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16 Channel Series Security DVR system with 720p HD Cameras


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View your World in HD

Experience the gold standard in analog surveillance video that is second only to being there yourself. This HD DVR records video in real-time at 720p HD, double the resolution of 960H, on all 16 channels. Including 4, 8 or 16 fully-loaded megapixel security cameras, this system uses standard BNC cabling to transmit stunning HD images for a surveillance experience like no other. Maintain vigilance with best-in-class image quality and view your world with new eyes.

FLIR Cloud connectivity solution

FLIR Cloud remote connectivity

Introducing FLIR Cloud™, our innovative hassle-free cloud connection service. Say goodbye to IP & router port forwarding issues - you can quickly and easily connect to your security system using a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. FLIR Cloud™ will have you viewing your system remotely within minutes on your iOS or Android™ device. Simply download the free App, scan the QR code and start viewing your world securely online! Stay abreast of important developments with push notifications for motion events, and instant email alerts with snapshot attachments.

The HD DVR is bundled with 720p wired HD bullet cameras that provide superb surveillance footage both day and night. The cameras are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, with a fully weatherproof, polycarbonate housing that stands up against intruders and the elements. See it all, day and night, with best-in-class low light clarity, close up recognition in the dark with Smart IR, and an impressive night vision range of up to 130ft (40m).

PTZ camera movement

PTZ camera movement

(LHV10162TC12Z1B only) This premium security bundle is made complete with the extraordinary LZV1722 PTZ camera, which allows you to take your surveillance monitoring to the next level. It uses 12X Optical Zoom and 16X Digital Zoom to view small and distant objects in incredible detail. Rapid 300° per second panning speed, 200° per second tilt speed, and continuous 360° rotation allows the camera to quickly move and focus on different objects in the scene. There is no need to run special wiring to control the camera's movements – video transmission and PTZ control are achieved using the same BNC cable for easy setup. The PTZ camera includes everything that is needed for flexible, weatherproof installation. Mount the camera on a wall or a ceiling, indoor or outdoor – LZV1722 is suitable for any application where exceptional performance is a must.

Security certified hard drive

Security hard drive

Record in real-time 30 frames per second to the security grade 100% duty-cycle hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at 720p HD (1280x720) for the highest resolution, or change the settings to a lower resolution for extended recording time.

For those who already own a wired security system, upgrading to HD surveillance has never been easier - simply swap out your old BNC cameras for new 720p wired HD cameras that use the same cabling. Extend the video signal up to 800ft (242m) with a single run of RG59 coaxial cable for flexible installation.

Extend video up to 800ft with RG59 coaxial cable

Connect the HD DVR to a TV or LCD monitor with industry standard HDMI and VGA inputs. The intuitive interface with simple menus and icons allow for easy & efficient security DVR programming. Other advanced features of the HD DVR include click-and-drag digital zoom in live view and playback, dynamic drag & drop camera assignment, and PTZ control through coaxial cabling.

LHD818 compatibility chart

HDTV Ready

High definition interface with HDMI output for easy connection to a TV

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Flexible installation

Variety of installation options are available.



Digital Video Recorder features:

  • High definition 720p recording. Double the resolution of 960H 1
  • Real-time recording at 30fps per channel
  • 24/7 security-grade hard drive
  • Continuous, scheduled and motion recording
  • H.264 video compression 2
  • HDMI cable included for simple connection to HD TVs
  • PTZ cameras supported, remote control through App 1
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & daylight savings time
  • Click and drag digital zoom in live view and playback
  • 2 video outputs (HDMI & VGA) to connect multiple monitors
  • Instant USB backup of live video from selected camera
  • Automatic firmware upgrade
  • 3-Step remote view with FLIR Cloud? 3
  • PC and Mac compatible 4
  • Free iOS and Android compatible apps 5
  • Advanced apps with live viewing, playback, video recording, and snap shot
  • Push notifications of motion events
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Dual streaming to conserve bandwidth

Bullet Camera Features:

  • High definition 720p 1 megapixel image sensor delivers double the resolution of 960H 1
  • Crystal clear video with outstanding detail, day or night
  • Infrared cut filter ensures accurate color representation
  • Night vision range up to 130ft (40m) in ambient lighting& 90ft (28m) in total darkness 2
  • Close up recognition in the dark with SmartIR
  • Anti-glare feature ensures clear images under strong lighting conditions
  • ClearNight imaging for superior low light performance, improving recording efficiency
  • Split glass design minimizes IR reflection
  • Weatherproof for outdoor & indoor installation (IP66 Rated) 3
  • Extreme temperature performance (-22F ~ 122F)
  • Wide angle 90 field of view
  • Vandal resistant design with cable pass-through bracket
  • Lightweight and durable polycarbonate housing
  • Removable camera base and integrated cable for flexible installation
  • Versatile ceiling or wall mounting options
  • Residential and business friendly compact design
  • 60ft BNC/Power extension cable included per camera
  • Energy-efficient CEC (California Energy Commission) compliant power adapter included
  • Extend the video signal up to 800ft (242m) with a singlerun RG59 coaxial cable for flexible installations 4

Dome Camera Features:

