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LNR600 Series HD NVR with SUPER HD 4MP Security Cameras, Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera & FLIR Secure Connectivity



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LNR600 Series HD NVR with SUPER HD 4MP Security Cameras, Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera & FLIR Secure™ Connectivity

Keep watch over the things that matter most with this professional-grade security camera system from Lorex by FLIR. Featuring 5 bullet cameras with SUPER HD 4 MegaPixel (4MP) video recording for double the detail of 1080p HD and a high-performance Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera for the ultimate security experience. Everything you need for setup is included, giving you professional-grade security without needing professional installation.

Accessing your security system on the go has never been easier with FLIR Secure™ connectivity, remote viewing in just 3 simple steps – watch your cameras from anywhere on a PC or Mac, or with the free apps for your smartphone or tablet (iPhone® / iPad® / Android™). Stunning high definition video ensures you never miss out on important details. Video surveillance has never looked this good, at such an affordable price!





HD NVR supports up to 8 cameras



5× 4MP HD bullet cameras



1080p HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera



Expandable up to 12TB

Flir Secure

FLIR Secure™ Enabled

FLIR Secure™ apps for smartphones & tablets

Introducing FLIR Secure™ – our exclusive remote access technology for viewing live and recorded video from your security cameras on your smartphone, tablet or computer. The FLIR Secure™ mobile app is easy to use and ready in 3 steps – just download the free app for iPhone®, iPad® or Android™, scan the NVR’s QR code, and start viewing your cameras from anywhere with no recurring fees. You can also use a web browser on your PC or Mac computer to access your security cameras through the FLIR Secure™ web viewing portal for peace of mind no matter where in the world you are.

Remote viewing with FLIR Secure
RapidRecap -  see the day in a minute

RapidRecap® – see the day in a minute

RapidRecap® compiles hours' worth of activity into a short video summary. It connects you to all the day's events in a flash. See your kids coming home, your garbage being collected, your pets getting up to their usual mischief – all in an instant! Timestamping of moving objects tells you what happened and when. Experience the rapid way to stay connected and start to see more while watching less.

SUPER HD 4MP recording - double the detail of 1080p HD

SUPER HD 4MP recording – double the detail of 1080p HD

Heighten your perception with the outstanding level of detail that SUPER HD 4 MegaPixel (4MP) has to offer. The 5 included bullet security cameras support 4MP (2688×1520) HD recording for crisp live viewing and recording that boasts double the detail of 1080p HD.

See the entire scene with Pan-Tilt-Zoom capability

See the entire scene with Pan-Tilt-Zoom capability

Monitoring a large area comes with its share of obstacles – overcome those challenges with a camera that is truly all-seeing. Our advanced HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera is designed to look all around a scene with advanced 355° rotation and 90° tilt range. You can set the camera to move around automatically in a preset viewing pattern with quick 100° per second panning, or move the camera yourself in real-time using your NVR, smartphone, tablet or computer.

Powerful HD recording and 4K capability

Powerful HD recording & 4K capability

Experience the next generation of high definition video recording. The included recorder supports recording from 720p all the way up to 4K HD resolution. Record smooth HD video in real-time on every channel, no matter what resolution. Industry-leading 4K resolution (3840×2160)* ensures the highest level of detail in your recordings. Advanced H.264 & H.265 compression technologies maximize recording efficiency, helping you to get the most out of your available hard drive space.

* 8MP IP cameras are required to take advantage of 4K recording.

Easy, single-cable installation per camera

Easy, single-cable installation per camera

Installation is quick and easy with only a single cable required for each camera. 16 Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) ports are built right into the NVR, which connect to the provided Ethernet cables. These UL-compliant Ethernet cables are certified for in-wall use with a durable fire resistant jacket for added confidence. Each Ethernet cable:

  • Carries HD video & audio (microphone required) to the NVR
  • Powers the security camera with no additional power adapters required
  • Provides control over PTZ cameras

Color Night Vision and True HDR

Color Night Vision™ and True HDR

Our exclusive Color Night Vision™ (CNV) lets you see full color images in low-light conditions for clear identification at night. Most security cameras rely on IR night vision in low-lighting, which only provides black & white images. Capture more informative video evidence with full color images. For a security camera that performs in all sorts of challenging lighting conditions, True High Dynamic Range (HDR) improves image clarity in high-contrast lighting, revealing details in extremely bright and dark areas of the image.

