD NVRs except for LNR100 (LNR110 supported), LNR200 & LNR300 Series. For the most up-to-date list of compatible recorders, visit
2. Full color nighttime video typically switches to black & white IR night vision below 1 lux to ensure optimal low-light image quality.
3. Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and in total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area, and light reflection / absorption level of object. In low light, the camera will switch to black and white.
4. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.


Weatherproof 4mp 1080p HD Night Vision IP Dome Security Camera Features:

  • High definition 4mp image sensor delivers double the detail of 1080p1
  • 4mp Super HD video recording provides superior quality for reviewing fine details in heightened resolution
  • Color Night Vision™ provides full color images at night, letting you identify objects and people more accurately than in black & white2
  • IR night vision range up to 125ft (38m) in ambient lighting and 82ft (25m) in total darkness3
  • ClearNight imaging for improved low light performance and improved recording efficiency
  • True High Dynamic Range (HDR) improves image clarity in high-contrast lighting, revealing details in extremely bright and dark areas of the image
  • Intelligent compression saves recording space by optimizing video performance based on available bandwidth
  • Wide angle 83° field of view (horizontal)
  • Ceiling / wall mountable
  • Simple camera installation using a single Cat5e cable with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • UL-compliant cable suitable for surface and in-wall installation
  • Extend the camera's video and power with a single Ethernet cable up to 300ft (91m) from the recorder
  • Cold climate capability (-22°F / -30°C)
  • Weatherproof for outdoor & indoor installation (IP66 Rated)4

Each LNE4322B Includes:

1 × IP Dome Camera
1 × Mounting Kit
1 × 60ft Ethernet Cable

1. Compatible with all Lorex HD NVRs except for LNR100 (LNR110 supported), LNR200 & LNR300 Series. For the most up-to-date list of compatible recorders, visit
2. Full color nighttime video typically switches to black & white IR night vision below 1 lux to ensure optimal low-light image quality.
3. Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and in total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area, and light reflection / absorption level of object. In low light, the camera will switch to black and white.
4. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Corporation. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 60


Location: Canada

Just got the equipment. Looks all good

2 out of 60


Location: Pompano Beach Florida

I purchased the system for Lorex store and it arrived quickly. Installation went smoothly but I will say I do have a lot of experience with this type of equipment. Picture quality is great, much better than old analog/coax systems.

The problem is customer service - it is terrible. One of the 12 cameras does not work. Not a big deal, until I tried to reach them for a replacement. Made a trouble ticket on the site, 2 days later no response. So I called - waited on hold for 45 minutes then gave up and used the call-back feature yesterday. Was supposed to be 20 minutes, was more like 20 hours as I received the call today. Clearly the customer service is handled offshore. After explaining that 1 camera was dead and I needed a replacement I was transferred to Tech support - which I don't need, I just need a camera. So as of this moment I have been on hold with Tech Support for 45 minutes. I have a business to run and don't really have the time for this.

I went with the Lorex as they are part of Flir, and I have had good experience with Ray Marine which is another Flir company but what a difference here.
Unless they get their customer support straightened out I would not recommend this company to anyone.

Our apologies for any inconvenience. We were happy to get this resolved for you.

3 out of 60


Location: Qc

I bough it aout 29 and i pay for fast shiping and 3 week after I don't receive anyting !!!!!

Our apologies for the unexpected wait, we have credited your shipping charge.

4 out of 60


Location: Lawton, OK

I purchased this product at the end of Jan 2015. I did not receive the package until the second week of Feb. 2015. Once installed I found there was a blind spot and the DVR set up was not correct. By the time I purchased additional equipment and three trouble tickets later, by the end of March I was finally set up. The DVR recording was not accurate and provided ability of wifi play until May. I felt I literally lost 4 months of use of this equipment.

We're sorry to hear you were having difficulty with your system. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

5 out of 60


Location: Lincoln, NE

I have worked with a lot of these systems and I have to say the NVR and App are the easiest to setup by far compared to others.

6 out of 60


Location: Ma

Was very happy with the system. Easy to install and use. Will be adding more cameras to the system as we grow!

7 out of 60


Location: Wallingford, CT

Purchased this system about a year ago. It is a 1080p system, but I've always had trouble getting the 1080p resolution to work correctly with the system. In 720p, it works perfectly though, and 720p is good enough for our needs. Keeps 1 week worth of 720p video from 12 cameras recording continuously. And, the system does completely as intended. Has saved us multiple times already.

8 out of 60


Location: Memphis, TN

So far very happy with the system. The CNV isn't always color as it gets dark but will stay in color far longer than other systems and with appropriate exterior lighting. The Flir Cloud is easy to use. I had the cameras installed professionally so my tech handled all what I would have normally needed from Tech support.

