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SD Pro Wireless Video Surveillance System with a 7" LCD Screen with Remote Monitoring


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Wireless Video Surveillance System with a 7" LCD Screen with Remote Monitoring

Enjoy the performance of a premium surveillance system with simplified installation and secure wireless video. View live and recorded video anywhere you go with free apps to help you stay connected. Control your system from the rechargeable wireless LCD monitor for truly portable use. Feather touch controls on the monitor's front panel make it simple to adjust preferences on the fly. The weather-resistant wireless camera features dual motion detection technology and two-way audio intercom. Simplified remote viewing with Lorex Stratus Connectivity is ready to use in mere minutes, allowing you to check in on your home or business from anywhere with no recurring fees!

7 inch portable / rechargeable LCD monitor

7” portable / rechargeable LCD monitor

Get all the capabilities of a full surveillance system to go. View live and recorded video from your cameras on a stylish all-in-one 7" LCD monitor and recorder. A built-in rechargeable battery allows for up to 3 hours of portable monitoring. Feather touch controls on the monitor give you complete control of your security system. Change viewing modes, enable recording, and configure menu options all with the tap of a button.

Manual, motion and schedule recording supported

Multiple recording options

The SD Pro has flexible recording options to fit your needs exactly. Video is recorded to the included microSD card, making it easy to backup important footage. Choose from manual recording for unexpected events, motion-triggered recording, or scheduled recording to record within set time periods. You can set a different recording setup for each connected camera to create a truly customized surveillance solution. Experience true peace of mind with the gold standard in wireless security.

Remote connectivity from iOS and Android devices

Remote connectivity

Connect the monitor to your router to enable cloud connectivity, enabling you to view and record video from anywhere in the world. Lorex Stratus Connectivity makes setup a breeze: simply download the free SD Pro app for your iPhone, iPad or Android device, scan the QR code on your monitor, and you're ready to go. Take advantage of manual recording, snapshots and two-way audio intercom using your mobile device. Push notifications with snapshot attachments keep you up-to-date with motion events captured by your cameras.

Weather resistant wireless cameras

Weather resistant wireless cameras

The robust, weather-resistant wireless cameras are also compact in design, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The cameras' secure signal and anti-interference technology ensures smooth, reliable wireless video at all times. No need to run cables - these premium HD wireless cameras are among the most convenient on the market and can be installed in mere minutes. The cable pass-through design of the cameras conceals power cables for added protection against vandals.

2-way audio intercom

2-way audio intercom

The wireless cameras feature a built-in microphone and speakers. This means you can hear sounds from around the camera, as well as communicate with persons near the camera using the monitor or a connected smartphone / tablet. Whether you're instructing a postal worker or greeting a family member, the 2-way audio intercom is a great way to stay connected.

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

Night/Day Video

View video during the day and with night vision at night.

SD Recording

Record and store video on the SD supported system.



Wireless Freedom - Unrivaled Performance

    Get all the capabilities of a full surveillance system with simplified installation, secure wireless video, and no recurring fees. View live and recorded video anywhere you go with free apps to help you stay connected.


  • 7 inch rechargeable wireless LCD monitor 1
  • Weather resistant wireless camera(s) 2
  • Free apps for smartphone/tablet 3
  • Manual, motion, and schedule recording
  • 2-way audio Intercom
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras
  • 8GB SD card included; 64GB supported
  • Simple installation. No video cables required
  • Up to 45 days of recording 4
  • Push notifications sent to your smartphone / tablet when motion is detected
  • Triplex operation: view live video, record, and playback simultaneously
  • Pre-event motion detection recording
  • Dual motion detection technology for more accurate alerts
  • Time and date stamped recordings for easy retrieval
  • Front panel feather touch controls
  • Motorized camera filter provides accurate color reproduction in all lighting conditions
  • Night time viewing up to 65ft (20m) away in ambient night time lighting conditions and up to 45ft (14m) away in total darkness 5
  • View and record up to 4 cameras at the same time
  • Secure wireless signal
  • Up to 165ft (50m) indoor / 660ft (200m) outdoor wireless range 6

