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Complete security camera system with night security cameras ECO2 8ch LED series


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Complete security camera system ECO2 8 channel DVR

This LH130 complete security camera system includes an LED VGA monitor providing vivid video and vibrant color. Energy efficient, light-weight and compact, this monitor will suit business settings that have space constraints as well as homes that require a small foot-print solution with a consumer-friendly component design. Daytime images are sharp, clear and the built-in infrared cut-filters provide accurate color reproduction. At night-time, the images change to black &white for higher contrast and clarity. ECO2 DVR is Mac &PC compatible providing multi-channel viewing, playback, backup &remote configuration. Enjoy instant mobile viewing on any compatible smartphone.

LH130 series compatibility chart

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Simple installation process for user convenience.

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud is a cloud-enabled software platform to connect to all FLIR NVRs and MPX DVRs. The FLIR Cloud apps give you access to FLIR systems from any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® device.



Complete security camera system:

  • H.264 video compression¹. D1 capable (720x480)
  • Real time recording 8ch/16ch: (360x240)/ 4ch: (720x240) resolution
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Back Up & Remotely Control the system simultaneously
  • 24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed
  • PTZ cameras supported (RS485)
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard ²
  • Instant Mobile Viewing on compatible Smart phones & Tablets†
  • PC and Mac Compatible (Internet Explorer & Safari browsers)
  • Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for advanced remote connectivity at all times
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Accurate Time Stamps with NTP & Daylight Savings Time


  • Instant Mobile Viewing on compatible Smart phones†
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard²
  • PC & Mac compatible (Internet Explorer & Safari browsers)³
  • Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for advanced remote connectivity at all times
  • Instant email alerts

Additional Features:

  • HDMI output (HDMI cable included in the 8ch DVR) for convenient connection to HD TVs.*
  • Keep in Touch with your world. PC or Mac to connect, view and control your system remotely.
  • You don?t have to be a wiz to set up this product. Internet setup wizard, and dedicated Apps give you the
    peace of mind at the tip of your fingers.
  • Simple to use Apps with multi-camera live viewing and instant connection allows you to keep an eye on the
    things that matter to you most.
  • Record on a reliable 24/7 100% duty HDD (Hard Disc Drive) that is designed for surveillance purposes.
  • Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at D1 (720x480) for highest resolution or set to a lower resolution for extended recording time (720 x 240 or 360 x 240).
  • Simple setup - easy Copy feature allows you to copy your settings from one camera to all cameras saving you time when programming your DVR.
  • Dependable time stamps - your DVR will always record with accurate time stamps thank to LOREX NTP (Network Time Protocol) that syncs with the atomic clock as well as advanced Day Light Saving modes.
  • Reliable DDNS and email relay service. Register for a free DDNS service (one web address to remember) providing you with connectivity you can count on at all times.
  • A total of 4 video outputs (HDMI, VGA, BNCx2) allows you to connect to multiple monitors simultaneously**.
  • Ideal for business applications where you have the DVR in the back office as well as a public view monitor.
  • Picture in Picture (PIP) allows you to monitor a scene in full screen mode while keeping an eye on up to two other locations simultaneously.
  • Digital zoom allows you to get a closer view while in live viewing full screen mode.
  • Unique continuous recording with motion activated visual alerts inform you when motion is detected (e.g. when someone enters your store). No longer do you have to make a choice between continuous or motion recording option.

    *Video output resolution scaled up, auto adjusts to the connected monitor via HDMI connection (8 Channel Video only, 16 Channel Video and Audio).
    High definition recording not supported, recording resolution is limited to a maximum of 720 x 480 per channel. Image quality and resolution is dependent on the type of camera connected to the DVR.
    **8 channel up to 4 monitors, 16 channel up to 3 monitors (VGA/HDMI cannot be connected simultaneously).

Day/Night cameras:

  • Super plus resolution sensor provides clear video day and night
  • IR Cut Filter provides accurate color reproduction in any lighting conditions
  • BrightNight and close-up recognition in the dark 3
  • Extreme temperature performance
  • Anti-glare ensures clear images under strong lighting conditions
  • All purpose cameras with flex mounting for indoor or outdoor 4

LED Monitor:

  • 18.5" Monitor (VGA) with LED back-light technology
  • Resolution: 1366 x 768 pixels


1. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
2. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included).
3. IR Illumination range under ideal conditions. Actual range and clarity may vary depending on scene/object reflection and camera application. Picture automatically switches to B&W delivering better clarity in low light conditions.
4. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.
5. HDMI® - High-Definition Multimedia Interface
† PC (Microsoft Windows™ 7/Vista/XP) compatible using Internet Explorer browser. Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6 or above using Safari browser.
† Smartphone & Tablet Compatibility: iPad™, iPhone™, Android (version 1.5 & above), Windows Mobile (6.0, 6.5), Symbian 3rd & 5th generation phones. Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). Router port forwarding required. For the latest compatibility list check as new models become available in the market.
* Number of Channels/ Cameras/ Accessories/ HDD (hard disk drive) capacity may vary by model. Check your package label for specific content information.











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1 out of 142


Location: Stephentown, NY

I've been using this system for a little over a year and its been easy to use and setup, and stable.

2 out of 142


Location: nl.

I have been using this system for over 2 years and am really pleased with it.
I haven't had any problems with it and would definitely recommend it.

3 out of 142


Location: TN

I have been a long time customer of Lorex and I love all the products I have purchased from them. Their customer support is great. I would recommend anyone wanting a secruity system, they should purchase it from Lorex.

4 out of 142


Location: Fresno

great product!!!

5 out of 142


Location: Trinidad W.I.

I bought this product on April 2015, it worked great, but then they upgraded something with the app and i no longer can view from my smartphone with data. Unless i am connected to same wifi network. When will this be fixed???

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team will be happy to assist you and can be reached from Monday - Saturday, 9:00 am - 10:00 pm EST at 1-877-755-6739.

6 out of 142


Location: CR

Good System. I haven't had Issues so far. It works fine and video and recording quality are good

7 out of 142


Location: Bay Area, Californis

I bought their security system based on the review and now I realize their customer support sucks.

I have opened case almost a week and not received any response.. I am fairly technical guys installing the system.. only need to reset the password on DVR that I forget, I followed all possible options on google but did not work, finally opened the case 2 week back still have no response back. i am sure If I ever get to talk to the tech, I am going to let him know , If security is hinderance to productivity that security is liability and not asset.
When I call tech support their only work EST time zone. Probably CEO decide to get rid of 24X7 support so he can get good bonus or may be wall steet dictated terms ! That is the wall most American co. operate their business and loose their cake to china co. My required for additional system was fulfilled by china co. security system for 30% cost of what I paid to Lorex which is still defunct... Hey CEO of Lorex if you care to keep this co. float my warranty registration #: LWR-8072015-00006 .

