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SD7+ wireless home video surveillance kit


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SD7+ wireless video monitoring system with 7" LCD monitor

The Lorex LIVE SD+ Series is a wireless home camera system with SD card recording. This is a fast and easy way to add video security to your home or small business providing video signal that is clear, secure, and interference-free. The digital wireless micro-receiver easily plugs directly into your TV, DVR or surveillance monitor. Set up the security camera near the front or back doors, garage, backyard, patio, kid's room, or any location that you would like to keep an eye on. No need to run video cables between the cameras and the receiver. With the LIVE SD+ digital wireless technology, installation is made easy! Just connect the camera and receiver to a nearby power outlet and you're all set. Protect your home, family or business with ease using the Lorex LIVE SD+ digital wireless video security system.

SD Recording

Record and store video on the SD supported system.

Wi-Fi Friendly

System won't interfere with Wi-Fi signals.

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.



Wireless home camera system - a way to stay aware.

  • All-in-One monitor and recorder
  • View remotely via Skype™
  • Dual motion detection technology
  • Secure wireless signal
  • 2-Way talk


  • Simple installation. No video cables required 1
  • Integrated digital video recorder (up to 32GB SD™ card supported)
  • Multiple recording options: manual, motion or schedule 2
  • Time and date stamped recordings for easy retrieval
  • Front panel feather touch controls
  • Digital picture frame with the ability to upload your own pictures for discreet monitoring 3
  • Review recordings and watch live video at the same time with Picture-In-Picture feature
  • Built-in camera light filter provides accurate color reproduction in all lighting conditions
  • 2-Way Audio for Intercom usage
  • Night viewing up to 40ft (12m) away 4
  • Install cameras indoors or outdoors 5
  • View up to 4 cameras at the same time or in sequence
  • Up to 180ft (55m) indoor/650ft (200m) outdoor wireless range 6
  • AV output for viewing on a larger screen (e.g. TV)
  • Tabletop, wall or under-counter mountable monitor


View while you're away from home via Skype™ from anywhere in the world!*.


PIR heat sensors and video motion detection for improved motion recording and audio alerts.


Capture the seconds leading up to the event and record up to 4 channels in quad screen to catch all the action.


Digital picture frame mode for discreet monitoring, and a secure long-range digital signal make it ideal for home monitoring.


video cables, no expensive installation, no recurring fees. Place the cameras indoors or outdoors, power up, and start monitoring!

1. Cameras require a local power outlet.
2. Local viewing up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Local recording and playback of one camera at a time or all 4 cameras simultaneously on one screen (Quad view).
3. Ability to upload your own pictures supported using a PC only. Default covert function (blank screen) available as an alternative option.
4. Stated IR Illumination range is based on ideal conditions. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object.
5. Weather-resistant. Not intended for direct exposure to rain or snow. For outdoor applications install under shelter protected from the elements.
6. Based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.

* No recurring charges. Internet connection required on connected PC. Remote connection requires driver installation on home PC (CD included), a wired USB connection between the monitor and PC (USB cable included) and a high speed internet connection. PC must be turned ON and Skype™ application must be running. Remote viewing is limited to a single camera and is not selectable remotely.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Technology Inc. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 111


Location: Murrysville

The cameras were easy to install and work fine. I recommend this product and I may add two cameras at a later date.
Jim Kuczek

2 out of 111


Location: Tacoma

I was wondering if anyone would know what cameras I would need to add to mine to make the full 4 in the system the mofle is a wl2730 trying to fill in the blind spots in the system

Thank you for your question. You would need the LW2731AC1. Please call our sales team if you require further assistance - 1-888-425-6739.

3 out of 111


Location: 19815

just start set up the device.

4 out of 111


Location: Michigan

Received as a gift and finally installed. Works great for what I needed. The only problem is that one of the cameras at night is in B & W while the other is in color. Contacted Lorex and they say that they are all B & W at night. Ordered two additional cameras to finish system.

Thank you for your feedback. Night vision will appear in black and white, the image will be in color during the day. If you are seeing an image in color at night, there may be a lot of light near that camera. For additional information about wireless cameras please go to

5 out of 111


Location: letellier

We bought this product for a piece of mind,other then the unit not having a long enough plug in cord. This product works really good night and day. W
e like the voice recorder and speaker.

6 out of 111


Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Quick delivery, as advertised and worth the investment.

7 out of 111


Location: Ohio

Disk has no drivers useless disk. Not user friendly. Would rate no star if that was an option!

8 out of 111


Location: Houston

Product was easy to setup and get operational. Couple items that are bugging me. The wireless aspect is swamping my home network, so now I need to go out an get a dual-band router to hopefully address the situation. Cameras make a clicking sound when going from day to night vision circuitry. Otherwise, it's a low end system that pretty much delivers.

9 out of 111


Location: scarborough ,toronto,canada

I purchase the Lw2751 system with a sigle camera. Its easy to use after spending some time reading the manual. On the whole I am satisfy withe the system.Two point I would like to mention: I found it hard to stop the
motion sensing recording ( hard to get rid of the running man figure) only
after repeated attemps and time the interval of pusing the motion sensing button to about 1 sec. that I was able to stop it.The other point is, I was able to delete a whole day's recording by high lightning the day and then ecute a erase.This is faster but not in the manual.

10 out of 111


Location: toronto

the cd can not work, no driver program inside, so I can not use pc to monitor.

11 out of 111


Location: Etobicoke, Canada

So far an excellent product. Very easy to set up and delivers excellent reception. A big drawback for me at this point is remote access can not be used on Windows phones. This really should change soon

12 out of 111


Location: Montreal

I wonder what other reviewers smoked in praising the Lorex SD7. I had this 2-camera system for over a year now. I would never have bought this system for the following reasons:

1- Very narrow field of view
2- Fuzzy image and molasses-like image updating
These two "features" are a joke compared to far cheaper dash cams
3- Poorly designed, unresponsive menu-system & lousy screen resolution
4- One camera is always out of range while both are within 30ft of the control panel.

I would not even buy it for one tenth of the price. Hope the updated systems are better, but I'm ware of Lorex.

13 out of 111


Location: Arizona

One of the cameras was faulty but Lorex sent out a new one and it works great. The night time view is pretty blurry but you can make out objects. In the daylight it is perfectly acceptable. I like the features on the screen and being able to move it around the house. I like the sound also and the motion alarm.
I think it will do what I need it to do.

14 out of 111


Location: Elyria, Ohio

This is a great produced and would highly recommend it. Picture is clear, motion and sound are real good as well. I currently have other cameras as well thru Lorex and the customer service team is great!! A bit of a wait to get thru to them but they are very helpful.

15 out of 111


Location: Cabot Ar

I purchased the Lorex LW2932. I received the Lw2930. Can't tell the difference between the two. It does what i need. It will need an additional antenna for better reception. The ad wasn't clear that the cameras need to be close to a 110v outlet. A trip into the attic is required as well to run the wire to an internal outlet. An external outlet just would make any since to me. Motion detector seems to be hit and miss. For more recording time a higher GB SD card will need to be purchased. I'll eventually buy another system with a DVR and remote.

