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FLIR FX Outdoor Wifi Security Camera



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Wireless HD monitoring, Indoor and Out

Durability is the name of the game with the most rugged outdoor wireless IP camera on the market. A tough weatherproof housing (IP66 rated) locks around the camera, adding four high-powered infrared illuminators to the FLIR FX™ for clear, security-grade night vision. HD video day & night coupled with uncompromising strength – that’s wireless security with true grit.

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Capture all the action in stunning HD



4 IR illuminators for extended night vision



Ideal for monitoring wide indoor areas



Maximum capacity 1 x 64GB hard drive


Stream stunning HD video

View live video on your smartphone or tablet with quality unmatched by other outdoor WiFi cameras. View your entire backyard or multiple points of entry with wide angle viewing.

Small form factor

HD outdoor monitoring that fits in the palm of your hand.

Durable & weatherproof

P66-rated housing that stands up against all types of weather.

Long-range night vision

Outdoor housing adds 4 IR LEDs for crystal clear nighttime images.



Heat Rating

104°F | 40°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

32°F | 0°C

Cold Rating

FLIR Secure app for FLIR FX-C home WiFi camera

Introducing the FLIR Secure app

This WiFi security camera works with our brand new FLIR Secure app. FLIR Secure allows you to easily view live video from virtually anywhere in the world, take advantage of our exclusive RapidRecap® feature, and enjoy other in-app functionality like event timelines, plus instant push notifications for motion and sound activity.

Experience FLIR Cloud services for free

FLIR FX includes a 30-day free trial of FLIR Cloud™ Plus, featuring RapidRecap™

RapidRecap™ compiles hours’ worth of activity into a short video summary. It connects you to all the day's events in a flash. See your kids coming home, your garbage being collected, your pets getting up to their usual mischief – all in an instant! Order a recap of anywhere from one to twelve hours of activity. Timestamping of moving objects provides a clear snapshot of what happened and when. Experience the rapid way to stay connected and start seeing everything without watching everything.


Cloud storage

7-30 days of storage for motion video recordings.


Review an entire day’s worth of activity in a minute.

On-the-go monitoring

Access your recordings from anywhere in the world.

Smart alerts

Custom motion detection zones & alerts.

FLIR Cloud™ subscription plans

Enter the device settings within the FLIR Secure™ app to choose your subscription plan.

Free FLIR Cloud account



Recording & video history up to 2 days

10 GB


Stores all your video recordings



Review your videos in a minute

8 HR


Go back
up to 2 days


Premium FLIR Cloud account



Recording & video history up to 30 days



Stores all your video recordings



More accurate motion detection

12 HR


12 hour RapidRecap videos, within the past 7 days


Crystal Clear Night Vision

The outdoor housing adds 4 IR illuminators to FX for extended night vision range. The result is clear HD nighttime images up to 65ft (20m) away, ensuring you never miss a detail.

Simplified remote viewing setup

FLIR FX™ apps provide simplified setup on iOS® & Android™ devices. Simply download the free mobile app, scan the QR code & connect the camera to your Wi-Fi network. Begin viewing live video from anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes.

Step 1

Download the free FLIR FX™ app.

Step 2

Scan the camera’s QR code.

Step 3

Connect to your WiFi network.

FLIR FX™ in The Press

Everyone is talking about FLIR FX™, the most versatile HD monitoring camera. Experience FX for yourself and find out what all the fuss is about!




Outdoor Wifi Security Camera Features:

  • Image sensor: 1/3" 4 MegaPixel CMOS
  • Resolution: Up to 1080p (1920 × 1080)
  • Frame rate: Up to 30 fps
  • Lens: 2.45mm / F2.5
  • Field of view (diagonal): Up to 160°
  • IR cut filter: Yes
  • Wireless interface: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n compliance, 2.4GHz band
  • Mobile app: iPhone® / iPad® / Android™
  • microSD card: 8GB to 64GB - microSDHC or microSDXC; class 10 or higher
  • Video compression: H.264
  • Recording file format: Video: MP4
  • Image: JPG
  • WiFi hotspot range: Up to 500ft (150m)
  • IR LED: 6 IR LEDs
  • Night vision range: up to 65ft (20m) outdoors
  • Speaker: Yes
  • Microphone: Yes
  • Temperature sensor: Yes
  • Humidity sensor: Yes
  • Environmental rating: Indoor / outdoor (IP66)
  • Operating temperature: 32 ~ 104°F / 0 ~ 40°C
  • Operating humidity: < 95% RH
  • Battery life: Up to 2 hours
  • Battery: 3.7V DC 1130mAh
  • Power adapter: 5.0V DC 2.0A / Micro-USB type

Each FXV101-WW Includes:

1 × FX HD Camera
1 × Outdoor Housing
2 × Mounting Screws
2 × Drywall Anchors
1 × Mounting Stencil
1 × 13" Cable
1 × Power Adapter

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1 out of 93


Location: Las Vegas

I truly do WANT to say that I'm happy with this product and just hope that some changes are made which will make this product what it could be. 1st of all, it's loudly touted as a 1080p camera, it's only when you look at the fine print that you realize that it only streams in 720p (all the difference in the world when it comes to a burglars face) It does record in 1080p with great quality video to the SD card when you Manually push the record button on the camera but there is no way to record manually direct from the app. You can manually record in 1080 and connect and stream the exact same feed In 720 while its still recording. If this is the case FLIR could very easily update firm/software so that you have the option of recording in 1080p to the as card based on smart zone event all while still streaming in 720... This wouldn't cost Flir anything in bandwith or storage because the videos would be held locally, viewed using direct connect mode and just looped over - that and they could honestly say that it was a 1080p wifi camera because frankly, right now it isnt. This is what it needs to be good... 1) option to record in 1080 to the SD card direct from the app when a smart zone event is detected. 2) improve something about the massive pixelation that happens when some movement comes across the screen and takes a looong time to go away. 3) Improve the mount - limited options as far as what your field of view is going to be compared to the highly adjustable Dropcam mount. 4) do something about the constant movement recordings that are stored every 5-10 mins even when NOTHING is going on in the room. If flir did this they would have an awesome product... It's totally achievable, just needs some updates.

