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8 channel Eco digital video surveillance recorder



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8 channel digital video recorder

LH03085G DVR from Lorex by FLIR

The LH03085G security DVR provides peace of mind and dependability. Record high-quality video in real-time on every channel. Easily view this DVR on three different monitors at once or connect it to the internet for remote connectivity on smart devices or personal computers.





DVR supports up to 8 cameras



360x240 with Real Time recording



Maximum Capacity 1 x 2TB hard drives

security DVR with remote viewing

Remote mobile access

Remote connectivity FLIR D3000 DVR

Remote mobile access with Free Lorex DDNS

Watch the live view or recorded playback straight from your smartphone or tablet. Connecting this DVR to your smart devices also enables motion detection email alerts. With iOS®, Android™, and PC options, your security system will always be at your fingertips.

Works With

D3000 FLIR hard drive

High-capacity security hard drive

Record continuously for weeks (even months) to the high-capacity 500GB security certified hard drive. This 100% duty cycle hard drive is engineered to be in the constant operation and can even continue to record while you watch recorded footage. The motion-activated recording feature will help save storage space and extend recording time.


DVR Digital Video Recorder

Security DVRs connect to BNC cameras using RG59 coaxial cables and they compress and store video footage captured from security cameras.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

Free Lorex DDNS

DDNS allows you to set up a web site address that points back to your Local Network. Lorex provides a free service for use with your DVR.

Easy Connection

Simple installation process for user convenience.




Digital Video Recorder Features:

  • 8 channel DVR for surveillance cameras
  • H.264 compression video compression1
  • Real time recording @ 360 x 240 resolution
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Back Up & Remotely Control the system simultaneously
  • 24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed
  • Instant Mobile Viewing on compatible Smart phones†
  • Exclusive LOREX Easy Connect Internet Set-up Wizard2
  • PC (Microsoft Windows™ 7/Vista/XP) compatible using Internet Explorer® browser
  • Free LOREX DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service) for advanced remote connectivity at all times
  • Instant email alerts

Each LH03085G Includes:

1 × DVR
1 × HDMI Cable
1 × Remote Control
1 × Power adapter
1 × Mouse
1 × Ethernet Cable
Quick Start Guides

1. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
2. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included).
† Instant Smart Phone Compatibility on iPhone™, Android (version 1.5 & above), Window Mobile (6.0, 6.5) Symbian 3rd & 5th generation phones. Selectable one channel live viewing. Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). Router port forwarding required. For the latest smart phone compatibility list check as new smart phone models become available in the market.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Technology Inc. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 86



August 18, 2016

Location: Ohio

Easy set up. Lorex app works great on my Nexus 10.

2 out of 86



August 5, 2016

Location: naperville il

Works great!

3 out of 86



July 15, 2016

Location: Hesperia, Ca

I love the eco stratus cloud. I never had a problem with it since I switch from a competitors unit. Very easy installation and DVR has worked excellent. Great product!

4 out of 86



June 27, 2016

Location: PCB

Works great!

5 out of 86



June 26, 2016

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

Purchased this DVR to upgrade from a four channel DVR to an eight channel DVR because I am planning on adding a couple more cameras very easy to set up set up. my DDNS account with the help of support which took no time at all to set up.Very happy so far only wish it had to HDMI plug but that ok the VGA works just fine on my TV monitor.It was a great price excellent shipping thank you Lorex you have a great products...

6 out of 86



June 18, 2016

Location: Maple Valley Wa

I'm not to good with confusers so poor Lorex was my helping hand. Yes I will tell all my friends about this dvr so thanks Lorex.................

7 out of 86



June 7, 2016

Location: Arizona

I purchased one of these in 2012 and liked it so much I purchased another one on line. I received a completely different product. I was told by a representative in Customer Service that this product is no longer available, but it is still listed as being available and in stock. Buyer beware!

8 out of 86

Jack Aseph


May 16, 2016

Location: Kanab UT

I installed this unit about a month ago and have had very good luck, east to install and use.
Plan on adding additional cameras soon.

9 out of 86



May 10, 2016

Location: Lehigh Acres FL

I have used several different brands of security DVRs and the Lorex is the easiest to set up and use. We had it up and running and on line in no time.

