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IP camera system with 4 HD 1080p security cameras, 2TB Hard drive


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8-Channel Security NVR with HD IP Cameras


Don't miss a single detail with exceptional recording resolution and picture quality in your corner. The DNR300 Series Network Video Recorder (NVR) brings surveillance recordings to life thanks to stunning HD capabilities. Paired with four 1080p IP cameras, this system can record video in real-time (30 frames per second) in full 1080p resolution.





1080P NVR can support up to 8 cameras



4 1080p HD security cameras



Maximum night vision



Maximum Capacity 2 x 3TB hard drives

Full 1080p HD network home security system

Full 1080p resolution network security system

Receive full 1080p high definition video footage thanks to the 2.1mp image sensor within each of your N133ED dome security cameras. You can also expect smooth on-screen motion from your cameras. They are capable of delivering real-time 30 frames-per-second (fps) video (even at 1080p resolution).


Choosing the right security system

differences between Lorex MPX analog HD security systems and Lorex NVR security systems
MPX or IP? What security systems to choose? analog or digital?
PoE security system from Lorex by FLIR

Easy PoE installation

The NVR and cameras are built with easy-to-use PoE ports to make installation easy and clutter-free. All that is needed to connect each camera to the NVR is a single ethernet cable. This all-in-one cable provides:

  • HD video transmission
  • Power the camera
  • Flexible installation options (no need to run power cables to a nearby electrical socket)

FLIR cloud remote connectivity for mobile security viewing

FLIR Cloud mobile remote app

Stay forever present no matter where life takes you. The DNR300 Series is designed to be used with our quick-and-easy FLIR Cloud remote connectivity feature. This cloud-based service:

  • Securely view your cameras from virtually anywhere using your smart device or personal computer
  • Receive push notifications and instant email alerts for motion-triggered events
  • Collect time-based lists of motion events (with individual video snapshots)
  • Create an E-map of your security system for quick individual camera access

Extreme weather security camera Digital IP system

Rugged and relentless security cameras

The N133ED IP dome security cameras are rated IP66 (weatherproof) and can withstand whatever mother nature throws at them. This includes heavy winds, furious rainstorms, or freezing snow storms. They can even continue to operate in extremely low temperatures (-20°F / -30°C).



Heat Rating

140°F | 60°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

-22°F | -30°C

Cold Rating

Night vision security cameras stay on guard all night

Infrared night vision for 24/7 coverage

Be confident that your security cameras won't leave you in the dark. They come with powerful infrared LEDs that can see up to 65ft / 20m in low-light conditions.

N133ED Night Vision Range
Amazing security hard drive

Reliable hard drive pre-installed

This NVR comes with a massive 2TB surveillance-grade hard drive. This hard drive can be in constant use and can safely record footage 24/7. Customize the NVR to record at scheduled times or when the motion is detected to save storage space.

Image resolution comparison

1080 HD IP Comparison Chart
  HD 1080 Digital IP HD 720 Digital IP HD 1080 Analog BNC HD 720 Analog BNC
Recording Full 1080p HD (1920x1080) 720p HD (1280x720) Analog 1080p HD (1920x1080) 720p HD (1280x720)
Platform 1080p HD NVR systems 720p HD NVR systems 1080p HD DVR systems 720p HD DVR systems
Video Digital IP / RJ45 connection Digital IP / RJ45 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection
Power PoE (Power over Ethernet) PoE (Power over Ethernet) Standard DC power Standard DC power
Installation Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Cameras require wired connection to DVR Cameras require wired connection to DVR

NVR Network Video Recorder

Security NVRs will connect to IP cameras using CAT5 network cables and will store pre-compressed video footage from IP cameras.

HD 1080P Resolution 1920 x 1800 pixels

Record and capture all the details, don't miss out anything. Full HD resolution with accurate color reproduction brings your recorded video to life.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.




Network Video Recorder Features:

  • Easy Connection and setup with 8 integrated PoE ports and auto-discovery of IP Cameras
  • Full HD 1080P recording provides the most detailed picture and reliable identification with selectable area digital zoom
  • Real-time recording in Full HD: 240fps@1080p (8ch) / 480fps@1080p (16ch)
  • Turbo Powered recording bit rate of 160 Mbps
  • Dual streaming (H.264/MJPEG) and dual core processor
  • Pentaplex operation - simultaneous View, Record, Playback, Backup & Remote Monitoring
  • ONVIF 2.0 conformance ensures compatibility with popular industry IP cameras
  • Substream recording for bandwidth efficient remote playback
  • 64 Channel CMS by FLIR included
  • Fully PC / Mac compatible
  • Mobile apps: iPhone, iPad, Android
  • HDMI / VGA / BNC simultaneous video output
  • Free DDNS service by FLIR with secure redundant servers
  • RS-485 supports Pelco D & P PTZ
  • Audio I/O: 1 in - 1 out, Alarm I/O
  • Supports 2x SATA HDDs up to 3TB (6 TB total), 2x USB 2.0 ports
  • Embedded Linux

Each DNR308P2 Includes:

1 × NVR
1 × Power adapter
1 × Remote Control
1 × USB Mouse
1 × Ethernet cable
Quick Start Guides


Fixed IP Dome Security Camera Features:

  • 2.1MP HD, 1080p @ 30/25fps, 1/3? CMOS, 3.6mm lens, 65ft/20m IR
  • 12V / PoE (802.3af) operation
  • Onvif Profile S conformance
  • 3 Axis design for wall/ceiling mounting
  • IP66 weatherproof rated
  • Cold climate capable (-22F/-30C)
  • True Day/Night with ICR, 2D-DNR, D-WDR
  • Centralized viewing and control of up to 64 cameras on each screen with PC/Mac
  • Access live or recorded video at any time on your iPad, iPhone or Android device with Flir Cloud Remote Viewing
  • Advanced mobile app features including remote playback, push notifications for motion/alarm, E-map, manual record/snapshot to device

Each LN133ED Includes:

1 × IP Dome Camera
1 × Allen Key
4 × Mounting Screws
4 × Drywall Anchors
Quick Start Guides

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1 out of 142


Location: Calgary, Canada

We found the cameras very easy to mount and the system was user friendly to set up. This is a very good product for price point and the POE makes it very stable and properly powered. I love being able to see my property when I am away.

2 out of 142


Location: Texas

We've tried many different sysrems from wireless to full wired and this system has been the best for the price with an easy installation.

POE makes this system a breeze to install using the very liberal length of RJ45 included. Make smaller holes through walls and ceilings with less wire to pull.

Only wish we'd have gotten tilt/pan functionality otherwise these are perfect.

1080P 30FPS without any setting change initially. Easy to use system to setup for your individual needs.

3 out of 142


Location: Boston

These Lorex cameras are great. Easy to set up and easy to access on the ipad/iphone. I have 2 systems at 2 houses and both integrate to the FLIR cloud . Totally satisfied with this product and company.

4 out of 142


Location: Hackensack, NJ

The LNR341C4B system performed as stated and the mini dome cameras were excellent. Lorex's customer service was also excellent, a tech named David was more than helpful.
I was having a lot of issues getting the system setup, especially with router port forwarding??, David logged in to my computer and got everything up and running. If it wasn't for him, I still would be trying to figure it out. I would recommend this product and Lorex.

5 out of 142


Location: Jacksonville fl

I received my system 10 days ago. I called technical support, they were excellent. Very knowledgeable about what they were doing. I am very happy with this product and absolutely happy with the price. I will recommend this product to family and friends.

6 out of 142


Location: Eastern Iowa

Im pleased with my purchase, especially at the sale price. The system was easy to install for a DIY person like myself. It was truly plug and play. I like the computer interface and the small cameras look great in the eaves where I installed them. My only suggestion would be to allow more adjustment within the camera lenses. I wish I could point them up higher to see further out. Otherwise good product and I would buy again.

7 out of 142


Location: Boise ,Idaho

I have had 8 camera's with the LHD 818 model installed for 2 years. I installed them myself and put the Flir Cloud on my smart phone. Twice in the 2 years my system has needed a tune up. Both times I have gotten real capable help. I have taken and printed pictures taken from my camera while I was 1500 miles away, I get perfect pictures on my smart phone or the monitor at my desk come day or nite, rain or shine. I have a 4T HD with battery backup. Never off line in 2 years. DVR is set to overwrite and does . I have about 60-70 day of recorded motion at any time. The camera's are sharp outside and inside day or nite. 2 camera's are pointed down dark hallways and always have a clear picture. One camera has the additional cable installed and works perfectly. The support if you have a problem is better than any help I have ever had. They even gently suggest things to improve the system. By the way I am pushing 80 and operate and love the LVH 1000 system.

8 out of 142


Location: Tulsa

We'd been looking at the cheap security systems for over a year at Sam's, Best Buy, etc. but had not spent the money. Glad we waited. This system is sharp and clear with so many features. We love it.

9 out of 142


Location: Toronto Ontario

Everything is good except the CD that doesn't have anything except a few links. It would be more environmentally to eliminate it. Too difficult to find the Lorex Client Software for LNR 300. Spent a few hours resulting in nothing. Hopefully the Lorex will read the message.

Thank you for your feedback. Please find the software downloads under the Documentation tab of this page, scroll to the Updates heading to find all available software. If you require any assistance, our technical support team would be happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

10 out of 142


Location: Long Island NY

We aren't 100% set up but so far the preliminary test worked very well with the cameras hooked up but not permenantly mounted. I like the system and it was fairly easy to set up. One negative is that the instructions clearly said to install the system software using the CD that came in the box and all it did was send us to the Lorex website homepage with no further instructions. After a call to Tech Support (no wait time....5 stars for that) I was instructed to go to the page on the website for the camera system I purchased and click on Documents and then there was a link to download the software. That's all fine and good but I'm not sure why the instructions said it was on the CD when it wasn't. Hope this little tidbit will save a few people from wasting their time with the CD.

