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Video security system with indoor and outdoor cameras


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Security camera system with Night vision cameras ECO BlackBox 16 channel

Watch over your world from anywhere in the world using this economical LH010 security DVR solution that is ideal for business or home. The DVR is both PC and Mac compatible. Connect to your system on any device no matter where you are over a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network. Record on a specialty hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Connect to a TV, PC, or CCTV monitors with industry standard VGA & BNC inputs. The new intuitive interface with simple icons allows for easy & efficient security DVR programming. The system includes indoor/outdoor security cameras with infrared night vision as well as all accessories required for the installation.

LH010 series compatibility chart

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Simple installation process for user convenience.

Indoor Outdoor

Camera performs both in outdoor and indoor applications.



Security DVR features:

  • H.264 video compression¹
  • Real time recording: 8/16ch: (360x240)/ 4ch: (720x240) resolution
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Back Up & Remotely Control the system simultaneously
  • 24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed
  • PTZ cameras supported (RS485)
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard²
  • Instant Mobile Viewing on compatible Smart phones & Tablets†
  • PC and Mac Compatible (Internet Explorer & Safari browsers)
  • Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for advanced remote connectivity at all times
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Accurate Time Stamps with NTP & Daylight Savings Time

Security Cameras:

  • All purpose cameras with flex mounting
  • IR Cut Filter provides accurate color reproduction in any lighting conditions
  • Night vision range**
  • Install indoor or outdoors (IP66)***


1. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
2. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included).
† Smart Phone & Tablet Compatibility: iPad™, iPhone™, Android (version 1.5 & above), Windows Mobile (6.0, 6.5), Symbian 3rd & 5th generation phones. Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). Router port forwarding required. For the latest compatibility list, check as new models become available in the market.

**IR Illumination range under ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.
***Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.

* BlackBox is used solely as a marketing term and does not imply that the product can survive fire or extreme conditions. Use product in accordance with the instructions provided.










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1 out of 145


Location: Panama

i like the color camera, and the low light feature. I will replace one with a longer range. Nice kit

2 out of 145


Location: Mexico DF

It is an amazing product I have more control of personnel and materials. I was able to take down the material personally my business was taking before. I have gotten good savings after monitor employee activities. I highly recommend it. Antonio Gomez

3 out of 145


Location: NYC

As a technician, I am often called to service and configure products that I have never worked with before. I was recently called on a service call to network and configure The Lorex LH010 Blackbox Series 16 Camera System. The user did not know the password to get into the unit because he had previously had it installed by another technician and after doing some renovations in the store where the camera was located, was unable to bring the cameras back online. After being called in, and doing some research, I was able to find the information I needed to access the system easily online and on the Lorex Website. The tech support team was helpful in assisting me to properly configure and register the product successfully.

Though the unit was slightly different from other systems in that a DDNS server is required for uninterrupted access to the video feed, the unit was easy to configure and can be remote controlled from any location where the client software is accessible. I would recommend this camera system to my customers because of its ease of configuration and accessibility remotely. The Flir/Lorex Tech Support Team is exceptional and their knowledgeable technicians were helpful and dedicated to seeing that the product was completely configured and correctly. Their technicians even offer to test the connect and remote view the cameras in their on location lab.

4 out of 145


Location: new jersey

Easy to install and set up. this is my second Lorex system and the motion and alarm featues work as described. I enjoy the Email alerts which notify me during the day of any intrusions on my property.. An inexpensive system with great value. Thank you Lorex

5 out of 145


Location: Elkton, Maryland

Great security system for the price. I purchased the LH010 Eco Black Box Series 4 channel DVR for my house. Since I am an electrician and an experienced carpenter, It was no problem to run the cables and mount the cameras. Setting up the installation software was pretty simple. I like the fact that I can use my iphone to keep an eye on things while I am away from my house. I highly recommend this system to anyone that has a small home or small business.

6 out of 145


Location: Valley stream,N.Y.

I purchased this lorex Eco black box with 16 channels 8 cameras.This product is great.I had a problem with one of the camera,contact the customer service and told me they will replace one bad camera..Great customer service and tech support very knowelgeable....I recomend it to everyone who's looking for a cctv for a reasonable price.....

7 out of 145


Location: Beach S.C.

Ordered, installed, easy as that. Picture quality is way better than expected. Good quality cameras and vry easy for a diy. Now savin money for a larger system.. Thank you so much lorex..

8 out of 145


Location: DFW

This product was easy to install by myself. I had never installed a security system before installing this one. The picture quality shows up great on my tv and cell phone.

9 out of 145


Location: Chino, CA.

I bought the 4 camera system to replace an old black and white system. Very easy to install and set up software on computer. I did have a problem setting up the DDNS because of the older Verizon router. I call the tech support line and got a rep. very quick. He connected to my computer
and set it up for me. Very pleased.

10 out of 145


Location: Tracy, CA.

Good product for a low price. It does what a surveillance system is supposed to do and more. Good support group to help with setup and more. I love this product,

11 out of 145


Location: Hope

Just bought it. Dvr ez to set up. Online surveillance setup was a breeze. Setting up the camera them selves were difficult. Just need the rite tools to use. Gets the job done :)

12 out of 145


Location: Atlanta

Great system, best staff to help with any problems. i highly recommend. Good job Lorex

13 out of 145


Location: texas

Well after buying my third unit, my initial impression of these units has changed dramatically. I bought one 4ch unit, one of the 8ch model, and a 16ch model. All have developed quirks that have rendered my plan of monitoring multiple locations useless. These units can and do fail with the slightest power outage (even says so in FAQ on their site) so DO buy an additional UPS for each, although one unit failed even though it IS on a ups. The 16ch unit inputs are WAY more noisy that the other two. Cameras that give me crystal clear images on the 4 and 8ch units are grainy and flicker on the 16ch unit. I even get different image quality from different inputs! Moving camera three to input one will produce different image qualities, even though the FPS and bit rate is the same. Also the 16ch unit will continuously record, even though it is set to motion only, thus filling the hard drive up in short time. In short, these units are getting replaced. My Windows PC based recording systems were more reliable! I guess I am asking too much of budget electronics.

