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Wireless IP security camera


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Lorex Vantage Stream wireless network IP camera

LNC100 wifi monitoring camera for your home

The LNC116 Lorex Vantage Stream Wireless Network Cameras allow users to remotely monitor their home or business through a secure, password protected connection that requires no networking knowledge. Simply connect the IP camera into a router, run the installation CD and users are on their way to see, hear and protect what matters to them most. View on your PC, Mac or compatible smartphone.





Wireless Network Camera



Detect simultaneous motion



Maximum night vision



Built in speaker and microphone

Lorex ping2


Lorex Dual Lens technology for day and night security footage

Dual Lens Technology

This wifi monitoring camera is ideal for homeowners who need around-the-clock coverage. It uses separate sensors for day and night. One lens is devoted to daytime viewing and provides you with pristine and colorful video while the other lens is specially designed for low-light conditions. The camera also boasts a powerful infrared LED that allows you to view up to 30ft away in total darkness. It also automatically adjusts the gain, white balance, exposure and brightness to maintain optimal video quality in all lighting conditions.

WPS Support

WPS Support for Push Button Connection to Home Wi-Fi Network

Versatile and advanced the Stream is capable of connecting to the internet over Wi-Fi with WPS. Connect over Wi-Fi with no hardwired connection to the router necessary, so there's no need for an Ethernet cable as long as your router has a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) function. The camera can detect and connect to your Wi-Fi network and start streaming video right away.

Multi-Location Surveillance

IP Camera Supports Up to 16 Cameras for Multi-Location Surveillance

The Vantage Stream IP Camera is ideal for consumers who want a reliable, affordable, and expandable solution for monitoring multiple locations. Expand your view and watch over multiple locations with up to 16 additional cameras simultaneously! The cameras are all linked using Lorex's secure cloud connectivity, and the recording capacity can be upgraded according to user needs. View your home, your office, or your vacation property all in one screen on your tablet, PC or Mac! You can even have up to 20 users connecting to each camera at a time, using a user-selected password so the video streams are secured and protected.

Advanced Recording Options

Advanced Recording Options

Conveniently choose to either record straight to your camera on a microSD card using the built-in video recorder, or record directly to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac with the free downloadable remote viewing Stream and L-View applications for mobile devices, laptops and desktop computers. Using H.264 video compression technology in the camera maximizes recording space and conserves Internet bandwidth. These applications give the user the ability to setup motion activated and scheduled recordings to the camera, microSD card, the local memory of the computer, smartphone, or tablet, or a Network Video Recorder (NAS - Network Attached Storage) with no recurring fees!

Advanced Calendar Playback

Advanced Calendar Playback Allows for Easy Video Searching from MicroSD, PC, or NAS Simple MicroSD and Snapshot Recording.

The advanced playback software for your PC or MAC the L-Play; enables your recorded footage where ever it is stored to be streamed over the Internet to be viewed on your personal computer. Search for those important moments of your recordings using the advanced calendar playback menu, by selecting the year, month, date, the time of the day or just the motion recorded events.You can even select specific snippets of your recordings right down to the second to be converted to .avi format making it easier to back-up or share the videos via your social networks like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Notifications for Motion

Dual Motion Detection Technology for Motion-Triggered Recording and Alerts

Featuring dual motion detection technology with both Passive Infra-Red (PIR) and smart video motion detection. Alert accuracy is drastically improved, providing superior motion sensing that ensures more precise motion-activated recordings, push notifications and email alerts with snapshot attachments of the event sent directly to your device. The built-in PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor tracks heat from moving objects such as people or animals, while the video motion detection with customizable sensitivity levels catches all the motion that doesn't generate heat and is also outside of the PIR sensor's 20ft range. Instantly know if anything happens at your home, small business or vacation properties all at once!

Dual Lens Design

Night Vision & Unique Dual Lens Design

This camera was built with a dual lens to deliver enhanced day imagery and excellent night vision observation. One lens is used specifically for day time operation providing a clean and colourful picture. While the other lens is solely used during low light conditions, with the image automatically switching to a crisp and clear black & white night vision. The camera features a powerful infrared LED that allows for viewing of up to 30ft away in total darkness. Be in the know at all times no matter what time of day or night.