11 out of 142


Location: Kansas city

Great camera system with very easy to set up. So glad to buy this system which is more cheaper than Samsung and more easier to set up. Highly recommended. However, need to improve about the mobile app. Each system have a different mobile app. I installed for 4 business stores with different model from analog to high end digital ip system, each of them use different app. Should make 1 app that could use for all system as samsung does. That will be perfect.

12 out of 142


Location: Vancouver, BC

Great product for the price and very simple to install. Did not have any issues with syncing the cameras to the NVR and it seems like a quality build. Would buy again. That said, if I wasn't so constraint on a budget, I'd suggest going for higher model cameras. The picture quality is good, but I found the angles to be a bit smaller than I expected. Lastly there is some noise from the NVR from the fans when turned on, but it's acceptable. Other than that a solid purchase.

13 out of 142


Location: Minnesota

I recently purchased this Lorex POE camera system to monitor my livestock facility remotely. This system allows me to keep watch over beef breeding stock during calving season to ensure that cows receive assistance, if needed, during the birthing process. I work full-time off the farm, so I am not able to physically check the barn periodically throughout the day. With the Lorex NetHD Stratus app, I can monitor stock myself or allow others to view the camera system remotely over several mobile devices. I currently have 6 mobile devices connected.

The cameras have been installed for almost a week, and already have paid for themselves as I was able to observe a cow was having trouble calving, so I knew to head to the barn to help out. Had we not been monitoring from the cameras, we might not have been aware of issues and could have lost the calf. This system has already reduced stress provided 'peace of mind'. For the affordable cost of $500, this system is essential to any small, part-time livestock producer raising value-added stock. So far, I've been very pleased with the product and would recommend it to anyone raising breeding livestock and also works a day job off site.

14 out of 142


Location: British Columbia, Canada

I purchased the LNR300 NVR with 4 cameras for a new home installation. Initial setup was simple and the NVR with attached cameras started without an issue. Very good quality HD video on the cameras with a good field of view. Installed 3 cameras with existing roughed in ethernet wiring and looking into a powerline / POE injector setup for the 4th camera in an area that was not prewired.

Lots of options on fine tuning the setup and camera settings including sending emails on motion detection. Setup DDNS to access cameras anywhere off the internet. Web version of record playback seems better than the PC client version, but imagine some tweaking on the PC client should fix this. Android mobile app pretty good with not too much lag time (couple of seconds), but seems to stop unexpectedly if doing certain things - hope new releases resolve this. Live view a little choppy but will look at port forwarding mobile port to see if that helps.

Good customer support on issue setting up email notifications. They resolved it quickly and explained the reason I was having the issue.

15 out of 142


Location: Bradford PA

We purchased two of the NVR 380 systems for different buildings and for the most part they have worked flawlessly. Setting them up on an existing network and integrating into a Cisco infrastructure was not quite as simple as advertised but once that was complete the performance has been outstanding. The remote control functionality is not great but with the client and console from the NVR management is easy and straight forward. I would recommend them highly.

16 out of 142


Location: Lufkin

This new system is very good! easy to put together, it took about 4hours to place the six cameras and run the cables around the house. No issues at all. Very clean and clean pictures, night vision works great too! Just to let you know this is my second system i purchase from COSCO. very nice! i worked a couple of hours last night trying to get this system to work on my iPad and or iPhone, not up yet. not sure what the problem at this time. my first one works great by the iPad.


17 out of 142


Location: Chicago, IL

- PoE is very nice. One Ethernet cable for signal and power. This makes for a much simpler installation. No electrical outlet is needed at each camera installation.
- Ethernet cables are included with bundle package.
- NVR recognizes cameras automatically and relatively quickly.
- iOS app is simple yet useful. Easy to set up.
- Video is high quality. Clear picture during the day. Night vision works well, but the max distance you'll get will vary with conditions.
- 3 out of 4 cameras have worked flawlessly through the winter.
- Remote video playback on iOS app works well. It works better than on PC.

- Setup via PC software could be easier. It wasn't very intuitive for a first time user. It took a while to figure out how to get everything set up properly and view from PC software, but the software works once you figure out how to use it. 3 minute setup?...not quite.
- The documentation is very limited as far as how helpful it acutally is. The quick start guide is too brief. The full manual is not extensive enough.
- No listing of error codes anywhere. Not in documentation or online. So, if you do get an error, the code is worthless because you can't find out what it means.
- No remote diagnostics for camera error codes. No remote reset for cameras or NVR. If you are monitoring a remote location and have a problem there is no way to reset or troubleshoot without driving out to location. This is incredibly inconvenient if you have it to monitor a house 1-2 or more hrs away.
- One of my cameras has flaked out several times in the winter weather with error code 416.
- The ethernet connection on the camera dongle is huge. If you are looking to mount a camera outside and bring the connecor inside (so it isn't expose to the weather outside) by drilling a hole in the wall, you have to drill a very large hole to get the connector through the wall. The camera mount then barely covers the hole.
- Compatibility with android OS is limited. This was very disappointing. A 2 year old android device is not compatible with this system.
- Setting up access for web browser is much more of a process than it should be. Still don't have this going yet.
- Motion sensing doesn't work quite like we had hoped. Even on the least sensitive setting, bugs/spiders/moths set off the motion sensor constantly. Don't really see any way to make this feature useful unless you live somewhere with no insects.

We are satisfied with the product, but there are many improvements that could be made. This system should suffice, but I think our expectations were a bit high mainly because we expected a very polished product for the price. One camera seems to be failing, but everything else is working fine. We are not ecstatic, but we are not tearing the system out. This system is probably as good as it gets for home security cameras considering you can access via PC software remotely, iOS, Android (and supposedly web browser). This is probably one of the best systems (based on simple comparison on the internet) you can get without spending thousands more on a more industrial/professional system. All things considered, I would recommend this product. Just have realistic expectations.

18 out of 142


Location: east coast usa

ok so i purchased this system for a great deal from best buy and just installed it this past weekend. so my review is based on a few days of having the system up and running. lets first start with the installation. very easy to install; you will have to do drilling and running wires yourself but the connection is easy. the cameras look great. quality and clarity were a must for me and im getting everything i wanted out of them. i love the fact i have room for expansion. one thing i dont like is the noise of the DVR; it's pretty loud; my personal computer is quieter than the DVR so i wish lorex would've installed a better fan or at least give me the option to swap it out without voiding warranty etc.....i also wish they had better FAQ regarding this section; i had to troubleshoot a lot of my own stuff; i emailed them and of course got a generic response in 2 days. it answered one of my questions but i got the famous line of they think i should call in, well there customer service is only open from times im not available; thats what email is for. so a few things i had trouble with were getting the right app for my phone for my system; they should either include that on the cd or the section because they have different apps and it gets confusing. one i got the right app the setup was pretty easy. i did have to set up some port forwarding on my router so i suggest if you have one to make sure you do that. the other thing i was disappointed with is the system only uses IE or Safari browsers because firefox chrome don't accept the plugin they use. well sorry we live in a world that some people use different browsers so it should work in any browser at this point. they should've put that in the guide. the other issue i have been experiencing was the annoying warning beep; i turned it off everywhere but if i login still wrong it beeps; it actually turns itself back on. another thing you may want to know is that this will hurt your bandwidth; thats the biggest problem im experiencing right now. depending on what you do. for me i stream a lot and browse the web alot and my wife works from home so bandwidth on my router is a must. so im currently troubleshooting different tactics before upgrading my ISP bandwidth. it's because the cameras run 720p hd i believe, but this should've been a warning somewhere. other than these set backs which i will try to update later on up here the system is great. flawless; works like a charm. the remote app is great clear and i can take snap shots and do playback if need be. the day time the cameras are super clear at night time you lose some quality because of the dark (and i live in a pitch black area) but that's to be expected because of the dark, but even in the dark the cameras work real nice; i would say i get about 60-70 feet of night vision and during the day im definitely getting 150 feet. i'd definitely recommend this product just know what you're getting into. Lorex definitely should have a better guide though the issues ive discussed here and have a 24hr service or at least better hours for the common working man. i gave this system 4 stars only because of the experiences im having that i didnt know about etc.....i would've given 5 stars otherwise. no one is perfect in the world but the pros definitely out weigh the cons on this system so far. oh and i forgot to mention i will be adding 2 dome cameras at some point; so i guess when i do that i will have to be ready for better upload speeds from my ISP.

19 out of 142


Location: California

I had system installed about nine months ago. Picture quality is excellent. Remote access works well. Have had some issues recently with cameras not recording. Overall I am very satisfied. I like to be able to view my home remotely and the application on the Ipad and IPhone work well.

20 out of 142


Location: Texas

LNR300 works very well and is a fairly easy set up. It took a while to set up the DDNS website access, but that was mostly due to figuring out port forwarding and IE11 compatibility issues.

The ability to access the cameras with the phone app is awesome, even if it can get a bit choppy... but it's a phone.

I haven't used the system too much and I need to get a new monitor for it as the monitor I used to set it up was my girlfriend's computer monitor that is located in another room of the house. Unfortunately, after setup, she wanted her monitor back. :)

21 out of 142


Location: Swartz Creek, MI

Purchased this unit with two additional cameras. The hardest part of the installation was fishing the Cat5 cable to camera locations. My advice is to avoid attic runs and instead go behind siding if possible. After the Cat5 cable was installed, powering up system is very easy. It is advisable to take some time to familiarize yourself to the system to better navigate all the options. I am very impressed by the clarity of the cameras. You won't be disappointed with the performance. There have been some concerns with the long wait contacting customer service, but, if you follow the directions on the instruction DVD, you won't need customer service.