16 out of 111


Location: ohio

I purchased a LW2932 it function perfectly right from the start, all my cameras are at least a 100 ft from the receiver, all are outside our home and never had a problem, that was a year ago. So I decided to add another system to the inside of my home too .
I purchased A LW2732, When I received It It did not function at all, I did what they asked and when all was said and done they sent me a new unit in a very timely manner, I was very please with there service , the new unit works great. I am recommending these units to other people.

17 out of 111


Location: Las Vegas, Nv.

We are pleased with this product. Surprising clarity, even at night. We like the audio signal that is emitted whenever a motion detector is activated. We especially like the wireless capability of this product. We did not want to do the difficult routing of hard wired products.
I don't recall your procures indicating that each camera must be close to an electrical outlet. That is the only required wiring. This requirement does limit the locations of our cameras. They must be near 110V outlets. This is no real problem as you provide sufficiently long plug in cords.

Economical security investment..............Jake

18 out of 111


Location: Judsonia, AR

I purchased a LW2751 for my mother who doesn't get around too much. She loves the camera because it allows her to see outside and see who is at the door. The camera works great and the alerts let her know when to look. Totally happy with this setup and I am probably going to add additional cameras.

19 out of 111


Location: Asheville, NC

This camera is a replacement for another Lorex unit that has become non-operational. So far, I'm not happy with the camera. I previously had a camera with motion tracking. This one is stationary. The screen however is excellent.

20 out of 111


Location: Charleston, SC

Extremely pleased with the system. Very easy to install.

21 out of 111


Location: Los Altos, CA

I just had to purchase two new cameras for my existing monitor after a little over a year of use. The cameras/adapters are definitely not waterproof as stated but I question they are even water resistant. The biggest minus to this system is that it does not have the range as stated. I had to install a booster antenna for each camera in spite of the fact the cameras were both within the range limit and with no obstacles to the monitor. It furthermore, is not an easy monitor system to operate and very sensitive. Follow the set-up instructions to the letter and it will eventually operate, but deviate from that and there will be no picture(s). For the price, I suspect this may be all you can get, but be prepared to buy extras to get a picture and a college degree to operate the monitor.

22 out of 111


Location: 34222

So far so good

23 out of 111


Location: Passaic Park

Better than I Expected, I purchased this model because of its wireless capabilities and because I live on the second floor of a two family house, I am unable to see the person at my front door.. Setup was easy, I am now able to speak and listen to anyone who comes by... Second camera is attached to the garage about 50' away from first cam.. also works flawlessly..

24 out of 111


Location: Orange Beach

I bought this unit on a Black Friday deal. Was very disappointed when I installed all the cameras which is the step of the installation and hooked up the monitor and the joystick did not work. I am unable to update the settings. It is brand new.

I contacted customer support and they said they would replace it. I was suppose to receive an email confirming they were sending me out a replacement unit. I never received the email and now wondering if I will even receive it or if I bought a defective system.

I also noticed a horrible hissing sound on the camera speakers when you try to listen to them. It seems like it could be a good system if it worked and would be happy to remove this review when I receive a working system. I gave 2 stars because the customer service person was very nice but still no email.

25 out of 111


Location: New York

So far so good. Had running for 3 days so far .Clear picture for both day and night. easy set up. Had to drill a hole through my siding to run power cord to power outlet.

26 out of 111


Location: Arkansas

Bought the newer SDPro7 system with the one camera just to see how it would work. I'm pleased, installation was quick and easy outside covering my drive and walk to the house. Good picture on the 7" monitor. Was also easy to add the SD7 app to my Android phone. Alert to my cell and access to the recorded video when motion was detected.. Am please enough to be considering purchase of an upgraded system with 4 cameras.

27 out of 111


Location: florida

I was unsure of which system to purchase. While on the Home Depot site one of their Reps assisted me and guided me to purchase. I have had the system for close to a month and it works perfectly. I mostly like the feature where you can set for only motion. This help save some of the space on the disk. Also I purchased additional disk so that if going away for some time can add larger capacity disk to work.

I would recommend since I only purchased 2 cameras and it can take up to four.

They did have others with more cameras but for my needs , 3 or 4 will work.

28 out of 111


Location: Rancho Palos Verdes California

Purchased a single camera version (2750 series) for monitoring the front door or our home. Was able to get the system up and running very quickly on the local 7" monitor. The mobile app. took a little longer on the i-phone and we finally had to call for support from Lorex on the i-pad app which turned out to be an Apple issue. Overall support very good and timely. Having an extra 6' of cable on the power cable was very helpful on the ceiling install of the camera.
Would highly recommend printing out the user guide from the web site as it gives a lot of useful info on which might be overlooked if not read. Extremely happy and look forward to expanding the system with other cameras later

29 out of 111


Location: The Woodlands TX

Great product. High quality HD. I recommend

30 out of 111


Location: USA

I ordered this product paid for expedited shipping but the product never left the warehouse. Called the customer care was put on hold for 1 hour. For two days I was mislead and was told that it would be sent soon but after 4 days I get an email saying they need some document for fraud protection. I am travelling and was taking this as a gift for my dad but now when I was expecting the delivery they are asking for address proof.

If something was required then they could have contacted me immediately and told me over the phone but no they are least bother about customer satisfaction.

This behavior is not at all professional and is un acceptable.

31 out of 111


Location: NY

Terrible co to deal with. Software for unit not user friendly. When we tried initial setup had nothing but problems. When we called we got someone in another country that we couldn't understand due to their accent. Just terrible all round experience! Although box said easy set up for beginners etc, and can access front smartphone, NEVER got it up and running. Big waste of time and money!!! Before year up two cameras went bad. Can't get anyone in co to help. If I could give no stars I would! Long waits on phone and people helping reading from a screen don't even know the system! They prob won't publish this, cause I'm sure the rave reviews are bogus!!

32 out of 111


Location: ne

great product I love it.!!!!!!

33 out of 111


Location: oklahoma

I bought this set up with one camera because I am handicap and can not get to the front door. It was easy for my son-in-law to mount and easy to set up. It is very sensitive to motion and very nice to use.

34 out of 111


Location: Michigan

Love It!!!

35 out of 111


Location: san diego

I have had the system for a couple of weeks. It works great. I had only one camera but it worked so well that I added 3 other cameras which were very easy to set up only took minutes.
I highly recommend this system.

36 out of 111


Location: Evansville, IN

I purchased the LW2732 (SD7+) system with 2 additional cameras to help monitor two children with medical issues. The system was very simple to install and there were no problems placing the cameras or receiving the signals in our 2-story, 4,000 square ft house. The 2-way intercom system is a plus in getting it set-up and the screen saver allows the monitor to blank out at night and only come on when motion is detected. The night vision reception is excellent. I wish that we had discovered this system years ago!
On a funny note, when one of our younger children was near one of the cameras and first heard our voices on the intercom, he thought God was talking to him.
I highly recommend this system.

37 out of 111


Location: Little River, SC

Good strong signal from the wireless cameras. I had a Uniden system about 2 years ago and I lost the signal from about 40 feet through only 2 interior walls. That was returned.

