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HD Security Camera System

Experience the gold-standard in video surveillance technology - Full HD. With 6x better quality than the widely adopted D1 resolution, 1080p video preserves the finer details for accurate identification of people, objects, and vehicles. Affordable and easy to install, Lorex HD security camera systems are ready to record in no-time. Lorex surveillance bundles include everything you need to install a custom security system that fits your needs exactly.

Lorex`s best security camera systems

The Lorex HD security camera systems are easy to use, making them ideal for home security or business surveillance applications.

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Experience the evolution of video security
Superior Image Quality

Superior image quality

Never miss a single detail with advanced Lorex HD security cameras. With the help of a High Definition image sensor, the included security cameras provide remarkable detail and clarity with brilliant low light performance. The cameras use advanced features to ensure the best picture quality, such as Digital Noise Reduction, improved IR night vision, and motorized camera filters for accurate color reproduction.

remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

The innovative Stratus Connectivity solution provides instant Internet access to your live video stream, recorded video and basic configuration options. Use the free mobile apps and client software to connect to the HD camera system securely from anywhere in the world. Supported platforms include PC, Mac, Android™, iPhone® and iPad®.

High definition resolutions

Record in High Definition

HD video security systems support several recording modes. By default, the system is set to record video from connected cameras in Continuous & Motion Recording Mode on a 24/7 schedule. In this mode, the system will record non-stop during all times included in the schedule. The system will also mark motion events automatically when any of the HD cameras detect motion.

flexible installation

Email alerts & Pentaplex operation

Keep on track with tools like email alerts and Pentaplex operation, a handy feature included in many of our security camera systems. With Pentaplex operation you can simultaneously view, record, playback, back up and remotely control the system. It truly is a multi-tasker's dream function.