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ECO BlackBox+ Surveillance DVR system with outdoor cameras


(86 reviews)
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16 channel surveillance DVR system with outdoor security cameras

Ideal for mobile off-site surveillance, the LH016H Eco BlackBox+ series security camera system allows you to connect and view your system on the go with your tablet or smartphone over a 3G/4G or WiFi network. Record on a surveillance grade hard drive, designed for 24/7 operation providing weeks or even months of reliable recording. The Digital video recorder can be connected to a TV, PC, or CCTV monitors with industry standard HDMI, VGA & BNC inputs. Intuitive menu options with simple icons allow for fast and efficient DVR programming.

LH010 series compatibility chart

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud is a cloud-enabled software platform to connect to all FLIR NVRs and MPX DVRs. The FLIR Cloud apps give you access to FLIR systems from any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® device.

Indoor Outdoor

Camera performs both in outdoor and indoor applications.



Digital Video Recorder

  • H.264 video compression 1
  • HDMI output (HDMI cable included for - simple connection to HDTVs) 2
  • Real time recording: 8/16ch: (360x240), 4ch: (720x240) resolution
  • 960H (960x480) recording resolution capable 3
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Back Up & Remotely Control the system
  • simultaneously
  • 24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed
  • PTZ cameras supported (RS485). Remotely control through App
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard 4
  • Instant Mobile Viewing on compatible Smart phones & Tablets†
  • PC and Mac Compatible (Internet Explorer & Safari browsers)
  • Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for advanced remote
  • connectivity at all times
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Accurate Time Stamps with NTP & Daylight Savings Time

Indoor/Outdoor Security cameras

  • Super Resolution with enhanced optics
  • BrightNight Viewing with enhanced lowlight image sensor
  • Anti-glare feature ensures clear images under strong lighting conditions
  • Accurate colours with Lorex's automatic light filtering technology
  • Vandal resistant design with cable pass through mounting bracket
  • Weatherproof housing for indoors & outdoor installation (IP66) 6
  • Versatile mounting options: ceiling, counter or wall mountable


1. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
2. HDMI output (1920x1080) for high definition multi-channel live viewing only. High definition recording not supported, recording resolution is limited to a maximum of 960x480 per channel. Image quality and resolution is dependent on the type of camera connected to the DVR.
3. When used with 960H compatible cameras. DVR is backwards compatible and supports different camera inputs: standard resolution and 960H.
4. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included).
5. IR Illumination range under ideal conditions. Actual range and clarity may vary depending on scene/object reflection and camera application. Picture automatically switches to B&W delivering better clarity in low light conditions.
6. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered location recommended.
7. Field of view, diagonal. If light level is too low, camera will switch over to B/W for increased light sensitivity.
† Smart Phone & Tablet Compatibility: iPad®, iPhone®, Android (version 1.5 & above), Windows Mobile (6.0, 6.5), Symbian 3rd & 5th generation phones. Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). Router port forwarding required.
* BlackBox is used solely as a marketing term and does not imply that the product can survive fire or extreme conditions. Use product in accordance with the instructions provided.
All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Technology Inc. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 86


Location: el salvador

Excelente producto!!!!!

2 out of 86


Location: Pennsylvania

Purchased System at Sams Club for a very resonable price. It was very easy to install cameras. A novice at electronics should have no problem at all. Techanal support is awsome. They walked me through the FLIR Cloud Mobl App in a jiffy. I would highly reccomend this system. Total instalation using 4 cameras of the 8 it came with took about 3 hrs. Small hole needed for wires, but the cameras cover the hole. Mobil app allows you to veiw cameras from anywhere in the world using 4g. Also, one of the cameras was defective and Lorex send me a replacement. I'm happy with my purchase, it was an easier install than I imagined. Thank you Lorex
Carmine Quici

3 out of 86


Location: Alabama

Simple installation and great bang for the buck hands down! Video is awesome day and/or night! Already have several friends/co-workers convinced to make the switch from other brands! Keep up the good work Lorex!!!

4 out of 86


Location: Raleigh

Simple installation and everything worked right out of the box. Video is very good and the FLIR cloud is easy to use and set up. Only issue is that the DVR is a noisy. So be sure to install in areas where that will not be a problem.

