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PTZ camera 10x Pan-Tilt-Zoom speed-dome camera - 700TVL



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PTZ camera 10x Pan-Tilt-Zoom speed-dome 960H resolution

LZC7091B security camera

The LZC7091B 960H Resolution 10x Pan-Tilt-Zoom Speed-Dome Camera offers unrivalled value for applications requiring high-performance Pan/Tilt Zoom. The miniature 3.3 inch Dome diameter provides the smallest PTZ form factor - less than half the size of bulky alternatives. It is equipped with 10X Optical / 10X Digital Zoom with rapid 360° per second panning speed and continuous 360° rotation. Utilizing 700+ TVL image sensor, the Speed-Dome Camera offers superior low light performance.





Pan-Tilt security camera



960H maximum resolution



+ 10x digital zoom



Allows to cover large areas quickly

Excellent security quality PTZ camera

High quality video

When used with a 960H DVR, this camera produces a sharper, undistorted image with a truer aspect ratio. Industry leading 960H recording resolution ensures high quality live-viewing and recording that is a 34% increase over standard D1 resolution and 5x of CIF.



Heat Rating

122°F | 50°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

-4°F | -20°C

Cold Rating

Night/Day Video

View video during the day and with night vision at night.

Indoor Outdoor

Camera performs both in outdoor and indoor applications.

Pan, Tilt & Zoom

Control the camera to Pan, Tilt, and Zoom the viewing area.




PTZ camera 960H resolution features

    • Latest Sony EXview™ II image sensor for best-in-class low light performance1*
    • Sony Effio™ video image processor delivers up to 700TV lines of resolution
    • 960H optimized image sensor delivers up to 34% more resolution than D1 and 5x more than CIF2
    • Offers a true to life non-stretched aspect ratio that provides sharper, more detailed images2
    • 10X Optical Zoom and 10X Digital Zoom to focus in on even the finest details
    • Complete area coverage with 360 degrees per second panning speed
    • Program pre-set viewing points when connected to a DVR
    • ClearNight technology with Digital Noise Reduction improves low light performance and recording efficiency by up to 30%
    • Accurate colors with Lorex's automatic light filtering technology
    • Weatherproof (IP66) rated with included wall mount3
    • Connects to any Lorex Eco™ or Edge™ series DVR for local or remote operation
    • Control camera movement remotely from your Smartphone, Tablet, PC or Mac with Eco™ Series DVR
    • Install outdoors with included wall mount bracket or indoors with wall mount bracket or attach directly to the ceiling
    • 100ft all-in-one connection cable included for installation location flexibility

Each LZC7091B Includes:

1 × PTZ Camera
1 × 100ft BNC Cable
1 × Power Adapter
1 × Wall Mount
4 × Mounting Screws
1 × Instruction Manual

1. This camera features an ultra-low light sensitive image sensor and therefore does not feature Infra-Red LEDs. The camera requires ambient lighting (for example, street/building lighting, star or moon light) to render a night time image. In total darkness (zero Lux) the camera will not produce a night time image and therefore the camera should not be installed in completely dark areas.
2. When connected to a 960H capable DVR
3. Wall mount required for outdoor installation. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.
* If light level is too low, camera will switch over to B/W for increased light sensitivity.










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1 out of 58


Location: Toronto

Very good camera

2 out of 58


Location: Seabrook NH

Lorex camera has superior quality and best in the industry. And far exceeded its competitor they also do their commitment. Customer Service is very good. I will definitely recommend and would have been recommended Lorex Security System.

3 out of 58


Location: Fairhaven, MA

This PTZ was a great camera; I have a 16 camera system with DVR Eco box. I have all Lorex cameras. This PTZ stopped working and is out of warranty. I tried to buy another from Lorex. They say out of stock with no knowledge of when it might be back in stock if ever. I have opened a ticket with them and cannot even get a response. Stay away from this camera and company!!!!!!!! Cannot even get it repaired by them.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and for the longer than usual wait for a response to your ticket. We were experiencing a higher than usual volume of requests due to the promotion we had. Our sales team would be happy to assist you with alternative options and can be reached at 1-888-425-6739.

4 out of 58


Location: belding mi.

