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Security NVR system with 2K resolution IP cameras featuring Color Night Vision



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Security NVR System with 2K resolution (4 megapixel) IP Cameras and Color Night Vision™


Protect your home and your family with this 2K (4 megapixel) security system from Lorex. This web exclusive bundle contains our 8-channel NR800 network video recorder (NVR) paired with six 2K weatherproof security cameras with excellent night vision range. Space for two more IP cameras is there to expand your security system as your monitoring needs evolve.





2K NVR can support up to 8 cameras



6 x 2K IP cameras



Maximum night vision with Color Night Vision



Maximum Capacity 2 x 6TB hard drives

2K security monitoring

Network home security in 2K resolution

Nothing will be left to the imagination thanks to 2K resolution security monitoring - double what HD 1080p delivers. Exceptionally smooth 20 frames-per-second on-screen movement doesn’t miss a moment. All cameras come with a wide 90° angle lens that delivers extensive video coverage. They also utilize 3D digital noise reduction (DNR) technology for a cleaner image.

2K (4 megapixel) network security monitoring

Don’t leave anything to question with 2K footage

2K quality security cameras can be the difference in identifying vital details such as faces or license plate numbers. They deliver a whole new level of detail and clarity thanks to their 2688 x 1520 pixel resolution. This higher resolution also provides an increased ability to zoom in on distant objects without drastically reducing image quality.


Choosing the right security system

differences between Lorex MPX analog security systems and Lorex NVR security systems
MPX or IP? What security systems to choose? analog or digital?

Sleep with peace-of-mind thanks to outstanding night vision

Take your night vision one step further with Lorex’s innovative color night vison (CNV). The LNB4321B security camera will deliver full color video, even in low-light conditions. This unique feature provides an extra level of visual detail that may help identify people, or objects through the night. With infrared (IR) LEDs that can see in the dark up to 130ft / 40m in ambient lighting (up to 90ft / 27m in total darkness) you can be confident that your security cameras will be there for you when you need them most, even during the darkest hours of the night.(Click for video)(Click for video)

LNB4321B Night Vision Range
Plug-and-play simplicity with Power over Ethernet technology

PoE cabling for easy installation

This 2K (4 megapixel) security system features a simple plug-and-play setup that uses power-over-ethernet (PoE) technology. Have your system up and running in no time by running a single cable between your NVR and each IP camera. This all-in-one cable provides both power and video transmission up to 300ft / 91m (click here to purchase extension cables). Expand your security coverage further by incorporating a PoE switch. This will help minimize the amount of cabling needed for larger installations.

Access your security system from anywhere in the world with FLIR Cloud connectivity

Use our FLIR Cloud™ app to stay connected with your mobile

Monitor your property from virtually anywhere in the world. Just download the free FLIR Cloud™ app for your smart device or computer and you will be able to securely access your security system. With iOS®, Android™ and PC options your security system will be at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it. In-app features such as motion-triggered push notifications and instant email alerts will help you stay connected to your property - no matter where you are.

Works With

LNB4321B 2K security camera weatherproof & vandal resistant

Weatherproof & vandal resistant IP cameras

The LNB4321B IP security cameras are well-suited for both indoor and outdoor application. They come with an IP66 rating and can withstand the most unforgiving climates. Heavy-duty metal housing and vandal resistant cable-pass through designs offer further protection so you can count on all-season security monitoring that never stops working.



Heat Rating

140°F | 60°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

-22°F | -30°C

Cold Rating

24/7 Security certified hard drive for heavy-duty workloads

Not your run-of-the-mill hard drive

This version of the NR800 contains a 1TB security certified hard drive. This is not same kind of HDD you would find in a personal computer. Designed to handle the high workload demands of security monitoring, this professional grade HDD can safely store weeks (or even months) of surveillance footage. The motion-triggered recording feature will save storage space by only recording if movement is detected. You can also record at a lower resolution or program scheduled recording times to save even more hard drive space.

Image resolution comparison

2K 4mp Comparison Chart
  2K HDIP HD 1080 Digital IP HD 720 Digital IP HD 1080 Analog BNC HD 720 Analog BNC
Recording 4mp (2688×1520) Full 1080p HD (1920x1080) 720p HD (1280x720) Analog 1080p HD (1920x1080) 720p HD (1280x720)
Platform 2K NVR systems 1080p HD NVR systems 720p HD NVR systems 1080p HD DVR systems 720p HD DVR systems
Video Digital IP / RJ45 connection Digital IP / RJ45 connection Digital IP / RJ45 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection Analog BNC / RG59 connection
Power PoE (Power over Ethernet) PoE (Power over Ethernet) PoE (Power over Ethernet) Standard DC power Standard DC power
Installation Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Connect cameras to NVR or to router/LAN Cameras require wired connection to DVR Cameras require wired connection to DVR
Resolution 2K = 4 megapixels 1080p = 2 megapixels 720p = 1 megapixels 1080p = 2 megapixels 720p = 1 megapixels

NVR Network Video Recorder

Security NVRs will connect to IP cameras using CAT5 network cables and will store pre-compressed video footage from IP cameras.

2K Super HD Resolution (2×1080p Full HD)

2K resolution offers twice the resolution of 1080p with approximately 2000 horizontal pixels. This new level of details will vividly improve the video quality of your security footage.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud will help simplify and organize your life by keeping track of all your security cameras from anywhere in the world on any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® devices.

ONVIF Compliant

ONVIF is an open standard protocol for IP Network Cameras to communicate easily with Network Video Recorder (NVR) devices.




8 channel, digital HD 1080p security NVR:

  • Full high definition 1080p recording
  • Real-time recording at 30fps per channel
  • 8 built-in PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports providing video and power on a single Ethernet cable
  • Automatically detects compatible IP cameras in the network1
  • 24/7 security-grade pre-installed hard drive2
  • H.264 video compression2
  • Expandable high capacity storage
  • Mirror hard drive recording - secure your recordings by backing up footage to an internal hard drive at the same time as recording to the primary hard drive3
  • Pentaplex operation - view, record, playback, backup & remotely control the system simultaneously
  • Simultaneous playback and live view on the same screen4
  • Selectable area digital zoom in live view and playback
  • Dynamic click-and-drag camera channel assignment
  • Flip and mirror camera view settings
  • Convenient front panel button controls
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & daylight savings time
  • Instant USB backup of live video from selected camera
  • Dual video outputs (HDMI & VGA) to connect multiple monitors
  • HDMI output (HDMI cable included) for simple connection to HD TVs
  • Keep up to date with automatic firmware upgrades5
  • 3-step remote view with FLIR Cloud™6
  • PC and Mac compatible7
  • Free iOS and Android compatible apps with live viewing, playback, video recording, and snap shot7
  • Dedicated iPad app with multi-channel live viewing and playback7
  • Push notifications of motion events
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Dual streaming to conserve bandwidth
  • Continuous, scheduled and motion recording

Each NR8081 Includes:

1 × NVR
1 × AC power cable
1 × Remote control
1 × USB mouse
1 × Ethernet cable
1 × HDMI cable
Quick start guides

1. Compatible with Lorex 1080p 2MP / 3MP / 4MP PoE HD IP cameras only. For a list of compatible cameras, please visit
2. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
3. Mirror recording requires a second hard drive (not included) to be installed in the NVR. Mirrored hard drive must be as large or larger than the primary hard drive to backup all recordings. Backup begins from when the mirrored hard drive is installed and configured.
4. Instant playback feature available on one camera at a time during live view (when in quad or multiple live camera viewing mode).
5. Both firmware and software must be updated to latest version to ensure remote connectivity. Firmware updates are pushed to the NVR automatically over the Internet (available at Always update to the latest software after upgrading the NVR firmware.
6. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). A minimum upload speed of 2Mbps is required for the best video performance. Up to 2 devices may connect to the system at the same time.
7. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, please visit


Weatherproof 4mp 1080p HD Night Vision IP Security Camera Features:

  • High definition 4mp image sensor delivers double the detail of 1080p1
  • 4mp Super HD video recording provides superior quality for reviewing fine details in heightened resolution
  • Color Night Vision™ provides full color images at night, letting you identify objects and people more accurately than in black & white2
  • IR night vision range up to 130ft (40m) in ambient lighting and 90ft (27m) in total darkness3
  • ClearNight imaging for improved low light performance and improved recording efficiency
  • True High Dynamic Range (HDR) improves image clarity in high-contrast lighting, revealing details in extremely bright and dark areas of the image
  • Intelligent compression saves recording space by optimizing video performance based on available bandwidth
  • Wide angle 83° field of view (horizontal)
  • Ceiling / wall mountable
  • Simple camera installation using a single Cat5e cable with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • UL-compliant cable suitable for surface and in-wall installation
  • Extend the camera's video and power with a single Ethernet cable up to 300ft (91m) from the recorder
  • Single-screw bracket adjustment for faster installation
  • Cold climate capability (-22°F / -30°C)
  • Weatherproof for outdoor & indoor installation (IP66 Rated)4

Each LNB4321B Includes:

1 × IP Bullet Camera
1 × Mounting Kit
1 × 60ft Ethernet Cable

1. Compatible with all Lorex HD NVRs except for LNR100 (LNR110 supported), LNR200 & LNR300 Series. For the most up-to-date list of compatible recorders, visit
2. Full color nighttime video typically switches to black & white IR night vision below 1 lux to ensure optimal low-light image quality.
3. Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and in total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area, and light reflection / absorption level of object. In low light, the camera will switch to black and white.
4. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Corporation. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 439


Location: Toronto, Canada

I purchased this system because my area had a lot of break ins happening. gave me piece of mind and always great when i was able to check the camera off my smart phone anytime and anywhere. my neighbor got broken into across the street.. my cameras caught a glimpse of the people who did the act.. and was able to give the police an accurate time and date of the incident.

the system is good quality with a lot of features. i don't use many of them, but just to have great hi def picture that you can make out faces, cars and license plates.
night time is good, but wish it was better. altho still very defined compared to cheaper systems.

my favorite feature is the search function. able to motion detect search specific locations of the screen. very handy to identify that one specific instant of when something happened.

Great job lorex. would recommend this product to anybody. the cost is high compared to other systems, but heck you get what you paid for. if you buy crap you will have a crap picture. you pay the bigger buck and you will get a good clean picture.

2 out of 439


Location: Nova Scotia

The hardware is fantastic. Really well built. Software is good, but dated. I don't mean it's not functional, I mean it's very buggy. I was prompted to change my password via the iPhone app, so I chose a new 8 digit password. The problem is, you can only enter 6 digits on login, so I was locked out. I tried to connect to the device from Windows 10, and the software wasn't compatible. I then tried to log in from my mac, but it's not compatible with Sierra. After a 3 attempts at calling Lorex, and 2 hours of hold music, I managed to talk to someone who understood my frustration. He solved my issue, and I'm up and running. I chalk it all down as a growing pain as it sounds like the hardware is developed faster than the software. After all of that, I am happy with the product. :)

3 out of 439


Location: NEW YORK

This HDIP86W / NR8081 is so easy to set up to view the system via my iphone or Macbook wirelessly. It took me 30 sec's to set up with that bar code thingy on the unit. (a monkey could do it) My old unit took a phone call every time to Lorex Tech to have them help me set up the port forwarding to view wirelessly. I added a PTZ Cam to this unit and LOVE IT.. Did I need it?? NO!! But its soooooo fun to play with.. I search other brands and none have all the options that this Lorex unit has.

4 out of 439


Location: Arkansas

Fast delivery, and super easy to install and set up.

5 out of 439


Location: Maryland

The system that I bought (one of three Lorex systems that I own), performed very well until about 2 weeks ago. The DVR power supply died overnight, leaving us without security camera coverage. A week+ ago I reported the failure, was given a ticket number, and have heard nothing. I emailed again, response.

I am now on hold, and have been for about 10 minutes, waiting to speak to a Customer Service person.

I really expected better service than THIS!

6 out of 439


Location: Home

We purchased and installed this system ourselves. The only part that slowed down the install was learning the tricks of creating CAT5 cables that work. Connecting the system to the Cloud was easy and within a short period of time we turned over video to local law enforcement who were amazed at the quality of the video.

7 out of 439


Location: Saskatchewan

Really good image quality. I'm still playing around with various settings but so far I'm very pleased.

8 out of 439


Location: New England

Quality is superb. The clarity of the cameras is unreal. No longer squinting for characteristics of a person or possible make and model of a car. Image is so clear I can read a license plate or perfect face image

9 out of 439


Location: Illinois

Awesome...,,,great picture and resolution especially with color night vision. Very easy setup and install. Highly recommended.

10 out of 439


Location: ny

worst customer service ever.

Our apologies for the initial experience you had. We were happy to resolve the issue for you.

11 out of 439


Location: Hawaii

This wasn't easy to find on the site and only after I got it I realized that its still B&W at night...

They shouldn't call it Color Night Vision... it should be Good low light video (people would assume color) ...

Or should explain that once IR comes on , its B&W.

Use CNV cameras with exterior lights.

CNV security cameras are ideal for the exterior of houses or buildings with external light sources nearby. It is important to note that the Color Night Vision feature needs ambient lighting to continue to record full color images. If the lighting conditions ever drop below 1 lux (total darkness), the full color video will typically switch to black and white infrared night vision to ensure optimal low-light image quality.

12 out of 439


Location: New Mexico

I ordered a system that I thought was a great value. I even spoke with customer service to ensure the product I ordered would suit my needs. I am leaving fora long trip and needed the system timely so that I could install it prior to the trip. I get the system on time and start an inventory of the product... I ordered HDIP86W with 6 color night vision 4mp camera's. What I received was 2mp camera's I'm not even sure the NVR is correct.. Now what! I'm screwed! I am certain that they will make good on the replacement but now I won't have the weekend to install it and who knows when I will get the correct order. I may even be across the ocean by the time I receive the correct order. This was my first order from this company I'm very disappointed. I don't think it's too much to ask that I get the order on time with the correct components.

Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. We are happy to have resolved this for you.

13 out of 439


Location: Southbury, CT

A friend had given me a wireless (not Lorex) camera and it was a POS. I'm very grateful for getting it prior to committing to a complete system as if gave me the insight needed to select the RIGHT features for my need case.

I ended up purchasing Lorex largely based off of the features and spec. I couldn't be happier. VERY easy setup, amazing image quality, easy to use app, all around very compressive system. Running the Ethernet cables though my 100+ degree attic sucked but I don't fault Lorex for that.

My only complaint is that a complete owners manual didn't come with the system. I found myself searching online for specific questions I had before finally stumbling onto the entire manual. My only suggestion would be to provide a QR code link to the manual to help people find it quickly. Otherwise, I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Keep up the great work.

14 out of 439


Location: Buena Park

We installed 6 cameras under outdoor overhang locations. The cameras appear well-built and sturdy. Mounting is easy. I like the recessed set screws that hold the camera in its final angled position, although they are very small and difficult to handle. The weather-proof connector assembly is well engineered and will seal the Ethernet connection. However, if the Ethernet cable is already terminated the assembly cannot be installed. Also, the RJ-45 jack on the end of the camera-end cable is not shielded. We use shielded Cat6 outdoor rated cabling with shielded RJ-45 connectors. It appears ESD is not properly terminated through the cameras. It poses the question whether the cameras are properly protected from static charges and possible surges. Another issue is the DC connector that is combined with the Ethernet cable camera-side. It is about 3 inches long and cannot be tucked away anywhere unless there is a large enough opening somewhere in the mounting surface. No matter how neat it is tied to the feeding cable, it makes the installation look very unsightly. Also, the connector is not capped. It is not clear what moisture intrusion will do to this unprotected DC connector.
The NVR was placed in an office. The cooling fans are very, very load and is not suitable for placement near a desk where conversations take place. Trying to connect the unit with an HDMI cable failed, regardless of what resolution the display output was set at. The port would simply not sync to the display. We were forced to resort to making a VGA connection with the resolution drop being very significant.
The software appears robust but the user interface is simply not intuitive. There is no consistent and logical flow in setting up the system. The quick start guide provides assistance to the point of login. The user guide, available online, lists all possible options and settings but do not really indicate what they actually do. A very frustrating aspect is that some functionality is enabled and set on the camera itself, while the very same settings cannot be set in the camera settings on the NVR application. There are endless options available, which speaks to the extensive capabilities of the product. However, these settings are simply too much as most should be set in a certain way based on circumstance. In other words a mode based approach could dictate what the optimal settings should be and configure them accordingly. This would certainly make the interface less crowded.
One of the most important aspect of the system is Playback functionality. The user guide is not concise enough to execute quickly and logically playback tasks. There is a handy list of time stamps indicating when motion-detected recordings took place. However, the list is not complete as the most recent recordings don't show up until some unknown time later. When selecting a clip for playback, the grid is populated with the playback on all cameras that detected motion at that time. This could be anywhere between one and four images. Not six. For some unexplained reason, the timeline at the bottom of the screen can only display four tracks at the time. Which cameras are showing up on the track must be selected above the list of clips first. The process is very, very unintuitive and does not promote a streamlined work flow.
We were unable to make any kind of remote connection. Using the Flir Cloud application, we could only gain local access. The DDNS setup process seams straight forward but failed to provide a connection. All steps were executed according to user guide and online video tutorial. Registration appeared successful, even indicating a local, external IP address. Port forwarding was not an issue with default port 80 open for http. All settings on the NVR were done according to user guide. A test function on the NVR would be useful to verify successful DDNS setup and connectivity.
Camera quality is great, rest of solution needs work.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you with any issues you are experiencing. Please give us a call at 1-877-755-6739.

15 out of 439


Location: NYC

The system itself works very well. The cameras are bright and clear. The POE is very good when running wires, it handles both signal and power. The DVR has no issues. My only complaint is the app itself. Sometimes it doesn't work at all remotely. Its not 100% dependable. Beside that, everything else works.

16 out of 439


Location: lancaster CA

I had lnr380 almost for a year still under a year warranty, then it stopped working, I called to Lorex, they sent me a new one, and the technical support helped me until it works fine, recommend to this company

17 out of 439


Location: New York

Received everything but NVR, called customer service and was put on hold 6 different times for about an hour to figure out what's going on. They told me it's coming from another wearhouse and will ship it out right away....So someone dropped the ball and the customer pays the price...$1500 later. The reviews about dealing with customer service are true.....Horrible. And I'm the last person that ever complains. Hope system works and with a company like flir? Very very surprised.

Our apologies for any difficulty or inconvenience this may have caused. We hope you are happy with the system now.

18 out of 439


Location: Ottawa, ON, CA

We needed HD security cameras a year ago, and we bought Lorex HD system. It was very easy to install and it has been a year the system is robust we did not have any hardware issues. The customer support is fantastic, they take care of the customers.

19 out of 439


Location: Charlotte,NC

We needed HD security cameras for our community pool at an affordable price and these cameras delivered. The wide angle and HD picture give us a clear picture of the pool area and parking lots

20 out of 439


Location: Baltimore, MD

I got this system after having tried out some other brands and not being completely satisfied with the image quality and reliability. I've had these cameras up for a week and I am loving the video quality. The images are crisp, colors are right on, and night vision is very clear. The setup was extremely simple as well - just plug the cameras into the NVR with the supplied ethernet cables, and they immediately come online. To access them via your mobile device, simply scan the QR code and enter the password. Couldn't be simpler. One complaint that I have is that I am unable to use Chrome as a browser when viewing the cameras on my PC - but it works fine using Internet Explorer.

21 out of 439


Location: So. California

I bought the HDIP86W system. Great pictures/quality night and day, good customer service but not all were knowledgeable with installing on a Mac computer. The instructions should be simplified even customer service had trouble finding answers. I would recommended this system and hope when I call again my remaining problems can be worked out.

22 out of 439


Location: CA

The hardware is pretty good quality. 1080p quality is great and the infrared distance is wonderful. The PoE Switch on the NVR is on a separate subnet and when I try to keep it on the same subnet and bridge it with my main network, the cameras throw a hissyfit. Documentation on the camears is minimal. The FLIR Client to view the cameras is takes a fair amount of time to connect to the NVR and uses a lot of CPU usage if viewing the main stream. Customer service has been a mixed bag as there was an issue with returning and RMAs that still isn't resolved yet.

Thank you for your feedback. We were happy to assist you with this. If you require further assistance please call us at 1-888-425-6739.

23 out of 439


Location: Olathe, KS

Setup is easy and straight forward. It works as described. I've only had the system up and running a short time but I am happy so far. My only complaint is I figured there would be some kind of app that would allow me to view my cameras over WIFI instead of using the easy to setup FLIR cloud. Seems using local network connectivity at home would be quicker and more reliable.

24 out of 439


Location: Central, Louisiana

I upgraded a Samsung camera system with this 1080p Full HD system and love it. I was able to use my same Cat 5 cables and did not have to run new wire to each camera. I set my system to record motion only and had an issue with setting it up (my fault) called customer service and they were able to help my and resolve the issue over the phone. The cameras have good night vision also much better than my old system.

25 out of 439


Location: Vancouver British Columbia

I recently upgraded my 8 camera edge2 system after 4 years do the 8 camera IP NVR awesome 1080p full HD I also have 4 of the indoor cameras the LN 234 they also work awesome very easy to use and they're just all around a good product for the price it's a very good deal and yes I drive an awesome Cadillac Escalade on 22 So yeah thank you Lorax they're like the Cadillac of systems in my books.

26 out of 439


Location: Raleigh, NC

The Church of which I am a member experienced some minor vandalism and a minor theft. We did not have any video or photo evidence to present to the police. I researched camera systems that we could use with our existing Ethernet network. The best quality for the money and ease of setup was Lorex. We settled on an 8 camera system so that we could cover or entire little campus. We were able to run 7 cameras with the included 60' cable. Only 1 camera required a longer cable. We ran 3 cameras directly to the NVR and the other 5 we used PoE injectors to bring the signals to the NVR through the Ethernet network. The church staff was very impressed with how clear and how much range the cameras had. They could not believe I spent less than $1300.00 for a system this nice. Set up was easy. I just used the insert that was in the box with the NVR. Great product! great price!

27 out of 439


Location: Conshohocken, PA

After significant research I found the Lorex products to be the best buy and fit for our office and warehouse. I selected the NVR system and IP cameras due to the resolution and ease of wiring. The cameras only require Cat5 wiring as they are powered by the system through the cable(POE).
After installing the first cameras I got the system up quickly and the picture is very good, both day and night. We have LED lighting outside and the night color works very well.
I'm still working on getting the Flir internet access working. We have a unique network controlled by a gateway router that's more complicated than a standard router controlled network.
Overall I'm very happy with this system and recommend it to all.

28 out of 439


Location: So, Calif.

The system was easy to set up and the cameras are great. The system was shipped timely and arrived in perfect shape.

29 out of 439


Location: Atlanta, GA

This is my first video surveillance system and I am loving it so far. Package arrived very securely packed. Installation was easy and picture quality is amazing. Will definitely recommend this product!

30 out of 439


Location: Texas

So far I have been very impressed with everything. Setup was a breeze, PC client took a bit of reading to setup the recording and motion detect but nothing real difficult. Already picked up some cool stuff going on. Picture quality is great during the day and better than expected at night. Able to easily scan barcode and setup our Iphones, Ipads, etc for viewing. Wife loves that she can check the front door from bed! Installing more cameras this weekend.

31 out of 439


Location: San Jose

During initial period, I was not happy because only 3 cameras were working and 3 were not working. As suggested by Lorex, I checked the cables and noticed the cables for two cameras were not plugged in properly by my installation person. The 6th camera was defective which was replaced by Lorex. The customer support is great and the gentleman who took my call addressed the issues in span of 2 minutes though I waited 7 minutes to be connected to Lorex customer service agent which is not an issue for me as the issue is addressed in span of 10 minutes. The reason I am not able to give 5 rating is due to two issues (1) Installation is not so easy first time, however once you understand how it works and it would be easy to set up. (2) NVR fan noise is high as per industry standards which is annoying. Overall I am a happy customer and I would recommend to buy this product considering the product quality and service I received.

32 out of 439


Location: McHenry Md

Second lorex system for us and it has been improved over the years. This system is easy to use and was not difficult to install. We use the remote often and the new FLIR is better than the old remote internet connection. For the price this system is hard to beat. Their phone support is very good and works hard to help with any problems.

33 out of 439


Location: NY

Works as advertised

34 out of 439


Location: florida

everything works as promised.

35 out of 439


Location: Indiana

Very easy to install and setup.

36 out of 439


Location: long island NY

Its the second purchase from lorex. quality of the nvr is ok. little disappointed with the camera quality, where 4 out 6 cameras have moisture inside the lens. waiting for replacement.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope your replacements are working well.

37 out of 439


Location: Washington

This is an update to my previous review. I was contacted by Technical Support shortly after posting my review. Vitaliy provided me with the Flir Cloud software link and a solution to the issue I was having with installation. It turned out that when I upgraded to Windows 10 the display scaling settings changed and weren't allowing me to see the full install window. Viewing the cameras remotely is very nice and has already come in handy when we saw someone walking through our complex's backyards.

Installing the cameras and NVR was very simple and I'm happy with the overall results.

38 out of 439


Location: California

This system was so easy to setup with the ethernet cable connections. I would really recommend this system because of the great picture quality and ease of setting it up!

39 out of 439


Location: New York

Im satisfied with this NVR system. Camera is sturdy and was a breeze to hook up. The ethernet cable is plug and play. The Flircloud software works wonderful and let you see the camera no matter where u are as long as u have an internet connection.

40 out of 439


Location: Ontario

Got this product a few days ago and installed today. The video quality is awesome. Tried the night color vision. It works pretty well when there is light from the street. If it is a complete darkness, it is still better to use regular night vision. Another thing is FLIR cloud app works perfectly on my iPhone 6 Plus. No crash at all. Seems the app was improved a lot. I will definitely recommend to buy the models with PoE IP cameras.

41 out of 439


Location: Washington

The image quality is good and installation was simple. Navigating the NVR system takes a little time and I think the complete manual should have been included instead of needing to be downloaded.

Customer service seems to be nonexistent. I have been trying to get a response from Lorex for 2 weeks because the Flir Cloud software for PC will not install (it won't even give me a complete window to see the install button). Not being able to use this feature and no customer service makes me think I should have looked at another brand.

Thank you for your feedback. Our apologies for any difficulty you experienced. Our technical support team was happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-888-425-6739, option 3, for further assistance.

42 out of 439


Location: Allen, Texas

This is the second system I have ordered from Lorex (the hard drive died on the first one after two years). I ordered the HDIP86W and my credit card was billed and product supposedly shipped in one day. When order arrived it was only the NVR and no cameras. When I called customer service they said they could not help me and I had to talk to sales. After waiting for an hour I spoke with someone who also could not help me and could not get in touch with anyone else who could help. He told me he would put in a ticket to get my problem escalated but I have zero confidence in this being resolved. What a screwed up company.

Thank you for your feedback. The cameras had to ship from our other warehouse. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and hope you are enjoying the system.

43 out of 439


Location: Texas

This product is great. Very high quality video and simple to install.

44 out of 439


Location: Navarre, FL

I started researching NVR solutions two weeks ago after an incident with a troublesome neighbor. I've always wanted to install a system in the house for peace of mind when away or when kids come home from school; so this latest neighbor fiasco caused my wife to demand me get some cameras. I read many reviews on Amazon for the popular home solutions as well as some more expensive ones. I came across Lorex and checked out their site and figured the NVR with HD and PoE with 6 cmaeras was a heck of a deal. I've installed another system years ago and learned that I wanted to run 1 cable to the mount point of my home, so PoE is the only logical way to go. My order arrived within a few days and I had expected 7-10 days for delivery; packaging was well done. I have 2 of 6 cameras up so far due to free time amd am hoping to get final 4 up this coming weekend. Quality of NVR and cameras is great and even had a friend with military experience in surveillance compliment the quality (including IR capabilities). Setup was pretty easy once you have all wires run and connections made. I downloaded the manual from Lorex site to clear up some minor questions I had for customizing the NVR program. I'm extremely happy with my choice and ourchase with Lorex. I have not used Tech Support yet, but anticipate I will once all cameras are up and I try to customize events and recording/snapshot options to be emailed (read great reviews of tech support). Key factors in choosing Lorex was from reviews I read amd the Flir Cloud DDNS app. I'm an IT guy but I hate having to enable port forwarding on home routers, so this app/integration was key considering I can talk my wife through the steps to access. Great system so far and I look forward to adding final 2 cameras to finish off my 8 channel system.

45 out of 439


Location: Atlanta, Ga

I purchased the HDIP86W system, an eight channel NVR with 6 IP bullet cams. I had a couple of hiccups with ordering online and with customer service. The first ordering issue was probably my fault with a billing typo using the online system. I then re-ordered through customer service over the phone. My system arrived very quickly even without expedited shipping! Everythng I expected to receive arrived undamaged.
Now the fun begins... The installation was straightforward. I was able to use several of the included 60' cat5 cables but also had to run several runs over 60' with bulk cat5 cable obtained locally. One item to note with the included cables; the weather proof cable connectors included with the bullet cameras, will not fit over the connectors on the pre-made cat5 cables and cannot be used. The weatherproof connectors work fine on cables that are being terminated (install on wire before crimping RJ45 connectors).
The system has great picture quality and the NVR has lots of available options for customization. (still working on getting the email notifications to push). Overall, I am very satisfied with the HDIP86W system.


46 out of 439


Location: darien il

the nvr receiver and cameras are great. however these are not the ones I ordered. When I called to inquire, I was given a ticket # after 2 hours on the phone waiting. They said I would get a call back. Never happened. 3 weeks later I called again and was on the phone for 3 hours, mostly on hold waiting for a supervisor. They said I would get a callback. 2 weeks later I'm still waiting. The product is great, the sales dept. is very bad.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced and have replied to your inquiry. We hope it is a satisfactory resolution.

