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LH020 Eco Blackbox 2 Series Security DVR with 960H Recording and Stratus Connectivity


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LH020 Eco Blackbox 2 Series Security DVR with 960H Recording and Stratus Connectivty

Watch over your world from anywhere in the world delivering true peace of mind with the LH020 ECO Blackbox 2. Featuring Stratus Connectivity our innovative hassle-free cloud connection, allows you to quickly and easily remotely connect to your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. Download the free App, scan the QR code and start viewing your world securely online! Compatible with iOS and Android devices.

security dvr with 960h resolution

960H recording resolution

The ECO Blackbox 2 DVR is optimized for use with 960H compatible cameras. Industry leading 960H (960x480) recording resolution ensures high quality live-viewing and recording. A 34% increase over standard D1 resolution (DVD quality) and a 500% increase over CIF, gives a sharper, undistorted image with a true-to-life aspect ratio with no stretched image. The DVR is also backwards compatible and supports different camera inputs: standard resolution and 960H.

Security certified hard drive

Dependable security grade hard drive

Record in real-time to the specialty 100% duty-cycle hard drive designed for surveillance, providing weeks or even months of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs. Record at 960H (960x480) for highest resolution or set to a lower resolution for extended recording time.

Lorex Stratus solution

Local and remote viewing

Connect the ECO BlackBox2 to a TV, PC, or CCTV monitors with industry standard HDMI, VGA & BNC inputs. The intuitive interface with simple icons allows for easy & efficient security DVR programming. Or connect to Lorex's Stratus app to remotely monitor your security system from virtually anywhere in the world.

LH140 series compatibility chart

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

HDTV Ready

High definition interface with HDMI output for easy connection to a TV

Flexible installation

Variety of installation options are available.



Digital Video Recorder Features:

  • 960H (960x480) recording resolution capable 1
  • H.264 video compression 2
  • HDMI output (HDMI cable included for ? simple connection to HDTVs) 3
  • Real time recording resolution: 4ch @ 960x480 (960H), 8/16ch @ 480x240
  • Pentaplex operation - View, Record, Playback, Back Up & Remotely Control the system simultaneously
  • 24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed
  • PTZ cameras supported (RS485). Remotely control through App
  • LOREX Stratus Solution - Quick & simple internet cloud connectivity 4
  • Instant Mobile Viewing on compatible Smart phones & Tablets ?
  • PC and Mac Compatible
  • Instant email alerts with snap shot attachment
  • Accurate Time Stamps with NTP & Daylight Savings Time


1. Optimized when used with 960H compatible cameras. DVR is backwards compatible and supports different camera inputs: standard resolution and 960H.
2. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
3. HDMI output (1920x1080) for high definition multi-channel live viewing only. High definition recording not supported, recording resolution is limited to a maximum of 960x480 per channel. Image quality and resolution is dependent on the type of camera connected to the DVR.
4. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). An upload speed of 1Mbps is recommended for the best video performance. Up to 3 devices may connect to the system at the same time.
? Smart Phone & Tablet Compatibility: iPad®, iPhone®, Android (version 2.2 & above). Mobile phone data plan is required (not included). For the latest compatibility list check as new models become available in the market.
* BlackBox is used solely as a marketing term and does not imply that the product can survive fire or extreme conditions. Use product in accordance with the instructions provided.
All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Technology Inc. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 98


Location: South Africa

I have had two break ins into my flat and lot valuable items, most of them that cannot be replaced by money. Such loses are often painful because of the sentimental value of some of the items I have lost.

After installing the Lorex DVR I now have peace of mind because I can check into my house remotely at any time. I do travel a lot and most times my heart is not at peace when I have a trip coming up. Recently I was able to check my cameras from Kenya where I had gone on business.

With the Lorex DVR I have some security now because I can be updated when something goes wrong and I can call someone near my home to check it out.

Brilliant security product.

2 out of 98


Location: Santa Rosa, CA

I have had my Lorex security for a year now and it has been really a positive experience for me. It has worked flawlessly. The pictures are clear and being able to see what has happened when I'm not watching has been "eye opening". I know for sure I'll never have the pet sitter back! LOL Really, I have found the dog potty culprit in the neighborhood and felt secure knowing that I have an eye out for myself. I didn't have the camera adjusted to see who stole out of my mailbox but did see the missing package had been delivered and when.
When I started "playing" with the settings and got things a little messed up, the technical support (Luis B) was most courteous, fast and reliably fixed my mess and got me up and running again in one call.
I would recommend this product, the support staff and the fact that I can check in while I'm not at home and still see what's going on! Awesome. Thank you Lorex!