Lorex Ping2 App

Easy connection with Ping2

The LNC116 is designed for use with our Lorex Ping2 app for mobile phones. This app makes remote viewing a breeze with an easy set-up and straightforward interface. Once connected, configure the app to send you push notifications straight to your phone for motion and sound activated alerts. With this remote viewing app you can also save a snapshot or record video straight to your phone, and activate the two-way intercom.

Works With

Lorex Ping2 is designed for iOS and Android phones, but will still work with tablets. Windows and Mac software is available in the documentation section below.

Expandable System

Add cameras to your system to expand your monitoring capabilities.

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.

Two-Way Audio

Audio capabilities due to the built-in microphone and speaker.




  • Mobile viewing & recording app
  • Advanced playback software
  • Multiple users, many locations
  • Dual lens day / night operation
  • Fast & easy set-up


Record directly to the camera with a microSD™, your Smartphone/Tablet 7, or to your NAS8 personal cloud network.*


Conveniently monitor various properties at once, up to 16 locations and 20 simultaneous devices. 5


PIR and video motion detection for superior alert accuracy.


Emails with snap shot attachments & sound activated alerts.


Activate your camera by simply scanning a QR code with your smartphone or tablet.


  • iOS, Android, PC and Mac compatible *
  • Wi-Fi & wired internet connectivity. Easy connection to Wi-Fi networks with WPS 1
  • Night vision up to 30ft with single high-power IR LED 2
  • microSD recording & playback supported 3
  • Dual motion detection: PIR & video
  • Sound activated alerts. Two-way audio supported 4
  • Push notification of events & email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Bandwidth-efficient VGA (640x480) resolution. H.264 video compression
  • Supports up to 20 simultaneous users 5
  • Flexible indoor mounting (counter, wall, ceiling)
  • Expandable up to 16 cameras


  • IP Camera
  • Camera Bracket
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power adapter
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • CD

  • Disclaimers

    1. Wi-Fi router required (not included) to use Wi-Fi function. Wi-Fi connectivity depends on the strength of your wireless signal, the placement of the camera and router, and competing signals from other wireless devices. Compatible with WPS enabled routers (not included).
    2. Infrared illumination range under ideal conditions. Actual range and clarity may vary depending on scene/object reflection and camera application.
    3. microSD Card not included (supports up to 32GB).
    4. External speaker required, not included.
    5. Connection speed may vary depending internet bandwidth.
    6. Additional cameras sold separately.
    7. Up to 16 simultaneous camera views available on PC, Mac and 6 on iPad. Selectable single camera viewing on smartphones.
    8. NAS (Network Attached Storage), not included, please check lorex website for compatible NAS devices.
    * The camera uses Cloud Connectivity to stream video over the Internet without requiring any configuration. Cloud Connectivity does not include recording; recordings are saved on your personal devices. Lorex does not store your recordings. No recurring payments are required to use Cloud Connectivity.
    ** A high-speed Internet connection is required for the use of this camera. The camera automatically adjusts the image quality and frame rate based on bandwidth limitations. It is recommended to have a minimum upload bandwidth of 512 Kb/s. However, using multiple cameras will increase the bandwidth requirements, and may affect the image quality or frame rate. Please note that upload bandwidth is separate than download bandwidth, which is typically advertised by service providers. Check with your service provider for details.










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    1 out of 35


    Location: Washington

    Lorex Ping for Android 4.0/ 5.1 works well, however, recently purchased new phone with Android 6.0 and apps (Lorex Ping or Lorex Ping 2) does not even load. With Lorex Tech support for over an hour, no resolution to date. Resigned to use on old tablet or phone for remotely checking cameras. Doesn't seem they are supporting the software.

    We're sorry to hear you are having difficulty with the app. The app is supported with the latest Android version. If you require further assistance, please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

    2 out of 35


    Location: Maggie Valley, NC

    I have had these cameras for about 4 years. I moved them in a cottage we just got to keep an eye on things when we are away. We are in the sticks with no hard-line Internet access. We have to use a hotspot box. I was concerned the 3 cameras would eat our data allowance. I left the hotspot running and the 3 turned on for the last 10 days and checked the cameras from my tablet and phone several times a day to get a feel for the burn rate on my data plan. Nothing else was running off the internet at the cottage. Over that time we used .031 gig. I am very happy that these things are like Pandora as far as a data pig. They use very little.