47 out of 439


Location: Oceanside, CA

Purchased the Lorex LNB3143 HD security system to upgrade from a lower quality Q-See system i've had for several years. I immediately noticed the improved picture clarity/resolution, and feel it's an exceptional value for the price (Costco). Because I was replacing an existing system, the installation and set-up were fairly effortless, including the FLIR Cloud software used for remote viewing. Luckily, I haven't needed tech support.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised that my NVR didn't emit any fan noise. Prior to purchasing, I had read about it in some of the reviews and was anticipating some noise. Thankfully, nothing yet.

So far, I'm very happy with the system.

48 out of 439


Location: Hershey, PA

Bought this product and love it so far. Only had it running for a few days now, so I didn't really try to work with the recorded video or downloading capabilities yet. The online website seems more intuitive than the software the camera came with.

The only downside so far was the noise of the fan on the NVR. I didn't realize how loud the fan was. Unfortunately, I ran all my wires before I discovered this. Just be careful where you are going to put the NVR due to this noise.
Cameras 5
Fan noise drops rating to a 4 star.

But love the system so far and would repurchase this system again.

49 out of 439


Location: Redmond, WA

Camera was easy to install. Video quality is excellent.

Only issue is that the camera cannot be easily rotated or adjusted in all directions once installed. Not sure why this was poorly designed

50 out of 439


Location: Newburgh, NY

Very please with my system. I am amazed at the quality of the picture and the ease in set up. I had a few issues setting up the remote viewing, but the help I received from tech support was outstanding and the issue was resolved. I can't say enough on how professional and knowledgeable the tech person was in helping me. I would highly recommend this system to anyone that is interested in buying a home security camera system for their home.

51 out of 439


Location: Washington DC

One of the best security system with good clarity and features.

52 out of 439


Location: toronto

I purchased the LNR 300 series a couple of years ago. Very impressed with the easy setup and resolution of the cameras. Just got two more dome cameras last week. I've recommended it to some friends who have been equally as impressed

53 out of 439


Location: Denver

Out of the box everything plugged in and worked and I was viewing video in about an hour on a local monitor. Honestly was expecting a better resolution for 1080P like watching a 1080P Cable/Sat TV experience. See pixilation when looking at a flat surface from the H.264 encoding.

There are a LOT of nice features to enable and set so plan on a full day reading and going through all menus and detail manual. The manuals are thorough so search on key words and try not to read from front to back the 180 pages.

The PC client software not as good. I can’t figure out why the major menu tabs at the top of the page get closed and are permanently lost when selecting them? Could not find any manual for this software. I had to uninstall and reinstall the software twice to recover the tabs which is annoying. Sort of reluctant to use the client PC software which I use the most at the office on the LAN. Video play back feature does not work either on the client software.

Used the iPhone app to remote video viewing seems stable. Setting up the DDNS remote server went surprisingly easy.

It is still confusing when setting parameters in the remote client s/w vs. directly on the NVR box are they all the same, different or which takes priority? Also took many days to figure out how to record motion on more than one camera even though all the settings were the same for all cameras the NVR would only record on one Channel.

54 out of 439


Location: Renton,WA

This system is very nice and easy to use . Really nice hd quality footage. Easy setup . You can do it yourself. User friendly interface and easy cellphone monitoring .

55 out of 439


Location: Twin Cities, Minnesota

I purchased an LNR182C6 package online at Lorex's web site. When I received the shipment, the NVR and four 60 ft. Cat 5e cables were missing. The packing slip stated that they were in the shipment, but they were not. It appeared that the individual putting together the shipment made a mistake.

I submitted a problem ticket to Customer Support. But after not receiving a response or acknowledgement in 2 days, I called Customer Support. The person I talked with told me he could not help me and told me to call Sales, which I did.

It took about 20 minutes to resolve the issue, but the person I dealt with was courteous, helpful and arranged to send the missing items. They arrived 2 days later, and I was ready to install the system.

Installation was straightforward. I installed the 6 cameras on the front entry/driveway of our twin home with no problems. Connecting the 6 cables was easy, and the 60' cables were long enough.

It took a bit of trial and error to determine how to operate the NVR. The shipment included Getting Started instructions but no detailed functional or operational instructions. I had to download a PDF manual from the Lorex web site.

It would be very helpful if Lorex included the manual in each shipment.

My system has been operational now 5 days with no issues.

I downloaded and easily installed the cloud software on my laptop PC. The process was straightforward with no problems encountered. Now I will be able to monitor live and recorded video from all 6 cameras while on vacation.

The installation instructions have detailed information about interfacing with a router. But they don't address installations that don't have a router. My ISP connection is digital fiber optic that doesn't require a router. So all I had to do was connect the Cat 5e cables for both the NVR and my laptop directly to my switch.

56 out of 439


Location: Houston, TX

Voy para dos años con este equipo y se comporta excelente.
Acabo de adquirir otro nuevo equipo con 16 cámaras HD el cual acabo de instalar e igualmente se comporta excelente y de fácil instalación.
El señor Miguel Meneses del departamento de ventas es un excelente asesor

57 out of 439


Location: NC

I am amending my original review to report that Lorex promptly mailed me the missing parts. We've had the system installed for several weeks now, and it appears to be very reliable, even through a brief power outage. The software used for PC and Android access appears to be a little buggy, but we have been working through it with no major issues. The jury is still out on technical support. Hopefully we won't need them. We are VERY pleased with the actual cameras and NVR. They appear to be quality products for the price.

58 out of 439


Location: Fort Worth, TX

This is second Lorex system I have purchased. I purchased again because of the video quality, the features and the overall quality of Lorex products. Video quality is great day and night. I had the unit installed by a pro installer who said he has seen a lot of systems, but the Lorex is super easy to install and the picture clarity and detail far better than others he has installed. I have recommended Lorex to family and friends and so far, everyone is happy.

59 out of 439


Location: Lawrence, MA

From the reviews this would have probably been a great product. But Lorex substituted it for the LNR84W. So I was sent an email to review this product and extend my warranty and that is what I am doing following the link on my email.

That issue was rectified and I am staying with LNR84W because a representative told me that supposedly the LNR84W is a better product and deal.

I gave it three stars based on the fact that:

1. It took 9 days longer than the expected delivery day.
2. Substituted this item for the LNR84W without 1st asking me.
3. Every time I had to communicate with customer service there was at least a 35 minute wait.

Sorry if this review wasn't helpful for this item.

60 out of 439


Location: Lighthouse point

Very straight forward install, but after a year the NVR stopped working hoping they take care of it under warranty.

Thank you for your feedback. Our team was happy to replace your NVR under warranty.

61 out of 439


Location: brooklyn ny

I am the first time user of security camera system the product perform quite good and camera picture is clear,set up is not that hard as some review mention if you spend some time on the menu and research from the web like youtube will help you more understand.
Technical support is more easy at regular day than few time support most are very likely to answer question.Remote viewing from mobile phone set up use Stratus connectivity
first time down load app and follow menu can not connect call support next day told me
some time wi fi may cause trouble and ask me uninstall the app than reinstall app this time is connect.view from phone most time working but once while may be trouble or some time wait a while to see all the camera from the phone general this is a good product only one thing the nor is a little noise should try to make it more quiet.

62 out of 439


Location: Illinois

The product performs very well and the camera quality is as good as it gets. Setup is a joke. Nothing that 5-6 hours on the phone with tech support won't fix. Unless you're a network engineer, I wouldn't purchase this product. It's too unstable, and nearly impossible to setup without spending a full day on the phone. It's sad that tech support will tell you up front it doesn't work properly, and that the software is "buggy."

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear about the difficulty you experienced setting up your system. If you ever need further technical support, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-877-755-6739.

63 out of 439


Location: Florida

This is an incredibly easy system to install (as long as you can run cables that is). Set up is easy and the 1080 resolution is great!

64 out of 439


Location: Syracuse, NY

After doing some research, watching YouTube and reading some reviews, I decided upon the Lorex system. The POE cable system installed easily but it did take some learning and several calls to Lorex to begin to understand it's operation. I still have a lot to learn but Lorex customer service was very helpful and I am certain will continue to be. The product works very well and the 1080p is the way to go for detail.

65 out of 439


Location: Tampa FL

I first saw the Lorex system at my son's daycare. The resolution of the cameras were awesome and knowing the reputation of my son's daycare, I was very comfortable buying Lorex. Setting up the cameras was incredibly simple and the resolution and clarity is 5+ stars. The mobile app for remote viewing was also a breeze to set up on my iphone. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and family.

66 out of 439


Location: Ohio

Best cameras ever, picture quality is unbelievable one heck of a system. Adding two more cameras this week for a total of 8 .Downloaded manual online 175 pages long, covers from A to Z could not ask fo better instructions. Bottom line this is the best. Thank you LOREX.

67 out of 439


Location: Illinois

I have used five different brands to date, Lorex is the top performer and now my go to brand.

68 out of 439


Location: Orange county

I have a lorex LNR 200 for 2 years last month my uverse upgrade my router but I can't forward the new router , call lorex support and they work me through the process.
Thanks Lorex

69 out of 439


Location: Gurnee

I received the camera system and had no problem installing the system. The cameras seem very well build and have great picture quality . The system is easy to navigate once you figure out its capabilities. A detailed instruction manual would help to learn all the features that are available .The fan in the NVR is a little noisy but I understand the need for cooling the equipment. I'm planning on ordering two more cameras to add too the system.Over all i am really happy i purchased this product and would recommend it to others looking for video surveillance .

70 out of 439


Location: Canyon Country, CA

I recently purchased the LNR400 security camera system with 4 IP Cameras. The price point for this system was the lowest price of any comparable systems, especially with features and capabilities. The system was really easy to connect the IP cameras with their templates to help drill mounting screws and or holes through walls. The system started up and all the cameras displayed their wonderful picture quality. I did have a problem with getting the e-mail notifications to work but a few days later technical support was able to help solve the problem. The system has a huge set of options to setup and I feel the user manual runs a bit short on explaining each option in detail. The FLIR Cloud app that runs on the iPhone was easy to setup and works perfectly to view your systems cameras output remotely.
A Great System.

71 out of 439


Location: Rock Hill, SC

I received the system 1 week ago. It was packaged very well. High quality components with great instructions and support videos. Setup is very easy with great remote connectivity. Anyone who has dealt with IP cameras in the past will love the Stratus cloud. Port forwarding is more complicated if you have a high end router. I have only two minor complaints. The sun shield is very poorly attached and I foresee strong wind blowing it off. Also even though the cameras are POE they still have a power cord you have to hide and the Cat5 attachment is very big. Because the mounting plate is very small be prepare to drill a big hole to conceal the wires. It is never fun to drill a inch wide hole through the brick on your home. Great product so far!

72 out of 439


Location: Dayton Ohio

Great price. Easy to install. My wife and I did had it completed in under 4 hours. That included running all the cables through the attic and the walls. Nice to see the house when we were 200 miles away on our smart phones.

73 out of 439


Location: New Jersey

I purchased the LNR380 with six HD cameras. The set up literally took 30 minutes. Had a minor issued getting the app to work on my I-phone 5s. The technical support team was able to fix this within minutes.

The day image quality is great and the night image is excellent. Great piece of mind. Highly recommend this NVR HD set up.

74 out of 439


Location: Wichita, Kansas

Fantastic system, worth every penny paid. Straight out of the box, everything was fine and worked as anticipated. More or less, simple Plug n Play. With my exception of running wires in the attic on a hot Summers day? Very easy and comfortable install. Camera visual quality above expectations, Day and Night.
If you're even considering a Surveillance System? And want simplicity, quality and bang per buck? Look no further. Spent 2 months searching and researching all brands, types and capabilities of systems. This system being my final choice. Based on Price, Capability and reviews. Final Verdict? No Remorse, No Regrets and Highly, Highly Recommend.

75 out of 439


Location: Madison, MS

System has worked perfectly for 18 months and then died abruptly. Hopefully this review will extend the warranty and get it fixed.

76 out of 439


Location: Florida

We love our netHD NVR cameras. They were very easy to set up and install. The pictures are very clear and the motions seem smooth. Tech help has been very supportive and helpful. We think that these are the best cameras on the market and we would recommend them to friends.

77 out of 439


Location: Oakvillle, Ontario

The LNR400 series with the 8 IP cameras (4 Dome LND3152 and 4 bullet LNB3143) that went with the package is amazing. They are indeed easy to install, plug and play; and the system is easy to configure. The Lorex website, with its depth and wealth of information, is a must to access in order to have a flawless installation and proper configuration with the Flir cloud. The coloured pictures are clear day and night, whilst the night vision is as a well great technological enhancement for the system. The cameras are well-built, sturdy and indeed weatherproof suited for Canadian conditions. I rate this product five star.

78 out of 439


Location: Southeast

Set up went extremely well. Once camera's were installed and connected to NVR, set up menu walked me through the entire process. Couldn't have been easier. Night camera view is awesome. Setting up mobile apps went very well also. Never needed technical assistance setting up mobile and PC viewers. HD picture is exactly as expected. Would like to have audio option. Recommended.

79 out of 439


Location: NEW MEXICO

Cameras are decent image quality so long as what your viewing is pretty close. The apps for remote viewing and playback are BRUTALLY slow, to the point of basically unusable. Remote playback from your computer (on the same network) is also painfully slow. It's about 5-9 seconds of wait time for every 1 second of playback time.

If your watching from a tv connected to the dvr then it's fine, otherwise again basically unusable.

Connection and setup is relatively simple though.

80 out of 439


Location: USA

This is my third NVR. The first had a bad network card, the second just dies so hopefully the third will be the charm.
When it works, it's great.
The remote viewing is always a hassle to get up and running.
Tech support remains very challenging. It has gotten better but to have to wait over 40 minutes every time you call in is ridiculous.

81 out of 439


Location: St. Louis, MO

I bought the LNR380 camera system with 6 HD IP cameras from the website about a month ago and received the product on time and in good condition.

The setup and install was pretty easy for me and the video is of great quality in day/night conditions. I setup the free Lorex DDNS pretty easy. Someone without port forwarding experience on their specific router could need assistance, but this would be true on any product.

The remote viewing via the stratus app on my iPhone 5 is great too.

The only issue I've had was getting the sensitivity the best I could on the motion detection right. During night conditions any insects/bugs flying in the designated sections close to the camera would send me emails.

I'm extremely happy with the system overall and would recommend this product.

82 out of 439


Location: Southern California

Got the 4 camera & NVR bundle from Costco. This product is so much "fun" - I've been randomly watching the Live View just for kicks. We did have a problem with one of the 4 cameras and Lorex' Tech Support & Customer Service have bent over backwards to replace it for us (and I had NO issues with wait time). The manual detailing how to set up of the system does not seem to reflect what I am actually seeing on my computer screen - so have had a little bit of trouble figuring out the interface. But managed to change camera names, set up favorite grid, etc. Since it's an 8 camera system, I have yet to figure out how to have the interface "ignore" the four "missing" cameras. Access thru ipad and iphone is great. Don't have the cameras hooked up to an HD monitor (imac) so images probably not as crystal clear as they would be otherwise?? Or am I missing something? Family member in India was able to see me come home from work yesterday! Weird but cool...

83 out of 439


Location: Georgia

This is a great product. Easy to install and easy to operate. Installed two system at my both dry cleaners.
Playback video is off the chart. Pure 1080p.

84 out of 439


Location: Hydro, OK

Happy with cameras easy set up.

85 out of 439


Location: Manassas, VA

Great picture and easy setup! Easiest wifi setup for phone access! Highly recommend! Only recommendation is to not have your home siding in camera picture because it will effect your night vision. Would definitely refer to a friend!

86 out of 439


Location: Vista Ca

Great picture and so much easier to use than my last system. I am very impressed and this system saved me thousands

87 out of 439


Location: Hamilton, NJ

Installed the "Security NVR system with High Definition IP cameras" model LNR382C4F (NVR model LNR380 with 6 Bullet Cams model LNB2153B) on 2/13/15. Minus an initial shipping snafu, an "in stock" item that took 3 weeks to receive, this HD cam system is amazing!

The cameras are crystal clear and akin to watching HD TV. Motion detection, email alerts and recording work nicely. Night vision shows crisp black and white images and has an incredible range. The iPhone app works great, too.

Tried to connect my old Axis 2MP IP Cameras but the Lorex NVR is only compatible with Lorex Cameras. Not a deal breaker for me, though, as I just ordered 2 more Lorex bullet cams.

88 out of 439


Location: Wichita, ks

We got a variant of this product last year and have now had a year to experience it. We specifically have the LNR 380 with 6 bullets and 2 domes.
The daytime picture quality is always good, however night time viewing does suffer. It looks MUCH more like 480p on some cameras at night. The recording data rate was less than expected as well, only allowing for full 1080p recording at 30FPS at a high bitrate for about 5 cameras. Though, as long as you are okay with not recording at max quality on all the cameras all the time, then this is okay. Also I may have had a defective unit, but the HDMI signal does not support splitting it in typical was as other HDMI devices do, and the signal that does come from the unit is not a very strong signal. Still it will work perfectly for 95%+ of people's setups.

Good customer service. Kristen is great!

89 out of 439


Location: Wichita, ks

We got a variant of this product last year and have now had a year to experience it. We specifically have the LNR 380 with 6 bullets and 2 domes.
The daytime picture quality is always good, however night time viewing does suffer. It looks MUCH more like 480p on some cameras at night. The recording data rate was less than expected as well, only allowing for full 1080p recording at 30FPS at a high bitrate for about 5 cameras. Though, as long as you are okay with not recording at max quality on all the cameras all the time, then this is okay. Also I may have had a defective unit, but the HDMI signal does not support splitting it in typical was as other HDMI devices do, and the signal that does come from the unit is not a very strong signal. Still it will work perfectly for 95%+ of people's setups.

90 out of 439


Location: Saratoga Springs NY

Beautiful 1080p resolution and very good night version. So far has worked well. I am thinking to buy more cameras

91 out of 439


Location: Bonita Springs, FL

I just received the LNR182C6 with 2 extra cameras for a total of eight cameras.

The cameras appear to be very well built. The biggest plus really was as expected that there is only one Ethernet cable going to the camera which carries the power (POE).

Installation was a breeze; Once the cables were placed , I got the system up and running in 2 hours, and that included the remote viewing capability via my I-Phone 5s.
The video quality is great , what you would expect from a 1080p system. When going to night vision the field of view was well lit up to around 30 ft. Some contours could still be recognized up to 80 ft distance.

Overall a great surveillance system ; Would recommend it to a friend

92 out of 439


Location: Melbourne, FL

Bought the LNR182C6 and just got everything installed this weekend.

Setup / Install - I was very impressed with how quickly the setup and configuration went. Since I have an extensive IT background, the NVR configuration wasn't too bad but for the Novice, there should be better documentation on the DDNS and other network settings. Also, there are VERY LITTLE camera configuration instructions, specifically, how to get better quality images from the camera.

Quality - I loved the daytime quality of the cameras. The night time quality is good but when you go to full screen, the image gets a little distorted. I had my wife stand outside at night so I could see her face in the camera. When I went through the playback, I zoomed in to see her face and it was totally distorted

Also love the ability to view my cameras through our smartphones and tablets. My only dislike about the smartphone and tablet app is that you can't save your view settings. If you open the app, you have to manually drag each camera you want to see onto the screen from the list on the left. If you close the app, you have to do this all over again. Not a huge issue but certainly time consuming.

93 out of 439


Location: Discovery Bay, CA

The cameras are very clear and the system is easy to set up. Heaven help you if you have a need for tech support which is absolutely horrible. I would not recommend purchasing a Lorex product just because of that. Extremely long phone wait times which is totally unacceptable. Once a technician comes on they are very hard to understand, probably from India. Sorry if that sounds inappropriate but if a company chooses to have their tech support in a foreign country other than where their main client base is located they need to select technicians who are not hard to understand. I figured I would try creating a ticket several times but it takes days for them to respond with a 1 line response and they close the ticket immediately so if your question was not answered you start the process all over. I even supplied my phone number and some frustration and they didn't call me and again provided a very short and inadequate response. Apparently Lorex does not read the negative posts because there is a common theme; Tech support is very bad. Those providing high ratings likely didn't have a need for tech support. I spent over $1,500 and deserve more!

94 out of 439


Location: Georgia

I have had the LNR380 camera system for almost a month. The system works great and the clarity of the video is amazingly clear. System was very easy to install. Setting up the system to monitor over my android phone was very simple and quick. I like the ability to go into the menu and adjust the variety of settings. Each camera can have it's own settings. I had a Nuvico system before I bought the Lorex system and the Nuvico system is no comparison to the Lorex. The Lorex system is a great video surveillance system.

95 out of 439


Location: Southern California

This is the better of the 3 Lorex systems I currently have. 1080p resolution is good, and I'm seeing about 35' of night vision reach outdoors. Wide angle is pretty good, but I *really* wish they would come out with a long lens bullet camera (8 or 12mm), and if i had my way, a full 90 degree wide angle would cover more property with fewer cameras. Camera casings and mountings are pretty durable and feel solid. DVR unit has the noise level of a typical PC but it's not obtrusive (the more silent PC fans that are becoming more commonly used would be on my wish list.) So far has worked well.

96 out of 439


Location: St. Louis

I've had the LNR380 now for about a week. The set up for the PC client was straight forward as was requesting the DDNS. I was already familiar with the port forwarding on my router so that was not really an issue either. The stratus mobile app on my iphone 5 works pretty well - occasionally the live view frame will not appear, but this is more an exception than the norm.

I am very please with the ability to send email/text messages to my phone when motion is detected on my driveway. We live on a 10 acre property in the country and my drive way is about 1/8th mile long - we never know when someone enters the property because my wife and I spend most our time behind the house and we can not hear the vehicles from there. Setting up the motion detection area on the screen was very simple as was configuring the app to send the emails and text messages.

The client software on the PC is a little bit clunky and not as well done as the software on the actual NVR. I tried to set up some of the configuration on the PC client, but eventually started doing it all on the NVR as it was much more reliable. One thing specifically, the motion area done from the client did not match up when I looked at the image on the NVR. I had to redo the motion area on the NVR - not a big deal, but worth noting if you are going to rely on the motion detection to turn recording on and off.

The picture quality is very good from the cameras. I was a little disappointed that the coupler on the camera cable was so big - requires you to drill a pretty big hole to get the coupler through it. Mounting of the cameras is pretty easy - just follow the template for the drill holes - I chose to mount the cameras on the side of my house right under the eaves to give them some protection from the weather - threaded the cable through the slot on the side of the mounting bracket - you have some cable showing this way, but much easier to mount than feeding the cable through the center of the mounting bracket.

Night vision very good when you have even just a little light, but when there is no light at all, the distance for viewing drops substantially. The cameras lights help, but a pretty dramatic drop in range - again this is in total darkness.

overall I am very happy with my purchase - thinking about buying 2 more cameras to bring the NVR up to the full 8.

97 out of 439


Location: Dickson City, Pa

Ordered from the website. Delivery was right on time. Really like the way the system was packaged. I was concerned about it arriving damaged. Connecting the 1080p cameras was really easy. The quality of the pictures and the functionality of the NVR is awesome. I had some help installing the system by a professional installer and he was impressed with the whole system as well. Still learning all the options available on the system but so far I'm glad I went with Lorex. This is my first security system. I am a little disappointed though. The CD that came with my system did not have software on it to download. I had to download it from the website. Right now I'm having router issues and trying to connect to the software on my PC. I called customer service 2x. Both waiting periods were over 30 mins. I get very impatient and did not wait. I sent an e-ticket with my issue. No response. So I Can't use the system on my PC and I can't connect on my smartphone or tablet until that is resolved. The manual is long and I haven't had the chance to review it all or try all the features because I'm still trying to resolve the router issue on my own. This review may not help and isn't as informative as some that I have read but it is what it is and what I'm experiencing.

98 out of 439


Location: Medina, NY

This system is awesome! You can't go wrong with the 1080p. Night time and Daytime video is very clear. We have been very pleased with the Lorex customer service when needed. Viewing video on mobile devices is a plus and clarity is fantastic.

99 out of 439


Location: Stroudsburg, PA

The cameras are great! You can't go wrong with 1080p. Daytime picture and night vision are exceptional. Night vision I get at least 100ft visibility. The NVR is pretty cool too, you can control everything from the unit if you have too or from a PC/Mac. Being able to access my cameras from my android phone is great as well. However, I do not like how you can change setting three different ways, meaning you can make changes using the NVR or your PC/Mac or the web browser. This can make things pretty confusing sometimes when trying to set things up or make simple changes. Sometimes settings don't always stick. The overall experience of setting this system up the way you want can be pretty frustrating at times but, overall this system is great! Totally worth the money once you have everything setup properly. Love it!

100 out of 439


Location: Carefree, AZ

We are very pleased with our 8-camera system! We had our system professionally installed by Dave Helser at Amped Sound and Cinema and we could not be happier with the professionalism of him and his people nor could we be happier with the performance of the video camera system. The picture quality is VERY, VERY, VERY good. The resolution of the 1080p cameras is SUPERB. The fact that we can access our system 24/7 from anywhere in the world from any of our smartphones doesn't hurt either. We are very happy with the LOREX camera system installed in our home.

101 out of 439


Location: Waldorf MD

The one and only company I can trust with my camera system, this is the second set I get. the 1st one was for my friend store in fort Washington md which I did configured last year, and I fall in love with it. now for my own store I had no choice but Lorex due to the quality and a camera system you can trust. the setup is supper easy all you need is to understand what you are doing. getting into details of configuration is what people hate based on reviews I read. give them a call when you don't understand they will help you and guide you. also don't confuse the sales number for tech support phone number.

the NVR system is great when you want to run short wires because you can cut the Cat5e cable. (before you do make sure you have the tools to replace the connectors) also the image quality is better on the NVR, im not sure if its the cable or the system, because I compared the video I extracted side by side with other store.

what matters the most you will know you got the best system after you go home and view it live.

102 out of 439


Location: Philadelphia, PA

After reading in about all the different camera Lorex had, I decided to purchase Security NVR system with High Definition IP cameras The best decision i ever made. My order was received with in 6 days, the Installation was very easy and once i connected everything it was like magic i was already looking at my house through my camera system. The quality and view is great. I really don't have any complaint about anything. Thanks to all the staff from Lorex for answering all the different question i had.

103 out of 439


Location: Woodlawn

this is a very high quality video recording security surveillance system with easy hook up no configuration whatsoever greatest systemI would buy another one if I could just because they were just that good

104 out of 439


Location: Gilbert, AZ.

Just completed the last camera install of the 6 today and really like the clear images this unit supplies. I haven't gone through the manual fully yet, but some things I think could use improvement on this are: The user should be able to configure the live view based on the number of cameras. Example, I have 6 cameras, the display is either 1, 4(2X2), or 8(3X3). With 3X3 there are 3 blanks that waist screen space. If the user could configure a 2X3, all 6 images would be bigger. Second, I could be wrong, but there is limited bandwidth for having all 6 cameras having the highest quality. If I set all to the highest image quality, the system runs out of bandwidth and I have to chose which one(s) have to have reduced quality. What's the reason? Third, my old Lorex system had a search feature that was pretty nice called piano search. It started a day at midnight and went every 3 hours across the screen. As you searched, the search time was added to the base time. It was real easy to block an event if you don't use motion detect, witch I don't. For around the house, motion is too common and it might as well be continuous anyway. Also, I had to disable passwords so I could get into searching easier, you shouldn't need a password if you are using the mouse or remote to search, only if using over the network, but... Lastly, the digital frames for movement of faster moving objects takes some getting use to. With a fully analog system, fast or slow moving things were smooth and more TV like. With the digital imaging process, it's not a smooth moving image. Over all, these reasons are why I went with 4 stars, otherwise it would be 5 all the way. The picture quality and ease of setup is great and it won't be disappointing when it's setup and running. Very nice unit...

105 out of 439


Location: Southampton

These cameras are great and very easy to hook up. Im so glad I bought the lorex system and not some china brand company. I had some issues with viewing it on my computer so I called lorex and they walked me through it. Very knowledgable got it fixed pertty fast. Although it is a long wait time to get a hold of a tech. I would definitely buy from them again.

106 out of 439


Location: Riverside, CA

Where can I start. The cameras are sharp, but the software is like using an unfinished tool. Tech support is beyond dismal. I tried phone support: waited 40 to talk to some one from India who was not helpful, hard to understand and rude. So the next problem I tried email support, even worse. It took them 30 hours to reply only to say that there must be a configuration error that was causing the problem and to call tech support. No clues as to what configuration to check. The Lorex netHD Stratus Client frequently crashes and lock up the computer so that I have to power down and restart it. Task Manager has no effect. The mobile apps connect briefly but often disconnect after a few seconds or when you even rotate your phone from portrait to landscape. The web viewer will only show all the cameras when you log in as administrator, if you log in as user you cannot see cameras that are connected to the supplied POE switch.

It is a travesty that a product that is marketed as a business solution and cost well over a thousand dollars, has such shoddy software and even worse customer "service".


107 out of 439


Location: Queens, NYC

Overall: Great system for the money! 5 Stars!
Superb video quality in both day and night. Extremely easy to set up, included setup wizards do all the work for you (to configure router/modem) so you can view cameras via Internet or Mobile device.

Very easy to install.

Easily upgrade HD capacity, and they include SATA cable and mounting accessories for 2nd HD.

Very easy to administer the system directly from NVR or via PC client software or via internet. In fact the PC client and Internet versions are easier than the NVR interface.
Lorex Customer support is EXCELLENT! I had an issue with my NVR and they worked with me to try to solve it? when they couldn't gave me a no hassle RMA for a replacement NVR. The one thing I didn't like was having no NVR for a week as they need to receive an NVR before they ship a new one?

NVR Fan noise is very loud. I thought I wouldn't mind it in my office... but its slightly annoying.