I have five lorex ptz cameras. I wish I had room on dvr for more. excellent camera.model #LZC7091

5 out of 58


Location: Trinidad

Bought this PTZ camera LCZ7091B to monitor my car park for my business. Camera work excellent now i can stay by the monitor and view the entire car park & more . I am very satisfied with this PTZ camera it met my expectation. Thanks Lorex great camera

6 out of 58



I recently had a very bad customer service experience,very bad!! experience with this PTZ cameras, but worse the poor customer service

7 out of 58


Location: Nevada

Awesome system. We have wifi and wired cameras. We bought the PTZ camera 10x Pan-Tilt-Zoom speed-dome camera - 700TVL
LZC7091B to cover a larger area. We can watch our horses no matter where we are and know when we are away they are cared for. Easy to install and easy to operate.

8 out of 58


Location: Arizona

Recently we purchased a LZC7091B PTZ camera to monitor the plants in our backyard remotely, to complement the LNC200 series HD IP indoor cameras we already have. Since this camera is a wired one, the installation involved getting the cable through the wall and needed some help. Instructions for the connection were good, but we needed some technical help to remove some interference and get a clear picture. Those guys at the technical support are simply wonderful.

We are very satisfied with the picture and the PTZ controls. We haven't had a chance to test the remote viewing yet.

9 out of 58


Location: Jamaica, NY

I recently purchased a PTZ camera to add to my existing security system. The front of my house is on a very busy two way street, so there's lots of activity. Installing the PTZ camera was very simple, even though I had to run the new cable that came with my new camera. It took me a few minutes to run and hide the cable but once that was done I was able to connect and view almost my entire block. I soon became familar with the controls and have lots of excitement viewing my entire block even when I'm away. I show all of my images to my co-wokers and they are excited as much as I do. I strongly recommend this product to everyone considering installing a security device.

10 out of 58


Location: Auburn KY

I purchased the PTZ 10x Pan tilt camera to compliment my existing Lorex LH158000 system. This camera exceeded my expectations. The image is much better than I anticipated. After the camera was installed, I had to contact technical support to configure the connection to get the camera working. The PTZ 10x allows me to monitor multiple approaches to my front entry which is important since I live on a farm. I can tell you that I always thoroughly research a product before buying. Bottom line is that the products from Lorex have been outstanding.

The only negative I can mention is that a couple of the technical support agents were not as knowledgeable as the others whom I spoke previously with ~ which led to some frustration on my behalf. All and All I give Lorex a 5 star rating!

11 out of 58


Location: La Canada, CA

I love this camera. Had some trouble setting it up but phone support gave me the answer I needed. Picture quality is great and the preset function is fabulous. Having PTZ is like buying multiple cameras -- you can monitor several areas at once.

12 out of 58


Location: Delaware

I love the camera it was easy to set up and the picture is way better than expected. I can control it from my laptop or cell phone and check the property any time day or night. The night vision is great even though it does not have IR. I would recommend to anyone wanting PTZ capability. My DVR only supports one PTZ or I would replace other cameras with this camera.

13 out of 58


Location: KC

This camera is great! I moves very quickly and will auto focus right away. It also sees very well at night. Much better than my IR cameras.

14 out of 58


Location: wi

my 2nd ptz camera works great.

15 out of 58


Location: Rochester

I have this PTZ camera paired with a Blackbox Eco DVR and I would say overall this is a solid camera system. This particular camera is wired and that offers a high level of reliability when you have it up and running. It does take some planning to make sure that you have a spot that is within the 100FT range for installation as the included cable is 100FT in length. I would recommend a spot that is semi sheltered. The camera body is very solid though so I would't stress too much about a shelter for the camera. Installation is pretty straight forward as far putting up the camera goes and connecting the cables. The included cable is all in one and includes video and power to the camera in one cord so you don't need to keep running cables back and forth. Make sure you have a small screwdriver on hand for connecting the cables. My experience with the Blackbox DVR was pretty straight forward as well. All the pan-tilt-zoom features work great and the camera is very responsive. The camera handles very well in low light situations and the high resolution is great in all conditions. When I connected to the internet I found it pretty easy and it only took me about an hour or so to ensure everything was up and running as I needed it. My only real complaint with the whole system are the apps that accompany the camera/dvr. They have not been updated to IOS8 and are a bit laggy. I have had NO luck with the Eco iPad app. Otherwise the local connection works very well although I would like to have more control over the recording and preset locations features. All in all though it has been a very positive experience with the camera and I would recommend this setup to anyone looking for a professional system.

16 out of 58


Location: Oshkosh, WI

Wow! What a great camera! Fast rotation and amazing picture quality and clarity. I will never regret adding this camera to monitor our business property. Install was easy as far as wired cameras go. Well built and durable.