Now for the Lorex cameras: I put one camera in the front crawl and took the receiver to the farthest I could in our 1400 sq ft house. Still got 4 out of 4 bars signal strength. You can put up to 4 cameras on this unit. You can put it on scan or detect motion. If you are not set on record, it will show the active camera for 5 seconds. you can record for up to 30 seconds or put it on continuous record. The cameras do not record 29 fps. Just guessing it may be 15 or 20. Only complaint is that no one makes an extension power cord for the camera power. AND no one knows the connector size. Lorex told me it was a 2.1mm when it is really a 1.3mm. Not many people make an extension with a 1.3mm connector. Best thing to do is buy inwall speaker wire and make your own. I did that with one camera and it works fine. I used 18 gauge and spliced it into the power supply cable.

38 out of 111


Location: milk river

this product would be good if recording your living room from your living room. The questions that I specifically asked - would a tractor at 200 feet set off the motion recording. Then answer from their technicians was yes. After a 2 hour set up, and another 2 hours on the phone, with 2 different technical support people, and then a supervisor, I was informed that this may or may not work. What good is a security system that may or may not work. I would NEVER buy another product from them again. Lorex - my ticket numbers are 314784 and 507288. Perhaps you should train your technicians.

39 out of 111


Location: Maine

Was all I expected it to be & more.Setup was easy. Quality is great. For the price you can't go wrong. I highly recommend it.

40 out of 111


Location: TN

This model series is the closest to what I purchased (monitor and 2 cameras). Extremely pleased with this product. Setup was so very easy. The only problem experienced was setting up for Skype, which the cd only directed me to a website rather than a driver download. A very helpful technician took me step by step and it is now in working order. For the money, this system is excellent. I just ordered a second system for a different use in my home, as I have the need for two monitors. I have accomplished what was needed at a low cost with the added feature of the night vision. During the day, I connect the monitor to a tv for larger viewing and back to the monitor at night for taping. Just so pleased with this system.

41 out of 111


Location: PR USA

so far so good i,am connecting the system and it is rather easey . I think it works good.

42 out of 111


Location: King George, VA

While my original review gave this camera 3 stars, I am giving Customer Service 1 star. Tried contacting them on November 1st, 2013 to get help pairing additional cameras to the system. On March 14th, 2014, the ticket was closed with no communication from Lorex. I guess they figured since I haven't been hounding them on the phone, I was no longer concerned about adding more cameras to the system. Guess what, Lorex? I'm uninstalling your camera, selling it on Ebay, and buying another system that is easier to expand and has some semblance of customer service. My new system will NOT be a Lorex system.

43 out of 111


Location: Richmond, BC,Canada

After having other systems that hooked up to TV and PC monitors I was really pleaded to find one that had it's own monitor. After searching around at numerous stores that had this system with either 2 or 8 cameras I went looking at the Lorex website to find a system with the 4 cameras I was looking for. After installing the system with the two pre-paired cameras and pairing the two additional ones I was extremely pleased with how easy it was to get the system up and running. I can now see all three doors of the house and the driveway. The system has excellent picture quality and extremely good night vision. All this for a very reasonable price. Thanks Lorex.

44 out of 111


Location: washington

recently received and installed no problem even for an old man like me.

45 out of 111


Location: Florida

Bought this camera system to monitor visitors and activity around our home. We live a on a street with few homes or close neighbors. I was pleased with the price of the product and the ease of installation and use. I upgraded to a 32 gig SD card so we don't have to worry about video storage. The voice intercom works great.

Had a minor glitch that I called Tech Support for. They were quick to take my call and walked me through some troubleshooting steps that resolved the situation. Tech was knowledgeable and friendly.

Only minor complaint is that if cameras are outside, you will need to find the best location inside the house to get a decent signal on the receiver/monitor. I had to try 3 or 4 locations in order to get good reception. Other than that, a great little system for the money.

46 out of 111


Location: WA

Easy to install, works as claimed except for the range, had to move the receiver closer to the cameras, have not set up the recording or playback yet will do so when time permits and will update then, so far I like what it and gives me what I need.

47 out of 111


Location: Home

I have the LW2732 with four cameras and the cameras and the monitor-receiver work well when working. With mine when there is a power outage or when the monitor-receiver power adapter is unplugged and then plugged back in, it is difficult to get the cameras to appear in the monitor again.

Anytime there is a loss of power it takes a while for the monitor receiver to again pickup the cameras.

I am wondering if any one else has had this problem. If you have had this problem of losing the cameras after a power outage and the power comes back on the monitor-receiver does not show the cameras, or when you unplug the monitor-receiver let's say to move it to another location and you plug its power adapter back into a working outlet and no cameras show in the monitor.

I would like to know. Please let Lorex and the rest of us know here. Thanks

48 out of 111


Location: Ewing

My family purchased the Lorex wireless digital security video monitoring and recording system for my husband and I for birthdays. My husband is terminally ill and I am at the hospital,away from home but with this system I can check on my house, garages, and outbuildings before entering my home and it also makes me feel safe during the nights I have to spend alone. The system was very easy to install, of course, I had help with my son-in-law doing all the climbing but I personally installed two of the camera (we purchased extra cameras and paired them with the monitor) and I had no trouble at all. Being over 70 years of age, that should tell clients who are questioning whether they could install the system if they purchased the system, they should have not trouble at all. Lorex is an excellent system and the monitors are powerful receivers.

49 out of 111


Location: Fence Lake, NM

We recently purchased and installed this system (LIVE SD7+, Model LW2732) to monitor the animal activity in our barn at High Country Alpaca Ranch.
The setup was super easy, equipment is of superior quality and our life just became much easier. No more late night trips in brutal weather to see if everyone is alright. Now a quick glance at the monitor gives us peace of mind.
My only regret is not getting this system sooner.
Will be adding 2 more cameras right away.
Thank you Lorex for a great product.

50 out of 111


Location: Virginia

First of all, I'm having difficulty expanding this system - I discovered this after purchasing the listed add-on camera (LW2731AC1) and attempting to sync it. The LW2731AC1 camera would not connect at all, and I'm not sure what camera will - the Lorex web site does not even acknowledge my monitor's model number ("WL2730" instead of "LW2731") on their accessory compatibility page, and attempts to contact tech support about the issue have been in vain (finally wound up returning the add-on camera to the on-line store I purchased it from for a refund). I am not prepared to purchase every single camera Lorex sells to try to find the one that can sync!

With that said, this is a nice camera system. Good day and night visibility - can see clearly to the end of my driveway (about 60' from the camera). Good color during the day, and the night vision is very clear. Features multiple sensitivity and recording settings, though it is almost too sensitive - it turns on in response to leaves blowing across the driveway, changing shadows from the trees, or even moths flying in front of the camera at night. Reviewing 100+ five-second clips that were captured throughout the day can be tedious at times! The video files are stored as .avi files, and both Windows Media Player (version 11.0.6002) and RealPlayer (Version can play the files. Real time video is smooth, but playback can be jerky.