5 out of 86


Location: Arkansas

I brought security system from Lorex direct. The system did not work right out of the box. After about one hour with tec support could not fix problem. Had to send DVR back at my expense. They will not ship replacement until they get other one back so I have no security for my new home. Will not buy from them Again.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience. Our customer service and technical support teams were happy to assist you. Should you require any further assistance, please contact us at 1-888-425-6739

6 out of 86


Location: Texas

I bought this security system package from Costco at a very good price. The cameras offer a good clear picture in day or night time. I have not been able to get the VGA to HDMI conversion cable to work on my Samsung TV which does not have a VGA connection. Other than that I am very pleased with this product.

7 out of 86


Location: NJ

I have to say this is the best security system cams I ever had. Night time views I can see out about 75 feet and its clear. I had to call Tech support one time. No wait time and the helped me set up on my computer. Great Buy.

8 out of 86


Location: New York

After buying this product I honestly thought I would not be able to install myself...boy was I wrong.
The setup was a breeze! Amazing quality and security a smart investment. Thank you for this great

9 out of 86


Location: california

Great product and tech support if you need it.install is a breeze.just put them where you want and plug them in.great investment for my business and home.

10 out of 86


Location: Virginia

I got the 1TB 8 camera deal and am very happy. It's a significant upgrade to an older Lorex system I had installed. I went with the wired version because i already had 4 older cameras installed and I could reuse the cables. The new 720p cameras are great - MUCH better than before. Color is good. I was up and running in 1/2 a day with the four cameras and the mobile apps. Now, just got to figure out where to put the other four cameras!

11 out of 86


Location: Massachusetts

I got a door buster package deal with 8 cameras and 1tb hard drive. System installed very easy and was up and running in minutes after the wiring was completed. The phone app was very easy to run and was also up and running in minutes. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a home security system.

12 out of 86


Location: NC

Bought this system for Home security. It is very easy to set up. Wireless signal range is not bad . The cameras work great DAY and Night !

13 out of 86


Location: Puyallup, WA

Bought this system at a great price from Costco. It was easy to install and set up. If I ever need another one, I will buy a Lorex. I love my camera system.

14 out of 86


Location: Seminole, FL

Bought the Lorex security camera system at a good price from Costco. Installation was easy once I got all the wires run through my attic to the camera locations. Everything worked as it should right out of the box. Very easy remote viewing setup, I just scanned the QR code on my phone and I was online in just a few minutes. I set it all up with just the quick start guide, but did download and print out the entire manual so I could read up on the advanced features. I plan on adding a few PTZ cameras in the future. I wish I had bought the 16 channel instead of 8 now that I have all 8 cameras in place I would like to add 3-4 more. Very pleased with the system overall.

15 out of 86


Location: Kennesaw ga

We have used lorex at our home and business for over two years and plane on installing a few more in the coming months. We love being able to look in on our home at any time or any place even from bed on the I-pad great product and service only down side is the on hold music. Every time I've called in they fix my issue on the one phone call normally from me changing a router or something else I've done. Great reps and service.

16 out of 86


Location: Kennesaw ga

We have used lorex at our home and business for over two years and plane on installing a few more in the coming months. We love being able to look in on our home at any time or any place even from bed on the I-pad great product and service only down side is the on hold music. Every time I've called in they fix my issue on the one phone call normally from me changing a router or something else I've done. Great reps and service.

17 out of 86


Location: IE, CA

Cameras are decent but would have like a little more resolution. Setup was easy but I have not had any luck getting the system set up to view from either the internet or my android phone.

18 out of 86


Location: little rock . Arkansas

I love my new surveillance system it was easy to setup. I love the great features like the full screen alert. also like the motion beep detected alert. my last, system I would never receive email alerts with this new system from LorexI I now receive email snapshot when either of 8 camera pick up motion. you can set the cameras to pick up what you don't want it to pick up and what you do want it to pick can also block out the things you don't want the cameras to pick up I'm so pleased with my system and I would recommend lorex surveillance system to my family and friends. I now have a piece of mind.that I have a watchdog system that never go to sleep on me.I also love the remote viewing and remote playback.thank you Lorex.

19 out of 86


Location: Miami

Easy to install economic system, and the support team is incredible

20 out of 86


Location: Spokane, WA

Lorex has the highest quality of product we have ever seen. Thank you for making our building safe and secure with a Superior product.