9 out of 60


Location: Iowa

Video quality is very good. System set up was also easy. My only complaint has been with being able to remotely view the system. The Flir Cloud app is not always reliable to load all my cameras on IPhone. Also, The client software on older versions of Windows and Mac work fine, however, I can't seem to get it to work with a new laptop with Windows 10.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

10 out of 60


Location: miami florida

the 8-Channel PoE Switch came with technical issues the LAN port never worked as consequence of 12 cameras only 8 were able to be watched at the monitor,

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team was happy to resolve this for you. Should you require further assistance, please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

11 out of 60


Location: NJ

Cameras and NVR (Model NR816-N) seem to be very high quality. Quite pleased with the hardware design & installation procedures. This was installed at our office to replace cameras (not Lorex) that did not activate with motion or have night vision.

The motion & night vision are great! Picture quality is also excellent.

Lots of concern with the software. I have used the Console, the Web browser link, and FLIR Cloud. My thoughts:

1. The logic (steps) for FLIR Cloud is not the same as the other 2. And when you change a setting in FLIR Cloud, it does not necessarily update the console. What can be managed in the console & browser, cannot always be managed in FLIR Cloud.

2. Trying to manage a camera requires going into multiple sub-menus depending on what you are trying to manage. This should be simplified - access each camera - and be able to mange all settings for each camera. Takes longer the current way and is confusing. Multiple tabs would work well.

3. Accessing Customer Support was a disaster in December - once held 75 minutes (literally) before giving up. Called them 3x - not once able to connect.

4. Technical Support was much better, tho sometimes also had wait times over 30 minutes. That was not unexpected during and after the holidays. But other than 1 rep, the rest were very good.

All in all, we are pleased with the product (ordered a PTZ camera) but would suggest the software be designed to work more logically for those of us who do not use it daily. We will likely order another NVR & cameras for home later this year.



12 out of 60


Location: California

Picture quality is great! easy to view on mobile. POE is very easy to set up eliminates extra set of cables. Had an issue with a camera and customer service was easy to work with and sent out replacements.The only thing that is a little annoying is the cooling fan is louder than I expected.

13 out of 60


Location: boston

This is a very high quality professional grade system. All components come very well packaged. I found the documentation somewhat lacking but, while I'm quite computer savvy, I am a lay person when it comes to surveillance systems. Again, perhaps due to my lack of surveillance knowledge but the user interface seems somewhat disorganized and non-intuitive. Regardless,once you figure it out, there are many many features and the video clarity is extraordinary.

This was the first unit I purchased. I have since purchased a 2nd one for another site.

14 out of 60


Location: Brampton, ON

I ordered the product on November 26, 2015. The product arrived as described. Was very nicely packaged and protected. Everything camera and the NVR were packaged in separate boxes and then placed and protected in a larger box. Very well done.

15 out of 60


Location: Missouri

This is a very quality product. First off the cameras are very good quality. They are metal housings and that's a huge plus. The nvr is super easy to setup. I had no problems setting up the phone side and getting it to connect. It mad positioning cameras so much easier. Some of the setting in the nvr can be confusing but that's because it's has a lot of features that I didn't expect it to. Love it!

16 out of 60


Location: Texas

1. The product hardware is great. It has many feature built in it.

1. The product software and user friendliness is really bad. In general Lorex software has a long way to go. A simple setup can take quite some research and setup.
2. The webpage is so unorganized. The FLIR software is in an unknown location. Took a lot of time to google and find its location.
3. The documentation is outdated, it does not match the latest software.. It requires lots of technical knowledge to setup the system.
4. The customer service is unreliable and call wait it long.
5. The Fan sounds is so loud, that i am still thinking if i should return it.

17 out of 60


Location: NC

Hope you're not in a hurry when you buy something from this company. Paid for expedited shipping and received it 3 weeks later. Submitted an inquiry to the company, and it took them 3 days to respond to it and when they did, they just closed it out without a proper response. If that's great customer service I hate to she what bad looks like.

We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this may have caused. We have refunded your shipping charge. Thank you.

18 out of 60


Location: Toronto, ON

Purchased over the Black Friday sale, and due to possible sales volume, shipment was delayed by an extra 1.5 weeks. Large box containing many smaller boxes inside, with each camera individually boxed, including the nvr. Customer service over online ticketing system took a day to respond to inquiries.

Cameras include mounting screws, template and spec sheets. Dome cameras require the loosening of the mounting bracket so that the spherical camera can be pushed slightly inwards to re-position its angle. Cameras has built-in splitter for external power if not supplied by POE (external power not included). Cameras take 30-60 seconds to power on and display on the nvr.