3 out of 98


Location: Erie, Pa

Easy to install. Of course husband did not read the full instructions so had to call customer service. Had gotten a wonderful fellow that was just fantastic. Stayed with us and found that my husband forgot to plug something in. (Read the full instructions). I would highly recommend this product.

4 out of 98


Location: mpls


5 out of 98


Location: London, Ontario Canada

Nice little system, i like that i can checkup on my house from my smartphone when not at home, however after a year and a half i lost a few camera feeds, then i lost them all a month later, it seems the power adapters arent that great, going to order a few more and hopefully get them back up running soon.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you are having some trouble with your system. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

6 out of 98


Location: N Califorinia

We are very pleased with the functions of the ECO Blackbox and our 4 cameras. I installed the system and cameras myself with little difficulty. It took awhile to tweak my home wireless router to allow the device to remain in our network, but once done it has been a great addition to our home. (We were able to save an incident where a neighbor's home was burglarized and give a copy to the police) We also greatly appreciate the Mobile APP Lorex Stratus and the opportunity to check up on the home when we are away.

7 out of 98


Location: San Diego CA

Installation was simple and the directions were easy to follow. Remote access is quick and easy. Now I can check on things around the house from anywhere with my laptop. Wish I would have gone with this type of system from the start. The 1TB HDD provides plenty of storage.

8 out of 98




9 out of 98


Location: home


10 out of 98


Location: ice cold

it is great

11 out of 98


Location: Rodeo, CA

I have a LH028000 that I bought back in January end 2014. It has had issues of non-connectivity on the smartphone app , the PC and just about any other mode. Wireless cameras also need resetting because they fail to connect to the DVR even when the Wi-Fi bars are all good. Happens almost weekly. Have to unplug the DVR every time to reset and get it working. Most annoying when away from home. There is no way to see what is happening at home.

Contacted Technical Department several times but they could not find a solution. Ultimately they agree to send a replacement DVR because this one resets itself according to their diagnosis. First I get the wrong RMA#. Then I have to pay first for the replacement DVR. Lastly, I have received a downgraded Blackbox model instead of the Blackbox2.

Bottom line, their products are bad and their Customer Service sub-par. Unfortunately, I had bought 2 extra sets of cameras to install, but now they are sitting in my garage.

12 out of 98


Location: Venezuela.

Poseo el modelo LH024 Blackbox2 y hasta el momento lo recomiendo ampliamente… fácil de instalar configurar, excelente calidad de imagen, excelente software para Pc y android…

Sin duda recomiendo este equipo y los productos lorex, son excelentes equipos, las opciones de conectividad y configuración hacen de lorex una opción considerable para seguridad y video vigilancia… siempre recomiendo lorex y lo seguiré comprando para mi hogar y oficina…

I own the model LH024 Blackbox2 and so far I highly recommend it ... easy to install configure, excellent image quality, excellent software for PC and android ...

I definitely recommend this lorex equipment and products are excellent equipment, connectivity options and configuration lorex make a considerable option for security and video surveillance ... always recommend lorex and I will continue buying for my home and office ...

13 out of 98


Location: Coquitlam, BC

Easy to install, have to upgrade my Router because kids are complaining Internet is slow since I plugged in The Blackbox. Waiting for a sale on routers....

14 out of 98


Location: Edmonton, AB

Good Product but needs more detailed instructions and updates to the software. DVR sometimes "acts" up and freezes when trying to use the remote or mouse. Have to unplug the power to the DVR to reset it then it works properly again. Installing the wireless camera wasn't too bad. Still have to feed the power cable to the camera which is the most time consuming when mounting the camera outdoors. Setting up the DDNS is a pain. I still haven't got it to work yet and still figuring it out when I have the time. The phone/tablet app is ok. To buy additional wireless cameras is really pricey.....almost the cost of a brand new system! Overall, the system is decent.