10 out of 86

Brooke Siefker


May 7, 2016

Location: Castle Rock, CO

Great product! Easy to set up.

11 out of 86



March 21, 2016

Location: New York

Very good product, connectivity is pretty straight forward. Can connect with my phone with the Lorex Stratus App and either stream, playback or capture stills and video. I purchased an open box product and it came flawless...I even got an upgraded model!

12 out of 86



February 29, 2016

Location: Hamilton

A great product! Very easy to set up and use.

13 out of 86



January 22, 2016

Location: Eagleville PA

This is a great product and very easy to understand. I use with internet connection and it works great.

14 out of 86



January 21, 2016

Location: Grand Blanc, MI

This is a very nice product. Easy to set-up for us older folks. The image quality is excellent and the options are numerous. The unit is priced reasonable and using the Lorex Stratus Connectivity software is a breeze.

I have had tech support in the past with a different unit and I'm happy with the professional response and solutions.

15 out of 86



December 23, 2015

Location: Pittsburgh,PA

Good product for the price. This was actually to replace one that we bought at Costco 5 years ago. It recently would freeze up and we couldn't review the recorded video, so this unit will be it's replacement. So far so good!

16 out of 86

Don C.


December 15, 2015

Location: Phenix City, Alabama

I have two four channel recorders and like them a lot. So I wanted to get an eight channel one so I got this one. It is great for my home. It is a great product and had no trouble with it. Great service also.
Don C.

17 out of 86



December 7, 2015

Location: San Jose CA

This is my second Lorex security system. I replaced a new DVR with the older version after we used it in 5 years. Even though I purchased the DVR " open box" to save some money, it came in as new and with 1TB hard disk, I was happy about that.

Setup was simple, I was able to bring it up myself without calling a technical support. It works perfect on my laptop, Ipad and android phone.

I am hoping this new DVR running as good as my old one. One more thing, this model is very quite when running, you couldn't hear a noise from the fan. I am satisfied and really happy with this model.

18 out of 86



December 7, 2015

Location: Brooklyn, N.Y.

I am practically new in this domain, but I find this is an excellent product, easy to setup. I can access it thru my Iphones, my Ipads as long I got an internet connection. I will recommend this to anyone. You do not have to be an expert to set it, the most important you can got fast support from their tech.

19 out of 86



November 6, 2015

Location: Hesperia,Ca

Great value , easy to install, easy using Stratus app. Very pleased with the product. Tech support is the most important part of Lorex.

20 out of 86



October 19, 2015

Location: Memphis TN

Great product. Setup was simple. Easy to use, image quality is great. Remote viewing and easy using the Stratus app.

21 out of 86



October 5, 2015

Location: Coralville

Great product and easy to use on phone or tablet.

22 out of 86



September 18, 2015

Location: Reedley Ca 9364

Tech Support is the most important part of Lorex Equipment. During the past three years I replaced two monitors and two systems due to failures. Tech support has been able to troubleshoot the problems. Most failures were the result of power supplies. Some warranty issues that got replaced immediately good service. Monitors were the big issue. Monitor failure after warranty ran out. Give 5 stars to tech support give three stars to equipment.

23 out of 86



August 28, 2015

Location: Kirkland, WA

Excellent product. Easy to install. Remote viewing with Stratus a breeze. Perfect for our security requirements.

24 out of 86



August 17, 2015

Location: Maryland

Great product (DVR) with sharp images for home use. Simple instructions to follow for set up and monitor. Warranty extension is appreciated.

25 out of 86

Mark Ounce-Ler


August 14, 2015

Location: Baltimore, MD

This product is GREAT, love the cameras so far. Lorex gave me a 1 TB hard drive on my model though for being VIP. No complaints so far. Additionally, I was offered a 2 year extended warranty from Lorex for writing such a review by email yesterday. GRRRREAT, going to review all my purchases so that I can have this 2 year extended warranty on each! THANK YOU LOREX!!! LOVE IT!

26 out of 86


August 7, 2015

Location: massachusettes

I had some troubles in the beginning but lorex support was very helpful in resolving the issue.

