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Home wireless camera system Lorex Live SD series


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Digital wireless security system with SD card

The Lorex LIVE SD Digital Wireless LCD Video Security System offers an easy plug &play video security solution for your home or small business. Have a complete digital wireless video surveillance system up and running in minutes, it's that easy! Simply mount connect the cameras to a power source, plug in the 7-inch LCD receiver and you're done! Video will be recorded directly to an SD card (2GB SD card included) providing you with both viewing and recording in an attractive, compact, space saving design. Place it on a desk, table, mount it on a wall or even under a counter!

The digital wireless technology provided by the LIVE SD7 Series ensures that the system is secure and 100% interference-free. Other innovative features include intercom functionality for two-way communication between the LCD monitor and the camera, and advanced motion detection that is triggered by heat sources, such as people, animals, and an expandable system of up to 4 cameras. Video security has never been easier.

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

SD Recording

Record and store video on the SD supported system.


Automatically scan through camera channels.



The Wireless Way to Stay Aware.

LCD Receiver Features:

  • Simple installation. No video cables required1
  • 7” Digital wireless LCD monitor integrated digital video recorder, SD™ memory card included
  • Multiple recording options: manual, motion or schedule2
  • Time and date stamped recordings for easy retrieval
  • Simulated picture frame using pre-programmed images3
  • 2-Way Audio communication for Intercom usage
  • View up to 4 cameras at the same time or in sequence
  • Tabletop, wall or under-counter mountable monitor
  • Audio/Video RCA output for connection to a TV

Camera Features:

  • Built-in PIR motion sensor for accurate motion detection
  • Exclusive built-in infrared camera lens filter for accurate color reproduction under all lighting conditions
  • Night viewing up to 40ft (12m)4
  • Install cameras indoors or outdoors5
  • Up to 150ft indoor / 450ft outdoor wireless range6
  • SMA connector allows for the usage of higher power antennas to extend wireless range (antennas sold separately)

Record Video & Audio.

Record video clips to the included SD card using three recording modes: manual, motion, or schedule.

Connect Remotely.

Connect the monitor to a computer to view from anywhere in the world using Skype™*

See, Hear, Talk.

An extra pair of eyes and ears to help you manage your busy life.

Simple & Quick Setup.

An easy to setup, easy to use all-in-one video and audio security solution to monitor your home or small business.

Private and Secure.

Monitor with confidence knowing the digital signal is secure, private, and can’t be picked up by neighbours.


1. Cameras require a local power outlet.
2. Local viewing up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Local recording and playback of one camera at a time.
3. Five preloaded scenery images enable digital picture frame simulation when no motion is detected by the camera. When motion is detected, image changes to the camera detecting motion. No ability to upload your own pictures.
4. Stated IR Illumination range is based on ideal conditions. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object.
5. Weather resistant. Not intended for direct exposure to rain or snow. For outdoor applications install under shelter protected from the elements.
6. Based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.
* Remote connection requires driver installation on home PC/Mac (CD included), a wired USB connection between the monitor and PC/Mac (USB cable included) and a high speed internet connection. PC/Mac must be turned ON and Skype™ application must be running. Remote viewing is limited to a single camera and is not selectable remotely.










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1 out of 223


Location: Virginia

Easy to set up. Excellent quality video. Love the app.

2 out of 223


Location: Coatesville

Got a new monitor set it up started working right away no problems so far working wonderfully thank you for wonderful customer service

3 out of 223


Location: North Carolina

I received this camera as a warranty replacement for a different Lorex product that was poorly designed and had terrible reviews. In a not at all shocking turn of events, this product is horrible as well.
I've had the system less than 6 months and already the sound doesn't function on the monitor. Lorex instructed me to contact customer support rather than technical support because "your 1 year warranty has expired".
Terrible products, terrible customer support. Buy something else.

4 out of 223


Location: Brantford,Ontario,Canada.

Best system i've had to date, had a Swann system before this, total garbage, excellent picture not too hard to set up, just the drilling of the holes in the brick work outside.
I live in a basement apartment and my door is at the back of the house, so I cannot see who is there till now, I get a lot of deliveries, so now I can use the intercom to communicate, plus now I can see the mailman coming and who is in my driveway.
The app works great on my 2 Nexus 7 Tablets, I had a hard time getting the app to work on my Blackberry Q10, but I figured out a way, I give this system a 5 star thumbs up!

5 out of 223


Location: Hamilton,Ontario

Excellent cameras for our swimming pool and front foyer.
No complaints just a great addition to our property.

6 out of 223


Location: New Jersey

Do not purchase Home wireless camera system Lorex Live SD series (SD7 Series); the cameras suck, poor quality and the night vision will fail after one year. I replaced two cameras already and once you are over the warranty they make you pay for a refurbish camera which will malfunction as well. I'm just experiencing more issues with another camera for the same problem (Night Vision). Do your research before purchasing any products from Lorex? I will never purchase another system from them. I'm looking at other companies.

7 out of 223


Location: Florida

Wasn't the cameras shown in picture and they broke after a year and motion censor always was triggered without anything there. Not happy with this product but did make two other purchases of different systems and they both work great just not this one.

8 out of 223


Location: Columbus, Ohio

I have only had this around a month, but I am totally impressed. Very easy to hook up. Clear picture & sound. I should have bought this ages ago.

9 out of 223


Very easy to use. All you have to do is unbox it and attach the base (with included screws) to any wall surface, inside or out. The infra red works great at night so you can see who is at your door if it's dark. The monitor can be placed quite a distance from the camera. My camera is outside and the wireless monitor is inside. No problem with the signal going through brick!

10 out of 223


Location: Greenville SC

Great system for the price. Very easy to set up. Cameras state range of 20'. I get more then that. Camera pointed to driveway picks up cars going past house! Great reception! Monitor had problem & was quickly swapped out.

11 out of 223


Location: CA

The system was easy to set up out of the box and was simple to use. The wireless transmission worked great throughout my house. The video quality was pretty good for a home security system. Recording and playback were very easy.

The reason I am giving it low ratings on quality is it went bad in less than a month. The screen turned black and would not pick up the cameras. The menu did not work and it would just reboot or show a black screen when I pushed any button. I had to return it, which was a bit of a hastle as well, but ultimately was able to return it and get my money back. I really liked the system the time it was working and will likely get another one and hope I just had a bad unit. Had it not stopped working I would have defininitely given it a higher rating.

On another note, be careful when ordering the add on cameras. I ordered the ones off the website and when I received them I realized they were not compatible with the sysyem I had just bought from here. The system was a different version than the cameras and they were not compatible even though they look identical to the ones that come with the system. Luckily I was able to return those with no problem.

12 out of 223


Location: Vicksburg, MS

Great product for the money. Only issues I have had is the wireless distance. One camera does not always connect.

Using SKYPE to connect remotely works great after you get all the SKYPE bugs out. Picture is clear. Also like the portability of the monitor.

13 out of 223


Location: San Francisco, CA

The video quality is not close to HD and the program features are limited. Overall easy setup. I recommend a larger SD card. I use a 16GB and it continuously records approximately 4 days worth. So I just rotate between SD cards. The night vision is JUNK. Still, I'm somewhat pleased with my purchase. Its definitely worth it for the price, although you're still not getting a high level security system, it still works as described.

14 out of 223


Truly disappointed as you must plug the cameras in....clearly not wireless waste of time

Words you see first should not be wireless

15 out of 223


Location: Atlanta, GA

This is my second one of these cameras. My first one (before a year) seemed to have lost its night vision. The day vision was still good, but I was unable to see anything at night except very dark and blurry images. Since I already had the receiver, I decided to buy another camera. It works better and has okay night vision. Its not great, but you can at least see at night along with the floodlight I have outside. If you want just the basic low-end camera, this one is okay.

16 out of 223


hi plug it in and go, cot the 4 leg perb right on target first night, well without jock great little system works well at night too, mic could be a little more pick up, other then that for that price super cool, thanks

17 out of 223


Location: Atlanta, GA

I purchased this for my a Birthday gift for my spouse last year and it was super simple to connect, and use. It works on Skype, so we can view the camera from anywhere. We have a huge piece of property and I was afraid that the signal would dilineate from the extra cameras we purchased and placed by the mailbox, along the driveway, in the back yard, garage, arbor, etc. This thing is the best!! You can cycle 4 cameras directly onto the monitor that comes with it. You can set up the system so you can even view it on your cell phone using Skype. It comes with a memory card, and the cameras have a microphone/speaker on them, so I can talk to people at our front gate before opening it. I have recommended this to a number of friends. A very good purchase...and a GREAT gift!

18 out of 223


Location: Easton,Pa

I got my system through a work reward program. I didn't think nothing of the system. I installed in about ten minutes. The hardest part was making the holes for the power cord. I had the system for about a week and it paid for itself. We had someone breaking into cars and the system caught them red handed.I turned over the recording to police and an arrest was made. IAM very happy with this system and recommend it to anyone. I'll be upgrading my to have four cameras.

19 out of 223




20 out of 223


Location: Raleigh, nc

I am very happy with this product. easy to install and set up. My only concern was the wifi range. I think that I need to by the antenna extender. Otherwise I like it alot

21 out of 223


Location: Morton, PA

Very happy of the Lorex

I use the Lorex for indoor home surveillance, one upstairs and one downstairs. I previously had a single X-10 camera feeding an ancient 4" portable TV. It was time to upgrade. I went with the Lorex based on reviews from several sites. I've been using it a little over a month now.


- camera lens is wide enough for covering a good portion of the room.

- just the right monitor size for me

- camera selection is easy to turn on/off

- options to monitor a single camera, a combination of cameras by sequence, or 4 cameras on a quad-screen view.

- the Infrared night vision and that is automatically switches to it if ambient light level drops.

- ability to record by scheduling - but haven't recorded anything yet.


- Image quality is not as sharp as I'd like

- lower resolution than the X-10 it replaced. It's adequate and I've gotten used to it.

Overall, I'm impressed and would recommend it to others.

22 out of 223



I saw the add for the system with one camera, bought it to try and when it got here they had the same system with two camera's at Lorex site cheaper than what I paid for one camera system. Very disappointed, should have been given that option to start with. System works great even tho I had to buy the second camera.

23 out of 223


Location: La Mesa, CA

Last year 2012, I started looking for a good to excellent home security monitoring system after a neighbor of mine came by with a couple of his friends to knock on my window and door to try to scare my wife and I. It didn?t work and although I couldn?t see them clearly, I knew who it was. I searched the internet, stores and papers to see what was available. This year, I located 2 systems on the internet and notice that someone had already done a comparison analysis on the systems I was interested in via Amazon. Needless to say one was the Lorex Wireless Video Home Monitor with 2 Cameras (LW242B).

I ordered the system and was able to get things up and running with the two cameras in less than 30 minutes after, I charged the monitor which was about 6 hours. Note: This was without first reading the manual. The majority of my time was spent strategically placing the cameras in the proper location to capture any potential intruders or mischievous persons on my property lines. The next day, I ordered the Lorex Wireless Add-On Accessory Camera LW2401AC2 to capture any activity within the parameters of my walk way. In a nutshell the Lorex system goes way beyond published dimensions e.g. camera range of 40 feet. I?m able to capture good quality images greater than 150 feet or so.

The system comes with a 1GB micoSD chip for the monitor?s recoding; However, because I go out from time to time I?ve upgraded to a 8GB chip and then to a 32 GB chip which should give me about 57.8 hours of recording time(according to the manual); when needed. I love the scan feature which allows for visualizing all my cameras at the same time. Additionally, the pairing function was very easy and only takes a couple of seconds to do. After seeing this security system in its operation my wife agrees we made a valuable investment to protect our property, our person and will ultimately lower our residential insurance rates.

24 out of 223


Location: San Diego


Seems to work fine without too many features. Would buy a better system next time with a DVR. This copies to SD disk. But it works fine for the money and I can add up to 3 additional cameras as needed.

25 out of 223


Location: TX

Great product for my basic, limited needs.. IF the monitor had not DIED after less than 3 months use.. and, IF it wasn't an ongoing HASSLE to get the issue resolved. Once you finally get in touch with tech support, then Master Tech Support.. while trying to understand the foreign accents.. As according to the warranty, they agreed to replace the monitor.. after waiting 10 days & hearing Nothing..Called again. Oh, we were supposed to generate an email to you with instructions regarding the old, like new, dead monitor, etc. Finally received an email.. encouraging me to Purchase their Products.. Lorex is now testing my patience!

26 out of 223


Location: Ohio

We just installed the first camera in our wl2712 system. Everything works the way it was spelled out in the manual. We are using the motion recording mode. Works fine.

27 out of 223


I purchased this system to supplement my layered home security. The night vision is unreal , mind you I only have a 100x100 ft lot. The only problem I`m having is the cameras seem to record at will sometimes. I have them set at the lowest sensitivity settings. I was hoping for a little better "real motion" recording as it seems to record in 2 second intervals. I purchased a 32g card and its on over rite set to a 15 second record time so I figure Ill get about a month before it starts over. The signal strength also jump from 4 bars to nothing as it cycles but I haven`t lost the picture. The false detects make reviewing a little tiresome as do with the false alarms. I do think if they could get the motion/heat recording a little more accurate ,it would be a perfect system. The sound recording is also top notch. Overall I`m pleased with the system and it adds a little more piece of mind to my overall security.


28 out of 223


Great system, great price! We mounted the cameras on the brick on the front of our house. The set up was easy and the wireless reception has a far reach! The only thing I didn't like was that the cameras needed to be plugged into an outlet. This limits the places that the cameras can be mounted.

29 out of 223


I have had this unit long enough to have 100 degree + temps where it is located. So far the system is working well and I plan to add additional cameras if I have no problems. Have used it with unknown visitors and the communication without opening the door is good. It has met my hopes for usage.

30 out of 223


i like the things i can do with the system.i use it to monitor an area i can view &hear remotely.the system has a lot of things you could do record display 4 areas at the same time.i may expand the use with time.

31 out of 223


Location: Dixon, IL

I researched so many surveillance/systems that I had myself doubting that any system would perform well. I finally, out of desperation, purchased the Lorex LW2731 because I couldn't handle reading anymore reviews and just needed to be done. I am so glad that I purchased this system-it is awesome for my needs. I have a small business and want to know when someone enters the building. The motion detector works perfectly for me. It detects quickly and the monitor gives an audible alert. The monitor is excellent because it's always visible from my desk. You can also control the volume of the audible alert-several volume options which is very nice.

I was concerned about setting up the system, so imagine my surprise when I connected the camera to power; then the monitor, turned on the monitor and done. It was the easiest set-up I've ever done for an electronic item. I am very pleased and plan to add an additional camera to watch over the store showroom soon.

