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SD Pro Wireless Video Surveillance System with 2 Cameras and 9" Screen with Mobile Connectivity


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SD Pro Wireless Video Surveillance System with 2 Cameras and 9" Screen with Mobile Connectivity

Enjoy the performance of a premium surveillance system with simplified installation, secure wireless video, and no recurring fees. Record video in 720p HD with audio to the included 8GB memory card. View live and recorded video anywhere you go with free apps to help you stay connected. Control your system from the rechargeable wireless LCD monitor for truly portable use. Feather touch controls on the monitor's front panel make it simple to adjust your preferences on the fly. Simplified remote viewing with Lorex Stratus Connectivity is ready to use in mere minutes, allowing you to check in on your home or business from anywhere with no recurring fees!

9 inch portable / rechargeable LCD monitor

9" portable / rechargeable LCD monitor

Get all the capabilities of a full surveillance system to go. View live and recorded video from your cameras on a stylish all-in-one 9" LCD monitor and recorder. A built-in rechargeable battery allows for up to 4 hours of portable monitoring. Feather touch controls on the monitor give you complete control of your security system. Change viewing modes, enable recording, and configure menu options all with the tap of a button.

Record in 720p HD

Record in 720p HD

Experience surveillance video that leaves nothing to the imagination. Record 720p video with audio for incredible picture quality that captures every detail. Video is recorded to the included microSD card, making it easy to backup important footage. Choose from manual, motion or schedule recording per camera to create a truly custom surveillance solution. Experience true peace of mind with the gold standard in wireless security.

Remote connectivity from iOS and Android devices

Remote connectivity

Connect the monitor to your router to enable cloud connectivity, enabling you to view and record video from anywhere in the world. Lorex Stratus Connectivity makes setup a breeze: simply download the free SD Pro app for your iPhone, iPad or Android device, scan the QR code on your monitor, and you're ready to go. Take advantage of manual recording, snapshots and two-way audio intercom using your mobile device. Push notifications with snapshot attachments keep you up-to-date with motion events captured by your cameras.

Weather resistant wireless cameras

Weather resistant wireless cameras

The robust, weather-resistant wireless cameras are also compact in design, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The cameras' secure signal and anti-interference technology ensures smooth, reliable wireless video at all times. No need to run cables - these premium HD wireless cameras are among the most convenient on the market and can be installed in mere minutes. The cable pass-through design of the cameras conceals power cables for added protection against vandals.

2-way audio intercom

2-way audio intercom

The wireless cameras feature a built-in microphone and speakers. This means you can hear sounds from around the camera, as well as communicate with persons near the camera using the monitor or a connected smartphone / tablet. Whether you're instructing a postal worker or greeting a family member, the 2-way audio intercom is a great way to stay connected.

Remote Connectivity

View video on your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere in the world

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

SD recording

microSD recording & playback supported.



Wireless Freedom - Unrivaled Performance

    Get all the capabilities of a full surveillance system with simplified installation, secure wireless video, and no recurring fees. View live and recorded video anywhere you go with free apps to help you stay connected.


  • 9 inch rechargeable wireless LCD monitor 1
  • 2 Weather resistant wireless cameras 2
  • Record video in 720p HD with audio 3
  • Free apps for smartphone/tablet 4
  • Manual, motion, and schedule recording
  • 2-way audio Intercom
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras
  • 8GB microSD card included; 64GB supported
  • Simple installation. No video cables required
  • Up to 45 days of recording 5
  • Push notifications sent to your smartphone/tablet when motion is detected
  • Triplex operation: view live video, record, and playback simultaneously
  • Pre-event motion detection recording
  • Dual motion detection technology for more accurate alerts
  • Time and date stamped recordings for easy retrieval
  • Front panel feather touch controls
  • Motorized camera filter provides accurate color reproduction in all lighting conditions
  • Night time viewing up to 65ft (20m) away in ambient night time lighting conditions and up to 45ft (14m) away in total darkness 6
  • View and record up to 4 cameras at the same time
  • Secure wireless signal
  • Up to 165ft (50m) indoor / 660ft (200m) outdoor wireless range 7

1. Up to 2.5 hours of portable wireless monitoring. For extended monitoring or remote viewing, ensure the wireless monitor is connected to a local power outlet.
2. Wireless cameras require a wired connection to power outlet. Not intended for direct exposure to rain or snow. For outdoor applications, install under shelter protected from the elements.
3. 720p HD (1280x720) up to 20 fps with 2 cameras, or VGA (640x480) in real-time (30fps). 720p resolution recordings and live view can only be viewed in HD using smartphones / tablets that support 720p (1280x720) or higher resolutions or view recordings on a computer (microSD card reader not included). Included monitor resolution is 800x480.
4. Requires a high speed Internet connection and a wired connection to a router (not included). An upload speed of 1Mbps is recommended for optimal video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time. For the latest compatibility list check as new models become available in the market.
5. Motion recording for a single camera based on VGA (640x480) recording resolution with 40 motion events per day and 30 second recording duration per event. Maximum recording time may vary based on the number of cameras that are recording, the amount of motion in the scene, and the size of the memory card used (8GB SD card included; 64GB supported).
6. Stated IR illumination ranges are based on ideal conditions in total darkness and typical outdoor night time ambient lighting. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection / absorption.
7. Based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Technology Inc. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.








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1 out of 76


Location: Clarkston, MI

Bought this package from Best Buy. Set up was extremely easy, picture and sound quality are excellent. And the mobile app works flawlessly. Vety simple UI. Only recommend purchasing a larger sd card is you want to save more then a day or 2 worth if recordings.