Nvr includes all necessary cables. However, note that the included HDMI cable is extremely short, good for a connection if the monitor is right beside the unit. Same for the RJ-45 ethernet cable. Mouse is cheap but does the job. Remote appears to be missing a few useful buttons, as it is limited in controlling the nvr (use mouse instead).

On initial setup, the nvr will load with a LOREX logo. If there is no display afterwards, it will show a black screen if the connected tv cannot display the nvr's resolution. Use a computer monitor via VGA and readjust the resolution in the admin system menu (not in manual!). Also, there is no way to adjust HDMI clipping (on my screen set to 1080p resolution on a 16:10 monitor, the sides all clip beyond the display - only option is to set to a lower display resolution to remove clipping on nvr).

Without internet connected, it will continuously beep. Disable in the menu if required, along with a bunch of other alarm settings. The PSU Fan is EXTREMELY LOUD! Maybe 25-30dba+ (why use such a loud fan? there are quieter fans with good cfm).

General menu for record and playback is intuitive and fast. Instant replay per camera is great. System config menus are at most times confusing. Suggestion to engineers to add sidebar tool tips. Motion vs Continuous Recording configuration is ambiguous/confusing. No obvious way to determine which camera is currently recording (assuming C/M letter implies recording under continuous/motion detection). User setup does not have fine enough detail for access control and/or the configurable items does not exactly match user menus.

The liveview on the connected tv/monitor displays at the SUB Channel (remote mobile) resolution settings. Would be nice if it used the MAIN Channel (local recording) settings. Configuration for the camera automated sequencing is confusing. Would be nice to be able to setup 1 or 4 camera rotation in specific order (saw the config screen but it is confusing).

Overall, nvr/cameras work as expected. Easy physical connections. Confusing configs. Loud fan. Easy playback access. Requires mouse for full menu operation.

19 out of 60


Location: New Hampshire

I tried to make an informed decision when purchasing this system and looked at several competitive products. However, for the large home that this was going to protect I needed a dozen cameras and the 16 channel NVR was just the ticket to allow for expansion down the road.

The IP cameras have amazingly good resolution in all the lighting profiles that we have seen so far.

The only shortcoming that I have noticed is that the software (on the NVR) is a bit counter-intuitive to understand, but once I understood which menu was utilized for which function it is straightforward to setup the system.

Knowing what I know now, if I had to do it all over, I'd buy it again.

20 out of 60


Location: Washington, NJ

This is the second Lorex system I have purchased and I am very pleased so far. Still have some cameras to place but the 6 I have up are working great. The IP cameras are much clearer at 1080p than the old standard ones from several years ago. Easy hookup and remote access if you have decent internet available. Everything came in just a few days. Love the peace of mind to be able to keep tabs on my equipment any time day or night. Thanks

21 out of 60


Location: easton ma

NEVER AGAIN..... NVR was defective out of box, installed on 9/14/2015 not all channels work so some cameras transmit others do not. After trouble shooting with Tech support they determined NVR needed replaced on 9/18/2015. After multiple calls to Customer Service and 3 additional days of waiting a replacement was supposedly processed. I waited until 10/09/2015 for a replacement. When I called I spoke to a supervisor and found out that no one knew if the replacement had been processed. On 10/9/2015 they told me I will receive it by 10/15/2015 but are unable to provide me with a tracking number because it is shipping toady. Seem if I did not call I would still be waiting. Customer service needs some help!!!

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the difficulty and frustration you experienced and we're happy our technical support and customer service teams were able to get everything resolved for you.

22 out of 60


Location: Bucks County PA

In July I purchased a 12 camera HD1080 system which can be expanded up to 16 camera's. I work for a big box retailer in security and have some knowledge of using a system similar to the one I purchased. I live in an area of Bucks County PA that has been in decline for some time now I purchased a home that had been foreclosed and vandalized. Once I had moved in my neighbors had told me about two other break-ins that occurred with previous owners. I didn't want to wait to be a victim and being in security and doing what I do for a livng I felt the need to invest in my families safety and had the system professionally installed. I am very pleased with the clarity of the camera's it simply is outstanding. Like I said I work for a big box retailer in security and the camera's there don't compare. I love having remote access and being able to view my home while I am away. The customer service and technical support has been top notch. I would highly recommend this system to anyone seeking peace of mind

23 out of 60


Location: Las Vegas

Still getting use to all of the many bells and whistles, but the video clarity is absolutely incredible.

I've had two calls to tech support thus far and both reps were very helpful and curtious.

Can't imagine there being a better system on the market.