21 out of 86


Location: Lynn, Mass

This product is ok. The technical support leaves ALOT to be desired. I still cannot get the phone app or the web based viewing to work. I sent several tickets and they give you the run around. The technical support phone number asks for extensions instead of what you need fixed. The documentation that comes with the system, and that is a PDF on the web page is SERIOUSLY lacking direction in how to set up the web based browsing and nothing on the phone app. What's the use of having this system if you have to HOME to use it. There has to be better systems on the market. I am considering disconnecting it and returning it to BJs where I bought it.

22 out of 86


Location: Ansonia, CT

This has been a great unit thus far, I have used various models from different companies in the past and had a fair share of difficulties with them, but the Lorex was very easy to set up and log on to. Great product for the price, highly recommend for any business big or small and/or home use. Tech support was very informative and precise with some questioning in regards to a DDNS set up for easier remote viewing of cameras.

23 out of 86


Location: Miami

I have the eco Blackbox LH010. I had my computer guy install this unit for me at my new home. Everything worked right out of the box. The cameras look great on my living room tv and on my iphone and ipad.

24 out of 86


Location: York, PA

I was very concerned about installation of the product. It really doesn't get any easier then this. Plug and Play. Running the cables to be completely concealed can be a challenge but the cables are small and allow for easy concealment. Resolution is great. Don't be like me and wait until your home is broken into give yourself and your family piece of mind now. I can't believe as little money a system like this cost I didn't have one before. Never again will I own a home without video surveillance.

25 out of 86


Location: Illinois

Good product with great capabilities.
Customer service was excellent.
Think I could use more detail than was in the attached CD.
Other than that so far so good !

26 out of 86


Location: Houghton, Ny

Excellent product. We just installed it in our shop and I'm learning function. Lorex staff was there and extremely helpful on tweaking the IP and assisting me in applying the system.
Based on our initial review. We feel this is the best system upgrade for the buck. Thanks.

27 out of 86


Location: massachusetts

Just finished the install and setup of the LH0161011C8 system. Cameras look great even in nite vision and with almost total darkness they still have a nice picture. Setup was simple and the android app on my phone works great. Only problem I had was when I set up the ddns for online viewing and installed the app on my phone I couldn't get either my laptop or my phone to log in. Instructions don't tell you that these will only work for remote viewing which means if your pc and phone are on the same WiFi network as your Lorex DVR then you can't log in. Tech support was great at explaining this to me and once I turned off WiFi on my phone it worked fine in 3g/4g. I have also since then logged in at home on my pc and phone both in WiFi and all works great. Love the piece of mind of being able to watch the business and employees even when I'm not there. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an easy do it yourself surveillance system.

28 out of 86


Location: St. Lucia

Great Product.

The instructions for installation are self explanatory. I have this product working for a few months now and i am very satisfied. I am able to view my entire house from my mobile which gives me peace of mind.

29 out of 86


Location: New york

I was pleased with the blackbox system. Easy to install. Good for small business owners. Setting up the system to watch live camera from any other computer or smart phone can give you a headache. It's not as easy as it looks from reading the start guide; there are many steps to follow. Sooner or later, You will find yourself calling lorex tech. The app sucks and can't do much with it except take pictures. Rather than that, I am satisfied with the system, the cameras show a clear picture and shows a wide view.

30 out of 86


Location: Camp

Purchased this system to check on our camp in the Adirondacks.
Had some trouble with the installation, but Lorex technical support was able to solve my problems and finished the installation guiding me all the way. System is now up and running and working perfectly. I can view all four cameras from my iphone or pc.
Very pleased with this system and the support provided.

31 out of 86


Location: Selbyville, DE

I bought my system at B J's wholesale club and was very pleased with the price. I've also been very pleased the quality of the system and all help received from technical support personnel. They have been courteous and prompt. So far they have been able to deal with the issues I have encountered. I purchased the ECO Blackbox+ LH010H Series and feel that the extras you get with the system are well worth it. To be honest the system is allowing me to be able to semi retire with confidence and move to another country and be able to keep an eye on my business. The remote access from my personal computer and from my mobile phone are really top notch. I can even listen to what both customers and employees are saying. I am able to keep an eye on my business from over 2000 miles away giving me both confidence and coverage needed to run a business as if I was there. I feel that this would be a necessary implement for anyone that either needs or wants to be away from their business for extended periods of time knowing that they can see and hear everything that goes on. Could not relax without it!

32 out of 86


Location: Indiana

Great product. Affordable.Does what its so-pose to do. A little difficult to set up remote viewing for me. regular in house viewing is a breeze. I haven't tried the customer support yet.

