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Home camera system with outdoor wireless camera


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Digital wireless Security System with LCD picture frame monitor

The Lorex LIVE SD Digital Wireless LCD Home wireless camera system offers an easy plug &play video security solution for your home or small business. This system allows you to view your home on the LCD monitor or remotely from anywhere in the world on a computer or smartphone via Skype™. Have a complete digital wireless video surveillance system up and running in minutes, it's that easy! Simply mount connect the cameras to a power source, plug in the 7-inch LCD receiver and you're done!

Video will be recorded directly to an SD card (2GB SD card included) providing you with both viewing and recording in an attractive, compact, space saving design. Place it on a desk, table, mount it on a wall or even under a counter.

The digital wireless technology provided by the LIVE SD7 Series ensures that the system is secure and 100% interference-free. Other innovative features include intercom functionality for two-way communication between the LCD monitor and the camera, and advanced motion detection that is triggered by heat sources, such as people, animals, and an expandable system of up to 4 cameras. Video security has never been easier.

Model no.: LW2711

Expandable System

System is expandable, allowing for additional camera channels.

SD Recording

Record and store video on the SD supported system.

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.



Home wireless camera system.

LCD Receiver Features:

  • Simple installation. No video cables required1
  • 7” Digital wireless LCD monitor integrated digital video recorder, SD™ memory card included
  • Multiple recording options: manual, motion or schedule2
  • Time and date stamped recordings for easy retrieval
  • Simulated picture frame using pre-programmed images3
  • 2-Way Audio communication for Intercom usage
  • View up to 4 cameras at the same time or in sequence
  • Tabletop, wall or under-counter mountable monitor
  • Audio/Video RCA output for connection to a TV

Camera Features:

  • Built-in PIR motion sensor for accurate motion detection
  • Exclusive built-in infrared camera lens filter for accurate color reproduction under all lighting conditions
  • Night viewing up to 40ft (12m)4
  • Install cameras indoors or outdoors5
  • Up to 150ft indoor / 450ft outdoor wireless range6
  • SMA connector allows for the usage of higher power antennas to extend wireless range (antennas sold separately)

Record Video & Audio.

Record video clips to the included SD card using three recording modes: manual, motion, or schedule.

Connect Remotely.

Connect the monitor to a computer to view from anywhere in the world using Skype™*

See, Hear, Talk.

An extra pair of eyes and ears to help you manage your busy life.

Simple & Quick Setup.

An easy to setup, easy to use all-in-one video and audio security solution to monitor your home or small business.

Private and Secure.

Monitor with confidence knowing the digital signal is secure, private, and can’t be picked up by neighbours.

System Includes:

  • 1 x 7” LCD monitor with built-in recorder
  • 1 x Indoor/outdoor camera
  • 2 x Power adapters
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Audio/video cable (RCA)
  • 1 x 2GB SD memory card
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1 x Monitor stand & mounting bracket
  • 1 x CD

1. Cameras require a local power outlet.
2. Local viewing up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Local recording and playback of one camera at a time.
3. Five preloaded scenery images enable digital picture frame simulation when no motion is detected by the camera. When motion is detected, image changes to the camera detecting motion. No ability to upload your own pictures.
4. Stated IR Illumination range is based on ideal conditions. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object.
5. Weather resistant. Not intended for direct exposure to rain or snow. For outdoor applications install under shelter protected from the elements.
6. Based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.
* Remote connection requires driver installation on home PC/Mac (CD included), a wired USB connection between the monitor and PC/Mac (USB cable included) and a high speed internet connection. PC/Mac must be turned ON and Skype™ application must be running. Remote viewing is limited to a single camera and is not selectable remotely.










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1 out of 41


Location: California

Excellent product and detailed documentation, Very easy to install, set up and operate. Picture are sound quality are quite good. Will be purchasing more units.

2 out of 41


Location: USA

Product is very good. Clear picture and sound. Night vision is great as I can see all the critters that are out there on my property. Great product!

3 out of 41


Location: Mexico

Excelent camera and all the system.

I use this combo (a pair of outdors cameras and monitor) to replace my old secure system cameras on my office, it was very easy and simply to get working everything.

The image resolution of the monitor day and night mode Itīs great, and itīs ok the range of camera signal. I apreciate the simplicity and the high quality of the all components. The software to config all the settings of the monitor, itīs intuitive and very easy to operate the records reviews.