2 out of 76


Location: Indiana

Bought this small security system after doing research on all DIY systems like it which I do for everything I buy.
1. Small yet nice size viewable 9 inch screen just like an E-Reader (Kindle, Nook, etc.). You can view up to 4 cameras on it at once or one at a time.
2. Cameras were very easy to install and paired up as soon as the receiver was powered on without doing anything extra on our part.
3. Had no trouble installing it. Follow the directions, let the receiver charge up for over 6 hours (did mine for almost 24 hours) and then put your cameras up and you won't have any problems with connection or picture quality as long as there isn't any hardware issues.
4. Remember this is a WIRED system. Wireless just means it doesn't have to be hard-wired into the receiver to work. Its power cords have to be plugged into the wall sockets somewhere, so make sure your system can reach the power supply while hiding the cords at the same time.
5. The wireless antennas on the cameras need to be pointing towards where your receiver is kept in order to keep the reception the best picture possible.
6. Sound does work both talking to someone outside or listening to what is being said outside to where the receiver is. Picks up sound very good.
7. The total darkness at 45 feet I think falls just a little short because it doesn't even see the gravel drive not 40 feet from the side of our house in the dark. I hope the range extenders I plan on putting on all 3 of my cameras will help. But will see.
8. I feel this is a great little system for the price and purchasing needs to be made understanding this is not one of the bigger security systems but does exactly what it states it will do.

I haven't had this very long but am happy so far. I hope it stays that way and if so I will make purchases in the future with this company. I hope this review helps others looking for a small but great reliable security system.

3 out of 76


Location: nw florida

easy to install. works great in the day time. but at night it will not trigger to record. I have walked all around out from the cameras and it did not record. drove car in front of cameras last night, the 2ed time it recorded.

Thank you for your feedback. You may need to adjust the motion sensitivity settings. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you with this and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739. You can also find the system manual under the downloads section of the product page. You actually have the LW2762 model and this is the manual See section 9.4.3 Configuring Video Motion Detection

4 out of 76


Location: Miami, FL

Bought this camera system with the hopes it would function and give a great picture. It did all of that and more. The app is very convenient and i love that i can sit at my desk at work and watch my front and back yard with a super clear picture. Nice product for the money.

5 out of 76


Location: california

I bought this product about two and a half years ago from Best Buy I pay about almost 500 $600 I'll be having all kinds of problems with Lorex cameras the app doesn't work and now that monitor is blank is black I called Lorax for technical support it took me about an hour to get in contact with someone finally now they're saying that I gotta buy a new set of cameras don't buy Lorex cameras they suck and customer service is bad now I'm stuck with two cameras without a monitor and I spent $600 2 years ago

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you're having trouble with your system and we have contacted you via phone and email to assist. Please respond to us at your convenience.

6 out of 76




7 out of 76


Location: Tecumseh Ontario Canada

Excellent Camera had previous 4 camera set up for 4 years still going strong.

8 out of 76


Location: Texas

Lorex claims to be top of the line and one of the best but I'm not satisfied with this system at all. I did lots of research on different systems before I purchased this one and saw lots of good reviews but I don't know what they were using, it must not have been like this one. I thought I was getting a really good one but I was wrong. I would return it if I hadn't waited too long but now I stuck with it. The images in day light are only fair and has gray tint to it. I have a Uniden system that it way clearer. I have one camera pointed at the front of our garage where you can see the back of both our vehicles and you can't read either of the license plates and the camera is only about 15 feet away. You can't even read them when you zoom in so if some one drives up and breaks in we will probable be able to make out the vehicle but that's all. They are extremely terrible at night. The picture is extremely grainy and not very bright. The 16 LED's do not put out near enough light to see well with. It's like looking through a snow storm and you can't see very far. I doubt if you could even make out a type of car, must less people or license plates. The range is not very good either. I have Uniden system that I use along with this one (had it first, not happy with it either) and I have one of each cameras side by side pointing it different direction and the Uniden always has a picture from it but the Lorex only works some times. The Uniden has some color but good black and white at night. The Lorex is supposed to have 720p HD but it's not any better than the Uniden with only 320. I've tried the Lorex with HD and VGA and neither one looks any different, you just can't zoom in when in HD. The Uniden uses 32 LEDs for night vision and Lorex might be better with that many. I don't know why they didn't. You also can just touch a picture on the screen and go to it like you can with the Uniden. You have to go through several steps of pressing selections on the bottom of the screen to get anywhere and it's really slow to open screens. Usually by the time you get where you wanted to go, what you wanted to look at is already gone. The only good thing I can say about the Lorex is the video is better than the Uniden but still a little laggy and not perfect like I was expecting. I can not honestly recommend the Lorex from my experience with this one. I would have to say shop for something else.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you were not satisfied with your system. Our customer service team was happy to assist you. If you would like to purchase a system that better suits your needs, please call our sales team at 1-888-425-6739.

9 out of 76


Location: New Mexico

Bought the SD Pro 4-camera system about a year ago. Three of the cameras died within 6 months. Today the fourth one died. They worked fine until, for unknown reasons, the power output of each camera went from (range comparisons) 150+ feet to about 10 feet. So the 2.4 GHz transmitters for all the cameras are either weak, cheaply made, or not properly heat-sinked. Cost cutting, I can only presume. However, when they did work, they worked fine, without issue. Unfortunately, the single-camera replacement costs preclude replacing the cameras when they fail. So "you pays your money, you takes your chances."

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you were having trouble with your system. Our technical support team was happy to assist you. If you require further assistance please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

10 out of 76


Location: ohio

easy set-up and pairing of two extra cams

11 out of 76


Location: Tampa, Fl

This was a very simple installation. It has remote monitoring that can be viewed on different devices. I have been very pleased with the quality of the video and the overall aesthetics of it!