14 out of 145


Location: Chatham, ON. Canada

Installed this system in my residence. One camera at front, rear and 2 inside. Now adding one more outside and one inside. Used the system once to view a prowler at my neighbours house. I found viewing recordings slow and tedious but OK. The two new cameras are not Lorex but are fully compatible. I will likely add two more in the upcoming summer.
I've had a lot of difficulty with remote monitoring from my PC. The software is not compatible with Firefox, chrome or late Internet explorer.
Overall a good inexpensive system for the average homeowner.

15 out of 145


Location: Wilmington, NC

I am a retired electrical engineer who used have responsibility for video surveillance systems at a high security defense contractor. I was impressed by the video quality of this system, in particular the low light sensitivity. It is an economical solution for home or small business security. I also purchase one of their wireless systems for use a a fraternal club to which I belong. It functions quite acceptably as well.

16 out of 145


Location: Dallas, Texas

This system was easy to setup and install. We had a little trouble connecting thru internet, but the customer service was outstanding. I recommend this system for anyone and for any house. Its very user friendly and videos were helpful for initial setup.

17 out of 145


Location: Rochester, NY

Great value !! Four camera wired system, easy to install. The instructions that came with the system are very detailed and can be a little over whelming, but I would recommend you take your time and get the basic system working first, then go back and play with the features and other advanced capabilities- the instructions will make more sense if you do this. We utilize the remote viewing capability on our iphone and really love this feature. It was an easy app to load on the iphone and has worked well so far.
We have one slight problem with the home pc client, seems like we have to open the shortcut icon twice in order to get to the login screen, but it does work, just a little annoying. Maybe there is an update to the software--I haven't checked yet. However, I would definitely recommend this system based on our experience so far and the value provided.

18 out of 145


Location: Philly

The system was easy to set up. Android app works great. Camera resolution could be better. The setup DVD did not work, had to download setup file from Lorex site. (Very Easy). (Just a suggestion) Connectors from the camera should be made smaller. Have to drill a large hole to get the connector through a exterior wall.

19 out of 145


Location: OK

Im very impressed with the overall system, I have hooked up the entire system and it is all it is advertised, Very well worth the investment.

20 out of 145


Location: Maryland

The dvr did not work directly out of the box... Tried getting tech assistance but word of advise don't waste your time....this company has the WORST customer service ever known to man... A complete waste of time and money I am taking it back and will NEVER EVER buy another product from this company or anyone affiliated with it.... And did I mention customer service sucks, can't get any worse except maybe if they actually answered the phone or emails and still can't fix it...but couldn't tell bc it's been a week and still no response over phone or email....don't waste time or money with this company....they got a 1 bc I can't give any lower rating

21 out of 145


Location: San Juan de los Lagos, México

great product, easy instalation, goos quality. i highly recomend this product.

22 out of 145


Location: New Jersey

Found the system quite easy ot set up. Great value for the money. Resolution could be a bit better over all I am quite happy with the product.

23 out of 145


Location: Quebecl, Canada

Bought the LH110 from Costco. The price was good for the package. Installation was easy. The picture quality is good, but the recording picture is only fair at the highest recording setting. Easy to set on my Ipad and Iphone

24 out of 145


Location: Brantford ON

Hooking up the Lorex was quite easy. We had a bit of trouble with the technical side of things but with one phone call Steven walked us through it quickly. Thanks!


25 out of 145


Location: Mississauga, Canada

We have installed ECO series 8 channel DVR with outdoor cameras. The installation process was easy. So far we are happy with the image quality, motion detection and video recording. However, we think that its email sending technology could be improved.

26 out of 145


Location: Charlotte NC

Purchased the 4 camera LH010 Eco blackbox series with DVR. The cameras and DVR were set up and running within about 30 minutes of opening the box. Picture quality is awesome and I have piece of mind when I view my business remotely on my iphone or home computer. Awesome, inexpensive and easy to use security addition to any home or business. Can't wait to get more cameras and add to the system.

27 out of 145


Location: Cape Cod

I purchased the 4-camera Blackbox system to monitor our vacation home for major storm damage. Hardware installation was very easy , and the camera/cable/monitoring components plug together easily. Anyone that has run phone extension, network, or electrical wires should have no problem installing the cameras and running the wires. Basic setup of the DVR monitoring unit for recording was relatively simple. Setup for remote monitoring via internet was a bit tedious but worked without issue. One internet remote monitoring was setup, configuring monitoring via mobile smart devices (Android phone and pad) was very easy. The local video resolution is very good. Recorded and internet monitored video is not High Def, so a bit grainy especially at night, but works for my purposes. You might not be able to make out faces at 40 feet, but you would be able to clearly identify that someone is there. I like the auto-reboot option as this should help overall operation and availability of the system. The only occasion I have had is saving configuration changes when done remotely over the internet, which sometimes fails, but re-saving the configuration change eventually works. Given the overall, functionality, quality, ease of installation, and price, I consider the system to be a good value for the money.

28 out of 145


Location: Tempe, AZ

I replaced a rather expensive, but older, DVR with a Lorex ECO Blackbox+ because the older DVR only supported ancient browsers and nothing past Windows XP. The Lorex DVR is maybe one quarter the size of the old DVR; but it works WAY Better!

I'm a network engineer so I had no trouble getting everything setup and running through the corporate router. Cell phone viewing didn't work until I had a second cup of coffee and realized that I needed the Eco Series version of the cell phone app. This tiny DVR does everything a person would want! It works with Windows XP, 7, and 8. It works on iPhones and Android phones and tablets. Configuring the External Video connection actually required reading the manual; but nothing is perfect :) Overall, the DVR is an excellent unit at an excellent price!

29 out of 145


Location: ohio

easy setup and easy to use

30 out of 145


Location: US

This Lorex DVR system is awesome!!!!

Easy setup, plug and play with many items.
Great for the price of the Unit and is expandable up to 8 cameras!

The four lorex cameras that came with the unit are really clear and night vision works awesome!

31 out of 145


Location: Clay , NY

I am very pleased with the product and the tech support you offer.

32 out of 145


Location: Texas

Great system, feature rich. The main selling point for me was the email alert. Users can customize a recording schedule for each camera, triggered by motion or continuous or any combination. System sends a JPG photo of what triggered event. The GUI for playback takes some experimenting to learn how to navigate but is not difficult. The cameras are short range and only cath good detail at around 10 to 15 ft but the input to DVR is standard BNC and any higher quality camera can be added. Night illumination is good. Audio can be recorded on 2 channels with optional microphones. The only way this system could get better is with higher resolution cameras but you won't get that in this price range!

