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Lorex has a wide selection of accessories for security cameras and home monitoring systems. We will do our best to meet your installation needs and supply you with extension cables, adapters and connectors, power supplies and accessory cameras. Enhance your home security with any of our realistic dummy cameras or security decals.

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Security Camera Accessories
Versatile security camera systems

Fake Cameras

Lorex offers a wide variety of fake security cameras that help fool would-be criminals. Our models are designed to look as functional as possible. These authentic-looking fake cameras are modeled after some of our best-selling cameras, including the dome security model and the bullet camera. The low-cost dummy cameras complement your real cameras and help protect your property without breaking the bank! Get your own fake camera today.

Unique Security Cameras

Add-on wireless cameras

Growing family? Expanding business? Lorex believes in flexibility and that's why many of our wireless cameras are available as add-ons. These supplements include cameras from our beloved Lorex Baby monitor line and ones that can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Find a right add-on camera for your system.

Wireless Antennas

Wireless Antennas

Need to monitor a large area? Our wireless antennas are perfect for extending your wireless range. They can also help increase the strength of your signal allowing you to reach. As with all Lorex products, our antennas are extremely easy to use and set up. See our support website to determine which accessory range extender antennas are compatible with your Lorex product

Clear Monitors

Surveillance Monitors

Our monitors range from compact, 9" screens to massive 32" monitors - and everything in between. All have one thing in common: quality. The popular 21.5" LED Touch Screen Monitor allows you to take control with your hands (and get rid of that remote control!). Our 32" Widescreen TV lets you catch up on your favorite shows - in full HD - and simultaneously keep an eye on your cameras. You can purchase a surveillance monitor in our online store.