27 out of 86

Secure guy


August 5, 2015

Location: illinois

Unit was as advertised, a little wear noticeable as it was an open box purchase. Works fine

28 out of 86



July 30, 2015

Location: Florida

The dvr worked great. Could log onto my phone and watch what was going on. Had an incident occur at my home this week and needed to find and record it to turn over to the cops. However can't log into the dvr now says password is incorrect. Never changed the password from the original one. So now the dvr is useless. Can't get any help to fix the problem and the police are still waiting for me to hand over the video.

Please phone our technical support department to resolve this issue. If any other customers are experiencing a similar issue, please phone 1-877-755-6739. Thank you.

29 out of 86

Belmont Capri


July 22, 2015

Location: Long Beach, CA

Review for a FLIR Model# D3216000/(Lorex"s Model# LH126501)

We just replaced our present DVR with a new DVR as the blower started making funny noises. Of course, this occurred a few months after the extended 2 year warranty expired so not covered. Over the two years, we have had to call in "numerous" times as the recorder would stop recording even as live action continued. But Customer Service willing helped us correct the problems each time. No one could ever explain why this kept happening. I am hoping and expecting the new DVR to work better. We have benefited a few times by being able to view some activities around our condo building which helped identify who hit our fence causing $400.00 damaged, someone stealing plants, and someone interfering with our trash barrels by moving them somewhere else. My only complaint would be that the cameras don't define facial characteristics if person not close up to the cameras as in the instance of the plant thief. But, I assume I would need stronger cameras if I wanted to be able to identify the person. I am in hopes that I won't have recording problems with this new DVR . Because these have helped, I am rating it as a 4 star

30 out of 86



July 17, 2015

Location: Florida

Great value ,easy to install.have had a great experience with all my prouducts from Lorex!

31 out of 86

Safe and Secure


July 16, 2015

Location: Teeswater ONTARIO

This is my first experience with a security system. The Lorex system was very easy to install. Directions very clear and was up and running in minutes. I did have some issues with hooking up the computer and router. A phone call was made to the help line. It was answered very quickly. I had a delightful girl ( Jackie P ) who was a pleasure to talk with and even though I am not a computer whiz, she talked in a language I understood. Even though we could not accomplish all that needed to be done to get it to work as I needed to have more info, Jackie was very understanding and kind. She gave me a ticket number to speed up my next call which I made the following night. My help this time came from Tyler and he was very helpful in getting the system up and running. I wish all companies would stand behind their products the way this one has for me to date.
The images are very clear and we can monitor the facility from the comfort of our own home. Thanks to all involved for a terrific experience!!!!

32 out of 86



July 16, 2015

Location: Glendale

Easy setup and easy work with it.this is my 3rd device buying at this brand and I'm very satisfied with this brand.thanks

33 out of 86



July 13, 2015

Location: Texas

What a great product! I have a full digital setup for my primary house but I needed something less technical and less expensive for my second home. I have my 960H cameras on Cat5 baluns - great way to get to remote parts of the house. Downside for an analog system like this is the fact it cannot use the existing in-wall Cat5, the upside though is there is no traffic on my home network. I did end up calling Lorex tech support on a couple issues; the call was answered quickly and resolved quickly - very pleased to have bought a name brand and not one of the no-name DVRs out there. What I didn't realize was not all 8 cameras can be 960H @ 30fps. If you only need 4 cameras, that one can record all at 30. 15fps would have been okay too, but this is limited to 11fps if you have all 8 running. Definitely not a dealbreaker for all of the features. Stratus got me up and running remotely within a couple minutes and easily set up email alerts.

34 out of 86



July 9, 2015

Location: Hawaii

Lorex Stratus was fairly quick setup for a non techie like me. Very pleased with the clearness of the cameras. Prior to ordering I spoke with customer service and John was so very helpful, that's a BIG plus in my book. When travelling it is sooo nice to access the cams on my smartphone.Would like a little clearer on the night vision tho. All in all I'm very pleased with this product and Lorex service...and appreciate the extended warranty offer.

35 out of 86



June 24, 2015

Location: Blue Ridge Ga

Works great, easy hook up. Not like my old DVR whre you have to go through hoops to connect.

