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Wireless IP camera



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Wireless IP camera with night vision and motion detection for home monitoring

LNC100 wifi monitoring camera for your home

Experience the home video monitor of tomorrow today! The LNC100 Series are the first wireless IP cameras of their kind, featuring dual lens for enhanced day & night video. Connect to the camera using your computer, smartphone or tablet to monitor your property from anywhere in the world. The LNC100 camera goes a step beyond other home video monitor systems with additional features to help you stay connected – two-way audio using an internal microphone and speaker, and advanced motion/audio sensors are just a few of the things that put this wireless IP camera ahead of its time.





Wireless Network Camera



Detect simultaneous motion



Maximum night vision



Built in speaker and microphone

Lorex ping2


Lorex Dual Lens technology for day and night security footage

Dual Lens Technology

This wifi monitoring camera is ideal for homeowners who need around-the-clock coverage. It uses separate sensors for day and night. One lens is devoted to daytime viewing and provides you with pristine and colorful video while the other lens is specially designed for low-light conditions. The camera also boasts a powerful infrared LED that allows you to view up to 30ft away in total darkness. It also automatically adjusts the gain, white balance, exposure and brightness to maintain optimal video quality in all lighting conditions.

Mobile Connectivity

Configure Your Camera on Any Device – No PC Required

The LNC104 Series is optimized for use with mobile devices. The free Lorex Ping app allows you to connect to the camera in mere minutes using a supported iOS© or Android™ device. You can also connect to the camera using a PC or Mac computer. Lorex?s suite of free camera management applications for mobile devices & computers give you complete control of your IP camera from anywhere in the world.

MicroSD Snapshot Recording

Simple MicroSD and Snapshot Recording

LNC104 Series cameras let you record video to a variety of devices. You can record to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac using Lorex's free camera management software. The camera also supports microSD storage for recording directly to the camera, as well as recording to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device with no recurring fees! The camera uses H.264 video compression technology to maximize recording space and conserve Internet bandwidth so you can playback captured footage on your device straight away.

Notifications for Motion

Notifications for Motion and Audio Alerts

The powerful LNC104 allows you to setup alerts for sounds and movement captured by the camera. The camera keeps you informed by sending a notification to your email when a loud noise occurs at your property, or if movement was detected while you're away. Notifications come with a snapshot attachment of the event so you know exactly what happened.

Lorex Ping2 App

Easy connection with Ping2

The LNC104 is designed for use with our Lorex Ping2 app for mobile phones. This app makes remote viewing a breeze with an easy set-up and straightforward interface. Once connected, configure the app to send you push notifications straight to your phone for motion and sound activated alerts. With this remote viewing app you can also save a snapshot or record video straight to your phone, and activate the two-way intercom.

Works With

Lorex Ping2 is designed for iOS and Android phones, but will still work with tablets. Windows and Mac software is available in the documentation section below.

Expandable System

System is expandable, allowing for additional camera channels.

Two-Way Audio

The IP camera supports two-way voice communication over the Internet. External speakers are required.

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.




  • View & record anytime, anywhere
  • Control with Smartphone / Tablet App
  • Dual lens for enhanced day & night video
  • Event Push notifications
  • Easy 3-step set-up


Record directly to the camera, your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Multiple recording options, no recurring fees.*


Advanced audio & motion sensors with smart video motion detection for improved alert accuracy.


Watch over multiple locations simultaneously. Your home, your office or your vacation property, all in one screen.6


Activate your camera by simply scanning a QR code with your smartphone or tablet.

IP camera Features:

  • iOS, Android, PC and Mac compatible *
  • Wi-Fi & wired internet connectivity
  • Easy connection to Wi-Fi networks with WPS 1
  • Night vision up to 30ft with single high-power IR LED 2
  • microSD recording & playback supported 3
  • Dual motion detection : PIR & video
  • Sound activated alerts
  • Push notification of events & email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Bandwidth-efficient VGA (640x480) resolution
  • H.264 video compression
  • Supports up to 20 simultaneous users 4
  • Two-way audio supported 5
  • Flexible indoor mounting (counter, wall, ceiling)
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras


  • Network IP Camera
  • Camera Bracket
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power adapter
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • CD
  • Disclaimers
    1. Compatible with WPS enabled routers (not included).
    2. Infrared illumination range under ideal conditions. Actual range and clarity may vary depending on scene/object reflection and camera application.
    3. microSD Card not included (supports up to 32GB).
    4. Connection speed may vary depending internet bandwidth.
    5. External speaker required, not included.
    6. Up to 4 simultaneous camera views available on PC, Mac and tablets. Selectable single camera viewing on smartphones.










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    1 out of 108


    Location: Santa Clara, CA

    Easy to install. Price is attractive.

    2 out of 108


    Location: Pennsylvania

    Love this camera. I like the fact that I could watch from anywhere from my iPad or cellphone.

    3 out of 108


    Location: old bridge,nj

    Everything is working well. Lorex support is great.

    4 out of 108


    Location: New Hampshire

    Very easy to hook up as long as you follow the directions step by step. Up and running on home wifi in less then 10 minutes. Although the picture is average due to low resolution and FPS the IR works very well in total darkness and is quite clear in b&w

    5 out of 108


    Location: Beaver,Oregon

    great product

    6 out of 108


    Location: Georgetown, Texas

    Easy setup and well working camera. So far not a problem in any way. I like to use this camera to watch my home and at the same time see what my dog is doing and what is going on in my home when we go out for dinner. Easy to change positions in my location making it easy to check different locations each time we are out.

    7 out of 108


    Location: Solvang, CA

    I'd really like to like this product, but for reasons unknown to me the units keep appearing as "not connected". This usually happens just after I have left for a vacation or something longer and I no longer have video to cover my home.

    If you want help, forget it. Not only are the instructions vague, but since I am not a teenager they are completely unintelligible. On line help is difficult and usually answers a different questions than what you ask. Trying to reach tech support by phone is like trying to call Santa Claus.

    All four of my units are off line now. Thanks Lorex for keeping me up to date with new products I can buy. Not. Or until I can figure out how to make my existing units work.

    8 out of 108


    Location: Morgantown, WV

    I ordered one camera last week. The reason I selected it was a everything in one piece, internet accessible, and can watch from an Iphone. It has done everything very well. I hooked it up in less than 15 minutes. I ordered 3 more the next day and they are on their way now.

    The reason I did not give it a 5 is the software. Three problems:
    1. When you are viewing playback, there is a slide bar that is supposed to let you move to a specific time and begin playing from there. But it doesn't work. When you slide it, it jumps back to a previous time and will not stay where you really want to view. It's frustrating.
    2. I left the camera to record all night. I went back to view it this morning, and for some reason, did not record everything after 2 PM. I checked the red box to make sure it was still recording and it said it was, but I had nothing to view.
    3. I inserted a SD card. You are supposed to be able to view the card from the software. I select the feature to view the card, the box opens up to playback, but immediately closes, not allowing you to view the card.

    Other than the software issues, this is a very nice system. One more thing, if you are trying to hide this, which was my intention, since I have two 30 year old kids living with my wife and I, it glows different color lights which is easily seen at night. I have viewed both of my kids looking into the camera. I covered some of the lights with black electrical tape and it seems to dull it somewhat, but you have to leave the big red light open which is the infrared light. Adding a feature to turn these off would be nice.

    9 out of 108


    Location: California

    This has been a bitter sweet adventure. The cameras are good, but the software and customer support is the worse I have ever experienced. Often the tech can not figure out how to solve the problem. Be ready to wait for up to one hour to get a tech on line. The software is buggy and gives you an error message, especially camera is off line when it is not. I would not buy the camera again, even though they are good, because of the related software and tech support.

    10 out of 108


    Location: Florida

    Easy setup, and controls Was using all functions within an hour, including Notifications and email alerts.

    Only negative, is it needs capability to mask areas to allow movement of pets. Or, lower sense levels that would allow a smaller pets to move.

    11 out of 108


    Location: Markham Ontario Canada

    Great little unit.
    Tech support rep that helped me set it up was amazing.
    It took a while but well worth it. Excellent customer service.
    I would recommend this product. Great price.
    Works great on my iPhone, iMac and iPad.