22 out of 142


Location: Canada

System running one week. Installation was straight forward but took some work. Cameras excellent. 4 cameras cover my house and lot well. It is a great unit.

23 out of 142


Location: Coquitlam,BC

Satisfied with the hardware but not happy that i cannot connect from my latest Android devices yet until an update is released.

24 out of 142


Location: Ft. Wayne, In.

I have only had the system up and running about a week now, but from what I can see, it's going to be a big asset for my security. We got neighbors who have no respect for others property. Getting it installed requires some drilling and running of wires. It was a breeze to hook up, but I had difficulty installing the software on my computer. I called customer service and the woman I talked to was very helpful and got it working for me. In closing, I'm going to have to say that I will rate the LNR 300 with 4 Stars and would give it a 5 if the software was a little easier to install.

25 out of 142


Location: Canada

Easy to use and install system. Camera image quality is great, I got many compliments even from the person who installed it for me. I just wished the camera white connector tip was detachable as we had to drill big holes to pass this connector through the wall.
Great system overall, I had them mounted outside let's hope they will last the Canadian winter.

26 out of 142


Location: Arizona

The installation and setup of the 300 series system was not too difficult. After downloading the user manual, the setup was also very easy to complete. I'm very pleased with the quality of the video and the remote connectivity with the stratus system. A quality security system with a reasonable price.

27 out of 142


Location: Calgary

it worked only for a few months after i bought it now im left in the dark Lorex has no working app for new Android lollipop completly useless i wish i throw it at their face and get my money back

28 out of 142


Location: Montreal

The cameras make a much sharper image than my old cameras. By cons, we must make a hole 1 inch 1/4 to get the connector ... there is room for improvement on that side.
The "Lorex Stratus Connectivity" does not work in my office because of "firewall". I'll test the DDNS.
With POE, less wiring and no need for external transformer.

29 out of 142


Location: Central PA

I bought this system for my wife to have peace of mind. We had some problems with a neighbor dumping yard waste on our land. We put up a fence but that didn't solve the problem. The clarity from these cameras is incredible! We showed a couple of other neighbors the picture from the cameras and they were amazed too. Word got out about our system and we haven't had any more dumping issues on our property. The saying about good fences making good neighbors may be outdated. Our security system makes better neighbors. My only complaint is that the system is not user-friendly so we haven't been able to use all of the features. We can view our property remotely from our phones and tablets but that is the only feature we have been able to use. I would still recommend this system though.

30 out of 142


Location: Haliburton

Great Product - great support- easy hook up - the video quality is awesome!

31 out of 142


Location: USA

I have installed this product in my house and the clarity is amazing. It was easy to setup and connecting over the Internet, i was quite amazed on the quality of the picture on it.

Its a fantastic ip camera quality, cant wait to add to my camera to cover more of my property.

32 out of 142


Location: nw ohio

Bought the LNR382 from and have been very happy with the build, the ease of install and the performance. Picture quality can not be beat for a surveillance system day or night. Only regret was not buying sooner.

33 out of 142


Location: Central florida

Installed 8 cameras myself. Was very easy to install and setup. I love the fact that I can use Flir Cloud anytime to see my cameras when I'm on the go. Best investment I've ever made. Truly clear pictures and simple system to operate.

34 out of 142


Location: Nyc

Not a bad system at all. Clear pics and great customer service!!

35 out of 142


Location: Sacramento, CA

I have not been able to use the Lorex LNR380 DVR. The mouse does not function properly. The remote control does not work at all. After 2 1/2 hours, 2 of your Techs could not help make the DVR work. I have sent the DVR to Indianapolis for repair. The cost is $85.18 for shipping one way.

36 out of 142


Location: Maryland

This is an excellent product and I would recommend it to any serious professional who is looking for a high quality surveillance system. The full 1080 HD cameras have an amazing picture quality and the PoE cables makes for a fast and easy instillation. The OS is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Tech support is very helpful and friendly in the event you should need them.

37 out of 142


Location: San Jose, CA

I have purchased the product end of last year. After I got installed cameras by some help from a handyman, I was able to program system easily without any trouble. I also, hook up monitor to view all the cameras, connect to my two laptops, two android smartphones, and ipad with the instructions provided in less than 2 hours. Once installed and working OK, I had one camera got wet due to rain and stopped working. But few days later, when the moisture from the camera evaporate, the camera started working as before. I also opened the ticket to replace it but when it started working I closed it and did not pursue further. Last week, one of my smartphone updated for latest release "lollipop" then app. stopped working. I call for help and try to resolve without success and found out Lorex had known this problem her and working on it. My all other setup working OK.

38 out of 142


Location: California

I read many reviews on this product before and after purchasing it, some good and others not so good, so I felt i would use it for a while before jumping to any conclusion 1 way or another.

I have had this system up for about 6 months now and feel that I can now give a fair review of the performance and quality of the Lorex LNR300 system.

It is a bit loud, I have gotten used to it and it no longer bothers me as it did when I first hooked up the system. The set up of the applications and camera is pretty straight forward
and the interface is not too hard to navigate.

I have been noticing recently that I am getting periods of no recording through out the day. This was apparent when I noticed some vandalism in my yard and went back to view the footage and found footage before and footage after, but not a single moment of the actual activity. I have the system set up on motion capture and at a sensitive setting. It will capture the trees blowing in the breeze as well as other previous situations so I know it is the NVR
and not the setting or camera. I checked all cameras in the system and they all are missing footage of the exact time frame.

This has now happened 2 times that I know of and is the main reason I purchased this system. What good is a surveillance system if it is not working during the moments you need it most.

The quality and clarity or the cameras is beautiful. I am not a fan of the way they are mounted or the way the base is adjusted. The snap on plastic visor seems like it will be a problem in high winds. I haven't lost one yet.

Viewing the cameras live is fairly clear on both my phone and remotely on my work computer. The real trouble comes when I want to view past motion triggers. The playback is painfully choppy if and when it works. Even at 8x speed it plays in extra slow motion. Even on my home computer the software that came with the system is not stable or up to speed.

Yesterday I installed another camera to the system. It took all day for the NVR to finally recognize it. It was just one more reason for me to second guess my purchase.

Overall, I am not very satisfied with this system and would find it hard to recommend to anyone. The cameras are good but my biggest disappointment is the fact that when I had the opportunity to catch people damaging my property directly in front of the camera, it struck out twice. I can find very little documentation or help on the internet for this system.

It looks like Costco does not carry this system any longer and I may have waited too long to return it.

39 out of 142


Location: Mi

For those of you who are having problems connecting to your security system through the Lorex hdNet Stratus app,because you upgraded your phone operating system to Lollipop 5.0. I have found a solution.
Download the Swannview Plus app from Google Play. Do not use the QR scan feature, but convert the setup to IP/Domain and enter your Lorex DDNS ( ) enter your password and save.

This fix works like a charm.

Disappointed in Lorex for not fixing this glitch, as I upgraded to Lollipop 5.0 in February and have not been able to use my app since then.

40 out of 142


Location: port st.lucie

What a good system, very clean and clear.I work out of town and this system give me a visual day and night.I would highly recommend. I use a Samsung galaxy s5,it stops the start up at times, i retry and then goes thru.I think its my phone not the system.

41 out of 142


Location: Burbank, California, USA

I am an Engineer for WB. I understand all kinds of electronics but I didn't know anything about security cameras. I did some quick research and decided to buy a Lorex HD camera system. I love the bar code reader to setup NVR and I love the on-board POE switch as well as the auto camera finder. The things I don't like are the fact that Lorex doesn't keep current with firmware. My Lorex NVR is actually made by Hikvision. The audio is not enabled, I cant use 3rd party cameras, etc...I really like Lorex but they need to loosen up a bit.

42 out of 142


Location: Long Island, NY

We have had our system for about a year now and while it was easy to setup and the image quality is good, the reliability has been less than we expected. We have ongoing problems with cameras dropping out on the live display screen. Initially it was on the 3x3 split screen we were using and when we opened a ticket with Lorex their response was don't use the 3x3. We dropped to the 2x2 and still have the problem. It often takes a few reboots to get it happy again for a week or two. Lorex has still not provided a functional solution, just that they are working on it.

43 out of 142


Location: Edmonton, Ab Canada

Product was very straight forward to set up and easy to use. So far no issues picture quality is great.

44 out of 142


Location: Toronto

I am very disappointed with the product. It took me a long time to setup the cameras at home and was excited to be able to do home monitoring outside home using android smartphones and tablets.
What a turn off it turned out to be. The Lorex netHD Stratus app does NOT work on Lollipop smartphones. The same app for android tablets is buggy. Switching through cameras closes the app.
I can't understand why Lorex is not taking security seriously and have these apps upgraded as soon as possible. Lollipop has been around for nearly half a year now. Jeez.

45 out of 142


Location: Boston, MA

This LNR300 system does in fact work very well. The cameras are very good quality and deliver a very sharp picture, especially when the lighting is good. The NVR was fairly easy to set up, but one problem I had was using an older monitor to initially adjust the settings - the default resolution on the NVR was higher than the monitor could handle, so I had to borrow a hi res monitor, then could set a resolution that worked. (This unit does not have a monitor permanently attached - I connect through a pc).

My biggest complaint about the Lorex line is model confusion, and the neccesity of having separate mobile and desktop apps for the 3 locations where I have Lorex systems purchased over a 2 year span. I wrongly assumed that this model would work with Lorex Cloud, since the one I bought 6 months before did. So, pay attention to the series numbers if you want compatibility between systems - the 1 & 4 series work with cloud, but the 2 & 3 series do not. (go figure).