24 out of 60


Location: Commack ny

Great product, great experience!

25 out of 60


Location: NEPA

System is pretty much plug and play. I did get a Drive error which was fixed with a call to customer service and a format of the drive. Make sure your passwords are ONLY 6 characters long when setting up system.Video quality is very good.

26 out of 60


Location: New Jersey

Happy with the purchase. Shipment arrived on time. Cameras and NVR were easy to setup. Used Lorex's port forwarding tool to configure my router for remote viewing. All working well.

Struggling a bit with Zooming captured images. Was trying to zoom in to read the license plate of a car illegally parked on our property. Was not able to get good zoomed in image quality. Maybe I am doing it wrong. Will keep on researching and will call tech support as well next.

27 out of 60


Location: Florida

The set up was easy and the remote interface is fantastic. I worked with Lorex's support staff to configure the remote interface and they were very knowledgeable and accommodating. The picture quality is amazing in daylight hours and the night time picture quality is good. Overall I am very happy with the product and the support from Lorex.

28 out of 60


Location: Missouri

Basic setup out of the box was easy. Camera image night & day outstanding.

Not so easy is trying to configure all aspects of remote viewing, both PC and android device. Configuring port forwarding is a problem as which port gets forwarded depends on the Lorex system. The Lorex port-forwarding-config tool does not work.

If Lorex can figure out how to get the remote configuration automated, then this will be a 5-star review.

29 out of 60


Location: Ohio

The cameras are fantastic, What more could you ask for out of 1080P cameras. The night vision is close to accurate if you have doe light. Total darkness is about 50 feet. The instructions should come with the unit instead of downloading it.

What I don't like is the Flir Cloud for the phone and laptop. Half the time it won't show a camera at all. Other times it says the system is offline. I called tech support for support to get DDNS working. I created an account and it keeps telling me I don't have an account set up. Tech support recomennded I use the Flir app and software.

I would recommend this to anyone that wants a great viewing camera system, if they have some IT knowledge.

30 out of 60


Location: Mississippi

I purchased this system as a first time owner of a security system and found it easy to install and easy to configure and use. The system offers a high value for a decent price (especially at the SPRING15 pricing). Lorex documentation needs to be a bit more extensive but overall it is easy to use and most people can likely get it completely set up in a day or two. The email alerts are useful but somewhat confusing. I installed my wiring and got the system up and running in a day and even got my PTZ installed the next day (ordered separately). It works great. I hope to add a few more cameras to complete the 100% coverage of my property soon.

31 out of 60


Location: New Mexico

Before purchasing this Lorex system, I seemingly researched every commercially available (residential quality) camera system known to man. I spent countless hours comparing price, quality, options, camera specifications etc. I narrowed my search down to this Lorex product, another more expensive Lorex package and a Swann package on

All three devices and camera devices were essentially the same in terms of features and quality. I saw that Lorex was offering a 15% off spring sale and called them directly to see how long the sale would be good for (Amazon prices fluctuate and I wanted to watch them a little longer). The sales person that I spoke to at Lorex offered by another $50 off if I bought the package at that moment. That was enough to convince me to purchase this set.

My house has a large and complex structure which made the cable install more difficult than I wanted to tackle. I hired two guys who work for a local company to do the work on the side. They made the LAN drops in about five hours. They ran five drops to an upstairs loft and another five to the office downstairs where the DVR is located. The second POE switch saved my life here because I was able to keep five of the drops upstairs. Otherwise I would never have been able to get the drops to the downstairs office. I just plugged the POE switch into my router located in the loft.

I spent some time the night before the install making sure that every CAT5e cable and camera worked on every port. Not a single problem. I also took that time to begin configuring my DVR.

DVR navigation is not perfect, but with a little time, I was able to figure out how to complete about 80% of what I wanted to do. I set up some separate users accounts with a pretty decent access control list, I configured and enabled the Lorex DDNS settings and was ready for the install.

As mentioned above, the cable install took two pros, five hours to complete. I think that if the house would have been less complex and perhaps, single story, the install would have been much faster. The next four hours were spent installing ten of the 12 cameras that come with this system. Again, it could have been done more quickly but I had to be very careful at the top of a 25 foot extension ladder. Because I got my FLIR Cloud app working on my phone the night before, I was able to adjust the cameras while on the ladder. This saved time because I didn't have to run up and down the ladder to look at the monitor inside the house in order to adjust the cameras.

Okay, install complete, Android phone is configured and DVR is in place. Time to polish off DVR settings and get the Apple products connected.

