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Wireless home camera system with 2 wireless cameras, 7 inch monitor


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Digital wireless security system with LCD picture frame monitor

The Lorex LIVE SD7 Wireless home camera system has the best digital wireless cameras with a wireless range of 450FT, and 40FT of night vision. The wireless receiver is built-in to a 7inch LCD screen that records what the wireless camera captures to a SD card.

Model no.: LW2702

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

SD Recording

Record and store video on the SD supported system.


Automatically scan through camera channels.



Wireless home camera system features:

  • Ultra Digital Wireless technology offers the latest advancements in wireless video surveillance
  • Minimizes interference with other devices such as wireless routers, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices and is Wi-Fi friendly
  • 100% Digital video and audio for excellent image quality and crystal clear sound
  • Secure connection between the receiver and cameras for total privacy
  • Signal strength and out of range notifications help you find best possible installation location

7” LCD Receiver:

  • 7” Color LCD monitor with built-in wireless receiver and video recorder
  • Five pre-loaded scenery images enable digital picture frame simulation when no motion is detected by the cameras*
  • Built-in Video recorder utilizes SD memory cards (max 16GB supported)
  • Record when motion is detected by the camera, schedule a daily recording time or manually start / stop recording**
  • Date stamped recordings saves time by making event searching simple
  • Record at VGA (640 x 480) resolution for excellent playback quality or QVGA (320 x 240) resolution to maximize recording time
  • Viewing Options:
    • Quad Mode Shows up to 4 Camera Views on Same Screen
    • Switching Mode Shows all Cameras in Full Screen (dwell time customizable)
  • Intercom function allows for 2-way communication between LCD receiver and camera. Speak/listen to the person at the camera end
  • Icon based on-screen menu makes changing settings/finding recordings quick and easy
  • Connect to a TV or monitor for large screen viewing (RCA output)
  • System expandable up to 4 cameras**
  • New recording / memory full indicators
  • Place on a tabletop or wall / under counter mount with included accessories

Camera with 2-way audio:

  • VGA (640x480) Resolution Camera
  • IR Night Vision
  • Built-in PIR motion sensor for accurate motion detection
  • Durable weather resistant housing for indoor/outdoor use***
  • Built-in microphone and speaker for listening and speaking (2-way audio)
  • SMA connector allows for the usage of higher power antennas to extend wireless range (antennas sold separately).

System Includes:

  • 1 x Wireless 7” LCD Receiver
  • 2 x Color 2-Way Audio Indoor/Outdoor Cameras
  • 3 x Power Adapters
  • 1 x SD Memory Card
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Tabletop Stand
  • 1 x Under-counter Mount
  • 3 x Mounting Kits (Screws)

** Only one camera can be recorded at one time. Motion recording is recommended when using multiple cameras for surveillance purposes.
*** Not intended for direct exposure to rain or snow










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1 out of 51


Location: Texas

Love love love this camera system. I will be getting 2 more cameras. Clear pictures, records like a dream, easy set up. Love the intercom option. That is a handy features and it's great for when you need unwanted visitors to leave. I like that it is not bulky and the sleekness makes it hard to detect. I'm also going to get the DVR.

2 out of 51


Location: Topeka Kansas

Great little system on the video end but the 2 way audio portion needs some work. I cannot crank up the volume enough on the monitor to easily carry on a conversation with someone at the door without holding the speaker right up to my ear. Engineering needs to figure out how to double the present maximum volume level on the monitor.

3 out of 51


Location: NY

Easy set up. Works flawlessly. Provides peace of mind.

4 out of 51


Location: San Clemente

Opened the package and tried to pair the cameras to a different channel. The receiver could not pair the cameras. Called Tech support for help, after 25 minutes on hold the tech from Lorex said I had a bad receiver and that customer service would email me for return shipping. Waited two days for that email that never came. Called back Lorex customer service and waited 35 minutes, till the system said that they were now closed 2pm (pst).

