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8-Channel HD NVR with Weatherproof HD IP Cameras


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8-Channel HD NVR with Weatherproof IP Cameras

Experience the next generation of premium, do-it-yourself security with the LNR400 Series Network Video Recorder (NVR). This cutting-edge NVR is bundled with weatherproof HD IP cameras to provide you with stunning 1080p HD recording in real-time on all channels. Each camera requires just a single Ethernet cable connecting it to the NVR, which provides both power and video using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. Connect the cameras to the NVR's 8 integrated PoE ports for a truly plug-and-play surveillance experience that will have you up and running in no time. A high-capacity security-grade HDD is pre-installed, allowing you to record days of footage as lifelike as life itself. Maintain vigilance with the ultimate in recording resolution and picture quality in your corner.

High definition IP camera

Compatibility Notice

This HD NVR is compatible with Lorex PoE IP cameras only. It is not compatible with third-party IP cameras. Click here for full camera compatibility list.

The weatherproof IP cameras feature advanced Digital Noise Reduction combined with Spatial Noise Reduction, delivering a more accurate image, with better clarity, sharpness, greater disc space for storage, and improved motion detection. High-powered Infrared LED's deliver outstanding night vision range in ambient lighting and total darkness, ensuring extremely clear HD viewing in all low-light conditions. Digital-Wide Dynamic Range backlight compensation provides clear detailed images where very bright and very dark areas exist in the same field of view.

FLIR Cloud connectivity solution

FLIR Cloud connectivity for remote viewing

Introducing FLIR Cloud™, our innovative hassle-free cloud connection service. Say goodbye to IP & router port forwarding issues - you can quickly and easily connect to your security system using a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. FLIR Cloud™ connects you to your system remotely within minutes on your iOS® or Android™ device. Simply download the free App, scan the QR code and start viewing your world securely online! Stay abreast of important developments with push notifications for motion events, and instant email alerts with snapshot attachments.

Security certified hard drive

Security grade hard drive

Record surveillance footage to the security grade 100% duty-cycle hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at 1080p HD (1920x1080) for the highest resolution, or change the settings to a lower resolution for extended recording time.

The LNR400 Series features a simplified installation that saves time when setting up your cameras. The auto-detect function automatically discovers and configures compatible IP cameras on the same local network as the NVR. Simply connect your cameras to the built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports using a single Cat5E Ethernet cable - no power supply required.

The Lorex LNR400 Series NVR with HD IP cameras delivers a truly unique surveillance experience, combining real-time HD video with first-class remote connectivity software that makes on-the-go monitoring a breeze! Start viewing your world in full HD and discover the ultimate way to stay connected.

Flexible installation

Variety of installation options are available.

HDTV Ready

High definition interface with HDMI output for easy connection to a TV

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.



Network Video Recorder Features:

  • Full high definition 1080p recording
  • Real-time recording at 30fps per channel
  • 8 built-in PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports providing video and power on a single Ethernet cable
  • Automatically detects compatible IP cameras in the network1
  • 24/7 security-grade hard drive2
  • H.264 video compression2
  • Expandable high-capacity storage up to 8TB (max 2 × 4TB HDD)
  • Mirror hard drive recording – secure your recordings by backing up footage to an internal hard drive at the same time as recording to the primary hard drive3
  • Pentaplex operation – view, record, playback, backup & remotely control the system simultaneously
  • Simultaneous playback and live view on the same screen4
  • Selectable area digital zoom in live view and playback
  • Dynamic click-and-drag camera channel assignment
  • Flip and mirror camera view settings
  • Convenient front panel button controls
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & daylight savings time
  • Instant USB backup of live video from selected camera
  • 2 video outputs (HDMI & VGA) to connect multiple monitors
  • HDMI cable included for simple connection to HD TVs
  • Keep up to date with automatic firmware upgrades5
  • 3-step remote view with FLIR Cloud™6
  • PC and Mac compatible7
  • Free iOS and Android compatible apps with live viewing, playback, video recording, and snap shot7
  • Dedicated iPad app with multi-channel live viewing and playback7
  • Push notifications of motion events
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Dual streaming to conserve bandwidth
  • Continuous, scheduled and motion recording

1080p IP Bullet Security Camera Features:

  • High definition 1080p image sensor delivers superior detail8
  • Crystal clear video with outstanding quality, day or night
  • Infrared cut filter ensures accurate color representation
  • Night vision range up to 130ft (40m) in ambient lighting & 80ft (24m) in total darkness9
  • Close up recognition in the dark with SmartIR
  • Digital wide dynamic range backlight compensation ensures clear images in high and low light areas
  • Anti-glare feature ensures clear images under strong lighting conditions
  • ClearNight imaging for superior low light performance, improving recording efficiency
  • 2D-DNR Digital Noise Reduction for clear accurate images
  • Split glass design minimizes IR reflection
  • Weatherproof for outdoor & indoor installation (IP66 Rated)10
  • Wide angle 84° field of view
  • Vandal-resistant design with cable pass-through bracket
  • Heavy-duty durable metal housing
  • Simple installation of video and power on a single cable with Power over Ethernet (PoE) CAT5e cable
  • Versatile ceiling or wall mounting options
  • Residential and business friendly compact design
  • Expand your coverage with camera Ethernet cable up to 300ft from the NVR

1080p IP Dome Security Camera Features:

  • High definition 1080p image sensor8
  • Infrared cut filter ensures accurate color representation
  • Night vision range up to 130ft (40m) in ambient lighting & 80ft (24m) in total darkness9
  • Close up recognition in the dark with SmartIR
  • Wide angle 3.6mm lens with 90° field of view
  • ClearNight imaging for improved low light performance, improving recording efficiency
  • Weatherproof for outdoor & indoor installation (IP66 Rated)10
  • Extreme temperature performance (-4° ~ 140°F / -20° ~ 60°C)
  • Vandal-proof metal housing
  • Simple installation of video and power on a single cable with Power over Ethernet (PoE) CAT5e cable
  • Expand your coverage with camera Ethernet cable up to 300ft from the NVR

1080p HD Micro Pan/Tilt IP Security Camera Features:

  • High definition 1080p resolution 2.1 MP image sensor
  • Full 360° pan rotation for complete area coverage and up to 100° per second panning speed
  • Micro dome form factor only 5” in diameter and just over 2” tall
  • 25 programmable preset positions
  • Built-in microphone for listen-in audio
  • Wide angle 3.6mm lens with 90° field of view
  • Plug-and-play setup with a single network cable for video, power, audio and Pan/Tilt control
  • Program preset viewing points when connected to a compatible NVR8
  • Remote control of the Pan/Tilt camera using a smartphone or tablet when connected to a compatible NVR8
  • 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) for clear images at night
  • ClearNight imaging for superior low light performance11
  • Weatherproof for outdoor & indoor installation (IP66 Rated)10
  • Extreme temperature performance (-4° ~ 140°F / -20° ~ 60°C)
  • Vandal-proof heavy-duty durable metal housing
  • Simple installation of video, power and audio through a single cable with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • 60ft Ethernet extension cable included
  • Expand your coverage with extension cables up to 300‘ from the NVR
  • Ceiling mountable


1. Compatible with Lorex 1080p wired PoE HD cameras only. For a list of compatible cameras, please visit
2. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
3. Mirror recording requires a second hard drive (not included) to be installed in the NVR. Mirrored hard drive must be as large or larger than the primary hard drive to backup all recordings. Backup begins from when the mirrored hard drive is installed and configured.
4. Instant playback feature available on one camera at a time during live view (when in quad or multiple live camera viewing mode).
5. The NVR firmware and software must be upgraded to the latest version to use the FLIR Cloud™ service. When the system is connected to the Internet, it will automatically alert you if there is a firmware upgrade available.
6. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). A minimum upload speed of 1Mbps is required for the best video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time.
7. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, please visit
8. Compatible with Lorex HD NVR LNR100 / LNR400 / LNR500 Series only.
9. Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area, and light reflection / absorption level of object.
10. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended. This camera is recommended for ceiling mount only. The image may appear sideways if you mount the camera on a wall.
11. This camera features an ultra-low light sensitive image sensor and therefore does not feature Infra-Red LEDs. The camera requires ambient lighting (for example, street/building lighting, star or moon light) to render a night time image. In total darkness (zero Lux) the camera will not produce a night time image and therefore the camera should not be installed in areas with complete darkness.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Corporation. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.