2 out of 93


Location: Dallas, TX

More than I expected. This came is great. Love the quick condensed view of the day. If nothing moved you don't waste time watching through a long viewing of video, very quick to set up and I had no idea it would record for 4 outs if the power goes out. Added bonus. Love having the SD card to store the videos on when you need it. Have owned drop cam and Belkin and this one is in a class of its own. Good Job guys,

3 out of 93


Location: Converse, TX

Camera works okay. Nice clear picture. Other than that so far is all it's good for and to see "some" things after things happen. I get a ton of alerts, which is fine but when I click to view whatever it is, there is nothing recorded and I have to wait 5-15 minutes for a video to show from that timeframe in the app which leaves me having to physically go outside and try and figure out what caused an alert. I had walked on the side of the house and found my lawn/weed service guy already applying stuff. I went to view it the recording of him showing up on my phone and it sure wasn't there yet. Lots can happen in that much time. After this incident I decided this weekend to just stay on live view because we've had menacing teenagers lately. I used another phone to call the police this time because I had the camera up now to identify them. BUT low and behold when the police showed up, there was no recordings listed yet. It took a while for me to figure out that it does not record anything when your running the app and watching in live view! I saw their faces messing with my cars and my neighbors on the screen but NO VIDEO was recorded??? I read more reviews and discovered the one that said they were told it was a glitch in the software with no time frame of when it will be fixed. So basically if you know something is happening, you have to close the app and watch blindly and hope it was recorded while you have no clue what is happening during that time because you can not view it at the same time! I also keep losing camera connection, then it's lost, then it shows up when I'm not connected to my home Wi-Fi network and I'm using my data plan. Defeats the purpose of monitoring anywhere. Otherwise, until these glitches are fixed all I can say is it has a very nice and clear picture. Oh I also have the outdoor casing but it wasn't providing power to the camera and I'm still waiting on a replacement so I really have no clue if that one really works at all.

4 out of 93


Location: TORONTO

Bought one indoor and one out door they sent two indoor - - For one week trying to access my cameras while away from location and it always says camera off line The install is not easy as one two three - the support service is not there - you just end up fishing all over internet for a contact number to speak to a human - Sorry but you dropped the ball with us

5 out of 93


Location: Roberval

Excellent product but I would have liked a user manual.

6 out of 93


Location: Green Cove Springs Florida

Great camera . The view is extremely wide I can cover many rooms with one camera.The picture is very clear you can even zoom in 3x on a picture. I like the sensitivity and you have the option to adjust it. I like it for how portable it is and picture quality.

7 out of 93


Location: Oklahoma

The camera works as described. A good manual would be a big help. I expect the software to improve with feedback and time. I still have a problem with the cloud view. The camera needs to be on to view the recordings in the app software.

8 out of 93


Location: So Cal

This is my first experience with this type of camera. For me, setup was easy and fast. The video quality is good. The app works fine. Support is a bit slow, but it's not a big deal. The only issue I have is I ordered the sport case along with my camera that showed it was in stock at the time and I have yet to receive it 2 weeks later?

9 out of 93


Location: DFW

Product seems pretty well designed. However, I have two responses from tech support that aren't acceptable. First answer was that that there is no PC access to the camera. Only via a phone or tablet with an app. I have two other cameras and I can access those cameras via a web browser on my PC. They need to make this work. Second answer was how to delete a Rapid Recap. Apparently you can't. According to support you just have to wait for it to drop off at the end of the month. Seems a little cheesy that I can delete a recording but not a Rapid Recap recording. Couple of other issues: the indoor stand is not acceptable. The range of motion is limited. I have one in the front and back of the house and the cord sticks out too far so I wanted to turn it to the side. The stand only turns about 30 degrees either way. Out of the gate the camera is pretty good for what you get. But needs some refinements.

Thank you for your feedback. You can now access live viewing on your computer. To do so you will need to log into your FLIR FX account at and click on the "Live Viewing" link.

10 out of 93


Location: Vancouver

I have 3 Dropcams & wanted to try the Flir product out. Firstly setup was pretty simple and easy get it going. So far I like the camera and enjoy the fact it has a micro SD card option. It's built in battery is a huge plus for those times where you only need to record 3 hours. What I would like to see from Flir is a battery % instead of a bar. The ability to disable the "rec" light. Looking forward to receiving the dashboard mount next week. Hope those at Flir are reading these comments and are able to impliment customer feedback.

11 out of 93


Location: Toronto

A great product not just because of it's excellent hardware i.e. quality , battery life .. etc.. What makes it really great is the software,the rapid reacap is a killer feature that makes this camera standout and makes it vastly superior than the competition. The Iphone app is perfectly designed and has very few bugs/lags in it .. very easy to switch between cameras. I also bought an outdoor case for the camera and it's very well built and very easy to install the camera in it.

12 out of 93


Location: Wyoming

I purchased this camera instead of a DropCam due to the additional features that Flir FX offers. The ability to record to local SD card, and the free basic cloud accessibility were important to me. I also was very intrigued by the RapidRecap availability, as well as the two-way intercom. The setup for this camera was quite simple, and the video quality is good. Cloud access is easily accomplished through the apps. I was impressed with the nighttime video, as this camera easily illuminates the medium-sized bedroom where my kids sleep, even with no additional external IR light source. The couple issues that I've had are as follows: When I use the intercom function from my phone or iPad, I don't get any audio back from the camera for about 30 sec, even though I can still see the video stream without a problem. This means that, if someone tries to answer me, I can see their lips moving, but can't hear what they said. I called customer support, and they were very courteous with me, and have been helping me try to troubleshoot the problem. I am not sure whether this is a problem with the camera firmware, or the iOS app. We will see how this plays out in the next short while. The motion and temperature triggers also seem to be a little bit flaky. Whenever I use either of them, I end up getting phantom notifications on my phone from time to time. I am confident that these few bugs will be squashed as the platform matures, and I am happy overall. I realize that every first-generation product will have some issues initially, but I think these few problems are correctable with firmware/software updates. The hardware looks and feels well-built, and has a bit of heft to it. I think that this platform has great potential, and I look forward to seeing how this unit performs as features are added and refined. I have read that a web portal is in the works, for easy online viewing without needing the mobile app. I am very glad that this is coming, as it's a bit cumbersome not being able to access the camera from my computer.

Thank you for your feedback. You can now access live viewing on your computer. To do so you will need to log into your FLIR FX account at and click on the "Live Viewing" link.

13 out of 93


Location: Clackamas, OR

Purchased several weeks ago to check on parent in assisted living. Picture quality is fantastic. IR allows viewing in pitch black. Very helpful. Has allowed us to alert assisted living staff when parent needed a hand and hadn't pressed her call button. Very pleased. Will purchase another to add to my home security.

14 out of 93


Location: United Kingdom

Have not used this product to full use yet but its nicely designed. Have download the app,for Android, but will also try the Apple app to, which was very easy to do. The resolution is brilliant, also SD card is included with the Flir FX. It has linked up with my home network easily without problems. I'm a first time user of this sort of camera, but i know i have made a good choice. Will update more later on as i get use to it. I would strongly recommend the Flir FX.

15 out of 93


Location: Los Angeles

Great camera system for my needs! I wish I new about the online discount deal when buying multiple cameras. I bought three cameras before seeing the deal on this sight. Not too thrilled about that, to be honest but oh well. The dealmaker for me was rapid Recap and the free cloud service tied to my cameras with 48 hour storage and 3 rapid recap videos per month.Despite the higher cost for multiple cameras, the free cloud service with rapid reach was really the sole reason I bought into this system. Otherwise I would have just bought some Foscams for more than half the price. Performance wise, I love the quality of the cameras. I only have two real issues after having the system installed now for awhile: 1) I can't manually trigger and stop recording of any or all of my cameras from the app. Why not? Seems like a simple function considering the other functions it already does do. Also, simple housekeeping functions like finding/viewing/deleting video clips via the app should be easier and more straight forward than it currently is with the app version I am using. 2) There should be an option to bypass motion triggered clips to go longer than a minute and a half. I'm ok as a default, but we should have the option to bypass that. Why not allow the cam to record on local SD card storage for longer clips if cloud storage size is an issue? This also goes for manually triggered recording of video from the app. Manually triggered clips could also be made to store locally to minimize cloud storage size issues as well. Other than that, Great product! Thinking of getting a fourth cam with the weatherproof housing for my front porch area.

