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Wireless home security camera system



(357 reviews)



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Includes 4 cameras and monitor

Keep an eye on what goes on in and around your home or business with this home security camera system from Lorex. With 4 digital wireless cameras and a 7-inch LCD monitor, this is the perfect no hassle video monitoring solution. Place the cameras indoors or outdoors, power up, and start monitoring. All without video cables, expensive installation, or recurring fees.

picture frame mode disguises security monitor

Picture frame mode

Be discreet and secure. Lorex monitoring system features a picture frame mode that conceals the fact that the unit is actually a surveillance recorder. Personal photos or pictures can be uploaded to the SD card from any PC computer. The monitor will display them when the system is idle. When the motion is detected, the system will display the triggered camera in a full screen mode.

wireless home camera system with remote vieweing

Remote monitoring

View your home while you are away. Connecting your system through Skype™ is a convenient and free way of viewing your camera from anywhere in the world using the internet connection. Connect the wireless receiver to your computer using the included USB cable and set up your Skype™ app. You will be able to see a live video from your camera #1 on any Skype™ compatible smartphone or computer.

Home security system with SD recording

Built-in recording

Lorex home security system allows to choose between movement activated or continuous recording, only one camera can be recorded at a time. The recordings are kept on a regular SD card (2Gb card is included, maximum supported size is 32Gb). Every video file is time and date stamped for easier access.

Plug and play wireless security camera set up

Plug & Play Setup

The LW491 camera system includes 4 digital wireless indoor/outdoor security cameras with audio and 1 monitor with built-in wireless receiver. The cameras are easily paired to the receiver: activate the pairing function on the monitor and press the button on the camera. Then mount the cameras to a wall, ceiling, or other flat surface and connect to a power outlet. The monitor will pick up all cameras right away.

Multiple home security viewing options

Multiple Viewing Options

The LW491 camera system includes 4 digital wireless indoor/outdoor security cameras with audio and 1 monitor with built-in wireless receiver. The cameras are easily paired to the receiver: activate the pairing function on the monitor and press the button on the camera. Then mount the cameras to a wall, ceiling, or other flat surface and connect to a power outlet. The monitor will pick up all cameras right away.



Heat Rating

122°F | 50°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

14°F | -10°C

Cold Rating

SD Recording

Record and store video on the SD supported system.

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

Night/Day Video

View video during the day and with night vision at night.




Wireless home camera system features:

  • All-in-One monitor and recorder
  • View remotely via Skype™
  • Dual motion detection technology
  • Secure wireless signal
  • 2-Way talk
  • Simple installation. No video cables required1
  • Integrated digital video recorder (up to 32GB SD™ card supported)
  • Multiple recording options: manual, motion or schedule2
  • Time and date stamped recordings for easy retrieval
  • Front panel feather touch controls
  • Digital picture frame with the ability to upload your own pictures for discreet monitoring3
  • Review recordings and watch live video at the same time with Picture-In-Picture feature
  • Built-in camera light filter provides accurate color reproduction in all lighting conditions
  • 2-Way Audio for Intercom usage
  • Night viewing up to 40ft (12m) away4
  • Install cameras indoors or outdoors5
  • View up to 4 cameras at the same time or in sequence
  • Up to 180ft (55m) indoor/650ft (200m) outdoor wireless range 6
  • AV output for viewing on a larger screen (e.g. TV)
  • Tabletop, wall or under-counter mountable monitor
  • ULTIMATE PEACE OF MIND - View while you are away from home via Skype™ from anywhere in the world!*.
  • NEVER MISS A THING - with dual motion detection.
  • PIR heat sensors and video motion detection for improved motion recording and audio alerts.
  • PRE-EVENT RECORDING - Capture the seconds leading up to the event and record up to 4 channels in quad screen to catch all the action.
  • DISCREET, PRIVATE & SECURE - Digital picture frame mode for discreet monitoring, and a secure long-range digital signal make it ideal for home monitoring.
  • EASY PLUG & PLAY - video cables, no expensive installation, no recurring fees. Place the cameras indoors or outdoors, power up, and start monitoring!

Each LW491 Includes:

4 × Wireless cameras
1 × LCD Monitor
1 × SD memory card

1. Cameras require a local power outlet.
2. Local viewing up to 4 cameras simultaneously. Local recording and playback of one camera at a time or all 4 cameras simultaneously on one screen (Quad view).
3. Ability to upload your own pictures supported using a PC only. Default covert function (blank screen) available as an alternative option.
4. Stated IR Illumination range is based on ideal conditions. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object.
5. Weather-resistant. Not intended for direct exposure to rain or snow. For outdoor applications install under shelter protected from the elements.
6. Based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.

* No recurring charges. Internet connection required on connected PC. Remote connection requires driver installation on home PC (CD included), a wired USB connection between the monitor and PC (USB cable included) and a high speed internet connection. PC must be turned ON and Skype™ application must be running. Remote viewing is limited to a single camera and is not selectable remotely.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Technology Inc. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 357


Location: Rivesville, WV

Overall the system was very easy to set up. I downloaded the user's guide which is very helpful and easy to understand.

2 out of 357


Location: Ontario, Canada

The system was easy to install (model LW491 - 720p cameras). Power adapters for camera's were long enough for most locations and easy to connect through soffit vents (an extension would be a good option).

Pretty easy to pair, just take the console close to the camera location with an extension cord and then relocate console to final location. Have camera on all sides of house with out any issue. The clarity and colour during the day is excellent and the night vision mode is very good as well. Has worked well for many months. Only issue we have encountered is that after a power outage, the console will not enter the menu mode. Possibly needs to be reset so I have opened a ticket with support and am awaiting return call / followup. Hopefully support is a as good as the rest of the product.

Overall I would recommend the product due to the easy of setup and quality of the cameras/video.

3 out of 357


Location: houston, texas

this equipment has a problem. you can't get any help on-line or thru internet.

Our apologies for any difficulty you have experienced. We have attempted to reach you via email. Please reply to us at your convenience.

4 out of 357


Location: Keller, Texas

Ordered an Lw491HD. Came with 4 wireless cameras. Easy set up. No problem pairing. Had the system up and running in no time. After setup, noticed that the system would not operate on battery when disconnected from power.opened battery compartment and saw battery was missing. Contacted customer service who said they would ship a battery out immediately. Called back two weeks later to check on status of delivery, and now they are telling me the unit does not come with a battery, when I insisted on talking to a supervisor, the supervisor informed me that they have been having difficulty with the batteries, so the system no longer comes with a battery, and only will work hard wired to power. When I told him the website says the monitor comes with a rechargeable battery, he said that the tech people have not yet gotten around to updating the website.

They set me a return shipping label, and I have the option to return the system for a full refund. I will wait and come down a bit before I decide whether or not to return it. It does work well, and has a decent picture and I do like the wireless feature.

5 out of 357


Location: Galax, VA

I bought this system after struggling to do the same thing with several D-link cameras. The Lorex system works great for me and I couldn't be happier - it has worked better than I even hoped and now I can view my property on my Android smartphone whenever I feel the need. The images are crystal clear and the wireless is working great even though two of my cameras are 75 yards away from the base station! I would guess that is at the far edge of the range, but the cameras are holding their connection and the video feed is stellar. Way to go Lorex - you are the first to get this right when it comes to including a two-way audio system that really works!

6 out of 357


Location: Texas

Lorex makes this product sound really good however it isn't. I have had mine for months and it has yet to record ANYTHING. It came with absolutely no instructions on how to install or use. The card does not work, the recording settings to do not work, the motion detector does not work. I spent weeks trying to get help from Lorex CS and NOTHING.

We're sorry to hear you're having difficulty and have offered you our assistance. Please reply to our email at your convenience.

7 out of 357


Location: Pennsylvania

We purchased the Lorex LW491 series, and we are very satisfied with it. I have a Samsung Galaxy 7 edge cell phone, and I can watch my house from my phone when we're away. I can record when I want with the SD card. I would recommend this product. My Nephew since bought one.

8 out of 357


Location: Aurora, Colorado

I ordered the camera set almost a month ago, and when check the order its still saying location is "warehouse"...what gives?

Our apologies for the wait. Your order was on a temporary back order.

9 out of 357


Location: Texas

I ordered this product on August the 12th and all was good showed in stock and figured would ship quickly. after waiting till August the 17th finally decided to ask what was the problem. logged into my account and began on line conversation Lorex said it would be 7 business days before shipping and I was Ok with that. Waited 5 more days product did not ship. Called Lorex this time and was told they were out of stock and next shipment would be middle of September. I was done at that point and asked for refund of my money. I am hoping I will not have to wait till mid December to get my money back. I wonder if you have problems with there product it takes the same amount of time to fix your issues.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. The item sold out unexpectedly. Your payment was refunded.

10 out of 357


Location: Topeka, KS

Love the system, works very well. Simple to set up, just took a few minutes and we were in business. We really like the audio alerts, anything on the driveway, vehicle, human, turkeys, we now know about it. Would highly recommend, if we could change anything, a larger monitor would be it, but all in all, it is worth the price.

11 out of 357


Location: Wadsworth, Ohio

Simple to set up and works out of the box

12 out of 357


Location: Portland,OR

Very bad service, I cannot talk on the phone with real person very hard to cancel an order even after you place an order within 1 hour.
I do not recommend this company to anybody.
Very bad experiment.

Our apologies for any difficulty you experienced. Your order was cancelled as requested.

13 out of 357


Location: Oberlin, Louisiana

Purchased this home security system a few weeks ago and it has worked great so far. The system was easy to set up. The instructions were very clear with simple installation. Was the best value for the price I found.

14 out of 357


Location: Lake Stevens, WA

great product
very easy set up
simple to use and navigate
wish it came with more cameras or could add more cameras
screen is small but does the job, ours is set to show all 4 cameras. still easily visible
would recommend this system to others

15 out of 357


Location: Colorado Springs

1. Price right.
2. Customer Service- Horrible. Not in US, not helpful at all. Was told to go to website. I was on website and need clarification. Needless, to say I didn't get an answer.
3. Easy setup
4. Grt day and night vision and angle distance.
5. Love motion recording. Can reformat the SD card or buy a bigger capacity.
6. Haven't tried remote access. Not something I actually need.
7. Monitor WAY TOO SMALL! Website said I could connect a bigger monitor with HDMI cable to it. NOT SO!!! No port for such.
8. Says It is mobile in house or yard for 2 hrs. Only have tested for about an 1 and it works.
9. Monitor easy to operate.
10. Ok you need to understand what cordless means. It means cordless to monitor. However, you MUST an electronical outlet to plug it in.
Bottom line, I give it kudos, except for Customer Service and I needed a bigger monitor, because I'm older and don't see as well especially with a 7" monitor. That was the selling point for me and I can't do it.

16 out of 357


Location: Nevada

My system was easy to set up. No complaints there. Everything was working great for about a week. Then, all of my camera units started showing "out of range." After restoring the system back to the factory default settings, restarting the system, etc, still the system is inop. Contacting the customer service was in Bogota, Columbia and I was able to start the process to get a replacement monitor. The process of replacement is entirely too slow! I should not have to wait 5-7 business days to process the replacement. Then, wait for shipping. I am starting to get slightly irritated waiting on a replacement. Hopefully this solves the issue or I will be sending the product back for a refund.

Thank you for your feedback. Our apologies for the wait with your replacement. We hope everything is working well now.

17 out of 357


Location: St. Louis, MO

Every once in awhile one of the cameras will go out. Mine are all protected by an overhead cover, but it still gets cold in this area and that might be what the problem is. This system worked well for what I needed, but I recently replaced it with a wired Lorex DVR system, which is much better.

18 out of 357


Location: susquehanna pa

great system for the money- easy to set up and use. The only problem that we see so far is that the system ad says weather resistant but we were told by tech support that to use them outside we would have to seal up the mic on each camera that is placed outside even if its under an eave and that is the only way to make them weather resistant. Would have given 5 stars if it werent for that. Would recommend this system tho because it is worth the money we spent.

19 out of 357


Location: Mississauga

First time I´m using the product I purchased 3 years ago. I actually used it for 2 weeks as soon as I received it just to make sure it was working. It was... a bit! Since then I moved to Brazil and have got the new house built. I know, I know, warranty is gone! Anyway, I installed the cameras 2 weeks ago in the newly built house and now the monitor has gone dark - I tried switching on and off several times and unplugging power didn´t work either. It´s not recording any camera, but if I press any of the screen buttons they all go green for a while, so not totally dead, but useless! Funny thing -- I just cannot open a technical support ticket: when I try to submit the request via website I claims that my phone number is invalid, even provinding my Canadian contact number. It seems I will throw 400 dollars in the bin. But will never buy Lorex again if this happens.

Thank you for your feedback. Our apologies for any difficulty you have experienced. Our technical support team was happy to assist you. If you require further assistance, please call us at 1-888-425-6739.

20 out of 357


Location: california

The cameras are great just wish it was available in stores

21 out of 357


Location: Michigan

This system was SO easy to set up. I had read the other reviews, so I knew it would be simple, but I was still shocked at how quick and easy it was. The picture is great, it records great, and has already been very useful to me at our office. I didn't want a big huge bill for installation of a wired camera system in our office, this was a perfect solution. Plus I can move the cameras around as needed.

22 out of 357


Location: WA

I bought this latest version to replace an older one that had failed. The new one is such an improvement! Cameras are more weather-proof. Resolution of the images is much improved. Very happy with the new unit. Plug and play, or very nearly.

23 out of 357


Location: Mississippi

Purchased this wireless LW491 home security system a few weeks ago. It has worked great so far. Easy setup! A great product. Does not interfere with other wireless products that I have.

24 out of 357


Location: ca

Easy to set up. Touch the scree on any given camera and when it comes up m(about 3 seconds) you can listen and talk through that one camera. The resolution is good.

25 out of 357


Location: Montana

This system was not what I originally ordered, however it functions wonderfully and was easy to set up.So far it has performed well.

26 out of 357


Location: Alaska

Purchased this home security system a few months ago. It has worked great so far. Very easy setup! Great product!

27 out of 357


Location: Dalton, GA

Easy to set up. Clear view during night and day. This met all our requirements and was money well spent. I would highly recommend.

28 out of 357


Location: Ohio

I received the Lorex Wireless home security camera system as a Christmas Gift. It is fantastic, I even captured deer in my back yard and am able to see and speak to anyone who comes to my front door or back door as well as any intruder trying to get in.

29 out of 357


Location: Home

Hard to set up

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you and can be reached at1-888-425-6739, option 3.

30 out of 357


Location: Mississauga, Ontario

I had this system for about 12 months. It was money extremely well spent. You may have to add a outlet or drill a small hole. Black and white night view but that's the FLIR doing its job. Did get a 32 GB sd card. Excellent customer service and support for any questions. I never post reviews of any kind but felt compelled in this case.Complete sense of relief knowing my property is protected .Thank you Lorex.Extremely satisfied with this Product. purchasing the 1080 P system soon.

31 out of 357


Location: Philly

Good system for the money
Battery is nice for transportability.

arrived...missing 4 antennas for the cameras
Camera quality less than 3 year old same system

32 out of 357


Location: South Dakota

Have had this system for about 4 months. It was money extremely well spent. You may have to add a outlet or drill a small hole but definitely not rocket science.We had problems with people thinking that they could trespass and help themselves to whatever they wanted. That stopped by the third day. Black and white night view but that's the FLIR doing its job. Did get a 32 gig sd card. Excellent customer service and support for any questions. I never post reviews of any kind but felt compelled in this case. Will be purchasing the hd 4 channel system this week. Thank you Lorex.

33 out of 357


Location: New Jersey

Before I bought I have told been This system and camera is HD When I test it it's not. I called more than 10 times and every time i waited more than 45 minutes (You have to wait more than 45 minutes for customer service and technical services may be you can get your answer). At least they told me that it's not HD. 45 minutes waiting time is a shame.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize if you were misinformed and for the longer than usual wait time.

34 out of 357


Location: new york

Purchased this and it works great, very easy to set up!! I was worried about that!! Very nice product for the money. Need a manual booklet to help to see how to operate all it can do!

Thank you for your feedback. Please find the full manual under the downloads tab of this page.

35 out of 357


Location: Airdrie

- This product was quite easy to install and set-up.
- Cameras work well so far

- Skype does not work great at all. It would be nice to be able to view online or on an iPhone.
- It is extremely difficult to get hold of customer service via phone. The callback feature does not work and you can be on hold for over 1 hour.
- I have been waiting for a credit for almost 3 weeks and now I will have to phone again.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the longer than usual wait. Your credit has been processed.

36 out of 357


Location: evans co

This is a very nice product for the money. I wish you could hook up a larger screen to it. I have LW2962h p.S. I wish there was a manual book with it, not the internet.

37 out of 357


Location: Kalamazoo, MI

I recently bought a unit from Costco with 8 cameras. Installed easily 4 cameras and working good. I ordered directly with Lorex for a 300 feet cable. They shipped a 120 & 60 feet cables and shipping document says that. They shipped 240 and 60 feet. For the past two weeks unable to contact any one from the cuatomer service even to ackowledge the mistake. It takes few hours to contact some one on phone. Service is as bad as a third world country firm.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any difficulty you have experienced. Our customer service team was happy to resolve this for you.

