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720p Wireless Camera System with 4 Outdoor Wireless Cameras



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LH050 ECO Series 4-Channel Security Camera System with Weatherproof Wireless Cameras

Watch over your world from anywhere in the world with the LH050 ECO Series DVR. This system works with Lorex 720p HD wireless cameras for a perfect blend of convenience and performance. The LH050 ECO Series is built to blend seamlessly with modern entertainment electronics with an attractive white housing. The DVR features flexible placement options – position the DVR flat on its side or in a vertical orientation by attaching it to the included docking stand. This unique marriage of style and versatality means you can display your DVR proudly in your home entertainment unit, or easily stow it away from sight.





720P DVR can support up to 4 cameras



4 Wireless security cameras



Maximum night vision



Maximum capacity 1 x 4TB hard drive


Remote connectivity

Lorex Stratus Connectivity

Remote viewing with Stratus Connectivity

Stratus Connectivity – is our quick, innovative cloud connection service that allows you to monitor your property from anywhere, as if you were there. Stratus will have you viewing your system remotely in minutes on smartphones, tablets, PCs or Macs. Simply download the free Lorex ECO Stratus app, scan the QR code on the CCTV DVR and start viewing your world securely over the Internet with no recurring fees!

720p HD recording resolution

Record wireless video in 720p HD

The 4 included wireless cameras are capable of 720p HD recording for superior detail to other wireless cameras. The included 4-channel receiver connects to the DVR and communicates wirelessly with all 4 included cameras, saving space and removing clutter compared with previous 1 & 2-channel receivers.

Wireless night vision

Powerful night vision

Rest assured that you and your property are protected throughout the night - the LW3624 wireless security camera from Lorex comes with a night vision functionality that can see up to 120ft / 37m in the dark. An automatic infrared cut filter (ICR) works to ensure that true-to-life colors are represented naturally during the day and that black and white infrared images at night are as detailed as possible.

Night Vision Range


Heat Rating

122°F | 50°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

14°F | -10°C

Cold Rating

1TB HDD pre-installed

Security grade hard drive

Record video to our 1TB security grade 100% duty-cycle hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at the highest resolution for the most detailed footage, or change the settings to a lower resolution for extended recording time.

LH140 series compatibility chart

DVR Digital Video Recorder

Security DVRs connect to BNC cameras using RG59 coaxial cables and they compress and store video footage captured from security cameras.

HD 720P Resolution 1280 x 720 pixels

Record three times the resolution of VGA, you can record more details without losing video clarity

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.




Digital Video Recorder Features:

  • Tablet / smartphone viewing and playback1
  • Lorex Stratus Connectivity - 3 step setup
  • 720p Resolution
  • HDMI cable included for simple connection to HDTVs
  • Record to included security grade hard drive with no recurring fees
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Continuous, scheduled, and motion recording
  • Advanced mobile apps with live viewing, playback, video recording, and snap shot
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • H.264 video compression2
  • Flexible DVR positing (Horizontal or Vertical)3
  • 2 video outputs (HDMI and VGA) to connect multiple monitors
  • Pentaplex operation - view, record, playback, back up & remotely control the system simultaneously
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & Daylight Savings Time
  • Automatic firmware upgrade over the Internet ensures your system is secure and up to date4

1. Requires a high speed Internet connection and a router (not included). An upload speed of 1Mbps is recommended for the best video performance. Up to 4 devices may connect to the system at the same time.
2. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
3. For vertical mounting use the included docking stand. For maximum stability push down on the DVR until your hear a click.
4. Both firmware and software must be updated to latest version to ensure remote connectivity. Always update to the latest software after upgrading the DVR firmware.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Corporation. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.


Wireless HD Camera:

  • HD 720p wireless video with H.264 compression1
  • SignalGuard Technology continuously monitors the wireless signal and automatically reconnects upon detecting low signal strength
  • Next generation adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology greatly reduces conflicts with competing signals
  • IR cut filter achieves accurate color reproduction in varying lighting conditions
  • Long range night vision up to 120ft (37m) / 80ft (28m)2
  • Simple installation. No video cable required3
  • Weatherproof (IP66) camera and power connectors for outdoor or indoor installation4
  • High gain antennas provide up to 160ft (50m) indoor / 500ft (152m) outdoor wireless range5
  • Vandal resistant camera design with cable pass-through mounting brackets
  • Weatherproof receiver can be installed outdoors for improved range4

Each LWU3620B Includes:

1 × Wireless HD Camera
1 × Mounting Kit
1 × Power Adapter
Quick Start Guides

1. The LWU3624 / LWU3622 Series is compatible with Lorex LH050 / LH041 Series DVRs only. Visit for the most up-to-date list of compatible recorders.
2. Stated IR illumination ranges are based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object.
3. Camera and receiver requires a wired connection to an electrical outlet (power adaptors included).
4. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.
5. Maximum wireless transmission range. Actual range dependent upon building materials and other obstructions in path of wireless signal. Install receiver outdoors for best performances.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Corporation. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 64


Location: Wentzville . Mo

Nice system. Easy install if you have power close to camera location . Wireless range is better than expected. Dvr is in basement and cameras outside across the house. No issues with connection.