    12 out of 108


    Location: New York

    Made many purchases with Lorex products and have been very pleased. Purchased 4 wireless cameras with 7 inch monitor system for outside home security. That was two years ago and the cameras have held up well especially here in the northeast with sometimes brutal winters. And the IR night vision works quit well. Even in complete darkness.

    Decided to now set up security for inside of home. Purchased this product LNC 104 wireless IP camera last month. I am now purchasing another because I am happy with it's capabilities and functions. Especially the motion detection system. You can set up notification email alerts when motion is detected. I have mine set up to my android smartphone. Just download the Lorex Ping app and you can adjust settings as you please. Once motion is detected and you're alerted, you can record on your smartphone. The camera also has a micro SD slot if you rather record directly to camera. But I prefer to record on cell phone.

    Only con I would give this camera is the night vision. It's not ideal. It only operates in black and white not color and blurry in very low light to dark situations. You would have to have a night light at the minimum on in the room in order to have clarity recording. I would rate this feature below avg. Other than that I'll give it 4 stars overall. Good bang for your buck for this camera. Especially after discount coupon of 15% off.

    13 out of 108


    Location: Houston< Texas

    My router was not able to set up by WPS, so I had to go to the computer to set up. It did not take very long. My smart phone set up was easy and my wife's IPad and IPhone did not take long at all. Everything seems to be working great, the only trouble is trying to talk have not been able to heard. We do heard from the camera when viewing.

    14 out of 108


    Location: Dubai, UAE

    amazing camera... very reliable specially with iPhone

    15 out of 108


    Location: Enid

    This was my first security camera and the set up was very simple by following the enclosed instructions and software. I now have 3 cameras and have them all 3 on my computer, Iphone, and ipad. Yesterday I set them up on my girlfriends iphone. (not sure a good idea). I would recommend these cameras to anyone. You don't have to be a computer techie to set these up. Just follow the instructions.

    16 out of 108


    Location: Houston, TX

    Installation was pretty much intuitive. I have looked at several network cameras and this one interesetd me becuase of the features and price. It has worked as depicted, it is more than what I had expected in regards to clarity during daylight and night. I highly recommned this product.

    17 out of 108


    Location: New York, NY

    Seems feature rich for home use but requires you to broadcast your network id i.e. SSID. If you choose to keep your network name private then you will not be able to use the cameras wirelessly. For added security, I have chosen not to broadcast my wireless network name to the world so therefore this camera is useless unless used wired. This is a very disappointing design flaw, given even the simplest wireless products, e.g. printers, allow connection to wireless networks that are not broadcasting their SSID.

    18 out of 108


    Location: Auburn

    completely surprised and impressed with this product at all levels considering the cost. The quick start guide made the installation and set-up a breeze. From the time I took it out of the box, until I was watching the video on my iPhone was no more than 10 minutes. we use it to keep an eye on our aging Jack Russell. I highly recommend this product for a low cost, easy to set-up camera. I have yet to install the s/w on my PC, but if it works as easily on my PC as my iPhone, this product is a 10. Oh, and hats off to the documentation team and the s/w developers. Nice work!

    19 out of 108


    Location: Seattle, WA

    This camera exceeded my expectations. Allows me to monitor my home from my MacBook Air, iPhone, and iPad while I am away. The Mac software is beta and is adequate; I trust it will improve over time.

    20 out of 108


    I bought these for my office. They work great--especially for the price. Clear picture in light and dark. I thought they were very easy to set up, even with my password protected wireless internet. I would recommend this product.

    21 out of 108


    great item works easy was worth trying. easy set up and use. I have called for tech support and they were helpful

    22 out of 108


    Location: Rockville, MD

    This is my third camera of this kind. Pretty stable and self sufficient. If you have a NAS drive, it will be very easy to set the camera up to store days worth of surveillance videos on it.

    23 out of 108


    Location: Custer, WA

    We purchased this camera so that we could watch our 1 year old granddaughter when sleeping here, and wanted to be able to watch the our dogs and other specific areas of our home when we are away. Now we can do that and our children can watch as well. One lives in CA, the other about 45 miles away. Because it is so portable, we can do it all. The night vision works in even the darkest conditions, although the lights on the camera itself are pretty bright (red power, blue internet). The setup was easy, albeit a little trickier on my Mac. Therefore, I set it up on my PC first, then added my Mac, ipad, iphones etc. It works on ALL of these devices. It took my daughter less than 10 seconds to add her PC to my network. And, all we do is shut it off if we don't want it on line. I like this so much that we're most likely going be adding another camera soon.

    24 out of 108


    Location: New York City

    Very easy to install. All features work flawlessly. I use 2 cameras to keep an eye on my elderly Mother and her home care attendants....I am very pleased with the price and quality

    25 out of 108


    Location: Washington Crossing, PA

    Very easy to install-no monthly or annual fees! Great iPhone app. Don't miss this great deal.

    26 out of 108


    Location: Pittsburgh, PA

    This thing set up easily and works perfectly. The picture quality is good. I am not sure what else you can ask in a camera this price range.

    27 out of 108


    Location: Vandalia, MI

    It works as advertised. Fairly easy to set up, although the included disc has no Mac support and you must wade through their site to find it. I installed the app on my android phone, but every time I tilt to landscape the app quits. But, like I said -- for the money it works great.

    28 out of 108


    Location: New York

    Had to use three for a elderly monitoring system,setup was pretty straight forward and it works.

    29 out of 108


    Location: Berrien Springs, Michigan

    I love the idea, and it would have been perfect if the motion detector did not go off and send me 600 e-mail notification for nothing moving. If this was working, I would have kept it. I may have got a lemon, but I am not daring enough to try again. I looked for another IP camera, but I cant find one with excellent reviews for $150 or less that does everything is says it will do. Lorex fix this and you got a awesome camera.

    30 out of 108


    Location: Gadsden, Alabama

    Bought camera to watch my 3 dogs while I was on vacation. Set up was very easy. Could us the Wi-Fi connection but my Wi-Fi signal for where I put the camera was not very strong so I wired the camera to my modem. Watched though my I-Phone and never had any problem with connecting to the camera. Since my vacation I now use the camera every day to watch my dogs while I am at work. This was the best purchase I have made this year. I love it.

    31 out of 108


    Location: Fredericktown, OH

    After setting up a home security system and dealing with the frustrations, this was remarkably easy. It actually was as simple as the demo video on Amazon. Quickly had it up and running on my iPad, iTouch and MacBook Air. The video quality is mediocre but it's not like it was advertised to be any better so I'm satisfied. I bought this to keep track of our pets while gone and even the speaker worked well although I didn't realize at first you had to toggle the speaker button to talk and then listen. Bought it on the deal of the day special although I think the lower price was really more reasonable than the every day price. That's really the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5.

    32 out of 108


    Location: Wenatchee, WA

    It took a little work to get it up and running wirelessly but once up, it works great! Go to the Lorex website and watch the setup video, the instructions in the box aren't clear, hence the video recommendation. I'm using this to watch my dogs while I'm at work, I'd like to get a couple of more to place around the house but will wait until it goes on sale again.

    33 out of 108


    This little camera we got on sale and absolutely love. My eldest son is old enough to babysit and this camera was a cheap way to keep an eye on how he is doing while watching his brothers. Love having the peace of mind that no matter where I am I can log in to see how they are doing. The sound quality is rather poor but overall it works for what we need it for.

    34 out of 108


    Location: Ocean Springs, MS

    Nice clear/sharp picture, indoor with night lighting. Setup instructions inaccurate. I have some computer knowledge thankfully - I went to the IP address and had options I did not see on my iPad/iPhone. Wish I could use it directionally - change area monitored by sweeping or controlling tilt angle.

    35 out of 108


    Arrived and was very easy to set up. I had the cameras up and broadcasting in about 10 minutes. I purchased two cameras. If you change the admin password right it down, there doesn't seem to be a way to retrieve it.

    36 out of 108


    We love it. We have 5 of them & 1 zyxel I-cloud. The lorex doesn't pan/tilt but for the price can't expect it to. Set up is simple, customer support was superb when I needed it, and we can view all cameras at once on multiple phones/pc's. With the Zyxel if my wife was viewing it on her phone I was unable to log in. Great product.