38 out of 357


Location: Potsdam ny

Cameras are easy enough to set up. Skype not so easy for remote viewing. Software not made to work with windows 8 or 10. Every time I call tech support, 30 minute wait. Should and could be much easier.

39 out of 357


Location: Quakertown

Once I found the port for the power cord on the monitor it was a breeze to set up. I was amazed how well I can see with the cameras in the dark. I want to watch the dogs that board together in the barn and I can see them while they sleep. I couldn't do that with the radio shack cameras I had. I love this set up. The monitor is in the house and the cameras are in the barn

40 out of 357


Location: Calgary, AB Canada

Extremely satisfied with this recently purchased product. Easy set up & use of monitor. 3 out of 4 camera's located outdoors & receiving a Signal range between 3-4 bars. Complete sense of relief knowing my property & belongings are protected day & night. Thanks Lorex!!

41 out of 357


Location: lenoir

I have had my system over a year now. I give this system a 2 star rating overall.

(1) The system is easy to setup for 2 camera configurations.

(2) The system works. The cameras are lasting in an outside environment.

(3) Camera Range is very good. I have one camera about 130 feet from the receiver/display and get a good signal – however, the signal path is basically a line of sight signal – meaning there is nothing (like walls) in between the camera and the receiver – but for one wooden wall. If the signal has to go through one or more brick walls the camera is going to have to be probably within 100 feet of the receiver.


(1) Video quality – unless a person walls up and looks into the camera, or unless you already “know” the person in the video you will have a very difficult time identifying people in your video. You will basically only be able to tell the police a human stole your stuff. Not quite that bad but close.

(2) 4 Camera setup - The 4 camera configuration setup is more difficult than it should be. The setup is not that difficult but there are extra step up steps (compared to two camera system) that are just not necessary – they just needed to spend another week or two on programming firmware code. But I guess they thought it was funny to have one walk to the camera climb a ladder during setup. HaHa, good one.

(3) Buggy Firmware 1 – Firmware is the software that controls the receiver/display. If your receiver/display loses power it also has a tendency to “lose its mind”. You will start seeing display errors consistent with code that is writing over itself.

(4) Buggy Firmware 2 – The Firmware works ok with the 4GB memory card – but if you want longer record times and install a 32GB memory card the firmware will freak out and start generating display errors as if the firmware code is once again writing over its own memory.

(5) Buggy Firmware 3 – With the 32GB card installed, if the receiver/display ever loses power (I turn it off or power failure) I have to remove the 32GB card, turn the system on, then insert the 32GB card “hot” – do not like doing this but such step is the only way to get the system to work with a 32GB memory card

(6) Remote Viewing: Need a Skype account. Really? This is the best you can do?

(7) Hardware Connection to Computer : for remote viewing you have to have a hardwire connection to a computer AND the computer must be on all the time you wish to remote view your video. Really – just too hard to put WiFi in the receiver? I know, such is probably cost driven but really? Make it an option.

Very good system for the money – especially a good system for people not that good with computers.

That said, setup for remote viewing requires knowledge of setting up a skype account and other stupid crap that is totally unnecessary – make an APP for the iPhone already.

Video quality not so impressive - you will be able to tell a human stole your stuff but it may be difficult to tell which human.

I am inclined to recommend one spend a few hundred dollars more and purchase a system with a DVR that has a WiFi connection to your router and/or a hardware connect and a system that includes an APP for your smartphone for remote view (none of the skype crap).

Thank you for your detailed feedback. Please keep in mind our technical support team is available to assist you if you are having any difficulty setting up a Lorex system. They can be reached at 877-755-6739.

42 out of 357


Location: North Carolina

The system was even easier than expected to set up. The instructions were very clear and walked you through for a simple installation. was the best value for the price I found.

43 out of 357


Location: Wisconsin

System is very easy to set up. I have been pleased with the results so far. My only knock is that you can't set up motion recording within a time parameter. Other than that, it is serving the purpose of protecting our assets.

44 out of 357


Location: Fort Washington, Maryland

It took me a while to install and setup the cameras but it's worth doing it. I was not disappointed and really satisfied
with the results. The price was just right. Just hoping that
the cameras outdoor will last longer and can beat snow and rain.
This is a good product. The User Manual is also very helpful.

45 out of 357


Location: Philadelphia, PA

I purchased this product for my business. The product is great and performs as stated. Picture is great and feed is as close to real time as it can get which is needed for our production plant.

46 out of 357


Location: Long Island, NY

Ordered a security system online on September 21st, 2015. Still waiting after 9 days and online order tracking notes, it's still in the warehouse. After waiting on hold for almost 15 minutes, I was told by a sales team member, the order will ship out the end of the month which is tomorrow, October 1st. So, a little confused, I asked since today is September 30th, is this not the end of the month. No, tomorrow is the end of the month.....Hopefully, this will be worth the wait and I can update my review.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the delay and hope you are enjoying the system. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 1-888-425-6739.

47 out of 357


Location: Illinois

I was pleasantly surprised that the shipment arrived on the second day after I had placed the order. The package was complete and everything was in good condition. Installation was rather simple. I was pleased to find that the cords for connecting the cameras to a power outlet were as long as they were. The system works fine. The only negative was the rather long time spent on hold waiting to be connected with a representative.

48 out of 357


Location: Ohio

We were having security issues in our neighborhood and decided to install security cameras. We liked the smaller monitor, it fit perfect in our kitchen. The tech support to set everything up was great. Thanks so much and keep up the good work.

49 out of 357


Location: Long island ny

This is s great system easy to set up and pictures are crystal clear and the price you cant beat believe me i tried

50 out of 357


Location: calif

This is the best security camera, easy to set up and clear lcd screen. we have an older home with really thick walls and we still get great signal strength. HAPPY-HAPPY. Thanks lorex

51 out of 357


Location: michigan

This is my second system. I think I've had the first one so long it's wearing out! The new system will be a welcome addition to my business

52 out of 357


Location: Hartford

I like this product so far because it captures so much, but I wish there was a less tedious way to perform playback

53 out of 357


Location: Delray Beach, FL

Great quality at a reasonable price. If installing to capture outdoor images, DO NOT forget to install the cameras outside. I'm still waiting for an electrician to install outlets so I can plug them up outside. As others have stated, cameras do pick up any movement; even if the trees move. Otherwise, great product.

54 out of 357


Location: New Jersey

Good camera system for the money with night view.
Very satisfied with performance and easy installation.

55 out of 357


Location: St. Louis, MO

This replaced a prior version of a Lorex Wireless camera system. It was easy to setup, but the sensitivity on the record function is too sensitive. We'd like to turn it down about 2 notches. Our prior version had a remote control. This version uses the touch screen controls. The nice thing is, the remote doesn't get lost. The bad thing is, the control areas on the screen take up space so the frame itself is larger to accommodate this. The supports and brackets for the cameras were nicely upgraded over our prior version. The quality of the picture is better than our prior version. Overall, a nice upgrade. Just a bit too sensitive.

56 out of 357


Location: Canada

Excellent product, simple to install, each cameras come with 9 Volts adaptor with enough 12ft cabling to reach 110 volts outlet. HD view on a 9 in display is nice, night recording is not bad, no need for extra lights. Motion recording is an excellent option, ready at all times. 8GB card is enough for recording.
Too bad you can not connect to a TV or bigger display.
Highly recommended.

57 out of 357


Location: Conyers Ga

Purchased a Lorex security system for our busines several months back. Install was so easy and system works great. Two months ago we purchased a second system for our home. Again, very simple to install and give the family a feeling of security. Would recommend this system to others.

58 out of 357


Location: Grand Bay, Alabama

This is our first security system and so far so good. Installation was easy and the cameras work great and have a good clear picture. I just wish the sensitivity didn't pick up bugs but that's a small price to pay for peace of mind. I would definitely recommend this to others.

59 out of 357


Location: Pineville, Louisiana

This is my.first security system. I was really suprised how easy it was to pair the cameras to the monitor. I mounted the cameras in place and turned on monitor, the picture was excellent. With the 4 cameras I get a clear view of the outside of my house. I had one question that I needed an answer, I called Lorex' s technical services and within 2 minutes, question answered. Problem solved. I am impressed & very satisfied with the system.

60 out of 357


Location: MARYLAND

Got this unit as my first ever security system and was very pleased with the speed of receiving unit about 5 days. unit was very east to set up and works fine so far no problems. trying to figure all out. only problem is your tech and sales dept is very bad. have called about 3 times and hold for at least 30 min. and no one answers left message 2 times no one calls back as they say they will. have emailed 3 times and no one calls or answers. i would like to buy another unit but had a couple questions before i purchase . you need to hire more people to do a better job on customer service. like unit but scared if i have problem with not get hold of anyone so i think i will purchase other unit from someone else

61 out of 357


Location: Charlotte, NC

This is the 5th Lorex system I purchased for both my home and business. I love this system as it is very user friendly and easy to setup. Takes no time to setup and have great security monitoring.

I also must say that Lorex does stand behind their products and offers super support.

62 out of 357


Location: Ortonville MI

The set up was quick and simple and I like how the system is all-inclusive. (picture quality could be better)
However the company/ordering process itself if I could, would give a ZERO. I ordered one product and was shipped another. Product was supposed to be shipped in 24 hrs. and it took over a WEEK to ship, I ordered on 5/16 and it didn't ship until 5/26 and that is with me calling in two times to check on it. (They never answered my email) When calling into Customer Service, be prepared to be on hold for nearly an hour each time. I haven't reviewed much of the recordings yet to really comment in detail on that.

63 out of 357


Location: Conyers Ga

Received the package as promised. Set up was very easy, just follow instructions. Very pleased with performance. Ordered a second one today for the home. Had to use customer support once and was very happy with Carl and his handling of the minor situation. Thanks and would recommend to any one.

64 out of 357


Location: Flagstaff, Arizona

The system was easy to set up. No problems!

65 out of 357


Location: Victoria BC Canada

Ordered the LW491 4 camera system and arrived within approx a week from the US (standard shipping). Removed the my old system and installed the new system. Pairing the two cameras for the 3rd and 4th channel was a breeze. Set up the monitor and played with the system to get to know it. Works great. The wife was impressed with the easy use and good clarity. Night vision is good. Haven't set up the remote Skype monitor yet but will eventually. The only thing I would do differently would be to upgrade to the HD system (LW491HD). Didn't realize HD was an option until after I received the SD version. :(
It would be nice not to be limited to the Skype monitoring only but it is what it is. Overall I'm very happy with the system so far. Note: the only thing I found is when I rebooted the system that I had to remove the SD card for the monitor to reboot or you are left with a black screen. Took a few a attempts to figure that out. Also it would be nice to be able to delete individual files from the system via the monitor without formatting and losing all the files on the SD card.
Overall great system for the price! I've already recommended to a co worker! Thanks!

66 out of 357


Location: Indiana

Did a lot of research and decided on the Lorex Wireless home security camera system LW491 with four cameras, was sent a upgrade same cameras larger All-in-One monitor and recorder (Thanks Lorex).

Very happy with my purchase. Easy install. Cameras are wireless but do need to be plugged into a regular outlet, Hubby installed two GFCI receptacle inside our screen porch (win win for me I now have electricity on my front porch). The other two cameras placed on our garage so no extra work there just two small holes drilled through to run camera cords to outlets inside of garage.

Picture quality day or night very clear. The zoom in works good but not good enough to like read a licence plate number from a distance.

The two way audio for intercom usage is awesome on all four cameras, one of the cameras is pointed on backyard so if I have to go inside for a second kids can hear me and I can hear them loud and clear over intercom, or answering someone at front door.

The two cameras that come packed with the All-in-One monitor and recorder are already paired, the other two cameras we had to pair. Pair before installing cameras. Paired very easily.

For the price and quality of this security system I highly recommend it.

67 out of 357


Location: St. Louis, MO

This was an upgrade from a similar Lorex system purchased several years ago. The picture quality is much better. The setup went smoothly, except... two of the cameras did not connect. I unplugged the power supply and switched cords/plugs between several units and the cameras started up. I have no idea why, but have had no problems since. My only complaint is the sensitivity can't be adjust down another notch (without turning it off completely). The cameras go off when a bug flies by sometimes. The brackets for the cameras have been improved to allow a lot more flexibility in positioning them. That is a real plus. I would buy this system again.

68 out of 357


Location: Niagara Falls

If you are looking for an easy setup and relatively inexpensive wireless camera system, give this a try. You will not be disappointed.
I have installed 3 of these cameras outside (driveway, front door, backyard) and one in the kids room. The only thing you need for the installation is a power outlet near each camera. The cameras come with 110V power adapters and power cable is long enough (about 15ft). I put the monitor on my desk in the basement. Wireless range is pretty good. The distance between the outside cameras and monitor is not very long (approx 30ft), but there is a brick wall, a tile kitchen floor and a drywall in between. No issues.
You can view all 4 cameras at the same time, and more importantly this system can record all 4 cameras at the same time if one camera detects movement. I had purchased a Defender wireless system before this one and I returned it, because it was able to record only one camera at a time and until the recording duration is over the other cameras were just useless.
The system has dual motion detection. Heat sensors and motion detection. I turned motion detection off because it was triggered very often by the big tree in the front. Heat sensors are good enough.
All features work great as advertised (two-way talk, night vision, etc...) The only complaint I can think of is the remote monitoring. You have to leave your PC on when you are not home which makes it kind of useless. If you need to view remotely and don't mind the extra cost, I think you should get an IP camera.

69 out of 357


Location: South Carolina

I just opened the boxed plugged in the monitor and then the camera and instant picture. Worked right out the box. I put the cameras where I wanted them and adjusted them so I could get the coverage to all the entry points to the house. There was no complicated wiring to deal with.

You just need to have a plug near to where you are placing you camera(s). I did have one issue that I will share so no one else will freak out about. We had a bad thunderstorm and it knocked out our power. When power was restored, the monitor went through its startup sequence and then a black screen. Why was I getting that? I tried everything but it only required 1 simple fix. I removed the SD card and turned it back on. All my cameras were back. I put the card back in and have had no trouble since. Great package for the price.

70 out of 357


Location: Wayne, Michigan

I ordered this 4 camera wireless system and received prompt delivery. ( About A Week). Everything was well packaged and arrived in perfect condition. My son and I installed this four camera wireless system in a weekend. Including running power to locations for the cameras. Setup was simple following the included instructions. The color is vivid and the picture very clear. The picture is somewhat glitchy, but I expected some of that. You can expect that with most systems in this price range. The night vision is clear and has good contrast. I am very happy with this security system, and would highly recommend it. The price was very reasonable for all the features you get and the system has been flawless. The only improvement I would recommend is to have a battery backup for the monitor for mobility and ease of use it must be plugged in to operate. Thank you for a good product at a good price. I would highly recommend it.

71 out of 357


Location: Tennessee

Received my Lorex system within 3 days of purchase. Thought cameras were completely wireless. Need to plug in. Did not have any trouble installing or pairing 4 cameras. Real easy as long as outlets are in the vicinity of cameras. Luckly I have low voltage lights all over my yard.

MY wife and I are happy with system. Picture is real clear and bright day and night. Would recommend to anyone!

72 out of 357


Location: New Albany, Indiana

This is a great product. Picture quality is very good even in the dark. Easy setup also

73 out of 357



Recieved the box undamaged, well packaged in a timely manner. Assembley was very easy with clear, concise instructuions. Operation is as advertised.

74 out of 357


Location: spanaway

This is a great product and work very well. There nothing like a peace of mind and knowing that you can check on your house from anywhere in the world. I'm in the military and with all i have to worry about when I'm away from home, having on less thing is great and this system has helped with that. Easy set-up using Lorex techs.

75 out of 357


Location: Wa

I have a slightly older product and love it. Have referred a few friends and the customer service is impeccable. Thanks Lorex for giving my family a sense of security.

76 out of 357


Location: Bristow, Okla. 74010

I have just installed the cameras and they are working good right now. I can't really give a long term rating right now but I have no issues at this time. I do have a couple questions, but it seems to be a problem to call someone and ask a question, phone number does not work. if someone could give me a number that works I would like to talk to the tech shop and see if they can answer my questions. please give me a call at 918-671-6724

77 out of 357


Location: Chicago

Survived extrme winter here in our area and customer technical support respond quick online by the ticket system..great product so far hope it last...thanks Lorex.

78 out of 357


Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Lorex system was easy to install. Tech was very helpful - one camera was hard to pair - and he remedied the situation quickly. Picture quality is outstanding. Great system!

79 out of 357


Location: Amissville, VA

I bought the system (lw2932) because of the easy install and fair price. I installed everything in a couple of hours, and I am very meticulous when it comes to hiding wires, camera angles, etc. The system has been operational for approximately two weeks now and is working flawlessly. Two cameras are on my house (under porch roof/deck) and two are on the shed (under overhang) approximately fifty feet from the house. I keep the monitor/dvr in the kitchen near the computer and the signal is strong on all four cameras. I love being able to keep track of the kids outside while sitting inside. They think it's funny when I ask them why they are in the shed from the camera! The monitor is great and the settings are easy to use. Motion detection is adjustable and works great. Night vision is amazing. I have no issues and the system works as described. I inserted a 32 gb card ($20) and set it to record all four cameras when any single camera detects motion. On this setting I have found that I still have video from 2 weeks ago. I highly recommend this product for residential or business use.