33 out of 145


Location: Carrollton, GA.

The product works well for the cost. The cameras are not going to give you the best picture.
And the website does not help you figure this out, they just put numbers beside the camera model and expect you to figure it out. The DVR can only record so much before it starts deleting
the previous days recording. This would be good information to put on your website.

The port forwarding is a nightmare, and tech support can help but it takes hours to fix.
And that's what really gets you a low review.

34 out of 145


Location: Saskatchewan

Very pleased with this system so far! Great piece of mind!

35 out of 145




36 out of 145


Location: Tennessee

The Lorex ECO is value priced for the quality that you receive. I am able to view and pan/tilt/zoom particular cameras from anywhere on my mobile or laptop. This is a very nice option to have.

37 out of 145


Location: Thief River Falls, MN

I was in need to replace an outdated system. I am very satisfied with this system that I have chosen to replace that system, I am going from a 2 camera system to a 4 camera system. The system was very easy to set up and the picture quality and video footage are very good. This system fits my needs so well that I will be purchasing 2 more systems.

38 out of 145


Location: Pasadena, California

Solid system. Nice features. Clear, concise instructions for setup. Controls fairly intuitive. Very pleased with this product. Would definitely recommend to friends and family.

39 out of 145


Location: Manchester, NH

System was relatively easy to set up. I had to call tech support to get the remote viewing to work, but they were very helpful and had good customer service. A good basic system for my home. I had the 4 camera option.

40 out of 145


Location: Ottawa, ON

Great product for the price. Easy to install for a DIYer. Fairly easy setup with a Setup Wizard to make it viewable from the internet, mobile phone or tablet. The remote view is an excellent feature.
I haven't tested all of the features yet (I just installed the system) but I'm very happy with what I've seen so far.
If I had to purchase a system again I would consider getting one with more cameras (at least 8)

Excellent basic system for affordable price.
Good picture quality.
Good night vision.
Remotely accessible (internet, mobile phone, tablet).
Easy to follow instructions with a CD setup.

I haven't try the motion detection with a snapshot send via email yet (anxious to do it)

Only 4 cameras/channels.
50 ft. cables only (in a regular house you need at least one cable be longer).
Ethernet cable too short unless you install the system next to your router.

41 out of 145


Location: New Hampshire

Great system for the price. I had the system up and running in 1 day. I like the features with my laptops and smartphones. It is nice to use my phone and see what is going on at the house. I recommended this product to all of my friends.

42 out of 145


Location: Ohio

This video recorder system works well, if you are using a compatible version of IE on Microsoft Windows. It fails to support other browsers, like Crome and Firefox. The support for Mac OSX is poor and only supports Safari if you can find and install the special plugin required. The custom client is also MS Windows only. It is not possible to use this product with Linux at all.
Using the remote directly on the console is very hard to navigate. I have been unable to figure out how the passwords are entered using the remote. The passwords are needed to secure the system from open internet access. Internet access requires a complex setup of port forwarding that includes opening 4 different port ranges. They have a Windows utility to auto magic configure your router if you have a model on the supported list, and you want to give their program your router password. The video image quality is ok for NTSC, but it fails to have enough resolution to clearly identify faces. I expect this product is above average, but only because the consumer security camera average quality has dropped to a new low.

43 out of 145


Location: New Jersey

I am very satisfied with the quality easy installation I recommend this product for good price

44 out of 145


Location: Atlanta GA

LH010 is a good value for the price category. I purchased this system to replace a competitor product purchased several months earlier. Easy setup and configuration, especially useful and functional was then router configuration wizard. It actually worked! The quick installation sheet was useful in that it was accurate and had enough information to be useful. The Blackbox+ software is much better than what I replaced and I can view several (or all) recorded channels at the same time in sequence without having to view the segments individually. This is a very nice feature! USB port on the front of unit is more convenient than other systems which have the port on the back. 1TB DVR is about half the size of competitors which saves space in cramped quarters. Overall I'll give the DVR and software a five rating, but the mobile app for Apple is a bit lacking and a bit of disappointment. No i-pad app and the i-phone app just wont run on my i-pad (but works ok on my i-phone 5). Mobile app gets a three rating.

45 out of 145


Location: T&T

Good system setup was straightforward.Feature full.
DDNS took a little longer to get going but is fine now.
Love this system.

46 out of 145


Location: Philadelphia, PA

While the product itself is wonderful, installed easily and was up and running in no time, I will have to take away a star because of the lack of technical support. Locally, the connection of the cameras & DVR were effortless, the promised DDNS address takes some getting to work. For a few days I've tried the tech support number, which results in 10 mns on hold w/recordings, then you get transfered to a ringing telephone that is never answered, even by voicemail. Calls to the customer support or main office to find a way to get ANYONE in tech support are fruitless.

Again the product is wonderful and well worth the money. But, if you need just a little bit of tech support in any way, prepared to be agitated.

47 out of 145


Location: canada

hardware setup was easy but i had problems setting up the remote access ... was trying to connect to ddns address from within the network .... had to wait in queue for tech support for over 20 minutes to answer but once they answered i was up and running within minutes. I found the quality of the video pretty good, the software was easy to use and the manual was pretty straight forward though they should mention that if you are connecting from within the network to use the local IP and NOT ddns address.

48 out of 145


Location: western washington

I bought this system to keep an eye on a problem piece of property that I take care of that's about 170 miles from where I live.and because of it's secluded location has drug deals being done in the back parking lot. After installing it, It worked great. I went home and checked it on my computer to see if it wa working and it wasn't. uug.... So back out to the site again. I re input the info.into it and it worked. Then back home and checked on it again and it wasn't working. I was very frustrated.; remember this is about a 340 mile round trip. So back out there. by Now you're wondering about the Five star rating. This is why, when I got there this time I called their tech department and they worked with me for a long time and found that a security system that I had on my wireless system was resetting my IP everyday and so when I went home it had changed and I couldn't log on to it. It wasn't there systems fault but they put in a static IP for me and programed everything and now It's working very well from anywhere. The system is a good system, the operating system is well put together and I'm very happy with their support.

