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Outdoor security cameras with 600 TVL - (4 pack)



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Super resolution outdoor security cameras

Stay aware with the LBC6050 super resolution weatherproof night vision outdoor security cameras. Using an advanced Sony Super HAD™II image sensor coupled with a cutting-edge video image processor, the LBC6050 delivers 600 TV Lines of resolution for incredibly detailed video. Thanks to the Digital Noise Reduction technology, view crystal clear night vision of up to 120ft and improve the recording storage efficient by up to 30%! With vandal resistant housing and design, the LBC6050 is sure to keep you aware when it matters most.
Night Vision Range

Vandal Resistant

Built and designed to withstand vandalism.

Night/Day Video

View video during the day and with night vision at night.

Indoor/Outdoor Applicable

Camera performs both in outdoor and Indoor applications.



Outdoor security cameras features:

  • Advanced Sony Super HAD™ II image sensor
  • Video image processor delivers 600 TV lines of resolution
  • Digital Noise Reduction ensures crystal clear night vision and improves recording storage efficiency by up to 30%
  • Night Vision up to 120ft (37m) away in total darkness1
  • Day / night mode: picture automatically switches camera to B&W delivering better clarity in low light conditions
  • Split glass design minimizes IR reflection
  • 6mm lens captures far away objects (60° diagonal)
  • Cable pass-through wall mount bracket protects connection cables
  • IP66 rated aluminum housing for indoor / outdoor installations2
  • Flexible wall mount bracket for wall / ceiling mounting


  • 4 x Outdoor security cameras with cable pass-through brackets
  • 4 x 60ft BNC/DC Cables
  • 4 x Power adapters
  • 4 x BNC to RCA adapters
  • 4 x Sunshades


*IR Illumination range under ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.
**Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.










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1 out of 17


Location: MA

Lorex sent wrong cameras. Fill the order with a CMOS instead of CCD image sensors as ordered. Getting a return authorization took a couple of hours on the sales support line.

Our apologies for the error. Our customer service team was happy to resolve this for you. Thank you.

2 out of 17


Location: Florida

Cameras are great!!! Excellent night vision and clarity is perfect!

3 out of 17


Location: Virginia

The cameras are great ! By adding these cameras it is just like a whole new system.
I can see 80% more coverage of my property.
They work super great at night, I did not change or add lights, but now I can see my entire driveway at looks like it is them, you will love these cameras...

4 out of 17


Location: Northern California

Love these cameras, as they are far superior in daylight and night vision quality compared to the original cameras. Larger in size, but with considerably more IR's and more TVL's. The night vision is so good that one camera that has a short distance to cover actually shows up with white lighting on the monitor image, almost like there is a outside light on, though it isn't seen by the human eye. Hard-to-beat Sony quality at this price range.

5 out of 17


Location: Indiana

This is what I've been looking for.

6 out of 17



I'm shocked at the quality considering I was told not to buy the "big box store" brand of surveillance cameras. This was once a $200 camera so I figure I'd give it a try. Plus it already comes with 60ft of cord. 

Picture: This camera has a very nice picture during the day but the highlight for me and why I bought it was for at night where I can clearly see everything. My target area is pitched black and you can barely see your feet underneath you, but with this camera I can see everything down to the termite bait stations in ground. And to think that I was going to put up a motion spotlight to "help aid" the camera see better at night. pfft 

View: This is the part where you must know what you want in a surveillance camera. For me this Lorex model is set up to get close up body shots of my monitoring area, while a separate wide angle camera records the wider aerial shot of the area. This camera has a 1/4 chip with a fixed 8mm lens so the shot will be somewhat tight depending on what you wish to monitor. Within my target viewing area I can clearly see a person's face, clothes, etc. With this camera you can reasonably monitor an area 15ft +/- wide while the length of the shot depends on how you angle the camera. I was able to see over 100 feet down the strip while fooling around. I personally think this would also make a good camera for a long narrow alley or side parking lot. It is possible to view a larger area with this camera, however you'd need to mount it pretty high and far away(at least 75ft away) from the area you want to monitor which would then eliminate it as a zoomed shot surveillance camera. However, If at the end of the day what you really need is a wide shot then this is not the camera for that job. Wide angle camera lens will probably be 4mm or less with a lot of people using 3.6mm cameras for wider shots. 

Durability: Time will tell 

Price: Look around as this camera can be had locally for $100 after rebates. 

7 out of 17


Great value

So far very happy with the product. Haven't put it in the final location yet because of the weather. I like the wide angle it covers a lot of ground.

8 out of 17


Not Bad But Not Great

Plug and Play installation. Attached BNC connector makes for difficult install as you have to drill a hole the size of the connector to pass through anything. Quality is marginal won't be able to read licence plates or get a good facial recognition but it does provide a nice pic for viewing and motion activation day or night.

9 out of 17


I believed that they would be better

I researched these and other cameras on the Lorex site and purchased (4). I am not pleased with the overall picture quality in day or night modes. Very fuzzy and blurry and not of a quality that would be very beneficial in an investigation. I had hoped that buying one of the higher end cameras as produced by Lorex would have provided better images.

10 out of 17



This camera is BIG... It's also very sturdy. Top quality material. The video quality is awesome in both day and night. The Night vision is insane... Worth the buy!

11 out of 17


What a view!

Crystal clear vision. Field of view is a little narrow, but I should have read that spec first.

12 out of 17


Impressive clarity 

Very clear visual. Daytime is the best with the view in color, but night is also very clear and the view is black and white. A great buy, now I want to change all my cameras to this model

13 out of 17


Great camera

The view is excellent. It has an extremely long range both night and day. No need for lights with this camera for night vision. Highly recommend this product.

14 out of 17


Good night time illumination

Covers a wider area. Lights up my whole back yard.

15 out of 17


Nice camera… anyone can setup

Pros: Accurate, Easy To Set Up, Sensitive

Cons: None

I bought this for my friend who owns a family store and he loves it! It’s very clear display and reasonably priced. I recommend this to anyone!

16 out of 17


I love these cameras!

Pros: Accurate, Easy To Set Up, Long Range,Sensitive

I love these cameras. They work great day and night, at long range. I wouldn't recommend them for short range, or where you need a wide-angel view of things... they are perfect at about 60' and 100' (as I have them in their current configuration). I did replace one of these with a Varifocal dome camera with a wider viewing angle. However, these are still my most viewed cameras.

17 out of 17


High Res Long Range Color Day/Night Camera

The first two days the camera was plugged in, I did not receive a picture. (Video Loss) At night I noticed the infareds were lit, still no picture. On the third day, we had a very warm day. When I got home that evening, I checked the video, we have a picture. What happened, I'll never know. At night the infrared produce a not so clear picture unless I shrink the picture to a very small square. I wouldn't buy another one of this type. All other Lorex Cameras I have are great.



Security surveillance microphone


BNC security coupler


Outdoor security camera, dome









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Outdoor security cameras with 600 TVL - (4 pack)
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