    3 out of 35


    Location: yukon

    highly recommend. service is superior, cameras do their job. will be investing in a higher quality system soon. seriously, worth the money.

    4 out of 35


    Location: TX

    I have 4 LNC116 cameras. Work pretty good for remote viewing over my iphone on Lowex Ping. Although, trying to take care of firmware v030605 and config v8 upgrades is a headache. Recently, it appears a new camera firmware and config was pushed out, but no one knows what the authentication ID or password is to load this to the cameras. Tryed all the typical ID and passwords provided by Lorex for camera setup. Looks like the down load may start but % of load stays at 0 then says failed error.

    5 out of 35


    Location: Boston, MA

    Bought this on Black Friday on sale. It arrived, and was a complete pain to set up. Two way audio IS NOT working, now that the app/camera is communicating... Overall disappointment in this product.

    6 out of 35


    Location: Nashville, TN, USA

    I am on phase - two for my home security network. I added two more LNC116's (5 total). I'm convinced that these are the easiest color cameras to operate for non-professional users and installers. The cloud connection makes viewing on my android and iPad smooth as silk.

    7 out of 35


    Location: Florida

    Big bang for your buck ... easy set up, use and excellent picture quality on both PC and Mobile device... highly recommended

    8 out of 35


    Location: Canada


    The camera has decent video and audio quality. This is about it on the positive side.

    Even though it states 2 way audio, you need to attach an external speaker to talk. Then it works like a walki-talki. You either talk or listen but not both at the same time.

    Even though there are applications for iPhone and Android, you can view the camera from only Internet Explorer (no chrome or firefox) which makes it impossible to view from a chromebook (my intended use).

    The Android app. is a nightmare to use. I will not start to enumerate all of the bugs in that application but for one, there is often errors when trying to view the video from the sd-card and those appear in slow motion even on a decent speed tablet.

    But the worst part for me is the un-reliable motion detection technology. Many false alarms, you need to set it to very high (1) to catch far moving objects in the picture. Set it to 5 or more and it does not detect anything. Video Motion detection is way off and surely Lorex will not fix that.

    This is going back to the store.

    9 out of 35


    Location: ny

    have three cameras for 9 months. all have been working very well. got a good deal from best buy.

    i have bought a small non powered speaker to plug into 3.5 mm plug so i can use alarm function and to talk to people. speaker is size of a walnut so - thought took me months to find it online since all mini speakers are battery powered. one future spec that this camera needs is a built in speaker.

    the confidence in lorex after using these cameras is high, so i am buying more other model to expand my big brother network across my land and other buildings that have electrical hook ups.

    10 out of 35


    Location: Atlanta, GA

    Short story: Don't believe the reviews. This product is way better than all the other ones at this price point. Hands down.

    Long story:

    I was skeptical when I read all the reviews. I understand that some people have technological challenges, but I must say, this was easy to install and set up. I'm totally new to in-home security, and I'm exceptionally happy I bought this product. A little patience and willingness to root around the User's Manual and the apps themselves, and you can figure this out easily.

    A note about the alarms/ motion detection that I learned (i.e. remember this when you buy it): when you set an alarm, depending on how you set it, you get BOTH an email and a text alarm to your mobile device. This can be quite the nuisance. You need to ensure you turn off the alarms separately, if you have email alarms engaged. You do this in both the "alarm notification" field, and then drill down under "camera settings" > "schedule' > "email alarm.' I learned to simplify my life by just setting the notification alarms under the "alarm notification" field. If you do it this way, you just get a notification on your phone like any other app (i.e. your text messages, news apps breaking news etc).

    You can also Change the Streaming settings on the fly, remotely, regardless of what other reviews say. If you are at work and over a good wifi or other net connection, you can stream crystal clear up to 1.5 Mps. The default to 64kbps is to make it easy to live stream over cellular data networks. My ipad is set up at 1.5 meg. My iphone is set up at 64 kbps. Don't forget, with a MicroSD card installed, it's recording at 1.5Mps anyway. You get awesome resolution when you play back from the SD card.