2 out of 64


Location: Wisconsin

I have had issues with connecting my dvr and after I got that figured out I can't get any live stream video or anything on my phone. Been trying to get a hold of tech support for 3 days. I am currently on hold going on an hour and a half with them. Considering returning this product and going with a company that is there to help their customers.

Our apologies for the wait. Our technical support team replied to your online inquiry within 2 days of you submitting it and currently await your response. Thank you.

3 out of 64


Location: Richmond Virginia

Very easy to setup out of the box, just follow the instruction, scan the QR and you are on your way. Also downloaded the FLIR secure app for my iPhone works well under wifi and as well using only LTE. Only wish they had a template for drilling the holes, just made one with cardboard.

4 out of 64


Location: Arverne, NY

After much debate & research I bought this camera system with alot of doubt but to my suprise it works better than I imagned. Video is crispy clear and the email notifications are second to none. I would definately recomended this sytem to all my family & friends. My only regret is that I didn't get the 8 channel system.

5 out of 64


Location: Wisconsin

Satisfied with the quality of product and ease of use. We had to contact customer service and they were helpful as well.

6 out of 64


Location: Clovis, CA

System components were easy to setup. The 1080p full-screen display was clear and detailed when attached to my 60" 1080p TV using the provided HDMI cable. Contracted an electrician to install 4 electrical receptacles where needed when I decided to purchase a wireless security camera system. Mounted the cameras under eves near the 4 corners of my home. With the receiver on a shelf in the living room, the 2 front cameras' signals display 5-dot signal strength, the 2 rear cameras display 4-dot signal strength. All 4 video images were strong and clear. LH050's preinstalled software was intuitive and easy to put to use. LH050's U.S. date and 12-hour time formats cannot be changed according to a prompt email reply from Lorex tech support. I had returned my first LH050 to, because the mouse and channel 4 camera did not work. Decided to give another new LH050 a chance and bought a new replacement from, which works reliably and perfectly. Happen chance, bought the replacement unit just when put them on sale for $150 off their regular price of $599.99.

7 out of 64


Location: Cambridge, MN

Bought this product and within the one year warranty one of the cameras got water inside. Been dealing with customers service every since. Customer service sucks. You are on hold forever and when you finally get someone you can hardly understand them. I've been getting the run around with the same excuses every time I call. I will never buy another lorex product and would advise anyone who is thinking of buying from the to look elsewhere.

Our apologies for any difficulty you experienced. We are happy to have resolved this for you.

8 out of 64


Location: Vancouver, BC

Replaced my old Lorex System to this "HD" one. Horrible quality overall. The cameras are definately not HD, they randomly lose signal or go offline altogether, the DVR beeps loudly when they go offline, the search on the software is hard to control, and the night vision sucks. Lorex should test their products before they put them on the market. Tech support and customer service offer no solutions that work. Total waste of money unless you need expensive paper weights.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any difficulty you experienced. Our tech team was happy to get this resolved for you.

9 out of 64


Location: Iowa

Installing the cameras was quite easy. Routing power to cameras in an attic in August was a little more of a challenge. Found out the hard drive is not retro compatible with older Apple products and had a problem with set up because my laptop turned out to be running an OS (10.6.8) too old for proper communication with the wireless system. Learned steel siding on building(s) slightly reduces wireless range of remote camera(s). Customer service was excellent and very helpful. iPad, iPhone and Android phone readily access the system with no problem. Had minor questions with the programming that were not easy to resolve with the manual, but were quickly solved by customer service. Good quality system for the money. Satisfied customer.

10 out of 64


Location: Los Angeles, CA

This is an updated to a review I wrote on July 26, 2016:

After giving my review regarding the delay in a replacement part, I was contacted immediately. I have never seen such an attentive customer service team. They were very apologetic and quickly resolved my issue. They were very helpful and responsive. It is rare to find this level of customer service today. They responded to emails within a few hours and helped guide me through the process. They were awesome!

I am updating my review to 5 stars as I now also have my cameras up. The Wifi interference problem will be an issue if you use older devices or IoT devices like wifi light switches. I resolved that by changing my router to a strong signal router. The quality is truly amazing and the cameras work great. It was very easy to setup if you have the electrical outlets in the right space. I am very happy with the product I chose.