    37 out of 108


    Location: Kansas

    Caution if buying this for security and if you use lights on timer. You won't be able to keep up with all the notifications. Adjusting this is not clear. We installed 2 at a 2nd home and it's enough of a problem to disconnect notifications making them relatively useless.

    One technician told us after 30 minutes in queue for technical, that it is bc of the IR feature which is detecting temperature changes and that we must be at the location to make this change. We called again when we got to the home (+700 miles away!!!!). Longer wait and technician answering this time said he'd have to have a senior technician call to fix this. He could/would not create a ticket # for this saying he couldn't and would not provide his ID to reference back to him (Indian fellow named Sean - sure!). Called back and they were closed. Sent message. Got callback a few hours later. This guy said it's not possible to adjust and turn off temperature sensitivity which totally contradicts the first instruction. Gave some setting suggestions for motion sensitivity instead but I had tried those before and it didn't work. Every security post says have lights cycling. Choose between the two - avoid someone seeing your property as a target or let them come in and then try to see them in the dark with your camera.

    38 out of 108


    Location: New Mexico

    Works great. We are very pleased with this product. We purchased 4 lorex ip cameras and placed in various locations throughout our home and now monitor our place when traveling . I highly recommend this product

    39 out of 108


    Location: Ocean Springs, MS

    Nice clear/sharp picture, indoor with night lighting. Setup instructions inaccurate. I have some computer knowledge thankfully - I went to the IP address and had options I did not see on my iPad/iPhone. Wish I could use it directionally - change area monitored by sweeping or controlling tilt angle.

    40 out of 108


    Location: Costa Mesa, CA

    Lorex Live Ping LNC-104 It Works!

    Lorex Live Ping LNC-104 I do not understand why all the bad reviews. Probably problems with their home network. I have four of the LNC-104 cams and it was

    easy to set up. I have all on my Android v3.2 smartphone, easy peasy I have L-View (Lorex, free software) on my laptops (Win XP Pro) and can view the cams anywhere I have WiFi access. I have decent data rates (best on smartphone). I can talk into my smartphone and can hear excellent quality sound at the LNC-104 with my optional speaker plugged in. Cam resolution (640x480 max) and data rate are settable. This is a trade off between data rate and resolution since it is going over the LAN and internet but I have a 1GB LAN so locally it is fast. That is a lot of data for four cams but my LAN supports it. You can view four cams at once with L-View but only one at a time on the smartphone. Wish these were outdoors cams. But with a little thought I got the cams to work through the windows for both day and night vision. Night vision is excellent. Day vision color pops on (640x480 res max) at sunrise and is very good until dark when B&W night vision takes over. The documentation could be better regarding setting up FTP and NAS recording. I used WPS on my router to connect. Two button pushes for each cam and I was connected. Amazing!

    41 out of 108


    Location: Layton, UT

    Works Exactly as Advertised

    Read the "Quick Start Guide", followed the instructions and connected in less than 15 minutes. Working Great so far..

    42 out of 108


    Location: Eastern PA, USA

    Lorex Network Camera

    This camera provides an excellent view in normal daylight and a surprising good view in reduced or dark conditions. It set up quickly and easily on my iPhone 5. Lorex's instructions for use with an Apple computer / MacBook need updating / correctling because they refer to "right clicking" and Macs don't have a right click mouse button.

    43 out of 108


    I have a few of these to monitor our weekend home. They work great and have excellent night vision. They are extremely easy to set up, even for those that are not tech savvy.

    44 out of 108


    Location: New York

    easy to set up. works well. need to play w/ alert sensitivities, but that is to be expected. We keep an eye on our dog w/ our Galaxy S3s.

    45 out of 108


    Location: NJ

    "Mine worked great! easily installed in 15 minutes. Setting up the camera is a little tricky but it was worth it when I started getting the alerts on my cell phone. This is my second Lorex camera and they really know what they are doing. Audio feature is a plus!!"

    46 out of 108


    Location: NJ

    Pros: easy installation

    Cons: none so far

    Mine worked great! easily installed in 15 minutes. Setting up the camera is a little tricky but it was worth it when I started getting the alerts on my cell phone. This is my second Lorex camera and they really know what they are doing. Audio feature is a plus!!

    47 out of 108


    Location: Eastern Shore MD

    This product doesn't work. The software shuts down on both PC and Mac. Nothing will bring the camera view back up. It just constantly shuts down.

    48 out of 108


    Location: USA

    Pros: Decent picture quality on app and easy set up.

    Cons: No instruction manual besides how to set it up. Camera did not record on memory card or computer.

    Technical support takes FOREVER to get through. Tried different days and wait times were said to be 30-60 minutes. Finally spoke with someone today after waiting 45 minutes. A gentleman who was hard to understand, took my information and I provided my issue to him. He was unable to help me with the problem and said he needed to transfer me to a senior tech support rep to help me. Was on hold again for another 30 minutes then a recording came on and said I could continue holding or leave my number for a call back - that my call would keep its place in the queue - and they would just call me back.

    49 out of 108


    Location: NY

    Great daytime resolution .

    Easy installation.

    Very helpful customer service.

    Took off a star for nvr noise and lack of local software for Mac.

    Overall great product for DIYer.

    50 out of 108


    This camera really works great! I got this so I could check in on my dogs at home. It works fantastic. There are many variables that you can set for it to alert you. Motion or inferred. You can set up schedules so that it wont e mail you pictures if it sees movement during a time that you know someone will be there. So for the set up. It was not quite as easy as I would have liked but really close. I bet I had it working in under 5 minutes. I could not get the wireless set up to work so I set it up wired and then it worked fine on the wireless system. This could also just be me but I am OK with most computer stuff. I enjoy being able to check on my girls during the day an this is a great camera. I do hope to get more in the future

    51 out of 108


    Location: MA, US

    We are fostering a dog that has a severe case of separation anxiety. We purchased 3 of these cameras to help keep an eye on her and try to get her adjusted to being alone in small increments. we purchased these because of the ability to have an app on our phone that we could watch her and know when we need to get back. The cameras work great, we're very easy to set up, however the app has been a let down. Its buggy, sometimes has no sound, sometimes it says "can't find camera". But if you look at the cameras on our laptop they are fine. So its definitely the app. I have 3G my huband has a 4G phone, and we both experience the same issues at the same time, in different parts of the state. We have also even seen these errors while on wifi. Overall, we are glad we have them, but really wish the app was better. If you hook up a. speaker to 1 of the cameras you can also talk through it, which is nice for us to be able to talk to her when she's getting really upset, it usually stops her for the moment. Also amazone was cheaper than best buy.. who wanted $300 for 2 cameras, amazon allowed you to buy singles for $120, much cheaper than best buy!

    52 out of 108


    Location: ME, US

    Works great, easy to use, I would have given it 5 stars, but the base that it sits on is not tight and it will not stand up well in it's own so it has to be propped up next to something (very annoying) or it will fall over. If you were going to used this bolted somewhere there would be no issues. Careful if you use the email setting with motion, I recommend setting up an address just for the webcam as it will send you a notice EVERY time something moves (depending on your sensitivity) and it can overwhelm your email. I purchased this because I have a preteen who comes home after school for an hour before everyone else and I wanted to know when she got home. (She calls, but this lets me know the minute she walks in the door). Works great, recommend, but hope they fix that base.

    53 out of 108


    Location: NJ

    Great camera with easy setup. Takes literally minutes. Have had for a few weeks now and still working seamlessly. The speaker and microphone is a plus.

    54 out of 108


    The best way to review this product is to simply list the pros and cons. I've addressed all the features that the manufacturer used to promote this product.

    Pros & Cons:

    1. You can easily record, play, and share. In addition, you are able to record directly to the camera, your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. This manufacturer claim is not an overstatement

    2. Dual motion detection. Advanced audio & motion sensors with smart video motion detection. This is true. It has great audio.

    3. You are able to see four camera views if you have four different cameras. I thought the view was a bit narrow. The camera coverage is limited. It should be made to cover a wider range of view.

    4 Quick setup - Setup was quick and easy.

    5. Activate your camera by simply scanning a QR code with your smartphone or tablet - The activation worked seamlessly.

    6. It would have been nice if the camera included a zoom view. The software has an option for tilt and zoom, but the camera is not able to perform this task.