16 out of 93


Location: Toronto

Bought this to be able to view my cameras from anywhere in the world as advertised - what they don't tell you is that it is only viewable from you smartphone data plan and you CAN NOT VIEW YOUR CAMERAS FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD ON THE WEB VIA COMPUTER OR IPAD, OR SMARTPHONE VIA WIFI - YOU HAVE TO USE YOUR CELPHONE DATA PLAN AND IT GETS BURNED UP IN ONE DAY bait with all the wonderful options - hooked when you get it shipped and no one answers the phone to help you try to keep the product -

Thank you for your feedback. You can now access live viewing on your computer. To do so you will need to log into your FLIR FX account at and click on the "Live Viewing" link.

17 out of 93


Location: Seattle

Great Camera and Picture! Looking forward to many more app updates. Would like to see this camera work connect with soon then it could work with Nest, Philips Hue, etc. Also if they could update it to play a sound through the speaker when motion is detected on a part of the screen. That would be very helpful in training animals to stay off furniture and kids to stay away from dangerous areas, etc. Looking forward to much more updates to the app!

18 out of 93


Location: Sarasota

Great camera. Very easy to set up. Can now keep track of my son's Xbox time.

19 out of 93


Location: NW Alabama

Positive- Works well and the Rapidrecap is a great feature. Negative- Continuously records through night not just when motion is detected without infra red lights on. I have mine inside looking out window of house. IR reflects back off glass. Need $80 housing for outside night surveillance unless you want to review every minute of night recordings. You have to pay a monthly fee for the Rapidrecap after trial period. Intercom does not consistently and the camera has to be reset for the intercom to work for a day or two. $280 for 1 camera & housing plus $10-$30 a month for life for the Redirecap which is what separate this camera from others.

Thank you for your feedback. Please contact our technical support team and they will be happy to assist you. they can be reached from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. EST at 1-877-755-6739.

20 out of 93


Location: TN, memphis

Just received mine after 2 weeks of waiting, I was anxious to try the camera and the image quality wasn’t disappointing at all. First time using a product like this, so pleasantly surprised.

I wish I could see longer in night mode, may be when I get the outdoor case it will solve my problem. Hopefully flir will ship it in a few weeks. The iphone application is ok, nothing great and for people who are looking at seeing the cameras online, you will have to wait for that update. I am surprised they launched without a web interface.  

The rapid recap feature is nice, never seen anything like it before and I may buy one of the plans in the future for now I will you the free one.  The camera works great, it was easy to setup but the intercom feature needs improvement. I might buy a few more if they would drop the price or sell some packs.


21 out of 93


Location: Vista, CA

Excellent product. Potential for 5 stars when a web based viewer is available and a means to move the RapidRecap mp4 to a local storage.

Thank you for your feedback. You can now access live viewing on your computer. To do so you will need to log into your FLIR FX account at and click on the "Live Viewing" link.

22 out of 93


Location: California

FLIR/Lorex has done a very nice job with this camera, although there are areas that need improvement. Here are the pros & cons as our household sees them in our first week of use: PROs: 1. Nice, thoughtful design and very good build quality. 2. Useful accessories are also well thought-out. 3. Takes good quality videos even in Standard Definition mode (we have had no reason to switch to High-Def mode yet). 4. Extremely configurable & easy to customize. 5. The Android and iOS apps are very slick & very feature-rich. CONs: 1. Doesn't operate on Windows OS nor on Windows Phone, the cameras are apparently not even accessible through a desktop browser (only your account is accessible through a desktop browser). Only ways to interact with it are via either Android or iOS device, which in my opinion is a gaping hole. 2. The intercom function has way too much delay to be useful to us, and audio quality is so-so. 3. Dragging the start & end times for Rapid Recap is sometimes difficult, very non-intuitive. IMO that part of the interface needs a rewrite (but, credit where it is due, the rest of the interface is quite nice). 4. There is no single User Manual that can be downloaded, instead one has to watch tutorial videos online, then poke around the "knowledge base/FAQ" area to try to find things. That is a pain and a huge waste of time compared to a single, comprehensive User Manual. 5. Tech Support is apparently overwhelmed, had not responded to our online ticket in 48 hours so I had to call in (an of course was put on hold for awhile before I got to a tech). 6. Our camera continually creates automatic recordings every 11-12 minutes, 24/7, even in the dead of night when there is no motion occurring, and no shadows to fool it into thinking there has been motion. Tech support said they had not heard of that problem, but gave us some diagnostic procedures to try, and we will report back to tech support with our findings. OUR SUGGESTIONS to FLIR/Lorex: 1) Should be able to do everything in any browser window that one can do in the mobile app. 2) Should be able to choose recording to cloud or SD card or both. 3) Should default to simultaneously recording to the SD card (at all times) as well as the cloud, with the SD card pushing older recordings off the bottom of the stack when the SD card is full. 4) Should be able to save a permanent copy of any given recording to the local device, be it a mobile device, or a desktop computer. As it is now, you can only "share" it, which is not the same as simply saving a copy of the video to the local device.

Thank you for your feedback. You can now access live viewing on your computer. To do so you will need to log into your FLIR FX account at and click on the "Live Viewing" link.

23 out of 93


Location: NY, NY

Great Camera

24 out of 93


Location: San Francisco

I find it surprising that Flir asked me to write a review on this product. I put in a support ticket (ticket #1022025) about issues I was having regarding notifications not working properly with my Flir FX. Seven minutes after submitting the ticket, I get an email saying my ticket was closed even though Flir customer service never responded to my issues. Hopefully this review gets their attention and warns others to really consider if they want to buy this product. I bought this product to primarily use it as a baby monitor. I had a Dropcam but decided to return it upon hearing of the Flir FX and its reported "capabilities". I liked the fact that it had internal recording and free 2-day cloud storage. The rest of the features like its action cam capabilities and rapid recap technology seemed interesting, though not crucial for my primary application. All of this though made the Flir FX seem more "worth the money" than the Dropcam. Boy was I wrong... Just because a camera has a lot of features, if none of them work well, then what's the use. This camera tries to be a jack of all trades but is incompetent in its core functions. If this is marketed primarily as a security cam (or baby monitor for my needs), then I would not trust this product to work when you need it most. As a baby monitor, I primarily need this thing to notify me if something could be wrong with my baby. That means the motion detection and the noise detection need to function well. The Flir FX is horrible with its notifications. I have a 50/50 shot of receiving a motion alert (tested while looking at the street with cars driving by) and having that be recorded. No matter the sensitivity settings, I get the same results. Strangely, I also get alerts when there is clearly no motion. That and the fact that the Flir only records to the cloud when it detects motion, if you have a break-in and were counting on being able to review the video to catch the burglar, you'd have a 50% probability of that having actually been recorded. What's the use of marketing this as a security camera when it can't even properly record events like a burglary. Bottom line... don't buy this product... maybe if they come out with a version 2 in a few years and work out all the bugs. Even then, if their customer support does not improve as well, I would not give them my business. Stick with a Dropcam. It may not have all the nifty features like the Flir FX but at least it works.