  • High definition 720p image sensor delivers double the resolution of 960H 1
  • Crystal clear video with outstanding detail, day or night
  • Infrared cut filter ensures accurate color representation
  • Night vision range up to 90ft (28m) in ambient lighting & 130ft (40m) in total darkness 2
  • Close up recognition in the dark with SmartIR
  • ClearNight imaging for superior low light performance, improving recording efficiency
  • Extreme temperature performance (-22F ~ 140F)
  • Weatherproof for outdoor & indoor installation (IP66 Rated) 3
  • Wide angle 90 field of view
  • Residential and business friendly compact design
  • 3-axis design for wall / ceiling mounting


PTZ Camera Features (LHV10162TC12Z1B only):

  • High definition 720p resolution 1.3 MP Sony Exmor image sensor 1
  • Powerful 12 x optical zoom and 16 x digital zoom to focus in on even the finest details
  • Full 360 continuous pan rotation for complete area coverage. Fast 300 per second panning speed
  • Zoom lens for viewing small or distant objects with enhanced definition
  • Control PTZ camera movement and transmit video over a single coaxial cable
  • Program preset viewing points, patterns, scan cycles and tours when connected to a DVR
  • Remote control of the PTZ camera using a smartphone or tablet (when connected to a DVR)
  • Day/Night mode: picture automatically switches to B&W delivering better clarity in low light conditions
  • ClearNight imaging for superior low light performance 2
  • Infrared cut filter ensures accurate color representation
  • High definition video with outstanding detail, day or night
  • Weatherproof for outdoor & indoor installation (IP66 Rated) 3
  • Wall mount & 100ft extension cable included for installation flexibility


DVR Disclaimers

1. Compatible with Lorex 720p wired HD cameras only. For a list of compatible cameras, please visit
2. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
3. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). A minimum upload speed of 1Mbps is required for the best video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time.
4. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, please visit
All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Technology Inc. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.

Bullet & Dome Camera Disclaimers

1. Compatible with Lorex HD DVR LHV1000 series only.
2. Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and in total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area, and light reflection / absorption level of object. In low light, the camera will switch to black and white.
3. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.
4. The extension cable must be a single stretch of cable between the DVR and camera. You cannot connect multiple extension cables to each other. For cable runs above 300ft(92m), you must connect the power adapter directly to the camera, rather than at the end of the extension cable.

PTZ Camera Disclaimers

1. Compatible with Lorex HD DVR LHV1000 series only.
2. This camera features an ultra-low light sensitive image sensor and therefore does not feature Infra-Red LEDs. The camera requires ambient lighting (for example, street/ building lighting, star or moon light) to render a night time image. In total darkness (zero Lux), the camera will not produce a night time image and therefore the camera should not be installed in completely dark areas.
3. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.










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1 out of 76


Location: Sugar Land, TX

Good system for the money. Great Value. We are planning to get another one for our other store.

2 out of 76


Location: San Diego

Overall a very decent system purchased through Costco about 6 months ago. Good image quality, both during day and night. I use the FLIR app on iPhone daily and it works great, only a few times it wouldn't connect or load up the camera views, but jus reloading the app resolved it.

Lorex service by phone and by email has been impeccable.
1. Since I was using a 720p TV and the system is preset for 1080p, I couldn't get an image on the screen to set the resolution of the system down. Lorex' technician help me work through it and was extremely patient.
2. One camera started to have an unfocused image that turned out to be caused by the wire: Lorex promptly offered technical help and to swap camera and cables.

One drawback I find is that the DVR is unusually loud, to the point that I wonder if the fan in it is defective? I have wrapped the DVR in sound proofing recycle pad to cut down the noise.

3 out of 76


Location: Elkton me 12921

I love the system started with 720 dpi and liked it so I got the 16 channel 1080 dpi . The install went easy and the system is dependable and I love the cloud system. Highly recommended

4 out of 76


Location: Elkton Maryland

I like this proudict so much that I brought a nother one so now I have 2 16 channel systems I think the flir cloud system is the easiest and best one money can buy it never lets me down I can ce my system anywhere I go and that is important to me best security out there

5 out of 76


Location: Neenah,Wi

Purchased system in December 2015 and had a few small problems until now when a camera stopped working. One small problem has to do with the USB port that the mouse is plugged into. I need to occasionally switch from the back one to the front because the curser either doesn't show up or stops moving when moving the mouse.
The other problem is I have 8 cameras, that came with the system, hooked up to the 16 camera system, the LOREX isn't suppose to show any camera's not activated but when scanning the 8 of 16 channels all 16 come up on the monitor showing a black screen with brand name LOREX showing up while scanning.
My last system, not LOREX lasted about 6 months then two of the four cameras lost the night vision. The LOREX has one of the clearest view night or day. My last LOREX was a wireless that lasted years, hope I have the same luck with this one.
Pending is a camera that stopped working, the support group was very efficient and very helpful when dealing this camera problem. Two days ago a ticket number has been supplied but the replacement of the bad camera is still in the works.

6 out of 76


Location: Bronx,New York

Extremely easy to set up, beautiful quality, replay is fast and intuitive and so many options for customization of recording!
Good System!