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1 out of 113


Location: Philadelphia

Good investment. Was easy to setup and configure. Free remote viewing is great. Also they provide free DDNS service if you need it.

2 out of 113


Location: Calgary

Have the 4K NVR 608-N c/w 5-4mp bullet cameras & 1-Dome PTZ.Picture very clear in 1080P view. Had a few problems with software & Tec. from Costco fixed the problem that the Tec from lorex messed up, plus my Computer.Things are working so/so now.Not enough information to cover all functions of the system to fully understand how to program & use all features of the nvr.Think I,II return as you can only use there cameras as I have better cameras that I cant use.

3 out of 113


Location: Richmond,BC,Canada

It's very easy to set up. And the technical staff is very helpful to remotely logo in my computer and helped me even after their regular working hours!

4 out of 113


Location: Atlanta

This was a great investment and it work well and easy to use.

5 out of 113


Location: Surrey, B.C.

Purchased at Costco.
System was easy to set up with single POE cables. Quality of 4 MP cameras is very good.

Prompt tech support from Lorex was very helpful with any issues that arose.
Android app - Flir Secure is a great asset to utilize.

Minor concern is the fan noise. Will be waiting for the availability of 8 MP cameras.

Very happy with the system overall.

6 out of 113


Location: Seattle, WA

The system works well, am pleased with the fact that the NVR provides the cameras with PoE so don't need power at location, just needed to run ethernet. The software, both in the NVR itself and android app could be improved, particularly in the user experience area. On the NVR the user interface mode is very different than most other systems which doesn't make it intuitive to use it would be nice if it were a bit more like other systems out there (Windows, OSX or even XWindows). It would also be great if it were possible to directly access the NVR over the network from the Android (and presumably iOS) app without having to use the cloud service, i.e. only have information going out to the cloud when I attempt to see what is going on over the Internet, rather than when lying in bed making sure I locked the doors.

Over all I am happy with the system, it would get more starts of the applications were more intuitive.

7 out of 113


Location: Bahamas

The system is easy to understand and instructions are clear and concise, making installation and setup straightforward... Unfortunately, one camera has a glitch where it is only intermittently recognized by the NVR. I lodged a complaint 2 days ago, still waiting to hear back from Customer Support. iOS app easy to configure, but connection to the system is erratic, with anywhere between 1 to 7 (of 8) cameras showing up at any given time. (The eighth camera is the one not reliably recognized by the NVR.) Overall a reasonably good product, reasonably priced. I give this product 3 stars because of the camera glitch, which I am confident can and will be fixed, otherwise would have been 4 stars.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team was happy to resolve this for you. If you require further assistance, please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

8 out of 113


Location: Illinois

The system sets up quickly. Configuring and other things are easy.
PC Cloud software is nice, but it needs tweaking which I'm sure will come over time.
Android Cloud software is nice, but it needs tweaking which I'm sure will come over time.
Would give 5 stars, but the software held that back.

9 out of 113


Location: Cleveland, OH

So far I'm extremely impressed with the 8 channel HD security camera system with IP cameras that I purchased. The video quality is exceptional and the NVR was extremely easy to setup. The only suggestion I would have is to make the setup process for PC/MAC remote viewing as easy as Lorex has with smartphones/tablets. On a smartphone/tablet you just scan the bar code and you're done. Flawless! However, the PC/MAC remote viewing setup could definitely use some work.

10 out of 113



Good system, took me some time to understand how to use the software. but after that everything went well. support department in spanish; 5 stars. very profesional people helped me to set up the system in my computer and iphone. very good service.

11 out of 113


Location: Pt Pleasant, NJ

This system works great. The setup was very easy and the video quality is very good. You do need to have a monitor connected to the system in order to set it up properly. The remote view feature is excellent and allows for search and playback of recorded video. All of my cameras are connected directly to the unit so I can't comment on how a camera would work connected to the local network.

As of right now I haven't come across any negatives with this unit.

12 out of 113


Location: Portland, OR

Nice system. Fairly easy to use and solid. Seems reliable and all parts are well built. Very fast to find and play back recorded video. This is something at lots of security systems are very bad at. Everything you need is included, even very long network cables and a USB mosue and mounting hardware. I'm a network engineer and I'm pretty impressed with the design. Cameras works great either plugged into the local network or plugged directly into the unit. PoE is well implemented and industry standard PoE gear works great with these units. Network usage is very reasonable, especially if you set cameras to variable bit rate.

The systems major Weakness are a not-so-great user interface. Lorex needs to hire some UI engineers. There is a real art to designing a great UI and it hasn't been done here. UI is clunky and many things are hard to find. For instance a central setting screen would be a plus. Another example is the remote control that is included, most things you need to do you can't (or can't figure how to) via the remote, because the UI is so clunky. However if you connect a mouse (included), then it becomes easier.

Another weakness is that when you export video it exports in a proprietary format. Video is in H.264 standard format, should be that difficult to export via in a standard MKV or MP4 container.

Beware, unlike most other makers, most of the Lorex cameras don't' have microphones. This isn't a good system if you need audio to be recorded. The system can do it but you need to but additional hardware or different cameras.

13 out of 113


Location: Dallas, TX

Short & sweet rating . . . Purchased at Costco, set up got complicated, called LOREX Tech Support and got everything working within 10 minutes. Ordered a second 2TB drive for less than $100 (new) on eBay to have mirrored drives. Fan is noisy, but unit will be placed in separate room (with battery backup) . We plan to purchase a few more LOREX wide angle bullet-style outdoor cameras to complete our system and will call Tech Support once more to get DDNS Account working. So far, we are totally satisfied with the quality & features at a fair price. Thanks.

14 out of 113


Location: Phoenix, AZ

Purchased two of these systems from Costco. The hookup was easy. The picture quality is fine and the night vision works well. The system fan is noisy and definitely needs to be placed in its own enclosed area. One of the short network cables was defective. The rest of the cables were fine. The interface for the system, Mac, and iPhone are similar in function, but each one had its own look and feel. While the FLIP connection was good, I definitely like the Lorex DDNS feature which improves the remote network viewing. After using it for awhile, I will replace some of the cameras with a wider angle for the tighter spots. Nice to be able to tweak the sub stream data rate due to the low bandwidth of the network provider.

15 out of 113


Location: Hammond Indiana

Great system, The reason I don't rate it 5 stars is because Flir needs to get plugins for Mac and I phone to solve the problems with their App, to help and get more Apple products users.

16 out of 113


Location: colorado

My home is in a remote location and I travel, I needed a way to keep watch while away. I purchased the PoE system so I could run only one cable to some very hard to get to areas. This systems worked out fine. The first system I received had some issues, working with T/S it was determined to be defective. I was able to receive a replacement unit in under a week (thanks Costco!) and get it all up and running before I left town. I am able to access the system remotely over my phone and my notebook.

It provides a piece of mind to be able to check daily to ensure that nothing has changed. Clarity is excellent, the night vision is wonderful, only problem is snow / rain triggers the motion detection, but then again it is motion. :-)

17 out of 113


Location: Fredericksburg VA

Everything works fine - excellent quality cameras and NVR - no issues other than a few set up problems - T/S did an adequate job once we got escalated to a higher level.

18 out of 113


Location: Fredericksburg VA

Purchased this system and four extra cameras from Costco on line. They arrived quickly and installation was relatively simple - the installer struggled with the PoE ports and after hours on the phone with escalated teh support Lorex agreed to send a replacement NVR - which seems to be working fine now.