11 out of 64


Location: Florida

Easy to install, wish there was better "help" with the software features and setup. Couldn't find the PC software download and had to call for help. The help desk was fine and I found the download (it is under the product description for the DVR only, not under the 4 camera package description, very hard to find). I have one camera about 100 ft from the receiver thru 1 wall of the house and it is working fine. Quality over the internet (iPad, iPhone) is OK, Directly from the DVR its much better. The system has only been running for a few days so I can't speak for how the camera's hold up over time.

12 out of 64


Location: Sacramento,CA

Had a Lorex wireless system for 2 years but monitor went out after 18 months. Older system required Skype for viewing!! This system is good and no problem with setup but the camera mounts that are plastic and not easy to adjust angles for viewing!! Little information or a manual regard to how to setup monitoring on dvr for record,alarms,etc. I had to hit and miss!!
So far ( used for 3 days now) I am glad of the better clarity on my led monitor but NOT regard to watching or use remote playback on Lorex Eco Stratus on my smartphone. Hope that it will improve with upgrade in future!!

Thank you for your feedback. Please find a link to the full manual below. you can also find it under the Downloads tab of this page.

13 out of 64


Location: Colorado

Product broke within 2 days so I was without security until I could get back to property. The hard drive had crashed. After a lot of time on phone with someone I could barely understand they agreed to warranty. 5 days later I called to see why there was no email as promised. They were waiting on proof of purchase which I had uploaded already. Told me I would get an email confirming warranty. 7 days later I called back. Now they say 14 days before they will ship.

If you want actual security, stay away from this company. If anything breaks you will lose your system for a month or more.

Also, the specs on the web site and what's on the box and then what's in the manual are all different.

Thank you for your feedback. Our apologies for any difficulty or inconvenience you experienced. We hope the replacement is working well for you.

14 out of 64


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Camera is easy to setup. The wireless signal killed my 2.4GHz WiFi signal but was able to fix with adjusting router. Picture quality is decent for what I need it for.

After having the cameras for a couple weeks, I went to put up the fourth to realize the positioning screw on the mounting arm was broken (drilled in at an angle). Called to get a replacement camera and have been told it takes 10 days for the warehouse to ship it out and another week for it to arrive. My only regret is not returning and exchanging it at BestBuy where I purchased it. I could have have the equipment now, instead of waiting 3-4 weeks for the equipment.

Overall: 4 stars for the camera and 2 stars for customer service on processing a broken camera.

15 out of 64


Location: Houston, TX

This system works great and very easy set up. The phone app is great except that the fast forward doesn't work on the app. I do wish they offered a little better camera. I would get a 1080p instead of the 720 if it was available.

16 out of 64


Location: Vancouver

Easy to set up and install. The app is also easy to navigate. Careful when tightening the plastic mounts as they will crack if it is tightened too much.

Night visibility COULD be better, as it the infrared sensors only brighten the middle of the screen.

Video quality in daytime is great

17 out of 64


Location: Houston

East install. Remote ap for I phone works well. Good quality video.

18 out of 64


Location: Houston TX

I recently purchased the 4 camera system and found it easy to set up and use. I think I had more trouble navigating my way around the Lorex web site to download the software,
You do have to careful with the mounts because they are plastic and I tightened one too tight and cracked it. They camera has a great picture in daylight and very good night vision. The remote application for IPhone works well. I chose this technology because I did not want to hard wire cables back to a recorder, or pay for a subscription, and tie up my wifi bandwith with yet another device. Unit has its own wireless receiver.

It does what I wanted it to do.

19 out of 64


Location: baltimore md

i bought this at best buy to replace a two camera system we out grew , what a MISTAKE ! problems right out of the box , installation was easy , connecting to a router was easy , had problems with the time stamp and video quality , the video jumps horribly, the time jumps horribly, the night vision is horrible, customer support is impossible to understand ! they replaced the dvr , same problem with the new one , i been on phone with tech support so many times , they cant seem to solve problem. trying to get cameras replaced , so far no luck . i paid 699.00 plus tax at best buy , literally threw the money away !

Thank you for your feedback. Our apologies for any difficulty or inconvenience you have experienced. We were happy to make you an offer to resolve this and look forward to hearing from you again.

20 out of 64


Location: cleveland, ohio

We purchased a 4 wireless camera in April. Several months later contacted Lorex
Technicians to help with set up of cameras in computer. Lorex Technicians were
extremely helpful in assisting us in proper set up for computer and boosters that
were needed.
One problem is the that the pictures are not always as clear.
Other than that we are happy so far that the cameras are working in the summer.
We set up the cameras ourselves on the houses outside.
We have not been able to totally rate the overall product in the different seasons.
So as of this writing we give it a 3 star.
Thank you

21 out of 64


Location: Idaho

After some initial problems getting a replacement part, Lorex customer service stepped up and got it done.