108 out of 439


Location: Cromwell ct

Playback is very clear, sometimes skips forward, fan is a little noisy but tolerable.
Low price for this unit at costco, I would buy another....

109 out of 439


Location: Tipton CA.

Excellent system with awesome 1080p clarity.
Easy setup and nice mobile app to access the nvr remotely through ddns from my android phone.
Everything is working as I expected.

110 out of 439


Location: NJ

Great system! Very easy to set up and use. The qulaity of the cameras is great. This is a much better option then hiring a company to install them

111 out of 439


Location: Tulsa, OK

Very happy with my system, I have used several IP cameras and recording systems and this one is a great value. I was particularly impressed with how good it works in the night, the IR lights up the area and takes great B&W footage at night. Simple to install and setup. Windows client has some problems on Windows 8.1 so I primarily use the web browser and console monitor.

112 out of 439


Location: Florida, USA

The online ordering process was very smooth. I discussed the order with a sales rep over the phone and he cleared up a few questions I had. The equipment arrived on time and was very well packaged to protect the equipment. The startup procedure was very clear and a test of the camera an display showed a very clear display. The software appears to be very well designed and have all the controls and options to control the cameras. Have not tried the smartphone connection yet, but other users have written good reports on getting connected. I'm impressed with the quality of the cameras and will have all cameras mounted and connected around the periphery of my home after the cable installations are complete.

113 out of 439


Location: Wyoming

I purchased this product from based upon the technology provided, design, and competitive pricing. This product is extremely difficult to get working due to poor documentation (none included with the product, and very difficult to find on the web). I finally got the product working by forcing my browser to emulate a version of IE that hasn't been released for 6 years(!?!) While needing to put the browser into a compatibility mode is not that uncommon, it is still very frustrating for a brand new product. I am still in need of substantial technical support, however, as none of the iOS applications that I have tried on Apple's website support these new cameras. I have opened a ticket twice with Lorex to get help with this issue, and both times the support department has closed my ticket without contacting me, nor asking my permission to close it. This is unacceptable behavior for a support department, and should disqualify this company from ever being your next vendor.

114 out of 439


Location: Ohio

So glad I went with this system after many hours of comparison shopping. The picture from the cameras is very sharp and once the wires were run it was a very easy install. I would highly recommed this system if you are looking for a high quality system that does not require monthly maitnance fees. Only draw back thus far is the fan on the recoding system is a bit noisy. But not loud enough to drown anything out.

115 out of 439


Location: Indiana

Great product. Easy set up and operation. Would purchase again. Easy installation. Top notch service and support.

116 out of 439


Location: Midwest, USA

I've dealt with other camera systems in the past. Some features that I liked on the other systems is the ability playback the recording in reverse. This is not available on this system. The playback from remote is very slow as well. All in all the system is very nice with a lot of features found on more expensive solutions. I motion sensitivity for picking up items in the field of view are also not real good, this needs to be improved, sometimes it didnt pick up 10-15 minutes of motion that occurred. Also the time stamp is off, it shows an hour behind the real time. I called tech support to see why this was, they said it would be fixed in an upcoming fmware upgrade, they havent fixed it yet. Camera quality and everything else is top notch, I would recommend buying, above are just a few of the gliches I've come up with so fare.

117 out of 439


Location: Hawaii

I bought the LNR300. This is my first attempt ever in installing and configuring a home security camera system. I found that it was very easy to put together right out of the box. I connected everything indoors prior to installing to test each component. Configuring the NVR is pretty simple though not as intuitive. I setup the Lorex DDNS in about one hour. It wasn't very difficult for me but I'm an IT guy by trade. I would say that having a step by step setup foldout would be a welcomed improvement. Installing the camera's was a breeze. I went with this model for the ease of installation with the power over ethernet cables. As of 5 days after installation, I am very impressed with the product and build quality. The product does as it says.

118 out of 439


Location: Miami

the first NVR that we received was defective. I received a replacement one wk later. I had excellent support from Tracy.

119 out of 439


Location: Ohio

The picture quality is awesome, zooming in on a license plate at 30-50ft no problem. It does take time to set up and get the email notification set right. Night video is good also, not going to read a license plate at night due to the blur from the lights on the vehicle, but its clear enough for face recognition to certain degree. Bugs love the infrared leds at night, so you have to keep them clear of spider webs. The only downside is streaming on smart phone " I have galaxy s3. The app crashes constantly on my phone. The gf just got s5 and no problems on that or our galaxy note tablet. I am very pleased with the quality of the system and components.

120 out of 439


Location: Iowa

Great product, easy install, will mount perfectly to single gang electrical box with metal cover which give you a nice waterproof place for your connections. You need to download the manual to take full advantage of the system. Once configured it will log events and make them easy to find and review. Setting up the Ddns did take a call to the company, it is complicated if you don't have a networking background.

121 out of 439


Location: South Texas

Well, so far so good. Camera installation was easy and the unit was up in short order. Fine tuning was a little more challenging. Motion detection was too sensitive on default settings as the sun caused false detections and I had to defer that setup until I have more time. The advanced setting were a little more difficult but easily done with the downloaded manual. The apps are the best part of this little device. They are working very well. This is great as my internet provider uses some of the same ports the NVR does and getting the DDNS set up was not possible since they would only open needed ports all of the time if I upgraded to a static IP address. They will open a port if I need to adjust the NVR remotely for a short time, but this is where the app could be a little better by letting you adjust all of the NVR features. All in all, the system is doing what I wanted it to...

122 out of 439


Location: Hickory, North Carolina

The Lorex HD camera system is great. I needed to be able to monitor my property with clear and reliable cameras and Lorex has been my go to product for security cameras. This is the third time I've bought a Lorex system and I must say the systems keeping getting better and better as they have now added high definition cameras to what they offer. Thanks for producing such an excellent security camera system ! ! !

123 out of 439


Location: San Francisco, CA

Installed the camera system six months ago and it has performed well thus far. The quality of the pictures are sharp and clear. Remote viewing has not been set up therefore cannot comment on the procedure.

124 out of 439


Location: Wichita, KS

I purchased a model number LOLNR241C4B camera system from B&H Photo. I was very impressed with the picture quality and how easy the setup was. The automatic router port forwarding software saved a lot of time! The mobile app was very handy as well. Unfortunately, after about a week of use, the NVR quit working. After a call to Lorex customer support, the old NVR was warrantied out and a new LNR182C6 was shipped to me. The whole process was very quick and easy. So far, the new NVR is working great. The only negative comment that I have is that the fan noise on the NVR is very loud!

125 out of 439


Location: North Central Texas

So far overall five stars. I have owned less than one week and the main purpose of ownership is wildlife and weather observation. I own one other brand mega pixel camera and the camera quality is on par with that camera. The night vision range is dependent on your angle of view and meets the specifications described when the camera is placed and pointed correctly.
- Fast Delivery
- Easy Set up, essentially plug and play (except dragging lines thru attic)
- Customer service appears to be excellent
- Works well with IP Camera Pro for Tablets
- Excellent Safari web plug-in
- Flexible viewing and control options: Direct from NVR to Monitor (HDMI or RGB(15 pin), NVR to Router via web browser, IP Camera Pro (cost), or Lorex Software (see cons)
- Two year warranty (when you write a review).
- In review of the competition, appeared to be the most cost effective solution.
- Lorex standalone software appears to be a bit unstable under MAC OS 10.9.2, certain actions cause unexpected stops; however, web software works very well
- Sun visors appear flimsy, but may be okay. 50-60 mile winds and time will tell.
- Would prefer a mouse and keyboard setup with the NVR versus just the mouse. Using the mouse to enter passwords and numbers is a bit cumbersome.
- Cameras do have a bit of fisheye when viewing the horizon. Not really unexpected and also not unexpected the angle of the night vision view decreases as you try to capture more sky.

126 out of 439


Location: Dartmouth, ma

This unit was ordered and processed in short time. This model has POE which makes it a simple installation. Registering it was also easy. If there were any enhancements it would be to make the pig tail a bit longer so that you can get it into the house with thicker walls.

127 out of 439


Location: Colorado

It seems to work correctly when viewing directly on the connected monitor. I caution anybody who wants to use the remote connectivity though. If your not a NASA scientist, you won't be able to configure it. Day 3 and still unable to connect. There is a router "port forwarding" procedure that their "Easy Connect Wizard" for some reason, can not do. Plan on using technical support.

128 out of 439


Location: Maple Valley, WA

I own a technology integration consulting business and have installed multiple camera systems. These systems work very well with outstanding picture, easy PoE cabling solutions and HDMI output capable of extending to multiple monitors within homes.

129 out of 439


Location: Texas

Ordered directly from Lorex. Arrived quickly and I did an initial test with one camera connected. The setup app worked beautifully and I was up and online within 20 minutes. I waited a few days before installing the cameras outside trying to figure out the best locations and also the best spot to locate the NVR. Once that was settled in my mind, the total installation took about 2 hours since mounting the cameras proved tricky from the top of a 6 foot ladder. Now it's all working and I can view AND control from my laptop or iPad. The email alert system proved tricky to set up since I use Hotmail. That may be a problem since it worked first time after setting up a gmail account.
Very happy with this product.

130 out of 439


Location: Paris, TX

My first experience with a security camera system I've only set up 2 cameras of an 8 camera system due to construction schedule but set up was a breeze and android app works pretty good only a couple of crashes but hasn't been a big issue. I haven't tackled setting up alerts yet but I think it should be doable but I suspect will be the biggest challenge of the setup. Not being experienced with security cameras my expectations of imagine quality may have been unrealistic but I have been disappointed with the imagine quality. I understand I'm not going to be making a movieI only want the police to be able to identify a theif if needed.

131 out of 439


Location: Miami

It have an audio input for nothing, I bought it, because I read the specifications, along with a mic and after wait two weeks to receive it and complete the installation called to technical support looking for help because the recorded videos had not audio and they just said this function is not supported at this moment but in the future will be available with a software update, they offered me a refund for $22 (the mic cost), great solution!

132 out of 439


Location: Tampa, FL

Great product. camera quality is the best. Set up was good. Took me a minute to figure out how to get it on my phone via 4G. Had I of read the directions it would've been much easier.

133 out of 439


Location: Texas

Very robust and professional system. Plug and play set up for sure, I found it very easy to understand. The DVR itself is quite loud (fan noise I guess). I am going to place it out of site anyway so not an issue for me.

I had one piece of bad luck. 1 of my 6 cameras arrived with moisture INSIDE the sealed camera. I have filed a warranty claim to get it replaced, so far that process has been smooth. I will update if that turns ugly.

I would buy this system again.

134 out of 439


Location: Sacramento, ca

The system is great, clear picture day or night

135 out of 439


Location: Louisiana

I purchased the LNR182C6 (8 port NVR with 6 HD IP Cameras) system. After mounting the cameras and running the CAT 5 cabling, this system is pretty simple to setup. As for the 1080p video quality, it's decent, even at night. That being said, the digital zoom option for each camera is poor in my opinion. The objects being viewed (zoomed in) in that mode appear blotchy and unrecognizable. The cameras did not come with a sealing gasket for mounting which could lead to moisture issues. The NVR is pretty easy to configure, though I found a few bugs during testing and setup. I am hoping for a firmware update to be released and keeping my fingers crossed that it will fix a few issues. I would have given this system 5 stars, but because of the poor digital zoom quality (guys this needs work) and a "buggy" NVR I am giving it 4 stars, which is not that bad.

136 out of 439


Location: St.Joe, MO

I purchased the NVR at Costco for a great price. Very satisfied with the performance and functionality of the system. I would highly recommend purchasing this product

137 out of 439


Location: Whittier, California

My Lorex NVR works great and the cameras are as good as Blu-ray to be honest it's the best I've seen for security cameras and the installation using windows 7 was a breeze. I have 3 of the HD 1080p cameras and I will be adding on with a fourth. This has been a real wonderful way of providing my family with the security they deserve. The customer service was great when I needed a few questions asked but the installation of the windows client went smoothly using the software live view.

138 out of 439


Location: Southern MS USA

Finally got around to ordering another POE camera to trick out my monitoring system to 4 cameras. These POE cameras are really easy to install. I just wish they had PTZ (pan tilt zoom) cameras that were POE.
Thanks Lorex!

139 out of 439


Location: Hesperia, CA

The system is a great improvement over an old system I replaced it with, Excellent quality.

140 out of 439


Location: N.Idaho

So far so good, a few issues from start but all worked out ok.
For the money I'm getting very good quality and all together it's what I was expecting. My only complaint would be the wait time for tech support. So many plus's for having this at my business.

141 out of 439


Location: yukon, ok

The hardware is super good, the software is far too complicated. Installing and using the PC connection stuff needs to be improved a ton.!!!

142 out of 439


Location: North carolina

Just started using product, camera clarity is great with digital zoom you can identify objects at a distance. A little tricky on setup with directions, but I managed. So far all in all very satisfied and would recommend over other systems I have seen.

143 out of 439


Location: Houston TX

I had been looking at video security systems for my home for about a year. I spent the time educating myself on the different features offered by various manufacturers. I had narrowed my selection to the Lorex LNR 280, eight camera, 1080p POE, system but the price was too high for my budget. I eventually bought the LNR280 from Best Buy at a deep discount (Open Box) item. It came with 4 bullet cameras and I bought 4 more Lorex 1080p bullet cameras (at a deep discount) from an online wholesaler. I installed the system myself, crawling around in the attic wasn't much fun but I'm thrilled with the results. I added an additional 2TB disk drive which was a snap, to give me 4TB of recording space. I did have issues trying to get the web access to work. I have 2 routers which complicates the matter. I tried everything to get it to work, no joy, so I call tech support. After being on hold for an hour, I finally got connected to a real sharp techie that took control of PC, logged into my routers and got it configured perfectly. I can now access my cameras from anywhere. I give this system 5 Stars+, the cameras are plug-n-play, the menu system is intuitive and easy to use, the camera clarity is good, and the system setup is extremely flexible. I was concerned that other reviews mentioned excessive fan noise but I just don't see it, I don't even hear the fan. Highly recommend !!

144 out of 439


Location: lockport, NY

This LNR system with HD bullet cameras is a very nice security system. It has crystal clear video and is very easy to set up. The only issue is the very loud power switch box in the NVR. It is at least 3 times as loud as my computer. I was forced to locate the NVR in a stereo cabinet with the door closed next to my desk. I originally placed it on my desk. If Lorex can come up with a new power source, the system would get 5 stars.

145 out of 439


Location: 83-10 astoria blvd, east elmhurst, ny 11370

great system

146 out of 439


Location: sarasota, fl

Installation of the cameras was easy with the one cable Cat6 system. After setting up the NVR the picture quality is REALLY good. I am very pleased with the system. There should be more info provided regarding the location of the cameras. My electrician installed the cameras under the sloping roof soffits too close to the facia board and caused issues with the night viewing. The cameras had to be remounted. I also had an issue with the port forwarding set up . I am usually pretty good at setting up software systems but had an issue with my fiber optic router and passwords. It is still not working, I called customer support 2 time so far and had to wait about 45 minuets each time without resolve. I'm sure once I get the remote system working I will be pleased. I can tell the system is really good and Having Lorex provide a free web connect for secure viewing over the internet is a plus. I would recommend this system to everyone.

147 out of 439


Location: california

Everything arrived in good shape and somewhat timely. The system was easy to setup and all cameras came online as expected without any problems. Some parts of the instructions seemed to be a bit outdated (or changed) but I managed to get by. The video is very clear, night vision distance is more like 50-100 feet in complete darkness. Yes, the NVR is noisy but I have it stashed in a closet so it's not a problem. All in all I would recommend this product.

148 out of 439


Location: Lake Mary, FL

I have not installed it yet but was setting it up first. I had some technical issues and called tech support. It took a long time to get through but once through Lorex has a knowledgeable staff to assist. Courteous and helpful. From initial assessment, the product seems to work well and picture clarity is very good.

149 out of 439


Location: Southern MS

Received the Lorex LNR241C2B kit as a gift for Christmas. Lots of tomfoolery going on around my neighborhood lately. Garbage cans being thrown around, theft from yards, etc. It was time for some security. The unit arrived in 2 boxes. The LNR341 DVR and two cameras were in one big box (two LNB2153B cameras). The other smaller box had the third camera in it which for some reason was a dome camera LND2152B. Packaging was great, and these guys do NOT go cheap on the accessories, you get just about all you need. It comes with a mouse, remote, batteries, and a plethora of cabling. Each camera comes with a pretty long Ethernet cable too. I chose to use my own Cat5e because the included cabling has the RT45 ends on it already, and that is difficult to run. This leads to my first complaint. The cameras have a female RJ45 coupler cable with a power port too on a short dongle (you will not need the power port if you go power over Ethernet). This small coupler cable is difficult to conceal on your install. They should have just put an ethernet port directly on the camera inside the housing. The DVR itself is just about idiot proof. When you plug cameras in, they come on and work. The DVR assigns internal IP addresses to each camera. The software on the DVR itself works pretty good. The web based software does not work properly for me on either IE11 or Chrome. I cannot for the life of me get fast forwarding to work in either browser. I am trying the standalone Windows software, and I am still working through trying to set it up. The cameras work great though, and setting up motion recording is pretty easy from the DVR.
Night vision is pretty good. Thanks!

150 out of 439


Location: MI

Delivery was quick, set up was easy and the system is working very well. I also purchased 2 additional dome cameras but need to learn features of both bullet and dome cameras. Not currently using remote viewing feature at this time. If installing wiring through PVC tubing make sure ethernet wires are reconnected in the correct order/sequence.

151 out of 439


Location: Washington

My review is based on the idea that I view companies like Lorex as offering consumer grade products meant to meet the need of the masses at an affordable price point. Although I do have above average technical skills, this was my first experience with Camera systems. I purchased my 8 Channel LNR200 netHD system at Costco. I was ok with my original price for the system but found that my later purchase for two additional cameras at $365, a little more than I wanted to pay.

My product arrived complete and working. All components felt to have the physical quality I expected. Bullet cameras were easy enough to install and adjust. Although I was originally excited to receive two dome cameras, I found them almost useless. With no way of adjusting the camera angle, it really limits where you place them. The cat5 cables were of reasonable quality and plenty long. I would have preferred black cables rather than white but I don?t see that being an option. The DVR looks professional and noise wise, is what I would expect from a network switch that size. Basically, not loud but better served in a closet.

I have mixed opinions with the software on the DVR. It?s intuitive enough to get most of the features set up without too much difficulty. Although the software makes it seem like you have a lot of control over what gets recorded in the self-defined picture frame, what the level of sensitivity should be and when motion should be recorded and emailed, I would view it more closer to an on and off switch. I found that my outdoor light does a better job of detecting motion. Meaning my light is smart enough to turn on when you walk by but not when there?s a bug that fly?s by or when a spider web nearby. I have the sensitivity on the cameras low enough to detect me when I walk by but it still gets triggered by even the sun rising or setting. I also have the system set to email me and start recording on motion but those two occurrences seem to be triggered by different factors. I emailed their support but they just closed my ticket and said I had to call in. Good luck with that. I had a couple of more tickets I opened but I found there support unresponsive.

Despite the limitations of the system, I am happy with the product. I enjoy being able to monitor my vacation home from remote. The apps for the phone / ipad and the option to view via a web browser excellent. The video feed is decent quality. I would view Lorex?s version of "HD" the minimum resolution worth considering. I would love to recommend a different product but I think for around a grand, you won?t find much better.

152 out of 439


Location: Burks Falls Ontario Canada

Unbelievable! Ordered online on a Wednesday night, delivered Friday at noon.
Easy setup fantastic video quality. Extremely pleased. Thank You Lorex.

153 out of 439


Location: Texas

Great product. Received promptly and hooked up easily with no issues.

154 out of 439


Location: NYC

Excellent Camera Quality. Good user software. Fan is a little noisy due to cooling of pwr supply. Cat 5 is not class2. Customer service very helpful.

155 out of 439


Location: Petaluma, Ca.

I recently purchased your LNR 280 high def system which was delivered promptly. The video is very crisp and clear and the system was fairly easy to install, even for a non technical home owner. The problem starts when you need technical assistance. I filled out a ticket but have not received a response. I then called your tech support phone number and was told "you are 27th in line and the wait will be over an hour". So I hung up and tried again a couple of hours later and was then told "you are 15th in line with over an hour wait". What happened to quality customer service? After spending over $1k for the system, you'd think that customer service would be important for the reputation of the company. Apparently, not so. Good luck if you need assistance after the purchase because it's a "cold day in hell" before you'll get a response.
Buyer beware!!

156 out of 439


Location: Ohio

Starting the system up and connecting the cameras was truly plug-n-play. I installed it a week ago and will admit I don't know the entire system yet, but enough to record and playback. The port forwarding for web access was easy, but I missed a few points initially on the DVR configuration. The manual could be more clear on the DDNS setup by providing an actual example for the fields instead of just what's supposed to go there. For example, is the domain name field supposed to have the entire domain name or just the variable selected by the homeowner. Not a big huge deal, but examples always help to clarify intent. The clients for iPhone, iPad, and PC were easy to set up and worked as expected right away. Overall, I give it 5 stars and would buy it again.

157 out of 439


Location: Tx

Excellent image quality and frame rate, motion detection with email alert is brilliant. Simple to connect to iPad with bar code scan....done in seconds. NVR playback display is simple to operate. Only challenge I have had was the initial setup. The monitor I connected to was 720p and would not recognize the NVR. Had to connect the NVR to a 1080p TV and reduce the output to 720. Then no problems. Ended up getting a 1080p TV dedicated for this anyway. Found most answers I needed in the self help section in support.

158 out of 439


Location: New York

Received my unit quickly and was pleased with how easy it was to set-up. The Network configuration can be a bit of a pain. Cams quality is excellent. NVR is a little loud.

159 out of 439


Location: albuquerque, NM

The installation, both software and hardware went smoothly and i was up running, both locally and remotely on iPad and iPhone within a few hours. The images generated by the cameras are excellent and everything works as stated. The only downside is that the canned software in the recorder box is a little clunky and could benefit from a more modern user interface. Also, a keyboard would be beneficial when entering data. So far, I like this system a lot, even with some small flaws.

160 out of 439


Location: Holly, Michigan

I purchased the LNR300 series (LNR363C9B) 16 Channel Stratus HD NVR Security System with 3TB HDD and 9 1080p Cameras from Costco after researching the field of competitors. The simplicity of the Stratus setup is exactly as advertised - it's as close to plug and play as anyone could wish for. Even the remote viewing apps are quick and simple. I installed the remote web apps on my Windows 7 PC, my android phone, and my iPad - each app works great. The HD 1080p is worth the extra cost, and the IP cams are simple to install and connect with supplied 100 ' Ethernet cables.
The new HD NVR IP Cam system with Stratus connectivity has everything I've missed with my previous Lorex LH110 Edo series system. No more BNC connectors and expensive extensions, no more low resolution, and a best of all no port forwarding!

Cons: The User Manual could be more detailed in areas like setting up alarms and configuring email notifications.

161 out of 439


Location: Redondo Beach, CA

Great home system! Easy installation and configuration for remote viewing. Good documentation via the manuals and on line files. The only slight disappointment was the adjustable range of the "dome" cameras. I think I'll order a couple more of the "bullet" cameras which have greater range of adjustments. Overall, Im really happy with the quality of this product. I purchased it online from Costco at a great price!

162 out of 439


Location: California

This is my second Lorex system. The first was installed in my Mom's home in Los Angeles area.

Both systems arrived with all parts included. The first system went together quite routinely. The only hiccup was my accidental stapling thru a cable. After pretesting the system, one channel (with the shorted cable) would shutdown the display. Try not to blindly staple the cable ;-)

This current system pretested perfectly . The HD cameras are excellent. Since this is going in on the second story, I have arranged install assistance. Very good parts documentation, but this model did not include an install manual...and I did not see a file on the included CD.

Lorex, really makes the system integration very easy. This system has the power source embedded in the Cat5 cable. I look forward to enhanced security. My neighbor was burglaraized during the last SuperBowl...and I didn't hear anything. If I had these cameras installed, we could have at least seen what happened.

Cdr Vic

163 out of 439


Location: Jacksonville, Fl

A great system. Very sharp pictures. I wired mine myself, but it requires some technical knowledge. I ordered some RJ45 adapters from the internet to get the 100ft cables into a wall jack and then from the wall jack to the Unit. The internet set-up was tough, especially the user name and password. A call to Lorex said I had a half hour wait, so I cancelled the call. I've been struggling with net set-up for a few days. I suggest a professional installation.

164 out of 439


Location: Brampton

Awesome Picture.. Plug and play

will be installing for my friends and family!!

easy to setup on smart phones tabletS!!

165 out of 439


Location: sw florida

packing was excellent no damage at all . I use the mouse for most functions as the remote seems like it doesn't always work. I wish the remote would shut the dvr off but you have to flip a switch on the back of it to shut it off. night vision is very good & the fan noise didn't bother me as it is no louder than a desk top computer.

166 out of 439


Location: Fremont, CA

PROS: Excellent HD picture quality Effective remote viewing in Iphone and PC without lags, Acceptable night vision, good quality to cost ratio, Smaller and nice looking cameras, Great lorex support and have not had problems with wait time also, easy cat5 cables as it is a POE camera, good NVR features

CONS: Remote viewing setup needs some PC expertise and instructions could have been better like which username/password to use and where in mobile/NVR setup, no PTZ for these great cameras and usually the PTZ cameras don't have good resolution so lorex should come up with HD PTZ camera

NOT TRIED: not tried motion detection so need to see how easy the setup is and how much of "false alerts" it generates :-)

CONCLUSION: For the price and performance I would recommend this to anyone as it is a good allrounder

167 out of 439


Location: Houston, TX

The hardware is very good quality and works well with excellent picture. Unfortunately setting up remote access and DDNS is a very complex process with no technical support (effectively). I have had this system now for 2 weeks and am unable to get remote viewing to work. I called tech support several times with hold times more than an hour and did not wait more than 20 min. Before hanging up and trying to use the self help which is very vague.
A product is only as good as it's support!!!

168 out of 439


Location: CA

The cameras are good for viewing details in objects up to about 20', but then they are not very clear. Night vision mode is acceptable for near objects. NVR fan is a bit loud, so ensure you are placing it in a location that won't annoy you. Setup is pretty straight forward and DDNS setup is easy if you have a little networking configuration knowledge. Overall it was a good setup for the price. The only thin desired would be cheaper cameras for addition and support of more camera manufacturers.

169 out of 439


Location: Lewis Center, OH

Received in a timely manner. Seems to be working great. Easy to install on phone and other devices.

170 out of 439


Location: Atascadero CA

The system is very easy to use and set up. Highly recommended to someone looking for an easy high definition system.

Only drawback is that the cameras dont reduce glare well enough to read license plates which is a very important aspect in identification. It could be that I am not viewing the video on a 1080p display though.

171 out of 439


Location: New Jersey

Great picture quality, looks good during day and night. Excellent value for the $. Only 4 stars b/c I'm having an issue with the alarm speaker. Also, hold time for tech support has been close to 1 hour on both times I contacted them.

172 out of 439


Location: SoCalif

System is up and running now. Picture quality is excellent. Instructions are confusing and not user friendly but you can slough through them. NVR is louder than what manufacturer states. You need to hide it in a closet or similar place. The best solution seems to be at Look at the post by abrams7g, dated Fri. Jun. 7, 2013. Lorex, if you can hear me over the NVR noise? Hire this guy!

173 out of 439


Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Great images, easy setup.

Good product- IF ONLY THEIR SUPPORT WAS 25% as good as the product.

VERY FRUSTRATED, there needs to be DCCA intervention.

174 out of 439


Location: Bogalusa, La.

Great system!! Picture is very clear and software is user friendly. I did have one camera out of eight not power up, but Lorex quickly sent me a replacement. Overall very happy so far.

175 out of 439


Location: Sacramento, CA

I purchased the four HD cameras with the NVR. One of the four camera's didn't work, however, it was quickly replaced once they received my proof of purchase and I've got all four camera's online. I prefer the PoE switch NVR which requires a regular CAT5e cable instead of the coax cable with BNC connectors. The camera's work best, with high detail, when you have great lighting in the camera area and the night vision camera works great even in total darkness although you'll get better detail with more ambient light. The software allows you to customize settings, from sending e-mails when motion is detected, loss of video signal and a few other nice options. You setup each camera for motion detection area's plus you can mask area's you considered private and have blocked out during viewing. You can record full time or when motion is detected, again sending e-mails with snap shots of what set the motion detection. I'd strongly recommend using Lorex's DDNS to allow remote viewing from a PC or SmartPhone away from home. There are more options that I have not even considered but it's a great feeling to be able to monitor all camera's remotely, especially over my SmartPhone. The hum that you hear from the NVR is from the internal hard drive, which must be running Linux or an operating system to allow you to configure the software with a ton of settings. If you have more than four camera's location's to install, I would definitely recommend the eight port NVR and start out with four camera's and add camera's as needed.

176 out of 439


Location: California

Setup of NVR went smoothly. Camera came online and remote SW works. Much better picture than the 700L CSTV I was using.

Cameras are IP66 rate, but figuring out what how to mount them and maintain rain proofing cause some headaches as the network connect on cable out of cameras is not. Came up with a outdoor electrical box solution.

177 out of 439


Location: Utah

Good things:
* Picture quality is excellent
* Easy to install
* Very good price for what you get
* HD management appears good
* Good motion activation features
* Good privacy masking features

Things to improve:
* Fan noise of DVR excessive
* Web interface needs improvement
* iPad interface is awkward and excessively delayed
* Various interfaces (direct, web, iPad) need to look and act similarly - currently very different from each other
* A few DVR bugs that require reboots (symptoms include some cameras not being displayed due to "lack of system resources" or such)
* Need better selection of cameras. Low cost/low definition cameras would be a great option
* Excessive pauses at certain replay points that (I think) are due to either an interface bug, or problems indexing video stream on hard disk

178 out of 439


Location: San Gabriel

The camera and the DVR are pretty well made. Picture quality is acceptable. Operating software worked well. The only exception is setup software. The script for port forwarding didn't quite work, but I managed to type in the passcode manually and rerun the script again and it worked. Overall I am pretty satisfied.

