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Wireless high definition IP cameras (3-pack)



(73 reviews)



Save $200.00 (50%)

Wireless HD IP camera with night vision and motion detection for home monitoring

LNC204 wifi monitoring camera for your home

Experience the home video monitor of tomorrow today! The LNC200 Series are the first wireless IP cameras of their kind, capturing 720p HD video in real-time (30fps). Connect to the camera using your computer, smartphone or tablet to monitor your property from anywhere in the world. This 3-pack of LNC204 HD IP cameras goes a step beyond other home video monitor systems with additional features to help you stay connected – a built-in temperature sensor, two-way audio using an internal microphone and speaker, and advanced motion/audio sensors are just a few of the things that put this wireless HD IP camera ahead of its time.





Wireless HD Network Camera



High definition 720p resolution



Maximum night vision



Built in speaker and microphone

Lorex ping2


Lorex Dual Lens technology for day and night security footage

Dual Lens Technology

This wifi monitoring camera is ideal for homeowners who need around-the-clock coverage. It uses separate sensors for day and night. One lens is devoted to daytime viewing and provides you with pristine and colorful video while the other lens is specially designed for low-light conditions. The camera also boasts a powerful infrared LED that allows you to view up to 30ft away in total darkness. It also automatically adjusts the gain, white balance, exposure and brightness to maintain optimal video quality in all lighting conditions.

Mobile Connectivity

Configure Your Camera on Any Device – No PC Required

The LNC200 Series is optimized for use with mobile devices. The free Lorex Ping app allows you to connect to the camera in mere minutes using a supported iOS© or Android™ device. You can also connect to the camera using a PC or Mac computer. Lorex?s suite of free camera management applications for mobile devices & computers give you complete control of your IP camera from anywhere in the world.

Advanced Recording Options

Advanced Recording Options

LNC200 Series cameras let you record video to a variety of devices. You can record to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac using Lorex's free camera management software. The camera also supports microSD storage for recording directly to the camera, as well as recording to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device with no recurring fees! The camera uses H.264 video compression technology to maximize recording space and conserve Internet bandwidth so you can playback captured footage on your device straight away.

Notifications for Motion

Notifications for Motion and Audio Alerts

The powerful LNC200 Series allows you to setup alerts for sounds and movement captured by the camera. The camera keeps you informed by sending a notification to your email when a loud noise occurs at your property, or if movement was detected while you're away. Notifications come with a snapshot attachment of the event so you know exactly what happened.

Lorex Ping2 App

Easy connection with Ping2

The LNC204 is designed for use with our Lorex Ping2 app for mobile phones. This app makes remote viewing a breeze with an easy set-up and straightforward interface. Once connected, configure the app to send you push notifications straight to your phone for motion and sound activated alerts. With this remote viewing app you can also save a snapshot or record video straight to your phone, and activate the two-way intercom.

Works With

Lorex Ping2 is designed for iOS and Android phones, but will still work with tablets. Windows and Mac software is available in the documentation section below.

Two-Way Audio

The IP camera supports two-way voice communication over the Internet. This camera has a built-in speaker.

SD recording

microSD recording & playback supported.

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.




  • View, record & playback in Real-Time HD
  • Free App. No recurring fees
  • 720p HD day & night video
  • Listen & Talk with Two-Way Audio
  • Motion & Temperature Push Notifications
  • QuickScan set up in Seconds


Record directly to the camera, your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Multiple recording options, no recurring fees.*


Advanced audio & motion sensors with smart video motion detection for improved alert accuracy.


Built-in speaker and microphone allow for easy intercom communication.


Activate your camera by simply scanning a QR code with your smartphone or tablet.

IP camera Features:

  • iOS, Android, PC and Mac compatible*
  • Mega-pixel for up to 1280x800 resolution at 30fps
  • Wi-Fi & wired internet connectivity
  • Easy connection to Wi-Fi networks with WPS 1
  • Night vision up to 30ft with single high-power IR LED 2
  • microSD recording & playback supported 3
  • 5 second pre-recording on SD card
  • Dual motion detection : PIR & video
  • Sound activated alerts
  • Infrared thermometer and temperature alarm control
  • Push notification of events & email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Built-in speaker and microphone for 2-way audio
  • H.264 video compression
  • Supports up to 20 simultaneous users 4
  • Triple streaming for simultaneous SD card, PC and Mobile Recording
  • Flexible indoor mounting (counter, wall, ceiling)
  • Watchdog function to prevent system failure

IP cameras include:

  • 3 x IP Cameras
  • 3 x Camera Brackets
  • 3 x Ethernet cables
  • 3 x Power adapters,
  • Quick Start Guide
  • CD (user manual included on CD)

1. Compatible with WPS enabled routers (not included).
2. Infrared illumination range under ideal conditions. Actual range and clarity may vary depending on scene/object reflection and camera application.
3. microSD Card not included (supports up to 32GB).
4. Connection speed may vary depending internet bandwidth. Selectable single camera viewing on smartphones.










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1 out of 73


Location: Chicago

2 of 3 cameras received cannot monitor wirelessly. Tried to setup for wireless connection per instructions without success. One camera does work wirelessly. All 3 worked with Ethernet direct connect. In the process of requesting replacement for 2 cameras. Wireless was one key reason I bought the cameras. I would recommend the cameras if Lorex does replace with operational wireless cameras. I always expect companies to produce fully operational products as advertised (the product must work the first time). Occasionally, there might be a problem. But I fully expect problem to be resolved immediately (that's customer service). Will see how long it takes Lorex to replace my cameras. One star for now.

