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Wireless camera system with outside wireless camera Edge series


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Wireless camera system with outside cameras

View your world with confidence. View your world with Lorex. This LH320 Edge Wireless Security bundle gives you power, performance, and wireless convenience in one surveillance package. The DVR features pentaplex operation which means that you can view, record, playback, backup and remotely configure your system simultaneously. FHSS Technology ensures that the signal is private, secure and interference free. True day/night operational cameras using integrated automatic Infrared Cut Filter (ICR) ensures accurate color representation in all lighting conditions.

LH300 series compatibility chart

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud is a cloud-enabled software platform to connect to all FLIR NVRs and MPX DVRs. The FLIR Cloud apps give you access to FLIR systems from any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® device.

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Simple installation process for user convenience.



Wireless camera system:

  • EDGE design for stand alone or VESA mount (Wall & LCD).
  • 3D graphics, crisp, color rich, high contrast video.
  • DVI/VGA output for display on LCD PC or TV monitor with DVI/VGA input.
  • HDMI compatible.
  • H.264 video compression providing over 35 days of continuous recording to 9 months with motion recording.11
  • Expandable up to 2TB 24x7 100% duty cycle SATA Hard Disk Drive (HDD).
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Back Up & Remotely Control the system simultaneously.
  • Record at VGA resolution (640 x 480) per channel.
  • Video output (up to) 1280 x 1024 @ 60 Hz.
  • Small form factor (7.0x11.5x1.5 inches).
  • Flex IR controller (line-of-sight not required).
  • USB: backup, image transfer, firmware upgrade, mouse.
  • Alarm Input/output (4/1 ), 2 Audio Inputs/output.
  • PTZ cameras supported (RS485).
  • Record on motion detection, schedule or continuous.
  • Navigation: Front controls, Mouse, Remote Control.


  • LOREX Instant Mobile Viewing on iPad™, iPhone™ and other compatible Smart phones†: BlackBerry (9000 & above), Android (version 1.5 & above) and Window Mobile (6.0 & above).
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard.22
  • PC (Microsoft Windows™ 7/Vista/XP compatible) using Internet Explorer® browser.
  • Apple Mac™ compatible using Safari browser for multi channel live viewing.
  • Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for advanced remote connectivity at all times.
  • Instant email alerts.


  • FHSS Digital Wireless Technology provides excellent image quality and clarity
  • Built-in auto-mechanical infrared camera filter achieves accurate color reproduction in varying lighting conditions
  • Simple installation. No video cable required1
  • Connect multiple receivers to your surveillance recorder (DVR) to create a wireless surveillance solution2
  • Easily connects to a TV/Monitor (RCA) or DVR (BNC)
  • Night viewing up to 60ft (18m)3
  • Install camera indoors or outdoors4
  • Up to 150ft (46m) indoor / 450ft (137m) outdoor wireless range5


  • Connects directly to the back of a DVR for a clean installation2
  • High gain antenna ensures improved long distance operation
  • View in VGA resolution for high quality video or CIF for real time observation
  • Safety warning feature notifies you when the camera is out of range

Additional Receiver Features:

  • Connects directly to the back of a DVR for a clean installation2
  • High gain antenna ensures improved long distance operation
  • View in VGA resolution for high quality video or CIF for real time observation
  • Safety warning feature notifies you when the camera is out of range


11 Recording capacity may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
22 Requires a high speed internet connection and router (not included).
† Instant Mobile Viewing on iPad™, iPhone™ and other compatible Smart phones: BlackBerry (9000 & above), Android (version 1.5 & above) and Window Mobile (6.0 & above). Selectable one channel live viewing. Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). Router port forwarding required. For the latest smart phone compatibility list check
± DVI to HDMI converter cable required (not included).
† † Easily mounts to the back of an LCD monitor with VESA standard mounting holes and an independent stand (monitor not included). Requires clear access to the 100 x 100 mm VESA mounting holes.

1. Camera requires a wired connection to a power outlet. Power adapter included.
2. Using multiple receivers in close proximity to each other may cause a slight slowdown in frame rate performance. Try to maintain at least a few inches of space between each receiver. 3ft extension cable included.
3. Stated IR Illumination range is based on ideal conditions. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object.
4. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered area recommended.
5. Maximum wireless transmission range. Actual range dependent upon building materials and other obstructions in path of wireless signal.











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1 out of 5


Location: Clackamas, OR

Great product easy set up

I purchased this system for onsite security work I an currently doing under contract. I have two wired cameras and two wireless along with the 500 gig DVR. Everything is working great. Have had the system set up for over two months now. Only issue is one of the wireless cameras started acting up recently, but I found that unpluging it for a few muninets fixed the problem. It would be nice if you could run a longer BNC cable from the DVR to the recivers so you could get them in better line of site of the cameras though. Currently you can only run the short cable supplyed, anything longer and the reciver wont recive the siginal. That is why it is good to have a couple of wired cameras for more distant or obstructed locations. Over all I am very sadisfied with this system.

2 out of 5


Location: Phoenix, AZ

Good, however there are some issues

Wireless camera's will work great for days on end, but without much rhyme or reason they lose their connection with the receiver. Manually pairing each one offers no improvement. The only to restore the connection is to R&R the power to the camera or the receiver for that camera or both. Does no good when your remote viewing with a dead camera. Also if your using a 2.4 Ghz WiFi, you need to know the wireless cameras are the same frequency and wipe out your wifi speeds to nearly nothing, so you'll need a dual band router and hopefully your other wifi devices are 5.0 compatible. Another issue is the night time or IR functions of the camera are not adjustable and your stuck with the factory calibration. The cameras do change to night mode long before it's really needed, so quite often your stuck in a low res, B/W mode even with plenty of light. This was confirmed by tricking the sensor to change back to day made resulting in a clear color image. I realize that Lorex made a reasonably affordable wireless camera system, and for the most part it's ok. but sadly there's just no completely reliable wireless camera system out there yet. * 2.4 Ghz - no big deal, get a dual band router for your Wifi devices. * Wireless technology - not as good as a hardwire system, but "okay" * Daytime vs. night time sensitivity is annoying. Turns to IR/Night mode way too easily.

3 out of 5


Location: Rio Grande City, Texas

Great Peace of Mind

What's great about it: See my review, easy set-up and wireless

What's not so great: A zoom function would be great, to copy license plate information

Easy to set-up, with wireless capability less wires to drill holes through the wall for. A hole for the power cable from each camera is all you need. The recorder picks up the signal and records up to nine months then re-starts recording. You can save events on a thumbdrive to show law enforcement in the event you need evidence of a crime. At night, the cameras have a red glow, evidence of their infra-red ability.

I would recommend this to a friend!

4 out of 5


very easy to set up

It was very easy to set up.  I found the menu icons a little confusing but overall I’m very pleased with the product.

5 out of 5


Location: Suffolk, NY


Working good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would recommend this to a friend!




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Wireless camera system with outside wireless camera Edge series
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