This system would benefit from a touch screen to help navigate through the menus as the buttons below the display are not very responsive. Also, viewing the images remotely requires a connection to a PC and an active internet connection, so checking the cameras while you're away on vacation requires your computer to stay on the whole time as well. Remember the camera needs to be plugged in (and a longer cord would be helpful). Running an extension cord through the attic & routing the camera power cord through the eaves wasn't too difficult, and since it's wireless, I don't need to run a signal cable all the way back to the monitor. I have had no connectivity problems between the monitor and the camera. My monitor is approximately 40-50' from the camera, & the wireless signal passes through two interior and one exterior wall (wood frame construction/vinyl siding - you may have different results through brick/stucco walls).

Installation of the camera was easy - three screws secured the base to the house, and the camera screws onto the base. It was very convenient having the monitor screen with me while making those final camera adjustments for the proper field of view - imagine having to come inside to view a TV or computer monitor after every adjustment! Syncing additional cameras is supposed to be simple - select sync from the menu, select an unused channel, then press the button on the back of the camera within 30 seconds. Unfortunately, this wouldn't work with the add-on camera I purchased, so hopefully you will have better results than I did.

Overall, I'm pleased with the camera. This whole camera sync problem is just making it difficult to expand the system like I wanted to. If I had to do it again, I would have simply purchased the one that already included the additional cameras!

51 out of 111


Location: Dallas, Texas

I was truly amazed how easy it was to set up the cameras and monitors. The picture quality is great. I have bought a 3rd camera & it was easy to pair with the monitor. The audio feature is an added bonus for the front door camera. I would recommend this system for anyone.

52 out of 111


Location: Fayetteville, N.C

Just bought the system and was so pleased I ordered two more cameras to go with my two camera system. I can go to work without worrying about my human crime wave/ thief vandalizing and stealing my property without knowing it.

53 out of 111


Location: Cleveland, Ohio

This is a great resource for the entrance for the building. Good clear view and recording. It would be great if the speaker on the screen was on the front panel.

54 out of 111


Location: London

I got this new product security system from eBay paid for shipping and handling from US to United Kingdom had very good reviews on this product. it's been two weeks very good system , easy to setup , easy to install, very good picture result , happy with the wireless and infrared I can add more cameras that's good I will do that in future. I would recommend to buy to family members and friends.
I am happy that I got it.

55 out of 111


Location: CA

The system was easy to set up out of the box and was simple to use. The wireless transmission worked great throughout my house. The video quality was pretty good for a home security system. Recording and playback were very easy.

The reason I am giving it low ratings on quality is it went bad in less than a month. The screen turned black and would not pick up the cameras. The menu did not work and it would just reboot or show a black screen when I pushed any button. I had to return it, which was a bit of a hastle as well, but ultimately was able to return it and get my money back. I really liked the system the time it was working and will likely get another one and hope I just had a bad unit. Had it not stopped working I would have defininitely given it a higher rating.

On another note, be careful when ordering the add on cameras. I ordered the ones off the website and when I received them I realized they were not compatible with the sysyem I had just bought from here. The system was a different version than the cameras and they were not compatible even though they look identical to the ones that come with the system. Luckily I was able to return those with no problem.

56 out of 111


Location: Vicksburg, MS

Great product for the money. Only issues I have had is the wireless distance. One camera does not always connect.

Using SKYPE to connect remotely works great after you get all the SKYPE bugs out. Picture is clear. Also like the portability of the monitor.

57 out of 111


Location: Los Angeles

Great product. Easy installation. No monthly fee

It's plug and play. I can monitor my office from one room to the Other without pay any subscription fee. Wireless access to camera from your phone from anywhere in world

Overall. Great affordable product

58 out of 111


Location: North Carolina

The monitor & 1 camera purchased were easy to install & work well. However, we purchased an additional camera that would not "pair" with the monitoring system. Lorex said that we can PAY to return the camera & they'll replace it. I PAID for a WORKING CAMERA & to have it shipped to me (included in their purchase price). I don't feel that I should have to pay to return it when it never worked from the start. Lorex should have prepaid return shipping labels for such instances. NOT IMPRESSED with customer service.

59 out of 111


Location: California

These cameras exceed my expectations. Well worth the money. Excellent quality of the equipment and video play back.

60 out of 111


Location: florida

this is a add on camera to my lw 2731 works great easy to pair up , will be buying two more

61 out of 111


Location: Armada,MI

Bought this unit because of it's ease of hooking it up and it's price, had it up and running within 10 minutes of opening the box. Many features and very easy to use. My wife has 3 cats and one of them was not using the litter box while we were sleeping and peeing next to the box? and we could not figure out which one it was. We set up the camera and activated the motion sensor on the LCD screen which would only record when motion was detected and had it set for 30 seconds of recording. The first night no guilty party but he second night bingo, turns out that one of the other cats wasn't allowing the other one into the litter box so it would go next to the box? go figure. We now have the camera set up facing the porch/driveway and on motion and screen saver and works flawlessly every time someone pulls into our driveway. I'm planning for at least one more camera for the back of my house for even more security. Great little system.

62 out of 111


Location: Quebec city

First, the camera (I have two in my system): It is a sturdy piece of hardware, very well made, nice design, giving good image quality, even in darkness. Movement detection is good (but could be a bit faster). Wifi signal is strong. Very nice piece of hardware.

Infrared lighting is a bit too strong even at the minimum setting, it might be difficult in some circumstances to distinguish face details. Image motion detection is unfortunatly useless because it gives too many false alerts. The infrared LEDs shine slightly in the red spectrum, this is a bit annoying because it is possible to locate the camera in darkness (but at the same time it might have a dissuasive effect). At VGA resolution, 15 images/sec is not enough because it results in blurred images if people are walking at a somewhat fast pace. Finally, I would like to add another camera but at more than 120 $, for a single camera, it is way too expensive. I would recommend to buy a system with a least two cameras.

Second, the receiver/display (7 inch): The LCD panel is nice and solid. The included features are numerous. Setting the features is simple. But the unit needs a lot of improvement to be considered as user friendly. The menu selection at bottom of the screen is imprecise and very hard to read in darkness (when it is not lit). The buttons on the back of the screen is not a good idea, especially when you have to press the joystick when inserting the USB cable in order to select the file transfer mode.

Skype runs very well, it is a funny feature at the beginning but honestly, for personal use, this is not so relevant (especially because the recording feature is not available in this situation). I would have appreciated if the unit could be operated on batteries in order to bring the display with me anywhere in the home or outside the home.

In conclusion, the camera is a very nice piece of hardware, but the receiver/display needs a lot of improvements. I really enjoy it.

63 out of 111


Location: California

I am generally satisfied with this product. Camera 2 has intermittent reception, probably because of its distance from the monitor. Camera 1 goes into record mode much too often. It is aimed at the wall beside the front door, where there is no motion whatsoever. I thought that movement of trees just outside the view of the camera might be causing this, but Customer Support said that was not the cause. I'll live with the issue for now since I do have a clear view of my front door.

64 out of 111


Location: washington nc

This product has proven to be everthing it said it would do. I like being able to push a button for quick motion activation or another button for taping complete viewing for a couple of hours. It also has a quick recover of tapings to reveiw and also very quick to delete. The cameras are also very good and the nighttime view works very well also. If you need a simple system that is easy to install I highly recommend this system.