Our apologies for any difficulty you have experienced. Our technical support team has been attempting to reach you. Please contact us at your convenience

2 out of 73


Location: Oregon, USA

2 of 3 does not connect wirelessly for more than 10-30 sec before dropping then does not reconnect even though it is only 1-3 feet from router. Resetting, firmware updates, manually and auto connect, the same problem. One worked just fine. I have about 10 non-HD units that have worked just fine and I am familiar with the product, but this one is bad. Wanted to have it exchanged but they had me pay for shipping - $16.00 for a defective product they sent. 9 days after tracking shows it is delivered, website says it still is not returned. Tried to "chat" but they were "busy talking to other customers" and left message twice but no answer on when I will get my replacement. I am surprised at the poor service.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any difficulty or inconvenience you may have experienced. We hope the replacements work well for you.

3 out of 73


Location: Sc

Recently, I bought 3 packs LNC 204 on sale for $200. Installing was easy. Cameras kept failing once unplugged the Ethernet cable N placed my cameras in another room. I checked the firmware (V030605). I believed this is old version and need to be upgraded to V030699 because I bought 3 similar model before (MCMC200) n got the firmware upgraded to V030699 n never fail since. Lorex won't give me that firmware to try it out...I will return the cameras n get my money back.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you are having difficulty. Our technical support team was happy to assist you with the firmware and an alternative option. If you have any further questions, please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

4 out of 73


Location: Bel Air, MD

I have had 4 LNC204's for a number of years and until recently they have performed quite well with the exception of problems when there is a power failure. When the power comes back on, it may take over a day before some of the cameras come back on line. One will only reconnect when I cycle its power. I did have one original camera completely quit working, so I ordered a three-pack. I was able to get one camera up and running, but not in the original location of the failed one. I tried two of the new cameras in that location, but they would not connect to the router, even though the camera that was there before worked fine in that location and there is plenty of wifi signal strength. One camera just won't stay connected in any location and I might have to return it. The second new camera does work in a different location. I have yet to try the third one.

5 out of 73


Location: San Antonio

Extremely disappointed in the company as well as the product. First, I received a different model than I ordered. When I attempted to call to rectify the error, I remained on the line for a total of 2 hours, without ever speaking to anyone. The process for troubleshooting these cameras is unreasonable when they are located in different cities and no, an employee cannot troubleshoot it for me as they are the ones that the cameras are in place for. The online Ticketing system was not much better. After purchasing 14 of these cameras and having 3 that are defective with no replacement of those cameras, I'm throwing them all away and going with a different company.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any difficulty you experienced. We're happy to have resolved this for you.

6 out of 73


Location: Maryland

This is an great surveillance camera. easy to use, easy to set up, and very accessible. I plan on purchasing an additional camera so I can have four in total. Very impressed.

7 out of 73


Location: Utah

Good product! Very easy to setup and configure.

8 out of 73


Location: Winston Salem

Good camras the playback is a little wonkey but al in all good cameras

9 out of 73


Location: Medford, Oregon

I purchased these online during a summer promotion and when they arrived the setup was easier than the online video talking about LNN204 network setup described. Having a father with demtica that lives with me I cannot tell you how much these Lorex cameras has given me the peace of mind leaving my house to get RX's a few items from the store and I can view my Dad even being able to talk to him if needed. When I first got these I had a Android phone and just changed to Apple and I can say they both were very easy to setup as well as the software it comes with for my Gateway Laptop. Lorex really knocked it out of the park with these IP Network cameras and software for PC's and cellphones.

10 out of 73


Location: Dubuque, Iowa

I purchased the LNC204-3pk online and they shipped the following day. I installed them the first evening (with my Android phone) without issues and then "tuned" them the following day. The setup was as advertised. I would (and have) recommend these to anyone. I considered other options. Excellent value for a security system.

11 out of 73


Location: Washington DC

I purchased the LN204-3pk and setup was easy. This is my first experience using network cameras and my experience has been very good. The setup with ping using an android phone was simple but updates to the software are not coming through on my phone.

12 out of 73


Location: Dallas texas

I love these ip cam from lorex. Easy set up in a few steps. Excellent wifi reception and very nice resolution. I would recommend this to anyone .

13 out of 73


Location: BOSTON , MA

I own 9 of these cameras. There are a very good value and a very good quality. PC software is very good while the new PING app needs improvement. Previous version was much more stable while the new version 1.4.4. has more frames per second.

14 out of 73


Location: Toronto, Ontario

These cameras work very well, and it took no time at time to setup these cameras on my phones. I purchased a LNC 204-3Pack as the first time network camera user, and I am very pleased with the product. The only problem that I have experienced with the LNC204 cameras is I can not view the cameras with my BlackBerry phone.

15 out of 73


Location: AL

Easy to set up, very reliable ping software for the problems

16 out of 73


Location: Nederland, TX

For several years I have used 3 Pannasonic cameras to monitor my home. Although they are wonderful cameras, I purchased a single camera adding two additional at later times, the wireless setup was always arduous. I would spend hours over a 2 day period talking with Panasonic and Netgear tech representatives. When a storm came through one evening, all my wireless settings were lost. I refused to repeat earlier processes to get them connected again so I decided to shop for a new security system that was more user friendly.

After doing some research, I decided on the LNC 200. It literally took me 4 minutes to set up the first two cameras. I was so blown away by the ease of it, I waited for my husband to get home so he could witness how easy it was to set up the 3rd camera. The setup was easy and painless! I love that the Ping app for remote viewing is very user friendly. The quality of the video is also pretty good for the price. It's been more than a week and I could not be happier with my purchase.