49 out of 145


Location: Texas

Great product with easy setup. Just what is needed for home protection.

50 out of 145


Location: PA

Setup went smoothly, including remote viewing on my android. Disappointed in quality when viewing with areas in sunlight being 'white out' while rest of picture fairly good, but small. Maybe some adjustments will make difference, but didn't try yet. Overall, very good for price, and would recommend for starter system.

51 out of 145


Location: Delaware

I am very satisfied with the system. It appears to be good quality for the money. The DVR works well and is fairly intuitive to adjust the many settings. The remote access has been a problem as I wasn't able to get it set up before I left the property for a few weeks. I am getting email notifications of motion events but I can't access the system remotely yet until I get back to the property and have tech support walk me through the error of my ways. Still very happy and looking forward to getting the remote access working! My DVR has an alarm block that allows security sensors/alarms to be attached but Lorex doesn't sell them so I have to search elsewhere for them. Tech support didn't know where to send me.

52 out of 145


Location: Queens Village, NY

I purchased this surveillance camera system as a replacement of a failed system. I was amazed by how simple the system is to use. I was able to hook everything in under 30 minutes. Technical support was used and assisted me quickly & efficiently. I am glad I decided to buy this system. My only complaint is the record button continuously flashes which while it can be annoying at times does not change my overall satisfaction with the system.

53 out of 145


Location: Trinidad and Tobago

Its amazing. We could not believe. but the reality was when we saw our home over the internet, The dogs were busy barking at our neigbour who was at the fence.
The picture is truely clear. I love not only the ease at which the product is customer friendly but to see my home miles away, that takes the cake . Thank you Lorex.

54 out of 145


Location: Delaware

Very happy with this purchase! We owned another system from a different company that never worked. Decided to try Lorex and it works great! Easy set up and now we can even see the camera online and with our phones. Highly recommend.

55 out of 145


Location: SF Bay Area

Set up is very easy. Their support team is very helpful.

56 out of 145


Location: Pa

Hardware installation was easy. Software was just as easy. Had a slight problem hooking up on my IPad, tech support had me up and running in about 15 mins. Turned out, it was an error on my part. First time setting up a security system and I would recommend Lorex to my family and friends.

57 out of 145


Location: Philadelphia

The router configuration was a bit clunky, but overall, this was easy to set up and has so far been a good buy. The cameras and interface are of reasonable quality and the remote access is great!

58 out of 145


Location: Safford

Great product, reasonable price.
Easy to install, Lorex was willing to work with me on replacing a bad power supply, replacement came in days.
My only wish would be having power outlets in the rear for the cameras, with a monitor and 8 cameras it requires 4 power outlets.
Works great, love the ability to see it over the internet.
When I need security cameras Ill go to Lorex.

59 out of 145


Location: home

Real easy to install and hook up took some time to get all the online stuff taken care of but still better then the 900 dollars for installer to do it and now can watch on my phone.

60 out of 145


Location: Central Florida

Purchased this from Amazon to replace my previous office system that died. The installation was very easy and straight forward. The camera viewing area is much wider than my previous camera. The set up to view from my home computer and iPhone & iPad were also very easy with no issues. The provided software made it very easy. So far, I am very impressed with my Lorex system!

61 out of 145


Location: San Antonio Tx.

This is a great security system for the money.It gives us the confort we need when we are not at home.The only issue I had was trying to conect with my mobile device but when I called the free technical support they help me rite away to solve the problem.

62 out of 145


Location: Wilmington, Delaware

This is a great DVR. I've already had the cameras installed from my last DVR which broke after 2 years. I am very satisfied with Lorex and their customer service was very helpful. Plus the shipping was free and fast. I'm now sticking with lorex for all my security needs.

63 out of 145


Location: Longwood, FL

Very nice system with easy to follow instructions and set up process. Cameras have great resolution and the DVR software/capabilities are very impressive for this price range. Installation was straight forward and uncomplicated. Love the mobile application for my I-Phone and I now have much needed peace of mind for my family's security.

64 out of 145


Location: Alabama

I bought this system on a "Daily Deal" from Amazon for simple office security. It was easy to install and set up. The DVR goes in a fire safe (I drilled a hole in the back) and connects to my desktop computer. No need for a separate monitor, etc. Off site monitoring is not important to me, so I can't comment on that. I'm very pleased with the picture quality, both day and night, and the ease of use. Great package for the money!

65 out of 145


Location: McLean, VA

So far so good! I would have preferred wireless to avoid running cables but the Wifi distances are short an data transfer rates low so this was not an option. Given the wired system, the question then is level of difficulty setting up the system and, of course, how it performs.

Setting up was not horrible but it was not easy. For example, once the IP address section was finished the instructions said "congratulations" and indicated all was ready. So I tried to connect to the system in my LAN. Two hours later I discovered that further steps involving registering and establishing a DDNS (so if your external IP address changes you can still access the system remotely, among other things) had yet to be performed. Once those were done it worked. Ditto for working via my Android.

Overall, the system is very good value considering the cameras can "see" in the dark! I have not yet tested the motion detection system nor run all of cameras. At the moment it it is not clear how to connect all four of the cameras to the single power module supplied, though the power capability of the module appears, at 2 amps, to be sufficient for all four cameras (each requiring about 230 mA) - all at 12v.

I know enough at this point, though, having gone through relevant components of the 123-page downloaded user guide, to appreciate the high quality of instruction, the fact that the syntax is well presented, and that the components all work. I've tried them, but just not as a final system quite yet.

I would definitely recommend this system for anyone. Our use is monitoring our home when we are away, at 4 strategic locations. If there is motion I will get an immediate email and automatic recordation of the view associated with the motion detection. The video can also be monitored at any time from anywhere there is access via my Android or laptop.

66 out of 145


Location: New Jersey

Its a great product to have... I am having issues on seeing the camera when I am away from my wireless network... Also I experience problems at night with 2 of my cameras having cloudiness in the picture... Other than that its a great system to have....