1. Up to 2.5 hours of portable wireless monitoring. For extended monitoring or remote viewing, ensure the wireless monitor is connected to a local power outlet.
2. Wireless cameras require a wired connection to power outlet. Not intended for direct exposure to rain or snow. For outdoor applications, install under shelter protected from the elements.
3. Requires a high speed Internet connection and a wired connection to a router (not included). An upload speed of 1Mbps is recommended for optimal video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time. For the latest compatibility list check as new models become available in the market.
4. Motion recording for a single camera based on VGA (640x480) recording resolution with 40 motion events per day and 30 second recording duration per event. Maximum recording time may vary based on the number of cameras that are recording, the amount of motion in the scene, and the size of the memory card used (8GB SD card included; 64GB supported).
5. Stated IR illumination ranges are based on ideal conditions in total darkness and typical outdoor night time ambient lighting. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection / absorption.
6. Based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Technology Inc. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.








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1 out of 51


Location: Maryland

I bought this combination unit in March 2016. Six months later, it fails, under warranty. Camera doesn't connect ("out of range"). Two weeks ago I spent half hour troubleshooting with their technical support (that part was okay). The tech couldn't determine whether it was the camera or the monitor that was bad. He said they would mail me a replacement camera and when I got it, to connect it and see if it works. If so, I was to send the original camera back to them. So far, aside from an email saying I need to send the original camera back now, I have received nothing in the mail. I've sent them multiple emails, which all go unanswered. Today I've been waiting for 2 hours for a return phone call from customer service (which seems to be never available). The online chat service (for both sales and service is offline (it's noon in Maryland -- Lorex is in Ontario, Canada, not half way around the world). They told me a refund was not available because it's been more than 60 days since purchase. I should have checked their Better Business Bureau rating before buying: "F" mostly for product/service problems ---- see: . Hopefully someone from Lorex will read this and reply.

2 out of 51


Location: Portland OR

The 2750 was easy to install and operate. Has been reliable. Take much comfort of having an eye on folks approaching our front door. Image quality is good.

3 out of 51


Location: Carleton Place, Ontario

Camera was really easy to install and setup, pretty much just had to plug in and turn on! We bought the package with two cameras and will definitely add 2 more. One is watching my elderly dog at night and as a bonus, has also caught some weird flying orbs in the room! lol :D Great purchase!

4 out of 51


Location: Vancouver bc

Just had mine installed really like it . Had no problem. Thinking of getting the add on

5 out of 51


Location: San Antonio Texas

Was a happy customer for two years with Lorex Sd Pro, but, recently my system is not recognizing cameras after going through the pairing process many times. It keeps saying "Out of range". Lorex customer service stated can't help me because I do not have proof of purchase receipts. I had three cameras and only one is left working. Will think twice to recommend this product that I use to highly recommend. Really would of rather have Lorex fix it that that's not available. I regret spending over $600. On home security system.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you were having difficulty. Our customer service team was happy to assist you.

6 out of 51


Location: Penticton b.c.

I like my camera and monitor so far. I have problems with it not taking a charge right now. I phoned Lorex and after submitting my proof of purchase I was treated very well. They were really helpful in solving my problem. I would highly recommend their products.

7 out of 51


Location: San Diego

I was most impressed with the low cost of the LW2770 Series. I purchased the 2 camera kit with two additional cameras. I now have the entire exterior of my house covered, as well as my neighbors across the street. With HD and Wi-Fi, I get everything I need, including a small, portable receiver. Ease of installation was another plus. I am most please with this purchase and will recommend it to others.

8 out of 51


Location: Saskatchewan, CA

I'm pretty impressed with the product so far. I bought the single camera unit when it was on sale. I hope to buy a second camera if they ever are on sale price.
The daytime clarity is pretty good and I was also surprised with the night time clarity although distance is somewhat limited.
The microphone and speaker system work great. It picks up sounds and voices very well.
My monitor and camera are about 30 metres apart and there is no break-up. I did a test and drove down my alley with the monitor in the car. It didn't loose signal until I was about 100 metres away…impressive!
I'm expecting the unit not to work when winter comes as it gets pretty darn cold here and it's only rated for -10C I believe.
I'm looking forward to getting a second camera if they go on sale.

