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LH030 Eco Blackbox 3 Series 4-Channel Security Camera System with Weatherproof Wireless Cameras


(66 reviews)
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4-Channel Security Camera System with Wireless Cameras

Watch over your world from anywhere in the world with the LH030 ECO Blackbox 3. No need to run video cables - save time and money on installation with weatherproof digital wireless cameras that are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. The system features Stratus Connectivity, our innovative hassle-free cloud connection service, which allows you to instantly connect to your system over the Internet using a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.

Lorex Stratus solution

Stratus remote connectivity

Introducing the Stratus solution - an innovative hassle-free cloud connection. Download free App, scan QR code and start viewing your world securely online! The ECO Blackbox 3 DVR allows you to connect & view your system on any device no matter where you are. Complete setup with your smartphone or tablet, no PC required.

security dvr with 960h resolution

High-quality 960H resolution

The ECO Blackbox 3 DVR is optimized for use with 960H compatible cameras. Industry leading 960H (960x480) recording resolution ensures high quality live-viewing and recording. A 34% increase over standard D1 resolution (DVD quality) and a 500% increase over CIF, gives a sharper, undistorted image with a true-to-life aspect ratio with no stretched image. The DVR is also backwards compatible and supports different camera inputs: standard resolution and 960H.

Security certified hard drive

Dependable hard drive

Record in real-time to the specialty 100% duty-cycle hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at 960H (960x480) for highest resolution or set to a lower resolution for extended recording time.

Connect the ECO BlackBox3 to a TV, PC, or CCTV monitors with industry standard HDMI, VGA & BNC inputs. The intuitive interface with simple icons allows for easy & efficient security DVR programming.

LH140 series compatibility chart

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

HDTV Ready

High definition interface with HDMI output for easy connection to a TV

Flexible installation

Variety of installation options are available.



Digital Video Recorder Features:

  • Tablet / smartphone viewing and playback1
  • Lorex Stratus Connectivity - 3 step setup
  • Superior 960H Resolution - 34% more detailed and true-to-life images2
  • HDMI cable included for simple connection to HDTVs3
  • 24/7 security-grade hard drive
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Continuous, scheduled and motion recording
  • Advanced mobile apps with live viewing, playback, video recording, and snap shot
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • H.264 video compression4
  • 3 video outputs (HDMI, VGA and BNC) to connect multiple monitors
  • Pentaplex operation - view, record, playback, back up & remotely control the system simultaneously
  • PTZ cameras supported (RS485) remotely control through App
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & Daylight Savings Time
  • Automatic firmware upgrade over the Internet ensures your system is secure and up to date5


Camera Features:

  • Real-Time (up to 30fps) wireless video with MPEG-4 compression @ 640x480 (VGA) resolution6
  • Extended bandwidth delivers smooth high frame rate video6
  • SignalGuard Technology continuously monitors the wireless signal and automatically reconnects upon detecting low signal strength
  • Next generation adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology greatly reduces signal interference
  • Auto-mechanical infrared camera filter achieves accurate color reproduction in varying lighting conditions
  • 2 channel receiver for separate wireless video channels to your DVR minimizes cable clutter
  • Long Range night vision range up to 135ft (41m) / 90ft (27m)7
  • Simple installation. No video cable required8
  • Easily connects to any surveillance DVR (BNC)
  • High gain antennas provide up to 165ft (50m) indoor / 500ft (152m) outdoor wireless range9
  • Vandal resistant camera design with cable pass-through mounting brackets



1. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). An upload speed of 1Mbps is recommended for the best video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, check
2. Optimized when used with 960H compatible cameras. DVR is backwards compatible and supports different camera inputs: standard resolution and 960H.
3. High definition recording not supported, recording resolution is limited to a maximum of 960x480 per channel. Image quality and resolution is dependent on the type of camera connected to the DVR.
4. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
5. Both firmware and software must be updated to latest version to ensure remote connectivity. Always update to the latest software (available at after upgrading the DVR firmware.
6. At full signal strength. Limit number of obstructions to ensure best performance.
7. Stated IR illumination ranges are based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object.
8. Camera and receiver requires a wired connection to an electrical outlet (power adaptors included).
9. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered area required.
10. Maximum wireless transmission range. Actual range dependent upon building materials and other obstructions in path of wireless signal.