5 out of 51


Location: California

Great Value. Easy to read manual. I especially like the 2 way communication capability.

6 out of 51


Location: Phoenix,Arizona

This camera system works great it's very user freindly and can be moved or relocated at any time without any hassel with the two-way audio I can fend off the soliciters at the front door when im in the office working. it's night vison is exellent one of my cameras is on one end of my backyard and the IR LEDS light up the whole backyard like daytime( a good 40-50 ft) for the money it was a very good buy.

7 out of 51


Location: Mississippi

We purchased this system, the LW2702, earlier this year, I guess it's better late than never in writing a review. This system has very little work to install, gives great pictures, sound and alarms. For the price, you can't beat it, in fact we have just purchased an 8 channel DVR security system with 8 cameras, Model no: LH388 today. We will a review on the LH388 after we have it up and running and sooner than we did with this one.

8 out of 51


Location: San Jose, CA

I previously purchased a Lorex SD9 and four cameras and have been happy with the performance of it. Takes very good video during the day, OK at night. I needed two extra cameras for more coverage and had already maxed out this system.

So, I purchased a Lorex L2700 which includes a 7" LCD Touch panel and 2 cameras. The touch panel is improved over the 9" old one. Video seems brighter and clearer even in quad mode. Cameras seem shorter in length and mounting them is the same, drill 3 holes, put in a wall plug and tighten screws. They still have intercom and day/ night functionality.

Picture quality seems improved over the previous cameras and it does the job that I need them to. Its also nice that the system supports upto 32MB SDHC card vs 16MB in the previous ones. I would buy this again, quality is good, and setup is a breeze, no real WiFi config needed, just plug and play. Did not try the Skype functionality as you need to hook up to a PC or Mac and leave it plugged in and computer turned on.

I just put a Foscam WiFi IP cam infront of the LCD panels, that way I can see whats going on when I am away from home

9 out of 51


Location: Texas

I wanted something fairly easy to setup and understand, so I got the basic setup. It was easy to setup and then I had to force myself to read the manual. It wasn't so bad, I'm just lazy at that at times.

Now I check to see what was recorded if motion was detected. It's fast to check and easy to erase the videos that I no longer want.

My wife feels more secure having it and we can see who is at our front door without ever leaving our chairs because we just look at the monitor. And, who is ever at our front door is being recorded because they set off the motion detector on the camera. And, it also records sounds and conversations.

Both cameras are not in the direct weather. We hope our system keeps on working for a long time because we see the benefit of such security.

10 out of 51


Location: Mint Hill NC

Am pleased the the products - I bought systems - one for home & one for farm house - they are doing great - love the night vison on cameras

11 out of 51


Location: california

We bought the Lorex for home security and were very impressed with the nightime quality, with only natural light we have a clear view of the entire side yard.

12 out of 51


Location: alberta

Beenusing the system in a retail situation for nearly 2 years and now upgraded to 2 more cameras. very happy with the system and its features.
thank you for an affordable solution to my needs!

13 out of 51


Location: Canada

Do not buy. Remote is cheap and won't work with new batteries.
You need the remote because it has the only record button on it.
The LCD screen stopped working just after the warranty was up.
Never buying Lorex again!

14 out of 51


Location: southern california

I set up my 2 camera 7 inch monitor system on my garage corner to cover my driveway and approach to the front door. Easy to set up, only had to punch two holes in garage wall for camera power. The monitor now sits on my desk and using split screen I can see any one approaching front of house. You can not hear the audio alarm outside but is loud enough to alert us in the house. My neighbor has the same system and was able to trap a car thief a few weeks ago. We feel a lot safer since I installed system.

15 out of 51


Location: Woodmere , ny

Good product. Easy set up with in minutes. Camera is clear as a bell , 7 inch monitor is great. Product works as described .