I might add, out of all the purchases I have made in my life, this is the first time I truly wanted to leave a review. This is my first purchase from Lorex and I highly recommend the LNC 3 pk cameras.

17 out of 73


Location: Mason, MI

Update to my previous review I discovered after contacting customer service that I had missed a step in setting up the last two cameras by not using the default password when first setting up. I was able to reset both the cameras and everything is working fine now. I have six cameras functioning, three that have been in service for about three years.

18 out of 73


Location: Mason, Michigan

These cameras work very well. I purchased a LNC 204-3Pack to add to my existing three LNC116 cameras. I am recording my cameras on Synology DiskStation DS207+,with two 2TB drives and have been very satisfied with the results during the three years I have had the LNC116 cameras. Customer service has always been very helpful when I have problems or questions. The only problem I have experienced with the LNC204 cameras is when viewing with iPhone one of the cameras won't successfully download the new updates. The other two cameras downloaded just fine.

19 out of 73


Location: Chapel Hill, NC

I have six of these cameras. I used to use a Night Owl video security system which was super reliable but low resolution (couldn't make out faces, despite the supposed 400+ lines of resolution). The Lorex cameras are much better resolution (720 lines) and very easy to set up. I would give them 5 stars but for their periodic offline status (Lorex servers) and poor customer support.

Thank you for your feedback, we're sorry your initial experience with customer support was not satisfactory but glad our technical support team was able to resolve the issues you were experiencing. If you ever require further technical assistance, please phone us at 1-877-755-6739 and we would be happy to assist.

20 out of 73


Location: Kentucky

These cameras are by far the easiest I have ever set up. I had all 3 up and running in less than 30 minutes. Most of that time was spent opening and finding outlets! The "wi-fi setup" feature is so easy and enables you to show a qr code on your phone, hold it up to the camera, and everything just syncs! All you have to do is enter your wi-fi password and you are up and running with remote access!

I have had some instances where the picture is black and white (as it is in night vision) when it shouldn't be. There are some tricks to the software and to the app but nothing to be concerned about. The app has crashed on me a few times when trying to push a firmware update but the cameras are always still running.

I think these cameras are worth their cost because of the user friendlessness and customer support. I asked Lorex for help logging in for the first time because I didn't know the default password and the made sure to provide a quick response.

I will probably purchase 3 more. These are just great!

21 out of 73


Location: North Carolina, USA

I have these LNC204-3pak for 3 weeks now.
very easy to setup. Picture quality and sounds are good.
So far so good ..........

22 out of 73


Location: Atlanta

These cameras are by far a no-brainer! SUPER easy to set up via WiFi, I had all three going in less than the time it took to remove them from the box. They work great and all my friends are very interested in doing the same thing. If you've ever thought about doing this, don't wait as long as I did, I only wish I'd have done this a long time ago as now I can peer into my house 7x24 365 and see what's going on. I'm going to get some for my daughter's condo. Noting better than taking a look into your house before you enter. Why didn't I do this sooner??

23 out of 73


Location: Virginia

Been using this from last 2/3 day only. I have below issues
1) One of the three camera stopped working after less than one day of use and customer support is trying to replace it
2) One of the camera has time zone issues. I set time zone correct (Eastern time) and it picks up time for Central time. I have to adjust the schedule for alerts accordingly, but time stamp on the video or snap shot is one hour behind. Other camera behaves properly with time zone
3) Two way audio does not work from Android phone, but works from iPhone, so may be some issue with my phone or some issue with Android app.

Other than that, its all good, specifically, I find motion sensing alerts good, but as I said, its just 2/3 days of use so far.

24 out of 73


Location: Olympia WA

Have been very pleased with the quality of the camera imaging. Easy to set up and flexible to place in many locations. I intend to buy another set for my ocean home.

25 out of 73


Location: San Jose, CA

The setup is definitely finicky, and the documentation is definitely not the best. However, I now have four of these (three from Lorex directly, and one through Amazon) and they work great. I have them recording to a NAS through Wi-Fi, activated through motion detection, temperature, or IR. I do have occasional drop-outs as discussed in other members' reviews, but I am able to use the L-View software on PC, and Lorex Ping on iPad and Android with no problems. It is definitely not a product for a novice around appliance-type hardware, such as wireless routers and other network equipment.

I found the best method for setup is to get the basic install done through the Ping application then switch to L-View on the PC/Mac. Note that when it initially asks to change the password in Ping, it is changing the password that is used to view video, not the admin password (this confused me the first time I set up a camera). The administrator account, used to configure the camera, is 'admin' with a blank password. You can change this once you are inside the browser-based Web Configuration tool.

Once in L-View, right-click on the camera ID and select "Web Configure"; the user ID as password here are the admin credentials. Once in the web configuration screen, you can set up IP, NTP, scheduling, and lots of other goodies. The browser is much easier than the iPad/Android applications, and much more intuitive. Using the browser, you can have multiple camera consoles open in different windows, allowing you to double check your configuration across each camera so you have consistent alerting/recording/etc.

I have used the email alerts and it works great. Each email alert contains a screenshot from the camera. It can get a little annoying because I've experienced it send out hundreds of alerts at a time. Just be careful and tweak the settings accordingly. The two-way communication does work, though it is a little temperamental. You have to account for network latency, giving the person time to listen to you and respond. I believe it is more of a gimmick than anything, but the ability to listen to the camera audio is a good feature.

26 out of 73


Location: Staunton, VA.