* Using multiple receivers in close proximity to each other may cause a slowdown in frame rate performance.
** If light level is too low, camera will switch over to B/W for increased light sensitivity.
*** BlackBox is used solely as a marketing term and does not imply that the product can survive fire or extreme conditions. Use product in accordance with the instructions provided.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Corporation. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.








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1 out of 66


Location: Denver, CO

Had a few issues initially but the team at Lorex Customer Service took care of it immediately. Would definitely suggest this product to a friend and family member.

The camera's are easy to install, look good and will last. Thank you Lorex!

2 out of 66


Location: Deltona, FL

Although having written instructions included may have helped more, I actually set the system up by myself!!! Had some difficulties that perhaps instructions would have eliminated some of the frustrations. BUT when my stubbornness finally let go and called the help line, I had wonderful, patient ears that quickly resolved my issue. She was awesome. I love my system and the access I have via my phone when I am away, whether it be checking in on my four legged children or the security I have knowing everything is being recorded of my exterior surroundings, for my own peace of mind!!! I have already recommended this system and will continue to recommend it to others!!!

3 out of 66


Location: Oklahoma City

I purchased this system mainly for the wireless feature. After I finally got it hooked up the system worked very well. The main problem with it is the lack of a written operating manual. I don't think thar a system costing $400 plus should make me run back and forth to a computer for instructions. The instructions that come with the system are vague at the best. This is my biggest concern. However, I do like the fact that the cameras automaticly pair with the recievers. Picture quality is good and clear. Easy to connect and mount.

4 out of 66


Location: missouri

I am very happy with the lorex products. Cameras provided clear pictures day or night. DVR is set up for easy use and access for people just starting out. Excellent service as well. 5 STARS FROM ME!

5 out of 66


Location: Texas

I received this as a Christmas gift and I love it! I especially like being able to view the live feed from my Android smartphone weather I'm at home or away. Thank you Lorex for an awesome product!

6 out of 66


Location: whistler

High quality resolution, helped me to prove that the cleaners were cheating on their timesheets, and charging double for their time.

Easy to install and use. Definitely recommend it.

7 out of 66


Location: Georgia

I brought this camera system Oct 30 of this year and was very easy to set up have cameras looking at the outside doors .Had a problem when I put Dvr on motion there was a peep but it turned out I didn't have the buzzer turned off call tech support who help me out on that problem . One of the wire-less recevice has gone bad but Lorex has a new one on the way to replace it .Like be able to view cameras from my I Phone So far I'm pleased with system

8 out of 66


Location: Vancouver

I bought the Security camera with recorder and 2 wireless camera,
This is the first time I use security cameras and it is a smart plug and play. it display on TV and also my computer, I need a good wi-fi for the cameras.
On the whole, the picture is good with nightvision.
It show the veiws on tablet and work well at time I travel to Hon Kong.

9 out of 66


Location: Kamloops BC

Very easy setup, all works great.
Happy with my purchase.
Would recommend to others.

10 out of 66


Location: Wv

Hookup was easy and cameras have a pretty good range. The program used to fine tune all of the parameters is pretty easy to use but better online tutorials would be nice. I hooked the ever to my router/modem, downloaded the app for my iPhone, scanned the qr code on the dvr and I was instantly viewing my cameras on my phone. Very satisfied so far and impressed with the options and capably of the system.

11 out of 66


Location: NJ

I am happy with this product. I was able to get the system set up rather quickly and one of my favorite features is the wireless access through the mobile app. I am also happy with the quality of the images, even in the dark.
I had trouble with one of the cameras while under warranty and when I called customer service the representative was able to help me right away over the phone figure out the problem and have a replacement part shipped.
The reason for four stars instead of five was that my first contact was through the website and my warranty/troubleshooting request did not get a response. I had to call to follow up but once I called I was helped right away.
I will definitely recommend this product.