    7. The software interface looks outdated.

    55 out of 108


    Location: Piedmont, CA

    Easy to install system. Works great with both Mac and PC. Iphone and iPad apps make this system very easy to control and monitor.

    56 out of 108


    Location: Indiana

    This is not going to be a very good review.

    I bought this camera because of the specs I read on this web site 104. I worked on trying to get this camera to work sending out email alerts. The specs and the manual both either say it can be done. Enter lorex help desk. First I was asked if I read the manual. I say yes. Then individual got remote connection to the camera. Open up the L-View then was gone for a few moments. Upon return he said that the 104 did not have the capabilities to send email alerts. Every thing in the manual and spec sheet related to smart phones etc. I informed him that I went on the actual web interface where it shows a variety of configurations. His replay was that they use the same web interface with other cameras.

    57 out of 108


    Location: Toronto, Canada

    This is my second Lorex product, first being a wireless camera setup, that served me well,

    but was time for an upgrade. My order was delivered last week and I finished installation over the weekend. Very pleased with this product and detailed configuration settings, great picture clarity. One thing that would be useful is a protective cap for the Ethernet tips, the connectors can get damaged if threaded through concrete holes, but I simply covered them with duct tape, worked well. No problems with remote setup on PC, I manually configured the Bell 2Wire modem's application support, works smoothly. One thing I wouldn't mind is a volume control on the audio alarm, I set up the motion sensor and when it goes off I find it rather loud, perhaps there is a setting I haven't noticed? Just one other issue, I have motion detection enabled, and on very low settings it gets triggered on shadow movements from the surrounding trees' leaves blowing. At night, the bugs flying around near the camera are worse for triggering the sensors off, I have the sensitivity at second level from the bottom, and I have selected the trigger areas. Perhaps a size setting for motion? So that small objects don't set motion off. Also I wouldn't mind Quick menu through the remote.

    Over all I'm very pleased with this purchase

    58 out of 108


    Location: Winnipeg , Manitoba

    Pros: picture quality great, night vision is great, price was not bad.

    Cons: should have thrown in the sd cards., would have been nice if there was an on off button, on the camera itself. since if i am home alone., i don't need these cameras running., could have been a bit cheaper in price.

    I needed a camera to monitor various rooms inside my house. During the day and night work excellent. The quality at night is way way much better then I would have imagined. Would have been nice if cameras could go through windows but they can't. Cameras for outside are much different and have to be put outside. Nonetheless, the picture quality of these cameras are great once you get them installed. I have had to call customer service about three times and they were wonderful. I have both cameras running. I think they should have added the SD cards to the purchase, since they are made a dime a dozen, but that was not the case. So I bought the MINI SD cards....32g and now I am set. Picture quality is great.

    59 out of 108


    A couple of features I really like about this camera, is that it doesn't look like a camera and you can program it so that the lights are not on as to not bring attention to it.

    60 out of 108


    Location: Philadelphia, PA

    This is a great camera system, I have always had a burglar system but with the addition of this camera system I can go on vacation and not worry about my home.

    61 out of 108


    Location: Fremont, CA

    Pros: easy to setup, clear night time video feed, easy viewing on portable devices and computers

    "Excellent cameras. I got these to keep an eye on the cleaners as they work while I am away. The cameras were easy enough to setup if you follow the four setup steps on the instruction page. Just connect the power, wait for the red LED to stabilize and then connect via WPS.

    I was instantly able to watch the videos on my iPhone through the Lorex app. The app allows you to scan a QR code on the back of the camera to instantly register it, which I think is great given that the other option is to manually type a 9 digit camera ID number.

    I also installed Lorex's L-View on my laptop and it works great too. I did not try accessing the cameras through the web-URL so can't comment on that. Night time video quality exceeded my expectations. Although it displays in grey scale, the feed was crispy clear. I am using these cameras with Netgear's N900 router with a 20 Mbps internet connection, so for those who are experiencing poor night time video quality, see if the router/internet speed is the issue. Overall, I love these cameras and will recommend them to anyone who wants a decent home surveillance system

    62 out of 108


    Location: Vancouver Island BC Canada

    I bought 2 of these on sale at Costco's online dept so that I would not worry about my house and shop while we are away on trips and it fits the bill for that perfectly! Not only that but the sale price at Costco was even cheaper than they sell them here at
    Setup was fairly easy and there is an online portion where you can log in on any PC and actually check each of your cameras. That's especially handy if you have the motion and heat detection function set to email your cellphone or laptop when it detects movement in your home.
    On the downside, the cameras occasionally do not auto-detect on boot-up and I have tpress the WPS button on my router and the button on the camera again. After that they work fine.
    I actually have decided to buy two more of these units before the sale ends at


    63 out of 108


    Location: NYC

    I ordered mine from a big warehouse store, not amazon, but the product is excellent. I can drive all over town and keep connected to the cameras in my house via my cell phone flawlessly!. It works MUCH better than I thought it would and the only installation you have to do is simply put it where you want it and plug it in. I am so impressed. The iPhone app works great on an iPhone 5 an iOS 6.1.1.

    I really think the people who could not get it to work must be completely inept with computers, because it took all of a half hour including installation time. Set it, and forget it, lol.

    That being said, for the same price as 4 of these cameras you could get a 16 channel system with better resolution cameras and a 1TB DVR. However, the key to this system is the fact that it is wireless and you can still view it from anywhere you have a cell phone.

    Pretty amazing really.

    The one criticism I will give it is the viewing angle. The amount of space that you can actually see is very small. Don't expect to get 1 camera and view an entire room. You'll get 1 camera and view 1-2 corners of a room.

    64 out of 108


    Location: Alabama

    Lorex's LNC104 Wireless Network Camera is an excellent way to have "peace of mine" about your house, children or workplace no matter where you are. Since i have Apple computers, it involved downloading software to get it to work on my computer, but I found it easy to set-up by hooking-it-up first using CAT5 cable, then going wireless. The iPhone app allows you to easily view what is going on anywhere you have 3G or better reception, and you can easily record what is happening with the click of a button.

    The infrared light allows you to see in absolutely total darkness, and the micro memory allows you to record what is happening even if the wired or wireless connectivity goes out.

    I gave it only four stars because it did involve downloading software to get it to operate, and once you download it, you really have to "tweak" it to get it to work on the WiFi.

    65 out of 108


    Location: Florida

    Product video and sound output is very good.. Start up and installation process for local viewing is pretty simple to follow, although setup instructions for router port forwarding was a bit confusing.. I still have to test and try the remote viewing capabilities.

    66 out of 108


    Location: Mile high city

    Pros: easy set up good day time video.

    Cons: lower quality night video, automatic alerts only work on one camera.

    Model Number: Lorex Live Ping LNC-104

    Purchased this pair of camera's to monitor my residence while I was on an extended vacation. Camera set up was easy and installed quickly on my window based computer, both Vista 32 bit/Windows 7 64 bit and my older Linksys 54G WiFi router. Played around with the settings before leaving. All can be programmed for e-mail alerts and video trigger to be recorded to SD card on cameras or computers hard drive. Only negative here is only one camera on the network can be armed for the alert e-mail and video triggers. ( you can arm both but only one works) I was able to monitor the system from my android tablet with the Lorex app. which worked well. Also was able to monitor camera through web based ip address through windows explorer. Each camera has separate ip address. Video quality during day was good, mostly clear and bright. Note: if set by window where sunlight directly comes in there is going to be some washout. Definitely do not point these directly out a window as it will wash the video completely. Night vision was viewable but fuzzy. (This could be my routers fault not being a super strong connection plus the added quality of the infrared camera ability. All in all I am happy with the purchase for my application.

    67 out of 108


    I grow wary of certain reviews I see of products. I must say for all those who had issues setting up this camera "please insert brain before use". Works as prescribed. Motion sensor, PIR sensor, night vision, email notification and clear as day visual.

    Got this baby after an attempt to break into my home. Let them try now the authorities will be on them before they know it.