I am very satisfied with the Wireless Hi Def IP cameras. They were very easy to set-up, and easy to use. I simply "arm" them each by setting the Alarm Notification for PIR, then Camera Settings>Schedule>Email alarm>Email Trigger On>PIR On>Send Email On. Takes about 20 seconds per camera. The Android App works great, and was recently up-dated. They are an easy, inexpensive way to set your mind at ease when not at home.

27 out of 73


Location: Springfield, MO

The good:
- Took me literally 5 minutes for initial setup, I used my cellphone as a hotspot and downloaded the ipad app to setup. It was quick and easy, the QR code is a great mechanism. 9

- The video quality is great, it took me a little time tweaking the streaming settings since it seems to always tone it down below what it needs to for the available bandwidth, but I still give it a 8

- Mounting is easy and flexible, I like the stand and it allowed me to use the camera for 2 weeks before I drilled holes in my ceiling. 10

The bad:
- I'm a programmer, and am just getting into physical devices, so I was excited to play with capturing some streams.... Unfortunately after hours and hours of fumbling through url schemes and VLC, and finally google, I have had absolutely no luck figuring out how to actually get a stream (or a snapshot for that matter) without the "L-View" software. 3

- Speaking of the L-View software... WHAT? It feels like it was written 10 years ago, it's a bit clunky and feels very restricting.

- The software is not available on Linux (I use Ubuntu)

- There are alarms that can be set, but they feel a little limited to me, specifically since this is an ip camera and I can't think of any reason why it wouldn't be scriptable,

I signed up for the Lorex DDNS thinking that would allow me to stream to a different program, but it's basically DynDNS, so without a proper request path it just connects to the Web interface, which you can't watch video on.

The Ugly:

- This is NOT a Lorex Product. This is a Starvedia IC717HD as far as I can tell (granted lorex has painted it). That wouldn't bother me too much except that it has been rebranded for the Monoprice 109887 also, and the Monoprice is 30$ cheaper per camera (even at this "39.66% off" sale that has apparently been going on for quite some time).

- Having spent A LOT of time on google, I found a couple reviews of people using the Monoprice version, and they have been able to connect through VLC, which makes it seem that Lorex has actually removed this functionality.

The skinny

I don't regret buying the camera because of it's usefulness as a baby monitor, but I wish I had known that Lorex would be taking the Microsoft/Mac "you can only do what we want you to do" route, I would have shopped more and bought a different set of cameras. At the very least I would have bought the monoprice version and saved a few bucks.

28 out of 73


Location: Ohio

Promptly received the 3-pack shipment of LNC-204 cameras. Had no problem setting them up and getting them working (I previously purchased an LNC100 series). I did not realize when I made this purchase that the cameras were "open box" items. The cameras work fine and look new. The only issue is 2 of the 3 have temperature readings that are lower than they should be (10 to 14 degrees lower than actual). The temperature reading is not that important; however, the website definition of "open box" items is that they are "fully operational and have been rigorously tested ... to meet our standards of quality", would indicate these cameras should probably provide more accurate temperature reading. I thought the price difference between the LNC204-3PK ($350) and the LNC216-3PK ($430) was due to 4 channel and 16 channel software, until I realized I had purchased open box items. Other reviewers have commented they have been told by Lorex support that the cameras are the same in each package. The website information should be more clear on this issue to help people make a more informed purchase. Lastly, I'm looking at adding Network Attached Storage (NAS) for video recording to a network drive. The product information says to "check the Lorex website for compatible NAS devices"; however, I can not find anything on the website that tells me anything about compatible devices (hard drive types, etc??) that these cameras can record to. Overall, these are nice little cameras with a good picture; however, I do not yet fully understand the differences in software (video) settings for sd card, hard drive recording playback and live feed via smartphone. More to experiment with!

29 out of 73


Location: Auburn AL

I recently purchased three additional cameral to go along with the four I already have. These camera are excellent, they offer prime surveillance with crystal clear picture. I had one problem with one camera looking a little grainy, but Lorex is replacing it. What I really like about the camera, you can hear what is going on and also respond. It is a great camera system for the price, and if you already have an alarm and needs surveillance I high recommend the MCNC200.

30 out of 73


Location: phoenix az

Did a lot of research on wireless IP cameras and decided to buy the 3 pack of LNC 204. So far I am not very impressed with these cameras. I used 2 for my second home in Phoenix so I could watch the property when I am back home. The 3rd camera I use here at my main home. The set up is very easy and works well. I had both cameras set up within about 10 minutes and online. I installed the Lorex Ping app on both my Iphone and Ipad. Tested the cameras for 2 days before I went back to my main home(1500 miles away) Everything was working fine. At the airport, I hooked up to the WiFi and checked the cameras. All working ok. Flew home and when I arrived, I went to check the 2 cameras and the one camera had gone off line. The second camera was still operational. Nothing I can do remotely to get this camera back up online, so I am down one camera already. The camera that is working I have trouble many times accessing the camera settings remotely. Many time it comes back saying settings unavailable.
The third camera I set up here at my main home to monitor the home while I am at work. It worked for 1 day and then did the same thing. Went off line and it took many,many attempts to relearn the QR code and set up the camera. I will give these cameras a few weeks more trial and any more issues, they will be going back. Everytime I open up the ping app, I wonder if these cameras are going to work.
I also found that the online phone number listed for tech support does not work.. The CD that is included in the camera packed does not load the software either. Not impressed.

31 out of 73


Location: Kentucky

I have replaced an older camera set up with the LNC-204 3pk. The new wireless IP cameras are much more reliable than the older SKYPE connection ones. Plus these have two way voice which has become an important as they are used for elderly monitoring.