Long-range IR night vision

Long-range IR night vision

Stay confident that your security cameras will never miss a beat with professional-grade night vision. Even in lighting too low for CNV™ to render full-color images, our infrared (IR) LEDs provide unparalleled performance in the dark. See clearly up to 130ft (40m) away in typical nighttime conditions and up to 90ft (27m) away in total darkness. The integrated infrared cut filter switches on and off between day and night automatically, ensuring accurate color reproduction in all lighting conditions.

Motion detection and other smart monitoring

Motion detection & other smart monitoring

Even the most vigilant homeowners just don't have time to review hours of security footage. Our security systems come loaded with advanced features to help you monitor smarter. Motion detection comes as a standard feature, allowing you to save hard drive space by only recording scenes of movement. You can also choose to receive email alertsof motion events with snapshot attachments, or push notifications sent to your smartphone or tablet.

Weatherproof and cold climate capable

Weatherproof & cold climate capable

This rugged, weatherproof camera is IP66-rated to ensure protection against all types of bad weather. Be it heavy wind, rain, or snow, we have engineered our cameras to withstand harsh North American climates. Built to withstand temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C) to ensure year-round security monitoring that never stops working. The cable pass-through design combined with a durable aluminum alloy housing will give would-be vandals a reason to think twice.

3TB security-grade hard drive pre-installed

3TB security-grade hard drive pre-installed

Record crisp HD video to the pre-installed 3TB security grade hard drive. The 100% duty-cycle hard drive is designed for surveillance, providing reliable storage for weeks or even months of security footage. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record up to 4K HD (3840×2160)* for the highest video quality, or set to a lower resolution for improved recording efficiency. You can also conserve storage space by only recording scenes with movement or only recording between scheduled times.

* 8MP IP cameras are required to take advantage of 4K recording.

NVR Network Video Recorder

Security NVRs will connect to IP cameras using CAT5 network cables and will store pre-compressed video footage from IP cameras.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.



4K-Capable HD Network Video Recorder Features:

  • Real-time recording up to 8MP on all channels – 4× the detail of 1080p @ 30/25fps
  • Supports industry-leading 4K recording1
  • 8/16 built-in PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports providing video and power over a single Ethernet cable
  • RapidRecap® – see the day in a minute with hours of activity compiled into a short video summary
  • FLIR Secure™ apps for live viewing, playback, video recording & snapshots (iPhone® / iPad® / Android™)2
  • PC and Mac compatible – FLIR Cloud™ video management software gives you complete control over your security system from anywhere2
  • 24/7 security-grade pre-installed hard drive3
  • Expandable high capacity storage up to 12TB (max 2×6TB HDD)
  • Automatically detects compatible IP cameras in the network4
  • 4K video output – view multiple HD channels at once in full resolution on a 4K TV
  • H.265 / H.264 video compression offers reduced file size and network strain for remote viewing3
  • Mirror hard drive recording – secure your recordings by backing up footage to an internal hard drive at the same time as recording to the primary hard drive5
  • Pentaplex Operation – view, record, playback, back up & remotely control the system simultaneously
  • Click-and-drag digital zoom in live view and playback
  • Convenient front panel button controls
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & daylight savings time
  • Instant backup of live video to a USB flash drive
  • Dual video outputs (HDMI and VGA) to connect multiple monitors
  • HDMI cable included for simple connection to HD & 4K TVs
  • Automatic firmware upgrade over the Internet ensures your system is secure and up-to-date6
  • Push notifications of motion events
  • Instant email alerts with snapshot attachment
  • Multi-streaming to conserve bandwidth
  • Continuous, scheduled, and motion recording

4MP HD IP Security Camera Features:

  • High definition 4MP image sensor delivers double the detail of 1080p 7
  • 4MP video recording provides HD quality even when zoomed, offering clearer identification in video evidence
  • Color Night Vision™ delivers full color nighttime video for improved recognition of objects in low light conditions 8
  • IR night vision range up to 130ft (40m) in ambient lighting and 90ft (27m) in total darkness 9
  • ClearNight imaging for improved low light performance and improved recording efficiency
  • True High Dynamic Range (HDR) improves image clarity in high-contrast lighting, revealing details in extremely bright and dark areas of the image
  • Intelligent compression saves recording space by optimizing video performance based on available bandwidth
  • Wide angle 83° field of view (horizontal)
  • Ceiling / wall mountable
  • Simple camera installation using a single CAT5e cable with Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • 60ft (18m) UL-compliant cable suitable for surface and in-wall installation
  • Extend the camera’s video and power with a single Ethernet cable up to 300ft (91m) from the recorder
  • Cold climate capability (-22°F / -30°C)
  • Weatherproof for outdoor & indoor installation (IP66 Rated) 10