15 out of 98


Location: California

The only thing i like is that it is wireless, the cameras are not that clear, they brag about the clarity, but unless you're two feet away, its not that clear... The cameras are big, to compensate for the wireless radio inside it. The black box is alittle POS... Everytime i try the Live View, it usually does not connect until after the 5th try! And then i can watch something happen in reality and wont see it happen on the live view for sometimes another 1-2 minutes... and you dont recieve the box that is on the picture, not sure the recieved one is better or not? If i didnt already have it set up and cameras in odd places that are not worth messing with, I would try to get a refund. Atleast i would want better picture quality, but i dont have $100 per camera to replace them all with " Higher Quality Cameras"

16 out of 98




17 out of 98


Location: California

Once again I cannot even use this product. My cameras are not working, I cannot get anyone on the phone to help me, I can't even log into the site now. I have had these cameras for about 9 months now. I think they worked for a few weeks. I am super irritated. I have wasted my money investing in this product

18 out of 98


Location: Home, CA

This product is horrible!! Numerous issues. I had to file a restraining order...thus the reason for the cameras. I had an incident today and the playback will not work. It shows a still no recording has taken place. I am just assuming this since the technical support line has me on hold for 40 minutes now. My safety is at stake! Terrible product!

19 out of 98


Location: Maryland

One of the Tech Support folks was excellent. Her name is Karen. Thanks Karen for your help.

20 out of 98


Location: Victoria BC

Good unit excellent service unit easy to install,

21 out of 98


Location: Kingston, On

This is a good product to have, it is easy to set up, the only thing I recommend is where you decide to set up your black box, just make sure it is near if not right beside you internet wireless router. If you are planning on just connect the system to a monitor place your box where ever you are going to be putting your monitor. If you want to be viewing over the internet with the app, then your box needs to be directly connected to your internet wireless router, found out the hard way. now I have to purchase a 250ft ether net cable. Besides that it has good picture and does what I need it to do.

22 out of 98


Location: salisbury nc

fairly easy to setup.not sure about the night vision .seems like if you have some kind of light outside they show pretty good ,but in complete darkness i having problem seeing anything .not sure if i would recommend to my friends

23 out of 98


Location: Sunrise

Good item

24 out of 98


Location: cedar rapids

Once again the service sucks. The network card went out of this product and I was told to send back so they could send me a new one. well that was 3 weeks ago an I have no product but you have my money. Trying to get ahold of someone there is impossible and they don't call back when a number is left. I am not sure what is going on but very poor business. I will continue to call because you have my product and money but whoever I get ahold of better have some answers

25 out of 98


Location: Vancouver

The black bullet cameras that came with the system, don't have functioning night vision. I am needing to return them and have them replaced. As well, the instillation CD is not very helpful, and it does not cater to the computer illiterate. I will be calling the HELP DESK, again, and will probably be on hold for at least 20 minutes!!
At least the staff that answers the phones are helpful, understanding, and patient.
More staff are need to be hired, to alleviate the long call waits.....

26 out of 98


Location: Québec

My equipment:

- Lorex Blackbox 2
-Two wireless security cameras W2277

After two month, one of my two cameras stop connecting.

I open a ticket (422428) and I tried to describe the problem with details.

I received an excellent service !

In one week , my camera was replaced with a new one.

Now all my cameras works again and I am very satisfied !!!

Thank You Team of Customer Support !!

27 out of 98


Location: York, S.C.

Just thought I would let consumers know the status of my lorex experience,after two months.
About a week after I had my system running,the dvr malfunctioned,[ not Lorex problem manufacture defect ]
Contacted tech service,recieved a new dvr three days later.
Lorex is the only system I will purchase,great products,and a tech service dept. that goes out of their way to provide great service.

28 out of 98


Location: Wanship, UT

Customer support is terrible. I do not recommend buying a Lorex product. My ecodrive dvr is defective. I spent over an hour on hold Rep said he would have a new dvr shipped to me A week later, I find out that I will have to ship it back before they will ship out a replacement.

29 out of 98


Location: Surrey, BC

Never installed an 8 camera security system before but this one was pretty straight forward when following the instructions. Really like the range of 78% perspective as seen through the lens. I run a dog daycare business and I can now see every corner of it so I can never have the dogs or the parking lot out of sight. My Samsung S5 shows me every thing every where with the internet connection feature, so even on my day off I can check in and see how things are running. Easy to keep tabs. I don't know why I didn't get this system sooner but I know now, that I will never do without one.

30 out of 98


Location: Dead hard drive

Had this boxed in original packing secured, for a few months. Used it for about 3 weeks and the drive died. Support closed the warranty tick and is not responding to a new ticket.