8 out of 142


Location: Alabama

I bought these about 2yrs. ago. I didn't get the set that had the monitor but I have the 8cameras and the dvr. I have 2 of those cameras with the night vision gone out ALREADY!!!! the cameras work best during the day and fairly well at night with the night vision. Not as well as I have hoped. I plan on buying a camera that can zoom, and has a better night vision.. I hope that will last longer than 2 yrs these cameras were not cheap. All they will do because it is out of warranty is give me a little discount. I am a single mother on a very low income and can't afford to keep buying cameras. Anyone else have problems with the night vision? The vision is fuzzy and hard to see at night .. it gets globby like and you can't tell if someone is there or if it is the night vision messing up. VERY unhappy with the night vision.

9 out of 142


Location: Ontario

I purchased this system from Costco online. It took about 2 hours to set-up. System works great, however I'm having problems trying to get my remote IPad to work with the system. The system when viewed on the monitor has a great picture. I would recommend this product to a friend.

10 out of 142


Location: edmonton

i bought this product in dec 2014 it is feb 2015 it will not record at night. also the unit sometimes freezes and the only way to reset it is to take the battery cover off and unplug the battery.i phoned the tec support line and they in no way were any help the picture is also fuzzy at night. i do not think this is a good investment.3stricks your out Lorex!

11 out of 142


Location: ontario

I purchased this from Costco and it worked great until the DVR died after 3 years. Tech support was happy to help but gave me all the wrong advice which cost me time and money.

12 out of 142


Location: Greenville SC

We received our system last week and had it installed and working in 3 hours. Most time consuming part being the power hookup for each camera. We are very happy with picture quality, wireless reception, and remote monitoring. Excellent buy!

13 out of 142


Location: St. Louis,MO

I installed the Lorex LH130 model at 3 of our preschools for security. The systems have been great and camera detail is very good. Recently the boss wanted to be able to view remotely, and with a little effort we now have all our schools on-line.
I ran into a problem with our remote viewing at one location. I spoke with a Lorex tech. by the name of Hana. Her knowledge and pleasant demeanor solved my problem in less than 20 min. Thanks Hana You did great.

14 out of 142


Location: Apopka ,Fl

Had our lorex security cameras for almost 2 years the cameras of work great but within the last six months we have had three zones go out. I've switched cameras with those that work. I still have the problem. the recorder house is always beeping. I've called lorex and they said it was probably the recorder. So it looks like if you want a camera system does not work more than a year and a half do not buy their products.

15 out of 142


Location: Florida

Great product and System Customer service is excellent but they only downfall is that for tech support it's to long and u have to wait 45 mins to 1 hour of wait beside that they willing to help

16 out of 142


Location: New York

We needed to replace our old system that didn't record audio. After much searching, we found that Lorex has an audio/video camera that was getting great reviews. For the price (with the 15% discount), we got a good deal, which including shipping. The setup for the video cameras was a breeze. We could use more detailed instructions to get the audio/video cameras working correctly. The picture quality is great! We did struggle with getting the online viewing up and running and did need tech support. When I called twice on Friday, my calls were answered immediately. When I called on Saturday at 9:00 am, I waited 40 minutes for a rep! But we did finally get everything up and running. All in all, we would buy this system again.

17 out of 142


Location: Jordan

I purchased this system from Castro two years ago and brought it to my home in Jordan-Middle East ,so far so good. Video is clear and performs well. The instruction manual is very easy to use ,itTook me a couple of days for setup, which is expected with 8 cameras. I still haven't hooked up to the Iphone, or remote viewing so I cant comment on that yet. Overall it seems like a high quality system I recommend to every one.

18 out of 142


Location: Burnaby, British Columbia

We purchased this surveillance system in early 2013 from Costco and it has been working very well. Now we can monitor our house with four cams using remote connectivity when we are away travelling. It has been very reliable and some of our friends purchased it as well as a result.

19 out of 142


Location: Maple Ridge, B.C.

I have the Lorex EC02 136000 series 16 Channel and believe its the best product out on the market. I have had different series of Lorex in the last 15 years and would recommend this product to anyone. They are reliable, easy to use and can be installed anywhere. I have them all around my house on the out side and love the fact that if you are not home you can use their phone app to check up on your place. Good Job Lorex your systems are the best

20 out of 142


Location: Orange County, CA

Purchased at Costco. Works quite well and the customer service is excellent. Had to some help with remote connection and the customer service person was very knowledgable and patient.

21 out of 142


Location: Honolulu

I have a professionally installed security system. This installation is a second system, easy to self-install. Eight cameras were installed. Received exellent tech support in setting up to view on internet and wading thru modem/DDNS problem-solving. Lorex continues to improve its homeowner products.

22 out of 142


Location: Puerto Rico

I bought this system from Costco. The system has the best value compare with others with similar specifications. The installation was easy. The videos are clear and performs well.

Great product. Highly recommend.

23 out of 142


Location: Cambridge, ON

I purchased this system at Costco. System setup was very easy. I have the cameras covering all my property. The system is very user friendly and I love that I can hook it up through the internet. I also like that I can download the internal hard drive onto a USB memory stick....nice!

Very good value, I highly recommend it.

24 out of 142


Location: Office

I purchased this system at costco, it was a no brainer to setup, great price, great picture
This product has... Adequate viewing area, Many good, useful features
About me... technology savvy (not really)
I would recommend this to a friend!

25 out of 142


Location: Ottawa Canada

This system does what it says it will. Cameras are light and physical installation is straightforward. They work very well. Night vision is amazing. The motion detector is very precise and has an amazing reach. You do need some patience when it comes to connectivity.

26 out of 142


Location: virginia

GREAT product..... I love being able to view my cameras even on vacation.. with internet viewing and my smart phone, I can watch my belongings when ever I want... Love my system... Purchased at Costco..

27 out of 142


Location: Bluffton, AB, Canada

Good product. Only issue - the infrared no longer works on two of the cameras.
Still awaiting an email reply or will try to contact via phone.
The picture quality is good. Just hope replacements can be made without too much difficulty.

28 out of 142


Location: Sherwood Park, ab, canada

I am very happy with the product..I have it set up in my garage just for surveillance on my farm..was very easy to set up!

29 out of 142


Location: murrieta ca

We installed what we thought was the "top of the line" Lorex security camera system in May of 2013. We are a very nice Optometry practice and had been burglarized before. Unfortunately, we were broken into again in October. Our surveillance system hard drive "froze" so we are unable to view the footage. We contacted "customer service" who informed us we needed to get a new DVR to view the footage. Not sure if we just got a lemon system. I understand that things sometimes don't work just right, but this is crazy. There has to be some way we can access those images. So, before you purchase one of these sets, you might want to think twice, it may not work when you need it.