67 out of 145


Location: USA

Value? Outstanding. The functionality of what you get for the (sale) price is outstanding. Four wired cameras 60+ feet in length, tons of settings including alarm with definable frame setting (e.g. just highlighting the door in the picture and not the entire view of a single camera) that trips when movement is detected and takes a still photograph that can be emailed anywhere, the ability to access on your local network via computer or phone or remotely via DDNS, high quality images as far as color and contrast that see better in the dark in color (until very dark then switches to black and white) than the human eye, everything you need in the box safely shipped.

BUT . . . there goes four days of my life I'll never get back. The incredibly difficult networking setup (not the camera installs but the networking settings) make it accessible when THE SCRIPT THAT CAME WITH THE SOFTWARE DIDN'T WORK AS DESCRIBED/PROGRAMMED brought me enormous frustration. Add to that the fact that all the cords are double-wrapped in plastic so they are easy to cut by accident even when being careful and that the box (most likely done by marketing) shows an incorrect camera orientation so after they were all installed I had to reorient every one of them 180 degrees.

So, 5 star value and functionality with 2 star networking problems (even though the instructions were fairly good the software was not) brought this down a notch to 4 stars.

68 out of 145


Location: PA

Good so far but Customer service and instruction are nightmare.

69 out of 145


Location: Somerset , Ma

I purchased this for my restaurant. I installed all the cameras myself, was pretty easy to do.. I then tried to attempted to do the Mobil and laptop install but I'm not good with computers at all, so I called for support. It took a couple of phone calls, and know I can view it on my I phone and laptop anywhere I go., its a very sharp picture, and I'm glad I made the purchase!! Would recommend it to anyone..

70 out of 145


Location: maryland

Great product Great Value !
Installed it in a day. Everything works and cameras have great picture even at night with no yard light on. also the phone app works great
I would recommend Lorex to every homeowner who wants to DIY.

71 out of 145


Location: Pennsylvania

For the price, you can't beat this system. Set up is pretty straight forward. Remote viewing is a bit of a pain to get up and running. Still working on that. Does not like any browser except IE. I would have given 4 stars otherwise.

72 out of 145


Location: Trinidad

This product is the boom! it works tremendous. Its easy to install as saying your ABC's. The cameras show very high in quality, an the prices is reasonable for the value you get. It's a great product.

73 out of 145


Location: Montgomery Co, PA

After some recent break-ins in the neighbor hood, I decided to supplement my alarm system with video surveillance and Lorex is the top name in the field. Camera installation was somewhat easy because of the locations I chose around the outside. Setup to the DVR was a snap along with LAN connection. After a few camera adjustments for motion section, I am extremely pleased with this unit. The best part is web interaction from my Macbook pro for viewing live and recorded playback. This is the best value for the buck in my opinion.

74 out of 145


Location: Clermont, Fl

Too early to evaluate this set but I have 2 other Lorex Sets that are installed and they are great. I don't expect anything differant about this one. So far, So good.

75 out of 145


Location: Pennsylvania

Couldn't be happier with this system. The setup is very simple and for the money I don't think you can find a better system. The camera are easy to adjust and the video quality is excellent. I am in the IT field and have worked with several companies to install high end systems at locations for remote monitoring for security/safety that cost easily three to four times as much as this system cost. This system has all the features of the expensive system without the cost. It uses very small cables to provide video output and power to the cameras, which makes installing and running wires to them very easy. I found the setup to be pretty easy and the router auto configuration tool is really nice for the non-technical. I am having a small issue getting the mobile client (android app) to authenticate, however I plan to contact technical support.

76 out of 145


Location: palo alto

Once I got the system up and running it is as advertised. I had to call support twice and was sent to the second level. They were supposed to call back in 60 minutes. I did it twice and never got a call back. The Company needs to correct this problem. I think their ploy is not call you back and after 3 more hours of trial and error you will figure it out on my own. Very frustrating.

The cameras are not high end, but due the job. I new that going in. I am satisfied, but frustrated about the time it took to set up.

77 out of 145


Location: México

Bought this product less than a week ago and haven't been able to install it, the PC steps are not soo easy if you're not familiar with this kind of stuff, and getting help online has been difficult (not for lack of information, again, if you're not into this kind of thing) the rest (connecting and setting up) if not too difficult

78 out of 145


Location: Philadelphia

Easy to install, great features. I strongly recommend this product

79 out of 145


Location: NY

It is fairly easy to do the initial setup. I like the features where we can control the DVR box setting remotely. Tech support is very helpful and knowledgable. In overall, I am satisfied with the product. What I think would be a great feature is to be able to fast forward the playback much faster than what is currently being available (8x). Good buy in overall.

80 out of 145


Location: Florida

It was a very easy to install. Almost a plug and play solution. Higly recommend it

81 out of 145


Location: Pa.

I bought this system after having an issue with my neighbor. It has more than paid for itself by catching him in the act. It's clear, easy to install, has good night vision, and was affordable. The ability to monitor through the internet and the iphone have been icing on the cake. I would highly recommend.

82 out of 145


Location: Emmaus, Pennsylvania

I am verry happy with the Lorex security camera system. It was easy to install and works great. The cameras have a very nice picture and work great at night, even in total darkness. I would highly recomend this system to anyone.

83 out of 145


Location: Acworth, GA

For the price, you can't beat this system. Set up is pretty straight forward. Remote viewing is a bit of a pain to get up and running. Still working on that. Does not like any browser except IE. I would have given 4 stars otherwise.

84 out of 145


Location: South Jersey

Great product for the money. Good tech support for the internet connection. I purchased this product for my home. Very easy to install. The picture in the day light is excellent. the night vision is adequate. The cameras seem to be good quality, and the hidden cable is a plus. The only down side are the cables. It would be great if 100' cable was included instead of the 60ft cable that comes with each camera. The cable is really thin, and easily tangles.
I purchased cable form Radio Shack that is a SUPER THICK compared to this cable and, was easier to run through the walls, and will obviously hold up much better. Over all I am happy with the system. Wish I would of purchased the 8 camera system. I will be adding cameras with audio in the near future.

85 out of 145


Location: Mexico

Excelente producto, fácil instalación, lo recomiendo ampliamente.
El único problema que he tenido al momento es con el soporte técnico por teléfono, nunca han respondido mis llamadas, mi ubicación es en México... Gracias!!!