25 out of 93


Location: redland

The picture quality is better than any of the other cameras that we tried. For the price I do not believe there are any cameras that offer all of the things this product can do. This camera is very easy to hook up and I would recommend it to any of my friends.

26 out of 93


Location: NewYork

Good camera

27 out of 93


Location: Utah

I have had the camera for a month and have found some major flaws despite some of the camera's really cool features. Cons: -The camera doesn't record while the app is open on your phone. I called technical support, and they said it is a programming glitch that will be fixed in some future update. (No time frame was given, and the ticket was closed with no resolution.) -Customer service is very poor. I have had two tickets with them. One ticket was created more than two weeks ago because I paid for expedited shipping. The product was not shipped until after guaranteed delivery date and was then shipped using standard shipping They have yet to respond and have not refunded the extra amount I paid in shipping. The second ticket was regarding a major issue with the camera (see above). They said it was a programming glitch and closed the ticket without offering any sort of real solution. -There is no way to manually record from inside the app. Pros: -The IR function works great at night, with a distance of 65 feet. You can see a lot in the dark. -The Rapid Recap feature is by far the best feature. It makes reviewing what happens during the day very easy. -The video quality is exceptional. -The camera is well constructed.

28 out of 93


Location: Cambridgeshire

We needed a security camera that was unobtrusive, standalone and reliable and after much searching and reading reviews set on the Flir FX. This is giving us the security and peace of mind that we were looking for. It is so easy to setup configure and use. I can now keep watch wherever we are knowing that alarms will trigger on movement or sound as we have set the parameters for our requirements. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is looking for reliability and ease of use.

29 out of 93


Location: Chicago

I tried several cameras, becoming a regular at Best Buy returns as I could not get any of the unnamed ones to work. By far this is the easiest to setup and has more functions than giveaways from security companies that want to lock you into contracts and give you a free camera for doing so. I will buy products from this company going forward

30 out of 93


Location: California

Recently bought and am using two FLIR FX cameras. It's a great product especially for the value with up-to-date live broadcasting straight to your wireless device. One problem I've had is a disconnect problem with one of my cameras, but besides this everything is working as advertised! Overall, great product!

31 out of 93


Location: CT

Awesome security cam & a great peace of mind in knowing what's going on to my property 24-7 the only draw back is that the individual reaping for android phones doesn't work and is distorted in comparison to the i-phone's please email me a remedy for the android app

32 out of 93


Location: NY, NY

Good camera! Great image, cool features.

33 out of 93


Location: Dayton, OH

I have owned several security cameras in the past and had the tedious task of reviewing hours of footage. With FLIR FX I can watch hours of recordings in just minutes. Love it.

34 out of 93


Location: Converse, TX

The camera is extremely clear inside during the day and with the Infrared vision. HD is clear through a window too. I just put it outside using the outdoor housing unit and its just as clear and the Infrared night vision is great too. The Rapid Recap is very handy and I do like the fact that I can save the videos by downloading them to my phone.

35 out of 93


Location: Chicago

Much much better video quality than Dropcam.

36 out of 93


Location: San Francisco

The camera cannot connect to a dual band AC router, which is the latest technology. Given that this is suppose to be the best consumer home security camera, it blows my mind that it cannot connect to a dual band router. Tech Support had not response to the issue and only pointed me to Apple for support. Really disappointing that other cameras on the market can connect, but the Flir FX cannot.

37 out of 93


Location: CA

Garbage Wont connect. Cant use. $200 down the drain.

38 out of 93


Location: Richmond, VA

Product not quite ready for prime time. Multiple connection issues, inability to control length of recording, and sloooow reset times when changes are made or freezes. It should be a great product when the bugs get worked out. Also noting some focal length inconsistencies. Please report your experiences so we can make this a better product… Bill

39 out of 93


Location: Dallas, TX

Great camera hardware, but the software and operation is not ready for primetime. After spending days with tech support on the recording issues, my conclusion is that Rapid Recap is great except it can only go back 24 hours. Thus if you are looking for something that happened over 24 hours ago, have fun going through individual videos one by one. The inability to scan through a bunch of videos is horrible. Also, if something happened 4 days ago, getting to that spot make take me 10 plus minutes of scrolling 10 videos at a time, waiting, then 10 more. Having a CCTV system at the office has me spoiled when I am looking for something, I can go right to it. Heck even my Samsung home camera let me choose all items in a day at once. Rapid Recap is a great feature, it just needs to be able to cover more than 1 day. Also, my phone keeps dropping the ability for me to see live video. I have had to clear all my cache, uninstall and reinstall in order for it work properly. Tech support over the phone is great. Over email, they don't get it. Maybe after it has been out for a year and they have done some major upgrades it will be worth the money I paid. One last thing, you can only export one clip at a time and they insert their logo at the beginning. So if you are using the motion alert capture and wanted to put together a timelapse of everything (not Rapid Recap) it will take you forever to download each video, edit each video and string them together.

40 out of 93


Location: US

Fantastic! Mount it anywhere. Good battery life if there are no nearby outlets. Using the cloud, I was able to get alerts, view live video and recordings, and adjust settings from 9,000 miles away. If you want to get crafty, u can set up a wifi hotspot on a device that u leave in range of the camera for mobile surveillance... Leave it in your car, have both devices plugged in to a power source (for unlimited, continuous security), adjust your settings, and you have yourself a silent car alarm that will alert you even before your factory car alarm is activated. Mic picks up slightest noises (I had to turn the sensitivity down because the audio detector was activating everytime my a/c came on at home). Night vision works pretty good too. App allows switching between multiple cameras and receiving alerts from all the compatible ones. Well worth it. I'm gonna buy a few more.

41 out of 93


Location: Nashville

I just wrote a long detailed review, hit 'enter' and the system told me that it had logged me out due to inactivity. That changes my 3 star review down to 1. Easy to set up, QuckStart guide worked fine, but no user manual? Inexcusable. I'd better wrap this up before it logs me out again. Really disappointed right now.

42 out of 93


Location: India

Excellent product. Works very well with fast internet connections. For slower connections the video takes time to show up when accessing remotely, but that's not a camera / product issue.

43 out of 93


Location: San Francisco

I was looking for a compact,no monthly fee, easy-to-use video surveillance camera to monitor the front desk of my business. This Flir FX fit the bill. Really simple to setup, has night vision, comes with Basic cloud storage and very clear recordings. I've only had this for only a week but I'm very satisfied. Would like to have the ability to watch live and cloud recordings from a PC (Windows) in addition to my Android & iOS devices.