I recomend so much this product to use in your house and your office or bussiness.

4 out of 41


Very easy to use. All you have to do is unbox it and attach the base (with included screws) to any wall surface, inside or out. The infra red works great at night so you can see who is at your door if it's dark. The monitor can be placed quite a distance from the camera. My camera is outside and the wireless monitor is inside. No problem with the signal going through brick!

5 out of 41


Location: San Francisco, CA

The video quality is not close to HD and the program features are limited. Overall easy setup. I recommend a larger SD card. I use a 16GB and it continuously records approximately 4 days worth. So I just rotate between SD cards. The night vision is JUNK. Still, I'm somewhat pleased with my purchase. Its definitely worth it for the price, although you're still not getting a high level security system, it still works as described.

6 out of 41


Truly disappointed as you must plug the cameras in....clearly not wireless waste of time

Words you see first should not be wireless

7 out of 41


Location: Atlanta, GA

This is my second one of these cameras. My first one (before a year) seemed to have lost its night vision. The day vision was still good, but I was unable to see anything at night except very dark and blurry images. Since I already had the receiver, I decided to buy another camera. It works better and has okay night vision. Its not great, but you can at least see at night along with the floodlight I have outside. If you want just the basic low-end camera, this one is okay.

8 out of 41


hi plug it in and go, cot the 4 leg perb right on target first night, well without jock great little system works well at night too, mic could be a little more pick up, other then that for that price super cool, thanks

9 out of 41


Location: Atlanta, GA

I purchased this for my a Birthday gift for my spouse last year and it was super simple to connect, and use. It works on Skype, so we can view the camera from anywhere. We have a huge piece of property and I was afraid that the signal would dilineate from the extra cameras we purchased and placed by the mailbox, along the driveway, in the back yard, garage, arbor, etc. This thing is the best!! You can cycle 4 cameras directly onto the monitor that comes with it. You can set up the system so you can even view it on your cell phone using Skype. It comes with a memory card, and the cameras have a microphone/speaker on them, so I can talk to people at our front gate before opening it. I have recommended this to a number of friends. A very good purchase...and a GREAT gift!

10 out of 41


Location: Cannelton, ind

the wireless unit I purchased LW2711 is a great deal it was very easy to install and has a good quality picture on its 7in. monitor every thing I needed in one box.

11 out of 41




12 out of 41



I saw the add for the system with one camera, bought it to try and when it got here they had the same system with two camera's at Lorex site cheaper than what I paid for one camera system. Very disappointed, should have been given that option to start with. System works great even tho I had to buy the second camera.

13 out of 41


I have had this unit long enough to have 100 degree + temps where it is located. So far the system is working well and I plan to add additional cameras if I have no problems. Have used it with unknown visitors and the communication without opening the door is good. It has met my hopes for usage.

14 out of 41


i like the things i can do with the system.i use it to monitor an area i can view &hear remotely.the system has a lot of things you could do record display 4 areas at the same time.i may expand the use with time.

15 out of 41


Location: Dixon, IL

I researched so many surveillance/systems that I had myself doubting that any system would perform well. I finally, out of desperation, purchased the Lorex LW2731 because I couldn't handle reading anymore reviews and just needed to be done. I am so glad that I purchased this system-it is awesome for my needs. I have a small business and want to know when someone enters the building. The motion detector works perfectly for me. It detects quickly and the monitor gives an audible alert. The monitor is excellent because it's always visible from my desk. You can also control the volume of the audible alert-several volume options which is very nice.

I was concerned about setting up the system, so imagine my surprise when I connected the camera to power; then the monitor, turned on the monitor and done. It was the easiest set-up I've ever done for an electronic item. I am very pleased and plan to add an additional camera to watch over the store showroom soon.

16 out of 41


Location: Los Angeles, CA

A lot of features for a reasonable price. Picture and audio quality aren't great but are more than ample for residential purposes. Set up is super easy and quick. I ended up returning the 7" model for the 9" (easier viewing in multiple cam mode and most control buttons are in the front vs. having to always access the screen menu to make system changes). I would recommend this to a friend!