The camera manual and set up information is great if you are only setting up the cameras within your network but they are unclear with setting up the ability to connect to the cameras remotely via the "Internet". I was pleased that their tech support quickly and competently assisted me and the set up is working very well over their Internet connection capability.

Additionally their low light capability is very clear. I would not hesitate to recommend these cameras.

The only reason I left off one of the 5 stars was due to the lack of clarity in the manual regarding how to step by step set up the cameras to connect via the Internet.

32 out of 73


Location: Myrtle Beach, SC

Good product. I had the LNC116 and this is much better picture quality. Not hard to set up, followed the directions, scanned the QR with my smartphone and it loaded all the required data.

Happy wih them.

33 out of 73


Location: Phoenix,AZ

Very easy to set up cameras, and then view on desktop and iPhone. Nice clear picture and the 2 way speakers are very cool! We also added a LNC226X outside to complete the package for now

34 out of 73


Location: Irvine, CA

Pros - easy set-up, decent picture quality, two-way audio works quite well.
Cons - very narrow field-of-view, alert scheduling doesn't seem to work correctly, and customer support that was EXTREMELY slow to respond.

35 out of 73


Location: home

Excellent product ! Very clear video, easy to install and much better than previous model. Very easy to set up !

36 out of 73


Location: Myrtle Beach , SC

Great camera, the video is much approved over the previous version ! I have 3 running and after some fine tuning, they work great. Very easy to set up and get on my network. On line and working within 5 minutes !! Very happy with this upgraded version.

37 out of 73


Location: New York

Quick and easy setup and great image quality. Inside my network I was up and running 3 cameras in a few minutes. Outside my network .... not as easy as I would like.

38 out of 73


Location: Central Ohio

LNC204 / LNC216 (and now most likely the LNC226X which appears to be just an outdoor version of the same camera) are very nice cameras for a quick and dirty sneak and peak setup.

We started with a 3Pack, have had them in operation for a couple of months and they function well for the most part. However, these cameras should never be mistaken as a substitute for real DVR based Security System, especially for business. In addition, the way Software Settings are described in the documentation, how they actually work in the real world and how they are understood (or, NOT understood) by sales and support staff all differ. For example:

- Under the ?Video Settings? one is prompted to set the ?Internet speed?. According to the documentation this is to be set at the maximum Upload Speed of your Internet Connection. However, since L-View software is incapable of being used from outside the local network it is installed on (EG: via the Internet ) why does it matter?
Also, take the ?Internet speed? setting with a grain of salt in the real world. In our case we sent the Internet speed to 1.5Mbs, to match actual speed of our Internet Link Upload Speed. However , the load generated on our network / WiFi is typically between 2 and 3Mbs. This is the video feed / bandwidth used when you record to a local PC / NAS via L-View software.

- Settings for your local network and your Mobile connections are completely different and in fact run under a different encoding standard. For example; Local setting (sometimes called ?Video Settings) go as high as 1280x800, while ?Mobil Video? tops out at 1024x768. Additionally, local video does appear to use H.264 video encoding as advertised, but Mobile Video appears to run on MPEG 4 encoding as stated in the Properties while playing back recorded video.

- SD card recording is very poorly documented and VERY VERY poorly understood by anyone I talked with at either of Lorex?s Technical support organizations. (yes, there are 2 organizations and it is a crap shoot as to which one you get when you dial the support number). Although, logically, one would think that recordings made inside the camera on an SD card would be of the highest quality, this is not the case. All my SD card recordings were low quality with low frame rates and I could not figure out why, until I found a clue through a Rating Amazon. From that clue it appeared that SD card recording is controlled ONLY by the Mobile Video settings, which are much lower quality and limited in bandwidth to what you can see on your mobile phone. Unfortunately, they were right. This can be easily confirmed by inserting an SD card setting it up to record, then playing back the files, looking at the quality and displaying the Properties?

Don?t get me wrong, it?s not all bad. Initial connection to WiFi and getting the iPhone software up and running were just about as quick and easy as they show on the video. It?s only when you try to go beyond the functionality shown in the video that things start to get dicey.

All in all; if you are looking for a quick and dirty solution using a wireless camera with good picture quality and don?t need a real DVR / Security system, these are nice cameras.

39 out of 73


Location: Antioch, CA

Great product, very easy to connect and use. Pictures are clear day or night, the two way communications have good sound.

40 out of 73


Location: Goshen NY

I simply had these cameras onto our network and shown on L-View in about a minute each, no joke.

Good clear photo and I like how it give you the temperature as well.

Great for monitoring what your salespeople are telling the customers.

41 out of 73


Location: Plainfield

I hope they modify the blue LED in the back of camera, because bother the eye

42 out of 73


Location: Plainfield

I just bought (3-pack)Wireless high definition IP cameras on Wensday and I received on Thursday. Shipping is so fast. The camera is so nice and easy to set up. I like the app Lorex ping I can see far away from home is work for Samsung Galaxy S5. I like it . Thanhs

43 out of 73


Location: Edmonton

I bought tenvis before, it had same features as lorex LNC204, it worked for a while and then i had to throw it away even the customer service was worse as the camera.
Then i found out about lorex after searching internet and the camera does what it is suppose to. I have 3- LNC204 and i will add more lorex security cameras.