    As for recording capacity, that's entirely contingent upon the size of Micro SD card you buy. I bought the 64 gig. The camera setup itself is wondrously easy. Mounting it upside down in my house, in a hidden corner, with a barking dog wanting to play at my feet...was not quite so easy.

    You won't be disappointed, trust me. I'm going to buy two more cameras.

    11 out of 35


    Location: Illinois

    What's great about it: Easy to set up and quick to send email notification

    What's not so great: Directions a little bit confusing with passwords

    I love it, I just wish it was buy one get one free :)

    you can set the sensitive of the motion, sound and IP

    12 out of 35


    Location: Alexandria, VA

    This camera is great for checking on things when away. The motion-detection system offers sensitivity settings as well as a few storage or email options. The camera doesn't "look like a camera" and is less intimidating and noticeable for visitors (and burglars) than large lens alternatives. I like the iOS interface, and very importantly love this camera's ability to re-initialize itself after a connection loss (using WPA2 wifi encryption) which is critical when on travel. For the price I believe this is a very good choice for the price point and feature set combination, and as an IP cam it doesn't require a base station. If you need higher res than 640x480, it will either cost more or have fewer features overall at this price. My preference is to use 4 of these over a couple of wide angle hi-res cams for greater stealth and angle options, but again individual needs should be considered before choosing a cam. I have found tilt/pivot cams are great but tend to become center pieces instead of fixtures when placement is attempted and they are anything but subtle when moving.

    13 out of 35


    The setup is fairly easy because you can do mostly everything on a mobile device. The sensitivity levels on this camera are WAY off. I tried all of them. A tree branch moving will set it off or turning a light on or off. If you put it too low, it will not record at all. Settings on motion detection recordings cannot be changed like other cameras I have owned. I was getting email notifications about every 5 minutes on my phone! The picture quality is way better than the d-link camera I owned previous to this one although I like the features on the d-link I returned it and will continue my search.

    14 out of 35


    Location: Houston, TX

    The picture in daytime and at night was a good resolution and had no lag. Even a novice like myself was able to set up the IP camera wirelessly over my home network. Although my eBook reader would not read the bar code, I could manually set up the camera with its serial number both on my eBook reader through the lorex App and my desktop with the lorex software. Unfortunately the android APP that the lorex uses to connect to the camera over the internet would not connect the camera to me when I was at remote hotspots. It was for that reason that I returned the camera. What good is a surveillance camera that you can only connect to when you are on your home network.

    15 out of 35


    For beginners and advances - perfect

    I did read a lot, before buy this camera, but was a surprise to see that is much better. For beginners is very easy to setup. NO DDNS, port redirection, etc. For advancer, you can control a lot of specs using the web interface, for this you can use DDNS, port redirection or NAS. Image is very good and you can control quality x bandwidth usage. Night mode is almost perfect because it uses two different sensors for night and day It records on internal SD-card, and because uses a PIR, the camera always record what you need. To see the recorded events is very easy using Lview software. I bought one, than I bought another two.

    16 out of 35


    Location: nh

    just got it
    set was fast and easy

    so far so good

    video quality is fare

    17 out of 35


    Location: Winston

    Still no response from Tech Support and no update to broken firmware and app. This camera seems to get worse over time. Ping rarely connects now, over either wifi or 4g service, requiring constant resetting of app and resetting camera. Notifications work maybe one in ten times when turned on in Ping, after a reset.
    Cameras work OK in LView on PC, they connect quickly and hold a connection. However, two way audio does not work on PC either.
    Obviously, there are some professional "reviewers" with reviews up on this site. Buy with the understanding these cameras do not work correctly as of right now. Hoping for a firmware update and app update to fix current issues but judging from support this will take a long time, if ever, to be done.

    18 out of 35


    Location: St. Louis, MO

    I was looking a camera that provided Dropcam features without the $9.99/mo access fee and the Lorex LNC116 certainly delivers.

    Cameras are easy to setup. Connect to Ethernet to add camera to network (Step A of included instructions) then use iPhone app to enable WiFi connection (Step B), unplug Ethernet cable from camera and move it anywhere you'd like within 10 feet of a power outlet.