    68 out of 108


    Location: Tampa Bay

    Excellent camera that can be used as a stand alone or in a multi unit setup. Extremely easy set-up when using the optional WPS button found on most new routers, however that process becomes less clear when using a router without WPS. The issue then becomes configuring the camera for both admin and network purposes. Here the instructions could be better written so for example... the user easily understands that the setup on line 6, page 22 of the instruction manual is asking for the WIFI password/passphrase used to authenticate to the router.Additionally, The iPhone app seems to have issues connecting from outside networks, and it continues to search for the camera without connecting. When using the ipad it seems to easily connect where the iphone cannot

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

    69 out of 108


    Works Great When Set-Up

    This camera works great once it is set-up. The operative word in this sentence is "set-up". I don't care what camera you buy; the set-up process can be excoriating. This one was no exception. After following the set-up procedure multiple times, I did what you do when all else fails, I turned my iPhone off completely and waited for it to reboot. Camera worked fine after this highly technical maneuver.

    70 out of 108


    Location: Springfield, MO

    Good security camera

    Fairly easy to set up and use. Best feature is that you don't need a third party to host and forward the transmission of images. Nightime viewing can be problematic, but daytime viewing is excellent, and you can hear what is going on, as well as see. This is my third surveillance camera, from three different manufacturers (the other two were Linksys and Trendnet). This is the best, by far. Can view images on my IPhone.

    71 out of 108


    Location: Denver, Colombia

    The camera was very easy to set up. It is easy to access and the picture quality is good, day or night. I have it set up in my office and can check in whenever I want. Peace of mind at a good price.

    72 out of 108


    Location: Springfield, MO

    Fairly easy to set up and use. Best feature is that you don't need a third party to host and forward the transmission of images. Nightime viewing can be problematic, but daytime viewing is excellent, and you can hear what is going on, as well as see. This is my third surveillance camera, from three different manufacturers (the other two were Linksys and Trendnet). This is the best, by far. Can view images on my IPhone.

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

    73 out of 108


    Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

    Great camera, super-easy setup!

    VERY easy setup, I didn't expect to setup the camera in 4min! Good night quality, good value. VERY good mobile apps, I'm using iPhone and iPad, my wife - Android.

    74 out of 108


    Works like advertised. Recomended to a friend. Have one in the shop and another in the house. Very easy to install.

    75 out of 108


    Location: Ca

    these cameras have great resolution day or night. Very easy to set up

    76 out of 108


    Havven't quite figured out yet everything on it...need to learn how to make it come on and record by motion.

    77 out of 108


    got on special price because it has two way voice. was rather easy to setup on wired. Took a little more effort on wireless because the MAC address on the card does not match the MAC address needed for my router where I want MAC filtering.

    Color fidelity is off in the green direction for whites. But with the Lorex App, you can view your home and talk to your dog from anywhere in the world.....I happen to be in China this moment and can talk to me wife and dog with no problem. the sofware works well. Better than the FOSCAM I also have.

    78 out of 108


    Location: Melville, NY USA

    I did a lot of research and chose the Lorex based on features, price and ease of installation. Initial setup took about 15 minutes (couldn't get wireless to work using IPhone app, but switched to PC installation and figured it out. Camera works well and offers tons of features regarding recording and scheduling options. Their are a lot of settings that are pretty intuitive and with manual, it was pretty easy to tweak..

    Overall, great product and reasonable price for what you get.

    79 out of 108


    Location: Maryland

    I bought this for the fact that it looked easy to set up and move around to different areas. I did have some problems at first connecting to my internet but was able to figure it out on my own eventually. It has a good picture and you can access it away from home which is a plus.

    80 out of 108


    Location: Springfield, IL USA

    These cameras are easy to set up and get working, although the interface for making adjustments should be more user-friendly. It can be difficult to figure out how to access and save the specific settings that are wanted. These cameras do a good job in low-light conditions, though it's not surprising they do not do nearly as well if there is a large contrast in lighting being viewed at night. The motion sensor function works fine under some conditions but not others. I had a camera trained on my front door (which has multiple panes of glass) in hopes of taking pictures of people coming to the door. I got random pictures during the night and always during dawn but never of the postman or others at the front door. Of course the cameras have to be plugged into electricity, but having wireless capability for audio and video is really convenient. I am able to view their feed on my computer and my iPad anywhere in the world I have an internet connection, and on my iPhone anywhere I have a data connection.

    I bought 2 cameras to experiment and hope I can catch them on sale again to get another 2. Unfortunately, the software will handle a maximum of only 4 cameras. I have not investigated whether there is a way to set up a second grouping of up to 4 more cameras. I have no experience with other cameras for comparison, but I am happy with these. They will allow me to check on the house when we are out of town and will send me notifications--with pictures--if movement is detected.

    If you are considering buying these, keep in mind that they do not tilt or pan. They do have mics (which can be turned off) to pick up sounds, but each requires an auxiliary speaker if you want to be able to send audio to the camera site.

    81 out of 108


    I bought this for use as a baby monitor system. The hope was that I could use the video and audio monitoring features. The baby is not here yet, but I am not sure that the mic is going to be sensitive enough. We will see...

    Still a great product!

    82 out of 108


    Location: Midcoast Maine

    For the past few years I have used a Linksys WVC54GCA camera which gave me the email alert feature I wanted and a Lorex WL2700 (two cameras and base unit) for night vision and PIR motion detection.

    The LIVE Ping Wireless Network Camera by Lorex gives me all of that in one camera! I can also look in on the house remotely using an app on my Droid phone or iPad and I didn't have to subscribe to anything or learn a new skill set

    83 out of 108


    Location: VA

    Great purchase

    I purchased this camera after trying out another brand.

    I set it up from my iphone without any problems.

    The quality is very good and IR is the best feature as I can look at my child at night time as well.

    Overall, its an excellent buy and setup is a breeze.

    84 out of 108


    Location: Reno, NV

    This is a fabulous product!

    These cameras are wonderful. The clarity of the picture in both daylight and darkness will simply amaze you for the cost! The ease at setting up the system made me look like a genius! I highly recommend these cameras!

    85 out of 108


    Location: Phoenix, AZ

    Great Security

    I love the cameas that we have. The wide angel fits all our needs

    86 out of 108


    Location: CA United States

    I bought this camera to be able to check inside my house while at work and it proved to be easy to set up and reliable for 2 weeks now. No need to know port forwarding or static IP or other networking terms to set it up.

    I first downloaded the Lview software to my PC from the Lorex website and installed it (about 5 minutes). Then downloaded the Lorex Ping app from Google Play to my android tablet. When the camera arrived I took it out of the box, connected the power, and pressed the WPS button on my wireless router. While the LED on the router flashed, I pressed the WPS button on the camera. The lights started flashing for a minute or two and then the blue light stayed on. (note the router, the camera, and my pc are all in the same room, makes it easy to set up)

    Then I opened the Lview software on the PC, it immediately found the camera and listed it under the "autosearch" pane. I clicked on it, added a password and I got the video of my room on the screen! I Opened the Ping app on the android tablet and added the camera there too, easily. All this took about 10-20 minutes.

    I moved the camera to a position in the room that I wanted to monitor. The next day at work I installed the Lview software on my work pc and added the camera (all I needed to do is type in the camera id printed on the back of the camera and the password I set up the day before). and I was watching and listening the inside of my house, live. Took about 5 minutes. There is no need to know anything about cloud connection to get it to work.

    One thing I found out is that the placement of the camera is very important.

    It must be placed where there is good Wifi coverage from your wireless router. This is true regardless of what IP camera you buy, since without good wireless signals none of them can talk to the router.

    To test this, you can take a laptop or a ipad/tablet and walk around your house. Watch the signal strength bar of the wifi. Where ever the signal is weak, an IP camera won't work very well. When I placed it in weak-coverage areas it constantly rebooted to search for a better signal and couldn't maintain a connection. The camera works fine, but depends on the wifi infrastructure of the house.

    87 out of 108


    Location: New Hampshire

    When it works, it's great! But I find I have to reboot it once or twice a day, which totally defeats the purpose of going away for the day/weekend or on vacation. It looks like I'm going to have to return it.

    88 out of 108


    Location: USA

    Using this to monitor the babies so there is no need to check their room or sleep situation. Really great help.

    89 out of 108


    I own quite a few cameras, both IP and analog (hooked up to dvr) that I monitor remotely. This Lorex LNC104 is close to being the best bang for the buck (especially when it was on sale for under 100). It is the only IP camera I am aware of in this price range that has built-in PIR motion detection which is far better than pixel change motion detection that others use. Unfortunately, I am having problems once the camera switches to black and white mode at night in that the PIR sensor is fooled into thinking it is seeing motion almost constantly. I am not sure if the built-in IR emitter is causing enough heat to cause this or something else. During daylight hours when the color mode is in effect I do not have a single false alarm from the PIR sensor. I currently have disabled the night (B/W) mode and the false alarming has stopped. Hopefully Lorex will address this issue and fix it soon.