36 out of 86



June 1, 2015

Location: Austin, TX

Purchased a "open box" or "refurbished" DVR and it all seem to work fine until it started loosing Internet connection after about 3 hours. I have purchased several products from Lorex and they seem to work pretty good. I would just stay away from open box items.

37 out of 86



May 25, 2015

Location: Fort Myers, FL.

My previous DVR was the Lorex Edge which had died after 3 years of service. They no longer make that series so I had to switch to this model. The previous model used the DDNS system to connect with your mobile devices and I had a devil of a time trying to make it connect. It took many days and many calls to tech support before they could figure out how to make it work. This new DVR uses the Stratus system. It was so much easier! Took me just a few minutes to have the camera feed on my iphone and ipad. Not a single call to tech support. I haven't played around yet with playbacks and such, but am happy with the system and my ability to keep on eye on things from the kitchen.

38 out of 86



April 2, 2015

Location: Honolulu

I have this machine for 4 years, and it's a very good machine. I will recommend this to everyone.

39 out of 86


March 12, 2015

Location: pennsylvania

This ECO DVR is my second one, I decided to do an up grade to my older unit which is now 4 years old, and the C Drive finally gave out. Not bad for a unit that has operated continuously for those years. The newer units are extremely simple to install and set up, and have a better picture quality. I hope to get many years out of this new unit.

40 out of 86



October 23, 2014

Location: Dallas

My wife and I have been very pleased with the product. Great visibility, easy operation without any maintenance required, and we love being able to access the live feeds via cell phone and iPad. Had a power supply failure after 2 years, but easily repaired and back on line.

41 out of 86



June 27, 2014

Location: Winnipeg

Purchased this Lorex DVR to upgrade and replace an older DVR from another manufacturer. Found this DVR provided everything I was looking for at an extremely good price. Shipping was very fast and received it much earlier than expected, set up was quick and easy (keep in mind I had a system already in place and was just replacing an older DVR). I found the instructions easy to follow, this DVR is easier to use than the old one, and is virtually silent in that I don't even hear the fan running (and it is because I checked that !). I like what Lorex has to offer.

42 out of 86



June 12, 2014

Location: utah

I ordered another system and it was a total failure I wont name the company, but it was a 3rd seller from amazon. I had the hardest time finding a sytem with audio capabilities, so I decided to build my own through lorex website. I was scared because of the previous nightmare, but I got the system dvr + 2 cameras to start. I hooked it up in no time and it is working great so far, its only been a few days, but so far so good. delivery was quick enough and the product was as described. the only issue with my order was the wiring since I bought the cameras and dvr separate and im having a hard time with the search for the extra wires I need on this site, other than that I am considering using the remote viewing feature, but have not yet so I cant comment on that.

43 out of 86



January 27, 2014

Location: Ohio

It works as advertised; visibility day and night is very good. The system is much more stable than the computer system that I had been using. 3 months of operation and no freeze ups or rebooting. I have been very pleased with my purchase; I still need to sync the system to my smart phone. Prompt delivery of items orders.
Thanks for the reliable product

44 out of 86



January 27, 2014

Location: Ohio

It works as advertised; visibility day and night is very good. The system is much more stable than the computer system that I had been using. 3 months of operation and no freeze ups or rebooting. I have been very pleased with my purchase; I still need to sync the system to my smart phone. Prompt delivery of items orders.
Thanks for the reliable product

45 out of 86



January 6, 2014

Location: Arizona

Love the camera and system. Installation was easy. Remote connectivity is a great option

46 out of 86



December 13, 2013

Location: home ny

installed this system easily and smoothly with no issues. I have multiple routers in my Home and I needed help getting the remote access to work. While I know my way around routers I could not make this work on my own. I called the tech support and found them very helpful, knowledgeable and they had me up and running in no time. Everything works great!!!

I had previously bought a system from one of those home stores that offers technical assistance for the life of the product and they were worthless as they could never help me get remote access. I threw that system out and wish I had bought this first time around

These folks are great and the system works great!!!

47 out of 86



November 22, 2013

Location: Memphis ,Tennessee

I'am very please with my new system,I'am like a child with a new toy I love my new system and I'am even more please to get a second year warrany by rating my product.