1080p HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Network Camera Features:

  • High definition 1080p image sensor11
  • Powerful 4× optical zoom and 16× digital zoom to focus in on even the finest details
  • Color Night Vision™ delivers full color nighttime video for improved recognition of objects low light conditions12
  • ClearNight imaging for improved low light performance and improved recording efficiency 13
  • 355° pan rotation for complete area coverage. Fast 100° per second panning speed
  • Control PTZ camera movement and transmit video over a single network cable
  • Program preset viewing points and tours when connected to a NVR
  • Remote control of the PTZ camera using a smartphone or tablet when connected to a NVR
  • Day/Night mode: picture automatically switches to B&W delivering better clarity in low light conditions
  • Infrared cut filter ensures accurate color representation
  • Weatherproof (IP66-rated) camera with extreme temperature performance (-22° ~ 140°F / -30° ~ 60°C) 14
  • Wall mount bracket & 100ft (30m) extension cable included for installation flexibility

Package Includes:

  • 1× 16-Channel HD NVR with 3TB Pre-Installed HDD
  • 1× HDMI Cable
  • 1× Remote Control
  • 1× Power Adapter
  • 1× Mouse
  • 1× Ethernet Cable
  • 5× IR Bullet IP Cameras
  • 1× 1080p HD PTZ Network Camera
  • 6× Mounting Kits
  • 6× Mounting Templates
  • 6× 60ft Cat5e UL Compliant (CM) Ethernet Extension Cables
  • Quick Start Guides


1. 8MP IP cameras are required to take advantage of 4K recording.
2. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). A minimum upload speed of 3.5Mbps is required for the best video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, please visit
3. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
4. Compatible with Lorex PoE HD IP cameras only. For a list of compatible cameras, please visit
5. Mirror recording requires a second hard drive (not included) to be installed in the NVR. Mirrored hard drive must be as large or larger than the primary hard drive to backup all recordings. Backup begins from when the mirrored hard drive is installed and configured.
6. Both firmware and software must be updated to latest version to ensure remote connectivity. Firmware updates are pushed to the NVR automatically over the Internet (available at Always update to the latest software after upgrading the NVR firmware.
7. Compatible with all Lorex HD NVRs except for LNR100 / LNR200 / LNR300 Series. For the most up-to-date list of compatible recorders, visit
8. Full color nighttime video typically switches to black & white IR night vision below 1 lux to ensure optimal low-light image quality.
9. Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and in total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area, and light reflection / absorption level of object. In low light, the camera will switch to black and white.
10. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.
11. Compatible with all Lorex HD NVRs except for LNR200 & LNR300 Series. For the most up-to-date list of compatible recorders, visit
12. Full color nighttime video typically switches to black & white IR night vision below 1 lux to ensure optimal low-light image quality.
13. This camera features an ultra-low light sensitive image sensor and therefore does not feature Infra-Red LEDs. The camera requires ambient lighting (for example, street/ building lighting, star or moon light) to render a night time image. In total darkness (zero Lux), the camera will not produce a night time image and therefore the camera should not be installed in completely dark areas.
14. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Corporation. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 7


Location: Ottawa

I installed this product a couple days ago and so far I am quite happy with it. Simple to setup and connection to flir was also very simple. The cameras and NVR already if good quality. It is well planned and comes with easy to follow instructions. I would recommend this product to anyone.

2 out of 7


Location: Panama City, FL

Only got one camera set up and I really like the quality of the video but the CNV requires more light then I thought a street light does not provide enough also the software on the NVR has what I need so no complaints. Well worth every penny even though it was expensive. Haven't been able to figure out the email alerts they seem very delayed cause im still getting mail test when i was setting it up. I wouldn't recommend if your going to rely on the email alerts .