16 out of 51


Location: Wausau

Prior to my purchase I did quite a bit of research. I wanted some type of system I could keep tabs on my pets that wouldn't break my budget. This is simply perfect.
Installation was very easy and fast. Am extremely pleased at the quality of the monitor and cameras.
I intend to add cameras in the future.

17 out of 51


Location: toronto

very easy set up. working very well for my needs, good night and day picture and I am quite pleased with the motion recording and intercom. good system.and the best price going.

18 out of 51


Location: New York

This is the second one I bought. They work great for the purpose I need them. One monitor is by my couch, where I can keep an eye on my cars and see anyone coming into my yard.
The second is located next to my bed.
They work as two way communication and I love the beeping alerts. I can even hear what people say when they are walking by.
I have already caught one thief in my driveway.
Great Product

19 out of 51


Location: OHIO

Excellent product,open box special.The system looked brand new to me. Easy set up,and works
just as advertised. The picture quality and motion detection operation is great! I am very pleased w/this system.

20 out of 51


Great purchase!

Very easy to connect and install, user-friendly! Intercom feature works great! I've been using since July 2012 and just now there's an issue with one of the camera's but I must say Lorex's customer service was pleased to help and issued RMA without problems. Overall great experience!

21 out of 51


Location: ontario

great product for the money. easy to set up and install, highly recommend buying this product.

22 out of 51


Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

Exceeded My Expectations

I was able to set this up rather quickly and very happy with the image quality. The images at night are especially better than I expected. I have a little trouble with the port forwarding but that is due to the router and not the security system.

23 out of 51


Location: Las Vegas, NV

Easy set up

Easy to install and set up. Have mine set to monitor front porch and driveway. Works out great!

24 out of 51


Location: ontario

I found this product easy to install, good quality equipment, excellent clarity of picture and night vision, sound feature picks up everything even out of camera range. I bought another system within 1 week of first purchase. I would highly recommend this system.

25 out of 51


Location: Acworth, Ga.

I recently purchased 2 Lw2702 security systems. It was easy to set up and seems to work very well for the price, the only thing I have doubts about is the remote as the remote with my unit would not work and had to order a new one. The remote looks too fragile and looks like a toy instead of a working remote. The second system I bought the remote works but the range it works in is about 2 feet from the unit which seemed ridiculous. Overall I am pleased with the unit and would recommend it to any one else.

26 out of 51


Location: San Jacinto,Ca.

This product is a good product for the price. But Lorex the company needs some help with communication. First when you buy this product you think great I will buy two more cameras later if I like the first set. Then you discover that buying two more cameras cost more than buying another set. But if you buy another set you will discover that you can not use the secound monitor in anouther location because the cameras will only pair with one monitor at a time. None of this information is avalible on their web site. You will also learn when you call for technical support to make sure you are not doing something wrong in your installation that Lorex make you listen the whole time you are on hold to never ending threats that you will be charged for this call if you did not go online and register your products. You would think they would inform you of this requirement and then move on to tell you about their other products, how long a wait time you have or something that make you feel good about your purchase that you are having trouble with. And lastly when you do get talk to someone, you got it they are not in the USA.

27 out of 51


Location: Toronto, Ontario

I have bought both a LW2702 and a LW2902 in last two weeks from this Lorex store. I love the fact the cameras are interchangeable and the whole system sets up quite easily. The cameras have quality metal chassis and the colours are quite good. The infrared cutoff, the motion detection and the 2 way audio work very well. My only misgiving was the limited recording time which is easily solved by purchasing a 16 gb SD card to replace the 2 or 4 gb one that is included.

These systems are exceptionally well thought out. Great Job Lorex!

28 out of 51


Location: Itasca, Illinois

The wireless digital security camera and a night owl monitor make an high resolution, inexpensive, real time system. The camera is mounted at the front of the house and is valuable in viewing what is happening. I am planning a similar camera at the back of the house connected to the same night owl 8" monitor. The system is highly reliable

29 out of 51


Location: Yuma AZ

works perfect for my use. easy to set up works very well

30 out of 51


Location: St.Louis, Missouri

The Lorex LIVE Wireless Digital Security System is fantastic!