30 out of 142


Location: Bridgewater, VA

I am a consumer electronics retailer. Purchased this system through Costco to replace a system damaged by the Derecho in June of 2012. Loved the system for the first year, easy to set up and install, great features. One month out of the warranty period, I had 4 of the 8 cameras fail within a few weeks of oneother and a 5th one is on the way. Various camera issues. I have had cheaper and older technology cameras last much longer than these. I thought that I was purchasing a quality system but I no longer have faith in Lorex cameras at all. Thought the system was priced good but now I have to spend another $175 to get the cameras replaced. Lorex appeared to have no interest in how or why the cameras went bad. Was planning to install and recommend more of these systems, but probably will not now.

31 out of 142


Location: Memphis, TN

Purchased this system in June of 2012 from Costco for around $500.
Pros: Easy install, easy basic setup, easy to use
Cons: Cameras not as clear as I would like but was not willing to pay higher price for better cameras, cumbersome iphone viewing capabilities (but again my bad for letting the warranty run out before I tried to get it setup).
I would recommend purchasing this system and I have referred friends to buy this system.
If you don't have a system at your home...install one!!

32 out of 142


Location: New Jersey

Very easy setting the Lorex ddns for remote viewing. Good job guys.


33 out of 142


Location: silver spring, MD

I owned this unit for 10 months and the dvr acted up. I was able to exchange the unit with little hassle, good customer service. The resolution could be better and the menu user interface is a bit complicated. I may look for a different system in the future.

34 out of 142


Location: Charlotte, NC

We love our Lorex camera system purchased from Costco. Easy install and very good picture. Setting up the remote viewing was very straightforward and accomplished in about 30 minutes. Would highly recommend this to everybody shopping for a new system!

35 out of 142


Location: Ada, mi

Great product. Not very hard to setup thanks to my young nerd neighbor. Installation took some time, but easy to figure out. We put 1 camera inside the house so we could see our dog when we were gone. It's great to see all around yard when gone. Our ipad works very well with system.
Wireless and mouse stopped working after about 10 months. Called support and their solution worked perfectly. Thank you for support.

36 out of 142


Location: D.C

Pros: Setting up was fine and simple. Good manual.

Cons: We turned off one of the cameras because it was causing the DVR to constantly beep every 30 seconds. The CD that came with it was cracked so we are not able to use the port forwarding wizard.

37 out of 142


Location: Bangor, Nova Scotia

Technical support very poor, very loong wait times for technician that may or may not exist, I an now on my third wait on hold having to put up with the worst crappy music recording ever, its an insult to all customers.

38 out of 142


Location: Oceanside, CA

I purchased my Lorex ECO2 Security Camera System from Costco and cannot be more impressed with the value and easy of operation this product offers. Setup was simple; however, I had a little difficulty witth setting up the remote access so I contacted Lorex for help. The technician was very profession. He took control of my computer, accessed my network settings, and my Lorex DVR. When he was finished, everything work wonderfully. My wife and I feel much more secure with our security cameras motoring our home.

Thanks Lorex,
Dan Clark

39 out of 142


Location: Colorado Springs

The image from the cameras is very clear. Set up instructions were clear. We have been able to access from a browser but we are still having trouble getting the mobile apps to work. We'll keep trying.

40 out of 142


Location: Anaheim,Ca.

Bought the LH136 DVR to replace an older Everfocus that just gave out, had to buy without doing proper research, like I Normally do. Well I'm glad and very pleased I Bought this unit it was plug and play, was able to keep my place of business under survelliance without missing a beat. Had a little trouble hooking up my I pad, found the tech support very helpful and was my error not inputting proper codes. Would reccomend this product. Gave a 4, after some use will probably upgrade to a 5.

41 out of 142


Location: Queen, NY

Easy to install and setup. A bit disappointed the mounting boxes were not included. The connectors on the cameras and cables were exposed if the wiring is not concealed. This is something the vendor should include in the package. Overall it was simple and worked right out of the box. Expanding the hard drive for extra storage is a must on a 1T HD for quality recording.

42 out of 142


Location: Lethbridge, AB

Bought my Lorex system from our local Costco, thought it woudl be a good start to provide some additional security to our property. Took the product out of the box, tested the cameras began the installation. Then it came to the DVR. Trying to set up the DVR and getting the port forwarding to work was impossible, even with their "Auto Port Forwarding". Tried to get customer technical support was impossible. Litterally waited on hold for over an hour and a half, because I didn't dare hang up and try again. No help. Will be returning this product and getting a proper system. Not worth the hassles. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE..... To sit on hold and listen over and over repeatedly how its only free technical service after you have registered your product and only for one year, or you will be charged a fee. Ya that is great support. Maybe change your message if you are leaving people on hold for an hour and a half.

43 out of 142


Location: Houston, TX

The system seems to be everything promised although it did break down after about the 1st year. However, Lorex says they will honor the warranty and replace the DVR, so no problem. Hopefully the second time around will result in a better quality experience.

44 out of 142


Location: Omaha

This is a followup from my first review. While I like the product a lot, I've had an issue with the web address not being available on my smartphone to keep tabs on the cameras. While it used to work it doesn't any longer and the Tech support from Lorex sucks! Not only are the not very good to work with, the wait time to get their level 2 support is TERRIBLE! I have been on the phone listening to terrible music for over an hour and a half. For this reason I rate their Tech Support very low.

45 out of 142


Location: Bonners Ferry, ID

We got this system for piece of mind for our small offices. I had recommended it's purchase based on reviews and now I can also voice that the system works very well. As with other similar systems, the hardest part about installing is running all the cables! After that's done it is up and running in no time and is pretty user friendly especially if you have any experience in similar security systems. The on screen set up is good but the on screen keyboard is a bit too sensitive in my opinion. It would be nice if there were more screen display choices than only 4 cameras or all 8 too. Video quality is good, you won't see video clarity anything like they show in TV shows in this price point, and that seems to surprise new users, but that's TV! The night vision quality in our application, again 4 somewhat small offices is first rate.
I would, and will, recommend this unit to anyone as a good general home or small business security system. I have been using another brand similar unit at my home for over a year and so far have had no problems with either unit and they're both 500GB hard drive systems.

46 out of 142


Location: Pelham, AL

Great product!! Easy installation, great picture quality and easy to use. I highly recommend!

47 out of 142


Location: duncan

awesome!! best picture for best dollar, and very easy to use, I'm extremely happy!! Thank you LOREX!!!

48 out of 142


Location: Ontario,canada

I purchased this system at Costco . Some other people I know have similiar systems but different manufacturers and they complained alot about the quality of the equipment and picture they were looking at . This system seems to be much better than there systems easy to use also.The only problem we had was connecting to our blackberry playbook and computers at work .