3 out of 7


Location: Maple Ridge BC

I bought these cameras from Costco. They were delivered within one week, but the delivery driver left them outside in front of my door. Luckily I saw the UPS truck leaving my street as i was coming home and it wasnt sitting outside for very long. I would wonder if someone had stolen the cameras, who would be liable?
The cameras were packaged very well, no damage. The instructions for instillation was easy as i installed them myself, the only difficult part was to pull the cables from my back yard to around the house. I had to use a 200ft long cable to install a camera in my backyard (which i made out of two 100ft cables), it was nice that Lorex supplies 100ft of cables per camera these days. I am a handy man so instillation of the cameras was easy, I would suggest that before bolting in the cameras to your preferred locations, to temporarily plug the camera in to make sure that it covers the whole area you want. If you have help, you can hold the camera in your hand while someone checks the screen, that way you can make sure you have the camera in the right place, covered everything you want, without having to bolt it into your siding and realizing after you need to change it.

Quality of the cameras are pretty good. I only had a problem with the PTZ camera because after a couple days the camera lost colour and was showing black and white during the daytime. I checked the lorex website, and they explained that if there is too much ambient light, it affects the camera and isnt able to switch from colour to black and white. I followed the websites directions, I disconnected the camera from the receiver for 30sec and reconnected it and I also leave the front door porch light off. Everything is back to normal now.
I downloaded the FLIR app for my phone, works really well for both my galaxy phone and tablet. I only have a problem with watching the cameras on my home computer, not sure if its because of windwos 10 but i cant seem to get it to work. I downloaded the program that Lorex suggested but it doesnt work for now, Im in the process of figuring it out.

No other problems. After two weeks, I caught a thief trying to get into my car in the middle of the night....
I also saw some cute raccoons and rats running across my backyard.. hahaha

4 out of 7


Location: Vancouver , Canada

Turns out the dead unit is due to loose connection and nothing to do with the bullet camera.

5 out of 7


Location: Vancouver , Canada

System has good cameras with high resolutions. However one bullet camera died after just one and a half days. Have been careful and checked everything out before installation which is expensive, but then this unfortunately happens after the installer has left.
Wished that quality were better.
Response of support to get this replaced has not happened after three days.

We're sorry to hear you were having issues with your camera. Our technical support team was happy to assist you and we're glad to hear the camera is working properly now. Thank you.

6 out of 7


Location: Edmonton Alberta

I purchased my system from Costco. One of the deciding factors was that the cameras were weather proof and good to -30 (this is Canada after all). The system was easy to install and the ease of installation was due to only having to install the CAT5 cable and no extra power was required for the cameras. The only difficulty I had was with getting the FLIR Secure to work on my Smart Phone. I called Lorex Support and the service representive installed Flir Cloud on both my home computer and the lap top I use when travelling and assisted me in installing Flir Cloud on my Smart Phone. In all he spent over an hour assisted this technology challenged senior. While I am please so far with the system what I am most impressed with is the top notch customer service provided. I would and have recommended this product to friends and family.

7 out of 7


Location: Canada

I purchased this from Costco; it came with everything included in the box to install, including cables, manual, etc. The system was packaged nicely, with the exception of the network cables. They are packed so tightly that one of them doesn't work for me. The endings are forcefully pushed into the hole of the the doughnut shape made by the packaged wire and this probably damaged the wire ending(s). I took some pictures of it and will contact Lorex. Hopefully they improve the way they package the wire, i see nothing wrong with leaving the ends loose to prevent damage to it.

I like the system so far with a few exceptions.

1. One of the network cables doesn't work, likely damaged by improper packaging.
2. The interface of the NVR is functional but a bit spartan. No bells or whistles and it takes some adjusting. It does work...
3. The PTZ camera works in Continuous mode however the motion sensor part doesn't seem to work anymore. It did work out of the box so something must have caused it to stop working.
4. The security of the NVR is protected by a 6 character password. This looks insufficient in 2016.

I called support once as I had issues with an upgrade that went wrong and the setting up of the email. The support was very helpful, they connected to my network and accessed the NVR directly to fix the issue. Good job guys.

All in all, I would recommend this system to my friends.



4-Channel High Power PoE Switch


8-Channel PoE Switch


24" security surveillance monitor


300FT Cat5e Extension Cable


200FT Cat5e Extension Cable



100FT Cat5e Extension Cable


English security decal


French security decal



Spanish security decal










HD IP camera with color night vision


HD IP camera with color night vision




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