The cameras and hard drive system are excellent! For a 720p wireless signal they are impressive. Additionally, the set up and remote viewing app are excellent.

Would definitely recommend product.

22 out of 64


Location: Calagary, Alberta, Canada

Very please with this system. Set up was very easy and straight forward. It took me no time to install and have the system up and running. I am pleased with the quality of the video, both day & night. As mentioned in other reviews the system does use a lot on bandwidth. Response times on my single band router were very slow so I upgraded to a dual band router. The security system runs off of the 2.4GHz band and everything else off of 5GHz. Having a few difficulties setting up my DDNS for remote computer access and is a function that I am using two routers.

23 out of 64


Location: idaho

Setting up gmail alert was bit confusing, but otherswise we like the system very much, WE NEED A 10 FOOT EXTENSION CODE for the one of the cameras, but so far can not find it.

24 out of 64


Location: Upstate, NY

I had worked with your technical support staff and with their help, my issues with the camera have been resolved. Thank you.

25 out of 64


Location: CT

I purchased this during black friday at bestbuy for $500. Easy to install and really good image quality. Would recommend based on quality for the price.

26 out of 64


Location: St Paul, MN

It does what it supposes to do. I initially had a lot of issues with sales department. But overall it works ok.

27 out of 64


Location: Woodlawn, VA

We purchased this unit about 2 weeks ago. We had a few minor problem with the settings, but called Lorex/Flir and all of our problems were solved. I used my smartphone to see the cameras when we were gone for a few days. Nice unit.

28 out of 64


Location: Wisconsin

Terrible customer service if you need it... And you can't understand them...

Our apologies for your initial experience. Our technical support team was happy to assist you with resolving the issue you were experiencing. If you require further assistance, please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

29 out of 64


Location: Woodbridge VA 22193

The initial set-up was easy. The picture resolution is awesome for the price. I haven't setup the recording time and date as of now but overall this system is well worth the money. I would recommend this system to friend's or anyone that needs a security camera system. I have 2 Laptops, 1 PC, and 10.1 inch Tablet and they all work and has an excellent picture. Go for it, you have nothing to lose , and you gain peace of mind security wise.
I would buy this system again and I recommended it to friends already.

Larry G.

30 out of 64


Location: Pennsylvania

I have been kicking around the idea of a security system for a couple of years now. It seemed like every system I looked at from other manufacturers had a ton of poor reviews or lacked the features I wanted. I felt that the ECO LH050 offered a great amount of features for the price in an attractive package that would loo good mixed in with all of my other computer equipment. The 720p video and strong night IR in addition to the vertical footprint of the DVR were all strong selling points for me.

I don't have a massive home, My house is roughly 38'x52' drywall/vinyl siding construction and I have a camera mounted down by the garage under the house, one on the back of the house, one on the front of the house and one on the side. I get 4 out of 5 bars of signal strength on one camera and 5 out of 5 on the others.

Setup was simple, honestly the most difficult part was running the power wires, everything else was plug and play and tossing in a few screws to secure the cameras.

My only complaint (and this can easily be resolved with software updates) is that you don't get to see 720p quality if you are connected remotely (on the PC) via the Stratus PC Client. I don't see any option to change the quality of video output like the instructions show and I assume the only way to access those features is to actually use the HDMI cable and set it up like a stand-alone system. I'm sure if you download the video output to the PC it's 720p (I haven't tried that yet).

I would buy this system again and I would (and have) recommended it to friends already.

Brett DiMichele

31 out of 64


Location: Tyrone, PA

Purchased this system to give me a piece of mind while at work after having issues at home.

First system malfunctioned and was able to return to retail store for an exchange with no problems. Tech support was great :)

Got the second system set up and had one faulty camera but teach support and customer service was very helpful and willing to send me a new one free of charge.

The system was very easy to set up. I had the 1st camera recording in minutes!

The picture quality and the night vision is GREAT!!!! The ability to have the cameras wireless is a big plus with having them in different places inside & outside of the home and not having to worry about having enough of cord.

I love the fact that I am able to have my tablet and/or app on phone on when at work and being able to see if anything is going on at the home.

The new system, tech support & customer service A+++++. AWESOME :)

I haven't tried to set up the DDNS but not to concerned when i have the app on my tablet and phone.

Still working on getting the recording to motion detect only instead of full record. I double checked the setting and everything looks correct. No big deal because I can go in and delete the old recordings.

Only reason I gave this a 4 star review is because of the initial issues I had with the system and camera.

32 out of 64


Location: Wellman, Iowa

This is the 2nd unit that I purchased. It was easy to setup and has a good picture. I did find out you do need a good reception between the camera and the receiver for the playback to work properly. The tech support has been great with answering all questions and helping with the all other products and accessories. I would recommend this product to anyone.