12 out of 76


Location: stoney creel ont

great unit and so easy to set up great colour and picture quality love it and tech support fantastic

13 out of 76


Location: US

1. Startup guide is close to useless
2. Downloaded version is difficult to use unless printed. For a system close to $500 a printed manual should be available.
3. Information concerning Power Up and the batteries used is sketchy or non-existent. Verbal statement from a Customer Service rep stating that the Li-Ion battery is perfectly OK being left on 24/7 charge is hard to believe based on common experience.
4. I could find the joystick button functions in the installation guide as far as the playback/live functions are concerned. Confusing without the full manual! Similarly, the power button dual function is not explained.
5. Table of contents and reference page call-outs in the online manual are in error in some places.
6. It is almost impossible to get a live person on-line. Only once I succeeded, when I requested a call-back.
7. There is no physical or mailing address available any place to get in touch with Lorex.
8. A previous purchase of 4 cameras and 2 monitors is still running, with both monitor power supplies having failed early. Purchased commercial units for $3.60, rewired the rectangular plugs which are commercially not available, thus avoided buying replacement from Lorex (a bit too expensive!)Poor design!
9. Final remark: almost each and every one of the 8 operating cameras freeze up here and there, you have to turn off power to start them again.

14 out of 76


Location: Cincinnati

I've had the system for five months. I added one additional camera from the start with no problem. System was easy to set up and worked well for 3 months until it stopped recording video duration beyond 2 seconds. I sent back the DVR unit and am waiting for the free replacement. I anticipate it will again set up easily and hopefully function fully for a longer time span.

15 out of 76


Location: harrison , ar

Great system added two cameras to it and no problems what so ever!!

16 out of 76


Location: Bristol,QC

This is my second try. With the first set, one camera stop working after 30 days. The system was return no problem. I bought a new one and the cameras are in my stable for a good 30 days and so far so good. The reception is better and I love the wireless because we have over 200 feet between the monitor and the cameras. I can watch my 6 miniature horses at any time when they are inside.

17 out of 76


Location: Cleveland, OH.

Got this system the other day. Had several questions about things as the manual was written poorly and did not explain about some items and operations of system. Had to call tech support who helped out right away. I find it a little bit complicated to understand how to operate at first. One thing I don't like is it is impossible to que up reviews of videos sometimes. The cameras worked well but did not have the industry standard stud mount like other manufacturers. They should provide an optional adapter. The sound is great but the video does not look like 720p resolution and does not pick up images well in the dark like others I have had. We will see how well the system holds up and performs in the future.

18 out of 76


Location: Edison,NJ

This product is for small surveillance as expected it came handy to install in just minutes. The connectivity of the camera is immediate but has some limitation. The quality is good as far as you just need basic monitoring. Less than a year and the camera flickers every few minutes and can't get the sound from the camera. The monitor doesn't playback the recording. I am little disappointed on the brand name but i don't expect nothing than the regular monitoring from this product.

Thank you for your feedback. Our customer service team was happy to assist you with flickering camera. Should you require further assistance, please call us at 1-888-425-6739.

19 out of 76


Location: Illinois

I am pleasantly surprised. Everything worked flawlessly right out of the box.
The range works from anywhere in the house to the outdoor cameras, the first and second floor and it even picks up the signal from the basement.
I had read that wireless cameras overload the internet wireless wifi signal but I have no problem.
The picture is clear during the day and the nightime viewing looks as though it was daylight, just black and white.
Good job Lorex with this system.
I will buy an additional 2 camera's in the future.

20 out of 76


Location: Sapulpa Okla

This has been an awesome security system. I use one camera for my drive entrance and the other to watch over my chicken. This helps me watch for intruders in the chicken coop. I would recommend Lorex to my family and friends.

21 out of 76


Location: Detroit MI

I purchased the system for my mother home to keep a eye on her property. I purchased two additional cameras with my system and it's a great system but it's one major problem, when one of the cameras went out while still under warranty, Lorex wanted me to pay for another camera. I still haven't recieved my replacement camera. There systems are great systems but before you purchase the system keep track of all calls if any part of the system fails and purchase an additional warranty (and hopefully they will stick to it). Lorex customer service sucks and I'm pissed they haven't sent me my replacement camera four months after they told me that they was. I will never purchase another Lorex system because they don't do what they say.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any difficulty you experienced and hope the replacement is working well.

22 out of 76


Location: Texas

So far so good. Best purchase in 2015. I would recommend this unit to everyone.

23 out of 76


Location: Yuba City, California. 95991

I got the Lorex LW2962H for my birthday and I installed it yesterday. It was pretty easy to install, just make a connection with your monitor, hang the cameras and your done, very easy. The only thing I wanted was a manual, none came in the box but I went on the site and crated an account and called support, they are mailing me a manual now to see everything I can do with my new security cameras. I would recommend Lorex over all others and the picture on the monitor is so clear. Thank you

Thank you for your feedback. Our user manuals are also available for download on the product page under the Downloads tab.

24 out of 76


Location: Pennsylvania

Installed system and had it running for 6 hours when one camera failed to work in the night environment. Called Tech support to report failure. Spent over an hour on phone then was handed off to Customer Service to activate replacement unit. Called that afternoon and was told there would be a 15 minute wait. Had to terminate before they picked up. Called next day and again was told would have to wait 20 minutes. 47 minutes later my call was answered. After a number of holds, I was told that the replacement unit would arrive in five days. Total time on phone this time was 1 hour and 10 minutes. Quality of a product is directly related to service of that product! Having to spend this much time on resolving a problem is unreasonable. Company really needs to address this issue if they want to avoid losing customers. Of course I now need to see if there is follow-up on getting me the replacement camera as promised!