12 out of 66


Location: Allen Park Mich

I have had a secuity alarm for years but every thing out side seems to be fair game. So I decided to install a camera system best money ever spent . It was easy to install and has a great picture. The night vision cameras are so clear even on the darkest nights.

13 out of 66


Location: Elm Grove WI

We have just installed our LX445W LH030 wireless system and so far am very pleased with it. After finding the best spot for the DVR and antennae, everything works great. We can view the pictures on any of our computers/laptops and Android cellphones. This will be absolutely awesome when we have to travel away from home. Installation was not difficult at all. In our home the hardest thing was finding power outlets in the areas we wanted to place the cameras! Thank you Lorex for a great surveillance system where you can see both real time and recordings at a super price (purchased from Sam's Club).

14 out of 66


Location: Ontario Cdn.

I have only had unit installed a couple weeks now so this just a early review.
Fairly easy to install and set-up. Details in the manual about selecting motion vs. continuous recording could be better. The fact you need to copy to all days, and all changes need to be applied to take effect. Not that it is difficult, just if it was stated in manual it would have been done right first time, not after realizing changes didn't work and having to redo. Also not much detail about alarm zones. However the system is pretty easy to figure out once you're in menu if you have some computer skills. Picture quality is okay. May be better on a hdmi monitor as opposed to the vga set-up I'm using. Have an issue with camera tripping my motion activated porch light. I have not found solution and tech support and knowledge base are slim on answers. Not sure what the work around is. If there isn't one I will return system. It's fine for the light to come on when motion is detected but not be on constantly due to IR beam of camera. The wireless signal strength is quite good in my opinion. I have one camera located in my detached garage and signal is as good as camera located on eaves of house.
Only had one occurrence of DVR not functioning properly, and a restart corrected that. Can't report on email capabilities as I have no need for that feature. The remote view thru internet will be useful and appears to work fine.
All and all it does what is says it will. I hope it will stand up to weather elements we have here. I am only rating it as 4 star because I haven't had it very long. If it keeps functioning as it is now long term, it would get a 5 star rating.

15 out of 66


Location: South Carolina

So far, so good. I was able to set the system up fairly easily. It took a little time for me to mount the cameras where I wanted them and to route the power supply cables to AC outlets, but nothing that was unexpected. I found it very useful to download the PDF file for the "Instruction Manual
LH030 ECO BLACKBOX3 SERIES" from the Lorex site. It helped me get up to speed on the features that the various quick start guides do not go into detail on. A very good product for the price. I would recommend that you look at where you plan to locate cameras and purchase camera DC power extension cables if you have to exceed the length provided by the cables that come with the system. I had to do that for two of my locations.

16 out of 66


Location: Mobile, AL

I had already submitted a review a little over a month ago after I first got the system. It was great in the beginning until the smartphone app updated. I had numerous problems connecting and had to call Lorex for technical support every 3 days, I submitted a not so great review and was asked to revise it.
So, finally after speaking to several technicians, I had some tell me that my Wi-Fi signal wasn't strong enough and also that viewing on 4G is the cause of all my problems..... I asked to have a DDNS enabled for the system. Since enabling the DDNS on the system I now have no problems connecting remotely to the cameras. Every once in a while I do have to power down the DVR to get the cameras working tho.... So, in all it is a great system for the price.

17 out of 66


Location: Waterford,MI

Great product and easy to use, But it should have the ability to disable night vision.

I would recommend to friends

18 out of 66


Location: Canada

So far everything is working good. Setup was very easy, image quality is good. Price was very good for my needs.

19 out of 66


Location: Ga

So far so good. I'm pleased with this unit. Easy setup. And tec support was awesome to work on setup. Go for it.

20 out of 66


Location: Texas

I'm pretty pleased with this system, now that I have had it in operation for a week. It seems to be a well-engineered system for the most part, and I have managed to configure all aspects, including remote access on my LG G4 smartphone, along with motion alarm emails. The latter was more involved only because I needed to set up a DDNS account just to have the email service, whereas I was using Lorex Stratus for remote access.

Interference on the 2.4 Ghz band is not too bad sdince most of my computer networking is 5 Ghz. I did, however, need to set up a separate 5 Ghz bridge for the DVR to connect it to my router, since I was too far from the router to run an Ethernet cable. This solution cost me some extra money but I knew I would need it, so no surprise.