7 out of 76


Location: Anchorage, AK

We had a Lorex system installed a couple months ago and it seems to be ok.
I am not a fan of the FLIRCloud program-I did not find it very intuitive. I have used security programs that were much more user friendly. We are still working out which record settings work best for us- I had it set on motion only and ended up losing a couple days.

8 out of 76


Location: Sarasota Fl

Amazing cameras, great easy setup. Had one dead camera out of the box, warranty has been a pain to get, its taken a few calls and they said they hadn't received my bill of sale even though they had it for a week and a half. The Technical service people are amazing and are very patient, knowledgeable and compassionate. The system has even impressed the deputies I had at my home reviewing footage because we had some issues with a vehicle out front of my home. The deputy asked for the model number and where he could get it before he left. I highly recommend and had written a much longer more detailed review however I accidentally hit cancel instead of the 4 stars I'm giving it because of the bad warranty department. I'm not even the least bit upset that I had a dead camera, I'm just bummed out that 3 weeks later I still have a dead camera.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the wait with your replacement. It is expected to be delivered to you today.

9 out of 76


Location: Bolton Ms

These cameras are the easiest to install and the quality is great for the price I paid for them. I am planning on buying more cameras to add to my system. I haven't had the first problem with them. Great picture. The picture at night is better than I expected. would recommend this camera setup to everybody. Love it!!!!!

10 out of 76


Location: Canada

High quality of the cameras picture.
Installation very easy.
Great value for the price I paid.

11 out of 76


Location: GA

I purchased the LHV2000 system to replace an older ECO system that we had outgrown. I already had the majority of cabling in place so the installation was simple. I ran into a few problems setting up the FLIR Cloud app on my desktop and iPad but I called customer service and they quickly walked me through the necessary steps I missed.

Very impressed with the picture quality of the cameras and ease of installation. Great value for the price I paid.

12 out of 76


Location: Maryland

I bought the LHV162C8D4B with 12 1080 HD cameras. It was easy to install and very easy to connect to from the outside world.

After about six months I started to have an issue with rebooting. They are going to send me another DVR. This is different from Q-See which had me send the DVR back to them and then did not fix the issue.
I do have a problem with the trouble tickets numbers. they appear to have one than one system so the numbers do not match.
I am happy so far

13 out of 76


Location: AZ

Great product and very reasonably priced. The install instructions are a bit limited and I had to call support a few times to help with the setup, but the support was good.

14 out of 76


Location: Van Nuys, California

I bought the 1080p version as well. I knew that there was going to be a bit of work to install cleanly into the attic but the effort paid off wonderfully. I am so happy with this system. I made an error programming my tablet to view... I called customer service twice for help programming and they solved my issue immediately. Easy to operate and fun to use. Note: get the 1080P. Well with it!

15 out of 76


Location: Hawaii

Purchased this system at Costco. Modified the system by adding a separate power supply and fabricating my own heavier gauge power and video cables to meet my own needs as the stock cables weren't long enough for my camera placement. A few of my runs are 130 ft.

The DVR works flawlessly, and the cameras function as they should. Excellent picture quality both day and night. Added some lighting to the areas that were pitch black and that improved the night time picture quality immensely.

Cameras are easy to adjust and setting up remote viewing was easy. No issues with the equipment or apps. Satisfied customer.

16 out of 76


Location: Austin Texas

Bought this system at Costco a little more than a year ago, but, just got to installing it this past weekend. Un fortunately my DVR did not work out of the box, but, my calls to customer service were great. The tech I worked with today Jules was excellent. Still need to complete the process but I am hopeful after todays call.
Hpe to increase this review to 5 stars when the service process is complete

17 out of 76


Location: Wisconsin

Great product so far. Easy install. Remote viewing is easy to set up and works great. Dvr is a little noisy but not a big deal. Good quality picture.

18 out of 76


Location: Canada

Extremely easy to set up, beautiful quality, replay is fast and intuitive and so many options for customization of recording! Love it!

19 out of 76


Location: New Jersey

Easy to set up. Easy to get phone app up and running. Quality video. The DVR has a fan noise, but other then that great product.

20 out of 76


Location: L.A, Ca.

1 week in and so far so good. Clear & crisp cams. One camera was kinda shaky for a bit but so far its righted itself and hopefully that stays steady. Having issues logging on from my laptop to view cams, so hopefully that issue will be resolved.

21 out of 76


Location: California

Easy to install. Excellent picture quality. The DVR runs hot and has a fan noise which can be annoying. A bit of a problem with the sign on for admin. The mouse clicks are overly sensitive. Overall, a great system

22 out of 76


Location: Georgia

Lorex 16 channel (LHV16212)security system is excellent.
I strongly recommend to buy.
It's super easy to use.

23 out of 76


Location: So. Cal.

Bought this system from Costco a week ago today. Except I bought the 1080p version, I just couldn't find it to review it. We got it all set up in a few hours, only using 6 of the 12 cameras in our apt. We use one for our outside patio watching our cars and the others in entry points in the house. Set up was wonderful and simple, the cords are marvelously long (which I was worried about, but Costco said we could return if it didn't work out), the mobile app is great and interactive! My only complaint was the sensitivity was so delicate that the sun rising was setting off the motion detection. After finding a tutorial online we were able to change the settings quite easily. Would definitely recommend this product, I already have such a great peace of mind. Thanks lorex!