Here is where I ran into my first real issues that I could not figure out easily. After installing the FLIR Cloud application on my iPad, I could not authenticate to the DVR. I tried everything I could possible imagine. The error message that was generated by the application was vague and the help menus are close to worthless. Know I know why this app gets only one and a half stars in App Store. After much troubleshooting, I remembered that the Android app forced me to change the DVR password to something other than the default. Could it be that the iPad app expected the password to be 000000 and force a password change at initial log in??? Of course it did. I changed the DVR password at the console and tried the app again. Sure enough, 000000 worked and it forced a password change. Made it the same as it was previously and now good to go. The app still sucks but at least I can view my cameras from anywhere on a larger screen than my phone.

Guess I'm almost out of space here. Sorry for the log review. I give my entire experience with Lorex four stars. Good quality cameras, fully featured DVR. Bad applications and some quirkiness. Overall, good stuff...

32 out of 60


Location: Minnesota

1) POE system was easy to to setup just pull wire to camera and plug in.
2) 1080p cameras have great picture night and day both.
3) install was very fast, 12 cameras installed in 8 hours.

1) setup using NVR was very confusing so setup through web browser on computer.

33 out of 60


Location: Wisconsin

Just not sure yet.

1) Great picture quality.
2) FPS is awesome
3) Connecting cameras with POE to any place on my home Ethernet network is great.
4) Although I am not thrilled I've had to call Lorex several times due to shipping and technical issues, and the hold time is quite long, Every person I've spoken with has been understandable and polite.

1) Confusing/poorly laid out NVR -- It is confusing and harder than necessary to navigate and set up. I read the manual twice, and still needed to call technical support twice too. As an electrical engineer, I'm no beginner to cameras or electronics. Documentation leaves a little to be desired...
2) HUGE Ethernet connector on each camera. This connector is going to make installation difficult -- I'll have to drill some seriously big holes in my house.
3) After several weeks, I'm still waiting for 1/2 of my cameras to arrive. Lorex promised them to me 4 times. A tracking number has (finally) recently been provided. I understand things happen and shipments can be delayed, but be honest and tell the customer it'll be a week or two before the product ships. Don't promise the package will be here in 2 days, and then not even ship it for 2 weeks....

34 out of 60


Location: Orlando, FL

My wife and I went to BJ's Wholesale Club and purchased a small 8 channel NVR with 4 1080p cameras from Lorex that we weren't so happy with. We bought it as a temporary thing since that was the only quality setup we could find locally. We ordered the LNR1612 and received it within a week as 2 separate shipments. We are using the cameras we got with the first purchase with this system and so far we couldn't be happier. We haven't had a chance to install the 12 that came with the system, but the NVR has been trouble free and records almost 7 days of continuous 1080P video.

One thing I wasn't happy with was the items Lorex sent us. They packaged the kit extremely well and safe but the boxes (with the cameras inside) they sent us looked like they were dropped from high up and crushed.

Overall, the only thing I wish I could figure out is where I can find the lock pieces for the Ethernet connections that come on the cameras. It looks like a weather seal twist lock, but the supplied Ethernet cables did not have the weather seal lock adapter.

35 out of 60


Location: Harlingen, Texas

Very slow deliver time. Had emailed customer service and never got a response. But overall the system has functioned as advertised.

36 out of 60


Location: Millgrove, Ontario

This system is extremely easy to set up. Also the FLIR Cloud app and networking were also very simple to set up. Like the App! Only thing was the delivery times. I guess our delivery was subject to striking issues somewhere which delayed the order by 4weeks or so(no discount even after asking!).

37 out of 60


Location: Oklahoma

I purchased this system on a black Friday deal and I got to say that was the best purchase I made. The system is very easy to use. I had a professional installer install the system not because it was confusing but because I travel a lot for work. The ability to check on what is going on from my tablet, laptop, and phone is worth the money. Picture is awesome. I did a lot of research and by this system is met if not exceeded my expectations. My wife who is not electronic savvy has no issues with using this system. We live on 10 acres and even in low light we are able to see who is coming up the driveway or on the property. Highly recommended.