My only criticism is the number of false motion alarms caused by rapid changes in contrast, particularly in early morning as the sun is rising, with long shadows and clouds blowing across the sun. If I decrease sensitivity to mitigate this problem, I miss a person walking across a grass lawn wearing clothing that is similar in tonality to the grass (even though it is a different color). For the price, though, this is a pretty amazing system!

21 out of 66


Location: Mobile, AL

Great product for the price. I bought this system at a local club store. Installation was fairly simple, took longer to figure out where I wanted cameras.... I protect my home and business with this system.
Mobile viewing is great, easy app set up. Caught my dog walking across the table...

22 out of 66


Location: Pittsburgh, Pa

Purchase an open box LX425W Model from Sams Club without installation instructions. It was easy installation because instructions were available on the Lorex website. Did have a login problem with DVR but was fixed by the customer support .Very happy camper with option to view camera system on my android cell phone.

23 out of 66


Location: Round Rock, Tx

This product fits very well with my budget and exactly what I needed for just 2 cameras that I installed to the front and back door of my house. Signal is very good and picture clarity even at dark night is very good. The only thing that gave me trouble was it interferes with my wifi signal significantly . I ended up buying new router and configure it to lock the channel as described in your trouble shooting guide. Extra expenses I never expected. I would like to add on an indoor camera in the future.

24 out of 66


Location: Round Rock, Tx

This product fits very well with my budget and exactly what I needed for just 2 cameras that I installed to the front and back door of my house. Signal is very good and picture clarity even at dark night is very good. The only thing that gave me trouble was it interferes with my wifi signal significantly . I ended up buying new router and configure it to lock the channel as described in your trouble shooting guide. Extra expenses I never expected. I would like to add on an indoor camera in the future.

25 out of 66



The LX425W was very easy to setup and use. I got this from Sams Club, great price too. I would recommend this system for your first one. I ordered two more cameras from Amazon, cant wait to set them up. The white cameras blend in to my home. You can't even see them.

Kyle Page

26 out of 66


Location: long island ny

purchased this system from a electronics store and im very pleased with it . its my first wireless system and to my surprise it works really well easy to install and the picture looks great I wish the antennas were a little longer to get a better signal but all in all I would go with this product for anyone who is looking for an affordable wireless system

27 out of 66


Location: Austin, Tx

I saw this system at Sam's Club and thought I would give it a try. I was a bit skeptical on the "easy set-up" and was pleasantly surprised. The system was installed with 2 cameras in about an hour's time. I am having internet issues at this writing, so I cannot respond to reviewers who say the system slows down their internet. The first day I had it, I lauched multiple windows on 2 computers and an iPad while steaming a movie on Netflix and had no issues with degredation of signal. Overall, I like the system and the smartphone capabilities.

28 out of 66


Location: Fort Smith, Ar

I just purchased this system last week and can't be happier. It was difficult in setting the system up to do motion only recording but once I did, it works great. I now wish that I had bought the 8 channel system. I needed a minimum of 6 cameras but the store I bought it at did not carry the 6 channel system only the 2. I now want to order two additional cameras for this set.

The cameras give a wider range from left to right than I was expecting and the clarity of the cameras would rate up there with the 1000.00 systems.

I would definitely recommend this 4 camera set or larger to anyone wanting to have an inexpensive home security system. I have one camera aimed under our carport simply because our vehicles were broken into two weeks ago and a lot of items were stolen. In the blackest of night, this camera gives one a clear, crisp picture of the surroundings. I am SO pleased that I decided to purchase this. I will be talking with Lorex in the morning for the two additional cameras.

29 out of 66


Location: Greeley, Colorado

My wife and I bought the lh030 eco black box 3 series security wireless camera system and could not be happier. All you need is a power source and there are no other wires to deal with. The camera's are clear and the night vision is awesome. Much better than I thought it would be. It was very easy to hook up and we had it running in short order. I would definitely recommend this camera system to anyone looking to increase their own personal security.