179 out of 439


Location: los gatos

NVR: 5 stars
Camera: 5 stars
software: 5 stars
service: 5 stars
quality: 1.5 stars
feature: 1 star

Bought the LNR282+6 camera combo from costco. The quality of the pictures are good. software set up was easy, and the technical support response and helpfulness are all good.
2 bullet camera are DOA. I am in the RMA process and have received one camera, so I am
not complaining, yet. But since 2 our of 6 are DOA, I am only giving 1.5 start for quality.

What I am very unhappy about this system is, while it does work and record and there are remote viewing features and all that, but it does not provide a way to backup the recording
on network. Everying will work as long as you have the NVR. But if thief break in and take the NVR with him, then all is lost. Lorex should offer a feature to be able to back up on network on another server or NAS (Network Attached Storage) so this can be a real security
system rather than just a baby monitor. If the set up is too complicated for DIY, then offer this
as a professional install only. I rather pay a few hundred dollars more for a useful system, then
spend more than a grand and be stuck with a system that is not useful!

Lorex, are you listening?

180 out of 439


Location: Virginia

I admit, the system was easy to install.

I am not one who takes the time to put in a negative review, however I have been very frustrated/dissapointed with this company and the product. If you never need tech support and have less than six cameras, you may be fine.

I spent over an hour on hold trying to get information about an issue I am having with the picture display. After speaking with the first "tech support" person who was just an information gatherer, I was passed to someone who was supposed to know the product...well the person I was passed to did not know the product...actually I knew more about the product then him. I got frustrated after spending over an hour of my time on the phone and had to end the call. Sent an email to tech support on the website a couple days ago and have not gotten a response. I unfortunately purchased two of these systems. I found out the new DVR has known issues and will not display the pictures correctly when using the 5-1 and 7-1 display. Also, an alarm has been going off in the system since I powered it up...I silenced the alarm. I asked the tech person about the alarm...after he looked something up in a manual on his end, he advised to start with resetting the unit which I told him that I already did....then he had me reformat the hard drive, which seemed odd since this is a brand new unit. Then he had me change settings for the cameras which made absolutely no sense. He said that the alarm could be going off because the cameras were sensing motion??? The cameras were set for constant record. I could not waste anymore of my time so I had to get off the phone.

It would be nice to have this system work properly...I am wondering if the reason this system was on special at Costo was because it is defective???

181 out of 439


Location: Long Island, NY

For the price, this is a nice system. Is it perfect? Nope. But it sure is close enough.

For starters, I had problems with two of the cameras that came with my system. One bullet camera somehow kept getting condensation on the inside of the lens. I'd hit it with a heat gun real quick to get rid of it but it came right back within an hour. The other bullet camera would power up, then shut down within 5 seconds. BUT... I opened a support ticket and Lorex sent me two new cameras within two weeks. I didn't install the cameras outside yet so I don't know if they will have condensation on the lens. They do power up so that's a good sign. A+ for customer service.

Cameras are crystal clear during the day. Night time viewing could be better. It's hard to make out any detail in night mode when the subject is more than 20 feet from the camera. It's good enough for home use. YES.... the fan on the NVR is LOUD! I originally had the NVR on my desk but couldn't get over the constant hum. So I rerouted the wires and installed the NVR in my closet. Problem solved.

If you're on the fence about purchasing this system, I'd say buy it. I did a ton of research before purchasing this system. Every product has its faults including this one. But for the money spent, it's a very affordable home monitoring system.

182 out of 439


Location: Detroit

First I would like to say that the LNR280 has excellent picture quality. The tech support people are very helpful. Now the bad: after two months the DVR is cooked. I'm try ing to send it back for a replacement, it appears that sending it back is a long lengthy process of calling and faxing documents, I've called four times and still don't have a return authorization number. I am hopeful that it all works out because I really loved viewing the cameras on my iphone.

183 out of 439


Location: Denver, CO

I got the 8 channel LNR280 with four 1080p cameras. Easy to set up although I needed some assistance to get the Live View over the internet to work. After a while, I realized that the hard disk did not record anything and playback was not possible. I called several times to the tech support and each time they wanted me to perform the same test procedures. When they transferred me to the next support level, I would be on hold for over an hour, so when I could no longer be on hold, I would have to call back and start all over again with the testing and holding (while you are on hold, you will be listening to some very bad quality music). Eventually I got a new unit and this one seems to work great.

The quality of the cameras are excellent. The emailed images are small, wish there was an option to send larger images. The motion sensitivity seems to be too sensitive, if there is a shadow from a tree unto the ground and shadow is moving or shadow goes away when the sun goes away, it will trigger a motion. At night time it is sensing motion all the time it seems like.

Playback can be set up to 4x. I wish there was a way to send an image copy to a shared drive on the home network once every 1 or 10 minutes.

Next would be to get a couple of IP cameras.

184 out of 439


Location: Los Angeles, CA

This is a great surveillance system! The IP cameras are very clear once you get your settings stable on both the NVR and your monitor. The setup for the DDNS is a little bit complex but thats probably because Im not very tech savvy. And as much as I wanted to ignore the reviews about it being too loud, the fact of the matter is... it is too loud. Especially for your bedroom. Bottom line, try and setup your modem and NVR somewhere out of sight and out of earshot and you should be okay. the other thing I would recommed is to play with the camera locations and angles BEFORE you start drilling holes or running wire. You might change your mind several times. The great thing about this system is that you can get the cameras up and running in 25 minutes and start playing with all of the features.

185 out of 439


Location: Ohio,USA

I set up the LNR282C4B NVR with a PC monitor next to the router in my family room first to test-drive the hardware/software setup before having an electrician run the CAT5 cable to my study upstairs. I downloaded and printed the 150-page manual since the ?Get Started? documentation doesn?t get into the advanced detail needed to configure the system. As with any advanced system, there are many software options that require several hours of practice and trial/error to understand how to use (i.e. email alerts, motion-detection). The Lorex videos on YouTube offered some insight into setup and use. Overall, I?m very happy with the final result and would recommend this system to anyone who wants a POE/ HD system to monitor their home or business.

? Excellent ?Get Started? documentation and instruction manual
? Excellent picture quality from HD 1080P bullet cameras
? Good NVR menus and setup
? Good PC and IPad interfaces
? Good DDNS portal

? No Apple Airport Extreme Router in Port Forwarding drop-down menu; had to contact Lorex support; the tech was very helpful; he took control of my PC and set up all three port settings in less than an hour
? Remote internet access to the DDNS portal uses the ?admin? ID and password, not the ID and password just used to register your DDNS, which is confusing
? NVR hum is noticeable; I would not place this NVR in a room frequently occupied or slept in
? No 100? cable to run from router to NVR; had to purchase separately

186 out of 439


Location: Roseville, CA

I purchased the LNR280 with 6 indoor/outdoor cameras from Costco online. The product was shipped as promised. I'm a pretty techy guy, but have never had any experience with Surveillance Equipment. That said, everything was plug and play and installed pretty easily. The POE cameras made for a very easy hard-wire install.

I actually bought 2 systems and am using 8 of the bullet cameras at home and will use the 4 dome cameras at my office.

I would have given the system 4/5 Stars if it weren't for the fact that I just spend 1hr/56min on the phone with Tech Support (3 different guys) and 95% of that time was spent on hold just to find out my problem is a 'Known Issue". The LNR280 has a known video issue, wherein when monitoring the NVR via the HDMI monitor, many of the viewing selections will not show all cameras. For example, I can only see 5/8 cameras when choosing the 1+5 or 1+7 Multi-Screen views. They advised that this will be fixed in the next Firmware Update, but could not give me any estimates.

This appears to be a good product, but "Buyer-Be-Ware", should you need Tech Support... And I'm not the only review I've read with this same issue! There really is no substitute for Service and I got sick of hearing that they were just experiencing a High Call Volume Today. Especially when this is a common complaint among consumer reviews.

187 out of 439


Location: Portland, OR

I could not be more happy with my purchase of the Lorex LNR282C6B. It was of even higher quality than I had expected and even more simple to setup than anticipated. The main purpose was to keep an eye on my Greyhounds while I was at work. Also having a home and vehicle burglarized in the past I had been wanting one of these for some time for piece of mind.

Installation and setup were extremely straight forward. I connected everything first in one location to make sure everything was operational before running the cat5. The cameras came up one by one within a minute. I next wanted to make sure the remote monitoring worked before installing the cameras in their final location. Unfortunately I found my router/access point was corrupt, not allowing me the access to port forward. I had to wait some time for Comcast to resolve this so I finished the installation.

The video quality is fantastic. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use right out of the box. There are so many features and settings for the NVR and the cameras but you need nothing more than the quick start guide and it works perfectly.

I thought I?d miss the expandability that the PTZ control port would offer but I don?t mind one bit now and I am glad I didn?t use that as a deciding factor on purchasing this unit. With the cameras field of vision at nearly 80 degrees, I have a fixed view of everything and don?t need it. The view is actually pretty close to 90 degrees, I can see corner to corner in my yard and most interior rooms. I was afraid with a smaller space I would have a lot of blind spots but with the wide angle lens I have none. I can?t wait to get two more cameras to utilize all eight channels.

The low light / night vision performance is top notch. With very little light these cameras will stay in full color mode. At dusk in color it looks like daylight on the monitor, very impressive.

I don?t understand the complaints of fan noise. The NVR is a high-end computer, with a power supply, running 8 channels of Hi-Definition video, I would be open to more fan noise if it kept the unit reliable, but there is hardly any, my modem wines louder than this.

After three weeks of waiting for Comcast/Xfinity to send me a new modem/access point, it was finally time to try the remote monitoring. After registering the DDNS and setting up the Android App I could easily see the system from my laptop over Wi-Fi but not on my phone. It was late and I figured the DDNS was not setup yet only completing the process a half hour earlier, so I thought I?d try in the morning. The next day I was going to call tech support to first make sure the DDNS was active as I was sure I followed the setup instructions correctly. I tried the app one more time and instantly all cameras were viewable!!! I was ecstatic. I believe the failure the night before was due to the app trying to connect to the DDNS through the Wi-Fi the NVR itself was on causing the conflict. Now in the house if I use the phones 3g/4g it is fine. As long as you understand how to port forward, you should have no problem setting up this system.

I like that the Lorex version of the Android App allows you live playback of all eight channels (four on the screen at once and a quick swipe to see the next four). People are amazed at the clarity of the live video playback on my phone.

It wasn?t my initial plan to get into a 1080p Power-over-Ethernet system but this was absolutely worth the extra money and I am glad I did. The Cat5 is much easier to disguise than standard security Siamese cable, and anything less than Hi-Def just doesn?t look good any more.

188 out of 439


Location: Ohio

The system is easy to install and has great resolution.

189 out of 439


Location: Stamford, CT

Ordered the unit from Costco. Found it simple to setup and the picture quality during the day and night pretty good. I liked that it was PoE since it's easy to run Ethernet wires. Now that I want to add an additional two more camera's and I'm finding them hard to locate . The only camera's that are compatible (so I'm told by Lorex support) are the two models that come with the system which is pretty limiting.

190 out of 439


Location: Utah

The cameras have a great image quality (day and night) and they are easy to configure. I had one bad camera in the batch, but support was pretty quick to send me a replacement (different model, but same basic specs and size as far as I can tell). Running cables from the roof (2-story house) to the NVR location was a pain, but the actual set up of the camera is super easy. For the most basic set up, just plug in each end of the cable, mount the cam, and it's set. The remote app didn't work on my phone (Galaxy Note 2), it did, but the video image was mostly off the screen. I used their tablet app instead and its been working well for me.

191 out of 439


Location: Carson City, NV

Got this System from Costco. Great price and super quick delivery. The System works perfectly! Easy to set-up and the picture both during the day and night are very clear. I had an issue with one of the cameras, Lorex had a new to me almost overnight. Telephone support seems to be a little long but the email support is usually within a day.
Can't say enough about it, I wish I would have purchased this sooner, and by the way, I am not having stuff thrown into my yard anymore.

192 out of 439


Location: Mobile Alabama

Good product. Easy install and setup. Had to call customer service with port forwarding. Technical support takes awhile to get a hold of. Still having problems setting up motion detection schedule. But overall good quality and pictures

193 out of 439


Location: Silver Spring, Maryland

I purchased a Lorex LNR280 system with 8 cameras (6 bullet and two dome) On receiving the product, my first impression was that Lorex had given a lot of attention to designing the packaging so everything was well packaged and packed for shipping. I hooked up the cameras to the video recorder, hooked up a monitor with the included HDMI cable, and turned the recorder and monitor on. The recorder booted and the cameras were soon recognized by the recorder. Everything worked perfectly.

The next steps, of course, involved permanently installing the recorder and cameras. This was made somewhat easier by the fact that each camera needs only one cable to work -- the included Ethernet cable. The 100 foot cables were too short for one camera, but once I used a cat6 connector to add an additional length of cable to the one that was too short, everything worked fine.

The HD resolution is great during the day. At night, the image is still usable, but the b&w picture can't compete with color. I've also had a problem with spiders building webs in front of a couple of the exterior cameras. The web strands appear as wide bands when lit up by the infrared LEDs.

I've also connected the system to my computer through my router using the included software. It works well. The only nitpic is that I get a Windows warning asking if I really want to let the software make changes to my computer every time I load the Lorex software. I click yes, and everything works, although the software is a little clunky and could be designed to work more intuitively.

I haven't tried setting up remove viewing through the Internet.

The motion sensing feature for camera recording works well, as does the ability to block out areas where motion sensing is disabled.

In general, I'd recommend the system to anyone who wants a HD quality recording system at a reasonable price.

194 out of 439


Location: Dublin, CA

Pros: Easy to setup, Picture (both night and day) is good. Remote viewing is really cool.
Cons: None

195 out of 439


Location: Store jewelry

we purchased this product from the costco website it was on sale. it sounded good, 2 tera byte hard drive, 6 cameras. new technology 1080p cameras and being able to remotely see the store from laptop, smart phone or tablet is cool! It'S great for our purpose to monitor our jewelry store. We acctuall purchased two systems for our second store.

we purchsed this system because it was recomonded by our neighboor. He is owns a computer business. We also got this to replace our previous camera security system that stoped working. this system was easy to install since the cameras don't need external power they just plug to the ethernet cable into the back of the NVR. The picture quality is much much better than what we already had, even though it was only 5 years old.

The lorex customer service was very helpfull in helping setting up the NVR to connect to my router to be able to view the camera from my samsung phone or laptop from home. I highly recomend it for home or buinsess, such as retail stores or anything we want to keep an eye on.

196 out of 439


Location: California

The unit I received was on time, and the picture quality is good. I had a problem with the set up and the remode viewing. When I called in, the technical supporter was very helpful.The only trouble I have now is that one of the cameras is not working. I would like to replace it. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with this product.

197 out of 439


Location: Wilkes-Barre PA

Nice system and ease of installation, other than running wires. cameras are good resolution Phone setup can be tricky but still have to contact customer service for this issue

198 out of 439


Location: Rolla, MO

Product arrived quickly and was easy to install. Camera resolution is great even at night! I set the system up before installing the cameras in the areas that I wanted them to make sure everything worked properly. The recorder does have fan noise, so install it somewhere that the noise would not be an issue. I was going to install the recorder inside a cabinet, but thought the recorder may not get enough ventilation. Works great!

199 out of 439


Location: Houston, TX

Excelente Sistema
Claridad de Imagen
Software muy bueno
La atención al cliente es inmejorable

Es el segundo sistema que poseo y cada uno es mejor que el otro.

Altamente recomendable

200 out of 439


Location: California

I was looking for a surveillance system for a while now. And one of the criteria I was looking for is a camera with the biggest field of view. I saw this system from Costco and so far the camera specs said 79 degrees. I haven?t seen any other cameras out there comparable to this with that FOV. After purchasing the system and installing it I was impressed with the quality of the video. My friends who are using different brand surveillance systems were also impressed. Night mode was better than the others. You can see the video in black and white and it?s very clear. I was going to give this 5 stars but the system I got came in with one bad camera. Costco took care of it thru Lorex tech. support and gave me a new camera.

201 out of 439


Location: NJ

Nice Pic day and night. Hard to set up on MAC. Have not been able to set up remote view on internet. You have to be very network savy to do port forwarding. Tech support can't help, forwarded to higher level support which never called back. Costco consierge support would not help and referred me back to my internet provider. Comcast wants to charge me $40 initial fee than $15 every month for the support to fix the port forwarding from modem and router. Ridiculous. Previous lorex eco2 system was up and running in 30 min. but poor resolution. Problem still not resolved.

202 out of 439


Location: boston, ma

We purchased our system from Costco. Set up was fairly straight-forward but needed some assist from support to complete everything. Excellent quality on both day and night views. Phone app for iphone/ipad works great. All and all very happy with our purchase.

203 out of 439


Location: Florida

This system has the highest quality video I have seen from a consumer based unit.
Very simple to instal and configure. The best feature is viewing recorded playback while still in recording mode.

One are of concern I had was with the dome camera. for some reason I kept getting condensation inside. The trick I found that seems to work is DON'T over tighten the hex screws. This will pinch the rubber ring allowing moisture to enter dome within time. Most importantly, tighten snug and evenly.

Aside from the dome, I rated this unit 5 stars because with most installs, 9 out of 10 it's not the equipment, it's user error.

204 out of 439


Location: Toronto

I just received the system and I give 5 star for the system because of easy setup and built quality, I haven't installed it yet. But I decided to give 3 stars because on the email confirmation I should have 4 x LNB2153 (new style) bullet cams but when I received the package I have 4 x LNB2151 (original style) cameras. I read the self serve FAQ (see link below), I think people would expect to receive the new style cam when web is showing the old one, not the other way around.

205 out of 439


Location: Chino, CA

Good quality for the price. Order came quickly. Easy to set up EXCEPT for the remote viewing.
Still have not got that figured out. The camera resolution is good, but the digital zoom is poor quality.

I wish the had better in the box instructions.

206 out of 439


Location: Clovis, CA

Great product at a good price for the quality. I was a little more particular about the camera installation and had it professionally done, hiding all the wires and such which wasn't a big task. Product and easy 5 stars. Ease of set up, directions and customer service...not so much! I called Lorex about 7 times over a period of 6 days. Usually on hold for at least an hour. If they would have added 2-3 more, very short, very simple directions on the set up sheet, it'd of taken 5min. I'm not the most tech savy guy but, if the professionals I did call out couldn't figure it out, they couldn't understand customer service, then I'd have to say things can be laid out a little better. With that said, after all the hassles, now being set up for remote viewing, I'm very happy with the system.

207 out of 439


Location: Meridian, Ms

I bought this system from Costco online and I finally got the time to install it. It has been 4 days and the system works great. I plan to order 2 more cameras to fill the eight channels. Cameras are real clear in daytime and the night time is also very clear. Installation went good. Had a small problem with remote connect but upper level tech took care of that. Port forwarding was relatively easy. I am still learning the system and love the remote access on any computer, tablet and I phone in real time. Did a lot of study and looked at reviews before deciding to purchase. I think the system overall is great. I am learning about the zoom it does not appear that it is real clear when you zoom in. I think Lorex has got something that people can depend on with the 1080p system and they can afford. Thanks Lorex.

208 out of 439


Location: Los Angeles, CA

A few days after receiving the unit, one of the dome cameras would get stuck in the night vision mode and would take an hour to reset itself back to day mode. Contacted Costco and they had Lorex send a replacement camera. The camera took two weeks for delivery since it came from Canada. After receiving the first replacement camera, the second dome camera started doing the same thing. I contacted Costco again and this time the replacement came within a week since it came from within the US.
Have not tried any of the advanced features yet, but will write another review at that time.

209 out of 439


Location: Cary, NC

This is an update to my review I posted on Aug. 16, 2013.

The system is working well. As I expected, the 2TB became full after approx. 1 week and it automatically started deleting old recordings to make space for new ones. Since the recordings are over one week, I have decided to delay adding another disk. I can review past week during weekends.

The main reason I decided to post this update is because one of the cameras developed a problem with the infrared lights. It would turn off infrared intermittently (every 10-15 mins for a couple of mins). During the time infrared is off, you just get a black screen.

So I reached out to Lorex after I had already registered for Warranty. They asked me to provide the receipt (proof of purchase). I got upset thinking they were asking for information they already had (like the serial no. and my contact info., etc.) However after I sent them the receipt via email, they promptly sent me a replacement camera with a pre-paid return label for the faulty camera. I am still waiting for the installer to come back and replace the camera.

They honored the warranty fairly quickly. Just save your receipt - you will need it even if you have registered for warranty on their site.

You can buy this product with confidence that they will honor warranty if something goes wrong.

210 out of 439


Location: North Coast, CA

I bought this system from, and thus far am very pleased with it. The included 2TB drive fills up quickly when recording HD video, so I added a second HDD - quite a simple procedure to install and format when following the instructions in the manual. I needed assistance from Lorex tech support to force a DDNS update, but once that was complete (about 10 minutes), the cameras popped right up on the remote client. Video quality (including nighttime IR) is very good, and tech support is helpful.
The one thing I wish could be changed is the size of the female Ethernet connectors on the cameras. If you're going to mount directly to a wall and feed the connector into the wall, you'll need to drill a 7/8" hole to fit it in. I would prefer to see either a male end (1/2" hole) or a removable coupler.
One other thing to note is that the dome cameras are not recommended for wall mounting, as the image is upside down. They need to be ceiling mounted, although I believe that's not obvious as per the included instructions.

211 out of 439


Location: California


212 out of 439


Location: Arizona

We have a remote cabin with DSL internet, and have the cabin built with 3/4 inch conduit to all 8 camera locations. POE Ethernet made wiring simple, with home run Ethernet to the NVR. The installation was simple and straight forward. Day and night vision is excellent.

I can monitor remotely via smart phone, the LorexnetHD client, or HTTP web page.

I would recommend this system, and the quality of the video is excellent.

213 out of 439


Location: SoCal

I purchased this system from Costco during a recent online sale and I could not be happier. The system functions great and the image quality is amazing. Lucky for me, my house was pre-wired with Cat5e at all points of entry so installation was a snap. The only issue that I had was port forwarding since I am a Mac user. I'm sure if I had a PC the online setup would have been much easier but, with a few Google searches and some trial and error, I was able to get the DDNS site figured out. The fan on the DVR is noisy but mine is in a closet and I only hear it when I am in there. Overall, I have had a great experience with Lorex products and I'm happy I chose this system.

214 out of 439


Location: Shelby Twp

I have had this system running for a couple of weeks. In general I'm happy with the system. I started working on the motion detection and alerts and have found some problems. The motion sensors are too sensitive even after adjusting the sensitivity and selecting areas of the image to ignore. It seems that any heat source sets off motion detection. For example during the day, shadows on the ground from trees seem to set off the motion detection. At night, I thought I had a lot of bugs flying around, but after closer examination I found they were like particles. One camera is mounted about 8 to 10 feet above the clothes dryer vent. If the dryer is on at night it sets off the motion detection. Other cameras that are located near soffit vents are getting heat from the soffit vent detected as particles flying by in the wind. I am getting my soffit vents baffled so that might help that problem. The dryer, I guess cant be run at night. But the big problem is with the shadows from the trees. I don't think there is any fix for that. I set up the alerts to beep and send an email. I have been getting hundreds and hundreds of emails of no motion. I do get an email also when there is actual motion, but it is hard to pick out of the hundreds and hundreds of false emails. Maybe I'll call tech support. Or just don't use the motion detection and notification.

215 out of 439


Location: Fort Myers Florida

I have been dealing with video security systems for more than 12 years and I must say, this is the most intuitive system I have seen at even twice the price. The system is easy to use and the image is unbelievable. I highly recommend this system to even the most demanding user.

216 out of 439


Location: Texas

Overall, I'm very happy with this Lorex product. I was able to install it myself once I followed the quick start guide. The only problem I see in Lorex is their customer serviceTech Support. Every time I got stuck in the DIY process, I called to get assistance and the tech person was not very helpful and sometimes plain rude.

217 out of 439


Location: Milford, MA

I am very pleased with the LNR21C4B. Picture quality is great day or night, even in total darkness. Installation went well, documentation was thorough. My only problem is getting email notifications to work but I am sure it's something I have overlooked and will solve it soon. Next time those scumbags break into my car I will have good quality pics to give to the police.

218 out of 439


Location: Peshtigo, WI

I originally ordered this product from TigerDirect. When it didn't arrive or even ship within 7 days, I canceled the order and ordered it from BestBuy. It arrived in 3 days. The installation instructions were easy and complete. The only difficulty I had was with the Lorex Auto Port Forwarding utility. I have a NetGear modem/router that the utility was suppose to work with. It didn't. I downloaded the new update for the utility and that didn't fix the problem. After a call to Lorex tech. support, they remoted in and got it working. I can now access my system from the web using a browser. I have not tried an app. yet. Daytime video is very crisp and clear. Face recognition and license plate reading is easily done. Nighttime video is another story. Since these camera's are made for up to 150 feet at night, the IR they emit is somewhat of a problem for close range viewing. Three of the four camera I am using are useable, but the forth is pointing down on some gravel that reflects back the IR in a big blur. I ended up adjusting the camera up a little higher than I wanted, but at least the blur is gone. Nighttime viewing works, but the face recognition is pretty much useless at night. Hardware installation was snap. Pretty much plug and play. For people complaining about the motion sensitivity, I found that if you open the motion setup grid page in the Lorex netHD Client side by side with the motion setup page by typing in the IP address of your DVR in the address page of a web browser (yes you can actually access more setting by doing this than with just the client), you'll find that the grid coverage is slightly different between the two. I de-selected the motion coverage of the grip in both places for all of the areas that I didn't want to detect motion and the system now works great.

219 out of 439


Location: Albuquerque NM

I am really happy with the LNR. I originally rented a system from a well known security provider, it worked well on my internal intranet but accessing the cameras remotely was spotty at best and worked less often than it did. This system was easy to set up and the image quality is great. I did initially have some issues setting it up for remote viewing and was on hold for quite some time with customer service. Once I finally reached a technician I granted him remote access of my computer and he had the system functioning remotely in no time. I have had no issues accessing the system ever since. Overall I am very happy.

220 out of 439


Location: Redmond, WA

Very easy to setup and the best part is no power needed for the cameras. The remote configuration is another cool feature - wish it had shut down option too ...

221 out of 439


Location: Oregon

Purchased system at the beginning of August from With one caveat, the system has been very easy to set up and the image quality is very good. I am able to access the feeds on my TV via HDMI output, on my computer, and on my iPad and iPhone. I have not seen another HD ip camera system anywhere near this price. Power over ethernet (POE) and the 100ft cables give you a lot of install options (an fun times crawling around the attic--not).

The only minor hiccup that could easily be fixed by Lorex is that the NVR is shipped with the HDMI not active. I had to bring home an old monitor to change the setting because the only place where the setting could be changed is directly on the NVR. None of the apps have access to the setting. It took a couple of days of searching and frustration to sort out that minor issue.

Since making that setting change, the product works well, the images are clear and everything is working with the default settings. I am very pleased with the system and will likely be adding the two additional cameras that are supported by the NVR.

With the 2TB HD, I am currently in the process of determining how much footage will be stored on the NVR (with default settings) before it starts overwriting older footage. If it approaches a week of footage, I'll be a happy camper. If it has at least 3 days, that will work for my needs.

Very good value for money. Looking forward to tinkering with the advanced settings and getting the DDNS functioning with my ISP.

The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is because of the HDMI output setting issue. While Lorex did solve the issue, it took several days and I had already found the solution on another site.

222 out of 439


Location: Michigan

I bought a Lorex LRN282C6B from and recently had it professionally installed. The setup, DDNS, and picture quality was easy and I am still in the learning curve mode on the operation and playback of the unit.

I did have a problem develop with one of the bullet cameras which started after several hours of use. The picture is very cloudy and makes that one channel almost useless. After contacting Lorex Tech Support, I am currently awaiting the delivery of a replacement camera. They were very professional and understanding and after having me run several tests, agreed that the problem was with the camera (not the NVR or Ethernet wire) and immediately ordered a replacement be sent, I then will be responsible to return the defective camera back to them.
It was a very good experience dealing with the tech support and customer service staff on this issue.

Other than this one issue, which is being corrected, I am very happy with the system and would buy from Lorex again.

I had ordered two additional dome cameras and they were installed at the same time and appear to be also working great.

223 out of 439


Location: Litchfield Park-Arizona

Excellent value for the Costco discounted price!, I purchased the system through I open the box. I notice two missing parts. I called to Costco and they said very sorry and shipping to me for two days! I am really very happy they are good service and friendly. Thank you Costco!!! After reviewing lots of systems I am very happy with this one, easy to set up, very clear, easy to use, had to call Lorex tech because my router would not let me access the mobile app and they fixed me up and it all works very well now. Also, the mobile programs for iPhone and iPad have worked well. The picture quality is CHAMP! I would recommend this to anyone.

224 out of 439


Location: SF Bay area

Picture quality is excellent. Everything worked well.
Installation took some time but POE made it easier

Since I have a mac, took longer to get it setup for remote viewing.
Wish Lorex had spent some time in making it easier for mac users.
Fan is noisy and I had to assign to a "remote" area
Documentation could have been better

Overall, a good system at a decent price point.