49 out of 142


Location: nj

Had a problem with a camera flashing and connect via smart phone. Called customer service and waited fot the techs for 20 minutes. Finally get a tech, only having him tell me that I needed a second tier tech. Than waited for another 20 minutes to only get hung up on. I called back to get a tech. They said I needed to give them my phone number and that they would call me back. Even gave ,me a ticket number to use. That was 4 days ago, Im still waiting to hear bcak

50 out of 142


Location: Calgary

Good system. Easy to set up but needed help on the technical. Tech support was great.

51 out of 142


Location: Calgary

Overall you get what you pay for. For what i was looking for this met the need. I have this set up on my back garage. It to good enough quality to see what is going on but you could not read a license plate if you tried.

The software looks like it was written back in the 80's. Old school... very clunky and a poor user interface. I have the remote access working but could not get this working on my IPhone.

I have had this up and running for 2 months... Unfortunately one camera has failed so far ( lost focus in the middle like there is a spider web in front of the camera). I will see how the warrantee claims are like to deal with.

Hope this helps

52 out of 142


Location: Oregon

I bought this system and was building a new house. The house took longer then the contractor planned and by the time we could open the box and install the camera system it was over 1 year. The system worked great for about 30 days and then completely failed. Since it was over the Warrentee period I now have a pile of garbage. Over the last 6 years I have bought three different Lorex camera systems for different locations that I own. The first system is still working, the second one lasted 13 months and the last one lasted less then thirty days. At this point I do not have a lot of positive comments to make about Lorex systems.

53 out of 142


Location: Europe - Belgium

I'm very happy with the set. easy t program, good uality, nice remote acess. it does what you need it to do... that's it.

54 out of 142


Location: Terrace, BC

Nice to have. It make you feel safe. If only there is a wizard that you and install the remote with a click of a button or just key in your mobile , that would be super.

55 out of 142


Location: NY

So far I like the product. The set up was a breeze ti took no time.It's great, I like the fact I can monitor the system any where in the world.Although I had to call tech. support for assistant with phone setup. I would recommend this product.

56 out of 142


Location: montreal

Just bought this unit at Costco two months ago. I found it reality easy to set up. It took me about a day to completely set it all up. I love the remote viewing App and browser it works well.
very good

57 out of 142


Location: Chicago, Illinois

These security camera's were very simple to install. Computer set-up was a little confusing but when I called customer service they took over my computer and set everything up. They also help me set-up my phones and tablet. The images are basic but it does what it's suppose to do in helping us keep an eye on our property.

58 out of 142


Location: Mount Pocono

This is a great security system for your family's safety and your home. It has been a great system for my neighbors as well.. Where my cameras have been installed I have them angled in such a way that it is benefical in securing my home and theirs. I like that the cameras are adjustable in any way desired.

The only downfall I have is with the warranty. I need my system serviced I would have to pay for it because I do not have a reciept of purchase, I cannot use their warranty. My system was a a gift and I am unable to produce a reciept of the purchase. The person that gave it to me as a gift I no longer have contact with this person. The warranty is not in my favor, the warranty should be more understanding with "gift" purchases.

59 out of 142


Location: saint-hubert,qc,ca

I was suprise of the qualite of the resolution, easy to install, very satisfied!!

60 out of 142


Location: Dauphin

We found this to be a very good buy for the price and we where able to use the system fully around our store. The install was easy but did take a couple of days to put all the cameras up and working. We had a few errors in figuring out the recording and setting it up to the IPhone
and Computer. The technical support from Lorex was patient and did help us through the glitches. We are enjoying the system so far even though we have only had it up and running
for a short time.

61 out of 142


Location: Anaheim

This system was very easy to install, however, as a non-techie, setting up the remote viewing was too much for us. I called Lorax cust service and received expert help. Now we can have peace of mind by reviewing our property while away from home. Great system, great customer service. This is a win win purchase!

62 out of 142


Location: San Diego, CA

I actually have two of these systems; one for an apartment building I own and one for a vacation home. I didn't realize how much I would be using them! At my apartments I have been able to prove to a neighboring apt. building that it IS THEIR TENANTS who are overflowing my dumpster! I also got GREAT video of a guy breaking into my laundry room, the video is so good the police are actively searching for the man because of the great evidence I was able to give them (they're running his prints as I write this). I also got video of someone trying to break into my vacation home. I showed still shots from the video to the neighbors and was able to get an I.D. on the person!

I installed the units myself and I'm a 65 year old female, but I'm very computer literate and don't mind climbing a ladder! I found the system very easy to put together. I'm still learning tricks and tips. I would buy a Lorex system again without hesitation. At this point, I wouldn't have a home without one of their systems up and running!

63 out of 142


Location: Montreal, Canada

Awesome product. Easy to set up. iPhone app works like a charm. Looking forward to reviewing the taped video after I read the manual on it.

Good product. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a surveillance system. My tip. Get the 16 channel. You don't want to limit yourself. You'll be surprised at how many cameras you'll want to install.

64 out of 142


Location: Arizona

The cameras and the DVR both work well. However, the setup was slightly difficult and had a variety of problems. In the end, this was a decent, almost great product.

65 out of 142


Location: puyallup

I bought this surveillance camera system from Costco 6 months ago and Im very satisfied with it. I have 16 cameras and it was easy to install. In the northwest we have lots of rain and wind and the cameras have worked without problems.The quality of the system is excellent and I have highly recommend it. In fact I have recommended the lorex surveillance camera security system at my neighborhood meetings and everyones on looking at this system as our security watch opposed to hiring a security guard monitor the neighborhood! This is a great product and I highly recommend it.

66 out of 142


Location: Rochester NY

This unit was easy to install and set up on the computer. Still waiting for technical service for help with my phone set up. The cameras are clear and sharp, even at night.

67 out of 142


Location: Des Moines

* the cameras are good pictures,
* the cd software is only good for window not mac so i had to call for help and all the waiting and transferring were at least over 30 mins of waiting time and the technicians were in the rush, i even asked them " are you in the rushing ?" and she responded " if it not working, just delete the app and reinstall or turn the phone off and turn back on, i will call you back in 5 mins " , i told her that i had been waiting for so long and i would like you to help to get it done now because this is the 4 times i had to call back and the first 2 technicians were no help, the 3rd one got it going but not all the way, and you are the 4th ones " then she responded " i have to transferred you to someone else, so hold on " ... i couldn't say yes or no, she already transferred and this time i had waited more than an hour so i hung up and recall .... IT WAS SO VERY FRUSTRATED, VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I HAVE TO CALL BACK TOMORROW TO GET MY SYSTEM RUN ON BOTH OF MY MAC AND PHONE ... I AM IS ABOUT TO BRING THE SYSTEM BACK TO COSTCO.