The sound, resolution and clarity are exceptional, even in the dark of night.

Great Buy!

31 out of 51


Location: Pacoima, CA

Great Product

It helps my family feel safe. Very nice picture on the screen and good sensor motion detection. It can pick up people about 15-20 feet away. The recordings are easy to retrieve and view from the monitor itself using the provided SD card. I highly recommend and I already added a second camera to the system.

32 out of 51


Complete home security system. Record to SD card and transfer to computer and ability to skype to check in when away.

33 out of 51


Location: Tacoma, Wa

Horrible Customer Service

"Lorex has the worst customer service in the world. 20 minutes on hold only to be told a Lorex Rep will call you back some time that day. I tried twice. First time was five hours, and I couldn't take the call. The next day, I never even got a call back."

Cons: poor customer service/no customer service

34 out of 51


Location: Greensboro NC

Great System

My system is actually a SD9 LW2902. I have a few lost signal issue, usually after a power failure, but paired and signal was restored. Close to buying another set to put in other areas. Pictures are great, only problem is into the sunset.

35 out of 51


Extra eyes against the bad guys

"Excellent system! It`s very nice to be away and then come home to view the monitor and it has displayed "new". Simple to locate recorded video on SD card and play and find nothing to worry about."

36 out of 51


Wireless Monitor

"Money well spent. The system functions very well and provides peace of mind for the family."

37 out of 51


Wireless Monitor

"Money well spent. The system functions very well and provides peace of mind for the family."

38 out of 51


Location: Southern IN

Great system

"Cameras work great and have many features found only on more expensive cameras. Best money I ever spent."

39 out of 51


Location: San Francisco, CA

Lorex Wireless 2 Camera system

"Wireless monitor works fine for observing individuals entering and leaving. The 3 second delay before recording, can result in loss of filmed activity, if the camera is set for a narrow range of vision. The alarm on the monitor to activate when movement is detected is a very good alert system, especially for the elderly, who do not want to be surprised by individuals entering their home. All in all, it is a good system, reasonably priced and films at night as well as daylight"

40 out of 51


Location: Milford, CT

"Easy and fantastic! Utilization and implementation is a breeze. Good picture and sound."

41 out of 51


Location: Quebec,Canada


"Let's start with the negative, it was not clear to me that while the camera was specified outdoors, it was necessary to establish that this did not mean weather-proof and hence it had to be protected from direct contact with elements, i.e., beneath an overhang. This was an inconvenience as this required me to modify my install plans… otherwise, absolutely satisfied.  Well-made, easy assembly truly brainless hook-up, plug it all together and you are ready to go. Intuitive menu & programming makes it a snap to set-up & operate.

Exterior camera is about 40-50 feet from receiver indoors and reception is generally at least 3 of 4 bars.

A very pleasant surprise is that even when the temperature dipped to - 30 Celsius, camera & infrared worked, beyond specs. I strongly recommend, considering performance obtained at this price point, but purchaser should go with a larger memory card"

42 out of 51


Location: South Carolina

Excellant Product

"This security system has performed flawlessly. Excellant picture quality. I have camera set up from 30 feet to 80 feet from the monitor and always have a good signal. I have already recommended this product to friends. I plan on buying one more camera in the near future which will give me 8 cameras and 2 monitors."

43 out of 51


Location: Maryland

Good Buy

"This product was easy to install and took only a couple of hours to mount to my house."

