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Security system with security camera and touch monitor Edge+ series


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Edge+ Touch security system with security cameras

Lorex is the first to introduce a consumer surveillance DVR with touch-enabled graphical interface. The LH320 complete video surveillance system comes with a touchscreen monitor featuring the optical multi-touch technology. The compact DVR features the pentaplex operation. Whether you're on a PC or a Mac, or if you use iPad™, iPhone®, Blackberry®, Android®, or Windows Mobile™, you can view your security cameras instantly with the Edge+ DVR.

LH300 series compatibility chart

Indoor Outdoor

Camera performs both in outdoor and indoor applications.

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud is a cloud-enabled software platform to connect to all FLIR NVRs and MPX DVRs. The FLIR Cloud apps give you access to FLIR systems from any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® device.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.



Digital Video Recorder:

  • H.264 video compression.¹ DVI/VGA, HDMI compatible
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Back Up & Remotely Control the system simultaneously
  • Recording options : Motion, schedule or continuous
  • Small form factor (7.0x11.5x1.5 inches)
  • Flex IR controller (line-of-sight not required)
  • USB: backup, image transfer, firmware upgrade, mouse & Touch operation
  • PTZ cameras supported (RS485)


  • Instant Mobile Viewing on compatible Smart phones†
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard²
  • PC (Microsoft Windows™ 7/Vista/XP compatible) using Internet Explorer®
  • Mac™ compatible using Safari browser
  • Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for advanced remote connectivity at all times
  • Instant e-mail alerts

Touch-screen monitor :

  • Touch Screen LCD, 1920x1080 resolution
  • Optical, multi-touch technology


  • Exclusive infrared filter achieves accurate color reproduction in any lighting conditions
  • Advanced day/night mode - picture automatically switches to B&W delivering better clarity in all low light conditions
  • Install indoors or outdoors (IP66)***
  • Ceiling, counter or wall mountable


1. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
2. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included).
DVI to HDMI converter cable required. (not included).
† Instant Mobile Viewing on iPad™, iPhone™ , BlackBerry (supported model numbers: 9700, 9800, 9000, 8900), Android (version 1.5 & above) and Window Mobile (6.0 & above). Selectable one channel live viewing. Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). Router port forwarding required. For the latest smart phone compatibility list check as new smart phone models become available in the market.
†† Easily mounts to the back of an LCD monitor with VESA standard mounting holes and an independent stand. Requires clear access to the 100 x100 mm VESA mounting holes.
* Number of Cameras/ Accessories/ HDD (hard disk drive) capacity may vary by model. Check your package label for specific content information.
*** Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.










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1 out of 35


Location: San Carlos CA

LH320 Edge + Series
Your representatives have been honest and patient with all my inquiries. Thanks.
The DVR is simple to operate, and navigate around. I am still learning a few things, but overall...
It was as good as or better than I expected. Great product, it does exactly what I was looking for!
I have to honestly say Lorex is the very best!!

2 out of 35


Location: Manitoulin Island

Just a little disappointed with the camera provided as the image is soft and camera not very water proof. The night image not to par. The tech help to try get everything on line to find out the internet here is not fast enough to support the video feeds., May be should be a warning on box for that. The newer systems just have to be easyer to figure out how to hook up to the internet, Just saying, But like I said the techs are super guys that walk you through and are very helpful.

3 out of 35


Location: Richmondhill, New York

I have my wireless LH320 Edge + Series for two and a half years which having good signals and very clear images. The only flaw was with connecting remotely which Lorex corrected.
I will recommend this product.

4 out of 35


Location: chicago,il

I purchased this security system for my home. I have many bars and liquor establishments near my home. Many nights I have discovered my property damaged and many liquor bottles on my property. By installing this system it has drastically cut down on damage and litter in the area. I also view my cameras on my iphone while I am away from my home thanks to the LOREX ECCO System, Also I would like to compliment the Lorex agents who answer the calls and the technicans who help you through all your troubles. Sometimes the wait time may be a little long but it is certainly worth the wait. Also they are very knowledgeable for trouble shooting the cameras and replacements sent in a timely manner. Good luck to everyone purchasing the system you will be glad you made that purchase.