68 out of 142


Location: new york

this system is a wonderful addition to my home. cameras give a very clear picture. very happy with my purchase

69 out of 142


Location: Nova Scotia Canada

Excellent product, clear pic and great night vision, may buy more cameras but thought 4 would be enough. Great deal at Costco

70 out of 142


Location: Minneapolis

I started searching for some kind of a surveillance system after experiancing vandalism of my property. I was interested in something that would be easy to install, easy to operate, and provided clear pictures and video in daylight and low light conditions. The ECO2 system provided just that. I also like the ability to view my property remotely while I'm away from home. This was not the cheepest system out on the market, but in my opinoin, it is well worth every penny. The tech support is also second to none. Lorex certainly stands behind their products and will provide you with all the tech support that you will need to troubleshoot any problems and help in the set-up your equipment. My house is now on the market, but I will certainly purchase another unit to install at my new home after we move.

71 out of 142


Location: ny

Bought this from costco. installation was pretty simple. Was able to view through ip address fairly easily but needed tech support to get the ECO app for Android configured properly and working.

So far it has been working as expected, clear pictures. I did seal the cameras with silicone to prevent any condensation buildup, except for one camera that had fogged up, the rest have been holding up well

72 out of 142


Location: Kissimmee fl.

Bought this product in may for my new home. works great no problem would recommend to a friend

73 out of 142


Location: Manasquan nj

The system works great, but getting it to work with the internet is very hard,. The directions could be a lot clearer.

74 out of 142


Location: Toronto

Awesome product easy set for mobile and PCM viewing

75 out of 142


Location: Alberta

I bought my system through Costco. I am thrilled to finally have some protection while I am away at work. The only downside to this system that I found so far is that the night vision is not very easy to see. That disappoints me but it's still better than what I had previously...which was nothing.

76 out of 142


Location: Winnipeg

We were quoted $800 plus $60 a month monitoring from a security company, for a system much like this one. We bought this system from Costco to use in our new store and had it set up ourselves in half a day. This includes all the wiring throughout the shop and warehouse and the set up of the actual system.

Very simple to install. Set up was a breeze with the included software. And it includes remote viewing over the internet and on our smart phones. That is crazy cool and saves us a bundle over the security company.

System comes with 4 cameras, but has ports for up to 8. So we can expand by buying additional cameras if needed. Great buy!

77 out of 142


Location: Alexndria, VA

This is the worst product ever! The cameras are fine but I'm on my 3rd DVR system. I've had to return the first 2 through the warranty. The first system I had, the DVR kept turning itself off and on. The 2nd wouldn't record. Customer service and technical support are fine as long as you're willing to wait 20-40 minutes on hold before you speak to someone.

78 out of 142


Location: Calgary

Very satisfied with my recent purchase of the lorex lh130 eco2 system from Costco. Lorx support was very helpful in getting my remote access working with my a tinted router. Awesome system and great company

79 out of 142


Location: Shirley, NY

Purchased this item, fair price. Had Installanet install the item. They did a very good job. Overall I am very happy with the product. It is the second one I have purchased. My only complaints are that my item were installed on a Friday and Lorex customer service is closed on the weekend. I had to wait until Monday for them to help me with setting up some issues. The hold time is really unacceptable. I waited for service tech 1 and then service tech 2 and it was over an hour. ( I really think they should improve this.) Finally, my product was working like I wanted it. Also, dealt with Costco concierge service which was wonderful. If you know what your doing, I would gladly recommend this product to you. (I unfortunately had to pay some one to install, which is expensive) . I love that I can see my home while I am away.

80 out of 142


Location: Sherwood Park,AB T8H 1X1

I purchased this for my new business, Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt, in march 2013. The product was very easy to install and get operational. I am very pleased with how convenient the product is and have the mobile app directly on the iphone allows me more freedom as a business owner and am still able to see how the store is being run/kept. The mobile app was incredibly confusing and in my instance I had to call the lorex technical support. They were most informative and extremely helpful in getting the mobile app operational. If anyone is confused or frustrated with the product, call the tech support. Overall extremely happy with lorex and will use the camera system in my future endeavours.

81 out of 142


Location: Colorado

We purchased this 8 Camera -DVR system about a year ago only to have the hard drive die 9 months into the warranty. After some trouble shooting with the Lorex technician an RMA was generated and in few days a new DVR arrived.
I great big shout out to Lorex techs and Lorex warranty!

82 out of 142


Location: New York City

I purchased this system about 2 months ago and I am very satisfied. I saw it at Costco one day and decided to install it my self and there was no problem doing that then I just had to hook it up online. that took awhile because I had to call Lorex directly because the software that they were using was too old to be used with my router. Other than that this is a great system the camera quality is good and the picture and playback is very easy for a first time user.

83 out of 142


Location: Liberty, MO

I purchased my unit from back in October. I looked at several systems both in store and online before choosing this particular one. My primary reasons were; overall features, number of cameras that came with the system including a Pan-Tilt-Zoom, recording storage capacity and the web feature for both my computer and Smartphone.
Installation was trouble-free and the instruction manual was very easy to follow. The BNC combo extension cables made it very easy to fish them down finished walls and through the attic. Configuring the DDNS for web access was hassle free.
The one time I did need to contact technical support for clarification on a DVR setting they responded back to me right away and answered my question in simple clear language.
After the installation was finished all cameras worked flawlessly including the PTZ unit. Very rich color and great resolution. The night vision on the cameras is amazing especially the outside ones. I can see way back in my yard and front driveway areas. While out of town it was comforting to be able to check on the house especially the camera pointing to our sump pump. My wife liked being able to check up on the cats to make sure they were being cared for by our cat sitter.
I was very pleased with the product overall and felt it was a great buy pricewise.

84 out of 142


Location: Fullerton, CA

I just finished installing the system and it works splendidly. Although one of the eight cameras was defective, when I called Lorex customer service to request a replacement, they were courteous and responsive

85 out of 142


Location: Montreal Canada

Jusqu'à maintenant, j'ai 3 caméras sur 4 d'installées et j'ai du en remplacer une qui prenait l'eau. Je l'ai reçu rapidement. Elles fonctionnent bien. Les enregistrements sont parfois coupés de trous noirs qui durent jusqu'à 2 minutes. J'ai fait appel à un technicien pour la connexion réseau, mais il n'est pas parvenu à changer les ports sur le routeur. Un technicien de Bell va me contacter, mais il y a des frais de $99/heure... Dans l'ensemble, l'installation des caméras est facile. J?espère pouvoir me connecter à internet.

86 out of 142


Location: ATLANTA

This is my third DVR and camera system from Lorex. We have had few issues and enjoy the ease of set up and functionality. The equipment arrives in perfect order, we restore the same functions and are operational in no time. we will continue to purchase Lorex systens and the new pan, tilt and zoom cameras work great!