By itself, though, this seems to be a fine system so far, and I definitely like the POE advantage of just one cat5 cable to run per camera.

46 out of 142


Location: Michigan

I like the quality of the video and the ease of use of my system. I wish that Android mobile app would work properly. I'm told that it should be fixed soon. I chose this system because of the quality/price ratio. Its difficult to find a system with the quality of picture at this price point.

47 out of 142


Location: Chilliwack BC

Great system, good connection. At first somewhat difficult to install for internet connectivity for an amateur, but got it done, set up and working! Great price for the quality in pictures you get. Feel much more protected, especially since video or picture proof help convict criminals as evidence.

48 out of 142


Location: Florida

The initial install and set up was easy. Cameras have a clear image.............but,

The cameras have been dropping out for no reason (which I have been putting up with), and now that I upgraded to lollypop on my Samsung s4 the app no longer works! When I searched the web for problems, I was appalled to find out that EVERYONE is complaining with the same problem! On your site there is a recommendation not to upgrade the was I supposed to know that in advance? Going back to the old software looks to be next to impossible. So now I can't keep an eye on our home (which is in another state)."Connect to your home or business from anywhere with a Lorex security camera system. Enjoy peace of mind with live video monitoring always at your fingertips- "FROM THE LOREX WEBSITE" I now have to wait until the app works ? Is Lorex going to let me know when I can see the cameras again??????????????????

49 out of 142


Location: San Antonio, Tx

I decided HD quality picture. If i'm going to record something I need to see it clearly. during the installation process the Lorex CPU stop working it froze on the logo screen. Called support and they exchanged the unit no problem. Delivery times not super quick but in reasonable time.
The system is quite picky with the cameras some times when you shut down the unit I will loose a camera or 2 but after reset they would come back. why did I turned it off you ask? to set up the next camera!. It takes a learning curve to get to know the system have not tried to get the email working. But picture is clear and crisp and does what it says.

Over all I'm happy with the purchase and the wife too.

50 out of 142


Location: Guthrie, OK

I received the product by mail in an excellent package to prevent any damage during shipping. Each component was individually boxed and no damage was found. The setup instructions were easy to follow and the DVR found the cameras and the router without an issue.

The setup disk provided would not install on my PC. However, the Lorex help desk provided excellent service and the administrator program was installed on my computer with help from the Lorex individual.

51 out of 142


Location: Vancouver, B.C.

I purchased the LNR382 with 6 cameras about 6 months ago. The system was generally easy to set up and use. Had a minor problem with the set up of the email alert but this was quickly resolved by Lorex tech support. Hardest part of the set up was running the wires for the cameras (I have an old house). Note: A hole of 1.25 is required to connect the camera to the cables provided. Currently I have only 4 of the 6 cameras installed. No problems with the NVR. The fan is a little bit noisy at times but bearable.

Picture quality of both the dome and bullet cameras are very good in daylight. The night vision quality is okay. Any thing over 25 feet is so so in complete darkness. Probably not able to make a positive facial identification. Ive used most of the features of the system. Lorex tech support is good with helping with any set up questions.

Remote viewing on a computer and smart phone looks good. Sometimes the software on the smart phone crashes.

Overall Im happy with the system and would recommend it to others.

52 out of 142


Location: Mississauga

I did a bit of research and found this to be the system I wanted. I bought it on line through Costco. I received a box a few days later and it was very well packed. I inspected all the camera and hooked it up to the Dvr and everything worked perfect! The installation was a breeze with the help of a friend. I love to be able to see what's going on at the house while we are away. We don't have a front facing window so it helps to have a camera at the entrance to see who's at the door. I love the system.

53 out of 142


Location: Langley, BC

Easy to set up, good night vision; we do have good night lighting though.
Records as represented. Portable devices work well on Apple and Android.
Would recommend buying to any home or small business like mine.

54 out of 142


Location: Joshua tx

Just got my cameras up and running. Seems fine so far. Will review again after using for a few weeks. Picture quality is very good.

55 out of 142


Location: Fort Worth

I bought the LNR4082C4 system with a LNR400 main unit. The system is great. It is 1080p and has good day and night videos. The Cloud feature of connecting to my phones and Ipad was easy to do. The only hard part was running the cat5 cables. After running the lines the hook up was simple.

56 out of 142


Location: Jesup, Ga.

Just installed my 3rd Lorex system The camera's are great. I have had some issues with NVR software and had to send one back for replacement (out of box failure) have never been able to view on my cellphone until, I read a post from KenK who posted that he used Swannview Plus app (see rating dated June 29th 2015.) It worked great!!! Thank you Ken Its a shame you don't work for Lorex
I also am disappointed with Lorex for not having a fix

57 out of 142


Location: Edmonton,AB,Canada

purchased the set with 4 bullets and purchased an extra 2. Set up was easy and picture quality is excellent. had to use tech. support to download program for the Mac. They were very helpful!! Very pleased with the system. Highly recommended. My neighbour is now purchasing a system.

58 out of 142


Location: Saint Charles, IL

We've had this system up and running for a year now without any trouble. Currently using two cameras but adding an additional 7 more by the end of the year. So far a great system.

59 out of 142


Location: Brentwood, TN

For Android users that have Lorex NetHD and have upgraded their device to the latest release of Android, be aware that there is a patch available (Lorex_netHD_Stratus.apk). Apparently, FLIR has chosen to use a patch which requires you to contact them to get and install this patch. After I have done this, the Android phone now is able to connect with my system. This was a long process with their technical support, so be prepared to stay on the phone for a while.

Hopefully, FLIR will soon release a new version for the NetHD users (perhaps they can respond to this review).

I'm now up and running, but still fee that this should be done via normal updates to Android devices, rather than require a special call to their support line.

60 out of 142


Location: Saint Augustin QC

I installed my LNR300 NVR with 4 Cameras 2 weeks ago at first had problem with 1 camera had a black screen had to reset camera 4 times 1 week was cold temp -20 to -30 temp warmed up 2nd week no problems talk to tech support he said may have something with low temp he said see what happens when temp drops again other 3 cameras worked fine beside that very happy with system...

61 out of 142


Location: Yorba Linda

I spent several weeks researching video security systems in October of 2014. There were more systems than I thought there would be and the options for cabling, recording and remote viewing were a bit daunting.

Finally, in November of 2014, I made my choice and purchased the LOREX LNR380 system with six cameras from COSTCO. I put everything on a table, hooked it up and made sure it worked. It worked perfectly right out of the box. I planned to cable and set up the system as part of a home renovation project, so back in the box it went.

I mid-January my renovation was complete and I connected five of the cameras and powered up the system. Once again, it worked perfectly right out of the box. I only had to make a slight aiming adjustment for two of the five cameras. Due to cabling distances and pathways I ran new CAT6 cable for each camera and made up my own cable end terminations.

Customization of the system was extremely straight forward and easy. I did have a problem setting up email notification, however after creating a ticket on the LOREX website I received a detailed reply. Except for the suggestion to update my firmware (I had already updated it) I followed the easy to understand instructions and email alerts began working perfectly.

Setting up motion activation was a snap. For now I have it turned off and am recording all cameras continuously. This is providing almost nine days of recording history. Once I finish some work in my garage, I will be able to hook up the sixth camera at which time I may change to motion detection recording.

By reading the reviews it is obvious some people have had serious problems with their LOREX systems. However, the negative reviews appear to pretty small in number considering how many systems LOREX sells. For me, this system is performing as advertised and I could not be happier with the installation, set-up and performance. My wife and several friends have expressed their surprise as to the quality of the camera images. One friend said it is too bad the pictures you see of bank robbers are not as good a quality and as clear as the images on my LOREX system.

One of the great features of this system is remote viewing/control. The setup of remote viewing/control or my iPhone, iPad and desk top computer was much easier and quicker than I had anticipated.

In summary, if you read and follow the instructions, be careful when running cables and upgrade the firmware to the most current version, I expect most people will be very happy with their LOREX system.

62 out of 142


Location: westminster co

product is easy to install, works great.

63 out of 142


Location: Wyoming

Easy setup and great cameras. Working out well for us.

64 out of 142


Location: sk

Good product good suport .Happy so far

65 out of 142


Location: Seattle, WA

This camera system works really well, but it's a challenge to get the motion detection settings right on the DVR and the remote computer/iPad/iPhone, etc so I am getting real alerts and not getting false positives. I found the learning curve to be very steep, but it's mostly due to documentation issues.

That said, however, their technical customer service is EXCELLENT, and has been stepping me through everything. Also, I rarely have to hold for the "next available technician."

It's still not doing what I want it to with motion detection sending me the alerts I want, but I think we'll get there eventually. I do have confidence that the 24/7 coverage is in the DVR, however, although I have not explored playback much yet.

I think the hardware for the money is an exceptional value and hard to beat. The software seems adequate, I think (at least as far as I've understood it), but the documentation for my model could explain things better, i.e., the software is not intuitive and online help would help a lot within the the DVR console system.

Glad we bought this product and I recommend it. Just be prepared to fiddle with it a while to get what you want.

66 out of 142


Location: Chicago, IL

- PoE is very nice. One Ethernet cable for signal and power. This makes for a much simpler installation. No electrical outlet is needed at each camera installation.
- Ethernet cables are included with bundle package.
- NVR recognizes cameras automatically and relatively quickly.
- iOS app is simple yet useful. Easy to set up.
- Video is high quality. Clear picture during the day. Night vision works well, but the max distance you'll get will vary with conditions.
- 3 out of 4 cameras have worked flawlessly through the winter.
- Remote video playback on iOS app works well. It works better than on PC.