32 out of 223


I purchased this camera, due to things continually being misplaced around my home. Every time I would leave and come back home , things would look out of sorts, so I purchased this after reading several other reviews prior to my purchase. i must say I was kinda nervous when they were saying you couldn't make out the person. But I think it serves my needs perfectly. You can install it in about an hour after drilling a hole from the outside of your home into inside so that you will be able to use the outlet to plug it in. make sure to put the cameras under an awning or gutter to shelter from rain and snow a little. It is color during the day but when dawn starts to fall, the color turns black and whiter. Which makes seeing at (night) a bit distorted. The intercom feature works fine and clear inside and out. I love the motion sensor ;).. it beeps to alert you whenever someone crosses the sensor path. Oan it comes with @ cameras that are already paired , it's literally plug in and watch! No complaints so far and i have had it for 3 weeks now!..through rain and storms, already!

33 out of 223


Setup was easy, operations and instructions were accurate and easy to follow. Cameras are clear and work well. Very satisfied.

34 out of 223


Camera easy to install

Clarity and resolution of the optics over & than what I expected.

Works perfectly at night time

35 out of 223


Location: Los Angeles, CA

A lot of features for a reasonable price. Picture and audio quality aren't great but are more than ample for residential purposes. Set up is super easy and quick. I ended up returning the 7" model for the 9" (easier viewing in multiple cam mode and most control buttons are in the front vs. having to always access the screen menu to make system changes). I would recommend this to a friend!

36 out of 223


Good product but the signal gets lost too easily between the camera and the monitor. Good Night vision too. Don't expect top line surv. video but a good start to a system to learn before you commit to a large scale project.

37 out of 223


A friend recommended this to me who has a two camera system. I choose the 4 camera system for better coverage. It was very easy to install and get up and running, and easy to operate. Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a moderately priced security system.

38 out of 223


good stuff. they dont mess up my wifi at home. picture is clear. range is great. sound is clear also. they will not record motion through a screen or glass but when placed outside they work great. sometimes they pick up shadows as motion but its good for 90 % of the time. much cheaper option then the others for what u get. i havent tried to moble set up yet but it seems like it would work easliy.

39 out of 223


Great System .....had camera die after 3 months use ....filled warranty info online, got no communication from company but to my surprise a new camera arrived just a few days later. no hassle very impressed (except for the no communication part ((was getting kinda mad)) but am now extremely happy VERY RECOMMENDED

40 out of 223


My house was broken into. I was only gone for two I bought the cameras system so I don't have to worry about when I go

out Or when I go to bed. The pictures on the screen are so clear. I am sure that the next time the guy will be sorry they broke into. my house I am 73 yr. old so I will let the police do the hard work mean time your cameras will help them out.

Thank you

Clair Leonard

41 out of 223


For my home, lorex wireless device is the best on the market. I'm very satisfied with this team. I recommended it

42 out of 223


After some suspected men walked a night around my resident, I ordered Lorex LW2711 Wireless Monitoring System to have my resident secure. Honestly I never try one and was doubting what will work.

I received the package, open it and following instructions, I finalized the installation of the four video camera monitors. Everything works well. From the house monitor, I can see my children buses coming from distance, the alert will come on when someone or a car is closer to my yard, also can talk to visitors outdoor from the monitor indoor. The night vision is almost 7/10. The only issue I had is that the monitor has to be almost equal distance with all cameras in order to have good images in all 4 cameras or buy an extended antenna to cover that little issue in case your residence is big. All 4 cameras are placed upper corner of the 3rd level of my resident.

43 out of 223


Location: cocoa, fl

Wonderful item !! Just what we were looking for since we are not very technical and need items that are easy to set up and use.
Will be ordering extra cameras as soon as this is possible.
Only three items that we would like to question:
can we have longer Power Adapter cords ? ;
can the Power Extension cords be used with an extension line besides the surge protector ? ; and,
since the product only comes in the black color, are they paintable in another color like white ? .

44 out of 223


Great camera for the price with good video quality. We wanted to keep this camera inside but looking out into our driveway, but motion isn't detected through glass. This is okay since I set it up to record at certain times and it works fine through glass. The remote control kind of sucks though. I have to hit the buttons several times for it to recognize the command. Wish they had made the controls on the monitor easier to work with in that case.

45 out of 223


Location: Lake Charles, LA

This system is perfect for smaller homes or businesses. The display screen also has a screen saver mode so it looks like a digital picture frame. I found out that there is an intercom feature with this setup after I installed it, and am thrilled as to how well it works. Setup was incredibly easy, and the ability to add three more cameras to the system make it better. The only downfall is the camera's short power chord. The outlets around my home are not placed conveniently enough so I had to make compromises about placement. Otherwise a great system. The night vision and motion detection are also very good.

46 out of 223


Location: Boynton Beach, Florida

These cameras work great. The vision is clear as glass and the audio works properly. Wish the sd card had a bigger memory to record longer and that the cables where a little thicker. Overall the product is great and functions well.

47 out of 223


I installed this system in a retail store and it only took me about an hour. The cameras paired with ease and I was a little surprised when considering the distance that the camera's were able to communicate with the monitor. The camera's were about 50 feet from the wireless connection and still working just fine. The skype set up feature is great. I also use a dvr to record motion detection and so far everything works just fine.

48 out of 223


After reading all of the other reviews I was a little sceptically on purchasing this, but for the price, and with the wireless ease, (not much wiring to to do), I went ahead and bought this. It arrived in a plain brown wrapped package, as not to let everyone know you were going to be putting up security cameras, and after reading the instruction book (highly recommended), and testing the range of the wireless signal (also recommended as to not be putting unnecessary holes everywhere) to see where would be best for the monitor and cameras, (cameras went outside in a protected area as to not get too much weather exposure), I set about running the 110 power cables for the cameras, (the power cables could be about 2 or 3 feet longer), then powered up the monitor and I was up and running my small security system, after 30 or 45 min I had the Skype feature going for remote monitoring on my Android phone, (you can only view one camera, that's one part I didn't like), I did went ahead and bought the 32 GB memory card, it comes with a 4 GB one, the larger card lets you record longer and not have to worry about running out space as quickly, but I check all video that has been recorded daily. I say if you want a security monitoring system that's easy to setup and operate then this is the system for you.

I plan on getting one or two more cameras later, this only comes with two cameras, four cameras max. Some other people have said that this interferes with their computer wireless systems, but I have had no problems with that what so ever.

Very good product.

49 out of 223


Location: St. George, Utah

Good cameras but if I hadent needed them so badly I would have waited for the price to go down some. screen goes blask after a week plugged in, stil a fair immage you have to be right there and watching close. but range and cameras at night good.

50 out of 223


Location: Atlanta

This camera is real plug n Play, easy to install. Wireless range is better than expected, video quality is OK for the price. Motion detection trigger is not very reliable since there is approx 3 second delay. This camera suprised me with the quality of night vision image in pitch darkness. Overall, good value for money

51 out of 223


The uses are limitless. works as i expected and i definitely would recommend Lorex products to any one interested

in this type of products.

52 out of 223


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

We just finally got these up after buying them about 6 months ago. We are testing the system and just started night recording to see if we can catch some rodents on video that we know are outside our house. So far it seems to work pretty good, you can actually see what's going on outside when it's pitch black. Curious to see how well the motion detection works and will report back with an update.

The only complaint I have so far is that it doesn't seem you can totally mute the camera's microphones.

53 out of 223


This is a great start-up system for anyone. Easy set-up and no wires to run. The biggest draw back is that if you want to add two (2) more cameras, they cost as much as this system. Overall it works great for my needs and the wireless cameras have great reception through brick and sheetrock. Using the system through Skype is an added bonus, also easy set-up and use. I have recommended the system to others and they have nothing but positive feedback for this system.

54 out of 223


Location: Doral, FL.

Nice product. Instalation was very simple and the device is ready to use in minutes.
Excelente producto. La instalación fue muy sencilla y el equipo estaba listo para usarse en pocos minutos.

55 out of 223


Location: Buffalo, NY

I have had several cameras and find the LW2712 is perfect for my needs. I think it works well at a reasonable cost. The night vision is adequate and I can tape about 3 days on a 16GB card. The only thing I don't like is there are no buttons on the monitor itself to record/stop etc. I have a problem with the remote and must return it so will have no way to activate features until I get the new remote. I particularly like the small frame monitor because it is easily moved and I can see things in a quad view without switching channels on my tv. I will be adding more cameras or buying another system for additional cameras.

56 out of 223


works great. Definitely made the rest of the neighborhood jealous. It is a great value for the money and I would buy more. Infact, the buyers of my house liked them so much they asked to keep them in the sale.

57 out of 223


Bought this one as a gift because we like ours.

We have it pointed so that it forewarns us when people are coming up the driveway or walking towards our front door. It makes a little beep.

We get regular Amazon package deliveries so when the delivery guy rings the bell ... I know that I don't have to rush to answer the door.

It records for a few seconds so you can review. Would be great to have a recording if your house was robbed.

Quality of the recordings are not 100% like a high quality camera but they are good enough for what we need.

58 out of 223


When I received the system it was very easy to set up; just mount your camera and run power to it and it works. The display is nice and clear, even at night. We use it to monitor the front door, so the distance is not that far. Several nice features are when someone approaches the door/zone the monitor will start chirping to let you know someone is there before they even ring the doorbell. It also has a microphone so you can talk and hear the person at the door without opening it. Since it is wireless you can carry the monitor with you no matter where you are in the house. You can also set it to auto record when motion is detected. Here is the kicker.....the motion detection stopped working about a month after I had installed it. I contacted Lorex directly and it was a very simple process to send the components back to them with a turnaround time of a little over a week. They sent all new they stand by their products if anything happens. In fact I'm getting ready to purchase add on cameras to expand my'll hold up to 4 cameras.

59 out of 223


very cool product for that price, the camera installation is little pain depending on how far it is from the display. you may have to add the extender. but it works well

60 out of 223


Feeling safer already! Just installed two on my house and it was a snap. Simply screw the plate in and put the antennas on/plug them in. It really couldn't be easier. At first, I was getting 'NO SIGNAL' after install -- after reading how to pair them (easy, push a button on the camera!), they both turned on and worked flawlessly. The image is very clear and I can see very far away. I also like that they beep whenever someone approaches them. PERFECTION. I wish the extra cameras were a little cheaper- thinking about expanding to four. Also, I saved myself $100 on the set by buying a LIKE NEW set from AMAZON WAREHOUSE DEALS.. It was PERFECT, and VERY happy to save so much simply because the box may have been opened. Everything was still wrapped up/intact. Just a hint for anyone wanting a 2 cam system but wanting to spend less than $299.

61 out of 223


Location: Santa Rosa, CA

I have a modest 1 story ranch and have 3 cameras set up. The resolution is great, the range is OK (I have one set up no more than 50 feet away but it still says out of range occasionally). All in all, this is a nice entry-level camera system. The only negatives are 1); needs to be hard-wired for power and Skype 2); No volume control for cams (can get annoying). Still recommended!

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

62 out of 223


I had one adapter that would not work; had to try a couple of time to get thru to customer service.

Mail bad one back to them haven't got the replacement yet; this has been 3 week ago.

So I don't have my system up yet to totally check it out; what I can do so far I am very happy with.

Just not to happy with customer service and the long waits.

63 out of 223


Location: Florida

It's okay as long as you don't try to do too much with it. It serves very well as a simple video/audio monitor for the front door so I know who is there and can speak with them. The auto record does not work for me because the breeze moves the shrubs and that keeps it recording constantly. Fortunately that feature can be turned off. Have not tried to use it remotely and probably won't bother.

64 out of 223


Location: Redding, CA

This product performed better than expected. I have secured my driveway and front door. wireless picture is good enough to id someone.

65 out of 223


just what i wanted

this product takes great pictures , just what I needed to catch whom has been stealing from me outside when I am not at home

lanett ala

66 out of 223


Location: Stanleytown, Virginia USA

I liked it so much I got one for a friend!

This is a great security camera.. I mainly use mine for when I'm in the basement so I can see if some one drives up. Incredibly simple to set up get audio as well as video....I don't use the recording end..but it comes with a 2 gig sd card.I've had mine for several months and have had no problems at all. Really good picture at night...also beeps when people or cars come by! I bought this one for a friend who was very impressed with mine!

67 out of 223


Location: Michigan

So Far everything has been perfect, we have had them almost a month if not so, Set up was easy. only thing we are having a haaard time with is the skype update. other then that they are great!

68 out of 223


Location: Gig Harbor,WA Area

I wish I would have gotten this system earlier. It is wonderful and gives me such peace of mind. I live in a rather isolated place and now I have the comfort of knowing when someone has entered my property both day and night

69 out of 223


Location: SW Florida

The driveway and front entry area of our new home is not readily visible from our home office, where we spend a lot of time. Yet we want to be aware of visitors and others who might approach. I wanted a basic, inexpensive video monitoring system and purchased a Lorex one-camera-plus-monitor system. Video quality is more than adequate, even at night, and its operation and features are perfect. The little "chirp" when it detects motion alerts us whenever there is someone in the driveway, and the unit can be set up to record up to 30 seconds each time it detects motion. We can even use it as an intercom to address anyone approaching our house. This unit was easy to install and convenient to set up; its quality is good, and its cost was very moderate. It has worked flawlessly for almost a year without so much as a hiccup. It provides exactly what I wanted, no more and no less, for a very reasonable price

70 out of 223


Location: Newark NJ

I love this product primarily for the following reasons. 1. good signal. The receiver I placed in my office on the first floor can receive video/audio from the cameras installed on 4th floor with a vertical distance around 20 m. 2. Sensitive motion detection. 3. Good video/audio recording. 4. The 2 G SD card will suffice if you don't need to continuously record

71 out of 223


Location: Hudson County, New jersey

Home video survaillance

One very good thing is that you can see around the premises, so it is a good system to have and see any trespasser. One bad thing is that it is not sharp or very clear. The definition is poor and the night vision is worse but for seeing what is going on around you it is good. In daylight it is a little better but hard to destinguish characteristics.

72 out of 223


Location: Sammamish, WA

Good purchase

I don't like to use Skype , my computer has to be on all the time.

73 out of 223


Location: El Paso

Best security ever

I  recommend this security system to everybody.  This system works perfect for home security!

74 out of 223


Location: Fort Worth, TX

Best purchase for me!

The cameras works good and the sound is very good. i love the display monitor.  You can move it all over the house and still pickup the wireless signal. 

75 out of 223


Location: Bovey, MN 55709, USA

Basic starter system


- Ease of setup and use. Easy to move cams.

- Four cams with audio and a recording monitor for the price


- Mounts don't hold cams steady. Takes a MacGyver fix.

- Narrow field of view at close range. Easy to sneak around cams.

- Can only record one cam at a time.


- Good mix of features and number of cams for the price.

- Easy to use.

- Good starter system for at least a medium sized lot.

Yes, I recommend this product.

76 out of 223


Location: California

The Best

Pros: cameras work really well

Cons: wasn't that easy to place on the outside., electrician had to add outlet for cameras., add on camera cost nearly as much as the system.

This system is great. I can see great at night and during the day, The best part is when I'm upstairs and cant get to the front door , I just use the intercom to inform the person that I'm unavailable. There's a catch, the cameras need to be plugged into a power source. I had to call an electrician.