31 out of 98


Location: South Florida

LH-020 Blackbox Eco Stratus is super easy to setup and use. I purchased this at the local Home Depot and had it installed and recording in just a few hours. The price point was very reasonable in my opinion for what I received in the box. Instructions are easy to follow and my kit included a 1T DVR, cameras and wiring for 8 ch. Connecting to my Iphone, Ipad and remote computer where extremely quick and easy. After connecting all the wiring and downloading the app then taking a quick snapshot of the QR code on my DVR, I was able to view my system remotely even over my LTE network. I am able to watch my system from anywhere even when sitting in my car. Lorex has many How-to videos on Youtube to help if you somehow get lost in the process (although unlikely).
I would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs a security camera system, especially for those who want to install it themselves. It just could not be any easier!

32 out of 98


Location: port orchard wa

nice like it thanks

33 out of 98


Location: Miami

Really good video surveillance system ...
Easy to setup
compatible with Mac and all smartphone
Excellent product
100 % better to Night Owl

34 out of 98


Location: Houston, TX

Easy to install, I was replacing another vendor and all I had to do was plug in all the connections. I took me about 45 minutes to have the system working on the DVR, 2 PC's, 2 IPhones and 2 TV's. Works very well. Well worth the price.

35 out of 98


Location: Michigan

I got this system to replace an older wired system that was very limited. It only took 30 minutes to setup the entire system and another 30 minutes to configure the DDNS and connect from my iPhone. My home is 2600 sqft. and I have a camera located in all four corners of the outside perimeter, each camera has an awesome signal to the centrally located receivers. I also upgraded the HDD from 500GB to 2TB which gave me 555 hours of recording time...sweet system!

I highly recommend Eco Blackbox 2 Series system and will be buying another to install at the cottage.

36 out of 98


Location: Jacksonville Fl

Satisfied with product. wish more add on camera accessories available.

37 out of 98


Location: El Paso, TX

Have had my DVR and two cameras for a week now and am really happy about the clear picture I am getting and the easy installation. What I am not happy about is the apparently soft metal of the camera set screws. The allen wrench sent me has managed to strip the screws and I cannot get the right camera angle on one camera because I cannot get the set screw loosened.

38 out of 98


Location: Floride

I chose this product out of many different brands and found this to be perfect for my business. The image is great and it is user friendly. The menu layout is perfect the search option is perfect to view on channel or all channels at the same time. Also the night vision is perfect to provide 24 hour surveillance. I definitely recommend this product.

39 out of 98


Location: Canada

It took awhile to run all the wires and setup the cameras and get everything working.
Once everything was plugged in and ready to go, the cameras worked great on our internal home network (iphones ipads and computers), but would not work remotely on our iphones.

I called tech support and waited over 30 minutes to speak to someone, I spent another 30 minutes running all over the house trying different things the tech suggested ending up with nothing working what so ever.
So now I'm either finding a way to make it work on my own or I will return this crap back to Costco!

40 out of 98


Location: Iowa

This product has worked great! So far we have no complaints!

41 out of 98


Location: Knowlton Quebec

The hook up was simple and wireless does 60 ft no prob. The signal goes to the monitor !9" .
There is also a direct wired link to my 47 inch TV. These wired devices work great but using the sign in to monitor via internet is hit or miss..My sign in often sez ~failed to connect~.
When I was in Jamaica and checking up on my place. Sometimes worked and sometimes no.
Android phone. May be I'm doing something wrong?

42 out of 98


Location: Memphis

small light easy to set up with good pictures. Can use my Iphone to watch it remotely. No problem so far

43 out of 98


Location: ca


44 out of 98


Location: Greensboro

Finished setting up 2 Lorex security cameras and a DVR to monitor the outside of our business. The picture is very clear and I am getting used to using the DVR for playback. Great products and prices are good.

45 out of 98


Location: New Mexico

This is my first Security Camera system ever, I had been looking a while for the right one. This Lorex system is very nice. It is easy to install, setup on the software side does take some patients but it is well worth it once it is connected. I am currently watching my cameras on line with my I phone 5 and at home with my Apple and it works great... Night time has great lighting easy to see everything.

46 out of 98


Location: Virginia

So far so good.

47 out of 98


Location: home

So far this thing is totally not user friendly and a pain to set up.

48 out of 98


Location: toronto


49 out of 98


Location: Stuart, Fl

Did a lot of investigation of security systems before buying my Lorex, wired my home which was the hardest part. Installed the DVD hooked up an old flat screen monitor and it was the easiest installation ever. Have not had to call tech support yet but from the reviews of others I don't see any problems with that. I definitely would recommend this to anyone purchasing a system.