33 out of 64


Location: San Francisco, CA

Bought the camera due to two break-ins. Third time was charm and caught the guy. The cameras are easy to install and the image quality is very good. The police even acknowledged how clear the suspects image was which led them to identify the suspect and eventually arrest him. I have the cameras installed in an apartment building in the garage and entry areas and the drive and receiver on the third floor and getting good image transmission over a good distance.

Not all is great. The user interface on both the phone app and web browser could use some work. To use the advanced features, you need to attach a monitor and mouse to the unit to access or wipe the drive. Once the drive is full, the unit starts to have issues like not recording or the cameras start to have a red hue and jittery. Once I wiped the drives and unplugged all the cameras and turned back on, then the images cleared up and the unit started recording again. I have adjusted the unit to not record as much so I only have to go through this process a few times a year. I am still unable t get the DNS to work to view via a web browser remotely without the software installed. The software on my laptop is works remotely but I am unable to view using the DNS lorex setup.

Overall, this a decent system with some design flaws. The biggest being the user interface. I would never expect my parents to be able to figure out how to set it up, so it does require a certain level of technical aptitude. Not sure it will last due to the hard drive issues when full. If there is a hard drive failure, then you will need to get a new unit as this will not allow your to replace the drive and install the operating system.

34 out of 64


Location: USA

The initial set-up was a breeze. I haven't been able to make the DDNS work yet, still working on it. The free android app makes watching remotely a snap.

35 out of 64


Location: Mahopac, N.Y.

Absolutely love the system. Easy set up. Works awesome. Would have given it 5 stars if the IR didn't pick up rain and snow all night long, even on LOW setting. Still GREAT system. Best yet. Oh, by the way there tech support is AWESOME.....

36 out of 64


Location: Pennsylvania

SUPER EASY to set up!!! I only have my computer monitor in order to change some of your options. But to get the cameras working on my Android took less than 15min! Simply scan the code on the DVR and Voila! My hard part was not having the HDMI connection anywhere and having to figure out that all I had to do was take the VGA cord off the back of my computer and hook it up to the DVR and then I could change the settings. Great picture too!

I had no need to call anybody for support between the given material and the manual on the Lorex website. Not sure how the wireless is going to handle the 175' out to the back of my garage. We'll have to wait on that one.

I'll be using the 4 cameras to monitor the road behind my garage, one for the front of the house and the other two covering the back yard. Thank goodness we don't have too much going on, but you never know. Plus we live at a very busy corner, so if something were to happen I have the proof I would need. Great job LOREX!! I would definitely buy from Lorex again! Easy-easy-easy!

37 out of 64


Location: Redding, Ca

We purchased our Lorex after experiencing a burglary in our home... Having the ability to monitor activities on our property while we are away has brought some needed comfort and piece of mind. The technology team has been very helpful and we thank you!

38 out of 64


Location: middle tennessee

Had a little trouble with setup called support took about 20 minutes for them to answer but VERY helpful got setup , and system works great. Company will purchase another one

39 out of 64


Location: Southern Indiana

I think is good system for the money , Instruction some what hard to follow to set up. finally call your support line & Andrew was able to do a remote setup for me , which when great, he stay on phone until I had all my issues resolved. Then it was just a matter of getting one of the cameras to pair with DVR , kept having to move closer to DVR. Over all we are happy with new system. I would recommend this system to friends. Thanks

40 out of 64


Location: SF Bay Area, California

Purchased the product at Christmas for the family. Startup instructions were simple to follow and the cameras did set up easily.

Main issue was the cameras were not paired automatically; thus a manual pairing was required. Instructions provided were very simplistic and did not provide any helpful troubleshooting tips to figure this out. Having engineers in the family helped tremendously on the troubleshooting and we got it up and running despite the incomplete instructions.

Furthermore, instructions for the system interface itself were nowhere to be found. We figured it out, but had no helpful instructions either included in the box or online. (A support call would have been our last resort, but has not been necessary yet). Interface with the included mouse is a bit clunky especially with having to enter the system admin password all the time. It is functional and does provide a robust amount of functionality; but could use some end user ease of use updates.

No issues with any router interference as my DSL wireless router is performing just fine. I had read of possible issues with wireless cameras and routers, but our old 2-WIRE 2.4 GHZ gateway router is having no issues. Checking the settings, the operating channels are far apart by default (I did not change anything). I have not noticed any issues here. All our 5GHZ items (e.g. wireless house phones) are unaffected as well.

Camera picture quality is first-rate I must say; with a nice wide angle of view. Day time sharpness is great; but even night time IR is discernible. Night time camera even picks up the rain drops crossing in front - quite good!

Mobile web app is extremely easy to set up and having the ability to remotely monitor the house is a great new perk in life.