65 out of 111


Location: Burnaby, BC

I bought the LW 2731 to cover may back yard as I had some equipment stolen from my shed. I liked being able to check activity from inside the house. I then ordered three more cameras to cover all sides of the house. It is quite comforting to have this protection and I do not have to open the door if in doubt. I can speak to the visitor through the system and send them on their way or invite them in. I think having the cameras is a deterrent to would be thieves and a convenience to for me, I can even check what to dogs are barking at. .

66 out of 111


Location: log cabin in Wisconsin

When a scuba tank disappeared and then reappeared this summer, I was wanting to find out who was utilizing my unofficial "dive shop". The price from the Lorex shop site was about 50 dollars less than the retail outlets. However, I did note that the serial number of the second camera did not match the serial number of the monitor and first camera, which were the same. So, perhaps the Lorex store is selling returned/refurbished product. Don't know, but everything worked as it should, right out of the box. The technical manual was by far the easiest to read that I have had in a long long time. I am an engineer, and the manual was written in easy to understand language, and in an orderly format.

Although I have pictures of chipmunks, bats and spiders, which trigger the motion detector, this is all kind of cool to me. I never new the premises outside my cabin were so busy.

I really like the option of the screen saver turning the monitor into a picture frame to show my photos. I was wanting to buy a picture frame, and can deduct that cost from the purchase price of the 2731 as it does that already.

I already had a UPS for my pellet stove, which accommodated the monitor. The outlets for the cameras were quite easy to do via extension cords.

I really like the ease at which the system went great.

67 out of 111


Location: Wilkes, PA

Love it! I mounted mine over my side door, and I see all of my porch and all the way out to the street. I can also hear what is going on outside. And I can talk to whoever is out there without opening my door. Easy set up. Clear picture on my monitor. Could have used a bit longer cord from the camera, but otherwise, I am very happy with this product and look forward to adding another camera down the road.

68 out of 111


Location: Pittsburgh

Just the type of product that I was looking for and after doing some exhaustive research over a few days I decided on this wireless system due to the pricepoint, reviews and ease of set-up. I wasn't disappointed as it was easy to set-up and now I can monitor and record what happens outside my door on my small front lawn. I like that I can speak through it as well to anyone that comes to the door. Very satisfied so far. Worth the price for this simple system in my opinion. And I can add as I see fit down the road.

69 out of 111


Location: Vicksburg, MS

Purchased this Lorex LW2731 and it arrived within 3 days. Very easy to set up. The resolution is clear. It has many features such as 2 way intercomm and quad viewing. I set up Skype to view it remotely and that feature works great!
It has a blank screensaver and can be set to only show the screen when motion is detected. Great for a bedroom.
The 7" monitor is easy to move around should you need to monitor while in different rooms.
Highly recommend this system. I also have an older Lorex system. I did a lot of research that always took me back to the Lorex.

70 out of 111


Location: Falmouth, MA

Very impressed and satisfied with the unit. Works great.
Customer service is something else again.
After calling the number and "pushing site selection buttons" I was forwarded to a "third world" nation representative. Needless to say I didn't understand 80% of what he said. Also, a simple question resulted in a 20 minute (from the time I started to dial to hang up) phone call.
It was evident to me that the representative had to go look up the answer that should have taken less than two minutes to answer.
After not receiving a "satisfactory" answer to my first question I was "afraid" to ask further questions.
Thought I would call the Sales office order a second unit and/or two more cameras.
Called listed number, met with a "machine" and told that everyone was "busy", please hold.
After holding for a short period, about four or five minutes I hung up, asking myself "DidI really want to do business with this type of company?"

71 out of 111


Location: Leamington

This is quite an impressive surveillance system that really is easy to install and use and has many awesome features. The camera range is also very impressive. My garage camera is at least 70 feet away and it produces very clear pictures in light or in the dark. The motion detector feature works quite well and is very responsive and it sure saves on scanning hours and hours of video. The installed software is easy to figure out, as well as the settings for alarm and volume. Something that really awed me is the online viewing feature that allows me to see what is going on at me place when I am in another city far away. I do not regret buying this unit at all. For the price it makes so much sense to use this unit as it is the very best out there for my dollar.

72 out of 111


Location: tulsa, ok

wow a true plug and play system easy to set up. i like that i can set it to record motion at night and just monitor during the day. i just get up in the morning and review the recordings. the night vision clarity surprised me its pretty good. the speaker system works very well you can both talk and listen. the wireless system has great range. this is a great system that doesnt break the bank.

73 out of 111


Location: Greenwich, NY

The system is easy to set up. The picture quality is excellent. The instructions are relatively easy to follow. The sound/commo between camera and monitor is good. The night viewing is excellent. The range is reduced when going through standard home walls and you should try locations for your camera before you place them permanently. Excellent system for the price. Considering additional camera and extended range antenna.

74 out of 111


Location: Windsor

Out of box the unit was easy to set up. Took it apart to take it outside and installed the camera, but once I turned the monitor on again, it's dead, nothing shows but a white screen with a red circle. I'm NOT impressed!

75 out of 111


Location: FORTLAUDERDALE, FL 33315


76 out of 111


Location: Miami

I received my Lorex wireless monitoring system yesterday. It is to be used outdoor, but I tried it indoor. The picture is quite clear, picks up sound/noise around clearly.Cannot wait to connect it outdoor. Great gadget. Good buy.

77 out of 111




78 out of 111


Location: mid Missouri

I bought this system from Amazon. It worked great during the daytime, but I could not get it to get the night mode to work. After one week it quit completely-the screen went blank-could not get the menu on. I called Lorex immediately for help-got a ticket # for my claim-was promised a call back from a technician -never received the callback-was issued another ticket # still no help from Lorex. I am packing up the unit and sending it back to Amazon along with this same review. Either Lorex has so many defective units that they are overwhelmed with help calls, or they don't have enough technicians to go around.
Still without survielance in Missoui.

79 out of 111


Location: Morton, PA

Very happy of the Lorex

I use the Lorex for indoor home surveillance, one upstairs and one downstairs. I previously had a single X-10 camera feeding an ancient 4" portable TV. It was time to upgrade. I went with the Lorex based on reviews from several sites. I've been using it a little over a month now.


- camera lens is wide enough for covering a good portion of the room.

- just the right monitor size for me

- camera selection is easy to turn on/off

- options to monitor a single camera, a combination of cameras by sequence, or 4 cameras on a quad-screen view.

- the Infrared night vision and that is automatically switches to it if ambient light level drops.

- ability to record by scheduling - but haven't recorded anything yet.


- Image quality is not as sharp as I'd like

- lower resolution than the X-10 it replaced. It's adequate and I've gotten used to it.

Overall, I'm impressed and would recommend it to others.

80 out of 111



I saw the add for the system with one camera, bought it to try and when it got here they had the same system with two camera's at Lorex site cheaper than what I paid for one camera system. Very disappointed, should have been given that option to start with. System works great even tho I had to buy the second camera.

81 out of 111


Location: coaticook

c,est un très bon produit de surviellance et je suis entierrement satisfait ,il est très performant j,ai sont écrant tatiel et peu etre instaler facilement par tout autour de la maison c,est le premier fois que chez acheté LOREX et je suis content de lavoire fait MERCI A LOREX POUR C,EST BON PRODUIT ET JE VAIT PARTAGER SUR FACE BOOK

82 out of 111


Location: San Diego


Seems to work fine without too many features. Would buy a better system next time with a DVR. This copies to SD disk. But it works fine for the money and I can add up to 3 additional cameras as needed.