33 out of 86


Location: Phoenix

Having had a Swann prior to buying the Lorex. I feel I have had a positive experience with the installing of the ddvr. The camera are a upgrade to what I have in the existing setup.
The cameras field of view has increased to where I won't have to add a camera on a post for my back yard. The 600 lines has added clarity to the picture I receive as I had 400 lines before.
The online help was great and you should expect a two tier system of help which will take some wait time on Monday like 1.5 hours for me.
The DVR is much like the Swann which had the same problem of no fan to help keep the hard drive and circuitry cool in the Arizona heat. When you chose a location for the DVR pick a place that is comfortable for you. I would rate my experience as a 5 even with the wait for help. Bill

34 out of 86


Location: Pennsylvania

We installed this system for a customer and liked it so much, we bought one for our shop. I had a bit of a problem with the port forwarding and network setup but after calling tech support, it was fine. After installing and setting it up for the customer, installing our own was a breeze. We had one of our construction vehicles broken into before camera installation. We hope that the presence of the cameras deters criminals from striking again. We have even shared footage with th epolice for crime that has occured outside of the building.

The cameras are very clear even in the dark. I love the mobile accessibility as well.

35 out of 86


Location: Providence, RI

I just finished the install. I am very impressed with the ease of the install. I had to call customer support, but they were great, and walked me through my mistake, fixed in 10 minutes. Great system for a great price.

36 out of 86


Location: hopewell ,va

well I thought it would be a bad idea with me putting in this all by myself but after I got to reading the instructions and followed them the right way it all works just like it supost to it is a great product thanks I love it

37 out of 86


Location: Durham, NC

You need to understand that these reviews are really for 2 different products; the camera and DVR are really separate parts, as many different cameras can be used with this DVR.
I plugged the DVR in, made connections, and pictures could not be simpler. There are a few features that I could not get to work: Sequence mode does not function, and Motion detection does not work...the only way I can get it to record at all is in "continuous" mode. I have 16 cameras connected, so I would like to maximize HDD space by recording only when motion is detected. I am a person of at least average intelligence, and I carefully followed the instructions in the book, but I could not get these features to work. I am in the process of trying to get these issues resolved thru Tech Service.
I am not connected to a network yet, so I cannot comment on remote viewing at this time; I will update later.
I had experience with several other brands of DVR, and the Lorex is easiest to navigate thru the features and to use. However...I definitely could not have gotten the system set up to my requirements without going thru the manual, step by step. Default settings probably work for most people. The manual is pretty easy to understand so that was not an issue.
Playback is pretty straightforward.
As far as the supplied cameras go, they are what can be expected from an entry-level camera. Note that these cameras do NOT support 960h viewing/recording capability even though the DVR can view and record the higher quality format. The image from these cameras is clear enough to distinguish faces at a close distance,(further if you know the person), but it would not be possible to read a license plate. The IR feature is troublesome in that the camera needs to be in an extremely bright room or full sunlight to switch from B&W mode to color. I have these cameras in both an office and a warehouse, and they stay on IR (B&W) mode unless I point the camera directly at a light. One camera is pointed towards an area that has an open 18'x14' bay door with sunlight shining thru, and that is not bright enough to activate the color mode; the office is bright enough to read a book, but both cameras stay in IR mode. If I shine a flashlight into the camera, it will switch and remain in color mode, but the next day, after lights out and back on, it is back to B&W. A ticket to Tech Service was not useful, it is obvious they did not read my note fully, they did not answer my questions about disabling or adjusting the IR feature; they just said that there was probably not enough light.
Since the IR was pretty useless beyond 20 feet or so anyway, I disabled the IR switch in the cameras by shorting the terminals on the light sensor. I realize this voids the warranty on the cameras, but they were pretty useless as it was, and the cameras are really inexpensive so I had nothing to lose. They now stay on color all the time, which works fine for me.
I will definitely get some higher quality cameras that take advantage of the 960h capabilities of the DVR as I can afford them.
Overall, so far I am pleased with the unit despite the glitches, assuming that I can get them resolved. It is certainly worth the price, as it performs as well as units costing much more.

38 out of 86


Location: Massachusetts

Bought this product at Bj's as in inexpensive easy to install and set up surveillance system. Unboxed it, followed directions and has it up and running with out any problems. Contacted tech support with assistance with the remote viewing and they were able to walk me through what I was doing wrong and had it fully operational on different mobile devices and computer in no time.