80 out of 357


Location: Georgia

So far we are pleased with our purchase. We have 3 of the 4 cameras up and running and had no issues getting everything set up. We have not done the Skype with the cameras at this point but are excited to have the option.

81 out of 357


Location: Florida

For personal or small-scale business use, this product performs adequately. Although the resolution and variety of functions are below par, when I bought this particular model on sale it had the most bang for the buck.

82 out of 357


Location: Warren, MI

Great Product!!! Haven't been able to put it up in the locations I want due to weather, but have been playing around with them in the house (watching the dogs). Got it hooked up to Skype, it was very easy to do. Glad we purchased this item.

83 out of 357


Location: Deerfield/Pompano Beaches

Great product! Took about 4 days to place the 4 cameras since I had to run the power wire
in conduit for security reasons and appearance requirements for the condominium building.

Very satisfied with the product (so far-3 weeks). Had problem with cameras picking up
"ghost" images during the night vision due to arranging the cameras with overlapping views
where one would trigger the motion detection of the other. After correcting the AIM the
problem disappeared.

Love the intercom capability, only wish the refresh rate (frames per second) were higher so
the images would not jerk like an older movie. Great color and great night vision.

I sleep at night with the monitor viewable from the bed and when the alarm sounds and the
cameras begin a 30-second motion recording, I can easily see IF anything needs attention.

Only hope other tenants don't get jealous and tamper with my cameras to alter the aim or the know "human nature"

Had an X-10 camera system that lasted over 15 years....let's see if this system lasts that long
or longer(?)...hehehe

84 out of 357


Location: wisconsin

Good product, easy to set up picture quality very good

85 out of 357


Location: Spring Hill, Gl.

This is a great product. Picture quality is very good even in the dark. Easy setup also.

86 out of 357


Location: Vine Grove

This was a replacement system and set up very quick. Lorex needs a system to repair units that are out of warranty at a reasonable cost.

87 out of 357


Location: phoenix

Great day time picture and motion detection. I was hoping for better in the night time. Overall it meets my expectations. Tech help is wonderful and they have accomodated me on anything i need or have a question about.

88 out of 357


Location: Fl

We have this wireless system and it works great. Easy to set up

89 out of 357


Location: San Diego, CA

I'm rating this product with 2 stars just because on the first shipment, I received a bad (doesn't work at all) monitor. I wish they've tested this equipment before packaging it. So I shipped it back for a new one. Got a new one, it worked very good for 1-1/2 weeks and was so excited that it was working..., but I had the same problem with the monitor, it just gave up, nothing comes up on the screen. So, I'm still waiting for another replacement. I hope the third one will last a long long time!!!

90 out of 357


Location: oak forest Il

I am very happy with the lorex unit I bought. I'm pleased with the price and it is very easy to set up.
Just follow the step by step instructions and you can't go wrong. I've had my monitoring system for 3 months and it purrs like a kitten.

91 out of 357


Location: Auburn

I have had this camera system for about 6 weeks now. LW 2932. It is working great. The signal is good and the picture is good. Once you get the hang of the monitor it is easy to
program and operate.

92 out of 357


Location: Burlington, NC

I bought this system because I live out in the country and felt I needed some surveillance equipment to see what is happening outside. The 4 camera wireless system has been awesome. The install was easy with the two cameras that came with the display, but the two additional cameras were not easy to add. I had trouble pairing them to the tablet screen. I ended up calling customer support and they walked me through a series of steps (not documented anywhere) to get them paired. Customer support was great and quick to advise. I was pleasantly surprised that a camera in a remote building over 100 feet away had a strong WiFi signal to the the monitor in the house.

I can't say that the monitor is perfect. The touch pad at the bottom isn't calibrated the best for touch reception. Some of the menu's aren't the best and I can't delete recorded video without having to wipe out the entire card.

Overall, I do like the system and feel that it was a wise purchase.

93 out of 357


Location: Houma,La.

Great system. My son installed quickly. Good results night & day.

94 out of 357


Location: Medford Oregon

I'm very pleased with the purchase of Lorex camera system. It was easy to install and use.the equipment. Took less than an hour to install all 4 cameras. Really impressed with the system.

95 out of 357


Location: Chicago

Nice so far..survive in snowstorm..and hopefully survives a long time..clarity is ok...easy setup.

96 out of 357


Location: Mineral Wells, Tx

Bought this system for my elderly in-laws. Now they are able to monitor all outside doors of their house, and with the internet connection, I can also monitor their house from my computer. They feel much more secure. I ordered the LW2932. It installed very easily. The picture is almost perfect and the voice is very clear. I had problems with one camera but that was because it was about 80 feet from the monitor and had 5 walls to transmit through. Naturally, it was intermitten. I would reccommend this system to anyone needing a security system.

97 out of 357


Location: Kansas city

This is a great system for watching around the house. We use it to watch the "critters" that visit through the night and really enjoy it. Incredably easy to set up. The only reason I can't rate it a 5 star is the night vision could be better. I had to rig a small 60 watt light in the yard to really see anything. Works great now. We have a lot of fun watching the raccoons, deer, turkeys, possums and other animals in the back.

98 out of 357


Location: Southern Ohio

Delivery was delayed due to weather (not Lorex's fault) When the equipment arrived I had a young man help me install and it went quick and easy. We did pair the cameras before mounting and that made the job quicker. I have the unit set to show on my big screen TV and can actually tell who is at the door. I am very satisfied.

99 out of 357


Location: Sardinia Ohio

This is a great monitoring system I ordered LW 491 And got a upgrade to LW 2962H that gave me a 9 inch monitor Thanks LOREX This system is very easy to set up Just follow the step by step set-up guide. One helpful hint pair cameras before mounting .

100 out of 357


Location: Livermore Ca

Had a bit of vandalism on my truck parked in the driveway which prompted me to purchase this system. Besides the price, the 4 channel system appeared to meet my needs with the added benefit that it was a great value. I purchased on Black Friday but had to have electrical installed in the areas where the cameras were to be installed. That happened last week and now the system is up and running and the coverage is just as planned. The only problem comes from the 4 GB SD Card that was included but is not working - my plan is to replace with a 32 GB card regardless. Lorex promised to replace the card but I prefer the larger card so no big deal. My intention is to motion record so the SD Card is needed. Had a bit of a problem with coverage from the furthest camera but that was easily solved by moving the receiver to a better position. I am very happy and impressed with the system.

101 out of 357


Location: Maryland

Very nice system for a small home shipping was quick pairing the cameras was very easy positioning them around the house with easy you will be surprised on how much movement is going on around your home when you're not there well worth the money I probably will upgrade in a year.

102 out of 357


Location: fairfield,ca

Pros: pairing the cameras and setting them up around the perimeter in front of the house was easy. After much thought ,a establishing a power source also was easy . Running the power lines through the circular holes below the garage eaves and hooking them up to two extension cords above the rafters and In turn those two extension cords were connected to a surge bar via a electrical receptacle the electric garage door opener was hoozed up to. Manual was easy to comprehend and thus operate the monitor. For the money, the cameras and monitor are a good value.
Cons: prior to my purchase,it took 10 days to get a response from a rep to my question which did not sound definite but more like a guess. Instead of receiving the lw 491 that i ordered , i received a substitute a lw 2930 . When asked about that , they stated they reserved the right to make changes. When i placed the order for said unit, i did not visibly see that statement.

103 out of 357


Location: Altoona, PA

We have used Harbor Freights security cameras for years and wanted to add wireless cameras to extend the areas we could view. My Husband has been playing with them since the set arrived. I have been very pleased with the night vision. The first night I asked him if he left the carport lights on because the picture was so clear from camera the whole way out to the road. The picture is not as sharp as it could be but we have not messed with every feature. So far we like this model LW 2932.

104 out of 357


Location: Camden NJ

I received my wireless system in a timely fashion. I'm glad I read previous reviews as to model number shipped ( not LW 491) when purchasing the 4 camera system or I would've been calling Customer service. Everything was neatly packaged and instructions were clear and unit easy to install. All 4 cameras work flawlessly to date; even the ones that had to be paired. The 9" monitor is sufficient for viewing. Daytime picture quality is excellent and night vision is better than I expected. The only drawback I see is trying to record a split screen without motion and having the screen saver option working. I'm going to do more research on this. I recommend the system.

105 out of 357


Location: Kansas City Ks

Set was easy to order and quick to get here. Was extremely easy to install, even pairing up 2 cameras to the receiver. The only reason 4 instead of 5 stars is that I wish the night vision was better. Had to install a 60 watt light to shine over the yard, otherwise it was hard to see anything on the receiver. After doing that tho, I'm really happy with everything and would recommend it to anyone.

106 out of 357


Location: Washington

So far this camera system is working great. I bought the LW491. Lorex sent the LW2932
which I think is basically the same system with the same cameras except the monitor
is 9" instead of 7". The cameras paired right away and are working properly. I am happy with the strong camera signal from my carport to the computer room in the house.

107 out of 357


Location: Tn

Received it in timely manner.
I have not installed it yet. Will do it soon.
I'm looking forward to the new system, as it it replacing my old Lorex system.
I will post another review when installed.

108 out of 357


Location: Freedom, NY

I'm very pleased with the purchase of Lorex camera system. It was easy to install and use the equipment. After having the system for about 8 months, I had problems with the monitor and Lorex replaced it without any hassel. I recieved the new monitor in a reasonable time and the system is working properly again.

109 out of 357


Location: Miami

My purchase arrived on time that it was informed on website. Now, I'm learning the functions. I recommend it for my friends, once I could install the equipment fastly and without difficult. The images are very clean and with high definition. I'm happy with my new stuff.

110 out of 357


Location: Gulfport, Mississippi

I bought this after some issues with thing being stolen off my property. Very easy install, I had one operational camera out of 4. Absolutely no hassle from Lorex with replacing the camera. The screen kept freezing during record I took a guess the supplied SD card was defective (it should have been bigger the 4 GB anyways) and purchased the larger 32gb card which resolved the problem. All in all I like the systems easy install. The mobile connectivity leaves allot to be desired. The inability to make the receiver appear as a digital picture is disappointing too.

111 out of 357


Location: Philadelphia Pennsylvania

My purchase arrived in a timely fashion everything was in working order installation was easy. Currently learning the functionalities and I have already recommended to family and friends. I did have to complete the order over the phone. The wait time was long but with the system in place I can say it was worth it. My only concern is when going through registration it tells you to have the registration number assigned and the receipt if you need assistance and to date I have not received a receipt and hope the statement from my credit card will suffice if I need to make a claim. So far I am a very happy camper will learn the durability while bracing for east coast winter.

112 out of 357


Location: So. California

I purchased the LW491 system two weeks ago and I could not be happier. The entire system was up and running in my test mode within 30 minutes. I spent about an hour installing the cameras in my desired locations. The cameras are easy to pair to the monitor. One of the "pre-paired" cameras would not give me a picture after plugging and unplugging several times, so I simply re-paired it to the monitor and it has worked perfectly since. The 3rd and 4th cameras also paired without difficulty. I found the cords to be plenty long enough; matching the two ends allows greater than 10 feet to a power source. My distant-most camera from the monitor is about 75 feet on the opposite side of house and across the yard, but works well. Night vision is excellent; day vision is in full color. The literature states it comes with a 2mb card, but mine came with a 4mb card. I upgraded to 32mb card for $12 on Amazon. The controls are very easy to operate. Set-up took about 2 minutes. It's fun to see what goes on around my property; I can record when anyone comes or goes with motion activation, simply run the moniter for live feed, or turn off altogether when at home during daytime. I highly recommend this system for home security.

113 out of 357


Location: Waleska, GA

This 4 camera Lorex is the second wireless system I have purchased We wanted additional cameras and the price was right. My husband and I installed the cameras in an afternoon paired the cameras that needed that. Hooked them to a TV in the house and now all 6 cameras are working and we just love the Lorex products. I would recommend purchasing the 4 camera system in the beginning it is well worth the expense. My husband and I are over 65 and this was very easy to install. We had company over from church yesterday and they were amazed at this set up we have

114 out of 357


Location: canada

this product was easy to install and set up,haven't used the skype part of it yet as it seems a little more technical for me to figure out

115 out of 357


Location: Wilkes Barre pa

The system is worth the money. Everything works as the literature states. Set up was easy and simple. The mounting of the cameras took a little more time and if you are using them for outside surveillance they need to be mounted outside under some type of cover.

I order the LW 491, with 4 cameras. What they sent was model# LW2932 with two cameras with the 9" monitor and then 2 extra cameras packaged separately.

There are minor problems with the plate that holds the camera. The nut under the plate gets loose and the camera swirls. You have to make sure it is tight. A wing nut would have been better than the nut that they supply.

I did expect a remote with this product and none was given or listed in the parts list.

116 out of 357


Location: Winnipeg

Since purchasing this system in June 2014 it has caused me problems. But so far, Lorex has done well in helping to resolve these.
My initial problem was with the memory overwrite. I wanted the cameras to run 24/7 and have the memory automatically overwrite previously recorded files. This system claimed to do this, but after hours on their support line, we still couldn’t make it work. Lorex suggested that their 4GB was the problem and that I should buy a 32 GB card, as this would enable the system to properly overwrite. (Initially their representative said they would send me a 32GB card, but then they later reneged on this.) So I bought a 32GB card, but this didn’t resolve the issue – but I did my best to manage the situation regardless.
For the first few months I had only three cameras connected to the system. Recently I went to add the fourth camera. For whatever reason, this resulted in a catastrophic failure of LCD/screen console and nothing worked at all.
So I reported this to Lorex via email.
To their credit, they very quickly sent me a 2 camera replacement system with components that were supposed to be compatible with my current system. Unfortunately, of the 4 cameras from my original system, only 1 camera would pair with the new system they sent me. This is a major problem because I’ve already spent hours fishing wires to install my original system and don’t want to do this again with new cameras.
I called their support section (was on hold for nearly an hour) but Hana in BC was very helpful and help me pair the cameras. I wrote most of this review while on hold….It is clear to me that the instructions for pairing and the troubleshooting section of the website need to be updated – as this would have saved me a few hours of hassle. You need to disconnect everything to start, then wait 30 seconds. Plug in the LCD, and go to the pairing section. Start the pairing process on the LCD system, THEN plug in your camera, and hold the pairing button for only a second. A second is all you need. If I had known this, my life would have been much easier.
Thank you Hana.

As far as the system itself is concerned, it could be a little more robust. I wish it were possible to turn off the LCD monitor when in Quad-view mode.

117 out of 357


Location: Augusta

Very good system, no trouble installing this unit, all 4 cameras work great. paring was very easy too, took monitor to the camera with in 1 foot and push button and there it was

118 out of 357


Location: Wisconsin

My first impression when I opened the box was that the monitor looked really small. It I,s but it is functional. The pairing with the 2 extra cameras went well. The menu and setting are pretty easy to walk through. The quality of the video and photos are OK, not great but not bad for the price. I ordered the extra antenna for the unit but didn't realize it only worked on one camera at a time and doesn't boost the entire system. I put one camera about 75 feet away and it would not connect. Put the antenna on and it works fine but you would need to buy 3 more antennas if you want to boost the entire system. Overall, I got what I paid for. For the price, it does do an awful lot for your home security.

119 out of 357


Location: Pittsburgh,Pa

I first purchased cameras and system noted below LW491, that didn't work for me. I sent those back and purchased Model LW2277 with LW482. These new camera's were brand new and in sealed box. This new system has a hard drive that records constantly when the wireless cameras are connected. I have placed the DVR main box in center of house and still have problem connecting to wireless cameras sometimes. Also our house is open spaced with large windows. Technicians offered us to purchase a range extender that we don't feel there is a need to purchase. Good camera's when they are connected. Also if returning anything, take pictures before sending. I almost didn't get my money back on my first purchase. Logistics company said that we only sent 2 cameras back. Luckily I took pictures of entire return box.

120 out of 357


Location: pittsburg ca

The camera system is a perfect system for you home security. The quality of picture was good at a short enough distance. The features where good such as the two walk talking and the wireless connection. Some of the things i would be cautious about would be how you plan to get power to the cameras because they are not your universal DC tips they have to be ordered from lorex so you cant cut corners with that. Also the house brackets could be a little longer being that they are not fully weather proof you are limited on where you can place them. Overall for the price they are good buy for the every day home security system.

121 out of 357


Location: Mo

I bought this system to catch my crazy neighbor. However, the mention sensor is not sensitive enough to pick anyone that walks by around 25 feet away in my driveway. Now I have to put it on scheduled recording, but it won't pick up any audio when the recording is not on single channel mode. I wish the sensor was more sensitive than that.

122 out of 357


Location: Kentucky

We got the 2730 with 4 cameras for a great price. The initial instructions seemed very easy. Camera installation was very easy. The screws included are crap, I had to buy new. The DVD did not work so we called the toll free number and waited 15 minutes for a response. The" English speaking" person, who i could not understand, just told us to go online under lorex technology website, he was zero help. I had to go online also to look up how to set up cameras 3 and 4, the directions they send are not specific enough and did not work. The images on the monitor are very clear and overall the whole operation went smooth or you could figure how to make it work.
So far it is operating well.