86 out of 145


Location: México

Excellent product

87 out of 145


Location: Monterrey Mexico

Yo compre en Costco Mexico el modelo Lh010 blackbox de 4 camaras y me parece un excelente producto para el precio que tiene $4800 pesos mexicanos yo mismo instale las camaras, solo me trabe un poco con abrir los puertos del router pero con paciencia yo mismo pude abrirlos manualmente, en resumen es un excelente producto.

88 out of 145


Location: mass

i really like my lorex system, it was a little hard for me to set up the internet and smart phone part. my friend just came over and got me up and running. now im loving it !!! i love being able to check out my house from ANYWHERE !!!

89 out of 145


Location: New York

Great System. Easy to setup and get remote monitoring working. Easily expandable !

90 out of 145


Location: México

The product is wonderful, easy to install, without the need of any expert in cctv cameras to connect to the internet is a bit more difficult, but achieving this becomes a complete surveillance system and you can see it from anywhere in the world! With Lorex. I am very happy because I have two identical systems installed in two different locations and I only need one internet connection, I'm working on it, highly recommend it!

91 out of 145


Location: Wrentham, MA

Lorex LH010 Great Product, night vision works great and the picture is clear. I had a problem with another device conflicting with the installation but tech support figured it out and got the viewing over the internet and IPhone in a short amount of time.

92 out of 145


Location: Elkton, Maryland

We just purchased the Lorex Eco Blackbox Wired System because of safety issues we were having with the neighbors. Hookup was simple considering we got the wired system. The only complaint that I have is the Quick Start Guide. I tried for over an hour to get past step one on the guide, but kept failing, upon calling tech support after multiple attempts, I found out that you cannot start with step one, you have to start on step Would have been nice if the quick start guide was in the correct order, otherwise, I would have give a 5 star rating!

The cameras are great! The color is as close to the real thing as it can be, and the pictures are crisp. This was my first security system with DVR ability, so I did have to go to and download the actual manual for the DVR to learn how to get all the cameras to record and customize the settings, but once I had that in front of me, it was quite simple. I love that we can access the cameras away from home from our cellphones and that there is no monthly fee because we monitor it ourselves. Even when we are home, its wonderful to be able to see the kids outside in the yard and know they are safe, without having to be right there with, we can just look at the monitor and see all areas of the property between the 4 cameras. Tech support was also great, they were able to quickly help me and answered all of my questions. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who just needs that extra piece of mind. For the price, you get a great product that does what it says and the features are amazing!

93 out of 145


Location: Virginia Beach, VA

Easiest set up, even though it came with a free install. I was considering adt or another, but this is great and I can monitor myself. All the companies would do is call me before contacting the police. This is super! Cost effective, and secure. Love It

94 out of 145


Location: Moncton New Brunswick Canada

Works great easy install customer service was great value good to

95 out of 145


Location: Georgia

I had a Swann system and bought the Lorex 8CH ECO system to replace it. Both were about the same price but I must say the Lorex has so many more options than the Swann did. Both systems used the same resolution cameras but the Lorex cams give me so much better color. I like being able to have 8 user accounts on the Lorex system and the ability to have 1 camera motion alarm make the system record from ever how many cameras I select. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. The remote for this Lorex unit greatly out performs the one that came with my Swann system. The USB port being on the front of this Lorex system is a blessing for doing data backups. This system works well with the Android App - IP Cam Pro if you need a remote viewing app other than what Lorex supplies. The Lorex, like the old Swann system, lets you view 1 cam, 4 cams or 8 cams at once but I wish it would let me view 6 cams at once - 1 larger with 5 smaller ones around it. Over all this is an outstanding product!

96 out of 145


Location: West Palm Beach

I have only had mine for about a week but The system works pretty good it hooks up pretty easy and works well

97 out of 145


Location: Phoenix

We had a Night Owl with 8 camera max capacity but due to some local issues, decided we needed to go for a 16 camera system. The Night Owl was nice but the clarity and simplicity of the Lorex makes the Night Owl look like a primitive system. It was actually very simple and easy to get everything set up, the only issue I had was not reading the directions all the way through so I would struggle when I thought I was done after a specific step. It might have been easier if they noted that all steps needed to be completed to go live and have remote access but aside from that, it is a great system and I'm sure once I read the manual I'll like it even more.

98 out of 145


Location: Himrod,NY

As a of security systems and videp security, i can honestly say ....... Wow, finally a company that stands behind their product. I ran into some issues on the port forwarding part, called tech support and was up an running within 15 min. Kudos to lorex.

99 out of 145


Location: north carolina

Nice system for the money. Easy to set up. Lorex is extemly helpful with any questions.

100 out of 145


Location: México, D.F

Excelente producto a muy buen precio, la instalación es sumamente sencilla, y la configuración aunque el cd de instalaci-on no autoconfiguro el reenvio de puertos, el personal tecnico de infinitum lo resolvio bastante facil y rapido, en cuanto al funcionamiento puedo comentar que la calidad de las imagenes son bastante buenas. En cuanto la app para el iphone la imagen es muy buena pero no puedes retroceder el video, solo puedes ver en vivo.

101 out of 145


Location: NJ

I was able to get one camera installed and running quickly, I have been able to access remotely through other computers as well as my mobile phone using the app. auto port forwarding program didn't work for my router which is about 6 months old as it wasn't listed but was easily able to program my router. I created my ddns account and had remote access in about an hour. Only problem so far is my camera light sensor isn't working to well, I actullay need to shine light on the sensor for it to goto color.

102 out of 145


Location: fl

Is a excellent product for home security, we are very happy with this.

103 out of 145


Location: New Jersey

Just setup this cameras, and it's working flawless, remote viewing works good.
Follow the steps and installation is a breeze.

104 out of 145


Location: Poconos

The Lorex Eco is a Great product for home, easy instalation. I strongly recommend this product.

105 out of 145


Location: Yonkers, New York

I purchased the LHO10 ECO 8 camera Black Box system from a local retailer. I spent a really long time looking for a real good system for under $ 400 dollars. This system has a lot of great features and it was easy to set up. IF YOU KNOW HOW TO USE A COMPUTER, SURF THE INTERNET, OR USE E-MAIL, THEN YOU CAN SET THIS SYSTEM UP WITH NO PROBLEMS. The hardest part is finding a good spot to put the cameras at. 8 cameras is more than enough for your home. You can view the cameras on your computer, tablet or smart phone. I have already started watching the cameras from my smart phone. This sytem has more features to explain here. Trust me. This 8 cmaera system is worth every penny. :))) Keep up the good work Lorex. The only down side is that this system does not come with a montior. But you can connect the DVR to your LCD/LED HD TV. I assume that most people have a TV with a VGA or Video/Audio input on the back of the TV.