Professional grade system (vs what they sell in store at Costco/Bj's/Sam's (cameras are all metal, not plastic)
Excellent quality cameras with nice features
iPhone and iPad apps are excellent and chock full of nice features - some confusing but you'll figure it out
Mini-PTZ cams are PERFECT for home installation (versatile but nearly invisible - very low profile)
Mini-dome cams are also low profile (vs bullet cams that are rather "in your face")
Tech Support is about a 6/7 on a scale of 1-10 - you probably need to escalate to get qualified assistance

Only the mini-PTZ have microphones for listen in - no other cams I could determine offer audio)
Missing parts: shorted two weatherproof connectors in bullet cam box - tooks weeks to get those replaced
Customer Service: AWFUL - outsourced to Phillipines - they have 0 ability to do almost anything - call T/S for
your CS needs - they are in Canada and much more helpful
NO MANUAL in NVR box - 192 pages and only on line? Seriously, $1000 for the NVR & 4 cams and you have to get a PDF?
(not even a DVD/CD)
Forget the "scan n' play" feature - it does not work well - one still must enter info to get up and running
60' cables are almost worthless - we installed 8 cams and only two would reach the NVR direct - 100' cables would do the
job on almost any home.

19 out of 113


Location: Brampton

The NVR400-8 series system is a good system. Included boxed documentation is limited but the system install and configuration was easy if you have any technical or handyman experience. The FLIR Cloud software is simple to install and configure, works great on Windows7 and Ipad OS9, I have some problems to setup remote viewing on Blackberry BB10 where would be the most secure setup, I need to spend some time on it.
The picture quality is excellent for the price, build quality of the camera's and NVR is also very good. Remote view quality is great for Windows, much less for Ipad or Iphone apps.
Same issues, as many have commented already, is the NVR noise level and limited support for Blackberry OS and low quality for Iphone apps. The fan volume level is high and I had to move to enclosed area. I will check with technical support if they are any setup options that may help with the noise level. Some for any updates for Apple and Blackberry OS.

20 out of 113


Location: Summerside, PEI

The set up was so easy, basically plug and play. There is a lot to learn if you are looking to tweek the settings but the online manual is easy to use. I love the quality of the recordings, very clear. I had a few issues with my recordings but the customer service staff are very knowledgeable and understanding, and are helping me work thru my issues.

21 out of 113


Location: Memphis

Love my cameras very easy install. The remote software was a breeze to config and setup. Will be recommending this to everyone!!!

22 out of 113


Location: Seattle

So far seems to be a great product. I attempted to set up my warranty and the website would not let me load my receipt. I spoke with a tech. and she was going to send me an email, but never did. Makes me wonder about support a bit. Besides that, seems all is well.

23 out of 113


Location: Toronto

Very easy to set up and reliable (it's been a few months so far). Hardware looks sturdy and seems to withstand well harsh winter weather. IR night vision is excellent on both dome and bullet cameras. Both the instructions and the user interface for setting up non-basic, more technical features could be improved and simplified. Could also definitely use much larger hard drive since the cameras record in HD with 30 FPS which fills up the drive very quickly. Overall, great choice at this price point.

24 out of 113


Location: Fairfax

Very happy with my system. Only drawback is DVR fan is noisy and wish LOREX could provide 1080 Camera in wireless configuration. I have two buildings to cover and laying wire is difficult. I may have to go with a 3 and 3 system (3 wireless 760 cameras and 3 1080 wired). This is the second system I have bought from Lorex.

25 out of 113


Location: Los Angeles

Generally happy with the NVR400-8 series system with just a few concerns similar to other comments from users. On the plus side, the picture quality is excellent for the price and the overall build quality of the camera's and NVR is also very good. Although the boxed documentation is limited, the system install and configuration was not difficult if you have any technical or handyman experience. I also implemented a remote POE switch and that setup and camera identification to the NVR was very easy. The FLIR Cloud software is simple to install and configure, and so far no issues with remote viewing.

For drawbacks, many have commented on the NVR noise level and I agree this is an issue that Lorex should address. Even without any POE camera's attached directly to the NVR, the fan volume level is above what I would comfortably place in a bedroom or common area. I will be asking technical support if they are any setup options or firmware updates that may help with the noise level. The NVR playback software is also not very intuitive and better documentation included with the package would be very helpful.

Overall pretty happy so far with the Lorex purchase.

26 out of 113


Location: Long Island

The system is working well and provides great pics. The user manual is lacking though. I wanted to record only on motion detect activity, but the manual's instructions were not complete. I had to call tech support and the rep took control of my system and cleared out the continuous record day by day. When looking to playback, you have to select the yellow slashes on the search screen. Sometimes they are for very short recordings and you cannot select them. I had to call tech support again and the rep had to figure it out while on the phone with me. When viewing on the software downloaded to my computer, you can use the wheel on the mouse to access these narrow bands of yellow to view recordings. On the actual NVR, you have to choose 2 hour, 1 hour , or 30 minute time frames. I have not had the chance to do much more with the system, but I find the documentation poor and the user interface not intuitive. The cooling fan on the NVR is loud as well, but I realize it is important. I haven't had the system for very long, so I can't review its reliability.

27 out of 113


Location: Oregon

This product seems very well made. We just installed it and it looks great. Only time will tell how long the cameras will last. We installed these outside under eves to protect them from the sun. They are replacing the ECO 940H Model. Those cameras went bad in just over a year. This Model appears to be made out of better quality parts. I hope the internal workings of the cameras are too.

28 out of 113


Location: Mercer, PA

Well put together system, top quality cameras and dvr, dvr is noisier that I expected but does not effect functionality. Very easy setup and install, I am still in the construction phase of my building and purchased this system earlier that expected and have not had an opportunity to fully take advantage of all the system has to offer. I would recommend this system to anyone who is interested in a quality HD camera system with an easy one wire (CAT5e) camera hook up. I am having trouble viewing the system remotely, but I have not had time check the manual or speak to customer service.

Great system for home or business.

29 out of 113


Location: Dallas, TX

After my Lorex system was delivered to my door, I immediately started unpacking it and was surprised and impressed at how well packed the equipment was. It says a lot about a company and their commitment to quality when they spend time properly packing and protecting equipment. I unboxed everything and then used the quick-setup guides (included) to configure and test the system. The user interface was a bit confusing at first but provides all the software features I desire at this point in time. Some refining of the interface could really help improve beginning usability. Unfortunately one of my Pan/Tilt dome cameras was faulty on arrival. After a couple of times speaking with Lorex tech support, I was issued an RMA and hope to receive a replacement in a few weeks.

I had originally planned on doing a DIY system but after evaluating the Lorex system, I don't think I could have built anything of comparable price that would match the overall quality and attention to detail of the Lorex.

Overall I am quite pleased.

30 out of 113


Location: Norfolk, VA

I purchased the LNR 408 with the 4 weatherproof HD IP cameras. I’m impressed! I had profession installers put a camera at each corner of my ranch-style home. The installer had a ‘upscale’ system located at his home which he showed me via his smart phone. He remarked that I had great resolution with this Lorex system. I currently view my property via my television (monitor), my iphone 6, and my Macbook Pro. Everything is working well. Thus far, this system gets 2 thumbs up!

31 out of 113


Location: Central Alabama

Received this LNR400-8 channel system with 4 cameras, 2 bullet and 2 PTZ about a week ago. Camera installation was a breeze if your a handyman and have the tools needed, such as an auger wood bit, screw driver, and some good ole common sense. The picture quality is amazing. As far as the LNB3143 bullet cameras, they are crystal clear during the day and at night you can actually see something. However, I didn't do my homework on the PTZ cameras (my fault). They are the LNZ3522. Yes, they are crystal clear during daylight hours ONLY. They do NOT have any IR bulbs so unless there is some kind of ambient light available (none in the country but stars) you can not see diddly! So, I bought 2 more LNB3143 bullet cameras to replace them. Don't get me wrong, the PTZ cameras are great during the day! They are just not what I needed. I would recommend this system to anyone who wants the latest technology and a good product. Since I am just now installing and still running cables, i certainly hope it holds up to the name and quality I have observed so far.

32 out of 113


Location: Seattle

Have been wanting system for a while. Wanted 1080p, web interface, and some level of PTZ. For the price (on sale at Costco), this system seemed fit my needs to get started. Have not fully installed yet since wiring will take time and some planning. But have tested each of the cameras, web interface, etc. Video quality is good. I do question if it's really 30 fps since even with monitor off back of unit, it's not perfectly smooth. But well good enough for surveillance. The night vision switches on automatically when needed and was quite good.

Tested the pan/tilt of the two cameras I received that support this and that seems to work well. Also, audio from those cameras was decent. Will work great at my front door I believe.