123 out of 357


Location: Pittsburgh

The Lorex system LW491 was not the correct system for the outside of my home. I mounted the camera's under the eaves like instructed to and the sensors would not detect until someone was standing exactly under them. One camera didn't work. Very little distance for motion or heat sensors. After talking with a technician, I then purchased newer model with a recording hard drive. Works perfect. Thanks to the technicians. Plan on spending some time reaching anyone at anytime.

124 out of 357


Location: usa

work good i will gave it 5star

125 out of 357


Location: Michigan

Bought the 4 camera system with the 7" monitor. Had a couple of issues paring the extra two cameras, but after powering down both the camera and monitor, they paired easily. When in doubt reboot. Love the system, now digging into how to hook up system to Skype so I can monitor when away. Night resloution is a little grainy but still fairly clear, close up is quite clear, Love the clairity/color during the day.

126 out of 357


Location: Québec

I just finished my installation. Plan well access to an electrical outlet for each camera as the power lead is not very long . Night vision is fantastic. The motion sensor is triggered continually on my cameras that are close to the trees , but I have not tried to solve the problem. The screen does not have a built-in battery which makes it less portable . Overall I am satisfied with the product remains to be seen if it is sustainable .

127 out of 357


Location: USA

I purchased two systems to use in two different barns. They are awesome! The system in the dairy barn works perfectly with a great picture. The system in the other barn would not pick up as well due to distance and sheet metal on the barn. We remedied this by adding an antenae to each camera and an external antenae to the receiver. Thank you Lorex! Now I don't have to go out every 30 minutes checking for lambs, kids, and calves in the winter. The only downfall is the camera view is narrow. It doesn't pick up as much as I would like but you can just add another camera if you need more coverage.

128 out of 357


Location: Big Spring Tx

These are a wonderful selection Of Cameras
I bought the Wireless monitor with four cameras this has been an excellent surveillance system customer support very friendly very fast and courteous. I recommended this System to anyone !! Has a great Warranty Money back guaranteed
I give this product a 5 star very Happy Customer

129 out of 357


Location: loranger la

It is very easy to set up works well but does not have the ranger they clam to have

130 out of 357


Location: Lethbridge AB.

I have this product about 2 weeks and does everything I expected. Do have an issue with one of the cameras but so far the Tech Support department have been great to deal with.

131 out of 357


Location: Virginia

I'm very satisfied with Lorex Products. I bought my first Wireless Home Security Camera System, about 8yrs. ago. The System has worked flawlessly. My first system had 2 cameras and I'm replacing it with a 4 camera system. Also, the lenses have faded, because they've be bake by the sun, for 8yrs. The system is very easy to install and personalize.

132 out of 357


Location: My Mountain

Bought this for home security....Great reception, easy set up, well thought out system, one camera would not "pair", customer service was OUTSTANDING.

133 out of 357


Location: TX

Works goods as expected

134 out of 357


Location: OK

Took less than an hour to install all 4 cameras. Really impressed with the system so far. It is exactly as advertised.

135 out of 357


Location: US

Ordered product LW491 and received LW2732 and 2 additional camera's LW2731AC1.
Called Lorex to confirm I received the correct products which they said was correct. Plugged in and the 2 cameras which come with LW2732 worked immediately. Pairing the 2 additional cameras was more of a problem. Camera 3 took about 30 tries and finally it took.
Camera 4 would not pair the first day. Next day I got everything next to phone to call Lorex and the 4th speaker immediately paired. I installed the cameras each on a 4x6 1 inch plank so each camera is moveable. Office, bedroom, basement, and family room was chosen and
the reception is excellent . I had concerns about the distance to the basement camera and it works just fine. I do not have a smart phone so the system is not monitored to a phone. I only use motion and record when I am not home and so far I am pleased with the system. I would recommend this product. Only complaint was the change in model numbers and
not explaining the change on the invoice.

136 out of 357


Location: Ohio

Installed the cameras just 2 weeks ago and the system works great. Really good pictures and the motion sensors are extremely accurate.

137 out of 357


Location: US

BUYER BEWARE. I would like to say that this is a great system but I've been unable to hook it up. Lorex sent the wrong product and insisted that it was the correct adapter. I think I can figure out if it plugs in or not. I have been trying to return my product but no one will answer the phone or reply to my tickets.


138 out of 357


Location: Whitby, Ontario

Purchased the 4 camera wireless, super simple installation, it was a breeze!
The camera picture quality is good, and very good on night settings.
Would highly recommend.

139 out of 357


Location: home

great product.

140 out of 357


Location: Mississippi

Love, love, love this product. Purchased in April and have only had one issue with my SD card. Lorex technical support was great in helping me resolve that issue.

141 out of 357


Location: Bay Area, CA

Great quality and value security camera system!

Setup was easy, picture quality (night & day) is excellent, signal strength is great, and ease of use was very good!

Note: Buy the set with as many cameras as you believe that you will need, because adding more later is expensive.

142 out of 357


Location: Lexington, KY

Wife loves it. She was concerned about being able to view all around our house both during the day and night. This equipment served that need admirably. For an 82 year old, the installation was remarkably simple, although it does require close access to an electrical outlet, two of which I had to install. Camera's can be installed in areas where they are hardly seen and as yet, haven't had to install any extenders to maintain a steady signal.

Night viewing is somewhat limited and not in color, which was expected. An unexpected feature was the ability to talk to anyone close to any of the camera's through their intercom capabilities. Really surprised at the quality of the video and audio. Would recommend this to anyone wanting a low cost, yet effective video security system.

143 out of 357


Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

Excellent product. Just set up a week ago. Monitors all corners of our home clearly night and day. Made us feel safer from the minute they were set up. Easy to set up and pair system to the monitor. Really pleased overall and I sure could not beat the price for four wireless cameras!

144 out of 357


Location: Syracuse, NY

I purchased this system and I love it! Installation and pairing of the cameras was fairly easy too. If you plan on putting them outdoors, then I recommend a 5/8" spade bit. After you feed the wire through, just use some foam insulation or even some insulation putty, either should suffice. If you don't want hanging wires to be visible, then I suggest some low voltage plastic cable staples (1/4" should be fine) And if you have any trouble with Skype, then I suggest the website that I've attached below, it's pretty direct and self explanatory. Good luck!

145 out of 357


Location: ontario,canada

LW491HD is the camera i bought - lorex wants me to review this on for extended warranty - see my review on LW491HD

146 out of 357


Location: Fort Worth, TX

Due to security concerns in the neighborhood - lots of car break-ins - I purchased this system and have two of the four cameras installed in the front of the house. One focused on the front door and the other on the driveway. The other two cameras will be installed in the back of the house as soon as I get power out there.
I absolutely love the fact that I can now see anyone approaching my home and/or at my door before I open the door. The 2-way communication built in the cameras is a wonderful feature for so many reasons. I can call the kids in without having to go outside. I can tell the solicitor at the door I'm not interested and don't have to hear their sales pitch. The ability to see/monitor my home from anywhere is so super cool.
And, the best part is that I don't have to pay a monthly fee. This is, by far, the best system available to the average homeowner. I'm so glad I chose Lorex to protect me and my home. If you have any concerns like I did, I highly recommend this system.

A side note: When I received my system, two of the cameras would not "pair" to the monitor. I contacted the customer service and after some diagnosis, it was determined that two of the cameras were the wrong type for that monitor. Lorex sent what I needed and all is right with the world. Their customer service is outstanding.

147 out of 357


Location: TN

Have "temporarily" installed this product with extension cords, until we can hard wire power to the cameras in a concealed way. Wanted to try them out and check performance. My wife and I were very pleasantly suprized with the quality of the monitor images, in both daylight and dark. I knew that the distance from monitor for the four cameras was not going to be an issue in our application, but had some concern with number of walls some of the signals must pass through. This proved to be no issue in my circumstances--good reception on the worst instance of passing through one exterior and 3 interior walls. Everyone's experience will be different but ours was very good. Again, very surprised at picture quality for the price--not the highest resolution certainly, but I think excellent for the dollars spent.

148 out of 357


Location: New York

easy to set up, clear picture, decent night view.

panel can be confusing sometimes.

149 out of 357


Location: Toledo OH

Very simple to use, My cameras are outside 3 out of the 4 work great but the fourth feels the need to record no movement at all every 10 seconds wait to hear from lorex

150 out of 357


Location: Arnaudville, LA

I really like my cameras now that they are working

Pros: good picture quality and sound and easy assembly

Cons: I have a Maccomputer and Skype will not support this system due to Skype upgrading thier site. Lorex tells you that you can download the Skype version 5.8 in order to view via Skype. However after 3 days on the phone being re routed between lorex and Skype I was finally informed that since I have a Mac computer I will not be allowed to download any old version of Skype and that l can only download the latest version of Skype on my Mac......if you are considering this system just know if you have a Mac computer you will not be able to view your cameras while away from home via Skype, which was one of the main reasons I bought this system.

151 out of 357


Location: Newfoundland

love the system, when it is working. yet we only have 3 cameras working and our warranty has started already. Need to send two cameras back that were lemons. Otherwise good quality. the night vision lacks clarity for sure

152 out of 357


Location: CT

Love it. Easy. Convenient.

153 out of 357


Location: Charlotte, MC

Great system. Very easy to install

154 out of 357


Location: WV

Got this for security reasons (plus also a troublesome neighbor). Easy to install. Pictures come thru very clear. The first night cameras went to black and white and I thought "Oh no-not what" then remembered changes to black and white at dusk. Got to watch a spider build a web - now that was something new. Recommend this product to everyone.

155 out of 357


Location: modesto , CA

Good security system for homes , has perfect features and flexible to choose what you need , clear picture and super sound communication between each camera and the receiver , I'm happy with this product .

156 out of 357


Location: United States

I got this for my apartment. I really like it. I'm very impressed with the video quality. It looks better then the camera footage I see on the news in the stores/gas stations. The night vision is extremely good. Its hard to tell if its dark with the camera on my porch. It was extremely easy to set up. I have to read the manual to learn the features but its going great so far.

157 out of 357


Location: Arizona

Easy to set up, even easier to use. Great picture. Great value for the money. Highly recommend this product. I compared other systems for two months. This is by far best system for the money.

158 out of 357


Location: New Jersey

Received camera system in good order. Seems to work pretty much as advertised. Overall I am satisfied with this product.

159 out of 357


Location: Paradise, California

This was my first attempt to install a wireless system and turned out to be easier than I imagined. I had it operating within 3 hours of opening the box. Only one minor misstep was the additional 2 cameras would not pair with the home unit, but the technical support was great in assisting, by immediately sending 2 replacements. For the price this is a very practical small unit for a homeowner. Recommend getting the extender antennae if you have more than one wall to transmit through or if you are using it for backyard use as I did.

160 out of 357


Location: Las Vegas, NV

I am a 71 year old certified luddite and was able to follow instructions to set up the security system. Set up 4 cameras, 3 outside and one indoors. No problems transmitting images to my LCD display. Images are great, even at night. Showed it to my neighbor and he may purchase same unit--Do I Get a Cut? Brought the LCD display to his house next door and we could pick up all 4 of my cameras. When we go on trips, will give him the LCD to watch our house. Great product that is very reasonably priced.

161 out of 357


Location: delaware country

good helper to see what is going on around my house at home

162 out of 357


Location: Indiana

Great system and support. Easy to install.
Had it up and running very quickly, then had an issue with the monitor. Tech support diagnosed as memory chip issue, but said they would replace the monitor, "just in case".
Since we live in Indianapolis, we personally delivered the monitor to their return agent.....took them by surprise, but handled ok.
Now waiting for the new monitor.
When it was working the pictures were very clear and covered lot of area.
Can't wait to get it up and running again.

163 out of 357


Location: ohio

Have a home security alarm system already but wanted to install a video moniter system to add to our home protection. All four cameras will were installed outside, sort of protected from the elements but never the less installed outside, my monitor is chair side and from there i can watch my vehicles, the front door, the patio and my storage shed. Set up time recording so when i go to bed at night, my house is protected and my vehicles and storage shed is also protected. Hardest part of the install was the 110volt power needed for the cameras, but since I am an electrician, this was an easy task for me. I've heard that cold weather can effect the cameras so time will tell, summer is just starting and so far the system is just fine, picture is great, two way talk works great and the night vision is awsome!
I would recomend this system to anyone, but as said time will tell, my system is just one week old.

164 out of 357


Location: Port Orange FL

Very good home surveillance system. Easy to install, but must check camera signal reception to monitor before final installation (i.e. masonry block + stucco construction).
The owner's manual address all the questions I had while installing and setting up the options.
Great system for the price.

165 out of 357


Location: San Jose CA

Great wireless security system. Outstanding value for the price. Easy instulation without any problems. It worked on the "First Try" and is performing without any issues. I researched other systems and and very happy I decided on this Lorex system.

I would recomend this system toa friend and have already done so twice. My wife loves the secure feeling it provides. My only wish is that Lorex made a camera that had 60 foot night vision that would work on my system. Other than that, it is a super unit.

166 out of 357


Location: Myrtle Beach, SC

Works very well. One camera did not work on arrival, Lorex replaced it AFTER I sent back the defective one. I had to pay shipping !

167 out of 357


Location: Lansing, MI

I got the 4 camera system for around the house and I love it! Great picture quality and amazing sound. I can hear the birds chirping outside. Absolutely a great system at a reasonable price!

168 out of 357


Location: Mexico

I bought this as a baby monitor and have extra security. It is an ok product as it is easy to install and does what it says it does. But could use improvements. The monitor only works when it is plugged into a power source so as a baby monitor and to be moving around the house it is not practical. My monitor stopped working and customer service has put in an order to have this replaced but it will be a hassle as I am in Mexico and it will be shipped in the states. We will see once it arrives if I still have any issues.

169 out of 357


Location: Abbeville louisiana

Simple plug and play, simple pairing of cameras and simple touch screen menu functions. Picture quality is average, and sound is a plus for this little package. Easy installation of cameras to power supply. Great package for the price. Installed a 32 gig card and set to motion detection. Now just waiting on the boogeyman.

170 out of 357


Location: Moreno Valley,Ca

I would love to rate this but mine only worked for 2 weeks and I filed a claim and have not heard in a week.

171 out of 357


Location: central Texas

Ordered the 4 camera system & received the 2 camera system plus 2 cameras in separate shipment. Had a little trouble adding the 2 cameras, but finally succeeded. Haven't set then up yet, but they all work & seem high quality when I tested then in the kitchen.

172 out of 357


Location: Houston TX

I am over 50 and was a bit worried about instillation. When they say it is easy it really is. I am very pleased with this system for the price. The only reason it has 4 stars instead of 5 is because of two things I wish it has. First in motion record it only records for a set number of seconds. I wish it recorded the entire time motion is going on. Second i would have liked to zoom the camera while recording. But for the price this is the best on the market and I am very pleased with the purchase.

173 out of 357


Location: Livonia MI

Nice System all in all. Easy set up, had trouble getting one of the wireless cameras to pair with the monitor. Called Tech support and they walked me through filing a warranty claim to get a new camera shipped ASAP. Very satisfied with this system.

174 out of 357


Location: mkmarshall

Love This system easy to use. Very mobile and can be used and set up by anyone. For the money can't be beat.

175 out of 357


Location: West Sacramento

The daytime image clarity of the cameras is quite good for the "pricepoint". Set-up and activation of the first two cameras was really easy. Connecting electrical lines to the "remote" locations for where I affixed the cameras was actually a much bigger challenge. I'm having problems with Lorex because they forgot two A/C adapters in the packaging, so the other two cameras are useless until that issue is resolved. Also; beware nearby patio and doorway light fixtures: if placed too close to night time lights, the Lorex camera night time images get "washed out" and can't handle it. In fact, I plan to request replacement under warranty because one camera's night time image is now really defective. Once I overcome these matters (with efficient Lorex customer service...!) I will be satisfied because so far I have seen the potential for this product to effectively do what I want it to do for a very affordable price. And, assuming Lorex customer service does resolve the issues described, I certainly will consider a second Lorex system for another location.

176 out of 357


Location: Riverside,Ca.

Just got it installed 2 days ago so far so good ,sets up very easy and the night vision with ambient light (street light behind camera) is great ,very pleased now need 32gb card and shold be all set.

177 out of 357


Location: New Jersey

This appears to be a nice unit if/when I can get it working right. On camera tell me they are out of range and then minutes later come on; and this is not the farthest away. All cameras are within 100" of the monitor. I just keep having little problems; I put the SD card in and the monitor shows that it has already started recording when I haven't touched the record button or set up the recording duration/schedule. Hopefully I will be able to get all the little glitches worked out with the 4 cameras and monitor. I do have to admit that the tech dept. has been helpful.
The pictures are clear and bright and the night vision is great.

178 out of 357


Location: Hegins Pa

This is a very nice piece of equipment. I have bought other video equipment before it is nothing like the Lorex system that I just purchased. This is very easy to set up and very affordable. Thank you Lorex for making my life a whole lot safer.

