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Wireless security camera system ECO BlackBox series


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Wireless security camera system with night vision wireless cameras

Eco Blackbox goes wireless! The LH010 Eco Blackbox wireless security camera system is the economical full-featured surveillance recorder bundled with indoor/outdoor wireless security cameras. With no video extension cables to run, you have the freedom to place the wireless cameras almost anywhere! Enjoy the freedom of wireless surveillance with the reliability and functionality of the Eco Blackbox Security DVR.

LH010 series compatibility chart

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard

Simple installation process for user convenience.

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.



Lorex BlackBox Security DVR features:

  • H.264 video compression
  • Real time recording: 8/16ch: (360x240)/ 4ch: (720x240) resolution
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Back Up & Remotely Control the system simultaneously
  • 24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed
  • PTZ cameras supported (RS485)
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard
  • Instant Mobile Viewing on compatible Smart phones & Tablets†
  • PC and Mac Compatible (Internet Explorer & Safari browsers)
  • Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for advanced remote connectivity at all times
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Accurate Time Stamps with NTP & Daylight Savings Time

Digital Wireless Camera:

  • Digital wireless secure and interference-free video signal
  • Use cameras indoor or outdoor 3, day or night. Night viewing up to 60ft (18m) 4
  • Wireless Range: Up to 150ft (46m) indoor/450ft (137m) outdoor 5
  • Simple installation. No video cables required. Camera and receiver require a wired connection to an electrical outlet (power adapters included)
  • Connect multiple receivers to your surveillance recorder (DVR) to create a wireless surveillance solution 6
  • Auto infrared light filter (IR Cut Filter) ensures accurate color reproduction in all lighting conditions
  • Adjustable resolution: VGA (640x480 @ 12 fps) for high quality video or QVGA (320x240 @ 30fps) for real time observation


1. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
2. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included).
3. Not recommended for submersion in water. Installation under shelter required.
4. Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object.
5. Maximum transmission range. Actual range dependent upon building materials and other obstructions in path of wireless signal.
6. Using multiple receivers in close proximity to each other may cause a slight slowdown in frame rate performance. It is recommended to use the included 3ft extension cable
? Cameras and receivers require a wired connection to an electrical outlet (power adaptors included).
† Smart Phone & Tablet Compatibility: iPad™, iPhone™, Android (version 1.5 & above), Windows Mobile (6.0, 6.5), Symbian 3rd & 5th generation phones. Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). Router port forwarding required. For the latest compatibility list check as new models become available in the market.
* BlackBox is used solely as a marketing term and does not imply that the product can survive fire or extreme conditions. Use product in accordance with the instructions provided.
* Number of Channels/ Cameras/ Accessories/ HDD (hard disk drive) capacity may vary by model. Check your package label for specific content information.
All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex










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1 out of 27


Location: Lithonia GA

Great product, easy to install. very pleased.

2 out of 27


Location: Lithonia GA

My wife and I are very pleased with this product. Having this product is having a peace of mind away from home.

3 out of 27


Location: Calgary AB

We have used this product for over one year now.
Installed outdoors, very easy to hook up with good quality video.
Would be nice if the mounting hardware had been a little longer to allow for more adjustability of the camera.

4 out of 27


Location: Ottawa, On., Canada

We are very pleased with this product. Easy to install and setup. All four wireless cameras are outside covering various blind spots with good wireless connections to the DVR at 60 feet away. Imagine is good and clear. Night vision is sweet. Would highly recommend this Lorex product if looking for a quality wireless system. Happy in Canada's capital!

5 out of 27


Location: Parker, CO

After reading many reviews, and considering my comfort level from a technical standpoint ? I decided on the LH018501C4WF system. I knew in advance where I wanted to place my cameras, and hoped my layout would work. My first attempt to run the DVR off of my wireless repeater resulted in a very weak signal, so I moved it to the basement where it could connect directly to my router. This pushed the distance to my furthest camera, but even with one bar of signal ? it was enough to capture what I needed. I did find that with just four cameras, the interference causes my wifi and other 2.4GHz items to stop working. My solution is to unplug all but one camera when I return home, and reboot my AT&T Microcell tower. Overall we are pleased with this system, and plan on adding additional cameras as well as continue to fine tune our home network to minimize issues.

6 out of 27


Location: Long Island

I've had this about a week and am still not 100% sure I love it. There have been a few times that the cameras have cut out on me when I wanted to view them and I had to wait until I got back home to reset them. I'm still unable to set it up to get the emails either. It may be that I just haven't figured out how to work the whole thing yet. Other than that it seems to be fine. I need another week or so to play with it and figure out how it all works.