- Setup via PC software could be easier. It wasn't very intuitive for a first time user. It took a while to figure out how to get everything set up properly and view from PC software, but the software works once you figure out how to use it. 3 minute setup?...not quite.
- The documentation is very limited as far as how helpful it acutally is. The quick start guide is too brief. The full manual is not extensive enough.
- No listing of error codes anywhere. Not in documentation or online. So, if you do get an error, the code is worthless because you can't find out what it means.
- No remote diagnostics for camera error codes. No remote reset for cameras or NVR. If you are monitoring a remote location and have a problem there is no way to reset or troubleshoot without driving out to location. This is incredibly inconvenient if you have it to monitor a house 1-2 or more hrs away.
- One of my cameras has flaked out several times in the winter weather with error code 416.
- The ethernet connection on the camera dongle is huge. If you are looking to mount a camera outside and bring the connecor inside (so it isn't expose to the weather outside) by drilling a hole in the wall, you have to drill a very large hole to get the connector through the wall. The camera mount then barely covers the hole.
- Compatibility with android OS is limited. This was very disappointing. A 2 year old android device is not compatible with this system.
- Setting up access for web browser is much more of a process than it should be. Still don't have this going yet.
- Motion sensing doesn't work quite like we had hoped. Even on the least sensitive setting, bugs/spiders/moths set off the motion sensor constantly. Don't really see any way to make this feature useful unless you live somewhere with no insects.

We are satisfied with the product, but there are many improvements that could be made. This system should suffice, but I think our expectations were a bit high mainly because we expected a very polished product for the price. One camera seems to be failing, but everything else is working fine. We are not ecstatic, but we are not tearing the system out. This system is probably as good as it gets for home security cameras considering you can access via PC software remotely, iOS, Android (and supposedly web browser). This is probably one of the best systems (based on simple comparison on the internet) you can get without spending thousands more on a more industrial/professional system. All things considered, I would recommend this product. Just have realistic expectations.

67 out of 142


Location: Cape Coral Florida

Looked online and at real stores and found the Lorex to be what I was looking for. Called the sales line on the phone (got a real person and after 6pm at night). The sales person was very helpful and worked with me to get the mix of cameras ( bullet and dome) that I wanted. They upgraded the DVR to a higher model for no additional cost. Received the hardware in a few days and the packing was very well done so shipping damage should be non existent, there was no damage to my order. Anxious to see how my system worked I plugged the NVR in and connected 3 of the 6 cameras. All came right up with no issues. Within 15 minutes I had the cameras up on my iPhone, iPad, and my laptop. Ran the ethernet cables to my 6 cameras, reconnected the NVR and,,,nothing. Called Lorex Support and confirmed the BIOS failed in the NVR and a replacement would be sent out to me. Six days later the replacement came and after plugging in all the connections all 6 cameras came up. Picture quality is great. Had to call support to set up the email function and after about 45 minutes that was working. Still need to set up the motion alert function. So far so good, now the question is long term reliability, Only time will tell

68 out of 142


Location: Petersburg, Ontario

I have just installed this product and for the most part it is great.
I had great difficulty linking everything to the internet. Local / direct viewing was fine.
Technical Service was great and took all the time needed to help me connect everything.
Still I am not able to view my cameras when away from home.
It is necessary to download an app, which I did both from home and 2 PC's away from home and it still didn't work.
I will call Tech support to help me with this.
The DVR seems to work very well.

69 out of 142


Location: California

I have the LNR360 and like the picture quality but have some issues with mobile connectivity and connecting the CAMs. The software is intuitive but I don't see any devices on the online devices list. I will reset everything to factory default and start over to see what I find. But for the price and all the cams supplied, this seems like a good buy as long as I can make everything work the way it is supposed to.

70 out of 142


Location: CA, US

Got the set with 4 bullets (and 2 extra domes) about a year ago. Hardware setup cannot get easier with one cable to each camera. NVR setup was easy if you want to do the basic things. It gets more technical if you want to setup motion capture, email alert and such. Streaming to computer and phone works well, but I do think the iPhone app could use some update (the GUI looks like '90s...). Otherwise, the app does work for remote live streaming and even remote playback.

71 out of 142


Location: Dublin, CA

This system complements existing my audible security alarm. Has great picture and video quality. Easy to install for DIY. Whenever something goes wrong with my PC, customer support have always been there to lend a helping hand and fix the problem. Great service and product!

72 out of 142


Location: Bakersfield, Ca

LNR300 Series 8-Channel Security NVR with HD IP Cameras- very impressed with the unit. After it was hooked up, I was able to load the app onto both my IPad and IPhone. The picture quality is great for both day and night time. I'm still learning the unit on how to play back videos and how to download pictures. Need better instructions on step by step on how to do that, but besides that it's pretty a pretty good unit.

73 out of 142


Location: Las Vegas NV

Have had my security for assort time. It was very easy to set up. I would recommend this system all my family

74 out of 142


Location: Corona, CA

Bought the system from Costco with 4 additional bullet cameras making 13 total. I have been very impressed with the system. The images have been excellent. The system works as described. Did not have to contact customer service. The networking part was a bit tricky but I was able to figure it out without much trouble. So far, every thing is working well. I will see how it does in the long run.

75 out of 142


Location: Alberta, Canada

I have been very happy with the Lorex LNR360. I now own 2.

76 out of 142


Location: New York

I purchased a 6-camera system (4 bullet, 2 dome cameras) from Costco about 6 months ago and performance has been very good with minimal downtime. However, one of the cameras failed after approximately 4 months and had to be replaced through Lorex warranty. The phone call with customer service to perform initial diagnostics and obtain an RMA number for replacement was easy and fast, but Lorex received the failed unit and was in possession of it for a month (based on UPS tracking information) before I received the replacement camera. After 3 weeks of waiting for the replacement I contacted customer service who may have resolved this "limbo" and finally initiated shipment of the replacement camera, so overall I was happy with their customer service even after this problem.

Their mobile applications for iOS on both iPhone and iPad are great, as well as the PC application. Each has its own minor bugs or hiccups (i.e. occasional dropped stream) but work well enough for what I require. I did find that internet-streaming performance is significantly better when using a DNS to your network rather than connecting to the Stratus web service first. The Stratus service makes things very easy, but streaming performance was lacking considerably versus connecting directly to the system using DNS. I did not try the Lorex-offered DNS and instead chose to use a DNS.

Overall, the system suits my needs and I've been satisfied with both its performance and Lorex customer service for the price.

77 out of 142


Location: Home

I have to say this NVR system is the way to go. Quality is outstanding, setup is very easy. Remote viewing very clear and easy to use. I would recommend this NVR system.

78 out of 142


Location: Miami , Florida

I install the system , and I waiting from Lorex support to answer why the ports not recognize the cameras that use more than one extension (100 FT) . They try to help both still no solution.
Picture is good in the others both when you apply zoom the picture is not useful . I can not rate the system until the set up is finish complete .

79 out of 142


Location: Brooklyn, NY

I recently installed my Lorex 16-channel system with 13 cameras attached and it was a relatively painless set up. The most difficult part was running the wiring for the cameras but that process fell only on the challenges of the premises. I'm very thankful for the 100ft of wire which was included with each camera. Quick note about the POE cameras for the NVR: easy to install and even more so to adjust with that SINGLE ring and I don't miss the additional cable for power. Software set up was straightforward and everything came together nicely without issue.

My only disappointment was with the output from the RCA port...I wish it was more user definable with respect to screen configurations. I could only hope that a future firmware update would sort that problem as well as accommodate as many screen configurations from the HDMI/VGA port as can be found in the client software.

Besides all else, the system works very well and the resolution is superb. The Stratus apps for the iOS devices set up seamlessly with the QR code approach and the client software for both Mac & PC set up just as easily with manual input.

In all, my expectations were exceeded and I would recommend this system without thinking twice about it.

80 out of 142


Location: Canada

The NVR is ok. First one died in 4 months. Replacement came in 3 weeks which is not up to my expectation. Cameras are good.
Easy to set up.
The big disappointment was the Android app for lollypop. Please fix it.

Our team is working on updating the Android app. We are expecting it to be available in the Google Play Store within the next 4 weeks. Our apologies for the delay.

81 out of 142


Location: New Orleans

The hardest thing was hard-wiring in an older house. System seems to work well and picture in-house and remotely works well. Costco/Lorex customer support very helpful. This system was recommended to me by neighbors who had researched security camera systems and I'm glad I followed their advise. I paired with a dedicated Samsung TV for in-house monitoring.
My display's were intermittently going dark. Following a trouble-shooting session with Lorex, I was sent a replacement NVR and had not other problems. Model # changed from LNR382C4B to LNR 380.
Also, my remote doesn't work, but that may be due to my NVR location. I use a wireless mouse and that works fine.
I would recommend this unit, especially if you need to supply HD recording to police or insurance company for any problems. In New Orleans we can register our recording surveillance with police and if there are any incidents on our block, we can be contacted for their review.

82 out of 142


Location: Kaysville, ut

Overall the LNR300 was easy to install and setup. I had one problem getting the cameras that were networked through the POE switch to connect. Working with tech support to work through my issue.

83 out of 142


Location: Vallejo, CA

Aside from pulling wires all around, setup was easy. I like that the cameras connect with and are powered by ethernet cables; I found pulling and connecting with ethernet easier than traditional security camera cables.

The video quality is outstanding; I get wows from the neighborhood watch group. I added a 4TB HD which made the retention time acceptable. I added two more cameras later.

My only knock is the Android apps, which are finicky and crash if you do the wrong thing (like drop camera view on an active one). Otherwise I would give 5 stars.