Overall I'm satisfied and happy with the product. We have not finished setting up all the cameras yet, but the ones we do have are providing the surveillance service we require for our single family home. Very happy with our purchase.

41 out of 64


Location: West Vancouver

I received the product and the installation was very simple. I had a few questions with the remote access, I contacted technical support and they agent was very helpful and answer all my answers this Wireless system (LH050)is amazing. Very happy with the product and the support. Thanks.

42 out of 64


Location: Brooklyn NY

Based on other reviews the system sounds great. Could not order online, I called the sales department. After a 10 minute wait I inquired if the package was on back order, or being discontinued and the sales rep stated he had no idea, I then inquired if the unit could be extended to 6 channels with the addition of their recommended accessory HD 720P (receiver with 2 cameras which I wanted to upgrade to weather resistant cameras) and he stated it could not. This disturbed me because I was going to order this with the recommended accessory of 2 cameras with receiver. He then informed me I could put the same package together by ordering the components separately, which I looked into prior to calling. He offered to put the package together for me which I declined knowing more about what he was selling than he did i.e. weatherproof cameras were out of stock, and the LH050 DVR was only on the website with a 500GB hard drive vs the 1TB hard drive offered in this package. When I informed him the weatherproof cameras were not available online this sales rep started to lecture me that weatherproof don't mean you can put them under water...... I found him very condescending, which I found pathetic because I knew more about his inventory, and products than he did. Had a sales rep with at least some courtesy answered the phone I would have been willing to preorder an item on back order, or ordered the DVR without a hard drive, and install one myself, or customize an order.

43 out of 64


Location: Texas

I'm happy with the system easy to setup the only thing that I have a complaint about is the Allen screw adjustment you can't get to it without taking antenna off. Other than that system is great I would give 5 stars except for that

44 out of 64


Location: Kapolei, HI

I started looking at surveillance systems after increasing reports of thefts in the area. Initially I had little to no knowledge of the several different types of cameras however after some diligent research and shopping I stumbled upon the LH050 system at a major electronics store. It had everything I was looking for; wireless, DVR w/ remote monitoring and 720p cameras.

The electronics were a breeze to get up and running. Connect everything to the DVR, power it up and pair the cameras. You can connect it directly to your router for remote monitoring along with additional options for using an external monitor. The interface is fairly easy to learn as well.

The hardest part (at least for me) was the actual mounting of the cameras. The mounts on the camera have up/down and roll adjustment but do lack left/right movement which can make mounting a little difficult depending on where you are putting them. The routing for the power connection is something you have to take into consideration as well.

The receiver for the camera seems to be working and has a pretty decent range. The cameras are on all sides of our medium sized house and the connection to the cameras is consistent and strong. I do have the cameras on their own dedicated 2.4 Ghz network and all other wireless devices on 5 Ghz network and my home network seems to be unaffected with everything running.

The picture on the cameras are nice and sharp during the day and the night vision is pretty good as well. I would guess max visibility with the IR at night to be around 50 ft. max, which serves my purpose.

Remote viewing seems to be consistent with the stratus application and is easy to set up. The application for the PC also works quite well, although I did configure it to connect to the DVR via DDNS rather than over the cloud which again is fairly easy.

Overall I like the system so far and it is serving its purpose. I did have a power supply fail on one of the cameras after about 5 or 6 hours of operation which I am currently working with customer service to hopefully get it replaced under warranty. There are other systems out there utilizing IP or cable connection that offer closer to real-time viewing but this wireless/720p combo works great for what I need it to do.

45 out of 64


Location: Florida

We did a lot of research before buying this system. We wanted to keep an eye on our home while we visit back north. It was easy to set up right out of the box, we have a router and a 42" tv right next to each other so we had a picture as soon as the cameras were plugged in. Daytime video is very good better than I expected! Night time is pretty good I would guess you get about 50' of vision. It will satisfy our needs.