    Setting up NAS is also easy and allows the cameras to record directly to a drive attached your wireless router. This means no PC's to restart or applications to relaunch to recover from power outages. I'm using a 128GB PNY flash drive plugged into the USB port of my AirPort Extreme:

    "NAS IP address" is the IP address of the AirPort

    "Shared folder name" is the drive name (e.g. USB20FD is what the PNY flash drive is named out of the box)

    "NAS access account" and "NAS access password" are the admin credentials of the AirPort

    L-View for Mac can be downloaded from Lorex's site and provides a "Web configure" option on the camera context menu which makes getting to the camera's "web setup" easier. From web setup you can setup NAS, schedule recording or tell the camera where to send e-mail alerts when it detects motion within it's field of view.

    The only thing I don't particularly care for is that the mounting stand has an open ring base and the supplied mounting kit consists of drywall anchors and screws. The camera only weighs about 1/2 pound so a solid base and a 3M Command Strip would have been perfect. I bought a 4 inch circular wood plaque from a local craft store for each camera, painted the plaque to match the wall it would be mounted to, mounted the mounting stand to the plaque and used a 5 pound 3M Command Strip to mount the modified assembly to the wall.

    I would recommend this to a friend!


    19 out of 35


    Location: NC

    Does not work as advertised, two way communication stopped working after firmware update. When Ping does connect to camera it works as a one way talk or listen device, like a CB, mic is turned on to talk then off again to listen. Not convenient or practical.
    Tried reloading app, reconnecting cameras to wifi network, using lan cable on camera, and tried to get help from support.
    Camera works, easy set up, audio is broken, and Ping app is terrible. Not at all worth the money paid for these cameras, highly disappointed.

    20 out of 35


    Location: Washington

    This is a very nice camera and a super concept. It will rate FIVE STARS when they fix the bugs in the iPhone end of their spectrum. The iPhone connection is not reliable. For the most part, I am unable to view streaming video, but I do get the email photos. Works great on my MacBook!

    21 out of 35


    Location: Virginia

    Very easy to setup. Great quality. I can view the camera from my iphone/ipad or at my desktop at work. Very pleased.

    22 out of 35


    Location: Texas

    Good product, but difficult to install in an office network. We required the assistance of a network technician as well Lordex technical support. Camera exposure in a mixed indoor/sunlight lobby setting is not handled as well as we would like, despite a setting that would suggest that compromise is possible.

    And unless I'm missing a setting somewhere, the L-View window demands most of the monitor's landscape, making it is impossible to keep an eye on the lobby while also working at the computer. Apparently, the software is designed to work best with a dedicated monitor.

    But in the proper setting, and when used as intended, the camera and associated software are a good value. And given that we have installed this as a "makeshift" security monitor on a shoestring budget, we are not terribly disappointed.

    23 out of 35


    Location: Georgia

    I brought a 4 - Pack of the LNC116 wireless ip cameras after trying a number of other ip cameras systems. These cameras beat all the other camera systems hands down. Setup was extremely easy, night vision works great, and the iPad notifications are impressive !

    Can't wait until the outdoor wireless ip cameras are available!

    24 out of 35


    Location: Scranton Pa

    This IP Camera was very easy to set up with my android phone and the internet. The software that come with this IP camera is very friendly to use . Would buy another tomorrow

    25 out of 35


    Location: Coarsegold, CA

    I bought the three camera LNC-116 system so I could monitor my house while traveling. The setup was somewhat easy, given that the instructions leave out a major piece of information, that being "Do Not Set Up DDNS" when going through the registration and warranty process". Once I found out that these cameras do not utilize DDNS, but rely solely on the included L-View and L-Play software, things started making sense. However, this also means that, in spite of what the website's write-ups lead one to believe, you CANNOT access set up functions through "Web Configure" in the software "From anywhere in the world". This means that, if for some reason you need to change a recording schedule or trigger event while on the road, you can't. This is a sadly lacking feature in this system, and is the main reason why I am returning the system. That, and one of the three cameras has decided to no longer accept ANY passwords and cannot be accessed in L-View or L-Play.

    Lorex Technology needs to go back to the drawing board on this one. I like their products, but unfortunately, this one lacks serious remote functionality and apparently breaks within a week of use, as did one of my cameras.