84 out of 142


Location: Ontario

Well packaged, everything arrived in great shape, hardest part is running the cables, you need a good sized drill bit to create the hole to pass the plugs through unless you are doing your own wiring and putting the plugs on yourself. Setup was really quick and I was watching the feeds on the iPhone and iPad in minutes, really well thought out design. The camera image quality is great in day, the night vision distance is pretty good and clear enough to see most of the areas being covered. The NVR documentation could be a little more detailed, it seems to assume you know what they are thinking when they wrote it. Email Alerts took me the most time to figure out. The only way to get it to work was to set up Ddns to their servers. A little more documentation on doing this would be good, otherwise you need to know about port forwarding and how to set up a ddns, the whole thing they were trying to get around with the cloud connectivity. So far, pleased with the product and the general ease of setting it up and the range of features on the nvr.

85 out of 142


Location: Golden State

I got this same model from Costco for 800. The initial impression is that the cameras are taking good, clear video. It automatically switches from color to black/white based on the lighting. These are IP-cameras and a network cable is all you need to get the camera connected up. Power is provided to the camera via the network cable (PPOE). There is no separate power cable. So that is a huge headache reliever. It is motion-detection activation, and has good night vision.

The set up is fairly straight-forward:
- connect the cameras to the NVR using regular cat5 network cables.
- plugin the mouse
- connect the NVR to your TV or a regular monitor
- connect the NVr to power and turn it on.
- download the mobile app to your mobile devices and add the NVR device in by scanning its bar code
- start the live view on your mobile device to see what the camera sees.
- (run more settings configuration as needed on the TV/monitor).

- it is noisy! the constant humming noise from its fan is quite loud. I placed it in the garage
- The FLIR cloud app could be more modern
-The support - i Opened a ticket with support for two reasons: One Camera was missing 2 Allan set screws and the Dynamic DNS (after two weeks, DNS record was not created) Both tickets were closed without even talking to me or resolution.

I would still buy again this camera!

86 out of 142


Location: Colorado

The cameras are clear. hardest part was to install the wiring through out my attic. Tons of settings and options. I am NOT pleased with the software to view remotly. I use Iphone and Laptop and desktop. the laptop i cannot get to work unless im signed into the wifi that the system is wired into. LOREX needs to address the remote viewing programming and come up with something that works worth a crap.

87 out of 142


Location: San Diego

Solid system with great clarity. Setup is more involved than other systems, but I like that there are tons of options rather than being without the ability to customize!

88 out of 142


Location: winnipeg

I there this is the first time I buy a lorex380 security systems and to my surprise the quality of the video's is super I love it and to install the software I had no problem only thing I needed help was to install remote viewing witch was no problem the people at lorex was very please to help me install the software thanks lorex?

89 out of 142


Location: Macomb, MI

I purchased the LNR360 in July 2014 from Costco. They came with 6 bullet and 3 dome cameras. Installation was a breeze. PoE is the only way to go. The picture quality from these cameras are amazing. I use the Lorex app on my Iphone and never have a problem. The NVR unit probably could be a little more user friendly or maybe I should just take a little more time to read the directions, not sure yet, been a little lazy with that. Most of neighbors that have seen these cameras are blown away by the quality. I tell them to "go big or go home", you get what you pay for. What's the sense of getting cheap grainy cameras. If this is the case, go get fake cameras and save your money. As far as customer service goes, make sure you establish an account online with Lorex and fill out the warranty information. It is very important to get your receipt scanned and uploaded into your account, I recently had a little trouble with my remote and called customer service. I put them on speaker and played around on the internet until they picked up 20 minutes later. Once I got a live person the call lasted 2 minutes. They checked my account and saw the uploaded receipt and told me the remote will be shipped on the next business day. Sure enough, UPS banging on my door with what I needed. They do have an option to make a ticket online instead of calling, but I recommend doing that and calling. The ticket didn't seem to get addressed right away. Not sure how that works with them.
Overall, I highly recommend this system and plan on adding more cameras to my system.

90 out of 142


Location: Alberta

Good product I'm happy Product does just what's expected. I've installed and that was a Walk in the park and everything worked I'll definitely be recommending this products to Friends Really like the quality of picture these cameras produce

91 out of 142


Location: Central FL

I purchased the LNR360 set with the 3TB drive 6 bullets, and 3 domes from Costco months ago. I just got around to installing the system, and I am not happy at all. My Galaxy S5 phone recently updated to Lollipop, and now the netHD mobile client crashes 100% of the time upon starting, so it's useless. I set up a gmail account specifically for motion alerts, input all the information correctly into the NVR, and it fails to send a test email every time. I haven't had the chance to contact support yet, but I don't think they'll be much help. Overall, I'm pretty dissatisfied with my purchase and am toying with the idea of ripping it all out and returning it to Costco for a refund. The hardware itself is pretty good, and the image quality is great once you get it dialed in, but without the ability to monitor my home remotely, the system is pretty much useless to me. C'mon Lorex, get it together!

92 out of 142


Location: INDIO, CA

Great surveillance system picture quality is stunning and zoom is great night vision is also a plus

93 out of 142


Location: Michigan

I bought a LNR341 camera system and so far I am very pleased with it. Most importantly the technical support is easy to contact and I can understand, if you know what I mean. I had a problem initially getting the remote telephone app to work properly and got an emailed updated version and it works! I give it 4 out of 5 stars because no playback on the phone app but everything else works like a charm. The motion sensor notifies me via email, with pic, of any movement and is very sensitive unless its tweeked. I like the system and the awesome technical support. Btw, do not buy Laview brand because technical support will not respond to you if you call too many times.

94 out of 142


Location: Sarasota, FL

LNR 380 8 hd camera system purchase March 2014, Failed HDMI PORT ON NVR July 2014 replaced unit and HDMI PORT ON NVR failed again January 2015 replaced unit and now Sept 2015 HDMI PORT ON NVR failed again. NO REPLACEMENT!! Why? waranty on original unit is 12 months so NO REPLACEMENT. Seams clear there is a manufacturing defect and I did not have one unit last more than 8 months before failure. Exceptions should be made with this kind of repeated failure. No one at LOREX is willing to make any consessions even considering the circumstances. I now have to replace my whold system because LOREX IS INCOMPATABLE WITH OTHER SYSTEMS INCLUDING THEIR CAMERAS. Will never purchase LOREX again. 0*

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the difficulty you experienced and hope the replacement is working well.

95 out of 142


Location: Texas

These cameras have amazing resolution day and night. The clarity is good anytime and I have made several set up and tech support calls and received top-notch support ( including tips and tricks) every time. I will continue to add more cameras to the system as I expand my coverage and monitor remotely. Highly recommend this product.

96 out of 142


Location: NC

I am very pleased with the ease of system setup and installation. This system (NVR 300) by far exceeded my expectations. Tech support is also first class. You wont go wrong with this system and technology. I can access the camera feed anywhere in the world from my I Phone. Excellent product.

97 out of 142


Location: Sarasota, FL

I don't think Lorex will allow negative reviews. I submitted one and the did not post it.

98 out of 142


Location: Michigan

I have enjoyed the camera and think the system HD is very good.

99 out of 142


Location: Philadelphia

This system is really worth for it price, very sharp clarity at night time, there is not need of an extra light. very easy to install. works great with 1 TB hard drive and with the option to add an extra USB.
comes with four security cameras but can be added another extra four more.after installing call the technical support to make an account so you can watch on home computer it takes makes less than 5 minutes, help is great sweet people at technical support.
Download the APP on your cell and watch it any where you are and your home or business is protected.

100 out of 142


Location: Ontario

Camera works amazing, set up was easy. The actual unit started to overheat within 30 minutes and kept shutting down. Called Lorex, they are shipping me a new one. Will rate it again after it arrives, but as of now I have to put a 3/5 because of the trouble.

Thank you for your feedback. We hope the replacement is working well for you. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-888-425-6739.

101 out of 142


Location: Bermuda

Extremely please with this product and the tech support was 1st class

102 out of 142


Location: Central nj

Very pleased with the product very easy to install. I initially had a problem with the app- I don't know how it's even possible but I downloaded an android app ? on my Apple iPhone. Anyway, it was the wrong App- directions should have been clearer. So, it was 1AM in morning and I couldn't connect the app with the devices to view pictures. Spent couple hours frustrated and angry and was all set to write a lousy review. called Lorex support in the morning- they opened at 9am and a very competent tech solved my issue in under a minute- downloaded correct app and worked as promised- so my advice is to check your platform and dowloAd the correct app - apparently there are a few-
I've been using for two weeks now, works great, great picture

103 out of 142


Location: Cincinnati

Bought a LNR320 with 6 cameras, 5 indoor, 1 outdoor. All was easy to put in, comes up real well and setup is real cut & dry. After a year the LNR320 just died, not the HD it wouldn't boot anymore. Called Tech Support that was good, but we were beyond the warranty. So seemed better to buy a new controller than have it repaired.

104 out of 142


Location: Ontario

I bought a LNR340 (4 HD cameras and 1TB DVR/NVR). I had a 3rd party company come in and do the wiring and initial configuration. No issues at all. Then 1 added a 3rd camera that I had to add POE injection since it was on the other side on my network switch. After this I downloaded the Stratus client (had some difficulty finding it) from the Lorex website. This is where I had lots of problems between the password, and the NVR unit. I had to call Lorex on the phone on a Saturday and after about an hour or more of uninstalling, installing software and other config paramters they were able to get it working for me. If it wasn't for their Tech support I would be very disappointed. Otherwise I am pretty happy with the system. The picture quality seems good.