38 out of 60


Location: Battle Ground WA

This system replaced a low res bullet-proof Samsung DVR system. Arriving at the decision to select this manufacturer and model was a process. The LNR1610 system is remarkably clear sharp system. The cameras are true HD and the image difference between our old and new system seem more like generations apart. The LNB3153B cameras are an excellent choice. Significantly superior to the LND3152B dome camera IMO. The IR illumination on the LNB cams are exceptionally understated. While the IR range claim of 150' is accurate, objects, animals and people are clear, emphasis-clear within 90' in total darkness. Illumination beyond that distance does occur but the subject isn't close to being as sharp or clear. The field of view is wider on the LNB cams vs the dome cams. The DVR does everything it claims. Network setup is rather simple out of the box with the user having the ability to adjust network settings easily for a more secure network or fitting into an established predefined network. Be sure to update the firmware to the current revision before you begin programming or customizing. Because of the wider FOV on the LNB cams have noticeable barrel distortion on the outside images area. The distortion is noticeable, but not a complete images altering experience. So if you want the right side of the image to "hug" a wall and capture everything to the left of that wall the distortion is very tolerable vs some of the systems I looked at. Vignetting is non-existent on either camera model. Chromatic aberration is almost non existent as well as the colors are true and stable throughout the image area.
Overall we are impressed with the performance so far of this system. It been installed for two months now and we have had very little trouble. One dome camera did go berzerk but Lorex replaced it very quickly.
Time will truly tell with this system but for a short term review and absent of being "enamored" to justify the expense, it appears solid and has exceeded our expectations.

39 out of 60


Location: Houston, TX

Image quality and build construction of these cameras are very good. The switching between night and day modes are much smoother. Image quality and color is very good, although it still has the spherical skewed image on the extreme edges of the image which is present on other Lorex systems. This system also emits heat which my previous system (LHV1000) did not.

40 out of 60


Location: Mexico

This cameras works great! The image quality in the day and in the night are very good. I also liked the simple phone app installation it took less than two minutes.

41 out of 60


Location: Alabama

This is my first home camera system, although I have worked in retail environments with camera systems for the last 32 years. This system was a breeze to get started. It took me less than 20 minutes to connect a camera, activate it on my network and see the image on an iPad, tv, and PC. I would buy nothing less than 1080p. The image looks like you are watching a HD pro football game!

We are a "connected" household an IP camera system was my only choice and Lorex is the industry leader. You will not be disappointed with this system.

This system will be installed for the house and also cover the equipment barns on the farm plus watch our dogs in the back yard.

42 out of 60


Location: Boston

Great system! Lots of functionality. Great image. Works great from my computer and iPhone.

43 out of 60


Location: Houston, TX

This is the second security camera system we purchased and the first by Lorex. We purchased the LNR1612 - full 1080P HD, 16 channel system with 12 cameras. This system was purchased for security at our house, which is also my place of business.

Unpacking: The box arrived on time and contained individual boxes for each camera, the POE switch, the DVR, and accessories. Everything was neat and secure and unpacking was easy.

Activation: Based on some other reviews, I set up the system in my office with four cameras attached, using spare Ethernet cables. The system went through a firmware upgrade and was quickly online. I logged in to the DVR via Internet Explorer, using the IP address assigned by my router, then set a static IP (my preference) and rebooted. Set up was then very simple - most of the menu options available via the HTTP interface are essentially the same as those available directly on the system via mouse and screen, which is perfect as the DVR is now installed in an out of the way place safe from prying eyes of a would-be thief. There are a few things that can only be done via the screen and a mouse, which creates a minor problem - I am awaiting arrival of a 25' USB extension cable so I can use the mouse where the screen is located (in another room from the DVR box) when that becomes necessary. A suggested upgrade would be to make the web interface capable of doing everything, including setting up the display format for connected screens.

Physical installation: One of the major selling points for me is that the cameras are all POE, meaning that a single Ethernet cable run carries power to the camera as well as the video signal back to the DVR. Each camera comes with 100 feet of Ethernet cable - more than enough in most cases. I installed three cameras using one length of cable and still had 15' left over - this is easy if (like me) you are comfortable terminating Ethernet connectors and results in neater cable runs in the ceiling space. One trap: after terminating one connection twice and finding that the test failed on wire 1 each time, I realized that the factory installed connection at the other end was faulty. Cut this off and installed my own connector and voila - tested OK. With POE there are no separate power supplies and cables for each camera - a real bonus when compared to the old system. A 35' HDMI cable running to the TV in the living room allows us to monitor the system there, and another long VGA run to my office allows me to also monitor while at work.

Performance: Video quality is truly impressive. Inside the house I can read the writing on boxes from 15' and identify faces from 20'. Outside I can read a license plate of a car passing by the house. Color reproduction is excellent. The resolution of the previous system was such that I could not have identified anyone based on video surveillance, and the color reproduction was all wrong. A key lesson there is you get what you pay for - the old system was bought at one of the "big box" stores for a few hundred dollars.

Android app: using FLIR Cloud, it was a simple matter of scanning the code on the top of the box and connecting. I have since tested this app several times while connected to the same LAN via wifi - easy and with excellent video clarity. In fact I used the app to fine tune aiming of the cameras when the time came.