    Another annoying problem has to do with a constant loud fast clicking noise when viewing live video - this has been reported by numerous other users. Again, Lorex needs to fix this ASAP.

    I especially like the push notifications that I get when the Lorex detects motion and that I can immediately see what is being recorded. The push notifications come within a second of the sensor detecting motion.

    The Lorex iPhone app works well but I usually only use an app called IP Cam Viewer which allows me to view all of my other cameras at the same time in one app. Unfortunately, this app does not work with the Lorex LNC104 which is too bad. If anyone has found another iPhone app that works with the Lorex LNC104, please let me know.

    I have a Music Angel JH-MD07 speaker connected to the camera and the sound is loud and clear. The speaker is relatively small and also uses USB power so I have both the speaker and camera plugged into a 2-port USB charger.

    In short, this is a wonderful camera with lots of potential once Lorex fixes some of the flaws mentioned. It would also be nice if they would make a version of this camera that can handle being outdoors. They would sell like hotcakes.

    90 out of 108


    Location: houston

    we just got an alarm system and have had 4 false alarms in one month. they call us and ask if the police s/b dispatched. well, how would i know? so, i take off work, dangerously speed home only to find it's another false alarm. well, that was it, i've got to have a way of knowing someone's taking my 65" plasma. well, this was the solution. for me i needed it to pop up on my work computer and it does. just need the camera name & ID and you're off to the races. i've got AT&T's new wire internet but, didn't need WPS. it configured pretty easily & has about a 2-3 second delay. but, i dont need complete real time. just need to know if someone is in the house. if you want that kind of "peace of mind" this is a great buy.

    91 out of 108


    Location: Washington

    My wife and I were talking about a security system one day and I happened to see this unit on sale at Amazon for under $100. The instructions regarding hooking up the unit were very easy to follow. I don't have a WPS router, so I followed the instructions for PC installation. I got it hooked up very easily and it worked perfect on my wifi.

    I then followed the directions on installing the software on my iPhone. This too went very smoothly and I had no problems getting it working. I love that I'm able to be at work and check the house and see what my dog is doing. She somehow has been opening the back door, and now I'm going to be able to see how she does it. On the first day, I did lose the video feed on my iPhone, however I just rebooted the phone and it has worked fine ever since.

    The quality of the video and snapshots are pretty good for a inexpensive camera.

    The only issues I've had is the instructions didn't mention that you have to download a VLC player to watch the recorded videos. Another issue is when you push the record button on your phone, it doesn't say how you can share the video (email). I did email the company tonight so when I get a response I'll update this review.

    All in all I'm very satisfied with the camera and would easily pay the normal $150 price. I would like to get another one (rated for outdoors) to watch my driveway/front steps.

    92 out of 108


    Wish I would got a few more when they were on sale.. That good!

    very easy to very nice!!

    93 out of 108


    We purchased this item as a nanny cam and absolutely love it. It was incredibly easy to set up, just need to follow directions, and we are able to view video on our Asus tablet, both smartphones and pc with no problems. The only negative I can see is that we can also easily spy on each other...

    94 out of 108


    Location: Jacksonville, Florida United States

    I purchased this as one of Amazon's 'daily deals'. I'm glad I did. I got it for just under $100 (normally $149). Though - after buying it and setting it up - I'd be happy to pay the extra $50.

    What's good? Well - it's extremely easy to set it up. The video indicating you'll have it up and running in minutes is true. Literally took me less than two minutes. You simply hook it up to a wired network / router and follow the simple directions and bingo... you're good. I'm using an Iphone 5 to monitor it and - their app is free to download. Simply download it - scan the code on the back and, you're connected. Choose a camera name/password and it's all downhill from there.

    The Iphone software is actually quite impressive really. All the settings from bandwidth/alarm notifications/sensitivity are right there. As well - once you have it on your phone - you can EASILY set it up for your wifi and move it anywhere within the range for use.

    The sensitivity settings for sound take a bit of trial and error with the adjusting. However - that's to be expected depending on the dynamics of the room and - your expectations.

    The night vision on this camera is clear as well... you can choose to include date/time on the capture or not.

    Overall - I'm impressed. I bought two and will be giving one as a gift.

    What not to expect?? - well for starters - it isn't designed as a 'fail-safe' recording device for complete security. If you buy it for that then - you're setting your expectations way too high. If your network goes out or - your ISP takes a dive for maintenance then you're out of luck for monitoring. Granted - you can record directly to the camera but - don't expect the notifications if your network goes down (or your power for that matter).

    So - if you want something that's great for basic security/monitoring pets/kids this is it. If you're wanting to have something to monitor your property while away - it's great too (just remember - it's power and network dependent for notifications).

    Still - all in all - EXCELLENT value for $150.

    95 out of 108


    I purchased two LNC104s to test them out. They worked so well I purchased two more. Set up was truly plug and play. Video quality is great. If you want a simple wifi based system that you can monitor from your smart phone or computer, or both, then the LNC104 is perfect.

    96 out of 108


    Location: Winchester, CT

    When I was younger my apartment was robbed. Since then I've always been a little paranoid about everything when I'm not home. I worry about where I've left expensive items out, how easy it could be to get in and all those lovely paranoia break-in issues. Getting this out of the box, it was super easy to set up, took about 10 minutes. It has wifi, so it didn't need to be near hardwired into my modem which is wonderful. Downloaded the app on my iPhone and iPad 3 in moments and that was also very easy to set up with the password key on the back of the camera.

    I attached this high up in my living room and angled it to catch both the front door and the dog's bed. I was astounded that I could watch my house live time on my iPhone 4s when I'm not home! I tell people I'm bringing up my nanny-cam and we watch the dog sleep, cause really that's all he's ever doing when I'm not there. I like that you could hear things if there was any noise to be heard, would love it if you could speak back!! Otherwise, my only problems are that I wish it was a wide angle, almost fish eye lens. I have a small living room so there's only so far up and back I can go to get a good span of the room. Also, I have had a few times when it couldn't pull up the live camera view from my phone. Otherwise, I love this camera and now have less doggie/break-in nightmare anxiety.

    97 out of 108


    I purchased two LNC104s to test them out. They worked so well I purchased two more. Set up was truly plug and play. Video quality is great. If you want a simple wifi based system that you can monitor from your smart phone or computer, or both, then the LNC104 is perfect.

    98 out of 108


    Location: San Diego,CA

    Really good solution! We use the camera as a baby monitor. First setup was amazingly quick and simple. Can see my baby from anywhere now. I had a Dlink camera previously, pos compared to this one.

    99 out of 108


    Location: Baltimore, MA

    I watched the video on Lorex web and installed the camera within 2min. SD card recordings feature is AWESOME and supported on my iPhone. Good quality and best value! Highly recommended.

    100 out of 108


    Location: Springfield, IL USA

    Amazing Quality, Useful and Affordable Product Limited Only by Imagination

    Notwithstanding the excellent video explanation for installing the Lorex LNC104 wireless network camera, I found the Quick Starting Guide and software CD more than adequate for installing the camera, connecting it to my Toshiba laptop, my Android Cellular Phone and my wife's iphone.

    This product is compatible with either Mac or PC users as long as they meet the prerequisite software requirements.

    I procrastinated because I thought this would be a difficult product to install; however, to my surprise it was very easy and I am so happy to have this useful product.

    It allows users to watch and/or record multiple locations in color day or night--home, office, vacation property, babies, pets and anywhere else that up to four camera's are installed.

    It is absolutely amazing that my wife and I can see who is at our front door while we are at home, work or anywhere else we have computer or cell phone reception. The product's use is limited only by the user's imagination.

    I have positioned the camera to monitor who is at my front door, driveway or front yard; however, I could also install a camera in the basement, on the main floor or upstairs or anywhere else that my dlink Wi-Fi reception is available.

    This is a quality security camera with infrared LED (night vision), the ability to detect motion by tracking body heat, has external speaker audio capability and supports MicroSD cards up to a maximum size of 32GB.