77 out of 223


great value, good product!

Everything worked great out of the box and basically just plug it in and you are good to go. The monitor is small but it works fine. The picture quality is not the greatest but it serves its purpose. The cameras pick up the audio just fine too. I like how the monitor will beep if there is activity so I don’t have to stare at it to know if someone has walked in the store. I have the cameras probably 50 and 75 ft. away from the monitor and the signal is good. Phones and mobile devices never interfere. All in all if you are looking for a small package to monitor your home or workplace this is a great deal. Would have given 5 stars but the contrast can be a little dark at times, but I am very happy with my purchase.

78 out of 223


Location: Teaneck, NJ, USA

Kid monitor on steriods

The receiver is light and can be brought into the kitchen whenever we are cooking or to the living room whenever we have guests. We like to keep an eye on the kids when they play in the playroom or when they are asleep in their bedrooms.

Probably my favourite features are the night vision which allows us to see if their eyes are still open, the 2 way speaker which allows me to speak with them without having to go there and the motion sensor which detects when they get out of bed. I'm able to stop problems before they get out of hand.

Love it...had a baby monitor but this just takes it to another level

79 out of 223


Location: Dover, Delaware

Lorex has a good product

Cameras are for outside.  They work very well although I had to replace one.

The monitor picture is excellent at night great with no lighting . The remote I am not fond of had to replace twice. Need to produce a better remote. 

80 out of 223


Location: Colorado

Excellent System for the Price

Syncing it to the system is extremely easy and setup is quick and easy as well. The mic function is handy for our front door because I can talk to people at the door without having to come up from the office in the basement. It also allows you to see the visitor and gives you a chirping alarm to grab your attention when it detects movement. Only problem is it comes with a 2GB memory card that is not sufficient. I recommend immediately upgrading to a 16GB memory SD card so you can record more than 24hrs. of video at a time. You cn have it automatically record over video as well, so it just keeps recording continously.

81 out of 223


Location: BC

Good stuff

Pros: price

Cons: 2 GB sd card included - should be 16 GB at least

Good value for the money.

Installation and setup is very easy.

Image is a bit grainy but still okay.

82 out of 223


Location: BC

Good stuff

Pros: price

Cons: 2 gb sd card included - should be 16 gb at least

Good value for the money.  Installation and setup is very easy.  Image is a bit grainy but still okay.

83 out of 223


Location: Sacramento CA

Model Number: LW2710

Everything works great except the remote, still waiting for a new one.

84 out of 223


Location: Seattle WA

Works out of the box

Great Picture. Easy Setup. Good night camera actually quite surprising how well the night vision works.

Already looking to add another camera. 2 way communication has helped me stop those door to door people in my driveway rather than having to deal with them at the door.

85 out of 223


I ordered this because it stated wireless and once I received it I realized that each of the cameras needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet. They only have 4'cords. Well that to me is not wireless. Now I have to find an electrician to put outlets in my attic as I am mounting them on the top corners of my home. I am a little disappointed and if I had not paid an additional 38.00 for fast delivery as I wanted to hook them up immediately I would return them. So now I have to save for the electrician. Oh well my bad for not looking further into the product before ordering. Hopefully it will be worth it in the end. I will add another rating once they are up and working.

86 out of 223


Location: Colorado

I have owned my system for 15 months now. Living in Colorado we have had below 0 temps, hail, rain, snow. My system has performed wonderfully. This has got to be the best security system for the money. I love the wireless connections and the stand alone monitor. The only thing I could want in addition to what I have is additional cameras, (hint hint). I recommend this system to anyone in need of security cameras.

87 out of 223


Location: Spring Hill, FL

Lorex Live SD7 Model 2711

Pros: easy to hook up., easy to use.

Cons: no personal photos for screensaver, longer power extension cords

Bought this to hook up at my mom's house. I feel it was easy for her to understand and use which was of a concern for me. The picture was great anytime of day. Even when the IR light was used at night and it switched over to black and white. After I hooked it up I wished it had one more camera. The warehouses and websites both carry different setups so you need to research which one is best for your setup.

88 out of 223


After 1.5 years...

This is a review for those persons with "common sense."

I've had this system up and running for a year and a half. I am pleased, and here is why...

1. I wasn't expecting to be able to see if the man I recorded from 50' away in total darkness shaved or not.

2. I didn't install the camera in my pool.

3. I didn't expect to be able to run more than four (4) cameras on a single monitor.

4. I didn't expect the motion recording to turn on for an ant that was 400' feet away.

5. I didn't think "wireless" meant that the cameras would "magically" receive power from the "power fairy."

Obviously I was being sarcastic... but after reading some of the reviews left, I felt it necessary to point out pure ridiculousness. The box and / or descriptions provided for this product clearly illustrates the aforementioned of what to expect.

This system has been monitoring my driveway from 30' above the ground. It picks up a vehicle moving at approximately 80' from the camera (think of it like a triangle). You can clearly make out a vehicle make and model (as long as you know your vehicles). Forget about obtaining a license plate number, it won't happen with this type of resolution unless the vehicle is parked directly in front of the camera, so don't expect it to. Facial recognition may work indoors, but after 10' outdoors it will not be clear. Race and ethnicity are discernible but only during daylight. At night faces of people kind of take on a "white" look. A good way to avoid this would be to spend some money on a set of bright motion lights (left and right of the camera) so that the night vision doesn't have to work as hard. Also, the infrared LEDs glow red at night, so if you're trying to hide your cameras you may want to rethink purchasing this system. However, if you like visual deterrents, these cameras kind of look like a "terminator" staring at you in the dark.

If you're mounting this camera outside, keep it covered. Try to tuck it away under an overhang and you won't have to worry about it submitting to the weather. Be advised, if mounting one of the cameras in direct sunlight the black coating will fade to a brown, rust-like appearance. This is normal and won't affect the function of the camera.

I view a lot of surveillance footage for my career (Law Enforcement). Believe me; this system is more than adequate if you don't live in a world where Cadillac’s come in your mailbox. Picture is clear on a sunny day and the audio for this type of device is actually rather good. But beware, there are several states in which it is illegal to record audio without consent from both parties (that includes the person being recorded).

I was so pleased with this system that I bought a second, four camera system. I now have six (6) cameras up and running and am very pleased with the systems. I purchased a 32GB card and set the screen for four (4) channel motion trigger with a 5 second stop time. Basically, if one of the cameras detects motion, that camera then records what it sees for five (5) seconds after the motion stops. This allows my system to record someone moving around my entire house. By the time one camera stops recording, the subject is coming in to view of another camera. Be advised, this system WILL NOT record multiple cameras at the same time. This is the only major issue I have with this system. The best part about this system is the ease of transferring recorded content. Simply remove the memory card from the monitor, insert it in to your computer, transfer the time-stamped footage, and export it to whatever media you choose (do this prior to the arrival of your local Police Officer, it's greatly appreciated).

As I've stated, this system is adequate for those seeking a little peace of mind. It it does what it's supposed to. In the 1.5 years I've had the system I've never once had an issue with reliability. Even if the power goes out the system restarts itself and the motion recording begins again. I am pleased with this product and have purchased again. Four stars because it will not record multiple events.

89 out of 223


Location: New York, NY

Great Product

I used this camera to monitor the exterior of my home and its a great product. Highly recommend.

90 out of 223


Location: Madison, WI

Love it

We have a driveway alarm, however our driveway is situated on the side of our house that has no windows so that we have to go outside to see who it is when someone drives up. With the monitor, we can see who is there without going outside. It has been perfect for us. When at first, we had an issue, Lorex was excellent in taking care of it in a timely manner.

91 out of 223


Location: St. Pete, FL


I love this system a lot better than.the other two systems I have, much easier to use.

92 out of 223


Lorex 2 camera video moniroring system

As a retired employee from the Department Of Corrections, I understand the importance of cameras for secuity. Excellent quality picture. No problems with cameras. After a week, the monitor went bad. After a phone call and confirmation email, the monitor was replaced. Cameras are steel and good quallity made to last. I am disabled and was able to install the system watching my two entrance doors to my house. I feel safer for myself and my family.

93 out of 223


Location: Saint Charles, MI


I am satisfied with the product. After a few months, the display unit went white but it was replaced promptly when I sent the system back for repair. In the winter, I have to be careful to aim the cameras so as not to allow an expansive white snow background to throw off the light sensor and reduce the aperture too much and produce a dark image in the foreground. The cameras are on their second winter and seem to be working well in the temperatures encountered here in mid-Michigan. The system was easy to set up and the cameras are very easy to relocate if necessary.

94 out of 223


Location: La Paz, Mexico

Excellent choice

Top of its class. Easy to install, easy to use. 100% recommended

95 out of 223


Location: San Diego Ca.

Well worth the investment

The system is easy to use and very reliable.I am very happy with my purchase.

96 out of 223


Location: Rochester, NY

My LIVE Lorex

When I got my Lorex, I was a little confused about the set up, but that was my fault, the thing was simple to put together, and the sound is great. I like the idea that I don't have to go to the door to see who it is, I just stand there and talk to the person without opening the door. The cords could be a bit longer, but I found a solution for that. I love my Lorex and would buy another if I had to.

97 out of 223


Location: Connecticut

Review Lorex Live SD Wireless System

The Lorex Live SD Wireless System is easy to install and use. The picture is clear during the day and night. The motion detection recording works extremely well without being too sensitive. The cameras' view is wide and each camera picks up a large area. I like the capability of upgrading from a two camera system to four camera system. My only criticism is with the remote. In order to view taped files I have to turn off the monitor and turn it on again. Then the remote will work. Overall the system is really good and has helped to improve the security of our home.

98 out of 223


Location: Reidsville, NC

We purchased this system to use in our retail store. It has performed remarkably well for us. I can monitor the counter sales while working in the office. I would highly recommend this product for home or business use.

99 out of 223


Location: Sugar Land, TX

Very Happy

I have been very happy with my Lorex LIVE SD Wireless Home Video Monitoring System. It is very easy to setup and use. I really like the fact that it is wireless.

100 out of 223


Location: Durham, NC

Excellent Purchase

This wireless system works great so long as cameras are not too far from monitor or obstructed by structures that block the signal. Pictures are excellent. I like the two-way audio as well as audio monitoring. I use 4 cameras. Good system for the cost. Easy to install. Providing power to cameras works well with extension cords if receptacles are not convenient to length of cord provided with camera.

101 out of 223


Location: San Jose, CA USA

Not completely trouble free, however

What I like about this system: The monitor is small and easily mounted to a wall to free up desk space, and the cameras provide, clear crisp images even at night. The installation of the system was straightforward, but there is wiring involved. One of our four cameras had to be returned, and that process took a while. But perhaps the most disconcerting issue was that the small remote control stopped working within 3 weeks, and we have now had to request a new one. When calling the company, there is quite the long phone menu hierarchy to get through and sometimes a long wait for a customer service person.

102 out of 223


Location: Lake Tahoe, NV

Great Value

We bought 2 of these systems and have one monitor upstairs and one downstairs in our bedroom. They really work. Picture quality is OK . You can see a racoon walk across the driveway in the middle of the night with no lights.

103 out of 223


Location: Tennessee

An incredible product and value

One of the concerns I had about getting a wireless video security system was setup but Lorex made it easy. Within 30 minutes out of the box, I had 2 cameras installed outside sending video to the control viewer panel. Wireless connected instantly. One of the cameras failed but Lorex sent a replacement quickly with no hassles. I plan to add 2 more cameras.

104 out of 223


I was so happy with this system that I purchased a second one.

105 out of 223


Location: Delaware

Great camera

Great product. Works great day/night rain or shine. Will be purchasing another add on shortly.


106 out of 223


Location: Pflugerville, TX

Good Camera System

I bought 2 of these for my house and one for my mothers house. They are a great system and the setup is very user friendly. The only down fall is you can not remotely log into them. 

107 out of 223


I love this product to know who is at door before opening it, whether it is worth opening at all.

108 out of 223


Location: Houston, Texas

Good Investment

Well worth the investment. Prevented a potential burglary within months of purchasing the system.

109 out of 223


Location: South Carolina

Excellent product                                                         

 This security system has performed flawlessly. Excellent picture quality. I have camera set up from 30 feet to 80 feet from the monitor and always have a good signal. I have already recommended this product to friends. I plan on buying one more camera in the near future which will give me 8 cameras and 2 monitors.

110 out of 223


Wireless monitor                                                        

Money well spent. The system functions very well and provides peace of mind for the family.

111 out of 223


Location: San Francisco, CA

Lorex Wireless 2 Camera system

Wireless monitor works fine for observing individuals entering and leaving.

The 3 second delay before recording can result in loss of filmed activity,

if the camera is set for a narrow range of vision. The alarm on the monitor

to activate when movement is detected is a very good alert system,

especially for the elderly, who do not want to be surprised by individuals

entering their home. All in all, it is a good system, reasonably priced and

films at night as well as daylight 

112 out of 223


Location: Moreno Valley California


The money was well spent, We have a peace of mind. It is so easy to use,many functions to use. Like the introduction says read first and every thing falls in place. Installing was A BREEZE, 45 Min. My 14 year old son did it, clear picture,clear sound, intercom is the best & people listen when speaking.  It takes 4 cameras.  I have 1, and am going to order 1 more. Play back is so cool to use with the system or play back with PC & download video for reference on PC


113 out of 223


Location: Norton NB Canada

Front Gate

Super easy set up, sleek display, easy to mount on a desk. The images are sharp and clear. Night view caught a raccoon on my front porch!

114 out of 223


Location: New York, USA

Not a bad little security system for what it is.

There was one review about this system, indicating that it had to be returned because it was not, so called "WEATHERPROOF". I understand from Lorex technical that this system is mfg for "OUTDOOR" use. I am using the security cameras to monitor activity down a utlity alleyway and the cameras are mounted, unprotected from the weather on the outside wall of a residential garage. I reside in the northeast part of the country, where there is rain, sleet, snow, etc. And the cameras have not been affected in monitoring my location. There are some improvements that could be made on this security system but then again you are not talking a thousand dollar system. I believe Lorex has done a pretty fair job in designing this system...

115 out of 223


Lorex Live LW2702 Wireless

I bought this after numerous research and reading lots of reviews on other wireless cameras.

This camera is GREAT and the price is Great. I had my reserves after reading how other things could interfere with the reception. Like portable phones, microwaves, DVD’s, and so on. Don't have any problems whatsoever. I live in a brick home and I have one camera in front of house and another one in back. You can hang themonitor on the wall like a picture or set it on table. I wish the monitor was a 8x10 but it's 5x7. It has several screen savers where it looks like an ordinary picture. It comes with everything you need except like other comments I wish it had longer cable but easy to fix with extension cord. Also it has good audio sound for outside. I am thinking of purchasing 2 more cameras to have 4 cameras at a time for security. My Sister & her husband also have this same product and they live in a different state. They Love theirs too! All I can say is Love it Love it Love it!!!