7 out of 27


Location: New Jersey

Very easy to connect and worked instantly. The downloaded application is great.
Points to improve. Installing the camera on the siding at 90 degree angle proved impossible as the antenna was in the way.
Wireless reception weakened to nil and intermittent at a 40 feet distance. Had to reposition the receivers to get the lowest signal.
I wish it had a higher definition picture

8 out of 27


Location: Tacoma, WA

I did about a months worth of systems comparisons and finally went with the Lorex LH018501C4WF Vantage 8ch video security system. I read all the reviews and found them to be useful in my decision and also in my set up.

I first unpacked all the equipment and set it up inside the house so I could pair the cameras to their individual receivers and make sure everything worked. It would be a pain to install everything and find out something did not function correctly. Worked perfectly out of the box. I numbered the cameras and installed the first camera at the easiest location so I could check signal strength and reception.

Three of the cameras were installed on the front of my house, all within six feet of a power source. Each of these cameras are within 50 - 70 feet of their receivers and produce at least two bars in the onscreen display. The last camera was located near the driveway entrance and needed to have a remote power source installed which took the most time for the system installation. That camera is about 110 feet away from its receiver but because of the elevation and straight line of sight through a large glass window, it still produces two bars on the screen.

Installation needs to be thoughtful, making sure there are no visible obstructions in the camera view. My driveway installation had a small pine tree close by and at night, the tree produced a vivid white reflection from the infrared lighting, blanking the rest of the image. The camera needed to be moved three times to get a good night time image. Also, mounting cameras too close to the roof line facia/soffit on a wall installation will produce too much IR feedback. Initial set up for testing took a couple of hours, most of which was becoming familiar with the CD instruction booklet. The quick set up cut sheets were adequate but I wanted to learn the system completely. It took about an hour to install each camera with four additional hours to run the remote power. Once installed I watched the night videos for blanking and it took a couple of days to get the system totally adjusted. So far the system is working as advertised.

Router and internet set up was easy for me because I have a good computer/IT background. All the cameras sync nicely on my iPhone 4G. For those that are not as computer literate, the included CD with instruction booklet was very good and Lorex offers a ?router finder? app that works well.

Things I didn?t like. There is a USB mouse included but wish there was a keyboard for input.
It?s too bad the infrared lighting does not have an adjustment similar to the gamma adjustment on a computer screen. If any object gets too close, the visuals on the screen are wiped out by IR feedback. It would be nice to cut down on the IR lighting.

9 out of 27


Location: Holmes, NY

I received this system as a gift from my children for Christmas. One of my sons who works with computers set up the system in a couple of hours and so far I have installed 2 of the 4 cameras. So far I can monitor on the computer, a monitor and my tablet. As I don't have a smart phone yet, haven't been able to test that part of it. The picture is good and distance is outstanding. The night vision works very well and you can see with all the lights turned off. I would be able to give a better review after the system has run for a month with all 4 cameras but so far I'm impressed.

10 out of 27


Location: Sierras

Love the idea of the system.

Was a little difficult getting it all setup as instructions were not very complete. Had to go online, read manual, and just try to figure it out. Tech support was closed when I was trying to get it all setup.

Am a little dismayed that I can't configure everything remotely, like the date, etc. From what I have been able to figure out, I need a monitor connected to the hard drive to configure the security system. This wasn't mentioned in the description so assumed it could all be done remotely. I had to order a montitor as my computer is not located near the modem and security system hard drive.

Also have some problems with slow wifi now so am getting a dedicated jack for more bandwidth. I hope that takes care of it. If I am able to configure everything and get my wifi speed back up, I will be very happy with the system.

4 stars I CAN remotely access the DVR. I thought the system went down but since I had it setup to auto reboot weekly, it did, and now all it good. I am very happy with the motion email alerts and the live and recorded remote viewing.

11 out of 27


Location: Colorado

With trepidation I ordered and recently received this particular security camera setup. Let me explain the trepidation, I wanted a wireless system to operate externally on my house but after reading many negative reports about the loss of signal due to building materials it has to travel through, I was lets say hesitant to click the 'confirm order button'. Now, I was fully aware that I need to install regular electrical outlets close to the camera locations, I did read somewhere that the plugs convert the power from AC to DC current so hard wiring the electrical cord was not an option you need a standard electrical outlet, easy enough but hard wiring the cameras back to the DVR was also not an option that's why I opted for the wireless cameras. Upon receiving the order I immediately got an electrical extension cord plugged in the camera and checked to see if I got a clear signal to the DVR at the furthest point away (about 65 feet) through stucco, wood framing with insulation, tile roof and wood flooring and even though the signal strength was 1 out of 4 bars, the picture was good and clear. Trepidation now replaced with elation, I installed all four cameras. Set up of the DVR was simple enough.
The cameras do transmit on 2.4 GHz and did interfere with my WiFi BUT I have a Dual Band Router (I bought this about 2 years ago for about $100) and set everything else to 5.0 GHz, easy fix and all works well.
Easy to get the app for my phone and Ipad, just inputted the required info and all works well.
The system works as advertised for that I give it 5 stars, now let's see how well it stands up to the test of time.