179 out of 357


Location: Michigan

Very clear picture, so far no interference with any of our other of the 4 cameras is mounted about 200ft outside of the house and great reception, Good night viewing capability. Highly recommend this unit. Had purchased many other cheaper units and this one was absolutely worth the extra money to get a Lorex." I had a problem with one of the cameras after about 45 days not working corectly but lorex said replacement was no problem.

180 out of 357


Location: Las Vegas, NV

Excellent Product!

The LW491 (4) camera wirless system exceed our expectations. The pictures are clear on the monitor; the intercom system sounds very clear on all cameras; the internet monitoring works excellent; and installation and setup was very easy.
Had a problem with setting up the internet access due to the fact that I have a MAC computer and not the Lorex system. Got excellent technical assistance from Lorex technical support. They were extremely helpful and easily resolved the problem.
My wife love the fact that she can monitor the grand kids from anywhere out side and speak to them from any of the four cameras.
Highly recommend this wireless survellance system. Have all of the "Bell & Whistles" for a very reasonable price.

181 out of 357


Location: Philadelphia

They are good cameras. The cameras were very easy to hook up. Clear picture day and night. Makes a noise when someone walks near camera view. You can also move the cameras anywhere you want. It also have a great intercom system.

182 out of 357


Location: Spokane WA

Easy setup and worked as advertised. Can be tweaked on many levels to customize settings. I do need to get a larger card for extended video capture. The sound quality is descent. Very happy.

183 out of 357


Location: Sacramento! cA

I purchased this system a couple of weeks go and the setup was easy, however I wish the picture was a little more clearer, but for the price, it was worth it and I would recommend buying this product.

184 out of 357


Location: California

Outstanding product. Easy to set up and use. I would and have recommended this product to anyone. I am not a techie person and I had no trouble setting up or using this system. The clarity of the picture is way beyond my previous and much more expensive unit. I love that the cameras have microphones in them so I can communicate with whomever is at my front door.

185 out of 357


Location: Montreal, Canada

Easy to install, easy to use, excellent image quality day and night.

186 out of 357


Location: Spring Hill, FL.

I really like this product. Cameras work great in the day and night times. With wireless, you can easily move the cameras anywhere and still get great reception. The bets feature is the ability to use Skype so that you can look into a particular camera from your iphone. My only complaint is that I wish I could toggle between cameras via my iphone.

Pros: Mobility, clear picture, range, price

Cons: ability to toggle more than 1 camera via Skype iphone

187 out of 357


Location: San Antonio, Tx. 4-6-2014

This is one great system. I like it especially since it is wireless. The pictures from the cameras are very clear. The quality of this whole system is very good. Very good night vision and sound.

188 out of 357


Location: Waterbury,CT.

Put up 3 days ago to monitor outside my home, Monitor works well .Easy install ,Cameras are clear both night and day.Only fall back for me is cameras work so well they pick up head lights on street since we live on a corner and records a lot of activity .Definitely Worth the ,easy install and view from Skype when away, downfall only moniters 1 camera on 1 channel not 4 .

189 out of 357


Location: Atlanta,Ga.

This has been one heck of a system. The application was relative easy and all the features were a bonus. I'm extremely satisfied with this system. Lorex rocks! David

190 out of 357


Location: Los Angeles

Easy to install and set up. I wish that the camera had the male connector instead of the female connector so I would have to drill as big of a hole through my wall. Good quality and well built product.

191 out of 357


Location: New Jersey

Can't beat the product for the price. Easy to install, easy to navigate the various features. The only disappointment I have is with the motion record mode. Some cameras constantly record no matter what motion/PIR setting they are in. I even tried moving the camera field of view, to no avail. They seem overly sensitive to reflected light, especially at night. That said, I would recommend the product.

192 out of 357


Location: zephyrhills,fl

easy to set up,fast installation and extremely clear pictures day or night.
would recommend to everyone who needs a reliable inexpensive security system.

193 out of 357


Location: Corpus Christi

My camera system I ordered from Lorex was Outstanding. It was so easy to mount the cameras. As soon as I plugged the monitor and cameras the whole system started working. I was extremely satisfied with the quality of the picture. Also it's so easy to use the monitor and all it's functions, it's basically self explanatory. In my opinion it's the best product for the price!!!

194 out of 357


Location: San Clemente

Installed this unit for another homeowner. It worked right away and he was pleased the surveillance of his home that the product gave him right when we set it up.
He now has asked me to come back over and install electrical outlets near the location of the cameras. This will take a few days but he has constant surveillance while this is being done.
I had looked at other systems but they required additional wiring to all four camera areas before camera surveillance could be achieved..

195 out of 357


Location: houston

This product was affordable and has the best monitoring I have seen. The pictures are clear and the viewing is clear night and day. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great system.

196 out of 357


Location: Indiana


Love this system, it's easy to setup and easy to use. Bought it for surveillance around home and I'm easily able to move monitor to which ever room I may be in so you can have live viewing.
The motion option lets you create when you want it to record.

197 out of 357


Location: Bradenton, Florida

This is the third Lorex Wireless 4-Camera System that I have purchased in the last three years. I installed my first system on the home that we owned in Woodstock, Ga. When we recently sold that home and moved to Fl., I installed a second system in our condo. I recently installed a third system on our gated condo entrance. All three systems performed very well with excellent picture/video quality. I would highly recommend this system for inexpensive video surveillance......Bob

198 out of 357


Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Bought the 4 camera LW491 system and it works very well. The setup was super simple to set up, and knowing that the cams were "weather resistant", I just had to plan a bit better on their locations under the eaves and under the covered porch we have. The intercom is quite clear and I get a good strong signal on all my cameras to the monitor.

I would highly recommend the system for anyone looking for a security camera system at a good value. Hopefully these cameras survive a rough Canadian winter.

The only drawback I see with the system is that the little monitor is NOT rechargeable?. I would like to be able to move the monitor upstairs or downstairs when I am working around the house or watching TV in the basement. Rechargeable monitor would have been a huge bonus for me.

199 out of 357


Location: San antonio Texas

ordered this product last week. it took less then an hour to pair up cameras and mount. I am totally happy and satisfied. I would recommended this camera set for the price. great video recording and night vision also

200 out of 357


Location: USA

I bought this set on FEB 10 and was very excited and had it wired up and install. The setup isn't easy and I have to cut the power cord plug to get power from inside the house.

After the hard part is done. HERE is the PROBLEM.

I am 20ft away from the camera behind a drywall. My bluetooth get better range then this. I got no signal. Moved 1ft closer I will get 2-3 bars. In order to work I will need to hold it in mid air.

Bad just got worst!!!! I called the customer support and my support was transferred to three different departments than back to sales. Who wanted additional $70 an antenna to TRY and see if this Might solve the problem. I told them this is unfair then I was transfer to an answering machine. As you may guess, NO response!

Then I get an email for a RMA. After hours of cutting and wiring, I need to return the whole system over a signal and leaving holes all over my house. Which they could of just sent an antenna.

I gave them over 4 chances to help me and all I got here paid more money for a unfinished product. The unit is easy to use only need. 1ft boost of signal.

Bad customer service, bad company model. $ 1st and customer 2nd. I was even planning on getting another set for inside the house but now I need to research all over again. If Lorex decided not to contact me back in the next few days. Then I will return the whole system and end it with this company.

201 out of 357


Location: California

Works good couldn't ask for better

202 out of 357


Location: Pensacola, FL

System arrived on the 3rd business day after my order was placed. Using this system for outside security on my private residence and the cameras are mounted under the eave of the home--camera power is supplied through the attic. Monitor located the installed cameras almost instantly--plug and play worked well. Did have a glitch and contacted tech support for assistance--they were very helpful walking my through diagnostic and rule-out procedures. Tech support even returned contact the next day to follow up and inquire if any other needs/questions existed. Did discover that a full size sd card is required as the monitor will not recognize the small cards that come with the adapter. System has been up and running for 5 days now and I am happy with the results so far. Good picture even at night. Good system at a good price.

203 out of 357


Location: Centennial, CO

Better than I expected. Picture, sound, 2-way com, all great. Night vision is really good in total darkness. Motion recording is what I really wanted, works great.

204 out of 357


Location: missouri

Its a good product.

Pros: Good picture quality.

Cons: The only thing I don't like is it only allows up to a 32 sdhc card for recording. The recording can only be viewed in 10 minutes increments.

205 out of 357


Location: Kent, WA

Good product for what you pay for. Don't expect anything super high end. There will be some lag, but it's not drastic. The intercom feature is nice and clear as long as the receiver is not too close to the camera.

I deducted a star because I feel as if there should be an easier way to be able to watch your cameras away from home without having to keep the monitor plugged into a computer all the time. Also, it would be nice if you can have more than one monitor paired up to the four cameras.

Lorex also does not carry a power extension for these cameras. They definitely should! It's a pain to have extension cords every where.

All in all, it's a good product. You won't be able to get a better system with four cameras and a monitor for this price.

206 out of 357


Location: OCEAN sHORES, WA

Well I have only had my system for about a week so I can't be to detailed but for this short time i have to say that I think that it is well worth the money I spent. The 7" monitor is a bit small but I can still see very clearly what is happening through the camera's eye.
the color view during the day is as vivid as it gets and remarkably clear. I have had no transmission issues with regards to signal between camera and monitor and the farthest camera maybe 150 ft away. I seem to have no problem with the monitor sitting next to me computer with no electronic interference.
Set up was extremely easy and really the only hard part was mounting the camera's (like the one at the peak of my house, needed a 24' extension ladder).
I do have one small issue and that is that I could not get any of the camera's to pair with channel 3 and I am currently awaiting a reply from support on this problem. I am not sure if it is the camera or if it is the monitor (which I find hard to believe since the other 3 work just fine and I even switched channels between the other 3 camera's) so not sure what it is at this point.

All and all you could do a lot worse buying the walmart special security system, but I wouldn't if you want it to work. everything about these systems screams QUALITY.
If your in the market for this type of security this is the place to get no question hands down.

(BTW I gave it 4 stars but really it should be 4 1/2 and the only reason it is not 5 is because of the one issue the the pairing thing if that gets fixed then it is a 5 STAR rating all the way)

207 out of 357


Location: Calgary

Great system! Best bang for the buck!! Great support team as well.
Excellent night vision. Real easy to set up.

208 out of 357


Location: chelsea, me

I bought this camera for my mother's house. She loves it. We got 4 cameras. Always recording averything around the building. We never know. Loving it...

209 out of 357


Location: Riverside,ca

I bought this system after looking at many online. I wanted one that was easy to install and use.
I recieved my order very fast and it is up and working great. I like the alarm that beeps when in motion mode I know when the mailman is on the front porch or packages have been delivered.
I also can hook it into the large screen tv and see all 4 cameras without my glasses on. :)
I am a happy camper. Thank you Lorex.

210 out of 357


Location: Kitscener

Great camera system for the price I can clearly see images at night and day. The price was the best deal I could find on the internet and at all stores which sell home security cameras I recommend this product

211 out of 357


Location: Camden,SC

Fairly easy to setup provided a power supply is readily available. The cameras provide a decent range and area for recording and viewing with a little interference. The software driver disc that came with my system is faulty, not allowing me to install drivers. A search of Lorex web site didn't provide any relief. I will call customer support and ascertain where I can obtain drivers. I am sorry that I didn't order the 9 inch receiver instead of the 7 inch. Therefore I rate the system a 4 because of the driver disc.

212 out of 357


Location: Newton, MA

I ordered and received the LW491-4 camera unit- in just a few days. It was actually less expensive than purchasing on Amazon.
I was able to hook up 2 of the cameras myself with no problem. Cameras 1 and 2 pair easily. I need an electrician to hook up a couple outlets where there are none to install the other 2 cameras.
The video display is excellent quality. Displaying 4 cameras at one time will show a picture smaller than desirable but in the rotating single camera mode will be OK. I also purchased a 32 GB - SD card because the 2 GB only will store about 3 hours before overwriting.
I have had no problems mounting the 2 units although I wish the anchoring screws were longer and the ribbed anchors a different design. You can easily swap to a different one if you want to.
Thus far I am happy with my purchase and would recommend the product. I also have a wired security system and this wireless is much easier to use.

213 out of 357


Location: Illinois

We purchased our Lorex wireless sytem on January 30th, 2014. It was delivered very quickly. The system was very easy to install, and is working great. We love being able to "see" what is going on in the neighborhood, and feel much safer knowing our property is being protected with this camera system. We also love the audio feature with these cameras. The video is crisp and clear, and the audio is also very clear. We have one camera installed in a metal pole barn that is about 100 feet away from the receiver, and the reception is still great. We could not be more pleased with our purchase. Thank you Lorex.

214 out of 357


Location: Alberta

Great Camera system.
I installed all the camera's outside around my house.The cold weather doesn't seem to have any affect on the camera's. I had a little problem getting them all set up properly but the customer support was excellent and now they all work great.
I am now considering buying another set to monitor the inside of the house.
The sensitivity for motion recording is great and the night recording is just what I wanted you can see everything. Having it's own monitor and being wireless is good because you can move the monitor to where ever you want anytime.

215 out of 357


Location: Durango co.

Excellent product at a fair price! Fast shipping. Very satisfied

216 out of 357


Location: Fultonville, NY

This is the second system that I have purchased from Lorex. I find the quality and the Tech Support to be outstanding. The wireless camera systems are perfect for use in our busy factory to monitor specific areas as needed.

The ease of it's portability was my reason for purchasing this system

217 out of 357


Location: Riverside, CA

Great Product for the price! Took me 8 hours to setup outdoor mainly because there was no outlets to plug the camera where I wanted. The whole camera and electrical work was done under a Grand. Other price quotes we got was over $5K. Definitely recommend to everyone who needs their house protected with this great system. Very easy to install, plug and play as it states.
Only downfall I see is that the LCD monitor screen should also have plug less capabilities. This will be tough to monitor when power goes out. Surpirsed that they did not think of putting a back-up battery compartment so it can be used as hand held. Never the less, does the work I need with great day/night time picture quality and built in speaker.

218 out of 357


Location: FL.

VERY GOOD overall system
-easy setup
-good camera resolution
-excellent ease of use for recording and monitoring

-remote viewing on one camera-- should be QUAD-view viewing
-suggest battery back up for hand-held monitor to enable quick emergency wire-free viewing

219 out of 357


Location: Mass

We have had this system set up for a week now. The quility of the footage is excellent. The range of the motion sensing is way beyond what i thought it would be, all most too much so because it picks up cars on the road 185 feet away ! We did have an issue with the system not working but with 1 phone call they walked me thru the reset and all is good now. Overall an excellent product.

220 out of 357


Location: Barrie

I bought my unit based on review of various products online and via retail stores. I found the unit to be relatively easy to install myself and am pleased with the reception and the help I received from Lorex. Thus far I would highly rate the product and the customer support


221 out of 357


Location: Vancouver BC

Very easy to install, motion recording works great

222 out of 357


Location: SC

I think this company is great. The customer service is awesome and fast. I like the camera system I purchased from Lorex and I feel more secure now. Thank you so much for your great products and customer support!

223 out of 357


Location: Phoenix, Az

Works exactly as advertised! Easy set up, clear day and night video, remote monitoring via Skype works great, Just a shame you can only monitor one camera remotely. All 4 cameras are mounted outside yet wireless connection is stable anywhere inside the house. Well worth the money!

224 out of 357


Location: Nova Scotia

Bought this system for home security a few weeks ago. I like how simple it is to set up. Had a issue with this system and the company was very good to deal with in resolving the problem. Would recommend this product.

225 out of 357


Location: Florida

Good quality video and audio.

226 out of 357


Location: Iowa

Excellent system. Easy to install and turn on. Takes a little time to fully understand the User Guide but everything works beautifully. The picture is clear and a 32 bit card allows the system to record for extended periods of time including longer vacations. The system does everything advertised and I would definitely recommend it.

227 out of 357


Location: New Glasgow N.S.

This surveillance system is nothing short of super. It is the second one I have purchased from Lorex, to Install at my daughters house. I also ordered 2 cameras to install on my old system but were the wrong ones. Lorex paid to have them shipped back and promptly sent me the proper ones. I am very satisfied with the surveillance system and the great support from Lorex customer service. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

228 out of 357


Location: Ohio

I've had this wireless camera system about 8 months now. I didn't want to write a review until I had actually used them for awhile. I had two problems with setup. One was that the frail wire came right out of the camera when routing through the wall and the second was the pairing issue. I was sent a new camera on the one issue and had phone support with the pairing. My cameras had been working fine for awhile but noticed one has a problem adjusting from daylight to night vision. I contacted the support people, sat on the phone over an hour and I was told I would be contacted. Never was. Just recently I sent in another request and they said they would send me another camera. Still waiting on that.
This system is fairly easy to setup and the monitor is easy to use. I've had no WIFI problems.
The night vision isn't all that great but will do. I'm a 56 year old woman and installed these myself for outdoor surveillance. I plan on buying another in the near future.

229 out of 357


Location: miami

Very reliable and easy to install.... clear speaker system and wide view!!!