39 out of 86


Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Overall product quality appears very good.
The interface available on the HDMI is slightly outdated compared to the web or PC software when doing searching and playback. The android phone software is good when using LTE or UMTS, but does not work on WiFi. There was no app available for my BlackBerry or Playbook. Live viewing remotely is very good, but playback is much slower than real time.
The free DNS service provided by Lorex upon registration has worked flawlessly. The alarm interface both ties into my alarm system and allows me to trigger lights in the house when the camera's see motion. This was a huge advantage to me and the reason I selected this model.

40 out of 86


Location: Massachusetts

We purchsed a property set far off the road for the privacy and comfort. When we did, we planned on getting cameras but having just bought the home had little flexible money so we opted with just a driveway alarm. Two years later, that driveway alarm triggered us to get up and watched the driiveway at 4 am and watch a burgular carrying a cell phone flashlight down the drive. Problem was that when he got close we couldnt see him or where he went - what he looked like or what he was doing. Luckily the police responded quickly and were able to catch the theft after he finished going through our vehicles - had hit 6 other addresses on our street that night. But I couldnt tell the officers where he was or what he was doing - not what he looked like and I felt helpless and terrified the entire time. Had I invested in this product before now, I would have been able to tell it was a 13 year old boy looking for things cash for videos games. The cops certainly would have gotten him sooner. Two hours after the officers left and five minutes after the stor opened I was buying my Lorex 8 camera - super easy to install. Takes some planning and wire snaking but works so well. Getting it up on the Iphone and Ipad was a bit of a challenge but the tech walked me through it in about 10 minutes. ABSOLUTEY RECOMMEND!!!

41 out of 86


Location: CA

This product is awesome its very easy to use. It is a great buy as well I recommend this to anyone

42 out of 86


Location: Melbourne, FL

I was a skeptic, but what an easy installation. Once the hardware was in place, the plug and play installation software did that rest. The mobile apps for Android was a little tricky, but nothing I couldn't figure out with the help of online support. I talked with tech support once and they walked me right through the problem. I have already recommended it to family and my brother-in-law wishes he had gotten this system instead of one of the competitors because he saw how easy mine was to get up and running. I only wish I had more than the 8 cameras.

43 out of 86


Location: Washington Twp NJ

Purchased this system from BJ's Warehouse and I couldn't be more pleased with the performance. Setting up the cameras were very easy. We had a few minor glitches (mainly operator error), but Lorex technical support was there for us. Now we can monitor our firehouse from the internet anywhere. We are also able to use Lorex's app on our cell phone, IPAD and other mobile device to monitor our building. We will definitely expand our system with addition specialty camera from Lorex

44 out of 86


Location: philadelphia

I had bout another dvr camera system and when i try to put it to work with the internet so i can see it on my phon ir ipad it was rediculus nothing whanted to work i had it for a year and every body told try this try that nothing worked i got tire of it and desided to buy the lorex the best ting a ever did it took me arown 4hr but everything is working like i whanted is perfictedi love it i will recomend it to anyone.

45 out of 86


Location: Georgia

Over all this works well after the initial setup. It took longer to set up the DDNS than to set up the system. I did have a problem with one of the cameras not pairing to the system but they are sending out a replacement. The mobile app for the iphone does work well. There are some complaints with it but I think it works great. I would recomend this sytem to anyone.

46 out of 86


Location: New Jersey

We were interested in this product for home security. We've had this product for two weeks and I have already recommended it to two friends. Setup was straight forward.
Some suggestions before you start. The cable runs were the hardest part. Plan out your camera runs, you will most likely need to get more cables if your runs go past 60ft and order them online before you start. Read up on how to setup port forwarding on your router.

47 out of 86


Location: Canton, Ohio

Installation and setup was easy. Great product for price. Only issue i have is one camera has a broken lens. I will contact Lorex for warranty replacement. I love the remote viewing capabilities and the idea i can check on my house any place with internet. Cameras are great in day and night viewing for the package price. I wish the user manual was in the box with the system so i would not have to go online to find and print it 120 pages plus....or i would of rated a 5 star

48 out of 86


Location: CA

the setup wasn't too bad. only hard part was realizing I had to use internet explorer not chrome!
the iphone app sucks bad! on PC works just fine

49 out of 86


Location: Texas

I purchased the ECO BlackBox+LH010H (Digital Video Surveillance Recorder - 16 channel) in February 2013. It is an excellent system for 24 hour surveillance at home or away! This particular system was much more affordable than other systems that offered less quality at a higher price. This system allows for upgrading from the original 8 channels to 16. The Lorex apps were easy to install and permits quick surveillance while traveling using a cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

Last but not least, the Lorex Tech Support staff was exceptionally helpful even several months later when assistance was needed to backup files. I have recommended this system to others and would purchase it again myself!