116 out of 223


Better than expected

The motion detection works great, they were easy to install, and I like the fact that there is sound to. They have already deterred some not so welcome neighbours from walking through my yard. I have recommended this set to friends and plan to add two more cameras to my setup. I did order a 16GB card along with them and now I can record for several months without having to worry about running out of space.

117 out of 223


Very Nice Product--Easy To Use!

I received my Lorex 2702 last week and have some thoughts about it. I'm fairly technical with gadgets as I have worked in radio most of my life (crystal radio set was my first "toy"). I live in a two story, 2500 sq. ft. house and single. I have a hearing loss and thought about how neat it would be to be able to pick up my iPhone at night and see what is going on downstairs, etc. I'm learning about security systems (had an ADT ten years ago). I came across this product and was intrigued with its simplicity. I put both cameras in my kitchen-aimed at front/back door areas. I considered mounting one of them on the front porch--but was concerned about putting a $109 camera in the elements--in spite of the fact it was weather resistant. On top of that--how/where to plug it in the AC plug. Then--I came up with a different solution. I also bought two "fake" security cameras from Amazon for $22. They come with security warning stickers. I'll mount one on the porch and the other on the back door--with the stickers. I then found an online security company where I bought an alarm system with keypad, two door sensors and motion detector. The base-station of the alarm is separate from the keypad--and will be placed upstairs as its wireless. An 85 decibel siren goes off if activated--and i got a secondary 105 decibel siren to put downstairs. So, between the fake outdoor cams, stickers, alarm system and lorex 2702--I’m pretty well covered. I'm not (at this time) planning on having my alarm system monitored as I did in the past and kept setting it off (my bad)! The Lorex records on a 2G SD card and the nigh time viewing is very nice. Colors in the daytime are ok but a little washed out. I've also decided to get two ip camera's to compare with the Lorex--in order to be able to get email alerts and view on my iPhone/web browser. If the ip camera's/software work well--I may be sending the Lorex back. However--it's growing on me--as I like the digital picture frame/pics and built in recording capability. Some folks have upped their SD card from 2G to 8G, etc. Not sure why you would need to--as this system can overwrite it and record on-going if you like. Plus--you can select "motion" record in five, ten and thirty second segments. It only records one camera at a time for the duration you set it for. The first cam that senses heat--it begins to record. You can view the card each night or weekly--and save whatever clips/evidence you need to your computer. I guess there's a trade-off to everything. But for this price--this system is very simple and does make me feel more secure. By the way--the day the system arrived--a sheet of paper was stuck in my door. On the front was a warning for my sub-division and two others in my area--as there were three break-ins in the past week. It referenced my local police dept. blotter website. I checked it out and was surprised to find 20+ crime "areas" within a square mile of my home in the past year. A friend of mine told me today she had her condo clubhouse broken in to last night. Glad I made the decision to be more vigilant and secure. A number of people have commented on the quality of this system vs. others. I guess it's all relative. Do you want to spend upwards of $1000 or more? Some have commented on how it slows their internet down--watching Netflix, etc. I noticed that too--my solution--when you're home--watch Netflix or whatever on your Wi-Fi--but first--unplug at least ONE camera. Why? It will use less of your broadband to watch TV over the internet, etc. I measured a broadband speed test this morning and after I unplugged one camera--it shot up and doubled the speed to almost normal. then--when you go to bed or leave--just plug it back in (they're already paired with the unit) and hit record or motion record and you're done. If need be--unplug both camera's until you need them. If you want a front porch camera to run--just unplug the other one and you still have one running.

118 out of 223


Great Product

I bought this for my Boyfriend's Mother for Christmas. She absolutely loves it! The quality of the footage as well as the sound is amazing, easy set-up, I couldn't be happier. I will be buying this same product for my own home.

119 out of 223


Spend some dough, bag a crook

Well, after 2 instances of thievery at my local perish I decided to do something rather than sit on my hands and wait for it to happen again. I reviewed the options and figured I'd run with this product. Install is easy - drive a couple screws into the wall and plug in the cameras. Plug in the base unit, a couple clicks to set date, time and record mode and you're off. Three day later the dumb criminal came back in the dark with his bolt cutters and scumbag girlfriend. Say "CHEESE". They didn't even know it was there. Perfect images of the whole sequence put that loser behind bars.

Pros - good graphic detail. Night images were as good, in b/w. Quick setup and playback. Rest easy knowing you did something at a very reasonable price. Be proactive. At $300, why wouldn't you?

Cons - limited signal range 

120 out of 223


Business owner

This wireless system is really amazing, very easy set-up, good quality, picture is very clear for the wireless, I will buy one more camera to add for this system


121 out of 223


Location: Nevada

Overall, pretty satisfied

My biggest complaint is the fact that you can't record on all cameras at the same time. You are only able to record during the scroll session, which would make it very difficult to get much information at one time. It would be better if it automatically switched to the camera or cameras that had motion on them and recorded until the motion stopped. Other than that, it's a pretty good buy for the price. One can't expect too much technology with an inexpensive system I guess.

Yes, I recommend this product.

122 out of 223


Location: Richmond, VA USA

Good system for the money

Lorex LW2702 it is the best surveillance system on the market under $250. It’s easy to install, very easy to start it up. It is working right out the box. Add a 16GB memory card and you are set for few weeks.

123 out of 223


Cannot use outside

I ordered because it says indoors and outdoors but that is false, you can not use it outside, tried to cancel my order and was denied. Very unhappy long time Amazon customer.

The camera can be installed outdoors as long as it is installed under a shelter.

124 out of 223


Non-working Remote Control frustration

I got this product a week ago and eagerly started installing the four cameras. With a busy schedule it took hours each of 4 days to measure, drill holes, mount and install all cameras. This weekend I setup the Lorex system receiver and after reading instructions configured the cameras and replaced the 2 GB (3:47:17 hours) SD Card with a 16 GB SD card added to my order for $18 more. Initially, I thought the Remote Control was omitted when opening the boxes. As I unwrapped the packing, I found the smallest (aprox. 2"x 1") Remote Control device I have ever seen in my life. Worse, it was made of flemsy thin plastic materials. After two hours of operating, and just as I was about to schedule of video recording, the remote control stopped working.

After checking the 2025 disc battery inside, I tried the navigation buttons on the BACK of the receiver which are clumsy and very limited operationally. Scheduled recording and date/time setting appear to be the only functions the button can perform without the Remote Control. I even purchased 2 new 2025 disc batteries (sold only as a higher priced set), tried one, and Remote Control device still did not work. If I don't get a new Remote Control unit within a few days, I will be returning my order. I now know other reviewers' negative comments about Lorex products are true and I'm angry and frustrated because I feel like a fool out of over $500.

125 out of 223


good product

I was looking for a camera system for the front of my house with 2 cameras. After searching and doing research I finally picked this camera system. The cameras are perfect for what I need them for. The card that comes with it is a bit small so i put in an 8GB and it is fine. The screen is simple to use. The remote is small so I used velcro to put it on the back screen. The best part about the screen is that you can pretty much plug it in anywhere in the house. We have a 2 story house and our bedroom is in the back side of the house and it still picks up the signal. And our daughter can put it in her room when we are not at home. The only downside to the system is the cameras are not as clear as I would like but for what it is used for they are fine. I would recommend this product to other people.

126 out of 223


Location: Richmond Hil, ON

Great value for the money!

This is a great security camera for the money. Before I installed the product, I tested the night vision by using it as a baby monitor. It switched exceptionally well between day/night monitoring.

I eventually ended up installing it at my front door to use as a monitor to see who was coming. I setup the motion sensor which causes the receiver to beep when somebody arrives, automatically turn on the monitor/intercom and starts recording 30 seconds.

It took me longer to orient it to the exactly position that I wanted it, than to install it. As there were no wires except the AC adapter, installation was a breeze!

A security company quoted close to $1000 to install a similar product (hard-wired) with a non-movable monitor/receiver.

The only negatives are that the frame rates are low. So you can't expect full smooth video capture. I also wished the remote had a TALK button instead of having to look for it behind the monitor to talk. It also interferes slightly with my 2.4 gHz wireless N-router when I placed it beside it. Once I moved it more than 2 feet away, then it was okay.

127 out of 223


Location: Las Vegas, NV

 Works Awesome!

I bought this system because I needed a wireless system for where I planned to put the cameras. I looked at so many other systems but decided on this one. It not only does what it says, it's very easy to fast forward through the recorded video.

128 out of 223


Simple and Straight

I know nothing is perfect, but this system is almost perfect.  Two things missing on the design:

Battery Powered screen for Cameras

Wireless Range booster

But if you look at the price, they had to compromise, but would not mind, paying a little extra for those features. Overall

Great Product.

129 out of 223


Location: Kelso, WA, USA

You get what you pay for.

product O.K. can’t get clear picture except up close,(a few feet.)By the time the automatic recorder records, the picture is empty of its activity. The motion sensor sometimes works and other times Not.. It is O.K. for minor surveillance. Not for evidence or proof....From what I understand. this system is good for the price I paid.

Yes, I recommend this product.

130 out of 223


Lorex Live LW2702 Review

I ordered this product from Amazon after about 2 years of research & looking for the right cameras for my need. This unit was on sale for about half price & it was an excellent deal. This unit works great as far as range & ease of installation & use. The reception is also good along with the microphone & other features. As far as the clarity, it is good, but it's hard to make out who exactly someone is from about 20 feet away (using full 640 x 480). This unit is highly recommended for the average household & at close range. As stated the picture & color are good, but far away it's hard to make out someone. It's recommended to use a 16GB SDHC card with this unit as it will make recording much better.

131 out of 223


Location: Acme, Pa, US

Great Security for a fair price!

I installed these cameras for an elderly lady for security, one covering her back door and one for the front door. These particular cameras are two way intercoms too. They can be set to alert you when someone is in site thus you can push a button on the monitor and speak to that person directly which is very audible on both ends "and loud", the whole time the picture is focused on them you can hear everything they say. You can be set them to record automatically "motion detection recording". I think these have setting for recording between 5 and 30 seconds but from my experience they record as long as someone's in the site of the camera. The night vision is unbelievable! I was shocked at how clear the picture was, "and there was no light on"?

"I couldn't believe the things these cameras picked up and in the distance that they did too". The camera I installed on the back side of her house overlooked the basement door on a two story house I installed the camera under the overhang of the house making the distance some 25 ft. or so and the sound and video feed was very clear for both. You place the camera were you want them and the cable that hooks to the camera I think is like 60ft, you do have to drill a 3/8 hole to get the end of the cable plug to fit through for its power supply that I plugged into a receptacle I wired into the attic of my installation, you plug in the monitor click menu and pair the camera and that's it you're done with the exception of setting it to record or not and other preferences! It was all worth it for her peace of mind knowing who was at the door without having to open it to see ... she is extremely pleased with this product! This item definitely gets 5 stars from me and her both! 

132 out of 223


Simple system, but excellent if you are looking for small system!

This is not an alarming system it is a video monitoring device, with 2-way audio communication for intercom purposes between selected camera and monitor.

I found that it was an incredible system for $400. The IR (night vision) was outstanding at 30 feet plus.

Keep in mind! Though wireless it does require an outlet nearby to power each camera as well as the monitor. Wireless refers to the video signal, not power.

The monitor is shipped with a SD memory card, which we later purchased a larger capacity "off the shelf" replacement. One drawback I saw with this system is, though you can view all cameras (up to 4 I believe) it will only record to the SD memory card one camera at a time, therefore if you have it set up to record for a long period of time it must complete it's timed cycle before it will start recording again. I can't recall what the time setting you have to choose from, but it's something like 5sec, 15sec, 30sec, 1min, etc.

Example: Let us assume you have set up the system for a 1-Minute recording period. Camera "ONE" detects motion and recording begins from that camera. Now the subject is no longer in view of camera "One" but is in the view of camera "Two". The monitor is still recording from camera "One" until the timer expires. Once the timer expire either camera sensing motion begins a new trigger to record the next session of time. The worst case here if the subject is no longer in view of either camera no further recording will be done. I advise you to do your research before you buy. I started my research directly with the factory where I was able to download manuals ...LorexTechnologies.

Overall this was a very simple system to set up and it worked very well. I left the mounting of the cameras up to my friend.

Rarely can we deter the thieving bastards or the vandalise scum, but you can take their pictures and provide them to the police for paybacks!

133 out of 223


Good to go out the box!!!!

Pros: Had this set up within 20 minutes. Longest thing was installing the cameras in the wall.

Cons: The SD card stopped holding in the slot. I wrapped one layer of electrical tape around the SD card and it holds now.

134 out of 223


these work pretty well

Getting these cameras to work was very easy. Too bad they could not run off of some type of battery pack instead on 120v and a DC supply. I was able to connect the camera at the front door to the porch light and the back door to the deck light. I had to run some conduit and add a couple more 120v outlets to get side front yard and side of the house cameras. The programming is easy and the setup is easy too.

135 out of 223


Location: Jacksonville, FL

not HDTV

Ok, so it was really easy to set up once you figured out the methodology.

Not the clearest set of directions ever written.

Very nice hardware but don't expect to read a license plate at 30 yards.

The same device, installed by a security company would have cost me $2700 . . . NO FOOLING!

I'd say it was a deal!

136 out of 223


Lorex LIVE SD7: Only Half Alive

Purchased this system through Amazon in June of 2011. Installed a camera above our carport, looking down our straight-as-an-arrow driveway, prowling place of nighttime vandals. From a distance of 20ft and up to a few feet from the camera, on a cloudless sunny day, unobstructed by vegetation, the motion-activation/alert & recording feature worked only within the left half of the camera's field of vision, triggering an alert and recording whenever people, cats, a bird and one wind-blown oak leaf drifted by.

But motion-activation/alert and recording weren't triggered within the right half of the camera's field of vision. Tried repositioning and re-powering the camera, rebooting the system, checking the electrical circuit. The system still failed to trigger a motion alert or recording, even when my nephew and I performed a passable "Russian Sailors Dance" on the left side of my 13' wide driveway, about 15ft from the camera.

Undaunted, swapped out the first camera with the 2nd, as-yet-unused one: same side, same dance, same problem. Enough due diligence: Returned! Amazon immediately credited my account.

Am in the market for a lovable but selectively viscous hell-hound. Perhaps there's one on Amazon also with a 30-day return guarantee? (Looking now.)

137 out of 223


Security Camera

The product did not perform as I expected. You could not see images in detail and it would not start recording soon enough. When it stopped recording it stopped too soon. The monitor also looked larger in the photo online. Would maybe work well indoors, but I wanted it for outdoors. When tried camera out, could not identify who was walking by, just knew that a person was walking by. Just did not capture images well enough for me.