44 out of 93


Location: Israel

Amazing product, effective and easy to use

45 out of 93


Setup was a bit of a challenge but once it was up, it's a pretty good tool. The mobility is nice because you can move it around your house easily. Not sure I would compare it to other action cameras though. App is a little finicky to.

46 out of 93


Location: Ankara

Overall It is a very good product and service. I have listed pros and cons for me for your information 1) Wide viewing angle is very good. Put somewhere in the room and It covers almost every point that you want to see. Most of others have very limited viewing angle. You should use more camera in order to cover the area or need to use motorized annoying ptz camera. 2) Image quality is very good. Even SD quality is very good, HD is great. 3) Design of the product great. It is very easy to use, very easy to put place which covers whole interested area. It looks study and stable. 4) Cloud recording is a necessity and This product has this ability. But It can also record in a SD card so you can see recording locally. Many others don't have SD card option. 5) Ability to direct wifi connection Cons (and the Things needs to be improved) 1) Lack of continuous recording ability. Camera only record If there is a trigger and maximum recording duration is only 1.5 min. This is not enough . I want to see what is my kids doing when I am not at home. 1.5 min clips is NOT enough. This should be adjustable. If it is not possible for cloud recording upload only 1.5 min to the cloud and keep complete recording in the SD card. Just give longer recordings for me it should be adjustable up to 30 min. I don't want to miss important things that I should now. This is the most important thing for me, I hope developers will change. 2) You can not use it without cloud subscription. You can not reach your camera with third party applications like IP Cam Pro. This one is very fast and I would like to have access. 3) The deal in this site (Buy two camera and get 50% off for cloud subscription) should be generalized to others. 4) I want to see my cloud recording from web site. Some times mobile program may not be convenient or may not be available. And I would like to be able to download some of recorded video to my computer not to my phone. And also I want to be able to watch my home using computer since it is open in front of me during the day. It is much more convenient. 5) First setup was not so easy. Especially durintg the changing direct wifi connection to internet connection or vice versa during the initial setup. It was keep loosing connection. 6) It is also better to have scheduled recording ability and close to triggers dependancy. And also I want to be able to start recording remotely any time that I want. I would recommend this product. It is a better option compared to others.

47 out of 93


Great camera

Just got it. Amazing camera, I love the image, love the flexibility (just don't know how to get the accessory to install outside). The Recap is a killer.

48 out of 93


Location: Virginia

Just set up the Flir FX and so far so good. It seems to do most everything they claim however, the notification and recording on motion seem a little flaky...or I just need to understand it better. Overall, I like the product a lot so far. Jim

49 out of 93


Location: Discovery Bay, Ca

Can't seem to connect to my dual band router so trying another router in house. Maybe that's why installation is so complicated. Keep looking for an instruction manual to simplify installation and use. Still don't have camera set up right. Will have to resort to support to complete set up.

50 out of 93


Location: Rocky Mount, NC

Still learning but enjoy the camera. A few features would make this a better experience if they would ad the capability to: * control via a web browser. * turn off app and notifications when not using * rewind without having to use Rapid Recap * reduce delay with the intercom Will continue to play with the unit before deciding to purchase additional units.

51 out of 93


Location: Sevenoaks, Kent, England (God's country)

Received and installed easily enough. The iPad couldn't pick up the QR code on the bottom of the camera but using the ID number instead worked a treat. The camera has great clarity and means that any low life scum who enters my home illegally now will soon be on the police database!

52 out of 93


Location: Australia

I have just received my 2 FX cameras and they work above expectations. Look forward to using them.

53 out of 93


Location: Florida

like the product. great image...wish speaker was better for two way communication....but cameras have nice features and setup was easy.

54 out of 93


Location: Moscow, RU

I will start off the packaging which is very fancy but can be reduced like two times with no harm to the content. The camera itself is well built but quality of plastic is way too cheap comparing to GoPro (which Flir fx is competing with). I've read a lot of reviews where camera setup was a piece of cake, but my setup was a nightmare (and still is). My android app wasn't letting me in showing a meaningless error. 10 mins on the phone with support didn't get me anywhere. I was tasked to "disable IPv6" on my android which appeared to has nothing to do with the error. By a lucky chance I found out what was causing the error - app wants date & time setting to be set to automatic (go figure). So I got in. Direct mode works well (though I don't understand why photo and video playback is disabled in direct mode). Cloud mode didn't work with my primary wifi (right by the router) - endless progress indicator and flashing green cloud on the camera. Secondary (guest) wifi worked better (same router, same everything) and I've got the picture. But the cloud led on the camera is still constantly flashing green. Waiting to hear back from the support on that. The streaming picture is lagging behind like 2-3 sec. but for me it's OK. Intercom feature is a joke (no good). As for standalone use - good overall. Video quality is 4.5 out of 5. Image quality is not so good. Shutter sound is not synced with actual picture taking. I'm getting a lot of smeared pictures. That's gonna be it for now. Giving it 3 stars. Uh, the last thing! The camera is too hot. Much hotter then I anticipated.

55 out of 93


Location: Aurora, On, Canada

I ordered the unit with the Dash Mount Kit and Sport case. What a great investment in these accessories. I downloaded the iOS app. to both my iPad and iPhone. Setup was one of the easiest I have every used, particularly with the QR reader. I only had it for a couple of days and plan to used the Dash mount on the way home from the office. Great product!

56 out of 93


Location: Maryland

I end up returning this unit back to the store after my second day. Pros: • The only feature I liked from this product was the RapidRecap. Cons: • The video quality was low & grainy not 1080 HD. • The intercom wasn't garbled. • Unable to to delete rapidrecap video after it was created. • Doesn't record straight to MicroSd, only when you are using as action mode. • Motion Notification Alarms every minute, which becomes a very nuisance. • deleting video from the cloud was very tedious process.

Please contact tech support if you have any questions about any of the FLIR FX?s features. They will be happy to assist you in understanding every aspect of your camera so you can enjoy everything it has to offer. 1-844-283-5471.

57 out of 93


Like the versatility you get with this product. Can us stationary or use like a GoPro. Also like the SD card option.

58 out of 93


Location: Converse, TX

The camera is extremely clear inside during the day and with the Infrared vision. HD is clear through a window too. I just put it outside using the outdoor housing unit and it's just as clear and the Infrared night vision is great too. The Rapid Recap is very handy and I do like the fact that I can save the video's by downloading them to my phone.

59 out of 93


Location: Atlanta

First thing both my cameras did when I connected them was to download an update. Probably the reason I'm not having any of the problems people complained about in previous reviews. I'm also running both cameras in standard resolution mode, which I'm sure saves on data and upload/download times. Night vision works well, as does the alerts and smart zone option. Things I'd like to see in the future: ability to set a recording schedule (no need to record if we are home at the same times every day). Also, a quick no recording for the next x number of minutes or hours would also be useful and save on data. Depending on how well these two cameras perform over the next few weeks I plan on purchasing a couple more. I also like the ability of the cameras to work like a GoPro, I purchased the waterproof case for that specific purpose.

