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Outdoor security camera long range night vision



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Professional outdoor security camera long range

View into the distance in high resolution with the CVC6999U - one of Lorex's best security cameras with weatherproof housing. Designed with rugged housing and protective wall-mount for vandal resistance, the CVC6999U has ClearNight imaging technology using Digital Noise Reduction to improve image quality and recording efficiency. See objects at a distance with sharpness and clarity, up to 130ft in complete darkness!

Night Vision Range


Heat Rating

122°F | 50°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

14°F | -10°C

Cold Rating

Night/Day Video

View video during the day and with night vision at night.

Indoor Outdoor

Camera performs both in outdoor and indoor applications.

Vandal Resistant

Built and designed to withstand vandalism.




Professional outdoor security camera long range features:

  • Ultra High Resolution Image Sensor - produces sharp and clear video with 540 TV Lines
  • 56 IR LEDs offer class leading night vision range of 130ft/40m1
  • Intelligent IR Technology prevents image over-exposure during night vision
  • Advanced day/night mode: picture automatically switches to B&W delivering better clarity in low light conditions
  • Weatherproof design: ideal for outdoor and indoor applications (IP67)2
  • Cable pass through wall mount bracket ensures vandal resistance

Each CVC6999U Includes:

1 × Security Camera
1 × 60ft BNC/DC Cable
1 × Power Adapter
1 × BNC to RCA coupler
1 × Sunshade

1. IR Illumination range under ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.
2. Not intended for submersion in water.










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1 out of 27


Location: Ukiah Ca

Camera does NOT have standard DNC connections & No adapters to same.

If your order was missing any items please call our sales team so we can ship you the parts - 1-888-425-6739, option 1. Thank you.

2 out of 27


Location: South Carolina

Purchase this camera to monitor our entry gate. Approx 250 ft from building. Was totally surprised how clear the picture is even at that distance. Well please with this one.

3 out of 27


Location: San Jose, CA

I ordered this as a replacement for a Swann product that was previously added to my Lorex system. With-in a few months the Swann faded out, almost like it had sunburn. This new unit is far clearer than the Swann ever was. It watches over my driveway with two cars in it 24/7. Lots of car break-ins in area but not under this camera.

4 out of 27


Location: York, PA

This is a great camera with all the features you need!
Highly recommended!

5 out of 27


Location: Lancaster, CA

Camera has great resolution for 100' can see everything day or night.

6 out of 27


Location: New York State

The camera is great, albeit a bit large. The daytime vision is clear and crisp, even in bright glaring sunlight. The night time vision is very good in total darkness for about 80' and even better, up to about 130' with side lighting from another source on my house. While not crystal clear at night it is still very easy to see movement on the camera and to distinguish between human or animal. We're very pleased with the camera so far.

7 out of 27


Location: Palm Springs, California

As I see it, the Lorex CVC6999U Security Camera is inexpensive insurance. The camera looks professional, and in fact IS professional. Its profile says it all, namely that you want to see and know what's going on and who's there. This camera does a great job of doing just that, night or day!

8 out of 27


Location: Ca

Replaced an existing camera of lower range and resolution it works great. Can see for 100' at night and 150' in daylight. It a good deal.

9 out of 27


We all know there's no secret getting a good sharp picture during the day. Now finally a security camera that works properly at night. No bright spot that floods the center of its picture. Only down side is now I have to buy a few more because its picture is that good.

10 out of 27


Very good quality

This camera is a really good camera. i read the other review's before i purchased like normal they are all wrong about this camera. I NEVER EVER JUDGE A PURCHASE ON WHAT PEOPLE SAY!! The size of this camera is big but it a good noticeable size so people are aware that you have cameras. The distance that the camera see's is amazingly good. Night vision is the best I’ve ever seen. The structure of the camera is well built.

I have two of these cameras and I'm planning on buying 2 more to replace the other cameras i have.

Overall ***** A++

11 out of 27


Location: Melbourne. FL USA

Security Camera, February 17, 2012

This is an excellent camera. It replaces a cheap camera and the difference is literally day and night. The color is right on this camera as opposed to the cheap camera.

12 out of 27


Good night time illumination

Covers a wider area. Lights up my whole back yard.

13 out of 27



This is a great camera; it is much clearer and can see a greater distance than the camera that I was using

14 out of 27


Not Bad But Not Great

Plug and Play installation. Attached BNC connector makes for difficult install as you have to drill a hole the size of the connector to pass through anything. Quality is marginal won't be able to read licence plates or get a good facial recognition but it does provide a nice pic for viewing and motion activation day or night.

15 out of 27



Lorex's CVC6999U is stunning. When used on smaller monitors (maybe 20" or so monitor sizes) the quality is sharp, but with my 46" HDTV it’s a little sloppy, though i understand this as a 1080P TV is a lot for that to push. Night vision is pretty awesome, and you can recognise figures pretty easily. Colors are accurate, and the mount is solid as a rock.