5 out of 35


Location: San Francisco CA

I own the Lorex edge 8 channel unit and it was hard to set up the software to view in the web, took like two or three call to get it done, cameras are clear and good at night time. I was able to video some kids across the street throwing eggs to my window in the middle of the night, it was nice to tell their mother who did it. I also travel and is great to see your property any time anywhere in the world in your i phone or any smart phone. The instructions book is made terrible it look like a copy of a copy very cheap and super confusing to understand for the average person, if you are handy with tools is not a problem to install the system. I use cat 6 with balums that work great. The hard drive is to small for 8 cameras.

6 out of 35


Location: Warehouse

Installed the system in a warehouse. with 4 wireless camera's. System came up and running in no time. Easy to use and understand

7 out of 35


Location: Lake Mary FL

Love this system! It is easy to set up and operate in our store. Remote viewing helps keep an eye on our staff when we're not there. Picture quality is good. It's come in handy on two occasions when shoplifters have left (though we never caught the guys to prosecute). But it's nice to have evidence to give to the police department.

Setting up remote viewing, however, is tricky. Needed tech support assistance to do so. However, once you go through the process, it's wonderful to be able to see what's going on (especially when employees are too busy texting to take care of customers).

8 out of 35


Location: Homestead, Florida

On September 29, 2012 a young approach me & my wife. He asked us do our cameras record 24/7. He alleged that he was beat down my several police officers. I played the video back & observed the incident as it happen across the street from my house. The police IA officers came out & made copies of the incident. I also made a copy for the young man's attorney. The out come is going to look very good for the young man. Personally I feel by catching that one incident on my camera system, the system paid for itself on that night.

9 out of 35


Location: Homestead, Florida

On September 29, 2012 a young approach me & my wife. He asked us do our cameras record 24/7. He alleged that he was beat down my several police officers. I played the video back & observed the incident as it happen across the street from my house. The police IA officers came out & made copies of the incident. I also made a copy for the young man's attorney. The out come is going to look very good for the young man. Personally I feel by catching that one incident on my camera system, the system paid for itself on that night.

10 out of 35


Location: Colombia/South America

I have bought several systems, one Edge and some Ecos.

First thing I would suggest Lorex is to do a bit more effort in clarifying at sales level (Web page and call center sales personnel) about the differences between those two systems. I have asked one of the sales personnel about the differences and I was told that the EDGE system was more Mac friendly. After buying both equipments I have found that Edges Systems have locked the name of the users, that there is a fix set of users for local access and another fix set of users for remote access, that the remote interface to reconfig the system is very poor, that the mobile application only allows to see one camera at a time. I have to confess that I was planing to return this system but because I felt comfortable with technical support personnel I did not do it. Also because the system records at 640*480 with is a luxury that the ECO+ do not have.

11 out of 35


Location: Ventura County, CA

I like the ease of set up of the equipment. Had some difficulty with connecting to the internet, but technicians quickly solved my issue. Overall I like the system, reviewing video is a bit confusing but not impossible. Great Value!

12 out of 35


Location: Miami, FL

Great System for a home or small Business!!! easy to install!

13 out of 35


Location: los angeles

Great equipment, very happy with my investment, customer support is very awesome and help me with the process of installation and remote connectivity over the phone.

very happy with LOREX
thumbs up, five stars

14 out of 35


Location: WHITTIER, CA


15 out of 35


Location: Queens NY

First of all I would like to say that I am not a technically astute person nor do I have the mechanical skills to readily install a security system or so I thought . I purchased my system with wireless cameras to protect my family and home. I was hopeful that at some future date my brother who lives some distance from me would be able to do the job. While waiting for him to " find the time" I decided to read the Quick Start pamphlet enclosed. Everything was so clear I decided to try it myself. What a joy. The simple set up of wireless cameras and connection to the DVD was done in MINUTES by ME. what a thrill. Simple thats it. No need for my brothers help. I slowed on the set up and connection to my smart phone and Ipad but with the tremendous telephone and on line support from Lorex technicians the entire unit was up and running that same afternoon. The feeling of security and satisfaction with this endevor was truly amazing!