138 out of 223


Location: Magnolia, TX

Lorex LIVE SD7 Digital Security System

I purchased this system 2 weeks ago. No wonder it was awarded the 2010 Innovations International CES! If you are ok with wireless and have the outlets in place to power the cameras, then you can't do better than this system. I had to get one ACCANTD9 Wireless range extender for one camera since it was a little too far away from the receiver/monitor. It was the quickest and simplest to set-up than any other I've ever owned...up and running in under 15 minutes! Signal from all cameras is good and reliable. Motion detection works very well. Color video is good and detailed. Infrared night vision is great! 2GB SD card has plenty of recording space, but accommodates up to 16GB if needed. Playback, deleting and formatting quick and easy with the remote! The 7" monitor may be small for some users, but is just right for me because I placed it on top of my desktop tower, so it doesn't use up any desktop space. It also interfaces with my flat screen LCD TV and/or PC monitor if I want to view video on a larger screen.

Product works as advertised. I am totally pleased with this purchase. I have had two other systems which cost more and did not work nearly this well. I sent one of those systems back and trashed the other one. I plan on getting the Lorex LIVE SD7 as gifts for my grown children.

139 out of 223


Location: Boston MA

Pretty Darn Good

I was looking for a good system that was easy to install, water-proof, had night vision, remote viewing, motion triggered recording, audio pick-up, performed well and wasn't too expensive. I tried network cameras like the Panasonic BL-C210A which were total and complete frustrations, and I did a lot of reading on all-in-one systems like the Logitech home security system. All of them have the same flaw - they come with terrible software so they are almost impossible to set up (router and network configuration issues) and even if you succeed, you end up with a really buggy system that is unreliable and goes dark on you all the time. So, I was just about to give up or at least scale back my requirements when I decided to try the Lorex as a last ditch effort. I didn't know how I was going to make it remotely viewable, but at least it would allow me to see what was going on in the front of the house when I was upstairs in the office, and at least it would record in the event of a break-in. So I tried it out and I was really impressed with the ease of set up. I worked instantly and well. (See caveats below). But I still had to figure out the remote viewing issue. After some research, I stumbled upon someone who had tried it with a slingbox. Their review said they didn't like the Lorex (long distance reception issues), but they didn't have any issues with the slingbox, so I sent away for a cheap one and behold, it turned out I found an alternative solution that is working quite well: I jacked the Lorex AV output feed into a Slingmedia Slingbox Solo which transmits it over the internet to any web browser or to the slingplayer app on any android, iOS device. Works exceptionally well for me, with no monthly monitoring fees or anything. When I am working from home and the dogs go nuts, I can see the front of the house on my computer screen and I can see the house from my mobile or laptop when I am away. So for me it`s a nearly perfect solution. But...

Your mileage may vary. Here's some potential downsides: some people complain about reception issues with the Lorex over long distances, but if you keep in mind that the screen is blanked out when it is in AV out mode, and you want it next to the Slingbox and your internet router, then there is no reason you cannot put the receiver unit somewhere central where it gets good reception, as I did. Secondly, out of the box, you cannot remote control the system when set up this way, but it does record automatically upon detecting motion and put an icon on the screen telling you there is a recording waiting for you to play back later. The slingbox does have a remote IR repeater/virtual onscreen remote and the Lorex remote appears to use IR, so it should be possible to set up remote control over the internet, but it would require "teaching" the commands to the slingbox using their custom remote set-up utility (remotes(dot)slingbox(dot)com) and I haven't gotten around to that. Note, this might be a good idea since the remote that comes with the Lorex is a little flimsy. Additionally, the color rendition on the cameras is not great because the sensors are designed to be able to pick up the infrared night-vision illumination as well. In daylight, the color is fine and good enough, but it is hardly deeply saturated or accurate. Also, keep in mind that while the image data transmission is wireless, you do need to find a way to feed household electricity to the cameras - minor issue, but does require a little advance planning or some extension cords). And the last quibble I would raise is that the camera stands are a little flimsy - they don't thread into the bottom of the camera well and if you muscle the adjustable joints to re-orient them without loosening first, you will strip them. They are metal and each of the parts is pretty strong, but they just aren't recession casting. So be gentle and careful. Otherwise, this is a great solution. I have three cameras up and running and I am going to get a fourth and leave the system permanently in "quad" mode where you can see all four cameras at once. I can view anytime from any computer, any iPod touch, any iPhone or any iPad (don't own any Android gear, but I think the slingplayer app works well on android too.) Good stuff. Perfect? No. But far better and easier and more cost-effective than anything else I could find!

140 out of 223


6 months now ....

Had this for over six months now and it is still functioning like it should. We liked this so much that I bought another set soon after the first and then later bought an additional 4 cameras. Loved that fact they are wireless and you can pretty much mount them anywhere as long as you have a power outlet nearby. Most of our cameras are mounted under the eaves and therefore have no problem with the weather. Range is pretty good and the night vision is also nice.

The only thing missing with this set is the lack of the internet monitoring or 3G network, but other than that it does a great job for what it is. EASY installation too!

141 out of 223


Easy Setup and Works Good

Easy to setup, literally just plug it in and it works. We still haven't mounted the camera so they are just sitting but that actually has worked out as I can just move the camera to the area in the house I would like to watch. It works great with no hassles.

142 out of 223


Location: Riverside, CA. USA


I purchased this in January 2011 for my mare motel/foaling barn. We had it up and running in about an hour. Monitor is pretty good. We did have a little problem with static due to cameras having to send signal through partial metal roof/poles, a hard shingled roof on a detached 24X24 Palapa/patio and a sliding door, but we managed to get antenna on monitor and cameras moved around until it worked. Keep in mind most of us have other wireless things in our homes, like wireless laptop, hand held phones, etc., and they can interfere with your system. The mare motel cameras are about 80' from the monitor in the house. We have lighting in the mare motel and when we turned it off at night we didn't have to change the cameras to infrared, it still just worked great. We were quite happy with the unit until one of our 17.3 hh horse was able to chew on the camera wires, but I believe it can be fixed before next foaling season and we will protect it more next time. By the way these are race horses, so I had to get a reasonably good system.

143 out of 223


Beware of Outdoor Use!

Ok, it is easy to install, basically "plug 'n play." If you are looking to buy a security system of indoor use, then this might be your system, but it has some limitations. If you are looking it use it outdoors, look elsewhere. Understand that there generally two limitation of use of this system outdoors: electricity and distance. In the house, on one or two floors, there is generally no problem with reception. Outdoors, it is a much different story and especially at night. I purchased this system because I work from home and have an office in the basement. I wanted to mount a remote camera so that I could see my front door for deliveries and visitors. I found the perfect spot, the only spot from where the door was visible. I managed to get the electrical situation under control and all set, right? No! The camera is about 20 feet from the receiver (which I might add is nice for a 7-inch screen), but the receiver is about 5 feet below grade; yes, it is a basement. Even at that distance, I could not get a signal strong enough to show up on the receiver; no image at night time either. I switched cameras, but no luck. I contacted Lorex and they sent me a replacement camera, which was good; however, the technician said that maybe there was some electromagnetic interference where the camera was mounted. Regardless, I mounted the new camera and no luck. Brought both cameras in the house and no problem. Obviously, range is problem. I contacted Lorex again and the only suggestion they had was to buy a range-extender antennae from them for $99. I asked them to exchange the system for a wired system and I would pay the difference, but no deal. I asked them to replace the entire system twice and it has been 2 months without a response.

Ok, the partial fix. If you have this system, you can buy an SMA coax cable pretty cheap; I got mine on eBay for about $8 plus shipping. Do not get an RP (reverse polarity) SMA cable because you will need hard-to-find adapters. I attached one end to the camera and extended the cable along my garage and attached the antennae that came with the camera to the cable, essentially bringing the camera closer to the receiver. I mounted the second camera in the same spot looking in a different direction and used another SMA cable to again extend the range of the camera. I still have problems at night with both cameras cutting in an out. I can only deduce that the UV lights affect the power transmission; the cable helps, but not 100%. I could get another cable and extend the antennae closer, but I would essentially have a wired system, which I should have gotten in the first place.

Oh, one last thing. The remote is very cheesy and I am not expecting a long life for it. Probably cost Lorex about $2 to make and it's evident.

144 out of 223



Use common sense and proper planning when setting up your cameras and this surveillance system works as designed. Great night vision, audio and camera distance from monitor. Good on activation timing on moving objects during motion recording. Recommend.

145 out of 223


Excellent Setup!

I used this set on some machinery in a manufacturing plant. I haven't really tested the range or the recording aspects, but the signal is great at about 30ft with lots of wires and power cables in between. I am very impressed and the 7" screen is fairly easy to see objects on.

146 out of 223


Location: Sarasota, Florida United States

Lorex 2702 Security Cameras

Cameras were easy to install and work like a charm...the wireless monitor has great reception even with wireless internet routers and a metal roof on the house.

147 out of 223


Location: USA

Amazing Value

I was sceptical about this package when I first saw it. After all, how could a quality setup only cost $300.00? So I read the reviews...all of the reviews, and then a made the leap. Wow. I couldn't be happier. In fact, the reviews don't even do this package justice. I would have been happy if this system simply did what It was expected it to do, but it does so much more. And, it does everything well! Here's a brief list...

* Day or night wireless monitoring with built-in infrared LEDs.

* Two-way communication between camera and base monitor. (camera mic is extremely sensitive)(I mounted the cameras in the woods, and the base makes a relaxing sound machine with the birds and cricket sounds)

* Monitor your property with an included monitor.

* Monitor your property on separate TV or monitor with included AV cables.

* Record footage independently on included monitor with included 2G SD card (upgradable to 16G).

* Record footage on VCR or DVR.

* Record constant footage.

* Record footage only when motion sensor is activated.

* Audible alarm when motion sensor is activated.

* Base station can be disguised as digital picture frame with five preloaded scenic pictures and automatically switches to camera when motion is detected.

* All functions can be controlled with included remote control.

* Base station comes with several mounting options.

I'm probably leaving something out, because the people at Lorex seem to have included every possible option in this system, but I hope not. Needless to say, I couldn't be happier.

BTW, I have one of my cameras mounted approximately 80 feet from the house and still get great reception.

Just buy it! You will be pleased.

148 out of 223


Great for what I need both sound and picture

I bought two sets of this system… One for the back and the other one for the front of my property to video objects 100 feet away and sound. My cameras are recording 24/7, so the display does not go to a screensaver which is the only bad thing I have experienced. This system was the easiest and least expensive way to cover my property which has worked out well.

149 out of 223



My friends guessed I paid thousands, what an amazing bargain. It is literally plug and play, simple to set up, easy to live with. Quality through and through!

Don't hesitate to purchase, you will be pleased.

150 out of 223


total cover

I really like the Lorex Digital Security System. The picture comes in clear day or night. I have never owned one before, but I really like this one. I needed 4 cameras so I ordered the 2704B. They were easy to put up and is easy to operate, but I still need to fine tune them, but not having trouble doing so.

151 out of 223


very good camera

We bought this camera after someone keyed our new car while parked outside the house, it has clear image although it needed 16GB memory card to capture more videos, it serves us so well, we set it up on motion therefore the card have more space. I would give it 4 stars

152 out of 223



The cameras were easy to install, and system was easy to setup. A few of the menu items took a bit to understand. Overall video quality wasn't the greatest. Being pretty fussy with image quality, I felt that way, but the friend that I bought it for was pleased with it.

153 out of 223


Lorex SD7

I have used wireless cameras in the past, but it has been several years. The Lorex installed very easily and quickly and I have been using it for over 30 days with no problems. I use it to watch the barn and a pregnant mare at Indiana Horse Rescue along with the property. I highly recommend this item! The night vision is wonderful. The sound could be better, but I didn't buy it for the sound - so it is not a problem. 4 STARS for Lorex!!

154 out of 223



Love It

I didn’t expect much for the price but I was having issues with a man down, the street the camera could pick him up at night and kept in the night vision to see his pacing at night, they are wonder and have even survived holding up thru a tornado. I love them.

155 out of 223


Wireless Camera

Good investment for the price. It was easy to install, although I had to use different set of screws because the ones that come in the box were too short...

156 out of 223


Location: Pennsylvania


I was surprised how well the system works. Night vision is better than daytime. for a low to medium priced system , the user’s ability to record ,view and keep an eye on ones property while sleeping is impressive. Line of sight for wireless signal is great if your house isn’t covered in all siding.

157 out of 223


Good for the money

I bought this kit from amazon. It came fast at a good price. The kit is pretty slick. If you have an outlet by the camera location, it's very simple to "install" if not.... you’re going to need to get power there.

Picture quality is on par with cost of the kit. Kind of grainy and out in my driveway, I could not give a very good description. Matter of fact, sometimes I have a hard time telling kids apart. I run this all winter down to -15 and it gets a little more grainy and slow but worked good all winter.

The range is kind of a bummer but can be fixed with range extender antenna. I have one camera in my house that is always a very good picture and never loses “connection”. I also have a camera out on the front of my garage. The receiver is in the lower level and the camera would be up 1 level and then 35' away. It’s constantly losing “connection" and screen goes blank for a few seconds.


All in all, I’m very happy that I bought this kit! The two-ways audio works awesome and has come handy many times. I have the largest memory card and I can record 2-3 days of constant recording, awesome. I play back on my computer to watch/delete clips, sometime it’s time consuming. (The vids are saved in ten minute clips) and it only records one camera at a time.

I think it's a good system for the money and I’m able to keep an eye on things!

158 out of 223


Very Pleased

I really like the camera and the idea that I don’t have to hook it up to my computer to watch it is even better. The monitor works great and for the value it couldn’t be beat.

159 out of 223


Awesome Surveillance System!!!

Look, if you want to pay two grand for a video surveillance system, this isn't for you. Since you're reading this review, you, like me, want an Affordable and Reliable System. I bought this at Fry's for 249.00. By the way, they matched Amazon, although I should have bought this on Amazon and saved the 18.00 sales tax and got the free shipping. This really is a plug-and-play system. Cameras have about a 65 degree angle. That's wide enough for me, but a fish eye lens would be perfect. Good video and the 2-way intercom are awesome. Night vision is superb. No interference with my Wi-Fi. The down side is that this is not an IP system so you can't view what's happening at home from your smartphone. However, it has some really good features like a built-in DVR in the monitor. All you need is a SDHC card (which is supplied) and you can record anything that triggers the motion detector. Some people complain that you need to be close to the cam before the motion detector is activated. Mine goes off at around 20 feet. You don't need more than that. You do need to plug the cam into an outlet. I drilled a hole and tapped some power and up I went. No interference issues either. The wireless range is great and I have a 35-hundred square foot home. Like I said, if you're expecting a top-of-the-line system, then go buy one. Me? I'm very happy with my purchase!

160 out of 223


Know what you need security system for!

I was very new to security systems when I bought this. This is a good system if you are looking for something that does not need a lot of detailed video at greater than 20 ft. If you are looking for being able to get license plates outdoors in your driveway, for example, you might want to look for another product. If you are looking to use this indoors, in smallish rooms (e.g., convenience stores, offices), this system is fast and easy to set up. Probably also great as a deterrent.

It is an all in one system, so when I tried to hook up a hard drive to use for memory instead of the memory card, that wouldn't work. So you need to change out the memory card regularly. I tried to use the cameras with another DVR system, but these are wireless cameras and you need to make sure you get the right DVR system to pick up that wireless signal. It's an all in one system, not designed to expand to more than what it is built for.