50 out of 86


Location: Atlanta, GA

I am very happy with the system.
Install was easy, everything worked as advertised.
Getting online and port forwarding worked flawlessly.

51 out of 86


Location: Garden Grove, CA

Easy to install and to use. We were up and running the same day. Highly Recommend.

52 out of 86


Location: MA

Purchased this system for my small business. Works as described. The infrared night vision is outstanding at short range. I can see my basement in total darkness. You can't go wrong at this price point! Support help was "A plus" once you get through to a live person.

53 out of 86


Location: Florida

The installation was very easy and user friendly. Not just the cameras but also the DDNS installation as well. Your tech support was great as well as I had to call for support and found out that the problem was with my laptop and not the product. There need to be some improvement on the iPad app. Wasn't able to get it directly from iTunes went to google and it redirected me there. The app install was pretty simple but the interface can use some changes.

The tutorial for the email setup was easy to follow as well. All in all I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a camera dvr system.

54 out of 86


Location: LI, New York

Recently purchased the ECO Blackbox+ surveillance system with 8 cameras (16 ports) and was amazed how easy it was to install. I was up and running in less than an hour. The plan is to slowly expand the system with more high definition cameras where needed. The hardest part was drilling holes and snaking the wires, but other than that, I?m very satisfied with this purchase thus far. The cameras provide clear pictures whether during the day or night. I was particularly impressed with the software that came with the system. I was able to setup remote internet connectivity to my DVR without any issues. The DVR software is straight forward and easy to navigate with just a right mouse click. I?m able to search for interesting segments of video and backup these time slices in minutes. The ease of use of this system was well thought out from the hardware right down to the software. One interesting thing that I did learn and want to pass on is, you must carefully plan your camera placement. For example, one of my cameras had too bright of an image. After searching the Lorex website for troubleshooting techniques, I was able to determine that window glare was the cause of the brightness, so I moved the camera to a new location and now the images are perfect. I would highly recommend this system to anyone who wants a cost effective home surveillance system.

55 out of 86


Location: New York

The Lorex Security camera and DVR was just what me and my wife were looking for. Easy setup with excellent support. The video feeds are clear and vibrant. The android apps and iPad apps are great. This gives us the ability to have peace of mind when away from home. The ability to see a live stream from the cameras of my property is awesome. Thanks Lorex for making this product at an affordable price.

56 out of 86


Location: sodus, ny

The cameras are fine and the installation went fairly well. I can get the cameras on a Ipod, but
I can't connect to my laptop with wi-fi. I not a satisfied customer, yet.

57 out of 86


Location: Las Vegas

Very easy to set up. The picture and camera quality are fantastic. The LAN setup is easy. The Wireless set-up was a little more difficult but with help from LOREX it has turned out to be a great system. Excellent quality and price.

58 out of 86


Location: Aldan Pa

I am very very happy and excited about this system. I love it. I love the way I can view my house from anywhere I am. I would recommend this product highly to home owners, which is what I am using my system for!

59 out of 86


Location: East Providence, RI

Wanted a system to supplement my security system. Looked at many and found Lorex to be the best. System was easy to install, port forwarding worked first time. The remote monitoring also is great. You can check on your house while out, in a manner of seconds.
The manual is well written, and easy to understand. Will be adding more camera's in the future. customer service is fantastic.
Highly recommend this product to all.

60 out of 86


Location: NC

Nice cameras at a budget price; excellent customer service and warranty - replaced two of the cameras quickly and conveniently. Some minor technical challenges with the older ddns service, recommend upgrading to newer systems and service using stratus service to bypass tinkering with routers / ip addresses. Overall great experience and very good images!

61 out of 86


Location: Boca Raton

Great product for the price! Purchased it from BJ's wholesale club after there were a few break ins during the daytime in the neighborhood. For everything that comes with the system it was a great deal! At first I thought eight camers might be a little overboard but once I started placing them around the outside of my home eight camers was just barely enough. Great color and picture, clarity could be a little bit better but still very happy. Best feature is viewing from my iphone while away in real time! There are so many benefits to having a camera system for your home I counldn't be happier!