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We were experiencing a higher than usual volume of calls. We hope the replacement is working well for you.

25 out of 76


Location: Florida

Works as expected for the price. Bought 2 additional cameras. The system has a little bit of hesitation some times.

26 out of 76


Location: Maimi

Systems works flawless very easy to use even a cavemen could figure it out. Had the system for over a year now. The monitor did fail within that time ,but I did call support and they replaced with no problem.

27 out of 76


Location: Ohio


28 out of 76


Location: Indiana

Lorex LW2962 Notes:
The monitor included in this initial system turned out to be defective with multiple failures resulting in an unreliable security system. The replacement monitor appears to be working properly so far.
If you want a manual you must go online to Lorex and download it yourself.
THE FAILURES:-------------------------------------------------------
FROZEN VIDEO….. One day I found that several recordings from the day before that would not play back properly. These files were from camera #1 which has been performing very well. The sound played OK but the video remained frozen at the beginning. It was necessary to “reset” the monitor unit before future recordings would record and play back properly.
There have been many more instances of “frozen” videos from both cameras. The time display on the screen may show some specific length of recording but the time position will be frozen at some arbitrary time (i.e. frozen at 00:00:32 on a 00:01:50 length video). The sound plays but all you see is one frozen video frame.
NO SOUND ……In another instance, camera #1 microphone stopped working. It was necessary to unplug the camera from the power source and plug it back in, after which the sound returned. Camera failure or monitor failure?
SD CARD FAILURE….There were several instances where recordings stopped and the monitor reported SD card failure. This would occur randomly even though the card was reformatted, the monitor reset, or anything else. This same card is working fine with the replacement monitor.
TIME STAMP: There is no imbedded time stamp info on the video itself. Only a display on the monitor.
VIDEO MOTION DETECT:. This detection functions in daylight mode only. It does NOT work in IR night mode.
SCHEDULED RECORDING: Programming in “Scheduled Recording” is a bit cumbersome but does allow individual cameras to select either “MOTION” (PIR motion recording) or ”CONTINUOUS” recording. Program increments are 30 minutes each. Touching either the “record” or “motion” control icon will override the current active program segment and no further “programmed” recording will occur until the next 30 minute program segment becomes active.
PRE-RECORDING OF MOTION: The stated 5 seconds of recording prior to a motion detection event does work provided that the sensor actually did trigger recording. PIR triggering is affected by ambient temperatures, distance, and aiming.
SOUND: Sound is only available during live view of one camera at a time. Sound on the monitor is not available while viewing multiple cameras.
INTERCOM FUNCTION: The speaker on the camera is clear. The intercom works reasonably well with the exception of missing the first few words of a subject’s response after releasing the talk button on the monitor. The subject needs to wait a few seconds before responding to questions.
CAMERA MOUNTS: The camera mounts are plastic and are cumbersome to work with.
ZOOM: Zoom is active only in live view and in VGA mode only. If recording, the video is recorded the same as in live view.
B/W mode: The B/W night mode with IR appears to be a bit grainy, especially if zoomed in. Images are however clear enough to tell what is going on. It would be difficult to make out any fine detail whether zoomed or not. The “BRIGHTNESS” setting of the camera proves to be important as the image may be washed out if too bright or too dark to see if too low.
FIRMWARE UPDATE: There appears to be no firmware update available for this product at this time.
FINAL COMMENTS: The unit was easy to set up. Don’t lose any of your purchase receipts and DO register your warranty promptly. Unfortunately, the initial unit was unreliable. However, the system with the replacement monitor appears to be working as it should, given the design shortcomings previously described.

29 out of 76


Location: Corpus Christi, Tx

I purchased this system to mainly avoid opening my door to strangers. Now I can talk to them without opening the door. It is great when solicitors come around. Good sound and picture quality and easy to operate and review footage. However, four months or so in, one of my power adapters went out. I have called 3 times to get new one with the lorex manufacturer warranty. First call was to report the problem, second and third were to follow up on the status. No replacement adapter yet (3 weeks later). The email says my ticket is closed and thus the problem should be fixed, no? No. When your camera fails, you mail it to them and they determine if it is faulty. Then they ship you a new system/camera. When your power adapter fails they don't require that it be mailed in first. However, that doesn't expidite the process. I am still waiting and I hate having a blind spot in my surveillance. I hate being told they are "escalating the claim" to make it seem like it will get sent sooner. I also am annoyed with the cost of a new adapter. $20.00! We all know that thing cost no more than a couple bucks. I would like to give it 5 stars but the customer service experience is a drag.
P.S. You must format your SD card first before recording will work. That is easy to do, just good to know ahead of time.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience with your adapter. A new one is on route to you now.

30 out of 76


Location: Home

System works OK. Night vision blurry could not recognize no person. Day time works good. Control panel works ok. Touch buttons touchy. Main issue for my star rating is interference with WIFI. I have a 24mbs system when cameras are on drops my WIFI down to 1.5 to 3.0mbs. When plunged into eithernet cable less than 1.0mbs. Lorex needs to fix this. Should not have to buy dual band router.

31 out of 76


Location: Texas

I purchased this system to replace a video doorbell from a different manufacturer. The cameras with this system provide much better quality and are a good value for the price. I set one of the cameras up by the front door and use the two way intercom to screen visitors I don't know without having to go to the door. Both the video and audio are very good.

The system was easy to set up, and I like having the monitor next to my desk so that I can see what is going on. I bought an additional 36GB SD card to record video when the cameras detect motion. I have been using it over a month and still have more than 75% capacity left. There is a setting to start recording over old video files once the SD card is full if you don't want to put in a new card.