30 out of 66


Location: USA

Exactly what I needed, great price. only wish it came with a paper manual

31 out of 66


Location: West Virginia

LH030 very easy to get up & running. The only reason that I didn't give it 5 stars is because manual is non-existent. Cannot find it on line. Purchased at Sam's Club, maybe special for them?

32 out of 66


Location: Mrytle beach

I bought LH030 last Sunday hook up on Monday had no problem I liked the picture so good I ordered two more just got them Thursday that was fast when I called to order the person was very nice and tech surport was the same

33 out of 66


Location: Jacksonville, Fl.

Easy set up. Able to look at on phone with downloaded app. Able to get decent signal through concrete and sheet rock walls from opposite side of house. Picture quality is pretty good after adjusting antennas and making adjustments on the pictures from the recorder, considering it is not a high end system, could be better. Recorder is working fine.
Over all, so far after having this for three weeks, I am satisfied with the system.

34 out of 66


Location: Alberta

System was easy to set up. Had an issue setting up e-mail notifications,but a call to customer support resolved the issue, they were very helpful . So far happy with the system.

35 out of 66


Location: Cleveland

Easy to set up. Getting use to features. Disappointed in the poor quality of the picture. After one month camera's both caught a Purse Snatcher running down the street at 1100 on a snowy background setting. One camera about 30-40 feet away the other 100 feet away. Neither picture was good enough quality to ever identify the subject. Very disappointed.

36 out of 66


Location: EHT New Jersey

I installed my new Lorex system with no problems . I will purchase an additional camera to cover another area of my property

37 out of 66


Location: Central Indiana

Although Stratus connectivity does not work with our Brighthouse WiFi (it did originally, then quit after some updates Brighthouse made to the cable), Lorex tech set up a DDNS connection that works extremely well. So well, in fact, we've purchased a second set of cameras. Installation was plug-and-play... no issues except finding a plug for each power supply near the location of the cameras and UPS for the wireless adapter. Very pleased to have this added security

38 out of 66


Location: North Carolina

Have just installed this system that I bought from Sam's Club. Took the wireless over the wired options for ease of installing. Thus far the pictures are adequate and the ability to keep track of the house when away make me think that it is going to be just what I need. If so, I will probably purchase two more cameras to watch additional areas.

39 out of 66


Location: Ft. Walton Beach, Fl

I bought LH030 Eco Blackbox 4 channel wireless system w/2 cameras from SAM's Club and also purchased 2 additional cameras from Amazon. The picture clarity is great, both day and night and I love that fact that having the wireless system kept me from climbing in the attic and having to run wires. We did need to go the Lorex website to download the owner's manual and were able to download the ECO Stratus app for the iPhone from the App store and set up both iPhone and computer to enable remote viewing. The only real issue we had was that in order to download the Client Software for the PC from the Lorex website, we first needed to get a copy of WinZip so we could un-zip that file. It been about a month now and I'm happy with the product.

40 out of 66


Location: mew mexico, USA

I like the easy way to install. But they have problem with the remote monitor. I was not able to connect using DDNS

41 out of 66


Location: West Virginia

Added these to our security system to view the front and back door, so far they work great, very easy setup. Love the motion options. Does slow the wifi down in the home though, only complaint.

42 out of 66


Location: South Carolina

I bought this system from Sams Club. setup was easy. I mounted one camera in front of house and one at the back good signal from both. picture quality is good. setup on my tablet took about 2 minutes and it works great. You tube videos are very helpful.

43 out of 66


Location: vermont

I purchased this security camera system over the phone to a Lorex rep.She was very helpful to place my order .Delivery date was 5 to 7 business days but I received it in 4 which was very surprising .packaging was very good and secure .The system is very easy to install the hardest part was installing outlets for the cameras since they require power . picture quality is very clear even though my furthest camera is about 150 ft. Can not wait to purchase 2 more cameras to add coverage to my property

44 out of 66


Location: vermont

I purchased this security camera system over the phone to a Lorex rep.She was very helpful to place my order .Delivery date was 5 to 7 business days but I received it in 4 which was very surprising .packaging was very good and secure .The system is very easy to install the hardest part was installing outlets for the cameras since they require power . picture quality is very clear even though my furthest camera is about 150 ft. Can not wait to purchase 2 more cameras to add coverage to my property