87 out of 142


Location: Mississauga, Ontario

Great system! Easy to install. The remote access through a cellphone is invaluable, as I check the cameras several times a day. Customer support was even fabulous, they give a step by step guide to properly install your system. Good job Lorex!

88 out of 142


Location: Norco, California

I purchased this system at Costco, I was a little skeptical due to the good price, but hopeful nonetheless! The install was easy and all of my questions were answered in the comprehensive instruction manual.

I really enjoy the live monitoring feature from my android phone. The app install and setup for the phone was simple too!

Great product so far, I am a fan!

Next Lorex purchase might have to be a ptz camera upgrade!

89 out of 142


Location: San Jose

Purchased this system about a week ago from Costco. After we wired it, I needed help with the remote viewing access. I called in and got great service. Sure wish I had called from the beginning rather than try to figure it out. The system is working great! Highly recommend!

90 out of 142


Location: Ontario, Canada

I purchased the system through Costco Online. Happy with product, easy to set-up and install cameras. Only issue was an internal cooling fan died after approx 6 months of use. Lorex replaced DVR with a new one within 1-2 weeks of contacting them. Overall, very happy with the system and would purchase again.

91 out of 142


Location: kentucky

Purchased this product online, and I've been very pleased with the product thus far. Although I have not completely setup the 8 cameras I received (in progress), the few I have setup provide excellent clarity during the day, and the night time display is adequate.

I've also used the iPhone app to access the DVR remotely, and Lorex provides a free DDNS address for this purpose.

Very impressive product, would recommend to others.

92 out of 142


Location: Nova Scotia

I recently purchased the Lorex product because it had all the features I needed. I live in a remote area..but work in the city so wanted something that I could use to quickly check on the status of my property.
I was able to enable all the remote features so that I can easily check on my property with my iPad.. From anywhere ,,even in other countries.
I was amazed at all of the other features the basic system had, that I will utilize in the future.
The resolution even in total darkness is amazing, even allowing us to catch a raccoon that was stealing our bird seed.
I have recommended this system to my friends, who are now keenly interested in purchasing one of your units, because it has features that are now affordable..costing many more dollars in the past ,making it now affordable.
Great product! Good job guys!

93 out of 142


Location: North Pole

Great product and a good price. Some connectivity issues getting the cameras online but otherwise a great litte system. You can watch your cameras from any internet enabled device and export footage if you need to.

94 out of 142


Location: Minnesota

I purchase my camera from Best Buy Store..1 week ago, and have been very happy with it, my system can expand to 8 cameras. The installation took me 6 hours. I am extremely happy with my system.. I will say its money well spent.. The phone app is awesome, this gives me peace of mind knowing i can see my home at anytime..

Great product. Highly recommend.

95 out of 142


Location: Canada

First time I have installed a Lorex product. 8 cameras (up to 16 capable) installed in a retail outlet with 12 foot ceilings. I have to say I was impressed! The entire install took 6 hours and included runs of up to 110 feet. I needed cable extenders, knew this ahead of time, and decided to order direct from Lorex. I was not only impressed with the product but also the service from their sales support members. I would recommend this system to anybody.

96 out of 142


Location: Omaha

Setting up the unit was very easy. Pretty much plug & play. Video is very clear and crisp during the day and very easy to see during the night. A great product for the price. The only thing that took a little longer to set up was the mobile app, but is working great.

97 out of 142


Location: Canada

I just purchased this system 2 weeks ago due to more activity around my house by questionable kids more than normal.
The setup was very easy and the quality is better than I imagined. I am now feeling more secure with the opportunity to have a record with the time stamp available.

Simple setup which makes it easy for anyone.

Will recommend this product to the neighbors.

98 out of 142


Location: North Miami beach

Excellent system! Bit quite impressed by the new User Interface. Lorex also needs a better phone app for these Eco DVr that can do more.

99 out of 142


Location: Volcano, Hawaii

I ordered and received 2 ECO 2 lx 130 Vantage systems for my house and garage.
Products received on time and in good shape. Set both systems up on a table temporarily.
Setup was easy. Ran them several days and became familiar with all the menus on the DVR.

Both systems work perfectly. Cameras produce fairly good video. Was surprised how well they work in total darkness.

Next step is to install and wire all the cameras and set up the DVR's and Displays where I decide to place them in the house and garage. I am impressed with the detailed documentation included with each system. Also was very impressed with the packaging. I am also impressed with Lorex website and all the support and tutorials it provides.

Both systems should prove to be very satisfactory and will fulfill my needs.

Would highly recommend this system package to my friends. Price was very reasonable

100 out of 142


Location: Arlington, WA

Purchased from costco business center. Looking to control theft in my business. So far so good.
I like the system for viewing. Instructions are not very complete. Once you figure it out, easy to do.
Not easy to get tech support. Gives you the run a round. You can see everything day & night that the cameras are pointed at. Wide views. I have not tried the online connections yet.

101 out of 142


Location: Park City

We use this system for our office security and find it to be invaluable. We have numerous staff members entering our facility at all times of the day and 7 days a week when managemnt may not be on premise. The system allows us to monitor our facility from many angles that management can not monitor visually. The recorder to great for helping to rsolve issues.
The system is very inexpensive to buy and is easy to set up.

102 out of 142


Location: weatherford, TX.

I purchased this unit 5 months ago but finally started to set it up but am having trouble setting up remote monitoring due to wrong MAC address and wrong IP address I have contacted tech support but they were unable to help me to get it working. the system appears to be good quality and good video. I do have another Lorex system I have had for 2 years model SG 19LD800161 and the night vision went bad after 6 months so I bought 4 new cameras from fry's electronics and their night vision went bad after 5months they were replaced under warranty and the new cameras night vision went bad after 8 months other than that the system works good day time. I hope to get remote monitoring working as that was the reason I bought the new system.

103 out of 142


Location: Stockton, CA

I love the new security system! The system was super simple to set up and the images are clear and sharp - even at night. The PTZ camera is a little bit difficult to set up, but tech support is great.

104 out of 142


Location: London Ontario

Easy to set up and install. Working great.

105 out of 142


Location: Orange, CT

This is a great system, its been a year and i've only had 1 issue that customer service has helped me resolve. Love it

106 out of 142


Location: New York

I installed the cameras with ease. They are working well. I wish they had a higher resolution and kept the color at night.
A word about the Ipad application. It took an unreasonable amount of times before I succeeded in downloading a working version. The app should allow all cameras to be shown at once, not just 4.

