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IP camera for home monitoring

Hassle-free wireless network cameras with complete
setup using smartphones - simple yet advanced IP solutions.
LNC100 Series
up to 4 cameras
Standard resolution
up to 16 cameras
Standard resolution
LNC200 Series
up to 4 cameras
720p High Definition
up to 4 cameras
720p High Definition


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Easy connection with QR code setup on iOS and Android

Configure your camera on any device - no PC required. With a quick and easy three step set-up, all you have to do to activate your camera is plug it into power, connect to the internet with the press of a button, then simply scan the QR code on the back of the camera with your smartphone or tablet using the free downloadable Ping app. 

Never before has it been such a breeze to set up a wireless network camera. The QR code acts as the camera's ID. Once you scan it, you're instantly viewing live video right from your mobile device without the need for a PC! The included free mobile Ping app has been developed to exceed mobile surveillance standards, allowing the user to fully configure recordings and other settings on the camera.

Connect IP camera in 3 easy steps
lorex IP camera
easily connect your IP camera using WPS

Easy connection to home network with Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

WPS support for push-button connection to home Wi-Fi network. Versatile and advanced, the Ping is capable of connecting to the internet over Wi-Fi with WPS. Connect over Wi-Fi with no hardwired connection to the router necessary, so there's no need for an Ethernet cable as long as your router has a WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup) function. The camera can detect and connect to your Wi-Fi network and start streaming video right away.

lorex IP camera

Superb image quality and exceptional night vision.

This IP camera was built with a dual lens to deliver enhanced day imagery and excellent night vision observation. One lens is used specifically for day-time operation providing a clean and colorful picture. The other lens is used soley during low-light conditions, with the image automatically switching to a crisp and clear black and white night vision. The camera features a powerful infrared LED that allows for viewing up to 30 ft away in total darkness. Be in the know around the clock, no matter what time of day or night.

IP camera with Dual lens for superb day and night vision
lorex IP camera
Motion detection technology

Dual motion detection technology

Push motion detection alerts to your phone's notification center or email alerts with jpg attachments. This dual motion detection technology features both passive infrared (PIR) and smart video motion detection. Alert accuracy is drastically improved, providing superior motion sensing that ensures a more precise motion-activated recording. The built-in PIR sensor tracks heat from moving objects, such as people or animals, while the video motion detection with customizable sensitivity levels catches all the motion that doesn't generate heat and is also outside of the PIR sensor's 20 ft range.

Now offering 720p HD resolution

(available only with LNC200 Series)

Building on the highly successful LNC100 Series, the LNC200 Series boasts all of the highlights from its predecessor and more. These cameras feature 720p HD resolution, offering impeccable images in both daytime and nighttime. Real-time recording allows you to capture rapid movements such as running and jumping - crucial for identifying people.

High definition video
lorex IP camera
Built in speaker and two way audio

Built-in speaker for two-way audio

(available only with LNC200 Series)

LNC200 cameras come with a built-in microphone and speaker, offering two-way communication out of the box. You can set up two-way audio on your LNC100 cameras by adding an external speaker (sold separately). 

lorex IP camera

Infrared thermometer and temperature alarm

(available only with LNC200 Series)

Exclusive to the LNC200 Series is an infrared thermometer and temperature alarm control so that you can keep track of your property at all times. Ensure your home is exactly the right temperature and be notified if it strays from your desired range. This is a perfect feature for parents of young children.

temperature monitoring
lorex IP camera
  LNC104 LNC116 LNC204 LNC216
Maximum number of cameras 4 16 4 16
Easy connectivity & remote viewing included included included included
Email and push notification included included included included
Free Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android included included included included
Dual lens included included included included
Advanced PIR motion detection included included included included
Recording on MicroSD card included included included included
Advanced recording & playback software   included   included
Multi-camera locations   included   included
NAS support   included   included
720p HD resolution     included included
Infrared thermometer     included included
Watchdog function to prevent system failure     included included