44 out of 73


Location: Home Use

Bought these cameras for indoor home monitoring. The purchase from Lorex's web site was convenient and products shipped quickly. Truly in less than 15 minutes I had a camera setup and was able to view it on my iPad. The web configure is very helpful in adjusting lighting and the SD card setup. Picture quality changes based on light from the room. Once I found the correct placement, the picture was clear and vibrant. Night view is excellent as well. Overall a great experience and a product I would highly recommend.

45 out of 73


Location: Florida

I just wanted to say, your IP cameras saved me a lot of money. My security system company wanted to charge me $450.00 per IP camera. The company would mail me the cameras with instructions to set them up, then I could locate them anywhere I would like. Sounds like your product, except for the cost. My security company actually was here for a battery change, saw your cameras, and thought they were their product. I like being able to check my house activity whenever I want, this is why I purchased your cameras.

46 out of 73


Location: Michigan

Just installed mine and been running a week. Very easy to set up. I installed three. Installed Lorex Ping applications on my phone, my Tablet and my Kindle.

The Kindle version of the app crashes when you try to display. I found others that had the same Issue. Lorex and Kindle need to work this out. Not a biggy for me though.

I also loaded the L-View on the PC. It works well. I lost my password for the L-View and could not reset it even deleted all of the application and reloaded it. I had to call Lorex Tech support to get it resolved. They were very friendly and helpful. It took them 5 minutes to locate the password and get me going again.

Thanks folks.

So far, I like what I see and how easy it is too monitor from PC, Pad, and phone. I would recommend it.

47 out of 73


Location: Pittsburgh

Love the cameras. Purchased the 3 pack and they were easy to install and the quality was even better! Great cameras!

48 out of 73


Location: Maryland

Great camera! Really easy setup. Night vision is just great. I find the temperature display and the built-in speaker really useful. I'm really happy.

49 out of 73


Location: Guatemala, C.A.

Buen producto, se ve robusto, aunque me hubiera gustado que la imagen fuera mas amplia no tan cuadrada,
Por el producto (5 estrellas)
Servicio al cliente (3 estrellas) ya que me hicieron pagar por paypal porque mi tarjeta era internacional, pero en el momento de hacer el checkout no dicen nada y tuve que esperar a que me reintegraran el dinero a la tarjeta para poder pagarles por paypal

50 out of 73


Location: Morris

I had the first camera up and running about 10min after opening them and the other 2 were about 2min each. Viewing and record options are just as easy to set up and great! I'm using an iPhone 4 with no issues. Love the email notification and the PIR option which senses body heat and not just movement. I have 3 PVR systems at the office and like this better because of the 2 way voice and the alarm notifications. I would be interested in an outdoor model. Only thing I would like available with the "Ping app" is that if you could still hear the sound from the cameras when turning the screen off on the phone.
Very impressed

51 out of 73


Location: CA

I picked up the 2 pack for a great deal (199). Excellent little cameras. I use mine with a laptop so I have no experience with a tablet or smart phone. Fairly simple to setup. Great features including e-mail alert, record to NAS, temperature alert and two-way audio - all of which can be tweaked to your own personal preference. My only complaint is that the infrared light is visible during night viewing but other than that all lights can be turned off for stealth mode. I will definitely pick up a couple more if that deal comes around again!

52 out of 73


Location: ct

these are great. I ran into problems when setting up on phone first then Mac. So do it in opposite order. these are quite nice and the mobile app is good. Remember you need to buy micro sd to record. I wish they had these in white color.

53 out of 73


Location: ma

Awesome product!! Bought it for some extra security and we are totally amazed at what this product does. Easy set up, for someone who is not computer literate like me. Not sure what the bar code does but plugged into the Ethernet just fine for the set up. After the intial set up with the Ethernet cable, the wireless worked great. I phone connectivity is perfect and we really like the email alerts. Picture quality is good. So far no problems. This is a good quality product. Highly recommend to anyone!

54 out of 73


Location: home

We now have 4 cameras and the LNC204 is by far better than the LCN116. The LNC204 cameras have great picture quality as does the LCN116 but the LNC204 goes beyond picture quality with temp control and great nite vision. Easy to hookup on either model and have no problems checking on home while away or on our IPhones. We have one of our cameras facing the outside deck off our bedroom so we can monitor the door and see the entire deck which extends from on end of house to the other. Our downstairs camera faces door and outside area and I'm very impressed that the night vision is so crisp I can read the caption we have above the door when it's pitch dark and we can also see outside. Great cameras for the price and peace of mind.

We have our home on the market and these cameras are another safety precaution that has been put to the test (lights left on that were not suppose to be on even the outside lights showed up when viewed on the L-View.

Great Product and would highly recommend to anyone who wants to keep an eye on there home or the elderly or kids.

55 out of 73


Location: Southern California

I purchased 4 LNC104 about a year ago and have been happy with the quality and performance of the cameras. Needed additional cameras so I decided to purchase the LNC204 three pack. Love the better image quality, built in speaker, microphone and have suggested this product to my friends and relatives.

Here are some things I wish the camera could do. First, I would like to see an outdoor model so I can view the outside perimeter of my house. Two, until an outdoor model is available I wish the current models could see better through the window at night. No matter what I do to improve the picture, I continue to see the reflection of the window. The only work around is to have a motion sensor flood light. Third, I wish the L-view had a more robust search feature. I pad the extra $49 for the 16 position L-View but the search capability is exactly the same as the version sold with the camera. Lastly, I would like to see a IP/wireless based PTZ.

Overall this is a great product and I would recommend it!

56 out of 73


Location: NY

A friend bought two at Costco and recommended the LNC204. I bought three from Lorex and they were easy set up. There is a little confusion with the documentation because it covers many options. I am using with a computer and android phone.It is not clear how many of the options affect the performance such as bandwidth, etc. I used trial and error to find the best settings including setting two of the cameras that look out the window to "Outside".