106 out of 145


Location: Boston

Great and easy to install. The remote viewing was a bit tedious but got the job done. For mobile viewing, there are several different apps for the different Lorex products.

107 out of 145


Location: Florida

Very happy with the systems. I have two systems and love them. When I'm not at home all I need to do is pull out my phone and open camera app and there my house and my parents house. Easy to set up cameras. Setting up remote view is a little harder but tech support is AWESOME. If you have to wait on hold its worth the wait.

Thank you Lorex for having a great system

108 out of 145


Location: Florida

Reasonable price easy to set up. I have bought two of these systems one for my house and one for my parents house. It took no time to install the camera. Setting up for remote view is a little harder but I was really happy with tech support ( VERY HELPFUL). You my be on hold for a little bit but it;s worth the wait. We love it when we are away from the house and want to see what's going on at home just pull out the mobile and open app to see. LOVE IT

Thank you Lorex for having a great system

109 out of 145


Location: New York

I just purchased this system and I have to tell you for the price - you cannot go wrong. To save a few bucks I did the installation myself. VERY EASY. The hardest part of the whole installation was installing the wiring because I ran the wiring through the attic and through the walls.

This is easily a one person install job as I was able to view the image from the camera via my ipad and adjust the camera's point of view.

The only issue I had was that the wiring kept tangling up. After the 3rd camera installation (with wiring) you become a pro and learn how to stop that from happening as well as using a wire hanger to run the wiring from your soffit's to the attic.

I will be adding more camercas to this system.

110 out of 145


Location: Sanford, FL

This is my first Lorex purchase and so far I have been extremely satisfied with my decision to select Lorex! Previous to the Lorex system I had a Foscam and still do but the Foscam has been giving me some trouble so I purchased the 8 Channel DVR with 4 cameras for my home even though I am not a pro installer the bundled packaged was not really difficult to install. I was able to install everything in less than a day. The ability to view the cameras remotely using my cell phone gives me peace of mind of what`s going on at our home at any time of day. Definitely well worth the investment!

111 out of 145


Location: Sanford, FL

This is my first Lorex purchase and so far I have been extremely satisfied with my decision to select Lorex! Previous to the Lorex system I had a Foscam and still do but the Foscam has been giving me some trouble so I purchased the 8 Channel DVR with 4 cameras for my home even though I am not a pro installer the bundled packaged was not really difficult to install. I was able to install everything in less than a day. The ability to view the cameras remotely using my cell phone gives me peace of mind of what`s going on at our home at any time of day. Definitely well worth the investment!

112 out of 145


Location: Newfoundland

This product overall is a great product that is easy to setup, configure and install. After setting up the Lorex DDNS server and waiting a while for it to become active I was able to easily connect with the Lorex Client software and view from a laptop over the LAN or remotely.

Video quality is good (not HD), and the IR night vision mode is very clear and has good range.

The only problem I had is with the Android app for this box, although it does technically work it is not the most polished application. I could not connect to my DDNS account at first, receiving a connection to server failed error. It took me a while to realize that if you have entered any information such as hostname/username/password correctly, but the DDNS address has not been fully propagated (made available to the internet) when you try to add the DVR on your phone it will never work... even if the DDNS becomes available. You must delete the DVR and add it back in again.

After trying the delete and add, everything works fine. Overall this app is not very polished but functional. I would give it 5 stars if the Android app worked better and did not cause me so much grief over such a small error.

113 out of 145


Location: fort worth

We love our new system. It gives us peace of mind to know we can access our home through our I phones. I was surprised how long it took our installer to install the system...but it is well worth it.

114 out of 145


Location: MA

After seeing the quality of the system that was installed in my buddies house I decided to install a system in my house. The installation was easy and I was able to catch all the areas of the yard around my house as well as the furnace and water heater in the basement. I go away a lot on the weekends and will be happy to know that I will be able to check in on the house from the mobile app for my cell phone and ipad.

115 out of 145


Location: Alberta

We have purchased 3 systems in the last year and installed one system in each of our depots. They are fantastic. Accessing the cameras from off site was the only problem we seemed to have in the setup, and as for the system itself, the cameras are very clear when viewing and the night vision works great.

116 out of 145


Location: GA

Great system. I had it professionally installed and am quite satisfied. A good amount of light is required to transition the cameras out of night mode. There's no sensitivity adjustment. Remote setup wasn't intuitive, especially given setting up an account. But once its done, it works beautifully.

Overall, the system a fantastic value. I am delighted with the purchase on would buy again without hesitation.

117 out of 145


Location: Studio City

Easy to install, great customer help line. Great remote function. Very pleased.

118 out of 145


Location: New York

Lorex product is great! Easy to install/setup.
I gave 4 star only because the internet setup and remote viewing software is not as user-friendly as I'd like. I continue to buy Lorex systems and add each location onto my software.

119 out of 145


Location: Pennsylvania

As a contractor I've installed many security camera systems for clients. This is the system I've chosen to install at my personal house. So far I can't say anything bad about it. It's a great system for the money. And a small price to pay for the piece of mind knowing that my house and equipment are being watched over.

120 out of 145


Location: colombia-antioquia-medellin


121 out of 145


Location: MA

I installed a Lorex product at a Buddies business. I liked it so much I went out and purchased one for my house. Installation was easy and the picture quality is great. I have recommended this product to a few family members and friends.

122 out of 145


Location: Puebla, México.

I am very satisfied with the quality of this system, however, is not as easy to launch and access the cameras from off-site via the Internet. Although time consuming I managed. Provides comfort and security of being able to see the property from anywhere there is Internet access.

123 out of 145


Location: Huntington Beach ,CA

had to pay someone to help but fairly easy ...friend took book home to study how to get video on phone

124 out of 145


Location: Florida

Very good system, we had it installed and the tech said he has $200 dollar cameras on his own home system that are not much better than the ones that came with this system. I am very pleased with the whole package.