    The external speaker and MicroSD cards are not included with this product; however, I ordered a 32GB scandisk and X-Mini II Capsule Speaker on for total cost of $41.22.

    I wholeheartedly recommend this affordable quality product to those who can benefit from its many applications.


    101 out of 108


    Location: San Rafael, CA, United States

    Works well wirelessly,

    I hooked this up in my office because we keep the front door locked and I like to see who is out there before I step out in front of the huge glass doors and they see me. Sitting on a table inside of the office it has a great view of the outdoors and the street. The picture is surprising clear.

    We have some ridiculously overpowering firewall in the office, so hooking it up was a bit of a challenge. It would have been very easy to sync it with the FIOS wireless, but instead I had to assign it its own IP address and go through several extra steps. In spite of how techno-savvy I may sound with the whole "assign it its own IP address" bit, I truly am a moron when it comes to that stuff. That being said, you can figure that setting up this camera is very easy for anyone who can run a computer.

    It works on all of our cell phones, so anyone in the office can run the app and quickly glance at their iPhone, or in my case, Android, and see very clearly who is knocking outside. Very groovy.

    102 out of 108


    Location: Earth

    Good camera for the right application

    I received this camera with some excitement. I have a baby monitor already and though the camera was wireless it has to be run via a dedicated network hub which is annoying. So I was quite excited about running this sleeker and more elegant looking wireless camera with motion detection. The plastics feel a bit light and cheap, but the camera doesn't look it. The mount/stand is made from molded aluminum and nicely curved which finishes off the look.

    My first disappointment out the box was that it doesn't run on batteries and has to be powered by a powered USB port. Either from a device like a computer or a wall socket adapter. So it isn't THAT portable since it has to have an external power source of some kind in order to run.

    Set up was dead easy if you have a modern wireless router often all the password info you need is on a label on the back or the camera can make use of the automated WPS feature if your router supports it.

    The L-View software that comes with the camera is simple but effective and allows you to have up to 4 cameras running simultaneously. Your list of available cameras is on the right column which can be dragged to any of up to 4 windows on the screen to activate it.

    The default quality is quite low at 64k 640x480 resolution at 5 frames per second. Quality isn't actually bad considering that the bandwidth being used is equivalent to your average mp3 music track.

    A right click on the camera in L-View gives you a bunch of options where you can up the streaming quality and update to 30 fps in increments of 5. The motion sensor works very well as does the dynamic switching of night vision. I have a smallish house and the camera can see from the study across the corridor into the living room with no problem.

    One disappointment is that unlike my other Lorex system, this camera does not work with skype and isn't recognized physically on the computer as a device. Only the L-view software can see it. This is good for security since it makes it harder to hack but does provide some limitations for those who want to make use of it as a general purpose web cam.

    I installed the Lorex Ping software on my Galaxy S Android phone and it found and displayed the camera view straight away with no trouble whatsoever.

    Overall this camera is ok, great if you want it for fairly portable wireless security security camera that works in the dark. The image quality is pretty decent considering that it's a standard low res by todays standard 640x480 or 320x240 pixels.

    If you are getting if for the right application it is a decent camera. I would have liked to have had the option of viewing over skype like my previous Lorex camera. So not ideal in my particular situation.

    103 out of 108


    Location: Colorado USA

    Nice picture quality but lacks in other areas

    I have a Panasonic wired camera and have been very pleased with it. The Panasonic isn't very easy to setup for remote viewing but once setup it works great. I picked up the Lorex for its wireless capabilities so that I could place it easily around the house. The Lorex is good on a number of things but it also falls short on several things as well.

    The pros

    1. Picture quality- I have found the picture quality to be very good. Seems to be better than the Panasonic with better brightness in daylight and offers ability to see at night.

    2. Wireless- for the price the inclusion of the wireless is a good deal.


    1. Setup- setup wasn't as smooth as I expected after reading about the product. I wasn't able to setup the camera through my iphone so had to set it up via the web front end.

    2. Wireless connection- I'm running the camera through a Cisco wireless router and after a reboot of the camera it often does not find the router. This has happened several times. I often have to unplug the camera, the router, and then start both back up. I had the same issue running it through an Apple wireless router.

    3. Software- the software is a bit buggy on both the iOS devices and desktop pc I have tried. The iOS application for iphone has crashed several times. I have found the Ipad version to be better. The software for MAC computer is not very intuitive and looks to be a port from PC version. On the MAC version I have still not been able to bring up the video from the camera.

    4. Camera pan- my Panasonic has the ability to move the camera lens remotely, the Lorex is fixed.

    5. Web access- my Panasonic has a web based free service that allows you to bring up the camera without an application. This is nice when at work and I want to see the camera without using my cellular data plan. I am able to view the camera from my work PC on the Panasonic. On the Lorex the only way to view the camera is through the lorex software or over a mobile device application.

    I gave this device 3 stars because of some of the features that are not available compared to other products. Its a good start but I would consider other products before making a purchase of this camera.

    104 out of 108


    Location: United States

    It works, but was a bit of a hassle,

    I got this camera from the Amazon Vine program because I'd never had an online security camera before. I'd like to say if I can get this thing to work, anyone can, but -- no, I've had a bit more experience with installing "devices" on a "network" than some, and I understand my router. And even so, it took me an hour longer than I think it should have.

    Lorex also makes baby monitors, and other handy security camera setups, so I wanted to try this one hoping it would be simple. I saw on their website [...] that they even have techs to come set up whole systems.

    I went to the website because I thought I'd failed getting the setup to connect to my wireless router, and wanted to find out how to blank the camera's memory and start over. I thought I'd gotten the camera to memorize the wrong passcode for my router. But that isn't what happened.

    When I thought that is what had happened, I fiddled around on the website for quite a while, saw many tech support pages with the little thumbs-up/thumbs-down icons at the bottom. Lots more thumbs-down had been clicked than up.

    I didn't find anything about what to do if it failed to connect to the wireless router either, no list of error messages, but finally thought of pressing the reset button on the camera which I'd noticed on the Quick Start instructions but forgot about. So I went to the camera to do that and found it had finally connected itself to my router. I hadn't made a mistake typing the passcode, and the camera hadn't crashed. It just took several minutes to find the router.

    Any way you do it, the camera once on the network, will put pictures on a number of devices, your PC and/or TV. To get images to your phone, you'll need to download the Android or iTunes App Lorex Ping, and it has room for a number of cameras. To get your camera onto your Lorex Ping, follow the directions into the menus, and the phone's camera will take a picture of the QR Code on the back of the camera. That procedure needs some work by Lorex. When the camera comes on by itself during the procedure, it has a CANCEL button but no "take a picture" button to use when you get it aimed at the QR Code. It took a few tries and some puzzling, but eventually the phone's camera took the picture all by itself, without me poking anything on the phone's screen.

    In my case, it did not. The directions explained the blue light would come on when it made the connection -- the three lights cycled and cycled, then went dark. Clearly it was searching for the wireless network, and failed. I repeated the sign onto the router steps putting in the passcode for my router, and again got an error message, FAIL on my phone, and the lights on the camera searched then went dark. I went through this several times, then went hunting for the Lorex website, as noted above. While I was searching for what to do about that error message, somehow the camera finally found the router.

    When I went back to the camera to try the reset button, the blue light was on and steady. So I didn't fail, and the FAIL error message on my phone was an error!

    So the two trouble spots in the setup procedure were getting the phone to take a picture of the QR Code, and getting the camera to find the router wirelessly. Both worked all by themselves without me doing anything except repeating the steps of the directions wondering why it wouldn't work.

    I conclude that this piece of hardware works as advertised at least in terms of using a household wireless network to send a picture (and SOUND - not great sound, but real sound you can understand) to your phone. The configuration directions might be a bit hard for some people, or take patience and concentration, but the device itself is rather amazing for the price.

    105 out of 108


    Location: Rochester, MN

    Truly wireless security...........almost

    Having used and reviewed other security type camera products the drawback has always seemed to be connection.

    Trailing wires, so called window mounted wireless cameras and so on are good, but often a pain to locate easily, without too much set up.

    No system is perfect, and although it's not really a complaint, when are we going to get one of these with a rechargeable battery pack to make it 100% portable?

    The set up is very straightforward as long as you have a newer WPS enabled router.