45 out of 66


Location: Maryland

Just got this and the cameras look good. I haven't had a chance to put them up outside, but inside they look great. I had software issues. I called customer support twice today, with two different problems, and Ryan and Lewis were excellent and handled my issues with a professional, courteous and knowledgeable manner. Even though the documentation that comes with the item is lacking, their customer support is way above par. FYI When you call, it will advise you that you will have approximately 25 minutes for help. I found this was not true, I only waited about 4 to get service both times. It was also nice to talk to someone in customer support that speaks English and that I could understand.

46 out of 66


Location: New jersey

I purchased this item at SAm's Club in Edison. the set up was easy and the cameras are okay for the price $269. I am having diffficulty getting the manual from the website but I not called the customer service number yet. So far this system is what I expected.

47 out of 66


Location: West Virginia

Very easy to set up and decent picture. So far very happy with this product, I would highly recommend

48 out of 66


Location: Northern Missouri

The system arrived in good condition. The quick start guides let me test the cameras, but the manuals from the website are really needed to setup and understand motion detection. The camera signal have a hard time with aluminum siding. Had to place receiver antennas in a windows to keep from loosing signal once in a while. Otherwise the system works pretty good.

49 out of 66


Location: Shreveport, La.

This is one of the easiest systems I have ever installed, although the camera's require power to be in use this does not hamper their positioning. Once the camera's are installed the hook up of the dvr is very easy and connecting them to your smart phone or tablet is very easy and makes for being able to check on your property at anytime and anywhere you may be. The only draw back is the high cost of the extra camera's to upgrade to the full 4 monitor system the unit is able to use. On sale were I bought my system while on sale I can actually buy another complete system for less then the cost of the two extra cameras. I think that the company needs to look at the cost of selling the extra cameras and being able to lower the price they may sell more if they would. Overall I would give this system a 5star rating and recommend it to anyone for use.

50 out of 66


Location: Bladenboro, NC

Set up of system and ability to view via smart phone was not too hard. Picture quality on smart phone terrible. Picture quality on TV excellent. Unable to set up to view via Internet on PC. 1-877-755-6739 technical support has lovely music but no operators. Called twice was on hold for more than an hour. Username and password in set up works for only one part. Can not complete system set up with out access. Returning system. If all you want is to se who is outside via your TV works great.

51 out of 66


Location: Syracuse, N.Y.

Bought a system, can't install, and there is NO SUCH THING AS CUSTOMER SUPPORT. It MIGHT be a good system, but I CAN'T TELL. Spent an entire day trying, desperately, to get some customer support, to no avail

52 out of 66


Location: Florence S.C.

I am not dumb but some of the new technology does comfuse me. But this system was very easy to set up . The connection to my phones and tablet went flawlessly. I am still trying to fine tune it and I intend to buy a pan and tilt camera to add to the system. I bought it at Sams Club and I felt the price was very good

53 out of 66


Location: Virginia

This is a great set of cameras that are clear during the day and at night. This was an easy system to set up. The instructions that come with it are very brief but they get you started and you can get detailed manuals from the website. The apps for the computer, cell phone and I-Pad are easy to download and easy to get started viewing your property from anywhere!

54 out of 66


Location: Honolulu

This was a very easy system to set up and operate; however the written instructions are poorly done... but on the bright side they are written in various languages. Possibly they are clear in one of the various languages; I was trying to understand the English version. I think I need the full manual but not sure where to find it, I only see a 18 page version in English on the website. I would prefer that the system only records when it senses motion but apparently that is not easy to program... or at least not if you are reading in English. The rest of the system is great. It started operating immediately once it was connected. The image quality is excellent and the range of the wireless is adequate. I will buy two additional cameras if I can figure out how to get a two pack, which I think is available... maybe not to English speakers.

55 out of 66


Location: Darlington So Carolina

I got my system Oct 22,a few days ago from Sam's. I really like it a lot, Iam still getting familiar with it . I called support and they helped with a few issues. I would say I got my monies worth. I also would recommend this system to a friend. I love the pictures,they are very clear. Iam wanting to buy some more accessories soon. Thanks LOREX for making a good product with good customer service.