17 out of 41


Location: Lake Charles, LA

This system is perfect for smaller homes or businesses. The display screen also has a screen saver mode so it looks like a digital picture frame. I found out that there is an intercom feature with this setup after I installed it, and am thrilled as to how well it works. Setup was incredibly easy, and the ability to add three more cameras to the system make it better. The only downfall is the camera's short power chord. The outlets around my home are not placed conveniently enough so I had to make compromises about placement. Otherwise a great system. The night vision and motion detection are also very good.

18 out of 41


Location: Macomb, MI

I am very pleased with the unit. It only took a few minutes to install. The picture is great, its very clear even at night. I would recommend this unit to anyone looking for a security camera.

19 out of 41


Location: Los Angeles, CA

This product works great out of the box, installation simple, however must have an outlet close by for camera. I would definitely recommend to a friend.

20 out of 41


Location: Vancouver

Works great, has been working great for over 6 months now, would recommend to everyone. Installation is quick and easy."

Works great, has been working great for over 6 months now, would recommend to everyone. Installation is quick and easy."

21 out of 41


Location: Oklahoma

The system works as advertised. I am happy with the system and would buy it again. The camera can be hung from the ceiling which was a mandatory requirement for me. The wireless camera of the competing system (Defender) did not appear to be capable of being hung from the ceiling. The only minor negative issue I’ve found with the Lorex system is the volume cannot be changed when the motion detector has turned on the recording to the SD card. The volume control can be changed at other times but not during a motion detection recording. So if the volume is turned all the way down to silent (very unusual situation) and the motion detector turns on the recording (person is at the front door) then you (LED monitor location) cannot hear the person speaking at the front door (camera location) and you cannot change the volume to hear the person speaking. You are forced (in this rare circumstance) to open the front door to hear the person speak to you. One other issue that is really a tip, the microphone of the camera will not work (at all) if the protective film that covers the camera lens during shipping is not removed. I tested the system before hanging it and thought the microphone in the camera was broken. I finally took the protective film off and the audio system worked great. I’ve had no interactions with Lorex technical support so I cannot comment on their support.

22 out of 41


Location: ark.

What's great about it: takes 10 min. to put up. works real good nite or day

What's not so great: size would like bigger. other than that its good

Its good to have. Help to keep a eye on things. When ur not around. Record easily. Im truly happy with it.

23 out of 41


The system sets up easy as pie. It does what it is supposed to do. It cycles thru the 4 cameras and you can see them on the monitor. Picture Quality is exceptable for this price range. I love the idea of the wireless cameras. We use them in a house so I don't know what the max range is. We have no reception issues, period.

Now For the bad news !!!

If you are going to use a remote view there are issues. The monitor has 2 outputs. 1 is a Combo TV/Video output. The other is a USB computer output. When using either the Lorex monitor does not work. It's not supposed to. I wish it did. Also, using the USB port only access' Camera #1. If you use Skype to Monitor online (Yes that works fine) You are stuck with only Camera #1 or you must install/configure a video card. With the video output you can use the 4 camera feature. You can do this with Skype but it may take a bit of tinkering, depending on your system. I used a couple of refurbished Dell desktops and a PCI video card (all purchased thru Amazon) be sure you have lots of RAM on your computer (Wouldn't hurt to upgrade that while you're doing all this stuff, never can have too much memory). The video quality suffers some via the video card. The system works and I am able to check on an elderly parent who lives alone several times a day. Gives great piece of mind to the family. (They can all visit with her via video anytime they want from across the USA). If Lorex would do a firmware update to make this thing work 4 camera/USB, It would be a fantastic system. As it is it's only Great. Good bang for the buck ... I'd buy again.

24 out of 41


Location: Location:Truckee, CA

Good got better

Pros: easy to set up, good quality picture, can access on skype great!

"I ordered a a few weeks ago, just before I installed it I visited my local Costco and found the same model with two cameras rather one. Returned the one purchased on line and bought the one with two cameras."

25 out of 41


Great product

highly recommended works better at night than i thought it would

26 out of 41


Location: Norfolk, VA

One of the best devices

I purchased this product after my house was broken into in 2011. This product has been very helpful and a deterant. I will like to get the newer model that allows internet connection for remote access.

27 out of 41


Location: Calgary, AB

Ease of Installation

The first unit that I received was defective. I had purchased through Costco, and it was a painless experience to receive the replacement. The replacement unit was up and running within 30 minutes.