48 out of 86



November 12, 2013

Location: Las Vegas, NV

I'm Lorex customer for two years and i'm pleased, whenever I need help with technician they always there, and very kind as well, this is my second dvr I buy and my wireless cameras, so, far I don't have no problems. I recommend this system.

49 out of 86



September 11, 2013

Location: Naperville, IL

Replaced a Q-See DVR that had problems with this one. Easy to set up and was working perfectly out of the box. Did everything the Q-See did, but easier and better. Would buy again.

50 out of 86

DVR User


August 18, 2013

Location: Knoxville, TN

The product is pretty good. Not great, but good enough for most home or small business use. However, if you need any technical support to get these operating, and you are not up to speed as far as networking, routers, port forwarding, etc., you better just hire someone and use professional equipment instead of Lorex. Technical Support at Lorex is very slow to non existant. If you finally reach someone, they know what they are doing, but they just don't put any real effort into that part of their business. Also, many of the instructions for the Client 10 software for remote viewing, are simply wrong, and the DVD they supply, has software that even they say does not work. You have to go to their website to download the version that works. Oh, but try to find their software downloads. Spend an hour searching and you'll eventually find it, but their site is so disorganized and hard to use, that you go around and around searching. They make a decent product, but they are a very tough company to deal with.

51 out of 86

DVR User


August 14, 2013

Location: Knoxville, TN

Its a decent quality DVR. Setting it up for basic use is pretty easy and straight forward, but I have a lot of previous experience. I was replacing another Lorex DVR that failed after 18 months. However, getting their Client 10 software to work was very difficult because the instructions are wrong and the software included on the DVD was bad. Their Tech people are good, but it is very difficult to actually reach them by telephone and they nearly never reply to email trouble tickets. I had to uninstall the Client 10 software that came on the DVD, download and install the copy that is on their website, and then the instructions regarding default passwords is completely wrong and in conflict with the users manual. I finally figured it out via hours of trial and error.

52 out of 86



August 12, 2013

Location: Maryland

I bought this unit as a replacement for a 7 year old unit from another manufacturer, and to upgrade from 4 to 8 channels. I chose this unit specifically for its ability to work with MAC and iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Replacement was out of the box and in operation in less than 30 minutes! Setup menus intuitive and easy to follow. FREE LOREX DDNS service was also a selling point for me.

Only complaint ... and it is minor ... wish you were not limited to SAFARI browser on the MAC ... would love to be able to use FIREFOX browser on the MAC or WINDOWS devices ... if you supported that, I think it would be near perfect!

53 out of 86

Robert N.


August 9, 2013

Location: Lilburn GA

this is a great unit for the price and I bought another for a friend. out standing unit works great with Ptz cams too. I would highly recommend this to a friend!

54 out of 86


June 3, 2013

Location: ocean city md

I purchased this product online...lorex consultants were very helpful through out the whole ordering and setup process..I would definetly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a quick easy and reliable system for home or business... The online option for viewing cameras is definetly worth the extra money.. also the clarity of the cameras during infrared mode are just as clear as the day time mode... overall I am very satisfied with the product...

55 out of 86



May 14, 2013

Location: San Francisco

This unit was working pretty until I was told by a Lorex tech to upgrade the firmwatre. Once I did that, it ruined my DVR. I spent countless hours speaking to Lorex technical support with no help to resolve my issue. I did however find out that the firmware indeed ruined my DVR and was no longer working. When bringing this up to their tech they were unhelpful. Lorex Level 1 tech support is horrible, you are on long wait times (if you get through) and when you do get through you have unqualified technicians trying to answer your questions. DO NOT DOWNLOAD FIRMWARE if you get this product.

56 out of 86



April 5, 2013

Location: Renton,Wa

Camera model # MC 7662 not a "super resolution" past about 10 ft. System LH118501B my be ok for indoor close in security but to cover approaches to my home it is like totally out of focus past 3 yards night vision works ok but same low res video. CS ok, but Technical service hard to understand, they don't speak Kentucky English, and completely no help with focus issue, Still I may replace this system with a 1080p HD system for about 3 times the price, You really do get what you pay for, but that being said this system had a MSRP of $1299, on sale for $450, glad I am not stuck for more than the return shipping.