    26 out of 35


    Location: Coarsegold, CA

    While I am pleased with the 3 cameras and the ease of setting up with my Wifi, I am FAR from pleased with other aspects of the system, specifically, the ability to monitor my home when away. I visited a friend the day after installing the system and the PAINFUL process of setting up the three DDNS accounts. I took my laptop with me to demonstrate the system, as he was also interested in a video security system. I entered the URL for each of the cameras, but none of them would come up on the laptop. I finally demonstrated the system using my iPhone through his wifi connection. When I arrived home, I also tried logging on to the DDNS system using my desktop, without success. The whole purpose of buying this system was to be able to monitor my home while traveling "anywhere in the world" as this website states, but I cannot do that except through a wifi connection, which is not always available.

    Final analysis: 4 Stars for the cameras 1 Star for the overall Lorex "System"

    27 out of 35


    Location: Virginia

    Had the camera for a few days now. Setup is really easy. I had it working on my phone and the PC in a few minutes. Day and night vision are great. Wish I would have known about the IR light reflecting off of the window glass when attempting to position the camera for recording outside. I am still in the process of attempting to fix the problem so I can record through the window at night. Motion sensitivity works great. Resolution is god. Wish it was a bit better. Power cord is at least 10 feet but needed to be longer for my application. I had to use an extention cord to place the camera where I wanted. Overall, I think this is a great camera and will work out the kinks over the next few days.

    28 out of 35


    It connects very easy both installation and monitoring.

    I recommend this product 1000% yes 1000%

    Picture quality is gret including mobile.

    29 out of 35


    Location: New England

    Camera and initial setup were good. Customer support virtually non-existent. Instruction Manual poor. After 30 and 60 minute waits to get to Technical support by phone (because on-line support couldn't answer basic question and referred me to Tech Support phone line), the person was very difficult to understand and put me back on hold for a "Level 2 Technician". Apparently there is no way to turn OFF this camera without unplugging it. Unfortunate as the other features mostly work well after hours of trying to understand Instruction Manual and trial and error. Camera works well, notification/alarm features need improvement. Ability to turn the camera ON/OFF seems pretty basic feature that isn't available.

    30 out of 35


    Location: California

    This is my first security camera. It works well for what I need at the moment. Down the road I might upgrade in order to get better night recording. It does sometimes get hung up and emails of photos stop coming, but I just unplug it, and plug it back in. The wireless connection resets itself, and only takes a few minutes to resume working. If it had better night vision recording to the sd card, I'd be 100% satisfied. I would recommend this product to a friend!

    31 out of 35


    Location: Georgia

    These are the best cameras I've come across for the money...

    32 out of 35


    Location: Everett, WA


    I bought 3 of the LNC116 cameras about 4 weeks ago and use them for security/alarm. I really like the Lorex Ping App for smartphones or tablets. When you get a ping (alarm notification) click on it and it shows you a video clip when the motion or sound alarm was activated. The only problem is the Android Ping App is great for a week and then the bugs show up. I have managed to keep ping or email notifications working but only one at a time. I have to check daily to make sure the cameras are working. The problem is the cameras lose thier settings and notifications stop working. When this happens the troubleshooting begins. I hope I don't wear the reset button out on the cameras because that seems to help. Even though there are bugs I really like these cameras and I am sure Lorex will come up with a fix soon. I still recommend the cameras even if they need a little troubleshooting and if the bugs are fixed I will come back and give them a 5 star rating.

    33 out of 35


    easy to setup perfect

    I would say this camera is perfect..first very essy to set up ...I love this bec you can monitor your kids, house live video via my smartphone using apps and you can figure the setting ..the image is perfect and night vision was perfect even its si dark you still can see the image can talk to your love ones just connect speaker into it...the design is simple but executive style...I gave 5 star bec the first review maybe she / he dont know to follow instruction...

    34 out of 35


    Location: Cincinnati,OH

    Works BETTER than expected!

    Perfection! Excellent price, works right out of the box, 1 button WPA connection, located immediately when powered up. People with problems must have other issues with router or wi-fi connection. Also, worked immediately when connecting remotely. Couldn't be more satisfied!

    35 out of 35


    Location: California

    Great Camera, Easy Setup

    Really nice camera, setup could be done using your mob device only, QR code for setup a nice feature as well. Really like it, using a baby monitor.












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