50 out of 98


Location: business


51 out of 98


Location: Virginia beach

Love this. Simple, easy setup. Everything worked at plug in. Was installed on my android, iphone, nexus tablet and pc in 15 mins. Very impressed. Very satisfied for the price. Will recommend to everyone!

52 out of 98


Location: Laredo, TX

Got a great deal, very easy to set up hardware and network/internet settings, it was up in no time. I have remote access from my iPad, Android, iPhone and office computer. Liked the HDMI video connection option.

53 out of 98


Location: Aruba

Not only is it easy to set-up and configure but the resolution and night vision capabilities are amazing

54 out of 98


Location: Illinois

Stratus connectivity is as about as easy as it gets. It really is a great product.

55 out of 98


Location: In USA

I have installed Lorex products in the past and compared to most other companies, they haven't too bad. Their software works well with Macs and mobile devices. However, this time I found their web site and quick install instructions to be both incomplete and very confusing. Not only that, but the new software interfered with older software and Lorex installations. Contacting Lorex was almost useless as they repeated the information back to me that I gave them as possible solutions even after I told them that it didn't work. They also closed the support ticket before the problem was fixed. I support several sites with Lorex products and this installation really messed up the others and took several hours to fix - and Lorex Support was no support at all.

56 out of 98


Location: Coopersburg, PA

System worked very well right out of the box and set up was straight forward. I then added 2 more wireless cameras to the system and they plugged in and worked as expected. After adding 2 more cameras, I had an issue with retention of recorded video on one channel that I called in about. Lorex Tech Support logged on to my DVR and resolved the issue in short order. The online and iPhone apps also work great. I only wish the camera range was greater.

57 out of 98


Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Customer service and tech support stinks. Who wants to hold a phone up to their ear for 45 minutes. Gave up. like the product, but a product is only as good as the service.

58 out of 98


Location: San Antonio

Benefits: Love having live video footage availability on my phone. Nice and clear without much delay. Motion sensors very sensitive. Clear Picture. Decent Night Vision. Home feels much safer with this system.

Disadvantages: Box made setup sound so easy when product didn't come with all the necessary items. Each Camera only came with 5 ft of wire. Had to purchase 4 additional 100 ft extension chords and a multiple outlet adapter to run power to each camera(one for each camera). I also had to purchase a new Dual-Band wireless router. I lost most of my wireless internet availability after installing cameras.Cameras were sucking up majority of the wireless download speed.

59 out of 98


Location: Pennsylvania

Easy setup, clear views, flawless automatic setup to the network on my PC and android phone without doing any configuration. Good night vision, easy and simple playback with a couple of clicks, This DVR did not need an engineering degree to operate, one of the easiest I have seen.

60 out of 98


Location: Burlingame, CA.

Huge upgrade from my first Lorex DVR box. Love the new functions and ease of use. The set up was very simple and took less than 45 min. The PC and phone clarity rocks plus the quick change from angle to angle is HUGE. I would recommend to any other restaurant owner.

61 out of 98


Location: New York

Had bought a competitors security system first since it was cheaper, but impossible to set up on my computer. Chat online was no help, told me to call for teck supportt, but after waiting two hour for a real person, I gave up, and sent it back. Then I bought Lorex LH0181011C8F. Was able to connect with my wireless phone (was amazed to see live home security videos while away from home) but was having a problem with the computer connection because the DVR that came with it was updated to include a HDMI and Stratus Connectivity. The literature and CD sent did not work, so called (waited less than 5 minutes) and was told to download the newer model LH02 series instead of the LH01 series which was the model on the box. After that the set up was quite easy. Took awhile to mount the cameras and so far everything seems to work. Nice clear pics and great for night security. After downloading the Lorex Player and Lorex videro conversion I am able to make copies of the video which can be played back on other computers. It is a learning process but far less stressful than the system I bought from a Lorex competitor that I returned. It's only a week, and hoping I won't be disappointed.

62 out of 98


Location: Wenona, IL

Bought the ECO BlackBox2 LH020 with a LW2281 Wireless Digital Security Camera to be use where there is no internet service. Had an unusual request for the Tech. Needed to run it through a laptop instead of a monitor. The Tech was extremely understanding of the situation and proceeded to figure out a fix in a few minutes. It was one of the most pleasant experiences I've ever had with any Tech support. His solution worked flawlessly right down to the one problem he thought might happen. It did, but because he gave me the heads up on it, when it happened, it was a quick and easy fix. Will definitely recommend Lorex to everyone.