83 out of 111


Location: Virginia

Wife and I have been looking for a system that we could easily connect and view within minutes of setting it all up. Needless to say, the first night we heard noises in the attic so we decided to see what was up there. Since the system had night vision, we set up a camera right at the attic access and waited. By the second morning, I noticed it had new footage, after viewing the footage we realized we had a mouse in the attic, today I went and bought mouse traps, we are hoping that we will have our first real time capture. We have been looking for something that we can add more cameras later so we can monitor our house when we are not home or on vacation. The other nice feature, I can view footage away from home via the Internet connection

84 out of 111


Location: Panama

Nice product. Everything works, as advertised, and the quality of the picture is excellent. My only complaints are, 1) the 7" screen is really two small. The product with a 9" screen would be much more useful. And 2) the limited ability to control the camera's sensitivity to movement and heat sources that trigger the recording function. At night, flying insects trigger recording, even though I have my cameras at the lowest sensitivity setting. Otherwise, I'm happy with the product.

85 out of 111


Location: Ontario Canada

Got the camera for my wife who wanted to know who is at the door before opening it and being able to speak to them. Got a great deal on the two camera system, so set the other camera up to monitor the driveway and street. Easy set up, two holes through the garage walls and two extension cords, done. Works great, we will see how they work in the Canadian winter.

86 out of 111


Location: Sedley Va.

Had the unit about three weeks now and really like it. Little confusing on the menu, but I finally figured out everything. No worse than anything else electronic these days. Only thing improvement I could suggest would be the camera had a little wide view. Picture id sharp though and does good at night also.

87 out of 111


Location: vail

product is great but had lots of problems setting up remote monitoring and customer support is weak

88 out of 111


I purchased this system to supplement my layered home security. The night vision is unreal , mind you I only have a 100x100 ft lot. The only problem I`m having is the cameras seem to record at will sometimes. I have them set at the lowest sensitivity settings. I was hoping for a little better "real motion" recording as it seems to record in 2 second intervals. I purchased a 32g card and its on over rite set to a 15 second record time so I figure Ill get about a month before it starts over. The signal strength also jump from 4 bars to nothing as it cycles but I haven`t lost the picture. The false detects make reviewing a little tiresome as do with the false alarms. I do think if they could get the motion/heat recording a little more accurate ,it would be a perfect system. The sound recording is also top notch. Overall I`m pleased with the system and it adds a little more piece of mind to my overall security.


89 out of 111


I have had this unit long enough to have 100 degree + temps where it is located. So far the system is working well and I plan to add additional cameras if I have no problems. Have used it with unknown visitors and the communication without opening the door is good. It has met my hopes for usage.

90 out of 111


Location: San Diego

So far so good with this system, LW2730. I use this to monitor my driveway at night. I got the single camera but will be adding more. I don't like the power setup as far as having to plug cameras into 110 voltage but I'm sure that will evolve over time. Only been using this a couple days and will add to my review as needed....

91 out of 111


i like the things i can do with the system.i use it to monitor an area i can view &hear remotely.the system has a lot of things you could do record display 4 areas at the same time.i may expand the use with time.

92 out of 111


Location: Dixon, IL

I researched so many surveillance/systems that I had myself doubting that any system would perform well. I finally, out of desperation, purchased the Lorex LW2731 because I couldn't handle reading anymore reviews and just needed to be done. I am so glad that I purchased this system-it is awesome for my needs. I have a small business and want to know when someone enters the building. The motion detector works perfectly for me. It detects quickly and the monitor gives an audible alert. The monitor is excellent because it's always visible from my desk. You can also control the volume of the audible alert-several volume options which is very nice.

I was concerned about setting up the system, so imagine my surprise when I connected the camera to power; then the monitor, turned on the monitor and done. It was the easiest set-up I've ever done for an electronic item. I am very pleased and plan to add an additional camera to watch over the store showroom soon.

93 out of 111


Sure the Extension Cord may be a little short but, if you know what your doing you can either get a longer one,

Or splice it yourself and run the wire behind the wall.

Either way its easy to set up and Perfect way for me to watch the ups man on his way :)

i gotta get a few more cams for this System

It has a 2 way Intercom built in as well which is cool.

If someone comes unannounced you can ask them to identify them self.

i wont bother putting the sticker outside it will only make people think you have something valuable to hide and lock up right?

94 out of 111


Location: Tulare,CA

I just bought this system and I LOVE IT!!!!!!! It came with 2 cameras and I will buying maybe 1 more. I'm not getting paid to tell you this so believe me its the best security camera system I've owned and I'm sure the last thank you Lorex!!!!!!

95 out of 111


Location: Hawaii

I read some not-so-great reviews of this on Amazon and was a bit worried even though it received overall good ratings and reviews. Here is what you need to know...

1. The range isn't great if you are going through several walls in your house. I can put 5-6 walls between the camera and receiver (the LCD screen) and it will stretch from one end of my house to the other (camera outside, TV inside), so about 60+ feet, and it works fine and I'll see 2-3 out of 5 signal bars (which indicate the signal strength). But, I will see some interference with the receiver within a few feet of other electronics at this distance, under that 60 foot span and interference doesn't seem to be an issue. Take a bunch of walls out of the equation and the range seems to go 100+ feet with ease.

2. It's a digital signal so rather than getting a bad picture when the signal goes week you'll either lose the picture or it would appear that the framerate drops. This is actually a good thing since you still capture video (and audio) even without a perfect signal. Overall, the framerate isn't spectacular. It's way better than most "caught on film" type surveillance footage we've all seen (I'm looking at you Pentagon 9/11 footage) but I'd guess we're talking about 10-15 FPS at best? If the signal drops it goes down to just a few FPS (roughly).

3. You get a 2Gb SD card but you can use up to a 32Gb card to get up to (their claim) 60 or so hours of recording, at which point you can set it to overwrite the card and start over.

4. The cameras capture audio VERY well. I could hear (while I watched) people walking 50-75+ feet away, you can hear cars coming long before they appear on your street, you can hear anyone walking or talking anywhere around the camera (50-75+ feet easily). You can push a button and talk back so that the camera outputs your voice to them as well, great for a front door camera!

5. The recording functions work well, but once recording you can't do certain things like change the volume or change cameras. So if you set it to record you are stuck on whatever screen it is one (which will be 1 camera at a time or the 4 camera split screen). It's easy enough to stop/start recording if you needed to change something but seems odd not to let me adjust the volume while recording. If you set it to use the motion record then this isn't likely to be an issue for you.

6. The motion sensor does have some limits so it would be fine for anyone close to your house/camera but things across a street (for example) don't seem to trip it. This makes sense, it's really the same technology as a motion sensing security light so until you are relatively close it doesn't trip the sensor.

7. The night vision works great and it seems to light up a decent area. It normally shows up in color but night vision will be black and white as usual. In all cases, the picture is very good, very clear. On that note, it's a 640x480 image the cameras send back. Not exactly HD, but pretty good for what it is.