I'm very happy with the system so far, and plan to purchase an additional add-on camera to put in my back yard. I haven't used the mobile app yet, but plan on doing so in the near future.

32 out of 76


Location: NC

I am very disappointed with my purchase. I have never been able to use the camera's because the monitor stopped charging 2 weeks after purchase. I didn't care for the short length of the power cords on the camera's but I could have lived with that. Now I am stuck with a 'brick' and two useless camera's that won't connect to either my iphone or my Samsung Tablet because it asks for a 'password' that I suppose is 'locked' in the monitor. I really, really need a replacement monitor. I have had to since purchase three other cameras by other manufacturers to monitor my interior (epileptic rescue dog) and an happy at the quality and ease of use of the other three cameras. Still, I have these two unmounted (never had the chance before the monitor went dead) cameras. I plug it in to charge the screen and I just get a steady red light but it will not power on or charge battery. HELP please or replace!Ipurchased this from Bestbuy and I sincerely hope the offer of extended warranty is applied. Thank you in advance. (I have a trouble ticket already in...)

Thank you for your feedback. Our customer service team was happy to replace this under warranty for you. We hope everything is working well now.

33 out of 76


Location: Ventura, CA

The product worked flawlessly for 4 months and then quit without a warning. Went through a laborious process of getting a replacement. The replacement seems to be working well for a week now.

In summary it is a technically good product with limited reliability.

1. Easy to setup.
2. No interference with baby monitoring systems.
3. Easy network access of captured data.
1. Long-term reliability suspect. Will update review in case of change.
2. Replacement process tedious.

Product's impact will improve a lot if the monitor can be connected wirelessly to existing network.

34 out of 76


Location: Arkansas

I bought this product from . I like that it is wireless and was easy to install. However I am having problems with it picking up all four cameras at the same time. Every few minutes a camera will go black then blink back on. Not sure if i need to purchase a wifi range extender to help this problem. My cameras are mounted on the outside of the house within 60 feet of the monitor.

Please contact our technical support team for assistance at 1-877-755-6739.

35 out of 76


Location: USA

I have written a review already and I thought i got this from AMAZON. I didn't I purchased it from BEST BUY when I found my receipt for a ticket I started a few days ago. My system was perfect i had to learn to operate the hard stuff but the manual is very clear. PERFECT INSTRUCTIONS to me. I opened a ticket because the LCD MONITOR WHEEL that you use to change settings is not working. I only use this wheel to REFORMAT the SD CARDS when i change them out while the other is downloading to my Mac SSD. So i do not use the wheel for any other reason so it's not used much. Once every other day I changed out a 64 GB card because i record 24/7 365 days a year. a 64 GB card is the max it will take so you get 2 days 48 hours of recording on a 64GB SD CARD. The Wheel should not be going bad during the 1st year. I went bad a week or two ago. You cannot do anything if that wheel ever messes up. Personally I would not put a WHEEL device on this system due to the fact its broken now and You cannot do anything but Hope and pray that you don't have to keep formatting the SD CARD every time you put one in. all my cards will not work because i cannot reformat them. I have 2 that I thought of a little trick to see if it works, when i go in my mac to transfer or copy video files I only delete the Video file and i leave the 00000001 in place and I do not delete that and it works sometimes and sometimes it won't . I have been losing VIDEO footage because it says its recording then I get the error message hours later only to find out there is Video but they will not play, and sometimes there are no videos in the 00000001 section. I said all that to say this I hope that LOREX will take my views on the wheel design and change it, you don't need a WHEEL you just need a BUTTON to push. Not all of their CAMERA MONITORS have the wheel I noticed some of them have the buttons only on the back of device. So if I ever purchase another one i will not buy any with a wheel. I take Excellent care of my devices and this one I baby and hardly move it or touch it. only to change out the SD CARD so this wheel should not be broken or not working in less than 1 year. That tells you something. Also I found another TRICK with the WHEEL in case your WHEEL is BROKEN like mine it spins freely now its not tight. So I am able sometimes not all the time after trying so hard to format a sd card, I pull the button downwards and then PRESS IN on the wheel and it will take me to where i want to go, but it may take 10 times before it works. I love LOREX and I will not give them any bad ratings or reviews only my advice on the wheel part. This is a great company I have had very nice customer service with them they answer me quickly and they work with you. I love their PRODUCTS the price can not be matched for what you get. I love my system the SD PRO 9 LW2962H. W/ 2 cameras. Best buy only sold the 2 camera option not the 4 camera which I need 4 cameras. Some people are saying the video feed on the monitor is grainy but you have to change that in your app on your iPad just go to settings then select advance settings then VIDEO QUALITY you get 3 options HIGH~MEDIUM~LOW if you select high your monitor frame will not enlarge but if you select MEDIUM or LOW you get a FULL SCREEN VIDEO FEED on the monitor and you iPad. I love that. Although I like the OPTION HIGH VIDEO QUALITY it gives me perfect video almost perfect videos at night. During the Day I get HIGH PERFECTION VIDEO I can see 2 streets over and everything around my HOME IS SO CLEAR during the day. However there is an option to getting perfect video at night, I installed LED FLOODS LIGHTS from LOWE'S and the camera stays in daylight recording mode because my house is lit up with 1400 LUMENS LED FLOOD LIGHTS and I Have 14 all around my home. I love the fact that if i use lights on my house and these are PURE DAYLIGHT WHITE LIGHTS not yellow. I get almost the same quality at night.