230 out of 357


Location: nj

I bought a system a year ago on Cyber Monday two cameras and a monitor I loved it I actually went to upgrade another two cameras unfortunately that model I purchase was no longer available so next cyber monday I went online and bought a new system with four cameras and the monitor for a great great price great quality love the system i couldn't be happier can't imagine any other system being any better then the one I purchased...the only down part of the new system for some reason it didn't come with a remote control which the last system did, that's was so convenient I wish Lorax see tthis review makes a remote and send it to me that would be great lol

231 out of 357


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Set up is easy and clarity of cameras is great. Working well. Plugging in and using the USB port (for remote Skype access) takes away the viewing on the screen; so you cannot have remote access and actual monitor viewing at the SAME time.

232 out of 357


Location: Illinois

A major snow storm held up my delivery from UPS by a week so I just installed the system today. Other than providing power outlets in my attic the install went off without a hitch. Obviously can't speak to the durability but anyone with minimal skills will have no issues installing this system. In checking it out today, everything works as it should. The only issue I have is that I cannot get the wireless camera to transmit from my shed about 100' from the house. I hoped it would but didn't really expect it to. I installed the system to assist our security system. We have been broken into once and had things stolen from us on a couple other occasions. Hopefully now we can see the thief in action.

233 out of 357


Location: Houston, tax

We bought this product in far it's awesome!

234 out of 357


Location: Oregon

Amazingly easy setup. Out of the box, ready to go. Clear pics, etc. Just as advertised.

235 out of 357



I bought this product after reviewing many others. I found it easy to get it up and running right out of the box. The picture is clear during the day and has a clear range at night of about 20-40 feet only. Can see all 4 cameras on one screen or rotate through each one at a time on the 7 inch screen. I bought to view and not so much record or take still shots. So, I haven't really messed with the recording options much. Overall, good setup and cameras seem well built. The cord was about 6 to 7 feet long. The plug is kinda large so if you have an outdoor receptacle, you may have some trouble getting two cameras plugs up in one receptacle. Wire is thin and black, doesn't match white siding much but can be hidden in most cases. I have not messed with the CD or software much. LCD is touch sensative and can upload pictures to act as picture frame. Picks up well through the walls. I have my cameras on four corners with strong signal. When you lose power, you may have to reset the cameras individually. Not pleasant getting ladder out each time. But has a clear picture during the day for 50 yards or so. Hope this helps.

236 out of 357


Location: Harrisburg Pa

Great system, I use it to monitor my 86 and 91 year old in-laws who reside with myself and their daughter. They are ill and require constant attention. The system works great both day and night. the intercom system within it works great, this way my wife and I do not have to run up and down the stairs to check on them. During the night we can simply check on them should we here any noise. I wish it had a battery back up system to make it more portable so we could move it from room to room during the day as we go about our daily items. This is the second Lorex system I have. I also have a full exterior system to watch the outside of my home, I have had it for 4 years now with no problems or issues with it. I would recommend the product.

237 out of 357



When deciding to purchase a home security system, I did alot of research online and by phone. After all this, I decided to go with the Lorex LW491 system. I am really glad I did. Very, very simple to install. Had it up and running in 5 minutes. Excellant choice I might add. Compact, easy to use. Figured it all out in 15 minutes. Now I am working on the Skype application. Great products, great service and fast delivery. Thanks Lorex.

238 out of 357


Location: connecticut

I received the system a few days ago. the cameras. That were paired worked fine. The other two I had trouble pairing. called teck support. they were able to help me. was happy with the out come. hopefully the rest of the install will go fine.

239 out of 357


Location: Ottawa CAN

Simple Plug and Play, good and clear night vision. Get it on Black Friday 25 special offer. Excellent deal.

240 out of 357


Location: new hampshire

Had a problem pairing the extra cameras that came with the set. Called lorex service and their service tech was extremely professional and got me up and running quickly. I put my cameras up temporally for now until I can permanently mount them and they work much better than I expected. I was also surprised at the reception one of the camera have. I have it set up at least 100 yds. from my receiver. you can't go wrong buying lorex products.

241 out of 357


Location: new hampshire

Had a problem pairing the extra cameras that came with the set. Called lorex service and their service tech was extremely professional and got me up and running quickly. I put my cameras up temporally for now until I can permanently mount them and they work much better than I expected. I was also surprised at the reception one of the camera have. I have it set up at least 100 yds. from my receiver. you can't go wrong buying lorex products.

242 out of 357


Location: Fox Lake,Il

Fantastic delivery --2 days from ordering to delivery. Set up instructions were very clear, but a little lengthy reading the users guide. Cameras were surprisingly sharp. I have just "dry "tested the cameras and monitor before installing them outside so I'm not sure what signal strength I will receive. overall, I'm very satisfied with what I have seen.

243 out of 357


Location: San Diego

I just recently purchased the LOREX 4 outdoor cameras and monitor. I installed two of the cameras and so far they work great. I was unable to pair the two extra cameras. I followed the instructions to the tee but with no success and for this I'm rating this security system a 3 instead of a 5. I just hope a LOREX Tech can help me fix this problem ASAP!

244 out of 357


Location: Georgia

Nice system, easy hookup. Just make sure you have power to run to your cameras. My SD card went out after 15 minutes. Called Tech department, after about roughly 2 hour wait between three separate calls, the Tech said they would send me a new one. However, the email I got shortly afterward asked me for all the same information that I entered when I registered the product and signed up for my account then wanted me to fax or email a copy of my order number/proof of sale/invoice and then send the defective part back. The 2 gig SD card that comes with the system could not cost Lorex more than a couple of dollars and it would cost me more in time, gas, and postage to return it for a new one. So I'll just bite the bullet and buy one elsewhere. This was the second system I bought within the last 30 days. Good system, just the warranty process is questionable...

245 out of 357


Location: Georgia

I ordered my Lorex camera system on the 29th of November and received it yesterday, (December 6th). I unpacked the system and read the quick start directions. I installed the SD card and had to sync the other two cameras that came with the system and once turned on, it worked beautifully.
I turned everything off and unplugged the monitor to be moved to its final location. When I plugged it back in and turned it on, the only thing the monitor would show was the 4-picture split screen but no pictures and the screen was frozen up and wouldn?t allow me to access the menu. I tried to turn it off and on a few times with the same results. I looked through the provided manual for a solution and found none.
So I called the toll-free number to talk with a technician. After about a 45 minute wait, I spoke with the first gentleman and he conducted a process of elimination and quickly determined the SD card was the issue. He told me that they (Lorex Technology) had received several calls with this issue and it was found the SD card was either bad or needed to be formatted. So he directed me on what to do, gave me a ?ticket number? and told me to call back if this did not resolve the issue and they would replace the SD card for me.
I formatted the SD card via a laptop computer and it still didn?t work. I tried it again with the same results. So I called Lorex back and again waited about 30-40 minutes to talk with another technician. I gave him the ?ticket number? and he started from scratch trying to help me with this issue. I told him that the first technician told me to call back if the SD wouldn?t work and they would send me another one. He didn?t seem to be concerned what the other technician told me and continued to tell me the same thing the first one did. Once I told him that I tried everything suggested, again, he then told me he would have to connect me with the level two technician, he gave me another ?ticket number,? and said please hold.
I held for another 30-45 minutes and finally a gentleman got on the line with me and I again gave him the ?ticket number.? He asked me the same questions the other two did and then told me that he would send me an email to obtain further information to where to send the new SD card. He processed the information and moments later I got the email. I thanked him for his time and support and hung up.
I opened my email and couldn?t believe everything I was asked to do to get this inexpensive two gig SD card replaced which couldn?t cost them no more than a few dollars. It asked for all the information that you entered when you registered your system on the Lorex website along with.
Now they want me to send them a copy of my order #. Then I get a reply wanting me to send the five dollar SD card back to them before they will send me another one.
I ask, is the 5 dollar 2 gig SD card that came with my order really needed to be returned after the technician determined it was defective? Really? It will cost me more in time, gas, and postage than it will cost to replace the SD card.
This is the second system I have purchased in the last thirty days. I purchased one for my parents for Christmas and installed it without any issues. That is what made me to decide to get one for myself.

Bottom line, the system is a really nice system, I am lost for words though on the customer/technical service department.

246 out of 357


Location: Stewartstown, Pa.

A great system for the money. System was easy to setup with no problems. We did quite a bit of looking at other systems before we got this one. Night vision is better than we expected it to be. One of the things we think is great we can take the 7" wireless display into any room as needed.

Thank you

247 out of 357


Location: Ontario

Great system
Fast delivery, easy to set up. Great picture day and night, Exactly what we needed. No wires to worry about or holes to drill.

248 out of 357


Location: Ohio

Only have 1 camera installed so far. Has a much better range than my old system. Good signal through a brick wall and 2 interior walls. Sound pickup is great so far. Pictures does seem to be a little out of focus though, even for close objects.


Ease of installation
Signal reception
Love the motion detection
Playback of video is a snap


Outdoor speaker not very good, but didn't buy it for the intercom feature

249 out of 357


Location: Leecburg, PA

Great purchase, more clearness than I expected. Just a nice set-up. I want to mention how helpful LOREX was for making a decision on this camera - monitor combination.

250 out of 357


Location: Michigan

Its a good wireless camera for the price. The only hard part in the install was to run electrical outlets to the cameras.

251 out of 357


Location: Raytown Missouri

Hooked up the 4 camera wireless system. Ran power through attic down wall to garage where it would be cooler in the summer for transformers. Installed cameras on various spot on house.

Day pictures are good, night pics o.k. Hard to make out colors for cars at night. Like the 4 "thumb"nail pictures.

If you have long runs (longer than 50 feet), you might need an antenna for better reception.

My camera 4 is not working at the moment, don't know if it is the camera or the transformer, have to check out.

Over all a good system for the price.

252 out of 357


Location: Michigan

This is my third system and have been very satisfied with the product and the service. Technical support is very helpful when minor issues come up.
Great value for the money.

253 out of 357


Location: Wireless Home Security System

Excellent system for the money! Great sound and video quality. This is an excellent system for the money. This system offers a lot of usefull features! I bought this system for the home monitoring and two way audio options (two monitors and six cameras). I would recommend this system to anyone who is the market for a quality system. Very easy to use. the system was Installed, up and running in less than 30 mins.

254 out of 357


Location: Kansa City, Kansas

The Lorex Camera System provides a very good monitoring system for our household.
However your product replacement / repair policy is not consumer friendly. The consumer
pays the return product shipment cost plus additional installer cost involving a defective
product purchased from Lorex.

Please give some servious consideration to changing your Product Replacement/Repair

Thank You,
Jim Bee

255 out of 357


Location: FL

I am very happy with these cameras. This is the second set I have installed and they went very well.The picture quality is outstanding but the one thing I think needs to be looked at is the swivels as even really tight they move easy. Overall very nice.

256 out of 357


Location: los angeles

camera is great!!!!! this is my second camera. easy to install and operate.

technical service sucks


257 out of 357


Location: los angeles

camera is great!!!!! this is my second camera. easy to install and operate.

technical service sucks


258 out of 357


Location: tucson, az

So far everything is as advertised, I thought that since they were outdoor cameras that I could just plug them into an outside socket but I learned that the plug-ins are indoor use only and had to drill a hole through the wall. It came with four cameras so I had to pair two of them to the monitor. I installed the camera and tried to pair it with the monitor outside and it did not work so I took the camera and the monitor inside and tried and it worked instantly, go figure! so I put it back outside and everything is working I would recommend pairing them first before installing. maybe it says that in the manual.

pros night vision, ease of installation, offers a lot for the money
cons electrical plugs are for indoor use only skype

259 out of 357


Location: penn

Affordable and yet very helpful security camera

260 out of 357


Location: Seattle, WA

Peace of Mind

Now I am able to see what's going on outside of our home without going outside. I wired in the four cameras under the eve of the house. It took a weekend and an extra run to the hardware store to get everything set up how we wanted but now that it is in we are very happy with the results.

At night we can see all the way back to our detached garage which is 40+ feet behind the house and we can see all the way to our mailbox which is across the street. During the day we can see even more.

I like that in one of the record modes you can review each camera separately. In another mode it will record continuously but will make 10 minute files for you to review on your computer.

It is really simple to use and pretty easy to set up, much easier than an old system that we had where we had to run the power/video cables to each camera and then to the monitor in the house. With this system you do need to run the power to the cameras (weatherproofed cable stapled under the eves with a plug spliced in at the ends and set inside a weatherproof box) but you don't have to cut holes in your walls to pull the cables to the monitor/recorder.

I am pleased with this system and how well it works for us. I have already recommended it to friends and coworkers!

261 out of 357


Location: cape coral, fl

The system works wonderful, the cameras are crystal clear and the night vision works well. I would diffenetly suggest this product for anyone that wants a no hassle installation. Very user friendly.

262 out of 357


Location: Bradenton, Florida

This newest Lorex wireless 4-camera security package is the second system that I have purchased within the last two years. I installed the first camera system on the exterior of our home in Woodstock, Georgia. It performed flawlessly, produced a fantastic quality picture, and was rather easy to install. We recently relocated to Bradenton, Florida and I again installed an updated version of the identical system used in Ga. Same comments as above. A great quality system that is easy to install and operate. Well worth the money for complete security....Bob S.

263 out of 357


Location: Claremont

Bought the SD7+ with 4 cameras
Installed 3 with no effort at all
Reception is very good
Only range of 100' because of trees

264 out of 357


Location: Columbus, MS U.S.A.

I purchased Lorex Model number LW2932 to be installed at my house,being a mechanical engineer I found the product one of it's kind, installation took few minutes, the picture on the monitor can't be any better, I feel the product is one of the best on the market for the price I paid, I recommended it to several clients, and I ended up purchasing 4 extra sets, furthermore, the customer service, and the sales personals were very friendly, prompt in responding to calls, and the service overall was one of the best I ever experienced.

265 out of 357


Location: Manitoba

Very good product; very good price. Easy to install. Video view is excellent

266 out of 357


Location: Mississauga, Ontario

Pretty decent system for the costs. Ordered from the web store and it arrived two days later. Does everything advertised and installation is quite easy. Once you learn to navigate the menu which really is not that hard it's a breeze to check up on any activity of interest.

Highly recommended!!

267 out of 357


Location: central michigan

easy to hook-up, clear pictures, easy to use monitor.

the range of the cameras are excellent and would refer this unit to anyone. If I can make it work anyone can.....that is how easy it is to use. It's great to have a wireless unit.

268 out of 357


Location: Minnesota

We purchased this system to monitor both indoors and outdoors. Love that I can see cars that pull in to my driveway when I am working in my basement... Love that I can 'talk' to whoever is in my driveway through the monitor. The picture quality is great, very easy to use. We did have a glitch with our monitor, contacted customer service and they immediately sent out a replacement! Great System backed by Great Customer service. Highly Recommend.

269 out of 357


Location: Stickney, Ill

Very easy to setup. Took more time to see how I wanted to set the cameras than the installation of the cameras. Screen pic's are excellent and easy to setup the screen for your viewing. Looked for a few weeks at the different systems that stores had to offer and found the one I finally wanted at Lorex. Couldn't be happier with the whole system and how fast it arrived after I ordered the LW491 system. Thanks Lorex.

270 out of 357


Location: Penna.

I just bought this only a week ago and the monitor isn't pairing up with the cameras. After spending my day off to find out that monitor is bad. That is after waiting for 45 min. for tech. service to come on the line.The people have a hard time speaking English too.

271 out of 357


Location: Salem

I did a lot of research before buying this system. It was really easy to install. The cameras are all mounted on the outside of the house and work great night or day. I'm totally impressed. It would also work great for monitoring your business.

272 out of 357


Location: PA

This is my second home system from Lorex. I have an external system on my house which works great. I use the LW491 to keep tabs on my elderly in laws who reside with me now after suffering a stroke. It works great. The intercome capability is great. The night vision is excellent. Easy to set up. I think the camera stand or attachments could be of a higher quality. for the price they are a little cheap. Uniden makes a better camera attachment. My only concern is the web based add states Promo Code SYSTEM15, 15 percent off ALL security systems. I entered the code, it would not work, I called Lorex once billed and the response was "it does not apply to this system", I guess "ALL" does not mean "ALL". Otherwise a nice little system. Again my second one from Lorex, overall I am very pleased with both systems and would recommend the product. Touch screen would be nice.

273 out of 357


Location: capitola ca

Wow, I hestitated on the lorex due to price being higher, but reading reviews on lorex and other brands one thing stood out, quality and ease of setup. My price range was a cheaper system but the reviews said need to be IT Manager to setup that difficult. How sweet it was to get the lorex at a discount on their website, so so simple to set up and get running. plug in camera, turn on monitor oh yea we already paired the two cameras that come with 5 minutes and i was viewing and recording. Video quality is great, audio quality great.did not realize it was there till i heard it. You cant go wrong with this unit.

274 out of 357


Location: British Columbia

I installed the system, works great! The infrared on one of the cameras didn't work properly, called Lorex, shipped a new one asap. Easy to deal with, awesome product, love how the shipping works! I will keep buying in the future!

275 out of 357


Location: Latrobe PA

Easy to install and use. Setup was easy. Makes me feel safer because I can see all areas of entry and the blind side of our house.