Overall, I'm optimistic that I will be very happy once I have this fully installed. I took 1 star off for the following reasons. Video not as smooth as I expected (still reasonable) and because I think 60 foot cables is not long enough (not for me). So I'll probably need 100 foot in most cases and will have paid twice for cables. I know this may not be fair to Lorex since they can't anticipate all home sizes.

33 out of 113


Location: South Jordan UT

I copied some of breitz feedback as I agreed completely.
I had my house prewired with electrical boxes and cat 5 to an equipment room and everywhere I wanted ca,eras. I had not chosen my system yet but this seemed to make sense. The issue I had is none of the camera's are make to mount over electrical boxes. Maybe they don't use these in Canada? For that reason, I had to customize plate covers, and spend way to much time on figuring out how to mount.

Very capable system and I am pleased overall with with the quality of the hardware and the live/recorded video. PoE makes installation easy and displays are excellent/clear. Personally I prefer the bullet cameras over the dome cameras for both normal and infrared (night vision). Neither camera gives as much wide angle and depth as I wanted, but it is adequate.

As in all systems can you make the ID number and serial number larger so we can read it. What I read as inc was actually lhv. Triple the size please. Your customer service technical helpline, having a 1/2 wait is out of control, but they are very helpful and patient.

I also am confused about the software interface The system is very capable, however it is not very well organized or intuitive to use at all. Requires significant time to understand/decipher and to set up the recording and alarm features. Interfaces to the system via FLIR Cloud work well, but each device you may use to access (laptop/iPad/iPhone) requires you to learn a very unique and different set of menu options, symbols, etc...there is little commonality between the various FLIR Cloud device & PC/mac interfaces, and the direct access of the system thru the NVR.

Reading a 192 page manual is too much. I agree, make this easier to operate. And why limit passwords to 6 characters? The limit of 3 devices is fine, but if I do not have one device working at the time, like the PC, make it so I can connect up to 3 at a time, but maybe have 5 devices available. I like the system, and it was a very good value as compared to others.

34 out of 113


Location: New Jersey

Packed well, not too difficult to install, iPad Fleer connection not too difficult, BUT 2 cameras stopped working after less than 4 months. We need the surveillance capability and must get service or replacements of the 2 cameras

Put in claim ticket and still have not heard in 2 days.

Thank you for your feedback. Our customer service team was happy to send out the warranty replacements for you. We hope all is working well now.

35 out of 113


Location: Florida

Very capable system and I am pleased overall with with the quality of the hardware and the live/recorded video. PoE makes installation easy and displays are excellent/clear. Personally I prefer the bullet cameras over the dome cameras for both normal and infrared (night vision).

My biggest issue is with the software interface. The system is very capable, however it is not very well organized or intuitive to use at all. Requires significant time to understand/decipher and to set up the recording and alarm features. I still have yet to get email notifications to work. Interfaces to the system via FLIR Cloud work well, but each device you may use to access (laptop/iPad/iPhone) requires you to learn a very unique and different set of menu options, symbols, etc...there is little commonality between the various FLIR Cloud device & PC/mac interfaces, and the direct access of the system thru the NVR.

Depending on how hard it is for you to install the provided Cat 5E ethernet cabling in your attic or crawlspace, you will be up and running with high quality surveillance video in no time thanks to the PoE feature. However, be prepared to spend significantly more time optimizing the system recording, alarm, notification and playback functions to your specific needs.

36 out of 113


Location: Houston, TX

Super easy setup and great interface. So far so good. Hoping to add more cameras to this system to use all 8 channels soon!

37 out of 113


Location: Hawaii

Outstanding product. Just wished that someone would write an APP to view camera's with windows phone

38 out of 113


Location: NY

Lorex customer service is awful.

We apologize for any difficulty you experienced and are happy to have resolved this.

39 out of 113


Location: Rockville, MD

This is my first experience with a surveillance system and it has gone pretty well. Installing the cameras and hooking up the system was easy. The color video is crisp an clear. Setting up the FLIR Cloud on my Mac was a little slow and I am still trying to figure out how to use it. My attempts to set up and use the internet remote viewing (DDNS) have failed but I have not yet taken the time to contact Lorex for assistance. I hope I can figure it out on my own.

40 out of 113


Location: Louisiana

Just installed this system in order to see the entrance doors and parking lot area around the building. The quality of the video feed is outstanding and the equipment installed with no problem.

41 out of 113


Location: Florida

Bought this system over the phone. Customized it to meet my needs for my home. The techs were very helpful. I just installed the system. Very impressed with the ease of installation and the camera clarity is perfect. I will look at adding additional cameras at a later date.

42 out of 113


Location: San Diego,CA

I did a lot of research before purchasing this PoE system. The PoE cameras make the installation and easy project. The camera quality is excellent day or night and Flir Cloud App was simple to install and configure on my iPhone.

43 out of 113


Location: Trophy Club, Texas

Have installed a number of "DYI" generic security systems over the last 15 years. I installed LNR400 with 2 Dome, 4 Bullet cameras with PoE and everything worked great. Flir Cloud App (iOS and Mac) is very nice, hope the Mac client becomes fully Apple SDLC compliant in the future. Otherwise, all the components were good quality and would recommend it for any size installation.

44 out of 113


Location: Central Ca.

I was skeptical at first so I did a lot of research and decided Lorex had a 60 day garantee so how could I go wrong, I ordered an NVR, POE, IP, HD, and one PTZ LNZ32P12. Wow at 150 feet, I have no problem reading license plates with the PTZ and the HD quality day and night with the 2MP IP fixed bullet camera is awesome . We were burglized twice in three years, the Sheriffs Office said they were more interested in the vehicle for ID than seeing pics in the burglar. I have both area covered now. I am so very, very pleased, thanks Lorex. Easy to install too.

45 out of 113


Location: British Columbia Canada

Purchased the NVR 408 from Costco in September 2015.installation of camera's was easy. one PTZ camera turned red after one day and had to be replaced. The teck line was great,they really know there stuff. A replacement camera was sent to me but could have been faster. Over three weeks.The set-up was easy for the camera views. IT took 2 calls to tec support to get the unit to send snapshots to my PC (motion).

46 out of 113


Location: Western Colorado

I have been looking at NVR technology for some time. Reason being is the Power over Ethernet (POE) capability. I have been in networking industry for 20 years and manufactures such as Cisco have been using POE to power their devices for years. Proven technology and wiring (CAT5e/6) needed to connect the cameras is a foundation. Meaning, POE will be around for some time. So when you upgrade at some time in the future, you will not have to worry about changing out to a new cable platform.

To the Lorex Technology. As many have stated, set up is a breeze. Android easily connected with the NVR and i'm working out some issues with the client software for my PC. I'm suspecting it is more a user issue then anything. The FLIR cloud allows seemless viewing while on 4G.

The cameras work well in low to no light situations. I'm not 100% certain the field of view is as stated on the marketing material. Bit narrow vision. I'm speculating the reason is attributed to the long range of night vision. Balancing act between wide field of view and long range night vision.

47 out of 113


Location: Spring, Tx

I have the 8 camera system, but I only have change to install 2 dome cameras, so far I love the quality. I had a little problem when one of my cameras turn green color , did everything I could , reset the NVR, change settings, restart NVR but nothing helped. I decide to remove the camera cover , and suddenly started to work.

Will be nice if on the web interface you have the option to restart the NVR, but that's OK. I will install the other bullet cameras in the next weeks for a total of 7 cameras.

48 out of 113


Location: Maryland

This is my first system, so all is new to me. Setup was easy, ran the wires and connected to the NVR. Only have 1 camera connected so far, but the picture quality of the bullet camera is very good. And yes, I can see bugs at night too.

Although setup was pretty straight forward using the supplied setup sheet, I haven't found how to setup the email alerts yet, although I'm sure a quick call to support will get me rolling in no time.

49 out of 113


Location: Castro Valley, CA

Easy setup with the provided materials. The image is great during daylight hours. The night vision is much better than I had expected. One problem with the night vision is that the IR seems to attract insects and spiders. This sets off the motion detection recording. Not much Lorex can do about that.

Monitoring from my PC is simple- again with easy setup. I can also monitor with my smartphone, but really have not found that feature to be useful.

50 out of 113


Location: Georgia

This is my first video security camera system. I bought the 4 camera system and I am very pleased so far. The picture is better than expected and the night vision is good.