36 out of 76


Location: Kansas

My wife just opened a store that sells high quality hand made items. This is a new venture and neither of us has been in retail before. I installed the cameras and set everything up without a problem. Went home the first night and set up my phone and tablet to view the monitors, and it worked very well. over the next few days I experimented with talking to her from my phone through the camera and this worked fine. She just turned and waved to the camera with a not too happy look on her face. Also can listen in on conversations in the store which spoiled a surprise she was planning for me. The video quality of playback from the SD card is very good. Set up of recording schedule with a combination of motion detected recording for the days the store is not open and time slot recording for the time the store is open. Seemed straight forward to understand.
Overall very satisfied.

37 out of 76


Location: Vacaville, CA

Bought the Lorex LW2962H after much research. Had another brand for a few years and nothing but trouble. Tech service was poor. Called Lorex tech support once and not with a problem but to ask couple of questions. They were quick to answer the phone - less than 5 minute wait. Totally satisfied with their service. The Lorex system is working better than I expected and was very easy to set up and program. I would highly recommend this system to anyone. Very, very pleased.

38 out of 76


Location: Mechanicsville, VA

works great so far. Transit distances not as great as advertised. Had to directional antennae which worked great.

39 out of 76


Location: Orangeburg sc

I purchased the LW2962H and 2 cameras, I monitor my animals, cows,pigs,sheep,horses,for when there having there young, also for predators roaming around, when I,m away from home I can still see what's going on around the animals, getting 2 more cameras next month. Did I mention my family in England can see the cameras rolling, and the mic and speakers on each camera are a plus, good job Lorex.

40 out of 76


Location: USA

i bought this on line at amazon and its the perfect camera because i needed the audio and the video. I wish they would add audio to every system. this was so easy to set up and use i even accidentally cut the wires on one of the camera's and spliced it back together and it still is working perfectly. This will be the only cameras system i will use until they add audio to others. My only complaint is to allow more GB of storage on the micro chips. And to allow to plug up via usb to your computer or drive for storage. giving you both options on how you transfer your video over

41 out of 76


Location: follyfarm

Installed Lorex with today,
To keep an eye on my animals, cows sheep pigs and the house great product

42 out of 76


Location: Oklahoma

Just installed this today. So far I am pleased with it and work well. The only drawback is on the app, It is picking up the first one and when I try to add a second it won't connect and says that the password is wrong.

43 out of 76


Location: Scottsdale,AZ.

Wanted a system that did not cost a arm and leg.
Very easy to set up to router,Was a little worried about that but worked out fine.
Camera's are in HD and I am really impresssed and are wide angle of view.
Sound is very,very good.I can hear everything,Like the talk back part of it.
Down load the manual from net,Makes it easy to work with.
I had one camera that did not work, Called tech support and ++ customer service,Was my bad,Power cable came lose on me.

44 out of 76


Location: usa

Im having problems connecting

45 out of 76




46 out of 76


Location: Murrells Inlet, SC

Love this system. Use it for monitoring our sheds, property, and pets.
Especially love that I can set it up to record when there is motion only. There are 3 settings for motion detection.
The scan mode is awesome for preserving your battery. When motion is detected the monitor turns on for 15 secs so you can see when there is activity on a camera. You can then turn on the monitor if you want to investigate further.
The intercom is awesome for 2 way communication when needed.

Cons: Night vision is blurry
Joystick is hard to manage

47 out of 76


Location: Vancouver, Canada

Got mine delivered today. Up and running within 10 minutes. So far, so good. Would be nice to have the user manual included rather than to have to look online.......

48 out of 76


Location: san antonio

system is easy to set up. and when working, works well. we went to Japan and could watch our house through the app on our phones, pretty cool.

I purchased the system 07/14/14.
by Oct, 2014.....both cameras and the 9"display had quit working. I called and opened a ticket to get this resolved. First, they sent me an email stating they would send me a replacement for the defective items and upon receipt, there would be packaging to send back the defective system. Then i received an email telling me to first send back the broken equipment and they will send a replacement within 7 days of receiving the broken unit. So, I sent the unit,($30.00). In November both cameras quit working. So, I sent those back.

OK, I thought, maybe I received a lemon...I received the new unit in mid December, set them is now 2/19/15 and since the first week I've set them up the cameras have been flashing on and off, and the monitor periodically shuts off and turns back on(maybe 2 or 3 times a day??? like it's resetting...
The cameras turn off and I have to go and unplug them and plug them back in about 5 times a day.
I've opened another ticket with customer service, still waiting to here back from them.
By the way, the second ticket I opened, I was never contacted to offer any customer support. I had to call customer service again a month later.

would I buy this system again??? When everything is working, it works.

good luck.

49 out of 76


Location: Michigan

I use the system as a video doorbell on my front porch and monitor the driveway, eventually I will add two more cameras to Monitor the rest of my property. I Velcroed the monitor to the wall and ran the power wire & cat5 through wall to basement outlet for a custom built-in look.
Customer service, installation, and operation, are excellent and I can't see where I could've made a better decision.
Thanks Again,

50 out of 76


Location: Cape Cod, MA

easy to hook up, easy pairing and good picture quality. 8GB card is too small I am buying a 64GB. Using Pro app to view remotely. Only disappointment was inabilty to connect using PC.

But over all I would recommend this as a good product.

51 out of 76


Location: Katy, TX

just be aware that these cameras do intefere with your LAN.

52 out of 76


Location: Los Angeles

I originally purchased the 2 Camera system model LW2932 from the Lorex website. This system was allegedly compatible with both PC and Apple products - nowhere on the website does it say that this system in NOT compatible with Apple/Mac.