24 out of 76


Location: Florida

Very satisfied with this system easy hook up, upgraded from 4 ch to 16 1080p very clear image only 3 easy remote steps to view over your network.

25 out of 76


Location: PA

Upgraded from an 8-channel 720p Lorex system to a 16-channel 1080p system (LHV221600). Was able to use all existing wiring so camera setup was easy. Day/Night imaging quality is excellent. The Android phone app was also easy to setup (5 minutes), and it works very well. Only negative is the user manual - it does not explain things very well so it took a lot of trial and error to get all the settings correct. Overall, it's a very nice system.

26 out of 76


Location: Olympia, WA

After completing all the work to finish the wiring the cameras seem to work wonderfully. My husband and I both agree we wish the menu would be more user friendly if they were labeled with words rather than icons. The system has been flawless otherwise. We LOVE the mobile viewing options.

27 out of 76


Location: North Hollywood

Finally I recived my replacement DVR and stars working good. I am happy all supervisor promised me to send and they send me express mail.
Picture quality is grate. No complain,
I am satisfied with the full package. Thank you Lorex😀

28 out of 76


Location: Victorville

I am so fed up with Lorex Support. It is by far the worst experience ever for support.
I have had several phone conversations with them and they still have not shipped a replacement camera.
If you are considering purchasing a Lorex system DO NOT DO IT. Go to another company.
Here is what happened. I purchased a 16 channel, 12 camera system from Costco on 08/22/2015.
One of the Cameras turns out to be bad. This is my 5th system purchased through the years. My second Lorex.
Their support has been absolutely horrible. A complete disaster. Nothing but a verbal run around with lies and no results.
First call to them on 08/25/2015. They required model of system, model of camera, serial number of dvr, of camera, etc.
Explained to them how I tested and know the camera is bad for a fact. They said they would send out a replacement right away.
Next day, received an email requesting purchase receipt. Scanned and emailed receipt, etc. etc. etc. "
Called again. "Will ship one out right away, etc..... ", Two weeks later; nothing.
Another call to (888)425-6739. "This was suppose to be taken care of, etc. etc. etc.".
Was told someone would be contacting me in 3 to 5 days? For what? They have all the information. No contact.
09/17/2015 On hold for 33 min. Transferred to supervisor. Will be calling to authorize replacement.
Will call me back in 1 hour. Never called.
09/24/2015. Called Costco for help. Costco called Lorex. Costco got a complete run around from them too. (Costco has been great btw!)
Here is there support routine. "So sorry to hear about that. I will be happy to help you.", etc. etc. etc.
I will have somebody call you in 1 hour." I ask for what? You have all my info. Transfer to Supervisor.
"I'll get this taken care of", etc. etc. "Somebody will be calling you in 1 hour. " You will never receive that call.
"I need to call Canada for the replacement." They are closed. It's early afternoon.
My support ticket number with Lorex is: 1284847.
Case number with Costco: 6892740. I will be contacting Costco's upper management; writing a letter with these issues
to corporate. Hopefully Costco will drop Lorex like a hot potato and Lorex will go out of business.
BTW: I purchased 4 more cameras to make it a full 16 for about $70 per camera; including cables.
How much could it possible cost Lorex for 1 camera?

We apologize for the difficulty you have experienced. It is not our intent to make the replacement process difficult. Thank you for your feedback.

29 out of 76


Location: Michigan

Purchased this package from Costco and installed it pretty easily. somewhat flexible with use, although I had one AC adaptor go bad already. After 4-5 months I am satisfied with the full package.

30 out of 76


Location: Pico Rivera

Product works great and the pictures are clear. Reasonable price for the whole system, purchased at Costco. Replaced my old Lorex system. Old and new DVR fans are noisy but new system is great.

31 out of 76


Location: Maryland

Bought this system from Costco to replace a failed system (bad things happen when the electric company sends 35K Volts through your house wiring).

System is being used to monitor both our house and our barn. Clear picture, easy to configure, and very flexible. So far no issues with camera or DVR. Highly recommended.

32 out of 76


Location: Toronto

I purchased this system through Costco Canada to replaced my 8 years old Q-see system.
At first I wanted to buy the 1080P system but then changed my mind and bought this unit due to 2 main reasons.
1. First reason was price different.
2. Second reason was the wiring.
With this system I can use my existing cables which save a lot of hassle.
The picture quality was much clearer compare to my old system.
Setting up remote viewing on iPhone, iPad and Android tablet was much easier than my old system too.
I am, however, having issues with remote viewing on my laptop.
I can connect and view the cameras once I am at home only.
Night vision works well at night as long as the cameras are not angled too close to the brick walls.
Motion detection is a gimmick, it does not work very well.
You end up receiving too many false notifications.
Over all, it is a very good unit for the money.
Highly recommended.

33 out of 76


Location: Santa Clara, CA

Product works great and the pictures are clear. Reasonable price for the whole system, purchased at Costco.

The only problem, the DVR is very noisy. I recommend to put it somewhere so you don't have to hear the noise all the time.