57 out of 86


March 30, 2013

Location: 131 Rocky Bay Road, RR#1 Descousse, Pondville N.S. B0E1K0

Great product fairly easy to install, even for somebody with no computer experience. Works great, I just got an update for the DVR and am almost ready to add more cameras. GREAT product. Great for home protection Thanks Lorex.. BERNIE

58 out of 86


March 30, 2013

Location: North Carolina

Overall, excellent. Had two cameras with video problems (IR was not working properly), they were replaced quickly. Internet access works great. Setup and user instructions are well written. Longer cables on the wireless receivers would help separate the receivers to reduce interference. The only issue that I have had is with the wireless cameras when using two wireless laptops within a few feet of the cameras. This will sometimes cause the cameras to fail and have to be powered off and on. As with all communications gear, power fluctuations can also cause issues. I use a timer and have the camera cycle off and one once a day to clear all of these issues.

59 out of 86


March 29, 2013

Location: Houston, Tx

This is my first security system and i am very happy with it. Easy to set up an use. No problems and the online function is very nice. Works perfect on my iPad and my android phone.

60 out of 86


March 28, 2013

Location: Springfield Pa

This is the simplest and most dependable security system I have ever owned, I have one for home and one for my vacation home in Seaisle New Jersey and it is very economical....I have also bought some wireless cameras using skype to view and it is flawless!!!

61 out of 86


March 28, 2013

Location: New Jersey

I was skeptical on the quality of this item, but was fairly pleased with the quality and ease of use once I set it up. Very helpful Tech Support.

62 out of 86


March 28, 2013

Location: Franklin sq NY

It the best . Easy install and great viewing on iPhone and all my computers . Simply and easy great tech support I would recommend it to all

63 out of 86


March 27, 2013

Location: Outer Banks, NC

I really like the product. The set up required a couple of geeks and a couple of laborers but initially the result was amazing. My phone, my laptop, my home system are all picking up the signals perfectly for 6 months. At 6 months one of the cameras went blurry and flickering. Issue 1. - You need to be on site for technical support to help diagnose issue. Issue 2 - These are remote cameras and cannot be reset from 300 miles away. Issue 3 - Technical support is slow to respond. Once i reset cameras and replaced the broken camera, the customer support was most helpful in replacing camera and cable without issue. Except now the camera works on any port but the cable wont work and I am 300 miles away again. So the product gets higher rating then the technical support group but customer support came through with flying colors.

64 out of 86


March 27, 2013

Location: México

Camera model # MC 7662 not a "super resolution" past about 10 ft. System LH118501B my be ok for indoor close in security but to cover approaches to my home it is like totally out of focus past 3 yards night vision works ok but same low res video. CS ok, but Technical service hard to understand, they don't speak Kentucky English, and completely no help with focus issue, Still I may replace this system with a 1080p HD system for about 3 times the price, You really do get what you pay for, but that being said this system had a MSRP of $1299, on sale for $450, glad I am not stuck for more than the return shipping.

65 out of 86


March 27, 2013

Location: West Covina CA.

Good products, easy to install , very good service I had no problem with tech support at all , they are very helpful.

66 out of 86


March 27, 2013

Location: Halifax NS

Works well and easy setup

67 out of 86


March 27, 2013

Location: South Florida

The Lorex system was purchased as a bundle with the cameras. The cameras aren't the BEST, but they are economical and gets the job done. The DVR was easy to set up and get working on all client applications, web applications, and iPhone remote viewing. The iPhone app could use playback capabilities, as right now it only allows to view live. The DVR has many features that are excellent - motion alarms, infrared, easy searching by date. Takes a little to get used to using the menus with the remote or mouse, but it gets the job done at an economical price. The support is phenomenal as well!

68 out of 86


March 27, 2013

Location: Atlanta

This is a great system. I had trouble setting it up, but all it took was one phone call and customer service took care of everything with no wait time. I have no complaints about this system at all. A must get to protect your house.