    The kit comes with a hard line Ethernet connection for initial set up, and you will have to piggy in the middle set up between you computer and router while you run the installation.

    The bracket (stand) can be free standing, wall or otherwise mounted, just remember if you intend to have it in a fixed location, it does have to be near an electrical outlet, so you may want to consider something like Wiremold C110 White Cordmate Kit to make it look neat and tidy.

    The unit enables you to record footage direct to your smartphone or tablet, or on the included integral SD card - a word to the wise here - you will need preferably a class 10 card for efficient recording, older cheaper cards will actually interrupt the recording if they are too slow.

    Connecting it to your phone is as easy as scanning the barcode of the device. You have to install the "ping" app from the website, on your phone or tablet, but it's compatible with most operating systems out there.

    Picture quality and video with the right SD card (there is NOT one included) is good in normal daylight, or interior well lit rooms, don't expect high quality at night. In fact the dual lens "night vision" which boasts up to 20' is not ideal, and very grainy black and white.

    Another nice (if not standard these days) feature is the motion sensor that activates and then signals your phone or PC if you have it set up for alerts.

    If you are away from home and using something like jump desktop for example, as long as your home PC is on and running(and that's where the Ping software is setup) you can monitor the camera from your own PC, from any PC anywhere, kind of cool.

    Overall it's a nice package, not cheap, but not that expensive either. With many additional features, including the option to monitor simultaneously on several devices it's a good addition 6to any home or office (even garden) security. More cameras can be added to give whole home or business protection.

    4 stars.

    106 out of 108


    Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Gustavo Fring, Watch Out!!!!!,

    A sniffer showed me that my next door neighbor was on the same channel and that their signal has a similar strength (Both ~ -74 dB). I have moved it much closer to the router (family room where it gets -63 dB) I have to conclude that something is wrong with the antenna.

    The Android app still requires several tries to relink to the camera, but I attribute this more to the app than to the camera. Meanwhile. Lorex has contacted me and may arrange a trade so they can examine this unit STAY TUNED!

    Summary: Overall 4-1/2 stars. Amazing network camera which set up easily with one minor hiccup, works great on my laptop and Android 4.0 device! Perfect for real time security, house sitting or nanny cam. On board SD or NAS recording! Wow.

    For those who aren't into the TV show "Breaking Bad," there is this Fastfood Manager/Drug Kingpin who has a network of surveillance cameras feeding his camera. I couldn't help thinking of this after I set this camera up and had a huge grin as I surveyed... my garage.

    Setup was very easy, even though I don't have WPS. WPS makes it super easy to "handshake" a device and your router, so I was doing this the hard way. Most people probably won't have WPS. In this case I installed the software straight from the CD (Note to Lorex: it's "Software" not "Sofware" Other than the typo, it installed fine on my quad core Toshiba laptop running 64 bit Windows 7.

    Size? The camera is about as large as a pack of cigarettes. Nice looking and innocuous except for the blinking red and blue lights. You can change the settings so the lights are out once the camera is linked. In general, there are TONS of settings that the average person won't care about. For a tech geek like me though, I was impressed.

    How wide is the picture? I have it mounted on the back wall of our 2 car garage and it *Just* covers the 16 foot wide opening. A little geometry says this is about a 42 degree included angle - I'd personally like to see something wider for interior surveillance, but then it would be too wide for outside work. I wonder if they could do something with clip on lenses to allow the user to select. Just a thought.

    Here is the tricky bit - the program, after installing, didn't show up. I had to manually navigate in windows to C > Programfiles(x86) > LOREX and run "L-View.exe" From there everything worked fine.

    From there I followed the directions in the quick start guide and had the camera running on the network in about 5-10 minutes total. I should note that after setting up the camera on your network this way, it still remembers the wireless network - I unplugged the camera and moved it to the garage. After plugging it in it did take perhaps 3-4 minutes to boot up and reconnect to my router.

    The mounting bracket appears to be metal - very nice and initially very good for the camera, but I had perhaps twisted it around a lot trying to read the QR code after I mounted it, so it no longer held the exact adjustment I wanted. There's a set screw I may be able to tighten - my advice is to pass on the QR code which didn't work on the iPhone anyways - it only saves you from entering a 9 digit number.

    I installed the app on my smartphone(HTC EVO LTE running Android 4.05). This was *very* simple. Also installed on my wife's iPhone 4S. I had to enter the camera number manually instead of using the QR code while the Android worked fine for the QR.


    - Easy to set up

    - Decent video - 3-5 FPS with 64-128 kbps

    - Good sound included

    - 640x480 resolution on the network, fiddle with your smartphone settings to bump up from 320x240

    - Switches over to night vision automatically when lights go out


    - Clock on camera is off by 12 hours - I suspect this is because it copied the system time from my computer but not AM/PM

    - Android version lacks video recording feature available on IOS (Perhaps it's my phone but I doubt it)

    - Had to manually find program on hard drive after installation

    - Mounting ball/socket loosened - had to tighten with screwdriver but it loosened again - will have to get some Loctite.

    - Occasionally takes an extra try or two to connect from my smartphone

    107 out of 108


    Location: Ohio USA

    A little more direction needed,

    I wanted to use this for several reasons: Firstly, to put near a birdfeeder so I could watch the birds up close and capture video/photos of them without them seeing me. Secondly, to figure out where the dog keeps getting out of the back yard and thirdly, do keep in the play room to resolve disputes between two little girls who always claim "it was HER" when the piano gets tipped over.

    We hooked it up yesterday afternoon. The sofware is very basic, but it seemed to have installed correcty. I'm running Windows 7 64bit on an HP laptop. My son is running the same but on a custom built desktop. I also use this camera on my cell phone.

    The Good Stuff:

    -There is a slot for a mini SD card so you can record the videos as they are being captured, which is neat if you want to pull a photo off of the film. The mini-SD is not included.

    -This can be used as a two way device, meaning you can speak to the room being monitored (like yelling at the dog to get off of the sofa and then laughing hysterically as he goes from shock to confusion to possible minor mental breakdown over why your VOICE is in the room by YOU are not! This does require external speakers, which also are not included. Otherwise, you can hear what the people in the room are saying, but you can't respond to them.

    -The video quality on the first day was excellent - clear, crisp and not much of a lag at all.

    -The unit must be plugged in, so that is a consideration when deciding where to put this camera. But the camera itself is about the size of a typical point & shoot digital camera or maybe slightly larger than a deck of cards. It has a removable stand that can be screwed into a door, wall or whatever.

    The Not Good Stuff:

    -Not that easy to set up. My 15 year old son did most of it for me, but that was mostly out of laziness on my part, he was willing to run up and down the stairs between my laptop and the router (yeah, he could have just taken the laptop down, exercise is good) But camera came with a CD for software installation that wouldn't play at first and then once I got it installed, I kept getting error messages. My son doesn't get these messages on his computer. The user interface isn't very intuitive on the website or on the manual, I'm still not sure how to get a lot of things to work correctly like picture quality (which degraded a great deal after the first day, now it's more like a super pixelated, grainy, old school web camera. We're still working on messing with the settings but nothing seems to help and the website for the product isn't very informative either.

    -I have an android phone and my son has an iPod touch. The Apple version of the app has a lot more control (volume, alarms, etc). The Android version has NO help and really you can only watch the video, not do anything else.

    So, until I can figure out how to set the settings the way I want them to be set and how to set the video quality how I want for it to be set, I have to take off a star. I have to take off another for no guide explaining the error codes and what to do about them. If I am able to get these issues resolved, I will happily update my review and my stars. In this day and age, where cars connect to cell phones, laptop connect to tablets, gaming systems connect to TV's and internet - it should be a snap to install this camera and have it run easily with a good help section on how to change the settings, trouble shooting, etc. Getting all of the error codes is really frustrating. And having a screen pop up that says "Enter ADMIN ID and Password" when I didn't create one yet is really annoying because it won't allow me to save my setting!

    108 out of 108


    Location: Michigan

    top quality, easy setup

    We've been through a number of network cameras for different applications, everything from taking photos at our hummingbird feeder to watching inside a bee hive. This is one of the best. The image quality is exceedingly good. We're using it at roughly 75 feet, no problems at that range. And this device is rather more versatile than most. 5 stars.



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