276 out of 357


Location: Jacksonville, FL

This is a great system for the price, it is perfect for my needs, I already have Home Security System so i added this for extra protection for my Family. To all the people complaining about the picture quality this is all you going to get for this price, cable coming from cameras to inlets are too short so i spent extra 40$ on cable extension on eBay( 50ft of extension cable for each camera, i have 4 so i purchased 200ft total), now instead of 10ft cord that comes with camera i get 60ft cord, and to all people thinking that this is wireless camera, it is not you still have to plug camera to the power. Wireless means its wireless between receiver and camera. I'm running 32 GB SD-card and i get about 2 days worth of continues recording. It has built in microphone and it works very well. My rating is 5 stars based on my needs.

277 out of 357


Location: Pennsylvania

This has been a wonderful way to monitor our new litters of kittens! We often have two litters at a time and can place two monitors (placed in different directions) with each of the litters. We also use it to monitor pregnant cats who are due to have their kittens so we can be there once they begin to go into labor. An invaluable system. Images are clear and we can switch from one camera to another. It was worth the expense. Good quality for the price.

278 out of 357


Location: Nebraska

Easy to use and intuitive controls. Wireless signal is great - no issues at 35ft through multiple floors/walls. Surprisingly excellent range and clarity of cameras in absolute darkness. Just wish it came with larger SD card (comes with 2G). Would give five stars if there was more customization options in the software but for this price point the options are far above the competition.

279 out of 357


Location: castro valley,ca

very good camera but the one we order LW491 was replace with model LW2731 due to it being out of stock. But still same item. easy to install as long as it is indoor. outdoor a litter harder cause of drilling through wall. Picture quality is good and you can watch from Skype.

280 out of 357


Location: Newfoundland

Had it working for few days,good product does what it says,good help from company when called to check out few things.
Wish you could view all the cameras remotely with Skype,only get camera one.
Screen is small especially for viewing four cameras but hook up to TV is easy.
You can switch from TV to receiver easy and the whole operation is easy to learn.
Did have to drill small holes in house to run camera to power source just ran it to inside plugs in diff rooms,but wifi is a lot better than running wires all through house.
Like the recording to sd card.
So far so good would recommend

281 out of 357


Location: akron,ohio

just installed lw2730 4 camera system. I was very impressed with the image quality. This is also a very easy system to install. I would recommend this unit.

282 out of 357


Location: Clarksville, TN

With Lorex technical support, I installed the 4 camera system by myself without professional help. This included electrical installation and hanging of all cameras. The installation went great and all cameras operated with much delight. I was really please with the camera's night vision and clarity. The system operated as advised, a joy to have, and I would recommend to anyone wanting a home security system.

283 out of 357


Location: Hendersonville, NC

I installed this system in my shop. I am able to watch certain areas with reasonable clarity in a 5000 sq. ft. store. The sd card has proved to be a bit challenging and I finally had to call tech support. I was told to dump the card and reformat every 2 weeks. Hope this cure works. It was not mentioned in the trouble shooting guide. Perhaps it should be.

284 out of 357


Location: Macomb, Michigan

Great, compact, easy-to-use, affordable hi-tech system !
This wireless system has out performed our expectations. Glad we selected Lorex from all the other offerings out there.

285 out of 357


Location: GA

I am really impressed with the plug and play feature of this camera. The quality is outstanding and I am really liking the simplicity of being able to monitor my home using four cameras, alerts and motion video.

HOWEVER, I am not impressed that I have provided several support tickets and I have yet to have anyone tell me how to get this to work on my iphone or ipad. The only answer I received from Tech Support that it is not their problem, call SKYPE. I call SKYPE and they said it is not a SKYPE supported product and cannot assist me.

So the reason I purchased the system was because of it's mobile capabilities. And I CAN'T USE THEM.

Customer Service is EXCELLENT. TECH Support, well, if someone can't help me find a way to use the mobile features promoted with this product, I want a refund!!!!!!!!!

286 out of 357




Dear JPI,
Here are some troubleshooting tips: First, see if the camera has enough light to operate in the day mode. If the camera is in a dark place, it will switch into a night vision mode because there is not enough light for the camera to see in a daytime mode. Check all the cables and connections - poor connection may cause video quality loss. During the day, try to cover the camera`s lens with your hand. You should hear the clicking noise - the camera will be switching into the night vision mode. If this does not happen, please contact customer service - they will be able to replace your camera

287 out of 357



Just love our new Lorex Wireless home security camera system - 4 outdoor cameras and monitor, LW491. So easy to set up and start watching our home. The monitor is amazing. So clear even at night. We did need to order antennas for the two cameras in the back of our doublewide. We can move monitor and they all work great. But we want it in the living room. If we ever need another one we will buy this again!! Great. Price too.

288 out of 357


Location: Lowell MA

Satisfied with the addition security the 4 cameras provide, especially our front door and driveway which are hidden from view... We rest much easier now.
We must take a wait and see position however, wether or not they hold up to New England weather...

289 out of 357


Location: NJ

This has been a great purchase. Very simple and easy to get up and running. No wires to run all over the place. The motion and sound activated recording works great. Without a doubt would consider buying additional systems for different purposes in the future as well as recommend these to a friend.

290 out of 357


Location: orillia

things were easy to set up,but had problems getting all cameras to work,talked with lorex they are very easy to talk to and they assured me that they will work out the bugs.Other than that problem everything is good.

291 out of 357


Location: NC

System is user friendly, great for home security.

292 out of 357


Location: Palm Coast Florida 8/19/2013

I ordered the LW491 (in stock) with remote control, instead they ship me the LW 2731 older model with no remote for the same price. Return it & buy elsewhere, that's no way to do bussiness. I ordered beacause my neighbors got that same system it works good.

293 out of 357


Location: Ventura, CA

Overall a decent product. One thing that could be improved is the adjustable stand. I followed the instructions precisely, yet it did not function as described and actually broke. I inserted the stand and turned it counterclockwise until it clicked. Then, it was adjustable through a range of just under 90 degrees (at 0 degrees it fell out), none of which allowed correct orientation. When I tried to continue turning as the instructions said, it broke. Another note, put in your troubleshooting guide: "I can't hear anything from the camera microphone?". It took me awhile to figure out that I hadn't removed the transparent film from the camera lense and this covers the integrated microphone. The monitor's picture quality could be better. The two choices for resolution are both low. You can acually see the little squares that make up the picture. Be aware that the frame refresh rates are low too; you don't get a smooth continuous flow of frames, especially at high res. It is sensitive to sun glare. Other than those shortcomings it's a pretty good system. The intercom works well. The IR night vision seems to work well.

294 out of 357


Location: Kelowna, BC

I was quite pleased with the speed that I received my order. It was very easy to install and the reception is fantastic, I have 4 cameras and have placed them around my house and in the garage. My neighbour came over to see them and was quite impressed with the clarity of the video and the having the 2-way speaker system is a big bonus. After using this system for the last 5 days and going through the manual I am very pleased that I chose Lorex, I would advise any of my friends to do the same if they are in the market for a security camera system.

295 out of 357


Location: detroit ,mi

everything was ok except with additional camera where it failed to pair with the monitor. the camera works well in the night and provide clarity pic.

296 out of 357


Location: Pittsburgh, Pa.

This 4 camera system is great. Easy to set up and use. My garage is apx. 100' from my house. 3 cameras inside of my house worked perfectly. We had to purchas the range extending antenna for our garage camera. Tech support is pretty good also. I wish Lorex had a 6 wireless camera system. We would purchas it in a heartbeet.

297 out of 357


Location: calgary, alberta, canada

Good product at a geat price. Delivery was as promised. Good product quality. Receiver reception, night vision and picture qualiity are all very good and the system has many useful features. Highly recomended.

298 out of 357


Location: Rhode Island

The monitor that was originally sent only worked for one day. Once I hooked it up to my computer to view outside of my home the monitor stopped working when it was disconnected from my computer. The monitor would still work when hooked to the computer but the monitor the screen would stay black and I could not view anything from the monitor itself once it was disconnected. The company has great customer service and tried to technical shoot this problem but when it could not be fixed they resolved my issue fast and warrantied out my monitor. This one has been working without any problems, so far. The monitor and four cameras was an open box item at a great price.

299 out of 357


Location: Mableton, Georgia

Arrived quickly. Extremely easy to install. Outdoor cameras work fine with little shelter. Monitoring four cameras at once - through multiple walls. We use it 24x7 with no problems. We couldn't be happier with the system.

300 out of 357


Location: Seven Hills, Ohio

The product was received promptly and installation was fairly easy. The instructions are detailed but failed to state how to reset the display. Once that was figured out all went well. The operation of the system is straight forward and simple. The cameras are small and easy to mount, Performance across our large home is great. As long as your have availablity of electricity all goes well.

301 out of 357


Location: Hebron, Indiana

My first encounter with Lorex was while doing a side job for a company who already had a DVR and Wired Lorex camera's installed. They needed more camera's wired up. I loved what I saw. Then when I saw that Lorex came out with wireless for the home I knew this is what I wanted.

I bought the 4 wireless camera system with 9"lcd unit. When the system first arrived, I did have some problems with the main unit. After following the Return procedures, I received my replacement unit. All is well. I love it. In fact, I am going to Florida to install one of these same wireless units for my 82 year old mother as a compliment to her security system. It certainly brings peace of mind and the price is very reasonable considering all this thing can do. I didn't expect it to be professional like the one I worked on, but I was pleasantly surprised at its features for a home system. I recommend this company and all their products for business or for the home.

302 out of 357


Location: Opelika alabama

We are so pleased with our new camera and monitor system. We bought the LW 491 with 4 cameras. We waited for a few days before we wrote the review to make sure everything is working well. The cameras are so clear, not at all like our previous system from another company. It was easy to install and also easy to understand the instructions. We are happy that we purchased it and will h9ighly recommend this product to others.

303 out of 357


Location: Port Hueneme,Ca

Set up was easy, good picture even with walls and floor between camera and monitor. Directions clear and complete easy to use. Very pleased.

304 out of 357


Location: Texas

We've just joined the 21st century, what a great surprise!

We previously owned a small wired B&W camera and monitor, which was always snowy and not reliable, but that was the way back then. It finally died and went to the trash, that was before the thought of recycling. We always missed the cameras. We live in the country, and are blind sided to the road, driveway and front door, without walking outside. After twice people were knocking at our door, without us having any advanced warning, we decided to get another security camera system. We spent several weeks searching systems, both on the Internet and at several stores when we got into town. We finally decided on this Lorex 4 camera system, and can't be happier. It was very easy to set up and install. It took about two hours, much of the time installing two cameras moving a ladder to install under tractor shed roof.
We now have camera views of our road, drive, both front and rear decks, along with our vehicles. The pictures are crystal clear, audio is remarkable even at distances. There appears to be no interference from our other electronics. Again we could not be more satisfied, knowing we made the right with this purchase.

305 out of 357


Location: Ohio

I have lived in my house for 4 years and my garage was broken into the first winter. They also tried to kick in the back door to the house so I upped the security by replacing the doors on the house and garage and reinforcing the door jams and replacing the locks with higher quality ones. Last winter my vehicles were broken into in the driveway and rummaged through. This is when I decided to buy this wireless security camera system. Set up was easy and the picture is good however the motion sensors are terrible! My vehicles have been broken into 2 more times since I have had this system in place and nothing was recorded! Both times the vehicles were sitting 50 feet or less from the camera and no video was recorded!!

306 out of 357


Location: Fontana, Ca.

I have to say that overall, I'm happy with this unit. Had to wire new outlets to the areas were I wanted the carmeras, But once that was done, the carmeras and entire system installation and system start up was very easy. The day/night picture quality is excellent and except for that 1-2 second delay before the motion detection activates, I am pretty happy with that too! I have to say that I was very impressed with the detection range of the carmeras. Even though the manual says it has a 21ft. max. motion detection range, I found it records motion up to appox. 26 feet !!! This made me very happy. The only drawback I feel the system has is that when you play recorded video, the movement of a car, or person walking plays back in a staggered or slow frame by frame motion. That is to say there's a small delay between the frames of the recorded video. One of the reviews I read said that they were happy with the fact that the reciever was portable!! I as yet have to find that to be so with my LW491.

307 out of 357


Location: South Jersey

This is a good quick and easy set up system. However is you want to move the moniter from
room to room, there is no battery power associated with this system.

308 out of 357


Location: North Carolina

This is a great system. I'm really pleased with all of the features. great picture on the screen.

309 out of 357


Location: Omaha

Bought this and so far have two cameras installed, when I first hooked them up they would record everything , I found out that you have to have the cameras pointed straight they can not be crooked, after the the system worked good

310 out of 357


Location: wa

This product works very well for my home, It was very easy to set up and get working. I only needed help with tech support to allow my cameras to be seen on my iphone. Just a reminder, think about ordering extension power cords from your wireless cameras.

311 out of 357


Location: Torrance, California

This is proving to be a great monitoring system for our home. We had it professionally installed (but probably could have done it ourselves). The licensed installers give it high marks as well!

One of the delivered cameras was not able to pair. However, Lorex quickly sent a free replacement which works fine.

High quality, great customer support, gets 5 STARS EVERY TIME!

312 out of 357


Location: Dallas, Texas

This system is great and I love the touch screen. The night vision is wonderful, you can see everything very clearly. So glad I ordered the system with 4 cameras. Great value!

313 out of 357


Location: Montreal

Have instaled the system, pretty easy and simple to use. Keep your manual near to get used to the system. I think the detection is to sensitive. Just the shadow of the leaves on the floor make the system run. Also the speaker and microphone makes feedback and I have to turn the sound off. The height of people and objects are smaller than real but their width are the same. A 6 footer will look more of a 5.6 and fatter than real. But for my use, after been robbed, this is what I was looking for. When I leave home I start recording so that way I feel safe ! Beware robbers !!!

314 out of 357


Location: Toronto, ON

System is amazing, I have two cameras outside an two inside and they are all really good. Nice clear pic and great night vision.

315 out of 357


Location: Georgia

Product was easy to set up, instruction manual was very easy to understand The night vision on cameras are very clear. It is great because now we know when our pets are trying to go down driveway, it sets off the camera.

316 out of 357


Location: honolulu

I bought for my store and easy to install, nice monitor with quad view. good thing is wireless, you can change camera anywhere you like. easy to operate. What I do not like is picture quality, I hope it is HD.

317 out of 357


Location: Strawberry, Az

Order came to the door via my good friends at UPS. Everything was packaged and protected well from any shipping damage. I spent almost an hour on the phone with Tech support, I couldn?t get the two additional cameras I purchased to pair with the monitor. Patrick my tech support guy did an excellent job trouble shooting things with me, only to conclude that the 9 inch monitor was defective. I received my RMA number for the return of the bad monitor, and I?m still waiting for the new replacement to arrive. I called customer service today, only to be told that it has not shipped from the Lorex facility. I also emailed customer service ? ticket #116969, asking for shipping information for the replacement monitor. No word yet. From a positive perspective, the two cameras that came paired to the monitor were quite impressive for both picture quality and audio. Although very disappointed on the long wait for the replacement monitor, I?m sure I?ll be happy once received, and the system is on line. I will update you on my progress, but I can only go 3 stars at this point in time.

318 out of 357


Location: albuquerque nm

great value for the system easy to install and very simple to use ,,good reach at 90 " fast delivery .

319 out of 357


Location: Portland

I bought a 4-cam wireless system. 2 of the cams had to be "paired" to connect with the receiver/monitor. With the clear directions that came with the bundle, this was a piece of cake. The cams are mounted outdoors, up to 150 feet from the receiver/monitor. I am getting solid signal. The quality of the pictures is surprisingly good -- clear, crisp images. The microphones on the cams are sensitive, so pick up ambient sound well. Motion detection with subsequent recording to SD card in the monitor is excellent. As suggested in the directions, all my cams are partially protected from the weather, mounted under eaves. One is mounted in an old bird house I modified. These cams should be protected: better termed weather-resistant, rather than weatherproof. But this was clearly disclosed in the literature that came with the system.
Overall, I am very favorably impressed with this system. For the price, and I compared many other makes and models, this setup is next to impossible to beat.

320 out of 357


Location: Cleveland

Great system for the money. Does what I need. I wish it had a volume control for the base unit audio. Easy to set up

321 out of 357


Location: wisconsin

This is the first open box purchase i have ever made, so i was a little concerned about my purchase. The item arrived as scheduled and i put it in service within a day of receiving it. It worked perfect out of the box. The pictures were clear and the night vision was great. I positioned the cameras throughtout the house until i had time to setup for the outdoor coverage i wanted.

After the first night of viewing, I turned the unit (Monitor) off. When I turned it back on the next morning it was dead in the water. I could not receive any camera signals or was i able to pull up the menu on the screen. I made contact with tech support and said they would forward me a new monitor. As of this time I have not received the new monitor yet. Time will tell if this was a good open box purchase or someone else problem.

322 out of 357


Location: michigan

Received my cameras last week. Everthing went well,had them up and running in a very short time.The grandkids like to see themself on the cameras.Very pleased with the cameras and the way they work. Butch

323 out of 357


Location: pasco washington

super goes through brick walls an stainless steel hood fanstastic I just bought a second setup it is great all four bars (strength)_ audio is crisp an clear dont forget to take the plastic cover off the cameras it helps

324 out of 357


Location: Niagara Falls, NY

Great system. Very easy to install and connect the cameras to monitor. Very clear images. The 2 way voice is a plus. Does what I need it to do and more.