For those of you who are up north, or in harsh environments, you'll like this camera. Some nights it got to -1 below, and the camera worked fine, also through a few snowstorms it held its ground. A change of seasons with raining heavily, and it does great, also in high temps such as 90-100' it worked fine. I love this camera, and have others with businesses hooked on it. In fact, the guy loves it so much, he’s ordering two more. lorex did great this time..

16 out of 27


I believed that they would be better

I researched these and other cameras on the Lorex site and purchased (4). I am not pleased with the overall picture quality in day or night modes. Very fuzzy and blurry and not of a quality that would be very beneficial in an investigation. I had hoped that buying one of the higher end cameras as produced by Lorex would have provided better images.

17 out of 27


Great Security Camera

Camera has great night vision, even in total darkness. Night vision is well over 30 meters with great clarity. Best camera that I have in my system. It is a large camera, so blending in with surroundings takes some ingenuity, if being hidden is important. The camera is about 30 cms in length - installed with bracket. Easy to install as it is not a heavy camera for its size.

18 out of 27


Lorex CVC6999U Camera Review

This is an outstanding camera. This camera has excellent movement capture, sharp focus and night vision range. The only down side, some may feel, is the larger size. It is around 3 times larger than Lorex's standard CVC6996 cameras but I do not consider this a negative. The size makes it more obvious and if that prevents someone from pulling some funny business, then it is a good thing. I bought a couple of these cameras to overlook areas that are around 75 to 100 feet away. Where distances greater than 50 feet need to be watched over, these cameras are an excellent option to add to your security system to do just that.

19 out of 27


Location: Central Pa

This is an excellent camera for longer ranges

I tested this LOREX CVC6999 camera extensively prior to installation for its performance, capabilities and reliability. It is reliable and the quality of the picture is outstanding. I only see two things that one might consider drawbacks. One is the price. But for what you’re getting is a camera that will give great clarity for relatively long distances like over viewing a parking lot, a row of storage units or a house from a detached building. Facial clarity may be difficult after 50 feet, but clarity after that distance will still show activity in great detail. I’m using mine to overlook our house from a detached garage located about 125 feet away. This is an excellent application for my purpose. Although we do have some night light assistance, along with the IR night vision, it covers everything from camera to the house very well. The second drawback, one might think, is its large size. I wouldn’t plan to hang one on the house necessarily, but I have no problem with the size when mounted on our detached garage to overlook the house. Yes, at 9” long with a diameter of 4 ½“ its large size is obvious, but I like that. I look at it this way, I’d rather the camera be seen and cause someone to think twice before they try some funny business. The biggest problem with this camera or any wired camera, for that matter, is the planning of its placement and the running of the cable. Once you have that done, simply plug it in to your DVR and you are done. With good planning and for the price, this is an excellent optional camera to a video security system that will do the job and has outstanding value.

20 out of 27


Good Night Vision

I purchased this camera because the cameras that came with the Q See QS408 had bad night vision. This camera has good night vision but is very BIG, about the size a police radar gun. I plan on buying another 1 or 2 to replace the ones that came with the Q See system. You can also purchase a separate night vision light for your cameras.

21 out of 27


What a view!

Crystal clear vision. Field of view is a little narrow, but I should have read that spec first


22 out of 27


1st one is a DUD

Pros: None so Far...

Cons: Out of the box Camera worked LEDs did not! This camera is HUGE compared to most. Apparently size does not help performance!

Returned it for Replacement...

23 out of 27


Location: Orlando Fl

Good image

I really like the camera. The only thing i do not like is the size of it. There was no real way to find out how big it was. The image was very good, easy to install, and everything was included. The description does not specify that. Overall very nice!

24 out of 27


Depends on what you want

I ordered the Lorex camera because I wanted a camera that wasn't the size of a small spare tire so I have returned your surveillance camera because it is too LARGE.

25 out of 27


Great camera

The view is excellent. It has an extremely long range both night and day. No need for lights with this camera for night vision. Highly recommended if you need a long range camera.

26 out of 27


Great Bang for the buck

I have been working with professional TV cameras for the last 40 years and the Lorex 6999U makes better quality picture in both daylight and IR conditions than I have ever seen in cameras costing three to four times as much. The larger sensor and increased IR emitters provide excellent day and night images and the device is rated fully weatherproof which is important in any climate. I own several other Lorex cameras that perform well, but the 699U is in a class by itself. Idiot proof installation took an hour and it's set it and forget it after that. Only negative may be the size of the housing....quite large.....which can also add to the try another house factor when mounted in plain views.

27 out of 27


It works

Very disappointed in the night vision? I wouldn't even give it a 50ft range. We added a motion sensor light and that did the trick. The other cameras on the house where over double the cost and advertise 150ft rating and they work great. This one offering 130ft night vision isn't even close. On the bright side this camera does have very sharp clarity during the day.



Security surveillance microphone


BNC security coupler


Outdoor security camera, dome









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