I was looking for a system that I could monitor online and get notifications of alarms. This system does it all and then some. After a few mistakes on my part I had my computer and phone accessing the system with ease. Since the system is easy to monitor from my iPhone or computer, I located the system in a remote out of the way location.

The manual is large so plan to spend some time getting things set up and adjusted. I am getting far to many detection events at the present time due to the system needing some fine tuning. (I have too many cats.)

For a do it your self person, I would recommend.

NO problems so far.

51 out of 113


Location: Virginia

Great product, easy to install and use. So far added 5 camera's and all working great.

52 out of 113


Location: Springfield Manitoba

NVR with 2 bullet and 2 micro dome cameras:
-Good quality picture
-Dome cameras have good field of view, neat pan & tilt capability, good low light vision, but no lighting for total darkness
-Bullet cameras field of view not as good, but can see in total darkness
-Flir connection is nice, able to see cameras over android phone
-Flir works with Windows 7, and Vista, but not Windows XP.
-Still have to play with camera sensitivity, but at factory settings, bugs and shades of lighting set off motion detection better than people.
-Unable to view HDMI output on my older Pioneer HDTV regard;ess of TV HDMI input setting, but works on newer models.

53 out of 113


Location: Orinda CA

A super easy to install system. If I could do it, you can do it too!

54 out of 113


Location: Bakersfield

I added the 8 channel DVR WITH four cameras to start I am using a DSL connection from AT&T and it seems to be working fine. I didn't set up my ddns connection properly so I can't use my PC to view the cameras but the iPad app is working great. Some more hard copy help would be helpful to those less experienced. you literally need to take a person from the street with a high school education and walk each step to make this product phenomenal. I am very happy with the quality of the video and motion detection. I would love it if you added some wireless camera option since I have some areas with power but not a wired connection capability.
I will be modifying the configuration as time goes but didn't fully setup remote administration

55 out of 113


Location: Fort Lauderdale

Let me be honest with you.
It’s truly the easiest system to get up running. The video quality is great.
I use the FLIR Cloud App on both my iPhone and iPad and both work extremely well. I also installed the
FLIR Cloud (FLIRCloud_CMS_PC-2.1.23) software on my work PC. This takes a little more configuration, but is pretty straight forward.

I’m looking at adding a PTZ camera next.
I personally wouldn’t waste my time or money with a cheaper, and yes I mean “cheaper” system.
Based on quality, ease of installation, and customer service, I would definitely recommend a Lorex system.

56 out of 113


Location: Los Gatos, CA

Easy to install, and excellent video quality.

The fan is noisy, and it takes some experimentation to set the threshold and sensitivity for the motion alarm function.

57 out of 113


Location: Quebec, Canada

Great purchase!

+ Quick install
+ Picture quality is really good.

- Not compatible with Safari and chrome on MacOS
- Fan noisy

I recommend!

58 out of 113


Location: chelmsford ma


I added 25’ HDMI and 25’ USB cable for wireless mouse, don’t here fan noise anymore.
Unit is in the Cellar on top of cabinet.

Digital zoom in feature sux.
During day time can read license plates up to 40 away feet standing still.
Face recognition 15 to 20 feet away.
Night light will detect cars lights over 130 away.
Object appear wider than they are.

Use FLIR Cloud software for remote connection but with speeds 25/25 is too slow connecting.

FLIR Cloud software provides Dahua Smart Player software to play back DAV files on your computer so i download there client app to use on my Mac IT works better on my network better than FLIR version all 4 cameras come up in 1080P.

Safari is not supported for NVR for local connection, just Windows i think.
Tech support very help for 3 times that i call.
first was about user Accounts

Second was how to shut off sub streams recording sense i do not have a iPhone or iPad to view them. Just trying to save on disk space and networking bandwidth.
On the NVR there is option to turn off Sub Stream but doesn’t work.

Third was about accounts
FLIR software home page Account Icon doesn’t communicate to NVR so i delete all the users that i add.
On the home page click on device cfg this were you find account icon that configures NVR Account setting.

Turn off email alerts after 560 detections in 1 night of fog.

59 out of 113


Location: Oregon

After much research, decided to purchase the LNR400 for my first security system and have been very pleased with it so far, but it's only been a month.

Set up was quick and easy. Took longer to figure out where to put the cameras (wife was helping).

The fan is not as noisy as I thought it would be from reading other reviews, but I did place it in a closet.

The picture quality is fantastic!

The FlirCloud is taking a little while to figure out, but the more we play with it, the easier it gets.

All in all, I would definately recommend!

60 out of 113


Location: Florida

Replaced a LNR300 that died after 1 year and 3 months. Lorex offered a 15% discount (after 1-1/2 hours with tech support and 2 hours on hold with sales!!!!!!).....Costco gave me a full refund!

The LNR400 uses Flir Cloud app. Lorex Stratus app for the LNR300 system was useless. Flir app works perfectly

Also like the fact I can add PTZ cameras if I feel the need to do so.

So far so my fingers crossed after LNR300 problems

61 out of 113


Location: ON, Canada

I purchased this system from Costco along with 2 PT dome cameras, honestly speaking I can't imagine there are any other systems out there that would match this quality. I will list what I liked and what I slightly disliked, nevertheless I still give it 5 stars.

The good:

- Very easy to install, just hook the cameras, start the NVR, and you're all set, default settings will get the system going.

- Quality of the video, and the search tool is awesome, you don't have to view or scan a whole day of video to find out when the action happened, you can easily spot the times of the day where motion was detected.

- I got additional HDD from Amazon, the drive came with no cable or screws! I know that Lorex were smart enough as they had already provided an extra cable with the kit, but it below me away when I also found they provided the HDD screws. Very thoughtful.

Overall experience is great, I would recommend this system to anyone.

The bad (or maybe..the less than good):

- Although the software on the NVR has many details, the location of options and setup pages feels so weird, I think the entire application could use some makeover, proper redistribution of options. Or maybe I am not used to that logic yet. I was a software developer for years, and I feel this could use a better design/reorg.

- The process to setup email alerts is simply painful, I play with routers, modems, switches, etc for decades, and I am still facing problems with this one.I obviously have to allocate a day off to get this done. Reason being it just fails, even though I've set the required DDNS, I think there are more to it than that. Will keep trying.

- The PT Dome camera sadly doesn't support auto panning, or touring, or anything that would make it keep moving automatically by itself, and honestly I think that's laziness as this is just a software enhancement to allow this feature, no hardware change is required, I assume.

- The PT dome camera again sadly does not support night vision, so it doesn't seem useful outdoors unless you hook a motion detector light nearby.

Don't get me wrong, I like that dome camera, but I think it lacks the above two features.

- The NVR could use a bigger fan, for two reasons, (a) lower noise level, (b) faster cooling.

Over all, I am happy with this system.


62 out of 113


Location: Atlanta GA

We are very pleased with system. The initial setup is very easy and picture quality is very good. Overall, I think it is an excellent system that will only get better as we take advantage of the more advanced features. The NVR is a computer and it has a cooling fan, which is slightly louder than a desktop computer. Couple of cons for me: 1. I wish the viewing angle (72 degrees) was greater, 2. I wish the documentation was better organized. Setup: 2 cameras connected to the NVR and 2 connected to a router.

63 out of 113


Location: USA

This is my first security system. Easy to install and the video looks great. Bought through Lorex.

64 out of 113


Location: Alabama

Purchased through Costco. The packaging kept the electronics well protected. The mounting and wire runs went better than I expected. Flir Cloud with QR code setup was a snap. Now I can keep an eye on my home anywhere in the world. The only thing I can say bad about it is the fan is loud, but not loud enough to make me want to do something about it.

65 out of 113


Location: Low Country South Carolina

Purchased through Costco for a great deal. All came packaged very well. As I hooked up cameras each one came on line. Quality of the video is very good, and particulary at night. I am having a bit of trouble seeing these online, but I am sure I will get that figured out. I plan on recommending this to my local church.

I cannot tell how long these will last, but so far I am very impressed.

Also, I have found tech support to be responsive to my emails.