60 out of 93


Location: Santa Barbara

The big plus to the FX is when you have multiple systems.. it puts all your monitoring needs in one place. The previous systems I used required backing out of the program and entering the next camera to see what was going on. Very 'one at a time' the FX dial is cool and makes finding the right camera easy.

61 out of 93


Location: Sonoma County, CA

The setup was really easy, the app has worked well to review our videos and the Rapid Recap is awesome! We also got a larger SD card to store more and the fact that it can still run on batteries for a while offers a great peace of mind in case power goes out. Love it!

62 out of 93


Location: UK

Good quality build and performance as expected for the price. Good night vision. Agree with the positive review above. Disappointed by the lack of the following simple obvious security features for practical use.
- Limited setup flexibility ie how do you set the times of day when you want motion detection ON and OFF? Currently it sends notifications for all the everyday activity but its evenings and mornings I need to track.
- Also need a different set of motion settings for night mode because of the moths attracted to the light.
- How do you delete multiple recordings apart from one at a time?
- How do you set it to record motion clips to SD card but still send notifications and allow online viewing? Currently it burns my internet data allowance with all those superfluous motion clips.
- Motion clips take up to an hour to transfer to the Cloud before you can review them.
- Recap feature doesn't include the last hour's clips.
- Does the subscription contract get any better features apart from longer Cloud storage?
Wishlist: external trigger input(s) for a floormat switch, door switch or PIR movement detector.
Keep up the good work.

63 out of 93


Location: Southwestern Ohio

I purchased 5 cameras to set up video surveillance around my home to keep an eye on a dementia patient and his paid companions while I am at work. I really like the features of the Flir FX system. The products are very well constructed and the packaging is stellar. That being said, it has taken me almost three months to get my system totally online. Part of that is me procrastinating on putting electric in my attic to supply my two outdoor cameras, and part of it is some difficulty in camera setup. The good news is that once you get to talk to someone in support, they are very good at solving the issues. As of today, all five of my cameras are finally online and working quite well. Now I just have to get two new micro SD cards to replace two that have failed and everything should be perfect. So, if it hadn't been for a few setup issues, I would have rated this a five-star system!

64 out of 93


Location: Roanoke VA

Rapid Recap is great and the reason I got the Flir over others
But with the Rapid Recam you would think the motion would be perfect it's not.Sends to many alerts that are nothing.This needs to be fixed.
The video is about the same you would find on a Iphone great
The cam starts up pretty fast about 7 seconds when I'm at work
using sprint cell phone and the video plays in realtime with no missing parts or skips like I got with my D-link that only lasted a few years and stay away from swan altogether.
Needs to work on getting the price down I will only be getting one and seeing how many years it last My gopro only did me for 2 years.
Last the reason I say they need to get the price down is now I have two cams using my old iphone and one android I got online for 25 bucks using the amp called ATHome I now have other easy ways to view my house when I'm away and the motion on this is right on and startup time even faster and The amp is free.

65 out of 93


Location: Coastal Oregon

I got these cameras primarily for monitoring while traveling, but they have also proven quite useful at my small business. I had some initial issues getting them setup on my network, but their customer service was quite helpful (and patient) and got me up and running quickly. I appreciate their size and portability, along with the audio capture. Whereas the big system controls are not accessible to my employees, they do have access to these cameras, which they can personally activate if they feel a customer is going to be a problem. They also make a great motel/hotel monitor: leave them in the room while you're out and about to make sure your belongings aren't being pilfered!

66 out of 93


Location: Crystal River, FL

The cameras have beautiful, 1080 resolution clarity that makes them a winner in my book, but the clincher is the IR led light that also allows for low or no light situations and still have clear images. The ease of operation is a plus! I especially like the versatility that these cameras have for inside use, outside use, sports use, and car adaptation use. With just a few minor parts, I can use them for a multiplicity of functions. I will be purchasing more of these cameras for more uses now that I understand them better.

67 out of 93


Location: South Africa

I bought 8 of these units to use in an area where there is no internet access. In South Africa you have to pay rather expensive prices to be able to access the internet, especially in the bush where we live where satellite internet is the only option. Nowhere on FLIR's website did they state that you need cloud access to use the motion triggered recordings or get push notifications, but it seems this is disabled in direct mode. Any sane person who reads about a camera that comes with an 8Gb card with motion triggered recording would think that it will work standard as is. FLIR even directly states how recordings can be accessed via a smartphone, but selectively forget to add that it is only manual recordings (which is rather hard to do in an outdoor housing). I do not care for Rapid Recap and will go through the recordings manually. I have to pay shipping, import tax, plus return shipping to return the units which is a dead loss to me as a result of your selective marketing. Pathetic.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team was happy to assist you and should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to phone us at 1-844-283-5471.

68 out of 93


Location: California

Great camera battery don't last too longer no manual out off box

69 out of 93


Location: Albuquerque

I love this camera. But there are some issues which may prevent me from recommending it in its current state, depending on what your needs may be. 1) It takes to long to connect to the camera when I want to search for that bump in the night, or day. (Can this be addressed by Direct Connect? What do I lose if I Direct Connect?) This is a security issue if something's outside my door and I have to wait for video to load. (In addition to the video lag which I've counted as high as 10 seconds.) 2) Others are saying that video will not record if you choose to stream it live. I haven't tested for myself yet, (to busy) but if true this is ridiculous and Flir needs to publicly address this either way. 3) When saving a video for proof and/or law enforcement, there is no date/time stamp! Major oversight. 4) I cannot seem to consistently save and share Rapid Recaps. They definitely cannot be saved to YouTube, and I can't seem to email them in a watchable format. But I am able to share them to WhatsApp. 5) With or without the outdoor housing, I cannot see past our 4 foot high wooden gate that is only 20 feet from the camera. (At night) 6) It only saves in 1 min 30 sec clips, which resulted in missing, interrupted video when my wife's car was getting broken into. 7) The outdoor housing, (while brilliantly constructed and engineered) contains only 4 IR lights. I've had to compensate with motion detector spot lights to see past 20 feet in the dark, and even then people cannot be seen clearly. 8) It takes FOREVER to scroll through the recorded clips in the app to find the date and time you want. Often it's just impossible because the app will frequently stop loading video for you to view and you have to start all over again. The further back in time you go the longer it takes the clips to load and the more likely it is to stall on loading more videos. But daytime images are stunning. And if you want security cameras, (especially if you're renting) without running cables throughout the house to a dvr, plus the security of cloud storage, plus the amazement and convenience of Rapid Recap... In addition to a great mobile app... Then I think this is the best camera on the market in this category. In fact I've just bought a 2nd Flir FX. Honestly I love them so much that I want more of them inside and outside of my home, and one in my car. (This is unlikely though, due to cost.) Being former military I was immediate drawn to the Flir FX when I saw it at Best Buy. Flir has an amazing reputation in the military and law enforcement community, but I'm sure there are plenty that have never heard of them as this is their first major dip into the civilian market. All I can say is that need to advertise advertise advertise. This product is great and will sell itself.