46 out of 64


Location: Moab, Utah

After many hours researching different cameras, companies, reading review after review, we decided on the LH050. Found one about 2 hours from us at a big electronics store. Our situation needed wireless cameras, and we wanted the 720PHD camera. This was the only one that met all of our criteria. We drove over and picked it up! When we began to set up the system, and had picture on our monitor and phones in no time!! As we continued our set up, we had one camera bracket that was stuck so it led us to believe they would only mount to the ceiling.....we had to have wall mount. We continued with the set up and found we couldn't download the software to our MAC's from the site they recommended. I was also having trouble getting the system to send e-mail notices. I made a list of all my concerns and called customer service. The recording said I would have a 5 minute wait, it was not even that long. Jeremy came on the line and in no time at all we had my list gone through and every question answered and solved. I used a pair of pliers to break the mount free, We had to download newer software for our new MAC operating system and I had to use my gmail account for email instead of the Lorex site. When things were up and going we noticed our internet was extremely slow. I called my local internet provider and they suggested I call Lorex for answers. Lorex said to get a dual band router and put our computers on the 5G side and let the cameras have the 2.4 side. We did and I don't think our Internet has ever been faster!!! I must say that I am 99% satisfied with our system. If I could change anything, I would have the antennas on the top or bottom of the camera. When you mount to the wall and point the camera to the left it hits the antenna. It does take in the wall it is mounted to in its vision but not very much of it. I am having an issue with the brightness setting. I set it to 6 (the brightest) and the next evening they are all back to about 4 or 5 in the live view, but the setting still shows 6. If I move it to 3, save it, then move it back to 6 and save again, it will change but only for about 24 hours. I haven't contacted Lorex about it yet but plan to do so. Their customer service has so far been awesome!! I would recommend the Lorex camera system to all of my friends!!

47 out of 64


Location: San Jose, CA

I bought my LH050 from a major electronic store. The setup was easy and took about 15 minutes. Once you have it setup you can disconnect the monitor and mouse from it and use your PC, iPad, and iPhone to further configure and access it over your home network. They have free software available for the PC and apps available for handheld devices. It automatically connects to the Lorex cloud (using a password) so you do not have to mess around with the security setting on your router to be able to access it when away from home. Not only can you see the live shots, but you can set it up to continuously record all four cameras all of the time and to also indicate visually on a time-line whenever there has been motion. It looks like it is going to be able to record more than three weeks before it starts to overwrite older video. In some instances, mounting and pointing the camera was not easy, but I added an additional L-bracket to achieve what I needed. I have the basic Comcast cable Internet service, which it only uses when looking at video when away from home and have experienced no reduction in service. My only complaint is that it has degraded my house Wi-Fi network on 2.4Ghz as it uses this Wi-Fi band. Any device connected to the Cat5 cable network has had no issues, but any device using Wi-Fi near the main unit appreciably slows down. Being near a camera does not seem to be a problem, which seems odd as most of the bandwidth should be coming from the camera. I have been temporarily disconnecting the antenna connection at the main unit and the Wi-Fi issues immediately clear up. You can also temporarily power down the main unit. When power is reapplied it recovers within 30 seconds and nothing has to be reconfigured (including the time). My plan is to switch over to 5Ghz Wi-Fi for my devices, which I hope will solve my interference problems.

48 out of 64


Location: PA

Purchased this product from Major Department Store.
I had to admit I had my doubt the product would be so easy to install and get running. After an initial setup in the home to test all components; I proceeded to Install along perimeter of home. Cameras worked great, reception was no problem, and I picture quality was great for a Wireless System. My only issue is with the material of the cameras, but since they are installed in areas that are not accessible to anyone, they are fine. This product helped me choose a Lorex HD IP based System, with NVR.....I would recommend this to a friend.

49 out of 64


Location: Florida

This is a great self contained security camera system. Gets the job done for my small house in Florida. I can keep an eye on it even when I am visiting family up north!

50 out of 64


Location: Pa

Camera's should have X,Y and Z motion available to position correctly.

51 out of 64


Location: Milwaukee, WI

We purchased this unit for our home. The wireless feature made it very easy to install. One of the cameras was defective and the retailer we purchased it from allowed us to replaced just the one camera without any hassle. Overall, the system is great. I can view it on my phone, TV and tablet at anytime. I set up the DDNS but have been unable to view it on the a PC.

52 out of 64


Location: Houston, TX

Bought for grandma's house and she doesn't have internet so all we needed was a 19" TV to see cameras. We will have internet installed to use apps but other than that system was fairly easy to install BUT you still have to wire cords to where you want cameras. I suggest using electrician to make things easier. Picture is great. We have old Lorex system and like this much better. It is pricey though but I got it on sale. I would give higher rating if it weren't for that.

53 out of 64


Location: Houston , Texas

I am impress by the night vision,ease of set up, and I can see all my cams on my cell phone!
This is quality for a low price, I am very satisfied with my purchase, am thinking of upgrading later.

54 out of 64


Location: Hercules, California

Camera set-up is easy and online viewing was quick I just use my iPhone camera and that's it. Infrared viewing is very clear but only on a small portion of camera coverage. Also adjustments of camera mounting is quite limited if it's to be mounted in it's side. Images are very clear on my home monitor and on my phone online.

55 out of 64


Location: Georgia

Camera Picture OK. DVR seems to work good so far. Camera Set-up is a little time consuming due to an adjustment screw being blocked by the antenna(not to bad if it can be set up without the antenna - depends on distance from receiver). Remote viewing from phone is good but I am still unable to view it on my computer. Power cords are a little short and the only extension cords LOREX sells doesn't list this model & are out of stock.