225 out of 439


Location: Fremont, CA

Over all, image/video quality is pretty good, it's good to just use ethernet cable to wire camera. Software setup/configuration is a little bit confused, it may not easy to set it up for end user, and it needs to provide more detail information for error code, it causes user no idea to solve about it. Motion detection can be more smart, otherwise, it's useless. If software part can improve to be more friendly, that will be very very good.

226 out of 439


Location: Seattle, WA

Bought the system LNR280 with 6 cameras (1080 HD) from Costco. I didn't expect much from this. The installation was completed yesterday (by the professionals) and to my surprise... the picture quality is awesome! It's clear & I can see the little details. The night vision is not bad either. This system is great for someone who's on a budget ;) I'm very happy with my choice. Highly recommended.

227 out of 439


Location: Louisiana

You can tell this system is quality right out of the box. All the cameras are metal and well made. Setting up the system amounts to mounting the cameras running the wire to the NVR and that is it. The picture quality is unbelievable. I've seen recordings from bargain camera systems, and about all you can see is there is someone there. I can actually easily identify people day or night with this system.
Make sure you have a computer monitor or television that allows you to get the full resolution. I just got it all installed and have it recording just motion all day. The motion sensing is as sensitive as you want it to be. Nothing moves around my place day or night I don't have video of!

228 out of 439


Location: Atascadero,CA

After do some research about security camera we end up with Lorex. We ordered online from Costco. Received product within a few day, I?m very excited we hook up camera temporally to see how it work. Took me awhile to set up part of it, I can?t get port forward to work (can?t remotely view camera, can?t receive email alert). Have to call in tech support. And leave massage if they can call me back after I get off work. They agree to call me back then I notice it will be after their after of hour of operation. I didn?t think they would call me. But they did!! After over 30 minute on the phone, my system is up and running. I?m very impress with their service. I like plug n play camera feature. Picture quality is superb. I like email notification, remote viewing, I wish they have PTZ cam in HD, or they might have but I just couldn?t find it. Very happy with product.

229 out of 439


Location: Eugene, Oregon

Camera install was difficult due to crawl space. Once cables were installed, the project came together in a snap! Picture quality (even on a VGA monitor) is great. Navigating through the customization process was intuitive. Just finished installing this weekend. The port forwarding process is more involved than anticipated. I just upgraded the high-speed internet modem and have a separate router. I am working through this now and think that once completed, the online access will be great. Overall, this is a very good product that I recommend.

230 out of 439


Location: Utah

The shipment came nicely packaged with very good instructions. All parts are functioning. Disappointed with the night view sensitivity and the constant motion caused by bugs (all cameras may suffer from this though). A couple of my cameras fogged up but it later went away. Hopefully that doesn't continue. Have a firmware mismatch error when checking for the latest firmware and the 1x5 view doesn't show one of the cameras showing a "No Resource" error. I'm hoping support will clear these items up. Overall a very solid product for the price.

231 out of 439


Location: NJ

I would have given 5 stars if it weren't for the 2 cons listed below. I received my order in a week of ordering. Great price for a powerful system on sale at COSTCO. Easy connections(POE RJ45), and set up on LAN. Very sharp pictures in day time, and night. Has digital zoom in menu. Hard to set up to view on my i-phone. Still working on it. This system is like a professional system on a budget. Two cameras out of 6 had a blurry pic when first connected. When I tried to clean the lens, I saw moisture in both of them. Customer support sent me one camera, waiting for the 2nd replacement camera.The 1080P resolution has to be set, and is not default, which is a surprise since it is advertised as HD.

Pros: GREAT price for Professional like system with sharp picture day & night. Good customer support so far. They offered an additional 1 year warranty for writing a review! Easy set up with POE RJ45 camera connections. Digital zoom.

Cons: Moisture in 2 cameras shows poor Quality control. Hard to set up Remote view on i-phone. Customer support is only on week days, not on weekends. I only have weekends to work on the system. Will have to try Costco concierge service. Need to set higher resolution for HD when installing system.

232 out of 439


Location: Michigan

Great Product---arrived quickly and set up was easy. Just some minor problems with port forwarding, but my neighbor had just installed his Lorex System and helped me out. All is now functioning. Pictures are very clear and I did not find the fan on the NVR to be any louder than the fan on my PC.

233 out of 439


Location: Pennsylvania

I have only installed two of the six cameras (one dome and one bullet) so far, but have found great ease of set up and an amazingly clear sharp pictures using a separately purchased 23" 1080p monitor. We like to leave the cameras up so we can make a quick assessment of what is going on around the house or to see who is at the door so a separate monitor works best for us. The networking was easy to set up and the pictures look great on my iPhone. If you do a live comparison I have found about a 5 to eight second delay when viewing on the iPhone and recorded playback is really slow on the iPhone (like 5-8 seconds for each second of playback) but that could well be related to my cable upload capabilities as I have no issues at all using playback on my home computer) but the view is more than sufficient to see what is occurring at the present time. The night vision is working very well too.

The only problem I have had so far is that one of the bullet cameras did not tighten very well so it would fully lock its position in place. Before installing I was able to take a rubber O-ring and slip it over the wire and camera housing and insert it inside the housing where the two sets of circular teeth would normally grip in the base of the unit by the locking ring. That provided the extra depth the unit needed to put sufficient pressure on the rotating ball so it would stay in place.

The cameras detect motion very well. While I have not tried to set an email notification up yet for motion, I would think that the sensitivity of the motion would cause a lot of false positives, but maybe I will try that later as there are still settings I have not tried to experiment with yet.

I did note that the sequencing mode appears to go through all 8 cameras and not just the six that came with the system. So you end up with two "Lorex" screens until it rotates back to Camera 1. Not sure if that is adjustable but it would be good if you could select the cameras you wanted to see in the rotation.

The other item is it was very helpful to see this video -

It greatly helped with the initial installation especially related to stopping the beeping, changing the cameras from the default 720 to 1080

The quick networking guide also tells you to go to http://www, in BIG LETTERS but that turns out to be a bad URL. You need to go to and set up an account to get your DDNS code.

Overall I am very happy with the system and looking forward to hooking up my other four cameras. So far the hardest part of this project has been crawling around the attic to install the Ethernet cables between the cameras and the NVR.

234 out of 439


Location: Jersey city

Great System, easy ti install, not easy to sey up program cost me $200

235 out of 439


Location: NYC


-Great image quality
-iPhone & Mac app
-Easy setup (Yes, this depends on your technical know-how. Though, I'm sure Lorex support can guide those of us in need.)

-None (So far. Fingers crossed.)

236 out of 439


Location: New York

I have a couple of Lorex DVRs and this one is by far the best. Installation of the DVR, camera, and apps was fairly simple. And yes, once you go 1080p, you'll never look back. Image quality is finally where you'd expect it to be in the age of high quality mobile cameras. I'm pleased.

237 out of 439


Location: Chicago. IL

Love this product. It may seem overwhelming to install and get it up and running, but after laying out install plan and getting my hands a little dirty it was worth the effort. Not only by saving tons of money, rather to say I did it myself. Back to reviewing this product, we went with NVR 1080p and vs other ones available. The cameras deliver perfect quality and as previously mentioned is pretty much a DIY package. I would gladly recommend this product to business owners or those people who are looking for the highest quality CCTV system without breaking the bank.

238 out of 439


Location: Shelby Twp., MI

I am very happy with this system so far. I just got it up and running a few days ago. The daytime picture quality is great! The nighttime picture quality is very good. I'm having a little problem with some landscape lighting keeping some of the cameras from going into nightvision mode. I'm working on it. Setting everything up was pretty easy. My router was not in the list for the automatic port forwarding app, which made things a little harder. I installed some of the cameras on the second story (colonial). They don't seem to pick up motion very well from that distance, so I am leaving them on continuous record. I was able to get a wireless mouse to work with no problems. My neighbor saw my system and bought one for himself. I did put a surge protector and battery backup on the NVR. Once I got the router problem worked out, getting the phone app working was a piece of cake. I love Costco, but wish they would have had an 8 camera system instead of the 6 they offered and then making me purchase the 2 additional cameras from Lorex or where ever. I don't use the remote control, it seems useless. I prefer the mouse. The system almost paid for itself today, I heard a knock on the front door, I first checked out that camera and saw it was some kid going door to door selling something - didn't even have to get up for that one! We had a bad storm last night, using the cameras I saw that my wife left the umbrella up on the patio and one of my downspouts is blocked. Good luck!

239 out of 439


Location: Maryland

Extremely happy with this system. Hardest part was running the wires through the attic to get to the camera locations. Configuring the router firewall took a couple tries but I ultimately got it to work. Ordered the two additional cameras to max the system out to 8 cameras. So far so good. Would buy again at this point.

240 out of 439


Location: Garland

Excellent product, very clear and details picture, wide angle camera, POE / 1080P resolution is the way to go for camera now day, dome camera is look great inside living room and front door. Highly recommended.

241 out of 439


Location: South Carolina

Power over Ethernet is the way to go. Installed system myself. I had to tweak my ATT router to view over the Internet. Awesome system. Recommend highly.

242 out of 439


Location: Hampton, VA

Product arrived with all components needed to set up the system and get it operational. All major components (NVR & Cameras) were operational, with no problem. Installation was relatively simple and power-over ethernet (POE) operating mode for the IP cameras eased installation. The menus for NVR and camera operation are straight-forward. The operator manual is very detailed and generally easy to understand. Lorex site has additional information (text and video) on installation and operation -if needed). Resolution of camera video is very good (am using a Samsung 21.5" HDMI 1080p monitor). The NVR is refreshingly quite in operation. The Lorex client and browser plug-in software is easy to use (I have both Macintosh and PC (Windows)). You must access the Lorex site to download Macintosh client software and Safari plug-in (OS X Intel processor compatible). I did find I had to enable DHCP (Dynamic network set IP address for the NVR) in order to get the Mac software up and running -I could not get the Mac setup running using a static IP address for the NVR that is recommended by Lorex for setting up DDNS remote access. Remote access requires port forwarding the NVR via the network router/gateway. Since I use Apple Airport Extreme (AE) routers in my home network setting up remote acces is somewhat of a problem. Instructions on how to port-forward using AE router and latest Airport Utility are not available through Lorex nor readily available on the internet. Overall Rated installation, quality and ease of use as 4/5 as compared to: what I expected, and relative to installation and use based on my experience with other computer / network equipment I use.

243 out of 439


Location: CA, USA

I am very happy with this product , it basically does everything that is advertised. High resolution Videos, helpful support from the company, and easy operated system .

244 out of 439


Location: La Verne

This system looks very clear. This systems works CCTV system I have ever had

245 out of 439


Location: Patterson, LA

Customer support stinks. After being on hold for 1 hour I selected to retain my place in line and have tech support call me. That was 3 days ago and still no call back.

246 out of 439


Location: DFW, Texas

This is my first video surveillance system. For my house, this was the perfect number of cameras and the system is incredible, the resolution of the cameras is great for both day and night viewing. The 2 TB drive has lots of recording capability and I have found it easy to set up. Great product, good features. Since this is my first system, I cannot compare it to anything but am very impressed so far.

247 out of 439


Location: Anderson, SC

Easy installation of the hardware. Except for the nvr not being wireless. Had to run a ethernet cable upstairs. The interface is easy and cameras do a fine job. Clear. You have to be an IT expert to get the system for remote playback on the MAC. Every company should have MAC software readly available. i like the system so far,

248 out of 439


Location: Texas

I purchased the LNR280 system (8 channel NVR, 4 bullet, and 2 dome cameras) through on 8/13/13 and the package arrived 3 days later. The package and its contents arrived in good shape and all items were taped/sealed nicely. However, 2 bullet cameras had condensation on the inside of the lens straight out of the box. I contacted customer service and they are sending me replacement cameras along with shipping labels to return the defective units. The Quick Networking Guide made setup a snap. Contrary to some other reviews, the fan on the NVR unit is fine. If you are planning to locate the NVR on your bedside nightstand, you might want to reconsider. Otherwise, fan noise is a non-issue. I haven?t referenced the user manual just yet, but I have found the system/user interface to be very intuitive. Since I can?t give a 4.5 star rating, I?m going to give the system 4 stars. The fact that 2 new cameras arrived with condensation inside the lens?the odds give me pause about the quality of the cameras as well as how the cameras will perform in the elements. According to the documentation, these cameras have an Ingress Protection rating of IP66. I plan to submit a follow up review on timely receipt of the replacement cameras from customer service along with how the cameras are holding up against the weather.

249 out of 439


Location: Surrey BC Canada

Great product - easy set up!
Works easily and the picture quality is awesome!

250 out of 439


Location: Dallas, GA

Great product! Picture quality is great (much better than expected). Getting the system going was very easy with only a few minor mishaps like I don't like heights! I recommend the products.

251 out of 439


Location: Anderson SC

I received my order fairly quickly. Product boxed well and seems to be quality equipment. Installation went fairly well. Took approx 7 hours to install 6 cameras and run the ethernet cables. One thing I did not know when ordering was the NVR will NOT connect to your Wi-Fi. You must run a LAN cable from your NVR to your router. Very Painful. Second, the easy install disk is for PC only. No MAC. The instructions are on the Lorex website and are very confusing. Please, If you are not an IT engineer you will be on hold with customer service. Total wait time for me over 2 days was 3 hours. If you are having internet connectivity issues like I was, you have to speak to a level 2 service tech. Wait time minimum 45 minutes. The guy I spoke to one morning was somewhat rude but we seemed to get things worked out. Later on in the day after my system stopped working remotely i gave them another call. I got the same tech . He was visibly tired and aggravated with talking to none tech people. Very rude and short. My system works most of the time but still get cannot connect issues . I hope a one year warranty will be enough. Would I buy again?? Probably not. But other systems may be even more confusing. Image quality is good though. My fan is faily quiet. Not loud at all.

252 out of 439



Costco had a special on this product and our old system was not doing a very good job and seemed very blurry even after tweaking with it. Everything was packed neatly in one box. I was anxious to see how far I could see with the camera so I roughly plugged everything together and held the camera out the back door. WOW! I could not believe what I saw. The picture was super sharp even from across the driveway. I brought the camera back into the house and went into a room and shut off the lights and closed the door. Once again, the IR LED's lit the room up like a spot light. I could see everything. I spent the next three days removing the old system and installing the new. One thing that was nice was having 600 feet of CAT5E cable included. The power for the camera is run down one of the set of wires in this cable as well. Once the cabling is run all you have to do is plug in the camera and your up and running like a champ. Very easy installation. The only reason why it took me three days is because I opted to run the cables in the wall and run them to length. This meant rebuilding several ends.
After the system was up I installed the software on my computer and that went fairly smooth. Now this is where I have to ding them. In order to be able to view your cameras remotely (say at while at work) you have to have port forwarding turned on. The directions make it sound easy, but it isn't and I have yet to be able to get it enabled. I will need to call tech support to see if they can walk me through it. Other than that, getting it to come up on you computer is pretty easy and now I can view anything from my laptop. It is a great system and for the size of the camera's the range of the view is outstanding. One last thing. The dome cameras are not PTZ. I made the mistake of assuming they were and they are not. It would have been really nice if they would have been.

253 out of 439


Location: Wilmington, NC

We really enjoy being able to view around our house and yard while we are away from home. I found the set-up challenging at times with the delays in setting up the DDNS and getting all required data in the right place.

I would suggest anyone setting up a system to take your time and allow for the given network delays in the accepting of changes and when you add cameras and set-up online viewing.

Overall we enjoy it, despite the set-up challenges, which may of been my hurry up attitude actually slowing me down.

254 out of 439


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

My order was quick and simple from Costco. Installation instructions and configuration was pretty straightforward. Simply stated this is one of the best systems you can buy for the money. I spent a lot of time researching systems and decided on IP cameras along with an NVR, the Lorex system provided 2TB of storage and 6 IP (1080) cameras - great deal for the price. I have read many comments about excessive fan noise - I don't think it is an issue at all.

I would absolutely buy this system again. You cannot go wrong!!

255 out of 439


Location: Brick,NJ

The equipment came packed very well. Very easy to set up. Picture looks great at 1080P very clear in the daytime( night not as clear). Very nice system !

256 out of 439


Location: USA

Good picture, easy setup. Two problems:
-the 5+1 and 7+1 screen does not seem to work (I have seen others with issues on this). I spent 30 minutes switching cables and cameras until I found that a 3x3 screen was required.
-I could not get the email to work, and the manual does not explain it. I have another system, so I know a lot of the settings, but I will have to work with support to get this solved.

257 out of 439


Location: Sarasota, FL

I purchased the LNR280 HD system with 6 cameras through for use at home. I am so pleased with the quality of both the NVR as well as the cameras. Everything worked perfectly right out of the box. The picture quality is fantastic and the system is so easy to operate. By using the Lorex DDNS system, I am able to access the system from my office, from my iPhone and just about anywhere there's internet capability, and am amazed at how easily everything just works. I put the system on a shelf in my den closet, so the fan noise is not an issue for me.

My kudos to Lorex for offering a well made, easy to operate HD NVR system at such a great price point.

258 out of 439


Location: Home

Bought the system from Was purchased to replace another system that was starting to have problems. Found the instructions to be reasonably easy to follow. Novice user may find the port forwarding to be a challenge, but I understand from other posters that Tech Support is very helpful.

Also, earlier posts have complained about the fan noise. I find the fan on this unit is very quiet, so maybe the manufacturer has sorted it out. Am very impressed with the clarity of the picture.

I do find it hard to search through recordings for specific events. I have not found a way to speed the search up, so it can be very tedious.

The Apps for my tablet and phone leave a little to be desired, but all in all a great system for the money. You can't go wrong with Lorex for a home surveillance solution.

259 out of 439


Location: Cary, NC

While I am thoroughly impressed with the product and I have a few suggestions for improvement.

What I like in this product: My order arrived within a 3-4 days of my order at Costco online. PoE for cameras made the installation much easier. My house has brick facade all around. So the installer had to make holes through the brick. Running one wire from each camera to recorder made the job much simpler. These cameras are tiny and cannot be noticed from 50 feet away unless you're looking for them. The camera configuration is automatic - just takes about a minute but it just works. Really like the 1080p HD quality video from these cameras. Very good image from dawn to dusk. The software allows you to access the system from anywhere using a free DDNS service Lorex provides. You can monitor live or search for video based on various events - I find it quite useful. You don't have watch the entire video - simply jump to the place where some motion was detected. The mobile app in iPAD and Samsung Galaxy (S3 and S4) works flawlessly. You can watch live or search events and watch recording. It has a nice feature to define areas within a camera's view to detect motion and send you email for example. It works well except if you're not careful, you could get hundred's of emails from for every little motion of leaves from wind. The best part is that it can be adjusted and it works!! Solid product!! It is working well with 30fps on 6 channels. Assume it will support 30fps on 8 channels.

What I don't like so much: 1. The night vision picture is not the same HD quality - didn't expect it to be but it could have been better. I guess they had to balance how much power they supplied to the camera from their built in PoE switch. I am thinking of supplementing with external infrared light source. Around twilight, the camera keeps switching back and forth between daylight and nightvision until it is more bright or dark. 2. The dome cameras only seem to work with ceiling installation. It appears to flip the image for wall installation. We couldn't figure out how to mount on a wall. 3. The wide angle on these cameras is at 4mm. Could have been a bit wider - but given the price point I think it is okay.

In short, this system can give a good run for money to other similar systems that cost close to $3000. For less than half the price, you have to accept a few minor compromises.

One side note, at 1080p full HD continuous recording for 6 cameras, it has used almost 1 TB in about 3 days. It seems the disk will start to overwrite in about 6 days. I will probably need to add a few more TBs to get at least one full week in HD recording. Good thing - it is designed to allow another disk.

260 out of 439


Location: Gainesville, FL

Excellent price for a 1080p product. Cameras work well in the daytime. The IRs on the domes are slightly covered by the black foam surrounding the lens so will have to see how this affects night time performance. Overall a great value.

261 out of 439


Location: Livermore CA

I bought 2 wireless cameras for indoor monitoring and 4 external wired around the outside perimeter of the house. Everything was so simple and easy to connect and configure. I could not believe the ease of use and the amazing number of configuration settings available for each camera. I would highly recommend this powerful product to anyone interested in monitoring their home.

262 out of 439


Location: Port Angeles

This was a very easy setup and program. Has been running great for a week now. I even did my router programming. Worth the money.

263 out of 439


Location: San Carlos, CA

Bought this product from costco on sale. Received it within promised time. Documentation is good, I didnt have any problems setting up the recorder. Took a little longer to setup DDNS, but documentation was clear enough. I only got into trouble when i started rushing things and assuming what the next steps are (i.e. skipping instructions). Overall I'm happy with the product, and its definitely a keeper for us.

It took me a little bit to get familiar with the interface, but after I got used to it, I find it intuitive (enough) and fairly rich in functions.

Their phone support is lagging a bit. Before I placed an order I called the sales dept, and was on hold for about 45 min. Their online support is fairly responsive.

264 out of 439


Location: carlsbad ca

My customer purchased this system and I installed it for them. This product is wondeful from a service provider perspective. The product works as presented and the cables which came with the order are 100 ft in length. I enjoyed installing this product in the San Diego Ca area . Tweetelectric

265 out of 439


Location: Ohio

I put this system up 1 week ago. I am very impressed with the picture quality. I had a three year old 4 channel Lorex DVR that did the job but wanted to upgrade. I am glad I did! Its like going from watching tv on a black & white tv from the 70's to watching HD tv with today's quality. I love POE cuz now I dont have a bunch of power supplies to deal with. I use it at my restaurant/bar & I can zoom in & see such details as condiments on burgers! Set up was pretty easy for me but I have little IT experience. Remote viewing works great on my Apple & Android devices (would like them to revamp their mobile apps). Keep n mind your gonna use bandwidth with this system cuz its networked so account for that when viewing locally & remotely. Even if I didn't it would b pretty straight forward. The port forwarding app they include will do the difficult parts for u. Only issue I have with system is multiple view. I would like more options, configurations & it just needs updated. I hope to they update firmware...others had spoke of this so im hopeful they listen & do so. Tech support can take a while but they will get it solved. Looks like menu's r n linux...looks good. I would defiantly recommend this system. It just looks amazing! Very nicely done Lorex :)

266 out of 439


Location: Ohio

I put this system up 1 week ago. I am very impressed with the picture quality. I had a three year old 4 channel Lorex DVR that did the job but wanted to upgrade. I am glad I did! Its like going from watching tv on a black & white tv from the 70's to watching HD tv with today's quality. I love POE cuz now I dont have a bunch of power supplies to deal with. I use it at my restaurant/bar & I can zoom in & see such details as condiments on burgers! Set up was pretty easy for me but I have little IT experience. Remote viewing works great on my Apple & Android devices (would like them to revamp their mobile apps). Keep n mind your gonna use bandwidth with this system cuz its networked so account for that when viewing locally & remotely. Even if I didn't it would b pretty straight forward. The port forwarding app they include will do the difficult parts for u. Only issue I have with system is multiple view. I would like more options, configurations & it just needs updated. I hope to they update firmware...others had spoke of this so im hopeful they listen & do so. Tech support can take a while but they will get it solved. Looks like menu's r n linux...looks good. I would defiantly recommend this system. It just looks amazing! Very nicely done Lorex :)

267 out of 439


Location: Foster City, CA

In all, not user friendly... When changing camera positions, in Live View, you must preform eleven functions, instead of just dragging the camera to a new location.
Many bugs... Multi Screen leaves one camera location black with No Resource message.
With six cameras installed, you only get all six images in the 3X3 format, and then you find eight locations using up the screen, with two black.
Playback in full screen (1080), on a HD 1080 TV, leaves the operation buttons hidden just below the screen.
Instant Playback doesn't work on the individual camera positions, No Resource message.
Double click with the mouse hardly ever works, even with a different mouse that I know works properly.
The recorder is noisy.

268 out of 439


Location: Downers Grove, IL

I had been contemplating purchasing a surveillance system for about a year but was not too excited about getting power to the cameras. When I saw this system on with the P.O.E. cameras and HD quality that got me pull the plug. I did contact Lorex customer service to inquire as to whether or not the P.O.E. cables could be coupled together for runs longer that 100'. They couldn't give me an answer except to say they could sell me a 300' Cable. I went on some other forums and found that cables could be connected with a simple coupler from Home Depot. I took a good part of 3 days running cables around my home as I wanted the cleanest look possible. Without getting into details I ran the cable through my wood soffits/eves and added extra vents to help fish them through and to make connections near the camera installation.

I installed 6 cameras and cut the cable to length and learned to install new Ethernet ends on them after borrowing a friends crimping tool. I was glad that I learned to do that as that skill will come in handy this day in age. Surprisingly, when I connected all the cameras and cables to the NVR they all worked and were all displayed in less than 2 minutes.

I had initially planned on installing the NVR in my basement storage room by my networking panel and then run the HDMI cord to my flat screen tv in the room right above but then realized during the set up you have to use the mouse to do so and have the monitor in sight. I had though that I would be able to use the included remote to do that. Unfortunately there is not on jack on the NVR to connect an infrared remote control. I then had to move the NVR upstairs and install in my home theater cabinet. I had heard about the noise it gives off but its not that bad as others have suggested.

I'm not too technology savvy and didn't want to spend a lot of time figuring how to set up port forwarding, ip addresses and everything else so I called the technical support people and they were awesome. They walked me though everything and eventually synced up with my laptop and made all the necessary changes. They got my IPhone 4 and laptop setup to access remotely. I have since contacted them after Comcast changed out my modem/router and was having remote connection problems, and they once again synced up with my laptop and router and made the necessary adjustments. Technical support has been nothing short of awesome. In the end I am very satisfied with my purchase and the Lorex product and support

269 out of 439


Location: CA

Very easy installation. Great quality during both night and day. I wish all the connections were not pre-terminated so that I could have drilled smaller holes.

270 out of 439


Location: Toronto

I purchased the base system from Costco, then purchased an additional dome camera from the Lorex website directly. Shipping in both cases was simple and effecient. Setup was straightforward (I had issues using the Lorex DDNS to gain access to remote and mobile viewing but solved this problem by using another DDNS service). I am now able to view cameras remotely when I'm away from home across a multitude of devices and the image quality is great!

Three annoyances I've discovered so far:
1) It wasn't intuitive on how to change recording mode from "continuous" to "motion" and it took awhile of playing around with the software for the settings to finally "take".

2) Motion capture: I want the cameras to email me whenever they detect motion. I turned it on one evening and woke up the next morning to 75 new emails! I've played around with sensitivity settings and motion masks to try and optimize this but thus far it seems I either get no emails, or a ton of them. I'm hoping for a firmware update to improve this important functionality so that it only triggers when large objects walk through teh firled of vision.

3) You can't configure the image 'snapshots' that are actually sent in the email attachment when the motion alarm is triggered. They are terribly small images, I'd like the option to bump up the size a bit.

Otherwise, I've been happy with the purchase thus far.

271 out of 439


Location: Hawaii

bought item on line, was to get free x2 day shipping I was charged for expedited shipping and item was received in x 6 days . System is very easy to install, the night vision to me do's not look very clear at all I hope it's just an adjustment , in the day lite looks great , one camera was received bad , I stated that when I contacted cust. service I was told don't wory but. well see . The only problem I had is the quality of your custom services. First of all, it took me 8 min. of recordings each call befoer an answer . Secondly, the line was off when a first level representative passes the line to a higher level support after being on hold again 8 min. I get a recording saying wait is 30 min. to 60 min. if I chose a call back option some one would get back to me. waited several hours and never received a call back. I called again the next day did get help viewing cameras on my lap top , when I asked for assistance to do be able to view with my Ipad, I was told the instructions show me how to do that just to read them, then said im glad I was able to assist you and hung up. As for a product it self review very good for , customer service I feel is very poor. As a new customer and experiencing this was very bad.

272 out of 439


Location: Aiken, SC

I have only installed one camera but so far the system has worked great. It was easy to set up and besides waiting an hour on the phone the technical support has been great! I wish it had audio but I knew it didn't when I ordered it so I still gave it 5 stars.

273 out of 439


Location: San Diego

Wow, what amazing cameras in every way. Picture quality is unmatched. The Power-over-Ethernet makes installation a snap. I easily monitor activity from other computers and my Samsung Galaxy. Hoping Lorex comes out with a cloud solution that will record offsite for even higher security. Highly recommend.

274 out of 439


Location: Bay area SF, CA

Pros: Good quality on images

Easy setup on both hardware & remote monitoring

Cons: Noisy fan

275 out of 439


Location: Kent, WA

Bought online from Costco. Delivered promptly. Installed two cameras with no problems. Internet access was challenging but finally got it working (tip: remote login name is "admin" NOT the the name assigned when you register for DDNS). However, with the iPhone app, only playback works, NOT live view. This needs to be corrected in order for a higher *** rating.

276 out of 439


Location: Bay Area, CA

We live in the country where crime is very low but we wanted to be able to see what was happening on our property with a click as opposed to racing to five different windows. Now when the dogs go nuts outside I just pick up my iphone and use Lorex.

I did a lot of research on systems before making this purchase. After viewing a woman being beaten in her own home that was captured on a low res system and not being able to make out the assailant's face even though it was a well lit room, I decided on a 1080p system. The fact that this system has auto port forwarding as well as power over ethernet (POE) were added benefits. Based on recommendations from owners of many systems, I first connected everything on the floor and powered up to check every piece of the system prior to actual install. I did the initial work with the NVR connected to my laptop through a switch and router - that worked but it became much easier once I connected a monitor to the NVR and was then able to use the remote and mouse.

The video is awesome!

The ddns works very well. Follow the instructions step by step. Be advised that you need to change the default admin password by logging in to the ddns and then modifying the admin user. I could not do this through hdnet on my computer, only in the ddns portal. But once done, a piece of cake and I then set up a user for my wife to access with her iphone and ipad.