44 out of 51


Location: South Carolina

Lorex Wireless 2 Camera system

"Wireless monitor works fine for observing individuals entering and leaving. The 3 second delay before recording, can result in loss of filmed activity, if the camera is set for a narrow range of vision. The alarm on the monitor to activate when movement is detected is a very good alert system, especially for the elderly, who do not want to be surprised by individuals entering their home. All in all, it is a good system, reasonably priced and films at night as well as daylight"

45 out of 51


Location: San Francisco, CA

Lorex Wireless 2 Camera system

"Wireless monitor works fine for observing individuals entering and leaving. The 3 second delay before recording, can result in loss of filmed activity, if the camera is set for a narrow range of vision. The alarm on the monitor to activate when movement is detected is a very good alert system, especially for the elderly, who do not want to be surprised by individuals entering their home. All in all, it is a good system, reasonably priced and films at night as well as daylight"

46 out of 51


Location: Montana


"Easy to set up. Good  reception. Picture quality during night and day is great. DVR is nice to be able to research previous days and activities. Helped us catch an unwanted visitor and also the vandalisation that was done. We were not aware of any of this?! I purchased this system to monitor elderly father activates to make sure he was safe but was surprised by what we caught. Multi remote users is great as caregiver was able to check also, I am over 500 miles away when I remotely check on him-- gives great peace of mind-- caregiver is close by and the remote feature allows her to eliminate need less trips to make sure he is ok. Have purchased more wireless cameras, do wish there was available a 6 position all wireless dvr-- as hard wire is not workable for us at all. Only problem is this area is prone to electrical spikes and outages so we have placed all cameras on surge protectors-- suggest you include this as a hint in your installation guide. I would like to know if purchasing another wireless 4 camera set up would that work with what we already have? I was told that could not be done due to the interference---- please check this out. Thanks In love with the system."

47 out of 51


Location: Phoenix, AZ

LW1000 Series

"We are foster parents, having 39 children through our home in a little over 7 years. All of these children come into care with special needs, for the most part. This is the case with the two biological brothers that we adopted at birth, now 6 and 4 years old. Both are diagnosed on the Spectrum (Autistic). Part of their situations is waking in the middle of the night, awake, screaming. It is not Night Terrors which is marked by not being awake, but a side bar issue to the Autism. I had a HAB specialists come to our home and that lead me to the use of the LW1000 wireless camera.

Attempting to get benchmark information as to the triggers of these behaviours, the boys were aware of a cell camera and of course, reacted to that by creating a continuation of behaviours. With the LW1000 placed up and out of the way, when these behaviours present themselves, we are able to trigger a DVR, capture the pre-event, the event and the self-soothing or intervention. Just being able to do this preforms a service to the HAB specialists that has helped us in dealing with the behaviours, and interventions that will eventually eliminate these behaviours.

I cannot recommend too strongly that any parent with a child of special needs get a similar system in place so as to capture the events that are needed for the professional's to help your child(ren).

By the way, we are late 50's and raising babies again after raising our children, now 33, 30, 23 - all married and on their way down the path of life.

Cuddos LOREX! Not only a great technology, but a tool assisting the growth and healing of little ones!"

48 out of 51


"It states it is wireless - however, it does need to be plugged into electricity! It is not battery powered.......The picture quality is pretty good and it chirps when there is someone getting close to it. It does not transmit noise - or pick up voices. It does what we need it to do - see outside so that no one comes up the walk and surprises us."

49 out of 51


"Worked good for a while but when it rained, water got in both cameras. The camera mounts were cheap and would come loose; this was a hassle since I put them on my roof. I like the wireless system but after a couple months, it wasn't worth it. I took them back and got a refund."

50 out of 51


Location: Birdie7

Good for the price

"Agree with AGustavo's from Los Angeles review. Bought one system considering purchasing a second system to add additional cameras and the second receiver upstairs vice one camera for almost half the price of a system. I am too having problems with garage door operations. Didn't realize it was in recording mode. System started right up and both cameras operate nicely. Intercom system is a plus.


Pros: peace of mind, good quality for the price

Cons: intermittent garage door operations

51 out of 51



"Thinking of getting 2 more great purchase ever of a security system night vision is exultant"

Pros: night vision grate



Wireless range extender antenna








Wireless home security camera system




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