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8-Channel PoE Switch



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8-Channel PoE Switch

The eight-port PoE switch makes a perfect addition to your surveillance system. It provides power and video transmission the exact same way an NVR does. However, it can offer you tremendous flexibility in the way you install your cameras. How? Instead of having to run multiple camera cables back to just one device, you now have two to choose from (the NVR and the PoE switch). That means you can have the NVR in one corner of your home/business and place the switch in a completely different area, thus eliminating the need for lengthy cables for all the cameras.

Please note: the PoE switch is not compatible with LNR200 Series.

Flexible installation

Variety of installation options are available.




8-Channel PoE Switch:

  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
  • 8-Port RJ-45 for 10/100Base-TX (1~8)
  • 1-Port RJ-45 for 10/100/1000 Base-T (LAN)

Each ACCLPS281B Includes:

1 × PoE Switch
1 × Power Cable
1 × 3ft Ethernet Cable








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1 out of 9


Location: Shreveport, Louisiana

I have been planning to purchase and install a home security system for more than five years. i have researched various systems in retail stores, security companies, AT&T, Direct TV etc. Most salesman in stores such as Sam's, Best Buy etc., know very little about their products and were not able to answer simple questions. The Direct TV and AT&T phone salesman were even worse. Their advertising mail outs were misleading. Most of my research was done on the internet. I then started to concentrate on the manufacture web sites such as Swan and Lorex. I selected Lorex because of the website. They had excellent product information, more options than anyone, and reasonable prices.

I added this 8 Port POE because I wanted to terminate all camera wires in attic and ;then run one Cat 5 to my office. This turned out to be an excellent choice........well worth the additional cost.

Everything worked right out of the box. I did not have to call tech support. I highly recommend this 8 channel PoE switch with any Lorex system

2 out of 9


Location: Tulsa, OK

Ordered two switches and the arrived within one week. They were easy to attach to the network and have worked so far without any problems. Have not experienced any noise from either switch.

3 out of 9


Location: WA

Update: the replacement is working much better than the original item and has not yet failed or caused any problems. I appreciate your initiative in getting this item to me quickly after receiving my complaint. I value the fact that you followed through to correct this situation with your product.
Product was non-functional within 24 hours of install. Very inferior product. Customer service in India refused to offer assistance expediting the replacement. This was requested kindly because their item's failure was putting a coveted government business license at risk. Instead of getting quicker shipping, I got hung up on or "disconnected" from by customer service agent. Really not a great experience for a product that is not in anyway priced as a value item. It should be expected to work when new and replacements for faulty items for critical applications should be shipped next day air. Very disappointed customer and don't imagine using this company again for anything.

4 out of 9


Location: FL

Placed order through website. Received wrong item, called to customer service, they are not able to help due to system update. Advised to call again next day. Waiting for replacement.

Our apologies for the shipping error. We rushed out the correct item to you and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

5 out of 9


Location: Seattle, WA

This product has a noisy fan. I bought one a year and two months ago and that one had the same fan. No progress fixing the fan noise. The first one I had worked flawlessly for a year and two months. Two months out of warranty, it failed and I had to buy a new one. The new one works flawlessly, except for the fan noise. Here's hoping that the new one will last a little longer. I give this product a low rating because the life-span of the product is pretty inferior in today's technology.

6 out of 9


Location: Alabama

This product helped me to install cameras in a second building with only having to run one line from the router which was in the first building.

7 out of 9


Location: Wisconsin

It works fine, but is the fan really necessary? With a case that large, isn't there room for a nice big heat sink? How about if a fan is needed, Lorex chooses a SILENT model?

I know I'm picky, but I can hear this thing from 2 rooms away. Unacceptable.

8 out of 9


Location: Toronto

Good idea, but who makes a switch in 2014 that isn't gigabit.....8 x 10/100 is poor. Lorex can do much better!

9 out of 9


Location: Rhode Island

this product was s great solution to a problem I had when connecting camera's to a remote location. Not installed yet but will help save money on wiring. Also have the ability to add an additional 8 camera's. Also purchased with this order 2 extra camera's to complete my set. Will write a review once installed.



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