The viewer provides a clear picture day or night. It was easy to set up the motion activated record.

Having one camera is a teaser; I will now purchase an additional 3 to provide complete surveillance.

28 out of 41


Location: Big Bear Lake, CA

SD Card isBad - Waiting now 2 weeks - Bad Service!

Pros: camera looks cool

Cons: bad customer service, screen is low quality res., sound is weak, bad parts replacement

Two weeks ago, we installed the unit and discovered a bad SD card. (memory card) We called twice, and said it would take 7 days to get the SD card, which was unheard of!! We have been waiting TWO weeks for the SD replacement, so now we are returning the product back to COSTCO. Unit may work fine, but when you need service, expect very bad customer service and bad part replacement!

29 out of 41


Location: jfun38

I love this system a lot better than.the other two systems I have much easer to use.

30 out of 41


Location: Madison, WI

Love it

We have a driveway alarm, however our driveway is situated on the side of our house that has no windows so that we have to go outside to see who it is when someone drives up. With the monitor, we can see who is there without going outside. It has been perfect for us. When at first, we had an issue, Lorex was excellent in taking care of it in a timely manner.

31 out of 41


Location: Houston, Tx

The cameras are not as sensitive as I had hoped, however it has worked for my purposes.

32 out of 41


Location: New York, NY

Great Product

I used this camera to monitor the exterior of my home and its a great product. Highly recommend.

33 out of 41


Location: Spring Hill, FL

Lorex Live SD7 Model 2711

Pros: easy to hook up., easy to use.

Cons: no personal photos for screensaver, longer power extension cords

Bought this to hook up at my mom's house. I feel it was easy for her to understand and use which was of a concern for me. The picture was great anytime of day. Even when the IR light was used at night and it switched over to black and white. After I hooked it up I wished it had one more camera. The warehouses and websites both carry different setups so you need to research which one is best for your setup.

34 out of 41


Location: Colorado

I have owned my system for 15 months now. Living in Colorado we have had below 0 temps, hail, rain, snow. My system has performed wonderfully. This has got to be the best security system for the money. I love the wireless connections and the stand a lone monitor. The only thing I could want in addition to what I have is additional cameras, (hint hint). I recommend this system to anyone in need of security cameras

35 out of 41


Location: Sacramento CA

Model Number: WL2710

everything works great except the remote, still waiting for a new one

36 out of 41


Location: Seattle WA

Works out of the box

Great Picture.

Easy Setup

Good night camera actually quite surprising how well the night vision works.

Already looking to add another camera.

2 way communication has helped me stop those door to door people in my driveway rather than having to deal with them at the door.

37 out of 41


Location: Colorado

Excellent System for the Price

Syncing it to the system is extremely easy and setup is quick and easy as well. The mic function is handy for our front door because I can talk to people at the door without having to come up from the office in the basement. It also allows you to see the visitor and gives you a chirping alarm to grab your attention when it detects movement. Only problem is it comes with a 2GB memory card that is not sufficient. I recommend immediately upgrading to a 16GB memory SD card so you can record more than 24hrs. of video at a time. You cn have it automatically record over video as well, so it just keeps recording continously.

38 out of 41


Location: California

The Best

Pros: cameras work really well

Cons: wasn't that easy to place on the outside., electrician had to add outlet for cameras., add on camera cost nearly as much as the system.

This system is great. I can see great at night and during the day, The best part is when I'm upstairs and cant get to the front door , I just use the intercom to inform the person that I'm unavailable. There's a catch, the cameras need to be plugged into a power source. I had to call an electrician.

39 out of 41


Location: San Ramon, CA

Very good for the price

Works well. Easy to install. The camera is pretty good even in dark. The 2 way radio works well too.

40 out of 41


Location: Maryland

Great Camera

What's great about it: Quality of monitor, ease of installation

EASY to install. Clear picture on the monitor. This monitor even has a few screen savers to choose from instead of just watching what the camera is focused on. Wide lens provides a large area of viewing.

Would highly recommend to anyone interested in a security camera.

41 out of 41


Location: BC

Good stuff

Pros: price

Cons: 2 gb sd card included - should be 16 gb at least

Good value for the money.  Installation and setup is very easy.  Image is a bit grainy but still okay.



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Wireless video monitoring system for home


Wireless home security camera system




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Home camera system with outdoor wireless camera
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