9 out of 51


Location: Texas

Update: After working with a very pleasant young man, Lorex agreed to a replacement, which is now working fine. Thanks!
Both original and 1 of 2 extra cameras failed within a few months. That's 3 of 4 cameras failed in a short time.

10 out of 51


Location: Washington

Easy set up, good picture quality. One camera didn't have good range right out of the box (but was an open box buy for me from a local store), customer service was very helpful and was quick to mail out a replacement.

11 out of 51


Location: Ottawa, Canada

We are retired and living in a detached bungalow. We have an alarm system but wanted to see who comes to our door and to monitor the driveway side of the lot. We are really pleased with how easy the system is to setup and have already purchased a second camera. We are also going to add a wireless wifi connection to the monitor so that it is not tied to the modem while we are away. We highly recommend this product to anyone!

12 out of 51


Location: Las Vegas

I got the LW2751 as a Christmas gift. Love it so far. Easy to install, app works great and good picture.

13 out of 51


Location: Edmonton Ab

Super EASY to set up.....5 minutes. Bought the LW2751 with just one camera as we are in a rural area with slower Internet service and we were not sure if there was enough speed/bandwidth. Turns problem and will now purchase a second camera. The quality during the day is great and the night although a bit grainy is acceptable. Sound pick up is great. Would recommend Lorex

14 out of 51


Location: Saratoga Springs NY

This is the worst product I have ever purchased. I had to return the monitor after a few months and when I received the monitor the cameras I had would not pair with it. I had to return the cameras and was sent 2 new cameras. All at my expense for shipping. Customer service keeps you on hold forever and even when you submit a complaint no response via Email either. Today I called and told the tech support that when I was in the motion record mode that the camera never stops recording. I have it set for 30 seconds. I was told to turn it off and unplug it which I did and it seemed to work for awhile, Then it starting to continuous recording again. I have a list of 7 tickets. I submitted another ticket I'll wait and see if they respond. NEVER BUY A LOREX SYSTEM. I can't even give it one star but I couldn't submit this review unless I gave it at least one star, doesn't deserve it.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you are having problems with your system. Our customer service team was happy to assist you with a resolution.

15 out of 51


Location: Brampton

It has been almost a year since I installed the LW2752 and so far never had any issues with it, in fact I bought an additional camera very recently to add more coverage around the house. Setup was a breeze and will definitely recommend to a friend. The only thing that I wish it had is the ability to connect to wifi network to avoid clutter and add more flexibility in placement. Overall the product is great.!!!

16 out of 51


Location: Ottawa Canada

I purchased the LW2772 (not found on web site)at Best Buy. The unit installed quickly and easily from the box. It was a true plug and plan. Very impressive. The camera quality is excellent in the day and not so impressive at night on the outdoor camera. With the second camera, I discovered that night time operation was not possible if you shoot through a window. An IR limitation with the window glass. I need to install the second camera out doors to resolve this issue.
The other thing to understand is the operating spec for outdoor operation. The camera is only spec'd down to -10C or 14 F. Temperatures in Ottawa are often below -20C during the winter. I opened a ticket requesting a suggestion for a heated enclosure but received a response that they do not sell heated enclosures and I should contact a local supplier. A strange response given that they have a heated enclosure on their web site (model ACC1721HB). There were no specs for the product and I was unable to determine if the enclosure would be suitable for my camera.
My rating is 4 stars for the product but 1 star for support.

17 out of 51


Location: Victoria, BC

We got this product to verify who is at the door and decide if we want to go to it before we take time to go across the house. It worked perfectly as we hoped. At our age it saves unneeded steps. We set it up and it worked perfectly right out of the box. I tested it first inside the house. The video was excellent in both daytime and nighttime use. The audio also worked great. I set the camera up at the top of the front door steps. We could view our son when he came home. I used the intercom audio function and was able to clearly interact with him.
I would recommend this WL2750 monitor and camera. We are now considering adding additional cameras.

18 out of 51


Location: Edmonton

It is a little over a month since installing our Lorex 2752 system and must say that so far it delivers as promised and I am quite pleased. It has already picked up one incident of suspicious activity and if it keeps working the way it has been it will have definitely earned its keep.