66 out of 113


Location: Canada

System was easy to install and set up. Much improved quality compared to previous non hd model. Fan noise is very high. Everyone should consider install location of the PVR. If it is to be installed in an open cabinet where you are sitting it will be very noisy. Remote location or closed cabinet are recommended. Camera install was simple.

67 out of 113


Location: Long Beach, CA

DVR - terribly noisy - the main downside to this system. I would not buy again.

Picture - clear

FLIR Cloud - not as user friendly as it could be.

Lorex Service - ROCKS!

68 out of 113


Location: Nassau Long Island NY

The LNR4082TC4B purchased through Costco online special. I had a friend do the installation, the cables were run through the attic down into the router room. We connected the NVR to a 42" smart tv and the picture is amazing. It connected well with the Ipad and Samsung G6 cell through the Flir Cloud App.
The unit is loud but I am happy with the purchase.

69 out of 113


Location: Gravois Mills, MO

Purchased on Lorex website at a good discount on Black Friday 2014 and installed at our lake home over the Christmas holiday. I’ve waited to submit a review until using the system for a while. Overall, I’ve been very happy with the system. The PoE 1080p cameras are easy to install and provide excellent picture quality (infrared works great). Connecting to WAN was very quick and easy, literally plugged in and worked. Connecting outside firewall was messy but customer support (“Nick” A., Sean & Max B.) was very responsive and helpful. Main complaint (as most other reviews stated) is that the NVR is very noisy. Also, customer support wasn’t able to help me get DDNS to work so I’ve only been able to connect via FLIR Cloud Client which works great on iPhone, iPad, laptops & desktops.

70 out of 113


Location: Ottawa, ON

Very pleased with this NVR system, its cameras and how quick and easy it was to get it all up and running.

POE powered cameras and integrated switch built into the NVR makes installation simple as running a single wire to each camera. Each camera comes with 100ft of pre-terminated cable which is ample for all but the longest of runs.

The day & night video quality of the Bullet and Pan&Tilt cameras included with the LNR4082TC4P2B kit purchased from Costco is superb. The IR-Leds on the Bullet Cameras illuminate the whole field of view and viewing range exceeded expectations. The available motion of the Pan&Tilt cameras means they're best mounted on a ceiling or soffit instead of a wall.

There's a ton of options, nested menus and settings in the NVR. Fortunately everything seems to work right out of the box so learning where all the settings & options are is purely optional.

71 out of 113


Location: Irwin, PA

So far I really like this set up. It is very easy to install due to just needing to run cat5e cable for the power and signal. I've only installed two cameras so far but the picture quality is great at night and day. The nightvision works great to the distance specified. Overall I am very pleased so far. The NVR is a little loud so take that into consideration when installing.

72 out of 113


Location: Mississauga, ON

Bought this unit on sale with high expectations that were met. The install was very easy as it requires only one wire per camera, and the kit provided more than enough cable to run each camera through the attic with plenty left over. Once I downloaded the manual it was easy to set up the web based software to view on my cellphone or computer when on the go. The only recommendations are to ensure the cameras have the required viewing angle to suit your needs, and get a wireless mouse! Makes it much easier to control the unit when placed away from the screen.

73 out of 113


Location: California

Worked flawlessly until update they put out in May now can't receive push notifications from Apple flir cloud app been waiting months for product developers to fix this issue for me no one has contacted me yet call every week for them to tell me I have to wait another week. Second option was to set up email notification that doesn't work either they had to again take it to their product developers another help ticket for that turned in. They reset my machine now I can adjust sensitivity on different regions. Hope they fix it soon.

Our technical support team was happy to assist you with the issues you were experiencing. Should you need to speak with them again, please call 1-877-755-6739.

74 out of 113


Location: Santa Rosa, Ca

Bought this unit because of its price point. Easy to install and get running. The biggest drawback is the noise from NVR. Had to install in garage because of the noise which Lorex states is normal for this model. Great night vision camera's and recording. Had to contact tech support for issue with remote viewing via i-phone and Michelle A. was right on top of resolving the issue.

75 out of 113


Location: Kingston, Ontario

Pros - Excellent video night and day. Adapts perfectly to lighting conditions. Highly recommend this product
Con - Only one issue - Like other reviews I find the NVR fan noisy - not quiet like a computer fan.

All 6 cameras were tested before installation and they all worked perfectly. I recommend doing this step prior to final installation.

76 out of 113


Location: Hillsboro, OR

I had been looking at security camera systems for over a year. I always seemed to come back to the Lorex brand. For me, Lorex had the highest quality with the most features in the price point I was trying to stay in. I finally bit the bullet and bought the Lorex LNR4082TC4B from Costco. Overall, I am extremely pleased with the system. Picture quality in both day and night mode is fantastic. The software is very sophisticated. There seems to be an endless amount of parameters that can be adjusted and tweaked to ones liking. I had need to call technical support, and was rather surprised at the helpfulness and knowledge of the person that guided me through my issues. I would agree with other reviewers that the NVR fan is loud. I also don’t understand why the cameras come with a power jack as well as the Ethernet connection. The camera gets its power from the Cat5 cable so the power jack seems to be a useless pigtail coming out of the camera that just gets in the way. I would not hesitate in recommending this system to family or friends.

77 out of 113


Location: Cape May, NJ

I researched security systems for months and I always seemed to find myself by back to the Lorex Website. I called a few times to have questions answered and customer service was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about their products. The only downside to the 1080p system is that their are not many products that are interchangeable with the system (i.e.. wireless capabilities and allowing to tape in tour mode for the additional dome camera I purchased). Love the system.

78 out of 113


Location: Mississauga,Canada

I bought The LNR4082TC4B system from Costco. The installation was very straightforward. All cameras were plug and play. The Flir Cloud app is a great tool to set up your cameras. The app was very easy to setup. Just scan the bar code on your DVR and your up and running. I'm very pleased with the crystal clear picture.
Overall I'm very happy with the purchase.

79 out of 113


Location: San Jose,CA

Had a professional to install this. System has exceptional image quality, Android app is awesome to view from anywhere. Tons of features that you need time to explore . Overall very happy with the purchase..

80 out of 113


Location: California

This system was easy to set up, the cameras work well, POE is great, and the NVR screens are intuitive after a little bit of use.

Only a couple of issues so far:
1. When cameras are connected via a switch rather than directly to the box, the motion detection settings are different and less adequate. You can't set thresholds or different parameters for different regions. Also the cameras connected via switch have a hard time stocking to the right timezone.
2. It is very cool to be able to access the cameras and update settings via the internet. The client software is atrocious, though. It works fine, but there are essentially no instructions and it is very, very clunky.
3. There's no way to back up to network attached storage. If you want to backup on site and not to the cloud (because maybe your data cap is low and you don't want to stream to the cloud constantly), you can back up to another drive in the device. But if someone takes the device, that doesn't help. Why not allow backup to NAS?

Overall, though, seems like great value for the money so far.

81 out of 113


Location: NY

- Great intuitive interface, easy set up
- Good iOS/Android apps, and it's easy to set them up
- Great quality

- Very noisy

82 out of 113


Location: Canada

Easy to use and great support.

83 out of 113


Location: Fort Worth, TX

The system was easy to setup. The picture quality is amazing and much better than any other security system that I've owned in the past. I'm glad that I pulled the trigger on these.

84 out of 113


Location: Michigan

The LNR4082TC4B purchased at Costco is a very good product.
1) Excellent daytime picture quality.
2) Excellent nighttime picture quality as well; as great as that can be anyway.
3) Easy setup.
4) Easy to follow setup instructions.
5) One wire connection for fixed cameras.
6) PLZ capabilities already built in to the system.
7) Easy to save recorded data to a flash drive and view on any computer.
8) Tech support is awesome. Very professional, responsive and knowledgeable (unlike Samsung).
9) Easy to connect to using my Ethernet and iPhone/iPad.

1) The internal fans are a little loud, but where I placed the NVR, it doesn’t matter.
2) Had an issue with one of the cameras (Lorex immediately sent a replacement).
3) Cannot shut off the night vision in low light situations.
4) Doesn’t communicate with my plasma TV. :(
5) Cameras aren’t available in different colors (from all the pics I saw, I thought they were at the least, a medium gray).

85 out of 113


Location: California

This is an excellent system for both residential and commercial use. The night vision clarity and distance in the bullet cameras exceeded my expectations.