325 out of 357


Location: home use

The product is exactly what we wanted and is exactly how it was described. We are very pleased. Meets all of our needs. Only down side is you cannot read he SD card through the monitor, but otherwise, a superb monitoring system.

326 out of 357


Location: terra alta,wv

good product..would buy again..great vision. I installed outdoors with shields made from cat litter buckets. cut them down and painted brown.installed under street light poles and night vision almost good as day. Alarm is great!!! love the ":mic" read all instructions until you understand completly.wish i would have purchased a six camera system...Good piece of mind product. I done alot of research before buying this 'LOREX SYSTEM". BEST FOR THE MONEY!!!! IF WARRANTY AND SUPPORT ARE AS GOOD AS PRODUCT,I WILL BE A HAPPY CAMPER.. YES, I WILL RATE THIS SYSTEM FIVE STARS!!!!!!

327 out of 357


Lorex LIVE SD9 Wireless Digital Security System- 

Easy setup, easy recording, good picture quality, day and night. I like the fact it goes to a SD card and not to a DVD. Easy to review and format. It does only record one camera at a time, but so far that has been more than adequate. Others have mentioned the remote is a bit flimsy, but I have had no problem with it. It would have been nice to have one a bit sturdier, but it works well. For the price it is the best deal that I have found... you will not be disappointed. 

328 out of 357


Location: Rhode Island

Lorex LIVE SD9 Wireless Digital Security System - LW2902 (Camera)

I am pleased with the purchase. We have local youth who routinely try to break into our vehicles and/ or make off with various yard decorations. This system seems to be the proper means to see who is doing it. I will say I bought mine at BJ's Wholesale for the same price as here; I wanted to really see if it would work and have an immediate option for return.


- Sets up fast; right out of the box.

- Night vision is SUPERB! I have both cameras trained on our parking area and back yard, and I can see almost to the far side of the property at night. Best is I can see my dog on the monitor when he's out on is last out of then night. Our yard is a good 80 feet deep and I can see almost to the back side of it at night.

- Auto Record is GREAT! 5 - 15 - 30 second clips of any activity recorded on the memory card. Caught a lot of our yard work yesterday.

- 2 way audio is great!


- Range, I had to move the monitor into the room just inside from where I mounted the cameras. The signal almost has to be line of sight. Thinking about the booster antenna, but not just yet.

- The Skype function is bogus and negates the reason to have the system. Either you can look at ONE camera while on Skype to see what's going on outside, or you can have a multi-camera, auto-record security monitoring system, but you can't have both. There is no feature for the software to automatically call you with a video if there is something going on. THAT would have been the golden ticket for this system.

But it records stuff happening, and through the monitor, I can see the events. I like that PEACE OF MIND. 

329 out of 357


Location: East Coast

This review is from: Lorex LIVE SD9 Wireless Digital Security System - LW2902 (Camera)

The unit works mostly as advertised. Motion detection is good and triggers quickly. The only negative is the resolution could have been better. Image is fuzzier than indicated on the advertisements, and although some may like the large screen, it would be best to have a smaller display that you can carry around. Nevertheless, the sound is decent, and night vision is reasonably clear. Another drawback is the IR lights are illuminated in the dark, which means that an intruder can easily find the camera and just unplug it. But for the money, what can you ask for. The menu is bare bones and there is no option to disable the annoying "beep" for every selection, which could give away to an intruder that somebody somewhere nearby is watching him. The idea of the "joy stick" adjust is a good one. There is a volume adjust for the alarm and that is a plus. The two way communication feature works good. My wife would have liked a car power adapter option, so when arriving from work she could get a snapshot of who is in the house. But that could be an add on remote. Overall, for this price the system is good enough to monitor your home while you are sleeping, and it still seems to me the best buy right now. 

330 out of 357


Location: Chicago

Great system for the Price 

What’s great about it?             Clear pictures.  Easy install

What’s not so great?               Only able to record 1 camera at a time.



  I have had this system for 1 year now and it is great. The recordings are clear (especially at night). If I would change 1 thing about the system it would be to have the system to be able to record more then 1 camera at a time.

Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

331 out of 357


Great Product, Just Understand Its Limits

I've used this system for 6 months now, and thus far it has worked very well. Let me cut to the chase:


-Easy installation. Very nice not needing cables ran everywhere, only power sources. Wireless has worked well, even during storms. There is a delay however, and sometimes it does cut out (not often).

-With the memory upgrade, you get more than adequate recording time.

-Very sharp picture quality and easy to use controls. Built in mics are a plus. Night vision is good.

-Affordable compared with other systems and has plenty of features.

-Durable. Have yet to have a problem after 6 months, including cold winter usage (Although I do recommend keeping the product out of direct water contact).


-If your using this for security, like I am, then several major problems exist. The motion detection is hit and miss, and sometimes does not activate the camera (cars usually do, people sometimes). The second problem is that it can't dual record - basically only one camera records at a time for 5 seconds and switches over. So, if you get robbed, it's entirely possible the camera may miss them coming into view or you'll miss an important event.

- The video unit is also the recording unit. So, if you get robbed, all they have to do is take the monitor (True, it does have a screensaver mode to hide the intent of the unit, but it's pretty obvious what it is).

-The menu system could be a bit smoother. Even with instructions, setting up events and viewing past recordings can be a hassle.

I think overall this system is great, if you understand it's limitations. For non-security purposes (like watching a children's room, etc) I think it would be perfect. For security, I think it works well as long as you know where the system has faults. If you've ever been robbed, you know how hindsight is always 20/20. Understand this system may not capture an important event and supplement your security system with other deterrents as well. 

332 out of 357


 Wireless Digital Security System-LW2902

I am enjoying my wireless security system. I made a very good selection. It is fun to be able to move my monitor to any room in my home and watch my home. 

333 out of 357


Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

Affordable, decent quality security                           

At this point, I have installed one of the two cameras. I have one on my front door and will ultimately have one on the driveway. Installation and operation are very simple and basic. The fact that it is wireless makes life 100 times easier! The image quality is decent, about what I expected from such a system. The biggest flaw that I have discovered to this point is the rather low quality of the monitor, especially with regards to mounting hardware.

If you want a very basic system with effortless installation, I would definitely recommend this one.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

334 out of 357


Location: California

Works for me!

I am pleased with the unit. It is very easy to setup and just as easy to operate. Camera quality is good enough to give me updates on the animals and barn that I was concerned about. Night vision works well, as does the motion detect. One camera is 350' away behind a barn wall and I still get signal to the unit. I had to put the unit up higher to achieve that, but that was no problem. Two months of 24/7 operation and the only failure was the memory chip which I wanted to upgrade anyway. For the cost and ease of setup I would recommend this unit. 

335 out of 357


Lorex LIVE SD9 Wireless Digital Security System - LW2902

The shipping was fast!

The cameras are excellent!

All sealed in its box!

The reach of the cameras is 100 meters!

I recommend these cameras for your home or business! 

336 out of 357


Easy to use

Good day and night picture quality. The two way audio works great. Very easy configuration. Initial set up takes less than 15 minutes. Automatic redord modes are helpful. The only reason for  it not being a 5 star is because the time and date are not saved when you turn off the display. So each time you turn on the display, you must configure time and date.  

337 out of 357


Real good

This set (SD9 Lorex ) is the best set for the money, it is real clear during the day and really good at night. The view is great and in color and you can hear everything going on outside. 

338 out of 357


Location: Oklahoma

Lorex Live SD9 Wireless Digital Security System LW2092

I love this little security system. It is easy to set up and the wireless function is flawless unless you happen to unplug the cameras. Make sure you have a good electrician who can install a weatherproof electrical outlet either under the eaves of your house or in the attic. I happen to be married to one so it was no problem for me (smile).  Anyway here is the ins and outs on this system. There is a line of buttons on the right side just behind the screen that gives you access to intercom, the bottom button, menu the top button and the middle toggle guides you around in the menu. So far, I have only found access to the Quad screen from the little remote control. The range of the remote isn't that far away from the screen but who is going to stand in the other room to program it anyway. I want to see what it is doing! The video is all in color with sound and playback can be done in either Windows media player or Quick time. I like Windows media player best. The screen has NTSC and PAL available. You can hook it up to your TV or computer and just let it sit along side if you want or hang it on a wall like we have done. It comes with an SD card but I chose to use a 16GB SD card to hold more video. The cameras have night vision and switch to wherever the movement is detected. We have one pointed at our front entrance and one pointed towards our driveway. We are going to buy two more for the east and west backside of our house. Make sure you keep the camera lens clean as bugs or other bits of trash blowing in the air might get stuck to it. It just needs to be looked at, checked and cleaned periodically as a maintenance routine.

PROS- In color even at night if there is light otherwise it looks black and white at night.

It is wireless, the cameras communicate wirelessly with the screen

It is reasonable in price

The cameras are sturdy

The screen can be used either mounted on the wall or it has its own stand

It is capable of recording in quad mode, however in quad mode you cannot record scheduled recordings

It is dependable

It comes with 2 cameras but is capable of four

It has a remote

Cons - The remote is tiny

You can only view Quad using the remote unless someone knows another way 

339 out of 357



This was excatly what I was looking for!! Motion detector, two video cameras and 9in screen!! Wow, it works GREAT and I am so GLAD I bought it!! So worth every penny!!

340 out of 357


Location: Sacramento, CA

This system was very easy to set up, once power is supplied to the camera's which was easy to tap into other power sources, simply mount the camera, turn on the LCD receiver and it all sync's automatically. The two way audio is very handy for an intercom and the automatic movement activation works very well.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

341 out of 357


Location: Bellevue, WA

Really easy to set it up                    

I got the product and spent half day to set the system up. Basically drilled holes through drywalls to connect the power cord to the camera. The other parts of setup is easy. I got the images up by simply following the instructions on the manual. So far, everything works as it was advertised.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

342 out of 357


Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Easy, quick, reliable

Simply put, this system is exactly as described. Yes, you need to run the wireless cameras to an outlet because how else would you power them? That should not be a question or issue for anyone so I find it remarkable that some have commented on that as an issue. I've installed one of my cameras at least 100 feet away, on the other side of a large garage and have the receiver/monitor inside the kitchen and there are no signal issues.

I am very impressed with this system and I think some of that is because after reading a number of reviews (the due diligence anyone should do before making a purchase like this) I had very grounded expectations. To this end, my expectations have been exceeded in every way because you can tell the design and construction was well thought out. For example, when running the power cable from the camera to the inside of the garage to an outlet I was worried I'd have to bore a hole in the wall big enough to run the plug through, but instead the actual plug itself is not attached to the camera and rather is connected to the power cord on the camera via an adapter just roughly the same size as the cord itself and therefore no hole boring needed, only a drill hole the size of a cord.

On other note, the ability to capture images by trigger activated motion is awesome. I was concerned this could be an unreliable feature but so far it is working brilliantly. The rabbit that runs by does not get recorded, but the teenager cutting through and over my fence does. They've designed it well. And, the night vision works great! It is pitch black in my backyard at night, but looking through the monitor it looks like the early evening before dusk.

Again, I'm very impressed. 

343 out of 357



Easy, quick setup

Wireless excluding electricity, instructions were good, remote is OK..

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

344 out of 357


Location: Ypsilanti, MI

Very Pleased

Installation was truly "plug and play". Power the components up and go. Great depth of field. I have them mounted within 5 ft of each entrance covered. Triggered record works well. Triggering is a little slow, one door hanger presented itself as only the blur of an arm moving out of camera range. Night vision produces usable images up to about 20 feet. No interference from wireless router but one 2.4 portable phone will cause signal failure from cameras when in use. Mounted under eaves and cameras have been through a full week of rain, no problems. Two way intercom works well for folks with good hearing. My hearing is poor and I need to really concentrate to hear from the camera. Camera microphones are very sensitive. We can hear crickets. The monitor screen scratches easily. Mounted the monitor under a shelf as we have cats who knock things over. Cob webs in front of the cameras at night will produce an weird glow like something from ghost hunters. Furthest camera is approx. 20 feet from monitor with 4 walls between. Get full four bars of signal. This is a great product for my application. I will be purchasing two more cameras and two IR illuminators (non-Lorex) to cover complete front and back yards.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

345 out of 357


Location: Southern Middle TN

Good product for the money

Just thought this was a good product for the money.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

346 out of 357


Location: North East Georgia

Easy set up, nice 9" screen

So far I like this system very well. For me it is very easy and quick to get it all set up. I didn't need the manual for the settings cause it was so simple. The night vision is great, and reaches more than 40 feet. [...] One of the two cameras will show "No signal" while switching at times is the only reason i didn't give it a 5 star rating.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

347 out of 357


Location: Roswell, NM

Nice Little System

Bought this system for my elderly mother. She really likes it. Very easy to use and the video, both live and playback, are great. The PIR is nice. It will handle 4 cams but the extra cams are kind of high when compared to the price of the system, might as well buy a whole extra system if you want 2 more cams.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

348 out of 357


excellent purchase

"Very clear picture, so far no interference with any of our other electronics. Has a good alarm that goes off if any sound is made by your child. Good night viewing capability. Highly recommend this unit. Had purchased a Mobi unit for $99, absolutely worth the extra money to get a Lorex."

349 out of 357


Location: Toronto, ON


"We are thrilled with our Lorex Portable Monitor! It is a pleasure to use and works beautifully. It's so great to be able to watch the baby from another room/floor. The picture and sound quality are excellent. We researched and tried many other systems and were very disappointed in them. The Lorex monitor is far superior to all other video monitor systems. We highly recommend this product!!"


350 out of 357


Location: SF

gd buy

"picture is good and clear, night vision works well. range is barely enough. but it still beats wires all over the place. overall its a worthy buy better than the others ive tried 2.4mhz is the way to go"

Pros: versatile can hook up to seperate monitor

Cons: price need to get more cameras for less


351 out of 357


Location: Wilson, NC

This is a great monitor

"This has been a great purchase!

The portable monitor looks nice and has a real solid feel to it. It comes with a base so that keeping it charged is easy. When you take it with you, it even has a little flip out piece of the back so that you can sit it on the counter and it holds itself up like a picture frame. The camera also has a good range of motion so you can put it pretty much anywhere in the room and point it at what you want to see and hear.

What really blew me away though was the night vision. I didn't really understand that these things see in the dark. We get to put the little one down and see absolutely everything even when the room is pitch black. Very cool."

Pros: great rangeclear pictureexcellent sound sensitivitydidn't need to read the manual



352 out of 357


Location: Kansas City, MO

Great product!!! Works well

"I bought this product so we could keep an eye on our toddler foster children after they are put to bed and still have some personal time to ourselves. It works wonderfully, has great night vision, and hooks up easily to the TV for a larger viewing screen. I originally bought 2 because I wanted to have 2 cameras and the ability to have monitors at two locations. Unfortunately, it is not possible to link the cameras with more than one monitoring unit. Therefore, I just paired both cameras with one monitor and put the other unit in storage in case the first one breaks. (Plus, additional cameras cost $150 on the Lorex website anyway). I'll probably buy another set just so I can have a 3rd camera. We just put the docking stations at different locations around the house and simply plop the monitor into the docking station wherever we are so it stays well charged."

353 out of 357


Location: WA

Best video monitor

"I was skeptical at first as I tried a analog video monitor before but this one is outstanding. It is easy to set up and the picture quality is outstanding. There are 3 walls between the camera and the monitor and I get 5 bar reception."

Pros: excellent picture quality ease of set upgreat range

Cons: if anything price for a 2nd camera

354 out of 357


better than typical baby monitors

"Great low light and seems well made. Only used it a few times, but so far it's awesome!"


355 out of 357


Location: COLORADO

Nearly Perfect

"This unit is nearly perfect. Awsome picture and sound. However the battery life is limited to about 3 hours. If you have the cradel charger in your room at night then this will be nearly perfect. We also found that our son talks when he wakes up and doesn't set off the audio alarm. This is an issue we found, but If he cries or talks loud then it will go off and we can hear him. This unit has differnt settings to save on power but we found to hear him if he needs us in the middle of the night to turn off the power saveing mode. This keeps the screen on but even if he moves aroud or coughs we now can hear him. This can be a plus if there is a music devise or noise maker in their room and you don't want to hear it all night. The audio turns off so only if he reaches the audio spec to set it off it will turn on.The specs say that at 80 decibles will set off the auto alarm. The audio is also awsome, just remember the 80 decible spec even when turned down to the most sensitive level. Picture is awsome day and night. Extremely clear and the unit has a large screen. So far so good. We have had this unit since December 1st 2009. Dad of a 15 month old"

Pros: clear picturebig clear screenawsome picture day and nightno wifi issuesprivatesecure

Cons: battery life limitedaudio alarm spec set kinda low but will trigger


356 out of 357


Location: Toronto, CAN

Wonderful Helper!!

"My sister bought this for our newborn son and it's wonderful!! I can easly keep an eye on him in the dark and hear every noise he makes!"

Pros: clear night visionlooks niceclear sound

Cons: camera+receiver within a foot = noise


357 out of 357


Loved it!!

"My brother and his wife have this baby monitor for their newborn son, & they love it!"




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