I have not yet set up motion detection for the cameras. Frankly we have so many animals wandering on our property, I am not certain this will be a benefit for us.

Was initially concerned with the reaction of my neighbors as it is hard to confine the field of view to just my property but they are enthusiastic about the system and are talking about making their own purchase more so for viewing their horses than crime prevention.

I give four out of five stars simply because I have not fully evaluated all of the features involved with this system, but I am very happy with this purchase.

277 out of 439


Location: Dover, Florida

We bought the system through Costco a few weeks ago. It is not installed yet at our store, but I tested the cameras and set up remote viewing through phone and PC. It is really easy, all works basically through plug in and play. Cameras give a great picture, both daytime and night vision. Installation now will be a snap, as all we have to do is mount the cameras and feed the cables through the ceiling tile. Great system, good value and real easy set up.

278 out of 439


Location: Michigan

The product worked smooth right out of the box. Cameras were simple plug and play. Had troubles with port forwarding my router to configure with my lorex system. I called tech support and was able to resolve the issue. The problem was with my router. So far this is a great system.

279 out of 439


Location: New Jersey

Camera Resolution is great. Setup was easy although I needed assistance from Tech Support to setup the remote settings due to the fact that I have a Mac. The fans is a little noisy. I was hoping to use the digital zoom but was told that these cameras although have great resolution do not support digital zoom. I was told by tech support that the digital zoom versions of these quality cameras are not out yet. When those cameras are available, I will be looking to get some more cameras.
All in all, I am very satisfied with this product.

280 out of 439


Location: Dallas

Good value and respectable performance. Keep in mind this is not a professional system, but for the $$ it is ok. Received the order promptly. Hooked up the camera's prior to install to make sure all was ok. Had issue with slight moisture buildup in the lens. (-1 star) This camera was in the texas heat for 6 hours when I noticed the buildup. Makes viewing hazy and blurred. The 1080 quality is good. Overall the NVR is easy to navigate and set up. The view over Macbook and Iphone set up were a bit cumbersome. Spent 3 hours trying to configure, as Lorex doesn't include clear procedures for Mac users. (-1 Star) I had to contact tech support and after about 30 min of wait time, was able to speak to a live person. Tech support could be better.
The set is not perfect, but when you compare it to all other systems in it's price range, in my opinion, it is far superior to the others .Lorex uses HlkVision cameras which are similar to the Swann PoE units but they are not compatible with Swann or HlkVision cameras since Lorex uses their own firmware.

281 out of 439


Location: Omaha, NE

My impressions so far are good. I've tested out the cameras and ran the included cable (turned my hands grey) and will mount them in the coming days. There are a few things I'm still figuring out, but wanted to extend my warranty so that is my review.

282 out of 439


Location: NJ

Installations and instruction was very clear. Customer service was great. Due to my router issue was not able to view the content on my cell. After creating ticket, Customer service called me on same day and resolved the issue.

Picture quality is ok was expecting better. Camera does get warm. Everything work as expected.

283 out of 439


Location: Staten Island

This is so far the best ever POE NVR 1080P True HD security system money can buy! I have done extensive research before settling for this system online compared to numerous other products/packages, nothing could beat the QQP (Quality,Quantity,Price). System is easy plug & play setup right out of the box and you can easily customize camera/recording/motion sensor settings. I am not sure about one comment that i read below about some noisy fan from the system? I have the system setup right in my kitchen and its super quiet till the camera detects motion on the selected grid and alerts you with beeping sound and full screen picture which is an excellent feature to alert. I have been using the system for over a week now since i got it delivered and i must say i'm highly impressed with the life like picture clarity. I have just one issue with the system regarding not being able to watch the system remotely due to Time Warner Cable's secured wifi modem/router?? Which is secured and can't do port forwarding as per LOREX Customer Service support which truly sucks and i would have to buy my own modem/router just to get the remote view setup on smartphone/ipad/iphone. Besides this not so minor issue system is two thumbs up ! (Highly Recommended/Worth every penny).

284 out of 439


Location: Cleveland, OH

Ordered the LNR280 from Costco and it was delivered in 3 days. Camera setup was quick and easy. All the remote access wizards ran without errors but I still cannot access via the Lorex DDNS. Still struggling with this. Disappointed that a wireless mouse did not work and haven't quite figured out the remote completely yet. The video is excellent but the screen capture jpg resolution stinks. Still looking into this. I think I am going to keep the system. I haven't tried to contact tech support yet. Overall this seems to be a high quality system.

285 out of 439


Location: NY

The Lorex build and documentation quality surpassed that of another brand I had tried. The ease of running video over CAT5 is the best. Love the interface. Hughesnet satellite users - though their limited technical support claims they do no port blocking, there is no way to enable port forwarding to enable streaming viewing. The solution was to to do remote connection to a computer.

286 out of 439


Location: Trumbull, Ct.

The equipment came well packaged to prevent any damage during shipping. Set up was simple, the 100' ft cat5e cables were plenty long as my house is a ranch and the DVR is located on the other end of the house. I was able to get the system up and running, even get the mobile app functioning with no issues, however when I left my home network I could not view the cameras. I contacted customer service and advised them of the problem and they were able to remotely access my computer / router and make the changes necessary to be able to view the cameras remotely. The cameras work well and the picture quality is great I am pleased with the ease of use once its up and running, however there is no basic instruction manual. You need to get the DVR hooked in order to get the IP address to get internet access and I just wish it was stated in a manual rather than having to figure that part out. Other than that the system works well and I would recommend it.

287 out of 439


Location: Texas

Great system. The POE cameras are very easy to setup and offer extended distance. Picture quality in 1080 HD is very good. The instructions to setup cameras , ddns and port forwarding are straight forward and easy. My system was setup in less than a hour. I use my OC, iPhone and iPad to monitor.

288 out of 439


Location: New York, NY

Pros: poe connectivity, night vision has good distance, easy setup with no extra power cables, nice clear picture quality, very good performing system great value, 1080 video at 30 fps, 2 tb hard drive can be expanded to 8 tb, wide angle lens, remote connectivity, plug and play with everything included.

Cons: could use more remote features, motion detection is very sensitive, could have better cam housing and sunshades, only compatible with lorex brand poe cameras

Model Number: LNR 280

My reviews are based on numerous factors and for this reason, I gave this kit 5 stars. It is not a professional system and it is not priced like one either. Setup of this system is very easy if you have experience running cables and working with computers. The quality of the image captured can be set to low or high and 720p or 1080. I have tested out the system prior to installing it and I find the image quality is great when set to it's highest setting and viewed on a 1080p monitor. The included DVR works well and has many useful functions. The android app works good as does the included HD Client software. The bullet cameras are small enough to not appear overpowering on a house and the dome cameras are small as well. The cams housings are plastic but so is my Nikon DSLR. Plastic is not always a bad thing.

No, The set is not perfect, but when you compare it to all other systems in it's price range, in my opinion, it is far superior to the others .Lorex uses HlkVision cameras which are similar to the Swann PoE units but they are not compatible with Swann or HlkVision cameras since Lorex uses their own firmware.

If you want a professional 6 camera system, look to pay more for the DVR than this whole setup costs. For a home camera system, I recommend this Lorex system.

289 out of 439


Location: California

Wow, 10x much quieter than the previous model sold at Cosco. So easy to install. Spending this much for a security camera is worth it considering you are buying yourself peace of mind through a reliable camera system.

290 out of 439


Location: Issaquah

Physical set up easy. There was nice detail in the tools provided. I have ceiling tile in my shop so devised an alternative to the screws in most of my installations. Nice images. I am still struggling to get remote viewing working. Surely it is one small detail. I think today I will call and someone will just say...oh yeah, you have to to this...and I will say duh...however I would rather have enough direction to be able to do it without calling. My iphone set up is in the same place.... My PC's have set up really easily while sharing the network. I would call this typical for my tech skill level which is um...moderate but adventurous.

291 out of 439


Location: Hawaii

The system is cool n the cameras are high in quality. Running the wires is a pain in the butt!!! Oh and if you have a Mac book or any type of apple product, do not buy this product!!!!! I still can't get these cameras hooked up cause the wizard for Mac sucks! Good luck

292 out of 439


Location: Manteca, CA

Reviewed High & Low for a product that worked for my home. I live in a cookie cutter neighborhood and my house is average at 2000 sq. ft. I have a decent yard with a pool and have high ceiling inside and high rooflines outside 22' ft. + and wanted to find something that would keep my wife and daughters and home safe when I wasn't around. After lots of research I saw this Lorex system on sale at and so I went for it. Yes there may always be better or cheaper, but can you really beat buying from Costco?

So I set the first camera up and I have to say WOW great qaulity picture and this is just indoor with average lighting!! The GUI on the NVR is very easy to work and will just take some time to learn all of it.

I'm on the phone right now with Lorex support to get my DDNS working so that I can view the video remotely on my Android Phone. I'm sure the wait my be a little bit (I've waited as little as 5 minutes and as long as 1 hr. from past calls), but I'm hopeful that they will resolve my issue.

Thanks for the great product and price!

293 out of 439


Location: Prescott Arizona

Installation and setup of this system was easy. The high definition is fantastic. However, beware the mounting knuckle on the exterior camera has a potential for a water leak. We installed our cameras to watertight exterior electrical boxes that are caulked to the wall. Last week we had a heavy rain with driving wind and one of our new camera boxes somehow became full of water thus shorting the connection blowing out the camera. After rechecking the watertight boxes we discovered that if you look through the back of the camera mount that you can see daylight through the knuckle and it doesn't matter what angle the knuckle position is in, (you can still see the opening in the knuckle). Lorex support was fantastic and they are going replace the camera without question. We have since gone back to each camera and caulked the bending knuckle with silicone and that has seemed to correct the potential design flaw of the exterior camera mounting knuckle.

294 out of 439


Location: San Carlos, CA

LOVE the instructions for installation. We are still in the process of installing the rest of the cameras but it was much faster than we expected. The DVR set up was good - just followed the poster instructions to the letter. I cannot wait to have this up and running -- took us only a few hours to set up the DVR and one camera -- now we're just figuring where we want to install the rest. THANKS! Saved us a lot of money as I had gotten quotes from the security companies and the equipment that they were to sell us alone was way more than the price of these cameras.

295 out of 439


Location: Arizona

Installation and setup of this system was easy. The high definition is fantastic. However, beware the mounting knuckle on the exterior camera has a potential for a water leak. We installed our cameras to watertight exterior electrical boxes that are caulked to the wall. Last week we had a heavy rain with driving wind and one of our new camera boxes somehow became full of water thus shorting the connection blowing out the camera. After rechecking the watertight boxes we discovered that if you look through the back of the camera mount that you can see daylight through the knuckle and it doesn't matter what angle the knuckle position is in, (you can still see the opening in the knuckle). Lorex support was fantastic and they are going replace the camera without question. We have since gone back to each camera and caulked the bending knuckle with silicone and that has seemed to correct the potential design flaw of the exterior camera mounting knuckle.

296 out of 439


Location: Dallas, TX

I racked my brain for 2 months trying to decide on which brand and system to go with for my home. I nearly talked myself into a 16 channel analog setup, but I just couldn't walk away from the potential of 1080p video. After all, what good is it if my camera catches someone doing something if I can't see them clearly enough to identify them?

When it comes to 1080p PoE style systems, I could not find any other residential systems that could compete with the price of this guy. So I gritted my teeth, pulled trigger, and crossed my fingers.

Once it arrived I immediately fired up the NVR, plugged a cam in, and hooked it to a TV. Instant camera image! And what an image it is! My wife was blown away by how sharp it is. AT this point I knew I wanted to wait a few days to mount all my cameras as I will be drilling through mortar and all kinds of other "fun" stuff in order to get the cams mounted properly, however I figured this would be a great time to start setting up the remote viewing functionality.

I was quite impressed with the port forwarding software included with the NVR. Essentially it has scripts for hundreds of routers. Once you identify your router brand, model number, and login info, it will go in and add port forwarding rules for you. If that sounds like greek to you, don't worry - just follow the very clear step by step instructions. The only problem I can foresee is if you happen to own some oddball router that is not on their list.... however there are literally hundreds on there.... so it seems unlikely.

Next you create a lorex account, activate your warranty, and then use the info from your warranty to set up a free DDNS service provided by lorex. This allows you to access your cameras from any network connection without memorizing your IP address. You get to choose your subdomain, so lets say "SmithHouse" (or whatever you want), and it will create a website at SmithHouse.LorexDDNS.Net. Going to that link allows you to login and view your cameras!

There are three warnings here.

A: It can take up to 15 minutes for your DDNS sit to start working, or for any changes you make to it to appear. Be patient. Don't click the create button and then immediately start trying to log in.

B: Change your admin password. Every system comes bundled with the same login info. And not once did the setup ever mention to me that it would be a good idea to change it. Do you want someone logging into your DDNS site and accessing your camera's remotely? I doubt it. So change your password. You can do this directly on your NVR by using the included mouse to right click, left click on configuration, then network, and then user accounts.

C: Some internet services block port 80, which is the default port for this kit. It is also the default port your DDNS will forward too. For an extra layer of protection (or if it is blocked), change your port. ex: lets say you want to change from 80 to 1111. You can do this in the same config menu I mentioned above. You then log into your router, go to the port forwarding section, and modify the rule that the automatic software created for you and change it from 80 to 1111 (or create new rule and delete old one). When accessing your DDNS, type in:

Without knowing the port to type in, no one can find your login screen :)

Info on changing ports *is* providing within the documentation, but it isn't quite as "step-by-step" as the generic install.

The Lorex remote view software is excellent. I have tested their android app, their client software, and their web client. All have excellent pictures in realtime. I am very happy with my system. A++

297 out of 439


Location: Fremont, CA

Camera picture is great. True HD. The software to hook up the system was extremly complicated. I consider myself very good with computers but couldnt get it to work. After about 45 min on hold, the technician was able to connect to my computer and set it up for me remotly. A real help.

298 out of 439


Location: Vancouver, WA

The cameras were easy to install. POE (power over ethernet) is awesome. The picture is very clear. I thought it was a little tricky to get the mobile app working but that just might have been me. Overall great product.

299 out of 439


Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

Purchased LNR 1080p HD 8-channel system from Costco. Arrived in 2 days. I'm already familiar with home/business security camera systems as I currently have another brand, which I'm replacing with this higher-quality system. I was able to unpack the unit, hook up two cameras for set-up and testing, and overall it took about an hour to have it up and running on my computers, iPhone, and two iPads. No problems at all. The documentation is excellent. It walks you through the process in easy-to-understand steps, at least, if you already know something about ip addresses and port forwarding and routers. I have replaced two of my old cameras and have the old system and the new Lorex system running side-by-side, and the difference between a CIF 240 lines legacy camera system and this HD system is night and day. So much clearer, crisper, and brighter both day and night. The detail is incredible! I will gradually re-wire and replace the other 6 cameras around my shop when I get time over the next couple weeks. Overall very happy. As for the fan noise, all electronic units with a hard drive spinning and recording 24/7 needs cooling. That's the way it is. The Lorex system fan is quieter than my old system. Barely noticeable.

300 out of 439


Location: Fairfax,, VA

Needed a system that could see my entire driveway at night (over 80 feet) without additional lighting. This system covers the entire area very well. Best night system I have seen for the money. Especially like the capability to see my property on my iPhone when I am away. This product is sensitive to motion detection and has adequate viewing area and many good useful features. I would recommend this to a friend!

301 out of 439


Location: Sacramento

Great system. Got the costco bundle package with 6 cameras.
Customer service is AWESOME!

302 out of 439


Location: Maui, HI

Let me start by saying that the Lorex brand of CCTV? and DVR/NVR are top of the line equipment that one would be purchasing. I purchased the system through Bad move. Costco didn?t inform me that it would be on sell the next week; I lost $300.00. There are so many other out there as well that could much this system. Now, as a former installer of high end security systems, I have a pretty good knowledge on how to configure out most systems. This was one of those that were not that simple. So I called their tech support. Mind you, I?m in Hawaii and time deference made it hard for me. The wait time is extremely long, but helpful and friendly. I automatically apologize to you as soon as they answer your call. Now, I needed level II assistance, and that took over an hour and thirty minute before I was helped. Once again, very polite and helpful as well as knowledgeable in their field. The quick-start poster and pamphlet were helpful to a point. Once I got help, things moved pretty smoothly. Not every level one tech knows the answers to the simplest android app which made me believe that you may need to figure out something?s on your own. You do pay for true quality system with vandalism built in mind.

Tips: Read the quick setup poster first. Review all information and install software and configure your system out. If you have issues with viewing your system due to port issue and DDNS. Call tech support and ask for level II tech. Once you can view your system on a computer and cell phone. Now install your first camera. You'll see; it will so mush easier to see the location and direction you want to cover.

Pros: The simplicity of the installation using the Ethernet cat 5 cables really help make it an easy installs for the cameras to the NVR. Good-quality clarity day and night video. Great 1080P resolution.

Cons: Remote viewing on both cell phone and computer requires a computer-savvy user.
Model Number: LNR280. Extremely long wait for tech support. No audio and the LNR fan hams loud.

Would I purchase another system from Lorex? Sure I would. However, it would be a wireless system that uses the Stratus connection. I just need Lorex to develop a wireless system that integrates with other wireless alarm system

SR, Maui, HI

303 out of 439


Location: Charlotte, NC

My first security camera system. Waited a long time for the price of IP cameras to drop. Camera critic website reviewed just the cameras as good cameras

These cameras are branded under different names.

Mostly a plug and play setup, totally satisfied, just wish I had more cameras.

304 out of 439


Location: Texarkana, Ar

Bought system online from Coatcomon sale. Good value and appears to be a solid system. Gret picture quality in the daytime with the the 1080 resolution. Hardware install was simple. Configuration and setup easy, except for the port forwarding for the network connection which took some time and a few reads of the manual. Motion detection is the biggest opportunity for this system...very sensistive which leads to several false triggers. DVR is louder than expected too.

305 out of 439


Location: Alabama

Love my upgrade.! Definitely a good experience with Lorex/Costco. Great clarity. wonderful color, Wide viewing angles , easy set up for me, easy to use remote software, fast droid app to view cams. These cams are at least 20% wider view than the 600line cams that I am replacing..NICE. The clarity at night with black /wht surpasses my expectations and is at least 45% cleaner image than the 600line Q-see cams that I replaced. The cameras here are sensitive to the bugs flying at night with the motion activated... no fault of Lorex. I also have already noticed the spider webs forming on the cams that make the motion activate... no fault of Lorex. Have installed viewed and maintained numerous Q-see cam systems that utilized the old non-ip non-hd technology and this system is superior. Finally affordable ($999) for a 6 HD ip cam system for this do it yourselfer. The 1+5 view is gonna get a redo per tech support... only shows 5 of my 6 cams. Saving up for 2 additional IP cams. My Costco order was shipped 2nd day from UPS and recd 2 days later. Plan to hide that dvr...DVR is as loud as a standard refrigerator motor... a little loud, but I put in a cabinet to suppress the uncomfortable fan motor noise.... that thing has to have a powerful fan motor to keep the power over Ethernet cams and hard working DVR cool.... ps. why would anybody want to not hide the dvr. All in all , Only wish each cam would also record audio... probably a legal issue. Wish I could get/afford a ptzoom ip hd cam to go with it. Definitely a good experience with Lorex/Costco.

306 out of 439


Location: south lake tahoe, CA

Customer service was very helpful in selection of what I needed. Having the ability to have HD cameras certainly is a plus--my concern is the lifespan of these cameras. I found that the CAT 5 cables were not useful to me and had replaced them with all-weather cables since the cameras were installed for outdoor surveillance. Lorex should make all weather cables available.

307 out of 439


Location: Plantation, FL

We purchased a Lorex security system after replacing our front doors with hurricane rated doors - that didn't have a peephole because it wasn't available on hurricane rated models. I wanted to know who was at the door before opening it.

The bottom line is the set up was easy, the cost was a third of the quote from our alarm company's quote - without a monthly fee, and we have integrated having the cameras on our property to enhance our daily experience.

Our alarm company but they only offered non-HD cameras and charged for installation as well as a monthly fee, even though the DVR and recording was up to us. They weren't going to monitor the camera feed so I really don't know what they were charging for each month. They quoted 3 times the price of the Lorex system and installation fees. We went to a local store and purchased the Lorex system. The installers set up the cameras through our attic so we could capture the front door and backdoor views. The installers saw the Lorex picture quality on the tv they couldn't get over how clear the images were. They said that the Lorex picture quality was far better than most of the systems they install.

We set up the remote viewing on our smart phones - it was easy, just follow the directions on the quick set up sheet included in the box - so not only can we see the camera view on the tv, we also see what's happening by way of smartphone viewing.

We feel safe in our house and have found other values of having the cameras - we saw that the man who mows our lawn also skims our pool to keep the grass cuttings out; I can see if there is anyone in the backyard when my dog barks by the door instead of getting up from my office chair to find out; today a friend unexpectedly stopped by and my husband saw a car in our driveway on his smartphone and texted me to make sure that everything was ok. When I'm in a meeting in my home office, I sometimes use the view to see if it's raining outside!

We've told our friends and co-workers about the Lorex system and they are sold on it. Now I'm glad the front doors didn't come with peepholes because that was the reason we got the cameras and dvr but the reason we love the system is because we feel safer when we're home and when we're not!


308 out of 439


Location: Picayune, MS

Product arrived quickly and was packaged nicely. Online setup went well and if a situation did arise Lorex tech support is a nice option. Picture quality is very clear (day or night) and the software allows you to really fine tune the system to your specific needs. Client and remote software perform as advertised.

309 out of 439


Location: Oklahoma

Over all a great product. Customer service was excellent. Plug and play excellent. Value for the money spent great. So why only a 4 star. I would think that with the digital zoom that the picture would be a little clearer. Fan noise is on the loud side but I have it in a closet so not a big deal. The biggest thing I love about it is, I can click a button on my smart phone and look at my cameras in just seconds from any place I can get a 3G connection or better. Love that feature and it was not that hard to set up after calling customer service. Great experience so far.

310 out of 439


Location: South Easton, Ma

I absolutely love this system! It's great! From the DNR remote access to the 1080p video. It's the best system I've used so far. The night vision is amazing also. I don't have anything to say bad about the system at all. I've noticed a lot of people complaining about the fan noise but to me its not anything I've noticed. Certainly not any louder than a computer fan.

311 out of 439


Location: San Diego

The system was surprisingly easy to wire, install, and get in operation. The pictures came up almost immediately from all 4 cameras without any problems. Adjusting their fields of view was a snap with the easy-to -adjust mounts. I didn't even read any of the manual before I attempted the install and found that virtually everything was intuitive. I called tech support a couple of times to make sure I was doing everything right and they were skilled and friendly and confirmed my actions. I will shortly try to stream my cameras over the internet to my Android. So far I am very pleased with the obvious high quality.

312 out of 439


Location: NEW YORK

Excellent system and customer service. The images from the cameras are very clear during the day and night. The cameras were easy to install. the remote control that came with the system had a problem, but I called customer service and They replaced it prontly; and now is working perfectly.
I was impressed by the system packaging and the clear instructions for assembling it. I highly recommend this product.

313 out of 439


Location: Ottawa

Received this system within one week of ordering it from Installation & setup was straightforward and fairly simple, and both the resolution & night vision are great. Very happy with my purchase and will purchase more camera's soon.

314 out of 439


Location: California

I ordered this system and received within 3 days.
The cameras work well and the DVR is easy to use. The only problems I had was with the online viewing with my iPhone and viewing remotely. The software provided told me my setup was correct but in reality a couple things weren't right with the port settings. I had to go through this several times before I could get it to work. Lorex should add an updated video for setting up this system.

315 out of 439


Location: USA

I have the LNR280 with HD-IP cameras and it is superb in every respect. The 1080p resolution provides far superior video quality to any other home consumer system I've seen. Remote functionality is flawless via iPad app.

I would advise installers to locate the NVR unit in a place where it's cooling fan noise will not disturb people - it's continuous and a bit loud.

Only real shortcoming of the system is that there is not an available PTZ camera. I would definitely buy a few if I could. Otherwise, great performing, trouble free product that exceeds expectations!

316 out of 439


Location: Tampa, Florida

I bought the Lorex model LNR2000 NVR and 8 dome cameras model LND2152HD. The quality of the video is truly exceptional day or night. Had a little problem at first trying to connect thru the internet but eventually the issue was resolved. This is not my first security system. I have an analog Lorex model LH310 for a couple of years and love it, well until now that I have a much better system. I strongly believe that the quality of the video is the most important feature. I have a neighbor that has an inexpensive system. One of the kids in the block stole a FEDEX package that had been left by his front door. He caught it on video, he was ?reasonably sure? who the thief was but because the picture was so blurry, the police said there was not enough detail to make out who it was. Now if he had a HD quality system, it would have been a totally different story. How often do you see in the local news a poor quality surveillance video of a suspicious character or crime being committed and they expect to identify this blurry image. You will not be disappointed.

317 out of 439


Location: DC

The system provides a really excellent video quality day and night, with good distance. The infrared night vision gives a fairly bright image when covering areas illuminated by street or porch lights. The recorder runs overly loud relative to typical appliances, and comparable to a higher pitched small server or older desktop.

In addition to great video quality and relatively wide angle viewing for a fixed camera, the white coloring of the cameras are good for matching to lighter colored facades.

318 out of 439


Location: South Florida

I bought this system from and the order was delivered quickly.
I have had a few setup setbacks, but their technical support was able to help with those issues.
One negative is that it takes a long time on hold to get the technical support. You should allocate at least an hour for this.
The daytime video is very clear.

I am currently waiting for a call back from technical support for an issue with the playback. It has jumped time in the video. Meaning that I was watching the video and a person appeared in the view, it didn't show him walk to there.

319 out of 439


Location: Orland Park, IL.

Set-up was straight forward. One wire to each camera. The recorder recognizes the cameras and begins recording and displaying.

Good documentation and support.

Camera resolution; display; and sensitivity are adjustable.

We now see what is happening around the house 24/7. Wireless PC interface allows us to have the camera views anywhere we want them in the house. Each morning we review motion detection events.

320 out of 439


Location: Wakefield, MA

Very good system, just finished setting up this system, easy set up. I Purchased model LNR280 mainly for the PoE feature and no problems so far, the image is very good. I am extremely happy. Adding more cameras soon.

321 out of 439


Location: Miami

I placed my order on-line through the Costco website and received it about 5 business Days later. Instructions for installation are clear. The camera's resolutions are good. Online setup was easy. To me the fan noise is not that bad, don't know what others are talking about. I won't give it 5 stars because I had a difficult time getting the iPad/phone app to work. Lorex customer service was helpfull but very fustrating due to the length of time you spend holding. I went through 3 levels of technical help. In the end everything works as I expected.

322 out of 439


Location: Los Angeles, ca

I ordered my security system from Costco at a great deal! I was able to install the system in a few hours. the only problem I encountered was how to program remote viewing, but a call to lorex tech support and the problem was fixed! Great system and awesome video quality. The only thing to keep in mind is that the DVR is loud.(FAN NOISE) but other than that, great system.

323 out of 439


Location: Los Angeles, ca

I ordered my security system from Costco at a great deal! I was able to install the system in a few hours. the only problem I encountered was how to program remote viewing, but a call to lorex tech support and the problem was fixed! Great system and awesome video quality. The only thing to keep in mind is that the DVR is loud.(FAN NOISE) but other than that, great system.

324 out of 439


Location: Florida

The order was delivered on time. the device offers a quick and easy connection of the cameras as it has IP Connection, the image delivery is good, I still need to check if the same happens to remote mobile devices, telephone support is quite congested but eventually called to serve , I suggest sending an email.

325 out of 439


Location: Olympia, WA.

I purchased the LNR200 series camera system through, was happy with the promptness of delivery. The system was packaged with everything I needed, cameras were solid and looked liked a quality device. They had easy step-by-step instructions and more in-depth instructions on the CD. I was able to setup the system in a matter of minutes, quality of picture was awesome and the exported playback was at excellent quality as well. The one thing I really love was the POE (power over Ethernet), it give you a very clean and simplified installation. This system was everything I expected and a little bit more.

326 out of 439


Location: Atlanta, GA

I purchased the Lorex LNR282 system and added 2 dome cameras to 4 that came with the system. I used a contractor to install it as I am not technically proficient. He was really impressed with the quality of the equipment, the quality of the cameras, and the clarity of the pictures. We had no problems with the initial installation but a week later we had a possible tornado and a day long power outage. I had to pay the contractor to work through the issue of getting access to wi-fi and remote access. Evidently the Lorex Server wouldn't track the dynamic IP address. After three hours and three system tests with Lorex Tech Support, he got it straightened out. Overall, I am very pleased with the system and happy to have it. Thanks Lorex and Costco

327 out of 439


Location: Fremont,CA

LNR280 NVR with MCNB20151 bullet cams is a good solution for home security system. I bought it from
It was easy to install, and setup. Setting up remote access using their mobile app and PC was quick and easy. It's easier to setup using the PC software than directly at the NVR using the provided mouse.
Pros: easy install, and good image quality
Cons: no option to backup event images or video clips to FTP for offsite backup; No PIR motion detection, so its not easy to avoid false alarms; No alarm input option which could have been useful to avoid false alarms,

328 out of 439


Location: East Brunswick, NJ

Quality and features are top notch. In fact they exceeded my expectations. Wiring is simplified by using just 1 Ethernet cable per camera - and it's included. The only hardship I am having is viewing my cameras over the Internet. I assume I am making a setup mistake, but will be calling tech support soon. I am sure it will get rectified. Overall I am very satisfied.