63 out of 98


Location: home

I took me several hours to set up, but I managed. Crucial pieces of info were missing, such as where to find the MAC address.
Finally the equipment never worked right. The hard drive initially would not run, though it did when I banged on it. Still it would not record. And one of the wireless transmitters gave out a few hours after installation. So even the technical assistance told me to return this product.

64 out of 98


Location: Phila,pa

So far,everything works fine,easy install,hoping everything
Stays that way. Good video of everything going on outside the house,
Decent security,for the price..

65 out of 98


Location: Boston area

As an update to my last review:

I was able to resolve the interference issue with the Xbox gaming system by purchasing a Microsoft 2.4/5 Ghz Wifi adapter. Since I already had a dual band router, I set the Xbox the the 5 Ghz band and the interference was resolved.

Unfortunately, the amount of interference to my laptop computers was too extensive. With (2) cameras on, the laptops 2.4Ghz Wifi adapters were experiencing data transfer reductions from >20 Mbps to barely 1 Mbps, even with excellent signal strength from the router. I tried setting the router to at least 5 different fixed channels (instead of auto) and also tried cascading another router with dual gain antennas, but to no avail and I was forced to return the product to the retailer. Unless you are a laptop or smartphone with dual band capability and can switch from 2.4 to 5 Ghz Wifi, I would not recommend this system.

If not for the interference issues, this system would have worked well for us and at a reasonable cost.

66 out of 98


Location: Auburn, CA

This system is great! I read a number of reviews from people saying the system was hard to set up, and that the support was just awful. I have no idea what they are talking about. The system was up and running in minutes. I had some issues getting the Motion Detect to work right. I called support, got through to someone within 2 minutes, and they had the problem fixed in no time. I have had a great experience with Lorex so far. I can't say how long the product lasts as I've only had it a week, but the setup and support are awesome. Would definitely recommend this.

67 out of 98


Location: Lashmeet, WV

This was my first attempt at setting up a DVR system for my home. I found the documentation pretty helpful but had difficulty getting the remote LOREXDDNS to work correctly. After a few days of playing I finally got everything working. Very well pleased with the product.

68 out of 98


Location: Washington

Our system came with 4 wireless cameras and the DVR that could monitor 8 cameras. Setup was easy once I remembered to plug the power cable into the wireless receiver. Night pictures are very sharp.

69 out of 98


Location: Calexico, CA

Have a LH020 Eco Blackbox 2. Very easy setup, cammeras linked to main AP in no time.
Convenient access from any place outside home.

70 out of 98


Location: Calexico, CA

Very easy setup, cammeras linked to main AP in no time.
Convenient access from any place outside home.

71 out of 98


Location: Boston area

A decent system for the money.

The positives: Good video quality, Stratus PC and iPhone connectivity is easy to set up and works consistently, DVR has HDMI and VGA outputs, good build quality (cameras and DVR)

Drawbacks: Camera range outdoors is not as good as expected. I have a receiver set on top of the DVR and the DVR is 5' off the floor and ; the camera was mounted 20' off the ground about 40 feet from the receiver, so the signal is passing through one interior wall (sheet rock) and one conventional exterior wall (wood/sheet rock). I had 0-1 bar for signal strength under these conditions and connectivity was intermittent. The only way to improve this is to add a high gain collinear Wifi antenna to the receivers (or cameras) or position the receiver closer to the camera which is not possible at my location. Looks like I'll need (2) 5-9 dbi wifi antennas ($15-20 each) in order to get reliable outdoor connectivity, but haven't had a chance to try this yet. Indoor connectivity is good at ~50' and at 25' to the second floor with no issues so far.

The DVR manual is not as organized as it could be, especially regarding Motion setup. (It was easy to understand after talking to tech support.) There is no manual for the Stratus Connectivity App and no reference for the function buttons in Live View.

The info in the Stratus knowledge base says: "All the advanced capabilities that are available locally on the DVR can be accessed from a remote location, using the mobile apps or computer software." Unless there is some trick to using it, this is incorrect. There appears to be PTZ camera functionality available but there is no zoom capability for wireless cameras using the mobile app. This should be clarified in the online literature and the manuals.

The system interferes with our Xbox game system. With 2 cameras running, the Xbox signal goes from 4 bars to 1 bar which makes the game erratic. Disconnect the receiver, at the DVR, problem goes away. The camera system is usually on only when we're not home but this may be an issue for us at some point.