The installation and setup went smoothly. The signal from both cameras is pretty strong considering walls plus distance, I wasn't expecting it to be quite so good which makes it a pleasant surprise.

Viewing the cameras in real time with the Android app works well but "view event" was a little hit and miss. That app feature quit working a couple of times. The first time it quit I reinstalled the app but the last time it seemed to have self corrected after a couple of days and has been working just fine for a while now.

I am now looking forward to adding another camera or two to the system at some point.

19 out of 51


Location: West Virginia

This is one of the worst products I ever purchased. I bought this for a vacation home. Display broke, took a few phone calls to finally get a new one. I called 9:00am for tech support they told me I needed to talk to customer service waited on hold 2 hours (put it on speaker) got cut off. Called and and left a number a few hours later they called. The support person had no idea what she was doing putting me on hold over and over. Trying the same thing over and over. I would have sent it back sooner if I received it sooner. Do not buy this product. Or give it a test call customer service.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any difficulty you have experienced. We now offer extended warranties on our website.

20 out of 51


Location: vancouver

Love this product, it works and i perfect

21 out of 51


Location: Abbotsford BC

I purchased the LW2752 with 2 camera's in January of 2014 and it worked great for 9 months, then it stopped doing playbacks and set on motion the camera would come on and run for long periods even though set for 15 seconds. I contacted lorex and they were great. After some discussions they decided to repace the screen which I got in no time, even included a camera which I did not return with the old screen. Hooked up the new screen and the camera's were still not doing playbacks. I then hooked up the new camera received with the replacement screen and it works just fine. I now have 2 camera's that don't work. Havent contacted Lorex so will see what comes of that. only reason for 3 stars is the failed camera's.

22 out of 51


Location: West Plains Mo

My monitor was defective but Lorex is sending me a new one right away. It is however an extremely clear picture! Also the monitor beeps when someone approaches where I have the cameras placed. I like that feature. I Like the fact that I get updates on my phone whenever someone comes to the door. I'm very pleased that I chose a Lorex product!

23 out of 51


Location: Slidell

Purchased the LW2750 and it is great. Just added another camera to give me more coverage. Wish the power cable to camera was a little longer.

24 out of 51


Location: Toronto

The LW2751 unit I bought last Black Friday sale meets my requirements. I primary goal of this unit is to see who is at the front door and chat with him without opening the door. The unit has very clear picture, solid wireless signal and good sound quality. I was able to check out the door knockers right away. The support experience is also very good. My unit went south last month. I was able to exchange to a brand new unit after dropping by their Markham warehouse.

25 out of 51


Location: British Columbia

Got this product primarily to see who was at the front door. It was easy to set up and provides a good picture. The motion detection alarm and recording features work well and the ability to talk to someone without opening the door makes this an excellent product for the intended function.

26 out of 51


Location: Canada

so I got this because we have been experience some problems with random people walking around our property. It's been about 2 months since I installed it, and I set it to record only when there is object moving. It's been great so far with the memory it came with.

27 out of 51


Location: British Columbia

I've had this system for about 10 months. It was very easy to install and setup. The instructions were very clear and easy to understand. The system was up and running within a couple of hours (after initial review and planning). The monitor is very easy to use and configure. It did take me a few tries to get it to the way I want it to work (Scan mode works best for me with motion detection on). The user interface is better than expected, but it can still be improved. The cameras included with the system are good for basic use but for better resolution, I recommend HD cameras so that you can see faces and make out details easily. I like the portability of the device as I can take it to another room and still monitor activity if needed. I wish the battery life was better (currently ~2hrs).

Having said the above, after about 7-8 months of use, I've noticed things going wrong. For example, I can no longer do playback on the device plays only first 1-2 seconds and stops. Recently, it doesn't record any video at works for a few days then stops but I don't realize until I go to view the recordings and see nothing has been recorded for days. Lastly, I was on vacation and hooked it up to the internet so that I can monitor and playback remotely...this worked for 2-3 days but then wouldn't do playback at all. I've contacted technical support and it appears I need a replacement device but I'm waiting for someone to get back to me for next steps.