56 out of 66


Location: North Bay, On, Canada

I purchased my system from Staples on-line a few days ago. System was very easy to setup and went live as soon as they were hooked up. The instruction with the system were very vague as to how the system would be managed. I have now downloaded and printed out the 178 page manual so that I can operate the system. Until I have read and understand this bible I will not get it set up properly. I have not been able to use the mouse or remote yet.

The system does work very good with clear pictures during the day and night time is fairly clear also.

I hope the manual will help with the controls and operation of the system, but there is a lot of reading to do with the 178 page manual.

57 out of 66


Location: Texas

We purchased the 2 wireless camera system from SAMS. The system was very easy to install and was up and running as soon as I had the DVRD hooked up. My wife, who is retired and stays at home, loves it. The only two problems are the manual, which is vague in areas. I had no problem with the camera installation. It was unclear how you operated the program when the system was up and running and how and where to get the software for your PC and Cell phone. I finally downloaded and printed out the manual on line and that solved the problem. There does need to be a power card extension of some type. We do love the cameras, signal is good and the pictures are clear during the day and night. We are going to purchase two additional cameras in the near furture. If not for the unclear operation of the software and the need for addition power card extention I would rate this product 5 stars.

58 out of 66


Location: Pennsylvania

I have installed commercial systems at my job that cost thousands of dollars. I am now retired and looked at several different systems, especially wireless due to the fact I did not want to be running underground cables. Decided to try the LOREX LX425W wireless. Other than the instructions being fairly vague I had this system, 2 cameras and a DVR up and running in less than an hour. The picture quality is exceptional and the night vision is unsurpassed. I will be looking at installing a couple more cameras later. Exceptional picture quality for the price. I gave 4 stars due to the manual being hard to understand with no instructions for the remote or setup of the record and playback functions.

59 out of 66


Location: California

After a lengthy research process on security cameras, we purchased this system from Sam's Club. Physical setup was easy, as the cameras were easy to position, and no setup for connecting to the DVR was required. The cameras were a little bigger than I expected, but hopefully that's helpful as a deterrence. The images are strong, both during the day and at night.

The problem I had was with the software. Initially, I wasn't able to interact with the DVR directly until it was reset a couple of times. The Mac software consistently crashes (tech support said it's a known bug), so to reliably input settings, I had to use the TV interface with an on-screen keyboard. The email notification is not timely and does not always work. On the other hand, that may be alright, as even defining a small motion area gets a lot of alerts from birds, etc.

The mobile apps are alright. Sometimes they connect very quickly, other times, I have to choose the system and camera again. The remote playback can be very responsive or very unresponsive.

Finally, my biggest complaint is that the wireless receiver for the cameras interferes with our wireless router. We have a range extender also on the 2.5gHz frequency, and the speed has slowed dramatically. Locking the router to a single channel has helped some (see, but it's not what it used to be.

Despite these issues, I don't regret getting the system. It's solid, and we got it at a great price. It meets our need without breaking the bank!

60 out of 66


Location: NY

Recently we had two of our vehicles 8 tires slashed while parked in our driveway. After these events we have become shaken and uncomfortable in our surroundings. It doesn't help that we did not have any sort of security system in place.

After careful research we opted to purchase the Lorex LH03041TC4W model from another P.C. Richard & Son. The 1TB drive can record up to 263 hours at the highest setting. The drive is a security-grade 24/7 recording type that overwrites.

Installation for this system is a breeze. We chose this WIRELESS option because we currently rent our apartment and did not feel like wiring the whole building. Installation of this system is five stars; keep in mind that each camera must be plugged into an outlet. We had an outdoor outlet on our balcony (the literature states that they need to be plugged into an indoor outlet) but not for the other camera on the other side of the building. We did have to drill a hole into the building and fed the wire through there. The cord that plugs into the camera is only 6 foot long and the power cables that attach to that and into the grounded outlet are also 6 feet long. This allows you about 12 feet of length for a nearby outlet. If you will not be drilling holes then I do not see how you could possibly install these cameras outdoors, short of leaving a window open (wouldn't recommend that!). When drilling the hole we recommend that you use a half-inch drill bit.