The user interface is not the most friendly if the user isn't tech savvy but all the features and configurability you could want are there.

I've already added a 5th PTZ camera from Lorex to the system and the integration is seamless. Great product!

4 stars because of the GUI. I've spent way too much time explaining and showing clients how to operate the system.

86 out of 113


Location: Home System

The system was easy to setup. One of the ethernet cables was defective and after calling Lorex a new cable is being sent out to replace. The NVR fan is very noisy but the unit is installed in a closet. The DDNS registration was very easy also. The image quality is great.

87 out of 113


Location: Memphis, TN

The system was very easy to set up and install. The hardest part is running the cable. The image quality is awesome. I have an older 960H TVL camera system and there is no comparison in the quality of the video and snapshot images. DDNS registration and setup was easy, but still can't get access remotely through an internet browser. Luckily the FLIR Cloud setup worked instantly. Only negative is the loud fan. Overall, very nice product.

88 out of 113


Location: Michigan

Product works as describe. Easy to set up and install. Only complaint is the lowercase "L" in the ID number on the device looks like a "1" so could not get the software to run on PC until I realized that. Ipad, Android both worked well from scan of ID immediately.

89 out of 113


Location: Hood River, Oregon

Frist of all, I want to say I have had three Swann systems, and only one Lorex system, my current LNR400 8-channel system. And Lorex is way ahead Swann. Price for price the quality of the components and software are much better. I like the setting features much better as well. Picture quality is excellent, and I also had excellent results with Lorex's technical support. All in all I have to give Lorex a 5 star rating.

90 out of 113


Location: Montreal, Canada

I just called the support, for the second time since my purchase, last week. Both times, it was Andrew, who gives me an amazing support. This morning, he spent about 90 minutes to answer and fix all my requests. Email configuration and motion detection settings. What a great support I got, especially just after the support hours, so at 9h05 am . Now I can enjoy my NVR. Andrew linked to my own PC via Bomgar session, so I was able to share exactly what was my concerns. 5 stars
P.S. like some other people, about the fan, this is my second DVR (the old one from another supplier) and this is exactly the same, so this is not only an issue from Lorex but many others. From my point of view, this is not an issue, as my NVR is located in a closed section..

91 out of 113


Location: Saratoga, CA

Just finished installing this. Love the quality of the cameras and the recordings. True 1080. It was a breeze to install. If there is one thing I would like to see them Lorex do to improve this would be to add more cameras to the compatibility list with this NVR. I have 5 outdoor cameras and would really like to add 2 indoor camera like the Lorex IP cameras and be able to record the video in the same NVR. Unfortunately that cannot be done today... At least support your own cameras on all your own platforms.

92 out of 113


Location: Goodyear, AZ

Installed this system a few days ago. Very easy camera installation since the house is already wired. NVR setup was easy including getting the iphone app running. Picture quality is very good. Tech support was very helpful when I had problem loading the client software on my PC. Like other reviews, the only negative is the noisy fan so putting this in a closet and closing the door is the only way to mitigate the noise. Overall, a very good system.

93 out of 113


Location: Vaughan, Ont.

Bought this system at our local Costco, on sale.. After the easy installation, I was amazed of the picture quality, and the construction of the cameras. Are made of good quality, not cheap.. So far I'm very happy in my purchase..

94 out of 113


Location: Orlando Florida

Just finished installing the LNR400 system a few days ago. AMAZING picture quality day & night. Support was 'excellent" (called them twice to get set up).
Only thing I would like is a quiter fan! Also wish misc cables to router etc were longer so I could hide my NVR out of sight from potential thief.
Overall i'd rate this four camera system ***** (FIVE) star. I'd rate the support team *****(FIVE) star also.
Great company. I am very pleased with my purchase.

95 out of 113


Location: Baton Rouge, LA

Nice system. Easy setup with Android device. Rest of settings take some reading and playing with the settings. Single cable hookup for power and communication makes installation a lot easier.
The only drawbacks are navigating the web server. It is not compatible with all browsers. There is not an adjustment I can find for the fan speeds so it is very loud as other reviewers have mentioned.
We had an older Q-See system before that was very simple to use. The image quality is a huge difference. So I would recommend this product!

96 out of 113


Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Overall I'm happy with the system, but I have a few small complaints. First, within a day of installing the cameras, one of the network cables that came with the system failed and I had to replace the cable. Second, I find the FLIR Cloud software to be buggy. It will show that the system is offline when in fact it is up. I have to remove the device, then re-add it for it to show as being online. Third, when I use the web interface, my browser keeps telling me the login page is in Chinese and asks me if I want to translate it. When I looked at the source code of the page, I see it contains Chinese characters. Fourth, I can't use the web interface in Google Chrome which is my preferred browser. It keeps telling me to install the plugins even though I installed them. Fifth, the instructions for setting up web access don't seem disjointed. In one place, there were instructions for setting up DDNS, but nothing about port forwarding. Then somewhere else, it mentions port forwarding, but nothing about DDNS. Since port forwarding and DDNS are both required for web access, it seems to me the instructions should combine the two. But despite these issues, I'm happy with the system so far.

97 out of 113


Location: Oregon

Running the Cat6 cable was the hardest part. Once you figure out the software, it's pretty easy to use. I would say it took me a week to work all the kinks out and get the system setup and running smoothly. Tech support on the phone has been really great. My three complaints are: 1) The fan in the NVR is noisy. 2) The app for the iPhone is really bad; the cameras connect in the app, show a couple seconds of live feed then the app closes and I have to restart my phone to even be able to connect again. 3) The cameras aren't as wide angle as I'm used to with my cheaper IP cameras. Other than those three issues I would recommend this system!

98 out of 113


Location: Nevada

Purchased from Costco and it arrived the next day after processing. Everything was included with the system which allowed for an easy setup. HD quality monitoring works great on all my devices used for viewing our home and property. FLIR works flawlessly. Had the opportunity to contact tech support to setup port forwarding and their service was outstanding. Only wish additional cameras were not so expensive. Would recommend the LNR400 product line to anyone looking for a well built system.

99 out of 113


Location: Upland CA

I bought this system from Costco. Set up the system over 2 days. At first the picture quality was not very impressive. When repositioning the cameras I noticed plastic film on the lens. With the protective film removed picture quality was true HD, very impressive. Very Happy with this purchase.

100 out of 113


Location: Bay Area, California

I also bought my system from costco. Very easy to set up. Picture is great! Menu is a little cumbersome, but if you are patient you can navigate through it. It is nice that you only need to run 1 cat 5 cable to each camera from the NVR. Lorex included everything that was needed to set the system up. I am very pleased with my purchase.

101 out of 113


Location: Memphis, TN

Purchased this system at Costco and so far I am very happy with it. I was upgrading from an 8 year old system with 420l cameras....what a difference. Much better field of view and amazing quality at night compared to the old cameras. Keep in mind if you are upgrading to this system, you will have to replace your old coax cables as all cameras with this system run on Ethernet. I think it was well worth the effort because of the many improvements this brings to the system. Although it says it only supports Lorex cameras, with a bit of playing you can get ONVIF cameras to work which is an added bonus. There are quite a number of advanced options on this system, which are nice for the more advanced users. I do plan to add a second hard drive because the one that comes with it is not sufficient for my needs, but adding another WD Purple drive is not very expensive at all.

102 out of 113


Location: Texas

Purchased this package and installed it with relative ease. The mobile apps work great. The setup was straightforward. Camera quality is very good both day and night. I had some problems on setup if you don't plug into 1080P TV then you cannot setup the DVR because default resolution is set to 1080P and you cannot change it without accessing the menus. The TV I am using for monitoring was not 1080 P and I had to plug it into another TV change the resolution then hook it back up to the non-1080P TV and I could not use the HDMI cable for some reason - had to use VGA cable for it to work with non 1080P TV as monitor.

Other than that it is a great product. User interface on DVR could be simpler. If you only have 2 cameras there is no 2 Camera Split screen - it's 1, 4 or 8. Not a big deal but would be nice to have a 2 camera split screen view. Not available on mobile either.