69 out of 86


March 27, 2013

Location: Idaho

My Lorex system has been up and running now for several months. I now feel I can give a fairly good review of the product. I have an 8 channel DVR with 4 cameras. This system I have is wireless. I had a little trouble understanding how to view the system remotely, I called in and requested help and 1/2 hour later the system was up and I could remotely view my 4 cameras. I have read where other people have had trouble with getting help. This has not happened in my case, so far anyway. I know I had to read all the info in the booklet very carefully to understand how to accomplish certain tasks on this system. Once I understood - I was able to perform the task OK. Back to how my system is running. It does what I set out to accomplish. I monitor 4 areas of my house and so far it has not failed me. The cameras are not super expensive ones, but I am able to monitor what is going on from afar. All my cameras are in range as suggested in the directions and they have performed properly. Overall I am satisfied and I like my system. I have read a lot of bad stuff out there about Lorex and I somewhat feel they are getting a bad rap. You don't have to be techy to install this system but it does not hurt to be familiar with certain computer tasks and terms.

70 out of 86


March 27, 2013

Location: Traverse City, Mi. USA

Nice system. First one I've ever setup. Pretty simple, just make sure you RTFM (Read The Fine Manual), and the documentation that comes with the system is pretty good. DVR is simple to navigate (have to plug in a mouse) and get around in. One wish list item I would have is that a USB keyboard would work, or maybe thats just my keyboard that wouldn't work with the system, cause trying to login in with only the Mouse is a bit of a pain. Do able, just a pain. Once it's on your local network, then it's a breeze to get around. Also the DDNS system they've built works great. But make sure you have the uplink bandwidth cause sending all the streaming video will slow others down the network. With my system we have 4 wireless cameras. You really do need to make sure the cameras and the receivers have a clear line of sight to each other. The ranges that are listed about the camera are a best case range. I could only get about half of what was listed and that was by using the included bnc video cables (good job putting those in by the way) and running the receivers out the window into a home made weather proof housing. Other wish list item and this is just because I don't trust hard drives. Would love a raid1 option to mirror the hard drive. Or maybe a way to plug in a external drive and have the system automatically back up each days new video files to the external drive. Just a thought. Thanks Russ

71 out of 86


March 27, 2013

Location: Truro, NS

Bought this sept, 2012. Was easy set up. Hard time at getting it so I can watch on my phone, but teck support is great. I like being able to see what is going on when I am not at home. One thining I wish I did was get the wireless camera's. I would reccomend this sysyem. Works well and easy to figure out with a little reading and time to play with it.

72 out of 86


March 27, 2013

Location: TX.

I had this system that includes 8 cameras installed by professionals, with high quality cable, connectors etc. This system worked when installed. Lorex did help over the phone set ports on my computer for internet viewing. Weeks later 2 of the 8 cameras broke, no night vision and very fuzzy day vision. I called Lorex and spent a total of over 6 hours (mostly on hold). Problem never solved, now the system is not recording. I am not a give me free kind of person, I asked to buy 2 cameras to replace the broken ones. The folks answering the phones seem to have no knowledge of the products or ability to sell me 2 cameras. Level 2 technicians are required, so you are issued a ticket # and told to wait for a level 2 tech.

73 out of 86


March 27, 2013

Location: mechanicsville

Purchased Lorex system last year. Easy to set up. Problem with hard drive approx.6months. Customer service was helpful and prompt. Replace unit. Replace unit now has fan problems. Customer service is helpful and prompt to fix problem.

74 out of 86


March 26, 2013

Location: Mexico

Hi, I have purchased my first lorex Systems about 10 months ago, I was able to install all the system by myself including setting up Internet and mobile access. It's great to be able to see my business froma anywhere in the world from my mobile phone. The best review I can give is that I just bought my second system for another business . I recommend the product for any business owner or if you want to get security in home also. Great products and user interface including the web interface. Gerardo Gonzalez

75 out of 86


March 26, 2013

Location: toronto

I bought this as a package with 4 cameras + monitor. It works fine after installation. The tech support is very helpful and my setup was done with one phone call. One of my cams died on me after a few months and I called for warranty but was told that I have to send the suspected defective cam back for them to check before they are willing to send me the replacement. My system was installed by an installer and I explained that I have to pay the installer twice (dismantled and reinstalled) to do this. I suggested them to send me the replacement so my installer can take down the old one and replace with the new one at the same time to save me paying twice but the warranty department did not agree to co-operate - very bad service, don't care the trouble I have to go thru. I am now stuck with only 3 cameras. I hope Lorex after reading this review can help me out with this problem.