The system has been up and running for about two days now. I still have more cameras to install - an easy thing to do, and I am confident that the system will find them quickly.

Final thoughts: Unlike others, I have not had to contact technical support, but if you are not tech-savvy you may want to have someone help you. There are many advanced features on the DVR, all of which can be left alone and the system will work fine - but being able to tune motion detection, recording options, email alerts, alarm outputs, etc, is a definite plus for me.
Overall, worth every cent.

44 out of 60


Location: New york

I purchase a LH 15600o. At the time of purchase I was told this is one of the best system they have. For the past 3 months the system has been rebooting itself several times throughout the day. The product is less than a year old and I have been through 3 other DVR.I made several attempt to contact Technical support. I have been kept on the line for 45mins to 11/2hour waiting.

45 out of 60


Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Getting connected couldn't be easier. My last system required me to port map and all that. This was painless. I still haven't completely set everything up yet, since I am in the process of hooking up the system by myself, but so far, so good. The software seems pretty sophisticated. I'd like to know if there was a way to limit certain users to certain cameras in the system (?) I'll have to look it up.

46 out of 60


Location: Columbus, Ohio

love this product, it far surpasses my expectations 10-05-14

47 out of 60


Location: toronto

1- Audio input is not working, techs support said is dummy. 2- Making a lot of noise 3- Device id is not working with android 4.2 4- Costumer service knowledge about their product is next to zero.

48 out of 60


Location: TENN

Started out with a analog security system about 4 years ago, very difficult to install plus setting up the software was a nightmare, on top of all that the picture quality was not very clear but HD systems were way out of reach $$$$. Today I have a LOREX HD 16 IP Cameras system install in place of my old analog system, Loving the PoE (power over ethernet) no more separate powder cable to each camera. Cameras themselves were extremely easy to install, l did not have to worry about separate adjustments on each camera (OSD configuration) it was all done at the Lorex NVR. Standing on a ladder and trying to make these adjustments is not fun at all. The 1080P HD output using HDMI on a 32" HD LG "beautiful pictures"!! I know I will be able to identify what I have recorded then what I've seen on the news... can you identify this person and all you see is a blur. Very happy with my new system. The LOREX software was extremely easy to set up on all 8 of my cameras. The only issue I have is with the night vision, after about 15-20 ft. which is very clear the clarity of the picture becomes very grainy. 150ft. Night Vision is not a good statement, you might be able to see that far but you won't be able to make out what it is. I would highly recommend this system

49 out of 60


Location: NYC

Great camera system. Wildly easy to setup, love the cloud access and the quality of video is great. Make sure the gave a monitor handy for setup.

50 out of 60


Location: Evansville

I hired a security company to install a complete 8 camera system. After spending $3000.00, 3 weeks of the no-name brand not working properly plus making call after call to get the system repaired, I was total unhappy with the system and told them to to take the system out. I Looked online and comparing Cameras and systems for a couple of weeks and still kept coming back to Lorex. I called the sales team up and told them what I was looking for and within 10 min. on the phone I had ordered a 12 camera system with higher resolution and a larger 3 TB storage capacity for less money. The sale team said "it would take about 2 weeks to be delivered, but I recieved the system in 4 days. I have to admit that I thought Installation was going to be to be hard, but the Plug and Play made the job so easy. I installed 12 cameras using the 100' pre-connected cat 5 cables and got everything working right the first time. Thank you Lorex for a GREAT SYSTEM!!!!!!

51 out of 60


Location: Toronto, Ontario

I had been searching the Internet for a security camera system for some time and came across the Lorex LNR363 last winter. I purchased it on sale in April and have been very happy with the product thus far. The IP cameras with PoE and 1080P quality were exactly what I was looking for. I received the product after a few weeks because of a demand and supply issue. Lorex customer support was very helpful with respect to keeping me in the loop and expediting the product as soon as possible. As a result of my busy work schedule, I hadn?t had a chance to begin the installation until a week ago. Truth be told I was also slightly hesitant anticipating that the installation would be more difficult than described. I was pleasantly surprised that this model is truly a plug and play. With the exception of running the Ethernet cables to the desired camera locations, I had the system up and running in about 5 minutes. My computers are completely Mac and the Lorex LNR363 works extremely well on my iMac as well as my iPhones. The Stratus Connectivity was seamless and the quality of the images of the cameras in both light and dark scenarios is phenomenal. My installation is a work in progress, but an enjoyable one at that. I would not hesitate recommending this system and I am very pleased with the product thus far. Below are a few suggestions for Lorex to consider to make an excellent product even better: 1. Both the bullet and dome cameras appear to be well made and are rated for both indoors and out. Mounting the bullet cameras on interior drywall is simple however the present mounting system is not ideal for external brick. I am having to mount the bullet cameras to waterproof PVC conduit boxes that are themselves mounted to the brick. The Ethernet connections are occurring within the conduit boxes (protected from the elements) with the CAT 6 cable then passing out of the PVC boxes through similar conduits and later passing through the brick into the home to the NVR. It would be great if Lorex provided/sold a specific waterproof housing for such a connection. The existing Ethernet Keystone Jack and short lead cable from the camera does not make it feasible to pass this through a 1? hole in the brick with the three mounting screws about 8mm away from hole edge. 2. The ability to add a PTZ camera to the NVR would be a welcomed addition. I noticed that Lorex makes such cameras and that the Stratus Connectivity has the icon to control a PTZ camera yet such cameras are not compatible with the NVR at present. Overall, I am very happy with the product and amazed at how easy it was to get the software up and running.