8. Setting it up couldn't be easier and this is one of the few items that truly is plug and play. Plug in the camera power. Plug in the TV power, flip the TV to on. You're done. It's all paired and just works.

Overall, this thing is awesome and for the price you can't beat it. I'd highly recommend this for casual surveillance of your house, like watching front door, checking for package deliveries, keeping an eye on a normal sized front yard area, etc.

96 out of 111


Location: NYC

i am not sure at this time if i need a range extender.

i noticed cam 2 kept recording no matter how high or low the Sensitivity was.

When i had the cams switching fro camera 1 to camera 2,
Cam 2 kept recording,Even if i turned sensitivity Off.

Then i realized it was because drop of frame rate.
So i went outside and noticed the antenna of cam 1 was down,.
soon as i put it upwards the problem was solved.

Although i am in question now when running in quad mode
why Frame rate drops?

The Extension Cord may be a little short but, if you know what your doing you can either get a longer one,Or splice it yourself and run the wire behind the wall.

Either way its easy to set up and Perfect way for me to watch the Ups & Fed EX man on his way :)

i gotta get a few more cams for this System so ill have 4.

It has a 2 way Intercom built in as well which is cool.

If someone comes unannounced you can ask them to identify them self.

i wont bother putting the sticker outside it will only make people think you have something valuable to hide and lock up right?

97 out of 111


Location: FL.

I ordered the Lorex SD7+ Model LW2732, which has 2 cameras, I recieved it pretty quick within a week. Got the system all set up in a short time, everything works great good picture, sound and signal. My home has block exterior walls, and I mounted one camera outside by the garage and the other in the back of house outside and the signal is great on both cameras, even with block walls. This is a great monitoring system. Very satisfied with this unit.

98 out of 111


Location: Charleston, S.C.

These have been great helping me to monitor my house I have had many problems with
vandalism within our neighborhood , but since mounting a security system haven't had any problems. I also have had many recordings of people passing my front yard only to be recorded, which is great. I would recommend this system to anyone wanting a video monitor recording system. The power cord was damaged and the lorex people and company have helped to detect the problem and on the way of sending me a new power cord.

99 out of 111


Location: San Jose, Ca.

I purchased this kit to install a surveillance system to watch my car port. Not having a huge knowledge about surveillance systems and being a single female, I did a lot of research before deciding on this system. I had a challenging situation because I cannot mount anything on the exterior of my building because of condo association rules. I needed a camera system that would work day and night. Night viewing was the most important element to me. All of the LED camera systems could not shoot through windows without there being reflections and distorting the night video feed. I was able to mount the camera on the window sill of my upstairs spare bedroom looking down on the carport. The camera is small so I leave the window cracked open, I cut a small piece of the window screen out, and it works like a champ ! The video feed is very clear, the camera is great. I put it on motion record and it meets my needs perfectly. I purchased a 32 gig SD card and it will record for well over a week which gives me time to review everything. Installation was super easy with wireless and I was able to follow the directions provided and had the system viewable via Skype and my iPhone in a relatively short period of time. There was a high pitched sound coming from the lcd display when i hooked it up, but i was able to get rid of it by turning off the volume. Since I did not need the volume for my application, it was not a problem. I am very pleased with my purchase and would recommend this system to anyone who is looking for a relatively low cost but high quality surveillance system.

100 out of 111


Location: SouthEast PA

We've been having trouble with Ducks and herons getting into our fish pond and trashing it and eating the fish. Our old B&W camera system wasn't very good and was hard wired and did not reach the room where I mostly spent my time. So I went looking for a colored, wireless camera system. After reading thhe camera reviews I decided to try the Lorex Live system.

After I received the system I was happily surprised at how easy it was to set up and all the features built into the monitor. Like everyone else spoke about, the biggest problem was finding a place to plug it in and I had concerns about it not being totally waterproof. The night feature works really well and we discovered that not only ducks and herons fished in our pond but a raccoon as well. It's kind of fun reviewing the recordings each morning to see what went on at our pond each night. Another great thing is that it beeps when it senses motion, even if your not recording. That allows us to hear when the ducks sneak into the pond and we can get our Jack Russel to move them out of the yard.

Since our back yard is unprotected we ordered an additional camera to get a second view. We discovered that we had a person sneaking around the rear of our house late at night. I guess a peeper. The second camera was a snap to add to the system but now both cameras are slower to record. I'm guess the signal interferes with each other. Sometimes there's a hesitation with no signal strength to one of the cameras. There's a strength meter for each camera similar to what a cell phone has..

Another good feature is it is very easy to take the monitor anywhere in the house that has an electrical outlet to plug it in. That let's me use it in my office during the day and I can unplug it and set it beside my lounge chair at night when we watch TV.

The system is not perfect. It should come with a better antenna system and not require an addition purchase a booster antenna. Although it has a great color system (the best colors that I've seen on security cameras) I wish there was a way to tweak the focus. I also wish I could rig it up to my network router so I could monitor it on my PC. I don't want to have to use (and pay) Skype.

101 out of 111


Location: Houston Tx

Received my system on Friday afternoon. Installed t on Saturday morning and was amazed that it took only FOURTY five minutes.
Turned the cameras on and then the monitor and boom I had surveillance on both ends of my house. I can see my front door and who may be coming up the sidewalk from the West. My car is fully in view on the south side of my house and all of the pictures are extremely clear. The intercom system is great also, I don't have to go to the door to tell a solicitor that I don't want their junk.
For the money you can't go wrong,I've been up and running now for four days and this system is great. I plan on adding more cameras soon.
I recommend this system !!

102 out of 111


Location: Surrey,BC Canada

I just installed this camera package and so far every thing seems to be A++++.The installation was very easy, cameras came pre paired and all I needed to do was stall the camera where I wanted and it was done.Change a few things in the video monitor and thats it .Although it comes with a 2gig sd card ,I have a spare 32 gig card that I use and it is good for almost 3 day of recording.I will be adding more cameras to the network soon.

103 out of 111


Location: Santa Rosa, CA

I have a modest 1 story ranch and have 3 cameras set up. The resolution is great, the range is OK (I have one set up no more than 50 feet away but it still says out of range occasionally). All in all, this is a nice entry-level camera system. The only negatives are 1); needs to be hard-wired for power and Skype 2); No volume control for cams (can get annoying). Still recommended!

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

104 out of 111


Location: Vancouver, Canada

Surprisingly Well Made and Complete

I actually have the SD7+ with 2 cameras. The clarity is fine, the range is sufficient, and the ease of setting up and managing the system reminds me of MacIntosh computers. When I first set it up "Out of Range" kept blinking on and off even with the cameras right beside the monitor/receiver. All I had to do was turn on the monitor last, and the range is fine. Good service too. Highly recommended

105 out of 111


Location: Boston, MA

I've been using the Lorex LW2731 camera and monitor for the past few weeks as a security camera for watching my dogs when I'm out and away from my apartment. My dogs have a tendency to destroy things when they get bored but since I have two of them it's hard to really tell who is doing the behavior so we can train them to stop. So far they haven't done anything yet but we'll keep monitoring to see if anything happens!