16 out of 35


Location: Colorado

This is a great product I have ever used. The quality is perfect for what I need.

17 out of 35


Location: Virginia

I purchased the eight camera Edge+ with the touch screen back in November of 2012 and finally got around to program all the features. I am amazed at what can be programed. To date the camera system worked great in my store and I have had the police review screen shots and they have been impressed with the quality of pictures. I am having a difficult time setting up the programing to view over the internet but I'm sure Lorex product support will help me as they did with other issues I had in the past.

18 out of 35


Location: Colorado

I have 3 Lorex remote cameras hooked up to an Edge 3200 series DVR.

The farthest distant camera will occasionally lose signal and need to be re-paired. This occurs mainly during the winter, for whatever reason.

The Edge DVR offer superior internet access time control. Unlike some other security DVRs there is no hard drive whine, which is appreciated in a quiet room.

The small size makes it easy to install anywhere.

19 out of 35


Location: Tennessee

I like the product, I purchased it in early January and there seemed to be an issue with the fan. it was very loud in May the fan give out and quit working. I contacted Lorex they were happy to replace the unit with a new one no questions asked. Not sure if the fan issue is common but they took care of it. Other than that I like the system I think the best part is setting it up to what you like and how you want it to record. I plan to add to my system with additional cameras and when I do I will order them from Lorex no questions asked.

20 out of 35


Location: Concord, Ca

Pretty good products once they are setup. I struggled with technical support availability in order to get my LH320 fully functional as return calls from tech support can be 24 plus hours.

When its working its great though.

21 out of 35


Location: Allentown, PA

I purchased the Lorex Edge+ and Lorex 4-pack LW211 wireless. The dvr was a breeze to setup and when I needed some assistance setting up remote viewing, tech support was extremely helpful. They walked me through the process of setting up the system and upgrading the firmware step by step. I love the clarity of the cameras and the night vision is as clear as day. I would recommend this product!

22 out of 35


Location: Austin, TX

Easy to install, cameras work well, and have good night vision. Excellent product. However, cables are too short making the placement of monitor and DVR difficult. DVR fan is also quite noisy, making it hard to keep it in a living space. Setting up the remote viewing was not very easy, but Lorex customer service was helpful.

23 out of 35


Location: Corpus Christi, TX

Bought this system for our business park/warehouse and we love it. It allows us to remotely monitor the location and has saved us several trips to verify that the access gate is secure. Our tenants love remote access as well.
Setting up the system for on site for on-site viewing couldn't be's essentially plug-and-play. And while the offsite/remote access setup is a little more challenging, the tech support was superb and had us up and running in no time. Thanks, Lorex!
For what it's worth, I'm now looking into purchasing systems for our primary residence and our lake home.

24 out of 35


Location: Pickering

I have had several Lorex products over the last several years, recently upgraded both home and office. Great service and support, thanks Lorex!!

25 out of 35


Location: calgary

Good quality for the price, had some problems with remote viewing, received great support over the phone and got everything working great.


26 out of 35


Location: nj

very easy to use, ! love having a set of eye's on my house while im not home

27 out of 35


Location: Owings Mills. Maryland

On or about 1 May 2013 I investigated purchasing a surveillance system which lead me to Lorex. I wanted a system that was easy to install and minimal wires. This lead me to ordering a LH326 Series, 16 channels with a monitor and LW2275 Series cameras. I found the system complete and well packed when arrived and all parts were compete. Installation was straight forward, simple and after a 48 hour burn in on the desk actual camera locations were chosen.