Upon receiving the cameras, I set it them up and the cameras and monitor appeared to work fine. When I attempted to set up the system with my Mac per the Mac-specific directions included with the cameras, I was unable to so. After consulting the website for updated directions or drivers, I found one small reference stating that Skype software used with Mac was no longer compatible:

"NOTE: Due to changes in Skype™ for Mac, the drivers for LW2730/LW2930 SD+ Series are no longer compatible with current versions of Skype™ for Mac. Unfortunately, this means we can no longer support remote connections using Mac for these products."

I contacted customer service and after being on hold for a considerable time (I had spent the last several weeks on hold for hours with Lorex customer service and tech support regarding another product). The representative acknowledged this was the "wrong" system for a Mac and agreed to replace this model with a LW2960 series.

I received and set up the LW2960 system. I was able to put the Lorex app on my iPhone. So far this model works well and I am satisfied, however, I thought that "wireless" meant that I could connect the monitor wirelessly which is unfortunately not the case. It seems odd that you can charge the battery for the monitor as though you are able to switch locations but in reality, you can't go anywhere because you need to stay connected to the router with a cable.

53 out of 76


Location: Texas

I am very impressed with this product. Very easy to install. The picture from each camera is very clear with the HD. Playing back the recordings from the tablet is simple to do. So far I am very happy with my system and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good home monitoring system.

54 out of 76


Location: Vallejo, California

Excellent product and love the wi fi capabilities on my iphone. Works very well during day and night time. Love the motion recording features and serve well my security requirement.

55 out of 76


Location: Florida

Great quality picture. Easy setup. And App works well in Good Service Ares. Yes its a Little Slow, but try to Set the Camera quality to low on the App settings and it works faster. Overall this is a Great buy. If i were to change anything I would add a wifi function to the Display, so I dont have to Keep my router connected to the Display.

56 out of 76


Location: bronx

system is easy to set up cameras comes already paired to the tablet..the only thing this tablet is not wifi ready u will have to connect to the router if u want to see it on ur phone over the net..the app is slow on both iphone and android phones but works good once u get it connected..all in all good buy for the price..i would of given a 5star if the tablet was wifi ready...and it also should come with paper copy instructions instead of u looking it up on their site...

57 out of 76


Location: Toronto, Canada

Excellent. System works great. Wifi reception is great. Easy installs where i have power outlets.

58 out of 76


Location: Brooklyn, NY

The system is good, easy to install. However, trying to contact the company takes all day. I tried to download the guide from the internet and couldn't get it. The frequently asked questions did not address my issue and I dread contacting the company since it seems no one works there.

59 out of 76


Location: OHIO

NICE Easy to set up system,,,, GOOD INFO.... QUALITY Products............. would buy again...........

FIVE stars for me..........


60 out of 76


Location: home

I am still in process of setting up. Just have it up to windows until spring. Very satisfied so far.
Only improvement I see is the camera only tilts up or down. Would be great if it would also adjust side to side. I tried a camera outfit from another company that worked through my computer. No good. Having a separate monitor is the only way to go. Sd card would not work so they are sending me a new monitor. That is the best part. Tech. support is wonderful, and they speak English!! In spring pretty sure I will add a couple of more cameras and maybe a range extender.

61 out of 76


Location: Florida

Just brought this system and so far we like it, video are very clear, everyone complains about night vision but remember but I think its clear as can be.

The only complaints I have, that the monitor has to be connected to a modem ( I thought it was WIFI enabled ), and since the computer is in our bedroom I have to turn off the monitor and by doing so I don't receive or can not see the cams from the app as it disables the cams. Hopefully Lorex can do something about this. Also, the joystick is very sensitive ( this is a minor complaint though).

62 out of 76


Location: denver

So far, this has been an excellent system. The picture quality is excellent and it was easy to set up. It has great range for the receiver connecting with the cameras. I can not think of one thing that I do not like about the system.

63 out of 76


Location: UTAH

So far we have had this system for less than 3 weeks. After a little over 2 weeks the 9 inch monitor stopped working. We took the battery out, turned it off and on, hit the reset button multiple times and after about three days it turned back on. During those three days it recorded nothing. Now that the monitor is working it quits recording at random times. For the first 2 weeks that we had it we loved it. Hopefully we can get this resolved with Lorex.

64 out of 76


Location: New Jersey

Very easy to hook up, works great day and night could not be happier with this product.

65 out of 76


Location: Riverside

This system works very well and is a quality product. Being able to monitor the cameras from our cellphones is a real plus. We will be adding at least one additional camera in the near future.

66 out of 76


Location: Virginia

I purchased this system on 7/25/2014 from Best Buy, I've only had it 30 days as of today 8/25/2014, an already the 9 in. Video Display Monitor is bad, It won't turn on. I had to call the manufacturer for a replacement Video Display Monitor under the manufacturer warranty. I only hope the replacement monitor last more than 30 days.

67 out of 76


Location: Frisco, TX

Very convenient for home monitoring purpose. Two way talking is awesome. Best part is iPhone connectivity via app with that I can monitor my home from anywhere and anytime. Motion alert and recording are added advantages.

68 out of 76


Location: wisconsin

Very easy setup. Video in 720p looks very good but not in night vision. Motion detection recording in night vision does not work well. (What I really need in case something happens at night) Phone app works good but wish you can delete files. For the price I think its very good just not the night vision. If motion detection recording in night vision was good 4 or 5 stars.

69 out of 76


Location: indiana

like all the features on this camera
wasn't sure if it would work like it said
works great
glad i bought it
good product

70 out of 76


Location: Macomb, Michigan

I bought the Lorex LW2962H because we have had a couple car break-ins recently.I absolutely love this system. It serves our purpose to the tee. I installed the cameras to hang under the overhang of our garage one on each side criss crossing the viewing area. Other than running the wires, it was plug and play all the way.