161 out of 223


Good puchase for the cost of the system

The Lorex surveillance system is the best priced system out there. I have been in the security/facilities field for over 20 years and find that the system has performed great to date (we purchased the system in January 2011). It runs 24/7 and covers four points on our house of about a 2000 sq. ft. home. It operates in the pitch dark with IR so lighting is not an issue. Placement of the main unit is key to the coverage area for the wireless system to work well and remember to keep the system under an eaves or cover; it is well made but not a full weather system. Just because it is marketed as a wireless surveillance system, you will still need to provide a 110 outlet for each camera and main unit. But with an extension cord or two it works just fine (easy install for you do it yourselfers).

I only rated the system a 4 because the system is marketed as a quad wireless surveillance system and only comes with two cameras (we bought two extra cameras to expand the system as well upgraded the memory card). Overall performance is two thumbs up.

162 out of 223


Location: Warsaw, IN United States

Good System, Depends on Your Needs

I purchased the Lorex System last June. Installation was simple; however, the camera's range can be tricky. I've found 75-80 feet max with my unit. Somewhere it is mentioned that the cameras function in temperatures down to 14 degrees. Mine have functioned well all winter with temperatures consistently below that. I have four cameras installed and all have survived numerous thunderstorms, two tornados, (and now) blizzards and are still performing well. I mounted ours under the eaves (guttering) and that helps with protection of the cameras.

My experience -


* Excellent night vision

* Very Stable

* Easy setup

* All features have functioned well so far

* Good for general security (especially night)


* Limited camera range can be a problem

* Colors are washed out, cameras are sensitive to high contrast area i.e. bright sunlight/shade areas

* Features of people are fuzzy, but at least you know someone is there!


If you are looking for a crystal clear image and other high end features, you'll have to pay a lot more for a better system. If you're like me, and you just want added security (especially at night), this is a great way to have it.

163 out of 223


Great system for the price

I bought this system to replace an older one. I am very impressed with this system. Excellent night vision and with a 16 GHz memory SDHC card, can record for quite a while. It’s very simple to download the recorded videos to a PC. The only drawback is the cameras cannot be used in direct weather conditions, but a little improvising can remedy that. Overall, a great buy for your money and according to Lorex service can be expanded to 6 cameras but they do not recommend that.

164 out of 223


Location: FLA USA

Wireless Cameras

I first bought 2 units. One worked fine but the audio is distorted on the other one at the front door where its most needed. Other wise they worked great. Then I bought 2 more and one has a very poor signal/range so I moved in closer to within 75 feet of the monitor. The signal still blinks in and out but is good enough. The motion sensors work good as well as the infared lightning. I was hoping to set all 4 camers on one monitor in the bedroom and put the other monitor in my office but you cannot sync the cameras to more than monitor which I think is a stupid design flaw. One great thing is you can put the monitors in sleep mode so the screens are dark unless someone walks in front of them the they light up and have a audible but adjustable alarm so I sleep better knowing they are monitoring the exterior of the house.

165 out of 223


Very good quality

Everything went well as far as hooking up the units. Very good picture quality and easy functions. But the range from the cameras to the monitor is decreased quite a bit by the number of walls it has to go through.

166 out of 223



This item is working OK. The remote was not. I was told that the company will replace-- so far still waiting.

167 out of 223


Worked great but . . .

Item worked great out of the box; however, it was really hard to get it to actually record. We set ours up, then had our store broken into and because we didn't pres the right button on the recording device it was never recording. I called to try to fix the device and after putting me on hold for 45 minutes I finally gave up. The good news is the picture quality is really good and I like the wireless ability.

168 out of 223


Location: South Dakota

Good valu for the money

I had this camera for about two months in use. So far I like it. For those trying to decide is this camera for me, the first thing is you will need an electrical outlet nearby for each camera or you will need to drill through the wall to get to an outlet. Keep in mind it says wireless camera system and the only thing that is wireless is the camera signal transmission.

This is a decent system for areas where it would be hard to run wires from the camera to the monitor. I hooked up two cameras in my shop which is about 150 feet from the monitor. The reception was low so I got two adapters from eBay: davefant and the adapters are "SMA Male to RP SMA Female Adapter". Without these adapters Wi-Fi antennas will not work. Then I put on a Wi-Fi antenna that measured a little over 6 inches in length. That gave me a little better reception than the little antenna that comes with the camera. Then I made a Windsurfer Wi-Fi Booster from tin foil shown here: [...] to put on top of the Wi-Fi antenna on the camera that is in my shop. I don't think the foil reflector would hold up to outdoor elements though. Now I got full green reception bars. You need to point this foil reflector towards your monitor antenna. The signal is more directed at the monitor now. If you still don't get good reception put a foil reflector on top of the LCD monitor antenna too and point towards the camera. If you have other cameras in different directions the foil reflector will only work better to where you point the foil reflector. Get the pattern here: [...] Print this out and trace this on heavier paper. You can make the foil reflector bigger if you like. Please note this foil reflector works wonders with internet Wi-Fi for better reception.

Now for the monitor viewable size is 6 inches wide and 3 1/2 inches in height. Take a piece of paper and trace that out and you'll see the size. When you view in "quad" mode it sizes into 4 rectangles measuring 3 inches wide and 1 3/4 in height. Again trace this out on paper and see the size. Now you got the idea how big the monitor viewing picture is. Otherwise the whole monitor with frame measures 8 inches wide and 6 inches in height. Also on quad mode when you only use two cameras there will be two black out spaces on the monitor.

You can only record one camera at a time that’s detecting the motion. You can record 5, 15 or 30 seconds recordings. Example: Someone walked past your camera and now its recording for the seconds you choose. After the seconds are up and no motion it stops recording. It records on a secure digital card. I upgraded to a 16 gig card because I want lots of recording room.

One feature I like is that the monitor gives a chirping sound when motion is detected. You can adjust the volume by the remote or turn the volume off if this chirping sound bugs you. Example: You are sitting in the living room and your monitor is in the kitchen, your monitor will chirp to let you know that motion is being detected. When you hear that sound at least you'll know there is motion going on. This motion detection sound works with or without 'all the time recording' or 'motion recording' modes on or off. You cannot turn off the motion detection per camera; you will need to cover the motion sensor part with something such as black tape if you wish to turn the motion detection off per camera.

These cameras are made to be in a sheltered area. One of my cameras is exposed to below zero temps under my outside porch and still works fine. For identifying faces or license plates the object has to be within a few feet of the camera or you will never get a "positive" ID. Otherwise objects will be a little blurry farther away.

169 out of 223


Decent for the price and ease of use

For the money and convenience, this is a decent product. Installation and set up were extremely easy. The picture quality is only average, especially at night. I have one camera pointing toward my cars parked in my driveway and if I needed to see someones face at night, I don't think I could make out any details. Also, the wireless connection between the camera and the screen interferes with my wireless G network connection (no problems with wireless N). Finally, the camera mounts are only average quality. It is very difficult to tighten the ball joint so that the camera does not move.

170 out of 223



Great camera system for the money

I purchased the Lorex LW2702 system as a gift for my wife to monitor the horses in the barn. The system is easy to hook up and provides good picture quality in all lighting conditions. We were the most surprised by the night vision quality. Really clear picture even in totally dark barn at night. We haven't really used the recording feature since we use the system mainly as a monitor, but the instructions are pretty clear and the different recording modes are easy to set up from the menu. The intercom feature is cool but we don't use it much since the horses don't like it much. The only thing I think could be better is the range reception. Our barn is about 175 ft. away from the house and the closer camera gets great signal strength but the further camera gets lower signal and sometimes displays a "no signal" message. Moving the camera a bit helped slightly but amount of movement was limited because we wanted to maximize camera view. I just ordered a 2.4 GHz extension antenna and cable ($17) from Amazon to see if that will improve the signal on that camera. Overall this is a fun system to play around with and includes everything needed including the monitor!

171 out of 223


Quality item for the price

I am pleased with this purchase and added two cameras to the system for the max 4 camera system. For the price ($249 on Amazon for 2 cams and monitor) it is well worth it. Those who are looking for HDTV quality picture should keep looking, but it will COST you. For what I use it for it is perfect. I set it to record motion at night and when we are away from home.

***update**** I now leave the cameras set to record motion 24/7. With a 16GB card I have more than enough memory to capture a month's worth of normal activity.

Don't judge the picture by what you see on the little 7 inch monitor. Just use the monitor for alerts or reviewing. If you capture something worth looking at twice you can insert the card on your computer to see it on your Computer screen or just connect the cable (provided) from the 7" monitor to your big screen TV and you will see very good detail. At least as good as any surveillance video I've seen on the six o'clock news. I really like the two way audio as a safety feature for my wife and kids to "answer the doorbell" when I am not at home and a stranger rings. I'll try to add sample video clip of a night shot I captured of me testing the sensor on my motion sensor activated porch lights. It will give you a laugh as well as an idea of its night vision.

172 out of 223


Lorex LW2702 review, December 14, 2010

This system works well as long as you are able to mount the cameras near an AC outlet. The picture quality is pretty good for a surveillance system however I have experienced problems with the picture when the sun is shining on the cameras at certain angles. The picture seems to wash out and lose its color. I wish the cameras came with hardware that would allow them to be mounted under the eaves of a roof. I had to make my own mounting hardware in order to do this. The screen menus seem very easy to use although there are some functions that are only available on the remote and cannot be performed using the buttons on the screen. The price of additional cameras is too high. You will probably get a better deal if you just buy the system that comes with two cameras & an LCD screen and keep the screen for a spare. The cameras transmit clear pictures as long as you are not trying to transmit through too many walls. I tried to transmit from the camera on my front door to my shop (about 150 ft.) behind my house but the signal was too weak. An additional camera antenna may solve this problem. Even with the minor problems that I have experienced, I still think it's a pretty good deal for the price.

173 out of 223


Really nice security system for the price

We have only had the system for about 2 months but for the price, it is really nice. It was very easy to install. I used extension cords in the attic and ran them to one box. The set-up is easy. I will be buying two more cameras soon to add to the package. Overall, I give it two thumbs up.

174 out of 223


Excellent Product

Excellent product! Easy installation, easy to use, and great pictures, recording for the money.

I would recommend this product for the average home user.

175 out of 223


Nice starter system with flaws

Got this system a few months back and there's many things to like but a few hiccups which reduce the ratings. I have one camera mounted outdoors under the eves of the house to check out the front door and a second one is occupied as kitty cam in the garage (already helped me to chase down the neighbors dog eating our cats food!).


It's a small stand alone system which does a lot:

- reasonably sturdy construction

- simple installation with helpful manual

- about 8 feet of camera power cable (the "wireless" refers to transmitting the picture and sound but not the power, folks!) with an inline connector to go thru drill holes

- motion detection by the cameras

- sound both ways (from camera to base station and back)

- automatic infra red night illumination

- recording (motion triggered or around the clock) with replay on the base station

- power consumption seems reasonably low (according to my KillAWatt) with 1...3W for the cameras (max with IR LEDs on in the dark) and 5...10W for the base station (max with screen on)

- included 2GB memory card works well for my purposes (saves 20...30 days of motion triggered events)


- it's a 2.4GHz system and although it shouldn't it interferes with my 2.4GHz home phone. I hear a crackling sound when being on calls and need to switch off the Lorex base station to avoid an occasional dropped call.

- the user interface could profit from a number of improvements. One example is the ordering of motion triggered recordings. Instead of the most recent on top of the list of recordings it's on the bottom. Trust me, there can be many 15 second snippets throughout a day of motion triggered kitty cam events. It's a long list to scroll or page down! Also things appear to get out of order once the camera starts deleting older events when the included 2GB memory card gets full. It's no fun to hunt down the current day's recording in a list of 20 or 30 other dates.

- may be I'm too sensitive here but the cameras delivering a 4:3 picture and the display having 16:9 dimensions is just a poor combination and makes the whole thing appear cheap. Everything looks vertically compressed! Little fat people. Long slim cats...

- not all functions are available via buttons on the base station so the little remote control is absolutely needed for operation. Don't break it! Don't loose it!

- the IR LEDs glow red in the dark. Consequently these Lorex cams are actually really hard to overlook in the darkness.

To be considered:

- the cameras can't get wet and shouldn't be in the rain. Neither should they be in direct outdoor sun. Although reasonably sturdy they are not pure bred outdoor cams for all weather conditions.

- if using the cameras indoors, looking outside, keep in mind that this will deliver a good picture during the day but only the reflection of the infra red LEDs in the window at night, meaning no real picture (not sure if it's the IR coating of our windows or simply like this for all glass but it's not a fault of the cameras, I'd say). For the same setup (cams looking outside) also don't expect to have the motion detector working thru the window glass.

In short this is a little fun system but it has its shortcomings.

176 out of 223


Great Item

Great Item, Great clear voice with no any interference, but the motion detection range is not enough, but overall is good product until now

177 out of 223


nice but it doesnt worth

The camera is great, everything work good can’t complain about it but when it come to the wireless its very poor 'cause i tried to use one camera upstairs and another downstairs but the one downstairs loses the signal. That’s work only on the same level but it have to be inside not outside.

178 out of 223


Great Product

I have this unit in one of my storage units, figuring that it would be a low to descent quality but I liked the price of the unit as well as the ability to watch the screen for intruders while I was actually at the location, now, I won't tell you that this product is as good as the 15,000.00 system I have in my home, but I will tell you that for the money, you can't find a better product, the "night vision" works really well up to about 25 feet, the intercom system on the product comes in handy when someone you don't know approaches your door, and the picture quality during the day is awesome, I would recommend this item to anyone who asks. Two thumbs up!!!

179 out of 223


Great value for money

We got this to use at our work to watch to see if material from our parts dept. was going on a walk about... it work great and easy to install. It’s a great value for money as we were looking at others that cost $2-3,000 so at $299 this was a fantastic buy.

180 out of 223


Location: California

It's worth the price

Pros: Very easy to use and configure. Also, my dad and I had a good surprise regarding the signal strength. We installed 4 cameras and the signal was very good even through the walls. The farther camera was installed in a distance more than 10 meters (through walls). Being a new wireless technology for surveillance systems this worth the price ($299) - for sure.

Conc: Did not test all features yet so I'll give my first impression... Instead of buying 2 more extra cameras, I bought another whole kit so we installed 4 cameras into 1 receiver (As single extra cameras are still expensive). However, as we have 2 receivers I tried to share the 4 cameras signal between both receivers (e.g. to use one upstairs and the other downstairs). But it is not possible. You can only pair the cameras to a unique receiver only. This is written in the manual... saying for security reasons on having anyone else sharing and grabbing your cameras signal...

181 out of 223


Location: San Diego

Best system for the money - not perfect, but very good


easy setup, night vision, motion triggering, etc.


Need to buy a bigger memory chip (minimum 8 gigs), however, my digital camera and cellphone are the same way, that's just a fact of life these days from any company. Not a complaint, just an FYI.