Tech Support is good - if you can reach them. The first 2 days I made >6 calls, waited 10-20 minutes each and gave up. Tried email via the web site but was not helpful and you can't reply to them. After tried again last Friday and finally reached a rep after 27 minutes on hold.

72 out of 98


Location: Seattle,WA

The DVR was a breeze to configure, the cameras linked really well, and the resolution exceeded my expectations. Remote access is poor. If you want to use the eco stratus client you'll need lot's of patience. The client is extremely undependable, it's a roll of the dice to see if you can actually make a connection. I have another brand camera system running on the same network with no access issues. It's a great product if your not concerned about consistent remote access.

73 out of 98


Location: Oklahoma

Easy setup for most of it until it came to the email. After going through 3 tech support people finally got it to work. Has been working great for 3 weeks now all of a sudden the email alerts are no longer working again. Wondering if they made a port change again or if Lorex side is down as I use the default email option. Not very happy.

74 out of 98


Location: Salt Lake City, UT

LH020 Eco Blackbox 2 Series. The products overall performance is good. The documentation is a bit fragmented and unclear in places and incorrect in other areas. For example, to turn off the beep sound when motion is detected, the documentation says you can turn off the buzzor and the beep, the buzzer is off but there isn't any place to turn off the beep???, also I called and ask your tech. how to get email notifications - it is set as he indicated but still no emails. If you would be so kind as to advise me please do because calling your support line means scheduling at least 20-40 minutes on hold time.

75 out of 98


Location: Miami

I'm happy with my Blackbox Series HH020W Wireless Camera System. However, I wish that the instructions would have been a little bit more user friendly and that the cameras would have had a longer cord. I also bought a monitor and I recieved it within seven days. Good delivery time. I also wish that customer service would have a better response time via email.

76 out of 98


Location: California

Love this DVR, it takes under two minutes for me to set up on android tablet and i can watch over my house at work or in the mall. The unit also works very well after I spend sometimes to read over User manual and make it recorded the way i want.

77 out of 98


Location: nj

took little time to figure out but works good

78 out of 98


Location: willow grove, pa

Setup was easy! Stratus is not very reliable! App also needs help! With a little work would be great.

79 out of 98


Location: Coral Springs, FL

Easy set up, clear pictures, however, not happy with the M-F support. Techs are helpful, but sometimes I need to troubleshoot on the weekends...that's the only drawback...Purchased this system to keep tabs on our home while we're away. Very frustrating when we have to wait until Monday to call..That's the only drawback with this system so far...

80 out of 98


Location: Crl Spgs, FL

Love the system...however, not happy with NO support on weekends...Purchased this to keep tabs on our home while we're away...however, NO support on weekends makes my very unhappy. Don't know why it sometimes works remotely and sometimes it doesn't...It seems whenever I have a problem, it happens on the weekend...
Easy install...easy set up...but only drawback is the tech support not 7 days

81 out of 98


Location: Wisconsin

I was able set up the DVR and cameras and connect to my PC, iPad, and iPhone quickly with no problems. However the instructions to connect to email were not at all clear and required waiting almost an hour to talk to phone support which got me going quickly. Overall a good product. The instructions could be more detailed and functionality of the iPhone app could be greatly improved, especially playback controls.

82 out of 98


Location: Florida

Unbelievably easy to setup, most difficult part was mounting the cameras but even that is just 4 screws. After mounting and plugging in the cameras I connected the receivers to the DVR, connected the ethernet cable and monitor (an old Dell I had), turned on the DVR and Bam! Its working. Connection over the internet was just as easy, inserted the disk but the client software downloads off the Lorex vis a link and again, Bam! I'm viewing my cameras remotely. Same goes for the iPhone app, the receiver has a QR code to scan to load the device code and just like that I'm viewing the cameras on my phone.....One problem I did have is getting email notifications when motion was detected. While they recommend using their server, since it did not work my son set it up to go thru my GMail server, about 4 hrs later I started receiving email notifications. Another issue I had was after a day or so I was not able to connect remotely, contacted Lorex support, they wanted to try and setup a DNNS but I did not have my MAC address so no help (long wait!!). Note: When first setting up write down your Device ID, IP and MAC address in case you have issues later. Later in the day the remote connectivety returned no issues since. Overall very happy with the product but if adjustments are need in the menu or issues arise it helps to have some more than basic computer know how. Readthe manual before adjusting the DVR settings

83 out of 98


Location: Wanship

Overall the unit itself is a good unit. The android app is not working on either my personal and business smartphones. It freezes both. Customer service takes a long time, but is helpful.