12 out of 27


Location: Alabama

Bought the 4 camera wireless Lorex system. Set up was really straight forward. Range for wireless is decent - furthest camera is about 150ft away with no issues. The software is really easy because it uses the cloud rather than IP forwarding which can be a big hassle. Because it uses the cloud, you can download the lorex app and view live shots right from your phone. Picture quality is very good in the daytime, but pretty grainy at night. These cameras are static so they don't move or zoom. Wide viewing area though and you can adjust contrast, birghtness etc. Recording program is very easy. Watching playback takes a while as max fast forward rate is only 8X. The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because the software sometimes can't connect to the camera due to failed log ins. Simply closing and restarting the software solves this both on the phone app and the desktop. Overall the best product I've seen for the pricing and the cloud software is a big benefit.

13 out of 27


Location: California

Purchased system from Home Depot online. Listed as LH01854WF, but enclosed DVR was a Blackbox 2. System seem to be operating fine but my Wi-Fi bandwidth had slow down tremendously when the DVR is hooked to the LAN for both computer and iPhone access.

Power cables for cameras are too short at only 6 feet. Need at least 12 feet or an extension cord be provided. Not all prime camera locations are directly above a wall electrical socket. The csec 9v power adapters for the cameras model CS6D090060FUF doesn't seem to exists on the internet. I tried to Google for specs so I can fine an extension. Sent a ticket to Lorex on this subject so far, no response.

14 out of 27


Location: Waldorf,Maryland

Easy installation, very nice pictures. Keep in consideration of the power access you will need for each camera location.

15 out of 27


Location: California

I will recommend it to all my friends for quality and workmanship and picture quality.

16 out of 27


Location: Virginia

I have used this product for several days. So far, it works great. Setup is easy and instructions are helpful. Very good picture for both day and night. It will be even better if the camera can be controlled wirelessly in the future (the same function as PZT cameras).

17 out of 27


Location: Western MA

Great system!

High quality cameras with good wireless range. Love the mobile ap! Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

18 out of 27


Location: Edgewater, NJ, USA

These cameras are just what I needed. I have a wired system but wanted a wireless so I can get rid of the wire clutter. This system is perfect. I put one at the front entrance and the other one by my driveway. I will be looking to expand the system with two more cameras soon.

19 out of 27


Location: Massachusetts

For the price this system comes with a lot of really good features. Lots of customization options on the DVR. I get a good signal from my detatched garage. The night vision works very well.

20 out of 27


Location: Nor Cal


These resolution of theses cameras coupled with an led monitor

21 out of 27


Location: Honolulu

Simple setup - good iPhone app would recommend to a friend

Great recording night vision a bit questionable

22 out of 27


Location: Tonopah,Nevada

Love this system.Not very competent at setting up wireless stuff,so I called tech support ,and they got me setup in just a few minutes.I was able to watch a clear video from my laptop in Las Vegas.I have my cameras indoors looking outside,and will eventually set them up outside for what I believe will be an even better quality video.

23 out of 27


Location: Canada

Once setup this is awesome, I can view it from my phone and while at work, the picture is clear and in good real-time video.

I have 3 more cameras to setup just not sure where to add them just yet.

24 out of 27


Location: Western North Carolina

Easy set up and good instructions. Had to try several locations for cameras further from the recievers. ( 100 Feet Plus) Needed to order a more powerful reciever antenna for the furthest camera that has to go through the woods. Good pictures day and night.
Support has a long waiting time.


25 out of 27


Location: Deer Park, NY

I love my Wireless security home system

i bought this unit almost a year ago. I bought additional 2 cameras and totally love this sytem. I have no problems with it and the hook up was so fast and easy. I was up in less then 2 hours with this system and recording my house . I would totally recommend this product to any one looking for a security camera system

26 out of 27


Location: TEXAS


I love the wireless camera's once I figured out how to get them up and running no problem. GREAT!

27 out of 27


Location: Bainbridge,Ga

What's great about it: Fast and ease of setup

What's not so great: Getting hooked up on router and mobile viewing

Great product for the price..have already viewed an un-wanted guest



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