For the money, the 2702 system (only $300 at Costco) is a great bargain. It’s not perfect, but you definitely get what you pay for 2 cameras and a monitor is not a bad deal.

182 out of 223


Location: HOUSTON, TX, US

Needs better IR and motion sensor range settings

Needs better IR and motion sensor range settings. It is not weather proof (light rain, fog) at night IR for cameras are sensitive and picture is distorted. Motion sensor range is short distance and trigger to the VCR it is too slow for recording movement. Better for indoor than outdoor system.

183 out of 223


Location: Rochester, NY United States

Overall a good value

I just finished a temporary installation of this unit. It does set up quickly; the cameras were recognized by the monitor with no problem. I do however have a couple of issues with the system. You cannot mount the camera to a ceiling as the image is inverted and there is no way to flip it. I wanted to install one on the ceiling of my porch, but it looks like I have to put it on a wall and the view is now blocked partially by the wall. The other issue is that they make the installation sound easier than it is. I cannot believe that no one mentions the need for an electrical outlet near the camera. The installation would be a breeze if you happen to have electrical outlets outside near where you want the camera, but I doubt that most people do. For me, I have to install two new outlets to plug the cameras into. As I do not want someone to be able to simply unplug the camera, I am going to drill a hole into the garage wall to run the wire inside the garage and put the outlet inside my garage. This is not a knock on the product, as there is no getting around it, but they make is sound so simple, when they say just plug the camera in and that is misleading. Overall I would recommend this unit as it is great for the price.

184 out of 223


Best for the Buck

Excellent system that is easy to get it operational. Just plug and play. Easy to hide the recorder within the operating radius. Only drawback is that it should come with 4 cameras.

185 out of 223


Location: Lakeside, CA

Great product

I am really pleased with how easy it was to install and use.

The camera is not really clear from a long range (over 150 feet) unfortunately. It has an annoying alarm that goes off between switching screens, but you can turn that off. It really has a lot of nice features. I’m happy with it so far.

186 out of 223


Good value for the money

I have had the camera system operating for just over a month and, so far, all the components have been working well. The entire system was plug-and-play ready right out of the box. The installation was fairly easy and straight forward.

I would highly recommend the following steps before permanently mounting the cameras in the desired locations:

Place the cameras and monitor in the desired locations. Turn on the system and ensure the signal from the cameras reach the monitor to your satisfaction. To save a lot of time adjusting the cameras when mounting permanently, take the monitor to the camera locations so you can view the picture on the monitor as you make adjustments to the cameras.

The not so great aspects of the system: There is a lag time in the motion sensor and delay in the recording when cameras are set for motion recording. The colors displayed on the monitor and in the recordings are off considerably. For instance, a solid black shirt is seen by the cameras as a medium brown color during the day, however, the night vision in total darkness is fantastic! The most annoying part of the system is the playback feature. You have to click on every single recorded event to see them all instead of seeing them play continuously. By inserting the SD card in the computer, I was able to play them continuously by viewing the SD card through the Windows Media Player.

I mounted the cameras under the roof eves and have them aimed in such a way that only close movement can trigger them. So far there haven’t been no false alarms from falling leaves or blowing winds.

If you need a monitoring system to alert you someone is at your door and to record activity close to the cameras without false alarms, this simple system is for you.

I'm hoping to get at least three years out of the system before it stops working. Time will tell.

187 out of 223


I like it

For my personal use, it is wonderfull!!.

Good shipping speed...

188 out of 223


Lorex lw 2702

I Love This Product, I Have Owned Other Brands And They Sucked. No Where As Good As This, Great Job Lorex.

189 out of 223













190 out of 223


Lorex Wireless Surveillance System

Just having purchased the Lorex Quad Digital Wireless Surveillance System all the reviews and write-ups almost made it sound to good to be true. But I have been very pleasantly surprised how well it performs. It is a complete, ready to use, out of the box system. Very easy to install, very easy to understand and follow instructions. This little kit performs like one that would cost much, much more. The cameras give a good picture, sound is so-so. The display screen is large and that helps if you split the screen to view more than one camera. I installed 3 cameras on mine and everything is working great. The display will also show a decoy photo making it look like an electronic picture album, but will show you the real camera view automatically if the camera sees anything. The only negative thing is you must have a power source close to where you mount the cameras. It has great night vision and an audible alarm when camera is triggered. This system gives you great value for your money. I would HIGHLY recommend this system to anyone who is looking for home or small business surveillance system.

191 out of 223


Looking to monitor kids room

We were looking to replace the twin’s baby video monitor that stopped working after about 2 years. We found that this set was cheaper and had more options than the standard baby video monitors on the market. The picture quality is great; the sound fades in and out, yet can clearly hear when it is most important. However, one of the boys is PETRIFIED of the IR glow. The camera lens area glows red at night due to IR. We have since had to remove it from the twin’s room because little one REFUSED to sleep and if he did fall asleep he would wake in terror screaming. He is not a sensitive child what so ever!! For me, looking at the camera at night looks a little creepy (LOL). Now we have this set up monitoring our front and rear doors. Great picture!!! Love that we can add on 2 more cameras (may add another camera in the kid’s room when they get a little older and not afraid of the camera). I read reviews on the screen bring too small to see in the Quad mode and I have found that its do able for the purpose intended. If you want to see it bigger set it on the auto rotate!

192 out of 223


Everything works the second time around

Installation was easy and everything works except the intercom features. When the TALK button at the monitor was pressed, the audio from monitor to camera was loud and clear; however, there was no audio response from camera when the TALK button was released. This was true for both cam 1 and cam 2. The call to Lorex technical support was no help so I returned the unit to Amazon for a replacement. The reason that I requested for a replacement instead of a refund is that I like the system and the chance of a second system having the same intercom malfunction is probably quite small. Secondly, I invested a lot of time to install the system so that a person could not easily unplug the power cord of the camera. Here is how I did it. I have an outside 110v outlet that I connect the cam power cord to. I went to Home Depot to get 10 feet long metal wire channel, and a few 1/2 inch size brackets. I cut the channel to the length I need to conceal the cam power cord. The other things I did was to add an elbow that allowed the cam power cord to turn 90 degrees and a L-shape metal bracket with couple screws to conceal the cam power cord plug. When painted to match my sidings, it is not noticeable at all except the camera mounted about 8 feet above.

Follow up Comment 8/14/10

Received replacement system 8/12/10. This time the intercom system works. I rate the system 4 stars this time around instead of the original 2 stars. For $299, I agree that the pros certainly outweigh the cons.

193 out of 223


Very good!

I bought the set with 2 cameras plus one extra camera.

Very good price with good performance.

I put one in front of the entrance, one facing backyard and one facing garage.

Quality at night is pretty good.

But you have to think where to plug into your electric outlet.

194 out of 223


Good choice for easy install surveillence system

I received my Lorex from Amazon very quickly and after take out the box I finished

the installation in a few minutes. The installation is very simple, only you will need is an electrical point (100-240VAC) for power supply to cameras and LCD display. The record motion feature work fine and save memory space in SDHC card. The video quality is good enough for the purpose of the system. I'm using the 2-way Intercom and its working fine, the sound is clear not too loud but enough. The range of the signal 2.4GHz is good; it can pass through my brick walls of my house with no loss for about 60-75 foot. The night vision of cameras is good; the cameras have a LDR sensor to light infra-red LEDs only in the night. It's a very good system and I'm very happy, my house is safer now.

195 out of 223


Lorex LW2702

I have had the LW2702 for a month now and very pleased with its performance. I live in a duplex and the cameras are just outside my front and back doors approximately 60 to 80 feet from the receiver. The video and audio reception is very good. Although I didn't need the audio portion I can hear my neighbor’s conversations when they are on the back porch. The motion detection portion of the system works as expected. I've had a few false triggers, one when the sun was hitting the bushes close to the front door with a little breeze moving them. Not sure what the others were unless it was a close flying moth because nothing showed up on the recording when viewed. It has added a little more comfort for my wife when sleeping. The monitor has a indicator that reads "New" that shows if motion has been picked up and recorded along with an audible alarm. Once viewed the indicator is turned off.

I purchased this system because of the reviews it got. Other system of this caliber didn't seem to hold up. Here's my list of things I like about it. Very easy to set up, picture quality is good, motion detection and recording as expected along with night vision, and no interference with other systems using the same frequency. There is only one thing I can think of that would have been nice and that is a wider view for the camera. Because you are limited on the power cable length, the cameras have to be mounted close to an outlet. This makes it hard to configure a wide view of the area you want. To solve this problem I made a 25 foot extension power cord. I'm thinking of getting one more of these to have a four camera system and using the extra monitor in the living room. The other monitor is on my wife's night stand. Hope this has been helpful.

196 out of 223


Great Range - Very good Quailty - Easy to install

I usually do not write reviews for products but I was very impressed with this one. I had tried several wireless camera solutions but they failed miserably, range was always the issue. This device had everything I was looking for.

1. Great range - my house is built from reinforced concrete. The cameras work perfectly up to a distance of 15 meters through at least 3 walls.

2. Setting it up is super simple. Just plug them in and all is set to go.

3. Very easy to use the video frame

4. Talk back function is a very useful adds on.

5. Good video quality

6. Good night vision

7. The material of both the cameras and the frame are very good.

8. A/V out feature is great if you want to connect it to an external monitor

9. Super compact photo frame like LCD

I would strongly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a wireless solution that actually works. I have only had it for a few weeks now and it is working fine. I will make sure to update this review if anything changes.

197 out of 223


Very Good

This product works just like it is advertised. Easy to install, easy to operate and  it’s easy to understand the instructions. Works good in the dark as well as in the light. I would definitely recommend this to friends.

198 out of 223


Location: Reading, PA USA

Great system

I had these up and working in 10 minutes. It gives a good picture and range. I can review the memory card on my computer.

199 out of 223


Location: Milton, Vermont, USA

Great system, range exaggerated though

I have two of these systems in use and am quite happy with them overall. I have two of the cameras outdoors in Vermont temperatures but protected from direct rain under eves, and they do fine all year.

I would say these systems have just two flaws, first the display is only 7" diagonal, pretty small, in quad display mode the four images are too small to see what's going on, but in single image mode its fine and you can have it scroll through the four images in slide show fashion. It does have video out so you could connect it to a larger monitor.

Second and more significant, the range is vastly exaggerated! The farthest I have one is 150 feet away which is an almost unobstructed line of site except for one window, and it just barely makes it with two or three bars of signal out of five. Since the signal is digital if it is weak the picture will just flash on and off instead of becoming grainy just like with digital TV. If the signal has to pass through several walls or obstructions expect less than 100 feet or even 50, depending on the type of obstruction. The coaxial fitting antenna's do detach so perhaps the motivated techy could get much more range with a larger or external mounted antenna?

The night vision is very good in my opinion. Motion sensing is fairly short range, depending on the size of the object, good enough though. I've never been of the camera side of audio communication, and expected it to be poor with that tiny speaker, but I talk to my cat when she walks by the cameras and she seems to hear me fine, which amuses me to no end. Cheers, Jesse.

200 out of 223


Location: Hawaii

Awesome Add-on Security System

I installed this at my aunt's house because she is the only one living there. She locks herself in her room at night once she sets her alarm. She would get people at her front door, but was too afraid to go and check. Now with this system, she can see who it is and converse with them through the intercom feature.

It was super easy to install, however, the power cords for the camera is really short (5 feet). I had to splice 23g wire to them and make them about 20 feet. Overall a very simple solution, considering I had to do the same to my previous camera system for my house. I hope this helps someone out!

201 out of 223


Needs better software

The system has excellent picture and audio...however the audio cannot be made to continuously stay on which is an annoyance since this was used as a high tech baby monitor. The motion sensor needs a sensitivity adjustment as well due to the fact my toddler could wake up, move around, and climb out of bed and open the door before the screen would come on and start recording or displaying the movements. This makes a great camera to pick up large adult movements, but not so much for the little ones. Also since this system comes with only two cameras (with the ability to add two more) it would be nice if it had a spit screen feature for just two screens and not the quad display which wastes half of the screen if you only have two cameras.

202 out of 223


Location: Ohio, Naturally!

Love it! this is my SECOND set!

The clarity of the recorder is just great. We have 2 cats so I can tell you, small animals do not trigger the motion recorder. This is my second set I use one for the house and one for the garage. Night vision is excellent. There is a zoom feature that will give you more detail. I highly recommend this system. Easy install. You need to have an outlet to plug the cameras and monitors into (no batteries).

203 out of 223


Location: Rocklin, CA

Good low cost system with some limitations

This wireless camera system includes a 7" LCD monitor and 2 cameras with sound pickup (expandable to 4 cameras) for $290. It transmits over 2.4 GHz and the transmission is digital over a reliable data channel so it doesn't suffer from the interference problems common with analog transmitters. The wireless transmission seemed robust and is by far the best I've seen of anything in this price range.

It records to an SD card and has some night vision capabilities (using IR LED's in the cameras). It also has a PIR motion sensor in the cameras so can record on motion. The motion triggering is somewhat buggy though as I found it will record for the preset time period (5/15/30 seconds) after detecting motion, but will not continue to record past that period even if there is still motion occurring. Not ideal, but still usable. It has a function to allow automatic overwriting of the oldest recordings on the SD card.

It also has a 2 way intercom mode between a camera and the LCD display. It's convenient to run the cameras and/or display from portable power as the display is powered from 5V and the cameras from 9V.

The problems I found (in no particular order):

(1) It causes intermittent interference with my Logitech wireless mouse which uses the same 2.4 GHz band.

(2) There is color distortion such as visible with the white colored trees (that are actually green).

(3) Night vision capabilities are meager, but the best I've seen for anything in this price range.

(4) The resolution is supposedly 640 x 480, but the picture noise is high enough that it is roughly equivalent to decent quality 320x240

Overall it's a good usable system for the price, but the image quality is lackluster, especially at night. And the image quality is marginal (at best) for identifying perpetrators though it's still the best I've seen in this price range.

204 out of 223


Location: Seattle, WA

Near-excellent little set!

This was an incredibly easy surveillance system to set up. Connect antennae to the cameras, plug cameras in to the wall, Plug LCD monitor into wall, done! Put the included SD card in the LCD monitor for recording, and you're away.

The good:

1) Very, very easy to set up, with a nice little installation card showing you what you need to do.

2) Inclusion of a reasonably-sized SD card (2GB).

3) Solid-feeling cameras.

The not so good:

1) Not particularly high resolution images from the cameras at 640x480. Refresh isn't instant, either, so you're not getting smooth video but rather "frames" of video. This is done to conserve memory on the SD card, I'm sure, and because the wireless system probably can't handle that kind bandwidth.

2) LCD casing feels fairly cheap, though it does the job!

3) Power cables not particularly long, though this is easily solved with an extension cord, of course...

The bad:

1) Despite being touted as indoor/outdoor cameras, they are NOT designed for use in high humidity/wet areas. They need to be kept under cover. This is potentially a deal-breaker for many, I'm guessing.