Overall, I like the system, if I can get it to work like it did the first few months.

28 out of 51


Location: Quebec

Bon système

29 out of 51


Location: Ontario

Purchased this unit after my convertible was vandalized. I also bought a third camera so all angles of the property are now covered.With a 64 gig SD card installed it records continuously for 4 days before over writing. After 10 months the monitor's battery would not keep a charge and became so swollen that it was bending the plastic cover on the rear of the unit. Support promptly replaced the monitor a few days after I submitted a ticket. The mobile app works well but could use fast forward and reverse when viewing a recorded event.

30 out of 51


Location: Midwest

Fairly easy to set up. Worked great for about 9 months then would not record properly. Contacted Lorex Customer Support and was sent a replacement. Wish it could be monitored on a PC. Mobil app works great.

31 out of 51


Location: New Jersey

Thanks to Jenny, customer representative, my defective monitor was replaced after much too long a time. Even though the defective monitor was returned to Lorex with all proper authorization it was improperly handled and apparently that was the cause of delay. Just hoping no further problems occur.

32 out of 51


Location: Sault Ste. Marie Ontario

We made our purchase a few weeks ago after having our property vandalized. We should of bought this security camera set years ago! Now we can view everyone coming onto our property, and record all the wildlife that passes through our yard. It also had an awesome speaker system, which allows us great vocal communication with strangers who approach the door. Thank you Lorex... We love it and the price was reasonable too!

33 out of 51


Location: usa

Works good. Could use software to view and control via PC.

34 out of 51


Location: Rocky Mountain House Ab

Had a similar product from another manufacturer but it has glitched a few times and I don't trust it.The lorex system was easy to install including setting it up for remote far so good.Only wish it had an app for my Microsoft surface.Getting the 2 year extended warranty is great and it shows confidence in their product.

35 out of 51


Location: Baltimore, MD

This product is GREAT, love the camera units so far. No complaints so far. Additionally, I was offered a 2 year extended warranty from Lorex for writing such a review by email yesterday. GRRRREAT, going to review all my purchases so that I can have this 2 year extended warranty on each! THANK YOU LOREX!!! LOVE IT!

36 out of 51


Location: Montreal, QC

We bought this as a baby monitor. I had purchased another camera that was marketed to be a baby monitor from another company and the app crashed constantly. Lorex did an amazing job with this one. The setup is the easiest thing I have seen so far. I removed 1 star because the battery does not last very long, if you do not put the screen to sleep it will die very quickly.

37 out of 51


Location: Asheville, NC

Great product and easy to install. I lost patience waiting for DropCam to release a product designed for use outdoors and purchased the Lorex. Using both an iPhone and iPad to monitor the system.

38 out of 51


Location: Southfield, Mi

I'm a Great Grandma, And I luv Electronics, this was a Mother's Day gift from my sons and In love it.

39 out of 51


Location: New Jersey

I have tried several security systems similar to the LW2752 and find this to be the best one. Only one with easy set up, two way talk and remote viewing. Works and sets up as advertised. Remote viewing works perfectly on my IPod Touch. Picture is nice and like the zoom and scan features. Monitor is easy to navigate. Use it to talk to people at the door or my dogs either through the monitor or when I'm away through the app. I do hope that Lorex will consider adding e-mail alerts and PC viewing for this system in the future.

40 out of 51


Location: Seattle

Very happy! Everything working as advertised. Both camera's recognized quickly and work well. Picture is clear, especially on play-back of recorded events. Phone app works from my android phone as well as my wife's iphone, and allow live viewing, viewing recorded events, taking a snapshot picture, and listening &/or speaking through the camera speakers. We can even both be viewing remotely through the same camera and hear each other talk! The screws that come with the cameras are very thin and I think meant to use in the plastic drywall inserts, but the heads strip out easily when screwing into wood, so I recommend buying more heavy duty screws to mount the camera to wood. Also, the system sends motion detected alerts to your phone whether you have it set to record them or not, so that gets a little annoying, but you can turn off the alerts all together if you choose. Also, once you view the recorded "events", it lists the newest ones at the very bottom, so you either have to scroll down, or use the search function to limit it to a time frame. All in all, it's pretty cool and works well, providing you have a high speed wireless modem to handle the extra bandwidth. I would definitely recommend this to other home owners.