70 out of 93


Location: St. Louis, MO

Owned 2 Dropcams, read about the Flir FX and decided to buy one to try it out. I was still within my 90 day return policy window and I liked the Flir so much, I returned the DropCams. I have some bought one more and I won one in Flir`s Daily Giveaway.

71 out of 93


Location: North America

False Motion Detection. Flir takes up to 30 minutes before the video becomes available. By the time you see it, your home can be empty. It detects motion no matter what the environment is and how low you set the sensitivity. When viewing the app, the image shown of your camera where it shows its online and what it sees is a image capture, not a live image, You need to click on the image and advance to the next screen to see the live video. Unlike Nest, it is not recording 24/7 to the cloud. You can't disable the lights so others can see it is powered and recording. At night time it is visible and so are the IR lights in the front. You can't disable sound effects when using the camera manually. The shutter sounds and others will be heard by anyone around you. No ability to flip the image 180 degrees so you can't mount it on this ceiling. If you want to export any video, FLIR adds a four second splash screen animation for advertising. Hard to believe any positive reviews are from real customers with all the issues. Flair has some beta firmware available, but no fix anytime soon. Cancelled purchasing more and a thermal imaging system from them since I feel I've been cheated and the product was rushed to market.

72 out of 93


Location: NJ

Things to like: - IOS app has been stable and have not had any issues - app is really easy to use and configure the camera - video synopsis really works well - free online storage but 3 free video synopsis (rapid recap) is not enough. See notifications below. - clear daytime image - video on clip stored locally is in HD and good quality. Could be better: - motion is triggered by changes in light conditions, for example from cloudy to sunny, when switching out of night vision. Also, flying insects attracted to the IR light causes multiple notifications throughout the night. I have since disabled notifications and just run the video synopsis daily. I wish this can be scheduled automatically. However, this means you need to subscribe to a paid plan with unlimited rapid recaps as you cannot rely on the notifications. - there is a delay between a notification and the recorded clip showing up. Also, there have been numerous cases when I would receive a notification but do not see a clip. - outdoor enclosure was defectiveland had to be replaced. New one now works. -night vision is not as clear as daytime image -zoom during playback on recorded clip would be useful. Zoom is only available when viewing the live stream. - recorded clip on the cloud is not in HD 1080P

73 out of 93


Location: St. Louis, MO

I was the proud owner of 2 Dropcams when I saw Lorex came out with the Flir FX. After ensuring both Dropcams were still within the return window, I purchased a Flir FX. Needless to say after using the Flir FX I returned both Dropcams. Things I got that Dropcam didn't provide - free 2 day c loud recording, on-board sd card recording, free motion detection zones and rapid recap.

74 out of 93


Location: Waco,Tx

Great camera. I'm replacing all my old Logitech alert system with these !

75 out of 93


Location: Santa Clara, CA

Very cool! We use the camera as a baby monitor, amazing picture, good sound!

76 out of 93


Location: Florida

NOT A BABY MONITOR! I was searching all over, trying to find the answer to a simple question. WILL THE APP CONTINUE TO PLAY AUDIO WITH THE SCREEN OFF? I couldn't find this info anywhere, so I bought one. The answer is NO. If the screen goes off, so does the audio. I have other apps that maintain audio even when the screen is off, so I know this is possible, but the Flir app does not. Also, if you want to connect directly to the camera, without going through the cloud, you have to disconnect from your home network in order to do so. Not a big deal, since I dedicated an ipod touch to the baby cam, but inconvenient for app updates and other stuff to have to switch back and forth. Other cams allow you to connect directly while on your home network. But the real big problem was that it crashed 3 times in the first hour that I used it. Nowhere near reliable enough to use for a baby monitor, or even home security in my opinion. Picture quality wasn't much better than some cheaper 720p cameras I have, and nowhere near as good as the Samsung Smartcam SNH-P6410BN so that was disappointing as well. The Samsung doesn't keep the audio going either, FYI, but at least it stays connected.

This particular product does not play sound with the screen off. We do offer baby monitors through our Lorex division: speak with our sales team to determine the best solution for you 1-888-42-LOREX.

77 out of 93


Location: Sandy Hook, CT

Camera works as advertised! Easy to setup, iOS app works well! I probably won't use the stand-alone recording features as this was purchased primarily for room monitoring. I spent a fair amount of time researching alternative solutions, but this one fit my needs perfectly. The free cloud storage (two days worth) is enough to decide if paying for a longer amount of recording is worth it. Video resolution and light capture are great. Haven't tried the night mode yet but I imagine FLIR nailed that one (how could they not?) I mounted the camera on the wall, and to my surprise they even included some wire management! Overall, I am very happy with this product.

78 out of 93


Location: Richmond, VA

The general hardware design and feature set is fantastic. The idea to include a built in battery in the camera and another extended battery in the base is really clever. Assuming you have your WiFi and internet connection on battery backup, you are covered in most power outage situations. Although I have not (yet) used the camera in "sport" or "dash" mode, I appreciate how the FX supports these applications. The camera's ability to operate in dedicated hot-spot mode (and record to on-board storage) is very nice and facilitates taking the camera with you when you travel. The image and sound captured by the camera seem to be at least as good as many popular competitors. However, there is room for improvements - mostly in the software / service aspects. First, cloud recorded video is only viewable from the mobile app - it is not viewable from a Flir website. Second, the mobile app does not provide adequate ability to manage (share and delete) the "Rapid Recap" recordings. Third, I have had one issue with difficulty logging into the mobile app - this was subsequently addressed by Flir, and there has only been one such occurrence. Fourth, the mobile app (Android) does not provide adequate control over notifications. For example, you can enable specific recording "triggers" (sound, motion, temperature, humidity), but you cannot select which type of trigger(s) cause a notification on the mobile device - they are either all on or all off. The device does not make full use of the on-board storage. Even when in "cloud" mode, it should be possible to record a "rolling window" to the on-board memory card, and access that content via the mobile app. Overall, I'd rate the camera as a 4.5, but the software/service as 3.0 (at best). Bottom line: 3.75 (rounded to 4).

79 out of 93


Location: Naples FL

Was looking for a camera and service for monitoring my home while at work. We have domestic help that has access and also a small dog. Flir FX fits the bill for me. The Rapid Recap feature allows me to review activity and the on board SD Chip allows for direct and accurate recording. My Galaxy Tab A and Samsung Galaxy 6 both have Android apps that allow for remote usage. And today I see that Flir introduced a PC based module as well. The cameras are discreet and can be placed into a potted plant if you want to go stealth. My only wish is to be able to silence the Record Now audible from the settings. Flir said the are working on that in a future firmware update. Lastly, tech support is prompt, patient and capable.

80 out of 93


Location: 90604


Our technical support team will be happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-844-283-5471.