17 out of 58


Location: Nashville, TN, USA

I am on phase - three for my home security network. This system is hard wired but for the reliability it is worth the extra installation effort to properly install. The set-up and connection was successful. I appreciate the pan, tilt and zoom features. The night vision allows me to track all the critter traffic across the lawn, the mailbox vandal- joker and the high school students performing 3:30 am pranks like turning on the water hoses (I removed the handles to prevent future temptations). I don't have to say a word to instigators because all of their shenanigans are recorded. My family rests peacefully knowing that the cameras eyes are on our property.

18 out of 58


Location: California

I purchased this camera in a package on a 16 channel DVR. The camera is an awesome camera. It has great speed and clarity if you use the higher settings. The problem it has is that there is a seam that runs across the plastic protective lens towards the base. When you try to view at an angle towards 90 degrees, the picture becomes blurry. Customer service was trying to tell me that it was the camera when clearly the seam is the problem. I called them again and got a great rep. named Karen and she found the same thing at their warehouse. She did tell me that they have removed that seam in the new units. I am able to exchange my lens thanks to her. This thing without that seam will be perfect. I can zoom in about a block away and see clearly. The one star rating is only for people to view and know the problem. Once I get the new lens it will be a 5+ star rating.

19 out of 58


Location: Riverside CA

These PTZ cameras are a great find!! The image quality is great even in low lighting! They are easily installed and work well with my system. Thanks Lorex for a great product!!

20 out of 58


Location: riverside ca

Anyone who choses to purchase these cameras is doing their self a great favor. They work well in low lighting and the zoom is incredible! The Installation is easy and I love the preset factor! Thanks again Lorex!

21 out of 58


Location: ny

The camera is better than expected, but not excellent. I could see across the street. I am able to zoom. I do not see license plates clearly. I cannot see as well as I would like to at night (and yes lights are around).

22 out of 58


Location: Temple, TX

I just installed it last week and so far it is working as expected. Quality of the picture is great. Initially it took some time to configure but after reading manual on line I was able to set it up right.

It is a great camera for the price. I bought two and had not installed the second one yet.

Hopefully, it should work and last longer.

23 out of 58


Location: Livonia, Michigan

The camera has flaws, such as blurry points of view at various points of view during the day time. Although at night time, it is absolutely amazing, because everything is lit up better than with IR illumination, and I am very happy with this camera system.

24 out of 58


Location: Houston,TX

I am very happy with my system and have order 2 more cameras. These PTZ cameras are world class quality. I highly recommend this product because it exceeded the expectations.

25 out of 58


Location: Brooklyn, NY

This is a great camera. The pan tilt and zoom are very fast. The quality of the picture is very good .
The camera was easy to install.Just follow the instructions given to you in the booklet.

26 out of 58


Location: Home

This is a new upgrade to my Lorex System Very easy to hookup and Great Tech Support when needed

27 out of 58


For the money there should be no blurred area like is present on the plastic dome; I consider this a serious defect.

I like everything else about the camera so am not returning it but it doesn't have the proper field of view at the height I have it mounted; I'll try turning it sideways but this will introduce issues with it 'jumping' as it changes view.

28 out of 58


Location: Roseville ca

The camera has a great picture. I can control it from my iPad or iPhone. Easy to install, but does need to be installed up high. So far I love it.

29 out of 58


Lorex has produced a Great camera. It was just what I wanted. ***However be aware of the limitations of the pan because the Dome has a Line (Flaw) in it. I installed 2 cameras one at 14 ft and another at 20 ft and the line in the dome made them unusable when zooming out. if you will be using them for an overhead only then you might be satisfied. if you want to zoom across a room or lot I believe you will have some issues as I did. I contacted Lorex and they are aware of the "Flaw" but have no fix. If they had worked, they would get a 5 star rating. The only reason I did not rate it a 1 star is because the Camera itself is excellent. Do your homework for this Camera.

30 out of 58


Location: Florissant, Missouri

This product worked great for 3 days. It is installed under the porch. the camera became blurry and you cant adjust the focus from the app or the computer what you see is what you get. The camera dome is a bad design it has a manufacture defect which causes the lens when in full tilt position to have a blur in the line of view 360 degrees around. which would make it a 360 pan by 60 tilt. yes 60 if you have a two story plus building and it is installed at the very top it will see everything but on a one story under the gutters the system is horrible. The manufacture knows that this is a known issue and would tell you send it back for a refund instead of coming out with a single piece dome that is molded from one piece not two.