62 out of 86


Location: NJ

The support and the product was great

63 out of 86


Location: Aubrey, Tx

We use so many cameras on our property and it's really great to have tech support be able to walk us through any troubleshooting we're having to deal with. Great product!

64 out of 86


Location: Clifton Park, New York

Everything was easy to install. We had a minor issue setting up on computer but customer service quickly resolved the issue. Very easy setup to connect to phones and internet. Great for small businesses - you can access cameras from any computer or smart phone.

65 out of 86


Location: sandusky, ohio 44870

Great performance ,better than my Samsung 600tvl cameras at less cost. Happy with the simple way the remote works,also better than my Samsungs remote.

66 out of 86


Location: Glendale,Ca

DVR was easy to set up. Menu easy to maneuver. Cameras are decent. Only thing I don't

Like is every time I want to access the PTZ camera , I have to input a password. Other than that

it I am satisfied with it.

67 out of 86


Location: Bedford, OH

Product was fairly easy to set up and use, and the DDNS & mobile device viewing options were very useful. All of the hardware is durable and good quality.
I had some trouble with setting up the DDNS and port forwarding, but the Lorex tech support was very helpful in getting this resolved.
My only complaint is that the cameras will switch to night-vision occasionally, even when there should be ample light. Other than that, great product.

68 out of 86


Location: Surprise, Arizona

Bought this as a replacement for a previous system (another brand) that died. Installation was easy and it runs great, but the instructions leave alot to be desired. I guess it is mainly that I have a MAC and the installation disk does not cover a MAC to set up remote viewing. After several calls to my Inter-Net company, Lorex and the Modem manufacturer it is up and remote viewing is working. I love it to keep an eye on the house and dogs while we are gone. You can't beat it for the price. I highly recommend it for the peace-of-mind and security aspects. The night range of the supplied cameras is only about 20 FT so I would recommend purchasing additional longer range IR cameras (65+ ft) for driveway, swimming pool and open area monitoring.

69 out of 86


Location: Kendal, Ontario

While searching for a good quality product, I have never ran into a one such as this one. It's very affordable and the quality of the footage it provides is stellar. The Lorex technical support was hard to reach at times but the service they provided was very responsive and quick. Additionally, some things in the manual are unclear regarding the setup of the mobile access and browser access from computers not on the same IP address. I am still currently trying to access the system from my Android mobile phone.

However, I am very happy with the product and the service the company has provided. Overall, I strongly recommend this to business owners who want that extra sense of security.

70 out of 86


Location: virginia

Great product for a great price, So far this is my 4th lorex product installed at my business and I love Lorex technology.

71 out of 86


Location: Washington, DC

Love this system. I bought it and shipped it for use overseas. It worked really great and was very easy to set up. I recently bought 4 more Lorex cameras to add to the system. Several days ago, lightening hit a nearby tree and although the security system was not connected in any way to the tree, somehow my DVR system went completely dead on me. I have notified Lorex about it and will try to get help replacing the DVR. Stay tuned for comments about their customer service.

72 out of 86


Location: New York

The cameras are good and reasonably clear but show everything at a distant even when subject is close to camera. Just had the DVR fail for the second time in less than a year. A bit of a hasel with hold times and the cost of shipping to send it back. Now it is only about 2 or 3 weeks and am about to contact them again. My last Lorex lasted a few years before the hard drive went. Stars are for when it is working.

73 out of 86


Location: California CA

The system is easy to install and use but help needed for web config. The DVR works fine but a camera got problem and waiting for solution

74 out of 86


Location: California

Like wide angle cameras, easy to set. Affordable
Have not setup remote surveillance and motion detection yet, therefore no opinion. My recorder box has no HDMI (1 star off)

75 out of 86


Location: SoCal

For the price, this is a good set of cameras and features. Overall, the system works fairly well, but there are some quirks that are annoying me. When using the motion detection feature, it does not always work as specified. I have masked out motion areas for it to NOT detect the motion, but it still does and this causes continuous e-mails to be sent to my phone. It also causes clips to be recorded that I then must scan through to see if there was actually someone there. Additionally, when scanning through clips (using the desktop software), you can jump to any clip shown in the timeline - except the last one!!! If I want to view the last recorded clip, I have to click on the one before it and let it play before it will then go on to play the last clip. These issues are quite annoying and tech support doesn't really address them. They are basic functionality issues - please fix them!