105 out of 142


Location: nj usa

i've had this product for a year. 1 camera is having issues with it producing images in darker light; at night this is a real problem for me. i also have another camera where the ball joint doesnt work anymore so the camera just falls down instead of staying in place. another issue i was having was getting the ddns working. i contacted technical support for all my issues and they were able to get my ddns working in 20m after a remote session. also they are replacing both my cameras for me; all i have to do is send in proof of purchase and serial numbers of the cameras. they will be sending me new cameras, placing a hold on my cc, and then once i swap the cameras i send the broken ones back. this makes it convenient for someone like me who can't afford to have no security system even for 2min. i have to say im very impressed with the staff over there at LOREX. these cameras are super clear both day and night; i love the system. only thing i guess which is a con is the fan inside the NVR is a little louder than normal; other than that it was very easy to set it up in my network. the remote play option as well for apps are a great tool for when you are away from your home.

106 out of 142


Location: canada

Easy to install. was easy to get operational. Had issues with remote computer access but mobile access works well.

107 out of 142


Location: Kamloops, B.C.

The good:

-Sales prices vs. competitors of similar quality
-Cameras appears to be a true 1080
-Install is easy (probably the same for other brands too)

The Bad:
-Interface of the unit is poor (I have previous experience 8 years ago with a $30 Ebay DVR card that is similar in quality)
-Too many menu options / different types of playback options
-Experienced what I would consider product failure where two cameras keep playing an old event (from months ago on loop) when I hit playback on them, waiting for technical support
-The interface of a remote computer (downloaded program) is too different than the base unit and should be similar
-Restricted video quality, cannot max. quality on 4 camera system for base unit and network (have to keep video quality / frame rate down on network)

I give this 3 out of 5 stars when compared to other quality products but those will probably cost a minimum DOUBLE the retail and never go on sale

I give this a 4.5 out of 5 for consumer grade - ir Lorex updates the interface of this stuff and makes it dead simple....will up it to 5+ stars!

108 out of 142


Location: placentia,CA

Easy to install everything was great I owned this about 1 yr and a month a month after started having issues they would not help after spending 1600+ and only 3 weeks after my warranty expired they refused they didn't offer extended warranty 1 year ago or I would have purchased very disappointing the app crashes everytime (useless) customer service is a joke a technical support agent told me they should fix being it was only 3 weeks after warranty but no so its a great system till it shutsdown and then they give you their back.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the initial difficulty you experienced and were happy to resolve this to your satisfaction.

109 out of 142


Location: California

This cameras are attractive by the price, the quality at dark is not good at all, you will not recognize anyone's face if you had to or body.
During the day is OK as long as they are not in the shade or the quality will be very bad, unable to recognize a face again.
The Ethernet cameras disconnect on their own very often you have to keep resetting cameras.
The customer service is the worst that you can experience.
The cameras on DVR disconnect on they own also for no reason and have to reset often.
Overall the cameras are not what you expect for a security system, very unreliable.
If you have not experience all of these problems already you will in time or quick, lots of complains, Costco product.


110 out of 142


Location: Guthrie, OK

The cameras and associated equipment worked right out of the box. The help center provided by Lorex was very helpful and easy to contact. The manual with the system is difficult to follow. However, the system has many capabilities which would require a detailed set of instructions to use those capabilities.

111 out of 142


Location: Raleigh

- Overall the camera system works very well.
- Customer support was excellent in resolving a camera issue.
- One of the best products for the money.

Documentation on software tools could be more detailed.

112 out of 142


Location: Colorado

This system is surprisingly clear, easy to setup, and the direct interface is very stable. The mobile interface is mostly accessible, but there are times it is difficult to connect. The most troubling aspect of the unit is the email notification - it only worked for a short period, and getting it to that state was a mystery along with why it stopped. On the positive side of things, Lorex (FLIR) technical support has been AWESOME in trying to work with me to get this issue resolved. They have contacted me by both email and phone to help however they can, suggesting multiple solutions (which so far have not worked). Based on their tenacity at trying to get this work, i'm confident we will come to a resolution one way or another. Very impressed.

The only thing I would like to see with this is the ability to record sound, but that would probably kill the bandwidth needed for the crisp picture.

113 out of 142


Location: Youngstown, Oho

I purchased and installed a LNR-300 series without any great difficulties. I did require the assistance of technical support for a lost password and to establish remote access from a Windows computer. Technical support is very friendly, patient and good at what they do. My only problem with the system is the operating temp of the exterior cameras. They were crystal clear (true hd) at 40f degrees and very foggy and almost useless at 25f degrees and under. I am getting much resistance in getting replacements from Lorex.

Thank you for your feedback. Please see Product Specifications sheet under the downloads tab for information about operating temperatures. Should you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-888-425-6739.

114 out of 142


Location: San Jose, CA

Very easy setup - all required materials was provided in the box. Cameras had no issues powering on and being detected by the system after connecting to Power over Ethernet.

Video quality is excellent!

115 out of 142


Location: California

I purchased the LNR 360 and hooked up 8 cameras to protect my parents. I live over 400 miles away and can easily view all cameras on my IPAD. the view is crystal clear. I get the opportunity to look at the cameras history at night to ensure that no one is walking around my parents house at night. It gives me and my parents peace of mind. If they hear anything or if in the morning they noticed something is out of place around the house outside, I just look at the cameras history and I can determine what the issue was. Anyone who does not have a camera system does not realize the peace of mind there is knowing you know what is happening about your house 24 hours a day. I would absolutely recommend Lorex camera systems to everyone. The video runs and records at 1080 P and I can watch any activity almost in live smooth motion. Thank you Lorex!

116 out of 142


Location: Bradford PA

System has been in for approximately 2 months. Setting the the system with the cameras on a separate dedicated VLAN and with POE switches is a bit confusing but not bad. Image quality is great and from main console a mouse works great. The functionality of the remote is questionable. Anxiously waiting for PTZ cameras to become available.

117 out of 142


Location: Houston, TX

I purchased the Lorex LNR300 series camera and NVR. I purchased this product with no previous knowledge about security systems. Easy to set up and great picture quality. Lots of options. I download the Lorex Stratus app and it worked pretty well, better picture on handheld devices.

Overall very satisfied and would recommend to friends and family.

118 out of 142


Location: Lake Arrowhead, CA

I have purchased two LNR-300 systems, one for my main residents and one for a mountain home. The installation of the cables was time consuming without a major technical challenge. The PoE works great, the supplied cables are of excellent quality. The footings on the cameras however, are very small and the female Ethernet plug is in comparison large. The plug requires a 1 1/8 hole, not so much of a problem in wood but a different story in a masonry siding. The small footing and large hole leaves only little material for the dowels and screws.
The programing of NVR and cameras is very simple. The features on the NVR are excellent and easy to understand. It took me about 15 minutes from plug in the power cord to recording the first pictures; this includes connecting to Stratus on PC and two iPads and updating the firmware.
The pictures are brilliant with exceptional detail and clarity. The night vision pictures are clear with fine details even in a pitch-dark moonless mountain environment. The recordings are easy to find and to playback. The remote connection via Stratus is good and easy to operate on PC and iPhone.

119 out of 142


Location: Miami, FL

The cameras being powered by POE greatly simplifies their installation and the locations they can be used. The NVR setup was very simple. The quality of the video is extremely good in both daylight and at night. Playback is much simpler than with pior systems and there are a number of useful options for locating the frames of interest (by time, motion, fast/slow motion options). The iOS apps for the iPad and iPhone work well, with the caveat that they tend to get memory errors if a large number of other apps are open concurrently. The only quirk I ran into was related to cameras on the POE hub used for cameras in the 9-16 range dropping out. Turns out that after power glitches, the IP addresses of some cameras had changed. I was able to avoid that issue by associating specific permanent IP addresses with these cameras' MAC addresses in my router.

120 out of 142


Location: uk

Great product. Easy to install and camera quality very good. remote access very useful.

121 out of 142


Location: North Tonawanda, NY

This security camera system is awesome! Easy to install and set up. Did it all myself. Customer service techs were a great help as well. The best part was going on vacation to Jamaica for a week and being able to watch the cameras whenever I wanted. Even having access to watch the cams via my smartphone while out to dinner or at the store when in my hometown is easy and convenient. Great buy!!!

122 out of 142


Location: Victoria, BC, Canadian

fast installation
fast for start to use

but can not use mobile to view the camera

just called shaw cable today, they said i need a new router

will see tomorrow

123 out of 142


Location: Edmonton

Great system, good connection..cameras are crystal clear. Super Night Vision never expected to be so nice camera.Great price for very high quality in pictures. Require some more in formation configuration like DDNS, Port forwarding had to look up very thing online

124 out of 142


Location: New Orleans

This product has helped me feel safer as for security. Fast mobile app viewing access and great quality footage.

125 out of 142


Location: bolton

good product

126 out of 142


Location: Toronto

The system is fine, but 2 comments:
1. The viewing software is not intuitive or helpful with several functions. My cameras caught a burglar. After viewing the first full page of the recordings, I paged forward for more and found none. A couple of months later, by accident, after the videos were overwritten, I discovered that the page presented was really only a part of a page. One should scroll down instead of page forward, but nothing indicated that there were more videos.
2. The dome cameras are designed for ceiling mount. There are many situations where I would rather put them on a wall. But this is not easily done, and the view is then limited.

127 out of 142


Location: Playa del Rey, CA

The camera fidelity and coverage is excellent; the recorder works fine. I have had some issues with remote access, which is why I'm not giving it 5 stars. Would definitly recommend it.

128 out of 142


Location: Eastern Panhandle of WV

The model LNR 382 HD 1080 cameras are crystal clear. Camera coverage is very good. It truly is very easy to get the system up and operational. Placement of cameras and installation, as expected, took a little time. I went on line and printed the expanded PDF Lorex Manual that provides pages of information related to the system - it is great to have. We bought two of these LNR 382 systems at Costco and are very pleased with them.