34 out of 76


Location: North Carolina

I have a 16 channel LHV10162T system. It replaces a 4 channel system - same DVR series. I love it. Pictures are clear, many good features on the DVR. Lots of adjustable options to make it do what you want. Hardest part is deciding camera location and placing the wires. I do have a need for more than 60 feet of cable and they do have the longer lengths available for purchase. I have no problem recommending this system. You might need to double think some of the options but I would want the option even if it takes a little study and testing to make it function the way you want.

35 out of 76


Location: San Diego

Great Product. Clarity and resolutions are good. Good technical support I had for DDNS configuration. The Flir cloud software is pretty easy to use.
Definitely worth for the money and I would like to recommend this system.

36 out of 76


Location: Winnipeg

8 cameras in 9 months have gone dead. Customer service and the ticket system is a joke. I can't wait on the phone for an hour to talk to somebody. I have a life.
One month since my last ticket and 0 as in ZERO response from Lorex.
Reubin Klein should be ashamed of himself for allowing this company to be run like a Dilbert cartoon.

37 out of 76


Location: Birmingham, AL

LHV1000 series purchased directly from Lorex:

I wish I could return this system since I cannot use it for the intended purpose, which is as a security system that will notify me via email when there is motion on the property. While it will do this, you will have to sort through literally 100+ emails PER CAMERA, PER DAY because of how it detects motion. As confirmed by a completed ticket with technical support, the change in daylight due to the movement of clouds in the sky is considered motion. No, not the movement of the shadow cast by the cloud...the change in daylight under a covered porch due to the passing of the cloud.

Yes, you read that correctly. Even after tweaking all sensitivity and threshold settings WITH the assistance of technical support and AFTER ensuring there are no moving shadows of any kind in the motion grid (including the shadow of the cloud itself), it will still detect and email you every time the shadow of a fixed object (e.g. your house) appears and disappears with the passing of a cloud in the sky. To me, this is unacceptable.

If a shadow is cast from a fixed object by moving light (e.g. car headlights) in a way that the shadow itself moves, I can agree that this should be considered motion. However, the appearing/disappearing of a non-moving shadow should not be considered motion. Yes, with the rising/setting of the sun, the shadow will appear to slowly move throughout the day. At that rate though, it would be like getting an email every few minutes as a snail makes its way across the motion grid. Again, unacceptable.

Pros: good resolution, easy to use interface (both directly on a monitor connected to the DVR and through a PC connecting locally on the network), works as expected on overcast days with consistent lighting

Cons: do not expect to use this as your primary security system outdoors, unless you want to sort through hundreds of emails daily that show the shadow of your house appearing and disappearing throughout the day.

38 out of 76


Location: N.E Georgia Mountains

Purchased the lhv1000 series from Costco. This is my second system from Lorex. Got this one for the high definition cameras to view the wildlife I have around the house.The image quality is far superior to the old system. Reading a license plate is very easy with the digital zoom. The setup was very easy as the old lorex sd system cables were already run. It was a plug and play for the cameras. Had one bad camera out of the box and was taken care of by customer service. Had a few issues with setup but got that resolved with tech support. Love the system and the quick response from the people at Lorex. I highly recommend the Lorex system to anyone.

39 out of 76


Location: CT

We just installed this about a month ago, the image quality is very good. Wonderful system for the price, Lorex support is very friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely worth the money I would recommend this system to anybody. We are in the process of setting up the Lorex DDNS which is not so user friendly. The Flir cloud software is pretty easy to use.

40 out of 76


Location: Veneta Oregon

I just finished installing my Lorex DVR system evearthing seems to be working great my only complaint is the hard drive is too noisy in the evening I can hear it throughout the house.

I've had other systems with 500 gigabyte hard drives that didn't make any noise.

41 out of 76


Location: MN

I am pleased with this LHV1016 model. The day time image quality is pretty good. I upgraded from a 960H Lorex system (Model LH314000) and I expected the 720P to be better than what it is, however it is about twice as good as the previous 960H unit. The IR Night vision is only a little better than the previous unit. If you turn on a light outside to aid in the night time viewing, the quality is drastically better that the previous unit. The user interface is a huge improvement over the last unit. This one does come with a remote, however using it to do more than change the camera view or number being viewed is quite difficult. I mainly view the cameras on my upstairs TV. I programed a universal remote to replace the factory one that came with the unit (so I didn't have another remote laying around) I use an "IR repeater" to send the IR remote signal from upstairs to the basement, where the DVR is located. Using the mouse to navigate the system is the best way to go. I bought a 30 foot USB extender cable and ran it from the DVR to the upstairs area by the TV. I bought a wireless mouse and I plugged the mouse receiver into the end of the USB extension cable. I mainly use the remote to view and change channels and I have the wireless mouse next to my recliner to navigate the user interface and view the recordings and settings. The cameras are all plastic. They have 3 mounting adjustments, which were adequate for getting the view angle how I wanted. I purchased two IR illuminators to assist in night time viewing. I am having a few little issues with the software but with the automatic firmware updates I hope they will be addressed. I have emailed tech support to make them aware. The fan on the unit is about 3 times as loud as the previous unit. You should definitely plan on having the DVR in a well ventilated cabinet to keep the noise from bothering you. The remote viewing was very simple to set up and functions well. With this unit, you must use Lorex brand HD cameras. The previous unit I had would accept any camera, so it was easy to find a better "night vision" camera for certain areas that needed additional distance.