329 out of 439


Location: Portland, OR

Just got this HD NVR from Costco. The price was $849 after discount, which is very good deal to me. I looked for many HD security system an decide to go with Lorex because of price tag.
Pros: solid HD 1080p Video, wide angle cameras. Easy to use interface. Easy port forwarding setup. Nice digital zoom feature. Very good night vision with white balance compensation.
Cons: Unit fan is noisy (but needed for cooling down the system),cannot use on smartphone with 3g internet, has to be 4g or wifi. Called three times to the customer support and did not get real solution. After 40 minutes wait get to the support team, then the representative put me on hold for about another 30 minutes and never get back to me. Had to hang up an try calling for the third time. Purchased additional two cameras from Costco. Shows only 5 cameras, cannot recognize one camera. Decide to stay with only 4 cameras.

Bottom line: not bad system for the money. Solid HD picture with great wide angle cameras, better video quality than competitors. Fantastic night vision, even in complete dark.

330 out of 439


Location: Colton

Product arrived quick and basic setup is easy. Still having issue getting the remote viewing and email notifications to work but will contact tech support for assistance. Picture quality on objects in the distance is not as good as I expected. I have one in my warehouse and when the back door is rolled up the sunlight reduces the camera range by 50%. I will need to add an additional camera in the rear of the warehouse to help compensate for this. It is still better then traditional analog cameras but still not as good as I expected. Also, the program for the auto port forwarding setup for routed did not work when I ran it so I can only view the system locally. Again, I am sure tech support can assist me with this.

331 out of 439


Location: Washington

Purchased this NVR from Costco along with 4 dome cameras.

Pros: Basic setup including camera installation is easy, images are clear and bright, good value for the price, multi platform support for the client (PC, Browser, Android, Mac), Cat5e cables adequate length

Cons: Software features vary across platforms, fast forward only supports 8x making searching difficult, motion detection too sensitive, fan way too loud, difficult to get data downloaded, documentation not detailed enough.

Overall, I am pleased with this system. Despite the cons above, the system has performed very well for me. Shortly after installing the system my wife's car was burglarized. I caught the whole thing on video and was able to give a copy to the police which they found helpful. I had a somewhat difficult time figuring out how to find the incident and how to export it. After working with the software for a few hours I was able to figure out the best way to get a copy of the data in a way that the police could view it.

Do get the data off the system I had to export it using the client software on the NVR. Upon export the data file written to the USB contains a player app that will allow viewing of the video on a PC.

Compared to other HD NVR systems out there at a comparable price, this system is a great value despite its warts.

332 out of 439


Location: Oshawa, Ontario

Bought this lorex surveillance system from Item #888905 - LNR282c4b. This is the best lorex product that we have purchased. We previously had the edge and echo.

This new product is high definition, 1080 p and has an nvr for recording. The night time viewing is excellent. When vandalism occurs, the job of the police is made much easier with this system, because it is digital. For the price point of this surveillance camera system, we are very happy and would recommend it to anyone that needs security for their home. Catch the bad guys with this lorex system.

333 out of 439


Location: Incline Village, NV.

We purchased a LNR280 in May, and just did the installation. The actual installation of the cameras was straight forward. I have installed two GeoVision systems, and the Lorex was about the same as far as the cameras went (outside of course the cables used).
The issues we had to over come was using a 16 port switch, an older Linksys RVS4000 router, a SMC modem (thank you Charter), and a GeoVision system on the LAN as well as the Lorex.
I found the wizard for LAN and WAN connections did not work with my router. It installed the IP addresses incorrectly during the port forwarding process. For me that was not a problem, as I went in and changed the addresses to my liking. I also changed the HTTP port for the GeoVision from 80 to 81, so the Lorex could take port 80 with less traffic. I also found when setting up the DDNS account with Lorex, when typing in the MAC address, dashes were used instead of the customary semi-colons. My mistake, as I did not look at the example when typing. After correct that, all was good. After doing the necessary changes, I installed the HD software on my computer and the mobile app on my iPhone.
Being used to looking at 420 Line resolution on our other surviellence systems, the HD cameras were impressive. We are able to make out faces, license plates, etc. A welcome change.
The only reason I give the system 4 stars and not 5, was the issue with the port forwarding software, and we had one bad camera out of the box we will have to send back. Took extra time to get setup, and if I was not semi-computer literate, it would have been a big problem. Other than that, I really like the HD.

334 out of 439


Location: texas

great product from costco. simple to install. simple to view from android phone. good pic quality.

335 out of 439


Location: Long Beach

The unit for the short time I had it seemed high quality, but I returned the unit due to the lack of Windows Phone 8 mobile app.
I called to Technical Support and was disappointed to learn there wasn't any future plans to support the platform.

336 out of 439


Location: Palo Alto, CA

I recently purchases a high-def system: LNR200 series,
<> model LNR282C4B recorder and
<> LNB 2151B bullet cameras.

Overall, I am incredibly happy with my purchase:

[1] The salesman was prompt and helpful in answering my questions. He worked well to get me exactly was I needed for my application. Good guy.

[2] Shipment was prompt and notification of shipment was helpful. The order arrived just when the salesman said it would.

[3] Installation of the camera and recorder was smooth and simple. Visual quality is great.

[4] Local access from a locally (Ethernet) attached PC was straightforward. The documentation was great.

Two issues made the experience less than flawless.
[A] The on-screen keyboard was counter-intuitive. It would be simple to show a standard keyboard on the screen. Instead, the interface has three different keyboards (numeric, alphanumeric, and special); the user needs to switch between them. Once I understood this non-standard keyboard, it was simple to use.
[2] The issue of static IP address (vs DHCP) is obscurely documented. This cause a problem in installing remote access that required technical support. However, tech support was quite helpful and resolved the issue. Remote access works now.

Remote access via PC, iPad, iPhone, etc. is well-done and very convenient to use.

I recommend this system highly.

337 out of 439


Location: idaho

I would buy this again Tec was helpful but takes awhile to get them

338 out of 439


Location: Long Island

great value. Fan noise is a bit loud, the android app does not allow zooming and some documentation on tips of where to place cameras (i.e. height) with diagrams would be helpful. Setup was plug and play, but I did need to call support to help with connecting to cameras from remote location (port forwarding). I recommend buying if your ok with the fan noise which will depend on where you place your central unit.

339 out of 439


Location: Phoenix, AZ

I am very pleased with the capabilities of this system. Picture quality is excellent and setup is very easy with one exception. If the port forwarding program doesn't work, there are no instructions to manually set up your ports for DDNS. I was able to get technical support to assist with this after a significant wait time on the phone. With that now set up, I am really enjoying exploring all of the features available and have just ordered 4 more cameras. As everyone has pointed out the cooling fan is noisy. Noiseless fans have been available for some time guys. An excellent system. I am very happy with it.

340 out of 439


Location: california

this system is better then the non-HD camera, but it still cannot see in detail. if a car was parked about 3 meters from the camera, it will clearly see what kind car it is, the color and other visuals are great, but captureing licence plate number is not possible. But, again, it is better then then the older camera.

341 out of 439


Location: Ontario

I have only been using it for a few days and so far its working quite well. Pretty easy to setup / use . My biggest complaint is the pigtails for the poe cameras I wish there was a better design for that. The video quality is pretty good also. My Panasonic 42" Plasma TV wont work with the HDMI output so I had to connect an old monitor to use it :( I cant seem to get it to work with this TV because each time I change the settings it wont apply.

One other thing I dont like is the fact that you cant do automatic backups to a USB HD, you can do exports manually but I wanted to configure it so I could do a backup to a USB disk that they cant see and if they steal the NVR the USB would have the data.

342 out of 439


Location: SoCal

I purchased this system on the ease of the installation and quality of the product. Did my homework and read the reviews, not only here but on various other places. Product was up and working within an hour of unpacking it from the box. I had a small issue with getting the Android App to connect through my router. After making a phone call to Tech Support, the issue was resolved after a few minutes (issue was a conflict with the port forwarding arguing with the Xbox360, but was fixed with a few mouse clicks!!) Highly recommended!!!!

343 out of 439


Location: SW Colorado

Great quality with Lorex. I upgraded from a cheaper Q-See system that was failing. I am very pleased with the hardware, features and function of the system. Video is crystal clear on network PC and remote devices. The manual is complete and easy to understand, but plan to spend some time with set up and customization. I recommend the product without hesitation.

344 out of 439


Location: Southern California

Everybody who sees it comments that it has a very sharp picture. I first installed in the attic looking out the windows for security and weather protection, which works great in the daylight, but only reflecrts the LED's off the glass at night. The remote smart phone app works great. The only difficulty I had was that it took me a day to realize that I had to move my Ooma modem connection from between the cable modem and the router to after the router. Then it all worked great. We are very pleased.

345 out of 439


Location: Downey, CA

Received my new camera within 2 days after ordering it from costco. Great camera, love the 1080p, but not Mac friendly at all. Hope Lorex can come up with a fix soon also the LNR is very noisy.

346 out of 439


Location: California

I haven't installed all the Cameras because I am still waiting for a shipment from Lorex. I purchased the 4 camera system at Cosco and they delivered very fast. The Lorex web order will take another 2 weeks according the the sales team because the item is out of stock even though it shows something else on their webpage. Very disappointed about the Lorex service.

I hooked up all the cameras and the installation on I pad, computer and TV was very easy. The HD picture is very nice, clean and I am thinking about upgrading 2 more cameras. The DDNS server installation was easy as well and the manual is written understandable and good to follow.

Pro: The quality of the system is good and I would recommend it to a friend.
Con : The costumer service is extremely behind the standard and Lorex needs to work on that big time. That's why I don't give 5 stars.

347 out of 439


Location: vancouver, canada

Recently bought this system and had some weird issue with the remote connection on my end. I called up the tech support and they escalated my case and followed up for 4 days straight and helped me out solve the issue. I personally value customer service more than the product itself and lorex did a great job on it

348 out of 439


Location: NY

It was very easy to setup. The resolution & night vision are excellent. I am thinking to add more cameras to the system. But need to figure out the the wiring of my house first. yes, the DVR is pretty loud.

349 out of 439


Location: Albuquerque, NM

I ordered this from Costco over a holiday weekend and it still arrived in only 4 days. Everything was packaged well and arrived in good condition. I put the system together and it was fully operational in about one and a half hours and that included remote viewing on both my IPHONE and IPAD. The instructions were easy to follow and it came together quickly. The picture quality is excellent and the night vision is surprisingly clear and the distance is as advertised. This is my third video surveillance system and far easier to install than any of the others.A quality system and a great buy from Costco.

350 out of 439


Location: Houston, TX

Good quality, solid build. great system. Great picture, really a nice step up from my old analog system. Easy, intuitive menus to navigate, very user friendly. Great starter system.

351 out of 439


Location: San Diego

I ordered this LNR200 seies camera system through and received the delivery without issue.
Late at night I tested the system with one camera and completed setup insofar as being able to view on my desktop, cell phone and television. My older model HDTV did not like the HDMI output of the NVR, but a HDMI computer monitor checked out fine. I suspect my television is not a true HDMI model but it does work well with the HDMI output of my Bluray player. I guess I have some investigating to do on this one. For now I am using the NVR VGA output to feed the televison.
I am not yet clear on what password is used for which function, but I intend to unravel this as I investigate. The setup guidance was sound except that I got thrown off on Port Forwarding with the EASY CONNECT WIZARD. Fortunately, I glance to the left of the page (on the Quick Networking Guide) and saw the example for Manual Port Forwarding which I was easily able to perform by logging into my router.
The following morning, I tackled the task of permanent installation. As suspected camera placement was the hardest part---but that is true of any system. However, trying to keep the cameras sheltered proved to make things a little harder. I did leave one exposed to the weather and need to determine a decent method of providing some additional protection or if it is really needed. Also, using existing "sheltering" has limited some of the field of view so I would have preferred these units to be usable without consideration of shelter.
Being not so good at Do-It-Yourself projects within the house, I spent a good bit of time in the attic pulling Cat5e cables. I found the 100 foot length to be excessive for my small home but much prefer too long to too short. It would have be nice to have such excess on the pigtail of the camera so I would have been able to connect insid the attic and not have had to deal with how to weather proof an outside connection point.
Overall, I really like this system. I would like a wider selection of compatible cameras as I expand out from four to eight...especially to include Pan-Tilt-Zoom.

352 out of 439


Location: Oakland

This is a decidedly mixed review. On initial setup, I found the process completely opaque, despite what the instructions seem to indicate. I opened the box and set up the device as the diagram indicated. No image on the TV, and the TV kept turning itself off because it could not detect a HDMI signal. Maybe the HDMI output on my unit is defective. I don't know.

I use laptops in my home, so there wasn't a monitor to plug the VGA port into. I called Lorex, and jumped through the hoops placed in my path in order to obtain tech support. (Call. Get informed that I first have to register. Can't do that on this call; go online. Call back. Talk to someone in India who was hard to understand. Answer questions which repeat the questions I just answered when I registered. Answer additional screening questions.).

I was prepared at this point to be underwhelmed by the tech support. When my case was escalated, however, I was delightfully surprised. Advanced tech support called me back (though I was only offered the possibility of leaving a callback number after waiting 10 min on hold.)

Advanced tech support was provided in American English. The support tech took control of my computer, and while telling me what he was doing, did the steps himself. This is far more efficient than describing a link to me, and waiting until I search for it and click on it. The tech was able to get me up and running on my Mac, and also helped me set up my ddns acct. once set up, the system seems reliable and the web site and mobile apps seem very straightforward.

The only criticisms I have ongoing are 1) the hard drive's fan is extremely noisy. Even placed in a closet, it's noxious. 2). For my application, it turns out I'lll need a zoom camera and a PTZ camera. This is due to distance and a problem with backlighting during the day which required different angles during the day than at night.

353 out of 439


Location: new york

great product great service!!!

354 out of 439


Location: Chattanooga, TN


1. Very clear as crystal due to 1080p resolution
2. Easy to install compare to the old analog DVR ; due to no A/C 110volts need for cameras, just one network wire(RJ45)
to camera
3. More features for IPhone, IPad (if they work, but I am waiting to call Tech on Monday) remote, to see and on Internet
4. Per dollar/resolution/latest new technology on NRV is best price at Costco


1. Fan is loud like my old XT computer and cannot stand that noise
2. Tech Support does not work late at night and no Sat & Sun which is for DIY person has time to install
3. Camera must be specific for 1080p and cannot use the older/cheap analog camera
4. Very difficult to setup for IPhone, iPad, and Internet view unless you know the network/router stuff
5. Lack of instruction book for older folk that would rather read than find a PC to read on CD disk

355 out of 439


Location: North Saint Paul, MN

I gotta say this box is a nice little unit. The cameras put out a nice image and have really decent IR night vision. I installed an extra 2T hard drive and it was a snap to both install and format.
I would give this a 5 star rating if the cable connections at the camera was slightly tighter. The first cam seemed like it had a loose connection (used the factory 100' cable) and i got an intermittant connection after install. I took it back down and gave it a redneck fix by cutting a small 1/4" strip from one of my business cards and put it behind the rj45 clip of the factory cable and then re-inserted into the camera. It was a perfect and tight fit and both the camera and nvr liked it so i repeated on the remaing cameras and all went without a hitch.
I would buy again an probably will for the cabin.
Some nice features on the NVR. I like the ability of it to email when certain areas of the camera's motion fields are tripped. (These areas are programable)
All-in-all, an excellent system.

356 out of 439


Location: San Diego

The order was delivered on time. I was very pleased on how easy this unit was to install. The pictures are very clear and the playback is awesome. So far this set is exactly what we needed.

357 out of 439


Location: Brampton

Hi folks, i just want to say that its now been 1 week since i easily installed this unit my self to monitor the outside activities around my business. I am very pleased with the fact that it is very user friendly to put together, and the picture quality is very clear both day and night. All around it is what i was hoping for, except for 1 single most of us know that time is money, i was holding on the phone for 30 minutes when i gave up and hung up. i am currently using the 4 cameras that the unit came with so all i wanted to know was how to monitor the 4 cams as in a slide show without looking at the Lorex page 4 times, (im assuming they represent where cameras 5,6,7,and 8 would show), so besides the phone on hold issue, i believe this is a very good unit , and im actually thinking of purchasing another for my home in the near future. Thanks and have a great day.

358 out of 439


Location: Concord, CA

I performed a bit of research before purchasing and settled on HD for camera resolution. I also wanted reasonable night vision distance. Costco had a great price on the LNR282C4B system. The Ethernet connectivity simplified matters although this requires the recorder to provide power to the camera and that means the heat developed requires a substantial fan. The fan to get rid of this heat produces a lot of noise but I new this going in so no suprises. Inclusion of heat pipes in the design my help move the heat with a smaller fan.

I was able to install and configure the system myself with a little review of the Operator's Manual.

I would like to see a supplemental IR illumination option to take advantage of the wonderful camera's night capabilities.

I have recommended the system to colleagues.

359 out of 439


Location: Florida

I would like to say after receiving the cameras from I was very pleased. I bought them when they were on sale there for four cameras and the 2tb DVR for $850.00. I put them up and then tested them. The clarity of the actual camera's are extremely impressive. There was also a nice interface when controlling the camera's on the DVR. The original set up to the monitor was extremely easy. Just plug and play. The connection to the internet was where I ran into some difficulties. I hit a road block in the directions given and called tech support. After talking to tech support they were able to remote into my computer and adjust the minor issues I had and everything worked perfectly. This is the first camera system that I have owned and I am impressed. I have actually bought additional cameras to attach to the NVR. After the set up was completed I showed them to a friend of mine who is in charge of the surveillance division of the local Sheriff?s Office. He also was very impressed with the system for the low cost. He actually told me he will be purchasing the same set up in the near future. Hope this helped.

360 out of 439


Location: cleveland oh

System was easy to install and setup was manageable. Quality of picture is first rate and having a 2tb hard drive is a nice upgrade. As mentioned in other reviews the fan noise is definitely annoying. The software allowing several options when it comes to scheduling when to record and defining motion sensitive grid areas. I did call technical support one evening on hold for over 25 minutes. I was hoping for an option that you can schedule when the camera could be turned off from viewing locally and remotely. During the day I really don't need the cameras on .

361 out of 439


Location: Andover, MA.

The cameras were easy to install as well as the software and the picture is great day and night. the system was well worth the money.

362 out of 439


Location: New Jersey

I purchased The system and Love it. The camera's are small easy to install and give a excellent LIVE HD 1080p Picture. The NVR Plays back smoothly and the video is very clear.I also Purchased the Dome Cameras as well . The Tech support is good , had a problem with port Forwarding. The DVR is a little Loud after a hour we forgot about it.

363 out of 439


Location: Salinas, CA

Note: This system has a myriad of settings. Be sure to download the full product manual from Lorex's website (150+ pages) to help configure everything. The product will come with Quick Setup Guides, but they don't cover all the system's settings.
I bought this system mainly because it records in HD, has eight channels and uses power-over-Ethernet for the cameras. A lot of reviewers claim the system is easy to set up. It is in some aspects but not in others. I'm a fairly technical person, but you will need some level of understanding of networking to have an "easy" setup. If you're not savvy with this type of thing, find a teenager who can help. In addition, if you're planning to mount the cameras on the outside of your house, you will need to route the Ethernet cables through your attic. Depending on your attic size, this may or may not be "easy." I recently learned that Lorex offers system setup service--not sure of the cost, though.
All that said, I am happy with my purchase--so far. I still have to configure all the software settings and upgrade my Android-based smartphone to one running 2.3 or above. I also may need to upgrade my home PC to one with a faster processor.

364 out of 439


Location: Houston

I still haven't accessed all the functionality of this system yet as it's still new. The setup wasn't as intuitive as it could be, but the product itself works great. The camera itself is fantastic - great resolution and detail in the color mode and the night vision is excellent.

I think the infrared is attracting insects though, which I hadn't expected. The insects attract the swallows around my house, so it's a little unnerving to see birds swooping around the camera in the middle of the night unexpectedly until I figured out what was happening. Some of the larger insects also trigger the motion detection, so the system is very sensitive.

I would definitely recommend (and have).

365 out of 439


Location: Sunrise, FL

I am really impressed with the system. The picture quality is fantastic. The night vision is amazing. Having a single ethernet wire made installation a breeze. The NVR works well and my only complaint is the fan noise is a bit loud. It also appears the fan used is constant speed and not variable with a thermal sensor. So, even in cool environments, it still runs at the high speed and noise level. Also, I am having an issue formatting the output of the NVR to 16:9. Otherwise, the system is the best you can get. HD 1080P IP night vision cameras and a rock solid Linux based DVR are an amazing combination. I highly recommend this product.

366 out of 439


Location: Teaneck, NJ

We recently purchased our second home surveillance system the Vantage LNR280. We wanted the 1080p HD camera quality and that is exactly what we got. A vastly improved picture with far greater clarity and detail. The completely zero light black and white display is also perfectly suitable because the picture is absolutely clear. The detail of color viewed with light is not important given the b/w amazing picture quality.
But what most impressed my wife and I was the Lorex service we received with the set-up of the system for viewing on our TV, computer and iPhones. It took sometime but every minute was worth it. We would never have got through it without the outstanding support. Lorex service far exceeded our expectations. Thank you.

367 out of 439


Location: Indianapolis

Great product. Easy installation and setup. Quality materials and support were greatly appreciated. Would recommend to anyone that they take a close look at LOREX first. Everything I needed to set up the system and make it operational was included in the box.

368 out of 439


Location: Home

Like most customers, I find the fan on the NVR to be quite noisy. (I wound up installing it in a cabinet with a USB controlled cabinet fan to help circulate and cool the air, and this significantly reduces the fan noise.) HOWEVER, this is the ONLY negative with the system. The equipment is well-made, the weather-proof cameras are sturdy, and installation was easy. The NVR software is highly configurable, and I especially like the option of e-mail alerts if a camera loses power. It took me about 4 hours to set up remote viewing capabilities on my Mac and iPhone, and both work great! The only issue I had with setting up remote viewing was port forwarding the necessary ports to my router (apple time machine). Turned out this was easier than I thought, but Lorex tech support helped a lot, and were available on Memorial Day! One note on setting up Ian P address for intra- and inter net connectivity: Lorex suggests disabling DHCP on the NVR, and then manually inputting IPv4 address, subnet mask, default server, etc. For Mac users, it's easier to leave DHCP enabled on the NVR, and then on your router you reserve an IP address to the MAC address of your NVR. This way, your router will always connect to your NVR by the same IP address, even if you lose power to your router or to your NVR. If you don't either used a Fixed IP/Disable DHCP on the NVR, or reserve an address on your apple router, your router could randomly change the IP address of your NVR, and you will not be able to connect on local intra-net, and may not be able to connect remotely on inter-net.

369 out of 439


Location: Brandon

Very Impressive technology, easy to use and set up the initial video... truly "plug and Play". I have had the units operating for 5 days or so and they work fine. Great video during the day and night. The capabilities built into the software for selecting trigger points, masking off areas you do not want to video, email alerts, etc. are refinements I am impressed with.

I could not view the cameras via the internet, but had no problems via my own network, so I called their tech support. I was elevated to second level support and they were absolutely great. Everything was set up properly, however my ISP provider had a modem which was blocking two of the ports required to be port forwarded. In short the problem was identified quickly and the tech was polite, efficient and professional. I am having my ISP correct the problem and anticipate full functioning of the unit soon. Looking forward to remote viewing.

Finally the Lorex website is very well designed for the user. All your warranties, purchases, Tech support and Sales "tickets" are easily accessed and navigated.

Good job Lorex !

370 out of 439


Location: Garden Grove, CA

Overall the system is good. Easy to use and the cameras are very nice during the day, not so great at night to my liking. But works for closer distance. Not 100' though, because all you see is darkness, certainly, if in the camera's IR spotlight range (10-15'), then you're golden. I thought these bullet cameras would have a wider view angle too, but it's more narrow (put your hands to the side of your face and what you see in front is what you see on the camera). The NVR is a bit noisy with the fan compared to other ones I've seen. The HDMI port did not work for me, my TV and monitor said no signal, maybe it's bad, I don't know, but it's a shame though. Had to go purchase a VGA monitor to set it up. Be better if you could set up straight from your mobile device and even better if it had wifi capabilities to. Maybe next revision. Other than that, mobile setup was pretty easy, DDNS was simple registration through Lorex's site, system is fast, built-in poe from the NVR, didn't need a poe switch or poe adaptor. Cameras takes about a 1-3 minutes to "boot-up" to receive signal to the NVR. Got the system at Costco.

371 out of 439


Location: Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Was amazed at the clarity and range of the view. Requires some skill to install and getting used to all the functions does take time. The fan is quite noisy(such as a room fan) and so are the motion alarms so not recommended for a bedroom. Finding the operation manual online is also quite the task, it comes with both a mouse and a remote--but the remote has limited functions whereas the mouse does everything, but all in all am very pleased with this purchase.

372 out of 439


Location: Austin Texas

After looking at some reviews for this product, I purchased this at Costco Online.
Great value for the money. Easy installation. Quality of video is great. Configuration is easy.
100ft cables included!
Great Job!
Disappointed there was no PTZ cameras for this system.
Software is built into the system but cameras not available yet?
When will PTZ cam be available for this system?

373 out of 439


Location: Markham, Canada

Always wondering how NVR will work.
When I plug in the monitor to view, the HD picture is stunning.
I was amazed with this product and not just all, the setup is so easy.
However, I need to spend more time on the features it has.

374 out of 439


Location: Burlington, ON

Nice cameras, very clear pictures. Remote phone app works very well. Still have to configure a few things, but overall, I'm impressed. Little noisy on the fan as everyone states, don't expect to install this in a location you need quiet.

375 out of 439


Location: Bassett, VA

Very nice camera system. Easy to install once I figured out the instructions and port forwarding. HD Picture is great. Can't go wrong with this system.

376 out of 439


Location: DFW

With the help of my son I installed all 4 cameras that came with the kit over the Memorial Day weekend. Everything is up and running to perfection. I still have more to learn about all of its features but so far I am extremely please enough so that I order 2 more cameras for the system. I would recommend the POE to everyone as it make the wiring job much simpler.

377 out of 439


Location: Simi Valley, CA

The system has great cameras the pictures are perfect just like HD TV. The software for your computer is very good and can be used on any of your computers to access the cameras all at one time or any one camera for a larger picture. I really like that they provide you with free DDNS service which enables you to check your cameras in real time or the last 24 hours while on vacation using your laptop.

378 out of 439


Location: Toronto, Canada

This is my second Lorex product, first being a wireless camera setup, that served me well,
but was time for an upgrade. My order was delivered last week and I finished installation over the weekend. Very pleased with this product and detailed configuration settings, great picture clarity. One thing that would be useful is a protective cap for the Ethernet tips, the connectors can get damaged if threaded through concrete holes, but I simply covered them with duct tape, worked well. No problems with remote setup on PC, I manually configured the Bell 2Wire modem's application support, works smoothly. One thing I wouldn't mind is a volume control on the audio alarm, I set up the motion sensor and when it goes off I find it rather loud, perhaps there is a setting I haven't noticed? Just one other issue, I have motion detection enabled, and on very low settings it gets triggered on shadow movements from the surrounding trees' leaves blowing. At night, the bugs flying around near the camera are worse for triggering the sensors off, I have the sensitivity at second level from the bottom, and I have selected the trigger areas. Perhaps a size setting for motion? So that small objects don't set motion off. Also I wouldn't mind Quick menu through the remote.

Over all I'm very pleased with this purchase

379 out of 439


Location: San Gabriel Valley

It's very Good product. My order was delivered very quickly (2-days). I would recommend it to anybody Except for the people that Burglarized me. Very good picture quality and night vision. Fan noise is just a little loud. But other than that I love it.

380 out of 439


Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Overall clarity is great. Lots of features. Not that easy to set up for internet viewing, you need to know what you are doing even with the setup wizard. Great for the price. Motion detector is not practical for outside use. Every shadow/bug seems to trip it even with sensitivity low and restricted areas of motion detection.

381 out of 439


Location: Mississauga, ON

I purchased this unit last week had the basics up and running fairly quickly. I ran into a snag setting up my ddns server as the Lorex wizard had a problem opening ports on my router but that was fixed with a hand from support. It should also be noted that the photo attached to an email notification of motion detection is only 20k to 25k and apparently can not be changed. 20k is like a postage stamp and way too small to be useful.

382 out of 439


Location: Canada

This was my first experience with video systems and it has been a great one. The instructions were very detailed and I was succesful in setting it up on my first attempt. I recommend setting it up in a controlled environment. I set up the NVR and the 4 cameras in my office. This allowed me to verify that everything was functioning and also allowed me to get comfortable with the many user options available. This product has many choices that will suit your needs. Once I was comfortable that everything was working as it should, I relocated the NVR to its final location and ran the cable and cameras to its locations outside. Wonderful 1080p video. I have accessed the system remotely via internet broswer and iPhone and it works wonderfully.

383 out of 439


Location: Quebec

Great camera system. Shipping was quite quick and it came packaged very well. Excellent image and easy to install. Very happy with my purchase and will buy again from this company when needed.

384 out of 439


Location: Everett, WA

I got a 4 camera system from Costco and installed it yesterday. The power over ethernet CAT5 cabling made the installation very easy by just plugging in the cables. While there is a gazillion possible configuration parameters in the user interface the defaults out of the box seemed to work well. It really was as easy as just plugging in cables and turning on the power.

As with any system, some of the advanced features like remote access, motion triggers, sending email etc will take a bit more work but at least the system is up and running without any software setup needed.

385 out of 439


Location: Hawaii

Just got it installed today. Cameras are OK, not quite wide enough viewing angle. BIG disappointment in the remote setup. DDNS is not working, does not work. I have no way to hook into my router at this time to even attempt port forwarding. I own a Mac. The Safari software is OK, except it doesn't work on the iphone or ipad. Why is there no Mac software for the automatic setup? The remote came DOA. The DVR howls like a banshee. Much, much louder than any PC I've had in the last 4 years. No excuse for that kind of noise. I can't even hear my iMac run in a dead silent house. This DVR drowns out everything in the room. It's installed in an upstairs room and I can hear it downstairs.