107 out of 142


Location: mass

I bought 3 eco2 1tb units for my 3 laundromats. remote view on the iphone is fast and so simple i love it. the remote set up is also a great feature you can can all the settings remotely from the comfort of your home. being able to view multiple locations on the same screen at the same time is awesome. love the ease of set up. im sure ill buy more when i need to upgrade again

108 out of 142


Location: massachusetts

I purchased 3 eco2 16 channel 1tb hard drive units to replace my 10 year old dvrs at my 3 laundromats. These are a great value to cost units. i love the iphone view function. it connects almost instantly and i can view all 3 of my stores at the same time or just 1. i also like th email function which i set up to email me if someone is in the store after hours. Set up was easy i had the system set up and on the web in about 1 1/2 hours. I like that you can change all the settings remotely over the web, frame rates motion alarm setings. The multitude of compatiblity of remote viewing was the key for my purchase. iphone, android,blackberry, mac pc...
for the money i found nothing else came close. i cant wait to see what lorex comes up with next

109 out of 142


Location: Moncton NB

I bought this product last week and I love it. Took around a day to setup. Great quality picture and night vision App works great. So far so good. I recommend this to all my friends.

110 out of 142


Location: Darcelle XV

I use this system in my club and it is great. I can see my entire club from home and anywhere else I might be.

111 out of 142


Location: Three Hills

I bought my system at Costco a week ago. Have got it mostly figured out ,thanks to my IT guy. For a person who is tech challenged it is a difficult hook up. I feel the system will suit my needs. I have a large area to cover so I need to order more cables and extensions. Still need help to set up my I-phone app.

112 out of 142


Location: Oregon

I have had this security system installed for about 6 months now. Overall I am very happy with the DVR and the cameras.

So far the DVR has been working good and is reliable. The cameras are still working and the picture quality is good for the price.
Lorex tech support has been extremely helpful in helping with variety of network issues in addition to the common networking questions.

My only two problems are:
-The DVR software can be a little better. It feels dated and I am always looking for a new update hoping to see some drastic changes but nothing yet. But this is not really an issue.

-I get a lot of false detection from the camera motion detection. I have yet to figure out how to cut down on the false alarms.

Over all this is great system and worth the money.

113 out of 142


Location: Ohio

We bought this system from Costco in Columbus late summer of 2012 and installed it immediately at our auto repair facility. The installation and set up of the cameras was easy enough but the software portion and setting up the system to view from our wireless devices (iPhones, iPad, Droids and PCs) was a little over our heads.

We were able to solve all the issues we encountered along the way with the help of the technical service department and now the system is everything we could ask for. We love that we can add cameras as we see fit and view whenever we want, from where ever we are.

The DVR once stopped receiving power and the customer service of Lorex really took care of us and made everything whole again.

We have recommended this system to our customers and family members, as well as other family businesses in the area!

114 out of 142


Location: Edmonton, AB

I purchased this system when I went to Costco. Very easy to set up and I absolutely love it! I had a few questions for technical support and they were very helpful and courteous. I would recommend this product to my friends and family and anyone that is looking for a solid product that will not dissappoint.

115 out of 142


Location: Ottawa

Great system, plenty of potential. Easy set up, almost foolproof. I recommend this product.

116 out of 142


Location: Auburn, WA

This system works well. Could have used some longer cords, but adapted camera placement and it's fine. I've had some trouble getting online to view cameras, but am working through that issue.

117 out of 142


Location: Edmonton

I purchased the system from Costco in April. I had it installed by a professional camera installer. He usually deals with banking camera systems and was impressed with the quality of the cameras and pictures for the price. The instructions were good but took a little time to set up the ddns.

118 out of 142


Location: San Jose, CA

Bought this at Costco and its great. Switches to night cam with no problem. Mine has 8 cameras and the system, wished it had monitor though. Installation was easy, I really wished the wires would be longer than 60 feet, so in a two story house, might be a hassle. The Internet installation was really really hard though.

119 out of 142


Location: Calabasas, CA

Great product. Super service. Very reliable product!!

120 out of 142


Location: 7903 W. Grandridge blvd ste s kennewick wa 99336

Amazing! Easy installation and tech team set up in 20 min after initial install! Buying for all stores and home!

121 out of 142


Location: Colorado

I purchased this system through 6 months ago. I am impressed with the quality of the camera video/picture day & night. I installed it myself, with 12 outdoor cameras (my system can expand to 16). It is working great so far. The installation took me a couple of days. The 60' camera cables can be extended, I had to extend 3 with extra 100' cables and there is no quality lost in the video/picture.

122 out of 142


Location: Little Rock, AR

I am quite satisfied with this product. Tech support has been amazing with any questions that I have had and wiring mounting and wire runs were all easy...

123 out of 142


Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

For the price you can't beat it. I got the 8 channel system, installed 6 camera's outside and then purchased 2 higher resolution camera's for inside. Even the 600 camera's work great for outside, the IR LEDs light up the area well. Installed easily, setup is easy, takes a bit of knowledge on routers, port forwarding, etc. to get the mobile apps etc working, but fairly straight forward. It is nice that Lorex provides a free DDNS account to be able to use remotely. I know can monitor the house when I'm away either for short trips or longer ones. I love using it and being able to see what goes around at the house when i'm not there. Thanks Lorex!

124 out of 142


Location: Washington

I purchased this system a few weeks ago and am pretty happy with it. My only issue right now is I can't get my mobile app to run, but I will be calling support to figure it out. Picture clarity is surprisingly good! I would recommend!

125 out of 142


Location: nevada

I purchased this system thru Costco. The instructions aren't the greatest, which left me a tad frustrated but once I got it up and networked, I was pretty impressed. Their tech support was awesome. I am pretty satisfied with my purchase decision as I am watching pretty clear video from 8 cameras on both my home computer and phone. The only fault with the product is the instruction manual.

126 out of 142


Location: Brampton, Ont

Purchased the system from Costco, and had it up and running very quickly. Remote viewing setup didn't work initially, however the phone support was awesome and now I am able to view this setup anywhere in the world and on my android phone. For the price it's a great system and quite user friendly. My only complaint is when setting up the custom motion sensor recording, the boxes for the custom sections are much bigger than on other DVR's I've used in the past, so it makes the motion sensor over sensitive, but it's not a big deal by any means, it did bring my rating down to 4.5 out of 5, but I will give it 5 stars as I can't give a half star. There are other system available from a few places for similar price, but they have not technical support, the lorex support can't be beat.

127 out of 142


Location: St. Louis

Purchased this system at Costco after reading all the positive reviews, cameras produce a very clear picture! Only issue I had problems with we're connecting through my mobile device but lorex tech department was very helpful and got me going quickly. I am very happy with this system so far with no complaints.

128 out of 142


Location: michigan

Upon initial set up I could not get the DVR to communicate to my HD TV via the HDMI cable. Turned out that I needed to temporaily coonect a VGA monitor so that I could switch the display type to HDMI from the default VGA. Once I did that the HD TV woked fine. There was no mention of this in the manual. I did open a ticket on this on the Lorex website but never received an answer. I had to call Costco who was then able to get through to Lorex to help diagnose this problem.

