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MPX HD 1080p PTZ Camera with Color Night Vision



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MPX (Analog) HD 1080p PTZ Camera with Color Night Vision™

easy to install LZV2622 PTZ mpx security camera from Lorex by FLIR

The LZV2622 1080p HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera is a perfect mix of DIY simplicity and professional performance. Not only can this powerful security camera capture HD 1080p video, it has fast PTZ capabilities that let you move the lens in virtually any direction. These movements can be easily controlled from your DVR, computer or smartphone. This security camera also has advanced Color Night Vision™ (CNV) technology, which adds a new dimension of detail to night time security video. Install this security camera on a ceiling or use the included mounting bracket to attach it to a wall. It is fully weatherproof and is perfect for monitoring large outdoor areas.



PTZ camera

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera for HD DVRs



1920 x 1080 HD resolution



Capture full color images at night


For viewing fine details in enhanced definition

PTZ security camera

What is a PTZ security camera?

A PTZ camera can adjust its field of view left and right (panning), up and down (tilting), and in or out (zooming). This allows the security camera to see in virtually any direction, and focus on distant objects. PTZ features on your camera include:

  • Advanced 355° rotation
  • 90° tilt range
  • Rapid 100° per second panning speed
  • Preset viewing tours for a wide range of continual coverage

Security camera with optical zoom and digital zoom

Powerful zoom abilities

Don't miss out on important details (such as facial features or license plates) - even if they are in the distance. Zoom in without losing picture quality thanks to 4× optical zoom and a powerful 16× digital zoom. Use this zoom ability on-the-go or as part of a preset pattern.

1080p HD security camera with PTZ functionality

Superior detail with HD 1080p resolution

See the clarity that HD 1080p video has to offer. This camera uses an advanced 2.1 megapixel image sensor that is capable of delivering incredible high definition video and accurate color reproduction.

Security camera with color night vision

Don't be left colorblind at night

The LZV2622 security camera uses our revolutionary Color Night Vison (CNV) technology. This important feature:

  • Produces full-color video, even in low-light conditions*
  • Adds an additional level of visual information that can help identify people or objects
  • Increases contrast for easier detection

*Note: ambient light is needed for CNV™ operation. ClearNight technology is also featured on this security camera to provide exceptional black and white viewing, for when Color Night Vision™ is not in use.

Easy MPX security camera installation

Easy and clutter-free installation

This MPX security camera uses a siamese coaxial cable (60ft) to connect to a high-definition DVR (available here). This siamese cable can carry both power and video up to 300 feet. For larger properties, you can extend the video signal up to 800 feet.

Weatherproof PTZ security camera with extreme temperature tolerance

Extreme temperature tolerance

This rugged PTZ camera is built for the outdoors. It is fully weatherproof (IP66-rated) and can stand up against rain, snow, and freezing temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C). The included wall mount bracket is also fully weatherproof, and durable enough for outdoor installation.



Heat Rating

140°F | 60°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

-22°F | -30°C

Cold Rating

Camera compatibility

LZV622 PTZ security camera from Lorex by FLIR

Analog DVRs including ECO, Edge and Blackbox Series DVRs
ECO Series
Edge Series
Blackbox Series
D1 & 960H DVRs
Analog DVRs including ECO, Edge and Blackbox Series DVRs
LHV1000 Series
720p HD DVRs
HD 1080p Security Digital Video Recorder
LHV2000 Series
1080p HD DVRs
Analog DVRs including ECO, Edge and Blackbox Series DVRs
LNR200 Series
LNR300 Series
1080p netHD NVRs
Analog DVRs including ECO, Edge and Blackbox Series DVRs
LNR100 Series
LNR400 Series
1080p HD NVRs

Pan, Tilt & Zoom

Control the camera to Pan, Tilt, and Zoom the viewing area.

Indoor Outdoor

Camera performs both in outdoor and indoor applications.

Night Vision

View video during the day and with night vision at night.




1080p HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Camera Features:

  • High definition 1080p image sensor1
  • Powerful 4× optical zoom and 16× digital zoom to focus in on even the finest details
  • Color Night Vision™ delivers full color nighttime video for improved recognition of objects low light conditions2
  • ClearNight imaging for improved low light performance and improved recording efficiency3
  • 355° pan rotation for complete area coverage. Fast 100° per second panning speed
  • Control PTZ camera movement and transmit video over a single coax cable
  • Program preset viewing points and tours when connected to a DVR
  • Remote control of the PTZ camera using a smartphone or tablet when connected to a DVR
  • Day/Night mode: picture automatically switches to B&W delivering better clarity in low light conditions
  • Infrared cut filter ensures accurate color representation
  • Weatherproof (IP66-rated) camera with extreme temperature performance (-22° ~ 140°F / -30° ~ 60°C)4
  • Wall mount bracket & 60ft (18m) extension cable included for installation flexibility

Each LZV2622BW Includes:

1 × HD PTZ Camera
1 × 60ft Extension Cable
1 × Mounting Kit and Bracket
Instruction Manual

1. Compatible with 1080p Lorex HD DVRs only. For the most up-to-date list of compatible recorders, visit
2. Full color nighttime video typically switches to black & white IR night vision below 1 lux to ensure optimal low-light image quality.
3. This camera features an ultra-low light sensitive image sensor and therefore does not feature Infra-Red LEDs. The camera requires ambient lighting (for example, street/ building lighting, star or moon light) to render a night time image. In total darkness (zero Lux), the camera will not produce a night time image and therefore the camera should not be installed in completely dark areas.
4. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Corporation. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 5


Location: Modesto, CA

I bought this LZV2622BW to replace the second of my stationary cameras and now I have two. Pan is 359 degrees, the Tilt and Zoom work well. This camera also has color night vision but the clarity the best in lighted areas. They have good image quality and provide the flexibility to move the view. The one complaint I have is I have submitted two support requests online and now two weeks later still no response. I give it 4 1/2 stars for that reason alone.

2 out of 5


Location: Michigan

This is an awesome little PTZ camera. We have worked with the larger ones for the MPX systems and this one has alot of the same features. Easy to install, easy to operate. The 4X zoom is really a nice feature and then adding the digital zoom, you definately can see farther, cleaner. This is the first camera I have worked with with Color Night Vision and it is remarkably clear.

3 out of 5


Location: wpg manitoba

MPX HD 1080p PTZ Camera with Color Night Vision works pretty good,I recommend this product to others

4 out of 5


Location: oh

bought camera for colored night vision so far it has only worked in color a few times. picture is pretty clear. but while zoomed it is still too fuzzy to read a liscence plate which is why i bought it. ptz feature is cool but pain to control from phone very slow to react and moves too far mostly on 4g somewhat on wifi.

5 out of 5


Location: Arizona

I bought this camera, (LZV2622BW) to replace one of my stationary cameras and it is GREAT. Pan has a great range of motion, almost 360 degrees, the tilt and the Zoom are great as well. This camera also has color night vision and is really good in lighted areas. This was an excellent purchase and works well around my house.



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French security decal



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