42 out of 76


Location: CA

Great system for the price.

Contacted the Technical Support and they were very helpful and were able to resolve the problem. Hold time was minimal.

Did not use the cables that supplied with the system, since the house is pre-wired. Attached BNC male connectors to my Coax, connected Male&Female 2.1x5.5MM DC Power Jack Plug to my power wires, and plugged them into the system

The DVR puts out some heat and fan noise. The fan is running at all time. Would recommend installing it in a place where the noise does not bother you too much. Since the DVR is in a closet without a monitor, I use laptop PC to connect via Internet Explorer Web Browser (type the internal IP on the browser) or PC FLIR Client for viewing and configuring the DVR. Also setup DDNS for remote viewing as well.

FLIR cloud was easy to install and configure. I use FLIR on the phone and PC to connect via client port when out and about (it works with 3G/4G), and use internal IP address when at home. The PC FLIR Client can be found under Downloads tab on the product page.

Play back mode on PC FLIR Client works well, but the via Web browser needs some improvement due to its lack of functionality and ease of maneuver.

Cameras produce good picture during daytime and okay at ambient light when dark. In the no light area, the vision is limited.

43 out of 76


Location: Loveland, Co.

The cameras are great day and night vision. I'm not a tech. person so i'm still learning how it all works. The installation was pretty easy except the crawling around in the attach, simply just run the wires and plug every thing in. I really hope tech support is cooperative because i have problems in this area. As time goes by i will write further reviews.

44 out of 76


Location: Huntsville, AL

Easy Upgrade and Install. I upgraded my older Lorex Link (LH408000) system with this newer HD 720P model and could not be happier with the installation and setup. I was able to reuse most of my existing cables and mount locations for my cameras, which made the installation go very quickly. The new cameras have much clearer picture quality in both day and night mode. I tried a couple different IP based cameras from different manufactures and none of them had the night time picture quality of the Lorex system. Also installed the PTZ camera and was presently surprised that I did not have to run a extra RS485 cable for PTZ control, it uses digital signaling via the RG59 video cable. The FLIR cloud made connecting my IOS devices for remote viewing very easy, however I prefer the use of the Web Client for remote Windows viewing.

45 out of 76


Location: Washington

So far, so good...
It took several weeks for the product to arrive but I did purchase during the black Friday sale. Setup was pretty easy. It was pretty much plug and play. The camera quality is great. I hope it is durable and lasts. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because Lorex customer "service" leaves a lot to be desired. I called several times to inquire about my late order and I was on hold for 20 minutes before I gave up and left a call back number...I never received a call back. This happened twice. No reply to my two emails either. I finally got a reply back once my order had arrived. All is well now but I hope I don't have any warranty issues.

46 out of 76


Location: Bristol, TN

Great system! A serious upgrade over what we had. Picture quality is great. Installed it ourselves with no problem. Setting up the features in the system itself was a little bit of a challenge but the manual and online information got us through it without much of a problem. Even in low light situations after the store has closed for the night, the picture quality is excellent. Excellent value in this system.

47 out of 76


Location: Staten Island, NY

Excellent product and service and support

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good quality product!

48 out of 76


Location: Tinton Falls NJ

I was pleased with this product. It is much better quality than the Eco version I previously bought. Definitely worth the money the first time around to purchase the HD version. Tech support is very helpful and gets it all hooked up quickly and easily, even for home/business owners that are tech novices. To do it all your self, though, you have to be pretty darn savvy.

Only had the product installed for a few weeks now, but no problems yet.

49 out of 76


Location: Barrie Canada

We have purchase two Lorex Systems since 2010. We have been pleased with the camera's and the support over the last four years. However, we were told these systems are now obsolete and no longer support by Lorex tech support (any problems I now have, I have to sort them out myself). We have now purchase a new system and hopefully we will have good tech support as in the past and that the system will not go obsolete in a few years.

50 out of 76


Location: Saskatchewan

I purchased this system through Costco mostly because of their return policy. I had a few minor issues but soon got everything working fine. I'm using to monitor heating functions while away from the home as well of course as security. Resolution is clear enough to read gauges (floor heat) and a couple of digital thermometers set in the room. FlirCloud works well enough although occasionally I have to close the program and reopen in order to have it connect to the system. As one other reviewer said the DVR is very noisy to the point where I find I want to just shut the system off when I am in the same room with it. So far I'm happy with the performance and does what I needed it to do. Would like to purchase more cameras but a two-pack is almost the price of the entire system so it's hard to justify.

51 out of 76


Location: Georgia

Purchased this item at Costco at a good price for the specifications. The system was well packaged and complete. Installation was mostly easy and convenient with a few minor issues.