129 out of 142


Location: San Jose,CA

This is a fairly easy to set up and use security camera system.
The free DDNS service provided by Lorex makes the remote and mobile viewing available
anywhere in the world. GUI and front panel buttons are very user friendly.
Live and recorded videos are clear with good details.
However, the motion detection needs some improvement for night time use.
Email alerts should support 3 accounts and can be scheduled like the recording options.

130 out of 142


Location: Cambridge

Just bought this unit at Costco this week. I found it reality easy to set up. It took me about a day to completely set it all up. I love the remote viewing App and browser it works well. I found the port forwarding pretty easy to do also. I gave the unit a Static IP just to make sure when there is a power failure that it and my router communicate quicker.

I would recommend this unit to anyone considering a surveillance setup. The video quality is excellent.

131 out of 142


Location: West Palm Beach

Our ECO2 system has been an invaluable asset for monitoring our home while travelling for work and vacation. It provides a piece of mind knowing that we can always check in on our home, and see if everything is in order.

132 out of 142


Location: Phoenix AZ

I purchased the system at my local Costco store because I am going on a 3 month vacation in Ohio and wanted to be able to access live video on my iPhone. The installation was a snap and only took a few hours to mount the 8 cameras, four outside and four inside.

I had a little trouble getting it set up for mobile use but a call to support and it was handled in just a few minutes. I have had no problems with the system and highly recommend it to anyone considering a top notch security system.

And thanks again for such a fast and friendly support technician who got me set up so that I can now view live video from all eight cameras on my iPhone while I'm away for the next few months.

133 out of 142


Location: Butte Montana

I bought this system from Costco and am very pleased with it. In its first month I was able to catch kids damaging my car. The clarity impressed the officers when they viewed the recording. The thing that I do not like is that the system says it will take 2 Hard drives but there is not a second SATA connection, nor is there mounting for a second drive. Additionally I had one camera go bad. But all in all I am very please with this system.

134 out of 142


Location: Indianapolis,In

Just purchased this system, so far so good. Video is clear and performs well. Took me a couple of days for setup, which is expected with 8 cameras. I still haven't hooked up to the Iphone, or remote viewing so I cant comment on that yet. Overall it seems like a quality system.

135 out of 142


Location: Ontario

Best Value Out there for Surveillance System!

This system has the best value out there I have seen for what you get. I had my system installed and up in running in no time with no extra hardware needed! Hard to find a system out there that's this complete. The tech support was very friendly and I was able to view my cameras online in 1/2 with their help!

Great Affordable system!

136 out of 142


Location: Staten Island, NY

I found this product to be of good value for money spent. Installation was easy and having the entire system packed in the order that equipment is needed was a nice luxury. The physical install was challenging, only due to the locations that I wanted to surveil, so some of the cable runs were difficult, but I now have a full 360 degree view of my entire property. The equipment setup was user friendly, but a few areas required second attempts to get working correctly, specifically the PTZ camera. Two issues that I was NOT pleased with: My DVR failed after 6 months and was replaced under warranty, with no problems, BUT... the return process needs improvement. Once it is determined that the unit will be replaced under warranty, LOREX should ship replacement unit and return shipping labels, etc. right away, rather than having clients ship unit and then wait an additional 5 to 7 business days BEFORE the replacement unit is sent. The second weakspot is customer service wait times. A recent PTZ issue required level 2 technical support and I was onhold a total of 69 minutes. I was offered the "opportunity to leave a calll back message, but I wanted to be available for the unit to be fixed, so I stayed on the line. Once the Level 2 tech picked up, the actual trouble shooting and corection required less than 10 minutes. I am still a supporter of this product.

137 out of 142


Location: west kelowna

These systems are not as user friendly as the manufacturer thinks they are. take a look at any apple product and see what user friendly means. The so called remote access isn't really all that good. I followed all the instructions and still no access. OK system but could be a lot better.

138 out of 142


Location: Alberta

I have both the Eco 2 & Edge system. Both bought from Costco. I personally like the Edge 2 because it runs so much quieter. Easy to hook up. Setup: only big problem was forwarding the ports. Had to contact internet company. Phone apps works nice. Great surveillance tools.
Cameras are clear.

139 out of 142


Location: SC

This is a great budget system. My parents bought this and it works fairly good. Wouldnt recommend the cameras for a field, but for porches, the sides of a house or driveway, it does good. Setup was good, I am a bit disappointed in the eco software compared to the edge software, they are worlds apart. Ended up using seperate IP camera software for their android phones.
Best thing to remember, is set the ports on your router, then set it on the DVR, always use a static IP address.

140 out of 142


Location: Ottawa, ON

I purchased this surveillance camera system from 5 months ago and I am extremely impressed with the entire system. All components seem of good quality. The most difficult installation activity was fishing the camera wire through a difficult wall/ceiling area. Once this was done the remaining installation/setup was a breeze. Images through the cameras are very clear. Two of the cameras are mounted outside my house and provide a wide field of view, even across the residential street in front of my garage. It is just like having extra windows in front of the house. Good quality real time images are also available on my iPhone from anywhere I travel, including South Carolina where I visited this winter. I am extremely satisfied with this surveillance camera system and have already recommended it to several of my friends

141 out of 142


Location: Los Angeles

I purchased this system through 9 months ago, and have been really happy with it. I installed it myself, with 12 outdoor cameras (my system can expand to 16). It has worked flawlessly since. The installation took me a couple of days, which is very reasonable for this. I did feel the installation instructions could have been more detailed, but was able to figure out everything anyway. Despite rain, wind, and constant sun exposure, all cameras and wiring have worked flawlessly. I had a problem with squirrels chewing through one of the wires, so I did have to change that camera out, and passed the wire under the roof tiles, so it would not be an issue again.

The iPhone app is awesome, as is the web browser app. I can see live video of my house from my phone from anywhere, and from any web browser anywhere in the world.

Great product. Highly recommend.

142 out of 142


Location: Philidalphia, PA

I am happy to recommend Lorex for more than a few reasons. To begin, I did have a problem with my original DVR, but with a few emails and a phone conversation, Lorex quickly replaced it at no cost to me. Perhaps more importantly, the act of putting my cameras on the internet was the easiest I ever experienced because of the software provided and the extremely easy directions to create my external IP address. I have been using cameras since 2000 and this was my best experience. BTW I don't always use my cameras for security. Having owned a restaurant and coffee shop, I installed cameras on a another building and my customers could sit in the coffee shop and see the buses coming from 7 blocks away rather than having 7 seconds from when the bus turned the corner. Additionally I now have a consignment shop and I will be using these cameras to display my products for sale, changing them on a daily basis. In both cases I allow the neighbors/customers to see the IP address so they can either see the buses coming or what I have to sell in my shop



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HD 1080p 12-camera home security system




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