41 out of 51


Location: New Cumberland, Pa

Disappointed - MANY FLAWS. The 2750 System was easy to install and worked as advertised for 3 days. Now all kinds of problems are occurring.
1. The app (Lorex Pro SD) stopped sending alerts to my phones (2 Samsung S5s). 2. We can on longer view recorded events remotely from our phones (neither phone) - we get a black playback screen. 3. Receiver and phones both say playback is in use so we can't review the playbacks, even though we are not even on the Lorex app.. 4. The phones can't communicate with 1 camera via the camera's microphone. 5. Detection doesn't always alert - sometimes people are not detected when only 10 feet from the camera (45 degree outdoor temperature - not hot summer).
I sent a message to Lorex 3 days ago with concerns but no response. Who knows what else will happen... I'VE ONLY HAD THE SYSTEM 2 WEEKS.....!!!!
It's SAD because the Camera gives very decent videos - color during daytime and black and white at night; therefore 2 stars instead of 1.

42 out of 51


Location: ontario

Bought this product and had two months when Monitor quit recording and wouldn't playback,called customer service and was informed they would send new monitor under warranty,haven't received it yet so can't comment yet but customer service seemed very pleasant to deal with.As for product it works very well clear picture and works under extreme cold,infra red night vision is excellent can see clear across street from my driveway.Would recommend this unit.Will post update when new monitor arrives.

43 out of 51



The system came as advertised... I was expecting the cameras to be battery powered but they are hard wired for power so you need an electrical outlet nearby. Other then that, I was extremely satisfied with the product. Picture color and clarity is superior, the I phone app. works great and the sound is sensitive. I can hear my dog slurp water from his dish over 25 feet away. The alerts on my I pod and I pad is great as is the picture and sound quality and is a great way to stay in touch with your property!!! You can also set the motion sensitivity from High to Low to suit your needs. I highly recommend this product. I just ordered 2 additional cameras to complete the system...

44 out of 51


Location: New Jersey

The systems now functions as advertised but only after one camera was determined defective and twice replaced under warranty. Lorex representatives were helpful resolving the issue and replaced the camera in short time. I like the system but Lorex hardware suppliers apparently lacks quality control. If the system you purchase functions normally as purchased that's fine.

45 out of 51


Location: Florida

Overall I'm very happy with this product. both video and audio work well. I would have liked to receive the manual in the box rather than have it online; it would have made installation easier - for a complete novice like me.

46 out of 51


Location: Idaho

This system works as described. The setup instructions are easy to follow. Usage instructions such as motion sensor recording are somewhat minimal, but with past experience in use of electronic gear, I was able to intuitively get things working as designed. The remote monitoring feature works well with my Motorola Android phone.

47 out of 51


Location: Burlington, Ontario

Very good product. Great that you can see your home right on your smartphone. Great picture quality.

48 out of 51


Location: Winnipeg

I am very happy with this product. The only problem is that it needs a bigger monitor and more cameras.

49 out of 51


Location: New York

User friendly and easy installation. The range on the monitor is good and clear picture. The mic and speaker are a good feature. The app on the I phone works great.

50 out of 51


Location: New Jersey

User friendly , easy to hook up and connect. Picture quality is really great, along with the sound mic. The iPhone app also works great too. Very happy with this purchase . A+ product

51 out of 51


Location: lubbock tx

The quick start guide is confusing because it states to refer to a user's guide, but does not indicate that you have to get the guide from your web page. The user's guide is necessary to do the some of the initial set up. Consider including user's guide in packages or tell where to find it on your web site. Another confusing thing is model numbers. All packaging refers to the equipment as a LW 2750 series system, but the equipment model number starts with WL then 4 digits. When registering the equipment which numbering system should a person use? The system is very good for small areas or short distances, but for home security a person needs a system with more range. Also for this type of system a larger monitor would enhance the system greatly, at least a 11 or 12 inch.









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