129 out of 142


Location: Severn, MD

So far everything seems great. My son-in-law installed it and it has been up and running for a couple of weeks. I had to call customer support once and they were extremely helpful. Love the app on my iPhone. The system certainly makes my son feel safer.

130 out of 142


Location: Long Beach

Hardware - NVR and HD cameras excellent!
POE setup - simple plug and play
Software - OK but much easier to navigate and configure through web access.
Setup and Configuration - as I'm an IT professional everything was pretty easy and straight forward.

I have a static Internet IP so opening and forwarding the required ports was simple. I opted for using a web browser instead of the monitoring software/cloud services for remote access as it's much faster. I also used my static IP with the Android software for best performance as the Lorex provided cloud service locks up and isnt very fast. If you do not have a static Internet IP be sure to setup and use the DDNS service.

Camera and software configuration including email alerts, motion detection/monitoring, holiday scheduling, playback and capture are amazing. Many other great configurable options.

Set the NVR with an internal static IP and forward the required ports in your router.
Use the DDNS service (or static IP if you have one) for remote web access and Android/Apple instead the Lorex cloud service as it's much faster.
Internet Explorer was the fastest browser I tested (IE Firefox and Chrome). Be sure to add your IP/DDNS site to the Compatibility View settings and get the plugin loaded.

Awesome product and would highly recommend!!

131 out of 142


Location: Texas

The system is really easy to setup and picture quality is great. I find the Mac client a bit difficult to use and slow. Will be calling support soon to get some info if it is me or the software.

132 out of 142


Location: LA

Got my LNR382C4B system before Thanksgiving. So far the system is running great. I know a lot of people like me don't like to run a long cable from the outside all the way to the NVR which should be close to the router. But this NVR has a good option which you don't have to connect all cameras directly into the back of the NVR. The option allows you to connect camera to the LAN and the NVR will recognized the camera. What I did is run all the camera cables into one room in my 2nd floor and from there are two ways you can connect to the NVR. One way is using a router in a bridge mode to connect all your camera to the main router which your NVR is connected too. Off course you need a POE switch to connect all cables together before feed into this bridge or the bridge already has POE available. There you save lots of cable running and not drill tons of holes in your home. The 2nd approach is what I eventually used is instead of going through the bridge router, I connect the POE switch which has 4 cameras connected and connect the 5the Ethernet port, my POE switch has 8 Ethernet ports, directly into my phone line. Here you need to modify your phone socket to a RJ45 and an phone jack. My house use cat5 cable to for the phone, so basically the phone use only 1 pair of the 4 pairs line and the Ethernet use only 2 pairs or 3 pairs if POE is needed. Thus I can connect all my 4 camera from 2nd floor all the way down to 1st floor inside the wall and come out form the phone jack on 1st floor that is close to my router and NVR, of course your need to modify this into a RJ45 and phone jack to use both function.

These two potions seems all durable for my cases and when I add more camera I might use the bridge router mode which the place might not have phone line available to convert into Ethernet. All this can be done thanks the NVR's capability of recognized the camera from the LAN.

One more tip is one of my camera starts to white out or restart every time the motion detection was triggered. Called the tech support and they are going to replace a new one for me. Lorex seems to know what is going on with their product.

133 out of 142


Location: NC

I have had my Lorex LNR360 for 10 months now and have had no major problems. I have called tech support several times and have had knowledgeable and helpful service. Find information on product support is challenging and you have to be determined to find it, but all in all it has been a good experience.

134 out of 142


Location: Texas

Got my system in early Dec. 2014, installed mid Dec. System works great the clarity on the HD cameras is amazing. System setup was a breeze, I have a Mac and its little more work to access the DVR from it, get a the monitor that comes with it or use any monitor for that matter a lot more user friendly than the Mac. The mobile device setup is like a three step setup. Had a little issue with the Mac communicating with the DVR, called customer support and had the issue resolved quickly. Over all the system works great and I highly recommend it.

135 out of 142


Location: Utah

Hardware is great, software is bad. Cameras go down often, still get notifications via email that there is movement but no pictures in email and NO recording on hard drive. Have to reboot from home PC otherwise get an error message that the "network is abnormal" at our address. What good is it to have a remote app that loads dark screens and no way to reboot remotely. I am not the only one having this problem. Maybe that is why they have a new FLIR Cloud for the new machines. I think this has to go back to Costco. Today I was so mad that I kept getting notifications on that I could not check out, I almost threw my new iPhone out the window. There is no reason to put a security system on the market with this type of software flaw. Oh and yes, there have been many calls and emails for tech support and we still have issues.

136 out of 142


Location: San Diego

This system is super easy to set up and get going. The resolution and picture quality of the cameras are excellent. I prefer the bullet cameras over the dome cameras because they are much more flexible when installing. That would be the only down-side of this system for me. Highly recommend this system looking to protect their home or business!

137 out of 142


Location: Los Angelese, CA

Good image quality, especially during daylight hours. In my case, useable night vision range is 25-30' in darkness. So far has been pretty reliable. Once in a great while a camera may need to be reset by unplugging from the NVR and plugging back in. The drawbacks I wish would be addressed are that there are only 2 cameras available, both with a 75 degree field of view and you can't use other branded cameras on this system. Been waiting for a longer fixed lens camera for watching a specific area, plus a full 90 degree camera would make this system more flexible. Even the same cameras but with different focal length cameras would really help.The phone app and the PC app (which shuts off after a varying amount of time) could stand for some more robustness. Having "port forwarding" set up so you can view continuously in a web browsers (Internet Explorer only due to ActiveX) seems to be the best way to remotely view, but it's not that straightforward to set up. If you can live with only 75 degree cameras, its a pretty nice system.

138 out of 142


Location: Schererville IN

This system was worth the money. The picture is crystal clear. Its crazy how clear the video is during the day. I'm able to see when a package has arrived to my house when I'm gone. I love that i can view the video feed on my phone while I'm away.

139 out of 142


Location: St. Louis, MO

I bought the LNR360 from Costco in response to some concerning issues I had encountered in our area recently. I chose the LNR360 due to the combination of it being accessible from outside the internal network, using IP cameras, and the capability of future expansion to greater than 9 cameras if I were to buy additional IP cameras.
A few very nice features:

- The DVR actually has 8 of the 9 cameras covered for using POE. The really nice part about this is that you do not have to have 9 cameras putting traffic across your network. Even if the traffic data is compressed that can be a lot of unnecessary traffic.
- The cameras are capable of using CAT5 cable. Does not have to be CAT6 or even CAT5e. Finding CAT5 in-wall cable is extraordinarily cheap. I did not realize this when I purchased the system otherwise I would not have purchased CAT6 and saved myself a few bucks.
- The Internet DNS registration process could not be any simpler. Someone with next to no IT experience can set this up without any difficulty.
- The DVR itself is pretty quiet. Some of these things can run you out of the room but this one can reasonably put somewhere that is not locked in a closet or server room.

While the software is, to be kind, buggy most of it really isn't necessary. The viewer does work far better on Firefox or Chrome than it does Internet Explorer, but it still typically works on IE.

A couple of notes on this:
Make sure you have given the device a static IP. Lorex's instructions act as if this is unimportant and that couldn't be further from the truth. This also extends to Camera #9 since that will also be going across your network (which is why Lorex ships the additional POE switch). Give them static IPs and remember them and it'll make your life easier later on.

The DVR allows for mirroring the hard drive. This does not mean you get more recording space after installing the drive, it's only there if the first drive dies and you can no longer get to the information from the first disk. It's simply a live copy of the first disk's data. Also, while you can hook up a USB HD to the DVR the method for transferal of the old data is clunky to put it most politely. There is no automatic transfer to the USB drive, nor is there a real good way to figure out what is being transferred.

For the price and features, this is a pretty solid buy.

140 out of 142


Location: Hollywood, Florida

I purchased a Lorex 16 channel camera system with 8 cameras and a 3TB video recording system. The cameras have an excellent 1080p resolution and night vision up to 100 ft from the camera. I bought at Costco, at a bargain price. The system was easy to install and it has functioned without any troubles since July, 2014.

I love the connectivity of the system, as the client mobile application can be loaded on your smart cell phone and I can monitor my home from anywhere in the United States.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a reliable home/business video system, at a very reasonable cost.

141 out of 142


Location: Palo Alto, CA

I purchased this unit about a year ago from Costco. The quality of camera and the video they produced is pretty high. NVR works well and I added another 3TB hard disk to make it RAID1 (mirroring). This process went well too.

The biggest issue I have is the SMTP alert setup with Gmail. This is the issue I still don't have a solution after working with Lorex support for months. You just google "Lorex Gmail SMTP" and will see this is a common problem with Lorex' system. Ironically there is a "Default" Email Mode in the Email setting on its configuration page, and that default one is not working and is also not recommended by Lorex support. They advised using Gmail SMTP but they also don't have a working example that can help their customers.

I travel a lot and this email alert is one of the most important features for me. If this is something important to you, you may want to look for something that has more reliable and straight-forward email alert feature and configuration. I just purchased a $89 Foscam FI9831P which is way more user friendly in terms of email SMTP configuration (than my $1,600 Lorex).

I hope Lorex tech support can document how SMTP really works on their website someday.

142 out of 142


Location: Baton Rouge, LA

I purchased the LNR300 Series 16-Channel Security NVR with HD IP cameras after researching several systems. None of the others had the feature or ease of connection this system has.
The clarity of both the daylight and night vision images is outstanding. The POE switch is rack mount with all mounting hardware included. The DVR unit is not, or the mounting hardware was not included.

Very pleased so far.




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