It's a cool little device and wasn't hard to get up and running. I definitely think it's worth getting if you have the money to invest and have something worth watching. The device feels a bit pricey and additional cameras would likely add up so you may end up paying quite a bit to get full coverage.

106 out of 111


Location: Birmingham, Alabama, USA

The Lorex LW2731 package comes with a 7 inch full colour LCD monitor and one security camera. The monitor is a bit on the small side coming in at 7 inches but supports up to 4 video feeds. The camera is also a tad on the largish side measuring around 4 inches (much larger than a webcam) but has built in LED lights for illumination.

When I received this unit I thought I would set up the camera at the front of my house on the porch overhang pointing at my front door. This proved to be a bit of a pain in that both the camera and the monitor require mains power (no battery option). The power adapter for the camera, although it has a fairly generous amount of chord, was not enough to put the camera where I wanted so I had to rethink. Another problem with this is that you end up having to drill a hole through your wall in which to put the power cable, so not a quick easy solution.

This leads me to another point. If a thief or whomever is determined to break into your house, then its a very simple case of just having to snip the wire and the camera won't work. It would have been much better for the camera at least to run off batteries.

The wireless part of this unit is the video feed from the camera to the monitor, not the monitor to your home network. You have the ability to view the camera feed over skype (a good option) so that you can see your video feeds from anyplace, however in order to do this you must hook the monitor into your computer (cable supplied) and leave your computer running all the time (you must also remember to turn off power saving features on your computer).

The video quality that the camera transmits is excellent. Better than some of the security camera footage you see on the news and the camera works very well whether in bright light or with the aid of the built in LEDs and sensor at night.

The range of the wireless feed seems to be good. I couldn't find anyplace in my 3 story house where I couldn't pick up the video feed, even when I placed the camera in the top corner of a bedroom on the top floor and took the monitor down to the opposite corner of my bottom floor, so it was travelling a fair distance and through a lot of wood and concrete.

If you are thinking of buying this unit to monitor the outside of your house (which I think most people would), then be prepared to have to do some work and drill holes in your walls to do this. Also be prepared to have to rethink where you wish to put the camera due to the power cables length. This is a major shortcoming of this unit in my opinion.

If you are just looking to monitor the inside of your house or small business then this unit will work great, with the addition of some extra cameras.

Overall then, a good security system once setup but has some fairly big flaws.

107 out of 111


Location: Kansas City, USA

Thus security system is very east to use, if you have an electrical outlet where you want to install the camera. There is no battery option for the camera, you must have electricity to the camera. Otherwise, you simply plug in the camera, plug in the monitor, turn it on and you are set to go. As described in the product information there is only one camera with this purchase which of course limits the range of use, but it will take up to four cameras, but be prepared to spend another $100 to $150 per for additional cameras. I am using it to see who comes to the front door. The most helpful use is to keep an "eye" on the many deliveries that are left at our front door throughout the week. While we haven't lost a package yet, there have been several reports in the neighborhood of people talking packages that have been dropped off at the front door. With this camera we will have a good view of anyone attempting to take anything off our front porch.

Overall I think this is a good first step in home security, it is reasonably priced and has good night vision quality. There are three recording modes: manual, motion, or schedule. The digital video recorder supports up to 32GB SD. The recording is also stamped with both time and date. If you would benefit from a single camera perspective from around your home or business this product would be a good place to start.

108 out of 111


Location: Atlanta

The Lorex LW2731 security system is very simple to use.

Plug the camera, plug the monitor, turn on the monitor and the camera gets detected if it is within range.

This is true for up to 4 cameras. If it does not work right away, pairing is explained and it is very easy too.

This kit was delivered with one camera only. I checked for the price of additional cameras and it is around $145 for each additional one. In turn, the quality is pretty good. The camera does a very good job at filming at night. Identification of potential burglars should be made easy with this.

What I like:

- Reasonably priced

- Good quality night vision camera

- Very easy to set up.

- Good detection speed.

- 2GB SD card provided. Sufficient for a while.

- Intercom between monitor and camera.

What I do not like:

- Monitor and camera need to be plugged to power to function. No battery solution as far as I am aware of.

- Monitor needs to be plugged to a computer plugged to Internet to work with Skype. The computer has to be permanently on.


It is a very good starting kit for home security but it falls just short because of the need of a computer to be permanently on. In case of a burglary, I would not be surprized if the thief stole my computer and maybe the monitor in the same time. In such circumstance, the system would prove completely useless.

As another reviewer suggested, the monitor should be hidden close enough to the cameras (to function) and close enough to a computer connected to internet to get skype. Not an easy install to do this as thiefs are usually good at finding valuables.

So I would say forget about skype and hide your monitor as best as you can.

I still give it 4 stars for the overall quality of the system.

109 out of 111


Location: New York City, New York

Somebody has recently started walking a dog around our block and not cleaning up after it. Every morning I exit my house to find a new, steaming landmine of dog feces. What to do? The Lorex LW2731 lets me film out the front of my house and, in theory, catch the culprit in action.

My first effort was with the device's automatic motion detection system. No luck; too much routine activity triggered it. For the last several days I've had it in scheduled recording mode, whereby it will record about four hours of material at the time you specify until it fills up. The evil hound has plotted his pooping around my schedule, and thus far avoided detection.

I think the intended use of this device is either (1) internal, where motion detection can be used without false triggers, or (2) as a live video feed, not recorded, for use as part of an intercom. I've pretty much given up on project poopcatcher, but I may rewire the device for one of these other purposes, and will report here if it proves more useful.

110 out of 111


Location: Los Angeles

I tried this wireless camera security system, even though I didn't have a specific need for a security camera. But sometimes I am in the back of my house and someone rings the bell, and I would like to know who it is without running half a football field. Also, when we go out, it would be nice to know who came to the door in our absence. So I decided to try it. Initial setup was easy, making the wireless connection was not too difficult, and having the compact flatscreen monitor as part of the package is great. So that's the good news. The bad is that it will take some effort to permanently mount the camera on the outside. Yes, they provide the mounting bracket which is wonderful, but the camera requires AC power, and that means figuring out a good place in which to drill a hole through the outside of my house, to a point inside, then to an AC outlet. I wish the camera was battery powered! But other than that, it's a pretty good system. And from what I can tell (in other words, what the instructions say) 4 cameras can be hooked up at one time. (I will only use the 1 for now, however.) So if you need a security system, it seems really good.

111 out of 111


Location: Philadelphia, PA

This home/small business security system is a brilliant systems engineering concept and it is well executed. Setup with the enclosed instructions is simple, and the video is viewable on the wireless screen unit or remotely via Skype (from anywhere in the world). There are two caveats that the purchaser of this fine and well executed system should be aware of first as packaged with a single camera the system can only monitor a relatively small area. Secondly, unlike conventional burglar/intrusion alarm systems there is no easy provision for having someone else do the monitoring for you--you bear the ultimate responsibility of monitoring your own property.

I see two principal use cases for the system as configured: 1. Frequent travelers will be able to look in on their property via Skype from wherever they are situated in the world (excellent for a consultant, or salesperson). 2. With the single camera as provided those who have a small single entrance such as a row home, professional office, or store front can monitor their property. Otherwise users of this system will find

a real need to expand their purchase to additional cameras and accesories.



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