103 out of 113


Location: North Texas

This is my very first experience with a security system. I received my extremely well packed system in one medium sized box. Upon unpacking the box everything was well wrapped and nothing was damaged or omitted everything in the kit was there. I first set everything up on the bench to verify everything was working correctly and it was. I got the 4 bullet camera system. Thee 100' of supplied cat5e cables was sufficient for all 4 camera runs in the attic. I mounted the 4 cameras outside the house under the eves to cover the front door, garage door and rear door. I installed the NVR in a closet and used the following to connect to my 50" HD TV:.

With the above items the NVR works perfectly while be hidden away in another room! Overall this system is complete and very easy to set up and install. I am a little disappointed in the 2.0 MP cameras as they do not hold a clear crisp picture when using digital zoom to identify a license plate etc. I will also remove a star for the lack of Windos Phone 8 application support for remote viewing and monitoring. The FLIR cloud set up is very easy for iPad and PC and works as expected. I would recommend this to anyone as long as they are OK with a 2MP camera instead of a 3 MP camera. By the way COSTCO has the best pricing on this system when they run it on sale!

104 out of 113


Location: Northern Utah

I bought this system at CostCo including 8 channel NVR and 6 cameras, four bullet and two dome. System works as advertised. The bullet cameras are better than the domes. The image quality is quite good, and installation was simple. Love the POE simplicity. The most difficult thing was running the wires through the attic, and out the eaves of my house. This got tight and tricky when placing cameras in far corners of an attic with sprayed-in insulation. This isn't a fault of the product, just saying. The software is OK, but to get 5 stars it would have to be more intuitive. I work in IT, and am a good judge of software. There are monitoring/viewing options in an installed Windows app, via a web browser and on my Android devices. Remote viewing vie FLIR is great. All app options work well, once the terminology and functionality are familiar. Still figuring out some features, such as email and alerting. Also will be considering adding PTZ cameras on the two empty ports, to increase coverage and functionality. The NVR device itself is nice, and supports HDMI and VGA. Great resolution at 1080p end-to-end. It fits nicely in my wiring closet. The only knock on the NVR itself is that the fan is loud. Overall very satisfied with the product, quality and functionality. Would recommend to anyone interested in NVR surveillance and security.

105 out of 113


Location: Berkeley, Ca

overall very simple to setup and get online - much earlier than my previous lorex system. i'm not terribly happy with the Flir IOS app as it keeps crashing, but the level of control on the actual system is quite good and flexible. I'm still trying to get the motion detection setup properly, which is a bit difficult given the level of fine tuning that is available. The night view has not been that great - seems to be due to light pollution from the streetlight, so that is quite disappointing. But the day time view is super clear.

106 out of 113


Location: Georgia

This security system is just what we needed, the cameras were easy to install and the clarity and sharpness is very good.

107 out of 113


Location: Riverside, CA

Purchased through CostCo and thought still doing a shakedown get before permanent installation, I can say that local control and functionality is working as advertised. Image quality from the camera themselves is great! The most frustrating part however has been getting it configured for remote viewing via the iPhone, iPad, and web-based DDNS Service offered by Lorex. If I can resolve that issue I'll be revising my review to a the full 5 stars.

108 out of 113


Location: Georgetown, IN

After having the LNR400 syetem for a week, I have to say I have very mixed feelings about it. On one hand I love the simplicity of POE cameras. Providing power and video signal over a single wire is fantastic. The 1080p and 30 fps video quality is amazing. Having apps available for multiple tablets and smartphones is a must these days and Lorex does not disappoint.

On the other hand, the software, while providing many features and the ability to tweak many settings is pretty poor, especially the playback function (search). I previously owned an older system made by Logitech. The cameras and technology were okay, but the user experience in the software was pretty amazing. Using a virtual scrubber, you could easily fast forward, rewind, slow motion, etc. These features are also available in the Lorex software, but it is clunky and difficult to use. I have also run into a situation where when trying to playback in 4 screen mode, one camera seems to be on all the time, while it skips over recordings from the other cameras. Basically, I have to watch one feed at a time to see what has happened during the day. I can't believe the system software was designed to work that way. I submitted a ticket on the issue and got a reply back the next day. Their solution was reset the NVR and unplug the cameras and plug them back in. The reset didn't help. Guess I'll be calling support tomorrow.

This system has so much potential, but in my opinion the software is keeping it from being a great product.

109 out of 113


Location: Santa Clara,CA

We bought this HD system to replace an old ECO system from Lorex with wireless cameras. Although the ECO system worked well, we had problems with losing the wireless connection to the cameras which had to be powered off and back on again about once a week to restore the connection. So the replacement system dictated the need for a wired connection since we were fed up with having to repeatedly reset the cameras. The PoE feature of this system means that there is no need to provide separate power to the cameras since it is included in the CAT5e cabling.

As expected with a cabled camera system, the biggest time consuming job was the wiring in the roof. Installing the cameras was fairly easy once the cabling was finished. The last and final step in setting up the LNR400 itself and using FLIR Cloud for remote access/viewing was extremely easy. No need to set up DDNS like in the previous system.

We are extremely pleased with the image quality and this was a huge improvement over the old ECO system. Of course, night quality is not as good as the amazing quality during daytime, but still a large improvement. The cameras are have metal housing, are sturdy and well built compared to the previous wireless ones.

One bit of advice. Remember to download the full manual from the Lorex website and read it before turning anything on. The quick start guide that comes with the system is good but the manual gives you a lot more info.

Overall, we are very pleased with the ease of setup of this product and the image quality.

110 out of 113


Location: Gerald

I purchased an LNR408 system. The system was well packed for shipping. The cameras have a good quality feel and look.
Hardest part of installation is running the cables to the attic. POE makes setup easy otherwise.
The system simply works as soon as powered up and cameras are connected..
Video quality during daylight hours is extremely good. The cameras are very sensitive and I have been experimenting with various values in motion detection panel to get it working just right.
Due to the location of one camera at the front of my house I am having issues with continual motion detection when there is any snow, rain or even fog - especially when it is dark and the camera is using the IR LEDs.. It appears that the cameras will need to be sheltered in order to work correctly in this type of weather. I am not convinced that it will ever function correctly in an exposed location.
The ability to email motion detection with a still photo attachment is very good.
The downloadable manuals are quite good, but could have some additional information and examples about the various event and network settings.
Concerning support: I did call tech. support for an issue with using Lorex mail. Calls always seemed to indicate at least a 20 minute wait, so I opened a ticket on the website. I have not had a response after two days. I was able to get email working using my ISP's SMTP server instead of Lorex mail.
The smart phone app (FLIR Cloud) works quite well - I am using the Android version.

111 out of 113


Location: Ontario Canada

I purchased an LNR408 system. The system was well packed for shipping. The cameras have a good quality feel and look.
Hardest part of installation is running the cables to the attic. POE makes setup easy otherwise.
The system simply works as soon as powered up and cameras are connected..
Video quality during daylight hours is extremely good. The cameras are very sensitive and I have been experimenting with various values in motion detection panel to get it working just right.
Due to the location of one camera at the front of my house I am having issues with continual motion detection when there is any snow, rain or even fog - especially when it is dark and the camera is using the IR LEDs.. It appears that the cameras will need to be sheltered in order to work correctly in this type of weather. I am not convinced that it will ever function correctly in an exposed location.
The ability to email motion detection with a still photo attachment is very good.
The downloadable manuals are quite good, but could have some additional information and examples about the various event and network settings.
Concerning support: I did call tech. support for an issue with using Lorex mail. Calls always seemed to indicate at least a 20 minute wait, so I opened a ticket on the website. I have not had a response after two days. I was able to get email working using my ISP's SMTP server instead of Lorex mail.
The smart phone app (FLIR Cloud) works quite well - I am using the Android version.

112 out of 113


Location: Houston, Texas

Bought the LNR84 series last black Friday for 1/2 the price also bought LND3152B dome pack. Set up was so easy..only hard part is going up in the attic..also planning to buy poe switch to add 4 more cameras next door at my aunts house..

113 out of 113


Location: Stafford, VA

Very good product and was very easy to setup. Wish there was a way to delete recording without having to format drive or reset. Should be able to select videos by time periods, i.e. a month, week, etc. Had to play with the system and figure out a lot of things on my own although the manual is pretty good but didn't cover things like deleting recordings. Overall I rate the product high.



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