125 out of 145


Location: South Florida

I am very happy with my 8 camera system from Lorex. The quality and picture is very impressive in day light and in total darkness. I am very happy with the Iphone quality too.

I wish the manuel could be written in a more bullet format for a faster and easier read. I like the additional one year warranty for writing a review.

I feel Lorex offer a good quality product with an impressive word of mouth marketing plan.


126 out of 145


Location: Pinckney, MI

Easy to install. Some issues linking it to my mobile device, but technical support helped me through it. Great value

127 out of 145


Location: Boston, MA

Picked up a Lorex LH010 BlackBox 4 camera surveillance system with recorder. Installing it was a breeze, plug and play. I was thinking about using a wireless system but glad I went wired. Great picture day or night. Ran into one problem with the power cord for the cameras. Customer service was fairly quick to respond on how I should go about replacing the supply. I just wish that a physical address was sent, instead of an email address, to send the paperwork to. I'm old school. The next step (ran out of time) is getting the cameras set up for internet viewing on several laptops and phones. That's why I didn't give the product 5 stars. If it's simple I'll try to amend or write another review.

128 out of 145


Location: Florence, KY

Excellent product for the price. Running wires in a finished home can be challenging, but not too bad. Nice features. Online viewing is a great feature.

129 out of 145


Location: Micco, FL

Nice system, great affordable price.
Ipad and phone vewing works great.
Good support.
Level 2 support GREAT.
Will recommend to others.

130 out of 145


Location: Toronto, Ontario

Excellent Surveillance System that provides peace of mind

An easy to use and install surveillance system that provides peace of mind. The wireless, motion sensor cameras are easy to place and install (especially in a location where it is a challenge to run wires). The e-mail notifications advise you when you need to preview your system to check and see what activity has happened.

131 out of 145


Location: Greensboro, NC

A Five-star rating for the money. Unbelievable what this system can do. Other than no P/T/Z, the DVR has most of the bells and whistles and camera quality of systems costing a $1000 or more. But even that is only great if you get the customer service to back it up. Unfortunately, setting up a home network and access through the internet are never an easy thing if you don't do it everyday, but Lorex provides software and tech support that makes this often confusing task much easier. The first time you go on a trip and can check on your home, you are so glad you made the investment. Now if I can just get one P/T/Z camera that doesn't cost almost twice what I paid for the entire system!

132 out of 145


Location: Georgia

The system works great and my single call to Lorex Support resulted in a very quick fix. I highly recommend Lorex and this system.

133 out of 145


Location: Newnan Georgia

Great product Great Value !
Install was a breeze. Everything works and cameras have great picture even at night with only a yard light.
I would recommend Lorex to every homeowner who wants to DIY.

134 out of 145


Location: ca

plug and play. included cd worked great. i had a bit of a hard time letting the software update and connect to my router, but that wasnt the fault of the program. its all working and lifes great. very clear picture. remote access app is very good. the quality (although new) seems to be very good and the cameras are not cheap craps either. everything in this system, wires, box, cameras, mounts, manual ands instructions are well done. i would buy aother lorex no problem

135 out of 145


Location: Virginia,USA

I had heard about Lorex products and services.
Only when I bought this item and started using , I understood the simplicity and convenience in operating the security system.
I had another system before but always had a problem in remote viewing and updating etc.
The technical support was awesome, and walked me thorough it.
I strongly recommend the product for its performance and customer support.

136 out of 145


Location: Brookfield, CT

I purchased and installed the Lorex LH010 8 Channel Security Camera System the past weekend and I love it. Most of the installation was straight forward. The only real challenge for me was the remote viewing setup for an iPad. I called Lorex Support and the problem was located and fixed within ten minutes.

The system works great and my single call to Lorex Support resulted in a very quick fix. I highly recommend Lorex and this system.

Jack Scully

137 out of 145


Location: Murrieta, CA

We set this up in our store and was fairly easy to set up. I got off site set up on my husband's Droid; however, I am having problems setting up on my phone. Set up on my computer at home and can view what is going on at the store in our absence; however, transmission is slow and delayed when trying to enlarge camera shot or change view screen. I highly recommend the product though.

138 out of 145


Location: Buffalo

I found the installatiion and configuration super easy. Web and Smartphone access setup worked perfectly the 1st time. I would definetly recommend this product to friends. The price was rignt too.

139 out of 145


Location: Northern CA

Stable security camera system

I have the system about 5 months and basically works well. One camera dead and Lorex sent me a replacement. Comparing to other products, this one is good. The DVR has no issue. Tech support is OK

140 out of 145


Very Satisfied

Product was very easy to install. Network set up took a little more time but easy were easy to follow and worked upon set up.

141 out of 145


Location: utah

great peace of mind

Very pleased. Easy to install, great customer help line. Love knowing with my phone I can look to see whhats going on at home. recommended to my freinds and family.

142 out of 145


Location: Medford, NY

Decent security camera system for the Price

I have the LH016000H system I purchased from Costco. Overall I'm pleased with the system Easy to set up, the only problem I had was that my ISP provider blocks certain ports and I had to call them to find out what port I could use for the DDNS setup. I do have to say I was quite disappointed to find out that the mobile app does NOT allow play back, like other security systems do. I called Lorex and found out that this is a limitation to the certain DVR that came with my package I purchased. For my needs it should suffice... I only wish I had that option - to play back while I'm on the road without being able to get internet/computer connection. Hopefully Lorex may offer this as a software down load or something...

143 out of 145


Location: Atlanta, GA

Lorex Eco Blackbox 16 Channel Security System

I purchase Lorex Eco Blackbox 16 Channel Security System for my rental home it was easy to set up and to port forward im also an cctv installer so I have worked with many brands before would purchase from lorex again! thanks Lorex for your great product

144 out of 145


Location: Puerto Rico

The Lorex Eco is a Great product for home, easy instalation. I strongly recommend this product.

145 out of 145


Location: San Diego

Real Value for the money

I am very satisfied with the quality of this system. for a non-tech person like me, it was, however, not so easy to get it running and to access the cameras from off-site via the internet. However, I did manage. I provides comfort and security to be able to see the property from anywhere where there is internet access.



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