Lorex Customer support will have you on hold for hours at a time and when you write a review they take weeks if any to call you back or answer. when they do the question or complaint you give them returns a negative response, this is my last item ever ordering from lorex since they pretty much told me in a email to send the unit and camera back for a refund. and to think i have ordered over 12 dvr systems for myself and other people. NEVER AGAIN go somewhere else for better service and product. IJS... Honest review and they probably wont post it.

31 out of 58


Location: new jersey

Works nice good deal too!

32 out of 58


Location: Miami

I have to completely agree with Mike's review. The issue isn't the camera or speed for us. The major issue is on the design of the dome. The dome has a groove in the glass that goes all around in a line near the upper part of the dome. If the lens happens to be looking thru the groove the image becomes fuzzy and distorted obviously. Why would they design this product like this I have no idea. It really narrows down your field of view to a very impractical range (at least for us). I called customer service to see what my options were and it was basically to return it and get something else. All we really want is a replacement dome glass without the groove in but they don't have that. I'm probably going to have to go with another brand and it's a shame because we've already spent a few thousand on Lorex product in our business. This issue was definitely a design flaw that was overlooked but the customer shouldn't have to suffer the consequences, especially with it comes to security.

33 out of 58


Found the camera to have shading or hazing in certain positions not very satisfied

Camera also seems to be sensitive to certain requirements such a severe cold

34 out of 58


Location: Rancho Cordova, CA

Very impressive camera. I purchased this PTZ to augment my Blackbox 2 DVR that came with four LW2232 wireless cameras. The clarity of the PTZ is really good compare to the 4 wireless cameras because of the 700TVL and the hardwire.

Installation was pretty straight forward. Be sure to do all connections and power up prior to install to ensure that the PTZ is correctly functioning. Since this was my channel 5 camera, it took more than selecting the changes on the Lorex Stratus software to reflect the 5th camera. I had to also change the dip switch setting to 5 on the base of the camera itself for it to recognize the controls. The default will be channel 1 out of the box. All this is indicated in the instruction manual.

There is also several good video clips on the Lorex website pertaining to installation and setup. There are two sets of cables. 100ft length and a shorter, I believe 6ft section. I used cable tracks to cleanly cover my cables inside the home since I decided it was only a short run from the outside camera to the DVR. I ran the longer cable through my exterior wall and was able to place all of the shorter cable assembly into the outside mount's housing. Be sure to seal the housing to the wall to prevent water and dust from getting to your connections. Caulking should be sufficient. I also used weather resistant tape for the connections.

On last note, make sure the camera is mounted as high as possible. This allows the lens to look down instead of out horizontally. The latter will interfere with view. This is also note several times by Lorex. There is actually a optimum angle setting. A blurriness will be caused by a seam around the circumference of the outside protective dome when the lens try to view higher than the angles referenced by Lorex. Mounting it high will avoid this especially if you need the PTZ to zoom out a ways in the distance.

35 out of 58


Location: rochester,ny

Shipped quickly and installed easily. Purchased one last year and has worked great. Bought 2 more this year and a 16 channel dvr receiver to expand our system. They work great and are a great value.

36 out of 58


Location: Norway

Unfortunaltely this camera gets a very low score - I am very pleased with its speed, but I think there is a problem with the automatic focus.

I have taken a snapshot of what it looks like in broad daylight, and I can't help but feel that it should have been a lot better?

I have tried to use the focus +/- on the web interface from my Mac, but it does not seem to have any effect on the picture quality.

Am I missing something?

37 out of 58


Location: Rhode Island

I purchased this camera along with my new LH 150 ECO 4 8 channel vcr. Instructions were straight forward and to the point. Two things to remember, use channel 1 for your tilt pan it make things simple and secondly don't forget to disable the motion control on Channel 1. Other wise great price, super resolution and high quality equipment.

38 out of 58


Location: San Tan Valley, AZ

For the price this is a very good value. I shopped around on the internet and found the best price on B & H Photo. I received fast delivery and the CCV camera came complete with all mounting brackets, mounting hardware, cables, power supply, and mounting anchors. The unit was packed very well with foam packing and factory seals on the boxes. I would buy again from B & H Photo with confidence.


    Lorex Stratus CCV system with 960 H cameras.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

39 out of 58


Location: Ny

Good camera.. The night vision is better than camera with HD night vision.

Very happy with the quality of picture

40 out of 58


Location: belding mi

ptz cameras are amazing. only had them for two days, looks like they have to be really high to work well at distance. I am happy with them.

41 out of 58


Location: Dallas, Texas

These PTZ cameras are world class quality. The speed of the motor which goes from preset to preset is unbelievable!