56 out of 64


Location: NY

New to these type of items. Out of the box easy to setup and install. Clear pictures with awesome motion detection with the email notification. Phone app is easy to use. I definitely recommend this system.

57 out of 64


Location: frankfort, kentucky

new to system installed today so far things are fine the only complaint I have is the power cords for cameras are not enough have to run whole electrical system to power cameras in location that I had to install them other than that seems to be ok.

58 out of 64


Location: Florida

Once again setup was pretty easy. Had it up and running in about 15 minutes. I was surprised at the quality of the cameras. They are crystal clear and has excellent night vision. I can see a person in darkness as if it was during the day. You can view all four cameras at one time or put them on scan and they will scan each camera every few seconds. You can view them on your smart phone or tablet. I have had security cameras for the last 15 years. I have tried many brands during that time and I can tell you this is by far the best ones I have ever had. I would recommend these highly.

59 out of 64


Location: Seattle

The set up was pretty easy. While you can view camera images on an iPad, iPhone or Android, I didn't realize I needed a computer monitor to control the system. The image quality is nothing like the picture on the box. There's a bit of a fish eye lens effect so people that are 30 ft from the camera look like they're 2 ft tall. If you want face recognition you need to be <5-6 ft from the cameras. The biggest issue I have, which other reviewers also note, is the cameras need to be AT MOST 50ft from the receiver. Two of my cameras are direct line of sight about 40-45 ft away and one of them frequently goes out of range (which triggers an alarm which it took me to contact tech support to figure how to turn off). Another camera is about 25 ft away and through an exterior wall and (mostly) works pretty well. I didn't see anything on the box or setup instructions that talked about the expected range and this should be clearly stated on the exterior packaging. I walked one of the cameras around and another 4-5 ft beyond where my cameras are set up and there's no hope. The setup does say to contact Lorex about range extenders. When I did that they said this system is too new and they haven't tested their range extenders yet. I'd give this more stars if the range wasn't so restricted.

60 out of 64


Location: Seattle

The set up was pretty easy. While you can view camera images on an iPad, iPhone or Android, I didn't realize I needed a computer monitor to control the system. The image quality is nothing like the picture on the box. There's a bit of a fish eye lens effect so people that are 30 ft from the camera look like they're 2 ft tall. If you want face recognition you need to be <5-6 ft from the cameras. The biggest issue I have, which other reviewers also note, is the cameras need to be AT MOST 50ft from the receiver. Two of my cameras are direct line of sight about 40-45 ft away and one of them frequently goes out of range (which triggers an alarm which it took me to contact tech support to figure how to turn off). Another camera is about 25 ft away and through an exterior wall and (mostly) works pretty well. I didn't see anything on the box or setup instructions that talked about the expected range and this should be clearly stated on the exterior packaging. I walked one of the cameras around and another 4-5 ft beyond where my cameras are set up and there's no hope. The setup does say to contact Lorex about range extenders. When I did that they said this system is too new and they haven't tested their range extenders yet. I'd give this more stars if the range wasn't so restricted.

61 out of 64


Location: Massachusetts

Set the cameras up very easy. Checked the status on the cameras, I had 3- 5 bars on all cameras. Once the evening rolled around I lost signal on 2-3 out of 4 cameras. The furthest camera away is less than 50 feet. The worst is when the alarm goes off at 3 AM and you have to log into the system to turn of the camera so the alarm will stop.

62 out of 64


Location: Mansfield, Ohio

I have contacted tech support 2times on the sameissue and it still does not work. Email alerts do not work and the signal keeps dropping from 50 feet away on one of the cameras. Not very impressed if it cant even alert you! $700 and it wont even alert me....that's messed up.
I just had to send another ticket for the same issue.....will it get resolved or not????

63 out of 64


Location: Wesley Chapel, FL

This is by far the best wireless security cameras we have ever owned!! Here's Why:

1) Easy to set-up.
2) Super clear video viewing.
3) Remote viewing capabilities.
4) Great weatherproof cameras that have easily been able to withstand the Florida humidity and thunderstorms that we have on a daily basis here.

I would recommend this product to my friends and family!

64 out of 64


Location: Terre Haute, IN

The out of the box set up was easy and I had no problem accessing the cameras through my android phone. Unfortunately when I tried to access the cameras on my PC using the program I downloaded from Lorex, I was unable to do so. I spend 1 hour and 45 minutes with the helpdesk, only to determine that there "appears" to be a problem with the software and that they will have to look into it. The helpdesk guy, Dave, was extremely thorough, but ultimately he couldn't resolve the problem and had to bump it up to the next level. I'm still waiting on a resolution so that I can view the cameras remotely via my PC.



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