Bottom line is if after I call support I cannot easily get remote access on my iphone it's going back. As it stands it is NO WAY worth $1000. Pretty disappointing Lorex can't be bothered to make software for the Mac.

386 out of 439


Location: Madera CA.

This is the first security camera system I have had, but it is very clear and was easy to install my son and I installed it in just 2 hours. I like the power by Ethernet it made it easy to power the cameras. If you want to view 1080p you need a 1080p monitor. I like it a lot. Great job Lorex.

387 out of 439


Location: Los Angeles

Very clear picture and great nighttime performance. Wish configuration for iOS remote viewing was a little bit easier, but still a great product overall.

388 out of 439


Location: Springfield, VA

I debated buying a wireless system and even installed 4 A/C outlets in my attic to power them; then decided on this one, which is PoE. I think that was the better choice since WiFi can sometimes be spotty reception. Anyhow, although I've never had webcams before, so far I'm pleased with the performance. The only feature I would want to note is the fan noise: the NVR in is my wife's office. But she doesn't say the sound bothers her, although it can be heard at 20 paces. By contrast, my Gateway quad core is virtually silent. Lorex says the fan noise is because it's cooling an NVR with PoE as well. So I guess that means you'd be gambling trying to replace the fan. If my wife's OK with it, I'll let that go. But it is noticeable.

Setup was easy and the instructions are foolproof. I got the cameras to appear on my Windows laptop and my Android phone, so I'm thrilled. I'd like to see them on my desktop computer, but I run Linux on it and there's apparently no video plugin available for that. Fine.

Picture quality is great in daylight; at night, there is some distance limitations, but that's standard fare. These cameras are under my roof (soffitt) at opposite ends of the house, front and back. One sees most of the front yard and down the street to one side, and one is straight out front and covers the driveway close up. The rear ones see my deck and patio and both rear entrances. Illumination falls off beyond about 50 feet or so, but that's enough to see what I need. If an incident occurs at night at that distance, you'll never get facial recognition or a car make without some additional light; but you'll have enough to give the cops something to go on. Runs a 24 hr continuous loop you can play back.

For about $900, I'm not sure you could do better than this product. Sure, you can lay out a several thousand and see all you need. I'm not in that market. Again, if a little fan whir won't bug you, give this a try.

389 out of 439


Location: Timmins, ON

After reviewing lots of systems i am very happy with this one, easy to set up, very clear, easy to use, had to call lorex tech because my router would not let me access the mobile app and they fixed me up and it all works very well now, the only thing that i would like to be able to is rewind on the computer softwear but thats a minnor inconvenience and you can rewind on the nvr. This is a great system for home surveillance and i would recommend this to anyone.

390 out of 439


Location: Toronto

Ordered LNR282C4B package two weeks ago from Arrived within one week of ordering. Fantastic Product! We have been running multiple tests on the system since its arrival to determine if this is the system to implement for our residential surveillance needs. So far it's lived up to every expectation! The picture quality is simply amazing! Camera and NVR build quality is excellent! We had a few issues with the remote viewing/playback setup (The included Auto Port Forwarding application was not communicating properly with our router) so port forwarding was done manually. Remote viewer works great on Android and Ipad but, unfortunately, no support for BlackBerry (yet). Can't say enough good things about this system! This has hit the mark on performance, price, and quality. Great Buy!

391 out of 439


Location: California

Order arrived in two days! Great customer support service though took it took 15 minutes on hold before someone breathing was able to assist me.
Clear instructions.

392 out of 439


Location: San Jose, CA

I purchased the system through The system is very easy to install and setup using POE.
Setting up the software was a bit tricky, but with the help of Tech Support, they were able to resolve my problems quickly.
Video is very clear during the daytime and the night viewing is OK, even in complete darkness.
Fan noise is OK, but not louder than any heavy duty desktop computer.
Overall, I am pleased with the purchase.

393 out of 439


Location: Kailua, HI

Excellent quality, great price, easy to set up. Awesome support an warranty.

394 out of 439


Location: Denver, CO

I've only had this system for about a week right now. It was easy to set up and configure and the picture quality is phenomenal. I like the fact that I can view my cameras from any web browser as well as on my Android phone.

I did have to call support once due to the fact that there was some "port forwarding" issues but they were able to quickly identify and solve the problem with me on the phone. Support staff was polite and courteous.

Overall this appears to be a great system for the money. I will update this review after I've had the system in service for several months as I cannot speak to to the reliability of this system at this time.

395 out of 439


Location: Hawaii

Bought this at plus two extra cameras. The low light performance is incredible. Daylight video is sharp. Set up was mostly easy. I would expect better literature for Mac setup, though. Had to wait half an hour on the phone before getting a tech, BUT he did fix my iPhone connection.

Overall I'd recommend it to a friend.

396 out of 439


Location: Bonita, Florida

Daylight video very good. Night video grainy but acceptable. Easy to set up and connect master unit and android version 4.0 remote Asus tablet but having trouble with android version 2.3 smart phone.
Very long wait for customer support but when I finally reached level 2 support I received excellent call back and answers to my questions from tech named Juan. Have only had unit hooked up for 2 days and customer support is obtaining cell phone equivalent to mine to trouble shoot why I am having
above with the cell phone connection problem. The main unit has at least 2 fans and is noisy so I placed unit directly on carpet floor under TV monitor. Today I have been controlling unit from my wifi connected Widows8 notebook with excellent 1080p video.

397 out of 439


Location: Omaha, NE

All in all, I am extremely happy with this system; was able to get it up and running within 1/2 hour! I have researched home camera systems for a number of years and before this one, have not found one that has the ease of installation with the POE, specifications and price. The only challenge with the installation was manually setting up the port forwarding on my router. However, the manuals were clear and I was able to get all done very easily. Also, the mobile programs for iPhone and iPad have worked well. The picture quality is amazing!

398 out of 439


Location: Boston, MA

The setup was very straight forward and the functionality is pretty good. I was a little disappointed with the resolution, but perhaps my expectations were too high.

399 out of 439


Awesome picture, clarity, and nighttime performance. Remote viewing is great too, but a little difficult to setup for iPhone.

400 out of 439


Location: Rockland, NY

For the price this system is great and easy to install. Because they are IP cameras, power comes from same cable making the install easier. I had to call support twice but my issue was resolved ASAP. One of the calls may have been eliminated if a printed manual/users guide was included and not just on the CD

401 out of 439


Location: Portland, OR

This system just works.

Waited for the 1080p cameras to be available at a reasonable price and very glad that I did. Images are stunning.


Easy to setup (POE makes it easy to wire the cameras).

Night clarity is good, although I augmented with IR illuminators to minimize the effects of close disturbers (spiders, moths, etc)

Quality of all components is excellent.

Lorex netHD app works very well.

Customer support was very persistent to resolve my issue (remote access issue).

Only con:

Fan is a bit loud (possibly to cool the POE power supply).

402 out of 439


Location: Olean NY

Fast easy setup, PoE is great, easy to make your own cables. Only downside is network traffic. If you are speed sensitive especially if running all 8 cameras you will want to make a separate network for the cameras away from your PCs and other devices. My apple router was not directly supported, but being apple, it was extremely easy to manually set up, probably faster than their wizard for other devices.

403 out of 439


Location: San Francisco, CA

Great quality picture, And a high quality customer service A+++

404 out of 439


Location: Staten Island, NY

Very easy to install and the picture quality is amazing. I have the system hooked up so I can view with my iphone and that works flawlessly as well.

405 out of 439


Location: Pensacola, FL.

I was excited from the moment I opened the Box. Loxar is the trail blazer when it comes to affordable and high end surveillance systems. I did my homework many days before I decided to go with Lorax. I am very pleased with my purchase and would do it again in a heart beat.

406 out of 439


Location: San Diego

Been wanting a system for a long time and finally decided to order. I wanted a a network connection as I did not want to be running two separate wires. Power over Ethernet is the only way to go!. makes for a clean and professional installation.
The field of view the cameras have is fantastic! 80 degrees or so and the picture quality is fantastic!. Crisp and clear.
Setup is straight forward and simple as long as you follow the instructions, I have my iPhone and iPad app installed and have no problems viewing my camera system while I am out, good picture quality on my mobile devices.
The noise factor is that of a typical PC, not worse but not less and my system is installed on a hallway closet.
I was impressed with the picture quality and decided to order 2 more cameras.
I cannot review the longevity of the system as it has been running only a couple of weeks. Seems like a good quality system and hoping to get many years use out of it.
Definitely a happy camper so far.

407 out of 439


Location: Brampton,Canada

Just bought the LNR 200 series NVR. Its amazing. I'm still trying to decide final install of the cameras. You can actually identify people in light and dark places and that's the reason I bought this system. My only issue is setting up the remote viewing on cell phone. I will certainly recommend this system.

408 out of 439


Location: Killington, VT

Tech support was ultimately very helpful, however, the first few attempts I got a busy signal then once I got through it took almost an hour between holding, then speaking to someone with a heavy Indian accent and having to hold again to get someone to help me with setup. I am a retired electronics engineer so I am not quite a novice at this. Once I got someone who was knowledgeble, and spoke well, it took him only a few minutes(remotely controlling my PC) to determine that I had the recorder & PC on different routers. Apparently a no no.
I am still trying to find a suitable location for the recorder as its fan is quite noisy. I thought that I could use a remote location and fully control/monitor it from my PC, however, there appear to be some commands that can only be done from a directly connected monitor/TV.
I am concerned about power consumption as I believe the label on the recorder is incorrect. It claims 70 watts. However, it also says 100 - 250V 6.3 amps Max 70W?

Again thus far testing the system (on my coffee table) with nothing yet mounted the camera resolution day & night appears to be very good.
Once I find a suitable location for the recorder, where I can plug in a monitor if needed, and mount the cameras, I will be able to give a more definitive evaluation.

409 out of 439


Location: Ohio

This system is a big step up from my prevous low res D1 camera system. Remote viewing setup was a bid tedious, I have a apple airport extreme router, but after a call to lorex, they were able to walk me thru, and remote view now works on ipad and iphone. Make sure you get a level 2 tech to assist. Camera external temp is a bit warm, but I guess thats normal. NVR fan is definately audible, but I am eventually going to locate unit to storage closet. Camera picture quality is very good, there is a bit of delay when viewing moving video, but I believe there is a setting to decrease delay. I am not sure of the power over ehternet IP camera's which this system has vs regular coxial/power camera systems, may be limited to type of cameras used if ever want to add or upgrade cameras in the future.

410 out of 439


Location: Orlando, FL

I purchased this system through Costco. The price is a little more than I wanted to spend, but the quality of the system seems to be superior to others I looked at. I wanted a network system that would allow me to view the camera's via my pc through the internet and my smart phone. After the software and network setup, which took me approximately 8 hours and a few phone calls, I would have to say I'm very pleased with the network option. The biggest issue I ran into was setting up the network options. In the end, I found out that my IP provider had a password set on the router and it took me forever to get it. It had nothing to do with Lorex. Although the picture is pretty good through the network, you can tell it is slightly inferior to viewing the excellent picture via a direct-connect monitor. I really like the PoIP, but am wondering how long the Cat5 plastic plugs will last in the attic. I have had to reconsider where I located the NVR because the fan is quite a bit louder than a typical computer fan. Overall, I am pleased with the purchase.

411 out of 439


Location: Houston, TX

The DVR/NVR fan can be quite loud. It's pretty constant. Definitely do not put this in your bedroom. That's my only real complaint about this DVR system.

The system comes with a mouse, all the cords, even an HDMI cord to hook it up. The system works pretty well. Lorex definitely tried to make the process of port forwarding the router easier. I commend them on their efforts. It still was a bit of a pain for me. I like the expandability of the system to 8 cameras and the fact that only 1 wire is used to connect the cameras.

I would recommend it but put the DVR in a cabinet to muffle the fan.

412 out of 439


Location: NY

Just bought the Lorex LNR280 system. I am so fascinated by the simplicity of this - plug and play. The image quality is amazing when there is a bit of lights, I am impress. However, there is always that little down side, the zoom quality is not the best. Also, the setup for remote viewing on smart phone is a little complicated. I didn't have my own router (using TimeWarner's router) so I have to go and get a router for it.

All in all, its a great system. I would recommend to anyone else!

413 out of 439


Location: Queens NY

So far it is a love and hate. I installed 1 week ago and had some issues with a housing and remote viewing on ipads and android phones.

First the need for cases housings. I bought the system from costco because it said weather proof cameras and since I have to mount the cameras completely exposed I thought this would be perfect. I than found out the cameras are recommended to be mounted in a sheltered location. As this was not possible I bought housing units for them. After mounting the cameras in the boxes I had a great day time picture but at night they did not work, as they created a reflection in the glass of the boxes. I than had to remove the glass from the box and move the cameras so they extended beyond where the glass was. Once all that was done they seemed to work fine. Install of the cabling was easy and required no special skills.

Second I had to call tech support for an issue with the log on from a remote source. I called and spoke to a person in India with a thick Indian accent, and I for one hate this out sourcing. This person clearly a script reader could do nothing to help with the problem. He put me on hold for the next level of support. After a 45 min. wait I was put in a queue for the next available tech to call me back. I then figured out the problem thru hit and miss tech, took about an hour and a half. I received a call back on my answering machine three days later.

Now that everything is up and running and all remote viewing works, I think it as a great system for the money. I would have given this system a five star rating if not for the problems encountered above.

I do hope however that if future tech help is needed that it is better than initial encounter.

414 out of 439


Location: Miami, FL

Received the system and on initial observation the hardware looked of good quality. Installation instructions are very clear and based on the fact that it is a POE system made the installation that much easier. Upon installation and online setup which Lorex has made very easy to do btw, the system worked perfectly fine. Crystal clear images and easy operation. Important to make sure to install the DVR in a place where the loud fan noise will not bother you, it is very loud.

415 out of 439


Location: Sacramento

Pros. Great picture quality.

Cons. Loud fan, poor customer service.

416 out of 439


Location: Bonney Lake, WA

I received my order within 5 business days and was able to setup the system within a few hours. The setup was extremely easy and it was up and operational without issue. I'm planning on getting additional cameras to extend the security coverage. Great product!

417 out of 439


Location: san leandro, ca

High quality product - Good sharp picture, simplify DDNS set up with Wizar with quick networking set up guide very helpful.
Little problem with Cell phone set up but may but much better other brand from COSTCO..
Little noisy cooling fan. Set up video guide is good.
Will see and learn more after few more week test all the available feature

418 out of 439


Location: San Jose, CA.

I bought this system at Costco. Pretty easy to install and set up the hardware portion... However the software portion is little tricky... I use all Apple product including timecapsule router... Port forwarding is an issue so far.. Still has yet figured out... I was unable to use the software included in the system.

Therefore, Mac user or apple faithful must be careful with this product...

Video is super clear during the day.. At night is fair not that clear.. I still recommend this system.. This is my first security system and I love it so far

419 out of 439


Location: Illinois

Received this order within one week of placing it from Installation & setup was straightforward and simple, and both the resolution & night vision are excellent. Very happy with my purchase and would purchase the same product again.

420 out of 439


Location: CA.

I ordered in Costco, delivered on time.
Very nice picture as expected, wide angle cameras very nice option.
Installation somewhat easy except remote viewing I have not been able to make it work, I have to say that they have the worst customer service you can deal with, waiting time on the phone 2 to 3 hours and sometimes they don't speak understandable English so that only make matters worst. The last time I made a connection after 2-1/2 hours the tech disconnected me and never called back. Very disappointing.
So far the tech department have not been able to solve the issue, I still can't see my cameras from remote area away from home, I hope that I can get a hold of some one one day and get them to work other wise well return unit to the store.
The fan makes lots of noise more like a refrigerator in the kitchen, hope they fix that problem and contact all of us for upgrade.
I don't give 5 stars because of tech. service so bad and the noise, otherwise is a very nice system.

421 out of 439


Location: Souther California

I ordered the LN282 with 4 IP cams from Costco and received it two days later. The packaging was excellent and documentation was very good. I watched the installation video and then connected the 4 IP cams and Sony TV to the LNR unit and turned it on - it came up and worked perfectly. The system has great 1080P resolution from all cams. I needed to call tech support to help set up the remote viewing DDNS domain and open the ports on my Apple Airport Express router - this router was not in the setup wizard. The tech support was excellent and the techs were very knowledgeable and friendly. I downloaded the Lorex netHD app on my Samsung Note2 Android phone and stared viewing live streaming video from the cams using WI-FI and 4G.
The cams do not have PTZ or Audio and the LNR fan is noisy. I knew about these issues before I purchased the system and hope Lorex can improve them.

Bob L.

422 out of 439


Location: Calgary, Alberta

This is great system. It was very easy to install everything and we are very impressed with the quality of the cameras. This system has replaced another brand system that wasn't very good. It's an excellent buy for the cost.

thank you

423 out of 439


Location: Philadelphia, PA

Out-of-the-box setup was easy. Cameras are functioning as advertised, although it takes 5-10 seconds for them to switch between IR/night and color/day modes.

However, if you want to access video or snapshots over a network -- even a high-speed intranet -- at present their less-than-friendly software does not support resolutions higher than 4CIF! So you would have to sit in front of the NVR itself, with just a mouse and remote control, to monitor in HD. An absurd shortcoming that I hope will be corrected soon!

424 out of 439


Location: Torrance CA

I bought the surveillance system (LNR280 NVR with 4 bullet IP cameras).
The single cable with POE was an advantage. I opted not to buy wireless camera due to still having to wire power to the unit. I also wasn't sure how reliable the wireless would be compared to the single POE RJ45 CAT 5 cable. The system came up when I tried a test before I installed. Installing was OK but the RJ45 female connectors on the camera are large. If you try to hide them you need a i inch drill bit. I had to go thru stucco and standard drill bits (non-hammer) only go up to 3/4 inch. I opted to buy an outdoor weatherproof box at Home Depot with 1 inch holes to hold the RJ45 connectors so I wouldn't need to drill big 1 inch hole thru my stucco. I got them mounted after crawling in my 2 story attic, ugh. Dirty job. The cameras sometimes do not come up after initial power on of the NVR. My first power up after install 3 of 4 cameras came up. After trying to figure it out the next day I checked and the 4th camera did come on. I had to do some maintenance on the wires and turned off the NVR. After power up none of the cameras came on. I called Lorex Support, they told me that you must power cycle a few times or wait and the cameras should come up. After 3 power cycles all cameras came up. The DDNS setup was not bad. The NVR remote control is not needed since the screen and mouse can control most of the configuration of the system. It's been about 3 days since I've had the system so we will see how it actually works long term. The NVR is loud, couldn't stand the noise so I moved it into the closet. Bought longer HDMI, USB for mouse, power and ethernet cables to get to the unit. Bought a HDMI switch to go from my computer or the NVR output to my HD monitor. Experience is a good teacher. Not sure if wireless would have been a better choice, is there a quieter NVR so you can actually stand being next to it for longer then 10 seconds, is there a more reliable NVR which can get the camera to power up 100% of the time. Can Lorex do a better job on the RJ45 connector on the bullet camera so they are not so huge.

425 out of 439


Location: FISHKILL, NY


426 out of 439


Location: San Jose, Ca

I received my unit quickly and was pleased with how easy it was to set-up. The Network configuration can be a bit tricky but I had the entire system up and running within an hour or so.
The client software is much easier to use than operating the system using the mouse.

I cant seem to get the settings right for viewing on my android phone/tablet so I plan on calling tech support. So far so good. I will update my review once I've had more time with the system.

427 out of 439


Location: Houston

The cameras are very easy to set up. The quality of the cameras are sharp during the daylight (really nice). The cameras work as well in the night as it is during the daytime. Because the surrounding of my have do not have much light, the IR in the cameras kick in and you can see everything from the outside on your monitor/TV. The only problem I had with this system is the connectivity after connecting the DVR through my router to view it on my Iphone. I called up tech support and the wait was very long. I showed this system to my friends and they were amazed at how good the quality of the pictures were.

428 out of 439


Location: California

Ordered the LNR200 Security Camera w/NVR. All the Cameras worked but the HDMI out on the NVR was bad. So I tried to contact tech support.
I was on hold for 45min then it sad transferring now, I heard a phone ringing and was waiting for a tech to pick up 20 min later, Nothing!!! so I hung up. So over an hour and No Tech Support.
So I called they said we have a backdoor # for Lorex Tech Support they did answer in 3min and Costco was on the phone to here the conversation.

Almost forgot my friend got a system at Home Depot he installed if it said 720P Well the crooks came back to the front door the camera was 6 feet away. You couldn't make out the persons face. Same thing with the camera over the driveway it was so blurry you could not read the word California that was in large print, but we guessed what it said. So the jury is still out on there systems.

429 out of 439


Location: California

Great system. User manual is easy to follow. Quick help chart was very helpful. Technical support was great.

430 out of 439


Location: Flemington, NJ

I got this full HD network camera system. I like it. The picture is clear and using powered Cat 5 cables that make installation much easier. The Lorex Quick Networking Guide is a very good tool to help with the system setup. The recorder was little noisy. The only problem I had is the quality of your custom services. First of all, it took me long time to dial in. Secondly, the line was off when a first level representative passes the line to a higher level support after he tried over 10 minutes and never called back.

431 out of 439


Location: Central Oregon Coast

Last week, I purchased a Lorex LNR282C4B Vantage security system that includes a Lorex LNR200 NVR withfour of the Lorex 1080p IP cameras from Costco online. This system will be used at my home to monitor the exterior of our house.

I am a retired video and television maintenance engineer who was employed for almost 30 years by the major U.S. television networks. The last ten years before my retirement, I was employed as a broadcast video engineer/technician at DirecTv?s Castle Rock Broadcast Center in Colorado performing maintenance on the latest state-of-the-art video compression systems for satellite broadcasting. As you can see, I have an extensive technical background in video electronics including computer-based systems.

Last year, I installed another brand of NVR with four IP cameras to monitor the entrance gates at our gated community on the Oregon Coast. This system is a 720p IP system and was purchased by our Homeowners' Association.

Two years ago, we installed an analog eight camera system from a dealer to record the swimming pool and clubhouse areas in our community. Seven years ago another analog system was installed at our Tennis Facility. I maintain all of these systems on a volunteer basis.

It is amazing the definite changes in quality, the ease of installation and operation of the newer products over the years, especially now with the new Lorex system that I purchased. The Lorex images are crystal clear and amazing in 1080p mode. Playback is just as smooth and clear as the live video.

After many hours of research, I decided to purchase and install a security system at my home, I discovered on Costco?s website, the Lorex Vantage 1080p IP NVR system with four cameras. Albeit, the cost is higher for 1080p over 720p, but for me, it is well worth the difference to get the better resolution. Over the last few days, I have found that getting the Lorex system configured and operating was much easier than any of the other brands that I have been used to. Lorex is definitely a ?plug and play? system. The menu page is extremely clear, and intuitive to understand plus easy to make ?custom configurations for the customer?s particular needs whether this it be for residential or business situations.

The Lorex system also records at 1080p 30 frames per second. This greatly increases clarity of a moving object, especially when the video is paused and ?still framed?. I would love to have this Lorex system at our gated community as we record each of the vehicles and their license plates of those who enter through our gates.

I heartedly recommend this Lorex system for the excellent quality, ease of installation, operation and that so many custom configurations are possible and easily changed. If you want these features and a quality product, you should seriously consider this Lorex Vantage 1080 IP system.

With the Lorex Vantage system, the playback is smooth and extremely clear without the "jerkiness" I see on other systems.

I originally read about the Lorex and fan noise. Possibly the newer units have had a manufacture change, because I do not find the fan noise loud nor objectionable. It is about the same noise level as a desktop PC.

The Operations Manual on the website is well written and very helpful. But it is a bit convoluted to find the manual's location on the website. It should be easier to find. This is my only complaint thus far!

?Southshore Rob?

432 out of 439


Location: Texas

Pros: good picture quality, software works well, good support available from lorex website, mac compatible with safari plugin, cameras are excellent in low light, very good price / performance combination
Cons: remote viewing requires computer-savvy user
Model Number: LNR282C4B
"I'm very happy with this system. Setup is relatively straight-forward. The NVR recognizes and displays the cameras about 30 seconds after connection. I had little trouble connecting the NVR to my local computer network following the instructions for setting up my router.
I use Macs, not Windows PCs. There is a plugin for the Safari browser that is super easy to install and makes either local or remote viewing of the Lorex cameras very easy. It's probably easier setting up the Safari plugin than installing the Lorex software in Windows!
I was also able to get remote viewing setup on iPhone and iPad, using the Lorex NetHD and NetHD Plus apps from iTunes.
This is relatively easy if one follows the instructions on the Quick Start Guides that come with the system. The only problem was that after setting up the apps, the first time I tried to go to "Live View", both my iPhone and iPad gave me "Insufficient Memory" warnings. But, once I left the app and opened it again, the live camera views came up fine.
Noise is not an issue for me. Fan noise is equivalent to my computer gear -- no better or worse."

433 out of 439


Location: DFW

I have only had this product for 4 days and I am still deciding on final installation options, however, I did connect all of the cameras. I am very impressed with the clarity of the daytime images and how much can be seen in basically total darkness. One surprise so far - I am going to need to be very careful on outdoor placement. My experiments so far have demonstrated that the cameras will "focus" on close in leaves. I believe this system will provide exactly what I expected.

434 out of 439


Location: Charlotte, NC

I have been researching home security camera system for a while until this Lorex 1080P IP system came out and had a promotion on Very nice system. The system is not finally installed yet, but I have tried to go over the set up process. It was easy except the remote access had some complexity for me as a Mac user and have a lot of other stuff already attached to my home network. I had to call Lorex technical assistance for help. Waiting time for the assistance call was longer than expected, but once it was answered, the Lorex folks are good and quick to solve the problem.

One thing that kept me from giving a five-star rating is the noise level of the fan for the NVR - actually, it was not such big an issue that it could take out one star from the rating, but I just don't have a 4.5 start option. I'm wondering why Lorex put together such a wonderful system but with such a noisy fan!!! That is something that would surely need to be improved. Some other reviewers said that is normal for all recorders and computers, but come on, this is a $1000 system but the noise level is much higher than my DELL desktop computer and my 7-year old SONY DVR! I think that is just something that Lorex didn't pay enough attention at that fan supplier selection. But if there is someone from Lorex is reading this review, please take it as an important customer feedback: fan noise level is very very important! Surely I won't put the NVR in my bedroom, but even I put it at a corner of the storage room in my basement, I can hear the noise on the other side of the wall and that's annoying! and I cannot hide the machine in a well sealed cabinet because of the ventilation requirement.

So Lorex, please spend a few more bucks to get a better fan for your machine. There are a lot of premium quieter fans on the markets for you to use. Just a couple of more bucks will make your already great system perfect.

And if you do improve the noise level, please let me know and I'll be glad to buy a upgraded NVR.

435 out of 439


Location: Garden Grove, CA

Bought, tested with 4 connected cameras. But I am confuse if it will record and play back all 8 channel in HD 1080P @ 30 FPS (240FPS) per website's advertised or just 15 FPS (120 FPS) per User's Manual. Which one is correct? The picture quality is great but was unable to use it as a standalone IP camera likes the Qsee IP camera without NVR. Look great but not sure if frame rate drop if I plan to populate 4 more camera. If anyone know, please verify. Thanks

436 out of 439


Location: Pleasanton, CA

Excellent value for the Costco discounted price! The cameras look very small but are very powerful. Swann system with RG59 cameras were twice as large images were jittery so returned it. Purchased 4 additional POE IP cameras from Costco.

Pros: 1. Easy to setup 2. Night and day vision is excellent. 3. POE RJ45/46 reduces wire cultter 4. Built in DHCP does not affect/reduce LAN bandwidth 5. Free remote viewing using DDNS

Cons: 1. The motion sensor map seem very sensitive 2. It takes 20+ seconds for a camera to register after connecting 3. Playback can be sped up 2x max. 4. Motion emailed images are 2x4 inches max

437 out of 439


Location: Everett, WA

I bought this system and it started up and ran out of the box. As I needed to also access the system from my iPhone there were some settings I didn't understand. The Lorex support team was great. Over a couple of days, they independently called me back to see how I was progressing, making sure that I understood and had all key features working. They even helped me diagnose a bad router from my service provider. I really like the video quality of this system and the fact I can easily setup alarms and remotely check the system from my iPhone, or laptop when not at home.

438 out of 439


Location: Bakersfield, Ca.

This seems to be a very powerful system. It's new, so I don't use all of its functions as yet. The Cameras are 1080p, but I like that I can switch to 720p, since that's my monitor capacity. By the way, you have to match the Camera to your Monitor, otherwise your picture looks choppy. You can do this in the Record section of the Menu. The set-up was easy, all you're running is the Ethernet cable from the Cameras to the Recorder. The Cameras are small enough, they almost look inconspicuous. If more variety of Cameras were offered, it would be nice. The Recorder (NVR) does have a hum, like any other recorders or computers, but not loud enough to be irritating. The unit is not any bigger than a Blu-Ray player. The unit does come with a Remote Control, though I'm not sure what its function is since the unit also comes with a mouse and I use it for everything. I could write more about it, but I don't think Lorex will give me that much space. All-in-all, this system is great. It has set-ups galore. It seems like Lorex put everything they had (Technology) into this system. You definately can't go wrong.

439 out of 439


Location: Glendale, Ca

My order was delivered quickly (2 days). Instructions for installation are very clear. Camera's resolutions are great (very clear picture). Online setup was easy and it's great. You probably can't put the recorder in a sleeping room, because of the fan noise but it is like most computers. Lorex customer service was helpfull for a question I had. Everything works as I expected.



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