76 out of 86


Location: New Jersey

Very satisfied. Good quality and a snap to hook up. Half the size of my old multiplexer and that didn't record. Had to use customer service to connect to the internet, and let me say, they made it a pleasure. The rep was understanding and had me up and running in no time.
Thanks Lorex

77 out of 86


Location: Traverse city, Mi.

Wanted a system to supplement my security system. Looked at many and found Lorex to be the best. System was easy to install, port forwarding worked first time. The remote monitoring also is great. You can check on your house while out, in a manner of seconds.
The manual is well written, and easy to understand. Will be adding more camera's in the future.
Highly recommend this product to all.

78 out of 86


Location: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Affordable Quality

This self-contained system is affordable, functional and provides clear audio and video monitoring. The system was recommended to me by a client who has a similar system for her business and I was not disappointed. On-line viewing access is a bonus. I highly recommend this system.

79 out of 86


Location: Charleston, SC

Satisfied Customer

Extremely satisfied with my purchase, my new Lorex was able to connect to my old ADT cameras with no problems. The system was relatively easy to set up and update the firmware. I only have two wishes: 1. the software had a shutdown option instead of just pulling the plug to power the system off 2. the Client Software for PC would automatically start when your PC starts up The app works great on my phone but I have not step up a DDNS to try it outside the house

80 out of 86


Location: Vancouver, Canada

very nice system

easy to set up, get connected through internet everywhere in the world. good quality of pictures. free ddns service included. most important to customer: they have quick response and support.

81 out of 86


Location: Castro Valley, CA

Great System

Installation was easy. Physical operation of the system is excellent. Night time visibilty is very good. Needed help on internet access and the support programs were very helpful.

82 out of 86


Location: Upper Marlboro, Maryland

I can see you

Hello to everyone. I highly recommend a security system from lorex it will save you heartaches in the long run. My story. Went shopping at BJ's club and saw the security system on display pictures were crystal clear and looked awesome. I live in a quiet,nice golf course community in Maryland and never thought of investing in one. That same evening I watched the local news and found out that one of he homes in my community was broken into and they had security cameras and it had recorded the whole ordeal and had a clear good pictures of the robbers who later got caught by the local police. I went and talked to the home owners personally and they said they too shop at Bj's club and saw the security camera display purchased one and had it installed 2 wks prior. At that moment i was sold. So,I in turn woke up the next morning and was at Bjs club right at opening went in and purchased a system for my home ,had it installed and now have a true piece of mind .the awesome thing about lorex systems is that you can view your cameras from practically on anything smart phone,home computers,iPads ,iPods,smart Tvs etc. please don't wait for something to happen to your love ones before you react and please don't ever think your neighborhood is exempt from crimes. Hope my story will convince you to get a piece of mind-highly recommend any system from lorex .God Bless

83 out of 86


Location: Florence, KY

Great system for the price

For the price paid this is a great system. All cameras were installed outside and provide good coverage of my home/yard. Running the wires in a finished home was somewhat of a challenge but accomplished with patience. Love the ability to check the DVR while away

84 out of 86


My system is the eco Blackbox LH010.

The set up was a snap.

Had a problem getting online and portforwarding.

The Lorex Tech. was very helpfull in solving my problems.

I am very happy with the Lorex system and have recommended it to many of my friends.

85 out of 86


Location: Lakewood, CA

Peace of Mind

We had wanted to put in surveilence camera before but it just didn't seem priority at any time. Then we had a burglary and it left us paranoid to leave the home afterwards. First thing we did was purchase a Lorax surveilence system with the 4 cameras, DVR, and capability to see our home on the Ipad while we're away. We love this feature!! The cameras are clear during the day with color and shows facial feature clearly. We love having the night vision. Anyone comes to the door we can switch to the input screen on the TV and we can see who it is without opening up the door or having to climb over furniture to peek thru the window. We are so happy with the Lorax Security System. The day the installation team came to install we finally felt the tension leave and a peace of mind came over us. Thank you.

86 out of 86


Location: Eugene, Oregon

Great Product, I love IT!

This is a great product. Economical and easy to use. Highly recommended to small business owners who wants the ability to watch their business from anywhere in the world. I can also hear with this system! It's saved me ten-fold in from reduced theft!



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