I tried another brand of camera a year ago and never got it set up. This was surprisingly easy.

I wish there was a way to view the cameras on other computers (not my own) such as in a hotel or library that do not have the Lorex software.

57 out of 73


Location: Las Vegas

Great picture and easy setup. Pitfalls - only records as .crf files not mp4. Continuous recording is broken up into 2-3 minute files (lorex says this is default and can't be changed), l-view software lacks ability to search saved video by time, date, and you must search for the time you want manually, no merge software for combining saved video files and you must open saved video one by one, cannot forward fast or rewind or skip ahead when viewing saved files, cannot view saved video on NAS using Mac, lorex ping only allows for viewing one camera at a time, lorex ping can never find view saved videos from sd card, no lorex or 3rd party software with additional or premium features that can do any of these pitfalls. Please update LNC216 firmware and software to fix these issues especially recording as MP4 videos!!!

58 out of 73


Location: Las Vegas

Great picture and easy setup. Pitfalls - only records as .crf files not mp4. Continuous recording is broken up into 2-3 minute files (lorex says this is default and can't be changed), l-view software lacks ability to search saved video by time, date, and you must search for the time you want manually, no merge software for combining saved video files and you must open saved video one by one, cannot forward fast or rewind or skip ahead when viewing saved files, cannot view saved video on NAS using Mac, lorex ping only allows for viewing one camera at a time, lorex ping can never find view saved videos from sd card, no lorex or 3rd party software with additional or premium features that can do any of these pitfalls. Please update LNC216 firmware and software to fix these issues especially recording as MP4 videos!!!

59 out of 73


Location: Sioux Falls SD

I have been very impressed with this camera so far. Very good picture and many features for this price. There are some bugs in the software but hopefully it will come with an upgrade someday to fix these issues.
Other wise it is taking care of what I am trying to accomplish at this point. But little to soon to tell so far.
I did order one camera to see how it works and then ordered 3 more so I hope everything works out, but it does say there is a 30 day money back guarantee so????

60 out of 73


Location: Long Island, NY

I picked up the 2 pack for a great deal (199). Excellent little cameras. I use mine with a laptop so I have no experience with a tablet or smart phone. Fairly simple to setup. Great features including e-mail alert, record to NAS, temperature alert and two-way audio - all of which can be tweaked to your own personal preference. My only complaint is that the infrared light is visible during night viewing but other than that all lights can be turned off for stealth mode. I will definitely pick up a couple more if that deal comes around again!

61 out of 73


Location: Oakdale, CA

Bought samsung cameras at costco. Software was unreliable. Could not access cameras half of the time. Picture quaility just ok. Returned to costco. Love the lorex ping. Picture quaility excellent. No problems accessing cameras. Much happier with these cameras.

62 out of 73


Location: Martha's Vineyard

Bought the LNC204 LIVE Ping wireless cameras from COSTCO at a great price. With my iPhone I used the Lorex Ping App to set them up. Very easy and quick. I loaded the LOREX L-View software that came with the product on CD on my laptop and it found the cameras and provided another way to configure and view the imagery. I wouldn't view the cameras away from my home network so I went on their support page (FAQ). I downloaded the router config tool from the support section to get the port forwarding to work. Easy to load and once I added all the info the tool needed (outer model, admin user ID and password for router, IP address of the camera, etc..) the tool ran flawlessly. I disconnected from the home network and could access the cameras from Verizon cell service. So far these are great cameras with lots of features. The motion detection, temperature alerts and night vision are perfect for keeping track of things at our summer house. Looking at getting a pair of outdoor cameras next. John

63 out of 73


Location: Florida

Great camera and simple to setup.

64 out of 73


Location: Rancho Cordova, CA

Ordered four LNC204 cameras from Costco. Super easy to set up....under an hour. At this point, I have all the basic functions tested and all is well. These are now my interior cameras. I recently moved the LW2232 wireless cameras to the exterior of the house working off of a Blackbox 2 DVR. The IP cameras pulls up extremely fast on all my devices....iPhone, iPad and Windows 7 computer. No bandwidth lost. Alarm, microphone and speakers are all working great. Looking forward to programing the cameras to record to my computer's hard drive soon. These are great HD cameras. I highly recommend!

65 out of 73


Location: Fullerton CA

Excellent Camera! I can view my home from anywhere using my smartphone or my PC. The set up was very easy and very functional. I am happy with the picture quality as well. The product meets my need perfectly.