84 out of 98


Location: nh

Cameras work well but software is slow at times on the pc and really slow on the Iphone 5. Better with the Iphone 4

85 out of 98


Location: Saskatoon

Easy to install,A Great product in limited budgen
Great Tech support .

86 out of 98


Location: West Tennessee

Again another thumbs up for a system that is price very well for its features. I liked that it was in the 960H class of equipment and in my situation I was buying Blackbox pricing and was given the Blackbox 2 as an upgrade for some reason, which was a very good upgrade. The Stratus Connectivity is workable and I guess when it comes down to it will allow less experienced user to connect quickly but all in all its not that much more work to do the port forwarding and will provide you with a higher quality of connection. The major problem that I have had so far is that the unit will connect and not show all of the cameras with the iPhone app. I haven't yet solved this problem via tech support due to the extremely long wait times to talk to a person, but it is very irritating to say the least. This will happen at random times and for no known reason and a system reset will correct this. I have stooped to programming a system reboot daily trying to minimize the effect of this fluke and for the most part it helps but doesn't explain or prevent it from happening which is embarrassing with the customer. At this point I would almost have a tendency to up-sell the customer with the slighly more expensive ECO 4 series if I had it to do over. I am hopeful that tech support may come up with a solution or updates will solve this problem but I am not hopeful that either will happen soon. I still give this system 4 stars for the reason that it is in the 960H class of recorders (even though I purchased it with moderate quality D1 class cameras), and the fact that Lorex still runs circles around other low priced brands of equipment in my estimation after having used the others.

87 out of 98


Location: Maryland

I am mad and frustrated with this product. Since I purchased it in October I've had a major problem at least once every other week. I've talked with tech support each time (after a 45 minute to 1 hour wait); it works for a few days then the network fails again--I'm tired of wasting my time as well as the money spent.

88 out of 98


Location: san francisco

I am very frustrated right now. I have issues every single day with this program and im tired of it

89 out of 98


Location: north carolina

Mouse and remote do not work so cannot setup the recorder or replay. Customer service is terrible. Will be returning this.

90 out of 98


Location: north carolina

Out of box with problems. Mouse and remote do not work. Cannot access menu for setup. Customer service is terrible. Going to return it.

91 out of 98


Location: Dunkirk, Maryland

This unit is easy install, You must follow directions!, Pictures are clear, Good night vision, You do need power supply outlet to each camera and a router/modem to easily connect over the internet. A very nice product for the money. Would highly recommend to others!
Everything is up and running and I am very pleased with this purchase.

92 out of 98


Location: BC

I have a new lorex system installed and I have 2 cords(60ft) from the kit that are U/S (unserviceable) just waiting for a reply on what they will do, or do I undo all the system ,pack it up & ship it back ?

93 out of 98


Location: Massachusetts

It's very well this system. This was my first time buying a Lorex product and I have to say I was pleasently surprised by the quality, install time, and best of all the mobile apps. Great product so far.

94 out of 98


Location: home

DVR HDMI output was bad right out of the box. Horrible customer service. Even worse technical support. Phone call after phone call and waiting forever. Emailed several times with no help whatsoever. Constant problems with the android app as well. Submitted 50+ problem reports with absolutely no communication after doing so.

Had to purchase additional VGA cable to make the unit work.

Unacceptable customer service and tech support. Whomever is in charge has failed miserably. I will never purchase or recommend this brand or product to anyone that I know. I will be filing BBB complaint as well.

95 out of 98


Location: home

remote and mouse not working

96 out of 98


Location: Kentucky

Not too bad as of yet. Worst item is getting power supplied to cameras. The signal through brick is horrible so keep that in mind when deciding where to locate cameras. Mobile apps is sweet.

97 out of 98


Location: Florida

This was my first time buying a Lorex product and I have to say I was pleasently surprised by the quality, install time, and best of all the mobile apps. Great product so far.

98 out of 98


Location: McMinnville Oregon

Love the way this works, Take great pictures and records on DVR for future reference if
needed. Cameras were to set up and work great. Took me a little time to get hooked up to my computer and iphone but when i accomplished this it works perfectly. A little disappointed in
the range of the cameras but I can live with this drawback



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