52 out of 60


Location: New york

I bought this system for my new business. It is worth the money we paid. It is a great but simple system. It does not require DDNS account. The set up was very easy. Comes with 16 cameras. 6 of them are dome cameras. It has capacity of 3 TB. Working great. Easy local and remote set up. Able to be viewed in i phone and other phones. Easy playback and storage. I would definitely buy the same product in future when needed.

53 out of 60


Location: Colorado Springs

I am very impressed by the overall system. The HD video quality is excellent. It is far superior to other systems I have owned and seen. The user interface is highly intuitive and the ability to have web access from anywhere is terrific. The system was also very easy to set up and get working (all 16 cameras!). I have had an issue with the PoE switch malfunctioning but customer service was very quick to replace it.

54 out of 60


Location: Montreal, Qc

Perfect system with PoE cameras to monitor activities around the farm. Simple to install and configure. Easy to use. Would buy again. In fact, I will :)

55 out of 60


Location: New York

Could not be any happier with my purchase !!!!! Really great system and install is a breeze. Cameras are not just your typical camera. the clarity is amazing you can see the yellow beak of a small bird on my front lawn within minutes of install. You do not need any technical help because the stratus system does all the work. Based on a good 6 months of research and price quotes Nothing comes close to what the system offers . 16 cameras 1080p hd day Night nvr recorder Poe switch 100 ft of cat 5 wire which the cameras work off of (power over Ethernet ). What more could you ask for. O wait. I can watch my house from my phone I pad or work computer and zoom in on live or recorded video. Great job by lorex !!!!!! A system that anybody could install and use.

56 out of 60


Location: Denver, Colorado

I took a great deal of time researching my options regarding a home surveillance system. After reading reviews on the system that I purchased I was able to select the proper system for my home. The 1080 cameras were important because of the clarity and amount of memory was the deciding point with my purchase. I was delighted to find out that after my purchase I received such excellent service from customer service with the staff having a pleasant approach to customer service. I am finding out that a Canadian company might have a leg up on American companies in regards to product and service.

57 out of 60


Location: Clare MI

We reviewed a number of competitive products before reading about the LNR366. Nothing else came close for the investment. Our experience was like other reviewers. Truly plug and play. We had a camera up and running within minutes of opening the box. The image quality of the 1080p cameras is excellent night and day. Customer service was readily available and quickly answered questions. Definitely the best we found in a comparable price range.

58 out of 60


Location: prosser wa

Great system. The best feature is the remote viewing. I can see my business anywhere and anytime. It has come in handy many times already in less than a month. High definition gives you the ability to identify people and cars in great detail. The word is out do not mess with my business. A significant investment but well worth it. Easy to install, easy to set up working in a day.

59 out of 60


Location: Oakland, CA

We recently had an attempted break in when we were home. I asked a good friend what system to have installed and he suggested was put in yesterday and I am BLOWN away by the crispness of the pictures ---- I even went outside to see if there were lights on....this is an AMAZING product Thank you it will give us a LOT of peace of mind

60 out of 60


Location: Louisville, KY

The system with 16 POE cameras and NVR is defiantly the best value around. It has many good, useful features. The sensitive motion detection, adequate viewing area, HD quality, and great vision, day or night, is fantastic. The simple ?plug and play? setup, combined with 3 step internet process could not be any easier. The POE system allows 8 cameras to be in one part of the building and the other 8 cameras up to a couple hundred feet away in another part of the building: saving install time by not running so many cables. With each camera having its power feed from the Cat5e cable, the need for separate power lines is eliminated. The technology of today allows off-site viewing with smart devices anywhere there is connectivity. Ordering was painless, arrived in just two days, and packed very well. Instructional start-up material is very simple, and online video is a plus.



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