1. The system would not display anything on my attached LCD monitor after booting up. After the Lorex splash screen, I received a message that "Monitor cannot display this video mode". I was unable to find a solution to this problem in the manual or online resources. A support ticket was sent and I had to send a second after I received no response to the first. I finally received a reply a few days later. The solution they suggested was remarkably simple and should probably appear on the FAQ. You simply access the system using your network (enter the IP address for the DVR, such as and after entering the admin username and password, you can access a setup menu to change the resolution that is sent to the external monitor.

2. I was never able to setup the alerts to use the Lorex email server. I was however able to setup email alerts to use the gmail SMTP settings after a few tries. I also have not been able to successfully setup the Lorex DDNS access. However, the FLIR Cloud software has worked fine both on laptops and mobile devices to access the system remotely.

Picture quality ranges to very good to excellent. One camera has intermittent night vision quality issues with lines running through the image from time to time. Motion sensor settings are fairly flexible, however, even when programmed properly, the cameras sent frequent false alerts at night when using IR. It would be nice to be able to disable the email alerts at night and only receive the email alerts during hours you set. As it is, I usually have at least 75-100 false alert emails each night to delete.

I've had the system in place for about a month, time will tell whether there are any reliability issues. If I continue to have IR problems with the one camera, I will reach out to Lorex support and see how responsive they are to that issue as well.

Overall, a good value for the price.

52 out of 76


Location: Boston, MA

Great system for newbie like me in the camera game. Pretty easy to set up and Lorex customer service was great. Thumbs up!

53 out of 76


Location: New Jersey

Install my new 720p cameras and the pictures are great. I connected a 1X4 HDMI splitter with signal booster and 100 ft HDMI cable with signal booster to a HD television to my system. My farthest camera so far is 200 ft and will soon install others beyond this point. All the cameras works well at far distances. I would recommend this system as being affordable with great features and capabilities. Also, the surveillance over the PC internet software and Flir Cloud app are great.

54 out of 76


Location: Santa Ana, California

Ordered the system that included the Dome PTZ camera, 4 Dome and 8 Pencil cams. It came well boxed and shipped quickly. Instructions are good, comprised of quick setup pamphlets. The full PDF manual is easily downloadable from the website for more detailed setup options. I found the cameras super easy to set up. The DVR is fully programmed and ready to go, except for your site information. It's really plug and play. The app for my iPhone was a snap to set up, it scans the tag on the DVR and boom its on. I love that I can be at the office and pick up my phone and check the dogs to see how they are doing or see who's at my front door. There is a program for your PC to allow you to control the cams from your desktop, also a snap to set up. Have a small network at home and can easily check what's going on from any station. There is also a setup to access your system from the internet from anywhere in the world. Lorex has a router setup Wizard, that I'm sure will work for some but due to the router I have from AT&T there where some issues. However Lorex has a dynamite tech support and the tech was able to remote in and get me setup in no time, and was a pleasure to deal with. I have already had inquires from my neighbors and had absolutely no problem recommending this system to them.

55 out of 76


Location: Arizona

Good video quality, good night vision, Loud , this is an issue, DVR fan noise is excessive. Flir cloud works fine over wifik, have not yet been able to connect over LTE data, Lorex support says its a bandwidth issue with my provider ( t mobile) but i stream HD video from a web cam in the house with no issue. Experimenting with a new app today call KMeyePro to see if the cams work over LTE using it.

56 out of 76


Location: Winnipeg

I bought this system at the end of October 2014, professionally installed two weeks later. Now, after the system up for two weeks, I have two dead cameras and one that goes wonky and one with a cracked lens. Contacted warranty support through the website asking for help last week, so far, no resolution to my problem.
If the camera's, 8 in my system have 4 immediately fail with no satisfaction in sight, how much longer will the other four last?
FLIR Cloud could be really good if it didn't crash with the PC version and the MAC version after using it to playback.

57 out of 76


Location: Wisconsin

So far, so good. Very easy to connect to smartphone for remote viewing - as easy as they say it is. Software is a little cumbersome - would like to see a mouse-over tag to tell me what each button is for rather than having to click on them to see what they do. Otherwise, a pretty good system.

58 out of 76


Location: New Jersey

Video quality is superb. I installed and setup my entire system alone, and it took one solid day. Cameras are lightweight and durable. Overall excellent product. System has been fully functional for one week, and I have had zero issues thus far. I would highly recommend this specific system or any Lorex system.

59 out of 76


Location: Sacramento

The quality of the product is very good. I am still unhappy with the IOS8 app for my Iphone. It still had glitches and doesn't work all the time. I would recommend this system to anyone. Also make sure you name your device in the app before you scan the ID or it won't work.

60 out of 76


Location: San Jose, CA


Camera pictures == > Look good


Flir Cloud == > installed and ran fine on Mac
Flir Cloud == > ran into problem with installation on Dell and Lenovo laptops
Flir Cloud == > Worked fine on an iPhone
Flir cloud == > ran into problem with downloading the app from Google store for Notes 3 device

Registration process:

Has problem to register with DDNS with because the Mac is unvalid error

Technical Support:

Filed support request via online for several days and did not hear back from the support. Decided to call support to follow up with them and was placed on music hold for more than 60 minutes. lost patient and hung up. Called the next time, same thing.