66 out of 73


Location: Utah

For a while now I?ve toyed with the idea of having an wi-fi enabled security camera that I could check over the ?cloud? on my smart phone. I was excited at the prospects offered by this Lorex cam: 1) quick & easy 5 minute setup, 2) Free smart phone app, 3) 2 way audio speaker/microphone, 4) Email & push notifications for specific alerts, 5) day & night view, 6) SD card support for recording. Sadly my experience has thus far been far from easy and to this point I have yet to be able to connect with the camera to see if it?s actually even capturing anything. When I received the camera, I pleasantly surprised by the very small amount of documentation included. In the box I found the camera, a stand, a power cord (which can also be powered by micro usb), a CD with PC software to install, an ethernet cable and a quick start guide in multiple languages. Scanning the quick start guide it suggested a super easy setup process?simply download the Lorex app on my iPhone, input my wifi address and then let the Lorex camera scan the resulting QR code from my phone. I tried it and received a message that my password might be wrong. I tried again with the same error. Again I tried and this time nothing happened. I unplugged the camera and rebooted my phone and tried again. Finally it claimed to have connected to the WiFi. In the camera list on my phone I could see the camera in the ?local search? so I went ahead and tried to connect. I was told the camera was offline. I tried again and was given a nondescript ?failed? error message. Not wanting to give up yet, I took the camera in to my computer and plugged directly to my router via the Ethernet cable. I installed the PC software from the provided disk and I tried to connect via my PC. I saw the camera in my local search and tried to connect. Once again I received either the ?offline? error or a ?failed? error or (more often) no error at all but no camera connection or video stream. I went to the Lorex site to try and find a more detailed manual and some troubleshooting instructions. The site made it a little difficult to find what I wanted. The ?support? section didn?t really address my issues. I did find some articles about ?port forwarding? which I enabled in my firewall and on my router. I also tried completely disabling my firewall. In the instructions I found that there exists a ?web configuration? page for the camera so I tried connecting that way. I found that I could connect to the camera via IP address without problem and that I could adjust a variety of settings there. So the camera was truly online and connected to my network but there was still no way to attach to the video stream (assuming a video stream is actually happening). I continued scouring the support pages for some time. I downloaded the Lorex software for my Mac to see if it had any better luck but it also could not connect. I tried setting up DDNS for the camera but that didn?t seem to help either. I also tried connecting via our ?guest? WiFi at work as well as a ?Verizon MiFi cellular hotspot.? Neither network had any better results. I have put in a support ticket to Lorex to see if they have any additional suggestions or troubleshooting tips. My wireless network is VERY standard. Basically all I have is a (fairly new) out of the box router connected to a cable modem and configured with a WiFi password. As it currently stands I have a rather expensive piece of metal and plastic which flashes some pretty LED lights but doesn?t seem to do much else. I am giving it a provisional 1 out of 5 stars. Hopefully their support team will be able to help me get it up and running, at which point I will gladly revise this review and provide a better score accordingly.

67 out of 73


Location: TN

Easy enough to get a picture feed on my laptop at home but can't see either camera on my android smartphone or through the web. Back to Costco for an IP camera that works over the web.

68 out of 73


Location: Sheep Ranch California

Great product and really easy to install. I had 2 cameras running within 20 minutes after I received the shipment. I was impressed by the quality of the video under all light conditions. So far my only minor complaint is the inability to suppress the power light on the I can with the status LED. I never would have considered the temperature reading to be an important feature but now I'm really finding it handy. I'm already considering other uses and contemplating the order of additional cameras.

69 out of 73


Location: WI

I noticed that the viewing angle from this HD camera (model no. MCNC200) is less than model LNC 104, even though it said the veiwing angle is 66 degree compare to 60.3 degree respectively. It's a little dissappointing.

70 out of 73


Location: Ohio

The cameras seemed easy enough to setup from my Windows 7 PC. Had several issues with the cameras not staying connected, could not get the cameras on the camera list or search list in the Lorex Ping application for the iPhone or iPad. Created a ticket with Lorex support and they closed it telling me I had to call the toll free number since it was a Level 2 issue. I called the number and waited for 20 minutes to get a Level 1 technician who gave me another trouble ticket number and put me on hold for another 30 - 50 minutes for a senior level engineer. I gave up and will search the web for a way to resolve my issues. I like the look of the cameras and the high quality is very good.

71 out of 73


Location: home

We now have a smart phone. We were able to quickly hook it up with our cameras. The picture on the smartphone is excellent. Having a temperature reading on the camera is also a real plus. There are lots of applications for these cameras other than security,and we will recommend them to our friends. If you have a situation where you'd like to keep track of an older person, children, or a pet these would be an easy set up.The cameras can be placed anywhere you have an electrical outlet. Even though they are not outdoor cameras you can point them toward a window and get a good picture during the day. We are very happy with our purchase at this point. The only issue now is reliability, but Lorex does have a good warranty to back their product

72 out of 73


Location: home

I just submitted a review, but forgot to mention 1 thng. The window sticker should come with the camera instead of having to buy them separately.

73 out of 73


Location: home

We bought 2 of these cameras through Costco at a good price, but have only had them a few days. The setup for our wireless wps router could have been very easy, but the directions that came with the camera said to hold down the wps button on the router until the wps light lit up. That never happened. I found a video about set-up on the lorex site which had the person just push the button on the router and release it right away and then within 30 seconds press the wps button on the camera. That worked perfectly. Now that the camera have been set up with the router, if they are unplugged or lose wifi access, they will hunt for the wifi signal and connect automatically when they are plugged back in or find the wifi signal. I then downloaded the L-View software onto my laptop. It was easy to install off the included cd and took no time to get the cameras on it. The cameras have a good picture, the temperature reading is a nice feature to have. As long as the cameras are in a location which picks up a strong signal from your router, the motion shown on the camera is fairly consistent with the actual motion in the room. We also have a Samsung chromebook which we use when we travel. Lorex does not have an app for a chromebook at this point. I set up a ddns account through Lorex for one of the cameras to see if I could access the camera on the chromebook using it. I am able to get into my ddns account with both my laptop and the chromebook, which enables me to be able to change settings on the camera either computer. I am also able to get the camera display on the laptop. So far, however, I am not able to do this on the chromebook since it comes up that I need an ActiveX app to play it. I have tried one, but it still does not work. I have not given up, but it has taken time to get this far. I cannot review the setup with a smart phone, since we do not have one at this point. I also have not tried the laptop at a location outside of our own home.



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