I turned on the system and it worked like a charm with out any interference. The picture was clear and looked great. I took the monitor all around my 2800 square foot house and got a clear picture all around in every room.

I then hooked the monitor to the router and upgraded the firmware. A child could do it. The Night mode works great! You won?t read license plates but I can see nicely across the street and about 3 to 4 houses down, and our street light is out atm.

I look forward to adding a 3rd camera for my front door when I can get the extra cash.

Love it! Thanks Lorex for providing an easy solution to our concerns. :)

71 out of 76


Location: SC

I bought this product about 5 days ago.

4 stars!
Amazing product for the price. SUPER SIMPLE INSTALLATION!
If you aren't in the market for a $1000+ system with professional installation, I recommend this. It's expandable to 4 cams and 64GB micro SD card (to record up to 400hrs of HD video, total). What it comes with is enough to remotely see and hear what's happening around your house through your smartphone.
VERY impressed with this budget camera system!

1. I was surprised at how strong the wifi signal is between the base and cameras. I have one cam about 100 ft and 3 walls away from base and it gets a perfect 720p resolution signal during the day.
2. The ease of use for this system is incredible. If you can use a smartphone, you can use this system.
3. Set up took less than 3 hrs total.
4. Built in microphones and speakers. Yes, it records sound. I don't know what others were talking about, but if you take the sd card out, plug it into a computer and play the videos, they DO have sound. You can also talk through the camera, through your smart phone and hear. It's a little choppy, but it can get the job done.
5. micro SD card can be wiped and ready for reuse without removing it from the base. Simply go to options, settings, format sd card. Thank you, Lorex. That could have been a pain.
6. You can remotely view your cameras' live feeds or recorded video any time, any where through your smart phone. Booyah, sense of security restored!
7. Did I mention 720p HD video? (Think major network cable show quality video).
8. Night vision can actually see surprisingly far. In total darkness, I can spot movement from about 100ft, recognize a family member or pet from about 60 ft and get an accurate face shot from about 30ft (still) or 20 ft (walking quickly).

1. The night-vision is somewhat grainy, as with most security cameras. It would be difficult to recognize someone's face while in night-vision mode. The only solution for that in this system is to mount the camera in such a way that trespassers would be forced to walk within 40ft of the camera.
2. Notifications from the motion sensors can be annoying if they are triggered frequently and there doesn't seem to be a way to shut them off.
3. The system is not built to record to a computer or hard drive. It's designed for micro sd only.
4. You simply cannot view recorded video on the base station. Can't. Nope.

It does require that you plug the power cord into an outlet and to operate a drill to mount the cameras. Plan on needing to tie up the cord so it isn't just dangling. Yeah, that's really all there is to it. The base station connects to the included cameras automatically upon start up and navigating options and menus in the base is extremely simple.
The system also automatically sends a notification to your smartphone when a motion sensor is triggered (should you choose to download the app, which I HIGHLY recommend, because it's awesome). So if you plan to use the motion sensors, set the cameras in such a way that pets, traffic, wind blowing branches around, etc don't send you constant notifications. I'm working to find out if the notifications can be disabled, but it doesn't seem like it...
I am working on running an android emulator on my pc to use a video recorder software to save recordings on my hard drive, but it is a real pain. Not that there is a problem with letting the system save on micro SD, only that it would be easier for me to use my hard drive.

72 out of 76


Location: NY

I just purchased this wireless camera system from BestBuy. Overall, the cameras, the portable screen and the microSD card recording work well. However, there are 2 big problems with this system. First, there is no way to view live camera video using a PC or Mac. You can only do remote viewing from a smartphone or tablet. The second problem is even worse. This system is advertised to have a 5 second pre-event recording feature, but that is a lie. It's supposed to record the 5 seconds prior to a motion sensor being triggered, but it doesn't. It only starts recording when the camera sees motion, and records for the set time duration (15 seconds, 30 seconds or 1 minute). This is a problem for fast moving subjects because by the time the camera notices motion, the subject is almost out of view already. I called Lorex technical support and they confirmed over the phone that this system, the LW2962, does not have the 5 second pre-event recording feature. If that's true, Lorex should remove that feature from the website, the retail box, and the instruction manual.

73 out of 76


Location: Pa

I purchased a Swann system and hated it, not at all user nor set-up friendly. Bought a Lorex LW2960 and love it. User and set-up friendly.

74 out of 76


Location: Arkansas

For the price, this system is a gem! I gave it 4 stars because 1) the night time video is very blurry and looks out of focus, and 2) the wifi range is very limited. I have one camera that is 20 feet from the monitor and that signal strength is strong, but the other camera is 35 feet and goes through 3 walls and the signal strength is weak. However, it maintains a connection 99% of the time. I realize night time video can be a problem, but other systems I've tried had much better night picture. It's not high definition, I know, and for the most part I'm pleased. Pleased enough the I'm going to order two more cameras. The remote viewing using the iPhone app is excellent! The best and easiest I've tried. I recommend this system for ease of installation, remote viewing, SD card recording, and well, just about everything except for the two weak points I made.

75 out of 76


Location: Hardy,Va

easy setup,took about 30 minutes
everything worked right out of the box
easy to use program
went on internet with no trouble
good product

76 out of 76


Location: GA

Just bought this camera system over the past weekend. It is very user friendly and the product itself is great. Already ordered the extra two add-on cameras to have the full four camera ability.

The features are awesome. I like the fact that it has built in mics, so you can actually hear as well as see what's going on outside! It only records video though, which is ok with me. The motion detected recording is by far my favorite feature so it doesn't hog up the memory chip.









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