81 out of 93


Location: The woodlands tx

Good morning. I have already sent in a review but just in case It did not go through I will send it again. I love your camera!! The zone function works amazingly well. Once I played with it a bit it worked spot on. I just bought your outdoor casing to use the camera outdoors and I will be buying another camera to use inside as well as take on the road with. Keep up the great work and keep the updates coming!! Robert

82 out of 93


Location: FL

Rapid Recap is a nice clean way to see an entire time period in a few minutes. I am told that an app update and then a firmware update is coming soon. One thing I would like to happen is for the PC based module to be fully functional. Right now it is limited to streaming only. Have 4 of these FX cameras and would recommend them.

Thank you for your feedback. You can now access live viewing on your computer. To do so you will need to log into your FLIR FX account at and click on the "Live Viewing" link.

83 out of 93


Location: Texas

I have been using these cameras for about two months now and have been extremely satisfied with them. I like that I can check them from my mobile devices, how ever I don't like that I can not check them from a web interface (Hint: I would like to see this in future updates). The camera is very clear and has a very good field of view. Being able to record came in very handy this summer when my kids were home with the baby sitter, if there was an issue I could go back and look at exactly what happened. I have only used the rapid recap a couple of times and this feature is really nice. Because I didn't need to have more than 2-days of video I opted to not use the cloud subscription. The camera boasts being able to use the intercom feature and this feature is not good at all for two way conversation, it is how ever so so at being able to speak at someone in a quiet room that is about 10 feet away. When we used the intercom feature the mic on the camera would shut off for about 30 seconds and the person on the other side of the camera had to either wait or hold up hand written notes that we could read. Over all I would recommend this camera and plan to get a couple more ( currently have 4).

84 out of 93


Location: buffalo

Easy to setup and use. Very mobile and is discreet. Only reason for a 4 star is when you put it on live cam, there is a small lag and seems to drop often

85 out of 93


Location: London, UK

Good camera although the DDNS doesn't always work. I like the fact it activates and records on motion detection.

86 out of 93


Location: Bethlehem, GA

Great product. The app is super easy to use. Amazing picture for such a small camera. The customer service is great. The first camera I bought would not work because the SD card was corrupted. FLIR cs offered to send another card out but I chose to take the camera back to best buy. Another example of great customer service is that the stand of the camera was broken and they sent another stand to me free of charge. I recommend this camera to family and friends.

87 out of 93


Location: Kingston, MA

Love the camera. Set up is easy and quick. Need to make sure you have good wifi reception at the location before you start. One change I would recommend is the ability to login via laptop to see images on the camera as opposed to using a pda. Very happy overall.

Thank you for your feedback. You can now access live viewing on your computer. To do so you will need to log into your FLIR FX account at and click on the "Live Viewing" link.

88 out of 93


Location: Portland, OR

Pluses: high video quality when viewed on computer. Good sound, small and light, good battery life Minuses: no slow motion or time lapse, event recording useless, time lag when operation is in cloud mode. Won't start recording remotely. Like the thought of converting to dash cam and sports cam, but needs more capabilities

89 out of 93


Location: Hoquiam, Washington

Set up of the camera is easy, so putting it into action isn't something that requires much. One is walked through the process. The camera's features are to be appreciated. Rapid Recap allows you to save time by quickly recounting the recorded events. It can be mounted, stand alone, or mobile. You are able to "block out" chosen areas if you do not want certain things to be picked up, such as road traffic. I appreciate remote access via a smartphone. I had some connection difficulties. Technical support folks were amazing~ patient with me and were able resolve my issues.

90 out of 93


Location: Boston, MA

After some nasty behavior by my former condo neighbors, I purchased a couple of drop cams to keep an eye on our place. They were OK, but the iphone app wasn't great, and the cameras didn't perform as well as I would have liked. Finding saved clips was a real chore, and I finally put them in the drawer. I read about the rapid recap feature of the flir FX, and was instantly sold! How could you not want to have a "person of interest" camera system keeping an eye on your "stuff"?? I ordered one, and after a day of use, I bought a second one. They have performed flawlessly, and the app is very straightforward. I recently had an issue with one, and support went above and beyond to figure out what was going on, and correct the situation ASAP. Our new condo (and awesome neighbors) want to install a new camera system in some of our common areas, and I let them know this is the way they want to go!

91 out of 93


Location: Minnesota

Camera works as advertised. Works great indoors and am waiting for a housing for the outdoor add-on. The Rapid-Recap is pretty cool and when talking to support they are telling me that the new software will only make it better. For outdoor use it beats all others, since they are the only company with a weather proof housing. Being from Minnesota I am interested in it's outdoor capabilities in the winter.... time will tell.

92 out of 93


Location: India

Excellent product. Works very well with fast internet connections. For slower connections the video takes time to show up when accessing remotely, but that's not a camera / product issue.

93 out of 93


Location: Toronto, ON

FLIR is a very known company and I was always a fan of their technologies, from the simple cameras for the everyday consumer to the advanced thermal imaging systems they developed for the Unites States army. When the FLIR FX was announced I was very happy as it offered an advanced camera integrated with great tech for a relatively low price. This was perfect for me as I was looking into new solutions for home monitoring especially with a baby on the way. When I was finally able to get my hands on one of these I was stoked. When unpacking it I felt like a kid who just received a toy he was waiting for all year. The setup was very fast and all the instructions were easy to follow in the app (free), involved connecting to the camera, scanning the QR code, pointing to your internet wifi, select username/password (and camera name) and done. Once it's all set up, you can choose a smart zone monitoring - basically you can choose for the camera to record only when there's movement in certain areas within the camera's line of sight. This is great for me as I have it monitoring my son's room and I have to set to only start recording if there is movement in and around his crib. You can also set it to record on sound, or both motion and sound. The picture quality is perfect when set to HD and the sound quality is very clear as well. The infrared option works like a charm for night vision spying on my sleeping toddler, very clear. There's also an intercom option which works very nicely if you have the need to talk back and forth for any reason. I use an iPhone 5 personally and my wife uses an Android phone, the video/sound delay is the same for both of us - barely a second - when we are on wifi, and almost the same when using LTE. Another great thing is the push notification on movement. In the evening/night, I don't have to constantly open the app to see if my son is sleeping or awake and moving/yelling, I will just get a notification if there was any movement in the smart zone I selected. The camera has an option to connect to it directly - instead of via network - in case you're planning on some outdoor activities where you can't be watching your kids non stop (for example: camping), or some event that you can record; the battery life is great as well and can last a few hours (haven't tested the full amount yet as there was no need), so I imagine going somewhere with no electricity to plug the camera into shouldn't be a problem. I especially like the Rapid Recap option where I can basically view everything that happened in a selected by me time period within only a couple of minutes: it will show the full line of sight screen with multiple moving objects and each object will have a timestamp beside it to indicate when the motion happened. Very useful and fun to watch! This camera also comes with a SD Card - an option that doesn't happen with many products these days so it was a very pleasant surprise. Whether you're looking to set up a simple one camera home monitoring system for personal use or a full system for your home/business (this camera comes in both indoor and outdoor options), I would definitely recommend this camera to anyone. In fact, I showed it off to some friends and co workers and two co workers already ordered one as well as one of my friends!










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