From the moment the system was turned on, the cameras were visible to the system. The reason this product loses a star is because the cameras are not PTZ. There is no auto-focus or any focus for that matter. There is no optical zoom only a digital zoom for zooming in on certain areas while connected to the Stratus DVR. This makes it rather difficult to discern actual faces and you can forget about license plate numbers. So far we have not had any connectivity issues via WIFI. Color saturation is actually nice and in the cool color-tone scheme. They are supposed to work and turn to black and white color when it is absolutely dark outside. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY not true! Once evening rolls around (keep in mind this is a summer evening in urban NY)the camera switches to black and white automatically. This is a big disappointment even if it does render nicely. The image is clear but is severely lacking any focus.

The Lorex Eco Stratus app is easy enough to navigate and operates perfectly on our Android OS phones. The main issue with the live viewing streaming is the fact that the refresh rate makes it very laggy and jittery. They claim that it has to do with your internet connection, but we have found that do be a fallacy and an easy excuse thrown out by Lorex. Our internet connection is strong and viable. The laggy and jittery issues do not occur when viewing from a dedicated monitor/tv screen. Even with it's shortcomings it is nice to have access to your camera views online. We have been able to use the app away from home as long as there was a WIFI or 4G LTE connection. Another issue with the app is that when accessing the live view at different times you have to connect to the DVR again by pressing the 'save' button in the Device Manager until you see the word CONNECTED. This is very annoying. If you are buying this system for the live view from a device then I would suggest that you pass. It isn't where it should be. It is a cute little perk that isn't ready for prime time.

The loss of one more star is because in the included literature it states that the cameras should be placed in a 'sheltered' location. It is rather contradictory because they are labeled WEATHERPROOF, yet they want us to shelter them. Two cameras our currently placed under an open balcony and one is in the open. I will report back if

61 out of 66


Location: Florida

Recently purchased wireless camera system LOLH03041TC2 and had a couple of problems with cameras. After numerous calls was able to talk to rep. at the new tech. customer service center, who was quite helpful in determining there was problem the wireless cameras at last. The cameras were faulty and they are sending new cameras The old tech. center has a awful
wait time period. If the cameras are working the system is awsome!

62 out of 66


Location: Windsor, NC

Purchased this at a Sam's Club. Had been looking for a wireless system. This system was very easy to set up. My only problem was getting power to cameras outside, but that is now done. Love the system. Plan on purchasing a couple more cameras. Would recommend this system. I am not an electronics expert, so the easy hook up was good for me.

63 out of 66


Location: Georgia

Made my purchase at the local Sams club. Installation was fairly simple and so far I am pleased with the unit. I just hope that it helps put a face to the criminals that have been stealing things from my property so they can be turned in to law enforcement.

64 out of 66


Location: Virginia

Love this setup. Easy to set up DVR and cameras. Now that I see how easy everything is to set up, I will be adding 2 more cameras. Website support is confusing though and am still having trouble with downloads, but the system itself works great! Still haven't figured how to get internet access. Extensions for camera power cords would be nice. Cords for everything you buy anymore always seem to be 3 ft too short. Would rate 5 stars if support wasn't so hard to figure out online.

65 out of 66


Location: Illinois

Due to the construction of our home wired installation would have been extremely difficult but the wireless system was manageable. The product worked better than expected and the cameras provided enough distance at night and good color during daylight. Was concerned about signal penetration through the homes structure but no issues so far. My only grievance is with the manual,
would really appreciate terminology definitions and a better description how and why you configure the system. To date the only feature I haven't got to work is external access from a public network, very frustrating and searching online has only turned up fragments of information. Would like to see another option for the power source, outlet power supplies are cumbersome.

66 out of 66


Location: Texas

Extremely easy to set up and run. Hooked up an old monitor to be able to see a more "traditional" view when in the house. Works great. Thinking about adding some more cameras - love the wireless part.
Only wish there was a power cord extension available.



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