2) The range on the cameras isn't amazing. For a smaller place, they'll be fine, but others might prefer something with more range.

3) If you lose/break the remote you're kind-of screwed. Pretty much ALL the controls are on it!

4) No way to remotely check the feed if you're out/away from your home/business etc.

Overall, this is a perfectly serviceable set of cameras. Be aware of their limitations and you really wouldn't be disappointed with this purchase!

205 out of 223


Location: California

Great for simple monitoring!

We have this set up to monitor the front door and the baby's room. It is nice to have the monitor be mobile; it can be with us in our bedroom if the doorbell rings or the baby cries. I can talk to the guest or baby and let them know I am on my way.

This set up is wonderful if you have a 2 story house and would like to know who is downstairs knocking on your door. Is UPS or is it a solicitor ignoring your sign out front? Now I know before answering the door. If it is a sketchy looking stranger, I communicate via microphone. I feel much safer at home alone when I can monitor the outside.

Set up is super simple too, does not feel intimidated if you are not tech savvy. I plan to add a camera for the backyard in the future when the kids are playing.

206 out of 223


Location: South Bend, IN


A consistent picture w/o interference but the cameras lose the signal occasionally. I've had difficulty with cheaper units even maintaining images due to the placement of the cameras. My cameras are placed approx. 25 feet from the LCD. It is better than the cheaper units you can get (like Swann). Image detail could be better; recognition of people is somewhat questionable at a distance.

207 out of 223


Location: Marysville, OH

Excellent for their intended purpose

We are using these cameras in our Church for security monitoring. They work just as advertised, but don't expect features that are not promised. For example, the cameras cannot dump the video data directly to a computer on the network. In fact, the cameras do not communicate on a normal 802.11-based network. They communicate with the viewer panel and the video is recorded on memory sticks there.

However, with sufficient storage space, you can enable motion detection and then simply dump the video files once each week. Based on the promise of the products, I'm very happy with the results.

208 out of 223


Location: Va, USA

Good deal...

This is a great deal for the price and is easy to set up and use it has many great features like motion detection. You can use it as an intercom as well; I would suggest getting a bigger SD card for it. This nifty little video surveillance system will provide adequate security and a peace of mind for home or even your business. The quality and reception is very good. I would recommend this system!

209 out of 223


Worth the money

I bought this from Amazon two weeks ago and received the package a few days later. I set it up right away. For $300, both cameras worked with receiver perfectly. The quality of image may not be the best during the day, but the night vision (you got to see it to believe it), sensor, recording when sensor tripped (or recording all the time) and alarm certainly make up for it. I live in a 3 story townhouse. I have no problem with signal reception. My mother is over 70 years old and she wants one after playing with my cameras 15 minutes in my house. I would recommend it.

210 out of 223


Location: Ca USA

Easy to set up

I received the product today and had it up and running in under an hour. What took the longest was getting electricity to the number one camera. Once I had all that corrected the set up was fast. The pairing was simple and the instructions are easy to understand. I am happy with the purchase.

211 out of 223


Location: Baltimore, MD

This one is a winner!

I have to agree with the other 5 star reviews for this product. After surfing lots of reviews and debating on whether to go wired or wireless, especially after some horrible wireless fiascoes in the past, I decided to try this Lomax system. I had it up and running in minutes without looking at the manual but the real test, that being range/reception, was what I was worried about. Camera on one side of the house, receiver on the other, and no problems. Pictures are good, not high def, but acceptable and low light or dark performance is great. I have nothing to complain about. Like some others, I now want 2 more cameras and have ordered another complete system as individual cameras run about 140 from Amazon. A pair is only 20 dollars less than the whole system and having another receiver/monitor is going to be great. It makes a great bedside monitor and the video storage works great for later review. Buy this product. I don't think you will regret it.

212 out of 223


Location: Pacific Northwest

Dead Easy to Use and it Works Like a Charm

I was unpacking this even as the UPS guy was pulling away from my curb and after giving the contents in the box a quick once over, I set the instructions aside, checked out the monitor, fished the plug from the box. Then I did the same with one of the cameras. I called my husband away from his computer, plugged in a camera, told him to hold it, then I went into the next room and plugged in the little color monitor. And what do you know; there he was smiling at me on the monitor. It was dead easy. No muss, no fuss, it just worked. Then all of a sudden my hubby vanished from the monitor and I got no signal. It took me about ten seconds to realize that it was switching to the second camera, which I hadn't set up. I pushed the menu button on the back of the monitor and figured out how to turn the camera off in another five seconds and I also learned that you can add two more cameras to the system for a total of four.

The camera works a treat in low light and the system does what it's supposed to do and it's so simple to set up even a non-techie older person like myself can figure it out. We set up the system, without ever taking the instructions out of their plastic baggie. This really is a hassle free system. We use it for monitoring our grandson's bedroom and my husband's workshop out in the garage, which works out well, because the cameras want electricity, which would be the only downer if you were setting them up outside to monitor your house, because you'd have to figure out how to get power to the cameras. We didn't have that problem. Gosh we just love having this system. I can't praise it enough.

213 out of 223


Location: Northern Virginia

Very cool and works great

We've needed a way to see who's been around the house during the day (kids, dogs, potential evildoers) and didn't want to have to string a bunch of wire around.

This system comes with two wireless cameras that are easy to set up, auto-record events, can see in the dark and act as a two way intercom as well. Please note: the term "wireless" means that you don't have to run video cable between the cameras and the base station. You still have to plug the cameras and base station into your house's power. It's very convenient to be able to drag the base station to different parts of the house so I'm not stuck in one spot if I'm expecting a delivery and need to sign for something.

You're able to select different record qualities, schedule recordings, trigger times, etc. using the menus built into the monitor and the remote control gives you the ability to start recording video without having been triggered by detected motion.

I found a unique use for one of the cameras the other day. We had a mother squirrel set up a nest under the covered portion of our deck. I mounted the camera in such a way where I could see inside the nest and could watch the squirrels day or night and auto-record their comings and goings. Very cool!

Overall, I'm quite happy with the unit. It was very easy to set up and since its wireless; I can move cameras and the base station easily.

214 out of 223


Location: Tennessee USA

Great System for the money,

After a breaking, we were looking for a video system we could afford, & easy to set up. This was perfect, easy to set up with good picture! We have a Garage at the end of driveway & it has good reception from there (200Ft). We now feel a little safer

215 out of 223


Location: Texas

Great system but....

I purchased the system to keep tabs on the front of the house since we have no readily available windows to see out.

The unit was very easy to install. I only installed 1 camera. That’s all I needed for this application. Took me about 15 minutes and the camera was up. The hardest part was drilling the pilot holes for the screws. Once the camera was mounted, I installed a 16 GB card (purchased separately) it was just a matter of turning on the control panel. The system cannot use a card larger then 16 GB but according to the manual an 8 GB card will hold 14+ hours of video.

The unit comes with a little mini remote. Everything you need to do can be done from the remote. The menu system is very easy to learn. You really don't need to read the manual. I set the system up to record automatically whenever it senses movement. There are 3 settings for recording in automatic motion sensed movement 5, 15 and 30 seconds. I watched a 30 second video and it seemed like way to long so I went to 15 seconds. Don't freak, it records as long as there is motion so the neighbor’s dog won't trigger 12 hours of video when he stops digging in the front yard. The movement sensor works great. It records when people walk down the side walk across the street which is about 100' away.

However, there are a couple of things I wish I had known before I purchased. First a minor issue. The video card is not easily accessible. It would have been great if they had made the slot on the top of the unit or on the side. Nope, it’s around the back. Every time you want to remove the card to look over the videos you have to turn the unit around. My second issue is with resolution. 640x480 looks like the video you see on the evening news from the local convenience store stick up. If you have to identify from the video this records, ain't happening. The video is ok but not clear. I guess, after looking at the pics in the supplied manual, I expected too much from this product.

If you want higher resolution you'll have to search elsewhere and pay more $$$$$$.

216 out of 223


Location: Los Angeles

Nice simple surveillance system

The system comprises two cameras that require mounting, not 4. There is no DVR machine, which simplifies the system. Instead of recording on a DVR, the images are recorded on a card that is inserted into the LCD screen. A 2 GB card is provided; however you can purchase a 16 GB for about $35 or so additionally. (Also, extra cameras can be purchased, to a max of 4 totals, at about $140 each additional camera.) Now, the cameras are not wireless, but the remainder of the system is. However, this means that the cameras each have to be plugged in to a power source. This can require the most challenging part of the installation, as you might need to get a long ladder and do some manipulating to conceal the power cords, as well as adjusting the camera angle to get optimal imaging. The camera lens angle is very small, limiting the range of the image that can be captured, but is sufficient for basic security purposes. The images are in color on the LCD screen, with audio sound. There is the added advantage of two-way audio, as you can use the LCD screen to talk to the individual you are looking at through the camera like an intercom. The camera has infrared capability also, to manage night images.

One of the reviews below is incorrect or rather incomplete: The cameras do not only record images by motion-detection, as you can also record on a pre-programmed time schedule, and also record on demand with one touch; it is not just motion-detection. And the motion detection appears to work well close up, but don't expect it to be effective at distances over 15 feet; the LCD screen gives off a beeping signal when motion is detected, which notifies you if you are planning to monitor the cameras but happen to be looking away from the LCD screen at that time.

The advantages of the system are no DVR, easy LCD screen, two way audio. Disadvantages are narrow camera lens, 2 and not 4 cameras included, cameras not being wireless and requiring power connectivity, and not being able to monitor the images remotely on an outside computer, such as from work. And it looks like DVR-4 camera systems are now almost comparably priced to the cost of this system plus purchasing 2 additional cameras. So this is a nice system if you have easy power outlets close to where you want to mount the cameras, and don't want DVR, and prefer to have intercom capability. But if you want a system that you can monitor remotely from work or another external site, then this is not the surveillance system for you.

217 out of 223


Location: Sault Ste. Marie, MI USA

Exactly What We Wanted

I work for a church that has had a couple of break-ins and if we had this system in place, it would have answered a lot of questions sooner. I had done some extensive research and couldn't find exactly what we wanted until the Lorex LW2702. We had the system up and running in less than an hour and it only took another 20 minutes of reading the manual to understand how to work everything. When I leave for the day, I turn on the motion record and turn it off when I arrive in the morning. I bought the 16GB card and it holds up well for holding the recordings. Although, if we could increase the memory a bit more, it would probably be better (that’s my only gripe). I just erase the card every morning. The 2-way intercom is a bonus that we enjoy, as I will sometimes lock myself into the building and this way, when someone comes to the door, I can answer through the camera as opposed to going to the door and answering it. I was concerned about the wireless cameras working in our building as it is an old stone church built in 1902 and was built from rocks that were dug from the ground when they were digging to make a canal in our area. But it was a needless worry, the pictures and sound is clear. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an easy to use system and in fact we are considering adding another camera or two (that is a bonus as well, the system comes with two cameras and you can add up to two more). The reviews that other people made also helped in our decision to give this a try. We were not disappointed.

218 out of 223


Location: West Virginia

Review for Lorex LW2702

Overall, this is a great system. I was impressed with the reception and the graphics. That being said, I had to return it for two reasons. 1) The system did not come with a remote control. I called Lorex customer service and they can easily take care of that. 2) Although the system is described as an indoor/outdoor system, it is NOT weatherproof. I always thought that if a surveillance system was outdoor, it could withstand the weather. When I called customer service about this, they pointed out that the lens cannot get wet, otherwise it may not work correctly. In addition, there can be no moisture allowed into the system itself. I only discovered this after hooking up the system.

Just keep in mind that although it is a good system, it is NOT waterproof.

As is stated on the giftbox as well as the Lorex website, the cameras can be installed outdoors, but in a sheltered location.

219 out of 223


Location: Virginia

Great Home Product

Great product! I purchased this system with an additional 2 cameras and my whole house is protected. Great quality, great reception (even through walls) and easy install. I really like that I can keep an eye on the swimming pool at all times. The internal record mode and intercom system is an extra bonus. No regrets with this purchase.

220 out of 223


Location: Century FL

A Perfect Simple Solution

I am a retired Techno-Geek, a geezer-geek if you will. I have purchased and installed many systems in my time, but from a very good performance vs. very easy installation vs. good value basis, this is one excellent little system. A lot of good thought has gone into designing it, and it worked perfectly upon installation. Someone in one review complained of the blurry camera - but the cams come with a protective plastic film over the lenses ;-)

This little rig has a nifty little remote that will allow you to select motion record or continuous record, and all of the functions - this is very cool. The system took me about 15 minutes to get turned on to check the functions of everything, and another 2 or 3 hours to select the position of the cameras at the back and front of the house. Once positioned, all I had to do was to plug them in and turn them on.

The only complaint I MIGHT have is, I would like to see the camera power cables a foot or two longer to help with camera placement. I will be extending one cable myself. Perhaps Lorex could sell or include one EXTENTION power cable of about two feet in length. The audio speaker is not very loud, nor is the alarm. It won't wake you up from a sound sleep, but if you are in your office working, it will let you know that the UPS person is at the door. A main key to this system is "how very, very simple it is to set up and install to get good results."

Camera to screen (I love the little screen on my night table) range is about 50 to 75 feet. Yeah, we would all love to have a cam to screen range of 300 to 1,000 ft. but that is beyond the ability of most technology right not. This is a good little home/light commercial system. I plan to get another one for my wife's business.

221 out of 223


Easy Installation, Setup, and Use

I just got my system installed and it works better than expected.


100-240v AC/DC Power Supply for both Camera and Monitor

Wireless Transmission Range

Microphone Sensitivity (Can hear the birds outside)


Price on Amazon (Costco 299, but you must be a member)

Cost of Additional Cameras, 140 dollars each

222 out of 223


Location: Lakeside, CA USA

Great Camera and I have been waiting for exactly this

I have a remote controlled gate at the end of a long driveway (appx 50') and placed a camera at the end to see visitors and hopefully be able to communicate with them. I was able to do both after a very easy installation. Motion detection is great. Records with ever trigger. I did buy the 16 GB card. I bought from Costco online since it is only $299 there. I liked it so much I bought another one just for the cameras since it is about the same price to buy the cameras separately. Last night it rained and I heard this funny noise coming from the front door. IT was picking up the rain at the camera locations! I did not see a sensitivity adjustment unfortunately. For the price I cannot expect it. I cannot tell you how nice to see quad pics from around my property and to know if something does happen it will be recorded. Love it!

223 out of 223


Location: Riverside, CA USA

Great system for the Money

I got this system from Costco for $299.99. It works great right out of the box. Good range on the cameras. Mine are 60 feet or so apart on opposite sides of the house and I get good reception anywhere inside on the receiver. Night vision range is better than expected. I'm not using the audio feature, so I can't comment on it. I want to add two more cameras, but there $170 each from Lorex, so it's cheaper to buy a second system from Costco and keep the second receiver as a backu Create up. Upgrade to a 16 GB card ($35 on Amazon) and get 24 hours of video recording.



Wireless range extender antenna









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