I'd recommend these to anyone!

42 out of 58


Location: Louisiana

I would recommend this product to any one surveilling multiple points at one time. The fact that the camera can turn 360 degrees gives you great flexibilitty in viewing.

43 out of 58


Location: US

I bought two Lorex PTZ cameras to supplement a Chinese system I bough about a year ago, but I never got around to installing the Lorex units. I did kast week. They don't PTZ with the DVR I have now, but they are so much better that I can actually see my entire acre at night instead of just grey ghosts. I am so completely impressed that I am going to buy a complete Lorex system for Christmas. It's 01:30 in the morning. I see my dog on patrol with the Lorex camera. I see NOTHING with the other IR cameras, which are placed within inches of the Lorex and are adjusted for correct focus. The difference is amazing. Please buy quality. You get what you pay for - and I am going to get an additional year warranty on my cameras. I think that's very fair. They sat in boxes for that entire first year.

44 out of 58


Location: MS

We decided on these PTZs after comparison with others, due to price/quality. They installed easily and the instructions were clear to follow. We are using them with the LH150 (echo 4) series DVR for surveillance of the front entrance to our subdivision. The video output to our monitor has excellent clarity of detail and the recorded images at 960H are equally clear with vry good accuracy. This DYI project saved us easily $1500 in addition to having better quality gear.

45 out of 58


Location: Buffalo, NY

Great camera, well built, was easy to install and setup. Would be even better if it had auto-follow (auto tracking feature). Only one complaint (and 4 starts, not 5) that seam, or whatever it is in the clear cover makes a fuzzy band on all pictures above certain angle, so to avoid it you have to mount camera pretty high.

46 out of 58


Location: New Brunswick, Canada

I had this for awhile and just installed it recently. After I set 8 set points around my garage interior I set it a cruise and was simply amazed at the clarity of the picture...even in the near darkness (no lights on) at 11:00 pm. They claim low light required and they mean it....

Setting up at first was a bit fuzzy (factory setting of dip switches is for No 1 camera on the VCR so if you place on any other position, do not forget to adjust dip switch to correspond to that Number....reading the instructions thoroughly always helps.......:)
Other than that...simple .... set up the desired set points and Voila! have 360 view of the premises when on "cruise" mode.
Just sorry that I did not have the time to install it before...............WOW.

47 out of 58


My car was vandalized about two week ago so I made the decision to invest in a surveillance system. The system itself works wonderfully well. Day time is in color, and night vision is in black and white. At night time, the camera can see just fine with normal street lighting.

I did some heavy research before purchasing this camera. The picture quality is sharp, and the controls are very responsive.

I would definitely recommend this camera and would gladly purchase another.

48 out of 58


Location: Grants Pass, Oregon

The cameras are great indoor or close up. Outdoor the zoom causes distortion in focus. Overall the cameras are working as expected.

49 out of 58


Location: Alaska

I've had several security camera systems in the past, this one has the best picture of any system I've used.

Tech support was hard to get ahold of. And some of the instructions for hooking up multiple cameras could have been a little more clear, but once the settings and ddns was configured, all is good.

Use the iPhone app all the time with it. Zoom is awesome. Sturdy feel to the camera.
Suggestion; make a dedicated iPad app for the Eco series. Enlarging the iPhone app on an iPad is lame.

50 out of 58


Location: montreal

would rate this product higher but there is a major flaw on the dôme. when you tilt fully to the top there is a line on the dome that cuts the field of view and blurs the image if you try to zoom in or read a licence plate... I dont understand why they would put a line across the top like that. I own several ptz cameras and have never seen this before.

51 out of 58


Location: Hermosillo, Son. Mexico

I highly recommend this product because it exceeded the expectations that I waited in the surveillance. Provides excellent image quality during the day and even at times in low light, plus the facility that provides operational management.

52 out of 58


Location: Ohio, USA

GREAT for the Money

After spending a year reviewing, comparing and nit picking the various PTZ cameras on the market to upgrade my current system to, I landed on the Lorex 9 camera system which included the camera of this review. I have had it installed now for a week and so far, it has exceeded my expectations. Even in total darkness with very little or no ambient light or starlight,