Keep comments on ticket that filed online and hope someone will look at it at later time


1. Improve/focus on front end support
2. Improve the Flir cloud app; understand it just released version 2.1.16, but still bad

61 out of 76


Location: Alberta

I am very happy with the system. Easy setup, pretty easy to get through the setup. Picture quality is awesome as well as the night vision very impressive. Only problem I'm having is using the Flir cloud app away from home. Just sent in a ticket, hopefully will get a reaponse from Lorex soon.

62 out of 76


Location: Bothell, WA

I purchased the LHV1000 DVR from Costco. This was a replacement for a Zmodo system that had failed. I was thrilled to find out that I did not have to rerun cables. All I had to do is swap out the cameras and DVR. The system was very easy to install and the FLIR Cloud worked perfectly on my HTC smart phones. The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is that my Google Nexus 7 tablet will not load the FLIR Cloud app, because it is android 4.4.4 and I run Linux on all of my computers and there is no client software supporting Linux. This is strange, since the DVR operating system is Linux. The camera quality is very good and I am very pleased with the night vision. That was the biggest issue I had with the Zmodo system in that the night vision was almost useless. For the price paid for this Lorex system, I feel that the performance is much better than expected.

63 out of 76


Location: California

Great system thus far.

64 out of 76


Location: bay area

well it's good and bad. set up was quick (installed it by myself in about 3 hours) downloaded app to my droid and everything seemed to work like a charm. turned it off as it was too loud as I set it up in my room and when I turned it back on it didn't work right. I called tech support and they said unit is meant to run 24/7 .. wish I would of realized how loud it was I would of installed in another room. so now Im trying to get software on my mac and it says after I downloaded it that the program can't unarchive or something strange, so I guess I can't use the internet to see cameras. Menu seems awkward and using a mouse is very slow. so far the other items that should be straight forward have not panned out. so for that alone I have to ding this product. but as for the motion capture and the camera quality it's way better than the SD set up I used before.

65 out of 76


Location: California

Pros: High Def resolution at a great price, I like the Flir Cloud software after some struggles with it. DVR function is great. I like the ability to set different sensitivity for the motion detection in different regions. You have 4 regions you can draw an area over to adjust the sensitivity. The playback and searching is a great feature in which you can playback just the motion detection part or playback the continuous recording.
Cons: Tech support via both their phone and website is lousy. Takes forever to get an answer. I work with networking and computers everyday and it took about 30 minutes for me to get remote viewing to work. The Flir cloud setup isn't as simple as the manual will lead you to believe. The 1TB hard drive is not big enough if you will be recording HD continuously at the highest quality. It will only record about 5 days worth. I will be upgrading to 4TB soon per Tech Support recommendation as that is the largest Hard Drive they support.

66 out of 76


Location: Texas

I have had the system for about a month now, and things are going quite well. I did have a few issues getting the network configured for remote viewing, but a quick call to Costco fixed it in about 15 minutes. I have gone back and looked at some recordings and all looks good so far. No complaints yet - I am a happy camper.

67 out of 76


Location: miami fl

I bought the security system hoping that everything will be easy to set up it started to be that way and then it ended up to being a mess it's a nightmare nobody in Lorex knows what they're doing they can help me I was on hold for five hours could not help me I'm very upset with the product I wish somebody would call me from this company thank you once again

68 out of 76


Location: Pa

I've only had the system running for about a week now and so far it is running great. The HP cameras are terrific I can identify anyone and the equipment is easy to learn. Tech service is very knowledgeable and the FLIR program is the best

69 out of 76


Location: Florida

Recently purchased this system from Costco and installed cameras with no problems. The problems I ran into was with the set up of functions of the recorder and the FLIR app. As of now system is running ok and is easy to use.

70 out of 76


Location: Washington

Really, have to wait 40mins for customer service to answer the phone?
The software is hard to set up. No user manual in the box.
I tried to update the software but I'm required to have USB thump drive for that? why?

71 out of 76


Location: Montana

The initial set up was easy. Video displays instantly after the initial installation. Picture quality is very good. Had a few issues with the Flir Cloud app on my phone. But customer service fixed that in minutes. Very Good system!!! Very satisfied.

72 out of 76


Location: Arizona

So far a really great product, Easy to set up and use. GREAT image quality. Infrared night vision is spectacular even in zero light. FlirCloud app works great over Wifi, not so much over Data connection on phone, but that could be my service providers issue. DDNS service is awesome and allows connectivity to cameras form any computer. Still learning the ins and outsof system features but overall im a really happy with the system.

73 out of 76


Location: Salisbury, MD

Great Product...Easy to install and use. Still figuring out how to access it remotely from anywhere in the world

74 out of 76


Location: Corona, CA

Easy to set up and use. Enjoy it from day # 1.

75 out of 76


Location: Lake Mary, FL

I have not installed it yet but was setting it up first. I had some technical issues and called tech support. It took a long time to get through but once through Lorex has a knowledgeable staff to assist. Courteous and helpful. From initial assessment, the product seems to work well and picture clarity is very good.

76 out of 76


Location: Mesa, az

HD IR cameras work well at night. The system is easy to operate. I have yet to set up the remote viewing options, but so far Im impressed with the system!



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