76 out of 86


March 26, 2013

Location: Livonia MI

Purchased a 8 channel system. A couple of weeks after the warranty ran out one of the cameras malfuntctioned with out night vision. I called tech support hotline and they told me to check the camera with a known good one, and the night vision worked. Went through hoops to try to get a replacement. I sent a faxed letter and with the customer return number. Tech support told me to produce a receipt but I didn't get a receipt, it was purchased online from lorex. I later recieved a letter stating that I needed the receipt and again I called customer service and was out on hold forever (as least 10 min.). So I just wrote it off. So here is my input hence the complaint. Now that I have left my review does this mean that you will now replace the defective camera? You have me on file and you can check out the faxed letter and claim number you have sent me.

77 out of 86


March 26, 2013

Location: Pasadena

Easy to use. Very reliable

78 out of 86


March 26, 2013

Location: colorado

DVR has been bullet proof and always works as designed. Remote viewing has been easy and play back viewing has been a great feature. Wireless cameras have proven to be unreliable and cannot be counted on for long term unattended viewing. Suggest hard wired cameras if system is to be used remotely for over a week or two at a time.

79 out of 86


March 26, 2013

Location: Utah, USA

LOREX LH118501 is installed at my home and provides complete wrap-around surveillance of my property. The system was pre-wired during home construction then set up by a local expert. The system was fiddly to set up on iPad, iPhone, MacBook, Blackberry, PC but tech support was efficient and walked me through it. We can easily monitor the exterior using any of our devices. I can recommend LOREX and their tech support as a very good solution for surveillance security.

80 out of 86


March 26, 2013

Location: Las Vegas, NV.

This is my first system so I can't compare it to others. That being said, I think it's doing the job for what it's intended for. I have already caught several criminals in the act with this system. The cameras are interchangeable and I love the online viewing capabilities. I can view my house from anywhere in the world on a PC or my smart phone free of charge.

81 out of 86


March 26, 2013

Location: San Francisco

We were using this for six months now and only have one problem. One of the wireless camera got some water inside after couple days of rain . Called customer service and they mailed us a new camera. It serves the purpose I intend to when I purchase this CCTV.

82 out of 86


March 26, 2013

Location: U.S.A.

System was easy to set up and use. My DVR crashed after a few months and had to be replaced. A few days ago one of my cameras stopped working.

83 out of 86


March 26, 2013

Location: Florida, U

I bought this 8-channel DVR with 4 wireless cameras in September of 2012. A basic set-up was done and a remote viewing over the Internet was no problem at this location(where the system was installed). However, I left there after two months. I have been trying to get monitoring of this place via Internet but to no avail. I am waiting for a chat with the customer service when I return there in April of this year(next month). The DVR and the cameras are all okay and I recommend this system to anyone who needs it.

84 out of 86


March 26, 2013

Location: South Carolina, USA

Sceptical at first, but much easier to set up and operate than expected. The cameras give sharp pictures and even work in very dim light . The recorder is so easy to operate, anyone should be able to operate the unit in no time flat. If there is any doubt you should have concerning your system, just call support as I did, they have the answers to your questions.

85 out of 86


March 26, 2013

Location: Montréal

Hi have purcahsed this Lorex system last year and had 0 problems with it. Easy to set up easy to use and with the mobile App I can view my house and get emails of any mouvement not wanted. The thing I like most is the motion detector and that you can chose the section of the motion This makes it easy to record less (if you have a street or lots of mouvement on one of your cams). I would recommand this Eco to anyone that wants an affordable and reliable Video camera solution. I called Tech support to set it up when I had to connect it to internet. I did the mistake and they found it right away. Real pros from A to Z

86 out of 86



November 24, 2012

Location: Fresno, CA

I love these cameras and system. I needed my out buildings covered so that I can watch them from the house when I am not out there. They work great. Have already caught a couple of boys trying to break into my garage. The recorder caught them and was turned over to the police. It worked great. Thank you. I would recommend this to a friend!



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