this camera captures an image that is viewable. Yes it will be dark and no it wont look like an image taken during normal daylight, but without IR lighting, it surprised me. I ran the camera to a separate dwelling excessing 200 lft. So power had to be supplied within the 95 ft. range of the supplied cables. (Lorex mentions this in their manual) I ran the RG59 to my residence and used the power leads of the coax as the RS485 leads that are needed to operate the PTZ functions. The camera operates flawlessly. You can set up the cruise by adding the waypoints and saving them. But be advised, you cannot use motion recording during cruise mode. The sensors are in the DVR not in the camera, therefor any motion, even the camera motion during cruise, will be considered motion sufficient to activate recording. So you end up recording just motion from the camera or false positives. As for quality, the zoom feature works great. A vehicle at 100 yards for example, I can zoom in and read the license plate number clearly. The only thing I don't like about this camera is the dome itself. Apparently the manufacturing process includes a 2 piece lens that is combined and the seam is polished. Insufficiently at best. Anything the camera sees is somewhat blurry and the autofocus tries to compensate continuously. (Lorex mentions this in their manual too) Conclusion: This Pan tilt zoom camera performs very well with excellent image quality. It is controllable by your smart phone (iphone/android) with a little setup savy, and FOR THE MONEY, performs as well as PTZ cams costing considerably more. You can spend 6000.00 on todays market for auto tracking and 36x zoom just for the camera alone. I bought my complete system for 1200.00 including the PTZ. You will be pleased with this camera, but since all installations are different, be sure to read the specific manual for the equipment your considering. The videos sell the product only and to prevent disappointment and frustrations, be sure to read the manuals.

53 out of 58


Location: Los Angeles

I purchased this PTZ camera for my Edge LH300 series DVR and the first camera that arrived had issues and I had support helping so they sent another one. The second camera I got to work but the thing they don?t tell you is that even though it will work on the Edge DVRs it functionality is limited. The whole point was I wanted the camera to continually be in touring mode unless I needed to take manual control. With the Echo DVR?s that will work, but you don?t have the option for touring with the Edge series DVR?s. The other thing they don?t tell you is that you cannot use your iPhone app while away from home to access the PTZ camera. I ended up returning the camera for a refund because it just would not do everything they said it would with the Edge DVR. The picture quality was fine and like others have said it takes a bit to get use to the controls running it manually.

54 out of 58


Location: San Francisco

It seem to be nicely built. Unfortunately, I can't get it to move and customer service has been unable to help. Getting through to customer service takes approximately 30-45 minutes wait! I will provide more insight if it actually get it to work.

55 out of 58


Location: Atlanta, GA

Pros: image is very good., cable is very long very thick., the housing is very durable.

Cons: could not get preset to work., would be better if give more range on focusing.


"I bought this camera with the 12 bullets cameras kit, and ECO2 DVR. Lorex PTZ cameras is awesome. The Pan fuction is super fast, and you can adjust the speed to your desire. The Image is very good when I recorded in D1 resolution. I mounted it 20ft high, and the image is very good. However, I still could not get the preset to work yet. If I can get preset or automatic Pan function to work, I can see my whole yard. Will try again later, or will call customer service."

56 out of 58


Location: Puyallup, WA

Great item in small package, Lorex outdoor PTZ camera

Pros: picture quality day and night, ease of install, costco return policy

Cons: degree of viewing angle

I'm a professional electrician and I have a lot of knowledge in this industry. This PTZ camera has a very high quality image during the day and surprisingly at night it is able to utilize the ambient light to display a decent picture. The only reason this doesn’t have a 5 star is because in my application the camera was useless. I had it installed on a roof of a one story to give a 360 degree view of the neighborhood, at an elevation of around 12-15 feet of the ground. There is a small line “or seam if you will”, on the plastic lens cover which was directly at the optimum viewing angle. Long story short, every videos top section of recording was blurry. This is NOT posted on the details of this camera but the info was included in the installation requirements."

57 out of 58


I'm impressed!

I recently installed these cameras at my self service car wash. I installed the PTZ camera primarily to capture license plates which it does very well. The preset and cruise functions work great and the pan speed is amazing. Within the first month of using these cameras, I have been able to clearly capture the faces and license plates of two different thieves in order to prosecute. I have had numerous comments on the quality of the cameras from law enforcement officials. I intend to install these same cameras at my other location soon.

58 out of 58


Location: long island ny

still on the fence with PTZ camera

just finished setting up this camera on my lorex 23edge. easy set up! these video on costco are only good for another lorex dvr so you have to play around with the specs. i dont like that the camera moves to far left and right and is hard to adjust the camera to go just where you want it. somtimes it just keeps on going round and round. i cant get the presets to always work either, i cant figure that out either...but worst of all i cant get the phone app to work. GRRRRR

great picture quality!

ill call tech support on monday and follow up with you folks then



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