Using a screw driver, magic marker, drill (one .50 inch and one .125 inch carbide tip and drill motor) and hammer work began on the third floor at the chosen windows around the home. This part of the operation took about 35 minutes each depending on the location and how much I had to work leaning out of the windows. Next came the activation of the system and aiming each camera. Everything worked as it should have.

I would recommend doing the final aiming at night when the IR is activated. Doing this will allow one to aim each camera where the center beam of IR light is directed at the center of view spot where you want to see the best in other words one can see where the center of the IR light beam is concentrated. Later in the night a light rain started and the view was most interesting.

Setting up the communications part of the system took the longest to achieve. This was with Yoics and I had to do some re-reading to figure out the process. One thing you must have activated is Active X, without it you will only see a blank screen. You must check your PC internet settings. The recording play back is satisfactory and the lag is not to bad. and the live viewing and playback is simple to use in the remote mode using another computer off site.

One point the camera views in the remote screen could afford to be a little larger but what is supplied is ok. This is a good system and money well worth the small effort of installation youself.

Thanks for the technology

Best Regards, Bob

28 out of 35


Location: Honolulu, HI

I purchased this product to use on a construction site to monitor and record activity and for security, Overall the product has been good and has lived up to expectation. We really stretch the limits of the system with the varying terrain and the tough salt air conditions, but to date have had no problems. Night vision quality is surprisingly good and daytime picture quality is equally impressive. i would definitely recommend this product.

29 out of 35


Location: USA

This helps a lot in business. Good investment indeed.

30 out of 35


Location: Sterling Heights, MI

I just recently purchased this security system for my store about a week ago. I was impressed at how good quality everything is. I've had quite a few other security systems installed in my store before and none matchup to what I have now. Also one of the best parts about it was how easy it was to install on our own.

I would definitley recomend this product to anyone with a business or setup for home security.

31 out of 35


Location: Takysie Lake, BC

Although we had a few issues with installation and a couple of missing pieces, we are pleased with the systems performance at our fishing resort. This is brand new to us so have not utilized the internet connection yet, but look forward to that benefit.

We hope to purchase a second system for a part of our resort that is further away from our store and look forward to being able to see all of our property.

Definitely would recommend this product.

32 out of 35


Location: Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-lac, Qc, Canada

The product is good, but the instructions when there is a problem are really bad.
for example, i followed the directions on the video for the ''how to'' connect on the IPad or IPhone and it does not work. For any problems, your site is very complicated and does not have a troubleshooting guide.

After solving the problem with one of the cameras, the system works fine but i cannot view from my phone, home computer or IPad. The cameras are installed at the office and we can view only from the internet at the office.

33 out of 35


Location: Anaheim, ca

For Most part, very happy so far. we have installed 5 of the 8 cameras so far. But 2 cameras have problems straight out of the box, but Lorex will be replacing those 2. Camera installation and general set-up very straight forward. Camera signal quality looks very good, even at night. However, the documentation for remote viewing is very confusing and lackey some important details. One, when testing remote connections, you actually have to be in another location and not on your local network. Hard to determine if configuration is set correct, when you have to go someplace else to test, then come back to local address to correct. I have installed two different security systems, and do prefer this one over a competitors. However, there are still a few issue I think Lorex needs to address. One, additional options for camera extension cable lengths. Would like to see some at possible only 20-30 feet, as well as the option to order only 1 or 2 extra camera's instead of 4 at a time. Over all, very pleased.

34 out of 35


Location: Restaurant

I have LH320 Edge+ almost a year in front area of the restaurant.
When outside is not too bright, the picture is very good and able to identify individuals.
I adjust pictures according to the light.
Recently, HDD stopped at 55% and doesn't record anymore, maybe I don't know the problems.
If the recording problem is solved, rate should be higher.

35 out of 35


Location: groveland ma

I have an auto repair shop and need to keep watch of vehicles coming and going from my yard .These cameras work well in real time to watch my cars and customers cars especially if I'm away . I can watch my employees when I'm away and it keeps my honest employees honest,knowing they are being watch at any time .



Security surveillance microphone


BNC security coupler


Outdoor security camera, dome










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